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  1. NC-17 Sorcerers

    December 24th, 2013 Christmas Eve at Theodore Grant’s Mansion in Duchess This could very well be his very last Christmas Eve and for some reason had chosen to spend it among a group of people that more than likely consisted of people who would do their best to kill him in a little more than a week. Of course Noah Silverman has always been the type of man to easily succumb to the allures of fine wine and food; he just never realized his love of parties overruled all common sense. Neither did he realize that there were this many people who were the exact same way. The invitation he had received described the ‘get-together’ as a black tie dinner party and as such Noah appeared in a black suit with silk lapels, white dress shirt, black bow-tie, black cummerbund and black dress shoes. Before arriving he wondered whether it was all just an elaborate scheme to make him appear overdressed at the party only to make a fool out of him, but luckily no such thing happened and the vast majority of the attending guests were dressed appropriately. Noah sat by himself at one of the many large round tables, big enough to seat at least eighteen people, and took a look at his wristwatch while wondering how much longer it’d take before dinner would be served. The three glasses of scotch he’d drank while here tasted nice, but sitting all alone was getting boring and hopefully the rest of his party would arrive by the time dinner was served. He briefly wondered why no one had approached him ever since he had arrived. He wasn’t on very good terms with any of the people he recognized, so their lack of courtesy came as no surprise, but surely some of the others would be curious as to who this mysterious stranger was? He snickered at the thought of his boyishly good looks being the determining factor in the distance created between him and the crowd. No way that it could be the fact that he was known as the Mage Hunter. Surely they hadn’t heard of that? By now he had gotten so bored that instead of playing around with his glass of scotch he started examining the large ballroom. He had taken notice of it when he entered, but it wasn’t until now that he fully realized how much time, money and effort Theodore must have put into organizing this party. The old man must have been just as bored as Noah was. He would never be able to explain how this sixth sense of his worked, but when a cold chill ran up his back he instinctively knew that it was time for him to turn his head to the entrance of on the ballroom located atop a grand stairway. As if acting upon that very cue the large white double doors opened and she came walking in and Noah’s gaze remained forever locked onto her. Locked onto the way she wore her long dark hair loose and let it fall gracefully over her shoulders and onto her back. Locked onto the way she elegantly strode down the stairs, never losing her posture despite wearing high-heeled black pumps. And locked onto the way purple cocktail dress wrapped tightly around her form. It wasn’t until her green eyes examined the ballroom and met his that he snapped out of his trance and returned back to reality. She was the cold Queen of Winter. She was the moon and the stars, brighter than anything else in the endless night’s sky. She was the eternal love of his life, Stella Lotharius. Noah would sell his every belonging if that were the price to pay for time to stand still at that moment. Whether it was the three glasses of scotch he drank on an empty stomach in the past hour or the sincere feelings he had for Stella was uncertain, but regardless of the reasons the fact remained that her entrance had left such an impression on her that he remained dazed in his chair as she approached him. The sound of Stella loudly clearing her throat was what it took for Noah to finally awaken from his second daze and rise from his seat. “I-I’m sorry!†He pulled the chair next to his out from under the table and took a deep bow while gesturing with his arms as if presenting the chair to Stella. She shot him a quick sideways glance before standing in front of the chair and allowing Noah to push it forward for her to have a seat. Without needing to check in with Stella he summoned one of the many waitresses Theodore had hired to attend to the guests and asked for a glass of their finest red wine before taking another bow for Stella. “You may sit,†she said, without granting him another look, and he obediently sat down on the chair directly next to her. “Well?†“Nothing.†“Don’t tell me you spent the past hour drinking without doing the job I asked you to do.†“I am sorry, but Grant was nowhere to be found.†She scoffed. She was well aware that Noah did not have any regret at all. Asking him to end one’s life would always end up in a success, but something as simple as finding out what the deal with this party was was something outside of his capabilities? Before she had the chance to actually berate him all the lights in the ballroom went out and a large spotlight shone on the center of the room to reveal and elderly man in a black tuxedo. “Welcome, to my final Christmas Eve dinner party, ladies and gentlemen.†Several guests started clapping at the sight of their legendary hosts, but Stella sat down silently with her arms crossed and Noah sipped at his scotch wondering what all the hype was about. “As you all know when the clock strikes twelve it’ll be exactly one week before the start of the 50th War of Magic in Duchess and the thirteen Contenders present in this room will do battle to decide which one of them is the one worthy of inheriting my title and all of its perks.†Theodore paused and started coughing before resuming. My wish was for you all to share in one last night of festivities before going through the hell that is a War of Magic. I do not wish this fate upon you, but the will of the Cosmos must be followed.†Theodore took a long look around the room and made eye contact with all the Contenders before finishing his speech. “Good luck and bonne appetite.†“Stella,†Noah gulped down the remaining scotch, “I am unfamiliar with this world. It wasn’t until four years ago that I finally became a Champion so most of these people are strangers to me.†Stella quietly looked at Noah while waiting for him to finish. “Who is it we should be most worried of?†“Him.†She nodded in the direction of rather unimpressive Chinese man in his thirties. “Lin Junwei. I’ve heard many people mention that he is a shoo-in for the title of the 50th Lord. Not only does his group consist of at least 300 Vassals and Champions, he was also personally trained and raised by the 49th Lord.†“Good.†Noah got up from his seat and flashed a mischievous smile. “Watch this.â€
  2. [Discussion] Sorcerers

    Background Story Sometimes I wish I was born a Normal. Ignorance truly is bliss. They live their lives without a care in the world, subconsciously aware that whatever problem they may have is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. They are not privy to the secrets of life, death and everything in between. They do not know what it is like pursue the mysteries of the Cosmos and revel in its power. They do not know what it is like to have our knowledge. Our power. Our curse. My name is Theodore Grant III, Lord of Sorcerers, Master of Magic and Voice of the Cosmos. As I have known for the past sixty years as the Lord, my reign shall end this year, 2014 AD. My final act as the Lord is to commence the 50th War of Magic in order to decide who is worthy of serving the Cosmos as its voice. I have selected the thirteen most accomplished, intelligent, powerful or promising Sorcerers from all over the world to compete in this war and the last one standing shall be the one who receives the limitless wisdom and power granted to me as the Master of Magic. This war shall test you like nothing else ever has before. You may strategize, scheme, plot, threaten, deceive, negotiate or violate however you wish. Nothing is off limits, for it is impossible for you to draw out your true potential while shackled to petty rules. Prove your worth, shatter your opponents and the limitless knowledge that I possess shall one day be yours. Setting Hello buddies. This RP is a contemporary fantasy set in our world, with the existence of Sorcerers, the Cosmos and Magic being the only differences. So unlike most of my RPs, there are no Demons. The story, as explained above, will be a War between the 13 top Sorcerers of the world. The winner will receive all the titles and knowledge held by the current Lord. In order for the Sorcerers to win this war they will forge alliances with each other or with Sorcerers not participating in the war. On top of that they are able to craft Magic Weapons, called Gifts, and grant these to Normals. Normals granted a Gift are referred to as Champions, as they have become contractually bound to serve their Sorcerer. The Thirteen Contenders Seanzilla Contender: Leon Browning Vassals and their Champions: Enfield family. NPC Contender: Lin Junwei, the Emperor Champions: Luo Zhongxian, ???, ??? Vassals and their Champions: The Army, a group of 300 Vassals and Champions who would follow Lin to the ends of the world. Kyo Contenders: Lucia D'Rossilia Champions: Eli Vassals and their Champions: Justin Friesch NPC Contenders: Nathaniel Finnegan Champions: - Vassals and their Champions: Zuriel Finnegan NPC Randoms Uriah, Sasha and Natasha Terminology Normal – Person who does not possess any magic power. Sorcerer/Sorceress – Person capable of wielding the magic power granted by the Cosmos. Magic – Every human is inherently powerless. All magic used in this world is essentially the power of the Cosmos channeled through a human. Lord – The Lord is the mightiest Sorcerer on the planet. He is the only Sorcerer who is always able to directly communicate with the Cosmos and the only one with limitless access to the Cosmos’ limitless knowledge. Cosmos – The Universe is actually an entity of limitless power and knowledge known as the Cosmos. Sorcerers are people capable of understanding and using the gifts of the Cosmos. Champions – Normals granted a Gift from a Sorcerer. They do not possess any powers themselves other than the ability to summon their Gift, but the Gifts grant them limited forms of magic. When Normals receive a Gift from a Sorcerer they enter a contractual bond with the Sorcerer. The Gift is essentially a fragment of the Sorcerer's soul, so in order to use it it has to be used to aid the Sorcerer. In exchange for the Champion's loyalty the Sorcerer promises to fulfill one wish, regardless of what that wish is, once he becomes the Lord. Gift – Weapons instilled with fragments of the creator’s soul, magic and will. Every gift grants their wielder the ability to use a form of magic decided by the creator. Because Gifts require a huge amount of energy to create and because it is impossible for anyone to wield more than 1 Gift simultaneously it is very rare for a Champion to possess more than three Gifts. Gifts do not have to be carried around, they can be summoned by their Champion at will. Once a Champion is wields his Gift he is able to use the magic that has been infused in that Gift and is also able to use a power called 'Transcend.' When a Champion uses Transcend his soul fuses with the fragment within his Gift. Transcend alters the Champion's physical appearance and greatly increases his power for a short duration in order to be able to match a true Sorcerer. Contender - Sorcerer who has been chosen to participate in the War of Magic. Vassal - Sorcerer who has, for whatever reason, chosen to join forces with a Contender and fight for him in the war. Player Characters Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: Abilities: Background: Before anyone asks, let me just confirm this is heavily inspired by Gamaran, Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night, Magi and Hoshi no Samidare.
  3. Hi I want to start a role play titled The Reign of 7; Setting type: Cyber Punk Future Basics: The world is controlled by one governing force, the Reign of 7. Each leader has negative qualities (based on one of the seven deadly sins) They control different areas of the world and each is in charge of a particular branch of that government. I will list the seven deadly sins and the different titles for the leaders, feel free to match what sin you want with the leader position you would like and create your characters with any and all ideas you come up with - no restrictions on your creativity. Besides the main 7 each leader has a personal assistant and also there are the rebels who are fighting against the regime in an attempt to over throw the government. World: The world is divided in a similar fashion as in the book 1984 by George Orwell. The regions are Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia - with 2 rebel strong holds. Oceania is where most of the population of the world lives, the biggest cities are located here as well as most government areas. Eurasia is the largest food producing area, 80% of all the food in the world is grown here and shipped out to the other regions. Almost all manufacturing happens here in factories that create everyday products. The other regions have smaller food producing areas, but nothing like the massive growth fields located in Eurasia. Eastasia is the military centered region, this is also where all of the prisons are located. Oceania and Eurasia have their own smaller military and policing groups, but they are all trained in Eastasia. Characters that are available for play: List of Leaders: - President of Government - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is essentially the president of the world and leader of the Reign of 7 - Chairman of Economy - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is in charge of the stock exchange and essentially the world treasurer - Leader of Education - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is in charge of the education of the populace and also the opiate of the masses, they are the face that generally talks most with the public and tries to convey popular and positive message to the people about the Reign of 7 - General of the Military - Main office located in Eastasia, this character as the title implies is the General of the worlds military and is in charge of how the military and police force is trained as well as punishments for breaking the laws of the world. - General of Technological Advancement - Main Office located in Eastasia, this character heads the creation of all weapons as well as in charge of any scientific experiments involving space, time travel, or other sci-fi themes. - Executive of Production - Main office in Eurasia, This character essentially runs all of the factories and food production in the world - Leader of Health - Main office in Eurasia, this character is in charge of not only the education of all medical technicians and doctors, but also has control of all vaccines and poisons that are tested and created. They are the head of all chemical warfare and social experiments on populace. Every Reign of 7 member must embody one of the seven deadly sins (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.) Rebels: - Leader of the Rebels - Second in Command Besides these main characters every Leader has a personal assistant, also you can choose to have your character be in the military, police, regular citizen, rebel member, basically anyone. I tried to keep the descriptions open ended so feel free to create anything you want in a character.
  4. GRATUITOUS MECHA CARNAGE II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO NOW WITH 200% MORE GRATUITOUS EXPLOSIONS, GIANT MECHA AND LASER BEAMS THAN THE ORIGINAL! Which isn't saying much since there wasn't an original So, this is basically what happens when Timey, Sanzi and I decide to start an RP with mecha and explosions in it. Inspired by Gundam 00 and Metal Gear Rising, mostly. Credit for the original idea goes to Timey. Participants: TriOctium Seanzilla Wstfgl DayDreamer The Echelon Setting In the year 2036, French engineering company FutureTech Industries rolled out a revolutionary product designed for military usage: The ExoSuit. A flexible, lightweight yet sturdy full-body armor suit similar to those seen in the comics and movies of the Iron Man franchise, the ExoSuit provided innumerable advantages to the average soldier. Super strength, enhanced battlefield awareness and invulnerability to conventional firearms were three of its main selling points. The ExoSuit changed the landscape of war, rendering traditional strategies and weaponry useless. The US and Chinese militaries imported vast numbers of these ExoSuits, hoping to equip every soldier with one by the year 2050. However, in 2045, FutureTech informed the various world governments that a black box had been built into the suits, allowing the company president, Darius Mauro, to disable any suit at any time, turning it into a steel coffin for the soldier within. Enraged, the world governments tried to demand the code from Darius through military, economic and political means. By then, however, FutureTech had grown too powerful, and repelled every incursion nearly effortlessly through a private paramilitary organization equipped with special ExoSuits and the usage of the Black Box Code. The world governments then changed their strategy. Placing the details of the black box under top secret classification, they worked out an agreement with Darius Mauro. FutureTech would gain immunity to all state laws and regulations, and would remain the sole supplier of ExoSuits, in exchange for him not revealing the Black Box Code to terrorists. It is unknown what secret transactions go on behind the scenes. However, an organization has arisen to combat the threat of FutureTech Industries -- Vengeance, a shadowy paramilitary organization formed with the sole purpose of breaking the stranglehold FutureTech has on the world's nations and destroying the Black Box Code. Vengeance has an ace in the hole of their own -- a particle with miraculous properties called the Genesis Particle. Genesis Particle Known only to a few individuals in the world, the Genesis Particle (shortened to G Particle by some) is a one-of-a-kind particle not found in nature. It is the material equivalent of totipotent stem cells, and is capable of morphing into any other kind of particle in existence, under the right conditions. At present, knowledge and utilization of the Genesis Particle appears to be exclusive to Vengeance and their unique powered armor suits. Engines capable of generating G Particles, known as Genesis Engines (or G Engines), were manufactured by Vengeance and installed in their own suits, which were constructed using the G Engines themselves. These suits, dubbed as Angel Suits, were not vulnerable to the Black Box Code, as they were not built by FutureTech. They were constructed of materials normally impossible to be found in nature, making them stronger, lighter, and more flexible than the carbon nanotubes used in ExoSuits. In addition, the G Engines installed within the Angel Suits provided them with flight and hovering capabilities through the emission of antigravity particles. Angel Suits have the unique characteristic of never running out of ammunition, due to the G Particles' ability to be converted into spare ammo for any weapon. There are only a very limited number of Angel Suits existing in the world, and all of them are manned by members of Vengeance. No two Angel Suits are the same, for each one is customized to the Vengeance member wearing it for his own personal combat preferences. Currently Known Angel Suits: AS-01 Alpha The very first Angel Suit created by Vengeance and used as a template for every other Angel Suit. Alpha closely resembles a FutureTech ExoSuit, as it was designed off stolen blueprints. It can fly in short bursts of up to 5 minutes at any time, before its G Particle reserves run out. Without any special capabilities, Alpha carries only a 5.6mm gauss rifle and a standard combat shield. However, it is also the least conspicuous of all the Angel Suits, and can be passed off as an ordinary ExoSuit as long as it isn't in flight. AS-02 Juggernaut Juggernaut was designed as a show of force, meant to push the limits of what the G Engine could achieve. It is enormous, being close to 3 metres tall, and houses two G Engines for maximum output. Despite its weight, the Juggernaut is capable of flying for up to 6 hours due to its enormous energy reserves, and can traverse between continents if needed. It possesses a devastating armory of weapons, ranging from the destructive Antimatter Cannon (which launches a ball of G Particles over a long distance, that only converts into antimatter after a certain period of time) to the standard-issue anti-infantry miniguns. AS-03 Blitz The Blitz is unique in the sense that it holds eight separate storage tanks for G Particles, each tank capable of converting and releasing all its G Particles in a split second. Through this capability, the Blitz is known for its short, but immensely powerful attacks and incredibly fast movements. The downside to this suit is that the monstrous acceleration the Blitz is capable of would rupture the organs of any human pilot -- thus, only pilots whose original bodies have been substantially replaced with cybernetics can manage such a machine. AS-08 Seraph Meant as a fast and adaptive strike unit, the Seraph is designed as an all-purpose Angel Suit that can be further customized or equipped to serve various roles. Its G Engine has a very high production speed of G Particles, allowing the Seraph to replenish its energy within a couple of minutes. The downside to this, however, is the low storage capacity of G Particles. This makes the Seraph more suited towards extended missions and battles, as compared to short missions which require a large amount of power in a short time frame. The Seraph has two unique capabilities. First, due to its high production speed of G Particles, the Seraph is capable of sustaining high-speed flight indefinitely while remaining invisible to all conventional radars. Second, it is equipped with a tachyon detector, enabling it to receive signals from the future and calculate the most probable movements of any foe in the next few seconds. It does so by constantly emitting tachyons encoded with battle information about the present, sent to the past. ... Basically, we RP as the members of Vengeance, tasked with bringing down the nebulously evil regime of Darius Mauro. Feel free to come up with an Angel Suit of your own design using the unfilled-in numbers between AS-03 and AS-08 -- no need to stick with the ones listed above. (All of us are using our own special-snowflake variant anyway.) This RP has 1-2 more vacancies left, so if you like writing about guys in nigh-invulnerable mecha suits duking it out with other guys in nigh-invulnerable mecha suits, feel free to join us. Character Template: Angel Suit Template (optional, but where's the fun in not doing this one?):
  5. R Gangland

    Having lived in Wolfdale for his entire life he had grown accustomed to the many problems of this big city. He had grown to accept it all; social inequality, the polarity between the rich and the poor, daily gang violence, corrupt politicians and law enforcements, staggering crime rates and high unemployment rate. Despite all of the social issues permeating Wolfdale Luca had grown to love this city more than anything else in this world. Too bad the weather was awful, though. He could accept the social issues, believing that one day he would find a way to solve many of the problems that plagued the city, but even with the influence of the Leone family it would be an impossible task for him to ever solve the constantly gloomy grey skies, unless he became rich enough to be able to fund a dome that would cover the entire city with an artificial sky, but even then he doubted that would be enough to solve remedy all of the pollution. For now he would have to deal with it. Dressed in one of his expensive black suits and equally expensive beige trench coat he walked through the crowded shopping district of Wolfdale. Many expensive boutiques were situated in the northern, wealthy side of the city and helped make the district one of the more popular hangout spots for the people who could afford to be here. The streets were filled with couples, most of them probably on their way to some kind of fancy restaurant for their date, as was usual for a Friday evening. The single Luca couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of all the public displays of affection happening around him, but it would be extremely uncool if he showed any interest in them regardless of whether it was envy or annoyance. After walking for a while he entered a street packed with restaurants and cafes. For now it was still filled with lovebirds on their way to dinner, but in a few hours this location would change and they’d be replaced with drunk twentysomethings partying till the break of dawn. He never understood the point. Slowly pacing through the street he examined the many establishments he passed by until he arrived at an Italian restaurant. He stepped into the restaurant and was greeted by its mixed modern and rustic interior. In the far back of the establishment was a wine bar with hundreds of different kinds of wine decorating the wine rack behind the counter. The bartender, dressed in the typical black trousers, white dress shirt, black waistcoat and black bowtie stopped polishing a wineglass to greet Luca with a wave. Luca nodded in acknowledgement and weaved through the crowded restaurant, attempting not to bump into the many occupied tables before taking a seat on a barstool. The bartender grabbed a cognac glass from under the counter and poured Courvoisier in until Luca signaled for him to stop. “Is Ennio here?†Luca took a sip of his cognac as the bartender shook his head. “Still not back from the Family meeting, huh? He never could stand meeting with the Heads of the other Families. He’s late.†Luca gulped down the remainder of the cognac before stepping through the door with a ‘Staff Only’ label to enter the kitchen. The chefs all took a moment to greet him before he stepped into the office belonging to Ennio. He shoved his black leather gloves into his coat’s pockets and hung it up on the coatrack before sitting down on Ennio’s expensive leather chair. After taking a quick spin and stretching his limbs to relax he reached out for the telephone and started dialing the number of Ennio’s cellphone. Once he heard the ringback tone he placed the phone back in its socket to put it on speaker, allowing him to spin around in the chair freely while the ringback tone assured him that Ennio had not picked up yet. Luca shrugged and simply started reading through the paper Ennio had left on his desk. The Don was most likely busy with something and knowing Ennio he’d call back soon. A man who hates being kept waiting doesn’t like to keep other people waiting on him, which was probably Ennio’s only good trait. After a few minutes Luca decided to try again, no answer, and again, no answer. By the third attempt he was starting to get worried, after the fifth attempt worry was replaced by dread and the attempt after that solidified Luca’s belief that something had to be wrong. Ennio would never ignore two calls in a row, let alone six. He stood up, dashed for his coat, pulled his smartphone out of his inner pocket and started writing an email directed at the underboss and the Family’s many caporegimes. “Ennio is missing. Find him, asap.†Send. It didn’t take long before many of them replied. They were confused and wanted to know what was going on, but Luca’s pounding heart and vicious headache made it hard for him to concentrate normally, let alone focus enough to want to deal with all these questions. “No questions. Just find him!†He placed his elbows on the desk and started moving his fingers through his hair while taking deep slow breaths to calm himself down. His fingers rested on the back of his neck as his gaze lingered on the floor. He had to know what was going on, but on the other hand he was terrified of what he would hear once one of the capos called him back.
  6. War of the Millennium Magic! Chaos! Combat! Drama! Love! Hate! And all the other dramatic words I'm missing! Come join a world of constant conflict, where you will be pitted against your friends! Where you will make new friends! And perhaps kill them too! Or maybe you'll do other more nefarious things together! I don't care! It's your genitals! It is a time of Kings and Queens, of knights and honor, in a mythical world filled to the brim with mythical lore, some good, many evil, most all of them clashing, but all of them bowing down to the same ruler, Queen Saori, supposedly a goddess, or a demi-goddess at least. Unfortunately she is corrupt, very corrupt, she gains amusement out of forcing the many species to clash, in war and in pits. She is too powerful to dare stand against alone, so you have decided to join the rebellion, a rag tag group of many species who have set aside their differences to face this greater evil. It's a pretty simple basis to bring together a variety of people who may or may not agree with each others methods but work together nonetheless. There will be much inner conflict as demons work with elves and vampires figure out how to agree with humans, all in the face of Queen Saori. This will be a 'wing it' sort of deal, we'll just see where we go with it, obviously the end goal is to take down Saori, but the journey to get there is unplanned. I will be playing Seyerna who is a demon illusionist, I picked her because of her completely non-speciest mentality. She'll be the glue to hold the many species together that you all will choose to play as. If you can name it you can play it, dragon, cool! Elf, no problem. Vamp, sure. Wanna be your own race? As long as you can explain it to me and have a name for the species, go for it. If you want to play multiple people, do it. I very well may do this myself depending on how things go. If people disappear, I will write them out of the story in such a way that they could still return. If there turns out to be a lot of people we will not go by a rotation, I understand it can be annoying if you're busy for a day and come back to see a whole new page to the rp, but it's just as annoying for people who are trying to have a conversation with another player but have to wait through the rotation. With that said, if you do find yourself in an ongoing conversation that seems bound between you and a single individual, it would be awesome if you could go through that in PM or another chat and have one of you post the conversation in your post. This would also apply to combat between players, if it should come to pass. My Skype is GlassDaemon feel free to message me, it is my preferred method and I personally prefer doing one-on-one conversations through that. I'm hoping to get lots of interest, something to get peoples' creative juices flowing, something not to structured so we can all be laid back and just have fun. I encourage you to bring your own side stories, your own lore. I have my own little side story ideas to bring into play. We will use a made up land so you can make up your homeland, if you find someone else who is playing the same race as you, you might want to contact them or chat with them through this thread to correlate ideas. What I mean by saying "Will never close" is that people are free to join the rp at any point! If you see this and we're already five pages in, go ahead and jump in. You won't be expected to know what's occurred, you weren't there, but it would be nice if you'd just skim over the most recent acts so you understand what you're diving into. Here's the map thus far, it's still a WIP, if you want to add your 'homeland' or 'village' please skype/PM me and we can talk about it so I can find out where exactly you want it to be and then I can add it in. NPC Glossary: Sage: Seyerna's eerie mate, he's human and wields white magic along side a halberd. Longish black hair, gray eyes, lightly tanned skin, a few inches taller than Seyerna (est. 6'2-6'4ish) Details unknown. CANNOT BE USED Saori: The prime evil of the story. She is a demensian demon(a demon who can transcend time and space i.e. dimensions). Long black hair, purple eyes, pale, about 6'2" tall. Details unknown. CAN BE USED FOR SMALL SCENES NOTHING PLOT CHANGING! Caim: I don't know if he'll ever come into the story but in case I mention him you'll know who he is. Caim is Seyerna's son, born due to a rape, no one knows who his father was as Seyerna seen him dead and went through extensive means to have Caim's father's scent erased from him. If asked Seyerna will laugh and say 'immaculate conception.' Short black hair, gold eyes, 6'3" N/A Ai: One of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an elf. Very pale, platinum blonde hair with red ends and I can't remember what color her eyes were, about 5'11". Ai is an elf Seyerna met very early on in life, Ai's not particularly powerful or strong in anything, her only quirk is that she when she is in skin contact with other people she drains their energy(think Rogue from X-men) and when she does her hair turns redder. Seyerna saved Ai after being a repeat rape victim, her assailants would see how long they could 'last' against her ability, taking turns with her. Ai didn't speak to Seyerna for the first three years of their relationship, they traveled in silence, Ai helped her raise Caim. FREE TO USE Vesta: Another of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is human. Healthy glowing skin, orangish-red hair, brown eyes, average height (say 5'7"). Vesta was almost a rape victim, Seyerna had come upon her in the act of it, had brutalized the man assaulting her and freed Vesta, prior to that Vesta had been a servant essentially since the day she was born. She actually didn't know her own name as she was always referred to as 'girl' 'wench' 'servant' and several less appealing terms; and so Seyerna was actually the one to name her. Seyerna taught Vesta of her purification abilities and helped her learn to wield a bow. The silver bow Vesta carries does not need arrows as it fires magical ones amplified by Vesta's raw powers. FREE TO USE. Runiko: A young girl, also one of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an ice fae. Pale, pale skin, almost white, icy blue eyes, and a shade darker icy blue hair. She has shown to be extremely shy and the other girls tend to coddle her. She was to be sold at a slave auction when Seyerna saved her, by the time Seyerna had saved her Runiko had already been 'conditioned' to be quiet and know her place, thus why she's so nervous all the time. The girls work at getting her to open up. FREE TO USE. PLAYERS: (players are not added to the list until they've posted) Template: Name: Species: Gender: Appearance: Personality: Strengths/Abilities: History: ErogenousEnigma Name: Seyerna Kaierstin Species: Demon Gender: Female Appearance: You'll mostly see her in her 'human' state. Red eyes, black hair to her thighs, 6ft tall, 'come-hither' features but very strong/stark bone structure, the result is she can appear very intimidating. Lightly outlined muscular body, yet a very voluptuous hourglass. You can also visit my profile for a full picture of her. Personality: Sometimes it's hard to pin point her personality traits as she lingers on the edge of insanity, but for the most part she's lucid. She can be very carefree to the point of making - what appears to be - stupid/rash decisions, but in the blink of an eye she can become a hard, commanding drill Sargent. She's very observant when not teetering on the edge of madness. She will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, this is derived from confidence in her abilities to stop them if they turn on her, not out of naivete. Strengths/Abilities: She is comfortable with any weapon, but only excels at her claymore and her claws. As a demon she has superior vision, sense of smell, and hearing. She is an illusionist, she can make things appear that are not there, she can change her own appearance, scent, and aura. There's also rumors that she can mess with people's heads on a much more internal level, some say it's why she's borderline crazy. History: Seyerna has always qualified as a 'guardian.' From a very young age she sympathized with other species more than she did her own, most specifically the females. She always felt demons were harsh and abrasive, even though she herself had her own demonic pull that craved violence, she has a very scholarly side that seeks knowledge and wisdom over brute force. This drew her further and further from demonic culture and as years went by she found more and more women of various species that became her friends, most of them she had saved from one horror or another. By the time Queen Saori came into rule Seyerna was a well known name, women spoke her name in private, daughters were told if ever they need saving to simply whisper her name. It was a myth, of course, Seyerna's hearing wasn't that good, but she would help anyone, even when some of them fought against her. As Saori's rule grew darker and crueler over the years, Seyerna found herself struggling to aid the many people in need, creating safe havens, and helping to rebuild homes. There's a rumor that there is an entire village that Seyerna calls 'her own' a place where she sends orphans or victims who can't return home for whatever reason. She is a demon guardian, a vigilante, who most hope to never see, simply because she trails on the tails of violence and cruelty. FeatherKey_Fate Name: Ráijá Species: Nymph Gender: female Appearance: Ráijá has existed in the physical form of a human child for as long as she can remember, and her memory is a long one. She is ancient when measured in the human fashion of years since birth, but considered quite young for other beings who have yet to succumb to time. Her age, however, has nothing to do with her chosen form - as the nature of a Nymph allows her to shift her appearance at any time. Ráijá wears the skin of a human child, because it is the persona of her true self. She has flawless, olive toned skin- and long, wild, waves of dark brown hair. Her large, dark, almond eyes see everything and reveal nothing. She can tease you with a look; make your believe that if you held her gaze just a little while longer, you could know her soul. But it always eludes you, playing at the edge of your reach, dancing about just beyond your grasp. Ráijá’s face is more expressive than average. Partly because some of what she shows is an act, and partly because she is still a child, even if she’s as old as the stories say. When she is truly happy, her smile radiates; when she is sad, her tears can break the heart of a warrior; when she is angry… well… 'Hell hath no fury,' they say. Personality: Ráijá is very much the embodiment of the form she has chosen: thoughtful, curious, and mischievous; yet diligent in her actions and adept in her words - the only revelation of her age. She may look like a child, but her life span is far beyond what her appearance reveals. Often she will use the preconception of youth to her advantage, and play a cunning game of wits and tricks - One quickly learns that Ráijá can always be counted on to lie; and lie magnificently. Though she is manipulative, Ráijá has a good heart. An innocent heart. A child's heart. Her fist impulse upon meeting a stranger to to help and learn from them. Her actions are often the product of good intentions or a playful game; and if ever they turn aggressive, it is likely out of a need to survive, or well deserved vengeance. However, Ráijá is not without the impulses of an imp. She can be manipulative and cunning - her connection with nature fuels a protective passion for all wild things, and Ráijá will act against anything or anyone who threatens the her or her home. In the grand scheme of things, Ráijá is selfish in an innocent way. She is both generous and a trickster by nature. She is a Nymph - a child of the wilds. Strengths/Abilities: As a nymph, Ráijá has a certain degree of balance with nature and all things that live. The wilds of the worlds share a connection with her, and will conceal, assist, and defend her when they can. Trees, plants, elements, and creatures - all things that are wild and live - demonstrate an obvious bond with the child. She can befriend nearly any beast, find shelter in any tree; even bend the elements to her will; manipulate flame, fluid, or flora to a mild degree. History: Ráijá dwells in the forests and woodlands, ghosting among the trees and playing with her fellow sprites and wild dwellers. Sometimes, curiosity draws her into a village or a camp - where she wanders, watching those of the civilized world with a child-like wonder and fascination. She likes to toy with the haughty ones, play with their arrogance, and teach them their own lessons - and she is fond of catering to the gentle ones- favoring fortune to their needs and wishes. She has always been protective of her home, and often plays tricks on woodcutters and wanderers. Those who are foolish enough to provoke her might find themselves at the mercy of the nature she can conjure. While Ráijá has never drawn blood with her own hands, she has been known unleash misfortune on the poor haughty fool, leaving him to defend himself against the bear that Ráijá called, or swim against the strong current of the river that Ráijá had coaxed to swell up and sweep them away downstream. Ráijá has felt the gripping hand of civilization tightening since the Queen Saori has come to power. There had always been a stretch of forest, called 'Tanglewood' by the city-folk, where Ráijá had dwelt for the last century. She felt the boarders of stone and dead earth pushing against the tree line and driving her wild home back in on itself. She tried once or twice to motivate the trees to push back - but what can birds and branches do against fire and steel. And the flames came with cutting blades to aid it. When Ráijá had hoped to weave a wall of forest and block the dead earth that they called "city" from intruding further - Saori had opened a scar in the wood that needlessly stripped the soil of its life. Frightened at the lash, Ráijá had retreated further into the wood; hiding herself away with shame for sacrificing the wilds in such a foolish errand. Red Alpha Name: Cirith Species: Dragon Gender: Male Appearance: A dragon with copper red and gold scales, with large wings and two legs and a long serpent like body. His wings span reaches 20 meters when fully stretched and from head to tail he is 25 meters long. (Based on Smaug's design from the hobbit) Personality: Like most dragons, Cirith is a proud and noble creature, but also greedy with a love for rare gemstones or precious metals. However Unlike his kin, Cirith is also patient and calculating. He tends to plan his hunts in advance and learns the weaknesses and strengths of his foe. Strengths/Abilities: As you would expect from a dragon, Cirith has a powerful claws and deadly teeth. Sharper senses than most mortal creatures. His hide is harder than armour and his wings are strong enough to make trees creak. With every beat of his wings he sends a wave of hot, dry wind and his fire has been the end of many humans brave and foolish enough to challenge him. He also has some magical ability, however not on the level of a skilled elven or human magician. most of his magical power lies in the telepathic link he can make with other dragons and his control over fire. Human form: A magical technique seldom used, a dragon can take the appearance of a human. when Cirith uses this ability he takes the appearance of a lean tall man in his early thirties, wearing gold and red robes, with a handsome face and long black hair slicked back. although his physical abilities are limited in this form Cirith can still use some of his magical power to control fire. History: Born in the ruins of a human made castle on a peninsula now called The Dragon Coast Cirith was raised amongst his kin for years as he grew and learned the lessons from his mother and his history from his father. When he got older he left his father’s domain and had to find his own place in the realm. From time to time the lands bordering the realm of dragons are attacked by adolescent dragons who try to carve out their own domain. Some remain in these lands and expand the reach of the dragon realm, others fail and either flee their claim in shame or die by the blade of a hero. Cirith was crafty however and instead of seeking out a rich land or a powerful kingdom to sack he chose for a strategically placed peninsula Over the years Cirith defended his new home and managed to gather a small hoard of his own; Trophies from battle, treasures from human cities or even the odd armour of a knight who fell against him. Cirith grew in name thanks to his patient planning of his goals. In his search for unique treasure he would wander the lands, concealed as a wandering human sorcerer, and learn the weaknesses of his target. This behavior did not go unnoticed amongst his kin and although they found it odd how careful Cirith acted they could not argue with the results. It was for his patient nature that Cirith was selected to represent the dragon clans of the Dragon Coast and Burning Isles. His official task is to convey the neutrality of the dragons in this attempted rebellion, however unbeknownst to his kin and the representatives he also has a secret task laid upon him by his patriarch… Yajuu_Kikuishi Name: Raion Species: Tatsujin – The Tatsujin are a race of dragon/human hybrids. They were originally completely human but with the use of forbidden magic managed to fuse the DNA of dragons and humans to create their race. Gender: Male Appearance: A couple of inches over six feet in height, Raion has long limbs and hard, compact muscles. He has wavy chin length black hair that he sweeps back along his head and light grey eyes. His pupils are not round as normal but have narrowed into slits, and his teeth are a set of dagger points. His finger and toe nails are thick and black, and pretty much unbreakable. Raion’s skin is very pale, sometimes being mistaken for white in bright light, and rough like leather. Steel-hard white scales have formed on various parts of his body; along the top of his hands and forearms, stopping just below the elbow, along the length and width of his back, from waist to hairline, and along the front of his shins and the top of his feet. Personality: Raion is a pit of rage and ferocity hidden beneath calm and intelligence. In most cases, Raion is in control of his emotions and gives of the impression of a seasoned warrior with a high level of strategic intelligence. However, his mind was somewhat fractured at one point and he is now prone to descend into a beastly rage without much of a push. Strengths/Abilities: The DNA spliced from the dragons gives Raion a number of bodily advancements. His base strength is increased to super human levels, the scales on his body are harder than steel and resistant to magic, and his senses of smell, eyesight, and hearing have been drastically increased. The Tatsujin also have a perceived immortality; meaning that they have yet to discover whether they can live forever or not, seeing as they always die in battle. Raion himself is skilled in hand to hand combat, although he knows no actual martial arts, but prefers using his custom-made axe (named ‘Draak Se Tande’) in battle. History: Raion comes from a group of people who, many years ago, secluded themselves to an island on themselves. There, they experimented using magic and DNA in order to create a new species. Eventually they found that Dragon DNA was able to mix with Human genes without any rejection and transformed themselves into the new species they called the Tatsujin. The Crown of the Tatsujin, the title of their leader, returned to the world and struck a deal with the reigning monarch at the time. They would act as his personal Knights if their species were given immunity to act as they wished around the world. The King was hesitant to grant such immunity and asked why the Tatsujin would want such a deal and the Tatsujin Crown simply smiled in response. A day later, three Tatsujin completely decimated a rising rebellion without so much as breaking a sweat, whereas the Royal Army had been stuck at war with them for several months. The Tatsujin Crown informed the King that they could do that to his reign if they so wished; and so the King brought them in as his guard, sending them out to quell rebellions and act as a peace keeping force around the world. Making sure he was keeping them busy in order to prevent whatever plan the Tatsujin Crown had planned from happening. When Saori came into power she gathered her personal Knights, every single one of them, and smiled as she ambushed and killed them all. Well, nearly all of them as a handful managed to survive and escaped into the world to hide. Raion was one of the survivors and was there when Saori razed the Tatsujin Island to rubble. Raion later learned that Saori had had no reason to kill her Knights, apparently killing them all on a fanciful whim. From that point on, Raion swore that he would one day cleave Saori’s head from her neck. The remaining Tatsujin remained apart and wander the world in secret; Saori putting a high bounty on their heads helped ensure that. Raine Bell Name: Yvanes Species: Elf Gender: Female Appearance: Fiery red hair hangs down to about her hips with small braid around her head similar to a halo to keep her hair from falling into her inquisitive lavender eyes. Fairly petite standing at only 5ft and 3 in. what she lacks in strength she makes up for in agility. Incredibly light and quick on her feet many people won’t know she’s there until she’s right on top of them. Personality: Quite soft spoken and calm her personality is similar to that of the breeze through the trees. Never quick to anger Yvanes always thinks before she acts. Many people in the past have considered her a voice of reason. Her only flaw is that she always searches for the good in people, insisting that everyone has some good in them, despite knowing that this is simply not true. Abilities: Her abilities and strengths consist of her agility and being able to move quickly and quietly as well as she is gifted with a healing power. Any injury can be healed by the touch of her hands but her healing power also has a dark nature to it. Should Yvanes have no sympathy for the person her healing powers would grow dark and cause more harm to the person. Yvanes also has the ability to speak with nature. The trees and wind can act as her eyes and ears to gather information about what is happening throughout the land. History: In the past Yvanes was a well-respected priestess and healer within the elven clan. Many sought her out despite what species they may be. Word had traveled of her power that even the Queen Saori called upon her and offered her a life of peace should she willingly sacrifice her eleven ways and follow that of Saori’s. Disgusted by the thought Yvanes refused and was banished to the depths of the forest where no one would find her again. Shocked and disappointed Yvanes hope for Queen Saori grew less with each passing year to the point that a hatred began to grow for Queen Saori. Lucy198906 Name: Luna Solisca Species: Angel Gender: Female Appearance: Luna stands at an average 5’9â€, her white wavy hair crawling halfway down her back. She is a shapely woman, her arms average looking her bust and her hips larger than the average, which lead to her thicker thighs and muscular caves. Her eyes are a silver color with just a hint of blue to them. Her lips were small but full, a very light flesh tone color. Her skin was soft and light, almost as though it consistently had a glow. Her wings were soft like down feather but now looked as though they had been painted black in several spots where they had burned off from her entrance to earth. She carried with her a staff, and her clothing was a cream soft like dress and robe. The dress was now shorter from her decent, burned in jagged pieces by her knees her, but her rob still held true. Personality: Luna has a love for all those upon earth. She believes creatures especially humans have the ability to show kindness and love to one another. She cares deeply for those who she protects and would rather be cast out than bow to another. She is fuelled by her emotions which is un-becoming of her world, but she did not care. She does not take kindly to creatures from the demon realm and considers them to be nothing but influencers of the evil that other creatures fall under. Strengths/Abilities: Her strength is the power of her wings. She can fly high into the air and maneuver well. Her staff that she carries pulls into two holy swords. She also has the ability to heal others, but the healing process does weaken her. She is not able to raise those who have fallen to death but at their last breath she may extend their life if she truly cares to. History: Luna was born an angle. She had never lived life as anything else. She had been in heaven for several hundred years always speaking out for those who had done wrong. She was always will to give creatures, human and not a second chance at “doing the right thingâ€. Over centuries she watch as others played out their lives, living what happiness she could through them. That was when she found him. She watched him effortlessly every day. Watching his kindness, his compassion, and his love for others. She was told sense the day of her assignment that she was to only watch not to tamper with any life. She was not allowed to change their fate. When she peered to check on him once more one day she noticed that he was alone. Surrounded by ones that wanted to do nothing but take his life for saving another’s. Luna had been told she was never allowed to go to earth, she was never to interfere and she was never to change anyone’s fate. She watched as the men continued to beat the man she loved tears moving down her face, she could feel him fading from the earth, but she knew in her heart his work was not done. She disobeyed her elders and flew to earth to save this man. She slaughtered the men that threatened to kill him and went to his side. Inches from death she saved him as her body weakened. As he stood she sunk to the ground, a small smile on her lips. The man was in disbelief, as she whispered to him “goâ€. He ran away as quickly as he could as the arch angels set in on her. She knew she would be punished as she was lifted from the earth back to heaven for judgment. She stood trial and admitted what she had done. They believed that they had no choice but to cast her out. She proclaimed that by doing so they would cause more harm to this world then imagined. She knew this world was being manipulated by a horrible queen and was considering options on how to release the world of her without "interfering". The elders stated that the situation was to resolve itself. Luna argued that the queen continued to take lives, that she deserved a true punishment, that she was not worth saving. The elders ignored her plea’s and cast her down from heaven.
  7. NC-17 Fixers

    Outskirts of Pyongyang, 2200 local time. There was a time when missions like this were executed exclusively by the military, but that was in an age long passed and the days of the ordinary soldier performing highly volatile tasks are long gone. Simply forking over a heap of cash to the Foundation just to successfully accomplish one’s goals, as is guaranteed when enlisting the aid of those like Elijah, had proven to be worth it in the long run when the uncertainties of failure no longer hamper one’s decision making. Elijah pressed a button on his earpiece and a faint buzzing sound resonated in his eardrum. “All callsigns, this is Thanatos. Confirm you’re in position, over.†One by one his four Fixer colleagues called out their callsigns followed by an affirmative. “Standby.†Elijah moved away from the cover of the tree and moved several meters closer to before dropping on his belly. The two soldiers under his direct supervision followed his lead. He took a peek through his binoculars to examine the heavily guarded military base they were sent to strike. American spies had uncovered that the North-Koreans were up to something silly again. He had been examining the patterns of the patrolling guards and the searchlights for a while and had decided that their best opportunity to strike would be now. “All callsigns, this is Thanatos, approach in t-minus thirty seconds.†Everyone had their jobs, everyone knew what to do. All that was left for them was to get into a heavily guarded military base, eliminate all enemies and get out as soon as possible. “4, 3, 2, 1.†Elijah and the two Americans hopped to their feet, walked towards the base with their rifles ready to fire and approached the chain-link fence. One of the Americans grabbed a wire cutter from his pouch and proceeded to create a hole in the fence large enough for them to fit through while Elijah and the other soldiers stood guard. The trio passed through the hole in the fence and followed Elijah as he led them to the back of a large container to remain out of sight. There were no gunshots to be heard, this had to mean that everyone had managed to infiltrate without getting caught. The Foundation could make quite some money by offering North Korea their security services; these Korean soldiers were ass at it. He waited for 10 seconds before initiating contact with the other Fixers. “All callsigns, this is Thanatos, commence operation.†After receiving confirmation from everyone he gave the two soldiers next to him the okay and the three of them moved, ready to begin the strike op.
  8. NC-17 Skin Deep

    Skin Deep No matter how many times he crossed the threshold into the vastness of the manor-turned-school, the newest addition to staff couldn't seem to find his bearings. He hadn't brought much with him - he hadn't needed to. The room, and most of the furniture came with the position he had been offered. In fact, he had been promised, most enthusiastically, a very generous sum of accommodations for his services as a science professor. Graham Buchanan had devoted himself wholeheartedly to his fascination with the proof of things. He liked to know how things worked, how the threads of reality wove themselves together, how the magic- that he alone was aware of -seeped out of the ordinary. Because of his fascination, he had excelled. Because of his excellence, he had been recognized. Because of his recognition, Graham Buchanan did not find it difficult to find employment. So with several options to consider, it was only natural that Graham chose the prettiest opportunity. Chatham Hall had been an educational establishment since the late Regency era - one of the first, it liked to boast. The grandeur of the estate had been preserved over the years, and then cultivated - proud to flaunt its elegance to prospective staff and students. Such grandeur was lost on Graham, at present. This was the fifth time he had made the trek into the bowels of the building, and the fifth time that he had lost his way. He shifted the box in his arms, uncomfortably, and shuffled its weight to get a better grip on its corners. A passing staff member eyed his precarious hold on the parcel, but offered no assistance or advice. Instead he simply flashed a smile and nodded a wordless welcome before hurrying off somewhere he might not wind up roped into some sort of charity work. Graham didn't particularly mind, but the lack of helpful nature was not something that went unnoticed. With a knee bent to support a corner while he balanced on one foot, Graham reached his hand out to twist the knob of a nearby doorway. Vaguely, he thought he remembered that this door led down a hall that might bring him to the right place. Wrong. It was the door, not to hall, but to a room, where it seemed he had interrupted a small meeting of some sort. Graham's eyes went wide, but only for a split second before vanishing behind a flash of a smile. One of the group, an older man with a great bushel of a mustache, returned a polite grin and spoke up first, "Lose you way?" Graham released a breath disguised as a chuckle as he bettered his hold on the box again, "Hardly," he began, grinning, "I just found this box of crap and decided to go door to door and see if I can't pawn it off on some strangers." The older man's polite grin broadened, but he didn't reply. Graham glanced down at the box, "I heard some new guy on the third floor might be interested - you know where I might find some stairs?"
  9. OPEN Fabletown

    I was recently watching Cry(an awesome youtuber) play "The Wolf Among Us" and it's a modern day New York City, I think, but it might be some other highly populated city-like area (It's like the series "Once Upon A Time" for those that aren't into games) where all the fables/folk tales/children's stories/Grimm Tales are actually real and they exist among normal people. I adore this concept, even if I was only ever mildly interested in "Once Upon a Time" and thought it would be a good basis for a roleplay. If this sounds interesting to you please share your interest. I don't currently have a plot, and am looking for people to help me develop one. I would be open to players writing their own fairy tale to make completely unique characters versus mimicking one already done, but it's up to the player, I have no idea what I would be playing personally. ^^; Obviously, I don't have a whole lot sketched out, if you like it but don't know about making your interest public yet, feel free to PM me or contact me via Skype (GlassDaemon) I'm happy to have someone to brainstorm with.
  10. A Tale of Two Sisters

    Link to discussion: Gwen, short for Gwendolen, was a young halfling, she lived with her mother and little sister, just young enough to still be a child, but old enough to question her womanhood. She was short like all of her species, still a few inches shorter than her mother, at three feet and a few inches, her hair thick, wavy and permanently messy even immediately brushed, her mane littered with braids that had feathers and beads weaved into it, but mostly it just hung in wavy, brown chaos around her shoulders. Her eyes were the brightest green only brighter when accented by her green dress, held tightly to her budding body beneath a muted yellow vest. They lived on the outskirts of a human village, making their way by fishing and tending a small garden, the three of them generally had no problem tending to the chorus, but on this hot summer afternoon, Gwen was doing twice as many chores, her mother gravely sick. The work kept her mind occupied, kept her from thinking of her mother's illness and wondering how she would ever take care of her little sister without her mother. The dirt stained her cheeks, but was marred by streaks that marked where tears had riveted down her face, but now her green eyes were clear, focused with determination to finish the task at hand before the sun fell. Across her back she carried a sack that held most of her crop and what she would sell at market tomorrow a task she had never undertaken alone, always her mother had stood beside her, teaching her fair price, instructing her on how to haggle with the humans who looked down their noses at them. Of course, most of the money she would make would go to medicine for her mother. They would have to cut back severely this winter, fish wouldn't last long, no one could hunt, any dried meats would have to be purchased, the funds to do so with would be limited. Gwen hated thinking of money, it depressed her, until her mother's illness she had been happy, carelessly fooling around with little fear or worry of what tomorrow would bring, never had money crossed her mind, she understood that the more they had the better, but didn't truly comprehend the value until now. She felt her eyes growing heavy with tears again and she willed them away, wiping the dirt stains, and the tear streaks away with her arm, now darkened with dirt from her days work. She dropped the sack at the front of their little hut, just big enough for the three of them, the house held little purpose beyond storage and a place to sleep, while there was a small kitchen, they mostly cooked outside. Beside her sack sat her little sister's, earlier in the day she had sent her younger sibling to go try her hand at fishing after she had grow restless from gathering, it was a very mundane and boring task. She knew her sister hadn't been happy that she'd refused to go out and play with her, even more so that instead of just letting her go off and play, she had sent her off to another chore. Still she hoped she had caught something for supper, though doubtful she was still fishing, more likely she had begun playing in the shallows and scaring off the minnows. Gwen dragged both sacks into the hut and stored away what they would keep, with a heavy heart she stored the less desirable pieces and left the more luscious fruit in the sack to sell. Generally, they would keep the most delectable pieces for themselves, but they needed the money. Quickly, Gwen finished up and headed out, the sunset was deep with rich hues, the fading sunlight reminding her to hurry to find her sister instead of to play more as it had in days past. When once she would have danced and cart wheeled down the hill to the river, now she walked with heavy foot steps, her feet pounding in her brown boots, she never remembered her feet hurting in days past when she'd been too preoccupied with having fun.
  11. Steam and Diamonds

    Above the Veil Currently this story is between Fate and myself, we haven't decided if we're going to open it up. If you are interested, be aware that this is a romance! The World: The story takes place in a Fantasy country known as Etrona; it is separated into various cities each city is planted on the tops of mountains for you see in this world the clouds hang heavy and low to the ground, just barely hugging the throat of the tallest mountains. Beneath the clouds the world exists in eternal darkness, rarely do the clouds ever part long enough for the harsh world beneath to be bathed in its warmth and light. On top of the clouds, in each city the world thrives through steam and magic. The mountains are cut into like ant hills and stripped of their precious stones which would become the major trade product of each city, each city specializing in a different stone. The Cities and Their Stones: Rumgrove - Emerald Cherrywell - Ruby Foxton - Topaz Riverfax - Aquamarine Clayaire - Amethyst Kanewish - Tourmaline Clarksbend - Garnet Meadowalia - Sapphire Rosewalk - Moonstone Irondam - Peridot Magic: Magic does not exist in conventional ways in this world, no one goes 'pew pew' from their palms. In this world magic is derived from the many precious gem stones. Each color coordinates to a certain type of power. Diamonds are considered WORTHLESS because they have no color and no known power. The stones will diminish as they are used, it is believed that over time they recover and thus grow larger, but no proof has been made of this. The Stones and Their Effects: Emerald - Green - Earth/Plant Ruby - Red - Fire Topaz - Yellow - Light Aquamarine - Pale Blue - Wind Amethyst - Purple - Dark Tourmaline - Light Red/Pink - Healing Sapphire - Blue - Water Moonstone - White - Electricity Peridot - Light Green/Green-Yellow - Poison These are vague on purpose because I don't know how much significance this will actually play in the story. I did not do every single gem because fuck that, consider that gems of similar color go to according powers. When I say 'Light' and 'Dark' I do not mean holy and evil, I mean literal light like a light bulb and dark like shadows and the absence of light. Era: This is a Steampunk - Victorian theme, that means airships, lots of mechanical do-dads and what-nots. The Story: A dark sinister man who has lived his life below the clouds has discovered a way to amplify the power of the gems! He has long since loathed the light-dwellers while he has lived in his dark mansion far bellow the sun's loving grace. He now seeks revenge by taking control of all of Etrona! His deranged and yet clever mind has calculated ways to manipulate each city into sacrificing their most precious stones, more often than not this means the biggest! But what is this? This rascally little thief seeks to take for herself his great invention only to discover his dirty lie that could ruin his plans! Oh what to do with this delectable little female who seeks to ruin him?
  12. Grail Wars [4-7 People]

    The beacon of all existence has once again surfaced for a victor to grasp it. In the countries across the world, those of power are attempting to summon their Heroic Spirit to fight for the ultimate prize, The Holy Grail. The victor who touches the grail will receive whatever they desire, as such, the prize of the cup that contains Christ's blood is much sought after for varying reasons. ------------------ Each summoner being a gifted magus of some sort, focusing on a form of magic that allows them to summon forth a Servant. Heroic Spirits that are known throughout history, myth, legend, and fiction. Servant names and nature will be listed below. Saber: Sabers are spirits of Heroes who are known for their prowess on the battlefield and are regarded as the most powerful servant. They are often known for a blade they carried or for being some of the greatest heroes of their age. Notable Sabers have been King Arthur Pendragon, Siegfried, Nero Claudius Caesar, and Mordred la Fey. Sabers are easily the hardest servant to summon and are always to be considered very dangerous. Lancer: The spirit of warriors who devote themselves to hit and run tactics with weapons that favor range such as lances and spears, these servants are great Heroes who almost rival Sabers in terms of melee prowess. Notable Lancers have been Diarmuid Ua Duibhe, Cu Chulainn, Vlad III of Wallachia, and Musashibou Benkei. Lancers are often crafty and find fights where either honor will run it or one they can use to their advantage. Archer: These Heroes are known for their projectile style fighting and possess powerful ranged weapons with notably powerful Noble Phantasms. Notable Archers have been Gilgamesh, Robin Hood, King David of Jerusalem, and Chiron. Archers are excellent scouts and tend to be more independent of their masters but abide by their wishes nonetheless. Berserker: This spirit is known for being a Hero in their time and have gone berserk at least once among their tales. Notable Berserkers have been Heracles, Lancelot, Lu Bu, and Frankenstein. Their powers are beyond measure, but with their power is their feral nature. They only obey their master and are a notable trump card for less-powerful magus who need an edge for the Grail Wars. Rider: Heroes that are known for their mounts be they beast of machine are slightly weaker than most other servants but make up for it with their prowess with said mount and a slightly more powerful than normal Noble Phantasm. Notable Riders have been Alexander the Great, Perseus, Pestilence, and Francis Drake. Besides their known mounts, Riders have been known to acquire other mounts to blend into the world while under their hidden guise, such as horses, cars, motorcycles, and even planes. Assassin: Heroes not usually as notable as others, who are known as one of the weaker classes. They best within their element of stealth, covert business, and within the realm of silence. These Heroes are often used in much darker ways, such as killing the actual masters and not the servants, which by proxy kills the servant. Notable Assassins have been Hassan-i-Sabbah, Jack the Ripper, Semiramus, and Li Shuwen. The main lifeline of the Assassin class is their indetectability. While masters can sense one another and their servants within a certain range, Assassins are completely invisible to all. This makes them very deadly. Caster: These Heroes are known for their Magecraft and prowess in sorcery. Their main ability being Territory Creation allowing them to manifest the land where they choose to favor their chosen sorcery, and Item Creation, which allows them to create magical items for them and their masters. Notable Casters have been Gilles de Rais, Medea, Hans Christian Anderson, and William Shakespeare. Casters are often considered the weakest servant, which has been the misfortune of many who rely only on physical prowess to win them their prize. ------------ The powers the Masters and Servants have vary, but the ultimate power of Servants are their Noble Phantasms. Noble Phantasms are embodiments of unique relics or anecdotes connected to the legend of the respective Heroic Spirit. There are many Noble Phantasms but they can be summed up under certain titles and explanations. Anti-Personnel: As it sounds, it is a Noble Phantasm that focuses on one target.That said, it could be anything from a weapon to particular item of note. Anti-Army: This Noble Phantasm is meant to strike multiple targets and can often times be weapons, or pure energy in the form of an attack made by the Servant. Passive: As this Noble Phantasm suggests, it is something that occurs naturally from the Servant. Such as an increased sense of sight, strength, agility. It could also be a form of temporary immortality such as the ability to revive after a powerful killing blow. Barrier: The final style of Noble Phantasm is used as a form of defense. A barrier Noble Phantasm allows a Servant a great form of durability of some form such as armor or other form of protection. ------------ The setting for this Grail War shall be determined by the participants. I hope someone takes interest in this. I attempted this before, but with the recent increase in members I felt it would be a good chance to attempt it once more.
  13. R Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor

    On every screen across the world, programming is interrupted, static the only thing visible until, slowly, a fuzzy image of a boy in his late teens clad in battle leathers, with smoking wreckage behind him takes shape on screen. “This is a call to every Tamer everywhere, in every city, town, hamlet, country, state and county. The Digital World needs you! It needs you now like never before...†The boy ducks as an explosion rocks the scene. “There isn't much time! My name is Xilthanas, Leader of the White Dragon Guard Team. Come to Server Continent and head for Ophanimon's Castle! Hopefully, I'll meet you there...†Another explosion rocks the room, debris falling from overhead, followed by loud cursing, clanging of blades for a moment and then a wet flesh-slicing sound, before Xilthanas appears again, looking worn. “I need to get moving. Black Serpent squads are everywhere...This is Xilthanas, signing out!" The boy turns away from the screen just as it goes back to static, the image slowly fading before its nothing but snow, his mumbled parting words dissolving into the din of static, "I hope someone saw this...†. And then the screen turns off again. The digital world is at war. What once was a vibrant land, full of creatures and life and all that, is now mostly a cratered, desolate, lifeless place. Pockets of life and vibrancy still exist, but they are slowly fading, as more and more of the digital world is wiped of all life. No one knows how or why it started, but everyone knows who started it. The Black Serpents. Formerly a guard team for the digital city of Ganymede, The Black Serpents are now a perversion of everything a Tamer stands for, raiding, destroying, consuming...everything. No one knows why they changed. No one understands what caused a once bright and shining light of the digital world to be so completely corrupted. All anyone knows now, is that unless the digital world gets help…well, that’ll be the end of it. And then they will start on the real world. Other Tamers have already answered the call. The Knights of Ophanimon have been chosen. They wage a constant war at the front lines, making sure that if they do give ground, its dearly paid for, sometimes even gaining the upper hand, if only for a little while. But hope blooms in the strangest of places…rumors speak of a new power, a new digivolution that some of the older digimon have attained in secret. Some have called it the prophesized power known as ‘Transcendic Digivolution’, a power that some say can surpass even Seraphimon himself. No one knows how exactly this new level of power is reached, but the rumor says that it must involve a Tamer, similar to the bio-merge power some other Tamers are able to use. But others say that this hope is useless, that the Black Serpents are too numerous, too powerful…Some even say that maybe it’s time for the digital world to fade. Which will you choose? Will you take up arms and defend the digital world you know and love so much? Will you try and ignore the plight? Or will you become that which most Tamers despise and join the forces of darkness? The choice is, of course, yours to make. Let us hope that the choice you make helps to save the digital world, instead of destroying it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ophanimon's Castle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Characters CrimsonCrescendo: Xilthanas, Stride the Bearmon, and Starfall the Pagangemon ack!: Lexis Ryder & Bubs the Penmon NPCs: Ophanimon (Crimson)
  14. R Pantheon

    discussion Late summer heat, the sort that made one long for the frosted gusts of winter. Sweltering and damp, with only a warm breeze for relief. Unsurprisingly, the new students of Pantheon Academy looked sweaty and miserable as they flooded out of the buses. It had been hours from the airport, and they were all exhausted, hungry, and hot. The scent of the sea lingered somewhere in the air, but with the smog of heat upon them, it was difficult to tell from which direction the sea might have been. The misery left the students quickly, however, when they caught sight of what waited beyond the fastigiate cypresses. Through a shrubbery-bathed gateway and following the neat stone pathway was an immense building, Mediterranean in style, with earthen tiles on the shallow roof, and beige stucco walls. With its long arcades, arched windows, and smaller cypresses along the colonnades, it looked more like a mansion than a school. Prefects led the new students up the long pathway and into the front park, filled in on all sides by exquisite greenery. There was an immense archway cut into the central feature of the academy, a round tower of sorts. Through the archway was a shaded portico, home to the main entryway. The aged wooden doors were wide open to welcome the students, surrounded on both sides by potted fan palms and a marble statue of a satyr offering grapes. Inside was a huge entrance hall with a towering, roaring fountain in its very center. A rush of cool air met the group, fresh and relieving in comparison to the humid summer they had just stepped in from. Surrounding the fountain, an elegant double staircase wound upwards along the circular hall. The ceiling boasted glass skylights that filtered in the sunlight, inflaming the whole of the hall with a warm and surreal glow. Before the fountain, a distinctive figure awaited the group with a smile. Relatively tall but nothing so giant that it betrayed his superhuman blood, his long hair looked like spun gold in the sunlight from above. He wore a simple ensemble: clean white shirt, black tie, and double-breasted waistcoat. His eyes, the color of honey, regarded the students as they all tried—and failed—to stop their astonished gawking at the paradise that was to be their new school. "Welcome to Pantheon," the man said, his lipped smile widening into a steady grin. His voice was just as honeyed as his eyes, elegant and deep, with just the fairest hint of a French accent from long ago. "My apologies if you expected Chancellor Hera to greet you, but she's out on business at the moment. I am your vice-chancellor, Alexis de Ste-Croix." "Apollo." The student who mumbled it suddenly covered her mouth as that hawk-like gaze turned sharply onto her. But the vice-chancellor merely laughed softly. "That's right. I know my name is a bit of a mouthful, so feel free to simply address me as sir, chancellor, or even just the VC." He turned to one side, clasping his hands gently before his chest, his fingertips kissing as he silently remembered what he wanted to say. "Returning students arrived yesterday. After the prefects have taken you to your rooms to settle in, please join us for dinner. No rush. Take it all in; this is your new home, after all." Smiling once more, he bowed his head slightly to the prefects, who wrangled up the newbies to take them into the west wing, where the dormitories were located.
  15. On the desert world of Sabaku, the strong prey on the weak, and nobody does a thing. It's a harsh land, one that though tinted by mystery and beauty, is more often blighted by corruption and danger. It's a world where good men die and bad men thrive. The law's arm can only stretch so far before the mercenaries and bounty hunters take over, and beyond that is wild open plains and desert, ruled by bandits, outlaws and natives. This is no place for the weak. But not everything is as it seems. In short, this RP is a mixture of genres, but is predominantly a dark sci-fantasy western, set on an alien world. You can expect all the regular trappings of the wild west, with outlaws, natives, law men, and so on, but from an alien/sci-fi perspective. If this at all grabs your interest, feel free to message me over Skype (or ask for it if you dont have me added) or leave a message here, preferably prior to putting up a character profile (just so i'm aware of your interest). I'll provide some more in-depth details below to use as reference for the participants or if you're curious about the RP and wish to know more before committing. I will say however that this requires commitment, at least a post a week or more if possible (but not expected). Aside from myself and Kyo, I will be taking 1 more, maximum 2. Spots are given to the best characters, if there are more than that applying. If you wish to have your own race, lore or anything, feel free to speak to me about it and we can work something out. I should also say that there is a degree of 'magic' or abilities that are entirely unexplained in this story, so if you want one feel free to discuss the possibilities with me. There is no rule book on them, and no general explanation for them, but if you would like a 'power' its definitely something we'd need to discuss. Also, this is partially inspired by things like the Dark Tower series, Outlaw Star, Desert Punk, Trigun, etc. It is anime-themed I suppose, and there is definitely room for comedy, but nothing ridiculously over the top or 'reference' in nature preferably. WORLD The world as i've said above, is known as Sabaku. It is a world that has a high proportion of desert to it, but it also has forest, plains, mountains, valleys, rivers and the like, indicative of a 'wild west' setting. There are a couple of cities with high populations, but most of the towns are only a few hundred to a few thousand people, and many of these are frontier towns that have a harder time maintaining resources, especially precious ones like water, and they are also the most commonly threatened by natives, bandits and the like. Sabaku is a single land mass that takes up about seventy percent of the world, with the other thirty percent being devoted to open ocean. Most of the civilised world lives on the coast of this mega-continent, with the natives having the strongest presence in the interior. The further into the centre of Sabaku you go, the harder it is to survive, with less plentiful water sources, lawless wilds and dangerous predators. STORY Our story revolves around the lead character, a man who is more a flawed, reluctant anti-hero than a true champion. The story will begin simply enough, with our characters meeting up and learning about one another but it will quickly spiral when the lead is asked to accept a bounty that he believes will be easy money, which only serves to pull him into a shit storm of mystery, action, betrayal and intrigue. He will be driven by a mixture of this, which might include a love interest if someone wanted to play that, which I can imagine it being one of those romances that begin like, 'she hates him, he's forced to put up with her' kind of classic western romance situations. He will also be trying to understand his heritage, what happened to him in his past, who killed his family, trying to come to terms with where he belongs in society, as he's a native, yet he's become 'civilised' so neither society truly accepts him, the fact that he's also an outlaw turned bounty hunter and is obviously skirting on the edge of the law (and often outside of it). As the main story progresses, we will be forced to realise that there is a big enemy out to take control of the world, by forcefully uniting and taking control of all the settlements and systematically wiping out the natives. He will be the big bad enemy for us to fight for the majority of the story, but he will also have a series of 'generals' or the like, who we will be encountering periodically, which I will design for the most part (unless you would like to contribute). They will range from people such as a sniper who can manipulate sand, so as to make it nearly impossible to find him, to a great brute of a man, an android, who can take a punishing and dish it out too using a pair of massive magnum-like revolvers that a normal person would be incapable of firing without breaking their wrist. That's the overall idea in a nutshell, but its plenty open-ended and has room for a lot of sub-plots as well as each characters own back-story, personal plots and revelations, etc. RACES Jinteki - Effectively, the Jinteki are 'human'. Though their culture is different from our own, they are human in appearance. They are the most balanced of the races, and come in the most varied size and shape, though they are commonly of average height and build. They do not possess remarkable physical traits but they are skilled in most anything they set their minds to and can naturally excel physically if they choose to devote themselves to such a pursuit. They can be anything from law man, to merchant to outlaw. Nothing is really off-limits for them and they are the most common of the races, and consequentially the most powerful, not only in number but in political power. They have many different cultures, beliefs and people come from all walks of life. They are arguably the least communal of the races and have been known to war on one another on small and large scales, with varying degrees of destruction. They are said to be 'three-faced' as you never know what a Jinteki is thinking, or if what they are saying is truth, lies or a moment of whimsy that was truth one moment and a falsehood the next. Hokubeidojin - Often derogatorily called 'desert rats', they are the natives of Sabaku. While the other races were said to have arrived on Sabaku thousands of years ago in great ships, the 'Ojin' as most call them, are the true owners of the land. They are a hardy people, human in stature, but are often considered more animal than man. They live off the land, and though they are extensively skilled in survival techniques they are also strangely masterful with technology. Some of the strongest or most intricate weapons, technology or bionics have come from Ojin manufacturers who either chose to leave their community to join the so-called 'civilised' societies, or ones that were taken as slaves or otherwise forcibly removed from their homes. They stand slightly taller than humans, on average, though not spectacularly so. They are commonly lithe in build and have tanned skin that is often adorned with tribal tattoos marking various occasions, titles, feats or other notable times in the native's life. They have three things that set them aside from humans and makes them immediately recognizable as Ojin. Firstly, they have large, long-pointed ears that give them amazing hearing and allow them to keep cool in the heat of the desert. Secondly, they have eyes that have spiral-like pupils that have a thin membrane over the top, stopping sand from entering their eyes or having them dry out. Which also means they rarely blink, which gives them an eerie stare at times. Lastly, they have an incredibly long prehensile tail, similar in shape to a lion's (in that it is thin, fur-covered and has a tuft of hair at the end) that is roughly one and a half time's the length of their body. This extra appendage is naturally very useful, and also helps them keep an excellent balance. They are remarkably agile and fast but lack a great deal of physical strength, so they rely on their speed and agility in combination with bladed or projectile weapons. Their culture is one dedicated to nature and spirits, they believe strongly in fate and of living off the land and having respect for it, and though they are civilised in their own way, they are aggressive in defending their land, often fight amongst themselves and have a 'the weak will perish' mentality, where every individual is expected to contribute as well as be autonomous. Sukoshi - Also known as the little-folk. The Sukoshi are often smaller than Jinteki children and have a proportionally large head for the size of their body, most of this is taken up by their eyes, which are at least twice the size of a Jinteki's and are said to be keener than the predatory birds of the mountains. Despite their small frames, and their lack of physical strength, they are the most common to hold unusual 'magical' powers. These can vary greatly in nature, more often than not they seem to reflect the individual Sukoshi's personality. They are also master craftsmen, builders and have an incredibly close relationship with one another. Every one of them considers one another a brother or sister and they have never warred on one another. They often live in great numbers together, rather than individual family homes. They often fall into the roles of merchants as their keen eyesight gives them insight into a person's intentions based on their body language, so they are often able to ascertain when goods are ill-quality, stolen, etc. or how far they can push to lower the price, or how high they can sell something for. They are a shrewd people with a powerful intellect and unlike the wars of the Jinteki, or the tribal in-fighting of the Ojin, they are a peaceful people. Though, there are individual exceptions. Yaen - The Yaen are the most physical of the races. Though all of the races of Sabaku have adapted to their planet's climate to varying degrees of success, it is the Yaen who among the 'new' races needed the least acclimatization to their surroundings. The shortest of their race are usually over 7ft in height. Their musculature, though not as well-developed as a body-builder, is incredibly dense. So dense in fact that they are unable to swim, they would simply sink to the bottom and walk along the floor of the body of water in question. This powerful muscle gives them unparalleled strength. They are a race that the others know the least about as they are extremely private in nature. They can be aggressive and hot-tempered in some situations, especially if pressed for personal information, but are otherwise level-headed individuals who enjoy testing their strength either in day to day life, through being manual labourers (and so often have a good relationship with the peaceful Sukoshi) or through contests, duels and the like. They have a thin coating of white fur that helps to reflect the searing light of Sabaku's sun and they have bear-like faces - small eyes, large noses at the end of a short muzzle, and front-facing rounded ears. Ayrun - A medium build race of average height, similar to the Jinteki or Ojin. They are commonly known to have grey skin and silver hair. Their bodies are unusual in that unlike the other races they are cold-blooded. They are capable of great feats of contortion as they are triple-jointed and their reflexes are greatly heightened. The Ayrun are nomads, never staying in one place for long. They are also merchants, trading in the finest and most valuable of items they find in their travels, but they are a mercurial, and seemingly cold-hearted people who will do whatever it takes to get what they need, and so they are often thought of as being untrustworthy by the other races. There are many sayings about the Ayrun that mention their cold blood being related to their nature. FAUNA The fauna of Sabaku is as beautiful as it is dangerous. It shares certain similarities with our world, in that it has apex predators similar to bears, mountain lions and the like, but it also has pack predators not unlike wolves. It has an abundance of life for a world that on first glance seems so lifeless, but it is also this abundance of life that poses dangers to the civilised races. It is said that you don't as much as piss without bringing a rifle, as many of Sabaku's animals are ambush predators. Though, in general, besides pests, most of them stay away from the towns and cities, save for the beasts of burden - the most common of which is the Tori. These giant bird-like creatures share similarities to our ostriches, in that they are flightless and can run at extreme speed on a pair of powerful hind-legs. However, they are Sabaku's equivalent to horses, and are ridden as such. The Tori are as intelligent (or more so) as horses, and are about the same size, though they are omnivores and will eat whatever is put in front of them. They can be extremely loyal creatures and have been known to attack threats to their owners. FLORA The flora of Sabaku is as varied and dangerous as it's fauna. There are as many poisonous or deadly plants, flowers and trees as there are those that can save your life. It is in knowing which can kill you in a matter of hours, and which can save your life in a critical situation that means the difference between life and death. They have powerful effects, regardless. Some have spines hard enough that they can be shaved down and turned into poisonous bullets, others have toxins in them that aggressively target poison and a variety of disease yet leave the host unharmed. It is a dangerous world, but the more you know about it the more likely you are to survive. There are plants covering every square mile of Sabaku, even in the desert. It is simply knowing what to look for and where, as many conceal themselves through a variety of means. This knowledge is not always exclusive to the Ojin either, as their secrets have often been passed (or taken) from them over the centuries, and naturally through regular trial (and fatal error) of the newer races. That's everything for now. I'm gonna grab something to eat to take a break from all this writing, but when I come back (shortly) i'll put up my character profile. If you have questions, now's a good time to ask them and sorry for the wall of text. lol. If you're interested, leave a message and even a character suggestion if you have a good idea, if not, just a statement of interest would be awesome. I've worked hard on this world guys, so if you can't commit, don't join please. This is going ahead and i'm not letting it die, so don't try to join unless you KNOW you can give this the time. Once again, i'll say you can create your own race if you don't like the ones on offer, your own culture, religion or whatever, so long as it's in keeping with the lore of the world, which I can help you with. Thanks, folks! <3
  16. [ ROLEPLAY THREAD ] P L O T Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Hogwarts Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Pantheon Academy. This isn't your ordinary private high school. Pantheon is a haven for special students with superhuman abilities, because well, these students are a little more than human. Pantheon students are incarnations of Greek gods. Y O U Select from the Greek pantheon of gods. Yes, they're gods, but they're new to their abilities and need some training. They have weaknesses, too. Like the fact that they're teenagers (aaaaahhh!!!). Age is anywhere from 16 to 19. You're a student with a "normal" name (you weren't born with the one-namer Ares, for example). I may play a teaching character just to have someone around for guidance. O B J E C T I V E S • Coming to terms with the fact that they're gods and they have mutant godly powers • High school dramarz • Greater threats that force them to work together despite differences T E C H N I C A L • 4 more people max. Two slots already reserved (see below). • Express your interest here and a god or gods you may want to play (only one in the end though). Peruse this list if you're at a loss. • IMPORTANT: Please only sign up if you can post often. I'm tired of waiting a week for posts; I lose interest really fast if no one posts. Making this short and sweet 'cause people are lazy and I'm looking for a light, fun RP. Need any more details? Then ask away. It's not super fleshed out yet so most stuff is up for molding and changing. C H A R A C T E R S 1. Apollo - Miel 2. Hades - Meheres 3. Artemis - ErogenousEnigma 4. Hephaestus (Vulcan) - Demonic Gate 5. Ares - Kyo 6. Aphrodite - Pain
  17. Hell Street

    My name is Seyerna and for the better part of a millennium I had dedicated myself to preserving life, all life, human, elf, griffin, dragon, siren, naga, vampire, fairy, ALL LIFE! It took everything I had, I gave up my very soul to protect these lives. Why? I don't know, it was an underlying urge, an instinct even. Of course, I suppose that's not a fair statement, at the time I hadn't realized what I had been doing, all I acknowledged was that I had made friends and companions of every species on earth, they were important to me and I'd risk life and limb to guard them. It was on one late afternoon when the skies bled crimson, standing among a handful of friends, we had been discussing dragon reproduction I believe. They blushed when I gave them a detailed description of coitus with a dragon, humans and their modesty always baffled me. We hurried to the center of this strange influx, where we found a vortex, a portal, a gate, something horrid and monstrous, the things that leaked out of that portal were like nothing we had ever seen before. Demons, real demons, their hides black and gray, their eyes dark and lost, only the shine of wetness making them visible, some seemed to ooze slime, others had indeterminable amount of limbs, or perhaps horns, all of them grotesque and disturbing creatures. Monsters born of hell broke into my beloved home, terrorizing my friends and those I would call family. It had seemed only natural to delve into the swirling void, dart between the beasts, slaying those that I could to destroy the door or close it, I had not known at the time what I would do, but I knew it needed to be closed, and so I did what I felt was my only option, throwing my body and soul into the gates of hell. I remember them screaming for me to stop, I remember their tears and their pain, I just hope they understand I left them because I loved them. Time in hell doesn't move the same way, it's not... linear. Sometimes it's the middle of night, and thirty seconds later it'll be mid day, so I couldn't tell you how long it had been, it might have been a week, or it might have been several thousand years. Regardless, every creature of hell felt the pull when a door was opened, I wondered why, I had given everything to close it and now another moron would unleash these beasts into the mortal plane? When I found the door I was helpless to the intense curiosity, the desire to see my friends again and so I slipped through the door. On the other side I was dropped into a cage of sorts, metal bars bowed over our heads, locking us in a dome, between the bars I could see the air as if it glistened, curiously I touched it, only to be struck by some sort of power, electric my mind pieced in for me, but I had never felt such magic before, this was queer indeed. Outside of the cage I could see humans, many, many humans, dressed in strange outfits that covered most of their bodies, all of them carrying some sort of metal device, something I had never seen before, it was L shaped, their finger looped into the crook of it and I knew they were 'pointed' at us, but I had no idea what they could do. When the cage was mostly full and I feared I'd be shoved into the electric wall again suddenly the gate to hell just closed and like that I was trapped in this world with dozens of other demons around me. These demons were not like me though, looked nothing like humans, had probably never existed in this plane in the first place. Of course I didn't look particularly human either, the plane of hell forced me to retain my most 'demonic' features: wings, tail, fangs, claws and horns to complete the nightmarish ensemble. Still I could feel the humans eyes on me, wondering why my skin looked so much like theirs, why the placement of my features so closely resembled their own. Did demons no longer exist? ~~~~~ So that's essentially my first post, lol. I'll go in and edit in more detail, I hadn't intended for it to be my first post, just a sort of introduction, but that's just how it goes when I get typing. I have the tendency to write in first person for Seyerna, but if you find it bothersome I can alter it to third, it doesn't really matter to me. I don't really know where I'm going with this it just sorta fell out of my fingers. There could still be demons and mythical creatures that just hide themselves now, or maybe most people are half breeds of something and are well aware of their lineage, or perhaps they're just completely gone and the humans, being the curious sort they are, figured out how to open and close the gates of hell at will. I'm looking for people to play characters that exist in the mortal world, whether you want to be a vampire scientist or a geeky fairy or a military human is up to you, but I'm not looking for other people to play demons that came from hell - unless you can convince me you have a good story device up your sleeve. This is possibly an apocalyptic story depending on where we go with it. It is set modern to futuristic, I have no designated year in place. Also I don't like the title, so if you've any ideas...?
  18. NC-17 A Demon and an Angel

    You, an angel, have been sent from your home into the mortal plane, your wings do not carry you in this plane, though your powers are vast. The great divine has informed you that an Arch Demon has been born and in order to ensure the future for humanity you must slay it and send it's vile soul to hell. But things don't go as planned, the demon you are meant to kill is in fact a demoness, and the vision you see before you screams demon, but something isn't right, as you strike to kill her she whispers to you, tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry, I can't contain it...." Something compels you to seek answers before slaying her. For universe think like InuYasha, demons are a common thing, people have magical abilities, but angels are not a normal occurrence, kinda like Supernatural in that regard. The story is that this demoness is carrying something much darker and far more evil than herself, it is something that not even hell knows how to handle, and somehow it escaped into the mortal world. It wreaked havoc upon her home and the things she loved and knowing no other way to handle it, she took it into herself, trying to use her very soul to devour it. She failed, it easily takes control of her body and forces her to do things that are even too heinous for her to commit. Much like in InuYasha not all demons are evil, she most certainly is not as you will learn, however, supposedly Arch Demons reach their status by committing vile crimes and reaching new highs of power. She reached this status by a joint effort of this darkness forcing her body to do evil things and simply from trying to combat something so much stronger than herself. Yes, this is a romance, but the primary focus will be on this darkness, what it is, how to contain it or destroy it. There will be much drama as the characters must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice. Your character will struggle greatly with the idea of helping a demon, something he had been raised to believe was a vile creature that should be destroy and here he was helping this one and even growing to like her company. Don't be afraid to ask questions if something doesn't line up for you. If you like the idea but hate the idea of playing an Angel, don't worry, it's not set in stone, we can talk it out and see what we can do. The only thing is I do need someone who uses white powers, it's essential to the steps that will be taken to resolve the darkness. We can chat here or you can message me on Skype - glassdaemon.
  19. A Tale of Two Sisters (HH & Ero)

    Link to story: This is a story between HerculeHastings and myself. It is loosely based of the game "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" where our characters will go trapezeing across the land trying to find a cure for our ill mother. We are undecided on race but looking at a variation of halfling/hobbit. Ideas for issues along travels. Kidnapped. Invited into house and are almost eaten by (insert mean race here). Saving (a) pixie(s) and reuniting her with her sisters. Saving a mermaid from something... (Pirates! I'm so not above snatching ideas from other things) Mercy kill(someone or thing already dying) Since this story is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey I hope to write out a timeline of sorts and will post it here.
  20. The Genesis Era

    It was a hot day. Large crowds of foreign dignitaries milled into the stadium, eagerly chattering away in anticipation of the show that was about to be performed in front of their very eyes. Soldiers in towering suits of metal and kevlar stood by the various entrances, hefting impressive guns as a warning to anyone who might threaten to disturb the peace. It was of utmost importance that nothing went wrong today, for it was the unveiling of the United States's latest superweapon to the world. ExoSuit ESX-58, "Spectre". It had been nearly 15 years since the megacorporation, FutureTech Industries, revealed the first ExoSuit. Even back then, it was an astounding breakthrough in technology, providing innumerable advantages to the average soldier. Super strength, enhanced battlefield awareness and invulnerability to conventional firearms were three of its numerous selling points. The ExoSuit changed the landscape of war, rendering traditional strategies and weaponry useless. The US and Chinese militaries imported vast numbers of these ExoSuits, hoping to equip every soldier with one by the year 2050. Since then, there have been countless improvements made to the original ExoSuit, with each country going on its own developmental path to create their unique breed of super soldier. Demonstrations such as these were a show of might, a way of waging war without harming lives. Deterrence, in a way. That was the reason why so many world leaders were gathered at Phoenix, Arizona to witness the demonstration this day. It would take a fool to interrupt such a heavily-guarded event. "AS-08X, Seraph Excalibur, in position. Operation Ghostbuster will commence in T-minus 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7..." As the applause from the audience began to fill the air, a lone figure moved out of the shadows and approached the entrance to the grand stadium. It resembled an ExoSuit in a way, but its features were more sleek, almost alien-like. Streaks of blue light trailed behind the suit reminiscent of wings, and the suit hovered in the air, its feet just a few inches off the ground. The guards on duty raised their gauss rifles, training them upon the newcomer with honed lethality. "Halt! Identify yourself!" One of them spoke, as he slowly approached the figure. The other seemed to be speaking into a microphone, presumably calling for reinforcements. The figure halted, allowing the soldier to reach within arms' length. "Turn around and put your hands up- hey!" Moving faster than the eye could see, the Seraph Excalibur darted to the right as the soldier in the ES-22 "Gallant" suit fired off a few rounds, turning around to follow its movements. As the soldier raised his gun, there was a flash and an arc of light, and then his arm lay severed on the ground, the gauss rifle landing with a great crash. He barely had time to scream, however, as the next slash took his head cleanly off, leaving him to kneel down and collapse in a pool of blood. "Mayday! Mayday! Unknown hostile at entrance 15! We need backup- AAARGGHH!" The Seraph Excalibur pulled the plasma blade out of the soldier's abdomen, dropping his corpse onto the ground with a lazy action. "Going in," the man in the suit whispered. The whole stadium was in disarray now, as the sounds of the battle outside reached some of the audience. More soldiers were running here and there, evidently attempting to control the situation as they dispatched more men to the scene. Their reactions were too slow. The Seraph Excalibur flew into the middle of the stage, where the new suit was located. The Spectre. To the pilot's credit, he seemed pretty calm despite all the confusion in the area. As the newcomer floated down to meet him, he raised a large pistol and pointed it straight at his forehead. "I don't know who you are, buddy, but you picked the wrong place to make a scene," he declared. "By doing this, you have incurred the wrath of the entire United States upon yourself. Not that you'll be alive for much longer. I am, after all, Richard Stone, one of America's ace pilots, in my country's most advanced ExoSuit. I don't know how your magic suit can maintain propulsion for so long, but it's not going to save you from me." About twenty guns were trained on him at this point of time, with the soldiers forming a wide arc around the dome-shaped stage. "... You're noisy." A vein popped in Richard's head. "What did you say?! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?!" His finger pulled the trigger- The Seraph had weaved to the side, a plasma blade extending from each hand as it advanced upon his adversary. Immediately, every soldier on the scene opened fire, but not a single shot found its mark. Whether by skill or ungodly luck, the Seraph was moving in fluid motions that avoided each bullet as it approached, rapidly advancing upon the Spectre as it tried to retreat to gain distance. Impossible, Richard thought, as he emptied his pistol's magazine at him in vain. Such speed! It's as though he can see where I'm going to fire... With a burst of light, the Seraph appeared next to him in an instant. Richard barely had time to react, whipping his hand away as the MC-198 Magnum he was holding dropped to the ground in pieces. He swore, reaching for the next weapon- but he felt a searing pain and a violent shock, and then he noticed the gaping hole where his arm was supposed to be. A hand grabbed him by the neck, and he felt himself being raised up into the air as it became difficult to breathe... He noticed the firing had stopped. Did someone else take out the soldiers? But Richard had more pressing matters at hand, as he struggled to wrestle himself free from the Seraph's iron grip. He realized the whole stadium had become silent, as all eyes were fixated on the scene in the center of the stage. The Seraph reached over to his suit, plucking out the microphone that was attached to the stadium's loudspeakers and moved it to his mouth. "I am Vengeance." And then he snapped Richard's neck.
  21. NC-17 Obscure Salvation

    (This is a continuation of the link provided. Charna stumbled along down through the forest, her mother had forced her to discard her modest robes, exposing her body in the skimpy outfit her mother had always pressured her to wear. Silk fabric of the richest purple wrapped around her minimum bosom, covering each perk breast fully and tying at her back and her neck, her hips were shrouded in a matching purple sarong, tied at one side, the string from the underlying bikini exposed, and her feet were guarded in gold sandals that had braided straps that wrapped around her calves up to her knees. She felt horribly exposed but her mother now controlled her body, her dark power was stinging her insides like her blood contained some sort of venom that was coursing through her veins, her own heart aiding the process. She fought with the power of her mother controlling her limbs, every step was a hassle for Sophia, but she still won out, Charna could not compete with her mother's aged powers. Charna was just a puppet, was this her intentions all along? She pondered, but Sophia remained quiet to her curiosities. Fear pounded in Charna's heart as another wave of Sophia's malicious power forced her forward toward Genevieve's temple. Her cheeks were wet with tears, her body felt so violated in such an intimate way, such a disturbing way, not even a lover should be able to delve so deep into a person's core. Charna whimpered helplessly as her body was controlled, her thoughts reached out to her mother, 'What are you?' she inquired, her mother remained silent for a long while, Charna didn't believe she'd answer and then her slithering voice snapped into her head: don't be so naive, Charna, you are after all half mine, what is it you think YOU are? Charna had no idea what she was, she knew she was different from her half siblings, but then she wasn't the child of two saints; her father was a saint, but she had no idea what her mother was, she'd always assumed she was just an elf, but now, with these powers, she was most certain she was something darker than that. You right on that my sweet, I am much darker than one of these foolish little elves, just as you are. You see you are half a saint and half a demon, you're a living paradox, and it is why you have such interesting capabilities. Charna had no idea what she meant by interesting capabilities, for that much, a demon? She'd never seen or heard of one before, she'd read lore on them before, but always assumed them a myth. Oh, I'm real, Charna, and before long I shall devour your soul and you will become my new vessel, your body's interesting capabilities offer me a whole new slew of tricks. 'Devour my soul?' Charna's stomach clenched, her mother was going to devour her? She had no idea her mother was like this. Sure she wasn't a nice mother, wasn't even a good mother, but she had ran from Genevieve and Ignatius because she was still 'her' mother and now she was going to die for her silly beliefs? Would she even die? Having your soul devoured would there even be anything left of her to pass on? There won't be.... Ignatius laid out on the bed, his robe fell open exposing his dark skin and the muscles contained beneath, they flexed with each little movement of his arms and stomach. "Sophia didn't speak to me much at all beyond how her next raid was going. I suppose she no longer trusted me after escaping her hex once, she kept me in the dark about pretty much everything. I hadn't even been aware the children had gone to see you until after the fact. I think the only reason she kept me was for personal amusement and to torment you. You saw how easily she let us leave. She has no purpose for me anymore, it just makes me wonder what her new purpose is. She's not a very direct individual, has always used other's to fight. I find it doubtful that she couldn't fight if needed, perhaps not against an entire army; maybe that's what's always kept her at bay, or maybe it's something else? Maybe she just likes being a bitch. We've played around and around with her time and a time again, we win some, but mostly she keeps her foot at our throats. I just can't help but wonder what her ultimate plan is, that's if she even has one." Genevieve cuddled into his exposed chest, her naked body pressed against his, her soft curves aligned perfectly with his hard rigid body. Ignatius ran his fingers through her hair, sliding the silky texture easily between each digit. "I don't know about this power you seem to think I have. I understand how you have obtained it, you have always been Saintly, always stuck to your cause, never faltered, even after years and years of suffering you stood strong and unbending. Whereas I seem to fail at every test, several times I've been turned into Sophia's pet, I've attacked you, I've allowed our children to be tainted, as much as I love Charna, the reality is that I literally slept with the enemy. It's one thing for my soul to be pure, maybe in the next life I'll be reborn as a Saint again, given another chance to not fail so miserably, but in this life, I see no way that I could reach your demi-god status, I have much to repent for. I have failed our people, I have failed you and our children. My soul might be pure, but my heart is black and hardened and I can no longer call myself a Saint, I shouldn't have allowed it eighteen years ago. The gods must think me foolish." Ignatius rolled their two bodies over, laying only partially on top of her, he pressed a finger to her lips before she could speak, "Hush, I cannot bear you kind words. You will preach to me how I am still a Saint, how I am still holy, you can't imagine the immense guilt I feel at hearing those words from your lips. Please, just let it be." He whispered the last words as he pulled his hand away and shifted to lay comfortably beside her. He knew she would be restless, would want to argue him until he submitted, but as it was, he could not bear it. Let him wallow in his self misery for the night, in the morning she would begin trying to reverse all the mistakes he had made. He sealed his eyes as he felt them glaze over, heavy with his guilt. He slept fitfully, struggling with his own self loathing and the constant headache her aura caused, but it was much less intense then it had started. When Algernon came in, his eyes were already open, watching the other male casually, intrigued by his young appearance, a gift from Genevieve he was certain. Algernon deserved it, he had been faithful and loyal through thick and thin, Ignatius could not blame him for his ignorant up bringing. He left Genevieve, telling her that it was best she allow him to collect their twins alone. The pain shone in her eyes and it only twisted the knife deeper into his heart, this was his fault, he had fucked up, he had allowed this to happen. No, he was not meant to reach her holy status, he had failed the gods entirely too many times. He left her fully aware of the tremble to her lip, unsure of what to say, no amount of apologies could express his guilt at destroying the bond between mother and child. They should have been running to their mother, should have known her undying love all this time, instead they had had Sophia whom had apparently punished them viciously. Asher and Amadea woke up groaning, their headaches were back in full force. Ignatius pulled their reluctant forms down the hall, still half asleep as he lead them outside to where they would have their breakfast, he wanted them to see how the faithful would fawn over Genevieve, wanted them to see her love for her people. He needed them to love her and he didn't know how to reverse the view they had of her other than to expose them to her as much as possible. Genevieve wouldn't know what to say to convince them, she wasn't the type to argue and fight, she would submit and endure their angry onslaughts, they would have to see with their own eyes that she was no witch.
  22. The Elder Scrolls

    Not the story, just the universe. It is a game series very dear to me and I've played through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim multiple times. Recently I was invited to the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online and now I'm just all giggly about the game so I thought I'd do a roleplay loosely based around it. I'm not looking to roleplay any of the stories, but just to borrow the world and lore as it is a soft cozy place for me. It also lays out a map for us to work with and a magic system to work off of. I do not have a story plot, in fact I was kinda of hoping to do a free lance sort of play. We design characters and throw them into the world, we met up, we adventure and we can swap back and forth deciding on what quests we will embark on, whether it's saving a damsel or recovering retired Hides-His-Eyes lost dagger. We will build rapport with cities and guilds, build a friendship or more(depending on who is interested and their interests), or maybe we'll hate each other and constantly be trying to kill the other, or maybe just rivals fighting to get ahead in whatever we do. If you want to build a plot, I'm more than happy too, I just don't want to follow the predesignated stories in the games, as they are designated to a single player which isn't too friendly with multiple players. I'm thinking we should limit ourselves to just Skyrim(rather have Morrowind, or Cyrodiil, or even one of the others: Hammerfell, Black Marsh etc? just let me know we can discuss the pros and cons of each province.) Not familiar with The Elder Scrolls Series? That's okay! We will not be following any of the story lines, it is simply a universe to play in and I'm more than happy to talk about the games, or you're free to google search them. Mostly you just need to know the map, the races, and the magic system(Mostly just what kind of magic is available), beyond that it's a medievalish fantasy setting.
  23. Fantastical Medieval Romance

    I love doing romances, they get to me the most, I love the emotion and the drama! Looking for a partner, I'm not picky about genders, or sexuality, but I'm not interested in doing two males, other than that, it's fair game. I'm even up for hermaphrodites being throw into the mix. I do want to play a female personality (as in I'd play a hermaphrodite, but shi's predominately female). I want to do fantasy theme, so if we want to do the Princess and the Knight, sure. Please, nothing so cliche though, hahah. I have a few ideas: A mermaid and a demon, the mermaid sings and draws the demon to the shore, where they make love, per her heritage she drags him into the water and tries to drown him, him being a demon, she fails miserably. A demoness and a priest(white mage, doesn't have to be religious), they rival, they fight, his strength appeals to her, he just wants her dead, but when he finally wins against her and gets her in bonds and all she can do is praise him over his victory, he's not so sure anymore. The dragon and the slayer A nymph and an outlaw You see where I'm going with this, I'm up for suggestions too, these are just ideas, I'm not bound to any of them. I do not want a quick romance, while we should determine an external plot device, the story should predominately revolve around our characters falling in love.
  24. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    All right, this has nothing to do with Egyptian Pharaohs and the like, unfortunately. I do love their myths and legends though... Anyway, this is the idea box - for me - and a way for other people to seek me out if they have similar tastes in role playing. I only do 1 on 1 role plays because they are easier to organise, manage, and follow through with. Fiction/Fantasy is what I go for. I do prefer X-rated content, but it starts from R: it may include bloody descriptions or adult content. There is no 'and' in there mind you. Unless you keep them separate. Yeah. So please be sure you are of age and you do not find any such content vomit-inducing. Now if you're happy to have me as a role play partner, feel free to leave a post here or PM me. Then we can work something out and start! Yay!
  25. Project Valkyrie

    Project Valkyrie Name: Colonel Michelle Jan-Marie Avion Age: Gender: Female Sexuality: Strait Occupation: Colonel of Marine secret project "Valkyrie" And the initial researcher that developed the Project Physical Appearance: Michelle is, for lack of better words, about average looking. She has long blonde hair that falls below her waist, almost down to her knees, since she hasn't cut it in years. She's got bright blue eyes, a few have even joked that they "glow" because they say they are neon blue. Michelle is relatively short, only standing at about 5ft2 when barefoot, though with specialized combat boots, that she created herself, it gives her a few extra inches, so most people believe her to be at 5ft6. She's rather petite, only weighing in at 123lbs, though all her weight is muscle, and due to some "enhancements" of her own design, she is far stronger than should be physically possible for a woman of her frame, to the point even the soldiers that are far larger than she is wouldn't take her on, even if it is just sparring. A surprising factor is her feminine form, usually hidden by her uniform, she sports a rather breath taking hour glass figure, with a 36DD cup sized breasts, well hidden due to her wrapping them before dressing every morning. She has a 29 inch waist, her stomach flat due to her working her abs every day. And then her hips are a lovely 40 inches, hidden with uniform pants that she purposefully ordered in a half size larger than needed, as she wanted to take all precautions to keep her figure unknown, so her subordinates would take her seriously. As for skin, she has an ivory complexion, due to little time outside in the sun, and also a side effect of her "enhancements". Now, for those who have seen it, she has a lovely smile, her teeth aren't perfect, but you have to look quite close to tell. Personality: Michelle is a firm and serious young woman, she takes her job quite seriously, because she knows that the lives of her comrades and fellow soldiers depend on her. But even so, she is actually quite kind, and when off work, she is rather easy to get along with, and to soldiers, she's just another one of the guys, and she likes it that way. During evaluations and tests, she's stern and could even be called cold, doesn't matter how she feels about anyone, rules are rules for her. When she runs experiments with her "Valkyrie Serum", She's distant, calculating, cold and distant, and those who don't follow exact orders get their heads bitten off, figuratively of course, but it's not held against her, for it's well known that her career, and the lives of her soldiers, depend on her experiments running smoothly without any errors. Now, for those in her life that are not from the military, none of them would know that she's someone other than the bubbly, giggly, always happy girl that they've grown to love. But, she's extremely cautious, keeping her life in the military, and away from the military, permanently separate. Powers/Abilities: Before she perfected her serum, Michelle was a regular girl, the only thing that stood out was her intellect. However, <I>after</I> she created the Valkyrie Serum, things changed. The serum actually changes the human DNA, so that the recipient receives angel like wings and super human strength. For Michelle it is no different, although, she is the only one with Pure white wings. However, due to years of testing her serum on herself before letting other's be tested with it, she has a few, other side effects. Due to the experimentation, she has ivory skin that has been found to be bullet proof. and, due to her own secret side experiment, she was able to create another serum, which gave her the hearing of a wolf, increased sense of smell of a bear, and the sight of felines. And, a unintended side effect of the Valkyrie Serum gives every recipient their own power, separate from their wings, and no two soldiers ever have the same effect, for Michelle, this power is found in her eyes, and her ability to turn only those she feels in her heart to be a threat to stone. Now, aside from the genetically engineered powers she has, she has always had perfect aim, and quite often takes on assignments as a sniper for ATF, seeing as her own squadron is sent on very few missions. Aside from that, she is still quite average...somewhat. Likes: Michelle is still a girl, and being which, she still enjoys a few girly things, such as sugar, she has an immense sweet tooth, and even while on duty, she usually has a piece of hard candy, usually sakura flavored, tucked behind her back molars, out of view of her subordinates and superiors, and still allows her to speak clearly while savoring the sweetness. Other things she takes great enjoyment from are her pets, a Dumeril Boa names Beau, and a border collie pit bull mix named Jujubee, after her favorite candy from when she was little. She also takes a great enjoyment, in secret of course, in liquor, having found that it's the only thing that helps numb the emotional pain. Aside from these things, she likes coffee, her soldiers, who are like brothers to her, then of course she loves her family, on base and off base, her sister being the true reason she joined to help create the Valkyrie Project, so she could keep her protected from things regular soldier just couldn't do. And, for something that she only knows about, she is still in love with her ex boyfriend, a man that she could see herself marrying, until he joined the marines, for which she dumped him for, because she couldn't stand for him to know about her military involvement, and, to keep him safe, for she knew, even before reaching ranks, that people would go after him if they knew how she felt about him. So, while she still hurts from not being with him, she still holds a dear whole hearted love for him. Dislikes: As for her dislikes, Michelle does have quite a list, but I will keep it short. For one, she has an extreme hatred for a Edward Avion, her "father". He was an emotionally, and on occasion, physically abusive bastard. Since she was 12, she began despising him, and her hatred for him grew as she got older, and he began to take his anger out on her younger sister. And, while he is now in a prison, she still can't forgive him, eve though her mother tries dearly to talk Michelle into forgiving the man. Then, next on her list, she finds her mother's loyalty to Edward several distasteful, don't get me wrong, she loves her mother, but the fact that her mother remains married to a man that beat his wife, and on occasion his children as well, she simply cannot find anyway to get around it, she hates her mother's loyalty to him. Then, on her detailed area of dislikes, there is the man she knew as Jacob Harrison Cowell, a man she "dated" somewhat, after she broke it off with the man she still loves. Jacob was there as she developed the Valkyrie serum, but he tried to steal it so he could sell it to the highest bidder. Luckily, Michelle was able to have him locked up in a secret military prison, located somewhere in Siberia, as a traitor to humanity. However, she still has a deep hatred for him, not just because he was willing to sell her work, but because for three months, before he was captured, he had Michelle locked up in a dark room, and tortured her endlessly, in front of mirrors so she would have to watch. He tortured her, because there was another factor to the serum that she hadn't yet, and still hasn't put down on paper, and he wanted it. Now, for a less detailed list of dislikes, she hates cats, can't stand them in the slightest, she has a distaste for sour foods and drinks, and then anything that smells like her ex boyfriend cologne sends her into an emotional wreckage of sadness, and anger for having to sacrifice her own happiness. History: Michelle is the oldest daughter of a one Edwards Kath Avion, though, for her mother, Michelle Christine, she is her first child. Her father was married once before being married to Michelle's mother, and from that marriage, he has two sons. Michelle didn't grow up with her half brothers, but she gets along with them relatively well, more so with the second oldest, than the oldest. From her own mother, Michelle also has a younger brother, and a baby sister. Michelle lived a relatively happy life, up until age 11, when her father began berating her for not being "good" enough, no matter what she did, she wasn't fast enough, strong enough, smart enough, nothing was ever good enough. But, wanting to make him happy, she took the verbal abuse, and tried harder and harder. She was extremely intelligent for a young girl, and at 13, she took an I.Q. that verified that her I.Q. was at 163. She felt it would be enough to make the old bastard happy, but it wasn't, he went on about how she must have obviously cheated somehow. So, she went back to trying to make him happy, although, her I.Q. why it didn't catcher her father's attention, caught the attention of a Mr. Michael Lupo Volt, General of the United states Marines. He approached her one day as she was walking home from school and offered her a way to make not just her father, or her family, but the country proud of her. She eagerly accepted, although, she found the man that looked eerily like an older, and more masculine form of herself. But, she paid it no heed. Thorough high school, as she took her classes and acted like a normal girl, even dated an upper classman ________, she would secretly be working for the military at the same time, her research was primarily focused around the idea of being able to genetically enhance soldiers. During her junior year of high school, she made a break through, she found a way that she could actually alter the Human DNA ad modify it to her exact specifications. However, even though the achievement meant that she achieved a high rank in the Marines, the victory she felt was short lived, as her boyfriend of three years broke the news that he was joining the marines. Michelle didn't take the news well, she wanted to be able to work with him, but her sector was all off the books, specialized, and files written about it were all blacked out, and she realized that with him joining up, she would be putting him in danger. The realization was what hit her the hardest, she couldn't stay with him, her girlish dreams of marriage and children were unrealistic, because she could never be, just a house wife. After her boyfriend started PT, she broke it off with him, giving him the excuse that she couldn't stay with someone who would fight for a corrupted government. He didn't take the break up well, and told her he never wanted to see her again, which, she didn't take well. After the break up, she gave the high school her paperwork to graduate early, and from there, went to live on a secret Marine base in the middle of no where Minnesota. She devoted all her time to perfecting her Valkyrie Serum, after a year, she was lonely, and began casually dating a fellow researcher, Jacob Cowell. Things were going alright, when she had feminine urges, she and Jacob would meet up in a little fishing cabin not far from base and fulfill the desires, then, when she was satisfied, she would leave and go back to the base to continue her work. This went on for a year, though, finally, after she turned 19, she made a break through, she tested her serum on herself and, through an excruciating process, forced wings to emerge from her back. She was so thrilled that she didn't care about the, side effects. Her once sun kisses skin, courtesy of her Filipina mother, was gone, replaced by ivory colored skin, completely flawless, and, after an accident with a Private Harold accidently firing off his rifle, she found her skin was now bullet proof. However, instead of leaving the serum as is, like her coworker Jacob wanted, she wanted to perfect it, there were negative side effects, vision loss and extreme nausea that she wanted to fix. However, Jacob Cowell, instead of listening, took her research and fled, to find that there was a missing component to her research, which Michelle only knew. Somehow, even through extra security, Jacob broke into the base and kidnapped Michelle and brought her to an unknown location. She had just found a way to alter the serum, to reverse the negative side effects, and Jacob used it to his advantage. For three months, he brutally tortured Michelle, raping, mutilation, and other actions which I will not put down. If it wasn't bad enough to be put through excruciating pain day after day, the entire room he kept her in was full of mirrors, and he used staples to keep her eyes open to force her to watch. For those three months, Michelle kept her mouth shut, refusing to tell him the rest of the components for her Serum, she wouldn't even scream. It was by pure luck and good fortune, that while Jacob was out buying more propane for his blow torch, that he was found and apprehended, and by methods of persuasion, he told them where to find Michelle. When she was found, she was stripped naked, chained to a wall, and covered in abrasions, cuts, deep incisions, piercings, and she was coughing up blood from internal bleeding. However, as she was rushed to the hospital, the General, who had personally come to be sure she was alright, saw that she had no scars, her bullet proof skin healed over night, and when she woke up a week later in an infirmary on the Marine base, she was fully recovered. Broken bones showed no signs of ever being broken, skin was perfectly flawless. She was sickened by it, and refused to administer the Serum with effects like that, she said that she was making super soldiers, not gods, so, even though for a good year, she was criticized for not releasing that specific version of the formula, the General backed her up, he agreed with her, no one should be able to defy death to such a degree. Now, three years after the incident, her Serum has been perfected, while the soldiers are bullet proof, they cannot miraculously heal fatal wounds, all soldiers who are administered the Valkyrie Serum are sworn to secrecy until the project is brought public. All "Valkyries" gain the ability to row wings, though the first few transformations are quite painful, and some have to be sedated part way through it, all are bullet proof, and then, due to some unknown reason, each Valkyrie soldier gains a specified and personalized power, Michelle gained the ability to turn her enemies to stone, her second in command, Yvonne Loret gained the ability to change his entire body into that of a large lion. Michelle is still trying to learn why each soldier receives such radically different results aside from their wings and skin. Though, her research is about to be interrupted by a very, surprising, and heart wrenching, new Valkyrie recruit. Plot: YC is her Ex Boyfriend, a now Captain of the Marines. He will just be getting back from a successful mission and the General will personally offer him a spot on Project Valkyrie. He'll jump at the chance not realizing who would be his new superior officer. Old wounds are opened, feelings are still there, but they have to work with each other, and eventually they'll be sent on a mission when MC decides they are needed. Things will happen, mission will be completed (supposedly) and drama of course will be a theme here What I am looking for in YC: 24-25, still upset about the break up, still loves her, should be cold and distant, won't take orders well, Will eventually see that she's a good leader, but will suspect that her success is due to sleeping up the ranks, and not because of her success with the serum, because he won't know that she has actually been a member of the military from high school. NO INSTANT I LOVE YOU TAKE ME! Sort of thing, NO, I will smack you on the nose with newspaper if you do that. No Ultra sob stories, but he can have issues, they got along so well because they were each other's rocks in high school. In RP Partner: Not too picky here, I am not too extremely active right now, but no going month with out a post. At least 2+ paragraphs, 6-8 lines per paragraph, except during fight and sex scenes. Rules: NO God Mod NO Mushy Gushy Lovey Stuff 1 Auto Hit per fight among characters, but also must take 1 hit per fight scene, this means each response You can add a few back ground characters, But the General and her right hand man are OFF LIMITS all other, have fun Don't pester me for responses, I am getting active again, but do not "poke" my RP after a day or two, inbox me, and ill tell you to "poke" the RP if I have lost it in the replies. Have Fun XD I realize this will not be fully military, I don't know all the Military shit, but if you try to correct me about stupid shit, Imma eat your face got it. ((Extra, Yes, I realize that the pictures are cosplay of a Full Metal Alchemist character, NO THIS IS NOT A FULL METAL FANFIC, I just felt she best fit my character))