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  1. Lynn and Elise made their way onto their assigned box, Elise giving Lynn a smile as they cramped up into it together. It was clearly only made for one person, Lynn being pushed to one side as he tried to get himself into a comfortable position. “Yo El, mind scooching a bit? I can already feel my legs cramping up.” He said to her, smiling as he watched her try to make herself as small as possible. “Aw c’mon, why do I have to miss out on all the fun?” She complained, irritation clearly audible in her voice. Lynn smiled, moving his feet so that they could both miraculously have some space to breath inside. Elise had not been out this long in years and it made Lynn wonder how long she was actually planning on sticking around. It appeared that she has taken a personal interest in the whole mission, which Lynn thought to be impossible as she was supposed to be one with him. They both watched as the rest of the troops entered their own designated boxes, all lids closing in after them. “Wonder when we’ll be seeing this lot again.” He thought to himself. The lid of the box closed, darkness swallowing them both as they heard an explosion that sent them spinning. Lynn could not tell which way was up or down, all he could do was pray that their transportation was strong enough to keep them alive till their arrival to their destination. As he tried to keep his lunch down, he kept his mind occupied listening to Elise’s madlike laughter. “Say what you want, little brother, this is the most fun I’ve had in ages. We need to get out more!” She said from in between laughs. What seemed like an eternity later, Lynn's head was smashed against the side of the box. He heard the sound of water hitting the sides and he figured it was safe for them to see what was outside waiting for them. As he opened the lid, he saw smoke from where he assumed the plane had been prior to their leaving. He didn't see any sign of the others though, just the shore to the island that they were assigned to arrive to. As they arrived at the shore, Elise immediately jumped out, stretching her arms behind her back, cracking joints here and there. Lynn climbed out after her and immediately regretted letting her keep him company. He could slowly feel the blood rushing back to his legs and the spinning in his head was slowly stopping. "To battle we march on!" Elise shouted, still laughing from their descending. Deciding on a direction, they both cautiously began to make their way off of the shore.
  2. “Here’s how this is going to go down. For the the next few weeks we will resume your training phase, it has been long enough since you improved on Elise.” Fallar stated as they entered back to the alley in which they entered the Queen’s meeting through. It had gotten dark and the last of the people on the streets had disappeared into the warmth of their own homes. Lynn took note of Fallar’s emphasis on the word improve, making it sound to him that he hadn’t been practicing at all, which he had. For several months now. ”That’s right brother, you have yet to teach me the most important skill. I want blue eyes.” “You’re right sis, time to get you up and going if we are going to join any one of those freaks anywhere.” ----- Elise was almost gliding through the fields, almost out of Lynn’s area of sight. Lynn was not surprised though, the two of them had never been anywhere outside of the city and for them to be half-way across the world in a field of nothing made Lynn feel like he could just run and hug the ground. They had been walking for hours before finally finding the spot Fallar had pointed out on the map he had given them. ”I found him brother! The boring looking one! Up there, look!” He heard Elise shout out, her voice high pitched and excited. Lynn raised his gaze from the map and there it was, a cargo jet of FedEx. On top of which he noticed was one of the bodyguards that had been present a few weeks back at the meeting. He did not look pleased at all, in fact Lynn could not determine any facial expression on him. Elise was already making her way towards the door behind the jet, Lynn forgetting that she was not in her physical state anymore. He could feel the man in the three piece suit watching him and it was making him feel very aware of how slow his walk was. Elise did not seem to mind him one bit, her dance-like walk resuming its natural pace as she reached the door before Lynn did. He turned his gaze once more towards the man on top of the jet, but his gaze had already left Lynn, back towards the field in which they had arrived from. “Jesus, do these people ever have a good time, you reckon?” He thought to himself, Elise giggling as she began to walk down the stairs. ”Is she here, is she here?” Elise’s voice was echoing in Lynn’s head as they both scouted the room. Most of them had appeared to have found their way here before them, not surprising as their journey had needed quite a few rest stops. He looked around for the blue-haired girl who had jumped on the table and soon enough he found her, Elise making her presence known and bowing down to her once more, out of curiosity and liking, Lynn presumed. “Greetings.” She said, her voice able to be heard by everyone for the first time in years.
  3. "Boom, we win this round" Lynn thought to himself, as he watched the pink haired girl drop her stare and follow who he presumed to be the leader of her fraction. "You are being childish. Stop it." Elise's soft voice could almost be heard from within Lynn's medallion as he was still rubbing it with his fingers. He could feel a slight hint of anger in her voice, most likely mirroring his own discomfort with the intelligence of Nirvana. Just like every other leader at the table, Fallar seemed to choose his words very carefully. He had yet to say a thing, but Lynn knew this was his way of absorbing in as much information as was needed about everything that was going on. Lynn did not know whether or not Fallar had come in contact with any of these fractions before, but he had a feeling that some of them knew each other in some way. As the clan with the crescent moon carved on their chairs made their exit, Fallar finally opened his mouth. “If it is assistance you are in need of, then I shall provide you with the young gent standing behind me." He said, rising from the table. "But that is all the aid we shall provide. I presume this will be enough.” Enough so that it was noticeable, he said the last phrases whilst the spell on him was wearing off. Still eyeing the pink haired girl, Lynn took a step forward towards the table. His heart was racing but he refused to let any emotions show. His eyes met with the girl in the mask one last time and Lynn could not help but flash a smile as he winked at her. “I guess this means you might get your chance to show that affection of yours to her, El. We shall meet again.” Fallar had his eyes locked on the Queen herself as he took a step back from the table and Lynn knew this meant that they were leaving. He quickly made his way to his leader’s side and followed him as they made their way towards the double doors which they had entered through. As Lynn eyed Fallar, he noticed his face was showing signs of discomfort. He appeared older than just a few moments ago, Lynn presumed this was due to the spell he had been under. As they entered the corridor that would lead them back to the gates, Lynn wondered how much of an impact Fallar's last words had had on the Queen.
  4. Lynn had always been good at sitting things out and watching from the sidelines, but something about the situation made him feel very uneasy. The ruckus made by the two beings he did not recognize had amused him, he had almost hoped to see some sort of action going on between the two of them. He fought back the urge to let Hell loose, thinking of all the possible snowballs he could have had either of them throw at one another to start a fight. Something, no -someone-, stopped him from doing so whether it was the faint female voice of reason in his subconsciousness or the quick glance Fallar had given him before sitting down. He watched the leaders of the groups as most all of them reacted to the pain that was cast upon them by the spell enacted by Ezralda. Fallar seemed to be affected by it more than Lynn had expected. He could see as his eyes closed and face tensed up, the vein on his forehead becoming visible. “Are they expecting the master of deception to be able to have one ounce of truth in anything he has to say?” Lynn thought. He had never seen Fallar get so quiet in his life, probably because he was thinking the exact same thing. It finally hit Lynn why he had been asked to shut his mouth before their arrival. He could not help but wonder if Elise was affected by this spell as well. "He doesn't look that well, you reckon he knew this was going to happen?" Elise asked, her soft voice echoing in Lynn’s head. “Highly doubt he would have expected anything less from this powerful beings. Does not mean he was not caught off guard by this. I don’t know, I’m feeling very uneasy about this entire situation.” He thought, eyeing the Queen and Ezralda carefully. “One thing is sure, I do not trust any one of the people in this room. Why do you think they called us in on this unless they wanted something to go terribly wrong. I don't like being outsmarted, especially by a girl jumping onto tables.” "I quite fancy her style." “You fancy everything, El” It was then that Lynn felt the piercing gaze of something against him. He scouted the room, hands still crossed in front of him before his eyes locked onto a young woman with bright pink hair and a mask covering her face. Her bright green eyes had been staring at him with what he made out to be curiosity as she tilted her head and a smile, barely visible, appeared on her face. “The hell you reckon she’s smiling on about?” The stare was making him very uneasy. With a subtle move of his hand, Lynn pinched the corner of his medallion between his fingers. It was warm to his touch and he felt as Elise became more and more materialised. “You know, that smile looks more like a studying stare or maybe it’s supposed to be a threat?” He thought to himself. "Worry not, little brother, for it it comes down to it, is is I who shall bash that mask of hers into her face." The mental image of this made Lynn let out a chuckle as he returned the woman’s stare, his face now back to its emotionless state. She didn’t look very threatening, but who knew what sort of surprises were covered up by the mask she was wearing. Without breaking eye contact, Lynn’s attention was back to listening to the controversial conversation at the table.
  5. “I told you a million times to stop with that nonsense of yours, Lynn.” A silent female voice said from between the two palm trees that had appeared in the middle of the desert. “It is time for us to go home”. Lynn had never been one to take orders from anyone besides Fallar, but something in the way Elise talked made him feel like her questions were more like demands. He looked around the desert, trying to memorize what the heat felt like against his face. Before he could do so, the cold kicked in and the rain was in his face. “Damnit, I still can’t get this thing right…” he muttered to himself while bringing back the dark and gloomy alleys of Copenhagen. Throughout the years he had spent walking down these streets, this was the first time he was pleased to get a last glance at it. “What’s the deal with this Winter Queen anyway? And why have we been summoned there, it’s not like they’ve helped us in the past?” He asked her, not sure why he was expecting any sort of new information from her. “Fuck it, let’s go home then.” As they continued their way towards home. He watched as Elise made her way through the streets, skipping over the trashcans like they weren’t there. Lynn enjoyed this Elise, the one only he could see. Most of the time she prefered to act all tough to put on a show for others; to make herself look threatening or to make Lynn seem like he can pull this magic off to its fullest potential, he did not know. As they approached the motel they had been staying at for the past three years, a man dressed in a brown trench coat approached whilst pointing in the opposite direction. “Wrong way, that’s where we are headed” Fallar said in a cold voice. “You’re late again, Lynn. I was about to leave you behind. Now come with me.” Lynn muttered a quiet “Sorry” and began to follow Fallar. The man had kept him for years yet always managed to sound like he was never pleased by his actions. Elise he loved however and he had a weird habit of walking closer to her than Lynn. The fact that it was just the three of them made Lynn very paranoid. As they walked through Copenhagen, he noticed the lack of civilians around them. It was then that he realised they had completely left the city’s main streets and wandered into an alley by the Baltic Sea. They arrived at a giant black gate guarded by two men who did not react to their presence in the slightest, to Lynn they looked like stone statues that had been abandoned by civilization years ago. He watched as Fallar motioned at Elise then at the guards and the strangest thing happened. Before now, Lynn had always known what was going on in his sister’s head, but now he had no clue what she was attempting to do as she passed through the guards body and towards the closed off gate. It sprung open, revealing a corridor with a white marble floor. “We would appreciate it if you could announce your presence next time, the Queen does not take kindly to bad manners” The man on the right said. Without batting an eye, Fallar replied coldly. “I do not announce myself to mere wastrels like you. You welcome us or we go in as we please. I do not take kindly of being summoned here by someone who has yet to acknowledge me in the past.” Lynn could not help but let out a loud chuckle. In the 26 years he had spent with this man, it always amused him how well he was able to make an entrance. But he agreed, he had never been in any contact with the supernatural world unless he was screwing around with them in bars. He particularly enjoyed the warewolves, who never seemed to notice him slipping a few extra cards here or there into the card decks in poker games. It was almost exclusively his only way of making a living around a town he refused to grow a liking to. For them to be summoned by the Winter Queen was truly an unexpected treat, as Fallar would say. “Now Lynn, I want you to shut that mouth of yours once we are inside. If talking is to be done, it will be I who does it. Elise may speak for the both of you.” He said in a threatening tone. Lynn had spent too much time with the man to know when he wasn’t politely asking. To the contrary, Lynn believed if he opened his mouth at all it would most likely be the death of him. They passed though the corridor, which Lynn now recognised to have been a portal from where they were to a whole new world. They approaced another door and entered the hall, Elise going first in her dance-like walk with Fallar and Lynn right behind her, both of the siblings examining every nook and corner of the hall they had just entered. The snow that was coming down in an atmosphere too warm for snow amazed Lynn. This was exactly the kind of magic he had been attempting to re-enact for months. Accompanied by the snow were other fractions he did not recognize. It appeared to be a meeting of some sorts, with supernaturals sitting by a table with chairs etched with markings to direct each member to their assigned places. Their invitation had clearly been debated on until the last minute, for not a single one of the chairs had anything to resemble their welcome. Instead, he saw a plain old chair, seemingly very old yet still elegant in features. He assumed this was were Fallar would be sitting, but to his knowledge Fallar did not seem to care one bit. He watched as Fallar and Elise made their way towards two beings, one obviously being the Queen herself accompanied by a girl in sweatpants. “She looks just about as pleased to be here as I am, awesome.” He thought to himself. Elise made her way towards the queen, now grabbing Lynn by his shoulder as to guide him to their destination. She placed her palms to her chest and clenched them together, nodding her head low in the direction of the queen. Lynn had never been much of a formal greeter, which he made very clear by simply slightly nodding his head. He was once more guided by Elise to the corner of the room, as there seemed to be only one spot for each representative. “We are tired little brother, time for us to get some rest.” Elise stated, as she touched the medallion on Lynn’s neck and dissapeared as if being sucked into it. This left Lynn standing alone, hands crossed in front of him, eyeing the other people in the room closely while the snow tickled his back as it melted through his clothes. "Let the fun begin."
  6. These Bloody Streets: Requiem for Allies! [IC]

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  7. Name: Lynn Hellstrum Age: 26 Appearance: Half Asian, half Caucasian; Lynn stands 5'5'' with a muscular physique due to the years he has spent protecting and aiding Fallar. His black hair is kept in a ponytail which barely holds together and is most often seen traveling in black jeans and a leather jacket over a black t-shirt. Around his neck he has a rectangular medallion resembling a mirror, but it doesn't reflect anything. This is mostly used for his powers to create Elise. On his back he carries a small sword. Abilities: Mind-fucking. He has the ability to create mirages and copies of objects or landscapes although has yet to be able to create anything live-like besides Elise and a few critters here or there. Besides Elise, nothing he creates can physically do any harm. Other/background: Lynn was born in Denmark, but never got to know his parents. It's the cliché "taken-in-by-Fallar" story, but instead of raising him as a son, Fallar made him into a warrior. He has spent his entire life fighting and practicing the arts of deception. It is unknown how he achieved the ability to create his twin sister, but he treats her like family and sees her as a real person. Unlike Fallar, he has grown attached to the man who took him in and would die in his place if it ever came to that. He is the heir to the clan if something were to happen, which is why he has knowledge of everything and everyone included in the Ignis Fatuus. Name: Elise Hellstrum Age: 26 Appearance: She's your average sized 26-year-old woman with a slim figure. Like Lynn, she is also half Asian, half Caucasian and has long blonde hair that's always kept in a ponytail. Her attire resembles Lynn's with black jeans over a black leather jacket. Abilities: Elise can alter between physical and non-physical states. She is incredibly quick on her feet which is complimented by her small figure, but she can't leave Lynn's area of sight or she will disappear. She can interact with Lynn's creations and the two of them use this to their advantage. Elise can and will "create herself" out of Lynn's medallion if she so chooses. Since she is fabricated from Lynn's head, she is aware of everything he knows.
  8. Ignis Fatuus A small group of outcasts from different parts of the world, who united through their love for mischief and chaos. They have no real agenda, but can be extremely useful allies when persuaded enough. - Leader is know as Fallar, goes by the name Fal. His age is unknown, as he is known to look younger/older depending on his moods. The most reasonable member of the group, he is known to provide aid to those he respects and living hell to those who do not respect him. - The first bodyguard is Lynn, second to join the group after Fallar took him in from the streets of Copenhagen. Fallar's most trusted member and is also second-in-command. Everything he knows he learned from him, and he sees him as more of a father figure rather than a leader, which is why he insists on joining every trip he makes so secure his safety. - Second bodyguard is Elise, who is and is not real. The twin sister of Lynn, fabricated from Lynn's abilites learned from Fallar. (so if it wasn't obvious, Elise and Lynn are the people I shall be playing as)
  9. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

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