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Found 105 results

  1. The Pact; Sci-fi/Fantasy Roleplay Thread Summary The Pact is a science-fantasy roleplay about futuristic space elves who find themselves invaded by an aggressive alien species and in the panic, the Elves of the planet Laell'ilen have turned to reviving ancient arts through the forming of a Pact; sacrificing something significant in order to bind beast, element, or spirit to the user for power. General Plot A small group of rag-tag Elves band together and play an instrumental role in spear-heading the counter-attack against invading forces. Information Elves have long since abandoned the practice of magic, seen and agreed upon as too dangerous and destructive.Elven culture is cooperative and creation-oriented. When they talk of welfare, they don't just mean the welfare of one, they commonly mean the welfare of the planet as a whole.Elves are bio-technological; they are essentially more organically inclined in ways exactly parallel to our mechanical society. We have a electric lights, they use bioluminescent lights.Elves still retain very low attunement to nature and the “superâ€natural; ghost stories aren't superstitious, they are only another plane of existence that they are familiar with and used to, and they are able to see changes in climate, nature, and weather that are imperceptible to humans.Humans are the aggressive invading alien species. In Elven perception, they are The Terminator. Humans are ugly, terrifying, aggressive, and nigh enduring creatures of destruction. They enjoy high stamina, high endurance, high pain tolerance, and high physical shock resistance (ie. they can endure invasive surgeries that cut up the body; Elves cannot, they would die of shock). Pacts Pacts can be made with: Schools of magic (fire, water, air, earth, light, dark, kinetic (think telekinesis))Elementals (fire, water, air, and earth golems or avatars)Spirits (shades or more animistic spirits; feel free to use your imagination)Beasts (gryphons, dragons, dire wolves, I don't care; feel free to use your imagination here, too)Pacts give you spells, the ability to manipulate the elements, supernatural abilities, or enhancements. Pacts with beasts become a companion-style relationship and you can gain the ability of the beast you are bound to (such as incredible eyesight and the ability to zoom if you make a pact with a giant eagle). Please do not choose things such as “flight†unless you intend to ride the beast you are bound to. Pacts require great sacrifice, and these must be both fairly severe and also relevant as incredibly important losses for your characters. Get creative! Some examples of sacrifices include: Mental; losing empathy, the ability to feel emotions, aspects of one's “humanity,†cognitive prowess, brain functions, etc.Physical; losing a sense (sight, smell/taste, touch), losing voice (becoming mute), losing limbs, becoming disfigured, partial or full paralysis etc.Existential; losing fertility, shortening life span, losing attunement to any other element or aspect except the one you bind to, losing loved ones, etc. Characters You character must be an Elf, but you are free to create/choose any typical RPG subspecies that you wish. You do not have to play an Elf who commits to a Pact, you can play a military-type or a civilian with a staunch resistance to the use of magic. Know that it is instinctive for Elves to feel the urge to turn to magic, and so it is a common internal struggle for someone who refuses to be seduced by the opportunity. The Game I want a small group for this (2-4 players maximum, including myself). Character must be approved because I want to make sure that they seemed balanced. Character Template [b]Name:[/b][b]Stage of Life:[/b] (Youth/Young Adult/Adult/Mature Adult/Elder)[b]Appearance:[/b](Be as brief or detailed as you wish)[b]Personality:[/b](Brief or thorough, it's up to you)[b]Background:[/b](Can be brief, be sure to bring up relevant information to the sacrifice made if it conveys the importance of it)[b]Ability:[/b](If applicable, describe Pact including what the character is bound to, what the character sacrificed, and what sort of spells/abilities/enhancements are gained from it)Any takers? Also, let me know if there's something too confusing or too convoluted. I originally made a pretty extensive setting and plot, and then realised it was probably way too detailed to be considered for a roleplay. I can modify this as is needed for accessibility purposes.
  2. Long ago in the sacred mists, Our Lady Diae with hamlike fists Did rend the earth asunder. We pay tribute to her divine blunder. --Inscription on the main lintel of the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae THE PLACE We begin in the midsize and bustling town of Elros, a charming, if not somewhat mundane, locale packed to the gills with all the features one might expect as standard of such a town--bored sons of merchants, squabbling housewives, a mysterious and significant-seeming cat sitting in every third window. The thrust of the adventure, however, takes place in and around the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae. The temple is located at a convenient distance from the town, but not so convenient as to not qualify as an adventure. Being the thirty-fourth out of thirty-seven temples for Diae, it is not particularly important, and the crack over which it is located is generally regarded as a mistake by Diae. However, the surrounding woods and very swampy swamps hold their own particular charm. THE OBJECTIVE You received the following letter just a few days ago: Dear __X__, I am writing to you because you have recently come to my attention as a being of spirit, courage, and having extra time on your hands. I believe you know of the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae. A rumor has recently come to my attention that an artifact of significant value and unknown may lie within its depths. Because I am a man of relatively substantial means and unreasonably little patience, I must obtain this artifact at once. I will provide for the majority of your supplies.Should you accept this quest, I can offer you an impressive amount of gold and enough liquor to drown a goat. You will recognize the artifact by its radiant paint job and general aura of mystery and oldness. Please reply in haste. Yours, Geraldo Bombersput. TL;DR Standard medieval/fantasy setting, retrieving kinda crappy artifact from kinda crappy temple because kinda rich guy is paying you to, swamps, adventure, fun times. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Just something I thought might be fun, plus I need to practice and get the RP-ing going again. Post if you're interested! Open to all sorts of characters. Yay!
  3. This is a long shot, but I'm looking to do a Davis x Ken pairing that takes place several years after the end of 02. Dunno about the story, but we can hash it out if somebody is actually interested!
  4. The year was 1926 and the only thing you could hear on the streets of Harlem was the ruckus being kicked up over by The Cotton Club. If anyone was anyone worth knowing in this rag tag town, you would be able to see them here. The Cotton club was a nightclub that opened up in 1924 by heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, now a days the joint was run by local criminal king pin and celebrity Owney Madden. This place was ranked high on the Police's 'Prohibition Violator's list', but even though inside the booze ran free like ever flowing fountains, the corrupt cops sitting at tables next to the mobsters made sure that the smooth jazz kept coming. This place was in the heart of the theater district. The famous Apollo Theater was just down the road. There was a stammer of people trying to get inside as Cab Calloway was setting up on stage for his performance that night. The side walk was barriered off down a block on either side of the club by a flood of yellow cabs. The line of people out the door was almost a hundred long and none of them seemed to be complaining about the wait. The women were wearing the latest fashions, short jackets lined with fox fur covering up their flapper dresses, matching cloche hats covering up their finger curls. The men were dressed to the nines in swell suits, they formed a sea of black pinstripes. When you were lucky enough to get a glimpse inside this place might as well be a visual representation of New York City's most wanted. It was lively and ritzy looking, a preshow band was playing up on the big stage as the tables were filling up quick. The more important crowd was closer to the back in fenced off private tables. That was where Jeanie worked. She was one of the waitresses for the private tables. Her job was to keep the Rag- a - muffins and riff raff away from these tables, unless she was instructed otherwise by an owner. It was a good job and she normally made a lot of jack money by the end of the night. Some of the really bad criminals gave her the heebie - jeevies, but she wasn't complaining. Jeanie was behind the bar filling up her tray with drinks when she heard a voice behind her. "Jeanie May Greenwald, that table has been expecting their drinks for twenty minutes now! I expect you to be hitting on all sixes tonight, were gonna be a packed house!" Her supervisor stood behind her as she looked back over her shoulder with a shy smile. "Sorry Jimmy, I'm going as fast as I can." Jeanie flashed those pearly whites and batted her long eye lashes at him. He shook his head with a smile and just waved his hand at her. "Alright Dame, just pull it together." With that he walked away to go see how Cab Calloway's band was doing with set up. Jeanie wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. "Phew-!" She said in relief. Her tray all filled she made her way across the back of the club. Jeanie was wearing the Cotton Club waitress uniform, which was more of a showgirl outfit. Black leotard covered in clear rhinestones with a short black flapper skirt. The tassels covered her when she was standing still, but when she moved they swayed from side to side showing some skin. She held her tray up like a statue above all the people bustling by her making their way to their seats or the bar. There was a wide proud grin on her face, bright big green eyes glistening at any Daddy who would take notice and glance at her. Her short blonde hair bounced as she sauntered her hips from side to side with every step. Her bangs were in perfect finger curls on her forehead and a decorative black sequin head band stretched around holding her holding three red feathers on the left side of her head. Finally Jeanie made it over to the table that was awaiting their drinks. There were three grumpy looking men with their fedoras turned down to cover their faces a bit. None of them looked up at her as she approached the table, but a fourth man, clearly the one with all the cash indeed did greet her. His hair was slicked back and he wore a grin that gripped his fat cigar. "Why hello Sweetheart. Are those the drinks me and my boys ordered?" There was something about his personality that just made you want to like him. To Jeanie that meant he was trouble. "Why they sure are Mister!" She said with a bit of a sway to her hip. She then put down all the drinks on the table. Suddenly the lights in the club began to dim and an announcer came up to the podium up front on stage. There was a spot light on this charming man who Jeanie knew to be Herman Stark the stage manager for the club. "Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Well I won't waste your time talking. Just wanted to give a big thank you to Mr. Madden for humbly inviting all of us to this Joint for a night of fun!" With that there was rouse of applause, but it quickly died down as Herman continued. "Now without further ado, I am proud to introduce, the one, the only, Cab Calloway!" There was a roar of sound caused by applause from the crowd. Jeanie simply nodded to the men who were now much more interested in the stage up front than her. "If I can do anything for you boys, just holler!" She said before walking away to take care of some other orders from the tables in her area.
  5. Hi I started this rp in the Student section. pretty straight forward; Setting: 1926 Cotton Club in Harlem, NYC Not really planning any specific plot yet, feel free to make up a character or play a real historical figure - mobster, police, singer, anyone If you have any questions post them here. For a little bit of help you can look up 1920's lingo here: