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Found 105 results

  1. Black To Earth

    A humor role-play inspired along the lines of Night Vale, Futurama, Game of Thrones, Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, The Blackwater Gospel (youtube), and Homestuck. The main theme for this role-pay is; 1. Survive in an insane world full of anarchy and chaos. 2. Make your character as ridiculously unique compared to the others even if it doesn't make sense. and 3. Everything that doesn't make sense might make sense in this role-play. Physics doesn't exactly work in this role-play, and if and when your character dies, they can come back at any time. This role-play was created so anyone can alleviate their boredom- especially me because I easily get bored. We can use inside jokes and ideas from other places even if it sounds cheesy. The whole point is to make this role-play completely insane, so feel free to add something funny you found on the internet like Tumblr or Reddit. Don't comment something like 'OHH you got that from Tumblr' or 'you got that from Night Vale'. IT'S A FAN-FIC ROLE-PLAY MASH UP. Just act like it's completely original, and be happy. I was going to make this pg-13 but I felt that since this role-play is an 'anything goes' role-play, I'd let people add a dose of yaoi in here too if they want.This role-play goes along the terms of Cody Lyoko where all of our characters attend a boarding school but crazy shit happens and it is haunted so you can hear screaming and sounds of demons at night. Many different species of creatures and aliens live here. Also, the kids go to this abandoned building where they have a high tech virtual reality and the main villain in the virtual world is able to harm children in the real world. Fun stuff. The boarding school is called Black Sands Academy, and has grades 6-12. The town the school in is in the middle of the desert near Area 51 called Black Sands. The 'news' from The can be reality for our characters' world. Also, the town they live in has a large cult that worships the glowing flying cloud in the night sky.So, when reading the role-play, whether or not you are apart of it or not, just sit back and let your imagination go wild.When creating a character, you can have as little information as you want. The only required fields are the ones with stars on them. Since I come from a website that had a group of thirty role-players all in one role-play, I'm used to role-playing in large numbers. If you want to join, just ask ^_^ . If accepted, you will create your character based on the template I provide here:-------**CHARACTER NAME: Gender: (Male) (female) (both) (asexual) (other) (none)Description:Any other information:also, when creating a character I advise you to put at least one physical/mental disability or personality flaw.--------That's all you really need.It will be opened in the Student forum when all players are submitted and approved. I will open it with the beginning setting, and we will start from there.
  2. From now on, I will post all my new ideas, plots and characters in this thread, just for neatness sake. Plots (sorta) All plots are vague at this point and if anyone is interested, we can go back and forth and discuss some things to add to it. I'm open to suggestions. 18+ mature writer. I am not against smut/sex, but do not join if that is all you want out of role playing. I get bored really quickly if it is just sex, no plot. You know? So yeah... All my main characters are females at this point, but willing to double up in the role play. I'll leave up my taken role plays, to give someone an idea of what kind of stories I like. Willing to hear your ideas, too. OPEN CLOSED These are more for OnexOne role plays. One in 17,000 The first thing you would notice about Diana is that she has albinism. It is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme involved in the production of melanin. This makes her a little different from others around her. Not only does she have pale white skin, platinum white hair and light blue eyes, the disorder also causes her to have vision defects, such as being legally blind at 20/200. She can see some things clearly, but only at a close range. If it is more than a foot from her face, she can't see it very well, or at all. She can see some things far off, but usually only shapes, without the details. For example, if you were standing a couple feet away from her, she would be able to see you have eyes, but not be able to see what color they are. The disorder also causes her to suffer from Nystagmus, irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth, or in circular motion. It is something she can't control and she does not know when she is doing it. She sometimes uses bioptics, glasses which have small telescopes mounted on the lenses, so that she can look through either the regular lens or the telescope. Such a thing might help her read at close range better. She also uses monoculars, which are like one half of a pair of binoculars to get a clearer view of things further away. Diana does not let her condition get in her way of life. She is usually an outgoing person, loves life and everything in it. She is not rude or stuck up, despite what some of her peers might think. This comes from the fact that she really can't see a person when they are waving at her from across the room. She isn't ignoring you, she just can't see you. Diana also has a little sister named Jenna who also shares her condition. When their mother passes away and Diana and Jenna are sent to live with some strangers miles from where they've lived all their lives. The strangers are Diana and Jenna's godparents, her mother's childhood best friends. Diana is put in a school that in it's history has never had a student like her before. In fact, the town is so small, Diana doubts anyone there has ever seen someone like her in person. (M/F or F/F allowed) (TAKEN on another site) ---- You're My Italian Star A famous Italian singer is tired of the spotlight and has decided to take an early retirement in America. What she doesn't expect is to meet her biggest fan who has an obsessive crush on her and whats to prove to Aria that his/her crush goes beyond that of a crazed fan. M/F, F/F allowed. OPEN ---- Tough Role Play exactly based on this song. "Tough" By Craig Morgan She’s in the kitchen at the crack of dawn Bacon’s on, coffee’s strong Kids running wild, taking off their clothes If she’s a nervous wreck, well it never shows Takes one to football and one to dance Hits the Y for aerobics class Drops by the bank, stops at the store Has on a smile when I walk through the door The last to go to bed, she’ll be the first one up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough We sat there five years ago The doctors let us know, the test showed She’d have to fight to live, I broke down and cried She held me and said it’s gonna be alright She wore that wig to church Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt No room for fear, full of faith Hands held high singing Amazing Grace Never once complained, refusing to give up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough She’s a gentle word, the sweetest kiss A velvet touch against my skin I’ve seen her cry, I’ve seen her break But in my eyes, she’ll always be strong There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough I play female. You can be male or female. They would have children. OPEN ---- A Sticky Situation During summer vacation at her parents beach house, high school teacher Grace meets someone there. She grows to have an affection, maybe even love for this person and vise versa. When summer is over, they have to part ways. When she goes back to school, she finds that her summer romance may not be over after all, for the person she spent her summer with is one of her students. - Student is a senior, 18 years old. F/F or M/F allowed (TAKEN on another site) ---- Blind Song Laurel is a blind lounge singer who works in a questionable night bar. People always "request" her attention, but her manager will not let any of them to come near her, for good reason. He is protective of her and she also does not want anyone to know she is blind. On stage, she wears a whole different persona than in real life, sexy, form fitting clothing. When not working, she wears every day things, tee-shirts, jeans, maybe a skirt every now and again, but usually in dark, not so noticeable colors. One day, she literately runs into one of her biggest fans, but they do not realize who she is yet. OPEN
  3. OPEN Surreal*RPG - reboot!

    Surreal*RPG - the reboot/throwback (maybe?) †RP Thread Allow me to set your stage. You're at your computer doing forum-y things, just like you are right now. You browse a bit, and come across a new role-play. Why, it's called "Surreal*RPG," imagine that! You can't say you're sure why the asterisk is there (unless you are), but behind the fourth wall I'll tell you that it's because this site was once Surreal*Twilight. (Not entirely accurate, because obviously it's a completely new site - perhaps a better statement would be to say that this collection of forum RPers once congregated at a different site called Surreal*Twilight.) Anyway - let's put that wall back - it's this epic quest that involves saving the world. Of course. With dragons? Sure! With power-hungry necromancers? Perhaps. With this one guy who made all these rings but kept one ring as the most powerful one to rule - wait. No, not that. There will be customized classes! There will be optional races (if you want - if not, you can be plain old human). There will be…you as the role-player, and not a character you made up! Obviously, your real-world abilities might end up dialed up to eleven, because let's face it, the real world doesn't really prepare you for epic medieval questing. So of course you think long and hard about what you want to be - or perhaps what you believe yourself to truly actually be inside - and fill out that character sheet. Oh yeah. It's super sweet, it's so awesome, it's - pulling you into the virtual world? (Could be awkward if you decided to submit that character sheet at work - which you shouldn't do, but everyone does.) Okay, some of you saw that one coming, let's be honest. Anyway, there's your stage. You, sitting in your silly little costume (you thought it would look cool, but sometimes things are best left to the imagination), inside a virtual world. Time to find out if they do permadeath! --- tl;dr: You are yourself (but suitably more awesome for the genre), and are taking part in a totally epic quest to save the world! Or is it actually the forum website? You can't quite tell. The character you're making would, ideally, be the closest to what you yourself feel comfortable publishing on the internet about who you really are. Something like that. Basically you, with a class made just for you, by you. Obviously, you will have powers beyond the ken of mortal men. Or at least, normal, mundane mortal men. Of course, our newbie area will have to be the Introduce Yourself! forum. Because why not. Then we'll start killing mobs in the Student Roleplaying forest, and I'm pretty sure things will just spiral out of control from there. Man, can you imagine if every few posts we just ran randomly through someone else's student RP and defeated monsters (characters, I guess) from it? That...actually sounds pretty insane and yet more than a little awesome. Not sure if it's doable. (If you are interested, we can discuss further.) Because I've always wanted to, I'd like to implement a super simple dice-rolling combat system. It's just an optional thing to spice up those dreadfully boring random encounters. See last section of post. (Does anyone know if you can do that in the code in these forums? These new ones are so darn shiny, I don't even know.) In your character sheet, please include (at the least, you can include more) the following items, for everyone's reference:Name (could be yours in real life, but certainly not necessary)Forum Username (could also be yours - ideally it would be, I suppose, to truly embrace the experience)AgeGenderRace (if not human)AppearancePersonality and/or History (optional - see Change section below)Class (and skills of that class)--- And now, I will be fielding questions. Or complaints. It's been so long since I've made my own RP discussion thread. /nostalgic tear Questions! Change So I would like to put forth this option: instead of putting up a character sheet here and then starting with the RP, you can, as first post, essentially write up yourself filling out the character sheet. What better way to get into character? You don't have to if you would prefer not to, or if that's a little too meta for your tastes. It's just an option. Links to Other Posts (I don't like having over-long first posts) * Aforementioned Dice-Rolling System with creature template. (Still hopeful that the forums have that encoded. But if not, meh.) PCs Involved 1. TriOctium: Chrono Draconis TriOctium 2. Telperion: Meldream Telperion (alias Amanda) 3. Alisyn: Alisyn 4. Wstfgl: Wstfgl 5. FeatherKey_Fate: Kate 6. Noia: Noia 7. Solyeuse: Solyeuse Skyseeker 8. Asura: no sheet yet
  4. She was so excited. You would not quite believe. But, ever one to desire to seem normal in the public eye - or at least not insane - she did not allow even a small grin to escape her control. Plus, she was supposed to be working (menial task though it was), and most people weren't actively happy about filing and scanning various financial documents. Un-staple, scan, re-staple, file. It was pretty boring work, but it did allow her much time for thought. For now, her time had come. Nevermind that she was missing lunch. Nobody cared when she took it, anyway. (No, seriously.) She decided she would start to fill out...the character sheet. It would be the first such sheet she had filled out in months, and the nostalgia rating of such an event scored pretty high, even for her I-try-not-to-show-silly-emotions standards. Not that she really tried not to show emotion or anything silly like that, she just often found little reason for such trifles as sentimentality and emotional nostalgia. No matter, though. This was an acceptable exception, one that she gladly allowed for a site and community she had once held so close to her heart. And now began to do so once more. Ah, so sweet. But forget that, get on with the character sheet! Obviously, this "character" (AKA herself) would need a name. A truly excellent name. A name that no one mispronounced or ever spelled wrong. (She smugly counted herself lucky in that department.) Name: Amanda Goodness knows why she types up all her material in Notepad and/or Textedit. There's just something about those fixed-width fonts. Now, a username. Another easy question answered - or not? Maybe she wanted to use her old username instead? But her new username was so much cooler. At least in some ways. It's pretty hard to be badass if you're limited by your tree-ness, but honestly, who wouldn't say that the Trees of Valinor were pretty much the most awesome incarnation possible fir (ahaha) any kind of non-sentient tree? It would be cool to get some powers based on a super-shiny silver tree made by the power of the Valar, but it wasn't really her, you know? Ah. A flash of insight later: Forum Username: Meldream Telperion Who says she can't have two names? That's right, no one, because this is her role-play anyway. Bam. The next few fields were exceedingly easy. Age: 21 Gender: Female Race: Human. Or shiny silver tree? But really, human. Appearance: Black hair, short (chin-length). Brown eyes. Glasses, except when wearing contacts. Height of 5'6". Fit, but by no means athletic. Generally neutral expression. The least flavorful description of any being she had ever written. But, whatever, writing a description of oneself with great attention to detail and with the use of such literary items as metaphor and simile seemed...well, rather unnecessary and somewhat narcissistic. Only a little bit, though. And this negative connotation might have been acquired, so she supposed, from reading all sorts of Mary-Sue authors (Suethors) describing their own tragically beautiful self-inserts in such loving detail. And yet, wasn't there something to be said about finding that perfect simile, to be able to see in one's mind's eye that ideal item with which one would compare one's character's physical attributes? No matter, said her inner narrator (of which she was generally unaware). We can worry about that in future posts. Let us move on. Though it did not appear on the list of recommended fields for a character sheet, and it might be considered part of appearance anyway, she still desired to elaborate upon Amanda's (her character, not herself) outfit under another heading. It might be subject to change, after all. As to her requirements for this outfit, she wanted something versatile, comfortable, useful, and also awesome. That's kind of a bit much. She wouldn't mind sacrificing awesome for comfort or utility. She definitely wanted a lot of pockets. And maybe a cloak. Also with pockets. She was very attached to the idea of pockets. Maybe she could just give herself extra-dimensional storage powers instead? But that was such a utility skill, and since it was level 0 it wouldn't even be versatile enough to have combat functionality. She didn't want to waste one of her level 0 skills on utility. How would she ever level up? Fine. Outfit: Khaki cargo pants with lots of pockets. Black tank top. Dark green jacket with lots of pockets. Indigo hiking boots. Green hooded cloak with (you guessed it) lots of pockets. Maybe later she could level up and get an extra-dimensional storage pocket. Heck, maybe later she could level up and get a better outfit. This one kind of stank of boring, but she wasn't writing to impress anyone. She just wanted pockets. She ignored the personality field, since it was optional, (and isn't strange to describe your own personality in a role-playing character sheet?) and paused to think about her custom classes and whether or not she could at all manage a suitable aggregate flavor. Honestly, she didn't really have a very cohesive notion. It certainly wouldn't be thematically unified. But, well, that was what it meant to be just another person on the planet. Or such was her philosophical hand-waving. Class: Tropemaster (Main), Loresnax (Secondary), Treeshifter (Tertiary; subtype Shiny) She worked out a fairly simple level progression for her classes, then bent a few minutes of her time to thinking about skills. It happened to involve a great deal of time surfing TVTropes. Skills: - Starting Skill 1: Can't Look Away [main active] Ensnares one opponent, as if they can't...stop...clicking...links. - Starting Skill 2: I Can Sleep Anywhere [secondary passive] Except maybe on spikes or while on fire. - Starting Skill 3: Turn into a Shiny Silver Tree [tertiary dumb] What it says on the tin. - Level 1: Work in progress... Phew. That should be enough for now. Not that it wasn't totally exciting, but she could take things slowly. No rush. She particularly enjoyed the Loresnax secondary class, a nod to her purported real-world ability to fall asleep even during a loud party. She honestly couldn't tell you what use it had or would have, nor did she think anyone would get the in-joke, but it sort of jibed with one of her usernames anyway. Meldream, eh? Eh? Yes, she felt mightily pleased with this most excellent character sheet, and, after rereading it twice, hit the submit button. Or in the case of these new forums, the post button. And then she vanished. In front of multiple eyewitnesses who worked with her in their shared office space. And people wondered. And some went to therapy for it.
  5. --- and Allie are two of the most famous performers in the circus. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Allie's birth and who and where her real birth parents are. She is told they abandoned her because of her rare skin defect. The defect makes her a "freak" and that is how she ends up in The Freak Show. When she nears 20, she starts to have dreams that might hint to her past. She will learn one of the troop members may not be who she thinks they are. Are they a danger to her? What is her connection with some redheaded bandits? Setting: Inspired by 1800s Your main character: Boy or girl who is in the circus troop who has a romantic interest in Allie. (F/F prefer) Some interesting tidbits: In this world, people with red hair are considered abnormal. That would explain why most of the people in the circus troop have red hair. Red hair is not normal to this world because it was introduced by someone from... (We will talk about this in private) There is magic in this world, though it is kept well hidden by.... (Shhh) Golden eyes are not normal, only people with.... (Shhhh) Most bandits in this world have red hair, most orphans have red hair, most people on the streets have red hair, because they are shunned from society. Other dimensions... (wait what? Shhhhh) Most people who have red hair also have golden eyes.... Allie's body and hair is tented green, and she has no eye color (It's all white).... There is a reason for this. Has to do with magic. --------------------- Characters I play: Allie Rufus the Cunning Three bandits that have something to do with.... (Shh) You Play: Romantic interest of Allie (Female prefer) Other troop members of your choice NPC: The Strong Man Conjoined twins Bearded Lady Towns people Rules: High Casual to advanced. 3+ paragraphs. No sex or smut (this is a plot oriented role play) (Any actual role playing won't be for a day or so. I've got a major migraine and I might be starting a new job. I post once a day, but it can also be once every other day, depending. Some days I may be able to do more than once.)
  6. Romance

    I know I've seen quite a few of these kinds of threads pop up here with very little interest in them, but I'm going to post my request here none-the-less. I love romance stories. Some with dangerous plots twists, some dark and cruel, some cheesy and sappy, some dear and tear jerky, and some just plain cute. LOVE IT ALL!!! Thus, I would like to see if anyone is interested in something of this nature. I don't have any ideas for this, just that I would like a RP centered strongly around romance. I was in the RP Outcast with HH towards my start on the site, but she bailed out before it could really take off and go anywhere. This seemed like it would be a fantastic RP, but sadly died like all my other ideas. So that's one example of what I like, of course you can bring your flavor of fantasy or sci-fi as well. So, who wants to jump on this Crazy Train?
  7. Life and Death

    Life and Death 1x1 dark fantasy / ?romance? Plot: Death meats a Human (maybe even all boy meets girl like...) who strikes a deal to buy themselves more time. The terms are simple; every year, the mortal will provide a stranger's life in exchange for a year of guaranteed immunity form death. essentially, immortality is achievable as long as someone's life is taken. Should the mortal fail to provide a sacrifice, their time on Earth has expired. Intrigued, Death agrees - but curiosity drives Death to further get to know this human. this is very open to change and suggestion - I'd just like to see where it goes from here. you can play whichever role you'd like, Death or Mortal - but I would like to request that I play the female. that means you're the male. It doesn't have to be a romance (I do love a good romance, though) - and it can be set in any time frame that suits your fancy. You can give your character any history or motive you'd like, and even choose to be more or less inclined to empathy and compassion. your call on everything but the gender. I so very want to play a girl for once. also, i want to get this up and going as quickly as possible... usually i spend a month discussing the story structure and building the world with my co-authors... to avoid such lengthy procedures, I'll just ask that you answer the following: (if it's here, I'm interested in it, so don't be shy) 1) You want to be Death or Human? 2) What time period would you prefer? 3) Central location: New York, Seattle, San Francisco, London, or Rome? choose one. (era permitting, of course) 4) interested in romance? 5) Have our characters already struck the deal; has this ritual been going on every year for a while, now? or shall we begin with the initial introduction to each other and the agreement of the terms? 6) Are you more interested in keeping the story focused on Death and the Mortal, or should we toss in the opinions and mind of this year's Sacrafice? (this could change a lot of the above and might warrant a little more discussion, but might be worth it) 7) Have you anything else to add? anywho, I'm looking forward to exploring this kind of dark theme; all questions of morality and the worth of one life weighed against another and all... let me know if youre interested!!
  8. That would be a working title... any good title suggestions? ~Openings still available~ Get the gist of it: Your typical dystopian future-world. The "Fringe Planets" have suffered a cataclysmic incident involving a meteor cluster that devastated them, reducing the inhabitants to desperation. Seizing the opportunity, a shady figure emerges with grand promises for the people, eager to take advantage of their hope and build a world of their own design. Enter the unlikely heroes: a not-at-all-cliched group of smugglers/ruffians who assume the role of the futuristic Robin Hood and his merry men. Steal from the rich, give to the poor (while taking a grand small commission, too; don't let's be unreasonable) who will thwart the selfish schemes of this tyrant. I really don't have any tangible limits for your character - you may be whatever species/gender/hybrid you'd like within the realm of sci-fi fantasy. Cyborg? definitely! Tentacle monster? Certainly! Human? Of course! Feel free to pull from the wells of pre-existing fandom's as well: Twi'leks, Vulcans, and Na'vi are welcome (among all others). My only restriction is that the grandiose stories from those worlds stay where they are. There is no Federation, We aren't part of the Rebel Alliance, and the Pandorica never opened. Otherwise, yeah. All of the space things. *The following roles are only what I've thrown out there as a template. If you've got another slot in mind that I've forgotten, I'm open to suggestions!* The Necessary Players: The captain - Freega Nurman Played by Yajuu_KikuishiShip's Commander Rhiannon Fae - Played by Lady_FateThe pilot - Played by ElphysThe engineer Forkuutarashad - Played by Yajuu_KikuishiThe Dastardly Antagonist *specifics TBD* - Played by Lady_Fate with help from the Ensemble the not-so-necessary-but-still-revelant players: The cookThe medic - Played by ElphysThe Mercenary (passenger) Oliver Ryker - Played by Yajuu_KikuishiThe Stow-Away (passenger) Apixaderet - Played by Lady_Fate*Feel Free to fill in / claim secondary characters where we need them* *Also, if you have a character in mind that may fill a role you do not see listed, don't hesitate to suggest it! I'd be happy to add slots if it'll better suit your character!* Character Sheet Template: The disclaimer: Any resemblance to existing fandoms or plot lines, active or dead, is purposely coincidental. Let's be real, this thing isn't pretending to be original- that's absurd. This is sci-fi.
  9. The Typical Tavern

    Props if you recognise where the name of the thread comes from. Us Loathers need to stick together. So, I was thinking of setting up a plotless roleplay, designed specifically for Students to get at least five posts in so everyone could see how they were at playing. Naturally, it'd have to be a neutral setting, perhaps a pub, or an entire village, based around the general area that a DnD group end up in after a long, satisfying dungeon crawl. But just having it for students is selfish; it should also be a place where Graduates can come to practice their skills, or meet-and-greet the newbies while they wait for posts to materialise in their other roleplays. But that's boring, I hear you all collectively cry. What's to keep our interest in yet another one of these damn tavern-things that look so good on paper? Okay. Imagine that the place is based upon Castle Heterodyne, complete with a (twisted?) personality of it's own and the ability to rearrange it's own internal structure. Imagine also that there are plot hooks around the place as well, and that completing one changes the physical layout of the place to reflect the outcome. I'm going to, um, borrow an idea from a different plot-hook thread and I'm going to have to insist that people on a plot have to put the location of their characters at the top of every post. It's a bit more work, but it saves people getting confused about where everyone is and missing posts, or accidentally replying to things that they think are happening around them. Hopefully, I won't explode from the effort of keeping this monster running. I do like jumping in at the deep end. Yes, there will be a plague of drunken rats in the basement. Feedback on this idea would be nice.
  10. I need some RP, and you.

    Howdy, Been a while since I posted here. Its time I return for some creative colab with some brilliant minds. (Any typos I applogize, typing on phone) This post will be bare and naked of ideas due to my lack of having thought through a lot if any rp ideas. However, thats a good thing. I want ro start from scratch with several people. I juggle multi rps no prob. My personal style and levels are lengthy, detailed posts. I write in/up to a NC17 rating (reality isnt pg13, so I will not write a lie, personal pov...ask me if you want my story lawl) and am comfortable with gore, blood, sex, nudity, profanity, and anything else. Details on all aspects will be refined during 1 on 1. I write from a females pov, 3rd person. I can write males as secondary. Sexual orientation is always straight. Genre I do all and any, save fighting and fandom. I love mixing a hint of action, romance, gore,horror and then some. Details refined in 1 on 1. Preferable to do 1 on 1 rp due to life expectancy of even a 1 on 1 to die soon. Been around a long while and am able to count on one hand my rps that were completed. True fact, I am a RP Whore. Once I am a part of an idea or universe I am excited about...its all I want and crave. Naturally I respect people having lives and that junk. I simply like to illustrate my passion and excitement when a world, idea, character and partner thrill me to that level. So drop a reply if you think you can handle me ~.^ Share ideas, thoughts, ask me questions. Be brave and honest. -Neferteri
  11. I'm bored. Humor me with this simple request. A few of you exist somewhere in the shadows. I've heard the magic word thrown around. Give me a 1x1 yaoi roleplay. I don't have any ideas yet, but these sorts of plots aren't that difficult to formulate once we both know what we like. I can do fade to black, I can do full on graphic and make you blush. Whatever you're comfortable with. Leaving this open indefinitely.
  12. Yeah I'm in the mood to make some RWBY characters here. I don’t have many ideas for an actual RP yet, it might even be just a retelling of the first volume with our own team. I hope others can help on that part while we make characters. Because there isn't that much known about the rules of the RWBY universe I'll set some guidelines based on what we do know. 1: characters in RWBY are (loosely) based on characters in literature or other fiction (mostly book character but there have been historical/mythological sources and I’ll allow TV and other media) I don’t mind newer characters like a Song of Ice and Fire character and you can veer pretty far from the source character (it is even encouraged). 2: all names (characters, teams and most likely even weapons) have to be based on a color, this can be the actual color in English or another language or it can be something associated with the color. (more info from the man himself) 3: you can go nuts with the weapons and Aura skills but the usual godmodding rules still apply and this is still based on the RWBY series so try not to stray too far from established lore. Also I'm a big supporter of work in progress posts and constructive criticism so you don’t have to make it perfect before posting here, I want this to be a discussion leading to at least some roleplay, it can even be just a short battle between characters. Let’s start this off with my RWBY character. Name: Jericho Corey Based on: Prince Corwin from “The Chronicles of Amber†books by Roger Zelazny & Major Thalric from “Shadows of the Apt†books by Adrian Tchaikovsky Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 17 Color Theme: Silver/Moonlight & Black Emblem: a silver burning V on black. General Appearance: A slender young man of slightly above average height. He has raven black hair about 3 inches long overall, a handsome face and distinct green eyes. He wears a smile nearly all the time. Although it is often genuine, you have to look at his eyes for any clues on his actual state of mind. He is deceptively strong and has a surprising amount of stamina and endurance. Clothing/Armour: Jericho prefers to wear a combination of t-shirts, jackets and jeans in various shades of grey black and white, with occasionally some print on his shirts. His armor consists of lightweight shin protectors and knee armour worn over his jeans, a lightweight metal banded chest piece with room at the shoulders to give him better maneuverability and two gauntlets. All his armor appears steel grey with silver accents on the edges. Personality: Jericho is a calm and respectable young man who is loyal to his comrades and treats even his adversaries/rivals with a friendly respect (although that would not stop him from completing his mission). Behind his polite nature Jericho holds a beast locked up that is his ambition and ruthlessness. He keeps a firm grip on his temper and ambitions and uses his deep wells of willpower to channel these stronger aspects of his personality in a proper course. Short Bio: These days Jericho hardly even recognizes the boy he was when he started training to become a huntsman; brash, stubborn, arrogant and filled with romanticized views of being a Huntsman of legend. Of course when he started his career at Haven academy it did not take long for him to be shot down by reality. Jericho had to face the fact that there were many students better than him. Although Jericho had a talent with swords he knew far less than he thought about being a huntsman. The first years were not easy for him, with his stubbornness and pride making sure he didn’t fit in with the other students. Only in the last months of his second year did he find a place at Haven; standing across from the star swordsman of Haven in The Circle. Jericho had always been a prideful young man and wasn’t shy about voicing his opinions, this sometimes would get into trouble but that did not mean much to him. Except when one day after he made a remark about Eric Bernstein, the top ranking member of the Haven academy duelling society 'The Circle'. Eric had wanted to knock some sense into Jericho and found a chance to humble the younger student in a duel. Jericho did not even last a minute against Eric. Afterwards Jericho would train and try to beat Eric in a rematch, only to be beaten again. It became a small routine at haven where every week or so Jericho would demand another rematch against Eric and Eric would comply, beating Jericho with little effort. However during this strange ritual of vengeance Jericho started to care less and less about his honour or pride and more about the duel itself, with every rematch he would last longer and learn better to defend against Eric’s style. At some point, and Jericho still can’t decide just when, he and Eric became friends and he found his place in The Circle. The following years Jericho would greatly improve both his social skills along with his combat skills. With the Circle he managed to find friends and grow out of the prideful petty child he was in his first years. A year ago, in his last year on Haven, Jericho and some other students were caught in a riot when returning from the city. A group of White Fang agitators had gotten some dust weapons in the Faunus rights protest and after they had started shooting the riot police intervened, causing panic and more violence. Jericho and the other students became cornered by a part of the mob and had to defend themselves. Jericho was the first into the fray and held his ground long enough for the other students to either get away or join him in holding their ground. The Faunus mob was quickly dispersed after the students stood their ground, but not without many injured on both sides, only Jericho seemed to come out of it untouched. Now Jericho has left the familiar halls of Haven behind him as he has been accepted at Beacon Academy to continue his training to become a Huntsman. Aura colour: Silver, although it shifts to a silvery-gold colour if he goes into his more ruthless survivalist mentality. Semblance: Soulbound Jericho's sword Wintermaan is bound to him and as long as he is in fighting condition he can summon the sword directly to his hand. Usually this is only noticed a moment later when someone notices that they never actually saw him draw his sword or that he even had it with him. For years Jericho has been trying to summon his revolver Dageraad in the same way; however he has not succeeded to this day. Weapons: Wintermaan: A Side-sword with a simple hilt and crossguard with a slight S shaped curve and a simple basket guard. A fine lined, curving pattern is etched in the blade but the design appears to be only a fragment of the full design. When Jericho summons Wintermaan to his hand the pattern glows faintly blue. Jericho has modified the hilt to hold a small dust cartridge to imbue the blade with a magical charge. Dageraad: A darkened steel and silver accented revolver (A customized version of the Avalon Armory Mk. 6 Dust Revolver) bearing the same curving pattern as Wintermaan on the barrel and frame. Instead of firing bullets it uses a dust charge and is capable of loading 6 different types of dust and to freely switch between the 6 cartridges. Jericho built Wintermaan to compliment his sword fighting with a one-handed ranged weapon. While the weapon is functional and very effective he is still is busy to improve the design. (Based on the Mateba model 6 Unica autorevolver) Combat Stats: (not sure if we should use this but i've seen charts used on other original RWBY characters) Speed: 5 Armor: 6 Ranged Weapons: 7 Melee Weapons: 7 Aura/Semblance: 9 Dust proficiency: 7 Combat style: (not sure on this one either, but it could be fun to make a synergy between characters) Jericho is a jack of all stats, although not as fast as others he has deep wells of endurance when it comes to his aura. Using his aura to enhance his armor and combat skills he can stay in the fight for extended periods without slowing down. He fights centralized, keeping the action focused on him, rather than on his target. He doesn’t move around the battlefield as fast as others, but is still agile enough to traverse the battlefield at his own pace. Although at first he practiced a traditional style of sword fighting, Jericho has developed his own style to make use of his semblance in combat. Because of his semblance Jericho can always make a surprise strike, this is only practical in a fight against other humans, like a duel. After his opening move, he proceeds to keep distance and let his enemy come to him, should they keep their distance as well then Jericho will distract them by throwing his sword (either aimed at them or away from the fight to draw the eye) allowing him to quickly draw his revolver and fire a few shots with both hands for accuracy. Against large groups of Grim Jericho has practiced throwing his sword accurately while surpressing larger groups with his revolver until they get within melee range.
  13. 『The time has come〠The kings of the kingdoms have decided who they must marry their sons off to, but something seems to be off. Two kingdoms have chosen the same princess to be their Queen. Her name is Drawfag and she has the power to bring immediate victory and ultimate strength to each kingdom, yet at the same time she's completely unaware of what truly is going on. Both men are similarly equal in stance, strength and looks, but their intentions are galaxies apart. One holds an unconditional love and respect for Lady Drawfag and the other wishes to turn them askew so in turn he can destroy his true love in order to make space for his own. The first one is Mikatao and the second Ali-Al Saachez. Watch as one duels for the hand of the Lady while the other triggers all he has for the hand of the one fighting against him. Who will win? Who will be with who in the end? Will lady Drawfag die without a chance to spawn mini Drawfag's with Mikatao and will Mikatao be Ali-Al Shaachez's fiancé? Or will Ali-Al Saachez perish along with his intentions and Drawfag marries her true savior, Mikatao? Stay tuned to find out. [] Rules/Explaination [] ◠Alright so first off, this isn't quite an open roleplay but I'll keep it open because the main character [drawfag] doesn't even know this is happening, but it's totally alright. ◠Plus, adding more people would change a ton of things already planned. ◠I feel it would be better for everyone to follow third person omniscient, but I feel like first person would work too. Whatever don't listen to me. ◠Drawfag, we'd totally appreciate it if you joined and became our Queen. Ali-Al Saachez will want to kill you though, like always, so beware, like always. ◠Mikatao will play the man desperately in love with [Drawfag] hence the description up above. ◠This is sort of like a crack roleplay with a ton of things to fix and improve, but it'll be fun. ◠Finally, if you look at our discussion/argument in the thread " Understanding the language of women" you'll see a teaser of what we mean. ◠Ali-Al Saachez wants me. He wants to yaoi with me. /wiggles eyebrows/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [i found a computer] Basics: Setting: Sureality Explaination: Sureality is our town and it is our world. Here we have the "News/Information", "Library", "Roleplaying" and "Out-Of-Character" areas. The "News/Information" area is for those who would like to know what is happening in Sureality. The "Roleplaying" is for jobs and choosing jobs and taking part in new jobs, "Student Roleplays" is for those who have not been in Sureality for so long or have just joined and would like a feel for the town before going out on their own. The "Library" is for those who are either sick of their job, want/need more money for a new job or are just wanting to expand their work experience. The "Out-of-Character" is for vacationing, hobbies, interests, ideas or rants from the towns people. Each thread = a part of town with buildings or houses housing/keeping organized one particular area. Example: Sureality is a town broken up into four parts. These parts of the town are merely called "Library" or "Roleplaying" "News/Info" "Out-of-Character", but they have smaller houses or work places inside them that consist of "Student Roleplays" "Fantasy Roleplays", "Roleplay Discussion" etc. So basically imagine these threads as a house and if you, as a towns person, goes into these houses, you will see several people working on their own projects in their own rooms or wherever. Plot: Within this town, the Kings/Queens (This could be.. I dunno Kyo or Sierra or none existant lol) have two sons who have come of age to marry the princess. (Statuses are what we've made up based on randomness. They're prince's and Drawfag's a princess. If Trinity allows me to add her name in here for random reasons, then she could even be Drawfag's princess sister. Which means you can't claim her Drawfag.. unless you like incest) So basically Mikatao and Ali-Al Shaachez are the princes and they are both expected to fight over Drawfag, but Ali-Al Shaachez wants Mikatao and Mikatao is in love with Drawfag so thats where the anger brews. They fight over each other. (I don't know Drawfag's intentions, but I feel they revolve around incest if Trinity is her sister) Their fight will consist of many strategies, types of warfare and weaponry where they will travel through Sureality and in turn retrive all the information that they can about Drawfag's whereabouts. If Mikatao reaches there first, he will attempt to take Drawfag's hand in marriage and if Ali-Al Saachez makes it there first he will kill Drawfag which will in turn force Mikatao to be with him. I don't think Drawfag has a say in this, don't know yet. Overall Primary Objective: Ruin/destruct town with your fighting, but don't harm the civilians and reach Drawfag before your opponent does. Secondary Objective: Create a plot twist of some kind and let Mikatao win ^^ Characters: Mikatao, Ali-Al Saachez and Drawfag [Open for extra characters who would like to help]
  14. Welcome to the world of international assassins and the wacky shit that goes down in it. You've heard of all the fake greats; now join the true greats. You have been chosen to join the UAA, also known as the United Assassins Association, the leading group of bloody messes that used to be people. These people are the best of the best and you can call yourself one of them. At least...members of the ranking of less than rank 50 group, kinda the shit of the litter as far as they're concerned. It takes talent to be in the UAA, but it takes true perfection to kill your way to the top. That's right, the organization that supplies the world's greatest assassins is always fluctuating who their top 50, and more importantly who their top 10 are. That's because everyone wants to be #1. Can you fight your way to the top while still doing your job? Can you be remembered for the great assassin you are like former greats Dark Star, Travis Touchdown, Jasper Batt Jr., Travis Touchdown again. This rp is a homage to the No More Heroes video game series. Absurd things can happen all the time, you just need to have the drive to do it. No one has super powers or an amazing race like being a demon or an angel, only weapons and a desire to be at the top. How normal are your real lives? What's your weapon of choice? What drives you to be #1? What side jobs do you take to make money to upgrade your equipment between making money on kills? How do you make yourself stronger? All this compiles into a world where it is, kill or be killed. I'll get a character up if I see some interest come forth. If you haven't heard of or played No More Heroes, take a look, you'll find a great thing.
  15. OPEN Ascent Discussion

    Well, I've already put this all in the post, but here it is again for anyone else who wants to see it and discuss everything with the thread. Come one, come more than one. ^.^ Story The idea is rather simple. It's a Virtual Reality game called Seraphim, created by Neigel Hassen. In the game, he is Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel. There are fifty "floors" to the iconic Shaust building. The man who runs the Shaust building in this futurist setting is Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel of course. He hosts an annual event called "The Ascent Games". He is hosting the game for all those who wish to take the challenge in the world and claim the wonderful prizes for their characters. The competitors must ascend all 49 "floors" before doing battle with Arka on the 50th "floor". The "floors" are like massive arenas easily the size of a football stadium to the state of Alaska. Rules I would prefer characters who are all sci-fi based with technology. People may form teams if we have a lot, or solo. Every time a "floor" is cleared I will post a setting description for the next "floor" in the "game", as well as what must be done to clear the levels to move on. A death results in expulsion from the event. It should last longer than it would ever be cleared, so it'll hopefully be fun. I will be playing Arka Seraphim as well as Jun Archille who is in the game. First Floor: The setting is a city that stretches on for miles and miles. The goal is to move to the next "floor" by simply finding the door that leads there, among the thousands of doors that are booby trapped. An elimination round.
  16. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    Discussion Thread Seyerna kneeled, the ground sloshing under her feet, soaked with blood and layered with entrails. With steady hands she pulled the limp corpse up and as gently as she could manage pulled it over her shoulder, it had been a male, his body bigger than her own and yet her demonic strength had no trouble carrying the extra weight. She walked, walked away from the chaos, from horror scene behind her. It would take her hours to complete this task but it was one she would never leave unfinished. Several yards from her on either side there were others pulling corpses from the mess, taking them to where they would be buried. Allies would receive their own graves first, enemies would be put in a mass grave, only because they'd argued her out of giving everyone individual graves. For almost twenty minutes she'd insisted no one was evil in death, only silence remained, only a body with a fleeting soul a soul that was as white as everyone's always was. Life corrupted people, they were not born corrupted, but as she stared out across the massacre, red eyes that mimic the blood gazing across the field and feeling very little but obligation and duty, she really did wonder if Saori might be the exception to that. Many of her soldiers were working at digging graves as other's carried the corpses. She carried them because it seemed to disturb a lot of people to have to touch the dead bodies of their fallen companions: some couldn't stomach it, other's simply didn't have the mental capacity to do it and walk away 'okay' or as well as okay was in this messed up world. The many individuals around her were of various species, some elves, a few humans, a demon or two, even nymphs were helping to gather floral to grace the deceased. They had all had their turmoil from Queen Saori, the woman had somehow effected all their lives, some of them forced from their homes, other's attacked for seemingly no reason, many lost family and loved one's due to Saori's disturbed sense of humor. She hoped into the hole that would become this soldier's grave, carrying the corpse and delicately lying the body down, crossing the man's arms over his chest and then jumping back out. Many lives were lost and the more she fought the more she wondered if this was a losing battle. There weren't enough of them to raid the capital and take out Saori, but at this rate they would all die out or submit to her rule. Technically they had won this battle... but at what cost? Hours passed, the many bodies were laid to rest and Seyerna spoke softly of their bravery, great men and women stood around, some of them crying, other's seething in rage. She knew their misery, their pain as if it were her own, but she'd grown so numb to it, rarely did such physical reactions overtake her. Madness lingered at the edge of her mind, keeping her from feeling pain for the most part. Most of them didn't know of her 'handicap' and she never intended to let them know that she could go guano on them, not that it happened often, only once every few centuries did insanity take over her logical mind. She had help keeping her own demons at bay with methods most would stare wide-eyed at. They left the graveyard, Seyerna lead them back to their 'base' essentially a hole in the mountain. It was a massive network of caves, some of them dug out further to allow for larger groups of people, small houses were built inside out of stone or into smaller branches of the caverns, the place was it's own little town. Seyerna couldn't help but wonder if the efforts were in vain with this last battle that had eaten away so many of their numbers. They avoided towns and cities, most of her soldiers were outlaws, and Seyerna herself was considered high priority, wanted alive if possible. So their travels went through the dense forests, a tedious task even for her demonic self, it was often so thick it was physically impossible for many species to travel through, one always needed a machete to cut down the thick foliage to even stand a chance. At the base of the mountain it cleared up, but climbing the steep mountain was another task all on it's own, but that was the point, it was not an easy place to get too, a place Saori didn't know about and could not easily break into. Once 'home' the soldiers disburse, seeking loved ones that had remained in the safety of their caverns, other's seeking sleep, religion, or just a simple bath, which is where Seyerna was headed, the many layers of blood layering her pale skin, much of it from carrying dead companions felt hot and disturbing. She wasn't a self glorified queen, she did not place herself above her soldiers and so her little stone house was as modest as everyone else's, though many of them told her she should have a throne, she told them she had no time for such things. She had been teased on more than one occasion that she would come home from battle and they will have built her one. Dear god she hoped not.
  17. The Dires

    You are a werewolf. You have lived some years now with this curse, each night changing into a beast and seeking the blood of humans. Your hatred for this curse burns inside of you, but killing yourself is easier said than done. Tonight seemed like any normal night. You tried chaining yourself up, locking the doors, boarding yourself up... But it never works. You find your next victims, a family living not too far from your secluded home. Its on the outskirts of town, away from the eyes of others. You slaughter and gorge yourself on their flesh as your human side sobs for the family. Then you hear her howl. And you follow her until the morning changes you back into a human. She approaches you, a woman with shaggy short cut hair and piercing eyes. She is naked like you from the transformation. "Come with me," She reaches out as you cry and try wiping off the blood on you, "I can save you." _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a fun little RP about the struggles of being a werewolf, a monster that feasts upon human flesh with a burning hatred inside of them that drives them on. It's a simple RP, responses only need to be about one paragraph long, a picture not required. The story is simple, and you can freely add to it as it goes.
  18. The Dires

    S T O R Y The curse of the werewolves burns deep in the history of humans. You are one of its many victims. When night falls, you change, and you devour. You want to die, but don't have the means to do it yourself. One night, while feasting upon an innocent family, you hear the howl of a fellow werewolf. You follow her scent until morning comes, and you cry, naked, covered in blood. She offers you sanctuary. Will you accept? ____________________________________________________________ R U L E S - This is a story that just goes with the flow. Throw in random things to spice up the roleplay. Make it fun. We're not running a strict course here. - An important rule: The werewolves do not speak in their beast form. They communicate like regular wolves do. Body language and sounds like whines and howls are how they speak. They can have thoughts, yes, but otherwise, no speaking. -I will not inform you of much. It keeps the roleplay fun and mysterious. The way the things work, you'll find out as things happen. - We'll start with you killing and eating the family, and then hearing the female werewolf. - I'd like at least one paragraph responses. You'll find how easy that is if you just get into your character!
  19. OPEN Ascent

    So I see a lot of the same people in the forums that are active. I RP with many of the same people, so I wanted to come here and meet some of our other members. This is free to join, so I'm putting it here for everyone who wants to join. It won't close until the game is won, even if people leave or quit. So welcome all to Ascent! Story The idea is rather simple. It's a Virtual Reality game called Seraphim, created by Neigel Hassen. In the game, he is Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel. There are fifty "floors" to the iconic Shaust building. The man who runs the Shaust building in this futurist setting is Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel of course. He hosts an annual event called "The Ascent Games". He is hosting the game for all those who wish to take the challenge in the world and claim the wonderful prizes for their characters. The competitors must ascend all 49 "floors" before doing battle with Arka on the 50th "floor". The "floors" are like massive arenas easily the size of a football stadium to the state of Alaska. Rules I would prefer characters who are all sci-fi based with technology. People may form teams if we have a lot, or solo. Every time a "floor" is cleared I will post a setting description for the next "floor" in the "game", as well as what must be done to clear the levels to move on. A death results in expulsion from the event. It should last longer than it would ever be cleared, so it'll hopefully be fun. I will be playing Arka Seraphim as well as Jun Archille who is in the game. First Floor: The setting is a city that stretches on for miles and miles. The goal is to move to the next "floor" by simply finding the door that leads there, among the thousands of doors that are booby trapped. An elimination round. ~First post~ Jun stood among the crowds of people who were waiting for Arka Seraphim, head of the company hosting the Ascent games, to make the announcement for the starting and then open the gates. The crisp fall morning air swirled around as mobs of people created an absurd den of sound, everyone mingling and forming alliances and parties already before the games started. Once they did start, it would be a VR blood bath. Jun had done this battle for the last three years, but never made it past florr twenty five. He found that all the alliances ended up working against him in the end when most of the solo players were done for. This year, however, he came packing much better equipment. His arms and legs were all machines that could change into all the tools he needed. His blood was full of nano-machines so he wasn't likely to die from anything small, and he was immune to nearly all poisons. His chest was covered in a nano-machine skin that hardened when impacted by anything, absorbing nearly all damage. He was a metaphorical tank, and one of the highest ranked solo players in the leader boards. His character could match some of those in the highest guilds as well, despite being funded by only himself with no guild. This year he would break through and defeat The Metal Angel and win the title and perks to go along. Then he would be the ultimate solo players. He looked around at the motley array of people with all manner of equipment. Some newbies with only low grade laser pistols and V-TEC armors. Then there were also those who came armed with entire suits of armor like in that Iron Man movie, or some with mecha units that they could summon. High caliber RapiCast rifles and TruCast equipment. Most of his own equipment were rare items he'd found or created, some from previous Ascent Games. He had chosen to take a different route from most people who chose mecha suits like God of War or arsenals of weapons. Instead, he became the robot himself, and it was very useful. Still it was always a sight to find all these people gathered in one place for such a grand event. Jun adjusted the black jacket and gloves that hid his status as a robot and made him look more like a novice, brush his short blonde hair back with his free hand not holding the Castor case, and then sighed. He arrived early to get in the event first before the lag happened, but it felt like an eternity to him. "C'mon. It's been forever," he yelled into the crowd. As if answering his frustration, the man him self descended from the fifty floor iconic skyscraper and came to rest floating in front the gates for all to see. His administrators voice rang out over all the crowds cheering as he began. "Players of Seraphim! Welcome to the twelth annual Ascent games! I am Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel, your host." As he called out his own title, the avatar that he had wearing a black tuxedo burst forth into light as he changed into the Metal Angel. His custom God of War was black and white, just like Jun's mono-chromatic machine parts. His wings that didn't attach to the machine spread in a powerful display and the arms and legs of the machine posed in an angelic form. His tuxedo was still visible from the open body and head classic of the powerful GoW, and he continued to speak, his voice booming out once again. "I'm glad to see so many people joining us again this year. I'll keep this all short so we may start soon though. the rules haven't changed any from before. Every time a floor is cleared by one person, everyone else may pass through as well, if they can still reach the gate. upon entering the next floor, you will receive a message explaining the goal for that floor. There will be no contact with those outside of the contest, and those who are killed, with be expelled from the contest. "There are safe towns on every floor save the first, but the gate doesn't always let out to one of these towns. There, PvP is forbidden. you can buy restoration items there, stay for as long as you like, and buy new equipment for those of you who wish to. There will of course be items for sale there that aren't found outside of the contest, and there are also rare finds from all manner of places inside. If you aren't careful though, player killers will take you chance away outside of safe towns. Teams and alliances are permitted inside and have a high success rate. Just a note for those of you who solo or haven't thought of teaming up yet," Arka explained just as he did every year. He motioned to the gate that would take us all inside the contest where we would be cut off from the outside and said, "So, without further adieu, Welcome to the Ascent games!" Arka hit a button on his admin control panel and the portal link activated and all hell broke loose as the front runners rushed forward in an animal cheer and teleported into the area. Arka smiled at their enthusiasm and returned from his appearance for the contest. Jun joined the mad rush for the gates against his will, case in hand, as he tried not to get trampled among the other people. His foot stepped into one of the three ring pads and his character was transported to the first stage. He ran from the pad alongside others as more players flooded in from the pads that were now behind him. He took in the new scene as his heavy black boots pounded against the black top. The sky was now night with only the waxing moon visible in the black, cloudy night. All around him sky scrapers that went on for miles and miles rose from the ground. The only light was that from the moon and the many street lights, as well as the windows the the buildings that were lit. It's eerie in the city streets with no people and no cars around, only screaming and running players flood into the game. Jun ran for a while until the flood of people settled into more of a steady trickle. He could no longer see where the teleporter pads were, but there were plenty of people walking by more casually now, having survived the big flood. He turned down one of the more desolate streets to get away from the clusters of people and found himself finally out of the masses. Only some people were choosing to change directions now. The first floor had no map to uncover, so when you choose to change directions, Jun knew that people would get lost, which was probably part of the idea. It was an elimination round after all. Finally, as Jun strode down the path he chose as a solo player, moving away from the norm that many people followed, the message surely everyone was waiting for came to him, signalling that everyone who wanted to join had entered. The message read this: First Floor-This is always the elimination round. The only way to pass is to find the place where the next teleporter pad is located. The stage is booby trapped and now armed. There will be false pads, wrong turns, no map, and enemies as well. There is no escape other than death if you get lost. So to all of you out there, Good Luck. ~Arka Seraphim: The Metal Angel
  20. Hi I want to start a role play titled The Reign of 7; Setting type: Cyber Punk Future Basics: The world is controlled by one governing force, the Reign of 7. Each leader has negative qualities (based on one of the seven deadly sins) They control different areas of the world and each is in charge of a particular branch of that government. I will list the seven deadly sins and the different titles for the leaders, feel free to match what sin you want with the leader position you would like and create your characters with any and all ideas you come up with - no restrictions on your creativity. Besides the main 7 each leader has a personal assistant and also there are the rebels who are fighting against the regime in an attempt to over throw the government. World: The world is divided in a similar fashion as in the book 1984 by George Orwell. The regions are Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia - with 2 rebel strong holds. Oceania is where most of the population of the world lives, the biggest cities are located here as well as most government areas. Eurasia is the largest food producing area, 80% of all the food in the world is grown here and shipped out to the other regions. Almost all manufacturing happens here in factories that create everyday products. The other regions have smaller food producing areas, but nothing like the massive growth fields located in Eurasia. Eastasia is the military centered region, this is also where all of the prisons are located. Oceania and Eurasia have their own smaller military and policing groups, but they are all trained in Eastasia. Characters that are available for play: List of Leaders: - President of Government - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is essentially the president of the world and leader of the Reign of 7 - Chairman of Economy - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is in charge of the stock exchange and essentially the world treasurer - Leader of Education - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is in charge of the education of the populace and also the opiate of the masses, they are the face that generally talks most with the public and tries to convey popular and positive message to the people about the Reign of 7 - General of the Military - Main office located in Eastasia, this character as the title implies is the General of the worlds military and is in charge of how the military and police force is trained as well as punishments for breaking the laws of the world. - General of Technological Advancement - Main Office located in Eastasia, this character heads the creation of all weapons as well as in charge of any scientific experiments involving space, time travel, or other sci-fi themes. - Executive of Production - Main office in Eurasia, This character essentially runs all of the factories and food production in the world - Leader of Health - Main office in Eurasia, this character is in charge of not only the education of all medical technicians and doctors, but also has control of all vaccines and poisons that are tested and created. They are the head of all chemical warfare and social experiments on populace. Every Reign of 7 member must embody one of the seven deadly sins (wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.) Rebels: - Leader of the Rebels - Second in Command Besides these main characters every Leader has a personal assistant, also you can choose to have your character be in the military, police, regular citizen, rebel member, basically anyone. I tried to keep the descriptions open ended so feel free to create anything you want in a character.
  21. NC-17 Day 0 Sign-Ups

    Image (For faster loading!) Saturday, October 17th, 2015. The Large Hadron Collider's upgrades have long been completed, and the facility is buzzing with activity. In a quest to understand the fundamental laws of reality, its creators dare to pry into the depths of the quantum realm. By slamming together the smallest known particles, and at velocities where time and space become distorted, humankind unwittingly produces an unknown chain reaction. The most apparent consequence of this reaction is the frying of every unprotected electronic device on Earth; the other, more bizarre consequences, will take some time to fully manifest. Almost immediately, this results in a societal breakdown, and begins to pit the teeming masses against themselves. Meanwhile, you probably just woke up on a couch you don't recognize, and slowly begin to recall the memories of last night's party. You reach for your phone, only for the battery to be dead. Oddly enough, the room's power is also out, and you can hear rather alarmed voices throughout the house. Little do you know, the world (as we know it) has just ended, and you'll have to fight tooth and nail just to make it through Day 0... I'm looking for a medium-sized group (3-5 players), and one or more co-GMs, to help create the story of a group of soon-to-be survivors. United by happenstance company, they must band together, put aside their differences, and make difficult choices that will determine whether or not they endure! What obstacles lie between them and the rebirth of civilization? Oh, you know, hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, radiation, sleep deprivation, infections, extreme weather, natural predators, toilet paper withdrawal, raiders, other survivors, the military, scarce ammunition, cannibals, zombies, mutants, psychics, and more! Does that sound like fun to you? :)
  22. GRATUITOUS MECHA CARNAGE II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO NOW WITH 200% MORE GRATUITOUS EXPLOSIONS, GIANT MECHA AND LASER BEAMS THAN THE ORIGINAL! Which isn't saying much since there wasn't an original So, this is basically what happens when Timey, Sanzi and I decide to start an RP with mecha and explosions in it. Inspired by Gundam 00 and Metal Gear Rising, mostly. Credit for the original idea goes to Timey. Participants: TriOctium Seanzilla Wstfgl DayDreamer The Echelon Setting In the year 2036, French engineering company FutureTech Industries rolled out a revolutionary product designed for military usage: The ExoSuit. A flexible, lightweight yet sturdy full-body armor suit similar to those seen in the comics and movies of the Iron Man franchise, the ExoSuit provided innumerable advantages to the average soldier. Super strength, enhanced battlefield awareness and invulnerability to conventional firearms were three of its main selling points. The ExoSuit changed the landscape of war, rendering traditional strategies and weaponry useless. The US and Chinese militaries imported vast numbers of these ExoSuits, hoping to equip every soldier with one by the year 2050. However, in 2045, FutureTech informed the various world governments that a black box had been built into the suits, allowing the company president, Darius Mauro, to disable any suit at any time, turning it into a steel coffin for the soldier within. Enraged, the world governments tried to demand the code from Darius through military, economic and political means. By then, however, FutureTech had grown too powerful, and repelled every incursion nearly effortlessly through a private paramilitary organization equipped with special ExoSuits and the usage of the Black Box Code. The world governments then changed their strategy. Placing the details of the black box under top secret classification, they worked out an agreement with Darius Mauro. FutureTech would gain immunity to all state laws and regulations, and would remain the sole supplier of ExoSuits, in exchange for him not revealing the Black Box Code to terrorists. It is unknown what secret transactions go on behind the scenes. However, an organization has arisen to combat the threat of FutureTech Industries -- Vengeance, a shadowy paramilitary organization formed with the sole purpose of breaking the stranglehold FutureTech has on the world's nations and destroying the Black Box Code. Vengeance has an ace in the hole of their own -- a particle with miraculous properties called the Genesis Particle. Genesis Particle Known only to a few individuals in the world, the Genesis Particle (shortened to G Particle by some) is a one-of-a-kind particle not found in nature. It is the material equivalent of totipotent stem cells, and is capable of morphing into any other kind of particle in existence, under the right conditions. At present, knowledge and utilization of the Genesis Particle appears to be exclusive to Vengeance and their unique powered armor suits. Engines capable of generating G Particles, known as Genesis Engines (or G Engines), were manufactured by Vengeance and installed in their own suits, which were constructed using the G Engines themselves. These suits, dubbed as Angel Suits, were not vulnerable to the Black Box Code, as they were not built by FutureTech. They were constructed of materials normally impossible to be found in nature, making them stronger, lighter, and more flexible than the carbon nanotubes used in ExoSuits. In addition, the G Engines installed within the Angel Suits provided them with flight and hovering capabilities through the emission of antigravity particles. Angel Suits have the unique characteristic of never running out of ammunition, due to the G Particles' ability to be converted into spare ammo for any weapon. There are only a very limited number of Angel Suits existing in the world, and all of them are manned by members of Vengeance. No two Angel Suits are the same, for each one is customized to the Vengeance member wearing it for his own personal combat preferences. Currently Known Angel Suits: AS-01 Alpha The very first Angel Suit created by Vengeance and used as a template for every other Angel Suit. Alpha closely resembles a FutureTech ExoSuit, as it was designed off stolen blueprints. It can fly in short bursts of up to 5 minutes at any time, before its G Particle reserves run out. Without any special capabilities, Alpha carries only a 5.6mm gauss rifle and a standard combat shield. However, it is also the least conspicuous of all the Angel Suits, and can be passed off as an ordinary ExoSuit as long as it isn't in flight. AS-02 Juggernaut Juggernaut was designed as a show of force, meant to push the limits of what the G Engine could achieve. It is enormous, being close to 3 metres tall, and houses two G Engines for maximum output. Despite its weight, the Juggernaut is capable of flying for up to 6 hours due to its enormous energy reserves, and can traverse between continents if needed. It possesses a devastating armory of weapons, ranging from the destructive Antimatter Cannon (which launches a ball of G Particles over a long distance, that only converts into antimatter after a certain period of time) to the standard-issue anti-infantry miniguns. AS-03 Blitz The Blitz is unique in the sense that it holds eight separate storage tanks for G Particles, each tank capable of converting and releasing all its G Particles in a split second. Through this capability, the Blitz is known for its short, but immensely powerful attacks and incredibly fast movements. The downside to this suit is that the monstrous acceleration the Blitz is capable of would rupture the organs of any human pilot -- thus, only pilots whose original bodies have been substantially replaced with cybernetics can manage such a machine. AS-08 Seraph Meant as a fast and adaptive strike unit, the Seraph is designed as an all-purpose Angel Suit that can be further customized or equipped to serve various roles. Its G Engine has a very high production speed of G Particles, allowing the Seraph to replenish its energy within a couple of minutes. The downside to this, however, is the low storage capacity of G Particles. This makes the Seraph more suited towards extended missions and battles, as compared to short missions which require a large amount of power in a short time frame. The Seraph has two unique capabilities. First, due to its high production speed of G Particles, the Seraph is capable of sustaining high-speed flight indefinitely while remaining invisible to all conventional radars. Second, it is equipped with a tachyon detector, enabling it to receive signals from the future and calculate the most probable movements of any foe in the next few seconds. It does so by constantly emitting tachyons encoded with battle information about the present, sent to the past. ... Basically, we RP as the members of Vengeance, tasked with bringing down the nebulously evil regime of Darius Mauro. Feel free to come up with an Angel Suit of your own design using the unfilled-in numbers between AS-03 and AS-08 -- no need to stick with the ones listed above. (All of us are using our own special-snowflake variant anyway.) This RP has 1-2 more vacancies left, so if you like writing about guys in nigh-invulnerable mecha suits duking it out with other guys in nigh-invulnerable mecha suits, feel free to join us. Character Template: Angel Suit Template (optional, but where's the fun in not doing this one?):
  23. War of the Millennium Magic! Chaos! Combat! Drama! Love! Hate! And all the other dramatic words I'm missing! Come join a world of constant conflict, where you will be pitted against your friends! Where you will make new friends! And perhaps kill them too! Or maybe you'll do other more nefarious things together! I don't care! It's your genitals! It is a time of Kings and Queens, of knights and honor, in a mythical world filled to the brim with mythical lore, some good, many evil, most all of them clashing, but all of them bowing down to the same ruler, Queen Saori, supposedly a goddess, or a demi-goddess at least. Unfortunately she is corrupt, very corrupt, she gains amusement out of forcing the many species to clash, in war and in pits. She is too powerful to dare stand against alone, so you have decided to join the rebellion, a rag tag group of many species who have set aside their differences to face this greater evil. It's a pretty simple basis to bring together a variety of people who may or may not agree with each others methods but work together nonetheless. There will be much inner conflict as demons work with elves and vampires figure out how to agree with humans, all in the face of Queen Saori. This will be a 'wing it' sort of deal, we'll just see where we go with it, obviously the end goal is to take down Saori, but the journey to get there is unplanned. I will be playing Seyerna who is a demon illusionist, I picked her because of her completely non-speciest mentality. She'll be the glue to hold the many species together that you all will choose to play as. If you can name it you can play it, dragon, cool! Elf, no problem. Vamp, sure. Wanna be your own race? As long as you can explain it to me and have a name for the species, go for it. If you want to play multiple people, do it. I very well may do this myself depending on how things go. If people disappear, I will write them out of the story in such a way that they could still return. If there turns out to be a lot of people we will not go by a rotation, I understand it can be annoying if you're busy for a day and come back to see a whole new page to the rp, but it's just as annoying for people who are trying to have a conversation with another player but have to wait through the rotation. With that said, if you do find yourself in an ongoing conversation that seems bound between you and a single individual, it would be awesome if you could go through that in PM or another chat and have one of you post the conversation in your post. This would also apply to combat between players, if it should come to pass. My Skype is GlassDaemon feel free to message me, it is my preferred method and I personally prefer doing one-on-one conversations through that. I'm hoping to get lots of interest, something to get peoples' creative juices flowing, something not to structured so we can all be laid back and just have fun. I encourage you to bring your own side stories, your own lore. I have my own little side story ideas to bring into play. We will use a made up land so you can make up your homeland, if you find someone else who is playing the same race as you, you might want to contact them or chat with them through this thread to correlate ideas. What I mean by saying "Will never close" is that people are free to join the rp at any point! If you see this and we're already five pages in, go ahead and jump in. You won't be expected to know what's occurred, you weren't there, but it would be nice if you'd just skim over the most recent acts so you understand what you're diving into. Here's the map thus far, it's still a WIP, if you want to add your 'homeland' or 'village' please skype/PM me and we can talk about it so I can find out where exactly you want it to be and then I can add it in. NPC Glossary: Sage: Seyerna's eerie mate, he's human and wields white magic along side a halberd. Longish black hair, gray eyes, lightly tanned skin, a few inches taller than Seyerna (est. 6'2-6'4ish) Details unknown. CANNOT BE USED Saori: The prime evil of the story. She is a demensian demon(a demon who can transcend time and space i.e. dimensions). Long black hair, purple eyes, pale, about 6'2" tall. Details unknown. CAN BE USED FOR SMALL SCENES NOTHING PLOT CHANGING! Caim: I don't know if he'll ever come into the story but in case I mention him you'll know who he is. Caim is Seyerna's son, born due to a rape, no one knows who his father was as Seyerna seen him dead and went through extensive means to have Caim's father's scent erased from him. If asked Seyerna will laugh and say 'immaculate conception.' Short black hair, gold eyes, 6'3" N/A Ai: One of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an elf. Very pale, platinum blonde hair with red ends and I can't remember what color her eyes were, about 5'11". Ai is an elf Seyerna met very early on in life, Ai's not particularly powerful or strong in anything, her only quirk is that she when she is in skin contact with other people she drains their energy(think Rogue from X-men) and when she does her hair turns redder. Seyerna saved Ai after being a repeat rape victim, her assailants would see how long they could 'last' against her ability, taking turns with her. Ai didn't speak to Seyerna for the first three years of their relationship, they traveled in silence, Ai helped her raise Caim. FREE TO USE Vesta: Another of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is human. Healthy glowing skin, orangish-red hair, brown eyes, average height (say 5'7"). Vesta was almost a rape victim, Seyerna had come upon her in the act of it, had brutalized the man assaulting her and freed Vesta, prior to that Vesta had been a servant essentially since the day she was born. She actually didn't know her own name as she was always referred to as 'girl' 'wench' 'servant' and several less appealing terms; and so Seyerna was actually the one to name her. Seyerna taught Vesta of her purification abilities and helped her learn to wield a bow. The silver bow Vesta carries does not need arrows as it fires magical ones amplified by Vesta's raw powers. FREE TO USE. Runiko: A young girl, also one of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an ice fae. Pale, pale skin, almost white, icy blue eyes, and a shade darker icy blue hair. She has shown to be extremely shy and the other girls tend to coddle her. She was to be sold at a slave auction when Seyerna saved her, by the time Seyerna had saved her Runiko had already been 'conditioned' to be quiet and know her place, thus why she's so nervous all the time. The girls work at getting her to open up. FREE TO USE. PLAYERS: (players are not added to the list until they've posted) Template: Name: Species: Gender: Appearance: Personality: Strengths/Abilities: History: ErogenousEnigma Name: Seyerna Kaierstin Species: Demon Gender: Female Appearance: You'll mostly see her in her 'human' state. Red eyes, black hair to her thighs, 6ft tall, 'come-hither' features but very strong/stark bone structure, the result is she can appear very intimidating. Lightly outlined muscular body, yet a very voluptuous hourglass. You can also visit my profile for a full picture of her. Personality: Sometimes it's hard to pin point her personality traits as she lingers on the edge of insanity, but for the most part she's lucid. She can be very carefree to the point of making - what appears to be - stupid/rash decisions, but in the blink of an eye she can become a hard, commanding drill Sargent. She's very observant when not teetering on the edge of madness. She will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, this is derived from confidence in her abilities to stop them if they turn on her, not out of naivete. Strengths/Abilities: She is comfortable with any weapon, but only excels at her claymore and her claws. As a demon she has superior vision, sense of smell, and hearing. She is an illusionist, she can make things appear that are not there, she can change her own appearance, scent, and aura. There's also rumors that she can mess with people's heads on a much more internal level, some say it's why she's borderline crazy. History: Seyerna has always qualified as a 'guardian.' From a very young age she sympathized with other species more than she did her own, most specifically the females. She always felt demons were harsh and abrasive, even though she herself had her own demonic pull that craved violence, she has a very scholarly side that seeks knowledge and wisdom over brute force. This drew her further and further from demonic culture and as years went by she found more and more women of various species that became her friends, most of them she had saved from one horror or another. By the time Queen Saori came into rule Seyerna was a well known name, women spoke her name in private, daughters were told if ever they need saving to simply whisper her name. It was a myth, of course, Seyerna's hearing wasn't that good, but she would help anyone, even when some of them fought against her. As Saori's rule grew darker and crueler over the years, Seyerna found herself struggling to aid the many people in need, creating safe havens, and helping to rebuild homes. There's a rumor that there is an entire village that Seyerna calls 'her own' a place where she sends orphans or victims who can't return home for whatever reason. She is a demon guardian, a vigilante, who most hope to never see, simply because she trails on the tails of violence and cruelty. FeatherKey_Fate Name: Ráijá Species: Nymph Gender: female Appearance: Ráijá has existed in the physical form of a human child for as long as she can remember, and her memory is a long one. She is ancient when measured in the human fashion of years since birth, but considered quite young for other beings who have yet to succumb to time. Her age, however, has nothing to do with her chosen form - as the nature of a Nymph allows her to shift her appearance at any time. Ráijá wears the skin of a human child, because it is the persona of her true self. She has flawless, olive toned skin- and long, wild, waves of dark brown hair. Her large, dark, almond eyes see everything and reveal nothing. She can tease you with a look; make your believe that if you held her gaze just a little while longer, you could know her soul. But it always eludes you, playing at the edge of your reach, dancing about just beyond your grasp. Ráijá’s face is more expressive than average. Partly because some of what she shows is an act, and partly because she is still a child, even if she’s as old as the stories say. When she is truly happy, her smile radiates; when she is sad, her tears can break the heart of a warrior; when she is angry… well… 'Hell hath no fury,' they say. Personality: Ráijá is very much the embodiment of the form she has chosen: thoughtful, curious, and mischievous; yet diligent in her actions and adept in her words - the only revelation of her age. She may look like a child, but her life span is far beyond what her appearance reveals. Often she will use the preconception of youth to her advantage, and play a cunning game of wits and tricks - One quickly learns that Ráijá can always be counted on to lie; and lie magnificently. Though she is manipulative, Ráijá has a good heart. An innocent heart. A child's heart. Her fist impulse upon meeting a stranger to to help and learn from them. Her actions are often the product of good intentions or a playful game; and if ever they turn aggressive, it is likely out of a need to survive, or well deserved vengeance. However, Ráijá is not without the impulses of an imp. She can be manipulative and cunning - her connection with nature fuels a protective passion for all wild things, and Ráijá will act against anything or anyone who threatens the her or her home. In the grand scheme of things, Ráijá is selfish in an innocent way. She is both generous and a trickster by nature. She is a Nymph - a child of the wilds. Strengths/Abilities: As a nymph, Ráijá has a certain degree of balance with nature and all things that live. The wilds of the worlds share a connection with her, and will conceal, assist, and defend her when they can. Trees, plants, elements, and creatures - all things that are wild and live - demonstrate an obvious bond with the child. She can befriend nearly any beast, find shelter in any tree; even bend the elements to her will; manipulate flame, fluid, or flora to a mild degree. History: Ráijá dwells in the forests and woodlands, ghosting among the trees and playing with her fellow sprites and wild dwellers. Sometimes, curiosity draws her into a village or a camp - where she wanders, watching those of the civilized world with a child-like wonder and fascination. She likes to toy with the haughty ones, play with their arrogance, and teach them their own lessons - and she is fond of catering to the gentle ones- favoring fortune to their needs and wishes. She has always been protective of her home, and often plays tricks on woodcutters and wanderers. Those who are foolish enough to provoke her might find themselves at the mercy of the nature she can conjure. While Ráijá has never drawn blood with her own hands, she has been known unleash misfortune on the poor haughty fool, leaving him to defend himself against the bear that Ráijá called, or swim against the strong current of the river that Ráijá had coaxed to swell up and sweep them away downstream. Ráijá has felt the gripping hand of civilization tightening since the Queen Saori has come to power. There had always been a stretch of forest, called 'Tanglewood' by the city-folk, where Ráijá had dwelt for the last century. She felt the boarders of stone and dead earth pushing against the tree line and driving her wild home back in on itself. She tried once or twice to motivate the trees to push back - but what can birds and branches do against fire and steel. And the flames came with cutting blades to aid it. When Ráijá had hoped to weave a wall of forest and block the dead earth that they called "city" from intruding further - Saori had opened a scar in the wood that needlessly stripped the soil of its life. Frightened at the lash, Ráijá had retreated further into the wood; hiding herself away with shame for sacrificing the wilds in such a foolish errand. Red Alpha Name: Cirith Species: Dragon Gender: Male Appearance: A dragon with copper red and gold scales, with large wings and two legs and a long serpent like body. His wings span reaches 20 meters when fully stretched and from head to tail he is 25 meters long. (Based on Smaug's design from the hobbit) Personality: Like most dragons, Cirith is a proud and noble creature, but also greedy with a love for rare gemstones or precious metals. However Unlike his kin, Cirith is also patient and calculating. He tends to plan his hunts in advance and learns the weaknesses and strengths of his foe. Strengths/Abilities: As you would expect from a dragon, Cirith has a powerful claws and deadly teeth. Sharper senses than most mortal creatures. His hide is harder than armour and his wings are strong enough to make trees creak. With every beat of his wings he sends a wave of hot, dry wind and his fire has been the end of many humans brave and foolish enough to challenge him. He also has some magical ability, however not on the level of a skilled elven or human magician. most of his magical power lies in the telepathic link he can make with other dragons and his control over fire. Human form: A magical technique seldom used, a dragon can take the appearance of a human. when Cirith uses this ability he takes the appearance of a lean tall man in his early thirties, wearing gold and red robes, with a handsome face and long black hair slicked back. although his physical abilities are limited in this form Cirith can still use some of his magical power to control fire. History: Born in the ruins of a human made castle on a peninsula now called The Dragon Coast Cirith was raised amongst his kin for years as he grew and learned the lessons from his mother and his history from his father. When he got older he left his father’s domain and had to find his own place in the realm. From time to time the lands bordering the realm of dragons are attacked by adolescent dragons who try to carve out their own domain. Some remain in these lands and expand the reach of the dragon realm, others fail and either flee their claim in shame or die by the blade of a hero. Cirith was crafty however and instead of seeking out a rich land or a powerful kingdom to sack he chose for a strategically placed peninsula Over the years Cirith defended his new home and managed to gather a small hoard of his own; Trophies from battle, treasures from human cities or even the odd armour of a knight who fell against him. Cirith grew in name thanks to his patient planning of his goals. In his search for unique treasure he would wander the lands, concealed as a wandering human sorcerer, and learn the weaknesses of his target. This behavior did not go unnoticed amongst his kin and although they found it odd how careful Cirith acted they could not argue with the results. It was for his patient nature that Cirith was selected to represent the dragon clans of the Dragon Coast and Burning Isles. His official task is to convey the neutrality of the dragons in this attempted rebellion, however unbeknownst to his kin and the representatives he also has a secret task laid upon him by his patriarch… Yajuu_Kikuishi Name: Raion Species: Tatsujin – The Tatsujin are a race of dragon/human hybrids. They were originally completely human but with the use of forbidden magic managed to fuse the DNA of dragons and humans to create their race. Gender: Male Appearance: A couple of inches over six feet in height, Raion has long limbs and hard, compact muscles. He has wavy chin length black hair that he sweeps back along his head and light grey eyes. His pupils are not round as normal but have narrowed into slits, and his teeth are a set of dagger points. His finger and toe nails are thick and black, and pretty much unbreakable. Raion’s skin is very pale, sometimes being mistaken for white in bright light, and rough like leather. Steel-hard white scales have formed on various parts of his body; along the top of his hands and forearms, stopping just below the elbow, along the length and width of his back, from waist to hairline, and along the front of his shins and the top of his feet. Personality: Raion is a pit of rage and ferocity hidden beneath calm and intelligence. In most cases, Raion is in control of his emotions and gives of the impression of a seasoned warrior with a high level of strategic intelligence. However, his mind was somewhat fractured at one point and he is now prone to descend into a beastly rage without much of a push. Strengths/Abilities: The DNA spliced from the dragons gives Raion a number of bodily advancements. His base strength is increased to super human levels, the scales on his body are harder than steel and resistant to magic, and his senses of smell, eyesight, and hearing have been drastically increased. The Tatsujin also have a perceived immortality; meaning that they have yet to discover whether they can live forever or not, seeing as they always die in battle. Raion himself is skilled in hand to hand combat, although he knows no actual martial arts, but prefers using his custom-made axe (named ‘Draak Se Tande’) in battle. History: Raion comes from a group of people who, many years ago, secluded themselves to an island on themselves. There, they experimented using magic and DNA in order to create a new species. Eventually they found that Dragon DNA was able to mix with Human genes without any rejection and transformed themselves into the new species they called the Tatsujin. The Crown of the Tatsujin, the title of their leader, returned to the world and struck a deal with the reigning monarch at the time. They would act as his personal Knights if their species were given immunity to act as they wished around the world. The King was hesitant to grant such immunity and asked why the Tatsujin would want such a deal and the Tatsujin Crown simply smiled in response. A day later, three Tatsujin completely decimated a rising rebellion without so much as breaking a sweat, whereas the Royal Army had been stuck at war with them for several months. The Tatsujin Crown informed the King that they could do that to his reign if they so wished; and so the King brought them in as his guard, sending them out to quell rebellions and act as a peace keeping force around the world. Making sure he was keeping them busy in order to prevent whatever plan the Tatsujin Crown had planned from happening. When Saori came into power she gathered her personal Knights, every single one of them, and smiled as she ambushed and killed them all. Well, nearly all of them as a handful managed to survive and escaped into the world to hide. Raion was one of the survivors and was there when Saori razed the Tatsujin Island to rubble. Raion later learned that Saori had had no reason to kill her Knights, apparently killing them all on a fanciful whim. From that point on, Raion swore that he would one day cleave Saori’s head from her neck. The remaining Tatsujin remained apart and wander the world in secret; Saori putting a high bounty on their heads helped ensure that. Raine Bell Name: Yvanes Species: Elf Gender: Female Appearance: Fiery red hair hangs down to about her hips with small braid around her head similar to a halo to keep her hair from falling into her inquisitive lavender eyes. Fairly petite standing at only 5ft and 3 in. what she lacks in strength she makes up for in agility. Incredibly light and quick on her feet many people won’t know she’s there until she’s right on top of them. Personality: Quite soft spoken and calm her personality is similar to that of the breeze through the trees. Never quick to anger Yvanes always thinks before she acts. Many people in the past have considered her a voice of reason. Her only flaw is that she always searches for the good in people, insisting that everyone has some good in them, despite knowing that this is simply not true. Abilities: Her abilities and strengths consist of her agility and being able to move quickly and quietly as well as she is gifted with a healing power. Any injury can be healed by the touch of her hands but her healing power also has a dark nature to it. Should Yvanes have no sympathy for the person her healing powers would grow dark and cause more harm to the person. Yvanes also has the ability to speak with nature. The trees and wind can act as her eyes and ears to gather information about what is happening throughout the land. History: In the past Yvanes was a well-respected priestess and healer within the elven clan. Many sought her out despite what species they may be. Word had traveled of her power that even the Queen Saori called upon her and offered her a life of peace should she willingly sacrifice her eleven ways and follow that of Saori’s. Disgusted by the thought Yvanes refused and was banished to the depths of the forest where no one would find her again. Shocked and disappointed Yvanes hope for Queen Saori grew less with each passing year to the point that a hatred began to grow for Queen Saori. Lucy198906 Name: Luna Solisca Species: Angel Gender: Female Appearance: Luna stands at an average 5’9â€, her white wavy hair crawling halfway down her back. She is a shapely woman, her arms average looking her bust and her hips larger than the average, which lead to her thicker thighs and muscular caves. Her eyes are a silver color with just a hint of blue to them. Her lips were small but full, a very light flesh tone color. Her skin was soft and light, almost as though it consistently had a glow. Her wings were soft like down feather but now looked as though they had been painted black in several spots where they had burned off from her entrance to earth. She carried with her a staff, and her clothing was a cream soft like dress and robe. The dress was now shorter from her decent, burned in jagged pieces by her knees her, but her rob still held true. Personality: Luna has a love for all those upon earth. She believes creatures especially humans have the ability to show kindness and love to one another. She cares deeply for those who she protects and would rather be cast out than bow to another. She is fuelled by her emotions which is un-becoming of her world, but she did not care. She does not take kindly to creatures from the demon realm and considers them to be nothing but influencers of the evil that other creatures fall under. Strengths/Abilities: Her strength is the power of her wings. She can fly high into the air and maneuver well. Her staff that she carries pulls into two holy swords. She also has the ability to heal others, but the healing process does weaken her. She is not able to raise those who have fallen to death but at their last breath she may extend their life if she truly cares to. History: Luna was born an angle. She had never lived life as anything else. She had been in heaven for several hundred years always speaking out for those who had done wrong. She was always will to give creatures, human and not a second chance at “doing the right thingâ€. Over centuries she watch as others played out their lives, living what happiness she could through them. That was when she found him. She watched him effortlessly every day. Watching his kindness, his compassion, and his love for others. She was told sense the day of her assignment that she was to only watch not to tamper with any life. She was not allowed to change their fate. When she peered to check on him once more one day she noticed that he was alone. Surrounded by ones that wanted to do nothing but take his life for saving another’s. Luna had been told she was never allowed to go to earth, she was never to interfere and she was never to change anyone’s fate. She watched as the men continued to beat the man she loved tears moving down her face, she could feel him fading from the earth, but she knew in her heart his work was not done. She disobeyed her elders and flew to earth to save this man. She slaughtered the men that threatened to kill him and went to his side. Inches from death she saved him as her body weakened. As he stood she sunk to the ground, a small smile on her lips. The man was in disbelief, as she whispered to him “goâ€. He ran away as quickly as he could as the arch angels set in on her. She knew she would be punished as she was lifted from the earth back to heaven for judgment. She stood trial and admitted what she had done. They believed that they had no choice but to cast her out. She proclaimed that by doing so they would cause more harm to this world then imagined. She knew this world was being manipulated by a horrible queen and was considering options on how to release the world of her without "interfering". The elders stated that the situation was to resolve itself. Luna argued that the queen continued to take lives, that she deserved a true punishment, that she was not worth saving. The elders ignored her plea’s and cast her down from heaven.
  24. Seducing A Student

    Dyiashia rolled herself out of bed yawning tiredly. She rubbed her eyes looking at her clock, she hated getting up at 5:30 for school. She though waking up so early should be a crime. Of course she got up anyway and dragged herself to the bathroom to take a shower. When she got out the shower she was wide awake and she bounced over to her closet looking for something to wear. She finally decided on a pair of black jeans and a red Black Veil Brides tee-shirt. She left her black hair to flow down her back in waves and added some black mascara and eyeliner to make her bright green eyes pop. She was a petite, curvaceous 18 year old that stood at 5'1. She was pretty smart and usually tied her best but she had moment when she was lazy. She was very random and sometimes even asked inappropriate questions, but for the most part she was an alright young adult. She drove herself to Starbucks and bought herself a caramel latte. She bit on her bottom lip nervously as she entered the class and sighed in relief when no one was inside yet. She sat in the front drinking her latte as she read a book. There teacher had recently retired and they were supposed to get a new teacher today. She knew most of the kids wouldn't show up, but she wasn't about to let their actions affect her. She soon got engrossed in her book forgetting she was waiting on the new teacher. (You are the teacher! Your object here is to seduce my character of course sex while is not the main plot here there will be sex. If you have any fetishes/kinks you want in here message me and we can definitely add them, or if you want to add something do let me know and I’m sure we can :) )
  25. The Sleeping Shrine A ronin on the run from a grave crime he committed in the service of the Emperor seeks a new start away from the Capital and finds himself in the remote countryside searching for work. The rural people who are weary of well dressed strangers, however, direct him deep into the mountains where a village Lord is said to be looking to hire a Samurai as a guard to his estate. The ronin, who is optimistic about the news, receives a cryptic warning from the villagers to beware the demons who walk the mountain paths and lure men in with a guise of beauty. Feeling undaunted by the tale of caution, the ronin ventures deep into the mountain where an encounter with a strange, beautiful being leaves him feeling shaken and suddenly more believing of the demons the villagers spoke of. To make things worse, soon after his arrival into the mountain village, the murder an important figure pushes the ronin into a search for the culprit that leads him into a world he wishes he'd never found existed. Main Characters The Ronin [Played By] • Name: - • Appearance: - • Personality: - • Descriptors - A man running from his past mistakes, who runs into more trouble than he ever wanted to find - Was once a court samurai in the service of the Emperor, who refused to accept a punishment he received as a result of blackmail - A very competent and skilled swordsman The White Demon/Trickster [Elphys] • Name: -Tsuyoshi • Appearance: -He is of average height, lithe, fair/pale skin and short white hair, lashes, and brows. His eyes are silver, but glow a luminescent turquoise when he becomes angry or emotionally unstable. He has black bands tattooed around his neck, wrists, and ankles that also glow turquoise when he becomes angry or unstable. • Personality: -He is shrewd, arrogant, secretive, and dismissive. He enjoys being cynical and often plays nasty tricks on the villagers, but has an air of elegance and grace to him that makes him seem approachable. He can be cruel, yet seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve • Descriptors - A mysterious being who takes an interest in the ronin - Seen as bad luck by the villagers, is blamed for the murder of the important figure - Has powerful magics greatly associated with nature and weather - Carries around a set of katana - Is left handed Secondary Characters The Feudal Lord • The man who governs the mountain village, who seeks to hire a Samurai to protect him and his estate Feudal Lord's Son • The Lord's son; a smart, competent young man Feudal Lord's Daughter • The beautiful daughter of the Lord; she is sought out by many suitors Villagers • The people of the village The Murderer • The one who murdered the important figure Yami no Kami • The God of the Mountain to whom the shrine is dedicated and the villagers worship Demons • Youkai and spirits that reside in the mountains around the village Information Seeking someone to play the ronin. I've left most of the profile open for my partner to fill in. My intention is for he and the Trickster to fall into a sort of strained friendship/attraction with one another. By no means will it happen right away, but as a general plot device I would like that to happen eventually. This is a sort of fantasy, feudal, murder mystery with a lot of dark drama and angst. I am looking to sort of steer the roleplay in the direction of the plot I intend. I have plot twists planned. As far as availability, I am a sporadic poster. Sometimes I can make several posts in a day/week and sometimes I get busy and several days will pass in between posts. I will do my best to keep my partner updated with relevant information. Post length can be variable. I'm not looking for thousands of words, nor will I put out that much on a general post, though I have no problem reading them. I prefer quality over quantity and I love dialogue. In general I am very flexible with length and content. If you are interested, let me know. I'd love to screen people's character ideas so I can find the best fit for mine. Happy posting, I can't wait to hear from you and good luck!