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  1. Waifus

    Introduction I hadn't known that that chance meeting, a fleeting moment insignificant in the grand scheme of things, would have torn my life apart just like that. I'd been roused 15 minutes late, the feeble bleating of my alarm clock woefully insufficient to tear me from the Sandman's clutches. I was going to be late on my very first day of high school, and there was no way I was going to allow that. This was the first trial on a journey of a thousand days -- if I messed this up, even if the world might forget, I would never forgive myself. Hurriedly, I changed, grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs, plucking a slice of toast from the table and holding it in my mouth as I sprinted towards school, feeling the wind rush through my hair and sweat bead up on my arms and back. Then, as I rounded a corner, I noticed, far too late, that there was a boy walking at a leisurely pace straight in my path, oblivious to my approach thanks to the earbuds jammed into his ears. My eyes widened and my breath caught in my throat as I tried to swerve, but inertia was a cruel mistress. There was a great crash, and my toast and the contents of my bag went flying into the air, spilling across the pavement. When I finally stopped seeing stars, I looked upwards -- only to see that this pleasantly bland young man had picked up the scattered books and files in my bag and returned them, and was proffering this bag towards me. Gratefully, I accepted it with a mumbled 'thank you', and carried on my way. I thought that nothing more than a minor hiccup, just another blip in the day-to-day life of a bright-eyed, fresh-faced high school freshman... but I was wrong. Unbeknownst to me, I was being watched. I learned that the hard way on my way home after a long day of commencement speeches, awkward self-introductions and other such pleasantries. It was almost sundown when I set off on my way home, and the streets were mostly quiet at this time, save for the occasional distant barking of some family's hyperactive dog or the passing rumble as a car went by. Then, this silence was suddenly broken by the whoosh of rushing wind and a thump -- and the next thing I knew, I felt the cold steel of an honest-to-goodness katana pressed against my throat. "Wh-what's going on?!" I squeaked in alarm. "Don't you know?" the older girl accosting me growled. "You set a flag. You're in The Game now -- and I'm here to eliminate a competitor." "W-what?! Flag? Game? I have no idea what on earth you're talking about!" I protested, trembling as I looked down at the cold steel just an inch from my neck. The other girl cursed under her breath, regarding me with the look of a cat staring down a mouse. "You're a newbie? You've got no idea how this works? Well, I'll do you a favor and give you the low-down. "You were late for school, and collided with a certain second-year student. Is that right?" I nodded frantically in assent, and she continued, "In other words, you've made contact with him -- and now, your fate is irrevocably entwined with him. That was the flag that you set... and now, you are part of The Game. You see... the two of us are far from the only ones to have set these flags." "I... I don't quite get you... so those in The Game are supposed to fight each other?" I asked, and she wordlessly nodded. "But why?" I pleaded, my vision blurry from the tears rolling down my face. "Because there can only be one." ... Setting Yokoso, waga tomodachi yo. This RP is a contemporary fantasy set in modern Japan... except with some differences. Most pertinently, when a random middle-schooler suddenly strikes a pose in the street and declares that they'll unleash their Azure Grimoire, they just might be serious. So, our story revolves around a really bland-looking guy. Somewhat like the one down here: He might or might not have magical powers, and he might or might not actually be a great hero with a secret destiny. However, all this about his life is inconsequential, because this is not his story. What's most pertinent is that this young man has an uncanny ability to attract girls (and the occasional boy) of every kind, and yet has the even more uncanny ability to be completely oblivious of their advances -- the result is a harem of over a dozen people pining over a single man... and to these girls (and boys, if appli- bah, you get the idea), sharing is not an option. And so begins The Game. During the day, they remain civil to each other, chit-chatting with each other, talking to said oblivious guy and generally being polite, civil and wonderful, promising model students -- but when the sun goes down, all hell breaks loose. The town becomes their battleground, and they battle each other in a no-holds-barred battle royale, aiming to defeat the others to prove their supremacy -- to be the fabled Best Girl who shall claim this unwitting Casanova's heart. This battle has been at a stalemate at all too long... but now, with the start of a new school year, perhaps a twist of fate will bring this war to its inevitable conclusion. Details Basically, you play as one of the twenty-odd people who have been drafted into The Game for whatever reason. You don't even have to be a girl, just as long as you've somehow triggered an event that could lead to you falling in love with that dreadfully bland, indecisive chap seen above (Bonus points if you're some kind of anime stereotype or a variation thereof). It's probably best to be a high-schooler to maximize social interactions outside combat, though it is by no means necessary. Feel free to use any kind of origin for your fighting skills -- this is a fantasy kitchen sink, so pretty much goes, as long as you don't go overboard with the power levels -- the participants of The Game would all rank as Heroes in the Dimensional Schism tier list at most. Also, since all this fighting is in the real world, no blowing up the town or otherwise causing excessive property damage if you don't want the school to close, the town to be evacuated and for everyone to get the Bad End. So... I hate to say this, but you got to minimize or exclude guns and explosives. Hitting each other with swords is A-OK, though. So... Basically, Highlander crossed with a harem comedy. Have fun, and may the best girl (or boy, if applicable) win. This RP is open to all, but if you can't post regularly, please let us know. And I'll make your role tangential to the actual plot Character Sheet (not stolen from Sanzi honest) Name: Age: Appearance: Personality: Bio: Abilities/Skills: Miscellaneous:
  2. Waifus

    [OOC: This RP is totally still open, so hop in if you want to RP as a blatant anime stereotype and punch other blatant anime stereotypes in the face. For LOVE. Discussion Thread's here to facilitate your laziness.] 7.39 am Mutsuki Kongo awoke to the warmth of the sun's rays shining upon her face... and the incessant beeping of an alarm that had been ignored for almost forty minutes at this point. The truth hit her like a sledgehammer to the skull -- she was going to be late, and on the very first day of school, no less. Not as planned! NOT AS PLANNED! I knew I should have taped Magical Girl Sparkling Subaru instead of staying up to see it! There was no time to be lost. To Mutsuki, high school was a high-stakes game, an intricate dance of interpersonal interactions where every slightest gesture, every first impression counted -- and it was one she was not going to lose. Gone are the days of eighth-grade ennui and perpetual solitude! This is a new beginning, where I can start without the baggage of the past -- and I'm not going to screw up by being late on the first day! Immediately, she sprung out of bed, and in a flurry of motion, got dressed, grabbed her bag and bounded down the stairs towards the front door. "You're going to be late for school, dear!" her mother called out, thus marking the end of her relevance to the story of Mutsuki's life. "It's alright, I'm still on time!" Mutsuki yelled back, grabbing the bento her mother had prepared for breakfast and bounding out of the front door, shoveling the food into her mouth as she ran, shooting past many a surprised pedestrian on her single-minded charge towards the school gates. My heart trembles! My blood burns with an awesome heat! My pulse pounds... I WON'T BE LATE TODAY! As she overtook a pair of strolling schoolgirls (and one very surprised motorist), the first one turned to her friend, whispering, "Isn't that the weird girl who dressed up like a Valkyrie in eighth-grade?" "Yeah. What a weirdo!" The other replied as they both began giggling. ... Mutsuki approached a bend at breakneck speed, somehow continuing to shovel rice and pork cutlet into her mouth at the same time. Then, to her horror, the last thing she wanted to see appeared around the bend -- a boy wearing a second-year's tie stepped out from around the bend, completely oblivious to her approach no thanks to the headphones resting over his ears. Mutsuki shouted a warning, but he carried on walking, and panic surged through her as she realized a collision was inevitable... Time seemed to halt for an instant. Then, everything happened at once -- the boy's bag burst open, strewing books across the pavement, the bento and its contents went flying, and both Mutsuki and the boy went down in a tangle of limbs. Then, almost as if the laws of physics had a sense of comedic timing, Mutsuki's half-finished pork cutlet landed on the boy's face with a smack. ... "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going, a-and-" Mutsuki murmured as she picked up the last of the dropped books, her face beet-red and her eyes glistening with tears. That was so uncool! And cliched! The boy merely smiled, accepting the proffered book and placing it back into his bag. "It's alright. It's my fault for not looking where I was going," he said sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head. "Um, anyway... I'm Hayato Yuuki, and I'm a second-year at Kawashiro North. You study there too, don't you?" "Y-yeah! I... I'm Mutsuki Kongo, f-freshman!" Mutsuki blurted out. Real smooth moves you got there, Mutsuki. "Oh. Maybe we might see each other around sometime, then," the boy said cheerfully, nodding at her. "Thanks for helping me get my books!" With that, he slipped his headphones back on and continued walking on the way to school. For some reason, as Mutsuki watched him go, she swore she saw sparkles dancing around his receding silhouette. Such a gentleman... and he's my senpai, too! H-he even... he gave me his name! A vacant smile spread across Mutsuki's features -- a very uncharacteristic look for a girl like her -- and she carried on to school, feeling an unusual spring in her step as she walked. For some reason, though, she was getting the feeling that she was being watched...
  3. Outside of a village in the woods many years ago, there lived a young woman named Aemilia that the villagers dubbed "The Screeching Witch" because she would always screech and curse aloud. Because of this the village elders banished her into the woods so that her loud noises would not distract the others. Aemilia lived alone in her cottage, not daring to come into contact with other human beings. Her only companions were the animals whom she would help, but deep down, she wished for human companionship. Alright, so this is the story of a young woman who's made an outcast because she has Tourette Syndrome in an era where the condition is not known of. This'll be a romance, so I'll need someone for Aemilia to fall in love with (male, female, I don't care).
  4. Fairy Tales For Sophie A small gust of wind blew frigid rain throughout the funeral procession, tangling umbrellas and whipping soaked hair to and fro. The only man not holding an umbrella was instead clutching onto his daughter's hand, whose lifeless eyes penetrated the muddy ground before her feet. She had long ago abandoned her umbrella, for she enjoyed the Seattle rain, but today wasn't a day for smiles. Her mother was slowly being lowered into the ground, and as her father watched on through misty glasses, she couldn't help but feel that it was somehow her fault. The man gripped his daughter's hand tighter, tears freely flowing down his cheeks; his extended family and group of friends were nothing more than black splotches against the grey backdrop of his squinted eyes. As the grimy dirt and mud splattered atop the black casket, he wondered how he could go on living life, or how he could raise his little girl on his own. At that moment in time, all of life's responsibilities seemed too much to handle. "Daddy..." The man hesitated for a few moments, watching as the crowd began to dissipate to leave the two remaining immediate family members some privacy. He looked down at his daughter, wet hair matted against her face, and kneeled before her, both of her hands in his. "Yes, Sophie?" Her piercing blue eyes fixated upon his framed hazel orbs, and she suddenly burst into tears as the realization of what had just happened finally registered for the first time. "I didn't even get to say goodbye."
  5. OPEN Oder of the Princesses

    The Order of the Princesses is a group of princess from many kingdoms bound together to help others. They each bring their own talents to the group and use them to help in however they can. One princess by the name of Astrea becomes the newest group in the order after her mother, Queen Donelle of Reveria, sends her off to follow in her footsteps. The princess has trouble fitting in and is unsure if she would be able to fulfill her duty until an unknown dark force begins to spread throughout the kingdom and it is up to the princesses to stop this threat. Character Sheets: Princesses Name: Age: Kingdom: Looks: Personality: Other Info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Kingdom: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  6. OPEN Living in the Valley

    Los Angeles in the early 90s (aka The Big Lebowski time) was filled with multiculturalism, consumerism, and everthing going to THE EXTREME, DUDE! This roleplay will center around people living in this time period and the stories they tell. Character Sheet Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  7. Welcome, roleplayers, to the Surreality Idea Orphanage! Now you're probably thinking, "Why is there an orphanage for ideas? Why are you wearing a mask? And why does this oily rag smell funny?" Not to worry friends! I'm here to answer all of your questions. Maybe. Ok, just one. Idea Orphanage The Idea Orphanage was a tool used on S*T where members would bring an idea to the table that they weren't using in order to share with others; think of it as a pot luck, where everyone brings something and takes something. Can't think of an idea for a roleplay? No worries--just adopt one! Do you come up with more ideas for roleplays than MTV does crappy reality shows? Drop them off here! As long as there is a plot, then your idea is fair game! Ready? Alright, let's get started! So, for example... A man and woman fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Or you could be more descriptive, such as... A young man from the faraway land of Gazuile travels to Zandof and meets a beautiful princess; the two embark on a long adventure in search of a mythical and legendary blade that is said to contain limitless power. Together, they overcome insermountable odds in hopes of saving the dying kingdom! Sounds simple enough, right? Right! However, there are a few guidelines to the Idea Orphanage, and they are as follows: - Only post ideas in here, please. - There is no need to state your adoption in this thread. If you'd like to give credit, please do so in your RP Discussion topic. - Please, no commentary, if you'd like to compliment an idea, send a PM. - Once you post an idea here, it is NO LONGER YOURS. You may still use this idea, but you do not have the authority to tell others that they cannot. You may, however, ask that credit be given if you see your idea in use. - Separate multiple ideas with bullets or gaps, just so they're easier to read through. - Plots are free to be any genre, from shoot-em-up western to space sci-fi to smutty romance (but please don't get too explicit in this thread!) And that, as they say, is that. Have fun and thank you for choosing Surreality as your number one destination for creative writing!
  8. OPEN Children of Monsters

    I'm just going to state that, yes, I did loosely base my idea off of Monster High, but I thought for this roleplay, we should do it a little more seriously and be a little more faithful to the source material of the parent's origins. Character Sheets: Monster Children Name: Age: Gender: Parent(s): Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Monsters Name: Age: Gender: What Type of Monster: Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  9. OPEN Void Corp.

    Void Corp. is a scientific corporation that secretly does experiments on people, raised in the facility from birth, to see how they develop without the outside influences of culture and/or raised them with different ideological upbringing without outside influences. These experiments are highly controversial, which is why the experiments are kept top secret from the rest of the world. Roleplay character sheets: Scientists: Name: Age: Field Study: Looks: Personality: Other info: Subjects: Name: Age: Experiment being performed on: Looks: Personality: Other info: Other characters: Name: Age: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  10. In Cold Blood

    In the courtyard of Proudspire Manor, a straw man becomes acquainted with the point of a training foil. It hits him relentlessly, impaling him countless times on it's blunted edge, though each strike lands far off from the target painted on his chest. At the end of the foil, a young woman huffs, her breath visible in the cool air. As she recovers from her lunge, falcon glides towards her, landing on her shoulder. It ruffles it's feathers dismissively at her frustration, and she lunges again. The falcon takes into the air, only to land once more as she recovers. They repeat this until the girl grows tired, laying her foil to rest with the others. The falcon did not belong to her originally; it was her father's. In this later years, the man had taken up falconry, as his adventures were over, and he was bored. There were fruits to her father's labor, however. In his relentless treasure-seeking, he was able to gather enough coin to purchase a manor in Solitude, where he raised his family. Elyndriel was her name. His first, and only child. She was such a willowy thing, barely fitting in her father's bulky shadow. She listened to her father's stories, dreaming of being an adventurer like him one day. As Elyndriel grew, her father continued his attempts at falconry. It seemed the rowdy bird had not taken to his training, and became more of a companion to the young girl. Elyndriel gave it the name "Mudcrab", because it's talons reminded her for mudcrab claws. Not as graceful as one would imagine, but it was fitting. Years passed the family by, as their leisurely life in Solitude continued. When Elyndriel had just finished growing, her father had given in to illness, losing his life. The Breton woman turned away from the courtyard. Most of her was concealed by a hooded, furred cloak, and a woolen scarf. Her eyes were visible, shining hazel in the dull evening. She was wearing a grey dress the ended just before her boots began. She stepped out of the courtyard, quickly making her way towards The Winking Skeever, the local inn. Thoughts of warm mead made her feel warmer already. She stopped at the entrance, and Mudcrab launched itself off of her shoulder, flying back towards the manor. After she entered the Inn, Elyndriel pulled down her hood and her scarf, releasing her long, light-brown hair, which pooled down her back and in front of her chest. She smiled as the warmth of hearth reached her, soothing her flushed and frost-bitten cheeks.
  11. "Skyrim, also known as the Old Kingdom or the Fatherland, was the first region of Tamriel settled by humans from the continent of Atmora: the hardy, brave, warlike Nords, whose descendants still occupy this rugged land." - Anonymous. This roleplay is based in the universe of the Elder Scrolls series. More specifically, the fifth installment, Skyrim. It takes place during the events of the game, which includes the dragons, the civil war, the Dragonborn, etc. The month is Sun's Dusk (November). We will begin in Solitude. "Solitude, is the capital city of both Haafingar, Skyrim, and the Imperial Legion in Skyrim. Ruled by the current Jarl Elisif the Fair, widow of the late High King Torygg, it is the headquarters of the Imperial Legion stationed in Skyrim. The Thalmor have an embassy hidden in the nearby mountain. Part of the reason for this is the eminently defensible nature of Solitude itself. Set upon a great stone arch that towers above the mouth of the Karth River, the city is surrounded by the soaring peaks of the nearby mountains. Solitude is both a reinforced and breathtaking stronghold." (From the ES Wiki.) It's also notable that Solitude houses the Bard's College. I'm a bit fuzzy on what the plot should be, but that will come with discussion! All I have so far is that our characters meet together in Solitude, gang together somehow and start adventuring. I'll set the cap at four or five people. It depends. Also please, I encourage you to discuss ideas in the thread. Ah, one last thing! I'm allowing werewolves and vampires in this rp, but there's a limit of one werewolf and one vampire. Also this probably goes without saying, but your character can not be the Dragonborn. They also can not be the leaders of any guilds. (Werewolf is taken!) P.S. Please tell me if I forgot anything Q.Q. I'm pretty rusty ahah. Skyrim Map
  12. Xenoblade: A World of Titans

    A world filled with endless ocean. A world where life itself is void. Yet such a change would occur that it would change the world forever. An almighty crash heralded the sudden arrival of the Bionis and the Mechonis to this world, for the titans were locked in a timeless war... The sound of their clashing blades rang out, shaking the sea bed and sending ripples through the sky. As the duel reached its climax, the titans poured their remaining strength into one last slash of their great swords. Both struck forth with immeasurable power... Once the dust had settled, only their corpses remained. Locked in place from their world shattering strikes... Eons passed, and signs of life began appearing upon the corpse of the titan Bionis. People born of the Bionis would return to the Bionis. Now, the Bionis' enormous body, covered in lush plains as far as the eye can see, is home to a developed series of civilizations who give thanks to the titan for providing them with such a natural bounty. Life on Bionis is not destined to flourish forever, however. A war has begun. Fronted by the Mechon, a race of overwhelmingly powerful entities whose origins come straight from the Mechonis attack the peaceful races of the Bionis. What will happen? Has the Mechonis reawakened? Can the peoples of the Bionis stand against these devestating creatures? --------------------------------------------------------- Races: Homs - The equivalent of Humans, they inhabit much of the vast body of the Bionis in Colonies. They are bountiful, and run by a single government which lies within the Bionis itself. The colonies are spread from the feet to the shoulders of the Bionis with a system of tunnels that connect them to the capitol. They are a civilized and developed people who have come to be one of the dominant races of the world. Nopon - A younger race of beings on the Bionis, they resemble fat rabbits mixed with cats. They are a highly peaceful race who often become merchants and travel the Bionis freely without a care. They are highly resilient to damage and accustomed to combat, as they live within the massive jungles upon the Bionis' back. High Entia - A race who consider themselves the most developed and whose civilization has overtaken the head of the Bionis. They are powerful warriors, brilliant magic wielders, and proud people. A pair of wings adorns their heads like a crown, and allows them slight flight, though their advanced technology allows them much better transportation. --------------------------------------------------------- I'm hoping to get maybe 3 or 4 people for this set up. It's based on one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and I hope to maybe introduce some people to the world in some fashion.
  13. To all of you battle-lovers out there, today is your lucky day! Have you ever wondered how you might effectively gauge the power level of your character versus another RPer's character? Do you want to have a place that provides you the arena and the excuse to allow your characters to fight to their hearts' content against opponents of similar power levels? Then look no further! We proudly present to you... THE DIMENSIONAL SCHISM version "Nodding Chimpanzee" Legend tells of a lord that rules over the gaps between worlds, where the very fabric of reality itself is twisted and turned in more ways than a pretzel. It is there that time stands still, where heroes are made and legends come to die. It is known by many names: the End of the Universe, the Gap Between the Worlds, the Dimensional Schism. The Lord of the Schism grows weary from time to time, and may summon the strongest warriors it can find from across the planes, pitting them against one another for his own entertainment, like some divine form of the ancient Roman gladiatorial matches. Few know how the Lord came to possess such power, but even fewer have the strength to overcome it. The only way back home for most of these warriors is to fight, and to live. But who knows? The Lord is known to have granted new life to heroes who fell valiantly in battle for him. All is not lost, even if you may fall to the blade of your opponent. Battles in the Dimensional Schism are classified into various leagues, depending on the strength of the warrior. The leagues are listed as follows: Lightweight - Every character possesses some form of ability to harm others for self-defense. Anything from a street thug to a trained soldier will be considered as Lightweights.Hero - Once in a while, Heroes will emerge from the shadows to battle the darkness that plagues their world. Heroes usually possess a wide variety of physical, magical and/or scientific abilities which directly or indirectly aid them in combat. They are well known for their innate potential as well as their unpredictability in fights. Main characters usually fall under this league.Paragon - Whether by natural talent or through years of experience, Paragon fighters have become the best in their areas of speciality. Whether it be an Arch Mage capable of raining hellfire upon his foes or an elite Ghost notorious for being able to infiltrate the most highly guarded prison in the universe, Paragons never fail to impress. Most final forms of villains fall under this category, as well as the mentors of Heroes, or perhaps those who were once Heroes but have learned to hone their abilities to perfection.Legend - At the very end of their life's journey, Paragons usually ascend into Legendhood by performing one, final great task that seals their names into the rest of history. By this time, Legends usually have already learnt all they need to learn from the world, and have perfected their respective skills. Their names are passed down in reverence or terrified whispers by those who come after them, and are respected and feared as one of the few who have the power to shape the world.Immortal - A whole league apart from even the Legends, Immortals are the gods who rule over their realms. They often possess varying degrees of omniscience, omnipresence and/or omnipotence, and can display unimaginable degrees of power at their slightest whim. The Lord of the Schism rarely summons Immortals to do battle for him, but when he does, the echoes of the resulting conflict can be felt across the dimensions. The strongest of Immortals may even challenge the Lord himself. However, this will only be done under the Lord’s rulings (ie. you can only battle the Lord of the Schism in Regulated mode). STATS Every character has stats in some form or another, be it in numerical form or simply through descriptions. Through the Stats system, we hope to provide to you a simple and efficient method of creating your characters, be it for battle RPs or simply for fun. How to allocate stats (Casual Mode): This mode is for people who simply wish to use this system as a rough guideline. Casual Mode is the easiest mode and has no restrictions or numbers whatsoever. However it is also the most varied mode, and the balancing of battles is not guaranteed. Using numbers is not required in Casual Mode. You may choose to describe your character's stats instead; for example, "Marvin can lift a car easily." Strength: How strong your character is. Agility: How fast your character reacts to changes around them. Arcana: How attuned your character is to magical energies. Technology: How much your character utilizes technology to enhance their battle abilities. Defense: How well your character takes hits. Energy: How long your character can sustain high-powered physical attacks. Mana: How long your character can sustain high-powered magical attacks. Weapons: Any special weapons your character uses. Abilities: Any unique abilities your character uses. How to allocate stats (Standard Mode): This mode involves numbers for the sake of balancing purposes, but that does not mean that it is difficult to understand. We have made every effort to ensure that even Standard Mode is simple and user-friendly. In Standard Mode, your battles are likely to be more balanced, and some site tournaments in the future may only allow characters created using Standard Mode. Please note that once you've created a character in Standard Mode, you can easily switch it back to Casual Mode and vice versa, depending on what you feel like doing at the point of time! TIERS For the sake of balancing battles, or to simply help you in categorizing your characters, you may use our Tier system. It classifies characters into various power levels, which will hopefully allow you to locate opponents of similar power levels to battle or RP with. Tier Requirements (Casual Mode): The simplest form of classification, these requirements are meant to help you. If your character meets any one or more of the requirements, he/she is put under that tier automatically. Requirements to be a Hero: If you meet any one or more of these requirements, you are placed in the Hero tier: Possess Arcana (magic or psychic abilities) of any sort Have access to Technology beyond what has currently been invented Have Strength, Agility, Defense and/or Endurance that surpasses what normal humans can achieve through hard work or diligent training Have a Weapon with unique abilities that are not found in other weapons of its type Have an Ability which is unobtainable by regular humans even by hard work or diligent training Requirements to be a Paragon: If you meet any one or more of these requirements, you are placed in the Paragon tier: Is considered a high-level Arcana user even among other characters in the same universe Possess Technology that will only be available within 40 years of the future Have Strength, Agility, Defense and/or Energy that is at least 10 times greater than the maximum limit which normal humans can achieve Have a Weapon which is considered one-of-a-kind AND possesses power far superior even to other unique weapons possessed by Heroes Have 5 or more Abilities which are unobtainable by regular humans even by hard work or diligent training Have an Ability which is considered to be rare or difficult to get in the character’s home world, and has honed this Ability to near-perfection Is generally capable of holding his own ground easily against a group of 50 Lightweights or 5 Heroes. Requirements to be a Legend: If you meet any one or more of these requirements, you are placed in the Legend tier: Is considered one of the best Arcana users in his realm Possess Technology that will only be available within 90 years of the future Have Strength, Agility, Defense and/or Energy that is at least 20 times greater than the maximum limit which normal humans can achieve Have at least 2 Weapons which is considered one-of-a-kind AND possesses power far superior even to other unique weapons possessed by Heroes Have 10 or more Abilities which are unobtainable by regular humans even by hard work or diligent training Have 3 or more Abilities which is considered to be rare or difficult to get in the character’s home world, and has honed this Ability to near-perfection Is generally capable of holding his own ground easily against a group of 100 Lightweights, 10 Heroes or 2 Paragons. Requirements to be an Immortal: If you meet any one or more of these requirements, you are placed in the Immortal tier: Is considered a god of Arcana users Possess Technology that is considered to be scientifically impossible or hundreds of years into the future Effectively possess limitless Strength, Agility, Defense and/or Energy. Have a Weapon or Ability which renders the user invulnerable or semi-invulnerable to non-Immortal sources of damage Have any form of omnipresence, omniscience or omnipotence at any level. Is able to bring themselves back to life for any number of times. Is generally capable of holding his own ground easily against a group of endless Lightweights, 200 Heroes or 20 Paragons. Tier Requirements (Standard Mode): The difference in Standard Mode is the addition of numbers. Otherwise, all qualitative requirements remain the same. MISCELLANEOUS NOTES (AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS) The Excellent Wise HeavyHurricane first provided the spark of inspiration which started off this whole project, when she mentioned how great it would be to have a consistent battle RP format like in the good old S*T days. After that, the Eminent Mate-worthy NightRealist helped me to dig out Malgen Soyasu's old Lightweight League details from the Trash Bin of the old site. That was real nice of him, cuz the Trash Bin was really smelly and none of us could even go near it. After that the Minute Shantastic Noiala and the Mean Bean Sean helped out too in the initial planning of the system, and together, the 5 of us finally managed to produce this final result. Consider it a greatly simplified and expanded version of Malgen Soyasu's original Lightweight League. I hope it's easy enough for anyone and everyone to simply pick it up and use it for their characters! I've designed the point system to be as flexible as possible, so you should be able to use it to classify your characters even if they aren't usually participating in battle RPs! The purpose of the Dimensional Schism is to give RPers a platform for them to craft stories of their characters battling other heroes from alternate realms, while remaining in-universe as much as possible. It is completely up to you if you wish to use these battles as part of your character's ongoing story, if you tend to reuse the same characters repeatedly. Hopefully, the classification system will allow you to find opponents of similar power levels, so that you will get a fair fight. This is not meant to be a single RP. It is meant as a template for everyone to use in any battle RPs they wish to hold in the future. Feel free to use the setting of the Dimensional Schism in your own personal RPs! Oh, but do inform us if you want to make any major changes or tweaks to the system. Feel free to ask any questions that you might have! CHANGELOG Version Nodding Chimpanzee:
  14. I don't know if anyone listens to them, but I am obsessed with the 1975 right now, and I am in LOVE with this music video. (if the link works)So. Would anyone be interested in roleplaying out this idea? (the concept, not the video exactly, haha)
  15. Nowadays "It's good, isn't it grand? Isn't it great? Isn't it swell? Isn't it fun? Isn't it? Nowadays..." A smog-filled, noir-set city. Filled to the brim with murder, blackmail, and cigarettes. Silver Dollar City The name fits the bill. The rich side of town, nicknamed "The Castle District", contains all of the cities big casinos, high-class restaurants, and classy hotels. To any traveler, the streets seem paved with diamonds. But only those who know Silver Dollar can see the blood stained there. The poor side of town, nicknamed "Sleazytown", houses the slums, the gangs, and is run almost entirely by the Mafia. You do one thing that goes against their word and your face will be getting real friendly with the pavement. --- Set in the 50's. A bunch a murdery mystery noir stuff too. Good fun! Feel free to just jump into the rp! It would be nice if you post here first but you don't need my permission or anything to post.
  16. ((Discussion Thread)) "Y' alright there, Kitten?" The man's voice made her head spin. 'Kitten', the lady in question, was seated adjacent from him. She held a wine glass haphazardly between four fingers, spinning the drink around. Even in her slightly inebriated state, she felt the man's hot breath on her ear when he spoke, his arm laid casually around her shoulder. Though she was uncomfortable, she tolerated his presence more than most, as he was the casino's manager. Kitten fixed a smile. "I'm alright." A dark heel clicked against the floor, and she waved him off. She peered outside the window, watching the mid-day fog wash through the streets. Kitten sighed. It was much too early to be drinking. And yet, the wine remained poised in her delicate hand. She was quite striking in general. Red hair and ruby lips, contrasting with her pale skin. When she spoke, her voice was demure and eloquent. That is, unless she had purpose to speak otherwise. The only evidence of an accent was the slight thrill on her vowels. She wore a black dress that swayed as she walked. Her dark fur coat was draped around her upper arms, revealing her shoulders. Though playful and approachable, she carried an air of classiness and mystery. But today, the young woman sat on her lonesome, continuing to swirl the ruby drink in her glass. It seemed as if something had pinned down the corners of her smile. Her shut her eyes half way, phasing out the casino as she went deep into thought... (O god. I apologize for the rustiness but I haven't done this in a while.)
  17. Technology

    2000, New Century, Alternate Earth, Haven, Onfery, Cansen Crime People are injected with mini nano bots at birth, they prevent disease, track you, tell people how you feel and much much more. The crime rate is at a ultimate low, but privacy is a major issue; cameras are everywhere, the police know everyone's phone number, address, email, all social media and much more. This helps police find criminals by blackmail, they can x-ray people without reason, beat suspects for evidence and invade your mind and torture you for answers. The government covers this up pretty well, police are allowed memory wipes, kill anyone, speed without a crime, turn any animal or alien race extinct and if the rebellion is too strong, a doomsday device. Health, fashion and make up There are hundreds of things that you could get done to yourself, but let's talk about the basics. Age is a sign of being very, very, very poor, most people can buy youth injections, that cost just one single dollar. You can have your face look like someone or make it your dream face. Your body can be changed so much, that you might not even look human once you're done. This innovation is brought to you by Design Tent. People who have deafness, blindness, limpness, wounds and even missing limbs can be given, Health Co's Heal nasal spray, injection, tablet, liquid medicine or cream. Disease is impossible due to the, prevention chip, but if you were born somehow without the chip you will probably be the poorest in the world. Genetic enhancements are commonly used in children, adults or workers for large memory, enhanced speed, be more happy, to combat depression and some are given powerful abilities like control of minds, manipulate technology, generate elements or get rather superhuman enhancements. These enhancements are created by Experiment INC and the more interesting ones are created by Beyond Organization. Fashion is a worldwide craze, as everybody is buying the clothes, who are bringing the newest innovations to the table? That depends on what you want out of fashion, do you want functionality based clothes, clothes designed by you or the most fashionable clothing ever? Functionality is innovated with Kentech, known for the bullet proof series and the anti-physics shoe line up, they have complete control of the sport market, if athletes don't get the newest innovation they are at a, serious disadvantage. If you want to design your own custom clothing DesignTent is for you, you can customise every detail to the point of absolute detail, they have control over the movie and TV industry due to actors needing costumes and make up, you don't want your movie to be the same costumes like everyone else do you? Fashionable clothing is made by the powerful Beauteen Corporation, Beauteen controls half of the clothing market, they have entire malls dedicated to their clothing, they are known for every single bit of clothing they put out, like the glow series, the entire line of clothing pets, the blanket robe and much much more. Entertainment One of the most secretly profitable industries is entertainment. It was a great long term investment for DesignTent and Ocold as they now have the two greatest consoles, media players, television sets and radios the world will ever see. Thousands of great games, movies, music, TV shows and training are on both of these companies machines, Ocold is focused on immersion, graphics and functionality and DesignTent is focused on ease, customisability and recording media. This has not however stopped Ark making the best computers on Earth, Ark's computers have customisability, immersion, graphics, functionality, multi-tasking, ease and recording. But one of the major downfalls is why Ark doesn't control the market, it doesn't have as much games, movies, music, TV shows and training as Ocold and DesignTent have or it would have cut into a huge portion, of their market share already. History 1854 was a huge year, due to the discovery of the prevention chip and Health Co's Heal changed humanity, in a way that would impact the years to come. The 1970s was a big decade due to fashion, sports and make-up taking huge steps due to, DesignTent, Beauteen and Kentech going into the market. 1980s could be explained as Ocold and DesignTent making the entertainment industry the money maker it is today. The 1990s was the age of oppression with laws, allowing the police to become the número uno suspect for abuse of privacy. On the day 2000 came into place, things became messy with the rebellion and you're are a part of the rebellion, because your parents were both secret rebels, but you don't know this... Character Sheet Name: Genetic Enhancements:(For every genetic enhancement please have a genetic downfall) Genetic Downfall: Age:(3 is the minimum) Appearance; Gender Items: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Biography: Other: Rules PM me your character sheets, this is open to everybody as long as your character sheet is written properly. For every genetic enhancement there is a equally strong downfall. Biography is optional but a great detail to have if you keep on getting denied. Use common sense! Don't make yourself overpowered or you will be banned or denied. Put banana in other. No Jane Does or Gary Sues All characters will be shown in the OCC post.
  18. Play with me~~~

    Looking for a casual 1-on-1 roleplay right now. Couldn't really find anything open that interested me, so figured I'd stick up an ad. Copied some relevant info from the roleplayer listings or whatever it's called. Available Times: Evenings, typically Post Frequency: At least once a week, hopefully. RP Preferences: Preferred: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy (especially dark), Historical, Medieval, Mystery, Romance (as secondary plot--I play M/M and M/F), Speculative Fiction (utopian/dystopian, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, alternate history, etc.), Certain Fandoms/Anime/Manga (feel free to contact me for details)Will do if the plot interests me: Comedy, Reality, Science FictionWill not do: Horror/Thriller, Pure RomanceMostly interested in something dramatic, fast-developing (but probably not fast-posting until I warm up to it :P), and generally awesome. In a bit of a dark mood, so something dark-ish would be especially welcome. Romance only if it develops naturally, but nothing explicit if it does (at least for now). No OPs, though. Don't know how to handle those. D; Other than that, I'm fairly open to ideas. HIT ME! More specific/detailed, the better. ^^
  19. 13 Nights in Pleasant Glen: Twilight Incursion Growing up in Pleasant Glen, we're used to the weird shit that happens in the background of our lives. I mean, every now and then someone disappears, a dead body turns up or you hear that something horrific happened to Mr So-and-So. You kind of just… tune it out, you know? You lock up the doors, shut the windows and draw the blinds. Even the abnormal can become the normal if we ignore it for long enough. But we can only feign ignorance for so long before it starts intruding in our lives. It began with the graffiti that appeared in several locations in town a month ago. In the university, in back alleyways and on the fence of residences. Each of these depicted a tall, suit-clad, faceless entity with long, flimsy arms wrapped around a crudely-drawn stick man. SLENDERMAN VISITS, goes the tagline. The disappearances and witness accounts of an actual faceless entity began shortly thereafter. As with the disappearances before them, I didn't put too much stock in them. Until I saw him myself last night. When he took my brother. I think it saw me. It KNOWS I know. It's coming back for me, I just know it. I just wish I had paid attention before this. - Ian’s diary, last entry entitled 'SLENDERMAN' before disappearance What You Need To Know This is a role-playing game based on the World of Darkness system developed by White Wolf. If you’re new to the WoD system, I highly recommend that you read the Basic nWoD Guide created by DayDreamer. It’s great for getting a feel of the mechanics involved with playing a RPG and a sense of the mood of WoD stories in general. You’ll find the World of Darkness guidebook here. You will have to fill up a character sheet here. Diceroller here. This is the second episode in the Pleasant Glen series which I'm running. It is targeted at both newcomers and veterans to the World of Darkness system. That means that you do not need to have participated in the first episode to join this. In this episode, you'll play as either a tourist or a local of Pleasant Glen, a sleepy backwater town that sits atop one of the largest gateways to the Underworld. The town is beginning its winter solstice and even as the snow cuts off access to the outside world, numerous supernatural beings have begun a silent invasion of the town. The town is under siege, and it doesn't know it. It will be up to you to survive, resist, and possibly if you are lucky, triumph against the encroaching darkness. What You Should Expect Firstly, this is not Dungeons and Dragons. Your player character is very much human, and very, very mortal. You are prey to the Twilight beings that stalk Pleasant Glen, make no mistake, and your character can die if you act recklessly. Secondly, expect to do a fair amount of puzzle solving. Your best shot at survival and possibly victory over the darkness is to obtain key pieces of information. Information may come in the form of hearsay from the town’s NPCs or research conducted at the local library. You may not recognize it when you first receive it, but it’ll always be there waiting for you to come back to it. Note that some special objects are also near-compulsory in order for you to advance the plot; you simply must find them or set aside that story arc until you do. Thirdly, expect to take the initiative. As the Story-Teller, I’ll provide basic information about your surroundings and any NPCs that happen to be nearby. It will be completely up to you whether and how you wish to explore your environment further. There are several possible story arcs and options that you might uncover based on what you do or say (and vice versa). I will not tell you whether a particular course of action is helpful or not; I will simply respond as circumstances dictate. For instance, you find yourself in a grocery store. You could talk to the temp-guy at the counter, obtain some local gossip and leave after that. Or you may recall that someone was found completely drained of blood that morning and decide to purchase a clove of garlic. Who knows? Maybe your genre-savviness will save your life later on. Perhaps a blood-lusty mummy (and not a vampire like you had assumed) had perpetrated that attack, but you wouldn’t know unless you had somehow obtained that information earlier. That being said, your posts can be as long or as short as you wish, as long as they achieve your objectives. Last Words This episode will not start until Episode 1 is over, which will likely take another 1-2 weeks. Reason mainly being that I'll want feedback from that episode to improve on the GM-ing for this. I'm creating the discussion thread early to gauge the interest, and also because reading the WoD handbook and character creation can take quite some time. HerculeHastings will be running a Hunter: the Vigil RPG soon for those of you who favor a more combat/action-oriented playing style. So you might want to join that one instead of this. Thanks go to DayDreamer and HerculeHastings for setting up the infrastructure for WoD RPGs. I basically copied the format for this introduction from their Geist RPG.
  20. The Mighty Will Fall (Sign-Ups) ... The long and short of it: This RP will feature a dystopian kingdom in the late medieval age. Humans rule, and Mages live in hiding. Anyone with magical inclination must hide their ability or else suffer imprisonment or execution. Dragons are nearly extinct, slain on sight for fear that they will bring back the old oppressing gods that used to dominate the world. Our story begins with the sighting of possibly the last dragon, and the ones who will hunt it or seek it... ((expect adventure fraught with danger and add a dash of potential for romance)) *if your interest is piqued, please feel free to read on... to the details* The World: A civilization on the edge of an era, there is little magic left in the world. Humans had risen up against those who so arrogantly called themselves gods, and took back their freedom. Dragons, an ancient race that had brought magic to the first gods, have been hunted nearly to extinction. Humans have since thrived and dominated the world, their kingdoms spanning across the lands. Their past slavey to the old gods feeds their mistrust of any who show magical ability. Magic is now considered dark and evil, and anyone discovered to be cursed with it is either imprisoned or killed. The Plot: There is a final push to extinguish whatever sorcery is left in the world. The humans hate and fear anything of magical origin, they burn witches and slay dragons - the end of the age is drawing near, when such things will fade into legend and myth. There are survivors left in the world. A wary, scattered few, with diluted magic still in their veins. They hide, of course, keeping secret what they are, and dulling their own potential. No mage can train openly, and no magic can bloom without tending. A dragon has been sighted. Such a beast has not been seen for nearly 20 years. The King means to hunt it, and end it's existence, snuffing out the threat- but if someone of magical blood can befriend the beast, legend says that a dragon can augment their abilities... make them great and god-like... The Character Classes: Human no magical ability. Inclined to distrust or fear anything with magical ability or origin... unless they are of a truly compassionate heart... Beast Mage One who is connected with animals. A weak or untrained beast mage can still influence the mood of a creature, and feel a connection to the animal itself. A strong one, with training, can learn to possess a creature and "ride" it, seeing the world through it's eyes and controlling its movements. A beast mage often adopts a companion animal that they befriend, who is constantly at their side. Their control over their magery determines how heavily influenced a creature is, how much control the beast mage can exact on it. A great Beast Mage who has bonded with a dragon can shift their own shape to become whatever beast they desire. They still maintain control over other creatures, while in their beast form, and heal remarkably quickly. Nature Mage One who is connected with the elements. a weak or untrained nature mage can still manipulate small element gatherings; make a flame grow, or will water to move down a new path. A strong one can maintain clear control over all of them at once, even to the point of manipulating weather or natural events. in between are different stages of control over the isolated elements themselves, even when they are removed from their source. But no matter how great a nature mage is, they cannot 'create' an element - it must already be present. for example, a nature mage cannot create a flame if it is not already there. A great Nature Mage who has bonded with a dragon can. They would not be restricted by the availability of the elements, as they could create them whenever and wherever they needed them. Light Mage One who can manipulate light, also called an 'Illusionist'. A weak light mage would still be able to produce orbs of light, and maybe control their color and brightness. A strong one can advance to the ability to create the illusion of something that isnt actually there- even turn themselves invisible or into someone else. A great light mage who has bonded with a dragon can weave together an image so believable, you can actually touch it. They can essentially create reality. Dragon *this class is not available as a character choice - this is for reference only* The ancient beasts who are said to have brought magic into the world. A dragon does not possess any real magical ability themselves, aside from their immortality, fire breathing and ability to disguise themselves in a human form. They are intelligent and unpredictable. A wild dragon, unbound to a mage, is as likely to kill a mortal as they are to converse. They live for thousands of years, if not forever; that is, no dragon known has died of old age. When a Dragon bonds with a human or mage, they share the very life of that person, and are referred to as 'heartbound'. To kill one will slay the other, but a Dragon's immunity to time is also shared, and so the heartbound lives as long as the dragon would, naturally. ​In their human form, a dragon is severely limited. They lose the advantage of their armored scales, are unable to breathe fire, and of course cannot fly. In fact, they are, in almost every way, human - except for their ability to shift into the great beast of their true form, and their immunity to time.The Players: FeatherKey_Fate---> Achaean, the DragonErogenous Enigma---> Sophira, the Nature MageZelios---> Rinkron, the Nature Mage The State of Things: The kingdom of Rookstone was where it all began, when the first men overthrew their oppressing gods two centuries ago. The reigning sovereign of today, King Slade, works to weed out what is left of the dying breed of Mages. The land beyond the boarders of Rookstone is wilding territory - dangerous and uncivilized. It is known that bands of barbarians roam the wilds, who don't extinguish magic when it is found in their children, but also lack the means to nurture it. King Slade is resolute in his campaign to free the world from the dark grip of magic. He has been rallying together soldiers to crusade for him, to track down and end the wild children - to smoke out the offenders in his own streets - and to hunt the fading breed of dragons and end the line of magic once and for all. He will not stop until magic is only a myth. he will not stop until his people are safe from the threat of the old gods. So, if there is any more interest, aside from the guidelines detailed above, you can invent any history for your character you'd like - but be aware that you must restrict you mage's trained power. You can have as much potential as you'd like, but in this world magic is nearly dead- there would be no way for a mage in hiding to train up their power and know their limits - and a mage born to the barbarians might stand a better chance, but they wouldn't have proper training. Also, I will be playing the part of the Dragon - so you are free to select any other character type. Anywho, a few things about the logistics: I'd like to keep this to a maximum of four authors, including myself.You may play up to three characters, if you so desire questions? comments? suggestions? post them right here.Feel Free to Skype me: FeatherKey_Fateplease free to offer advice and constructive criticism - I am always looking to improve my writing! A character sheet, for your Reference:
  21. Howdy! As the title states I'm looking to collect several more people for some RP! COME JOIN ME HERE AND LETS CHAT! Ideas/Pairings: Claimed pairings/ideas will be marked: {Claimed} Open pairings/ideas are marked {Idea Unclaimed} *A wizard/sorcerer, whichever, has an apprentice. He is kind of an unethical one, the master that is. He sends his apprentice/helper, whatever you wish to refer to them as, out to collect 'specimens' for him to experiment on. Sometimes this leads to their death, grotesque deformed selves, odd transformations, out right death or even minor successes. I would most likely, until other suggestions came about in discussion, be a captured subject to be experimented on. Era is most likely medieval/medieval fantasy. Though if you have some neat ideas and suggestions, give forth. {Idea Unclaimed} I play females. I'm best at medieval/fantasy. I can do almost any genre though. I like elements from horror to full on action, gore, violence, romance, humor, drama etc worked properly into a single story. My writing tends to reflect how much information and lead I have in the rp. I can write a lot or a little, its all a matter of where things are at at any given point in time. I like to use Skype for collaborative moments/joint posting. It makes writing convo between characters easier and permits me to move things along smoother, I think. I write quickly and can usually post several posts in succession of one another. Also once I start a RP with someone I tend to get very excited and addicted =d So be prepared. My skype: Neferteri. The period is part of the username. I hope to see some new and old faces take me up again!
  22. Searching for new roleplays

    I just stole the form from the Classifieds. Hope that's okay. :) At the moment I'm not really looking for anything specific. This means that I also don't have any plots kicking around right now, so my partners have to be willing to help me come up with something. Please help me graduate! Username: heatherroneous Name: Heather (that was tough to guess, wasn't it?) Available Times: sporadically throughout the day. More predictably in the evening. Post Length: Long. 5+ paragraphs. I'm not picky, though, and I'm pretty new to this, so I'm not a super stickler or anything. Post Frequency: Once a day per RP, minimum... I'm a stay at home mom, I do what I want. RP Preferences: Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, House MD (though I'm only just finishing Season 2), Downton AbbeyRomance as a secondary themeAction/AdventureMysteryHurt/comfortReal life (slice of life)HorrorHistorical fiction (Edwardian/Victorian especially)M/M preferred, M/F acceptedI prefer to play male charactersI WILL NOT DO... magic, romance as a primary theme, explicit, F/FContact Details: Contact me here! I don't really use any messengers, but could be convinced to do so if necessary.
  23. I am [SHER]LOCKED

    Wondering if anybody has interest in a BBC Sherlock roleplay. I have some thoughts on a case(s) that I can share if you're interested. I'd like to take on the challenge myself of playing Sherlock Holmes. I'm open to the idea of romance as long as everybody stays in character (in other words, your John or your Irene is not going to seduce my Sherlock in ten seconds flat.) Right now I am specifically looking for 1x1 roleplay but I could be convinced to organize a group Sherlock RP if there was enough interest. 1x1 pairings... John x SherlockLestrade x Sherlock (pre-John years?)Irene x Sherlock (the Great Hiatus?) Prompts that could be developed into full-blown storylines with a little work: John and Sherlock are kidnapped by what is basically the London mafia/mob. Hurt, lost, and totally at the mercy of their captors, they have to unravel the case, find the leader's weakness, and somehow escape with their lives.John gets a new girlfriend and Sherlock starts using again. John is badly wounded on a case and Sherlock considers excluding him from future cases, for his safety.Mycroft is kidnapped as leverage against Sherlock.Sherlock overdoses on morphine during a dry spell and John/Lestrade have to deal with the fallout. Lestrade is nearly killed when Sherlock catches the wrong bad guy and a murderer seeks revenge.Any of the boys suffers a spinal cord injury and has to live with paralysis that may or may not be lifelong. A murderer is specifically trying to get John and Sherlock's attention. Little do they know this man is someone from John's past...Someone is trying to frame one of the boys for murder.A serial rapist has been targeting middle-aged women, but this case is peculiar because each of the victims gives a drastically different description of their attacker, despite DNA at the crime scenes being identical.
  24. Beyond the Walls

    I'm looking for either a male or a female partner for my female character.(This is why it is tagged as yuri. I do prefer a female, though!) This is a fantasy role play. With dragons and trolls, and a forest of zombies, and what have you. Rules: 18+ mature partner. No whiny, helpless characters. I don't want my characters to have to do everything. That's boring! There will not be any cybering or smut. So far I play two characters, a human girl and a troll. You can be either male or female, human or elf, or any other humanoid person. You can play a creature if you want. My troll is a boy, you can play a female troll. In this RP trolls are not bad creatures, but misunderstood because of their looks. (No mature troll romance... just... no) Give me an example of your writing through PMs. High casual to advanced writing. 3+ paragraphs a must! No oneliners! I must warn you that my first post is quite long, because there was a lot I felt needed to be put out there to give you a better understanding of my characters and the world they are in, and to set up the plot. The plot will be discussed if you are interested! Your characters and my characters will meet soon in their travels. Name: Arlia (Lia) Age: 17 Bio: Arlia was taken advantage of by is now pregnant. She has to switch places with her twin sister so that she can escape the castle walls and avoid punishment for the taboo of being pregnant before being married. The only reason she has a twin to switch with is because of the Breeding Laws in the kingdom. Each family are allowed only one male child and one female child. The king and queen are very strict with upholding laws, or at least pretending to, so when they had twin daughers, one of them was hidden away and given to the kitchen staff to raise. Arlia found out about her sister through the words of her favorite mades when she was on her death bed. The twins quickly became close and each were willing to switch so that Arlia would not be pushed, because even as princess, she could still be punished. Princess Arlia felt tears falling down her cheeks. She looked over at her sister, twin sister to be exact, though the world knew nothing about her. For years, Princess Arlia and Fiona were kept from each other, all because of the breeding violation their parents had committed. Each family in the kindom were allowed one male and one female child. The King and Queen had to set an example and uphold this law. The twins only knew about each other because one of the kitchen maids had told them the truth on her death bed. Princess Arlia's sister had always lived and worked within the castle. They looked exactly alike, except for their hair. Princess Arlia had red hair, and Fiona had blonde hair. It had always been a fantasy of theirs to switch places, though neither had been brave enough. Now just barely seventeen, Princess Arlia found herself in trouble. She was pregnant, though through no fault of her own. She had been mistreated by a male servant. No matter the reason, they were forbidden to carry a child before they were wed. “If we don't switch now, you'll be punished,†Fiona said, fear making her normally soft voice, loud and agitated. “This is your chance to go beyond the walls.†“I know, but it will be just as risky for me out there as it would be in here.†A pregnant girl, alone in the world would be picked off quickly; Arlia had sense enough to know that. The world out there scared and excited her at the same time. “I know, but there are steps to take. Mr. Wilber can forge the exact papers you need for a wedding certificate. If asked, all you've got to do is say your husband went missing after going on a hunting trip.†Fiona 's idea would keep her from being thrown into prison for breaking the forbidden taboo, but it would not save her from people and things that prey on the helpless. With the help of the kitchen staff, and other people who worked in the castle, Fiona and Princess Arlia traded places. It challenged both of them; they had to learn each others way of living in less than a week. Princess Arlia also had to make a big show of coloring her hair to match Fiona 's so nobody would question the pretend princess's hair color whenever Arlia left the castle. “We look exactly alike.†The first sixteen years of their lives, they had not known about each other, though now they loved and cherished each other. This would be more than Princess Arlia escaping to avoid punishment. This would be the splitting of two best friends. ---- Her satchel backed with important belongings, including her fake marriage licensee, Arlia hid beneath a pile of palace trash as she left the castle walls for the first time in seventeen years. She didn't even care that the cart smuggling her smelled so horrible. It felt like a bittersweet escape. "You smell like a proper villager," the carriage driver joked, as he helped her out from the garbage. Arlia wrinkled her nose, not liking his tone at all, but hoping he could be trusted like she had been told. She nodded, brushing off what looked like old apple peelings off her "new" tattered brown and green dress. "Thank you." She shuddered in disgust, as she shook more rotting food from her hair. She had no idea where to go from here. It scared her that she knew nothing about the outside world. 'Nothing true anyway. I do not believe all the stories can possibly be true.' She wondered how many people were like the man who had put her in this situation in the first place. Princess Arlia touched her stomach, and though she did not show yet, she knew a baby grew inside. She had a slender look and would be noticeably pregnant within a month or two, but for now she looked like just another nameless wandering person who had no real home. She did have coins in her satchel though. For a time, she would be okay, until she had to find another way to survive. What kind of job could a spoiled princess preform? She had no skills that she knew of, though her tutors favored her among the other high class children they taught. She knew the only reason had to be because of her being the next queen in line for the thrown. For a while, she just wandered around the village, getting familiar with the various shops. She smiled when she found an inn. All her strength fled her body, whether from the thing inside her or from the excitement of the day, she did not know. Before going to the inn, Princess Arlia walked into the cover of woods. Magnificent trees surrounded the whole village. Trees so tall, it hurt her neck to look up at them. She found the stream of water she had been looking for. It amazed her how the vary same stream had hidden with her behind the castle walls and now here it was, as free as she found herself. She set down next to the water. She had a lot of time to sit and think. Her name had to go. Fiona called her Lia, her shortened name, so from now on that would be who she was. Her fake marriage license even said so. "Lia Windthorn married to Nathaniel Finnegan." The dates and everything else were smudged. The fake license looked as if it had become wet quite a few times, though it had the seal that proved it was real, even if the seal itself was forged. "I'm now Lia Windthorn Finnegan." Lia lay on her stomach and ducked her head in the water, washing out the dye she had used to fool her parents into thinking she and Fiona were the same person. Now Fiona with her natural blonde hair ruled as the princess and Lia with her natural red hair was just another homeless wanderer. At least with the trade there would not be a big commotion about there being a missing princess and who would really care about a missing kitchen maid? Lia stood and shook her hair until it stopped dripping. To anyone looking, she probably looked crazy. She did not care. Walking over to a tree, she leaned against it and breathed deeply. It was just a stump of a tree, only a few feet taller then she was. The tree let out a grumbled yell that sounded like "Getoruffme," making Lia jump away. Her heart pounding, and cheeks flushed, she looked up at what now looked nothing like a real tree. It was a man. A tree man. Lia could see as the tree shape dissolved into the shape of an ugly man-thing. "I beg your pardon," Lia said, not knowing how else to handle this. A thing that used to be a tree talked to her. "I'm no tree. I can look like a tree," the thing said. Thing? Man? What was he? Was it even a he? Lia had no idea. Not to mention, did it read her mind? "Did you read my mind?" The tall creature laughed. It sounded neither nice, nor mean. "No. Your eyes say all. I am troll." She blinked a couple of times. "You are?" "Yes." Now she knew why he looked like a man, but not really a man. He was human shaped, though far bigger and deformed. Ugly, even scary looking. Maybe even evil. "Scared of troll?" he asked, thumbing his huge chest. "Uh..." Should she say yes, or pretend otherwise. Apparently she needn't do either. The troll folded into himself and soon looked like a large gray rock. "You no scared of rock?" She could not help smiling. "I'm not usually scared of rocks," she said, quietly. So he had a sense of humor? Lia paced in front of the rock troll. She wondered if the creature would just let her go in peace or if he would try to eat her. For as long as she could remember, villagers, even people of royal blood were kidnapped from their homes and killed, possibly ate by trolls and dragons, both races were a danger to her people. The broken bodies that were later found was proof of this. The troll dissolved again, until he looked like himself, at least Lia assumed this had to be the body he was born with. He walked toward her and held his hands out as if he were getting ready to grab her. Lia flinched and squeezed her eyes shut. 'This is it,' she thought, 'just let it be over with quickly.' Instead of hurting her, the troll's sharp fingernail barely touched her stomach, a prick of red blood blossoming there, though by accident and she did not even notice the blood. “There is life deep inside.†He wiped his hands in the stream, not at all affected by the scent of blood. Lia noticed both things at the same time. 'His fingernail cut me, though not enough to really hurt, not even enough blood to cry about. Yet, the smell did not send him into some kind of feeding frenzy.' “Yes.†Lia did not know what else to say. “No fear.†The troll set down and when he did, the whole world felt like it shook. He kind of looked like a cross between a tree and a rock again, at least his coloring did. She realized he took in his surroundings. He could blend whenever he wanted. Could he change into anything, despite what he was around? “Very well, though I do not know what else I am suppose to be feeling.†“I Gog, the Troll.†Confused, she answered, “I am A... Lia Finnegan.†He nodded. “Then we friends. No more fear?†“I guess not.†Honestly, she felt no ill will toward him. “Very good.†He held out a big meaty hand. Lia placed her small, fragile hand inside of his, suppressing the need to cringe in fear. When he shook her hand, her whole body felt like it would break. He could quite possibly be stronger than ten men put together. Trolls were decent people, at least Gog was. Of course it had to take her getting pregnant, then being forced to leave her home, for her to figure out how the world really worked. Nothing she had been taught was true. “What do you want to do Princess?†She cringed when he called her that. So he did know who she was? The troll placed a large hand on her shoulder, completely dwarfing her in size. “I could take you home. You could explain that in fear, you ran away.†With a shake of her head, the redhead stood. She took a deep breath, and looked at the Troll. She had to look way up in order for their eyes to meet. “No, thank you.†“No princess?†“I can not return to the castle and you can not tell anyone who I am. My life is in danger.†She gazed down at her stomach. “It is forbidden to have a baby out of wedlock and despite my situation, I would still be punished, even though I am of royal blood. The royals love to set examples with their younger peers.†She showed him her fake marriage license. “Out here I can at least stand a chance with this paper. With this, I'm married to a man who went missing. Back at the castle, they would know it was fake, as I'm meant to one day marry the prince from the next kingdom over.†“How did you come to have life in you? Did you break the rule on purpose?†Believe it or not, trolls were strict when it came to their rules. “Of course not. Someone forced their attention on me and this was the end result.†She did not want to explain any further. Not to a troll. Not to someone she had just met. He seemed to understand. “I will ask no more of it. I'm sorry you've been put in this hardship.†“Do I smell a bunch of jewels in your bag?†Trolls had sensitive noses and they liked to eat things like jewels and rocks. Rare jewels were hard to come by for them. Lia frowned. “Oh yeah, I better trade them in as soon as possible.†“Might I have just one?†Gog asked. Not sure she understood, she nodded, seeing no reason why she should not let him have one. He had been kind to her so far and trolls were things people feared, yet she did not. She handed him the brightest jewel. An emerald. It was as big as the palm of her hand, but looked like a small piece of candy when he held it. Surprised, she watched him pop it in his mouth, a look of pure delight on his face. “That was so good. Now you should go ahead and trade the rest.†It was not hard for her to trade them. The town people had a “Don't ask, don't tell,†kind of attitude. Everyone minded their own business and nobody would never expect the dirty girl to be the real princess. To start, she traded the jewels in for coins. When she was done, she had quite a lot of coins. So much, that they filled the rest of her satchel. Trying to look casual, she threw the bag over shoulder and walked around to the various shops, buying what she needed. When she was finished, Lia went out to the forest where Gog hid from the villagers. She shared her food with him, surprised and happy the troll enjoyed the same foods she did. She did not want to embarrass herself by asking if he ate raw meat and the types of meat he ate. She already knew he enjoyed rocks, as odd as that was. He seemed to understand her curiosity anyway. He told her that they did not eat maidens like rumors said, at least they hadn't for many centuries. For one thing, in the current state of poverty, most humans barely had enough meat on their bones to feed one child troll. He had to be joking. There were plenty of heavy men and women in the kingdom. “We rely on the land. On nature. Just like many species. We eat meat just like you. The women trolls do the hunting. The men and children stay at home. The men guard their family.†“Where does that leave you?†“I'm a wanderer like yourself. My family was killed in a raids. Somehow I was spared.†Lia lowered her eyes. She felt guilty for the actions of her species. Despite the fact that she now had more suitable clothes bought from the tailor, Lia continued to wear her filthy green and brown dress she had worn out of the castle, though she did take a dip in the stream and got rid of most of the filth and smell. People looked at her quite a lot, though that had to be due with her being a new face in town. They did not get many visitors. Gog and Lia agreed they would meet up in a few days time, giving her enough time to wander around town, hearing the royal gossip, getting the lay of the land so to speak. For reasons she did not quite understand, she wanted to stay with the troll. They seemed to have a lot more in common than one would think. She used coin to buy a room at the inn for three days. The innkeeper looked like an aging man, who seemed kind, like a grandfather. Lia did not know what it was like to have grandparents, though she suspected it was kind of like this. Being the youngest at the inn, the keeper hovered around her a lot, forcing her to eat two and three helpings at meal times and he talked to her in a kind voice. Called her things like “dear†and “child.†Despite not being of age to be out on her own, orphans commonly lived on the streets, surviving the only way they knew how. Luckily there were men like the innkeeper, who went by the name of Geod. He left out the leftover food he had once a day for whoever needed it. When Lia saw him do this for the first time, she felt an overwhelming endearment for him. She wished the royal family followed this kind of giving back. Instead of living rich, content and fat up in their castles, without real care to what went on with their people. When asked where she came from, Lia would shake her head. She'd tried to open her mouth once and found she could not say anything as she did not know what to say. So instead she said nothing. People assumed she was mute. The innkeeper knew better. She talked to him. “Why do you keep your voice inside of you?†Geod asked her the second day of her visit. “My dear Geod, I ask you, keep my secret. I'm new in town and I just find whenever I go to open my mouth, I do not know what to say, so I say nothing at all.†She frowned, rubbing a hand in her dirty red hair. Geod lead her to the tub in her room. She only ever allowed him into her room. “Bend over, I will help you wash your hair,†he offered. Sensing no perversion in his offer, Lia complied. It felt wonderful to have someone lovingly wash her hair, knowing he did it because he wanted to and not because he was ordered to. Lia realized in just the short time, Geod had come to love her like a daughter, and she cared deeply for him as well. She wanted to confide in him, anyone, but she was scared. The wrong person would use her to get back at her parents. For power, for money. Geod did not act the type, not that she wasn't still scared. “What will you do when your time here is over?†Geod asked her, fetching a towel and helping her dry her hair. There was no need for the help, but she allowed it. She knew the old man was lonely, despite having many guests come and go at the inn. He had no family that she knew about. “I don't know. Travel with my friend. See the world, before deciding where to settle.†“A male friend?†There was a slight look of old fashioned disapproval on the old man's face. “I guess you could say that,†she answered. “If I told you who my friend was you would think I was crazy.†So Lia explained what she could, leaving out the fact that she came from the castle. He was surprised, though he could not stop the look of curiosity. “A troll for a friend. My, I never heard of anything like that and I've lived for many years.†“I believe him when he tells me that his people are misjudged. You and Gog are the only ones I know. I have no one else and I want to travel.†“It's risky traveling with a troll, even if he is as good as you say. If anyone saw you with him, they would believe he took you by force and they would try to save you.†“I know.†“I'm too old or I'd offer to be your traveling companion, though I see you've made your choice?†She nodded. “Lia, if I may--- when I washed your hair, I saw the birthmark--- You are of royal blood or am I wrong?†Sucking in her breath, Lia felt a cornered chicken in the chicken coop. “I have not been truthful out of fear.†She had forgot about the royal birthmark concealed on her scalp. You could only see it when parting her hair. It had the shape of a shooting star. Everyone of royal blood had it on their body somewhere, even the bastard children born to the servants or commoners when someone of royal blood stepped outside their circle for a bit of fun. “Then what is your true story?†Still afraid, she told her tale starting with how she always dreamed of living outside the castle walls and how she did not want to be a princess, to the point of her attack and how she had traded place with her twin sister who lived as one of the kitchen maids because of the population control. She told him why she had to leave, because she was pregnant and not married and that her servants had helped forge her a fake marriage license. “I had a daughter once. I understand your desire for freedom. Getting out of the village was all she ever talked about, seeing the rest of the kingdom and beyond. She wanted to be more then just an innkeeper's daughter. She did not get to see her dreams come true.†“What happened?†Lia asked in a whisper. Geod looked down. His warm brown eyes shimmered with long ago memories. Good and bad. “She got sick. It was before your time, Princess. Many in the village got sick. Mostly children and many died over the course of a few years. Children more then adults, because their bodies were weaker.†“I'm sorry for your loss,†Lia said. She knew this happened years before she was born, but the pain was still fresh in the old man's eyes. “But why are you telling me this?†“Because I would have understood if she had done the same thing if she was in your shoes. How old are you?†“Seventeen,†Lia answered. She was of legal age to be married and have children. So that was some small comfort. At least she did not have to lie about her age too. It was profound how she could trust this person she had just met. How she could tell him her whole story and not be afraid? Lia felt comforted knowing she had someone she could confide in. Even if she would be leaving him to explore the world. She knew she could always come home and maybe she would have a home with him? He did seem to think of her as a daughter. “You are young, though you are a woman. I'll support you and even help you.†“How could you?†“The troll is big, so traveling long distances on foot won't tire him as much as you, being with child and all. If you want, you can take the horse in the barn. I'm getting much too old to care for her and she never gets the exercise she needs. I dare say she could use an adventure, too.†---- It was a mystery to Lia how she could walk freely around the village and nobody tried to stop her or force her back to the castle. She herself was a mystery. She wore dark clothing, her cloak wrapped around her slender body, hiding her gender. Her eyes were always down cast. People wondered who this person was, but nobody asked. The villagers minded their business. It was her last day at the inn. After telling Geod bye and promising she would come back and visit after she had an adventure, and that she would come back near the time for her baby's birth, Lia gathered her belongings and put them in her satchel. She didn't have much. Gog, the Troll guarded the rest of her coins as she could not fit them all in her bag. Gog, the Troll on the other hand had huge pockets. Lia walked to the old man's barn and saddled up the horse. “Come on girl. We're going to see the world.†The horse nickered at her, and the princess was sure in some way, the animal understood her. She figured if there were many a strange creatures in the world, then why couldn't animals understand human speech? "I have to tell you Penny, my companion might scare you at first, but I promise I won't let him eat you," she teased, though sure the brown horse gave her a panicked look. "I'm only kidding." She now had a plain brown cloak that she wrapped around her, the hood covering her hair. With the cloak, she could be mistaken for a boy far off. At least until they got close enough to see the dress beneath. She road Penny to the closest leather shop, tying the horse up to a post. She went inside and explained to the leather maker that she required a saddle better then the one Penny already wore. One more suited for her small frame and one that had more pockets for carrying goods. She was fixed up right away, surprising the man when she was able to pay in full. The "don't ask, don't tell" attitude of the villagers always came in handy. She tied her satchel to the saddle, and then set off for where Gog waited. "Surely you did not buy the horse." Gog stared amazed at the brown horse Lia rode toward him. She shook her head. "It was a gift from the old innkeeper. He knows our secret and he's to be trusted. He is like a grandfather if I were ever to have a grandfather. Do trolls have grandfathers?" Gog scratched his head with his huge hands. "Yes. We have to come from somewhere, don't we? We don't just pop up out of the ground like dwarfs." Lia laughed, feeling a little silly for asking such a question. "Of course trolls have grandfathers, and grandmothers too, and brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers and all the rest. But Gog dwarfs don't just pop out of the ground. They live underground, but I'm sure they are born like any other human-like species." "Have you ever met a dwarf? Did you ask him if he were born or if he popped out of the ground?" The troll asked. He sounded serious. Lia shook her head, trying to suppress a laugh. "That would be a rude thing to ask." Gog held his beefy hands up and grinned his razor sharp toothy grin. "Trolls are not exactly known for our manners." --- “Three days in the village went by quickly, and I did not learn much.†Lia told him about her stay at the inn and the friendship she had sparked with the innkeeper, and she admitted that she could not speak to anyone else out of fear. What if someone found out who she was? Geod did, but it turned out not to be a bad thing to let some people in. “If people see you with me and they know I am a troll and not a deformed man, they will believe I kidnapped you,†Gog said. If she really wanted to travel with him, then they would have to keep to the shadows whenever they were together. “But you did not kidnap me. I went with you by choice.†“Obviously, I know that and you know that, but how many of your people know everything said about my people are not true?†Gog said as they stirred a huge pot of rabbit strew. Lia insisted on helping, even though the pot and spoon were far too large for her. She could not watch when he had killed the rabbits, though he told her she would soon have to get used to hunting in order to survive, if she wanted to continue on her current path. “I'm sure none of my people know,†she admitted. “I would not have known either had I not met you when I did. Had not your eyes touched my soul.†---- Gog helped her up onto her horse. The troll grunted in a way that must have been his way of asking if she was comfortable. Lia felt as okay as could be expected. There were a combination of feelings running through her; she had no idea which one ruled. For now, she would just let the troll lead. She was used to following all her life. Though hopefully soon, she would be the one leading her own life. “Where are we going?†Lia asked as they wandered for what seemed like hours. She was not doing the walking, though she felt tired and sore from being on the horse for so long. Luckily, she always spent at least an hour on her horse back at home. Part of the perks of being royal, she supposed. She loved animals, even the ones the kitchen staff called vermin. The cute little mice and rats. “Going to see Elder Troll.†Confused, she half twisted around in her saddle to look at him. He had been walking slow on purpose so that he would always be behind her, and somehow the horse just knew where to go. She wondered if it was some kind of enchantment. The horse also did not show any fear toward the troll. The rain came out of nowhere. They had to quickly get to shelter, though she knew it had to be more for her, than for the troll. He did not seem to mind getting wet; he even seemed to enjoy it, as if it refreshed him. On the other hand, Lia found the rain a little annoying, though she supposed she would not have minded it under different circumstances. She wondered how long they would have to wait out this downpour. “Why are we going to see this Elder Troll of yours?†Lia said, having to yell to be heard over the heavy rain. She had a feeling Gog could hear her just fine though, but it seemed if she didn't scream, he would not be able to hear anything she said. “Elder Troll help girl.†“You mean me?†“No, the life inside of you,†he answered. She felt a heat come to her cheeks. Not the embarrassed kind, or the excited kind you get in intimate moments, but a different kind. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, though it did not hurt. She knew that she was running a fever, which was often normal during pregnancies. Despite the fever, she was not hurt, nor did she feel very sick. “You mean you can tell it is going to be a baby girl?†she asked, her voice in a hushed whisper. She could not even hear herself, though she had no doubt that the troll knew what she said. “There are a lot of things Trolls are not given credit for.†Gog sounded smug, but not in the way royal guys when they visited the castle to court her. She shivered at the thought. She had not liked even one of them. Despite the so called courting, she knew she was arranged to marry Prince Skylar from the neighboring kingdom, so she had no idea why she had to go through the courting phase with various men. Tradition she supposed. “I'm sorry I've just went by what we are told and what we see.†“What do you see?†“Often our people have gone missing and end up found later slain, some seem to be eaten and others are just dead, seemed drained of all life, and we've even heard the same things have happened to elf and dwarf tribes that live nearby our village.†“And it must be the Trolls fault?†“I'm sorry,†she repeated. “The Trolls and Dragons. Nobody knew who else it could possibly be. We know of no other creature who could cause so much damage.†Gog rubbed his chin, looking thoughtful. “It is true Trolls and even Dragons are capable of that much damage, and I'm sure Dragons possess something to “suck†life as you made it seem, but I've never been attacked by a Dragon. Have you ever been attacked by one, or a Troll? Have you seen any besides me?†“No I have not,†she admitted, feeling more heat flush to her face, this time for shame. She looked down, cringing at her soaked cloth covered feet. She wished she had better suited shoes for her journey. That was one thing she forgot to get when she bought things from the village. Gog seemed to read her mind, patting her so hard on the shoulder that she almost fell over. Luckily the Troll had been holding back his strength or else she would have really took a stumble. “We got good leather makers. Trolls do. Get you proper coverings for your wet feet.†“Mm, thank you.†He nodded. “You see we Trolls are not mindless killers. I can't speak for Dragons, myself, but from what I know, they usually just keep to themselves, hidden away somewhere.†“I'll meet your Elder Troll, then. But why do you say the Elder will help my baby? What is wrong with it-- her?†He avoided her eyes. “I can not say, Princess.†“Please do not address me as a princess. I do not want anyone to know. My baby? Please, what is it?†With a sigh, he gently pressed his finger tip against her still flat stomach. “You are much too small to carry this baby.†It was true, Lia did have a very small, almost unnatural frame. From behind, she still looked like a child. It was only when looking her dead on that you could tell she was much older. Her growth had been stunted ever since she turned eleven, though nobody could really tell her parents why. The same went for Fiona, of course nobody seemed to care much about that, except those who had raised her in the kitchen. It had to be some kind of gene defect, though neither the queen or king wanted to admit it might be their genes that were the blame. “I already knew I had to be too small for it, but I figured I would just have a more painful time during the birth, nothing more then that. What else is wrong? Why are you avoiding my eyes? What can the Elder Trolls do?†“I see your death. It is unknown but trolls are very good at sensing things like death and life. That is why I knew you had life inside you and that is why you can not hide this from any Troll even if you tried. But I also see death around that life. Yours. Having this child will kill you unless something is done to prevent that.†A fear like never she had known before traveled through her whole body. She shivered, tears in her eyes. She was not shivering because the cold or the rain. “What can be done?†she asked in a child like whisper. “There are choices. Your humans could offer you none other than to terminate the child before it becomes too grown inside you.†Her eyes widened. “Kill it?†“In a manner of speaking. They have herbs and the like to do that, and in extreme manners they could operate on you.†“That would surely kill me too.†“In most cases, yes.†“How do you know of our customs of... this kind of thing?†“Trolls keep away, though we can disguise ourselves with those things around us, including human beings. We like to watch and learn all we can. But mostly we stay out of the way. Our Elders on the other hand are like any other tribe's Elders, I'd assume. Trolls do not use magic like elves and dragons, though we do have some charms and things like that.†“If you don't use magic, then what is another way to save me from dying besides killing the...†She put her hands on her stomach. She did not have to finish. He knew. “We have an amulet. It has been with our people for many ages, though we do not remember where it came from. It protects the wearer from all things that would cause death. It does not protect from becoming hurt or getting sick, though it prevents death.†“Why would your Elders give this amulet to me, a mere human?†It was a justified question, though Lia hoped she did not offend Gog. He was being very thoughtful toward her so far. It was strange, but it kind of seemed like he was taking on a protective role. Maybe that was just the true way of a male troll? “I do not know if they will. I shall plead our case to them and see. It would only be a loan of course, until after you give birth. The amulet is a troll treasure, usually kept under lock and key, but once in a while when an unnatural death is sensed, the amulet will be loaned out to the troll in need.†“Why would you want to plead my case...? Why did you say “our†case?†she asked. It was still raining and the rain was so heavy, that she could not see Gog's face, knowing full well that he could see hers. “You did not run when you saw me. You took the time to listen to me. That means a lot to me. Trolls are loyal creatures, mostly to their own, but also to any creature who is kind to them. Like you. You remind me of tiny Troll kit.†'I've just been adopted by a troll,' was all Lia could think. Out loud she said, “You mean child?†“Child, kit, same thing to me and you.†“I am seventeen years old and I'm going to have a baby.†“Ah, but seventeen is very young in Troll years.†“How old can Trolls be?†“You are considered a kit, a child for the first fifty years, on your fiftieth birthday you come into trollhood, which is like when a human boy enters manhood or a human female starts her monthly gift.†She blushed, but said, “some of us can start that as early as nine years.†“That is why trolls believe humans grow up too fast, and to answer your question, the oldest known Troll to live was barely over two hundred in age. He died a couple years ago of old age. A very natural and peaceful death. The current oldest is one hundred and one years old.†The rain let down, so they ventured out of their shelter. Lia made sure her horse was prepared for another tiring journey. She hoped they were almost to the troll's den. In the back of her mind, she knew she should be afraid that she was being lead into a trap or something, though she really doubted that Gog was trying to trick her. On her horse, Penny, she turned back and looked at the troll. “Then how old are you if you talked about me being like a kit?†“I'm not yet an adult, though I am close. I am forty nine years old.†So kind of, in a way, they were around the same age. She only seventeen, almost entering adulthood and he only forty nine, about to enter adulthood as well.
  25. I'm looking for either a male or a female character for my female character. (This is why it is tagged as yuri. I do prefer a female, though!) This is a fantasy role play. With dragons and trolls, and a forest of zombies, and what have you. Rules: 18+ mature partner. No whiny, helpless characters. I don't want my characters to have to do everything. That's boring! Sexy stuff is okay, but only if there is a proper build up to it and it does not take away from the rp. I don't want this to end up being a PWP. So if you only want to rp for smut, than I'm not your girl. If you like plot and like to see where it can go, possibly leading to sexy stuff, than maybe I'm your girl. Care to find out? I think this is a one x one type role play. I'm not so sure about doing a group role play yet. So far I play two characters, a human girl and a troll. You can be either male or female, human or elf, or any other humanoid person. You can play a creature if you want. My troll is a boy, you can play a female troll. In this RP trolls are not bad creatures, but misunderstood because of their looks. (No mature troll romance... just... no) Give me an example of your writing through PMs. High casual to advanced writing. 3+ paragraphs a must! No oneliners! Name: Arlia (Lia) Age: 17 Bio: Arlia was taken advantage of by is now pregnant. She has to switch places with her twin sister so that she can escape the castle walls and avoid punishment for the taboo of being pregnant before being married. The only reason she has a twin to switch with is because of the Breeding Laws in the kingdom. Each family are allowed only one male child and one female child. The king and queen are very strict with upholding laws, or at least pretending to, so when they had twin daughers, one of them was hidden away and given to the kitchen staff to raise. Arlia found out about her sister through the words of her favorite mades when she was on her death bed. The twins quickly became close and each were willing to switch so that Arlia would not be pushed, because even as princess, she could still be punished.