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  1. The man's neck broke as the rope went taunt. King Viserys watched him hang limply from the gallows with disgust and bitter disappointment, ordering him to be cut down with a small flick of his hand. His morning entertainment had been sadly lacking, and his interest had quickly waned from the prisoner who had just been executed for rape. He liked it when they choked to death slowly, it was so dull when it was quick, and now he needed something new to focus his attention on. He would be due in court soon, to discuss matters of the country, and he needed something to entertain his mind during the insufferable bore. He also needed something to distract him from the pressing issue of his missing bride-to-be. "Your Majesty." Two guards bowed before his dais, a woman in shackles between them. When she didn't bow, the guard to her right kicked at the back of her legs, causing her to fall to her knees. "This woman was caught stealing bread." "You starve us! We needed the food!" The young lady was feisty, he liked that, and she really was rather pretty, but she did need to be punished for her crime. Which was why he didn't protest when the same guard delivered a hard smack to the side of her face. "Cut off her hand. If she continues to protest, remove her tongue as well." Another flick of his hand, rings glittering on his fingers, and Viserys sat back on his chair, bored once again. Watching the woman be punished would be far more amusing than whatever court had to offer, and he could have his way with her afterwards, but due to his fiancée's disappearance, and the unrest across the land, his absence would just not be permissible. Being King really could be irksome from time to time. Standing up, those around rose as well, dropping their heads as he went by, feeling more and more irritated with every step. This whole business with Alatariel had, so far, caused him nothing but unrest. She was even more beautiful than he'd expected, the elegance and grace of her race really couldn't be described by mere words, but she'd been forcibly polite and cold ever since her arrival. Nothing he had done had warmed her up. He'd shown her his city, he'd thrown a giant feast in her honour, and he'd shared his passions with her. Well, most of his passions. His pursuit of women had conveniently been left out. And yet, she'd remained as cold as the day she'd arrived. Even the wedding preparations hadn't cheered her, and he was making sure no expense was spared. Of course, she had been obliging to his ideas, and her manners were impeccable, but it wasn't enough. He had seen that she was less than impressed, he'd vowed for that to change, even if he had to fuck it into her on their wedding night, but she'd flown from the city before he was able. The guards had been dispatched, of course, they'd been looking for over a day now, and signs would be put up in every town and village in Domirian, with a reward for her return, but her disappearance was a slur against him. Even if she returned, she would be the bride who ran away, the bride who believed herself too good for a King, and he would make her pay for that. Oh yes, he'd definitely make her pay. ---- Her horse was going to be lame if she carried on. She'd been riding all night, and most of the morning, trying to put as many miles between herself and Tartarus as possible. She'd left two nights ago, constantly in fear that she'd be discovered, keeping to the wooded land close to the road, as much as possible. Domirian was mostly unknown to her, she hadn't visited in centuries, and so she had no idea if she was fleeing to safety or her own peril. Anything was better than staying with Viserys. How that man called himself a King, she couldn't fathom. He ruled by fear, instead of respect, and he punished the smallest of crimes with a severity which chilled her to the bone. He'd taken her to the dungeons on her second day in the city, watching as a man had been tortured until he'd admitted stealing his neighbours pig. A pig. Visery's had then had him hanged, which they'd also watched, and while Alatariel was supposed to see the justice, all she saw was the perverse pleasure in her future husband's eyes as the man was strangled to death. She'd known, in that moment, that he wasn't a man she could marry. And so, with the cover of darkness, she had dressed in her usual hunting garb, instead of the unsuitable gowns he'd had her wear, packed her essentials, and left the city on the back of her most favoured horse. Having been raised by elves, he was swifter than the average horse, but even he couldn't run forever, and so she was forced to stop whenever she felt the danger wasn't too great. Which had her stopping in a small village, the sun not yet at its highest point in the sky, keeping her head covered by the hood of her robe, despite the warmth of the day. Elves weren't unheard of in Domirian, but they were rare enough, and with Viserys likely in an uproar about her disappearance, she didn't need to draw unwanted attention. Throwing a silver coin at a stable boy, he took the reins, drawing her exhausted horse into a stall, allowing her to enter the tavern quickly. It wasn't yet full, but it was busier than she would have liked, and when she reached the day, the barmaid looked at her with suspicion. A hooded figure entering the building couldn't have been unusual, but it was enough to make people feel uneasy. Could she trust her hair not to shift too much in here? Could her attempts to be inconspicuous actually have the complete opposite effect? She needed to get a room as soon as possible. "Wine, and a room." "A copper for the wine, two silver for the room. We'll tell you when it's ready." "Thank you." The barmaid continued to look at her with distrust as coins were exchanged, placing the goblet of wine onto the bar before her. Alatariel took it gratefully, although, after a sip, she realised it really wasn't to her tastes. It was quite sour, without the touch of sweetness she was used to, and it didn't go down easily. It was all she had though, and so she drank it gratefully, constantly praying that she'd go unnoticed, and that her room would be ready as swiftly as possible.
  2. 13 Nights in Pleasant Glen: Twilight Incursion Growing up in Pleasant Glen, we're used to the weird shit that happens in the background of our lives. I mean, every now and then someone disappears, a dead body turns up or you hear that something horrific happened to Mr So-and-So. You kind of just… tune it out, you know? You lock up the doors, shut the windows and draw the blinds. Even the abnormal can become the normal if we ignore it for long enough. But we can only feign ignorance for so long before it starts intruding in our lives. It began with the graffiti that appeared in several locations in town a month ago. In the university, in back alleyways and on the fence of residences. Each of these depicted a tall, suit-clad, faceless entity with long, flimsy arms wrapped around a crudely-drawn stick man. SLENDERMAN VISITS, goes the tagline. The disappearances and witness accounts of an actual faceless entity began shortly thereafter. As with the disappearances before them, I didn't put too much stock in them. Until I saw him myself last night. When he took my brother. I think it saw me. It KNOWS I know. It's coming back for me, I just know it. I just wish I had paid attention before this. - Ian’s diary, last entry entitled 'SLENDERMAN' before disappearance What You Need To Know This is a role-playing game based on the World of Darkness system developed by White Wolf. If you’re new to the WoD system, I highly recommend that you read the Basic nWoD Guide created by DayDreamer. It’s great for getting a feel of the mechanics involved with playing a RPG and a sense of the mood of WoD stories in general. You’ll find the World of Darkness guidebook here. You will have to fill up a character sheet here. Diceroller here. This is the second episode in the Pleasant Glen series which I'm running. It is targeted at both newcomers and veterans to the World of Darkness system. That means that you do not need to have participated in the first episode to join this. In this episode, you'll play as either a tourist or a local of Pleasant Glen, a sleepy backwater town that sits atop one of the largest gateways to the Underworld. The town is beginning its winter solstice and even as the snow cuts off access to the outside world, numerous supernatural beings have begun a silent invasion of the town. The town is under siege, and it doesn't know it. It will be up to you to survive, resist, and possibly if you are lucky, triumph against the encroaching darkness. What You Should Expect Firstly, this is not Dungeons and Dragons. Your player character is very much human, and very, very mortal. You are prey to the Twilight beings that stalk Pleasant Glen, make no mistake, and your character can die if you act recklessly. Secondly, expect to do a fair amount of puzzle solving. Your best shot at survival and possibly victory over the darkness is to obtain key pieces of information. Information may come in the form of hearsay from the town’s NPCs or research conducted at the local library. You may not recognize it when you first receive it, but it’ll always be there waiting for you to come back to it. Note that some special objects are also near-compulsory in order for you to advance the plot; you simply must find them or set aside that story arc until you do. Thirdly, expect to take the initiative. As the Story-Teller, I’ll provide basic information about your surroundings and any NPCs that happen to be nearby. It will be completely up to you whether and how you wish to explore your environment further. There are several possible story arcs and options that you might uncover based on what you do or say (and vice versa). I will not tell you whether a particular course of action is helpful or not; I will simply respond as circumstances dictate. For instance, you find yourself in a grocery store. You could talk to the temp-guy at the counter, obtain some local gossip and leave after that. Or you may recall that someone was found completely drained of blood that morning and decide to purchase a clove of garlic. Who knows? Maybe your genre-savviness will save your life later on. Perhaps a blood-lusty mummy (and not a vampire like you had assumed) had perpetrated that attack, but you wouldn’t know unless you had somehow obtained that information earlier. That being said, your posts can be as long or as short as you wish, as long as they achieve your objectives. Last Words This episode will not start until Episode 1 is over, which will likely take another 1-2 weeks. Reason mainly being that I'll want feedback from that episode to improve on the GM-ing for this. I'm creating the discussion thread early to gauge the interest, and also because reading the WoD handbook and character creation can take quite some time. HerculeHastings will be running a Hunter: the Vigil RPG soon for those of you who favor a more combat/action-oriented playing style. So you might want to join that one instead of this. Thanks go to DayDreamer and HerculeHastings for setting up the infrastructure for WoD RPGs. I basically copied the format for this introduction from their Geist RPG.
  3. NC-17 [Private] Hitodama

    OOC: Private RP between myself and Neferteri. Rated NC-17 for violence, gore and dark themes. HITODAMA The hot mid-morning sun beat down on the inhabitants of the small village of Karashi. The stall owners had set up their wares and were busy trying to attract the attention of the crowd that walked the main street down the centre of the village. The various sights and smells fought for the attention of anyone travelling this dirt road. From the pungent smell of fish, to various spices. The kaleidoscope of colours belonging to one trader's silk had collected a group of women who were fussing over the various patterns and options available to them. A few voices managed to break the cacophony of indistinguishable sounds, stall owners determined to attract the attention of their potential clientèle. "I have fresh fish, straight in from Takadashi, caught just this morning!" "Get your dumplings and hot tea here!!" "When you need the finest of silks, ask for--" Their voices rejoined the maelstrom of noise once more. At a nearby tea house, the owner took orders for the customers, anxious to escape from the heat of the day with a pleasant drink and a snack. The owner was human like any other, a slim woman dressed in a rather plain-looking kimono dress, however, her cook was anything but human. This creature was almost seven feet tall, if he stood upright, though he was greatly hunched over. He had six incredibly long arms, rather than two of normal human length, and each of them worked independently, doing various tasks about the kitchen. His face was relatively humanoid, though he had quite a long nose that sat upon a thick, handlebar moustache. "Order! Two dumplings and one jug of sake!" The owner called out. "Two dumplings, sake!" The creature repeated. It was known as an 'Akuma', a type of creature much like a human in it's capacity for good or evil, yet gifted with strange powers and more often than not (as was the case with this one) a stranger appearance, as unique to the individual as a human's fingerprint. Three of it's snake-like arms stretched across the kitchen, over several of the other busy staff and began picking up various ingredients and working them together. One arm grabbed a sake jug and poured out enough for an individual serving. Another began kneading the dough while the third added extra ingredients to the dumpling. The creature's fourth hand scratched it's moustache in quiet contemplation, it's fifth began putting together a tray and it's sixth and final arm started to arrange everything together as it finished, then moved to take a sip of tea. "Order up!" It called back, grabbing the tray with the top two of it's arms and stretching them out to the owner in the front of the tea house who took it with a nod and began to cross the room. The walls of the tea house were a deep jade green with an ornate pattern in it's corners, many of the patrons were sectioned off by screens positioned to give them privacy should they desire it. There was a great deal of laughter and conversation in the tea house. A geisha knelt in one corner of the room, playing a shamisen to set a relaxed and playful mood with the melodic plucking of her skilled hands. However, the pleasant atmosphere was not to last. As the geisha's song came to an end and a round of gentle applause echoed through the tea house, the paper sliding door to the tea house slid to one side and a man stepped inside. Almost immediately, the tone of the room changed. Each of his steps were careful, precise. He moved with speed and fluidity, crossing the room as the other customers whispered to themselves and one another. He was dressed in a pair of baggy black trousers, allowing freedom of movement, but were bound with white cloth from his knees down, to avoid tripping or catching on the fabric. His feet were covered by a pair of simple black leather boots. His top was a dark blue and gave him a similar freedom of movement, and likewise, the long sleeves were bound to his arms to stop them catching on anything. Over the blue top, he wore a blood red sleeveless cloth jacket with rigid shoulders and a mandarin collar. On the back of the jacket in white, was the body of a coiled snake and on his waist lay a katana, sheathed in a glistening black metal. The owner of the tea house swallowed nervously and looked for guidance or support from her staff, but many of them had scurried away. In particular, the chef was panicking, moving at speed to try and manoeuvre his way out of the kitchen. Yet in those tight confines, his large size and multiple enormous limbs were now a disadvantage. He was clearly terrified of this stranger. The owner turned back just in time as the man stepped up to the front desk and looked over her shoulder at the chef, and then turned his gaze back on her. His eyes were a dark brown, and his skin slightly tanned, but his hair was unusual. Unlike most, whose hair was black or brown, his hair was like liquid sand. Thick and tied back into a high ponytail. His face was devoid of expression, only a casual observation and serenity seemed to linger. "I need to eat." His voice was calm and measured. "O-of course, Sir!" The owner bowed, "I see the jacket you wear, and I know of your illustrious status." She smiled falsely and bowed once again, "The Shinsengumi are always welcome here, Sir." "I see." He replied. "I will have dumplings, and tea to drink." He turned from her and started walking to a table across the room, but as he neared another table the man sat at it reflexively stood and stumbled backwards out of the stranger's way. For a moment, the blond-haired man turned to look at the startled customer, but then noting that he had abandoned his table, turned from his original choice and sat there instead, moving aside the man's still half-eaten lunch to clear a space for his own meal. The customer in question accepted his displacement in silence and quickly fled from the tea house. After a few moments, the blond-haired man looked in the direction of the kitchen, only to see the chef finally working his way out. "If the chef is not present, I will be unable to eat." He said matter-of-factly, and the Akuma chef froze. "I-I..." The creature looked to the owner, further panic spreading across his sweat-beaded face. "Make our honoured guest his meal, Garrok." The owner said, through half-clenched teeth. "O-of course." Garrok grunted, looking back at the blond-haired man before returning to the kitchen. "So..." The owner began, slinking over to the newcomer, she tapped the ends of her fingers together as though looking for a topic of conversation, but failing that she relied on her curiosity, "Why have you graced us, Shinsengumi?" "Shinsengumi is the name of my unit. I am called Satoshi." He replied, then brushed a few dumpling crumbs away from his side of the table, "I am here to track and possibly, to kill a renegade Akuma." The smashing of broken dishes in the kitchen broke the uncomfortable silence. "O-oh, of course, of course..." The owner kneaded her fingers and licked her dry, worried lips. "I am not here for your chef." Satoshi added, noting their expressions. Something that though he could observe and understand, that a certain expression meant a certain thing, but the reason for them was all but alien to him. "Good, good." She replied nervously releasing a breath. Finally, Garrok came from the kitchen himself, carrying a tray with Satoshi's tea and dumplings. The chef was using all six of his arms to carry the tray, and even then, it still shook violently. As he lowered it towards the table, Satoshi reached out and held the tray between his thumb and forefinger, and the shaking was stopped. He took what he wanted from the tray and politely nodded to the chef before turning his attention on the dumplings. Once he had eaten, he stood back up and thanked them for the meal, though it came without genuine appreciation, for like all members of the Shinsengumi - the hunters of criminal Akuma - he had no emotion. "Will you tell me," Satoshi began, "Where your nearest brothel is?" He brushed a couple of crumbs from his clothes, then noticed their confused expressions. Did they think he wished to interact with the staff in some manner? "I have been informed that my target's last attack was on a client of such an establishment." Realisation dawned on their faces and they gave him directions immediately, glad to see the back of him. It took Satoshi a few minutes to find the White Lotus brothel. He was welcomed inside by a pair of women dressed as geisha, though he knew they were no such thing. The atmosphere inside this place was equally subdued, perhaps in part it was due to his presence, for which he had grown... accustomed? However, the people here also seemed as relieved as they were afraid. "I am too late, then." He commented, after observing several of the girls. "That thing passed herself off as one of my girls!!" Yelled the madam as she stormed across the main hall of the brothel. She was middle-aged with a tight bun of dark brown hair, dressed in a long blue kimono and haphazardly applied make-up. "I want to know what the hell you're going to do about this! I deserve compensation!!" She huffed, staring at Satoshi with venom who stared back at her calmly. After a few seconds of silence, when some of the flame had left her, he replied. "You will receive no such compensation." Satoshi corrected her, looking around the room, "From myself, nor my unit, nor the bakufu, nor the Shogun." "Pah!" The woman barked. "Where is your injured client?" Satoshi asked, raising an eyebrow in query. The madam seemed reluctant to point him out at first, but eventually she accepted that Satoshi was not going to leave or lose his patience and she pointed the man out. Satoshi turned and followed the direction with which she pointed and after a few seconds, he found himself stood over a man in his thirties. The man was heaving as though he'd been doing strenuous work, or something to that effect. "You have been attacked?" Satoshi asked, leaning down to check the man over. "Of-bloody-course i've been attacked! Can't you see?!" The man snapped, trying to pull himself to his feet and failing. "Remain seated, you are injured." Satoshi placed his hand on the man's shoulder as he tried to stand and firmly pushed him down into a seated position again, the man's expression was a mixture of shock and disbelief at Satoshi's strength, and yet lack of physical force apparently exerted. "I know i'm injured! She took something from me!!" The man shook his head, eyes tearing up. "What did she take from you?" Satoshi asked. "I... well..." The victim searched in front of him, frowning, "Well... me.. she took my life. She drained me until I couldn't stand, I feel awful!" "Yes," Satoshi nodded, "This is my target." "Kill her, dammit!!" The cantankerous man demanded, thumping his fist on his knee. "My judgement is autonomous from your request, and will not be affected by it." He replied, standing back up. "Bloody puppet..." The victim muttered, trying to catch his breath thereafter. Satoshi turned and started towards the entrance of the brothel, stepping back out into the street and the mid-day sun. He knew he was likely only a matter of hours, maybe even minutes behind his target. The trail was still hot, she might strike again before he had found her, but he knew that this was most probable to be her final attack before he found her. If he was capable of emotion, he might have wished for her next victim's safety. But he could not, so he did not. Instead, he wished only to fulfil the duty that had been given him. And he would see it done.
  4. Private RP between myself and Neferteri. Rated NC-17 for violence, gore and dark themes. Akuma. Creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. Though often monstrous and demonic in appearance, they are much like humankind. They are as capable of acts of great good as they are of great evil. Many simply want to live their lives, but there are some who would inflict harm upon others. The Akuma are unlike humans in that they often possess great and terrible powers. It is for this reason that the human laws and those that uphold them are insufficient for the task of maintaining order and peace when it comes to Akuma. Though the samurai are the ruling class, and are above many of the laws that the peasants of both races must abide by, they are still bound by a code of morals and laws and their individual power was insufficient in dealing with Akuma. So was born the Shinsengumi, often labelled as the 'puppets of the Shogun' by the people, they were individuals who sacrificed their emotions in exchange for the power that would allow them to uphold the law, even over the Akuma. They are often feared and hated by the general population, for unlike samurai, they are emotionless and though they are fair and logical in their decisions, they can rarely be reasoned with or manipulated. The year is 1598 and Japan is on the verge of civil war. The current military leader of the country or 'Shogun', Ashikaga Yoshiaki, has been under threat by a rebellion led by a man called Tokugawa Ieyasu, who wishes to usurp Yoshiaki and claim power over the Shogunate. Though Yoshiaki is well-liked, he also has much opposition, enough to draw Japan into a civil war that could last for hundreds of years. Crime is rampant - murder, rape and theft goes unchecked and groups of bandits sweep through the country like a plague. It is a time of great turmoil and strife for the people of Japan. However, there is still hope, in the form of two unlikely heroes. GLOSSARY Shinsengumi - Created hundreds of years ago by the Shogunate, when the incidents of Akuma-involved crimes had risen to dangerous proportions and the samurai were insufficient in upholding the law. The Shinsengumi exchange their emotions in return for power, how it is achieved is unknown to all but the Shogun and the Shinsengumi themselves. They have a great many varied abilities amongst their ranks, however, they are generally capable of great feats of strength, speed and agility. Their reflexes are superhuman and the rate at which they heal is greatly increased. Wounds that would take a human weeks to recover from can be healed in a matter of hours/days. Akuma - Creatures that have been around for as long as humankind can remember. They are greatly integrated into society and hold titles from peasant, to merchant, to samurai and even Daimyo (Lord). Akuma can be far more varied in appearance and power than the average human. They are skilled in a great many things, but are just as fallible as any human. Many accept or tolerate Akuma as part of their way of life, but despite this there are a great many who harbour ill will towards them. Racism is always bubbling under the surface. While capable of good or evil as much as any human, the Akuma are far more dangerous. For when a man is pushed to do evil, he may wield a sword or bow, or even an army. But an Akuma is capable of acts of great physical strength, as well as an array of abilities unique to each individual. Samurai - The samurai are the ruling class in feudal Japan. Unlike peasants, merchants, etc. who are bound by a great many laws, the samurai only have a short list to obey. They are able to kill peasants without reason or provocation and are the enforcers of the general law and order of the country, however, they answer to the Shinsengumi in matters relating to the Akuma, or if a samurai has disobeyed an order or committed a crime. They are proud warriors who are honour-bound to serve their Daimyo, however, there are samurai who exist without masters and these are called 'ronin' and are generally regarded as disgraceful. Shogun - The Shogun is the military leader of Japan. Though the Shogun is appointed by the Emperor, they are the de facto ruler of Japan. The government of the Shogun is known as the 'bakufu'. The Shinsengumi are not strictly employed by the Shogun, but by the public, yet even the Shinsengumi are bound to obey the word of the Shogun. Name: Satoshi Age: 27 Appearance: Personality: Bio: Abilities:
  5. It was a hot day. Large crowds of foreign dignitaries milled into the stadium, eagerly chattering away in anticipation of the show that was about to be performed in front of their very eyes. Soldiers in towering suits of metal and kevlar stood by the various entrances, hefting impressive guns as a warning to anyone who might threaten to disturb the peace. It was of utmost importance that nothing went wrong today, for it was the unveiling of the United States's latest superweapon to the world. ExoSuit ESX-58, "Spectre". It had been nearly 15 years since the megacorporation, FutureTech Industries, revealed the first ExoSuit. Even back then, it was an astounding breakthrough in technology, providing innumerable advantages to the average soldier. Super strength, enhanced battlefield awareness and invulnerability to conventional firearms were three of its numerous selling points. The ExoSuit changed the landscape of war, rendering traditional strategies and weaponry useless. The US and Chinese militaries imported vast numbers of these ExoSuits, hoping to equip every soldier with one by the year 2050. Since then, there have been countless improvements made to the original ExoSuit, with each country going on its own developmental path to create their unique breed of super soldier. Demonstrations such as these were a show of might, a way of waging war without harming lives. Deterrence, in a way. That was the reason why so many world leaders were gathered at Phoenix, Arizona to witness the demonstration this day. It would take a fool to interrupt such a heavily-guarded event. "AS-08X, Seraph Excalibur, in position. Operation Ghostbuster will commence in T-minus 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7..." As the applause from the audience began to fill the air, a lone figure moved out of the shadows and approached the entrance to the grand stadium. It resembled an ExoSuit in a way, but its features were more sleek, almost alien-like. Streaks of blue light trailed behind the suit reminiscent of wings, and the suit hovered in the air, its feet just a few inches off the ground. The guards on duty raised their gauss rifles, training them upon the newcomer with honed lethality. "Halt! Identify yourself!" One of them spoke, as he slowly approached the figure. The other seemed to be speaking into a microphone, presumably calling for reinforcements. The figure halted, allowing the soldier to reach within arms' length. "Turn around and put your hands up- hey!" Moving faster than the eye could see, the Seraph Excalibur darted to the right as the soldier in the ES-22 "Gallant" suit fired off a few rounds, turning around to follow its movements. As the soldier raised his gun, there was a flash and an arc of light, and then his arm lay severed on the ground, the gauss rifle landing with a great crash. He barely had time to scream, however, as the next slash took his head cleanly off, leaving him to kneel down and collapse in a pool of blood. "Mayday! Mayday! Unknown hostile at entrance 15! We need backup- AAARGGHH!" The Seraph Excalibur pulled the plasma blade out of the soldier's abdomen, dropping his corpse onto the ground with a lazy action. "Going in," the man in the suit whispered. The whole stadium was in disarray now, as the sounds of the battle outside reached some of the audience. More soldiers were running here and there, evidently attempting to control the situation as they dispatched more men to the scene. Their reactions were too slow. The Seraph Excalibur flew into the middle of the stage, where the new suit was located. The Spectre. To the pilot's credit, he seemed pretty calm despite all the confusion in the area. As the newcomer floated down to meet him, he raised a large pistol and pointed it straight at his forehead. "I don't know who you are, buddy, but you picked the wrong place to make a scene," he declared. "By doing this, you have incurred the wrath of the entire United States upon yourself. Not that you'll be alive for much longer. I am, after all, Richard Stone, one of America's ace pilots, in my country's most advanced ExoSuit. I don't know how your magic suit can maintain propulsion for so long, but it's not going to save you from me." About twenty guns were trained on him at this point of time, with the soldiers forming a wide arc around the dome-shaped stage. "... You're noisy." A vein popped in Richard's head. "What did you say?! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?!" His finger pulled the trigger- The Seraph had weaved to the side, a plasma blade extending from each hand as it advanced upon his adversary. Immediately, every soldier on the scene opened fire, but not a single shot found its mark. Whether by skill or ungodly luck, the Seraph was moving in fluid motions that avoided each bullet as it approached, rapidly advancing upon the Spectre as it tried to retreat to gain distance. Impossible, Richard thought, as he emptied his pistol's magazine at him in vain. Such speed! It's as though he can see where I'm going to fire... With a burst of light, the Seraph appeared next to him in an instant. Richard barely had time to react, whipping his hand away as the MC-198 Magnum he was holding dropped to the ground in pieces. He swore, reaching for the next weapon- but he felt a searing pain and a violent shock, and then he noticed the gaping hole where his arm was supposed to be. A hand grabbed him by the neck, and he felt himself being raised up into the air as it became difficult to breathe... He noticed the firing had stopped. Did someone else take out the soldiers? But Richard had more pressing matters at hand, as he struggled to wrestle himself free from the Seraph's iron grip. He realized the whole stadium had become silent, as all eyes were fixated on the scene in the center of the stage. The Seraph reached over to his suit, plucking out the microphone that was attached to the stadium's loudspeakers and moved it to his mouth. "I am Vengeance." And then he snapped Richard's neck.
  6. OOC: Private RP between myself and Skielights, rated NC-17. FALLING STAR The hot summer morning sun shone down upon the city of Great Falls, Montana. Despite the sun, there was a cool northerly breeze that kept the morning dog-walkers wrapped up. A newspaper boy out on his rounds pulled out a newspaper and discarded the sheet that read 'No. 6, Crystal Road'. With a deft throw the paper landed on the porch, and the boy called out, "Paper!!" Rays of light flickered through the blinds of Alex Cooper's bedroom, a noise made him stir beneath his bed covers, but he just grunted and turned over. Today was the first day of summer vacation, but to his horror the night before, his mother, Christine, had suddenly announced to him and his sister, Zoe, that the two of them were going to spend some quality time together on a road-trip with their Uncle Jake. A man in his mid-forties, with a muscular build, brown eyes and brown hair, greying just above his ears and a goatee similarly flecked with grey. As if it wasn't bad enough that he had to spend his time at home with his sister, but now they were going to be sharing cramped living conditions in an RV, with a man who he could only having remembered meeting once, and on that occasion, it was one of the most boring day's of his young life. The thought of spending an entire summer vacation with Zoe and Uncle Jake left a sour taste in Alex's mouth. His mind was just coming to the realisation that it was that very morning that they were going to set off on their 'adventure' as Uncle Jake had claimed it to be, when the alarm on his bedside table started to beep, glaringly rousing him from what little remaining comfort he was trying to hold onto. With a disgruntled yell, Alex twisted over and slammed his hand down on the top of his alarm. The beeping continued and he hit it again and still it ignored his pleading wish of silence. It was too late, he heard his mother come walking down the hall and knock on his door. "Time to get up, Lex!" She called out, "Road-trip!" She said cheerily, and walked off down the hall before he could reply, presumably so he had no time to argue the point, and to check on his sister. "Ugh!!" Alex groaned, and kicked his sheets away from his body like a child in a tantrum and remained lying on the bed for a few seconds more, wearing nothing but a pair of grey boxer shorts. Alex was fifteen years old, thin and of average height for his age. He had long, scruffy black hair that fell down to his chest, it would have been a copper-colour, but he dyed it. With a quick blow, he knocked a bang of hair out of his grey eyes and leant over to his bedside table, where he picked up a pair of stylish, black-rimmed glasses and put them on, bringing the world into greater focus. "Come on, kids!" A voice echoed through the house from somewhere downstairs, "Early bird catches the worm!!" That was his Uncle, for sure. Alex looked over at his alarm clock. 7:00am. He rolled his eyes, why did he have to be up so early? It was his first day of summer vacation, and he couldn't have just one day to himself? Sighing, he pulled himself out of bed and got dressed into a pair of black jeans and a dark brown short-sleeved t-shirt, once he'd been through his morning ablutions he stumbled downstairs, rubbing his eyes beneath his glasses before sitting at the dining table and taking a slice of toast from the several already laid out on the rack and buttering it quickly. Seconds later Uncle Jake walked through from the kitchen, "So, ready for your big adventure on the wide, open road?!" He grinned. "Really?" Alex muttered, rolling his eyes and taking a bite of his toast. "Where's your sister?" Uncle Jake asked, looking around. "I don't know." He muttered, taking a deep breath. "Well--" "--I don't care." Alex clarified, taking another bite of his breakfast. Not one morning to himself. This was going to be one very long summer vacation. After a quick frown, his Uncle returned to his cheery self and jingled the RV keys, "Want to know where we're going first?" After a couple of seconds of silence he continued regardless, "We're going to spend a couple of nights camping outdoors, enjoying mother nature, cooking marshmallows, all of that. Some fresh Coal Creek forest air will do you city kids both a world of good." "Wonderful." Alex replied, as sarcastically as he could before finishing his toast. Footsteps. Alex turned to look back at the stairs and saw his sister carrying several particularly large bags. "Seriously, Alex? We were supposed to leave half an hour ago!" Zoe flattened red-blond hair with one hand and lugged the last of her bags down the stairs with the other. She strode by Alex's spot at the table and snatched his plate and glass away. "Get your bags and lets get out of here!" The sooner they were gone, the sooner Zoe could get her headphones in and forget Alex existed. "Lex." He corrected her, for the hundredth time. He knew she did that just to annoy him. "Anyway, i'm packed... kind of." He thought to his bags and how he'd just shoved his clothes in and had to sit on top of his travel case before it would close. "Well if you're both ready, let's mosey." Their Uncle added, looking to Christine who nodded with a smile. "Behave yourselves," She said to them, all three of them and gave both Alex and Zoe a hug, "And look after one another." She added, with a knowing look on her face. Alex rolled his eyes and stood from the table to run up and grab his case. "Yeah, yeah, mom," Zoe muttered. The only reason she'd look out for Alex was to keep as far away from him as possible, but her mom was so glad they were going on this stupid road trip that Zoe couldn't say that aloud. At least not till she was in the RV. Zoe returned her mom's hug and grabbed a suitcase for each hand; her first load of three."Can we just leave without him?" Zoe muttered Uncle Jake's way, but her mother just smiled and crossed her arms. "Okay, that's all of them." Alex walked out of the RV, having put the last case on board. Why did Zoe need so many bags, anyway? "Hey Lex, you wanna show your sister where everything is, I need to talk to your mom." Uncle Jake smiled at him which only prompted Alex to roll his eyes. "Come on, Zoe." He muttered, and walked onto the RV and looked around, "This thing is a rust-bucket." He added, pursing his lips. He looked out the side window and saw Jake saying something to their mother, but whatever it was he couldn't hear it. Alex turned back to look at Zoe, "Dibs, top bunk." He pointed forcefully at the ladder that led up to the bunk placed above and behind the driver's seat."Don't be a snob, his thing is cool," Zoe countered. She peered back at her mom and Uncle Jake. What was taking so long? They were forty-five minutes late; it was time to leave. She was about to ignore Alex completely and explore the RV on her own, until he called the top bunk. "That's completely not fair," Zoe glared, "I didn't even know there was a top bunk." In actuality, she would have preferred the bottom bunk anyway, but not now. Zoe snatched one of her lighter bags and threw it onto the top bunk's mattress. "That's my space." "Well if you didn't know," Alex replied, as he started up the ladder, "You won't miss anything." And once he'd pulled himself into the bunk, he kicked her bag back down the ladder and laid down with a sigh, then after a moment's pause, he added, "Don't be a doofus the whole trip, okay?""Okay kids, move over!" Uncle Jake clapped his hands together and waved goodbye to Christine before shutting the RV door. He climbed into the driver's seat and started up the engine after a couple of unsuccessful attempts and with a final mournful look at their house, Alex watched it disappear into the distance as they set off on their summer vacation 'adventure'. They had been on the road for several, excruciating hours. Despite generally keeping to themselves, Jake noticed that every now and then, one or the other of the two teenagers would spark up some kind of issue, and suddenly the RV was a war zone for a few minutes until he had to step in and play adjudicator, and once even had to pull the RV over to offer them a break from the cramped conditions that they were obviously still unused to. Eventually, their Uncle took a right off the main road down a dirt path which sent most of the loose objects in the RV vibrating around, or falling from high spots, creating havoc for a few minutes until at last, they arrived at the camp site. When the RV's engine died and their Uncle stepped out to start setting up their camp-site, Alex noticed they were the only ones here. "So, we're completely alone then?" He muttered with a sigh, "Whatever." And placed his headphones over his ears and turned the volume to 'high', disappearing into a world of rock and metal in order to escape the situation he was in. The sun would set in a few hours, and he knew it was only going to get worse from there. Likely a cold night, full of stupid ghost stories and half-cooked sausages. This was one summer he was never going to forget.
  7. Intense Romance

    I'm looking for someone who can(and is willing to) roleplay with me over skype, not exclusively, we will still post up on the forum, but since Forged with Fate, I've found that doing conversation or one-on-one roleplays over anything but instant messaging is awkward and is not nearly as smooth(Thanks for ruining me for all over rpers Valentine!). I am online quite a bit (as I work a job that requires me to sit around and twiddle my thumbs) Saturday- Wednesday from 3-11 EST, so if you can mesh up with me at least two days a week and are interested in a very intense, one-on-one roleplay, please continue reading. I'm looking for a romance, you cannot be shy about sex, while I have no intentions of making it a prominent detail, if it does come into the story I don't want someone who is too shy to write about it. I only put this up because it has come to my attention that some people are uncomfortable with sex scenes and if you're one of them, we probably won't work so well together. I write a lot of erotica, trust me when I tell you I am a kinky creature. But just to verify, this will still be a STORY, if sex comes into play it will be a plot device ONLY, I'm not looking for a smut tale! I play malexfemale, femalexfemale, or hermxfemale, I will play any of the roles: Male, Female, or Hermaphrodite(female persona). Males I will always play a dominant character, where as females, and fem-herms I can/will switch. I will play just about any race-creature, from just normal humans(You don't always need magic and fantasy to make the drama interesting!) to several hundred feet tall dragons. My only other modifier is that it must be a medieval - renaissance - victorian world. I do have some ideas if you think you'd be interested in the above qualifications throw me a message on skype - glassdaemon and we can discuss ideas.
  8. Private RP between myself and Skielights, rated NC-17 for possible violence, dark themes and whatnot. Just going to use this as a place to put our character sheets and discuss anything, or put down information we need to store. Sci-fi RP about aliens. FALLING STAR Name: Alex Cooper Age: 15 Appearance: 5'6'', slim build, pale skin. Alex has thick, long dyed-black hair down to his chest and mischievous grey eyes. He is a relatively handsome teenager, with angular elf-like features. He wears a pair of stylish, black-rimmed glasses and tends to dress in blacks, purples and browns. Personality: Free-spirited, impulsive, messy, impatient and at times, downright selfish. Alex is an emotional person, who can be critical and condescending of others, he can be difficult at the best of times. Though he can make stupid mistakes often because of his impulsive nature, he is also capable of acts of great bravery and kindness, and though he can be anti-social and slow to warm to people, once friends, he protects that friendship fiercely. Bio: Alex grew up in Great Falls, Montana. Brother to Zoe, son to Gene and Christine. His mother and father drifted apart when he was still a young child and in the end, his father left. From the age of five, Alex and his sister (three at the time) were raised solely by their mother. Alex had a relatively normal life, he did well enough in school, but never particularly excelled. He was neither especially popular, nor socially outcast, but was well-liked by those few he chose as friends. He never had a particularly close relationship with his sister, Zoe, and so this summer, his mother decided to send them on a road trip with their Uncle Jake, so that they could bond as siblings. Or at least, that is what they have been told...
  9. Romance

    I know I've seen quite a few of these kinds of threads pop up here with very little interest in them, but I'm going to post my request here none-the-less. I love romance stories. Some with dangerous plots twists, some dark and cruel, some cheesy and sappy, some dear and tear jerky, and some just plain cute. LOVE IT ALL!!! Thus, I would like to see if anyone is interested in something of this nature. I don't have any ideas for this, just that I would like a RP centered strongly around romance. I was in the RP Outcast with HH towards my start on the site, but she bailed out before it could really take off and go anywhere. This seemed like it would be a fantastic RP, but sadly died like all my other ideas. So that's one example of what I like, of course you can bring your flavor of fantasy or sci-fi as well. So, who wants to jump on this Crazy Train?
  10. Original story, Private RP between myself and Erogenous Enigma, rated NC-17 for possible violence and dark themes and whatnot. The Sands of Ra Egypt is ruled by the Pharaohs, those who are considered the sons of Ra, God of Gods. It is a time of great wealth and prosperity, but also one of slavery and injustice. Egypt is polarized by it's leader, and the vast abyss between the rich and the poor has never been wider. It is a grand empire, but one built upon the blood and tears of slaves. Pharaoh Apophis has ruled for over 20 years, he is neither a tyrant or a saint, and yet he has his enemies. He knows that one day he will no longer rule Egypt, either through bloodshed and betrayal or the passage of time. He has spent much of his rule teaching his son, Seth, to become Pharaoh, in the hopes that his dynasty will continue. But even now, unseen forces move against the Pharaoh, that will bring two people together. Born of starkly different worlds, their relationship will forge the future of Egypt, for better or worse. Name: Seth Age: 17 Appearance: Personality: Proud, arrogant, vain and more than a little superior. Seth can be difficult at the best of times, he is impatient and easily annoyed or frustrated when things don't go his way. He can be lazy at times, and prefers to spend his time doing whatever takes his fancy, often ignoring his responsibilities. Despite his faults, he is incredibly brave and has the potential to be a kind and caring person. History: Son of the great Pharaoh Apophis and Queen Nefertari, who died giving birth to him. Seth is the sovereign Prince of Egypt, born into title, wealth and privilege. He has known little hardship in his life compared to most, although he does not see it that way. From a very young age he was taught leadership, politics, history, geography, war and many other things. He was tutored - and became a prodigy - in the ancient Egyptian form of unarmed combat known as 'Kemet', a mixture of kick-boxing and wrestling. He has lived a sheltered life, despite his many luxuries, and knows little of the real world though up till now, he would likely not care for much of it, or those who toil in it. However, when he meets a certain girl, his life will never be the same again.
  11. OOC: Private RP between myself and Skielights, rated 'NC-17' for dark themes, violence, etc. BLOOD OATH The early morning rays of sunshine flickered between closed blinds, casting rows of orange light across the small blue-wallpapered room. Now and then the windows shook slightly with the force of an unpredictable wind. The noise didn't rouse the teenager sleeping beneath the sheets of his comfortable bed, but when the alarm flicked its time to '8:00am', it roared to life, using the radio as it's wake-up call. Noah White groaned, slumping across the bed and hitting the alarm off his bedside table, which had the dual effect of not only turning the volume up, but changing the channel to an insufferable morning weather report. "--and you might think it's gonna be warm today but oooh, you wanna bring that jacket because the winds are biting, with--" He almost fell out of bed as he scrambled for the clock and switched it off, now fully awake. Noah was seventeen-years-old, with slightly tanned skin, handsome angular features framed by medium-length jet black hair that fell down his face in messy bangs, under which were set a pair of crystal-blue eyes. He rubbed at them for a moment, trying to focus his vision as he pulled himself out of bed, yawning. Then it dawned on him. Today was the last day of school. Sinclair High was closed from tomorrow for fall break. Noah grinned as wild excitement gave him a colossal burst of energy and he leapt out of bed and almost fell over his messy, clothes-strewn room. Cursing to himself, and reminding himself that he would clean it 'tomorrow' as he so often had previously, he ran into his en suite bathroom, had a shower and checked himself in the mirror with a devilish grin and then got dressed. There was no uniform at their school, of which he was immensely pleased about. So when he finished getting dressed he wore a plain black t-shirt with black jeans, a pair of black converse and a long-sleeved dark brown leather jacket with a stiff mandarin collar. He took the stairs down to the kitchen two at a time and flew in to find his family eating breakfast already. "Morning." His younger brother Owen muttered, taking a bite of toast. Eleanor, Noah's mother, crossed the room and placed a plate with two slices of hot buttered toast on the kitchen table, "There you go." She said, smiling and planting a kiss on his cheek. Noah sat and began to eat as his father, Jason, finished looking through the morning paper. "Know what you're doing tomorrow?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "I dunno." He replied, after swallowing a large chunk of toast, before continuing to attack it ravenously. "Thought i'd meet up with Mari and watch a movie or something, maybe." He looked up, expecting another question, only to see his father shoot his mother a knowing look he didn't understand. "What?" Noah asked, frowning as he finished off the last of his toast. "Nothing." His mother replied, giving him a grin that looked all too familiar as his own. "Y'all are idiots." He replied, shaking his head with a lop-sided, confused smile. "Anyway, I better head." He waved his goodbye's to his family and grabbed his bag, slinging it over his shoulder before heading out the front door. He still had plenty of time to get to school, so he took the morning walk at a leisurely pace, enjoying the beauty that had been his home since birth. Sinclair was a small enough town, the kind of town where most everyone knows each other somehow, the sort of town where nothing really ever happens, and when something does happen, everyone knows about it the next day. But although it was a strange and quirky place, it was surrounded by a lush forest that had, back in the old days, been the source of income for what had been a logging town, though no longer. Much of Sinclair's economy was generated through tourism now. When Noah finally arrived at school, he waved to a few people he knew and made his way to his first class. He was a popular enough kid, thanks to being out-going and adventurous, not to mention being the school's star soccer player. That probably helped. He nodded to a couple of boys passing in the hallways that recognized him before he ducked into his first class. There wasn't really much going on though, it seemed the teachers were just as phased out and thankful for the end of the school term as the students were and when the bell for the end of class ended, he leapt up and was one of the first out the door. His energy transferred into a run, weaving amongst the other students leaving their classes. Noah was running because he had soccer training for the rest of his morning lessons and wanted to be there early. He loved doing anything outside, but he was especially fond of sports. He liked the idea of contact sports, but he didn't really have the build for them. He was a slim, athletic type. Not so good for American football, but perfect for soccer and when the team leaders started picking players, his name was the first one called. "Dammit Aaron, that's not fair!" The opposing team leader snapped, a boy with reddish hair called Gavin. Aaron shrugged his shoulders at the other boy, "You snooze, and now you're gonna lose." And lose they did. The teams were relatively evenly matched. But there was nothing that could be done to balance Noah's contribution. As the whistle was blown, he took the ball from the moment of kick-off, and sliced it through the opposition's defence like a hot knife through butter. They flailed as he weaved amongst them, dodging every tackle until at last he stood before the goal, undefended save for the goalie who looked like he was sweating enough that if he actually caught the ball it might comically slip out of his hands. Noah took a split-second to decide, brought back his foot and kicked. Deliberately missing the ball was not something the goalie had expected, and he dove to defend against the phantom ball, leaving the other side of the net wide open. Noah laughed as he smashed the ball into the back of the net, and that was just the beginning. By the end of the match, the disgruntled opposing team wandered off back to the changing rooms and their team celebrated a well-earned victory. After he'd had a quick shower to clean himself up, and got changed back into his regular clothes, he made his way back into the main school grounds. The bell rang, and he was among the first to be in the cafeteria. He joined the queue and tapped his foot impatiently. Looking over at today's menu he saw that hot dogs were on offer. Those always went quickly, and he refused to lose out. He came up to the viewing window and noticed the hot dogs had already started waning, everyone must have been after them today, no question. "What do you want?" The dinner lady asked, her voice a mundane single tone, devoid of emotion. "Ehm, hotdogs." Noah replied, flashing her a grin. "Ob-viously." She muttered, and put two on his tray. "Oh, can I have a couple more?" He asked, grinning. "No, you're only supposed to have two." "Well, I am." He replied, "They're for someone else. So, i'm not really breaking any rules, right?" He flashed her his best smile and she sighed and rolled her eyes, clearly this was too much trouble for what was surely too little pay. She dumped a further two hotdogs onto his tray to the surprised cries of indignation of the people behind him. It wouldn't have taken Noah very long to find a seat, as he crossed the room a couple of groups made room for him to sit but he politely refused them. He rarely sat with other people at lunch, choosing instead to spend most of his time with his best friend, Mari Madison. The one for whom he had been saving the extra hotdogs. He didn't wait for her to arrive however, hot cafeteria food doesn't stay hot for long. He shoved a hotdog into his mouth and took a large, unceremonious bite before wiping his face with a napkin as he chewed the colossal mouthful. A couple of minutes passed and at one point he actually had to throw his legs onto the chair across from him to stop someone from sitting on it, but at last, when he was starting on his second hotdog, he noticed Mari enter the cafeteria and look around with a searching expression on her face. Noah grinned, finished his mouthful and put two fingers to his lips. The shrill whistle that exploded from him at that moment nearly disrupted everything in the entire cafeteria, everyone turned to Noah and he called out, "Hey over here, Mari!" He waved, laughing. Then after a few seconds the cafeteria resumed normality.
  12. Welcome to the world of international assassins and the wacky shit that goes down in it. You've heard of all the fake greats; now join the true greats. You have been chosen to join the UAA, also known as the United Assassins Association, the leading group of bloody messes that used to be people. These people are the best of the best and you can call yourself one of them. At least...members of the ranking of less than rank 50 group, kinda the shit of the litter as far as they're concerned. It takes talent to be in the UAA, but it takes true perfection to kill your way to the top. That's right, the organization that supplies the world's greatest assassins is always fluctuating who their top 50, and more importantly who their top 10 are. That's because everyone wants to be #1. Can you fight your way to the top while still doing your job? Can you be remembered for the great assassin you are like former greats Dark Star, Travis Touchdown, Jasper Batt Jr., Travis Touchdown again. This rp is a homage to the No More Heroes video game series. Absurd things can happen all the time, you just need to have the drive to do it. No one has super powers or an amazing race like being a demon or an angel, only weapons and a desire to be at the top. How normal are your real lives? What's your weapon of choice? What drives you to be #1? What side jobs do you take to make money to upgrade your equipment between making money on kills? How do you make yourself stronger? All this compiles into a world where it is, kill or be killed. I'll get a character up if I see some interest come forth. If you haven't heard of or played No More Heroes, take a look, you'll find a great thing.
  13. A sunshine filled morning envelops the small city of Baile Bháis in the middle of an island off the coast of England. The newest and most top scale apartment complex built in the middle of the city to show its great status of a peaceful place. This apartment complex was constructed and reserved for the use of the UAA. A mixture of expanding their empire of influence and a need for housing for their increasing ranks made them abandon their previous base of operations in Santa Destroy, California. That and the fact that in an epic, and very costly battle between the previous and current Rank #1 assassins in the organization which ended with the explosion that destroyed the building meant they needed to find a new place anyways. This new building was crafted specifically for the purpose of not only withstanding nuclear destruction, but unnecessarily over the top mass destruction level holocaust of the entire world level fights between assassins. With the expanding arsenal that the assassins keep getting a hold of, it only seemed proper to get a place even they couldn't blow up. Each floor is designated for the use of ranks from a certain number to the number below the next possible rank in a 10 number segment. This is of course not where most of the assassins choose to live as it would be suicide, but some would choose to pick this format to kill off as many in the ranking for #1 as they could in one fell swoop. As such, while the rooms are not in use for the assassins, it will be used as a mixture of a training facility, hotel for non-assassins, and no doubt filming studio for multiple pornography companies looking for a secure place to film their lewd acts in privacy. Or not, there's always out in the street. Nonetheless, a sign has been left up at the top of the massive building, reading in all caps in blazing red fluorescent lighting, "NO MORE HEROES". In the mail, multiple people[Currently: Celine Larson, Sir Louis Ellington, and Bruce McMasters], receive a key card and a round trip plane ticket to the island city in the case of their next ranking arrangement, which of course must be paid in full to set up an area on the island for the two to fight. It also reads, "To the assassin of this enclosed message. Send money to this address to set up for your next fight. The amount for this fight shall be...," For each a different amount, but no less ridiculous. "How to you think we keep in business at all?" is what some members of the staff have said, and it is true. Real-life assassinations keep the name going, it's surprisingly the assassins themselves who supply the most money for the company.
  14. Sooo, we're set on something along the lines of X-Men, yes? I've set the rating to NC-17, so we're pretty much covered for everything, especially language. We don't want any pesky restrictions, do we? ;) Do you want the setting to be similar to X-Men, in that they're 'mutant's in a human world? Or a more magical sort of world, in which everyone has some power, and a select few, such as the chosen students at the school, are more potent? Also, we'll need to think about what sort of conflict we want. Whether it be a single enemy with pawns, like Magneto, or a mass army, or human oppression. And, of course, our characters. I'm not a fan of doubling, as everyone one HEX seems to be. I favour one character, and then use NPCs as and when they're needed. Also, I'm not too keen on character sheets, but some basics are useful {name, age, powers, etc}. Of course, if you wish to write more, feel free. What are your thoughts so far?
  15. RED RAIN A few years after the conclusion of the Geniome War, a devastating biological disaster, creatures the World Government crudely named Vampires appeared. They were pale and sickly looking, with beast-like fangs, enhanced strength, an altered immune system, and an animalistic, instinctual, hunger for human blood. They were the product of a genetically engineered virus, meant to wipe out the enemy, that was leaked onto home soil. It was called a negligent accident according to government officials. However, thousands of innocent people were infected and suffered excruciating physiological changes. Most people went insane and died, unable to withstand the re-writing of their DNA, a transformation that for those who survived left them labeled as monsters. Some of the infected, though a rare occurrence, even changed so much that they had been reported to have sprouted wings and grown tails and claws, certain traits coming alive out of the original animal genetic material used to cultivate the virus. These special mutated survivors were nicknamed 'Seraphim', after the discovery of the first stable specimen found with a pair of large, bird-like wings protruding from its back. Naturally the Government had taken action against the surviving infected. They were a threat to the rest of society, carriers of a very contagious virus that had already reached an epidemic state. Entire new branches of the military had been established, as well as smaller bounty organizations, in an effort to eradicate the Vampires. The military instituted, International Vampire Hunters Army (INVHA) had been given full authority over the detection and elimination of all remaining Vampire. At first, the government tried and failed to develop new and effective ways of destroying the creatures and until recently were forced to resort to dangerous close quarter combat operations. However, the Vampire specialists came up with a method of luring the creatures out of hiding and using mid to long distance weaponry to take them down. This method was called the Red Rain Method. When Vampires were thought to inhabit a certain area the INVHA would issue a Red Rain Advisory to all humans living there, a mandatory government issued curfew put in place so that any humans in the area would know to remain indoors until the Vampire threat was eliminated. Then INVHA agents were sent into the area and used a special blood derived dispersant to lure the creatures out of hiding. Unable to resist the scent of blood, the creatures would leave their hiding places and fall victim to the INVHA's anti-vampire weapons.
  16. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    Discussion Thread Seyerna kneeled, the ground sloshing under her feet, soaked with blood and layered with entrails. With steady hands she pulled the limp corpse up and as gently as she could manage pulled it over her shoulder, it had been a male, his body bigger than her own and yet her demonic strength had no trouble carrying the extra weight. She walked, walked away from the chaos, from horror scene behind her. It would take her hours to complete this task but it was one she would never leave unfinished. Several yards from her on either side there were others pulling corpses from the mess, taking them to where they would be buried. Allies would receive their own graves first, enemies would be put in a mass grave, only because they'd argued her out of giving everyone individual graves. For almost twenty minutes she'd insisted no one was evil in death, only silence remained, only a body with a fleeting soul a soul that was as white as everyone's always was. Life corrupted people, they were not born corrupted, but as she stared out across the massacre, red eyes that mimic the blood gazing across the field and feeling very little but obligation and duty, she really did wonder if Saori might be the exception to that. Many of her soldiers were working at digging graves as other's carried the corpses. She carried them because it seemed to disturb a lot of people to have to touch the dead bodies of their fallen companions: some couldn't stomach it, other's simply didn't have the mental capacity to do it and walk away 'okay' or as well as okay was in this messed up world. The many individuals around her were of various species, some elves, a few humans, a demon or two, even nymphs were helping to gather floral to grace the deceased. They had all had their turmoil from Queen Saori, the woman had somehow effected all their lives, some of them forced from their homes, other's attacked for seemingly no reason, many lost family and loved one's due to Saori's disturbed sense of humor. She hoped into the hole that would become this soldier's grave, carrying the corpse and delicately lying the body down, crossing the man's arms over his chest and then jumping back out. Many lives were lost and the more she fought the more she wondered if this was a losing battle. There weren't enough of them to raid the capital and take out Saori, but at this rate they would all die out or submit to her rule. Technically they had won this battle... but at what cost? Hours passed, the many bodies were laid to rest and Seyerna spoke softly of their bravery, great men and women stood around, some of them crying, other's seething in rage. She knew their misery, their pain as if it were her own, but she'd grown so numb to it, rarely did such physical reactions overtake her. Madness lingered at the edge of her mind, keeping her from feeling pain for the most part. Most of them didn't know of her 'handicap' and she never intended to let them know that she could go guano on them, not that it happened often, only once every few centuries did insanity take over her logical mind. She had help keeping her own demons at bay with methods most would stare wide-eyed at. They left the graveyard, Seyerna lead them back to their 'base' essentially a hole in the mountain. It was a massive network of caves, some of them dug out further to allow for larger groups of people, small houses were built inside out of stone or into smaller branches of the caverns, the place was it's own little town. Seyerna couldn't help but wonder if the efforts were in vain with this last battle that had eaten away so many of their numbers. They avoided towns and cities, most of her soldiers were outlaws, and Seyerna herself was considered high priority, wanted alive if possible. So their travels went through the dense forests, a tedious task even for her demonic self, it was often so thick it was physically impossible for many species to travel through, one always needed a machete to cut down the thick foliage to even stand a chance. At the base of the mountain it cleared up, but climbing the steep mountain was another task all on it's own, but that was the point, it was not an easy place to get too, a place Saori didn't know about and could not easily break into. Once 'home' the soldiers disburse, seeking loved ones that had remained in the safety of their caverns, other's seeking sleep, religion, or just a simple bath, which is where Seyerna was headed, the many layers of blood layering her pale skin, much of it from carrying dead companions felt hot and disturbing. She wasn't a self glorified queen, she did not place herself above her soldiers and so her little stone house was as modest as everyone else's, though many of them told her she should have a throne, she told them she had no time for such things. She had been teased on more than one occasion that she would come home from battle and they will have built her one. Dear god she hoped not.
  17. Falling through the Seams

    Cooperation U has been in business sense the late 18th century. It has changed several times over sense it was first created but its purpose has always remained the same “To hunt and track down the world’s worst criminals, for the highest bidder“. Cooperation U is known to have only the best assassins in the business, each of them possessing a special skill. The assassins are found typically at a young age and taken into the industry. Most are orphans, no family no friends, no one to miss them, or remember their existence. The Cooperation has several bases all around the globe in order to keep those who wish to do serious harm at a minimum. Each base is different along with the assassins living within its walls. Most are gone for several months without returning to their base for reconditioning, reevaluation, readjusting, recuperating, and resupplying. Because operatives are taken at such a young age, most of the Assassins have little to no relations to others, however, some assassins for a special bond with their trainers, evaluators or each other. Rikusik was one of those who had more emotion then others. She had just turned 25, and for her birthday she was given a wonderful gift, a chance to test to become one of the elite assassins of The Cooperation. Those who were considered “Elites†were allowed to choose the assignments they are given, and if they are to have a co-assassin. They’re given the opportunity to travel wherever they please in their free time, and they have the choice to take on a trainee of their own. This was a great honor, and no one had reached such a level at such a young age. Rikusik had a special bond with her trainer Yuri. He was a retired assassin. Yuri had reached the success of an elite assassin by the age of thirty. At thirty two he had chosen to take Rikusik as his trainee. He called Rikusik his portage because she took to the training, like a fish to water. She worked hard, and never gave up. At one point she had went 72hrs with no sleep, food or water. She would have gone longer, but hallucinations from her childhood began to creep into her mind driving her into a unfit psychological state. Rikusik was seven when she was take on by Yuri. Yuri now stood at a simple height of 6’2â€. He has long silver hair which he kept in a pony tail. His eyes are soft silver, with many bags under them, aged well by the long missions and nightmares that kept him awake at night. Yuri shoulders were strong and braud, leading down to his large arms, starting to lose their luster, but were still strong enough to lift and throw Rikusik to the other side of the room. His legs were just as strong, but all the bulk did not slow him down. His reflexes were quick and his instincts were as strong as ever. Rikusik sat in a white room, and that is exactly what it was. White sold walls, white door, white tile floor, right down to the table and chairs everything was a clean crisp bright white. She hated this room with a passion, it was far too bright and unnatural. She waited for her assignment for her exam. Yuri entered the room, from what seemed out of nowhere. He sat down at the table and slid over the envelope. Rikusik open the envelope and began to read the details on her new assignment.
  18. The mountains...the survivors, including myself came here a long time ago. It's out home and we won't give it up to those disgusting creatures down below. They wander up sometimes. I've honed our homes into the very rock to make it safer for us. It's been hundreds of years since the world was lost to the Titans. We, the last of civilization survive on hope and dreams. We have a military system of sorts and even could call ourselves a great city. Our city is under the mountain and stands firm to this day. We have a military, police, merchants, even a hierarchy of sorts. As for me, I'm a tinkerer and military man. My designs for traps have been used for years now to keep the titans at bay on the sides of the mountain. Granted I am still a man of the military and have lost much to the titans. I have only my left arm to work with now, as my right was bitten off by what we like to call an Abhorrent titan. It's a tough life by we manage. I still stand as one of the top titan killers, if for no other reason that my device designs, one of which allows for slight flight. I actually have a team behind me with designing traps. I am a Captain after all. I've been here about 10 years now, late 20s, and still alive. What more could I ask? One of the people under me is a prodigy, newer to the group. I have a feeling she'll make a great apprentice under me for major device design.
  19. Private RP between myself and Skielights. Just a place for holding a little lore, profiles and notes/discussion when needed. Rated 'NC-17' for violence, dark themes, etc. VAMPIRE LORE Though vampires are technically dead (at least by modern science's definition), they can still suffer mortal wounds like piercing of the heart or beheading. They are not inherently evil, just like humans, they are capable of both good and evil, but are usually a mixture of both, defined by their actions. Most vampires do not drink from the neck, but cut a vein of a victim with their steel-hard claws, drinking small amounts of blood from the vein, and then healing it with their saliva. They still have fangs but tend to use their claws to prevent serious injury.When vampires get to a certain age (dependant on the individual) they go through a change where they become capable of attaching to any surface weightlessly, float and can even fly. It is considered to be when a person has become a true vampire, like a coming of age.Vampires are not affected by garlic or holy symbols, but are severely allergic to silver, sunlight, and when they are half-vampires or to a lesser degree, as younger vampires, they are intolerant of extreme or sudden changes in temperature as their bodies are undergoing a severe change from hot-blooded, to cold-blooded; effectively dying over a very long period of time.Fresh human blood is the most nutritious for vampires, but they can feed on preserved human blood or the blood of certain animals when necessary, though these are far less effective than fresh human blood and cannot sustain them forever.Vampires cannot reproduce; further vampires are created by blood-to-blood contact with humans, traditionally through the fingertips, but if any creature, human or animal, were to orally ingest vampire blood, it would be driven into a murderous frenzy and then die (similar to rabies). Though vampires are immortal, half-vampires continue to age, albeit at 1/10th the rate that humans age at, making it possible for a half-vampire to live, theoretically for over 1,000 years. However, once turned into a half-vampire, the change to a full vampire, though gradual, is inevitable. It happens either through a second infusion of blood from their maker, or from the eventual passage of time. Vampires are stronger, tougher, and fitter than humans, and can run at a very high speed faster than the human eye can follow, a process called 'flickering'. It is something that has to be taught to new half-vampires, unlike their other abilities that naturally grow over time and through use.A vampire's senses are all superhuman, though their eyesight is most prominent. Their bones, fingernails, and teeth are stronger than those of humans which allows them to endure incredible amounts of physical trauma, are resistant to most chemicals and diseases, and heal quickly. Their breath renders a human unconscious, so that they can feed on them without resistance.They are able to telepathically communicate with other vampires and humans, and can locate vampires and humans whose thought patterns they have learned to recognize (however this is only achievable by older vampires). Vampires cannot de-materialize into a mist, nor can they transform into bats, rats, or dogs/wolves. But these animals are friendly to vampires. However, cats hate them and the blood of snakes and cats are poisonous to them. Vampire society is ruled by honour, personal pride, and tradition. They have a strict hierarchy with higher ranking vampires having absolute rule over lower ranking ones, though they exercise their powers in moderation and are respectful of those beneath them. Above normal vampires, are vampire Generals who watch over the regular population to make sure they are following their laws. Above Generals, there are the vampire Princes. The Princes are instated by a vote taken by the current Generals, and are responsible for almost every important decision in vampire society. There are never more or less than three vampire Princes.There are fewer female vampires than male ones. Vampire matings last only ten or fifteen years with the couple then choosing to re-mate or go their separate ways. Vampires live old-fashioned lives: few vampires understand modern pop culture, technology, etc.They believe that the souls of good vampires are reborn as wolves in the eternal nights of a distant world called Paradise, while evil vampire souls remain bound to the Earth for eternity. They do have a God - or rather a Goddess, named Larentia. She eventually became one of the many Gods that the Romans stole and adopted as their own, much like they did with the pantheon of Greek gods.Vampires believe they are descended from wolves, just as humans are believed to have evolved from primates. Wolves are held as the cousins of vampires. Wolves like vampires, especially since they have a scent that means no harm to them. Name: Noah White Age: 17 Appearance: Standing at around 5'9'', with a slim athletic build. Medium-length jet black hair, long at the front but shorter at the back. Bright blue eyes and slightly sun-tanned skin. He has a handsome, angular face. He likes to dress in black, and tends to dress with comfort in mind, though he still likes to look good.Personality: Curious, adventurous and more than a little hot-headed. Noah likes to push boundaries, and tends to get himself and those around him in trouble more often than not. He can be loud, obnoxious and strong-willed, always choosing to do things his own way whenever possible. He has a tendency to dive into situations without considering it, and has a sharp tongue. One of his worst flaws however, is his vanity. Despite all this, he can be witty and observant. He finds joy in everything he does, and is a fiercely loyal friend. Bio: Son to Jason and Eleanor White, Noah has had a fairly normal, suburban life. He had a happy childhood, with loving parents and a 14-year-old younger brother called Owen, who though they fought at times, were still close. He was not the most gifted of academic students, but he applied himself and still did well. However, he was a born athlete and took part in many sports and events. He was known as the school's soccer star and was equally gifted in gymnastics. As a result of this and his out-going personality, he quickly became extremely popular and had a great many friends, but none were closer than 'placeholder :3'. They were inseparable, and though they came from wildly different backgrounds, he considered her his best friend. Life was simple for Noah, it was great, but one simple mistake would lead him down a path that he could never have imagined. A path that would test him physically, emotionally, and open his eyes to a world beyond his own. Name: John Matthews Age: Appears around 35-years-old (Born 1750 - Actual age 264) Appearance: 6'2'' with pale skin, and strong handsome features, marred by two scars that cross his face. One slices horizontally through the bridge of his nose, and under his eyes, while the other cuts vertically down from his forehead, through his blind, milky white left eye and down his cheek, meeting and passing down through his other scar. His right eye is healthy, and a bright emerald green. He has long, black hair swept back like a lion's thick mane and tends to dress in out-dated clothing that you might imagine a Victorian gentleman might wear. Personality: John has a sense of mystery about him, everything about him is somewhat strange and alien. He has a certain aloofness to him and speaks (in spite of his accent) in a noble, polite and well-spoken manner. He is slow to anger, patient and extremely witty. Despite his apparent physical youth, his eyes betray his age, carrying a sense of wisdom and weariness in them. Bio: Born in 1750, in Boston, Massachusetts. When revolution broke out and the American War of Independence began he joined the army and fought in several battles against the British until the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he sustained a fatal bullet wound. He spent two days slowly dying from the infection until one night a man came to his bedside who explained that he was a vampire, and that he could save his life. He accepted the man's offer, who he later came to know as Leon Redwood, his maker. He moved down to Jackson, Mississippi during it's early formation. When the American Civil War began, he fought for the south. Not because of the complications of ethics or race as some did (which he did not care about either way), but because he loved the south, which had been his home for a very long time (and a direct result of his southern drawl). After many years of fighting, the second World War erupted and once more, he enlisted. Feeling (unlike many vampires) that the war, if not ended, would also affect the vampire's way of life, in addition to wanting to see an end to the conflict for humanitarian reasons. Since that time, he has remained in peace and seclusion, devoting his time to personal pursuits, unconcerned about the world at large. That is, until, a pair of nosey teens come trespassing.
  20. Dripping water could be heard on the cold stone floors, the walls just the same. Nothing painted nor decorated, just hard, grey stone broken only by rows of metal bars. Many sounds could be heard, ranging from laughter and curses to whispers and... other sounds that best remained uninterrupted until the finish. Regardless of what they were, they all echoed about the enormous building filled with cells. Guards stalked up and down the hallways, checking on the prisoners but rarely making any authoritative moves on any of them, though a lot of them needed it. It was odd. If there were fights going on in a cell, it would be completely ignored even if the guards had to drag a dead body from it later on that day. However, if there was any use of drugs or any acts of sexual pleasures or behaviors, they were quickly handled. Still, this had little effect on most of the prisoners except the common sense to learn when the time was right to do things. Which really wasn't that difficult to do. This was pretty evident when one of the newer of prisoners was crouching down in his cell, surrounded by bars on all sides except the wall, that hard stone wall. He had his back leaned against that, making sure he was in the center so the hands grabbing at him from one of his neighboring cells could not reach him or what they wanted. And what they wanted was the softly glowing light at his lips. He pulled the full rolled up paper from his lips and breathed out a cloud of smoke, flicking his prize so ashes fell from it. A guard was on his way up their hallway, but he made no move to put out his small flame. Not yet, at least. He put it back to his lips and laughed inwardly at how easy it was to tell who was new and who was not. Clearly, the cell with the arms reaching for him was new. Not only was the prison not experienced enough to steal his own prizes, but he was also desperate enough to beg to another inmate for his. This prisoner had a cellmate with more experience, but the cellmate rarely helped out his new 'partner' and kept to himself. The man in the other neighboring cell, though, had been here for a while. The scars on his face showed the great number of fights he'd been in. But that wasn't what gave him away. It was the scowl he wore as he watched the prisoner begging. It not only told of irritation at such a pitiful sight, but also the annoyance that he had not scored any rewards of his own. He couldn't blame the man, though. Prizes like these were hard to steal but helped to take the edge off extremely well. His bright crimson eyes were not easily missed and, along with other demonic traits he had, the humans did not take much of a liking to him and made sure that was obvious. He'd been in more fights than he could count yet he couldn't have been here for longer than three weeks. His clothes hid the current cuts and bruises his body held and this 'prize' of his did help take off the edge, but it would take something much stronger to help at the extent he wanted. Finally, he rose out of his crouch and put the small flame out by pressing it against the wall, slipping the remaining pot into his pocket. The guard was getting close enough to begin finding things and both of his neighbors rose to their feet and moved to the back of their cells. The demon's anxiety began to rise and he bit his tongue. Stop it. You can't freak out every time a guard comes by. This is not the first time by a long shot! He kept a calm facade as the guard continued walking. See? Eas- He almost flinched as the guard turned to look into his cell. There are so many smells in here, surely he can't smell it. Not from there. The demon tried reassuring himself, but it wasn't helping him much. The guard banged on the bars that made the door of his cell. "Get up here!" The demon swallowed, but strode forward, not wanting to show his fear. Especially not with other prisoners watching. He came up to the door, his hands to his sides but casually. The guard stared him down for what seemed like ages, but finally spoke. "You will be receiving a cellmate shortly after lunch. A boy about your age. To remind you of the rules: No blood on the first day. No rape on the first day. Fights are allowed, so long as there is no blood. No deaths on the first day, unless it is the one who had the cell first. You do not have to get along, but we guards do not want to hear it. And if you do get along-" He smirked and gave a cold laugh "-we still do not want to hear it." He continued laughing as he stalked off, going on down the hallway and finishing his rounds. A blush of embarrassment crossed the demon's cheeks and he chased it off with a soft growl, going back to the back of his cell and crouching down to sit once more, his eyes growing ever-brighter. It wasn't long before the fully metal door at one end of the hallway slammed open and every prisoner jumped to their feet, coming to their barred doors and standing tall and straight with their hands behind their backs. A large man with numerous scars stalked down the hallway, slowly, eyeing every prisoner individually with a hateful stare. The demon and the experienced prisoner before him stayed tall and straight, not daring look into those hateful brown eyes, but the newer prisoner beside the demon, though knowing better than to meet the gaze, still let a whine slip. The warden stopped and all eyes went on the new prisoner. The prisoner's cellmate stood taller and had to force himself not to flinch as the jail door was slammed open and his cellmate was grabbed by the neck and hauled out and down the hallway. The door at the end of the hallway was jerked open and slammed shut behind the two, but not before the warden yelled back: "LUNCH! NOW!" Guards sprinted from the huge metal door the warden had come from and began opening cells, prisoners filing out and walking to a door in the wall in the center of the hallway, going through and going into the cafeteria. Everyone grabbed a tray and sat down at the metal tables and began eating. The demon sat but did not bother with the food, studying how not a single fight was breaking out, showing the fear that had just been instilled in all of the prisoners. So, the short lunch break was carried out in mostly silence and 'recess' was cancelled due to the poor weather outside. After the lunch break, then everyone returned their trays and was sent back to their cells unusually effortlessly. The demon went back to the center of his stone wall and pulled out a match as the last guard left, lighting his prize and smoking as he awaited his new cellmate.
  21. NC-17 Sorcerers

    December 24th, 2013 Christmas Eve at Theodore Grant’s Mansion in Duchess This could very well be his very last Christmas Eve and for some reason had chosen to spend it among a group of people that more than likely consisted of people who would do their best to kill him in a little more than a week. Of course Noah Silverman has always been the type of man to easily succumb to the allures of fine wine and food; he just never realized his love of parties overruled all common sense. Neither did he realize that there were this many people who were the exact same way. The invitation he had received described the ‘get-together’ as a black tie dinner party and as such Noah appeared in a black suit with silk lapels, white dress shirt, black bow-tie, black cummerbund and black dress shoes. Before arriving he wondered whether it was all just an elaborate scheme to make him appear overdressed at the party only to make a fool out of him, but luckily no such thing happened and the vast majority of the attending guests were dressed appropriately. Noah sat by himself at one of the many large round tables, big enough to seat at least eighteen people, and took a look at his wristwatch while wondering how much longer it’d take before dinner would be served. The three glasses of scotch he’d drank while here tasted nice, but sitting all alone was getting boring and hopefully the rest of his party would arrive by the time dinner was served. He briefly wondered why no one had approached him ever since he had arrived. He wasn’t on very good terms with any of the people he recognized, so their lack of courtesy came as no surprise, but surely some of the others would be curious as to who this mysterious stranger was? He snickered at the thought of his boyishly good looks being the determining factor in the distance created between him and the crowd. No way that it could be the fact that he was known as the Mage Hunter. Surely they hadn’t heard of that? By now he had gotten so bored that instead of playing around with his glass of scotch he started examining the large ballroom. He had taken notice of it when he entered, but it wasn’t until now that he fully realized how much time, money and effort Theodore must have put into organizing this party. The old man must have been just as bored as Noah was. He would never be able to explain how this sixth sense of his worked, but when a cold chill ran up his back he instinctively knew that it was time for him to turn his head to the entrance of on the ballroom located atop a grand stairway. As if acting upon that very cue the large white double doors opened and she came walking in and Noah’s gaze remained forever locked onto her. Locked onto the way she wore her long dark hair loose and let it fall gracefully over her shoulders and onto her back. Locked onto the way she elegantly strode down the stairs, never losing her posture despite wearing high-heeled black pumps. And locked onto the way purple cocktail dress wrapped tightly around her form. It wasn’t until her green eyes examined the ballroom and met his that he snapped out of his trance and returned back to reality. She was the cold Queen of Winter. She was the moon and the stars, brighter than anything else in the endless night’s sky. She was the eternal love of his life, Stella Lotharius. Noah would sell his every belonging if that were the price to pay for time to stand still at that moment. Whether it was the three glasses of scotch he drank on an empty stomach in the past hour or the sincere feelings he had for Stella was uncertain, but regardless of the reasons the fact remained that her entrance had left such an impression on her that he remained dazed in his chair as she approached him. The sound of Stella loudly clearing her throat was what it took for Noah to finally awaken from his second daze and rise from his seat. “I-I’m sorry!†He pulled the chair next to his out from under the table and took a deep bow while gesturing with his arms as if presenting the chair to Stella. She shot him a quick sideways glance before standing in front of the chair and allowing Noah to push it forward for her to have a seat. Without needing to check in with Stella he summoned one of the many waitresses Theodore had hired to attend to the guests and asked for a glass of their finest red wine before taking another bow for Stella. “You may sit,†she said, without granting him another look, and he obediently sat down on the chair directly next to her. “Well?†“Nothing.†“Don’t tell me you spent the past hour drinking without doing the job I asked you to do.†“I am sorry, but Grant was nowhere to be found.†She scoffed. She was well aware that Noah did not have any regret at all. Asking him to end one’s life would always end up in a success, but something as simple as finding out what the deal with this party was was something outside of his capabilities? Before she had the chance to actually berate him all the lights in the ballroom went out and a large spotlight shone on the center of the room to reveal and elderly man in a black tuxedo. “Welcome, to my final Christmas Eve dinner party, ladies and gentlemen.†Several guests started clapping at the sight of their legendary hosts, but Stella sat down silently with her arms crossed and Noah sipped at his scotch wondering what all the hype was about. “As you all know when the clock strikes twelve it’ll be exactly one week before the start of the 50th War of Magic in Duchess and the thirteen Contenders present in this room will do battle to decide which one of them is the one worthy of inheriting my title and all of its perks.†Theodore paused and started coughing before resuming. My wish was for you all to share in one last night of festivities before going through the hell that is a War of Magic. I do not wish this fate upon you, but the will of the Cosmos must be followed.†Theodore took a long look around the room and made eye contact with all the Contenders before finishing his speech. “Good luck and bonne appetite.†“Stella,†Noah gulped down the remaining scotch, “I am unfamiliar with this world. It wasn’t until four years ago that I finally became a Champion so most of these people are strangers to me.†Stella quietly looked at Noah while waiting for him to finish. “Who is it we should be most worried of?†“Him.†She nodded in the direction of rather unimpressive Chinese man in his thirties. “Lin Junwei. I’ve heard many people mention that he is a shoo-in for the title of the 50th Lord. Not only does his group consist of at least 300 Vassals and Champions, he was also personally trained and raised by the 49th Lord.†“Good.†Noah got up from his seat and flashed a mischievous smile. “Watch this.â€
  22. NC-17 Day 0 Sign-Ups

    Image (For faster loading!) Saturday, October 17th, 2015. The Large Hadron Collider's upgrades have long been completed, and the facility is buzzing with activity. In a quest to understand the fundamental laws of reality, its creators dare to pry into the depths of the quantum realm. By slamming together the smallest known particles, and at velocities where time and space become distorted, humankind unwittingly produces an unknown chain reaction. The most apparent consequence of this reaction is the frying of every unprotected electronic device on Earth; the other, more bizarre consequences, will take some time to fully manifest. Almost immediately, this results in a societal breakdown, and begins to pit the teeming masses against themselves. Meanwhile, you probably just woke up on a couch you don't recognize, and slowly begin to recall the memories of last night's party. You reach for your phone, only for the battery to be dead. Oddly enough, the room's power is also out, and you can hear rather alarmed voices throughout the house. Little do you know, the world (as we know it) has just ended, and you'll have to fight tooth and nail just to make it through Day 0... I'm looking for a medium-sized group (3-5 players), and one or more co-GMs, to help create the story of a group of soon-to-be survivors. United by happenstance company, they must band together, put aside their differences, and make difficult choices that will determine whether or not they endure! What obstacles lie between them and the rebirth of civilization? Oh, you know, hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, radiation, sleep deprivation, infections, extreme weather, natural predators, toilet paper withdrawal, raiders, other survivors, the military, scarce ammunition, cannibals, zombies, mutants, psychics, and more! Does that sound like fun to you? :)
  23. War of the Millennium Magic! Chaos! Combat! Drama! Love! Hate! And all the other dramatic words I'm missing! Come join a world of constant conflict, where you will be pitted against your friends! Where you will make new friends! And perhaps kill them too! Or maybe you'll do other more nefarious things together! I don't care! It's your genitals! It is a time of Kings and Queens, of knights and honor, in a mythical world filled to the brim with mythical lore, some good, many evil, most all of them clashing, but all of them bowing down to the same ruler, Queen Saori, supposedly a goddess, or a demi-goddess at least. Unfortunately she is corrupt, very corrupt, she gains amusement out of forcing the many species to clash, in war and in pits. She is too powerful to dare stand against alone, so you have decided to join the rebellion, a rag tag group of many species who have set aside their differences to face this greater evil. It's a pretty simple basis to bring together a variety of people who may or may not agree with each others methods but work together nonetheless. There will be much inner conflict as demons work with elves and vampires figure out how to agree with humans, all in the face of Queen Saori. This will be a 'wing it' sort of deal, we'll just see where we go with it, obviously the end goal is to take down Saori, but the journey to get there is unplanned. I will be playing Seyerna who is a demon illusionist, I picked her because of her completely non-speciest mentality. She'll be the glue to hold the many species together that you all will choose to play as. If you can name it you can play it, dragon, cool! Elf, no problem. Vamp, sure. Wanna be your own race? As long as you can explain it to me and have a name for the species, go for it. If you want to play multiple people, do it. I very well may do this myself depending on how things go. If people disappear, I will write them out of the story in such a way that they could still return. If there turns out to be a lot of people we will not go by a rotation, I understand it can be annoying if you're busy for a day and come back to see a whole new page to the rp, but it's just as annoying for people who are trying to have a conversation with another player but have to wait through the rotation. With that said, if you do find yourself in an ongoing conversation that seems bound between you and a single individual, it would be awesome if you could go through that in PM or another chat and have one of you post the conversation in your post. This would also apply to combat between players, if it should come to pass. My Skype is GlassDaemon feel free to message me, it is my preferred method and I personally prefer doing one-on-one conversations through that. I'm hoping to get lots of interest, something to get peoples' creative juices flowing, something not to structured so we can all be laid back and just have fun. I encourage you to bring your own side stories, your own lore. I have my own little side story ideas to bring into play. We will use a made up land so you can make up your homeland, if you find someone else who is playing the same race as you, you might want to contact them or chat with them through this thread to correlate ideas. What I mean by saying "Will never close" is that people are free to join the rp at any point! If you see this and we're already five pages in, go ahead and jump in. You won't be expected to know what's occurred, you weren't there, but it would be nice if you'd just skim over the most recent acts so you understand what you're diving into. Here's the map thus far, it's still a WIP, if you want to add your 'homeland' or 'village' please skype/PM me and we can talk about it so I can find out where exactly you want it to be and then I can add it in. NPC Glossary: Sage: Seyerna's eerie mate, he's human and wields white magic along side a halberd. Longish black hair, gray eyes, lightly tanned skin, a few inches taller than Seyerna (est. 6'2-6'4ish) Details unknown. CANNOT BE USED Saori: The prime evil of the story. She is a demensian demon(a demon who can transcend time and space i.e. dimensions). Long black hair, purple eyes, pale, about 6'2" tall. Details unknown. CAN BE USED FOR SMALL SCENES NOTHING PLOT CHANGING! Caim: I don't know if he'll ever come into the story but in case I mention him you'll know who he is. Caim is Seyerna's son, born due to a rape, no one knows who his father was as Seyerna seen him dead and went through extensive means to have Caim's father's scent erased from him. If asked Seyerna will laugh and say 'immaculate conception.' Short black hair, gold eyes, 6'3" N/A Ai: One of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an elf. Very pale, platinum blonde hair with red ends and I can't remember what color her eyes were, about 5'11". Ai is an elf Seyerna met very early on in life, Ai's not particularly powerful or strong in anything, her only quirk is that she when she is in skin contact with other people she drains their energy(think Rogue from X-men) and when she does her hair turns redder. Seyerna saved Ai after being a repeat rape victim, her assailants would see how long they could 'last' against her ability, taking turns with her. Ai didn't speak to Seyerna for the first three years of their relationship, they traveled in silence, Ai helped her raise Caim. FREE TO USE Vesta: Another of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is human. Healthy glowing skin, orangish-red hair, brown eyes, average height (say 5'7"). Vesta was almost a rape victim, Seyerna had come upon her in the act of it, had brutalized the man assaulting her and freed Vesta, prior to that Vesta had been a servant essentially since the day she was born. She actually didn't know her own name as she was always referred to as 'girl' 'wench' 'servant' and several less appealing terms; and so Seyerna was actually the one to name her. Seyerna taught Vesta of her purification abilities and helped her learn to wield a bow. The silver bow Vesta carries does not need arrows as it fires magical ones amplified by Vesta's raw powers. FREE TO USE. Runiko: A young girl, also one of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an ice fae. Pale, pale skin, almost white, icy blue eyes, and a shade darker icy blue hair. She has shown to be extremely shy and the other girls tend to coddle her. She was to be sold at a slave auction when Seyerna saved her, by the time Seyerna had saved her Runiko had already been 'conditioned' to be quiet and know her place, thus why she's so nervous all the time. The girls work at getting her to open up. FREE TO USE. PLAYERS: (players are not added to the list until they've posted) Template: Name: Species: Gender: Appearance: Personality: Strengths/Abilities: History: ErogenousEnigma Name: Seyerna Kaierstin Species: Demon Gender: Female Appearance: You'll mostly see her in her 'human' state. Red eyes, black hair to her thighs, 6ft tall, 'come-hither' features but very strong/stark bone structure, the result is she can appear very intimidating. Lightly outlined muscular body, yet a very voluptuous hourglass. You can also visit my profile for a full picture of her. Personality: Sometimes it's hard to pin point her personality traits as she lingers on the edge of insanity, but for the most part she's lucid. She can be very carefree to the point of making - what appears to be - stupid/rash decisions, but in the blink of an eye she can become a hard, commanding drill Sargent. She's very observant when not teetering on the edge of madness. She will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, this is derived from confidence in her abilities to stop them if they turn on her, not out of naivete. Strengths/Abilities: She is comfortable with any weapon, but only excels at her claymore and her claws. As a demon she has superior vision, sense of smell, and hearing. She is an illusionist, she can make things appear that are not there, she can change her own appearance, scent, and aura. There's also rumors that she can mess with people's heads on a much more internal level, some say it's why she's borderline crazy. History: Seyerna has always qualified as a 'guardian.' From a very young age she sympathized with other species more than she did her own, most specifically the females. She always felt demons were harsh and abrasive, even though she herself had her own demonic pull that craved violence, she has a very scholarly side that seeks knowledge and wisdom over brute force. This drew her further and further from demonic culture and as years went by she found more and more women of various species that became her friends, most of them she had saved from one horror or another. By the time Queen Saori came into rule Seyerna was a well known name, women spoke her name in private, daughters were told if ever they need saving to simply whisper her name. It was a myth, of course, Seyerna's hearing wasn't that good, but she would help anyone, even when some of them fought against her. As Saori's rule grew darker and crueler over the years, Seyerna found herself struggling to aid the many people in need, creating safe havens, and helping to rebuild homes. There's a rumor that there is an entire village that Seyerna calls 'her own' a place where she sends orphans or victims who can't return home for whatever reason. She is a demon guardian, a vigilante, who most hope to never see, simply because she trails on the tails of violence and cruelty. FeatherKey_Fate Name: Ráijá Species: Nymph Gender: female Appearance: Ráijá has existed in the physical form of a human child for as long as she can remember, and her memory is a long one. She is ancient when measured in the human fashion of years since birth, but considered quite young for other beings who have yet to succumb to time. Her age, however, has nothing to do with her chosen form - as the nature of a Nymph allows her to shift her appearance at any time. Ráijá wears the skin of a human child, because it is the persona of her true self. She has flawless, olive toned skin- and long, wild, waves of dark brown hair. Her large, dark, almond eyes see everything and reveal nothing. She can tease you with a look; make your believe that if you held her gaze just a little while longer, you could know her soul. But it always eludes you, playing at the edge of your reach, dancing about just beyond your grasp. Ráijá’s face is more expressive than average. Partly because some of what she shows is an act, and partly because she is still a child, even if she’s as old as the stories say. When she is truly happy, her smile radiates; when she is sad, her tears can break the heart of a warrior; when she is angry… well… 'Hell hath no fury,' they say. Personality: Ráijá is very much the embodiment of the form she has chosen: thoughtful, curious, and mischievous; yet diligent in her actions and adept in her words - the only revelation of her age. She may look like a child, but her life span is far beyond what her appearance reveals. Often she will use the preconception of youth to her advantage, and play a cunning game of wits and tricks - One quickly learns that Ráijá can always be counted on to lie; and lie magnificently. Though she is manipulative, Ráijá has a good heart. An innocent heart. A child's heart. Her fist impulse upon meeting a stranger to to help and learn from them. Her actions are often the product of good intentions or a playful game; and if ever they turn aggressive, it is likely out of a need to survive, or well deserved vengeance. However, Ráijá is not without the impulses of an imp. She can be manipulative and cunning - her connection with nature fuels a protective passion for all wild things, and Ráijá will act against anything or anyone who threatens the her or her home. In the grand scheme of things, Ráijá is selfish in an innocent way. She is both generous and a trickster by nature. She is a Nymph - a child of the wilds. Strengths/Abilities: As a nymph, Ráijá has a certain degree of balance with nature and all things that live. The wilds of the worlds share a connection with her, and will conceal, assist, and defend her when they can. Trees, plants, elements, and creatures - all things that are wild and live - demonstrate an obvious bond with the child. She can befriend nearly any beast, find shelter in any tree; even bend the elements to her will; manipulate flame, fluid, or flora to a mild degree. History: Ráijá dwells in the forests and woodlands, ghosting among the trees and playing with her fellow sprites and wild dwellers. Sometimes, curiosity draws her into a village or a camp - where she wanders, watching those of the civilized world with a child-like wonder and fascination. She likes to toy with the haughty ones, play with their arrogance, and teach them their own lessons - and she is fond of catering to the gentle ones- favoring fortune to their needs and wishes. She has always been protective of her home, and often plays tricks on woodcutters and wanderers. Those who are foolish enough to provoke her might find themselves at the mercy of the nature she can conjure. While Ráijá has never drawn blood with her own hands, she has been known unleash misfortune on the poor haughty fool, leaving him to defend himself against the bear that Ráijá called, or swim against the strong current of the river that Ráijá had coaxed to swell up and sweep them away downstream. Ráijá has felt the gripping hand of civilization tightening since the Queen Saori has come to power. There had always been a stretch of forest, called 'Tanglewood' by the city-folk, where Ráijá had dwelt for the last century. She felt the boarders of stone and dead earth pushing against the tree line and driving her wild home back in on itself. She tried once or twice to motivate the trees to push back - but what can birds and branches do against fire and steel. And the flames came with cutting blades to aid it. When Ráijá had hoped to weave a wall of forest and block the dead earth that they called "city" from intruding further - Saori had opened a scar in the wood that needlessly stripped the soil of its life. Frightened at the lash, Ráijá had retreated further into the wood; hiding herself away with shame for sacrificing the wilds in such a foolish errand. Red Alpha Name: Cirith Species: Dragon Gender: Male Appearance: A dragon with copper red and gold scales, with large wings and two legs and a long serpent like body. His wings span reaches 20 meters when fully stretched and from head to tail he is 25 meters long. (Based on Smaug's design from the hobbit) Personality: Like most dragons, Cirith is a proud and noble creature, but also greedy with a love for rare gemstones or precious metals. However Unlike his kin, Cirith is also patient and calculating. He tends to plan his hunts in advance and learns the weaknesses and strengths of his foe. Strengths/Abilities: As you would expect from a dragon, Cirith has a powerful claws and deadly teeth. Sharper senses than most mortal creatures. His hide is harder than armour and his wings are strong enough to make trees creak. With every beat of his wings he sends a wave of hot, dry wind and his fire has been the end of many humans brave and foolish enough to challenge him. He also has some magical ability, however not on the level of a skilled elven or human magician. most of his magical power lies in the telepathic link he can make with other dragons and his control over fire. Human form: A magical technique seldom used, a dragon can take the appearance of a human. when Cirith uses this ability he takes the appearance of a lean tall man in his early thirties, wearing gold and red robes, with a handsome face and long black hair slicked back. although his physical abilities are limited in this form Cirith can still use some of his magical power to control fire. History: Born in the ruins of a human made castle on a peninsula now called The Dragon Coast Cirith was raised amongst his kin for years as he grew and learned the lessons from his mother and his history from his father. When he got older he left his father’s domain and had to find his own place in the realm. From time to time the lands bordering the realm of dragons are attacked by adolescent dragons who try to carve out their own domain. Some remain in these lands and expand the reach of the dragon realm, others fail and either flee their claim in shame or die by the blade of a hero. Cirith was crafty however and instead of seeking out a rich land or a powerful kingdom to sack he chose for a strategically placed peninsula Over the years Cirith defended his new home and managed to gather a small hoard of his own; Trophies from battle, treasures from human cities or even the odd armour of a knight who fell against him. Cirith grew in name thanks to his patient planning of his goals. In his search for unique treasure he would wander the lands, concealed as a wandering human sorcerer, and learn the weaknesses of his target. This behavior did not go unnoticed amongst his kin and although they found it odd how careful Cirith acted they could not argue with the results. It was for his patient nature that Cirith was selected to represent the dragon clans of the Dragon Coast and Burning Isles. His official task is to convey the neutrality of the dragons in this attempted rebellion, however unbeknownst to his kin and the representatives he also has a secret task laid upon him by his patriarch… Yajuu_Kikuishi Name: Raion Species: Tatsujin – The Tatsujin are a race of dragon/human hybrids. They were originally completely human but with the use of forbidden magic managed to fuse the DNA of dragons and humans to create their race. Gender: Male Appearance: A couple of inches over six feet in height, Raion has long limbs and hard, compact muscles. He has wavy chin length black hair that he sweeps back along his head and light grey eyes. His pupils are not round as normal but have narrowed into slits, and his teeth are a set of dagger points. His finger and toe nails are thick and black, and pretty much unbreakable. Raion’s skin is very pale, sometimes being mistaken for white in bright light, and rough like leather. Steel-hard white scales have formed on various parts of his body; along the top of his hands and forearms, stopping just below the elbow, along the length and width of his back, from waist to hairline, and along the front of his shins and the top of his feet. Personality: Raion is a pit of rage and ferocity hidden beneath calm and intelligence. In most cases, Raion is in control of his emotions and gives of the impression of a seasoned warrior with a high level of strategic intelligence. However, his mind was somewhat fractured at one point and he is now prone to descend into a beastly rage without much of a push. Strengths/Abilities: The DNA spliced from the dragons gives Raion a number of bodily advancements. His base strength is increased to super human levels, the scales on his body are harder than steel and resistant to magic, and his senses of smell, eyesight, and hearing have been drastically increased. The Tatsujin also have a perceived immortality; meaning that they have yet to discover whether they can live forever or not, seeing as they always die in battle. Raion himself is skilled in hand to hand combat, although he knows no actual martial arts, but prefers using his custom-made axe (named ‘Draak Se Tande’) in battle. History: Raion comes from a group of people who, many years ago, secluded themselves to an island on themselves. There, they experimented using magic and DNA in order to create a new species. Eventually they found that Dragon DNA was able to mix with Human genes without any rejection and transformed themselves into the new species they called the Tatsujin. The Crown of the Tatsujin, the title of their leader, returned to the world and struck a deal with the reigning monarch at the time. They would act as his personal Knights if their species were given immunity to act as they wished around the world. The King was hesitant to grant such immunity and asked why the Tatsujin would want such a deal and the Tatsujin Crown simply smiled in response. A day later, three Tatsujin completely decimated a rising rebellion without so much as breaking a sweat, whereas the Royal Army had been stuck at war with them for several months. The Tatsujin Crown informed the King that they could do that to his reign if they so wished; and so the King brought them in as his guard, sending them out to quell rebellions and act as a peace keeping force around the world. Making sure he was keeping them busy in order to prevent whatever plan the Tatsujin Crown had planned from happening. When Saori came into power she gathered her personal Knights, every single one of them, and smiled as she ambushed and killed them all. Well, nearly all of them as a handful managed to survive and escaped into the world to hide. Raion was one of the survivors and was there when Saori razed the Tatsujin Island to rubble. Raion later learned that Saori had had no reason to kill her Knights, apparently killing them all on a fanciful whim. From that point on, Raion swore that he would one day cleave Saori’s head from her neck. The remaining Tatsujin remained apart and wander the world in secret; Saori putting a high bounty on their heads helped ensure that. Raine Bell Name: Yvanes Species: Elf Gender: Female Appearance: Fiery red hair hangs down to about her hips with small braid around her head similar to a halo to keep her hair from falling into her inquisitive lavender eyes. Fairly petite standing at only 5ft and 3 in. what she lacks in strength she makes up for in agility. Incredibly light and quick on her feet many people won’t know she’s there until she’s right on top of them. Personality: Quite soft spoken and calm her personality is similar to that of the breeze through the trees. Never quick to anger Yvanes always thinks before she acts. Many people in the past have considered her a voice of reason. Her only flaw is that she always searches for the good in people, insisting that everyone has some good in them, despite knowing that this is simply not true. Abilities: Her abilities and strengths consist of her agility and being able to move quickly and quietly as well as she is gifted with a healing power. Any injury can be healed by the touch of her hands but her healing power also has a dark nature to it. Should Yvanes have no sympathy for the person her healing powers would grow dark and cause more harm to the person. Yvanes also has the ability to speak with nature. The trees and wind can act as her eyes and ears to gather information about what is happening throughout the land. History: In the past Yvanes was a well-respected priestess and healer within the elven clan. Many sought her out despite what species they may be. Word had traveled of her power that even the Queen Saori called upon her and offered her a life of peace should she willingly sacrifice her eleven ways and follow that of Saori’s. Disgusted by the thought Yvanes refused and was banished to the depths of the forest where no one would find her again. Shocked and disappointed Yvanes hope for Queen Saori grew less with each passing year to the point that a hatred began to grow for Queen Saori. Lucy198906 Name: Luna Solisca Species: Angel Gender: Female Appearance: Luna stands at an average 5’9â€, her white wavy hair crawling halfway down her back. She is a shapely woman, her arms average looking her bust and her hips larger than the average, which lead to her thicker thighs and muscular caves. Her eyes are a silver color with just a hint of blue to them. Her lips were small but full, a very light flesh tone color. Her skin was soft and light, almost as though it consistently had a glow. Her wings were soft like down feather but now looked as though they had been painted black in several spots where they had burned off from her entrance to earth. She carried with her a staff, and her clothing was a cream soft like dress and robe. The dress was now shorter from her decent, burned in jagged pieces by her knees her, but her rob still held true. Personality: Luna has a love for all those upon earth. She believes creatures especially humans have the ability to show kindness and love to one another. She cares deeply for those who she protects and would rather be cast out than bow to another. She is fuelled by her emotions which is un-becoming of her world, but she did not care. She does not take kindly to creatures from the demon realm and considers them to be nothing but influencers of the evil that other creatures fall under. Strengths/Abilities: Her strength is the power of her wings. She can fly high into the air and maneuver well. Her staff that she carries pulls into two holy swords. She also has the ability to heal others, but the healing process does weaken her. She is not able to raise those who have fallen to death but at their last breath she may extend their life if she truly cares to. History: Luna was born an angle. She had never lived life as anything else. She had been in heaven for several hundred years always speaking out for those who had done wrong. She was always will to give creatures, human and not a second chance at “doing the right thingâ€. Over centuries she watch as others played out their lives, living what happiness she could through them. That was when she found him. She watched him effortlessly every day. Watching his kindness, his compassion, and his love for others. She was told sense the day of her assignment that she was to only watch not to tamper with any life. She was not allowed to change their fate. When she peered to check on him once more one day she noticed that he was alone. Surrounded by ones that wanted to do nothing but take his life for saving another’s. Luna had been told she was never allowed to go to earth, she was never to interfere and she was never to change anyone’s fate. She watched as the men continued to beat the man she loved tears moving down her face, she could feel him fading from the earth, but she knew in her heart his work was not done. She disobeyed her elders and flew to earth to save this man. She slaughtered the men that threatened to kill him and went to his side. Inches from death she saved him as her body weakened. As he stood she sunk to the ground, a small smile on her lips. The man was in disbelief, as she whispered to him “goâ€. He ran away as quickly as he could as the arch angels set in on her. She knew she would be punished as she was lifted from the earth back to heaven for judgment. She stood trial and admitted what she had done. They believed that they had no choice but to cast her out. She proclaimed that by doing so they would cause more harm to this world then imagined. She knew this world was being manipulated by a horrible queen and was considering options on how to release the world of her without "interfering". The elders stated that the situation was to resolve itself. Luna argued that the queen continued to take lives, that she deserved a true punishment, that she was not worth saving. The elders ignored her plea’s and cast her down from heaven.
  24. Seducing A Student

    Dyiashia rolled herself out of bed yawning tiredly. She rubbed her eyes looking at her clock, she hated getting up at 5:30 for school. She though waking up so early should be a crime. Of course she got up anyway and dragged herself to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out the shower she was wide awake and she bounced over to her closet looking for something to wear. She finally decided on a pair of black jeans and a red Black Veil Brides tee-shirt. She left her black hair to flow down her back in waves and added some black mascara and eyeliner to make her bright green eyes pop. She was a petite, curvaceous 18 year old that stood at 5'1. She was pretty smart and usually tied her best but she had moment when she was lazy. She was very random and sometimes even asked inappropriate questions, but for the most part she was an alright young adult. She drove herself to Starbucks and bought herself a caramel latte. She bit on her bottom lip nervously as she entered the class and sighed in relief when no one was inside yet. She sat in the front drinking her latte as she read a book. There teacher had recently retired and they were supposed to get a new teacher today. She knew most of the kids wouldn't show up, but she wasn't about to let their actions affect her. She soon got engrossed in her book forgetting she was waiting on the new teacher. (You are the teacher! Your object here is to seduce my character of course sex while is not the main plot here there will be sex. If you have any fetishes/kinks you want in here message me and we can definitely add them, or if you want to add something do let me know and I’m sure we can :) )
  25. Our world, Lumia, is deeply interwoven with ancient magic. All beings are touched by magic, to one degree or another, but none more so than the Dragons. The Dragons were as ancient and powerful as the world itself, chaos incarnate, answering to nothing and no-one. They lived undisturbed for millennia until they first came into contact with the civilised races of Lumia. Elves, Dwarves and Humans. The three races could no more tolerate the Dragons than the Dragons could accept their presence and so a great war began that lasted decades and pushed the races of Elf, Dwarf and Dragon close to extinction. Realising their folly, the Elves finally brokered a peace with the Dragons. This act enraged the Dwarves, who though just as responsible for as many terrible acts during the war (which later became known as 'The Shattering') as the Dragons, could not accept this peace. They broke their ties with the Elves, and retreated into their mountains. However, Dragons are creatures of powerful, primal magic and could not be bound by words on paper. So the Elves summoned their most powerful sorcerers and devised a spell that would bind Humans and Elves to the Dragons and vice-versa. With the technique of the Elves and the strength of the dragons, they created the first of the Dragon Riders. The Riders would be guardians and champions to the civilised races. Beacons of hope in a world often touched by terrible evil. The first and last line of defence against the dark. But though the Riders flourished for a time in their new home, the floating city in the sky, Caelum, it was not to last. 150 years ago, a sorceress appeared, calling herself Aedra. Using dark magic she killed Erestor Galion, rightful King to the Human race, then took his place as their ruler. Knowing the Riders would attempt to stop her, she took a group of human children and created the first of the Infurus. Hunters forged by monster blood and dark magic, created with the sole purpose of destroying the Riders. Led by Aedra and the Infurus, the Sorcerer Queen brought her armies to the city of Caelum and waged war upon the Riders. Though they were powerful, the combined might of Aedra's armies and her own sorcery eventually destroyed the last of the Riders. Thinking the Riders and their Dragons were extinct, Aedra returned to her throne and for 150 years she has ruled with an iron fist. With no Riders left to hunt, the Infurus were turned to monster hunting and though a peace existed in Lumia, it was one born of fear and oppression. But now, after a century and a half of tyranny under Aedra's rule, in which humankind has suffered the assault of monsters, poverty, disease and all manner of evil... there is a change in the winds of fate. A single Dragon egg survived, and with it, hope. So that's the backstory for the most part guys, i've been working on putting together for a little while now. Just using this as a place to hold various information, character sheets and terms, and so that if we need to put any extra information down we can store it somewhere safe for quick reference. I'll include a glossary of important terms just below and i'll provide my character sheets as well. Once you're both happy with your characters and the profiles are up, i'll get this going. I'm hoping for a post (or more) a week from everyone, and I know life takes priority but hopefully we can move this along at a decent and reliable pace. :3 HUMANS Humans are the youngest of the civilised races. When the Elves and Dwarves held the largest territories in Lumia, humankind were little more than tribal nomads. However, in time they grew, and no longer halted by the power of the Elves and Dwarves, they quickly rose to power, becoming the most common race in all of Lumia. Their overall technology and lifestyle is at a basic medieval level, and few are gifted in the knowledge or use of magic. ELVES The Elves were once much like Humans, but they were the most deeply affected by their bonding with the Dragons. It was through this act that they gained immortality and became physically superior to Humans. They became creatures of magic, yet they still had their faults. The Elves in truth had always been vain and so over time they changed how they appeared using magic, and so became known as the 'fair folk', a name well-earned. They are skilled in many things and magic shows itself in everything they do but while they greatly value life, they can be arrogant and fickle. Because they share the same lengthy lifespans as the Dragons, they have layer after layer of social etiquette designed to reduce the likelihood of conflict with one another, as a grudge could otherwise be held for millennia. DWARVES Dwarves are bearded, hardy and short in stature but built like stone. Their strength exceeds that of humans, as does their craftsmanship in all areas. They are a religious and superstitious people, with a clan-based hierarchy. Ruled over by a King that is voted in by the agreement of the leaders of the 13 clans. They are fierce warriors capable of matching the Infurus in physical combat but tend to have a poor grasp of (and dislike of) magic. DRAGONS Dragons used to be wild beasts, who though intelligent cared little for the civilised world. They would burn, eat, kill and do as they pleased without challenge. When they became linked to the Riders however, as much as the Elves changed, so did they. They grew to be more self-aware and gained a greater self-discipline, losing a little of their more savage nature (though they would say they lost none of their ferocity, and they would be right). They also gained an understanding of speech, for although they cannot physically speak due to the shapes of their mouths they are able to share their thoughts with their Rider. They are as varied and unique as any individual and can just as easily be guilty of a mistake, but are wise beyond measure in magic and arguably, in life. RIDERS A Dragon will only hatch when their egg is touched by the one whom they know to be their Rider. They will wait for an eternity for that to come (if ever), and so it is the highest of honours to become one. In joining with a Dragon, the Rider becomes linked to their Dragon - body, mind and soul, and over time this connection strengthens to the point that should one die, so would the other. If an Elf were to become a Rider, their magic would of course be increased in power and depth, but it is in Humans that the greatest change occurs. As Elves were the ones to create the spell that bound the races together, if a Human becomes a Rider, over time they begin a gradual change that culminates in something called the 'Awyé', lit. 'Rebirth'. AWYÉ The term given to the experience of when a Human Rider's gradual transformation culminates in their complete rebirth as an Elf. The initial change is minor, generally most tend to get slight points in their ears and lose any facial/body hair they might have with the exception of the hair on their head which begins to turn silver. Once the Awyé has passed, however, they are completely changed. Their hair has turned entirely silver, they are slightly taller and slimmer, and gain the physical advantages of the Elvish race. It is considered a time of great celebration for the Elves, but also a time in which the Rider is particularly vulnerable to attack. INFURUS The first of the Infurus were children of Aedra's soldiers. Their parents told only that they would be Aedra's elite guard, and would live in luxury - the truth was far darker. Aedra communed with evil spirits and tortured the children with endless experiments, killing hundreds until she found the right balance between dark magic and the infusing of monster blood. What she created was an abomination, yet served her wishes perfectly. They were not bound by the ancient language when using their dark magic, and so could use it freely without ever speaking a word. Their strength, speed and reflexes were heightened greatly and they were trained extensively in all forms of combat. They were pivotal in the destruction of the Dragon Riders, but when the last one was slain, they were reduced to monster hunters. 150 years have passed since the atrocities committed by their predecessors, and yet because of those actions and the manner in which they are created, they are still hated and feared by the community in spite of protecting them. Many Infurus in recent times became such because they had no other choice, they are not necessarily evil, though many are still loyal to the Sorcerer Queen. It is rumoured that if an Infurus uses too much of their power, they will become an abomination, more monster than human and forget who they once were - killing and feeding indiscriminately, whether friend, family or foe. MAGIC Magic exists in all things, and though it is a mysterious force that we learn more about every day - it does have it's rules. Rules that all creatures must abide by unless they seek to use dark magic closer to that of wraiths and spirits than of living beings. Magic requires three things; the first is an understanding of the ancient language, as the words of the ancient language literally are the thing in question. To say 'up' in the ancient language, with the intention of levitating something, will do just that. The second is the energy in which to use magic, as all magic requires energy from the caster and that leads into the third thing - The skill and natural energy reserves with which to use magic. As you activate a spell, it will begin to draw on your strength in equal measure to the strength it would require to do by hand. So if you used magic to lift a bail of hay, it would drain the same amount of energy from you as if you had done so physically, thus you must never overestimate your power, or you could end up weakened, unconscious or even dead. Additionally one must not deal in absolutes with magic. You should not say 'break' with the intent to break a metal bar, because then you can only succeed or die, as the spell will not allow you to withdraw from the attempt. It will drain you until you either succeed, or die. You should say something to the effect of, 'attempt to bend' so that should you be unable to affect that change, you can withdraw. SORCERERS Sorcerers are rare, even amongst the Elves who as a race have a strong understanding of magic. Though it can be argued that anyone with the right knowledge can use magic, there are only a gifted few who can become a Sorcerer/ess. Much like the Infurus, the prospective candidate must be taken as a young child in order to maximize their abilities. But although many believe Sorcerers to be evil (likely a direct result of Queen Aedra), Sorcerers are people like any others. They spend their lives devoted to magic with the exclusion of most other subjects, and although many have been pressed into service for the Queen, there are still plenty who remain neutral, choosing neither to align themselves with her, or directly oppose her. MONSTERS Monsters have been around for as long as there has been life on Lumia. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a mild nuisance to a plague that wipes out a village's livestock to a deadly creature intent on killing and/or devouring all life. We are unsure where monsters come from, but it is assumed that they are as linked to magic as all other creatures, possibly more so in some cases. Though many different monsters exist, one in particular is worth noting... VICIOUS The Vicious as they are known by Humans, 'Kuldern' as the Dwarves call them, meaning 'Fleshling', or 'Maegwin' as the Elves know them, meaning 'Without Conscience'. Vicious are creatures that stand around 7ft in height, with rippling muscles beneath taught leathery dark brown skin. Their faces are grotesque and hairless, with mouths full of sharp fangs and snake-like eyes. They are intelligent enough to speak and are self-aware but are mostly driven by their instinct to feed - and they are never sated. They will feed on animals if they must, but will most commonly try to eat sentient beings. Once consumed, a Vicious can shapeshift into their prey's form, even assuming the person's memories and emotions until the time they decide to pounce. They are incredibly fast and strong and are worth mentioning for one primary reason - it is the Vicious' blood that Aedra infused into Humans to help create the Infurus. The Vicious are effectively flesh vampires, feeding on the blood and innards of their prey in order to sustain themselves, and the more they feed the stronger they become. THE SHATTERING The name that was eventually given to the war that brought the world to the brink of destruction, that almost made the Elves, Dwarves and Dragons extinct and destroyed many furtile, beautiful lands. Hundreds of thousands died, and terrible acts of cruelty were performed by all those involved. There were no champions, no villains to be defeated, there was no victory to be had in the ending of the Shattering, only a numbing reminder of what all beings were capable of. Some believe that the name came from the divide it created between the races, others believe that it was the near-extinction of multiple races, and yet others believe that it was the splitting in two of Sheá mountain - the largest peak of the Cailan mountain range on which one of the final battles were fought between the Elf Sorcerer Míriel and a white-scaled Dragon the Elves named 'Edrahael' or 'Snowscale'. All of these theories hold credence and it is likely any one of them or all are, in part, true. Name: Aeran (Pronounced Air-en)Age: 17Race: HumanAppearance: Average height, around 5'10'' and slim with little definition to his muscles. He has short, messy black hair, hazel eyes and sun-tanned skin. He tends to dress in simple clothing, a white long-sleeved top and dark brown trousers, but wears a dark brown leather jerkin over the top, with a pair of sturdy boots.Personality: A typical youth. He is impatient, stubborn, rebellious and difficult to deal with at the best of times. He can have a foul temper when the mood takes him. He can be naive at times, and sometimes downright stupid, but despite his faults he is an honest person, both brave and loyal. He can be intelligent and extremely resourceful, but is sometimes blinded by his lack of patience, making him rush into a bad situation.Bio: Aeran grew up in a small village called Wayford, a few miles south of a larger port town called Northhaven, his father had died of pneumonia when he was a young child, leaving his mother to care for him alone. She worked by doing whatever the townsfolk needed, from cleaning to sewing, while Aeran would go hunting in the surrounding forest. He has had a peaceful and relatively uneventful life, aside from his pursuit of a girl in town called Fey which he sometimes liked to think that one day he could wed and then have children of his own before he got too old. Though he had what many would consider a hard life, he was not unhappy. As he grew up having to work and hunt to support himself and his mother, he never had the time to attend school and so was unable to read, and knew little of the world aside from what he'd heard in stories at the local tavern.Abilities: Relatively unskilled at the start of the story, Aeran is a decent shot with a bow and arrow, but pales in comparison to even the most minimally trained soldier, and would look ridiculous next to say, an Infurus or Elf. Name: Náriel (Elvish for 'Silver')Race: DragonAppearance: A lithe, young Dragon with bright silvery scales, sharp, curved talons and dark, piercingly intelligent eyes.Personality: Unlike Aeran, Náriel is a patient, wise, young dragon. She can make mistakes, like anyone, but she is generally the more sound of the two in making the smartest decision. She is extremely protective of her rider, and it is one of the few things that causes her temper to flare. She has a biting wit, and carries a noble, authoritative tone to the way she converses with Aeran. She is similar to Aeran in being incredibly stubborn. Her strength and bravery are unmatched, despite her youth. Elvish Dictionary Attempt: EtaAway: AlvaFire: IgnísHeat: KlaeraTravel great distance instantly: Taela oro gala lessitaeWall of Ice: Waes va illia