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  1. Caine- Sophia’s keen green eyes focused on him, unwavering behind that white mask that shielded her face, his senses prickling at the attention. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye as Ryuk detailed the plan. A wild yet creative plan it was, to float their way onto the islands to bypass the security was not the first idea some would have had. Something didn’t sit right with him though, the massive body of water around an isolated island with a group of supernaturals that trusted each other about as much as a rickety bridge at best. He acknowledged the masked one’s slightly creepy smile with his own, his sharp teeth showing at the corners as they left the room to depart. Boarding the large FedEx plane outside Caine could feel the stinging, blackened energy left behind by Ryuzaki’s slaughterfest from earlier, the metallic smell of blood still thick in the air around them. The take off wasn’t graceful by any means and had Caine not sat down a moment before he may have gone flying much like the pink haired one did. Vee radiated heat at his left, still nervous with the situation and a bit peeved at him still. She never could let things go very easily and he supposed he understood why. The masked one bounded her way onto the crate a few feet away, her voice the same sing-songy tone as it usually was and just as sarcastically genuine one could be without seeming entirely malicious. The side of his mouth twitched as he looked her back from her perch. “Celia is a nice name I suppose” he voiced, sitting back in the flat seat and crossing his arms and ankles in front of him. “My name is Caine.” with a pause before the “nice to meet you too..” ---- Vee- Once aboard the massive cargo jet her gaze settled on the key wearing man sitting across from her, the woman next to him had such an odd aura it was almost invigorating, eyes that just radiated energy and excitement, like she was waiting on something or anything to happen, she sort of lifted her spirits a bit, a tiny smile spreading across her face. The man next to her seemed very comfortable with her, "maybe siblings?" she thought to herself lightly. She directed her attention to the interaction between Caine and the masked girl from earlier, it wasn't often Caine was unsettled by something but this seemed to be doing it.
  2. Caine sat in his office, watching the light stream in through the vaulted, stained glass window that sat directly behind his chair. It turned everything in the moderate sized room a lovely hue of blues, greens and reds even as sunlight waned in the evening sky. The room was formerly the pastor’s office, although now it functioned quite well as the control center for his organization of outcasts. Sitting forgotten in a valley, overhung by hundred year old trees and hills that rolled into the horizon, was a white walled church that had formerly served a rural town since moved away from religion and industry alike. The position was perfect for the Autumn, out of the way without being at a disadvantage, and afforded them a particular luxury that they appreciated greatly. Demons were not a peaceful people, violence and cruelty came easy to them and quickly, like black flames that consume the heart and reason. The church, having formerly been a grand place of camaraderie and celebration, combated that with the flowing ease of the river that passed not even a mile away. Unlike folklore suggested, demons could enter hallowed ground, under the condition that no violence took place. Offenders were often rudely rejected by the spirit of the building itself, sometimes quite comically so. He heard the door of the office creak open, Victoria slapped the thick, yet beautifully adorned envelope down in front of him, tiny lines of silver showing against the dark, royal blue of the paper. As if frost had formed from the paper underneath. Caine thanked her for it and read it thoroughly, glancing back up at her after a moment and a tiny smile. “ Please alert the others that we’ll be leaving soon..” She huffed and didn’t answer him, closing the heavy wooden door a bit too harshly. --- They passed through the flatlands of Kansas without much conversation. Caine tried to lighten the mood occasionally, keeping some light hearted banter between the two of them usually helped but Vee didn’t seem very interested. The walk wasn’t long before the hulking shape of The Order’s outpost became visible, a cargo plane by the looks of it. it matched the description in the summons they had received some weeks before. It’s bright orange and purple stickers standing out against the bland background of blacks, greys and green foliage. Perched on top of it, as if he was one of the gargoyles from a church was one of the Order’s two liaisons, his face as cold and unmoving as sculpture. Vee saw the edge of Michael's yellow shirt disappear behind the metal door to their left and grabbed Caine’s coat sleeve to nudge him that way, he had been momentarily lost in thought. He chuckled a tiny bit and led the way through the green, untouched grass next to the runway. He could hear her heartbeat pound in her chest and hoped being the first one down the tunnel would help steady her resolve. The room beyond the passage was occupied by what seemed to be just about everyone. Michael and the Arpeggio general had just found a place to stand when Vee and himself became visible. “Quite a crowd we have so far...” he murmured, taking in each of the other delegates.
  3. -Victoria- Victoria could feel her skin heating up, quite literally as the summer princess stalked her way out the door after putting the responsibility on that Michael guy. With knowledge of Nirvana between all groups and knowing that even The Order with its expanse of resources couldn’t even keep someone over there was concerning. Once again the fairies brushed it off like it’s some kind of game to be played with. It just made her blood boil sometimes. Much like before, Caine had stayed quiet for a few moments as the next couple of groups made their commitments. Their organization wasn’t a large one in comparison to some here. They had members across the world that mostly consisted of other demons who had gone rouge, been outcasted and some half bloods who chose the supernatural side as their place, much like the two there today. He glanced behind him, sensing her own anger, not to mention the impressive heat she gave off in the relatively frigid room. His eyebrows furrowed with a mild annoyance that wasn’t uncommon to see on him “Calm down, Vee. You’re letting things get to you.” He whispered a bit harshly. Their rather young leader wasn’t known for sounding harsh very often. “The stress of that spell must have gotten to him a bit” she thought inwardly, holding a breath in for a moment to extinguish the flame that resided in her heart, her personal issues with the Summer Fae would have to wait until later, the future of everything that went bump in the night was possibly on that floating prison so ironically called Nirvana. She noticed a change in the bodyguards still scattered around the room from those still in attendance. Most had started out nervous, shifting from foot to foot almost. Some retained the anxiety, but the majority looked almost...pleased. Pleased with the chance to prove themselves or just get into the action. She couldn’t quite read Caine’s face, he couldn’t seriously be considering throwing the TrA into this madhouse could he? Just maybe this coalition could work. Maybe. She just wasn’t going to put money on it so soon. --Caine-- Turning back towards the ginormous table, satisfied enough with Vee’s response before going back to his pondering. The TrA had lots to lose from exposure, many had left the world they came from to seek anonymity, not to be detained by a different oppression, especially one from sheer ignorance and fear. Some would rather hide out than fight it out. Bet even he agreed, usually the diplomat in situations, that this was no time for talking. This was time for action, even if something about it seemed off. Shady even. “My organization would like to commit to this endeavour as well. I myself am willing to volunteer for this engagement” He confirmed to the remaining groups, adding “My apprentice Victoria will be accompanying me, when the time comes.” He could hear Vee make an almost inaudible gasp behind him as he stood to break the spell that bound them to the truth. “Queen Rusalka, please keep us updated, as I’m sure you will.” He nodded in her direction and moved to take his leave, his two cohorts close behind. Even as one bore her eyes into the back of his head of frizzy ink black hair.
  4. After some moments waiting for the last few parties to file in, the air seemed stiffer than ever. No one wanted to be the first to break the silence, however the Summer Princess did the honors of breaking the metaphorical ice for everyone not too soon afterwards. He sighed inwardly as insults flew from the literally hot-headed Princess Lisanna towards the escort sent from the Arpeggio, named Michael from what the Summer Knight had said. The image of them standing next to each other gave him a brief mental image of Peter Pan with Tinkerbell, just if Tinkerbell had the ego the size of Neverland instead. The urge to call them as such was almost unbearable but even then the tiny smile crept across his face “You’re trying to keep peace here Caine, not start a war due to your terrible execution of children’s literature”. He was ninety percent sure they wouldn't get the joke anyway. Their behavior wasn't something necessarily surprising, after all, the strongest factions of the world in one place was bound to cause tension. But not on this scale. Ezralda’s spell that sent radiating waves of pain through each and every one of them there made it seem as if the world around them froze in time whilst Ezralda's conditions burned their way into their heads. He fought down his initial instinct to push against it, there wasn't a point in causing a rift so soon. Not when someone else would surely take the opportunity to make themselves look like an impatient fool, which for his sake seemed to be taken by Logan’s outburst. He rolled his eyes and contemplated the rivalries between the sects. He loathed the all knowing, stiff nature of Erevis but wasn't sure how much he really favored their rival werewolves either. Something about his past made him just hate that sense of entitlement to his core, even from just the very few times they had the pleasure of meeting. He took the information much the same way as the Crescent Moon's leader did, with little more than an occasional nod of comprehension towards the queen’s frigid but informative explanation. He waited for her to finish before making himself heard. “I have but one concern so far then, Your Majesty... If there are 6 islands you'd like us to explore then surely there are two to be left out. Who might that be?” He had an idea it could be the Fae themselves but left it open to interpretation as not to be a leading question. It cold be anyone at this point, even his own demons being that they were a minority with little alliances but a lot of unpredictability. -------------
  5. Wind whipped past Caine’s ears, like whip through the air it whistled sourly, much like his own disposition to the current situation. The thick smell of rotting plants from the bog nearby filled their noses and prompted Charlie to cover his mouth with the scarf that hung loosely around his neck. “God, what a smell...” he bemoaned loudly, wearied from walking in the sun that beat down on them from above. Caine seemed unphased as usual, sighing at the impatience of his younger companion. “It’s a swamp, Charles. And it’s hot, it’s not going to smell like roses around here.” He answered flatly. “I know, I know” Charlie griped back “Just saying that maybe with all that power this winter queen has, she could have picked a less miserable place to meet.”. Victoria chimed in, her voice high and resonant as usual, a small smile on her face as she took in the cloudless sky above her. “We’re not meeting her here, dumbass. Fae never meet on anyone’s terms other than their own. This meeting is going to be somewhere as grand and terrifying as the person who called it.” Caine wanted to chuckle a little bit, his companion’s light hearted bickering a decent distraction from where his mind had raced ahead, drifting in circles at the thought of the powerful people that would be here today, people he never thought he’d be running into again. His power was with negotiation normally, but with the fae there would be little of that. The want to give the benefit of the doubt to alliances and the want to sit on the edge of his seat played tug of war with his heart and brain. The dirt path beneath them was enough to lead them, it had been a couple days since they had ditched the vehicle they had been using and set out on foot. It had been close to a week since they’d even passed through a town. He tended to avoid the general public at most costs, the pair of monochromatic horns that curled from his head incited enough of a ruckus as it was, between most races and species. He gave off an heir of doom, like your very soul was trying to cower into itself and hide from his presence. Demons weren’t something you typically ran across in your living years, at least not for long and hopefully not royalty. Even with the inclusion of the supernatural, there were some that still did not quite have a place in the world they lived on. In his case it was the fact that demons didn’t live on Earth at all “Thank the gods for that..” he thought to himself as they finally entered the dark tree canopy, the temperature dropping suddenly and the ground beneath them going hard as concrete. Charlie’s usual machine gun mouth stopped as fast as it began and Victoria’s smile waned within seconds. Caine pursed his lips some as he examined a small stone cabin only meters away from them “Come along...” he said to the others “...and mind your manners if you wouldn’t mind.” He shot a glance at Charlie over his shoulder who nodded solemnly. The two trusted him differently, Victoria followed him like a lost dog, her teacher and friend. Charlie was less attached, he trusted them from a distance, unsure of his place between them and his own intrusion. As they stepped through the solid wood door frame the scene changed drastically. From the pressed dirt floor to stunning white marble, from thatch beams to the high vaulted ceilings of a grand mansion or a castle. Charlie audibly gasped, transfixed by the light streaming down the glittering stone walls. Victoria did her best to seem less impressed, the fae made her uneasy and each step made her heart jump a little more in her chest. Caine’s face was like a mask, his expression as cold as the air that churned with magic around them. He could sense the others, the way their power filled the very walls of the castle as if it was air within a balloon, threatening to burst the walls at any moment in an extravagant affair of noise and chaos. He straightened himself a bit, brushing dust from his dark grey trousers and flattening a pocket of his coat. The white scarf tied around his neck waved slightly as he walked, marked against his moderate clothing, frizzy onyx hair and rough striped horns. They made their entrance as unceremoniously as they had begun, not much caring for the grandeur and luxury that the Fae provided them with. He took in the beings around them, all of them subconsciously tensed but outwardly stoic as himself. The massive knights, the built up werewolves, the sense of refined danger that radiated from the vampires and of course, the heat and ice felt from both of the seated Fae. The magic was thick here, and old, stronger than rivers and gravity that pulled the oceans to and fro. These were the forces that made the world function, held in balance by the beings before him. He sighed, the fangs in his mouth showing just slightly behind his blue tinged lips. “Good evening, everyone...” he said with a slight bow towards the Winter Queen herself, always one for convention was he. He found his place among the different factions, an exquisite chair with stars painstakingly etched into the back. The TrA had attended as promised, even if their leader somewhat knew where this was going. He sat down lightly, folding his legs at the ankles and settled in before the meeting officially began. “Let the games begin, my friends...”
  6. The Triangulum Autumnum (Abbreviated by them as TrA): A group of magic users with a skill for finding the light in deep darkness. None of the three involved have much to do with each other except for their dispositions for peace rather than war and an unwanted darkness. Some cursed, some born that way but all of them have something they want to be rid of Name: Caine Leros AGE: Around 27 with his human form, untellable with his demon form as it has no face. APPEARANCE: In his human form he’s very benign looking considering. He’s around 6’2” tall with frizzy black-blue hair that’s been haphazardly chopped back away from his face. His skin looks very thin and pale blue, blue tinges his lips and ears. Formerly refined as nobility he stands very straight, almost stiffly even in ragged clothes and battles. His eyes are a brighter blue, rings of gold circling out from his pupils to the dark circles that line his irises. He’s almost gangly looking, willowy, with long limbs and the thin fingers of someone who would be better suited to a castle rather than a battlefield. He normally wears a light grey, long sleeved turtleneck shirt, rugged black pants, practical boots and a darker grey coat that stops just before his waist. The only remarkable things about his appearance sans his odd eyes are the white scarf he wears tucked into his coat and the black and white horns that curl from his temples outwards. They aren’t huge by any means, but noticeable for sure. He has deep scars on his wrists and neck from his time in captivity. BACKGROUND: Since the battles before he’s learned more about the world we have now rather than the sheltered young man he was before, having just entered the realm where humans and monsters co-existed from his former world where a different kind of monsters walked the weary paths of centuries past. His family shunned him as it came time for him to start his own life, they shunned him for the compassion he showed for the lower ranks of demons, a trait seen deplorable to the uptight demons he was akin to. Finally fed up with the brutality and cruelty that surrounded him he confronted his family, denounced their power and swore to be the end of their tyranny. However he looks back on this interaction as the hopeful angst of someone still in their optimistic youth. Challenging the status quo of a system drilled generations down is pointless he now knew. Seeing him as a threat, they tossed him onto the turbulent, warring human world to fend for himself and see his foolish compassion as the weakness it was. He hasn’t necessarily lost it however, just used it sparingly and with good judgement. He uses it more as an observation tool, watching others as an extension of the world itself. SKILLS/ABILITIES: Being a high status demon, Caine had lots of training with his abilities as a child and into adolescence until he was thrown out. As such, he’s a pretty gifted magic user with a well of it to draw from. He’d rather be a defensive fighter rather than an offensive one but even he knows that’s a futile notion in practice. He has a talent with transmuting objects and somewhat with creating or breaking magical seals. He hasn’t had much luck with curses as they are the same magic as his, like fighting fire with fire. His other weapon is a scythe that can change shape and size, an extension of his magic skills. When not needed it turns into a heavy, 2 inch wide, gold coin he usually carries in a pocket on his belt. He’s particularly attached to it as it took him quite a while to steal it. He has a last ditch ability, as demons don’t normally masquerade as humans, he can shed the form he takes as a human and use the form he was born with. On earth it appears as a 7 foot, almost translucent being with the same horns as Caine, entirely blue eyes with gold rings and not entirely solid looking limbs, like a living shadow, his hands turn to long, nightmarish claws. He can call these up without entirely transforming if just for a moment. With this form he’s significantly stronger, faster and ruthless. He dislikes using this however as he loses some of the humanity he enjoys so much and it takes a toll on him physically. After coming back to his human body he’ll be exhausted until he can make up for the magical drain that form is on him. ----- NAME: Victoria Riddle Age: 22 APPEARANCE: Victoria isn’t as remarkable looking as her demon friend, with dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, an average build and height at around 5’6”. She wears a dull burgundy sweater under a slim black jacket and grey jeans. She typically wears her hair up in a bun or a grey beanie hat. BACKGROUND: The illegitimate daughter of an unknown demon and a human woman. She grew up with a normal family up in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, among the woods and river of nature. She’s familiar with humans as well as some fairies, and some scope of their abilities. Around the time she was 18 she started feeling things change, her disposition changed from a decently reserved girl to an insatiable bully. She couldn’t explain the anger and fire she felt within herself until she ran into Caine on his travels through the torn world. He taught her how to manage the power she held and strives to contain it or use it for something better than burning people alive for the satisfaction of it. SKILLS/ABILITIES: She’s half demon so she doesn’t have the second form like Caine does. She does however have their resilience and strength as well as some underdeveloped magic abilities. She typically uses fire based attacks/abilities that lend well to her heritage. Caine hasn’t had much time to work with her abilities so while raw in power, they aren’t the best for preciseness. ----- NAME: Charles (Charlie) Kessler AGE: 24 APPEARANCE: A scar runs down the side of his face from an attack that gave him his abilities. He dresses in a worn out leather jacket, a regular shirt and pants. He carries a backpack on his back and he keeps it close to him always. His hair is unruly and medium brown, a bit of stubble shows on his chin and cheeks. He wears thick leather gloves all the time. BACKGROUND: Attacked by a magical beast in his younger years it poisoned his blood and almost killed him, a demon stopped the progression of the poison through his body in return for the life of his sister, when he refused to give up his family it enraged the demon and he accelerated the poison’s ability. Everything he touched would die a soul sucking death by the same poison that tries so hard to kill him. Caine, with a young Victoria in tow, found a way to temporarily stop the poison’s affecting others and has followed him since as to protect his family and friends. SKILLS/ABILITIES: As stated earlier, his poison affects anything he touches, people, plants, even the integrity of buildings and other materials. He can slit his palms to make it more pronounced as it lives on in his blood with higher potency than through his skin. His only other weapon is a slightly short sword that he can coat in his poisoned blood to drain the target’s strength faster than mere blades alone. ((I'll mostly be playing as Caine and one of the others, not sure who yet))
  7. The Demon Horde OOC (Open to all!)

    Writing Character stuff right now. Will post actual post IC tonight. Sorry for the wait, guys!