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Found 103 results

  1. PG-13 [Private] White Sands

    This is a private RP Between myself (Raine Bell) and Gajeel Just for some reference my character Name: Belinda Ridgens Age: 20-23 Gender: Female Appearance: Hazel eyes and honey brown hair that is sleek and reaches just past her shoulders with side bangs and cut in layers.She has a slender build and extremely proud of her body as she's worked hard for it. Evenly tanned to a caramel skin tone from all her summer vacations out in the sun with her family. Personality: Bubbly and out going Belinda it you upbeat peppy female. Extremely optimistic she always finds the good in everything. _______________________________________________________________________________________ So Gajeel, if you'd like you may post a character bio but as we discussed about letting it form throughout the story it is not necessary.
  2. X Adventure : 03

    It hadn't been so long ago that he'd been sitting in this same spot, gnawing the end of a pencil as he contemplated an ambiguously worded question on his college entrance exams. It was just as he'd intended, just as his parents wanted, that he was now for the first night relaxing into his bed on the University of Tokyo campus. His blue eyes bore up into the blankness of the ceiling as it occurred to him that he hadn't had a moment to relax like this in quite some time. Ken fixed his brows and tried to remember it. When had he last caught a breath of fresh air? When had he had so little on his plate that he'd had the time to, well, think of when he'd last had time? Maybe it was a bad time-- his roommate was sleeping, after all, and it was one in the morning. But Ken rolled off his bed anyway, working to put the final touches on unpacking his desktop computer. It was a frustratingly small room, but he wanted to be sure he had the computing power that a laptop couldn't provide. It wasn't for schoolwork, or anything like that... Maybe it was even foolish, to everybody else. He hadn't spoken to Wormmon in... maybe a month, just catching up. While his roommate slumbered with a soft, blue blob of un-digivolved nubile digimon on his chest, Ken's own partner was looking out for digi ne'er-do-wells in the digital world. Most people had the advantage of digimon without their own jobs or agendas, they got to keep them as pets, as best friends who'd never need to leave their side. Most digimon lived with their humans in the human world because humans had lives. Ken's was especially busy. So was Wormmon's. Still, he flipped on his monitor and listened to his roommate groan at the luminous glow. He had a little piece of software he'd coded to act like a communicator with Wormmon, working through his wireless antenna to pick up on the digivice's unique broadcast. It worked both ways, but since Ken was usually the one turning his computer on and off, he was the one initiating calls. Not tonight, though. About as soon as his computer was operating, he saw a log of missed calls from Wormmon. As the attempts stretched back a few hours-- hours he normally should've had his computer up and running-- suddenly the populating log was interrupted by yet another attempt. "Ken!" "Wormmon? What's up, buddy?" Ken looked nervously at his roommate, and the Chibomon that was starting to stir. He looked back at Wormmon even more unnerved. "I really need you, Ken! Listen-- all around the digital world, we've been hearing that people can't find their digimon, and worse, they can't seem to get into the digital world to come look for them here!" "What?" Ken didn't know why he was so shocked, given his experiences in the digital world, but peace had been strong and solid between the two worlds ever since Oikawa's death. That man had been sacrifice for everything the world was today-- and now it was in flux again? "Please come, Ken! I know you're busy, but you're the only one I can ask!" Wormmon's fragile voice shivered, and the D-3 that had been gathering a thick coat of dust no matter where he put it, lit up its screen. "The gate's open, then..." Ken picked it up with the familiarity of a bicycle. It was hard to forget his trips to the digital world, his trips especially. Well, he'd be back in no time... wouldn't he? He brushed off the digivice and held it to the screen. "Alright... I'm coming to help!"
  3. "There was a startling recognition that the nature of the universe was not as I had been taught… I not only saw the connectedness, I felt it.… I was overwhelmed with the sensation of physically and mentally extending out into the cosmos. I realized that this was a biological response of my brain attempting to reorganize and give meaning to information about the wonderful and awesome processes that I was privileged to view." The Hollow Void The Odyssey Of John Avery Helix is a solar system that exists within the vast emptiness of dark space. 14 planets surround the core of the system, The Dark Luna. The planets and their respective moons all rotate in perfect cohesion with one another to maintain a perfect helix formation around Dark Luna. The planets and Dark Luna harmonize perfectly to create a perfect system for life to flourish on the planets. And from Dark Luna the planets are nourished by a visible aura of energy that travels across space, interconnecting with all the planets and fueling them with the elements they need to produce life. Despite the bounty of life that this energy provides, we call the stream that travels through space The Hollow Void. When the inhabitants of Helix discovered the technology that allowed them to travel into space, many tried to cross through The Hollow Void, only for the men and women of those space crafts to perish and die. As the years progressed many more took to the darkness of space and a fair few chose to study the Void. But no matter how many tried it was impossible for a living being to return from the void without, at the very least, suffering from irreparable brain damage resulting in a vegetative state. However 9 months ago the impossible was made possible by Dr. Ralyn Asarath. Asarath shocked the solar system when he revealed that he had successfully managed to send a man into the Hollow Void, and return with only minor trauma and no damage to his physical health. Asarath's research continues as his explorer prepares for his 14th expedition into the Hollow Void. Whispers and gossiping have grown amongst the people of Helix as the name "John Avery" becomes a common household name. Meanwhile the man himself has been left hidden from his growing repute, living away from society on the research vessel Apollo Venture, having no idea of what has passed since he left his homeworld, and more so, what his future holds. The Hollow Void will revolve around John Avery and the crew of the Apollo Venture as their research within the Void leads them on an adventure across the system of Helix in order to find out the truth behind the Void's existence as well as the dark secrets of their own way of living. This roleplay is a Sci-Fi adventure which will mostly be about relationships between characters and the things they experience. It is not particularly combat intensive or revolving around fighting, space battles and lasers that go pew pew. The roleplay is private for now but MAY be open in the future if we decide to introduce new recurring members of the crew. Below is a list of informations relevant to the story. Races Genusian - The Genusian are a humanoid race that are almost exactly the same as a human. They are the most common race in the Helix system. Genusians have male and female genders and have similar mating and reproductive mannerisms to humans, i.e they maintain notions of love and bonding with a partner. Genusians have varying skin colours and recurring genetic similarities based on location. Currently there is little to no persecution among Genusians in regard to race, skin colour or sexual persuasion. As a race they persevere and are highly progressive despite inferior physical capabilities compared to other races. They have colonised 6 of the 14 planets that orbit Dark Luna, 3 of which are shared with The Orivar. The Orivar - Orivar are a humanoid species that stand at an average of 8ft tall for males and around 8ft 5 inches for females. Orivar tend to have a skin tone that is light shades of blue or purple. They only have two eye colours, green and yellow. Their height comes from larger than average arms and legs. Physically they are a hairless species, however, they grow a series of dark purple crystalline horns or risen scales on the top and back of their head that resembles that of a Genusian hairline. Orivar females are only distinguished by their generally higher pitched voices and by the fact that they have long prehensile tail that is lightly decorated with the same crystalline scales that they have on their head. In Orivar culture the males will often consider the female's tails as a an attractive quality, as well as the female's rear that the tail protrudes from. This is similar to a Genusian's attraction to breasts on a female or muscle on a male. Orivar reproduce through a contact based ritual which involves the melding of their genetic make-up through a physical and mental link. Orivar females can mate with other species, however, they can only produce offspring with an Orivar partner. Orivar males lack the ability to mate with other species, however, many have partnered with other races and pursued a non-sexual relationship. The Orivar have colonised 6 planets, 3 of which are shared with the Genusians. The Orivar were the first race to achieve space flight. Secadian - Secadians are a humanoid species with dark blue skin, pointed ears, white hair and entirely white, slightly luminous eyes. On average they are slightly taller than Genusians but due to their planet's high gravity (over twice that of Genus) they have a very compact and dense muscular structure and steel-like bones. Despite their size being similar, they are quite heavy, in fact the average Secadian is over two and a half times the weight of a Genusian. They are a species that has little understanding of conflict or mechanical technology, rather they focus their intellect on biotechnology which is tied in to their religious beliefs that their planet, Secunda, itself, is their God. So to practice their faith and to improve upon their biotech is to be closer to God. They are an open people who do not understand the complexity of courting or the permanence of marriage, yet they do understand love and feelings of affection. In fact, so strong are their feelings to their race and life as a whole, that any death in the community, or any disaster that takes life on scale, whether they knew the people or not, they feel the sting of death as strongly as other races would to lose a parent, a child or a partner, as a result, they have never had a concept of war and in fact in their own tongue, the word does not exist. The Secadian race has been the last to join in space flight for several reasons. First, though they were interested in the possibility of life on other planets, they knew that space was devoid of it, akin to hell, and it frightens them, so they have always focused their biotechnology in improving their own world, rather than exploring others. Secondly, other races have always found it difficult to ascertain if there was intelligent life on Secunda as the planet is one of dense jungle and forest, making it nigh impossible to land ships there and in addition, it is very difficult to scan for individual life signs as the planet is so alive with flora and fauna, it is just white noise on a scanner. It is only in the last 40 years that the Genusian and Orivar have been able to make contact. Since that time the Secundans have been as open and accepting of the other races as they would any life and have freely offered and explained their biotechnology in aid of reverse-engineering it for the other races. Despite their openness however, most would not wish to leave the planet for the reasons mentioned, and it is difficult for other species to stay on the planet for extended periods as the gravity is strong enough that the Genusian digestive system would fail under prolonged exposure without some form of environment protection. Koaran - They are a sturdy people who endure terrible hardships. Their bodies have greatly adapted to the cold and darkness of their home world. They are able to see in pitch black, sensing heat rather than light. Their bodies are able to tolerate extreme temperatures, but they still wear heavy clothing to protect against the climate. They mostly live in underground tunnels dug out from the ice deserts. They have no religion and their technology is sub-standard, most of it designed around improving their survival. However, on Koarius there is another intelligent race called Silph. They are symbiotic creatures, in size and similarity to a small snake. They are greatly prized and protected for they offer many benefits to both the host and symbiont. They are able to adapt the host's body to better suit extremes of environment and can protect against disease or poison, but their most valuable ability is that with every host taken, the symbiont retains their experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings and knowledge. Essentially everything about the previous hosts are retained and along with the symbiont's own knowledge, etc. are transferred to the new host, giving them an array of new knowledge and skills. Kryjn (Kr-ey-in) - Kryjn are quadrupedal beings. Each of their four appendages can be used to grasp objects with careful precision. Kryjn are physically quick and agile, athletically surpassing most other races. Their home planet was a jungle planet with incredibly high trees. Although they seem physically impressive to most races, they consider themselves sluggish when moving in the heavier gravity of other planets. Their homeworld has a very light density of gravity making them even more physically superior when they are upon it. Kryjn are covered in a thick fur and have leather skin underneath. Their heads are humanoid but with bestial qualities such as sharp fanged teeth and slit-like irises much like cats. Kryjn have male and female genitalia but are otherwise indistinguishable in regard to gender from another races' perspective. They are a proud race who live by a very strict code of ethics and operate a barter system based on trade of goods rather than currency, which they see no value in. Kryjn owe much to the Orivar and the Genusians who uplifted their primitive society by introducing them to space travel and various technological advancements. Kryjn are inhabitants of 2 planets, however, the Kryjn on each planet have different customs and views on what goods are valuable for trade. Whilst they are mostly peaceful the Kryjn are a dangerous race to cross due to their physical superiority. Planets (in order of furthest distance from Dark Luna) Koarius - Home of the Koaran people. An ice planet where only the hardiest or most resourceful life forms can exist. The planet never goes above 0°C and can go lower than -100°C. It is a planet so far from Dark Luna that it rarely sees the sun. It spends its daily cycle between utter darkness and waning twilight. It is also the home of the symbiotic species known as the 'Silph'. Farrleyn - This small planet was first colonised by the Orivar and used as an outpost to monitor the Genusians in the years before deciding to introduce them to space travel. The planet has a consistently cold temperature all year round, often covered with snow. It is now a shared planet colonised by both Orivar and Genusians. The small planet is mostly home to laborers who mine it's core for precious metals used in manufacturing of space-faring vessels and machines used on board. Some evidence suggests that there was perhaps a civilization living on this planet before the Orivar discovered it however any research into this has come up with little conclusive evidence. Genus - The Homeworld of the Genusians. Genus is a world mostly comprised of large oceans with several large land masses scattered across it. The planet's temperature varies based on time of year and location. Considerably larger than it's neighbour, Farrleyn, it currently holds a population of over 9.5 billion people. Genus is considered a highly coveted place to live for Genusians, as it still has better living conditions than other Genusian colonised worlds. Lonseid - This world was originally colonised by the Orivar but was gifted to the Genusians as a show of peace and good relations between the two races. Lonseid is smaller than Genus but has similar living conditions. It's gravity is slightly denser but citizens manage to acclimatize to it quite well. Arturo - The second of 3 shared worlds housing both Genusians and Orivar. Arturo is the largest planet in the Helix system. It is home to over 18 billion people collectively. This world was originally inhospitable to Orivar however with collective efforts from the Orivar and the Genusians the world was terraformed in order to create a planet that is now considered the centre of the alliance between the Genusians and the Orivar. It is home to the mega-city of Paradius, home to the Council of High Overseers, a group of Genusian and Orivar leaders who run their collective society. Orisharun - The homeworld of the Orivar. Orisharun is a water and crystalline based planet with little plant life to be seen. Orisharun is a technological marvel, being the first planet of one of the first races to become advanced. Vestus - Colonized planet of the Orivar. Secunda - A planet solely occupied by the Secadian race. It is a planet mostly comprised of forest, jungle and swamp, with many lakes and seas. It is extremely populated by all forms of life, while the only technology practised on Secunda is biotechnology using what is available on their home planet, a reason that it cannot be directly transferred to other planets due to their lighter gravity. Marveyan - Colonized by Orivar. Antrova - Colonized by Orivar and Genusian. Kryjnar - Homeworld of the Kryjn. Jungle planet. Consistent tropical temperatures. Low gravity density. Kryjnvol - Colonized by the Kryjn. Arid, dry desert planet. Water held in high regard due to lack of any on the planet. Low gravity density. Prone to volcanic eruption. Horizon - Colonized by Genusian. Low population. Planet is incredibly hot. Genusians cannot survive except in terraformed bio-structures and with wearing specialist suits. Horizon is a Genusian research facility studying increasing hostile environments as proximity to Dark Luna increases. Horizon is the last planet that can be reached by any race. Any vessel that has ventured further toward Dark Luna have went dark and never returned. X - Planet X is assumed to hold no life of any description. The planet appears dark and arid, with no signs of life. Several excursions have been made in order to land on the planet, however, none have been successful due to treacherous astral storms so close to Dark Luna. Dark Luna - The provider of life through the strange energy field known as the Hollow Void. Little is known about this colossal sphere. It appears to emit a purple glow, with patches of dark purple over it's surface. It is assumed to be a star that holds the other planets within it's orbit. Many assume it's energy is held together by magnetic fields. Little else is known about the planet. A Genusian/Orivar religious cult worship Dark Luna as a bringer of life and believe it to be our savior Technology Space Craft - Space Vessels are based on Orivar technology. It is fuelled by harnessing excess energy that is expelled from the Hollow Void. Whilst the Void itself is harmful to the vessels, the excess energy is expels is vital to space travel. As such it as currently impossible to travel outwith the Helix system as the Void's trajectory only moves within the system. Whilst the basic fuel system is still in place, researchers and engineers from various races are making interesting and remarkable advances constantly, making space vessels often unique in their features. Prosthetics - Using technology prosthetic limbs are the most common form of synthetic augmentation. Those who have lost limbs, eyes, organs can still live with synthetic versions. Advances are slowly happening with the introduction of bio-technology. Bio-technology - a result of Genusian reverse-engineering on the organic technology found on planet Secunda. This technology is highly experimental. The Void Strider - An armored space suit designed specifically to transport a living being through the Hollow Void. It is a design created by a combination of Genusian technology and experimental bio-technology, primarily developed by Dr. Ralyn Asarath. The suit is designed to monitor the physical and mental condition of the wearer and provide information and medical treatment, as well as tactical information and guidance through a sophisticated software suite called "The Mother Programme". Arms & weaponry - Energy based pistols and rifles have been used for over 50 years, making ammunition based weapons obsolete. Energy based weapons have a renewable energy source to fire high impact shots that can be set to stun or kill. Weapons are still subject to cooldown times due to the weapon overheating. My Profile Name: John Avery Race: Genusian Age: 47 Appearance: A lean man standing at 5'9''. John has the looks of a man once handsome in his younger days. He has a strong, defined jaw and short, light brown hair styled in a very typical crew cut with the hair on top styled in a side parting. His face is lightly tanned, rugged with stubble and scars from razor burn. He has soft wrinkles under his eyes. He has a few old, faded tattoos on his arms hiding under the fine hair across his arms and chest. His eyes are a dull grayish shade of blue. Personality: John is a taciturn man who is usually quite serious and to the point. He speaks with experience and authority although he does not appear to think much of himself. Showing mild signs of regret and self loathing, John rarely speaks of his past but normally does so bitterly. Despite being often quite quiet he is far from lazy and has a blue collar attitude toward working hard and doing a job you are given. John holds more stock in action than words and doesn't take too fondly to thinking men such as scientists and academics. For the most part he just wants to be left alone to do the job he came to do. He struggles with the death of his wife many years ago and the estrangement with his daughter that it caused. History: John was born on Lonseid, one of the closest planets to Genus. He lived a fairly ordinary childhood attending school with the other children in the small town of Charity that he lived in. When John was 18 he enlisted in the military. He served in a territorial patrol on Lonseid for several years. At the age of 19 he met Victoria, a beautiful young woman who was the daughter of his commanding officer. John married Victoria 3 years later and continued serving in the military, travelling and living on several military bases with Victoria. At the age of 23, shortly after his marriage to Victoria, she fell pregnant. Under pressure to provide for his future child John decided to enlist in the Genusian Space Faring Marine Unit. He left Victoria on Lonseid while he travelled the Helix system, taking part in dangerous and grueling operations that took a tole on his mind. He returned for the birth of his daughter, Carolyn, but Victoria could already see that the horrors of combat were changing the man she loved. For many years John served the military, each time returning to Lonseid to find his daughter a little older and more distant. At the age of 42 he arrived home to find that his wife had died in a fire caused by an electrical fault in his home. His daughter, Carolyn, was fortunately away from home at University during this time. After the funeral Carolyn finished her studies and chose to promptly leave Lonseid, taking a highly paid research position for a company situated in Arturo. John never saw his daughter again. Alone and no longer fit to serve in the military, he turned to alcohol and gambling. As his debts mounted John signed up for the easiest work he could find, research test subject work. 12 Months ago John received a call. His DNA and physical examinations were a match for an experimental research study. Despite minor concerns for his mental stability, he was offered the opportunity to pilot an experimental piece of equipment out in the reaches of space. It would require him living on a space craft for an extended period of time. With little else to live for he leapt at the chance. Within a month he was aboard the Apollo Venture, working under a Dr. Ralyn Asarath. After only a few months he completed his first expedition, venturing into the horror that was the Hollow Void. Although all he had experienced was mind shattering loneliness and a desire to end his own life, apparently he had done something right. The scientists were pleased. They wanted to send him in again. At first he protested, but he was promised that he would not be alone this time. He was told that new advancements to the suit would protect him. He agreed to try once more. It has been 9 months since John Avery first leapt into the Hollow Void. Today he makes his 14th attempt into the cold, empty abyss, in order to find answers to world we live in. Today John Avery will be given answers.