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  1. NC-17 Fixers

    Outskirts of Pyongyang, 2200 local time. There was a time when missions like this were executed exclusively by the military, but that was in an age long passed and the days of the ordinary soldier performing highly volatile tasks are long gone. Simply forking over a heap of cash to the Foundation just to successfully accomplish one’s goals, as is guaranteed when enlisting the aid of those like Elijah, had proven to be worth it in the long run when the uncertainties of failure no longer hamper one’s decision making. Elijah pressed a button on his earpiece and a faint buzzing sound resonated in his eardrum. “All callsigns, this is Thanatos. Confirm you’re in position, over.†One by one his four Fixer colleagues called out their callsigns followed by an affirmative. “Standby.†Elijah moved away from the cover of the tree and moved several meters closer to before dropping on his belly. The two soldiers under his direct supervision followed his lead. He took a peek through his binoculars to examine the heavily guarded military base they were sent to strike. American spies had uncovered that the North-Koreans were up to something silly again. He had been examining the patterns of the patrolling guards and the searchlights for a while and had decided that their best opportunity to strike would be now. “All callsigns, this is Thanatos, approach in t-minus thirty seconds.†Everyone had their jobs, everyone knew what to do. All that was left for them was to get into a heavily guarded military base, eliminate all enemies and get out as soon as possible. “4, 3, 2, 1.†Elijah and the two Americans hopped to their feet, walked towards the base with their rifles ready to fire and approached the chain-link fence. One of the Americans grabbed a wire cutter from his pouch and proceeded to create a hole in the fence large enough for them to fit through while Elijah and the other soldiers stood guard. The trio passed through the hole in the fence and followed Elijah as he led them to the back of a large container to remain out of sight. There were no gunshots to be heard, this had to mean that everyone had managed to infiltrate without getting caught. The Foundation could make quite some money by offering North Korea their security services; these Korean soldiers were ass at it. He waited for 10 seconds before initiating contact with the other Fixers. “All callsigns, this is Thanatos, commence operation.†After receiving confirmation from everyone he gave the two soldiers next to him the okay and the three of them moved, ready to begin the strike op.
  2. NC-17 Skin Deep

    Skin Deep No matter how many times he crossed the threshold into the vastness of the manor-turned-school, the newest addition to staff couldn't seem to find his bearings. He hadn't brought much with him - he hadn't needed to. The room, and most of the furniture came with the position he had been offered. In fact, he had been promised, most enthusiastically, a very generous sum of accommodations for his services as a science professor. Graham Buchanan had devoted himself wholeheartedly to his fascination with the proof of things. He liked to know how things worked, how the threads of reality wove themselves together, how the magic- that he alone was aware of -seeped out of the ordinary. Because of his fascination, he had excelled. Because of his excellence, he had been recognized. Because of his recognition, Graham Buchanan did not find it difficult to find employment. So with several options to consider, it was only natural that Graham chose the prettiest opportunity. Chatham Hall had been an educational establishment since the late Regency era - one of the first, it liked to boast. The grandeur of the estate had been preserved over the years, and then cultivated - proud to flaunt its elegance to prospective staff and students. Such grandeur was lost on Graham, at present. This was the fifth time he had made the trek into the bowels of the building, and the fifth time that he had lost his way. He shifted the box in his arms, uncomfortably, and shuffled its weight to get a better grip on its corners. A passing staff member eyed his precarious hold on the parcel, but offered no assistance or advice. Instead he simply flashed a smile and nodded a wordless welcome before hurrying off somewhere he might not wind up roped into some sort of charity work. Graham didn't particularly mind, but the lack of helpful nature was not something that went unnoticed. With a knee bent to support a corner while he balanced on one foot, Graham reached his hand out to twist the knob of a nearby doorway. Vaguely, he thought he remembered that this door led down a hall that might bring him to the right place. Wrong. It was the door, not to hall, but to a room, where it seemed he had interrupted a small meeting of some sort. Graham's eyes went wide, but only for a split second before vanishing behind a flash of a smile. One of the group, an older man with a great bushel of a mustache, returned a polite grin and spoke up first, "Lose you way?" Graham released a breath disguised as a chuckle as he bettered his hold on the box again, "Hardly," he began, grinning, "I just found this box of crap and decided to go door to door and see if I can't pawn it off on some strangers." The older man's polite grin broadened, but he didn't reply. Graham glanced down at the box, "I heard some new guy on the third floor might be interested - you know where I might find some stairs?"
  3. The Sleeping Shrine A ronin on the run from a grave crime he committed in the service of the Emperor seeks a new start away from the Capital and finds himself in the remote countryside searching for work. The rural people who are weary of well dressed strangers, however, direct him deep into the mountains where a village Lord is said to be looking to hire a Samurai as a guard to his estate. The ronin, who is optimistic about the news, receives a cryptic warning from the villagers to beware the demons who walk the mountain paths and lure men in with a guise of beauty. Feeling undaunted by the tale of caution, the ronin ventures deep into the mountain where an encounter with a strange, beautiful being leaves him feeling shaken and suddenly more believing of the demons the villagers spoke of. To make things worse, soon after his arrival into the mountain village, the murder an important figure pushes the ronin into a search for the culprit that leads him into a world he wishes he'd never found existed. Main Characters The Ronin [Played By] • Name: - • Appearance: - • Personality: - • Descriptors - A man running from his past mistakes, who runs into more trouble than he ever wanted to find - Was once a court samurai in the service of the Emperor, who refused to accept a punishment he received as a result of blackmail - A very competent and skilled swordsman The White Demon/Trickster [Elphys] • Name: -Tsuyoshi • Appearance: -He is of average height, lithe, fair/pale skin and short white hair, lashes, and brows. His eyes are silver, but glow a luminescent turquoise when he becomes angry or emotionally unstable. He has black bands tattooed around his neck, wrists, and ankles that also glow turquoise when he becomes angry or unstable. • Personality: -He is shrewd, arrogant, secretive, and dismissive. He enjoys being cynical and often plays nasty tricks on the villagers, but has an air of elegance and grace to him that makes him seem approachable. He can be cruel, yet seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve • Descriptors - A mysterious being who takes an interest in the ronin - Seen as bad luck by the villagers, is blamed for the murder of the important figure - Has powerful magics greatly associated with nature and weather - Carries around a set of katana - Is left handed Secondary Characters The Feudal Lord • The man who governs the mountain village, who seeks to hire a Samurai to protect him and his estate Feudal Lord's Son • The Lord's son; a smart, competent young man Feudal Lord's Daughter • The beautiful daughter of the Lord; she is sought out by many suitors Villagers • The people of the village The Murderer • The one who murdered the important figure Yami no Kami • The God of the Mountain to whom the shrine is dedicated and the villagers worship Demons • Youkai and spirits that reside in the mountains around the village Information Seeking someone to play the ronin. I've left most of the profile open for my partner to fill in. My intention is for he and the Trickster to fall into a sort of strained friendship/attraction with one another. By no means will it happen right away, but as a general plot device I would like that to happen eventually. This is a sort of fantasy, feudal, murder mystery with a lot of dark drama and angst. I am looking to sort of steer the roleplay in the direction of the plot I intend. I have plot twists planned. As far as availability, I am a sporadic poster. Sometimes I can make several posts in a day/week and sometimes I get busy and several days will pass in between posts. I will do my best to keep my partner updated with relevant information. Post length can be variable. I'm not looking for thousands of words, nor will I put out that much on a general post, though I have no problem reading them. I prefer quality over quantity and I love dialogue. In general I am very flexible with length and content. If you are interested, let me know. I'd love to screen people's character ideas so I can find the best fit for mine. Happy posting, I can't wait to hear from you and good luck!
  4. NC-17 Above the Veil

    The hard line of a tall man stood silhouetted against the glimmering glass of the solarium. He basked in the morning sunlight, his hands clasped behind his back, feeling the unfamiliar warmth of the sun on his skin. He didn’t belong to this world of light and luxe - but he had done well to costume himself in it. His clothes were richly embroidered, tailored to fit his capable frame; his posture was one of refinement and regality. He was fair featured - more so than the blonde hair and blue eyes - but his skin, too, was pallid. Pale and flawless; Skin that didn’t know sun; Eyes that didn’t know light. There entered a slow, wary, echo of footsteps into the glittering glass-house, but the ashen gentleman did not turn to observe his host. Instead he drew in a deep breath and opened his clear blue eyes to sweep his gaze over the mountaintop island laid out below. “I trust you've familiarized yourself with my terms.†He cooed with a deep thrumming voice - still keeping his gaze on the bright island above the sea of clouds. It was not a question, but rather, an affirmation that he was growing weary of the lengthy conversation they had traded several times before. The pair who had joined him in the gilded solarium were richly adorned in all the the aristocracy had to offer. They wore on their faces matching expressions of concern and skepticism, hiding behind poorly constructed masks of false confidence. The more authoritative of the two, a plump, gluttonous man, who absentmindedly polished the face of his pocket watch, pursed his lips and cleared his throat, "Mr. Slade," he began, unable to hide the uncertainty in his tone, "I cannot stress enough my appreciation for your discretion." Slade chose that moment to turn his face toward them, shoulders and torso swinging around to follow. His expression was a perfect portrait of grace and poise, cool confidence with the slightest of smug grins itching to show itself in the curl of his mouth. "And you have it," he reassured him, pausing a moment to pierce the pair with his icy gaze- unnerving them all the more. "I understand, perfectly, the necessity of privacy, my Lord Moran. Rest assured that if you hold up your end of our arrangement- I shall quietly uphold mine." The Baron, Gabriel Moran, seemed comforted by his words and settled back a little more comfortably on his heels. Allowing himself a grateful sigh he tucked his pocket watch away and moved further into the glass room, striding with more confidence than before. "And when can we expect the delivery?" "Oh, it is on it's way as we speak, my Lord Baron," Slade said with a flash of teeth. "We can expect to receive the device within the hour, I think. Your denizens of Riverfax will no doubt sing songs of your greatness when your capabilities become known." The Baron puffed his chest out at the words, beaming at the idea. Then he paused. "And how grand do you expect those capabilities will be?" His eyes widened as a new fear made itself known, "you guarantee I'll outreach the other cities? Riverfax will be superior?" Slade stole the moment for himself, his charm never leaving the lines of his face, even for an instant, "I cannot guarantee anything that is outside my own influence," he reasoned, "what you do with the means I've sold to you is your own business, not mine. I can, however, promise that I will call to collect on the favor you owe me- and that very well can spell out your fortunes or failings." "Favor!?" Moran protested, checking his sudden outburst as his silent companion placed a concerned tap on his shoulder. "I've paid you as we agreed," the Baron continued, only just containing his offended bafflement, "in full. No favors were agreed upon." “Indeed, my Lord Baron, you have given me my asking price in Aquamarine stones, but do not think for a moment that this is everything I require.†“Unacceptable!†The Baron protested further, despite the calculating resolve in Slade’s eyes and tone, “The gem’s were yours without question, without negotiation! I paid my dues, now deliver me what was promised!†Slade stood quietly for a moment, the brilliance of the sun dazzling behind him - making his strong, dark frame smolder against the sun drenched sky. He was stoic. Calm. Collected. But there was a threatening burn behind the crystal irises of his gaze that silenced Moran, and made him suddenly feel like a petulant child. “You’ve bought yourself a wondrous power, my Lord Moran, but do you know how to wield it?†He lifted his chin ever-so-slightly, “For instruction, I require further compensation.†He lifted a hand, silencing whatever words the Baron had prepared himself to argue with, “Not gems. Favors. I am kind to my friends,†his words trailed, as though he had left the sentence unfinished. But without another syllable, Slade swept forward and brushed past the Baron and his attendant. He was gone before Moran had the time to piece himself back together. The Baron gaped at the empty doorway. “You don’t think he…†the Baron’s face turned to his attendant before his eyes could tear themselves away from Slade’s commanding and empty wake. “Threatened you, my Lord?†The attendant suggested, shaking his head slightly, but not out of doubt, “I think that man is capable of a great many things, sir… a great many unthinkable things.â€
  5. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters "My name is Charles Xavier. I am a mutant. And once upon a time I had a dream... of a world where all Earth's children, both mutant and baseline human, might live together in peace. This isn't it. This is today's reality." - Charles Francis Xavier March 15th, 2012. The early morning sun shone brightly, but barely touched the floor of the old, well-lived in room. Guarded from it's rays by a closed blind. A figure stirred in the bed, disturbed by what little light struggled to come through. The bedside table held a small clock radio which read '7:59am'. There was peace for a short while, but as the clock turned to 8am, it switched the radio on. "--waiting to be left at the roadside, but no longer. Isn't that nice?" The radio DJ listened as his guest replied and a blue-skinned hand fumbled to switch off the radio, but accidentally knocked it off the table. It hung from its cable over the side, swinging as the DJ continued, undisturbed by the attempt to turn him off. "-- anyway, so up next is a familiar tune from a familiar name, enjoy." As the came on, the seeking hand gave up, letting out a low groan before turning over in bed. But before he could adjust to the intrusion on his sleep, his door opened with a bang and a girl with mousy brown hair ran in. She was no older than fourteen, with freckles just below her dark brown eyes. "Wake up Alan, wake up!" She leapt onto the boy's bed and started jumping on it."Ooooh, whyyyyy..." Alan replied, pulling the covers over his head. After a few seconds he pulled them back down and looked up at her standing on his bed. Alan Darkholme, unlike his friend Kate Simmons, was not a normal-looking human. He had been born with what can only be described as a mutation. His skin, or rather his fur, as that was what it technically was (though you couldn't tell just from looking at) was a dark blue. His eyes were a solid, glowing yellow. His ears were elf-like, elongated with sharp points and he had an extremely long prehensile tail that ended in a triangle tip like a devil's. He whipped his tail around and swept her legs out from under her, which made her laugh as her bottom hit the sheets unceremoniously. "It's so early..." He groaned, brushing a thick mop of long, black hair out of his face. Aside from his unusual appearance, Alan was slim in build and an average height for his age. Which as it happened, had just turned fourteen. "Happy Birthday!" Kate yelled, punching his covers and laughing. "UuuuUUUUGH!!" Alan groaned, and then kicked all his covers off like a baby having a tantrum. He pulled himself up in bed and straightened his pyjamas. "Fine. I'm up." He muttered, yawning and revealing an unusually long set of canines. "What?" He asked, when he saw her looking at him playfully. "I am!!" He said assuredly. "Okay." She replied, and from behind her, pulled out a small present. It was a little green box with yellow ribbon wrapped around it with a matching bow. "Are you going to open it?" She asked, excitedly. "Are you going to give me a chance?" He replied, raising an eyebrow. As he took the present in his hands, he stared at it curiously. Presents were rare for Alan, it wasn't like he got many, with looking the way he did. Mutants didn't exactly make for the most adoptable children, and it wasn't like he could hide his mutation the way some could. He didn't like the way he looked, the way people looked at him. It made him nervous and self-conscious. But Kate always made him feel safe, like he could be himself around her. He looked down at the present waiting to be opened and finally pulled aside the ribbon and opened the lid, pulling out the contents and staring at it for a moment. A small silver oval-shaped pendant on a thick chain. He examined it curiously for a few seconds and then smiled, "It's lovely, Kate. Thank you." He stared at it, and thought about putting it on right now when she leant over and he froze up, unsure what was happening. She looked down at the pendant and clicked it open and then leant back. He visibly relaxed and let out his breath. "Okay..." He mouthed, and then turned his attention back to the pendant. Opening it slowly, there were two pictures inside. Photographs of a person on either side of the interior of the pendant. When he saw what he was looking at, he grabbed the radio and turned it off. The two people he was staring at were entirely unfamiliar to him. He didn't know them, didn't recognize them. They should have been nobody to him. But as he had been staring at the picture on the right hand side, his face had fallen in disbelief. The woman on the left hand side had long black hair like him, and had a similar nose to his, but it was the man that was of immediate interest to him. His skin was blue, just like his! His eyes glowed, just like his! This had to have been his father and mother. "H-h..." He started, unable to get any more out. "How?" She smiled, "I snuck into Miss Jackson's office, didn't I?" She replied triumphantly. Miss Eleanor Jackson was the matron of the orphanage, and a harder woman you couldn't imagine. She was cruel and manipulative and she had a particular dislike for Alan and his 'unusual' nature. She had never allowed Alan knowledge of his parents, had always claimed it didn't exist. But here was proof, staring back at him. "W-w..." He tried again, failing to find the words. "Their names were Kurt and Marie. I think you were supposed to be named 'Wagner' but according to your file it said that your grandmother had given you her surname instead. Dunno why." Kate watched as Alan's face slowly began to light up as a fire burnt inside him, when he finally met her eyes, they were alight with joy. "This is amazing, Kate! Thank you so much!" He laughed and looked back down at the pendant. "You have a kind heart Alan, a kind spirit. Thank you for being my friend." She replied. He looked up to say something but as he did, he saw her face directly in front of him and before he could think her lips touched his and his eyes closed instinctively. A thousand explosions in his head. He was weightless, wind rushing past his ears, through his hair. Hair? Something was off. Alan opened his eyes and reluctantly pulled away from the kiss. He and Kate looked around and as one, they screamed. They were both plummeting towards the ground, the ocean stretched out ahead of them, but they were going to hit concrete. He had no idea what was happening, he was yelling and Kate was screaming at the top of her lungs as they fell. He panicked, he had no idea what to do, or what had happened. He frantically tried to grab Kate, to stop her from spinning in the air, to do something. He had to do something, but he didn't know what. The ground was almost upon them. Alan scrunched up his eyes, waiting for the sickening crunch before death as he held onto Kate. But as he felt the ground rushing up to meet him, he had a strange sensation as a loud explosion echoed in his ears once again. Bamf! The sound of air rushing into an empty space. Freezing cold water all around them, he almost inhaled instinctively but resisted the urge and swam to the surface of the water. As he breached, so too did Kate, and they could already see a group of spectators taking photos from them in front of a large building. She looked at him, a true look of terror etched on her face, and unable to look at her, he turned to the spectators and then his eyes followed the building up and up, up the rippling metal edges until he saw a woman looking back at him. The statue of liberty. They had somehow travelled halfway across the city. After that day, the orphanage released him from their care and he never saw Kate again. August 18th, 2014. A man in a trench coat with a baseball cap and sunglasses walked down an old corridor. It smelled of mould and the wallpaper was peeling away, slowly but surely. He tried to hide his face as best he could, and if he had passed you on the street at night, you might not have noticed, but his skin was a deep, dark blue. He unlocked the door to his apartment and shut the door behind him, locking it quickly and then pulling a bolt across for added security. It had been two years since he had been kicked out of the orphanage but Alan Darkholme had survived. It hadn't been easy, looking the way he did, but he had survived. He lived in a bad neighbourhood in New York City, making money where he could, and that had been enough for him. It wasn't easy being sixteen and having to take care of yourself, but he'd managed. He'd had to grow up, and quickly, or he wouldn't have been able to last long. He put a few groceries on the kitchen counter and took his large trench coat off, underneath it a belt held his tail firmly in place. He unclasped it and his tail immediately unwrapped itself several times from around his torso and he stretched it with a sigh, enjoying the freedom for a moment. But he had barely begun to unpack his groceries when he heard a noise. Knock. Knock. Groceries went untended as he hurriedly tried to think of all the things it could be, but then it came to him - had he paid up last month's rent? He was sure he had, hadn't he? He frantically looked around, trying to find his wallet. What if he hadn't paid? What if he was going to be kicked out. Knock. Knock. Knock. The landlord had a key, he could hear the lock being turned, it would be open any moment. A sort of serenity overcame him and he resigned himself to his fate. Alan watched as the lock turned, the door shuddered and then he remembered. He'd put the bolt across the door. The landlord couldn't get in! He felt like jumping for joy but then without warning, the bolt jumped open and he froze, his eyes staring at the door in disbelief as it creaked open, revealing the three figures behind it. For a couple of seconds nothing happened, Alan stared at each of them in turn. One was a young boy, around 17 years old, with short silver hair and a strong jaw, he oozed charisma and he strode into the room without an invitation, "What a dump..." He muttered, then saw Alan and grinned back at the other two, "Well we got the right apartment, huh?" He chuckled, and passed Alan without a second look. "W-wh--" Alan began, raising a hand to object, but unsure what to say. The second person into a room was a young girl, perhaps no older than 16, with fiery red wavy hair that came down to her chest, "Erik!" She chided the silver-haired boy, "Manners!" But then she too followed the boy in. They both began making themselves at home, she sat down in his armchair while Erik began routing through his groceries. "That's quite alright, Jean." Came a calm, even-toned voice. "Sorry to barge in on you like this, Mr. Darkholme." The man added, and his hand pressed down on a joystick which quietly brought his wheelchair to life, finally entering the room. The door closed behind him without being touched and Alan's expression went from disbelief to unashamed surprise. He pointed at the door, his mouth moving but no sound coming out. "We've been looking for you for some time, Alan." The man added, pressing his joystick again so that the wheelchair turned around to face him and then he settled his hands on his lap and waited for Alan to speak. It took a few moments but when he finally composed himself it came out faster than he could imagine. "What are you doing in here I didn't how did you find me whats going on I dont when..." Alan's voice trailed off into silence. "You must be very confused by our presence here, I apologise. I am Charles Xavier." The man replied. Alan looked him up and down. Aside from the obvious fact that the man was paralysed, he was bald, and had a stern face, yet with kind eyes. He held a certain authority and class to the way he spoke and presented himself, and he was dressed in a fine dark brown suit. "W-why were you looking for me...? I haven't done anything wrong!" Alan shouted defensively, going to his groceries and taking the can of corned beef out of Erik's hands, who grinned wildly at the blue-skinned boy. "We've come to get you." Erik replied for the bald-headed man. "Erik..." Charles Xavier smiled at the boy, "Apologies, young Erik here has a mind of his own and sense of humour to match." He paused and nodded to the red-headed girl, "Alan Darkholme, this is Jean Grey--" and he then nodded to the silver-haired boy, "-- and Erik Lehnsherr. Both students of mine. I'm the headmaster of a school - a school for mutants." "Okay..." Alan muttered, lowering the can of corned beef which he had only just realised he'd been holding as if getting ready to pitch at one of the intruders, "What does that have to do with me?" "Really?" Erik replied, raising an eyebrow to match his grin, "Reeeeally?" He repeated, lifting Alan's tail and bobbing it for a moment before letting it go, he then crossed the room and sat on the arm of the chair that Jean had taken root to. "We'd like you to join, Alan." Charles continued, "It's a safe place, for young mutants, like yourself, to learn and grow - to come to understand and strengthen your powers and learn how to use them for the good of all. Mutants and humans alike." "It's safe?" Alan asked, looking at each of them. "Yes, it's safe!" Jean replied, smiling pleasantly. "Everyone is a mutant there, including us." She nodded to each of them. "Not like me..." Alan muttered. "I dunno. I think it's kind of cool." Erik replied, crossing his arms. "Wish I had a tail." He chuckled. "Introduction and dorm registration begins August the 23rd. I would very much like you to be there, Alan. It could be a fresh start for you," Charles smiled, "A home, with a family." "A family...?" Alan repeated the word almost silently. August 23rd, 2014. Holding up a small pamphlet, Alan looked at it in silence, appreciating it without really understanding it. Alan was unable to read, though he wouldn't let anyone know this. The orphanage and in particular, Miss Jackson had seen to that. He was never paid any more attention than was absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, while he was unable to read the pamphlet, he knew that today new students of the school would be meeting for the first time, and they would be paired up with another new student to share a dorm room. The idea of girls and boys sharing rooms wasn't unusual to Alan, he'd done it his whole life in the orphanage, but he was a kid back then. He could imagine there being some teething problems with teens doing it, but he shrugged this off when he saw the wall in front of him. A plaque said something, but it meant nothing to him, but he knew this was the school. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The school was the same in the picture in his pamphlet, as it was right in front of him. A high wall surrounded the school's grounds, with a large iron gate at the front which was open at the moment, new students were pouring in. Teenagers of all shapes and sizes - and colours and creatures, it seemed. Alan's face contorted into a lop-sided grin as he walked up the path to the main school. A large old manor house that looked as though it could house hundreds of students. He knew there was a large pool behind it, but couldn't see it through the trees that surrounded the sides of the lawn, but he did notice a large basketball court amongst other things. A group of boys and girls were playing right now and Alan jogged up to the fence and leant in to watch. The two teams were evenly matched until all of a sudden a young boy with off-green skin suddenly leapt into the air like his legs were made of super-charged pogo sticks and slam-dunked the ball, while still hanging from the ring. "Oh yeah, who's da man?! Morty's da man!!" He laughed, as he hopped down from the ring. "Aww come on, Mortimer, no powers!!" One of the other boys whined, and the game continued. Alan grinned and then turned his attention back to the school. This was going to be his new home, apparently. Whatever was in store for him, he knew it was going to be anything but ordinary.
  6. Rodinia

    A Firuzian merchant once told him that grey skies on the first day of a journey are a bad omen; they would signify bad luck, failure, a voyage with no return. Looking at the faces of the dozens of onlookers as his steed strode through the mud infested streets one would think that they were told the same tale the Firuzians were; their stares were bleak, melancholic and filled with fear. If he didn’t know better Aurelio would think they were the ones about to undertake a hopeless journey, not him. Nevertheless the superstition held no worth in his eyes. It was time for him to fulfill his purpose and a little bad weather would not be able to stop him. Waiting for fair weather in Caolan had no point anyway. The bleak sky, never-ending cold gusts and soft drizzling rain were daily occurrences no matter the season or time of day. Living in this austere country for the better part of a year was not enough for him to get used to the climate. Part of him would be happy that he finally had a reason to leave, if only an emotion as joy wasn’t something so far from his emotional range. It mattered not. It was the dawn of a new day, a new year even, the day they had agreed to meet on a month ago had finally arrived and Aurelio refused to miss even a second of it. Sheridan has always had a dark reputation despite its technological prowess. The invention and widespread implementation of the steam engine should’ve ushered in an age of prosperity for the elves, but instead it only served to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. This income disparity was of little importance to him, all he cared about was making use the steam engine to cross Caolan’s borders as soon as possible. The elves were kind enough to development something they called a train, powered by a steam locomotive it would be able to transport a high number of people at great velocity over a predetermined path. It effectively shortened four days of travel by horseback to less than twenty-four hours. As he drew closer to the train station the sounds of the crowd became more audible. Soft murmuring quickly turned into loud shouting by the time that he was a stone’s throw away from the station’s entrance, but the very second they laid eyes upon him every bit of noise was drowned out by an uncomfortable silence. Behind him several dozens of Caolanians had been following the strut of his horse and in front of him a crowd had been waiting to see him off. These people were idiots. Despite all the rational explanations that this excursion would end in failure they still insisted on clinging on to that tiny bit of hope that the world would be saved. Idiots. Aurelio hopped off his steed, landed in the middle of a puddle of muddy water and adjusted his overcoat before grabbing the horse’s reins. He was neatly dressed in cream trousers, a cream overcoat with one folded lapel to reveal a wine coloured interior, one lapel raised to form a high collar all the way around his neck and a black belt tied around his waist, knee high brown leather boots and brown leather gloves. He carried himself with a distinguished air of grace and confidence as he led his horse into the station. The mob of people blocking his way parted willingly to open up a path for him to pass through. In silence they kept staring at him, but their interest was left unanswered as Aurelio’s gaze did not shift. The train station, as the locals referred to it, was no more than two stone platforms with two tracks in between. One of the platforms was empty whereas the other was occupied with a large black steam locomotive and a dozen train carts behind it. A human attendant dressed in a white dress shirt, white bowtie, navy blue trousers and navy blue vest approached Aurelio. “Could I take your horse for you, sir?†Aurelio examined the station attended before handing over the reins to his horse. Wait, why didn’t he ask for Aurelio’s ticket? “Aren’t you forgetting something?†His voice oozed with pride despite the hint of an accent making it obvious that the Common tongue wasn’t his mother language. “Yes, lady Lancaster is waiting for you in the first cart’s lounge, it has been reserved for her and her companions. She instructed me to direct her party in to her side.†The attendant bowed and started walking towards one of the carts in the back to keep the horse in. Aurelio gave him one last cold look before turning on his heels and walking towards the cart he was directed to. The interior of the car was made out of dark mahogany wood with several silver wall mounted candleholders to illuminate it after dark. The room was decorated with several upholstered two person black sofas on one side and fauteuils of similar design on the other side of the cart to leave enough room for passenger to navigate in between. Pairs of sofas and fauteuils faced each other with mahogany single pedestal tables in between. It did not take a genius to realize that access to this lounge required a ton of money. For a second he wondered how Nydia had obtained the gold required to pay for this, but before he could further dwell on it he noticed he wasn’t alone. In the back of the car a woman was sitting on a sofa, staring at the crowd outside in front of the station platform. She had shoulder length black hair with several strands resting between her nose and right eye and eyes with a deep blue colour. She was dressed in black leather pants, a white dress shirt with the top few buttons unbuttoned, a black underbust corset and a brown leather jacket. Aurelio made a mental note that Caolan’s fashion was not for him; too impractical. “They’re afraid,†she said with a melancholic voice. Her eyes remained locked outside, not turning to meet Aurelio for even a second. “They want to be happy, but they’re too scared of having their hopes and dreams crushed again.†Aurelio sat down on the fauteuil diagonally opposed of Nydia’s seat. “Do you remember our conversation?†Aurelio ignored her little speech. The problems of the people were not the same as his. He had nothing to do with them. “If I’m lying you’ll kill me and everyone I know, I got it.†Nydia turned her head to face Aurelio as her lips curled up to form an alluring smile, “Do you remember your part of the promise?†Never in his life had anyone looked at Aurelio that earnestly, it made him feel uncomfortable. The fact that he had no idea whether she was legitimate or the greatest actress he had ever met only made it harder for him. “Yes,†he said as he turned his face away. At that time he heard the door to the train cart open, the rest of the group had arrived. He quickly finished his sentence before anyone got close enough to hear him. “I will make sure you arrive safely.â€
  7. OPEN Fabletown

    I was recently watching Cry(an awesome youtuber) play "The Wolf Among Us" and it's a modern day New York City, I think, but it might be some other highly populated city-like area (It's like the series "Once Upon A Time" for those that aren't into games) where all the fables/folk tales/children's stories/Grimm Tales are actually real and they exist among normal people. I adore this concept, even if I was only ever mildly interested in "Once Upon a Time" and thought it would be a good basis for a roleplay. If this sounds interesting to you please share your interest. I don't currently have a plot, and am looking for people to help me develop one. I would be open to players writing their own fairy tale to make completely unique characters versus mimicking one already done, but it's up to the player, I have no idea what I would be playing personally. ^^; Obviously, I don't have a whole lot sketched out, if you like it but don't know about making your interest public yet, feel free to PM me or contact me via Skype (GlassDaemon) I'm happy to have someone to brainstorm with.
  8. Xisha Samuul was a member of the jedi order. A Jedi Consular, who specifically handled assignments regarding political unrest. Her job was simple, locate the leaders who were having problems, find out what they each wanted, and resolve the situation without any need for violence. Xisha was very good at this job, she made relatively difficult tasks appear simple and easy. She had an 95% success rate in these sorts of situations. There were always the few incidents where one party just wanted to shed blood for the sake of evil and unjust natures, but normally if that was the case Xisha would call in a comrade. She had a very strong connection to the force that was displayed in her words, the sound of her voice was soothing and brought most men to solace. She had the ability to be a fierce combatant, but she never sought out training in light saber battle. Her abilities focused on healing in all aspects body and mind. Xisha walked down the corridor of the Republic Heavy Cruiser. The jedi stood at about 5'4''. Most of her body was covered by a brown robe. While her hood was up the only part of her that you could see were her plush red lips and fleeting sights of flawless pale ivory skin. By the way she walked it was evident she was a woman. The robe was not too tight, but the saunter in her hips with each step gave her gender away. Xisha walked through the ship. She wasn't in a particular hurry, taking slow and steady strides towards the front. The ship was heading towards Taris, the jedi order had recently set up a small enclave there and she had been given reports about Mandalorian activity in the area getting restless. If nothing was done soon the order feared the Mandalorians would attempt a siege. This was exactly the type of work she did so well. After a few minutes she finally reached the main cock pit of the Cruiser. Xisha made her way over to the Republic Officer incharge and inquired,"How much longer until we reach Taris Officer?" The man wore a republic uniform with merits displaying his rank. He had slicked back black hair and sage colored eyes. He had been reading an output alert on the radar screen in front of him, so when he was roused out of this concentration by her, he was effectively surprised. " Oh, umm..." He hurriedly checked a different screen as to not keep her waiting too long for a reply. After a moment he looked back to Xisha. "About four hours ma'am." Xisha just nodded and gave a little, "Thank you." Before turning around. Xisha planned to meditate until they landed. There was always time to focus on the force and her bond to it. The second you think you know everything is the moment you become a fool. That was what her Master had taught her. There is always room for improvement. Once inside her private quarters and the door was shut, she removed her robe. She didn't like for everyone to see her, it usually led to problems with men who had been away in space for far too long. Underneath her robe she wore a simple white tank top and a pair of tight tan pants which stopped halfway down her calf. Xisha sported an amazing body, large ample curves with a toned and athletic core. Her fiery medium length orange-red hair fell down around her shoulders as she undid her hair tie. She shook her hair out and ran her hands through the silken locks with a sigh of relief. Her body fell back onto her bed, pale skin blending in so well with the white sheets of her bed. Her face was turned upward. If she weren't a Miraluka, with her absent sockets instead of eyes, she would be staring up at the ceiling. There was a black lace cloth on her night stand that she lazily grabbed with her hand. Xisha took the cloth and wrapped it around where her eyes should be, properly covering this sensitive area. She couldn't 'see' her room in the traditional sense. Miraluka's perceived their surrounding through the force. She felt her own force energy spread from every inch of her body flowing over everything around her. It was as if she were made of water that endlessly flowed outward touching everything around her in the universe, continuing for eternity. It was amazing how she could feel things over vast distances. So many times, when one of her brethren or sister jedi fell light years away, she knew the instant it hapened. The shock of someone close to her being cut off from the force was a pain she could not hide from. Likewise, when new life connected to the force a joy over took her that she could not explain. Xisha simply laid in bed feeling all of this at once. She could feel the pulse of every member of the crew. As their hearts beat it sent ripples out that eventually hit her lightly, like gentle waves flowing over her. Xisha took a deep breath in and concentrated. Now everything quieted down, her sensitively grew dull, and eventually it all became silent. She focused on her own thoughts. It was in times like this that she was most vulnerable, but this was also how she made herself stronger. She chanted the jedi mantra over and over again, her voice a whisper in the wind that filled up the whole ship, a calming tone in the ear of every crew member. "There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.There is no passion, there is serenity.There is no chaos, there is harmony.There is no death, there is the Force." It repeated over and over again for a couple hours until Xisha finally let go of her restraint and all the feeling of the force came back to her in one snap of conductivity. She took in a deep breath and sat back up in bed. A little trickle of sweat slid down the side of her face and she quickly wiped it away with her hand. "I think that is enough meditation for today." She said to herself. Sometimes her natural ability was overwhelming. There was so much life and death in the universe, combined with the vast cold expanse of space. So many mysteries and such a simple code to follow.
  9. NC-17 Project Clarity

    PROJECT CLARITY “Power is in tearing human minds to piecesand putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.†- George Orwell Cold, bright fluorescent lights flickered to life, producing a gentle hum. Their light touching every corner of the white, sterile room. The only objects in the room - a single bed and side table - matching the clinical décor. The occupant of the bed turned under the crisp, pearly sheets. Scruffy black hair fell over his face, his breathing was raspy, accentuated by a breathing mask that covered the lower half of his face. Lids firmly shut, eyes darting to and fro underneath. On the opposite side of the room from the bed, hung a full-length mirror covering almost half the wall. Though from the young man's perspective, had he been awake, it was just a mirror. It was in fact, a one-way observation window. On the other side, out of sight to the subject, a couple of scientists sat checking a constant stream of results. A song playing on an old, crackling radio."Zero's dreaming again." A red-headed lab coat-wearing scientist made a note on a small clipboard before turning her gaze back to the readings on the computer in front of her."Yeah - so?" A male scientist replied, a man with short brown hair and a stern face."You're not curious what he's dreaming about?" She replied, raising an eyebrow as she took a sip of coffee, "I mean, he's like this every night --" She picked up a sheet and cleared her throat to quote, "-- wakes up, drenched in sweat, elevated heart rate--" "--Big deal!? He's a freak. Freaks have freaky dreams." The man pulled a small ball out of his pocket and started throwing it up into the air, catching it as he mused, "I mean, what do they have to dream about? They eat, they read, they... talk about their feelings... they've never been outside. They don't know what it's like. I think you could put a picture of a pow in front of them and they wouldn't be able to tell you what it was." He paused as a thought struck him, and laughed, "They'd probably run away, screaming." He laughed again and the woman frowned and looked back into the room. "What do you dream about... when your whole world consists of a room, and a lobby..." She asked, holding the clipboard to her chest and sighing, "What time is it?" She asked, pulling herself out of deeper thoughts. "Uh -- 7:58am." The man replied, checking his watch. He threw the ball into the air once again and catching it with ease. "Mother will be online soon." She added, making a note on her clipboard."You mean M.O.M., don't you?" The man rolled his eyes, "Come on, only they call her Mother. It's just a stupid acronym the big wigs came up with for the A.I., there's no need to personify it any more than... than that." He tapped his finger against the glass, at their subject. "Hey!! Don't do that!" She barked, "What if he hears it or something?!" "Oh, please... these don't make any noise, me and Webber tested it. You can bang as hard as you like on the other side and they don't hear it. Look--" He punctuated his comment with a hard thump on the glass that left a ringing echo in their room. The young man on the other side barely stirred except for his restless dreaming."I just think that--" "Good morning, Subject Zero." A cold, feminine voice rang out through both rooms. The computer A.I. had activated, "It is 8:00am. January 8th. 2386. Today's breakfast is supplement six, 'Toast and eggs'." The young man inside turned over, yawning with a slightly metallic tone. "Eggs!" The male scientist scoffed, "Eggs... they eat better than we do. They don't get any of that nutrient mush..." He muttered, sulking."Mmmm..." The woman hummed, acknowledging she'd heard her colleague as she stepped up to the one-way mirror as the subject began to wake. "Uuugh..." Zero groaned, brushing some of his messy black hair out of his face and opening his crystal blue eyes, blinking back the sleep as he wiped it from his eyes, "W-what?" He muttered, licking his lips beneath the breathing apparatus that muffled his voice. "It is 8:00am. January 8th--" Mother began to repeat."Enough, enough!" Zero added quickly, realising his mistake in asking the question. He pulled himself up and rubbed the bridge of his nose. His mask always made his nose sore in the mornings, when he'd spent the night with it firmly pressed against his face. He always asked them to adjust it, but it never made it any better. He slowly pulled himself out of bed, as though he was separating himself from a body part. "Shower." He added bluntly. The wall he was walking towards opened up to reveal a closet-sized room just large enough for a standing shower. He washed and then as he dried himself off with one of the fresh white towels that always hung on the metal rung beside the shower each morning, he walked a few steps down the wall and turned to address it, "Clothes." The wall slid out with a hidden drawer, revealing several piles of identical clothing. White trousers. White t-shirts. White jackets. White socks. White boots. There was no choice or variation. He pulled on one of each and stood in front of the one-way mirror, looking at his reflection as the scientists looked at him. For a moment he stared deep into the mirror and the two scientists stared at one another."D'you think...?" She started, clasping the clipboard tightly. Zero suddenly lifted his hand up, stepped forwards, and tried flattening out some of his dishevelled hair - but to no success. He sighed and then walked out of the room without another look. The door to his room unlocked and hissed open and he stepped out into a large lobby. Hundreds of others much like himself, all dressed in the same clothes. They were milling around, talking, looking at the news on the view-screens or waiting in line for breakfast. "Morning Zero!" One of them called out as she passed him. "Oh morning, Six." Zero smiled at her, which was only apparent from the rising of his mask and the soft expression of his eyes. He crossed the room, passing the tables of the other subjects and joined the queue at the back. He could hear the news reports coming from the view-screen on his right and took a moment to look over at it."--the weather. It's another sunny day in Paradise. Some rain in the south, and chances of showers in the south-east, but sunny by tomorrow evening. I hope you're having a wonderful day, children." The reporter beamed a winning smile that would have made Zero smile if it had been the first time he'd seen her smile, but he'd grown up watching the news with the same reporter for his entire life, and he'd become so accustomed to seeing it it was almost like watching the grass grow. At least, he assumed it was like that, as he'd never seen it grow. Just a couple of people in front of him now, he was pretty hungry this morning and was looking forward to eating. His dreams were always rough and the mornings were always the hardest part of the day for him. He had to ease into them. As he stood in the queue however, his thoughts wandered as he suddenly felt a rush of fearful anxiety. He tensed as he looked around for the source of this emotion and found it almost immediately. He saw a man approaching the queue and the spot he had targeted was just one behind the person at the very front. The people behind him were already stepping back to let this man in, clearly not open to challenging him when he was so tall and muscular. His face was chiselled almost like the action heroes they sometimes watched on the Sunday evening view-screen theatre. "Move it!" The man snapped, as he stepped into the queue. Zero's temper flared but he tried to stay calm. He waited for a moment but nobody was doing anything and eventually he couldn't let this go. He stepped out of the queue and felt the rising sense of discomfort the people around him were having at his approach of this interloper. "Hey!" Zero yelled, pointing at the man, "Get outta line, Thirty!" "Piss off!!" Thirty barked back at him, "Or i'll smash your face!" He added, punctuating his threat with a clenched fist.Zero gathered himself up, he was nowhere near the size of this behemoth, but he couldn't just stand by and watch the others be oppressed by this gorilla. He held his hands up at Thirty as though he was going to shove him over and Thirty tensed as though a gun was being pointed at him. The hanging lights overhead suddenly leant in Thirty's direction and the larger man felt a light shove from an invisible assailant. His tension, now realising it was entirely unwarranted, was gone almost immediately. "Cute." Thirty replied, laughing heartily. "What are you going to do, Zero? Shove me a bit?!" Thirty pointed a single finger at Zero and grinned, "Bang!" His word might as well have been a bullet, because Zero flew backwards as though hit by a spray of shotgun buck. He hit the ground several feet away, tumbled across it and eventually came to a stop. Thirty started towards him, "I'm a level 5, Zero. What are you?! Level 2? No. You have to be a level 1. I'm the most powerful one here, you stupid twerp..." Thirty raised his finger again but before anything could happen, a flock of guards dressed in black armour and armed with tranquillizer rifles stormed the lobby. They surrounded Thirty, numbering almost as many as the violent man's name, and raised their weapons at his chest. "Stand down, Subject!" One of the guards commanded. "Whatever, I wasn't hungry." Thirty replied, and walked past Zero, spitting at his face as he headed for his room. The guards lowered their weapons, waited a moment and as the door hissed shut behind Thirty, they dispersed. Zero started to pull himself up as a couple of the other subjects came to help him, "I'm fine." He said, but as they persisted he yanked his hand away from their grasp, "I'm fine!" He said forcefully and then slowly got to his feet, brushing himself off. He wiped a glob of gorilla spit from his cheek and quickly calmed down when he felt the concern from the majority around him, "I'm fine." He repeated, this time calmer and more reassuring. "Come on... let's get some eggs." Zero muttered, joining the queue. When he finally sat down to eat, his table free of other occupants, at least for now, he clicked open the clasps on either side of his face and pulled the main portion of the mask from his face. The lower half of his face was just as pale as the rest of his skin, if not more so. He began to eat his breakfast as he placed the breather down on the table only to look down at his plate in confusion. A splash of red. He brought his fingers up to his face and touched his mouth, they came away covered in blood. Zero stood up and ran back to his room, "Sink." He called out as he walked in, another section opened up and he stared at the miniature mirror as he ran the tap. Blood was slowly dripping down from his nose, he leant over and after running the cold tap for a moment, splashed some water on his face and waited until he stopped bleeding, then dried his face with the towel and sighed, shaking his head. This wasn't the first time he'd had a nose bleed when trying to use his primary ability. Most psychics in the facility only had a single power, he had been born with two, but he'd never been able to use his telekinesis to any great affect, and the scientists didn't know about his empathy. It was his apparent lack of power with his gift that had gotten him labelled as a level 1. He was sure that was a term associated with newborns, at least it felt that way sometimes. The rest of the day passed without any major incident. That evening as he climbed into bed, he thought about what had happened with Thirty. He had wanted to stop that thug, to help others, but all he'd been able to do was get thrown across the room, a bloody nose and a spoilt breakfast. He shrugged the day's worries from his mind and got undressed, climbing into bed. "Lights." He groaned, collapsing as he pulled the covers over his head. It took a while, but he eventually drifted off, returning to the same dream he had had for as long as he could remember. Almost every night since childhood. Sometimes it was longer, or shorter. Sometimes it was clearer, crisper. Most times it was a confusing, blurry mess. But it was always the same. Why didn't the others dream like he did? Darkness. A blurry light overhead, suddenly blinding him. "--one more... He's waking up!" Came a voice. "What?" Another replied, a woman from the sound of her voice.Where am I? He thought. He tried to move, but it felt like he was paralysed."Will he remember?" She asked. "This?" The man replied, there was a pause, "... No." He felt a sharp scratch in his arm, then darkness once more. Waking with a start, Zero rubbed the bridge of his nose as he tried to blink away the sleep. "Good morning, Subject Zero." The cold, familiar voice of Mother welcomed him to another day, "It is 8:00am. January 9th. 2386. Today's breakfast is supplement four, 'Cereal'. You have a group therapy session at 4:00pm with Dr. Michael Williams. Please remind your fellow participants - Subjects 2, 4, 7, 11, 13, 14, 16, 23, 30 and 34."
  10. Steam and Diamonds

    Above the Veil Currently this story is between Fate and myself, we haven't decided if we're going to open it up. If you are interested, be aware that this is a romance! The World: The story takes place in a Fantasy country known as Etrona; it is separated into various cities each city is planted on the tops of mountains for you see in this world the clouds hang heavy and low to the ground, just barely hugging the throat of the tallest mountains. Beneath the clouds the world exists in eternal darkness, rarely do the clouds ever part long enough for the harsh world beneath to be bathed in its warmth and light. On top of the clouds, in each city the world thrives through steam and magic. The mountains are cut into like ant hills and stripped of their precious stones which would become the major trade product of each city, each city specializing in a different stone. The Cities and Their Stones: Rumgrove - Emerald Cherrywell - Ruby Foxton - Topaz Riverfax - Aquamarine Clayaire - Amethyst Kanewish - Tourmaline Clarksbend - Garnet Meadowalia - Sapphire Rosewalk - Moonstone Irondam - Peridot Magic: Magic does not exist in conventional ways in this world, no one goes 'pew pew' from their palms. In this world magic is derived from the many precious gem stones. Each color coordinates to a certain type of power. Diamonds are considered WORTHLESS because they have no color and no known power. The stones will diminish as they are used, it is believed that over time they recover and thus grow larger, but no proof has been made of this. The Stones and Their Effects: Emerald - Green - Earth/Plant Ruby - Red - Fire Topaz - Yellow - Light Aquamarine - Pale Blue - Wind Amethyst - Purple - Dark Tourmaline - Light Red/Pink - Healing Sapphire - Blue - Water Moonstone - White - Electricity Peridot - Light Green/Green-Yellow - Poison These are vague on purpose because I don't know how much significance this will actually play in the story. I did not do every single gem because fuck that, consider that gems of similar color go to according powers. When I say 'Light' and 'Dark' I do not mean holy and evil, I mean literal light like a light bulb and dark like shadows and the absence of light. Era: This is a Steampunk - Victorian theme, that means airships, lots of mechanical do-dads and what-nots. The Story: A dark sinister man who has lived his life below the clouds has discovered a way to amplify the power of the gems! He has long since loathed the light-dwellers while he has lived in his dark mansion far bellow the sun's loving grace. He now seeks revenge by taking control of all of Etrona! His deranged and yet clever mind has calculated ways to manipulate each city into sacrificing their most precious stones, more often than not this means the biggest! But what is this? This rascally little thief seeks to take for herself his great invention only to discover his dirty lie that could ruin his plans! Oh what to do with this delectable little female who seeks to ruin him?
  11. WELCOME TO UNITY INDUSTRIES TERMINAL "Your Future In Our Hands" -- Server 04 -- >> ADMIN LOGIN ENTER PASSWORD NOW >> PASSWORD ACCEPTED > Project Clarity - Personal Notes, Dr. Samantha Roberts 20/03/76 -- New Batch We got a new batch of test subjects today. Michael thinks that Subject 06 looks like me, I don't see the resemblance. They've been given their first injection of the C-Virus. Expecting results within the first few days, with luck. 21/03/76 -- Initial Outbreak Wow, that was faster than I thought! Subject 02, 05, 16 and 23 have already shown signs. I expect the rest to follow soon. Michael said that some of them act like siblings. I had to remind him to remain detached, he was projecting his own emotions onto them, the way a dog owner will see emotion in the actions of it's pet. 23/03/76 -- Early Termination Subject 18 terminated some time during the night. An acceptable loss, but I couldn't help but be frustrated. I had foolishly convinced myself that they would all live. Subject 00 asked where Subject 18 had gone, he said, "Will he come home tomorrow?" I didn't know what to say. 29/03/76 -- Potent Strain I'm sure of it. This strain of the C-Virus is the one we've been looking for. It's been nine days, we've only lost one Subject and now all of the children are showing signs of varying psychic ability. Children? Are they really children? I saw one playing with a teddy bear the other day. I asked her what it was called, and she said "It's Eighteen." 08/04/76 -- Faith or Science What to do?! The children, because that's what they are, are just like us. They think, they feel, but they don't understand what they are, or why they're here. We feed them lies to keep them docile, tell them we keep them safe in the facility. That the world outside is a paradise, and when they're old enough, they can go there. But as what...? > Project Clarity - Personal Notes, Dr. Michael Williams 25/04/76 -- Suspicions Confirmed As I suspected, Dr. Roberts had compromised her emotional detachment and even risked the entire Project. She tried to kidnap Subject 06 for goodness sake! I should have been keeping a closer eye on her personal log. Subject 00 asked why there was a new doctor. He wanted to know where Samantha had gone, so I told him the truth. I said, "She went to Paradise." The year is 2386. We live in an age of technological marvel. World peace exists, nobody goes hungry and crime and disease are all but wiped out. Mankind has long since reached a new rung in the evolutionary ladder and now live in a utopia. These are some of the lies we tell our Subjects. The truth is far harder to swallow. Nearly 200 years ago, mankind was running out of resources. We had consumed fossil fuels at a greater rate than we had ever imagined. Widespread panic shook the world as civilizations began crumbling overnight. People turned on one another, and within days war broke out. It didn't matter what side you were on, there were no allies, no rules. We don't know who hit first, but it didn't matter. Once the first nuclear warhead was dropped, they were dotted across every country on Earth within hours. In a matter of hours, we lost hundreds of years of technology, medicine, civilization. Nothing mattered any more. Many water sources became irradiated or polluted, undrinkable. The population of the planet was reduced to barely 1% of what it once was. Food became scarce. The animals that survived started to mutate to one degree or another. A small percentage of the survivors who didn't die were also transformed. There was no law, no government, no hope. But Unity Industries had an answer. We wanted to use the radiation to force adaptation and evolution. To try and create humans capable of surviving in the harshest environments. With abilities more fitted to a world so full of danger. For decades we experimented in combining refined radioactive matter with undeveloped human embryos grown in our labs. We found that in doing so, in combination with regular injections of a virus we named 'Clarity', during childhood, the Subjects would attain a variety of 'psychic' abilities, and so Project Clarity was born. It took countless attempts, fine-tuning the DNA of the embryos to accept higher levels of radiation without harm, and getting the right quantity and frequency of the C-Virus injections before we hit upon the right solution. By then, we had already stumbled upon a number of important factors we needed to ensure the lowest mortality rate possible amongst the Subjects. Chief of these factors seemingly important to the development and survival of our Subjects seemed to be their perception of the state of the world around them. And so we were forced to create a complex fiction for them. We wove them a story, and spoon fed it to them. To hide the truth of this harsh new world from them, so that they could ultimately achieve their true intended purpose. Which we will soon reveal to the world at large. Well! If you've managed to bother to read all that. Well done you. So in short, this is a story about a small group of people, all Subjects of this experiment that i've mentioned, who escape and are forced to go on the run. All of our characters have varying abilities, psychic in nature. We will begin the story in the facility, under the impression that we are some kind of chosen 'next step' to be cared for, until the day they are ready to join the Paradise outside. At least thats what we're getting told. The truth is that we were never meant to leave the facility, for which the reasons will be revealed during the course of the RP, along with a buttload of other twists and such. Consider this an alternate Earth setting, aside from the futuristic post-apocalyptic nature of the RP. Somewhere around the 50's, we split off and focused as a race, not on the advancement of culture, art and forward-thinking, but on technology, medicine, robotics, weaponry, etc. As such, the post-apocalyptic world people live in now, is still very reminiscent of 1950's america. Propaganda from the age, with art deco influences, music from the time, etc. The world is extremely different now, much of it is a wasteland, that has been reshaped to fit this new, terrible time in human history. Cities are crumbling ruins now, towns exist but are mostly built into the ruins of old world things that have survived, eg. A gas station might have become a shanty town. Dangerous mutant creatures roam the wilds, as do bandits, mercenaries and all manner of nasties. Law is thin in most places, and there is generally a lack of government. But there are pockets of technological or intellectual strength. If you're interested, you will, as I say, be playing one of the Subjects who escape as a group and are forced to flee from the people who had been keeping them locked up and lying to them. We will be chased by people intent on recapturing or killing us, meanwhile, trying to understand our powers, why we were created, who we can be in this new world, understanding our humanity in a world we don't understand, and just about any other connotations you can imagine in such a scenario. There will be a large, over-arcing plot, but equally, it will be free enough that we can do what we want within reason. You can choose from a wide variety of psychic powers, of which i'd expect you to start out much weaker/intermittent/inexperienced with them and develop them over the course of the RP, i'll list some decent examples but if you have an idea for one of your own, make a suggestion and we can discuss it. If you have any questions, of course just ask. But I will make it clear that i'm not accepting people who can't put in the time and interest into this, i've put a lot of effort into this, and i've killed off a number of my RPs in recent weeks because of some member's lack of commitment, interest or free time. I understand this can happen, but please don't ask to join if you don't think you can commit. I'd like to see this through to the end :3 I'm looking for maybe just a couple for this, depending on who applies. Probably a maximum of four in total. Saved a spot for Kyo, but if he's not interested, then the three slots are still open. Some examples of psychic abilities below. 1. You are able to push certain thoughts, memories or even emotions into your target. This might leave them confused, misinformed or even following courses of action they put in motion because of a thought or memory you gave them, that made them believe it was real, temporarily. 2. You can see in the future, of sorts. You can't see certainties, but you can see the most likely possibility, based on a person's choices. Perhaps if they are aware of their future and make a new choice, it creates a new future possibility, as would any time they change their choice at that moment. 3. You can sense psychic abilities and persons with them in a varying range. Allowing you to get a head's up on someone approaching you, as long as you're concentrating, etc. Maybe you can even tell what they are capable of doing, or how powerful they are, or could become. 4. You could create illusions that multiple people can see, perhaps they last a great deal shorter than a psychic that uses their 'push' method of illusion, but are also that much more real. Seeing is believing, as they say. Perhaps they require an item or person of equal size/shape to be most effective. 5. You are able to maybe control something like fire, water, sound, etc. Also known as pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis and so on. The creation and manipulation of the related element, or whatever the thing in question might be. As i've said, you can make up your own thing, or do one of those with your own rules, etc. within reason. A couple of things you can't be however, to be clear. You cannot 'stop' other psychics from using their powers with your own, as in your power is purely making other powers null and void. Only one person can do this in the story, and they're not on our side. Telepathy (mind reading) is out, for a similar reason. I would also say that any ability another person has already requested should be avoided for sake of variety and being friendly to toes. lol. I hope your eyes didn't bleed too hard from all the text, looking forward to seeing profiles hopefully. :3 Name: Zero Age: 20 Reference Pic: Appearance: Medium length scruffy black hair, sharp blue almond-shaped eyes, smooth and unblemished features. A little over 6ft in height with an athletic frame and pale skin. The lower half of his face is usually obscured by a breather. He tends to wear looser-fitting dark clothes, whatever is best for movement. Personality: Inquisitive, intelligent, and naturally naive of his surroundings due to his upbringing. Zero was something of a carer to the group, maybe even a leader. He often watched over the others, and asked questions that many were disinterested in asking, or even afraid of broaching. He has a strong protective instinct and is quickly upset from others suffering, though seems relatively unconcerned with his own hardships. He is usually quite patient but when he loses his temper, he really loses it. He can also be extremely unpredictable. Due to the nature of his abilities he is innately tuned into the feelings of others and is often greatly affected by them. Bio: Like the other children that grew up in the facility, Zero knew no parent other than the scientists and guards that watched over them. Unlike the majority of the other children, Zero found it difficult to like or trust the people that ran the facility. He was curious about their stories of the outside world, and often had a sense for when they were lying, but could naturally not understand what they were lying about or why. Zero is in the minority of the Subjects as being one of the children that suffered with a birth defect as a result of their unusual creation. Specific to him, Zero has an advanced form of asthma for which he needs to wear a special breather for most of day. He is able to take it off long enough to eat or drink, but other than that, must wear it or he would quickly suffer a fatal respiratory attack. The breather takes away a degree of the tone in his voice and makes it sound slightly muffled and robotic. Abilities: Zero's primary ability is telekinesis, the ability to manipulate objects using his mind. However, he also had a secondary ability that he was unconscious of at first, using it and thinking it as a normal part of his instincts. He was also empathic, able to sense the emotions of people around him. This made it difficult for him to connect with the people outside of the other children in his group, as they hated and feared the genetically manipulated humans.
  12. This RP is open to all, but i'll be selective depending on the characters and availability. I'm holding a spot open for Kyo as i'm unsure if he's joining or not, but if he is then I will only need maybe another 2-3 people for this. Some background for you: Eurosia. A continent with a population of over 50 million. It is an Empire that brought together a group of previously warring countries and united them under a single banner almost 20 years ago. Its authoritarian type of government makes it hard to distinguish between the government institutions and the military, but that domain is constantly questioned and confronted by the general population, which is rarely friendly and even belligerent towards the military regime. Despite the time that has passed, many still hold a grudge against the military for bringing the war to a close with acts of extreme and indiscriminate force. Many innocent civilians were hurt, lost or killed in the chaos and turbulence that came from this aggressive takeover, and the torch of hate has been passed from parent to child, breeding an uneasy, but accepted peace. There have been many advances in the fields of medicine and technology, but nothing has helped to elevate Eurosian society as much as Alchemy. Alchemy is at the core of scientific discovery and progression. Many who do not understand it, might call it magic, but it is nothing of the sort. Alchemy is a process in which a skilled Alchemist evaluates a substance, understanding what it is composed of, and then breaks that substance down, and transmutes it into something of equal size and value, in terms of the quantity of ingredients used. It has been used for many centuries now, but has come to an ever increasing popularity with the introduction of a special forces in the Eurosian military. Known as the 'Alchemy Corps', these special forces have no restriction of jurisdiction, they are not bound by many of the rules and regulations, the laws and red-tape that the rest of the military and police are bound by. They travel the continent, enforcing the law by any means, even as far as having an effective 'license to kill' if the situation calls for it. Despite being hailed as defenders of justice, they are by proxy, as servants of the Empire's military, generally disliked or even hated by the people. There is however, a much darker side to Alchemy. Throughout the years, Alchemy has become an incredible tool that has helped mankind reach for the impossible, yet there is still one thing that Alchemy cannot do. It cannot resurrect the dead. Though you can know every part, every ingredient of a body, even in knowing the exact quantities, it is simply impossible to bring someone back from the dead. Nevertheless, people in their desperation through the years, have attempted it on many occasions. However, the end result is always the same. The creature that is born from this fusing of human body and Alchemy, is known as a Homunculus. Homunculi are dark creatures that have a terrible, burning need to be human. They long for it and are driven solely by their desire. But without the soul of a human, they can never understand what it truly means to be one. So when they are made, they feast on the flesh of humans, because in doing so, they absorb their memories, their emotions, personalities, habits, traits and even their physical appearance. But this is only a fleeting thing, like an addict looking for its next fix, the thrill and sensation of appearing human eventually wears off and they must feed once again, not entirely dissimilar from the myths of our vampires. It is the true, primary function of a soldier of the Alchemy Corps, to contain or destroy these creatures and seek down those who chose to play God, and arrest them for crimes against humanity, in addition to being responsible for all the crimes that the Homunculus in question had committed up to that point, most commonly, of course, being murder. It is a difficult, often thankless job, but one that many choose to do for the benefits that go hand-in-hand with becoming a puppet of the government. So that is the background story of this RP in a nutshell. It's going to be set in a European-esque country, similar most likely to France, in terms of it's geography. Mostly valleys and countryside, but also i'll include other areas such as mountains and deserts, etc. Technology is at a sort of industrial revolution/steampunk level. There are trains, and other steam-based technologies, there are cars as well, but not a lot of them, especially not outside of major cities, you would predominantly still have horses and carts. By cars, I mean them to be much like the first cars from Earth, like the old Ford Model T, etc. In terms of weaponry, i'd say that simple pistols, woodstock rifles and machine guns are the most common. I don't know if i'll go beyond that, so for now i'll keep it at that level. Electric power is abundant but it hasn't entirely replaced gas lighting, especially in smaller towns and villages. Coal is still used as a common fuel source. The continent is one great big melting pot, as it's absorbed all these different cultures, religions and attitudes into itself, so it's quite varied. Alchemy will be common place, but there are generally two types of Alchemists. There are those who practice it for science, the progression of mankind, technology, or other reasons, and there are those who become a part of the Alchemy Corps, who basically use it as a means of combat augmentation. Like the manipulation of an element, or the creation of weapons, etc. It's all pseudo science so even if it technically doesn't make sense, so long as it sounds logical, that's all that counts. If you can make it believable and within reason, that's fine. You don't need to be any kind of an alchemist in the story. There are a lot of options to choose from and I would prefer there to be a varied selection especially with a larger group of 4 or more. From being a civilian Alchemist, to a regular soldier, or perhaps a Steamplate engineer. Steamplate is basically the only technologically advanced thing in this world, its effectively the replacement of body parts with cybernetic parts that can be controlled like normal limbs and run on the natural heat and electricity that the human body generates. Its generally seen as a very specialised and difficult thing to make and fix, so that is definitely an option, especially as my character has a couple of missing body parts. There are a lot of character options so if you have any ideas please speak to me about them, on Skype preferably. Ask via PM if you don't have me on there already. Anyway, so our story is going to revolve around a number of things. Firstly, it will start with the basic plot idea, wherein my character will visit a town that is suffering a string of somewhat unexplainable murders, it will be thought that a homunculus is present, and so my character arrives. He will then meet a number of your characters, and through a series of events we will fight several big time baddies, there will be some conspiracy surrounding the government, military and the homunculus as well as the state of the Alchemy Corps, and why they were formed, etc. There will be some story relating to my character's backstory, his origins and more on that which I wont reveal right now. I would also encourage each of you to become engaged in the main story and contribute and in addition to this, create your own backstory for your character, that would affect them on a number of levels and help contribute to the overall story of the RP. I'm hoping for a diverse crowd of characters for this. I'll likely include a glossary of terms for quick reference shortly, but for now i'll just do my character profile as an example of one character in this world so I can get this up now, and if you have any further questions feel free to ask me here or as said above, preferably over skype, so we can discuss it in detail. Name: Captain Sabre Fayard Age: 26 Appearance: 6'1'' with a slim figure, pale skin and handsome features with one exception, he has a scar that also blinded his left eye, of which he keeps covered with a black eye patch with a thick strap, his right eye is blue. He has medium length, scruffy blonde hair and tends to ignore uniform dress code, wearing plain black clothes with the exception of the Alchemy Corps uniform coat - a full-length white coat with a stiff mandarin collar and the Alchemy Corps insignia on the back - a Lion's head, facing out, in black. Every member of the Alchemy Corps. has a matching tattoo of the Black Lion on some part of their body, for Sabre it is located between his collar bones just below his neck. Face Ref: Steamplate Ref: Personality: Confident, intelligent and a little arrogant. Sabre can be flirtatious and seem to take his duties as secondary to his personal interests, whatever they might be at the time, sometimes to the point of being extremely lazy. Despite this, he is a skilled Alchemist with a strong background in combat tactics as well as alchemical theory, and has a strangely high success rate despite his attitude. Either an indication that his casual nature to his duties is a ruse, or he is exceptionally skilled at manipulating others to assist in his work. Or perhaps a little of both. Bio: Sabre Fayard grew up in his father's vineyard, his mother had died of a sickness when she was very young, leaving him and his father as the sole occupants. His father had been injured in earlier life and walked with a cane, so was unable to fight when called to war, but at the age of 6 a group of rebel soldiers crossed his home, and when his father protested, they were both shot. His father was killed, and he was left mortally wounded. He lost both an arm and a leg, in addition to his father. For a while he was forced to remain in a wheelchair, but found he was a gifted alchemist at an early age, so in spite of his disability, he learnt all he could about alchemy and when he turned 16 he took the entrance exam to become a trainee member of the Alchemy Corps. Upon passing, he qualified for their health benefits, including the replacement of his lost limbs with Steamplate. Made whole once more, he finished his training and received the tattoo signifying his official entrance into the Corps. From that point on he has fought in two wars (losing his eye in the second) and a number of homunculi. But now a series of events have set in motion something that will call upon all his physical and mental abilities, that will test his faith in the military and his nation, that will force him to question his very identity and even threatens to destroy the world at large, something he can't possibly hope to avert by himself. Abilities: Sabre is a gifted alchemist and combat tactician, he is proficient in a number of hand-to-hand fighting techniques, either with weapons or unarmed. Most notable however is his abilities with Alchemy. Unlike most in the Alchemy Corps. who tend to favour a particular Alchemical discipline, such as the manipulation of a particular element, or the creation of a certain object, Sabre is one of only a handful of Alchemists able to use Alchemy without transmutation symbols. This ability allows him to fight without prior need of drawing symbols, wearing clothes with the symbols on, or even tattooing/scarring the symbols directly onto his skin. He is an unpredictable and varied fighter, but is incapable with firearms for some reason, and is actually dangerous with one in his hands, to everyone around him and even himself. A few members of the Alchemy Corps. liked to joke that he lost his eye in one such incident.
  13. Grail Wars [4-7 People]

    The beacon of all existence has once again surfaced for a victor to grasp it. In the countries across the world, those of power are attempting to summon their Heroic Spirit to fight for the ultimate prize, The Holy Grail. The victor who touches the grail will receive whatever they desire, as such, the prize of the cup that contains Christ's blood is much sought after for varying reasons. ------------------ Each summoner being a gifted magus of some sort, focusing on a form of magic that allows them to summon forth a Servant. Heroic Spirits that are known throughout history, myth, legend, and fiction. Servant names and nature will be listed below. Saber: Sabers are spirits of Heroes who are known for their prowess on the battlefield and are regarded as the most powerful servant. They are often known for a blade they carried or for being some of the greatest heroes of their age. Notable Sabers have been King Arthur Pendragon, Siegfried, Nero Claudius Caesar, and Mordred la Fey. Sabers are easily the hardest servant to summon and are always to be considered very dangerous. Lancer: The spirit of warriors who devote themselves to hit and run tactics with weapons that favor range such as lances and spears, these servants are great Heroes who almost rival Sabers in terms of melee prowess. Notable Lancers have been Diarmuid Ua Duibhe, Cu Chulainn, Vlad III of Wallachia, and Musashibou Benkei. Lancers are often crafty and find fights where either honor will run it or one they can use to their advantage. Archer: These Heroes are known for their projectile style fighting and possess powerful ranged weapons with notably powerful Noble Phantasms. Notable Archers have been Gilgamesh, Robin Hood, King David of Jerusalem, and Chiron. Archers are excellent scouts and tend to be more independent of their masters but abide by their wishes nonetheless. Berserker: This spirit is known for being a Hero in their time and have gone berserk at least once among their tales. Notable Berserkers have been Heracles, Lancelot, Lu Bu, and Frankenstein. Their powers are beyond measure, but with their power is their feral nature. They only obey their master and are a notable trump card for less-powerful magus who need an edge for the Grail Wars. Rider: Heroes that are known for their mounts be they beast of machine are slightly weaker than most other servants but make up for it with their prowess with said mount and a slightly more powerful than normal Noble Phantasm. Notable Riders have been Alexander the Great, Perseus, Pestilence, and Francis Drake. Besides their known mounts, Riders have been known to acquire other mounts to blend into the world while under their hidden guise, such as horses, cars, motorcycles, and even planes. Assassin: Heroes not usually as notable as others, who are known as one of the weaker classes. They best within their element of stealth, covert business, and within the realm of silence. These Heroes are often used in much darker ways, such as killing the actual masters and not the servants, which by proxy kills the servant. Notable Assassins have been Hassan-i-Sabbah, Jack the Ripper, Semiramus, and Li Shuwen. The main lifeline of the Assassin class is their indetectability. While masters can sense one another and their servants within a certain range, Assassins are completely invisible to all. This makes them very deadly. Caster: These Heroes are known for their Magecraft and prowess in sorcery. Their main ability being Territory Creation allowing them to manifest the land where they choose to favor their chosen sorcery, and Item Creation, which allows them to create magical items for them and their masters. Notable Casters have been Gilles de Rais, Medea, Hans Christian Anderson, and William Shakespeare. Casters are often considered the weakest servant, which has been the misfortune of many who rely only on physical prowess to win them their prize. ------------ The powers the Masters and Servants have vary, but the ultimate power of Servants are their Noble Phantasms. Noble Phantasms are embodiments of unique relics or anecdotes connected to the legend of the respective Heroic Spirit. There are many Noble Phantasms but they can be summed up under certain titles and explanations. Anti-Personnel: As it sounds, it is a Noble Phantasm that focuses on one target.That said, it could be anything from a weapon to particular item of note. Anti-Army: This Noble Phantasm is meant to strike multiple targets and can often times be weapons, or pure energy in the form of an attack made by the Servant. Passive: As this Noble Phantasm suggests, it is something that occurs naturally from the Servant. Such as an increased sense of sight, strength, agility. It could also be a form of temporary immortality such as the ability to revive after a powerful killing blow. Barrier: The final style of Noble Phantasm is used as a form of defense. A barrier Noble Phantasm allows a Servant a great form of durability of some form such as armor or other form of protection. ------------ The setting for this Grail War shall be determined by the participants. I hope someone takes interest in this. I attempted this before, but with the recent increase in members I felt it would be a good chance to attempt it once more.
  14. [Closed] Rodinia

    Background Story The world of Terra consists one of large supercontinent called Rodinia. Rodinia is divided in 7 kingdoms, each governed by a king, queen, emperor, sheikh or whatever: Atsushi, Brynner, Caolan, Dulcea, Espen, Firuz and Guang. Ever since the dawn of man the world of Terra has been plagued by the supernatural; demons, undead, shape shifters and monsters have terrorized the dominion of man for as long as history could recount. But the resourcefulness of man had always been enough to keep these dangers at bay and allow them to prosper. Through magic and technology they were given a fighting chance, but the illusion of security came crashing down when Dulcea fell. Dulcea was located in the exact center of Rodinia and was always known as the nexus between the world of man and the realm of demons. The citizens of Rodinia bore witness to the greatest assault ever by demons on humans. An army several times the size of Dulcea’s entered Rodinia through a Hellgate and laid siege on Dulcea. Every village, town or city on their path was plundered and razed, every person they met was put two the sword and before long everything but the capital city of Dulcea was destroyed. When the capital and the royal family’s castle was under attack the vast majority of the Dulcean army put up their last stand in other to eliminate the demons. Sadly they were unable to stop the demonic onslaught and before long the city and the castle were theirs. Before this attack Dulcea had a population of 200 million, but when the demons were done less than half a million had managed to escape. It was the single greatest tragedy in the history of Rodinia and had driven the Dulceans to near extinction. Eight years later the demons still occupy Dulcea, but have made no attempts to attack other countries despite making numerous threats to do as such. Despite the dreary air that has hung around the Rodinia ever since the fall of Dulcea, there is finally hope. The Child of God has appeared and she has promised Rodinia salvation. She has promised to end the demonic reign. Nydia Lancaster, also known as The Priestess, was a young girl who was born without a father and raised to believe that she was the daughter of god himself. She was raised to believe that she was the prophesized child who would drive the demons back to their world. Setting Hello pals. This RP is a Dark Fantasy RP set in the world of Rodinia. When I say Dark Fantasy I mean that the world has been devoid of hope for years, a heavy air of dread has been crushing everyone’s spirit and the threat of suffering the same fate as Dulcea has prevented the general populace from enjoying their lives. Add that to the fact that even before the Fall many of the countries had problems with civil unrest, social inequality, rebellions and looming threats of war and you’ll get a pretty dreary setting. The last bit of human hope comes in the form of Nydia Lancaster, who despite being the center of attention now that everyone’s happy that she’s come along, is shrouded in mystery. The only thing we know is that she has to pray to god at every capital city’s temple. We have no idea why or what it will do, but she insists that it will save humanity. The problem is that Nydia is a magnet for supernatural activity. The creatures incapable of complex thoughts like monsters or undead are drawn towards her naturally whereas the smarter creatures use this sixth sense to lay traps for her and try and slay her. We will portray a small group of bodyguards tasked with her safety. Some of them may be there out of free will, some might be forced to and others might have hidden agendas, but if there is one thing they share with each other it is their skepticism that this will work out as good as Nydia wants them to believe. Either way they are stuck with her, whether they want to or not. The various nations are based on real life places: Atsushi – Japan Inhabited by humans. Technological level is similar to feudal Japan. Brynner - Germany / Western Europe Inhabited by humans. Technological level is similar to Europe during the Middle Ages. Caolan – Ireland Inhabited by Elves. Most technologically advanced area; they possess steam engines and a variety of machines that operate on steam. Dulcea - Spain / Southern Europe Inhabited by demons. They possess the technology the Dulceans used to, which is on the same level as Brynner. Espen – Scandinavia Inhabited by Dwarves. Their most advanced technological achievement is a boat. Barbarians don’t need anything other than boats. Firuz - Middle East Inhabited by humans. Many of the tribes are nomadic, so their need for technology is non-existent. They make do with their magic. Guang – China Inhabited by humans. Technological level second only to Caolan. They have steam engines, but aren’t as advanced with the machinery. Magic & Technology How far technology has advanced depends on what country you visit, but the entirety of Rodinia is approximately around the level of the medieval era. Some countries have progressed to a steampunk state while some haven’t reached the level of the middle ages just yet. The level of magic in this world is universal. Every person possesses affinity for a certain form of magic and is unable to use any kind of magic they do not possess affinity for, however certain individuals are born with affinity for more than one type of magic, these usually grow up to become magicians. One’s eventual mastery of magic is decided entirely by how much effort they put into studying it and mastering it. There is no restriction on what kind of magic a person knows, almost everything is fair game. I say almost just in case there is something I haven’t thought of, but you can work under the assumption that whatever you think of is approved. If you’re really in doubt just ask. Player Characters Name: Aurelio Nieves Title: The Knight or The King without a Country Age: 25 Appearance: Art by Noia Personality: Aurelio has no sense of humor. The loss of his loved one, his home and his country has scarred him to the point that the only true emotion he knows is a quiet fury. Cold, calculating and ruthless, he believes that the end justifies the means and has no qualms stepping over the bodies of those who cross his path to achieve his goals. Country of Origin: Dulcea Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Equipment Magic – The power to store weapons and armor in an extradimensional storage and summon it at will. Training: Aurelio has received a small amount of training in magic, which gives him the ability to store several weapons and sets of armor. Abilities: Aurelio has extensive training in various melee weapons and can use them all extremely effectively. His armaments of choice however are a shield and sword, but thanks to his equipment magic he is able to switch them out for whatever loadout suits the situation best. Bio: Aurelio was the crown prince of Dulcea before the Fall. During his youth he received some training in magic, but extensive training in military matters, combat and academics. He was 17 years old when the Fall happened and his family and fiancée were killed by Demons. As one of the few survivors of the Fall he lived in Caolan while waiting for his chance to avenge his family. With no valid titles or money to fall back on he lived the years as a mercenary to further hone his skills when one day he heard of Nydia. The girl was a native from Caolan and a guest at the Highlord’s castle. Several ambassadors from various nations assembled at the capital Sheridan to hear what this girl was planning. She revealed that she would be going on a pilgrimage and would visit every single capital to pray at its temple, but she would require aid. Most laughed at this foolish notion and left immediately, but several decided to stay and help Nydia on her journey. Aurelio, the King without a Country, was one of them. - Name: Kyouichi Asharagi Age: 27 Appearance: Personality: calm, lazy and pracrastinating regularly. Kyouichi considers himself a deep thinker who always makes time to stop and smell the roses. He has little value for titles and class, and treats almost everybody in the same way. Kyouichi is patient and rarely loses his temper, although on the rare occasions that he does, he is a dangerous man to be around. He enjoys the simple things in life and often acts like an old man. Country of Origin: Atsushi Country of Residence: none, he is currently wandering. Magic: Duplication Magic: The power to duplicate items and objects. These objects will disappear after a certain length of time. the number of duplications and the power required is based on size and mass of the object. Training: Kyouichi is trained in a dual sword fighting style and carries two katana. However he has modified this style by using duplication magic to create a multitude of swords for various purposes. Bio: Kyouichi is a member of a sword wielding clan who forge their own swords and develop their own unique fighting style. After the events at Dulcea, his clan was subject to in-fighting which resulted in the clan splitting in two. One side vowed to find power to defeat the encoraching demons before it was too late. The others decided to help their people by forging arms for the military. And so his clans were split into warriors and blacksmiths. Kyouichi has cast off his clans name, and wanders alone across the continent as a hired sword. He claims to only want the quiet life, and is looking for the means to retire somewhere quiet and peaceful. The only way he knows how to make coin is by the sword, and so that is what he does. While patient and calm, Kyouichi is ultimately a mercenary, he is not without honour. He wishes no harm on the innocent and would never knowingly draw blade against them. - Name: Anya Title: N/A Age: 22 in human years? Appearance: (Once again, pretend she has elf ears and stuff) Personality: Aims to please, mild mannered. Prefers to let her arrows do the talking. Country of Origin: Caolan Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Calm – The power to dispel the aggressiveness of any person or being, disrupting their attention for a couple of seconds. Training: Anya has a gift for archery. Her preference for ranged weapons has caused her to invest heavily into archery training, and she ended up being less deft with magics. Abilities: Quick footed, sharp eyesight, fast reflexes. Pretty much all the abilities you'd expect an experienced sharpshooter to have. Bio: After seeing the disaster and unrest that has befallen her and her neighboring kingdoms, Anya has decided to stop hiding in fear and step out when Nydia Lancaster emerged and gave her the little bit of hope she needed. As a random plebeian who has suddenly been entrusted with such an important duty, the burden does feel extra heavy on her little elf shoulders. However, the elf's determined to keep that flicker of hope Nydia has promised burning. Weapon: Hollow steel bow, which has been enhanced with superior Caolan technology. (Haha) Small add-ons give her arrows the extra Oomph in speed and power. One generic, sheathed dagger is strapped on her hip for melee situations. - Name: Shahin Age: 31 Appearance: Image (made with this) Tanned skin and taut muscles. Though he covers his head a lot of the time in the fashion of Firuz, underneath he has long braided hair, thick and chestnut brown. His narrow eyes are distinctive and pale green, the pupils rimmed with gold. He stands at 6'3" and is quite imposing. Personality: As fiery as his magic. A determined man who does not stop until his goals are met. He tends to lose sight of things beyond his goals, as well, a tunnel vision that can endanger others in his party if they do not aid in furthering his goal. He's not overly talkative, preferring to let his actions do the speaking, but he isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels those in charge are idiots. On that note, he is conditioned to do the following despite his potential for good leadership; he prefers the freedom of not being in charge of others. He is not afraid to take risks. Country of Origin: Firuz Country of Residence: Firuz, technically, though he is now traveling to find work. Magic: Pyrokinesis. Though he is powerful enough to generate fire from the air, it is still a thousand times easier for him to manipulate fire that's already set by conventional means. Training: Typical of his people, Shahin is very well-versed when it comes to magic, and his abilities manifested when he was still a toddler, thus allowing him to hone his magical skills early on. Abilities: Besides his skill with fire magic, Shahin is a fairly balanced fighter (though with more agility than brawn). He has a long scimitar given to him by his father, in addition to a shorter sword for more up-close fights. Hunting was typical in his nomadic tribe, and so he learned valuable skills like stealth and ambush. When he was older, he trained in martial arts to help combat enemy tribes. Bio: Shahin is a half-blood child of a nomadic tribe leader. His father was of a long and noble Firuz lineage, while his mother was from a farming family of Guang origin. Shahin's tribe made their home along the border of the two nations. Much like the others, Shahin makes a living as a mercenary, hiring out his skills for uneventful jobs. He does not swear any allegiance to any nation, not even to Firuz. As a nomad and a "prince" of his tribe, he only swore allegiance to the tribe. However, it is no longer in existence, decimated by a war when he was twenty-two. His father was killed, and most of his relatives scattered to the ends of Firuz to make new lives. He tried farming for a bit before finally storming out in search of something more. Non-Player Characters Name: Nydia Lancaster Title: The Priestess Age: 22 Appearance: Personality: Nydia’s kind, earnest, helpful and talkative, but also an enigma. No one can tell whether is putting up the greatest show of her life or if she is truly benevolent. Regardless of whether it is an act or not the amount of people inspired by Nydia’s kindness and promises of salvation equal the amount of people wary of her. Country of Origin: Caolan Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Holy Magic – This means various forms offensive spells that directly affect demons and the undead and healing spells that can cure a variety of minor injuries. Training: Nydia has endured training in the art of holy magic for the majority of life, because of this she has become extremely adept at using magic. She did not spend enough time to successfully master it though. Abilities: As mentioned before Nydia is capable of healing minor wounds, which means cuts, bruises, stab wounds and minor fractures. She also has a variety of offensive spells specifically used for demons and undead, but harmless towards any other creature. In order for her to gain new spells she must study Holy Scriptures. Bio: It was foretold that one day the god of Terra would send his child to the realm of man in order to save them from the terror of the demons. So when Nydia was born of a virgin mother everyone around her was convinced that she was the promised child, the bringer of salvation. When the Fall happened it became clear that it would one day be her duty to save Dulcea. Once she was old enough she gathered representatives from the various nations in Sherridan and told them that she had to visit every single one of their temples to gain god’s graces to close the Hellgates once and for all. Many laughed at her, but a group of six lead by a man known as Aurelio Nieves vowed to accompany her on her journey. - Name: Lorelei Voss Age: 24 Appearance: An extremely beautiful, tall and slender human woman with long dark purple dyed hair tied into knot and a sideswept fringe, green and blue mixed colour eyes and an aloof gaze permanently plastered on her face. Personality: Lorelei is extremely smart, ambitious and constantly thirsting after knowledge. Add her manipulative tendencies and her willingness use all the assets available to her to get someone to do her bidding and you’ll get why she’s known as an alluring enchantress. Country of Origin: Brynner Country of Residence: Brynner Magic: Ice Magic – The ability to create and manipulate ice in its various forms. Light Magic – Lorelei is capable of bending light to her will which in turn affects what others can or can’t see. Barrier Magic – Lorelei can create various barriers. Training: Lorelei is a trained wizard, her entire life has been devoted to learning and mastering the three forms of magic she possesses. Abilities: Lorelei is a master of ice magic, having spent most of her time on that discipline. Her light and barrier magic are of a high level, but nowhere near mastery. She also possesses a keen intellect, used to analyze information and implement it into new situations extremely quickly. Bio: Shortly after her birth it was determined that Lorelei was gifted with affinity for three different types of magic, which meant that she was destined to become a wizard. She was thrown into the dog-eat-dog world inhabited by countless overly competitive wizards. In order to best them she used every trick in the book. At a young age she was already an accomplished wizard, but there was so much knowledge that still eluded her. Tension between nations made it hard to cross borders freely and stopped her from investigating everything she wanted to. Her salvation came in the form of Nydia Lancaster, but because of a very different reason than most people. International pressure forced every nation to open its borders for Nydia and her companions, which meant that Lorelei would find out everything she ever wanted by following the little delusional girl. - Name: Yunfan Wang Age: 30 Appearance: A plain faced athletic woman with brown eyes and black hair tied into a knot. Personality: Yunfan is quiet, preferring to communicate with gestures over words. Like most Huangese she is a cynic, but the fact that she joined Nydia’s party shows that she at least has some hope that it will work out as promised. Despite not being as twistedly cruel as many of her companions she does believe that ends justify the means. Country of Origin: Huang Country of Residence: Huang Magic: Tracking Magic – Yunfan can track the movements of anything within the radius of her magic once she activates it. Training: Yunfan received military training and special training in the usage of firearms. Her tracking magic is capable, but not exceptional, but her skill with the musket and the three single-bullet flintlock pistols is unrivaled. Abilities: Yunfan’s tracking magic can cover an area with a radius of about half a mile around her, keeping up this magic does drain her so she cannot keep it up permanently. Her skill with firearms is the best in Huang, she is rumored to be able to shoot the head off a flying bird and reload a flintlock pistol in less than ten seconds. Bio: Yunfan comes from a long line of soldiers. Every single person in her family had served in the Huangese army at one point in time. Many of them rose to become very influential generals and officers, but Yunfan never left the rank of a mere foot soldier. She preferred staying in the front lines with her comrades and refused many promotions, but the pressure from her family forced her to eventually succumb and accept a promotion to a higher officer rank on one condition. Before she would accept her promotion she wanted to complete one more mission, one last time in the trenches. The higher-ups were annoyed with Yunfan playing hard-to-get and decided they had the ideal job for someone like her. She’d represent Huang as one of Nydia’s bodyguards.
  15. Dear Sir/Madam, We are very happy to inform you that the Student Admission Committee has approved your application to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Introductory orientation and dorm registration will be on August 23th. Classes for the fall semester begin August 25th. Tuition and fees will be paid for you, but should you need transport, please ring ahead of time. On behalf of all the staff and students at the school, let me be the first to welcome you. I hope you will find a home with us. Sincerely, Professor Charles Francis Xavier Headmaster 2014. Humans and mutants have lived together for decades, rarely harmoniously and often times in full conflict with one another. Mutants are feared and hated by regular humans as they are thought to be dangerous because of their powers, or because a small minority choose to use their gifts violently, for personal gain or to commit crimes. Mutants fear the masses of humankind for the sheer numbers of people who hate them without cause or through ignorance. It is difficult to balance this tragic divide, as both sides have committed terrible acts and been in receipt of the same. Yet there are places where a mutant can feel safety. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is one such place. It is a haven in a world that carries deep-seated prejudice about mutantkind. Where young mutants can go to grow and study in a safe environment, where they can learn about their abilities, take control of them, and harness them for the good of all - human and mutant alike. It is many things to the different mutants there, both student and teacher. For some it is a sanctuary, a home more accepting of them than their own. For others, it is a safe place to get an education. Many choose to attend the school in order to gain control of abilities that they are only now understanding. Whatever the reason for being asked to join, or seeking them out, you are a student of the school. The basic premise of this RP is set in the canon world of Marvel's X-Men, but with a few differences. Consider this an 'alternate earth' if you like, where although many of the canon characters exist as they have done in the comics/films, etc. They are not necessarily the same age or status as they would have been in said media. This is so that whether the participants of the RP are extremely familiar with the universe, or just mildly interested in it but know little about it, can still RP comfortably and create their own stories without worrying about stepping on canon material. You can play any kind of mutant you wish, but there are a few things i'd like to make you aware of. Firstly, while there are canon characters in the story, they are NPC's, either as students or teachers. If you would like to control one of them specifically because you're a fan of the character, that's fine, but they would not be a/your main character. However, if say for example, you are a fan of Cyclops, you could still play as someone from a similar background or abilities, as such in his case, laser-beam vision - or if you wished you could even be related to him, ie. A son or daughter. You should take into account a number of things when making your character. As a mutant, your powers awakened in a moment of high stress or emotion. That could be anything, but just bear that in mind for what you might wish to do with your character. The story will have a number of elements to it. Firstly the 'human' side of things, the teen drama if you like. Things like our personal lives, our relationship with our families, with the other students and teachers, the stresses of school, like bullies and social cliques, etc. all still exist in this school, and of course, when people have powers, these situations can be all the more volatile. Then we have the mutant factor - what is your power? How does it affect you? Is it a gift, do you see it as a gift, do you see it as a curse even if its not? Are you afraid of it? Does it affect you physically, etc. Your powers are key in how they should affect your character. There is the human/mutant war side of things in the story, which we will focus more and more on as the story expands from smaller self-contained situations to a great war between humans and mutants, and how we get caught up in it. And lastly there is what I consider the 'hero' aspect. Some, not all, but some of the students (like many of us in real life) have at some point in their lives, wanted to be heroes. This means that either selected by the teaching staff and trained, or doing it against their wishes and knowledge (or perhaps one after the other) some or all of our characters may choose to if you wish, pursue a heroic career, shall we say. But this will not be an ideal situation, we're not going to be the Avengers, all loved by the people and whatnot, this will be a dangerous thing to do where often the people we save will still hate us and make us question ourselves. And naturally, we will have a lot of small stories, episodic in nature, in which normal situations will go completely out of control. Maybe one of our powers is going haywire for some reason and we have to band together to help that person (or put up with them. lol) - maybe a situation arises where a person gets injured and we have to take them to hospital where we encounter a nasty mutant we have to stop, maybe we go on a field trip and we get attacked by a mob of humans that we have to try and diffuse the situation, whatever it might be, there will be plenty of smaller stories throughout the course of the RP. Ultimately, there's a lot of different things i'd like to approach with this RP, but if you're still reading after all this and interested in joining, let me know. If you have questions, ask away. All I would say is this is probably my last RP i'm participating in, then i'm booked - i'm not accepting people who will vanish or who can't commit and equally it would be nice if you were on Skype so I can create a group discussion for us to discuss the RP, exchange dialogue, and so on. Thanks for reading, here's a profile template for you, and i'll post mine below as well. A spot is reserved for Kyo, but as long as people can post at least once a week, i'll be happy to move this at a slower pace, even if I accept five people in all. A list of the canon characters used in the story thus far, more will be added as time goes on and i'll also add our characters so we have a quick reference of our names and aliases, etc. FACULTY * Professor X (Charles Xavier) - Headmaster. Teaches Ethics.Storm (Ororo Munroe) - Deputy Headmistress. Teaches Geography and Mutant/Human Rights* Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy) - Teaches Chemistry, Biology and Physics. School counsellor.Iceman (Bobby Drake) - Teaches Mathematics, Finance and Accounting.Rogue (Anna Marie) - Teaches Art and Media.Archangel (Warren Worthington III) - Performing ArtsJubilee (Jubilation Lee) - Teaches Computer Science.Gambit (Remy LeBeau) - Teaches Foreign Languages and Target Practice.Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) - Teaches Physical Education* Wolverine (Logan) - Teaches Self-Defence and Danger Room Training for prospective X-Men. STUDENTSSpirit (Alan Darkholme)Enchantress (Crystal Mondess)Maelstrom (Nathan Bellamy)Belladonna (Melanthe Heartstrom)??? (Alexis Moore)* Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)White Queen (Emma Grace Frost)* Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) * Cyclops (Scott Summers)Havok (Alexander Summers)Sabretooth (Victor Creed)Husk (Paige Guthrie)Juggernaut (Cain Marko)Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)Pixie (Megan Gwynn)Angel (Angel Salvadore)Spyke (Evan Daniels) Blob (Frederick J. Dukes) Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock) Avalanche (Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis) Name: Alan Darkholme Alias: Spirit Age: 16 Appearance: Alan is an average height for his age, athletically built but unlike his father, he was born with regular hands and feet. His skin is a deep blue in colour, though it is actually a very short fur that feels like soft velvet to the touch. His eyes glow a brilliant yellow, he has a long prehensile tail with a triangle-shaped tip and prominent canine teeth. His hair is a shaggy jet black mane that comes down to his shoulders. Alan tends to dress for comfort and ease of movement but tends to walk barefoot. Personality: Despite his lack of formal education, Alan is an intelligent boy. He can be shy, quiet and nervous around others because of his appearance and finds it difficult to trust people, but once he gets to know someone he is a fierce friend who strongly believes in justice. When he's out of his shell, he can be impatient, short-tempered and a trickster at times, but he is a good person at heart who often fails to see his own value. Bio: Grandson to Azazel and Mystique (Also known as Raven Darkholme), son to Marie and Kurt Wagner (Also known as Nightcrawler). Alan doesn't know his family lineage, his father died before he was born and his mother died in child birth. He was told that his grandmother was present at his birth and prior to handing him to social services, named him. However, she did not accept the responsibility of raising him and so lacking another option, he was put in an orphanage. He had a difficult childhood growing up, as the owners of the orphanage disliked him and the other children were either wary of him or outright frightened of his appearance. He had to watch as prospective parents came and choose other children, but he was rarely shown any interest, besides morbid curiosity. He had one friend at the orphanage, Kate Simmons, who he had a childhood crush on and was the reason for the activation of his power. Unlike most mutants, he was unusual from birth, physically, but he did not gain his 'power' much like other mutants until later in life, for him it was when he was fourteen. His first kiss. Alan has a secret he finds embarrassing - though he should have been taught at the orphanage, nobody bothered to help him learn to read, and as such he is unable to at the start of the story. Abilities: Alan has a number of physical abilities including enhanced night vision, superhuman agility, a prehensile tail, ability to stick to walls and to blend into shadows, but his main ability is teleportation. However, he is bound by things that limit his use of it. Firstly, he can only teleport as far as he can see - otherwise he could teleport into a wall, object or even a person. The further or more often he teleports in a short span of time the more tiring it becomes. He can teleport extra mass such as another person but this is severely tiring for him and teleporting anything heavier than that is far behind his abilities at this stage. He has an innate sixth sense of spatial awareness that stops him from teleporting into solid objects but this diminishes the further the distance he wishes to teleport, which is another reason he prefers to teleport in multiple short bursts rather than from 'A' to 'B'.
  16. In the year 2018 the world was introduced to a dynamic and exciting new form of interactive technology. Exus Corporation took the world by storm when they unveiled Aeiluna Online. A:O was a brand new MMORPG designed and built around the exciting new technology created by Exus Corporation. Using hardware designed to read synaptic neural feedback in order to create a fully immersive world for players to experience. By utilising this technology Exus Corporation created an online video game that would allow players to experience a fully 3-D world that provided not only sight, but also smell, and the sensation of touch and taste, by creating artificial responses to the players nervous system. And so a new age in online gaming was born. It is now 2021 and Aeiluna Online is about to launch its first major expansion, Naethirglyph! Developers promise an entirely new experience, with major upgrades to the games mechanics, allowing for a much more realistic journey within the world of Aeiluna. This rp will detail the journey of a group of players in Aeiluna Online. After the A:O Naethirglyph launches, there is a horrible incident. The players of Aeiluna Online are unable to log out! Not only that, but they are cut off from the outside world. Only a select few are able to receive messages from the real world, and the news is not good. It seems that anyone who dies within the game, dies in real life too! It begins to transpire that this was no mere accident. Fortunately clues have been left in the form of Data Packets, which have been hidden inside the world of Aeiluna. It is up to our heroes to find out just what the hell is going on, and how to stop it. Life, even a virtual one, is never so easy though. If the games monsters weren't enough, outside forces are working against them. Will our heroes manage to find the answers to this mystery? Will they ever find a way to return to the real world? There's only one way to find out. You must step into Aeiluna Online, and play! So that's the general idea. I'm going to explain a bit about various functions within the virtual world of Aeiluna, but I am going to try my best to keep it loose, allowing for any members wishing to join to add their own personal flare to the world. So here's some info below. I'll edit it as I go along and discussion leads to more development. Aeiluna The world of Aeiluna is huge. The world is separated into 2 continents, 6 regions, one of which lies beyond the Great Sea, Oceanus. Illuthein - The heart of the world. Illuthein is the central most region and the starting area for new players in Aeiluna. Modelled around Europe, Illuthein is a lush and bountiful land, full of forests, lakes, hills and valleys. It's native people are the Elves, the oldest race of Aeiluna. Despite this the Capitol City, Throndulin, is the the most culturally diverse and most highly populated city. Despite Illuthein being the starting region, it has many areas designed for high level players, and so the region has become the most popular overall. Skromgar - The native land of the Dwarves. Designed around Scandanavia. Skromgar is the northernmost region, with a naturally colder climate than Illuthein. The region is covered in steep, treacherous mountains and harsh weather conditions. The humans of Skromgar are said to be hardier than the ones who settled in the lower regions many centuries ago, but are often disagreeing with the dwarf natives. Skromgar is home to the Capitol city of Mjyrn is home to the Citadel of Champions, a ranked PvP arena that offers new legendary loot offers every week. Caeirn - the western region of Caeirn is said to be the native land of the humans. Whilst similar to the Illuthein region it is specifically designed to resemble Ireland, Scotland and England. The Capitol is Ashkirk. Players frequent Caeirn due to its vast, unexplored areas full of dungeons and forests with rare loot to find. A secondary race of Caeirn is the Caith, a feline race, short in stature, who are highly skill in runic magic, and are the original masters of Druidism. Myus Kaful - the south-eastern region of Myus Kaful is perhaps the most unexplored of the continent. The path from Illuthein is a dangerous one. In order to reach Myus Kaful players must cross the Abyssal Sandsea, a treacherous Desert with constant sandstorm, as well as ferocious sand creatures, and colossal antlions. Rumour has it that that there are those who can take you across safely, but you will have to find them! Myus Kaful was previously a restricted region, however, since the expansion there is a way to enter it by completing the correct quests. The land beyond the Sandsea is said to be barren, dry and full of dangerous creatures. However it is also home to the Lost Temple of the Naethir, an ancient race that have long disappeared from the earth. Karis - The land of Karis lies across Oceanus. The sea is full of treacherous sea monsters, to sail across would be certain death. In order to traverse the great ocean would require a flying vessel. It is said that the Naethir once had such a thing. What lies in Karis is a mystery. It is said that a great battle was had here between the Naethir and their mortal enemy, the Akra'tul. Akra'talur - The land beyond Karis. This is the homeland of the Akra'tul, a dark race that stole the Naethirglyph from it's rightful people. It is said that the Naethirglyph is the light of Aeiluna, and that all of the worlds darkness was born when it was stolen by the Akra'tul. In order to restore balance, the Naethirglyph must be found and returned to its home. The Akra'tul have been gone as long as the Naethir, but are they truly dead? Slowly through the story the heroes will realise that the Naethirglyph is the only way to fix the game, and allow players to log out. In order to save everyone, they must beat the game's new expansion. However, somewhere down the line the scaling has been tampered with. Reaching the end will be no easy task, even for the experts. Now then on to the classes. Level Cap is 100, however, it is the beginning of a new expansion, and the previous level cap was 85. The class system in A:O is simple and yet diverse. All new players must start with a basic class of the following: Warrior, Thief, Mage, Priest and Archer. These classes do not represent a players growth but simply what equipment they begin with. During level up stat increases are fully customisable, and players are asked to allocate their base stats when starting a new character. For novice players some template stats are provided. The beauty of A:O is its dynamic class building system. Players begin with proficiency in the basic form of all weapons and the ability to wear cloth and leather armour. In order to gain additional proficiency players must train with that type of armour to level up. Weapons and spells are incredibly diverse. Much like weapon and armour proficiency, players must learn schools of magic in order to perform spells. The system for this is incredibly complex when used correctly, and allows for huge levels of variation. As such there is no true "class" in A:O, and players often make up their own name for whatever class they end up creating. In general, someone with a strong knowledge of the game is more likely to make a unique class. Experimentation is encouraged. On top of this each player has a 3 section talent tree of offence, defence and healing. The talent tree is designed to benefit all fighting types. Offensive talents, for example, apply to both melee and ranged attacks and have routes suitable for various offensive styles. The same applies for defence and healing. Anyway if you have ideas or want to show interest let me know. I'm looking for a maximum of 4 more in this rp, other than myself. My character Name: Zank Class: Corrupted Feyblade Level: 85 Appearance: Personality: Serious, confident, decisive. Zank shows many of the qualities of a leader, but lacks compassion for others and, despite his experience, he struggles to inspire others to follow him. Prefers to lead through example. The player behind Zank seems to, ironically, have trouble socialising. Bio: Zank is a veteran player of Aeiluna Online who played during the original beta. He is well known in certain circles, most notably in the Citadel of Champions where he has triumphed countless times. While he is perhaps one of the most highly skilled players he is as new to the current expansion and the game's new mechanics as everyone else. He is somewhat renowned as a loner, who sticks to PvP due to a somewhat anti social behaviour. When the game breaks and in game deaths result in real life death, Zank's main reason to play has become a dangerous and frowned upon mechanic. If he is going to get anywhere, he will need to learn to work with others. Abilities Zank's unique class build is called Feyblade. Zank is a melee sword fighter who uses Infernal Class spells to enhance his capabilities. Zank has leather armour specialisation, preferring speed and manoeuvrability over stronger armour. His build is designed for fast, powerful attacks to deal critical and decisive strikes. Infernal Class Spells are a branch of magic designed for weapon enchantment and status ailment affliction. Zank uses a combination of sword enchantments and debut spells that cause stun, slow, blind and susceptibility to critical hits. Equipment Head - Hood of the Dark Crusader - The hood of a legendary hero who hunts down Infernal Legions. Bonus to Agility and Defence. Passive: "Crusader's Vigilance" player receives 50% damage reduction of backstabbing. (Visual Effect "Invisible Helmet": Zank does not display the sprite for any head equipment he wears.) Body - Dark Crusader's Light Armour - Simple yet effective garment consisting of gloves, white vest. prize for S Rank 2v2 Final, 48th season. Bonus Agility, Stamina, Defence, Strength. Passive: 25% parry chance increase, 35% attack speed boost. Left Hand - Naegling - This legendary 1 handed sword is a rare drop from Kazul The Infernal King, a level 85 raid boss. It was also available as a prize for winning the ranked 1v1 Citadel of Champions S class Finals during the 48th season, of which Zank won. Grants bonus to strength, agility and provides 4.2 percent critical bonus. Passive: Inflicts "Grievous Wound" debuff which grants 2% armour reduction for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Right Hand - Mark of the Infernal Slayer - Infernal spells are converted to apply to a melee build, utilising strength stat over intellect. Mana pool becomes "Corruption", if corruption bar maxes then the player is silenced for 20 seconds. Corruption decreases over time and by using basic melee attacks. Legs - Leggings of the Dark Crusader - Legendary Rare loot drop from Kazul the Infernal King. Also a prize from 1v1 S Ranked Semi Finals. Bonus to agility, strength, defence Passive: 35% dodge chance increase, 2x Movement Speed. Accessory 1 - Dark Crusader's Pendant - A pendant worn by the legendary Dark Crusader. Grants bonus Stamina, increase critical strike 5%. UNIQUE Passive "Embrace Corruption" (with Mark of the Infernal Slayer): Infernal Spells cost 25% less corruption to cast. Accessory 2 - Gauntlet of the Dark Crusader - A black gauntlet worn by the legendary Dark Crusader. Grants bonus Strength, Defence and Stamina UNIQUE Passive "Corrupted Aggressor" (for Mark of the Infernal Slayer): Basic attacks reduce 50% more Corruption per strike. Accessory 3 - Dark Crusader's Ceremonial Falda - Ceremonial garb worn by the Legendary Dark Crusader. Bonus Agility, Defence and Stamina. UNIQUE Passive "Infernal Pact" (for Mark of the Infernal Slayer): Corruption limit is doubled. Set Bonus - Legendary Vestments of the Dark Crusader - Passive: Critical Strike chance is increased by 7.5%. Active: "Dark Successor", Guarantee 100% critical strikes for 5 seconds. Cool down: 30 minutes. UNIQUE Passive "Corrupted Crusader" (for Mark of the Infernal Slayer): 50% damage reduction from Infernal Magic. 10% spell damage increase when using offensive Infernal Spells.
  17. well after my little brother started playing Oblivion again I've been feeling a bit nostalgic, So i've decided to give this a try again! Welcome to the world of the Elderscrolls, lets make a story. In the spirit of the January RP month I'm going back to my roots and this will be a Open RP, anyone can sign on at any time. these adventures should be dynamic and not everyone will be joining from the start. I want this to be a group project, I'm not the best at leading a roleplay so I'll need help from you all to get things ready and moving. first off lets see where and when we want to the story to take place? I'm familiar with the Oblivion and Skyrim games, Morrowind not so much, so during either game or just after the main quest should work. As for plot; right now i'm thinking it would be fun to follow a guild questline with a small group instead of one miracle worker, there is plenty of choice in those quest-lines so which would you people like?
  18. NC-17 A Demon and an Angel

    You, an angel, have been sent from your home into the mortal plane, your wings do not carry you in this plane, though your powers are vast. The great divine has informed you that an Arch Demon has been born and in order to ensure the future for humanity you must slay it and send it's vile soul to hell. But things don't go as planned, the demon you are meant to kill is in fact a demoness, and the vision you see before you screams demon, but something isn't right, as you strike to kill her she whispers to you, tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry, I can't contain it...." Something compels you to seek answers before slaying her. For universe think like InuYasha, demons are a common thing, people have magical abilities, but angels are not a normal occurrence, kinda like Supernatural in that regard. The story is that this demoness is carrying something much darker and far more evil than herself, it is something that not even hell knows how to handle, and somehow it escaped into the mortal world. It wreaked havoc upon her home and the things she loved and knowing no other way to handle it, she took it into herself, trying to use her very soul to devour it. She failed, it easily takes control of her body and forces her to do things that are even too heinous for her to commit. Much like in InuYasha not all demons are evil, she most certainly is not as you will learn, however, supposedly Arch Demons reach their status by committing vile crimes and reaching new highs of power. She reached this status by a joint effort of this darkness forcing her body to do evil things and simply from trying to combat something so much stronger than herself. Yes, this is a romance, but the primary focus will be on this darkness, what it is, how to contain it or destroy it. There will be much drama as the characters must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice. Your character will struggle greatly with the idea of helping a demon, something he had been raised to believe was a vile creature that should be destroy and here he was helping this one and even growing to like her company. Don't be afraid to ask questions if something doesn't line up for you. If you like the idea but hate the idea of playing an Angel, don't worry, it's not set in stone, we can talk it out and see what we can do. The only thing is I do need someone who uses white powers, it's essential to the steps that will be taken to resolve the darkness. We can chat here or you can message me on Skype - glassdaemon.
  19. Closed This is all based off of a dream that I had, and that is a reason there is a lot of vague descriptions and information. That and I wish for you, my partner, to help design the entire rp too. This isn't just my idea, I want it to be yours too. About me and my choice of RPing. I provide as much information as possible given the situation. I can write as much as you can and or more, again situation permitting. I write at the NC17 rating. There is always going to be nudity, blood, gore, violence, sexual scenes/moments, language etc. I don't write with or for the shy. If you wanna explore Neferteri's realm, c'mere I'll break you in. I want my partners to be honest, write how they feel their character is and who they are. I want you to do whatever the hell it is you want to do, given respects to what we discuss and obvious logical details/info. I want you to explore every inch of feeling and possibility with the character you design with me. I'm looking for a male role to be filled. In a world where the birth of a child, and then its death after birth can create an unhappy spirit . . . it happens during one birth to a king and queen. The queen had two daughters and only one lived beyond birth. Her second, which died shortly after birth lingered in the realm of the living. She was very unhappy, displeased, so upset. Her sister had survived, why she did not know, and she had died. Her twin sister would live and know the warmth of her mother and father. She would never get to experience any of that. Had she been able to move on she might have been born again into such a situation. Instead the spirit of twin daughter chose to remain with the inability to move on like most new born deaths. During that time in which she clung to the living's realm she was relentless in what she did to her living twin. Always lashing out at her in, as seen in the livings realm, unnatural ways. There was always a dark presence chasing after the living daughter. This persisted for a solid five years after the daughters birth. It was after the fifth year that she turned up missing. No one knew who or what had witched away their daughter. There was endless finger pointing, claims, accusations and a war almost broke out between neighboring kingdoms and lords with their ownership in the kingdoms lands. Who and or what that took the princess away has been an unsolved mystery and whisper on the kingdoms breath for fourteen years now. The lore in this world is mostly centered around spirits, spiritual occurrences, demons and the such. Not so much in the physical form, but more so they exist as an essence. Not that they can't be physical creatures, they can. Its just that they're not all that level of strength, so most remain the misty, see through, vague image of a figure kind of existence in the livings realm. I'm open to ideas and suggestions that do go beyond this pin pointed lore focus though. I will provide what very little idea and design I have/had for your character during the dream. However you are NOT forced to this idea. It is simply what I came up with and admit I do like it and felt it fit well with the atmosphere of the story/world. A basic man, normal hunter living day to day. In your, our world, there is an additional lore to the existence of spirits and demons. It, he, is an unknown spirit of the forest. I'll bow down and completely credit Princess Mononoke's Forest Spirit to this worlds ''forest spirit'' design. However he, it, is human in stature and wears a kind of antler head ornament. Some thing that he actually has horns growing from his head. He only wears leggings made of rough leather design, pelts in front and of the backside against him. His boots are held against his caves with a long leather thong lacing up from his angles to before the knee. That kind of image. I saw your character, not knowing since his birth of course, actually being the son of this unknown forest spirit. He would also be the one, obviously, to discover my own character. The Forest Spirit is the one who safely guided the king and queens daughter away from the evil entity that plagued her all those years. This detail is something we will have to discuss and work out between us, as I have more thoughts and information attached to it that my lucky partner will be given. You are in no way confined to this idea above. That is all it is and was, an idea. You are welcome to resource it, go along with it, edit it and make it super sexy for me. I need a sexy savior k? ;< I understand at this point there isn't much of a RP nor is there much of a story to explore beyond what I've told you. I want to add more to the world, I want there to be more conflict, more problems and a world outside of this forest spirits forest, the castle, the king and queen. I myself have always enjoyed there being problems like war, drama at court, life issues and the such. Again, very in much need for expansion, ideas and development. So lets work on making this small idea grow into something badass.
  20. He needed her. Thirsted for her charming smiles and pretty laughs. Delicate and sweet, always turning her admiring gaze onto him like no one else existed in her world. Thor couldn't recall—had anyone ever looked at him like that? No, no. No one was like Jane. Perhaps father couldn't understand what made this maiden of Midgard so special, but Thor knew. That was all that mattered. It was just the two of them, in a realm of their shared affection, a tenth realm of unadulterated love. At least that was how he liked to think of it. Jane had her life on Earth, things she needed to do without the distraction of a lightning-wielding god. So Thor willingly—but oh-so-painfully—held back, watching her from a distance as he patrolled the nine worlds. Time and time again he found himself here in Midgard, his attentions locked in tunnel vision. Jane wasn't the only one with a life to live and tasks to carry out, however, so Thor had to move on as well. He always came back, though. Currently he sat in that painful state of being there, but not there. Not with her. Perched on the roof of a tall building across the street from Jane's workplace, he watched her through the full-length windows. She was at her best when she worked, beautiful when the cogs in her head turned at breakneck speed. Tonight, however, he couldn't shake the feeling that he too was being watched. Jane definitely hadn't noticed him, not swathed in the shadows of a new moon. Thor raised his head, his vibrant blue eyes scanning the darkness for some sign of a tail. Nothing but night and the comforting sound of a city after sundown. Below, cars still filled the streets like a thousand boats in an asphalt river. Not one of them seemed suspicious. Ah, but he had many things on his mind lately. It was difficult not to be on edge when you were travelling between realms, fighting battles and dealing with untrustworthy characters. Untrustworthy... like his brother. A sudden flood of sadness filled his features. Even now, watching his beloved, the mere thought of Loki filled Thor with countless regrets. If I had done something differently. If I had just done this, if I had just said that. Then everything would be different. Everything would be all right and we could be brothers again. A deep sigh welled up in his lungs and burst forth into the night in the form of a pale cloud. "Brother," he mused quietly to the night, "if only I could have fixed this all." Fixed it, the way he had always fixed things for Loki when they were young. But this was a problem he simply didn't know how to fix, not with brawn nor with charm.
  21. NC-17 Obscure Salvation

    (This is a continuation of the link provided. Charna stumbled along down through the forest, her mother had forced her to discard her modest robes, exposing her body in the skimpy outfit her mother had always pressured her to wear. Silk fabric of the richest purple wrapped around her minimum bosom, covering each perk breast fully and tying at her back and her neck, her hips were shrouded in a matching purple sarong, tied at one side, the string from the underlying bikini exposed, and her feet were guarded in gold sandals that had braided straps that wrapped around her calves up to her knees. She felt horribly exposed but her mother now controlled her body, her dark power was stinging her insides like her blood contained some sort of venom that was coursing through her veins, her own heart aiding the process. She fought with the power of her mother controlling her limbs, every step was a hassle for Sophia, but she still won out, Charna could not compete with her mother's aged powers. Charna was just a puppet, was this her intentions all along? She pondered, but Sophia remained quiet to her curiosities. Fear pounded in Charna's heart as another wave of Sophia's malicious power forced her forward toward Genevieve's temple. Her cheeks were wet with tears, her body felt so violated in such an intimate way, such a disturbing way, not even a lover should be able to delve so deep into a person's core. Charna whimpered helplessly as her body was controlled, her thoughts reached out to her mother, 'What are you?' she inquired, her mother remained silent for a long while, Charna didn't believe she'd answer and then her slithering voice snapped into her head: don't be so naive, Charna, you are after all half mine, what is it you think YOU are? Charna had no idea what she was, she knew she was different from her half siblings, but then she wasn't the child of two saints; her father was a saint, but she had no idea what her mother was, she'd always assumed she was just an elf, but now, with these powers, she was most certain she was something darker than that. You right on that my sweet, I am much darker than one of these foolish little elves, just as you are. You see you are half a saint and half a demon, you're a living paradox, and it is why you have such interesting capabilities. Charna had no idea what she meant by interesting capabilities, for that much, a demon? She'd never seen or heard of one before, she'd read lore on them before, but always assumed them a myth. Oh, I'm real, Charna, and before long I shall devour your soul and you will become my new vessel, your body's interesting capabilities offer me a whole new slew of tricks. 'Devour my soul?' Charna's stomach clenched, her mother was going to devour her? She had no idea her mother was like this. Sure she wasn't a nice mother, wasn't even a good mother, but she had ran from Genevieve and Ignatius because she was still 'her' mother and now she was going to die for her silly beliefs? Would she even die? Having your soul devoured would there even be anything left of her to pass on? There won't be.... Ignatius laid out on the bed, his robe fell open exposing his dark skin and the muscles contained beneath, they flexed with each little movement of his arms and stomach. "Sophia didn't speak to me much at all beyond how her next raid was going. I suppose she no longer trusted me after escaping her hex once, she kept me in the dark about pretty much everything. I hadn't even been aware the children had gone to see you until after the fact. I think the only reason she kept me was for personal amusement and to torment you. You saw how easily she let us leave. She has no purpose for me anymore, it just makes me wonder what her new purpose is. She's not a very direct individual, has always used other's to fight. I find it doubtful that she couldn't fight if needed, perhaps not against an entire army; maybe that's what's always kept her at bay, or maybe it's something else? Maybe she just likes being a bitch. We've played around and around with her time and a time again, we win some, but mostly she keeps her foot at our throats. I just can't help but wonder what her ultimate plan is, that's if she even has one." Genevieve cuddled into his exposed chest, her naked body pressed against his, her soft curves aligned perfectly with his hard rigid body. Ignatius ran his fingers through her hair, sliding the silky texture easily between each digit. "I don't know about this power you seem to think I have. I understand how you have obtained it, you have always been Saintly, always stuck to your cause, never faltered, even after years and years of suffering you stood strong and unbending. Whereas I seem to fail at every test, several times I've been turned into Sophia's pet, I've attacked you, I've allowed our children to be tainted, as much as I love Charna, the reality is that I literally slept with the enemy. It's one thing for my soul to be pure, maybe in the next life I'll be reborn as a Saint again, given another chance to not fail so miserably, but in this life, I see no way that I could reach your demi-god status, I have much to repent for. I have failed our people, I have failed you and our children. My soul might be pure, but my heart is black and hardened and I can no longer call myself a Saint, I shouldn't have allowed it eighteen years ago. The gods must think me foolish." Ignatius rolled their two bodies over, laying only partially on top of her, he pressed a finger to her lips before she could speak, "Hush, I cannot bear you kind words. You will preach to me how I am still a Saint, how I am still holy, you can't imagine the immense guilt I feel at hearing those words from your lips. Please, just let it be." He whispered the last words as he pulled his hand away and shifted to lay comfortably beside her. He knew she would be restless, would want to argue him until he submitted, but as it was, he could not bear it. Let him wallow in his self misery for the night, in the morning she would begin trying to reverse all the mistakes he had made. He sealed his eyes as he felt them glaze over, heavy with his guilt. He slept fitfully, struggling with his own self loathing and the constant headache her aura caused, but it was much less intense then it had started. When Algernon came in, his eyes were already open, watching the other male casually, intrigued by his young appearance, a gift from Genevieve he was certain. Algernon deserved it, he had been faithful and loyal through thick and thin, Ignatius could not blame him for his ignorant up bringing. He left Genevieve, telling her that it was best she allow him to collect their twins alone. The pain shone in her eyes and it only twisted the knife deeper into his heart, this was his fault, he had fucked up, he had allowed this to happen. No, he was not meant to reach her holy status, he had failed the gods entirely too many times. He left her fully aware of the tremble to her lip, unsure of what to say, no amount of apologies could express his guilt at destroying the bond between mother and child. They should have been running to their mother, should have known her undying love all this time, instead they had had Sophia whom had apparently punished them viciously. Asher and Amadea woke up groaning, their headaches were back in full force. Ignatius pulled their reluctant forms down the hall, still half asleep as he lead them outside to where they would have their breakfast, he wanted them to see how the faithful would fawn over Genevieve, wanted them to see her love for her people. He needed them to love her and he didn't know how to reverse the view they had of her other than to expose them to her as much as possible. Genevieve wouldn't know what to say to convince them, she wasn't the type to argue and fight, she would submit and endure their angry onslaughts, they would have to see with their own eyes that she was no witch.
  22. Defy

    “Izel!†An irritated, rough voice grunted as his heavy hand threw weight and strength into the strike on her cheek. “Up!†Lids painted with black fading into a lively dark purple permitted the heavy handed man with a view of her golden sun colored eyes. Lashes flickered slowly a few times before she made a jerky movement to try and avoid the second hand that was meant to rise her from the bed she had been laying in. “Well, get up!†The heavy set figure growled. He was covered in a light coat of brown fur with a white underbelly. Big blue canine eyes, perky pointed ears and white teeth starting to bare in a more agitated manner as he grew impatient. Finding the urgency in his hostility inspiration she was on her feet and quickly pulling on the loose robe she had come with the night prior. Izel clutched at the thin fabric as she came up to the canine and was given a weighted coin purse. Her eyes never lifted to eye the customer. Keeping the bright golden sun's gaze glued to the floor as she stood to take in the canine's words. None of them were particularly kind or rewarding. “Tell your master that I don't want pre-used product. I could tell you've serviced several that night and I was given the scraps!†He yelled as the door flew open and she was sent away. Her feet moved so fast despite the exaggerated elevation of her shoes. The click of her shoes on the wooden floor turned into a gallop as she opened a door and met a smooth stone pavement. Standing a ways from the door a strong wind swept up from behind her and tousled her half violet, lilac hair wildly. The light robe she wore giving samples to passersby as she fought to hold it against her and try and be modest. “Mmm, absolutely yummy!†A rough looking feline cooed as he walked past her. Izel drew closer to herself and closed her eyes for a moment to brace herself against the comment. He made no advance beyond the comment, her eyes parted and she quickly took off for her stable. Hurried clicks on the stone walkway announced her arrival in the stable, a wooden door opened and banged shut. A few galloped clicks and she arrived at her master's accountants door. Four trained wraps on the door and a voice permitting her entrance allowed her to open the door and enter. Still clutching at the light robe on her body she approached the hare dressed lazily in an expensive robe. He removed a pipe from between his lips and looked down at the coin the animal had brought to him. A moment of displeasure fell into his big hazel eyes. “I should be seeing double this.†His attention shifted up to his animal as her eyes were fixated on the floor. “What happened?†“He said he was to never be given a pre-used product again. He knew that I had other jobs before him, and would not pay the usual amount.†Izel said quietly. Her legs quivered slightly, a soft gasp as she felt a warm liquid run down the left side of her leg. The elf drew her thighs closer together, hands hugging her bosom in a self embrace. Looking his animal up and down, the scent of blood caused his nostrils to flair. “Disgusting. They hadn't told me you had done several jobs when he came by. We'll simply charge him time and a half if he calls on us again. Now go clean yourself and bleed elsewhere.. Absolutely disgusting.†The hare scoffed as the elf exited his office. Izel's bloodied thighs worked double time to make it into a bathing room to clean herself up. Dropping the robe and tossing off her shoes she sank into a warm tub and cried. Sinking underneath the water she let out a scream muffled by the tub of water. Sitting up she felt all of her strength sucked from a body she did not even own. How sad it was, she did not own herself. Not a single inch. Shaky, thin, pale fingers came up to her face and felt around her cheekbone and jawline. None of this was hers, it was her masters. Izel's fingers fell down to her breast right where she could feel the heart make pitiful thuds. If only she could dig it out and set what was her, her own, then she would own herself. A bitter smile of smudged black lipstick broke into chattering teeth as the animal could only whimper to herself. Izel's stable door swung open and heavy boots clobbered on the wooden floor. The issued command of up was given, she sat on the edge of her bed naked with a special undergarment to catch the blood. She sat quietly, eyes sleepily staring at the shinny calf high boots of her masters head of the stable management. Fingers started to pick up locks of her lilac and violet hair. “She needs touch ups. Its getting dull. And make sure that she's written off of full service and only able to perform basic services and work for the week.†The fox's ears twitched, her soulless black eyes picking out everything wrong with her animal and its current condition. “If only we could breed your kind to never be out of commission for three months out of the year that would save so much and gain us so much more!†The fox rubbed her snout in agony of such a financial loss. “She's getting old too. What are the younger generations finding attractive?†The fox, Mistress Prim, asked of her short and stubby hedgehog looking assistant. “Specific artwork styles in the skin of a pale Elf ma'am.†The bristled hog replied with a signature snort. “See to it that she's taken to receive that along with a fresh dye of the dark violet coloring in her hair. I think we need to also begin our own signature on the streets with the female branch of this stable.†Mistress Prim said as she pressed her soft red furred hand against the animals forehead as a command to lay down on the bed. “Come and take note. I want the body art to be as follows.†She said as her claw sprang out and she traced under Izel's bosom. “We have the arch of our businesses wings cupping the females breasts as a simple arch in black. From this point between her breasts I want a long angled line as the body with a pointed top and single pointed end. And then right here between her breasts the head a simple diamond shape with the rays breaking around it and an oval shaped halo. You have that?†The hog nodded. “The point of the body needs to stop a little above the bellybutton and pick up down here and continue on down to her naval and stop right where the lips begin. I want it all in black.â€Mistress Prim stood up and folded her arms as she looked down at the lifeless animal. “Make the appointments and see to it she's escorted to them all, I want receipts and make sure her escort receives our due discounts per shop.†“Yes ma'am!†The hog snorted happily as the pair walked out of the room leaving the animal in her lifeless state.
  23. The Elder Scrolls

    Not the story, just the universe. It is a game series very dear to me and I've played through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim multiple times. Recently I was invited to the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online and now I'm just all giggly about the game so I thought I'd do a roleplay loosely based around it. I'm not looking to roleplay any of the stories, but just to borrow the world and lore as it is a soft cozy place for me. It also lays out a map for us to work with and a magic system to work off of. I do not have a story plot, in fact I was kinda of hoping to do a free lance sort of play. We design characters and throw them into the world, we met up, we adventure and we can swap back and forth deciding on what quests we will embark on, whether it's saving a damsel or recovering retired Hides-His-Eyes lost dagger. We will build rapport with cities and guilds, build a friendship or more(depending on who is interested and their interests), or maybe we'll hate each other and constantly be trying to kill the other, or maybe just rivals fighting to get ahead in whatever we do. If you want to build a plot, I'm more than happy too, I just don't want to follow the predesignated stories in the games, as they are designated to a single player which isn't too friendly with multiple players. I'm thinking we should limit ourselves to just Skyrim(rather have Morrowind, or Cyrodiil, or even one of the others: Hammerfell, Black Marsh etc? just let me know we can discuss the pros and cons of each province.) Not familiar with The Elder Scrolls Series? That's okay! We will not be following any of the story lines, it is simply a universe to play in and I'm more than happy to talk about the games, or you're free to google search them. Mostly you just need to know the map, the races, and the magic system(Mostly just what kind of magic is available), beyond that it's a medievalish fantasy setting.
  24. Equo Above Us

    Name: Izel Age: 23 Gender: Female Elf Hair Color: Half Lilac | Half Violet Eye Color: Golden Height: 5'6"
  25. Fantastical Medieval Romance

    I love doing romances, they get to me the most, I love the emotion and the drama! Looking for a partner, I'm not picky about genders, or sexuality, but I'm not interested in doing two males, other than that, it's fair game. I'm even up for hermaphrodites being throw into the mix. I do want to play a female personality (as in I'd play a hermaphrodite, but shi's predominately female). I want to do fantasy theme, so if we want to do the Princess and the Knight, sure. Please, nothing so cliche though, hahah. I have a few ideas: A mermaid and a demon, the mermaid sings and draws the demon to the shore, where they make love, per her heritage she drags him into the water and tries to drown him, him being a demon, she fails miserably. A demoness and a priest(white mage, doesn't have to be religious), they rival, they fight, his strength appeals to her, he just wants her dead, but when he finally wins against her and gets her in bonds and all she can do is praise him over his victory, he's not so sure anymore. The dragon and the slayer A nymph and an outlaw You see where I'm going with this, I'm up for suggestions too, these are just ideas, I'm not bound to any of them. I do not want a quick romance, while we should determine an external plot device, the story should predominately revolve around our characters falling in love.