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  1. The world keeps changing. When it does, the people in it need to change too. Years pass, people grow older, things they once liked are altered. Does that always have to happen though? There are rare times when people don't change too much. Outwardly they age but the years gloss over them, like they refuse to alter what is already good enough. Maturity comes, but not at the cost of playfulness. So it was with the silvery haired young man sitting on a balcony, humming softly to himself while watching the people walking past on the street. The home he once lived in was gone now, bought out by a company who wanted to put in some other kind of building. The upside was that the new place he lived in was much better, larger, more rooms and less people to complain. Semi-detached homes allowed for but one neighbor and at the moment there wasn't anyone living there. That seemed to be changing soon, since the for sale sign on the lawn had changed over to SOLD. Who knew what kind of people would be moving in. The pale young man turned his head to look back inside the house, wondering if his room-mate would be home soon. Room-mate. Years had passed, he was now 20 and he still had a Room-mate... would things ever change? It had been so close a few times. He had thought he had been making things much more clear.. heck he had even spelled out how he felt, but as of yet, no response had been forth-coming. All he had got was a cute kitten, with a broken paralyzed tail. That kitten was now a full grown cat, who slunk around the house like a ninja, ready to attack feet at a moment's notice. So much had changed.. and so much had stayed the same. It was a strange limbo. The young man rose to his feet, and padded barefoot back inside, dodging his attack cat with a laugh, before walking to the dining room where he had set down a few sheets of paper, half of which had scribbles, phrases and music notations on them. He had been working on a song for some time, but, it was as if the music was caught inside of him and didn't want to come out. There was nothing that would set it free at the moment. As much as he knew brooding would not solve anything, he still worked on it, struggling to put out something that would make him happy, if not someone else. With a glare at the papers he shuffled them into a stack and slid them into a folder, tossing it to the side for now. Soon the other resident of the house would be home, and he felt like it would be better to think about him instead. Club for the night? Moves? A long walk? Cliche. Something new, something entertaining.. something.. OH yeah! Racing across the room (Leaping over the cat), he snagged a news paper and flipped a few pages in. GHOST TOUR! Stay alone in a haunted house... YES! Rushing the the phone he placed the call, and set the plans. This would be something entertaining. Yusai would not suspect a thing.
  2. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal's body and mind were a tortured pool of agony and confusion. He hurt, he wasn't sure what had happened only that he was hurting and something.. Yusai, Yusai was still there, he was still there and Steal had to get to him. There was no way he was going to leave Yusai there. He struggled weakly, fighting between being partly certain he was dying and partly certain that Yusai was the one who was going to die. Then he saw Yusai and reacted as only he could. He collapsed into the other man's arms sobbing weakly. He was supposed to be an adult, supposed to be old enough to get away from his parents but it was hard when they were this way. He now just wanted the comfort of knowing that Yusai was with him. It was at this time that Lance could clearly see that Steal was in love with Yusai, even if Yusai didn't know it, or was fighting his own desires. All of that was secondary to a few other things. A trip to the hospital, getting the footage of what was going on in that house, and then dealing with all of this. Logan was talking to Yusai talking about what was going to have to happen. That they needed to turn the footage in if they wanted to keep Stephen from that house again. Steal tuned most of that out, he was resting his head against Yusai's chest now, eyes closed. Lance looked back at them and asked if Yusai was okay, he had a clear bruise forming on his face, it looked bad but it was still a bruise, not like the bruises covering Steal's body, the blood on his body. "I think that guy was going to kill him if he had kept this up. Who does that?" Steal didn't say much at this point. He was clinging. He didn't want to leave Yusai's side again. It was from leaving him before that this had happened. ~~~~~ The trip to the hospital was fast and the treatment was faster. Soon Steal was in a bed, and police were arriving to see the tapes of abuse and torture. This was going to be huge news and would ruin his family. Steal was scared of that, but he was too busy looking at Yusai, and trying to fight off a drug induced haze. He knew that soon reporters would show up, that soon things would hit the fan that he couldn't stop. "Yusai.. are you okay?" He took Yusai's hand, trying to keep his eyes open. The reporters did show up, and so did lawyers and Steal's parents. As soon as that happened, things got more tense. The only ones not seeing it were Steal and Yusai inside of Steal's room. In the hall, tension had mounted to the point that security was on high alert, police were stationed and arguing had been taken to the waiting room. Lance and Logan were trying not to get pulled into it too hard, but with them being the only other witnesses to what was going on it was hard. "He is our son, you can't just abduct him!" "You are the ones that abducted him first." "He is being perverted we took him home to help him." "Help? By beating him half to death?" The hospital staff didn't know how to deal with this all happening. They just made sure no one saw Yusai or Steal, not without knowing what the full story was.
  3. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Something was happening outside of his room, and Steal limped over to see if he could find out what it was. Someone was down the hall, down the stairs actually talking and he could hear his mother's voice filled with disdain. Then came his father, the hated man who cared only for his money. He reached out to turn the doorknob expecting what always came to him. The door being locked. It wasn't. Somehow some way his father had forgotten to lock the door. Steal opened the door and started to walk toward the noise. He didn't want to be noticed and he planned to stay silent. He hadn't wanted to show himself but then he could hear the one talking and he had to step out. Yusai, calling for him. Steal stepped out and peeked down the stairs, not aware that he was bloody, or rather not giving a damn that he was bloody. Steal parted his lips to say something but he was so tired and weak with relief at seeing Yusai. He put out one hand as if to reach Yusai, but his head started to swim. He staggered and fell down the stairs, causing his Mother to yell out in upset, and his dad to roar in anger. Steal lay on the floor dazed, one hand out to Yusai as if begging him to do something. "Want.. to go home.." Alan Masters turned with a roar again. "Get your ass back upstairs, you are so going to regret this. I swear that I will break both of your fucking legs." Steal looked like he was going to burst into tears. He wanted Yusai to rescue him. He wanted to go back home, and more than that he wanted to know that Yusai loved him. It didn't matter one way or the other because for Yusai to get him he would have to get past the angry man cursing at his son and telling him of the terrible dismembering he was about to get for disobeying. Too bad there was no camera filming this. He would be able to get free if someone knew that Steal was being tortured. "S-Save me.."
  4. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had barely managed to make it back to his room after the most brutal beating his father had been able to dish out at the time. He could hardly feel anything in his left arm, but that was likely a result of him falling on the ground badly. He wasn't sure that he could have broken it, but there was a chance, always a chance seeing how angry his father was. When he was finally on his own he curled on his bed and took short shallow breaths. His father would be gone a while, he usually went down and drank. For some reason beating the snot out of his son was a reason to drink. Steal looked at his barred windows and shook his head a little. He was in jail. Prison, a cell that he could not get out of. Steal did not know how he could get out of here and he was highly aware any chance of talking to someone and getting help was out of the question. No one was permitted to talk to him. He rose slowly and glanced out the window, and jerked back a moment as a car drove by or rather away. Steal could have screamed. It was pointless but he wanted to scream and yell for help. He sank down to the floor and sobbed softly. "Help me..." The call went through to the bar, and the housekeeper waited to see who would answer the phone. "Aye, I found this number on a shirt in one of my rooms. Yes, it is a teen's shirt or something, for one of those bands. Nothing else really but a message saying to call the number. Yes, a woman rented the room... took a boy with her I guess, but.. no no not sure why it was left but it was a message or for some game?" She frowned at the words being spoke to her before hanging up. "Kidnapping or abduction..." She took the shirt and ran down to the main desk to give over the shirt in case the police came. Otto frowned a moment as he put together the information before passing on the call to Yusai. Steal was certainly with whoever took him and he had left his shirt behind seeking help so he was not there willingly. The problem was that there was now a limited way to get Steal back without going to the police, and even if they did, would he be able to leave now that he was in custody of his parents and he was still 20? Otto gritted his teeth and he slammed his fist on the bar. He made the call and was not sure that Logan, the man with Steal could do anything. Steal calmed himself down and he paced around his room. It was time to think of ways to get out. He was being abused, he was in pain, he was locked in a room and there was no one to help him get out. No one came into the room, if he had been able to speak to someone he may have been able to ask for help from them. His parents knew that all too well and they did not let it happen. Steal sat down on the bed again and took a deep breath. His arm still hurt, he was bruised. Could he use that to get out? Could he call and complain his arm was broken? If he did would he be able to get out of here? He was still thinking about that as the door opened and a figure loomed over him. "Ready for round two brat?" Shit. Steal swallowed hard. "Why? Why must you do this? He lifted one arm as if to shield himself even as his father moved to grab him again.
  5. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Oh the love he felt. The deep searing pains of love. Steal was laying on the floor of the punishment room, welts bruises and abrasions marking him in colourful patterns. He gagged a bit as he inhaled sharply and tried to shift himself into something resembling a comfortable position. As if such a thing was even slightly possible. His father hadn't waited any time at all to start the new dance, or rather the old dance that he had gotten used to NOT feeling. His father was sitting off to the side watching him, his brows furrowed and his eyes glinting darkly. He seemed almost bored with the things he had done, and one would believe it if not for the fact he did it so often. "So, ready to tell me about who you were living with?" He walked over and grabbed Steal's shortened hair and smirked. "Heh, who-ever it was managed to get you to cut your hair like a boy at least. No more girly long hair." He dropped Steal's head before speaking in a falsetto. "But I like it dad, please don't cut it.. If it wasn't for your mother it would have been gone long ago." He crouched near Steal, one hand dropped loosely between his own legs as he peered at his struggling son. "So, tell me about what has been going on, you all queer now? That is it isn't it, I was right you are just a pretty fag boy.." The words were spit with such acidic distaste that Steal cringed from each like another slap. If his father only knew, no, his father had known was that why he was locked here? No, there was more, even he knew that, but, it was enough wasn't it. Just that was a good reason to ensure that Steal never left the house again. No matter what was said he was not going to speak out, not going to taint his memories of Yusai but letting this man darken them. He would take those with him in his heart and protect them. "Not saying anything... y' can kill me but.. wont say a thing.." This of course only made his father more angry. "You may be 20 but you are under my roof again, and like it or not you are going to tell me what you want. I did not raise you to be running off and living with other men." Other men? Something about that clicked in his mind and he couldn't stop himself. "Y' wanted t' fuck me all this time didn't you daddy?" The older man flinched and glared down darker. "What did you say?" He didn't give Steal a chance to answer before kicking him in the face, causing Steal to cry out in agony and roll away. "How DARE you say that to me." Struck a nerve... the pervert wanted me all this time.. Without saying or doing more the other man left the room, locking Steal in, leaving him panting on the floor. If it wasn't for the pain, Steal likely would have been laughing, as it was a dry sound came from his throat, followed by a sob. The pain. He would at least get some time to rest, a little sleep before the sadist came in for round two. Steal closed his eyes and pictured Yusai, wishing he was there instead of here, wishing there was a way to see him. *** At the hotel Steal had been dragged to before being taken home, housekeeping uncovered a strange heap of clothing, with a phone number and address on the back of a shirt. This was a first. Curiousity led the lady to dial the number of Otto's bar to find out what was going on. This could have been one of those weird scavenger hunt or geo-casheing things. Either way it was obvious that someone wanted her to call this number, or go to the address and calling was all she could do while on shift. The clothing wasn't cheap either, though it did seem to be small, almost a teen's size.
  6. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    While Yusai was giving the insanely accurate measurements on Steal, the boy himself was huddled in a corner, holding onto his bruised face and watching a few drips of blood strike his robe. It was nothing new really, this was just his father's usual way of handling him. Amusing that he had forgot something like this. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He shifted a bit, waiting for his father and mother to start talking. really more like quite but heated arguing. Selfish, his father called him selfish, but he had no idea just what he had actually gave up. His freedom, his happiness... He sniffled a bit then got to his feet, and stumbled to the bathroom, he had to leave a message, he had to find a way to get himself free again. Insane really when all he had wanted was to let Yusai free. He wrote carefully with a strange pencil he found (eyeliner?) on the back of the material of his hidden shirt. His carefully written letters were a note giving Otto's bar's number and the address of his parent's estate. It was all he could do. He then closed his eyes tight sat on the edge of the bathtub and waited. It wouldn't be long before he was dragged out of bathroom and stuffed into the limo his father would have to drive home in There was no way they would slum it. He gave a small smirk then turned his head when the door opened looking at his father who promptly dragged him out of the room. **** It was about an hour later before they arrived back to the manor, and he was dragged to the secure lock up cell. AKA his room. It was terrible. The computer was the same, the windows were barred and his bed was pretty much the only thing there. The computer didn't seem to be hooked up, it was more of a prop to make him think that he had something in there. It was a bad joke really. None of the staff had the chance to see him and very likely none of them wouldn't even know he was there ever. He sighed weakly and sat down on the bed, wishing he could be anyone but there. In the hall he could hear his mother talking about proper security and how it would have to be beefed up outside. The whole situation was ironic really., He had no idea things would be like this. He had figured his going home would be a bit different, that maybe he would even be given some form of freedom. His parents still didn't acknowledge that he was their kid. He was just a bad publicity risk. He wondered why the heck his parents had wanted kids anyway. One thung had not changed at all though, his hidden gloves, bandages and pocket knife was still under one of the base boards. He slid the familiar gloves on, and settled on his bed again, looking out the window at the darkening sky. **** The investigation into finding Steal was a slow going process, or at least it seemed like one to the staff working with Otto. How in the world could they have lost Yusai's friend? The bracelet had been located and given to Yusai who seemed devastated to have seen it. For the detective that has been phoned though things were even stranger. He had been spending hours researching information on not only the missing young man but the family and he didn't like the scorpion nest he had found. How could a family that prominent have been hiding their son for so long. Other than a few publicity stills there was nothing there, no sports stories, academics, public interests, nothing. It was like their son was a puppet brought out to dance once in a blue moon. Only in the last couple of years had anything appeared. Logan leaned back in his chair and sighed not noticing another member of the agency walking in humming, At least not until he started crowing about closing his case and returning a missing heir to his family. It was all Logan could do to keep himself from throwing a pen at the other man.
  7. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    While Yusai was giving the insanely accurate measurements on Steal, the boy himself was huddled in a corner, holding onto his bruised face and watching a few drips of blood strike his robe. It was nothing new really, this was just his father's usual way of handling him. Amusing that he had forgot something like this. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He shifted a bit, waiting for his father and mother to start talking. really more like quite but heated arguing. Selfish, his father called him selfish, but he had no idea just what he had actually gave up. His freedom, his happiness... He sniffled a bit then got to his feet, and stumbled to the bathroom, he had to leave a message, he had to find a way to get himself free again. Insane really when all he had wanted was to let Yusai free. He wrote carefully with a strange pencil he found (eyeliner?) on the back of the material of his hidden shirt. His carefully written letters were a note giving Otto's bar's number and the address of his parent's estate. It was all he could do. He then closed his eyes tight sat on the edge of the bathtub and waited. It wouldn't be long before he was dragged out of bathroom and stuffed into the limo his father would have to drive home in There was no way they would slum it. He gave a small smirk then turned his head when the door opened looking at his father who promptly dragged him out of the room. **** It was about an hour later before they arrived back to the manor, and he was dragged to the secure lock up cell. AKA his room. It was terrible. The computer was the same, the windows were barred and his bed was pretty much the only thing there. The computer didn't seem to be hooked up, it was more of a prop to make him think that he had something in there. It was a bad joke really. None of the staff had the chance to see him and very likely none of them wouldn't even know he was there ever. He sighed weakly and sat down on the bed, wishing he could be anyone but there. In the hall he could hear his mother talking about proper security and how it would have to be beefed up outside. The whole situation was ironic really., He had no idea things would be like this. He had figured his going home would be a bit different, that maybe he would even be given some form of freedom. His parents still didn't acknowledge that he was their kid. He was just a bad publicity risk. He wondered why the heck his parents had wanted kids anyway. **** The investigation into finding Steal was a slow going process, or at least it seemed like one to the staff working with Otto. How in the world could they have lost Yusai's friend? The bracelet had been located and given to Yusai who seemed devastated to have seen it.
  8. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal was so woozy, he wasn't all that sure what was happening. He knew he was being taken somewhere. The guy that had been saying he was only looking for his missing cat was now taking him somewhere. When they stopped he felt like he was still moving for a while. It was as if the car was still forcing him into motion even though he was being pulled out of it. "Wh...?" he stammered a bit and felt like he was about to be sick. Finally he found his feet and blinked owlishly around. It was still a time before he realized just where he was. He noticed then who was with him. His mother, no wonder he was there, this was the kind of thing she would plan for, to take him away from any hope of happiness. Neither of his parents wanted him as anything more than a trophy. Sit, shut up, and let others see you. Nothing more nothing less. He let her drag him into the hotel, walking like a zombie. She didn't even need to physically pull him, he just followed like a lost puppy. Well, he had planned to head there on his own, now that he was here though, he regretted everything. His happiness would be gone forever. Steal walked into the suite and looked at the food on the trade and the glasses that had been set out. The thought of anything made him feel physically ill. He groaned and headed into the bathroom, not really listening to what she had to say. He didn't want to throw away his clothing, he didn't want to loose anything. Closing the bathroom door, he sat down on the toilet and closed his eyes, fighting back a series of sobs. He didn't want to do any of this but it was too late. Stowing away his clothing under the sink to perhaps be found by someone. Finally he stepped out of the room and walked into the main suite sitting down politely but with little expression on his face. Rather than seeming to mind though his mother was actually happier this way. To her he was being the way he should. Dressed in a preppy suit, hair brushed nicely. "Your hair.. it is butchered. The long hair showed your breeding." Soon enough he would be seeing his father though, and then the punishment would start. *** They had looked all over the building for some sign of what had happened to lose Steal and it was only when one of Otto's staff went out for a smoke break that the bracelet was found. He ran inside with it and took it right to Otto. The bracelet was engraved on the back with a notation that it was from Yusai for Steal's 20th. "Shit..." Otto paled a bit and ran over to Yusai with the bracelet. The meaning behind it being there was obvious. There was no way Steal would have left it willingly. He had been taken somewhere against his will. Calling the cops and telling them he had been taken wasn't going to work. They had to figure out where he was now. "Yusai, I am so sorry..." Otto rubbed his hands over his eyes and closed them tight. "Shit... what are we going to do now?" *** Steal watched with a fairly bland look on his face as his father finally walked into the room. The man walked over and grabbed him by the face lifting him that way to his feet. He glared at the young man. "Seems we didn't treat you good enough? You were not getting everything you could want? Well, you have a lot to learn." He dropped Steal back down, watching as his son folded his hands and silently sat in place. Sneering he walked back across the room. "Living with a strange man, going to bars every day.. bringing shame on our family, this is not how we taught you." The elder man paced back and forth. "We will be taking you home and you will start going through training again. I will not have you being like this. We are going to set you up in a different room and start you back into proper behaviour." The words could only mean one thing to him. He would be beaten mercilessly for a while until he repented for all he had done. Still deep inside he would hold onto what and who he was. Maybe some day he would see his friends again. Why had he ever wanted to go back with these people. Oh, for Yusai, this was all for Yusai. ((so sorry.. TnT))
  9. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal was feeling nauseated. The fumes of the chloroform had not hit him well. When he realized who it was that he was with, he was so confused. He wanted me to help him find his cat... why? Then the other words slowly sank in. My mom. He groaned audibly, not at all sure what this was really all about, he just knew that he wanted to get the heck out of here and back where he should be. The phone was ringing in his pocket and he watched as Ian frisked himself then reached over to try and get the phone from him. He didn't want to give the phone back, that was a clear mistake but then again he didn't really want to be roughed up either. Wait, being roughed up was what was coming to him anyway. Why wait for it? "No..." He said softly, "I will not give the phone to you. There is no reason." Ian gave him a look that clearly said that there is a reason. "Give it over." "No!" Steal said, shaking his head, only to feel as the car pulled over and Ian undid his seat belt, reaching over and grabbing Steal by the neck. "I said that no one cared about the condition you were in." The phone was grabbed from Steal's pocket, and he was half slammed onto the door. "Keep it up and you will not like it." Steal cringed and bowed his head, watching as the phone was turned off and the sim was yanked from it before he pulled back onto the road. ~~~ Lance was terrified, why the heck was Steal missing? His band had finally found out and they too were worried. This was not normal for Steal, who liked to be there to help clean up. Now that he wasn't able to be reached on his phone, they were picking up in panic. There was only one more thing they could do, and they did it. "Call the cops." Lance sat at the bar chewing his lip, it was clear that Yusai was getting worked up. There is only one possible thing that happened, or rather two and both were terrifying. He was taken or he was killed. He started pacing around, who would have done that and why? No one was telling him anything. Otto had clamped up, Yusai was brooding and had cleared the bar out of anyone not needed. The band were doing something close to recon, walking around the bar to see if there was any clues, or rather they had planned to before realizing they may ruin some of the evidence. Was there any? ((this post so sucks... I suck...))
  10. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had found himself so busy lately. He and Lance had been hanging out, and Steal was trying to find the other man a boyfriend, someone to relax him a bit. He had done all he could to make it clear that he had someone he liked and was trying to keep it open and available. He made sure that didn't cramp their time though but what it did do, was distance him from the growing tension of Yusai. The other man seemed off lately. Like he had been tense and now he was just distant. Steal sighed and settled down in a chair in the garage studio of his reformed band. They were happy to be jamming together again. When they finally went on break, Steal sat down outside and closed his eyes. Even while playing music and singing his mind was plagued with thoughts. He had been spending so much time with Lance, and he had been kind of hiding from Yusai. With a shake of his head to toss the thoughts away he looked up, just as one of his band mates, Joel came out with his wife. "Hey you two." He waved one hand at them as they sat down on either side of him. "You are pretending hun." Kim said patting his shoulder a little. "We can all see something is still eating you. It doesn't hurt your singing but it does make us hurt a bit. Is there something we can help with?" Steal shook his head and sighed, rubbing one hand over his eyes, his glove worn and soft feeling like a comfort to him. "No, nothing that anyone can help with. I just have to keep moving forward. The gig is tomorrow anyway." Joel nodded and glanced at his wife, both knowing that there really was no way to pull Steal out of the funk he was in. "Gotcha. Well the bar is sold out for the night. It will be a big one." The younger man nodded and looked down at his phone seeing that Otto had called. He frowned and waved one hand. "We are pretty much set, the new song I plan to cover sounds amazing so.. I think I will scoot for the night." He looked again at the screen of his phone and tapped out a message. What do you mean he is in a bad mood? Something wrong? Steal had no way to react to the next stream of messages that covered what had happened and the mistake. He grimaced and sat down on a park bench, his stomach dropping. He would have rather had Otto tell him the truth... With the way Yusai reacted to the thought of Otto being bi, there was no way he was going to take well to Steal. How in the world did Yusai not know anyway? His hands trembled as he lowered the phone to his lap, no longer seeing anything around him. Give him space, give him room, give him time. The suggestions of others didn't seem to work. If anything they just drew things farther and farther apart until it no longer seemed that they were anything more than two people who just pass each other by. ~~~~ The band was set up, the audience was waiting. Steal looked down at his clothing. Tight jeans, well worn and comfortable to move in, a loose button down shirt, with the top three buttons undone. His hair had been styled, slightly spiky by Lance who was out there somewhere now, and he was wearing eyeliner. It made him look more mature and more like a rock star, and the finishing touch, a light powdering of something that sparkled, courtesy of Kim. He walked out and took the mike, singing three songs the audience was used to. He moved gracefully like a wild cat on the stage, all movements practiced, even as he looked around at who was out there, and Yusai at the bar. Now was the time. He started into a song he needed to sing. He tried to meet Yusai's eye as he started: Say something, I'm giving up on you I'll be the one if you want me to Anywhere I would've followed you Say something, I'm giving up on you He was doing the best he could to put all his emotions into the song, his heart bleeding out with each word. And I... am feeling so small It was over my head I know nothing at all And I... will stumble and fall I'm still learning to love Just starting to crawl The world seemed to fade out, it was just him and the lyrics. Him and the message he was trying so hard to pour out to the man who could never seem to understand it. Say something, I'm giving up on you I'll be the one if you want me to Anywhere I would've followed you Say something, I'm giving up on you He didn't even notice as several people in the audience tried to follow his gaze, eyes growing moist. He didn't realize as Ian stepped out beside him and lit up a smoke. He was in his own world. Maybe that was why when Ian reached over with a rag and pressed it over Steal's mouth and nose the silver haired man couldn't react with more than a slight struggle. His hand lashed out, a silver bracelet with his name on it snapping off his wrist as Ian lifted him up and carried him to the parking lot. To anyone who was just glancing over it would seem someone was carrying off a drunk friend. The only evidence of something happening was the bracelet. And I... will swallow my pride You're the one that I love And I'm saying goodbye Then even Lance was in tears, reading the message, that he was pleading with all his might for Yusai to just notice, if even this once that he was feeling something, Say something, I'm giving up on you And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you And anywhere I would've followed you (Oh-Ooh) Say something, I'm giving up on you The room felt like it was empty to Steal, it was just him and the one person he was singing to, he didn't even care that he was starting to cry himself now. This felt too much like the end for him. Could someone miss a confession like this? Say something, I'm giving up on you Say something... The words trailed off and the music stopped. Once it did Steal turned and walked off stage, not able to continue. He headed out the side door to sit down and think about everything. He didn't realize as Ian walked out and lit up a smoke next to him, fiddling with something else a moment later. With his head down he didn't notice as Ian placed a rag over his nose and mouth, and so was only able to struggle slightly. He lashed out with one hand, his bracelet snapping off his wrist, hitting the ground. Ian took no note as he caught Steal and lifted him, carrying him to the parking lot and his waiting car. The only evidence of something wrong was the bracelet of thin silver with Steal's name on it, something he would not have left behind.
  11. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal was a little surprised at how the apartment felt rather, still when he got inside, as if nothing had been happening in the place since he left, which was further revealed through the fact that Yusai seemed startled and had not got his messages. What in the world had the older man been doing all day? Maybe he still was feeling really badly? Steal frowned a moment before checking to see if Yusai had a fever and asked if he wanted something to eat. Turning back to the kitchen was all that had stopped him from seeing any sign that talking about Lance was making Yusai jealous. He just kept rambling on about having something to eat and going for a walk. Talking a lot and really just connecting with someone. He puttered around getting something for his room mate to eat, then headed over to the sitting area and handed it over. "So, it seems that Lance is half Korean and half Japanese, which is actually kind of cool. I asked him if he would mind teaching me some Japanese and he said it was fine. It is something I have wanted to learn a bit of for a while." His speaking had an energetic animation since he finally had something new to talk about, and likely it got tiring fast. No, there was no 'likely' about it, Yusai seemed to switch off after a while and Steal picked up on it after a bit of a delay. He let his words trail off and he stopped talking, instead starting to play with Prince with a piece of yarn. The cat bounced around having the time of it's life and Steal focused on it, letting Yusai be alone with the thoughts he was having. Something had been bothering him for a time and it seemed that he didn't want to share. If only he would they may be able to get past it together, but the more Yusai blocked him out, the harder it was to feel that there would ever be a moment when they clicked. Just one word could crack this all open, but I don't know what word it would take. The thought was nearly crippling but there was no getting around it. "I was asked if I would be able to get the band back together for a show.. I figured I would send out messages to them.." He shrugged a little as he walked to grab a laptop. He wasn't sure what one he had picked up since he and Yusai were not set one one that they and they alone used, but when it opened Steal frowned at the page. He didn't say anything but was a little baffled at the site. Why would Yusai look at this site.. unless.. Shit, I must have left some porn open and Yusai is still denying that I am gay.. Crap. How to deal with this? No matter how Steal mentioned it to Yusai the other man seemed to block the words. He was never sure if it was heard or just pushed to a deeply hidden side of his mind. Steal closed the window and headed into the mail applications to send out the invite for another set as a group at the club, knowing that the others wouldn't get back to him until at least the next day. In the mean time he had some studies to catch up on and he didn't want to put them off anymore. "Sai, I am going to sit out on the balcony and do a bit of studying while there is still light, call me if you need me." He waved one hand and headed out to sit in one of the rather uncomfortable plastic chairs they had set up. The sight was great though, looking out into the clear sky. There was a soft ripple of wind that caught his hair and let it fluff around a bit. It was relaxing. Who knows how long he was out there, surely enough that the light of sunset was a crimson and gold spectical across the sky. He looked up and watched the amazing light show as the sun lowered and night came on strong. This would be romantic. Just sitting here, sipping a chilled drink watching the sun go down... He pulled his feet up to the lip of the chair seat, balancing his book on his knees. There was so much going on, but so little he could do about any of it. Down on the street below, and certain red haired man was sitting in his car watching the building with a sense of regret. He had been thinking of all the things he was doing and wondered why he was bothering. The pay of course but, what had this kid done to be hounded so much when he didn't seem to be doing anything more than living his life. He seemed to be keeping his nose clean, staying out of trouble, at least more than many others do yet he was still being hunted like some kind of rat who is living in the walls. If he is not caught what is the worst he could do? Get famous for his singing? Oh the shame of having a gay singer in the family. Then there was the pure denial of his family. He is not gay just misguided. Set him up with the right girl and he will realize his errors. Families like that need to be stopped. But the money.. shit, he needed the money. He muttered and called the boy from the bar. Hey Lance, nice to talk to you again, you ever get through to that singer guy from the bar? Really.. can't wait to see him preform. Yeah call me when he sets a date.. gotcha.. Ian felt like such an ass...
  12. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal was sitting in the car thinking. It was interesting that Lance was finally talking to him in a more relaxed way, and he was glad that he had sent the message to Yusai to give him warning that he may be late in getting back. If things stayed this relaxed he may actually be able to have a nice evening with a friend. When Lance mentioned the band 'The Closing Curtain' , Steal had to think for a moment. "I am not too into the group, but I did like their song "One Coloured Rainbow." He hummed a bit to the chorus. "For me the music was in me forever. I loved singing from when I was little and no one else really knew. "I was always big into Bon jovi." He smiled a bit. "I know some people think it is too mainstream to like a group that everyone knows. I just felt for it, plus Jon is hot. his long hair stage was just... hmmm." Steal laughed a bit and shook his head. "Bad Medicine indeed." Steal leaned back in the seat and checked to see if Yusai had responded to the message but there was nothing. He shrugged a bit then pointed to the left. "And there is where I shall have my stitches removed.. ahh what a lovely thing to be happening.." He rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I will be about half an hour." He waited for the car to stop and park then skipped inside the building still making small talk. ~~~ "So, I have no idea what went on, but he was done fast and now I am done with that." Steal sat down at a table in the restaurant and looked at the menu in front of him, he had sent out one more message to Yusai just hoping he had a good evening, and the location of the restaurant in case something came up. He again mentioned that he was out on the date and that he would be back later. Things had still been easy with Lance and they were both laughing at the table. The staff did cast a few confused looks at them taking a table for two but no one dared say anything, not when there was a chance of a good tip in the early evening. "So anyway the guy who was before me was still screaming his head off as if someone was taking off his leg, and I was thinking that I may be better off just going home and trying to remove these myself, Two nurses go running in and they are both shouting, and when they came out, the guy was following them. I swear the cut on his leg was so tiny and there was no reason for it, he was such a wimp. The waiter then came over to find out what they wanted to drink. He smiled warmly at Lance and then just gave a tiny glance at Steal as if he wasn't there. Steal could only smirk as he realized that this guy was interested in Lance. He leaned back and waited to see what was going to happen, since Lance seemed to not realize what was going on. Steal ordered a juice and leaned forward. "Sooo tell me why did you go into hair styling? There were surely many other things you wanted to do, not that what you are doing isn't great. I do go there for a reason."
  13. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal continued to sleep, half curled like a kitten, his fingers even doing something akin to the kneading gesture, right up until his own cell phone scared the crap out of him. A long guitar refrain started, getting a bit louder until the silver haired man's eyes shot open. He sat up straight and glanced around only to find, to his shock and dismay a note and some cash on the nightstand beside him. "Sorry, not well, cab fair." Brief, to the point and a bit distressful. He hated going alone, it made his anxiety shoot right up, but there was no one else to call. Well he could call Otto and be treated like a sissy, call Lance and deal with that level of awkwardness or... He shook his head and got dressed mumbling softly to himself. What would he do? Cab? He looked at the money and cringed, before tucking it back into Yusai's wallet. He would figure something out, first he would feed Prince, and go get a drink.. an ice cappuccino with extra whipped cream. As he stepped outside he nearly ran right into the red haired man. Was he being stalked? Steal looked around, his mouth opening and closing a moment, his heart racing with uncertainty. "Uh.. I.. I..." He gulped and tried to step past him. "S-sorry about.. I mean.. I know you needed my help but.. I have things I need to do too, did you find your cat?" Ian, or that was the name he gave nodded. "Oh yeah, she came home not a problem. I just wanted to say sorry, and I wanted to ask something. I hear you sing at a bar, and some friends of mine are coming down and said they heard you. Are you going to preform again soon? I'm new around here and it seems you are something of a living legend.." Steal blinked a bit and turned his head, stopping to see of the man was mocking him, but the look was all seriousness. People were talking about his singing? That was.. wow.. "Umm, well I have been a bit busy lately. I didn't know anyone cared.." He shuffled his feet a bit. "If.. it really matters I could likely go next week or something and sing. I usually only do it for kicks anyway. I gave up on trying to go pro. No one really seemed to care." He shrugged and moved on, pressing on the door of the coffee shop. "I'm sorry I need to go.. got things to do still.." Ian held up a hand. "I get it. Maybe I will see you next week." Inside he grinned. Next week, if Steal went to sing, he would have a chance to pull him aside and set up a 'private' show, for some party and he could get him then. He was not going to risk blowing it this time and having Mrs. Masters chew him out more. No one would miss him if it was a planned event. He walked off feeling a bit smug and leaving a rather confused Steal behind. Inside the shop Steal grabbed his drink and started thinking again. If people were asking about him, heck talking about him maybe it was time for him to go the bar more often. He could still try again. He was young enough and had time to kill. Things in his private life seemed to be grinding to a halt. It was with this in mind that he left the shop and ran right into.. "Whoa.. Lance?" He had to have some kind of magnet shoved inside him where the sun wasn't shining the way people were just popping up like weeds today. Giving a bit of a smile he gave the same 'things to do' talk as he walked back toward home. This time though he got an offer of a drive to the hospital. "Hnn? Really? I thought you would be creeped out with me from the last time we met. I was .. a mess." He shook his head in shame. "So much in my head right now I am hardly sure where I am half the time." Lance nodded slowly and patted Steal lightly on the shoulder. "I get it. This is my day off anyway and it would be nice to spend time with you. Maybe to make up for the mess of last time we can just have a drive and an early dinner. Your appointment is in.. half an hour and there isn't time for the bus. This will help." Half an hour? Shit Steal looked at his phone and swallowed hard. "I took longer than I though, I... no money. Gah!" He started flailing around. "Shit.. I.. please take me there. I am doomed." It was comedic the way he over reacted but that was all the invite Lance was likely to need to drag Steal to his car for the drive to the hospital> On the way Steal texted Yusai. Getting Drive to Hospital with Lance, then having a Dinner Date. Be home a little late. He didn't even think about how Yusai would take the phrase Date, but it wasn't like Yusai cared about him that way, and it really was time to start thinking of dating people.
  14. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    The shower, which had stopped being a shower and turned into a masturbation session after a while ended with another soft cry leaving Steal's lips, and the evidence swirling away in a milky haze down the drain. It never felt like enough now, and he always felt.. unsatisfied after, and the reason for that was in the other room, sleeping away his sickness. Steal sighed and closed his eyes his head touching the shower wall again for a moment before he got out and dried off, making sure that everything was cleaned up before he left the room. When he returned to the bedroom he dressed in a light flannel set of pjs and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back on his hands as he thought for a bit about what he would do the next day if Yusai was still sick. Stay home again.. yeah that is likely what he would do. A stirring beside him had him looking over to see the blond with his eyes open, the dark skin still seeming a bit pale. He pressed one of his own hands to the other man's shoulder to make sure he stayed laying down. Other than the bathroom there was no need for Yusai to crawl out of bed and he made sure to say as much. "My hand.. oh.. um.. yeah, just took a bit of a spill. Split my knuckles and such.. nothing bad." He shrugged it off since it was actually a fairly normal injury for him. He was a klutz and if there was something to wound on himself he was doing it. Steal smiled down at Yusai and shifted close to him, resting his head on the other man's shoulder. "I'm more worried about you anyway. I will live through anything, not even a brick wall can kill me.." He smirked gesturing to his head. "Mmm, you really did have me worried.. I never saw you looking so bad.. glad you are actually awake now." Should he be snuggled up to Yusai like this? Part of his mind said that he should back off, make the split between them a bit cleaner.. stop clinging. The other stronger part wanted to hold on to what he had right now. It was only as he snuggled though that he noticed that Yusai must have been having a REALLY GOOD dream before Steal interrupted. Oops.. Er.. well if he pulled back now he would make things awkward, and his knee was pretty much resting RIGHT THERE.... shit.. What could he do other than stay in place? Well, part of him did want to tease... He rubbed with his knee slightly as if unaware, his head still on Yusai's chest. "Otto was here.. he seemed a bit let down you hadn't died yet.." He shook his head a bit. "I know he was really worried though.. He said you can have another couple of days off since you never take your sick leave.." Steal yawned softly. "I will make something good for you tomorrow, so you can stay in bed.. I will stay home with you.. maybe we can stream some movies or something.. just relax.. Heh, Netflix and Chill.." He knew Yusai wouldn't understand the Chill bit unless he really paid attention in the bar to what the younger crowd was saying. Even as he spoke though Steal's eyes started to close and he ceased moving and wriggling around to torture the other man, leaving things as is.. even if he was still longing himself. Yusai likely had a sexy dream girl to get back to. "Wish you could love me..." He murmured.. "like I love you..." As the words left him, so too did his consciousness. Unaware of things going on Prince streaked into the room, bounced off a wall and then went tearing off back out again, How that cat survived sometimes was a miracle.. ~~~ Shit.. shit shit.. The blond was in the way now. He had stopped Steal from leaving the house, kept him inside. How was he going to get Stephen alone at this rate? He would have to come up with something, and the best way to do that would be to go to the bar that Stephen frequented and find out what he did there. If he just worked it would be a bit harder, but if he had something else going on there he could get in on it. As things would have it, the first person the red haired man met, was Lance mourning over how Steal would not talk to him for the last couple days and how he blew it. Interesting.
  15. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Upon dosing Yusai with the medicine, Steal was sure that he was going to at least get a bit of time to relax. How absurd that thought was, resting was not something he was going to be permitted. Steal had hardly sank down to a seated position, Prince climbing his leg, when his thoughts started racing. There was just too much going on. Hours soon passed with him just sitting like a stunned statue, looking no where and petting the cat who had taken up residence on his lap. He was finally thinking of going to check on Yusai again when someone knocked on the door. The logical assumption was that it would be Otto or the nice lady from across the hall letting him know something else, but he had not expected to see the man from the other day. How did he get the address? He wondered a moment, still not having taken care of his own hand, he opened the door with a shock of pain. Hnn, must get that cleaned up. He stood there in shock only to be greeted like a long time friend. "Hi, I'm sure you remember me, you said you were going to help me find my cat?" Steal blinked slowly, his head whirling. Did he give this man his address and just forget? That had to be the case. He stammered something softly, in the negative, which the man didn't like. "Come on, you said you would help, the longer I wait the less chance I will ever get of finding my cat again." Okay that was true, the city was a bad place for cats.. but still something felt really wrong. Steal shook his head. "I, I am really sorry but that can't happen right now. I have a lot going on and if I leave now it would be a bad thing. I am sure you understand.." Nope, understanding wasn't something that was happening right now. For some reason, rather than letting things go, the man seemed to be getting mad. "If it was your cat I would help you." Low blow.. Steal's voice broke as he whispered. "Come on, that.. that is so mean.. I WANT to help but my friend is sick.. I can't just leave him like this..." The red head arched a brow. "Is your friend a kid? It isn't good for a grown man to be living with a kid you know, and if it isn't a kid then they can take care of themselves." How had things taken this route? "H-Hey, that isn't fair.." Steal's voice was raising a bit as he shook his head. "Look, I can't go.. why can't you understand that? I can help later!" Shouldn't the man be out looking rather than arguing? Why hadn't he called instead of coming and wasting both of their time? Just as things were starting to reach a pitch that cast Steal over the edge, a voice behind him made him snap his mouth shut. Yusai. When the other man told the red head he wasn't interested the other walked away in a huff. Steal turned around shutting the door softly, leaning his back on it after. "He.. he wanted me to help him find his cat. I said I would but I didn't say when, he just didn't want to waste time I guess." Taking a stabilizing breath the younger man walked toward Yusai and pressed the other down into the bed, cuddling up behind him. He sighed weakly again wondering what had started this maze of mess. His own soft nature it seemed. He just couldn't stand the idea of a cat hurt. Weird that he cared less for the owners than for the cats. He hugged Yusai and took a nap himself, waking later to make something for them to eat and make sure that Yusai's next meds were ready. He then hopped into the shower his eyes half closed as he stood there letting the water rush over his body. This was nice, there were not many chances for him to just stand there and let the water wash over him and to think. He started slowly processing the day, then not too long after the water eased his muscles and mind. He then started thinking of other things.. like the man in the other room. Steal lathered his body up and then slid his hand down, cupping himself a moment before pressing one hand against the wall and working his hand. He had to bite back a soft moan as he wondered what it would feel like to have the other man's stronger hand doing what he was. The feeling of a rougher palm against him. }}i{{
  16. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal sighed weakly as he realized that his confession was pointless. Yusai was just way too sick. Steal closed his eyes and started to just rest, still not thinking of his phone, or really anything at all. As he was half drifting off he became aware that Yusai was going to be sick. He jumped out of bed and rushed inside the bathroom to sooth the other man. It was only then that he realized that there was nothing to give him to make him feel better. No medication, what kind of person has absolutely NOTHING by way of medications? Steal gulped and pawed through the medicine cabinet. Realizing he had no other choice Steal rushed to get the wallet that Yusai suggested before pulling out some money. He ran back in to see if Yusai would be okay, then did something else. Yusai was likely not aware that Steal called Otto, telling him that Yusai was badly sick. "Otto, I am afraid, he is really bad off.. I don't know what to get him. I don't want to leave him like this, what if he .. what if he gets worse!" Steal was unsure what to do. He had to go get something but how could he leave Yusai alone like this. Steal in a scared fit of worry called on one of the neighbors that knew Yusai and him and asked them to sit with Yusai a moment while he rushed to get something. If anyone was to see Steal running down the street they would have thought he was looking for the police or something. He ran to the pharmacy and rushed around in a state of blind panic. What do you get for someone with a high fever, who was vomiting? He ran up and down the aisles and finally found something that would be suitable. He paid for it and ran down the street back to the apartment bowling into a random person and falling on his backside from the recoil. He winced and looked down at the package on the ground near him making sure nothing had happened to it, not even thinking of how badly he had tore his pants and scraped up his palms. Grabbing the bag and running or rather pushing past the person he headed to the apartment, leaving a bloody streak on the other's jacket. The investigator was baffled at why Steal was running so blindly. He looked at the ground arching a brow at the blood. Something was up to get him so worked to that point but he had no idea what it was. The other thing on his mind was how this was the second time that the same car was coming to the building, the first time the driver had waited for Steal to come out and they had took of somewhere, this time the driver was heading inside. He would have to find out who this person was. More things to look up. Steal fumbled at the door for a bit before getting inside, the smeared blood making it look like someone had been attacked but the pale young man wasn't even thinking about it. He rushed to the bedroom, where the neighbor was sitting in a chair at Yusai's bedside applying a damp cloth. "His fever is still up but not as bad as it had seemed. You seem to have been a bit worked up for nothing, it is a touch of the flu and he will be fine." She chuckled softly her attention both on the blond and on her young daughter who was baiting Prince with a piece of yarn. Steal nodded and pulled out the medication to give some to Yusai only then noticing the road rash on his palms. Embedded gravel and dirt mixed with blood made for a bad image, but he shrugged it off. Yusai first then himself. As he knelt on the bed and forced the older man to take the liquid that he had bought Otto walked in and stood by the door. "Is he dead yet? You made it seem like he was going to croak any moment." All eyes turned to Otto who just shrugged. "Well you did.." With enough other people to take some of the stress off himself Steal finally broke down. "I was scared, I never saw anyone so bad.." He looked at his hands, mechanically rubbing at them as if that would clean the dirt off them. "He.. I don't want to lose him. What do I do?" "Tell him?" The neighbor suggested. "I tried... he doesn't understand." Steal took a wet cloth that was abandoned on the end table. He wiped at the seeping blood and the gravel wincing as he made a lovely mess of himself, forcing Otto to grab the cloth and start cleaning them roughly. "Gentle doesn't help, lets leave the room to Yusai so he can sleep. When you are cleaned up take some med's yourself, I can guarantee you are going to get sick with the bug he has by this evening." Less than half an hour later Steal's hands were bandaged, and he was sent to sit in the room and watch TV, while keeping Yusai company. Well, talk about too much going on for one morning.
  17. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal still felt terrified and miserable. He looked at the man who had taken him out to breakfast and shook his head weakly. "Otto I don't know how to do this. I don't want him to hate me but.. You didn't see his face yesterday, you didn't see the pure disgust." He choked weakly hands covering his face a moment. "He looked at me like he didn't, couldn't touch me." Steal whimpered, his whole body starting to tremble. It was early and there were not too many people in the diner, which was not so surprising, most would just order and take their food to go. The only ones looking at them were other tired diners who wanted to sleep or just finish up. Steal raised his tear streaked face, and rubbed the heels of his hands over his eyes. "I don't know what to do, I know that I need to go back, you are right but.. what if he.. what if he tells me that he can't stand me, that he has only been acting to.. I don't know out of pity." Steal was babbling, his stomach was upset but he managed to eat a little, he didn't want to seem rude. "If he, if he reacts badly, will you take me then?" The thought of going back to his prison hurt, but it was a hard possibility. The chances were high that he was going to be pushed away again and he would not be able to take it. He was so worried that he hardly noticed Otto paying the bill and guiding him back to the car. It was like a blink before he was in the Apartment, opening the door to see Yusai there, still atop the bed where he had been left. He didn't look well and Steal said as much before he went to make the other man a hot drink. When he returned though, that was when the tension rose. He sat down on the side of the bed, handing Yusai the hot mug. "So.. I went, with Otto for a bit.. I.. " He swallowed again and closed his eyes. "He said we should talk, something.. needs to be said." Steal started twisting his hands in the bed sheets, in a nervous gesture that really didn't do anything to help at all. He looked at the other man's sick tired face and felt bad. Maybe this was a bad time? He had been something he was putting off. Well Yusai had said that he was willing to talk about it. Steal curled his legs under himself, and looked at the other man, his pale face getting even more pale. "I.. was going to leave today. I mean, not because I don't like you, but.. It feels like you are starting to hate me." His voice broke as he lowered his head even more, any lower and he would be laying face down on the bed. "Usually when I touch you, you don't flinch, is it because I am gay? Is it because... Yusai... I love you." He started weeping openly, lifting his face to look at the other man. "I am really, really in love with you but I know you can't love me back and.. if that is a problem I will leave, I will stop hurting you." He buried his face in the bedding again, his shoulders shaking as he sobbed weakly. He had said it, he had actually said that he loved Yusai. "I.. want to be with you.. I want to be WITH you, I am.. I love you so much." He trembled more and curled onto his side, not even noticing as Prince climbed onto the bed. The whole time the phone was vibrating, a message had come in and he was not able to look at it yet. He couldn't do anything other than cry. Yusai was too silent. He hadn't said anything, hadn't even moved. Steal didn't know what any of it represented. Was he being silently told off? He murmured softly. "S-should I leave?"
  18. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    The world was a spiraling blur for a while, Steal's whole body felt like it was frozen. He couldn't tell that his phone had been taken, or even that there were others around. It was like a stolen moment between heart beats in which nothing can possibly occur but soon enough he could almost FEEL that someone was near him. Someone who knew what to do, and how to make things better. "Wanna breathe with me mate? Just nice and slow here,” Who was it... who.... Yusai? Steal could feel him near, could hear the voice, feel the other as he started to breath correctly, the sobbing chest pain that felt like it was crushing his lungs was subsiding. Yusai's calm voice soothed him more, bringing him down from the panic.. Then came the icy shaking that started his whole body vibrating all over. “Movie must’ve been pretty bad, eh?” Steal gave a dry sounding half chuckle at that. That was an understatement. He closed his eyes and tried to bring himself back to something closer to normal. The rubbing of his back helped a lot, feeling Yusai near him, knowing that he was supported. It was as if it was just the two of them in this small part of the universe. Then the shakes slowly started to clam down and with it came... came... Steal's eyes closed tight even as Yusai turned his body away to ensure that when he vomited it wasn't on himself. Only Yusai could know him that well. Steal's body language was an open book for the other man to read. Unfortunately not so for Vince who got the joy of wearing the mess. Steal was dazed and turned his head against Yusai as he got to his feet. If it wasn't for the support of the other man Steal likely would have hit the ground a few times, and so it was that Steal found himself reaching out to wrap his arm around Yusai to keep himself steady, only to find Yusai jerking away as if to say that Steal was not welcome. Steal's pale eyes widened and he felt like he had just been stabbed. Why? What had changed? He felt as if his whole world in that one moment shattered around him a splinter of the ice he had felt before, lodging itself inside his heart. Pulling away from the .. disgust? Steal retreated farther into himself, building around him a wall of that ice and cold, he wasn't wanted anymore. As soon as they got home Steal went to take a shower, to hide away from the pain he was feeling and for a moment openly weep about what he was sure was lost to never be gained again. He knew that Yusai was the one he wanted to be with, but somehow yusai now knew what had been felt, and was rejecting it. When he was done with the shower he retreated to the bed, curling at the very edge of it, farthest away from where Yusai slept. Distance was now the key. He would later turn himself over to his father. Sooner to face those empty hollow halls, and cold seclusion than the look he had seen flash on Yusai's face at his touch. Never before had Steal seen such a look of.. was it revulsion? He had no way of knowing that it was not directly about him, but the look had been as a result of him and his contact. Lucky for him the sweet kitty of his curled against him, there was at least that minor comfort. The issue came when the next morning dawned. How was he going to deal with this? Steal took a deep breath and looked back at Yusai who was still laying in the bed deep asleep. He walked to the sitting room and sat down to write out a note which he later gave to Otto. Dear Yusai; I am sorry about this. I know you are going to be upset at me for giving no notice of my leaving but let me at least let you know why. I have been holding you back so long, and it only really hit me yesterday. I have been leaning on you, depending on you to help me and bail me out of things. I never made it so clear to you that I am gay, I just assumed you knew and didn't mind. Then you looked at me when I put my arm around you, and I saw how you seemed so disgusted. I know it must be that you saw what theater I was at. Please know I loved being with you but I didn't mean to hold you back so much. I am heading back home now. I think it will be best for both of us, so that you can move on, and not feel the burden of me being around. I guess that means I wont see you again, but I need you to know that I am not liking this at all. (Tear marks smearing the ink) miss you a lot. Please care for Prince. If he becomes a burden.. let Otto know, he said he will watch over him if it is needed. I had to leave this with him because I know you sometimes loose things. Thank you for everything Yusai. Stephen Masters. Steal~ After writing the note, and hugging Prince, Steal dropped a mint mouse on the floor, grabbed his bag and headed out. He had sent a silent text to Otto asking to be picked up, so that he would be taken home. Soon enough he would lose his freedom, and he needed to see one last smiling face. He handed the note over and bowed his head weeping as he tried to whisper his father's address.
  19. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal continued to pace, his head spinning, his nerves jangled and his body. No he would not think about that, at the moment. He just had to settle his mind. Just as he thought he would have a chance to do that, Lance came out and stared at him with those pathetic sad eyes. For some reason that just wasn't working at the moment. Generally someone looking at him with a sad face would be enough to make Steal melt and want to help but not now. Fight or flight.. Steal grit his teeth tightly, his eyes squeezed shut. Too much, this was all too much. He was getting dizzy, his heart was pacing too fast. What if I pass out? What if I get sick? What if I crack my head open when I fall because my heart is going too fast? What if... What if? Shit... Steal staggered and finally found a wall to slide down, dropping to the ground hard and bowing his head in his hands. Too much. He should have stayed home. He just wanted.. needed to be needed for a time but this was not what he had been hoping for. He could hear Lance speaking but it was a distant murmur. He tried to look up at the other man but his head spun again and he felt the colour draining from him, his skin going cold. What am I doing? I try to do something, to have a good time and I end up like this? Lance likely thinks I am some kind of freak. Maybe he thinks I am straight. That sure was a homophobic reaction I had there. Heh, I should just roll with that. Go strai- nope not going to happen. Now that the anxiety attack was fading a bit, something worse was sinking in. Hysteria. He couldn't stop the insane laughter and tears from bubbling out, and through it all part of his mind started to scream that he was going insane. Lance had been trying to get closer to him but Steal curled up in a small ball, even workers from the theater were coming out wondering what in the world was going on with the man at the front of the building. No, someone help.. I am losing it so badly. "Should we call someone? Call an ambulance or something?" "Get some water and a paper bag or something try to calm him down." "Does he have a cell phone with a contact in it?" "Who is with him?" The words danced around him and he still couldn't pull himself together, except to nearly wail out Yusai's name, wanting, needing his comfort. Where was he? Why had he ever thought of leaving the building? ~~~~ Across the street on a cell phone was Ian watching everything happening with an air of amusement. He had no idea what had set the young man off, but this was certainly news worthy and something that would be good to report. To think, the young master of the Masters' Estate was having a complete melt down in public and no one knew what to do. He could have walked over and tried to help, but that would seem strange. He had only 'met' Steal the one time earlier that same day, so there was no way he would have any right to step forward. Brushing his red hair back he continued to speak into the phone recounting all he saw to a recording device in the phone itself, while seeming to just be talking to someone else. Soon someone would think to call an ambulance or something and he would once more be taken off, likely this time to the crazy ward where his parents would be able to step in and take him back with no issue. He would just need to tell them when he found out where the younger man was taken. A moment after that thought the smile faded from his lips. Shit.. that larger one eyed man was heading right this way. If he got to Steal first... ugh. He would have to start work again on a new plan.
  20. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had been avoiding for a long time, the idea of going back out and seeing Lance again. He was feeling bored and unsatisfied lately, Yusai was as oblivious as ever, and he was just not getting it. No matter how many little hints were dropped by the younger man, Yusai always seemed to just kind of space out and miss everything. Steal could put on his old club clothing, the whole net shirt and really short tight shorts, and Yusai just laughed and told him to put on something warmer. Steal was starting to feel like he must look bland, or just have lost an edge he didn't even have the chance to use. When the call came a few nights before, and Lance asked him to go out for a movie, Steal had hesitated but agreed. He really didn't want to, but he rather liked feeling that he was something to be desired, even if just for a short time. So as he got ready he checked to see, one last time if Yusai would stop him, if he would be asked to stay, but the other had just kind of nodded at his leaving, and so, rather forlorn, Steal had indeed left missing out on one hell of a show. (If he had even the slightest idea of what would have happened he would have damned sure set up a camera to enjoy the footage later for his own pleasure.) So it was that Steal went to meet with Lance outside the salon, not aware that he was being watched by a third party, one who had no intention of letting Steal keep the date that had been set. The investigator headed toward Steal, hands tucked deep into pockets looking sad as he just walked, eyes cast down. Steal had to nearly jump out of the way of the sad looking man, who then stopped and stammered an apology. "Uh, no need to be sorry, " Steal said softly wondering what had this guy so upset. It wasn't his business to ask, but something about him.. The man had red hair, deep green eyes and such a sad look that he was hard to ignore. "No, really I am sorry, I should have been watching where I was going... it is just that, well, I just lost my cat today, and.. I guess I am just a bit sad about it." The man peered at Steal from lowered lashes gauging the reaction that he knew he would get. Steal was noted as being a sucker for felines, and just as expected the younger man teared up a bit. "No, I am so sorry, I know how much that would hurt I would be devastated if my cat passed on." Score, just the right reaction, now to start reeling him in. "Oh, you have a cat too.. I, I really miss my sweet girl already.. she was with me for years." Within moments Steal was sitting on a curb talking with the other man, Lance already forgotten, until the hairdresser cleared his throat behind Steal to get his attention. "Oh, Lance this is.. um.. sorry I didn't get your name." "Ian, my name is Ian" The red haired man gave a sad smile and shook Lance's hand before giving Steal his phone number. "Maybe we can talk again later, you were a lot of help to me." He wiped his eyes and got to his feet, nodding again to Lance as he headed off. There, he had his in, now he just needed to wait. To Steal the whole event was just a normal thing, helping a person who needed help, and it hadn't even came to his mind that anything even remotely devious could have been happening. Lance even thought Steal was doing something rather nice to comfort someone, though he wished it had not been happening on what he considered his time. Having finally reclaimed the young pale haired man, Lance took him to the movies, but didn't tell him that they were going to watch something.. naughty to say the least. The movie seemed at first to be a horror movie, where some guys had headed out to the woods for a camping trip, but instead of being chased down one at a time to be killed... One man headed alone in the woods, he thought it was a good idea, he walked to the edge of a lake and sat down, stripping off his clothing to go for a dip, when a robed figure headed up behind him, grabbing him around the hips. The figure then snaked one hand down, fondlling the man's balls, breathing into his ear. "Oh you were bad to come here alone.." The man panted and tossed his head in mock fear. "No, no don't hurt me. I was wrong." "Yes you were and now you have to pay for it." The man roughly tossed his prey down on the ground and pushed his legs apart, holding down his arms he then dropped his head to take the man's already hard length into his mouth. Steal's eyes widened and he glanced at Lance who was smiling. "Wh.." He shook his head and started to get to his feet, wanting to leave. This was not the kind of movie he had agreed to see. His eyes slid back to the screed again at the sound of some loud moans. The man on the ground rolled his eyes and licked his lips begging to have a chance to do something to his captor, or at least have his captor do more to him. The man slid to his knees no longer restrained as the man in the robe tossed his garment off, showing nothing more than a mask covering his face as he moved to let the other man start sucking on his length. He made a grunting sound as he grabbed the "victim" by the hair forcing him down. Steal ran from the room. It wasn't that he didn't like what he was seeing, but more like he enjoyed it too much and this was not something he wanted to be seeing in public, let alone with Lance, who was confused by Steal leaving. Steal ran to the street and shook his head as if to shake away the images. What in the world was Lance thinking?
  21. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal's head was reeling after the night. Lance had certainly been flirting with him, and not very subtly either, but he had never had anyone treat him the way that Lance had, as if he was something to be cherished. Yet, there was also a feeling in his stomach that it was all wrong, none of this should have been happening. He didn't WANT Lance, he wanted Yusai, but Yusai apparently didn't want him. It made him feel sick and confused inside. He had even been forced to face Yusai with Lance beside him. That had been a new level of awkward. The evening was over now, and he could still feel the chaste kiss that had been left on his lips a tingling burn that kept the uncertainty in him awake and alive. Slumping in an empty booth he bowed his head into his hands, trying to puzzle through everything. Not long after getting into that pose someone shuffled into the booth beside hm, planting one hand on his head. "Mmrrph.." Steal commented. "What does that mean exactly?" Otto asked in amusement. "It means..." Steal trailed off. "It means I am confused, and don't feel well.." He shook his head slowly. "By... this Lance person, that has the dummy at the bar all worked up?" Steal mumbled again, hardly moving. "Uhn. He.. is nice but.. not Sai.." Steal didn't exactly feel better after saying that, but at least he had. Otto thought a moment. Ah.. love triangle of sorts, with Steal at the point. Both want Steal, but Steal only wants Yusai, but if Yusai keeps making him wait.. he may take Lance. What a mess. He shook his head slightly before mussing Steal's hair a bit. "Drink your drink and calm down." He sat down and glanced at the still worked up Yusai off at the bar. He felt bad for his friend, but it also served him right. If he would only admit to himself. After Otto had gone back to the stage for the last set, Steal was left suffering in silence. He had no idea how to think of anything that had happened. He didn't want Lance to have been there, he had wanted a good night without pressure but now it was all so much worse. There was someone who had been willing, if just for a time to show him feelings, to have wanted him, but it wasn't the right person. Lance was nice but would never be the one, but.. would he be someone who could care for him for a time? No that would be wrong.. wouldn't it? If nothing else it had for a time made him stop thinking about his parents, but now even that re-surged. They were out there.. **** "So Mr. Masters, your son goes to a bar at this location, it seems he is rather known there for hanging out with the owner and bartender." The man slid a couple of pictures to the silent man across from him, flinty eyes looking down at them. "The boy also seems to sing there from time to time, which the crowd likes. His hair has been cut shorter as you can see, but it is most certainly him." The man across from him grunted in agreement. "Should I make contact with him, or would you like me to keep waiting?" The angry looking man crumpled one of the pictures. "Wait for a little longer, I want to know more about his relationships, what is he doing?" "Well.. he was dancing rather provocatively with another man on the dance floor, then they went to a booth. I lost sight of them for a moment before they went to the bar for drinks. I am not sure if they are a couple, but Steal was. flushed.." The silence that followed seemed to bristle with anger. "Couple?" The word cut like ice. "Are you suggesting.. what I think you are suggesting?" He has to know it is an option. "Well, it," He took a breath. "It could be true sir." "Get close to him, get to know him.. flirt if you must, but bring him to me." The investigator nearly jumped out of the limo in a rush to get away from the anger. This was going to be hard, but he would do it. The trap was going to be set.
  22. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had not been expecting to go to the club, and when he got there it didn't take long at all to realize that he was not going to have a very good time. The noise was loud and he felt sour listening to what others thought of as good music. He noticed how happy others were and also how not happy Yusai was. Then there was the self confidence lacking from the change in look that had been forced on him. Yusai even noticed that something was off abut him, and he was fast to point it out, Steal was fast to tell him that he was fine and even managed to give a small smile as Yusai looked at him closely. He even managed a soft laugh at the banter between Yusai and the bar girl, but when he was asked if he wanted to have a drink, which he took with relief when he found out it was not alcoholic, he could only imagine the mood he would be in if he got anything in him like that. When he joined Otto later he had been sent with a smack on the backside that sent a pulse of pleasure through him, that he had to shake off fast. That would be bad. Okay think of the music and being something near to good company. Too bad the music still sucked. Otto didn't want to change anything that was torturing Yusai that much, or so he said with a laugh. The mood in the building was twisting a bit, as Steal listened to the beat and tried to think of being anywhere but here. He kind of wished he was in the apartment still moping. If he was there he would feel at least closer to being able to be himself. The people on the floor seemed off to him too, they danced too close seemed too loud. Then he noticed someone on the floor he recognized. Lance was standing on the floor before the stand kind of trying to force Steal to see him, and when he took note that he did, Steal slid off the stage to see what he was doing there. Had Lance ever been here before? "Steal! I didn't think I would see you here, come dance with me." Hesitating a moment, Steal nodded and started to dance with Lance, the movements fairly normal for the kind of song that was being played, at least at first, as the songs changed the attitude of the dance started to change, until Lance was pulling Steal close, almost grinding. Still the mood kept changing, Lance was breathing heavier and the touches on his body were caressing, warm.. Confusing. Steal had to bite back a soft moan, at the sudden friction of Lance pressing his knee against his groin. The color washed over his face, trembling starting. Soon he had no idea who was looking at him, he just panted softly, Lance gazing at him with hunger. Lance tried to pull him off the floor to a shadowed corner.
  23. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Steal had took note of Lance the several times he had been in the salon recently, as the other man was rather new to this establishment, and it seemed that Lance had been taking note of him as well. The man waited until after they had paid for their cuts before he asked to see Steal privately... Reluctantly Steal went along to talk to him. The last thing Steal had expected from the other was an admittance of attraction, not that Steal had been so shocked that the man was gay, that wasn't a big deal particularly in this business where everyone assumed it anyway. What Steal had not been expecting any interest in him. When Lance asked if he and Yusai were seeing each other, it was with a heavy heart he managed to say that it wasn't like that. He wasn't about to lie and cut any chance of ever being with ANYONE. “Well, if you ever want to go out some time, maybe see a movie or something, you can call me.” Well that did sound nice, and Steal took the paper nodding his head a bit, a flush spreading over his cheeks. This guy was serious, he did like him. Stammering something about giving it serious thought, Steal walked back over to Yusai. He wasn't really aware of just how it showed on his face how he was feeling, and that there was a kind of glow around him. He couldn't help but look over his shoulder and wave to Lance, who was chuckling and seemed quite happy now. How strange, did talking to HIM make Lance that happy? Another thrill of pleasure ran through him, along with something else he hadn't felt in a while.. the feeling of being truly wanted. The walk home though, that was like hell. Yusai was sullen and silent and seemed to have gotten himself in a mood. He must have really been taking the hair cut badly, or that was what Steal thought at least, since he couldn't think of any other reason for the strange dark funk. When Yusai finally spoke for the first time in a while Steal nearly jumped out of his skin. The words held such a dark and angry tint, and they were so rough. Steal stammered as he looked at the other man, who seemed to be glaring at him. "What.. what was what all about?" He found himself recoiling, from the aggression that seemed directed at him, Yusai took note of it though and seemed to backtrack a bit but Steal found it a good chance to finally ask, or rather ask again, what they were to each other, and once more Yusai missed the point by a mile. Instead of getting the word Lover out, Yusai pounced on the terms of friends and room mates. It was getting tiring really, they were walking in an endless circle, and Yusai was not going to let Steal break it. Steal was about to ask again, in a different way when he noticed a sleek back car... one he had seen many times before. Hissing between his teeth Steal slid between Yusai and the wall, blocking the view of himself and pushing Yusai along a bit faster. Instead of faster Yusai waved at the people in the car, causing Steal to shrink a bit more, his head bowed. Really? No way, no don't see me, I am not here.. nope invisible... The couple shook their heads and ignored Yusai and seemed not to notice Steal. That could have been very bad.. Yusai .. sheesh no need to be nice to everyone.. When inside not surprisingly Yusai asked who they were.. what was going on and Steal gaped. "That was my Mom and her security man, they were here to get me!" He yelped the words out and drew the blinds closed. "They must have an idea of where I am staying to be out here, and if they take me back, that will be it, I will be locked away again. They do not want people to know I exist! I am a shame to them!" His words grew more and more shrill as he spoke until he finally collapsed. When Yusai said they did a bad job to start with Steal laughed. "No.. they didn't. It took years for me to be able to get up the nerve to slip free... I dont know what they will do this time.." He was terrified. The joy of earlier was gone. Soon enough.. it would all come to an end, and he will be locked away again, and Yusai will still have no idea how he felt. "I.. I don't want to go back." As the words slipped from his lips he wondered though, maybe it would be doing everyone a favor if he did. Yusai could be himself again, but.. Steal shook his head slowly. "I don't know what to do." Yusai's words that he would not let them take him, it sounded so good, but how could he stop them? "A-Anyway, you have work tonight.. so... I don't know.." He sighed and grabbed Prince who was happily attacking a shoelace and hugged him. "If my mom is here, my dad's guys wont be far either.. and if they find out you were who I was with, they will be on you to question you hard." Skipping work was not going to be an option for Yusai, and that meant that Steal was going to be in for the night. He closed his eyes, drawing his knees to his chest. "You better get ready for work, I won't be going anywhere for the night, so.. ugh.. don't worry about me." He made a little waving gesture of his hand to shoosh Yusai off to get ready.
  24. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Each day had been a nightmare of fear, waiting for his father to arrive, for lawyers to show up, or just for the shit to hit the fan in general. Steal felt like he was walking on glass, each movement about to topple him into an abyss, but for Yusai being there. The down side was that he knew the other man wanted to know what was going on, and he didn't know how to tell him. How could he say that he needed to know what their living arrangement really was, so that he could at least say for certain. Yusai didn't even know... He waited, and the nervous clock ticking in his head kept counting down till the moment when all would change. He needed to do something, and after a week of waiting he finally decided that the first step would be to do something about his hair. He didn't WANT to cut it, he liked having his hair long, but the stitches showed so much, and they had to be hidden in some way. So finally he took a deep breath and told Yusai that he was going to go and see a stylist and find out what could be done. So started an interesting adventure in the salon with Yusai standing by and watching. "I CAN'T cut it!" Wailed his usual sylest named Sabine, who wrung her hands and started weeping. She looked around as if begging someone to come to her aid. "It has to be done, look at the mess it is.." Steal said with a fake kind of calm. He glanced in the mirror and cringed. "Will you really let me run around like this?" The weepy girl sniffled and started pawing at his hair. "Maybe we can hide it till it grows back?" Steal shrugged a little and sat down, and for a time there was silence as some of his hair was snipped and some more shaved a bit. In the end it was kind of a side style, with a bit of an under shave, longer hair pulled over to one side (Kind of a Brad Pitt and Thor type thing), enough length that it could be pulled back in a kind of tail, showing short sides, but shorter than he had in years... Even so.. it was a huge shock, causing the young man to swallow hard, and fight back tears. To his surprise though, he looked over and saw Yusai getting his own hair cut. Why? Nothing had happened to him, and he had no reason to do this. Inside he was screaming for Yusai to stop to not make a mistake, but it was too late and the cutting had started. "T-Thanks... Sabine.. I mean.. it would have been horrific had anyone else done this." Inside he was screaming that it was horrific anyway, that he would never be the same and part of his identity was gone. He just wanted to curl up and lick his wounds. Pushing the self pity away he went to stand with Yusai, one hand resting on the other man's forearm to show that he was there. He knew first hand the shock that was coming and he would not force him to face the surprise alone. It seemed silly being just hair and all but if you wear it one way for so long, anything else is like a kick in the teeth, particular when it is a forced situation. "You didn't need to do this Sai.." As he said that, his hand slid down the other ma's forearm and his fingers curled lovingly with Yusai's. He knelt down and tried to put all his feelings in the look he gave. At the back of the room several girls murmured about how romantic it looked but he didn't give them a glance as he kept hold of Yusai's hand. When it was all done though, he bit his lip, saying in all honesty that Yusai looked great.. though he almost said that he looked sexy..
  25. The future is ours.. isn't it?

    Maybe Steal had reacted badly actually he had over reacted pretty strongly, but it was how he was feeling. He had felt that he was going to be back on the street and that he was going to have to leave poor little Prince behind. His crying likely would have been nothing short of a terrible embarrassment had he even been thinking of pride, but that was not a concern. His mind was locked in the past, locked in the fear of being yelled at, hit.. sent away. Only Yusai's embrace was holding him in place as he sobbed himself into exhaustion. When Yusai promised not to tell, not to share what he had learned Steal nodded mutely. He knew that the promise was true, but also that he would want to tell Otto, and likely Steal knew that he didn't mind if Otto found out, so long as that was as far as things went. Murmuring softly he mentioned something about Prince likely telling Otto when he next came by. To which the cat, flicked his ears a little but ignored them, turning around several times before laying between the pillows on the bed. Steal wiped his eyes then gave a weak smile to Yusai, pressing against him a bit more, as he took several steadying breaths. Then he headed back to the bed, laying down, his right hand stroking the slick fur of the small cat, who promptly rolled over to get a belly rub, kicking lightly at Steal's arm, though not clawing him as he would others. Maybe the cat just had a higher level of respect for Steal than anyone else. When dinner had come, and he had eaten a small amount, he curled onto his side, and fell asleep, Prince nuzzled against the back of his neck now, as he lay facing Yusai's side of the bed. One hand was reaching in repose for the other man, but Yusai still had things to do, and Steal wasn't aware of Otto's visit. It wouldn't be till the next day that he found out Otto had come by. ~~~~ Morning finally came, and with it another torrent of news, trumped up and mashed together to sound more interesting. During the night it seemed that people had come forward, to tell stories of what they thought was going on, and with them came some of the others that had been at the haunted house, some who decided they would like to tell stories about what they had 'seen' going on, including some false ones about Steal and Yusai. Steal clicked off the television and lay back down with a groan. It was stuff like this that made him want to stay in bed all day and never again walk out of the apartment. He touched his gloved wrists and traced some of the fine lines etched into the skin. It was stuff like this that had made him hurt himself. He grit his teeth a bit and looked at the sleeping man next to him. If this all kept up it would make him more of a burden than he already was. With a soft mutter he slid out of bed and headed to the sitting room, Prince following behind him curious to see what he was doing. Steal slid his laptop out of it's carrying bag and turned it on, and for the first time in years, signed into the messenger service that he had dreaded so long. Father: So.. I wondered how long before you came running to tell your side of this story Stephen. What the fuck is going on? Steal: What is it you want to know? Father: Everything.. who is the man you are with, what were you doing? How do you expect me to react? Steal: | Steal looked at the flashing cursor, not sure what he should put down. There were many answers he could use, but none of them would satisfy the man. None really satisfied him either. What was Yusai to him? A friend, companion and rock.. but was there more? What was he doing? Heck, when did that refer to? One would think the party had been self evident. How did he expect his dad to react? Like a stable normal human. That was too much to hope for. Steal pressed his fingers to his closed eyes a moment. He had to wake Yusai. He needed help.