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Found 49 results

  1. Adventure in Kanto To celebrate our monthly theme (and the franchise in general with all the very exciting news that's going on this month and the next), I wanted to start a massive Pokemon RP! This will be a very loose RP. Anybody is allowed to join, and anybody is allowed to leave. You can drop in and battle some trainers while they're on their way, you can play as a Nurse Joy that some of the other players visit at a Pokemon Center, you can play a Pokemon... You can do whatever! The setting will be in Kanto, as that's just a very familiar region for most of us. However, all generations and canons are allowed. There's no set story--this is just a loose adventure for everybody to enjoy as they may. If you get bored, please just find a way to remove your character from the story so others can continue. No god modding. Try to like not have Arceus or something on your team. Come on. This RP will also be open to Students. Feel free to discuss details here or post your character sheets here. I'll probably start the topic tomorrow.
  2. A Tale of Two Sisters

    Link to discussion: Gwen, short for Gwendolen, was a young halfling, she lived with her mother and little sister, just young enough to still be a child, but old enough to question her womanhood. She was short like all of her species, still a few inches shorter than her mother, at three feet and a few inches, her hair thick, wavy and permanently messy even immediately brushed, her mane littered with braids that had feathers and beads weaved into it, but mostly it just hung in wavy, brown chaos around her shoulders. Her eyes were the brightest green only brighter when accented by her green dress, held tightly to her budding body beneath a muted yellow vest. They lived on the outskirts of a human village, making their way by fishing and tending a small garden, the three of them generally had no problem tending to the chorus, but on this hot summer afternoon, Gwen was doing twice as many chores, her mother gravely sick. The work kept her mind occupied, kept her from thinking of her mother's illness and wondering how she would ever take care of her little sister without her mother. The dirt stained her cheeks, but was marred by streaks that marked where tears had riveted down her face, but now her green eyes were clear, focused with determination to finish the task at hand before the sun fell. Across her back she carried a sack that held most of her crop and what she would sell at market tomorrow a task she had never undertaken alone, always her mother had stood beside her, teaching her fair price, instructing her on how to haggle with the humans who looked down their noses at them. Of course, most of the money she would make would go to medicine for her mother. They would have to cut back severely this winter, fish wouldn't last long, no one could hunt, any dried meats would have to be purchased, the funds to do so with would be limited. Gwen hated thinking of money, it depressed her, until her mother's illness she had been happy, carelessly fooling around with little fear or worry of what tomorrow would bring, never had money crossed her mind, she understood that the more they had the better, but didn't truly comprehend the value until now. She felt her eyes growing heavy with tears again and she willed them away, wiping the dirt stains, and the tear streaks away with her arm, now darkened with dirt from her days work. She dropped the sack at the front of their little hut, just big enough for the three of them, the house held little purpose beyond storage and a place to sleep, while there was a small kitchen, they mostly cooked outside. Beside her sack sat her little sister's, earlier in the day she had sent her younger sibling to go try her hand at fishing after she had grow restless from gathering, it was a very mundane and boring task. She knew her sister hadn't been happy that she'd refused to go out and play with her, even more so that instead of just letting her go off and play, she had sent her off to another chore. Still she hoped she had caught something for supper, though doubtful she was still fishing, more likely she had begun playing in the shallows and scaring off the minnows. Gwen dragged both sacks into the hut and stored away what they would keep, with a heavy heart she stored the less desirable pieces and left the more luscious fruit in the sack to sell. Generally, they would keep the most delectable pieces for themselves, but they needed the money. Quickly, Gwen finished up and headed out, the sunset was deep with rich hues, the fading sunlight reminding her to hurry to find her sister instead of to play more as it had in days past. When once she would have danced and cart wheeled down the hill to the river, now she walked with heavy foot steps, her feet pounding in her brown boots, she never remembered her feet hurting in days past when she'd been too preoccupied with having fun.
  3. [Private] Just for Show

    Rhinona watched in terror from her hiding spot under the bed as heavy feet stomped around her bedroom. Her mother could be heard from outside screaming and arguing. Keeping her breathing as silent as possible, petite hands covered her delicate mouth and her wide storm grey eyes inched along following the intruders’ movements. They had only been here for a few moments searching for her but to Rhinona moments felt like hours. Her family had just returned from the spring festival. All the people were in attendance. Young woman danced in the meadows while the men participated in tournaments. She had been picked by the elders to perform the ceremonial dance of spring, a great honor with her people. And now she was cowering under her bed hiding for her life. How quickly the mood of the day could be destroyed. Finally though from what Rhinona saw the booted men had left, leaving her in peace. Sensitive pointed ears twitched lightly, listening for any sounds to give away the men but she heard nothing. Her mother had grown silent too, they must have left. Releasing a sigh of relief Rhinona crawled out from under her bed. Unfortunately though her grey eyes caught sight of her mother gagged and bound by two men outside. Fear swelled in the young elf again as she felt a rag coming to her face covering her nose and mouth. A struggled breath brought about a blurred vision and a thick sickly sweet scent clouded her senses. The following event occurred as though it happened in a hazy nightmare. There was her mother yanking against the intruders her face contorted in a scream but no sound came from her mouth. Rhinona’s father was punched in the gut and he fell to his knees doubled over slower than time should have allowed. Her older brother was pinned down on the ground bright green blood running from his broken nose, a heavy foot held against his neck. All Rhinona could feel was confusion and the rough tugging on her arms before the world went black. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A dull aching throbbing pain inside her skull roused Rhinona, forcing a weak groan out of her mouth. Pain seared through her blood as she opened her eyes allowing the bright light to shine in her face. She was lying down on some sort of medical bed. Struggling to sit up a voice called to her from thin air. “I’d be careful moving around. Delicate pointed ears twitched at the sound painfully and her hand came up to feel this particular extremity of her body. Her fingers brushed against polished metal that curved intricately around the inner workings of her ears. Wincing slightly at the pain she felt from touching the new piercings Rhinona moved her hand along the side of the bed to fully push herself up to a seated position. The voice sounded again. “Luckily you had less work done on you, it was all superficial. Just piercings and brandings.†Glazed grey eyes searched the room for the speaker but found no one. Instead there was a device placed on the bedside table where the sound was coming from. There was a camera as well pointed at her, recording her every move. “W-Who are you? W-Where am I?†The voice responded from the small device. “Do not worry; you are in the recovery room. You were asleep for quite some time. The boys appeared to have used too strong of a chemical on you. I’m Nicholas, your keeper, servant, doctor, and whatever else you may need me to be.†Rhinona inclined her head confused. “But you’re a box?†A smooth masculine laugh sounded from the doorway and her head whipped around to see a tall man standing there, his red hair grazing his eyes in length, a warm smile on his face. But Rhinona noticed the small details about him. “You’re not of my kind.†His smile dropped and he explained she was no longer on her home planet. She had been acquired by the master of the house. “Why am I here?†Her voice was soft in sorrow but she would not allow that to hide the determination of finding answers. Nicholas took a deep breath before starting. “Some time ago the Master asked to have entertainment. We brought a variety of people but none of them suited his tastes. Finally he asked for dancers. That’s where you and the other young lady come in. You are to be his entertainers.†Rhinona’s face paled and she thought about what else they meant by entertainment. Nicholas must have noticed her discomfort before quickly stopping her train of thought. “Please do not panic, you are here only for dancing. The master has no intention of being intimate with you at all.†Grey eyes rolled. Like that makes it all better. Extending a hand Nicholas attempted to ease her fear. “Come now, let us find you a proper outfit before we meet with the other dancer. Rhinona took his hand and followed him though several corridors into a room where he left her momentarily in the care of two female attendants. When he returned Rhinona was dressed in a sheer wrap around dress with the halter strap twisting to the back and the hemline longer in the back in a deep shade of purple. The dress clung to her curves faithfully, revealing the feminine figure she was gifted with. A smile graced Nicholas’ lips for a moment before he spoke. “Lovely. Now come with me and we shall meet the other dancer and her personal attendant.â€
  4. PG-13 Coral Ice vs Plushie

    “A sentient toy?†Coral Ice fixed a steady gaze at the plush toy before her. He was puny, with buttons for eyes and soft fur all over his body. He had a tuft of hair on his head and his soft legs were on either side of a wooden rocking horse. He was, simply put, in every way a plushie. Coral Ice did not play with plush toys as a child. Any toy with soft parts was a choking hazard for young werewolves with growing fangs, so the kids in her land entertained themselves with bones, hardened meat and tree bark. She could feel goose pimples appearing all over her human skin as she watched this soft, fluffy, pulpy thing looking back at her. “You’re a toy,†she declared to the thing, feeling embarrassed already that she was even acknowledging its presence, “you’re supposed to be lying limp and flat for children to fling you around, and dogs to chew on. You’re not supposed to be standing here looking at me intelligently.†Coral Ice had been en route to Cephilis, a kingdom that had for some mysterious reason garnered the attention of the vampires back in her homeland. Curious to find out what draw it had over their political rivals, the chief of her pack had tasked her to reach the place first. Coral Ice had investigated the shortest possible route, which seemed to lead straight towards a plushie crusader. “Now make way,†she said next. “And get off that ridiculous excuse for a horse. It can’t even travel short distances. I’d step over you if I could, but I don’t want to smash you to smithereens.†To be honest, Coral Ice didn’t mind smashing the thing to smithereens. She was, however, cautious that there might be a larger trap laid for her. That plush toy was just a bit too weak to be true, and appearing before her just like that was fishy. The worst trait for an Assassin to have was complacency. Her eyes flickered watchfully to the area around her. They were in a wide open field, with few trees, and a pathetic excuse for a pond, with 1 lone fish darting about inside. It was spring, and the poppy flowers were in full bloom, releasing irritating pollen into the air. It was all a sunny, bright place. Coral Ice would have loved to stay here for longer, but she had a mission to complete, and like all things in life, she wanted to do it fast. The sun shone down on her body, causing perspiration to seep out of her skin. She bent her body and arched her back, preparing to turn into wolf form should anything startling occur.
  5. PG-13 Magic: The Boy Who Lived

    A sliver of a man was looking out at the two women, a man with long black hair parted in curtains around a sallow face and black eyes. “Narcissa!†said the man, opening the door a little wider as one of the women threw back her hood. “What a pleasant surprise!†“Severus,†was her strained reply. “May I speak to you? It’s urgent.†“But of course,†he stood back to allow both sisters to pass him into the house. They were in a sitting-room with a musky smell of books coming from the leather-bound copies along the walls. Whoever their owner was did not seem to have paid them much mind, for the entire room was covered with neglect and dismay. Snape gestured Narcissa and Bella to the sofa, taking the armchair opposite for himself. “So, what can I do for you?†“We… we are alone, aren’t we?†Narcissa asked quietly. “Yes, of course. Well, Wormtail’s here, but we’re not counting vermin, are we?†He pointed his wand at one of the books behind him, which turned out quite expectedly to be a trapdoor opening to reveal a frozen small man. “Oh!†Narcissa exclaimed. She was not looking at Wormtail, or the pile of books around him, but her gaze was fixated at a shadowy figure at the other corner behind Snape, his face cleverly concealed by the darkness. He was seated on an armchair as well, and seemed to be dressed in olden Greek robes, rather than the black wizard ones. “And you may pay him no mind as well,†said Snape lazily as Wormtail noisily brought in wine. “He is insignificant.†“Nonsense! Narcissa isn’t going to talk to you in the presence of an obvious stranger!†shouted Bellatrix, standing up hotly. “I already have tried my best to dissuade her from foolishly divulging her secrets in present company, but the presence of an unknown figure who would not even show his face amongst the company of the Dark Lord’s followers is a grave insult!†She paused, her chest rising and falling rapidly, the colour high in her cheeks. Behind her Narcissa sat motionless, her face hidden in her hands. “It seems I have sparked a family quarrel,†sneered the figure, his voice low and gravelly. “I apologise for my tactlessness. I should’ve left, it seems, when visitors arrived.†He started to get out of his seat. “Please be seated,†said Snape, holding out a hand in reassurance. “The Dark Lord has implicit trust in you, and so do I. I know you will say nothing of what transposes among us tonight, and may even give sounder counsel than I can to my ailing friend Narcissa here. Now… you came to ask me for help, Narcissa?†Narcissa looked up at him, her face eloquent with despair. Bella kept her eyes transfixed on the stranger, who had calmly returned to his seat once more. “Yes, Severus. I- I think you are the only one who can help me, I have nowhere else to turn. Lucius is in jail and…†“Narcissa, if you are imagining I can persuade the Dark Lord to change his mind, I am afraid there is no hope, none at all.†“Severus… my son, my only son…†She let out a choke and fell to the ground, pulling at her long blonde hair. Bella knelt beside her, while Severus caught her squarely by the shoulders and steered her back on the sofa. “He won’t succeed! Draco won’t succeed!†she sobbed. “This is punishment for Lucius’ crime, isn’t it? I know it is. Oh, you must help Draco!†The figure’s voice rang out nonchalantly, an indifferent voice in the tensed atmosphere. “It’s only a matter of destroying a human, isn’t it? I shall take the load off your shoulders, Severus, in exchange for your hospitality today, and this excellent elf-made wine. Why, back where I came from, elves were quite incapable of making anything but mana. You absolutely must give me the recipe.†He stood up again, his hands crossed to his hips. “And in return, I shall help you Murder this wizard.†He did not seem to have noticed a strange curl in Snape’s upper lip.
  6. The After

    It's sort of funny, when you think about it. We all thought it would be something other than what it turned out to be. The popular ones were economic collapse and shifting of the Earth's magnetic poles. How those two gained such a following, I have no idea. As far as I was concerned, zombies seemed just as likely as anything else. I guess, if you really think about it, they were all perfectly plausible theories. The only problem was that they were perfectly plausible theories that no one paid any attention to. In the end, it was climate change that got us. Climate change. You're thinking, 'Climate change? Seriously? Come on Karma, you can do better than that.' Honestly, I wish I could say that it was zombies. But the truth is that scarier than hordes of the undead is the kind of chaos that follows after someone sees ice on an orange in Florida. One minute you're just walking to your job, the next minute there's the National Guard rolling up on Main Street telling you that water and gasoline are being rationed and that in order to maintain peace martial law has been declared. Ho baby, I wish you could've seen it. Peace my ass. The second someone decided to use the words 'martial' and 'law' in the same sentence, I should've known we were fucked. But it took me until the water shortages to really believe that something bad was happening. After we sucked the Great Lakes dry and science still hadn't figured out a way to distill sea water fast enough to distribute it to the population, people started to act a little crazy. No one trusted anyone else. It was every man for himself, steal or be stolen from, kill or be killed. Pretty brutal stuff, if I do say so myself. The kind of stuff that you usually only saw in movies. And the government? God, what a joke. Some people remained who believed that the government would come to our rescue, but those people were few and far between. For the most part, everyone understood that once the grocery stores stopped getting restocked and once the paychecks stopped coming, we wouldn't be able to count on anyone other than ourselves. Fortunately, the news programs remained running just long enough for us to get a picture of what was going on in the rest of the world. One word resonated throughout every report, and its three letters were deceptively unassuming: b-a-d. Bad in Russia. Awful in China. Even worse in the Middle East. With violence and destruction everywhere and not even a whisper of a safe place, we had no choice but to turn our TVs off and focus on what was happening at home. Not that it mattered. The news stations went down soon after. I'd like to say that there was a defining moment in which the world went from being "normal" to being the Hell-hole that it is now. But it was more like the rapid decline from sanity to madness. In less than a month, all of society's schizophrenic tendancies and hysteria surfaced and took control. Its rational mind was supressed to the point of extinction, leaving unforgiving nothingness in its wake. Now, all that remains of what the world used to be are skeletons of cities; a flawless infrastructure whose sole purpose is to facilitate the travel of maurauders. These people -- among whose ranks I can be counted, much to my chagrin -- are the few survivors of this world who are able to live only by taking from others. We can scavange most of what we need, but sometimes that isn't quite enough. And when that happens, we'll do whatever we have to. We'll hurt. We'll mame. We'll even kill. But above all of that, we survive. And I think, if you could see the way I'm trying to live, I think you would be able to understand. I need to survive, because if I don't...well, I just need to. The year is 2157*. My name is not Karma, but that's what I'll be called because that is the name that defines who I am now. I'm writing all of this down with the hopes that when you read it, whoever you are, everything that I experience will bring you one step closer to surviving The After. *see below reply for date clarification ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! So, obviously this (what I have above) is your standard, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Beyond that, though, I haven't really developed it much. Don't take that to mean that I don't have any idea about where I'd like the plot to go, because I do, but it also means that I'm open to whatever ideas you're willing to bring to the table. Thus far I've kept my ideas restricted primarily to humans and human-like activity, but if you want to introduce any sort of humanoid or cyborg or anything else that one would expect to see in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, I'm definitely willing to accommodate that! What I'm looking for right now is a partner or two who are willing to bring their OCs into this universe to operate in the "present," which would be the future in relation to what I have posted above. Preferably, there would be no interaction between my character and the characters who are introduced until the very end of the roleplay at which point I had envisioned some sort of fateful, emotional meeting that ended in violence and bloodshed. But, like my openness to altering the specifics of the universe, I'm open to altering the plot too. My ideas are far from set in stone, and I'm more than willing to listen to the ideas of anyone who's interested in this. It's been a little while since my last roleplay so I'm a bit rusty, but I promise that a post or two will see me knocking out replies like the best of them. I'll have my expectations for post length and what have you listed under the classifieds soon enough, and I'm hoping to get a profile of Karma up within the next week or two. If you're interested, feel free to message me and I'll throw you my contact information so we can discuss this in a little more detail. Thanks for letting me talk at you guys! I hope you're interested! Sara
  7. PG-13 Blood and Talon

    Time was a resource of plentiful supply in the underground empire of Noirarth. Everything proceeded at a much slower pace down below, away from the interference of light – which was so often the grand arbiter of time above ground. Light dictated when people slept, how long people worked, when people felt the most energetic. Down in Noirarth, the people were free from the disruption – or rather, in their case, hazard – of light. And so they determined their own time. They worked as slowly as they chose and took as much time as they liked about everything. Gradually, it seemed, without their realising it, they were also starting to think very slowly. It had been a month since Darkness, the eternal queen of Noirarth, had disappeared, and nobody seemed to have paid much notice at all. A month in Noirarth was akin to a minute in their eyes. It certainly didn’t help that those who did know pretended they didn’t. And so life in the compact underground cities went on under the pretext of normalcy. No one talked about Darkness, but no one made an effort not to talk about her either. And under this cover, Angus plotted. There was no illusion for a second that he would be the only one. Of course he would have competitors to the throne of new ruler, except that none of them dared reveal themselves till they had acquired a substantial amount of political clout. And true to their heritage, everyone would wait years if they had to, accumulating support, thwarting plots, always maintaining a harmless, friendly façade before their competitors. Angus knew all their tricks. He disliked boasting, but he must admit that up to now, no one had beaten him in the political game yet. How else had he been able to gain Darkness’ favour and become one of her most trusted advisors? The moon was hanging in the sky overhead, a crescent slit, as if one of the boorish werewolves had accidentally torn a shred out of the darkness. Angus wouldn’t put it past them, if it had been possible to do so. Werewolves were silly and lacked finesse. Then again, what finesse would one have if one was always clawing away at everything? He had seen some of them hunt, and he was sure the vampires were unparalleled. And here was an unsuspecting human, walking right into one of his traps. The human had no time to react. A bat shot out from behind the covers of a tree, flying past his neck. He felt a short, sharp pain, just a slit on his neck. A few drops of blood trickled out. He dabbed a hanky on the cut, thinking nothing of it. The bat rested on a branch, waiting. The man took a few steps forward and crumpled to the ground. He writhed for a moment, and then was still. The bat flew out towards the man, hovering in mid-air. Its short stubby legs extended into human trousers, its outstretched wings became arms, and its small face turned into that of Angus, a slight smile forming on his lips. That had been easy. The human was probably foreign to these parts. He lowered his body, glanced around to ascertain that he was alone, and started to feast. It was with an air of immense self-satisfaction that Angus returned to his lair, a tastefully but not extravagantly furnished house. Human blood was one of the finest luxuries, and as such, he had carefully saved a few drops to garnish his next meal and save him the trouble of going above ground again to hunt. And of course, one must also consider that human blood was an excellent choice of gift on special occasions. And he was right smack in the middle of a truly special occasion indeed. He reclined on his comfortable seat, letting his mind drift into a state of semi-rest, as he considered whom he should strike up relations with in order to secure his spot. Who knew when Darkness would return? Though really, if she did, he could just set aside his plans for the next time. He was a man with time on his hands, after all.
  8. A Tale of Two Sisters (HH & Ero)

    Link to story: This is a story between HerculeHastings and myself. It is loosely based of the game "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" where our characters will go trapezeing across the land trying to find a cure for our ill mother. We are undecided on race but looking at a variation of halfling/hobbit. Ideas for issues along travels. Kidnapped. Invited into house and are almost eaten by (insert mean race here). Saving (a) pixie(s) and reuniting her with her sisters. Saving a mermaid from something... (Pirates! I'm so not above snatching ideas from other things) Mercy kill(someone or thing already dying) Since this story is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey I hope to write out a timeline of sorts and will post it here.
  9. Some time ago she had entered through the fragile grandiose glass doors. Time of being unused has taken its deadly toll on the building. Once a welcoming home, the hotel has decayed into ruins. Stepping around a pile of rubble near the old sign in desk she found a book lying there, decrepit and barely legible. As gentle as possible the visitor opened the book at the entry log and ran her fingers down the page. A distinct hand stood out to her. A slender finger traced the name in remembrance. Underneath her fingertips in faded ink lay her own name; Raine Bellereace. Her thoughts had swirled back to the day she first signed in. It was here that she met her closest friends. How long ago had that been? Months? Years? She could hardly remember anymore. Shaking the memories’ cobwebs from her mind’s eye Raine focused on the place in front of her. It would take a bit of cleaning up if she planned to restore this building back to its original glory. She pulled her long wavy brown hair up into a delicate ballerina bun and started right at the information desk. A broom, dustpan and a rag had been waiting to be used it seemed. Working as diligently as she could to get things set she had come across several oddities, hotel keys to be exact. When her fingered brushed against the cool metals images of different lands clouded her mind. It had seemed that the hotel had its own way of improving as well. Now all that was left was the grand opening. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come one, come all, students and graduates alike. Enter into a world where fantasy and reality collide. This is a revamp of the S*T hotel for those of you who happen to remember. If you don’t remember it’s alright, if you never had the chance to join it’s ok, if you have no idea what I am babbling about we still encourage you to join us. In my endeavors back to this particular memory lane I have encountered several artifacts; keys to be exact. These keys must have room keys for the hotel at one point but oddly none of them appear the same. What I did find out though is that these keys have gained a rather interesting power thanks to the magic of S*T that has preserved them and redesigned them. I have discovered that each key leads to a different dimension. The key you choose is completely up to you. By choosing your hotel key you are brought to a dimension based on your preferred style of rping. You will have a friendly scholar join you on your adventures. We are there to nudge you along, assist you when you are stuck, to simply play along with you and students we are there to help you graduate. Sadly though as it may be this is a work in progress. Any and all ideas are welcome. Currently the room keys are as follows (images may be added either here or in the beginning post): Clockwork key – steampunk/industrial Keyblade – fantasy Rusty key – historical Housekey – reality/present day Cybernetic key – sci-fi/mecha/futuristic Destroyed key – apocalyptic These are based more so on locations of where these genres may be placed than the content. Please let me know here or in PM if I have left any out or you are confused as to where a particular genre may go. Romance is allowed in all dimensions, battles are allowed in all dimensions, adventure/quests are allowed in all dimensions. All that I ask is that you remain courteous to your fellow members. I hope to see all of your RSVPs soon to the grand opening.
  10. The Genesis Era

    It was a hot day. Large crowds of foreign dignitaries milled into the stadium, eagerly chattering away in anticipation of the show that was about to be performed in front of their very eyes. Soldiers in towering suits of metal and kevlar stood by the various entrances, hefting impressive guns as a warning to anyone who might threaten to disturb the peace. It was of utmost importance that nothing went wrong today, for it was the unveiling of the United States's latest superweapon to the world. ExoSuit ESX-58, "Spectre". It had been nearly 15 years since the megacorporation, FutureTech Industries, revealed the first ExoSuit. Even back then, it was an astounding breakthrough in technology, providing innumerable advantages to the average soldier. Super strength, enhanced battlefield awareness and invulnerability to conventional firearms were three of its numerous selling points. The ExoSuit changed the landscape of war, rendering traditional strategies and weaponry useless. The US and Chinese militaries imported vast numbers of these ExoSuits, hoping to equip every soldier with one by the year 2050. Since then, there have been countless improvements made to the original ExoSuit, with each country going on its own developmental path to create their unique breed of super soldier. Demonstrations such as these were a show of might, a way of waging war without harming lives. Deterrence, in a way. That was the reason why so many world leaders were gathered at Phoenix, Arizona to witness the demonstration this day. It would take a fool to interrupt such a heavily-guarded event. "AS-08X, Seraph Excalibur, in position. Operation Ghostbuster will commence in T-minus 10 seconds. 9. 8. 7..." As the applause from the audience began to fill the air, a lone figure moved out of the shadows and approached the entrance to the grand stadium. It resembled an ExoSuit in a way, but its features were more sleek, almost alien-like. Streaks of blue light trailed behind the suit reminiscent of wings, and the suit hovered in the air, its feet just a few inches off the ground. The guards on duty raised their gauss rifles, training them upon the newcomer with honed lethality. "Halt! Identify yourself!" One of them spoke, as he slowly approached the figure. The other seemed to be speaking into a microphone, presumably calling for reinforcements. The figure halted, allowing the soldier to reach within arms' length. "Turn around and put your hands up- hey!" Moving faster than the eye could see, the Seraph Excalibur darted to the right as the soldier in the ES-22 "Gallant" suit fired off a few rounds, turning around to follow its movements. As the soldier raised his gun, there was a flash and an arc of light, and then his arm lay severed on the ground, the gauss rifle landing with a great crash. He barely had time to scream, however, as the next slash took his head cleanly off, leaving him to kneel down and collapse in a pool of blood. "Mayday! Mayday! Unknown hostile at entrance 15! We need backup- AAARGGHH!" The Seraph Excalibur pulled the plasma blade out of the soldier's abdomen, dropping his corpse onto the ground with a lazy action. "Going in," the man in the suit whispered. The whole stadium was in disarray now, as the sounds of the battle outside reached some of the audience. More soldiers were running here and there, evidently attempting to control the situation as they dispatched more men to the scene. Their reactions were too slow. The Seraph Excalibur flew into the middle of the stage, where the new suit was located. The Spectre. To the pilot's credit, he seemed pretty calm despite all the confusion in the area. As the newcomer floated down to meet him, he raised a large pistol and pointed it straight at his forehead. "I don't know who you are, buddy, but you picked the wrong place to make a scene," he declared. "By doing this, you have incurred the wrath of the entire United States upon yourself. Not that you'll be alive for much longer. I am, after all, Richard Stone, one of America's ace pilots, in my country's most advanced ExoSuit. I don't know how your magic suit can maintain propulsion for so long, but it's not going to save you from me." About twenty guns were trained on him at this point of time, with the soldiers forming a wide arc around the dome-shaped stage. "... You're noisy." A vein popped in Richard's head. "What did you say?! Who the hell do you think you are anyway?!" His finger pulled the trigger- The Seraph had weaved to the side, a plasma blade extending from each hand as it advanced upon his adversary. Immediately, every soldier on the scene opened fire, but not a single shot found its mark. Whether by skill or ungodly luck, the Seraph was moving in fluid motions that avoided each bullet as it approached, rapidly advancing upon the Spectre as it tried to retreat to gain distance. Impossible, Richard thought, as he emptied his pistol's magazine at him in vain. Such speed! It's as though he can see where I'm going to fire... With a burst of light, the Seraph appeared next to him in an instant. Richard barely had time to react, whipping his hand away as the MC-198 Magnum he was holding dropped to the ground in pieces. He swore, reaching for the next weapon- but he felt a searing pain and a violent shock, and then he noticed the gaping hole where his arm was supposed to be. A hand grabbed him by the neck, and he felt himself being raised up into the air as it became difficult to breathe... He noticed the firing had stopped. Did someone else take out the soldiers? But Richard had more pressing matters at hand, as he struggled to wrestle himself free from the Seraph's iron grip. He realized the whole stadium had become silent, as all eyes were fixated on the scene in the center of the stage. The Seraph reached over to his suit, plucking out the microphone that was attached to the stadium's loudspeakers and moved it to his mouth. "I am Vengeance." And then he snapped Richard's neck.
  11. A New Kind Of Human

    It all started decades ago, when the Government saw it was losing its control on the people. Uprisings were occuring everywhere, riots were reported everyday on the news. No one really remembers why the revolts started, all they remember is what followed. The Government, desperate for a way to appease the seething masses, released a new idea. "We will create a new kind of human," they said. "A higher being, something no one has ever seen before." People were immidiately interested, despite the little detail they were given. After all, "higher being" could mean being turned into an angel, or someone with psychic powers. Some even went so far as to theorize the Government would give them the power of gods. They could never have expected what would really happen. Shortly after the Government released this idea, people began dissapearng at random by the millions. Lovers were seperated, families split apart in a moment. All of these abducted people, went somewhere known only as "The Lab". Families waited years for their loved ones to return, and when they did, they were horrified. The Government had turned half of the population into what they called "Higher Beings" but what the families called "freaks." Each person who had been abducted had been turned into some sort of hybrid human. The most common were Anthros, people who could turn into animals. Most of the time, these people could turn at will, but a few couldn't control their trnasformations. All anthros retained at least a few of their animal traits even in human form. Some were as minor as cat ears appearing on their head, or as major as craving raw meat every second of the day. Next were the Florea, people who had been infused with plants. Like the Anthros, they retained their humanoid body types, but had some sort of plant life growing on them. Some had flowers growing out of parts of their body, some had the abilitiy to turn their limbs into vines, and all of them retained a slightly green tint to their skin. Third most common were the Mechas. These were people who had an alteration on their body not related to any sort of living creature. These alterations could have meant a limb was replaced with a stronger, metal arm that could crush bone, or it could have meant their skin had been turned transparent, and all of their organs and bones could be seen in their bodies. Mechas no longer needed to ingest food or water to survive, for if they did this the metal parts of their body would stop working. This does not make them invincible by any means, for they can still be killed and wounded. The least common hybrids were the Elementals. They were also the most dangerous. Each Elemental had the ability to control a single element, such as ice, water, fire, or air. No Elements share the same power, and often times they cannot control their powers. Millions of people were released from "The Lab" as one of these hybrids. They were treated as freaks, shunned to the outskirts of life. Since the Government released their experiments, life hasn't been the same, for both the hybrids and the humans. This is a story of survival. ~~~ It was midnight, and light flickered from a broken street lamp, momentarily illuminating the teenage girl who stood under it. Long black lashes framed black eyes that glinted with a sly inteligence, as if she were about to pick the money right out of your pocket. Midnight black hair fell down to her waist in loose waves, and her baggy clothes hid the slender, lithe body underneath. She stood under the lamp pole, leaning against it as if casually waiting for someone to appear, when in reality, she was on guard. Here in the ghettos, one always had to be on guard. This was something Mayonaka Kuro had learned since she had been dropped in this God-forsaken dump. She had been one of the last people abducted by the Government, so her body was "better" than anthros before her. She supposed she should be grateful, after all, she had been infused with one of her favorite animals, a raven. Still, she hadn't quite gotten used to her new body. The feathers that grew along her forearms itched like crazy the majority of the time, and the ones growing between her knees and ankles weren't much better. And don't even get her started on flying. Wings were much more difficult to use than the old movies used to make them out to be. Sighing, Mayonaka gazed up at the sky, partly because of boredom, and partly because she wanted to see the stars. She loved midnight, not just because it was her namesake, but because its the time when the stars are brightest. Gazing up at them, she could almost imagine a world where she wasn't part of some cruel plot by the Government, a world where she wasn't reduced to theivery and pillaging for her next meal, but mostly, a world where she wasn't always glared at like she was a bomb about to explode. Screaming in frustration, she slammed her fist against the lamp post, causing it to flicker once more and then die out permanantly, and she was left in darkness. (OOC: Hello anyone who actually took the time to read all of that haha, this is my first roleplay in a while so I'm a bit rusty. I appreciate any criticsm and pointers so please don't hesitate to tell me :) )
  12. A New Kind Of Human

    Hello various people of the Interweb :) As some of you know, I am new here and I just wanted to announce that I have started a new Roleplay. Its called "A New Kind of Human" and its sort of an Alternative Universe theme where humans still exist, but many have them have been abducted and "blessed" with the ability to turn into what the Government of the time calls "Higher Beings." Its an old idea I used a long time ago, and I wanted to bring it back up in a new roleplay site and see where it went :) So please check it out if you're intrested and give me a chance to take up my rusty roleplaying skills again! ^~^
  13. PG-13 Splash Free!

    “My name’s Nakahara Aiko. It’s nice to meet you.†He bowed, and everyone else in the class stared blankly back at him. It was a hot summer’s day, and there was hardly a breeze coming in through the windows. Even the teacher, dressed in a long-sleeved blouse and knee-length skirt, looked a little dazed, perspiration trickling down the side of her face. The fans in the classroom had been powered to full capacity, but this was an example of technology losing to nature. No amount of artificially generated wind was going to combat this heat wave that had taken over the town in the past few days. “Let’s give a warm welcome to Mr Nakahara,†she smiled a second later as everyone gave tired claps. Aiko picked up a duster and wiped his name off the board, before heading over to his assigned seat beside a pale boy with large round glasses on his otherwise small features. “Hello,†said the boy, glancing at him with mild curiosity as he took his seat. “My name’s Ueda. Ueda Michi. I must say, you don’t look like an Aiko.†Aiko blushed at the direct comment. He had to admit, his name did sound pretty feminine, but he was taken aback that someone could be so brusque about it. He was about to mutter that he had an aunt named Michi, but decided against it. The teacher had gone on with the lesson again, and he flipped his book open frantically, fumbling to find the right page. Ueda seemed to have no qualms about talking in class, even when the other party was obviously not keen on listening. “Say, do you have any interest in astronomy?†Aiko paused. Did he? He thought hard of what constituted astronomy. There were stars shining against the dark backdrop of the night sky, the colourful planets floating weightless in space. It sounded like something he might have taken an interest in in his youth. And yet there was something missing. He didn’t feel the spark. “I’m sorry, but I’m not really good at it,†he said apologetically. He saw the teacher glancing at them and quickly looked down at his book. “Such a pity,†said Ueda with a shrug. “You do look the able-bodied type. I guess you’ll end up in sports.†There was a derogatory note in his voice at the last word. Ueda’s hatred for sports came through shortly after, when the bell rang for the end of school and almost half the class ran excitedly down to the pool. The temperature had shot up to thirty-six degrees Celsius halfway through the lesson. Aiko followed suit, faintly conscious of his damp shirt sticking to his body. He belonged to the kind of people who perspired buckets. As he turned to look behind him, he saw Ueda walking resolutely in the other direction, up the stairs to the library. A guilty sense of relief washed over him. The water was refreshingly cool. Aiko dipped himself slowly into the pool, letting his body acclimatise. He stretched out his hands and legs, letting the faint currents ripple against his face. He kicked gently. He raised an arm and propelled himself forward, and soon, he was swimming. He swam past the crowds of beginners wading at the sides, past the more competitive ones practising in the middle, and past the beginners again on the other end. He spun back in the direction he had come, switching from freestyle to the butterfly stroke this time, not noticing the other swimmers leaving the pool, or staring at him with wide eyes and open mouth. The water seemed to wash off all his exhaustion, and it was only at the end of his fourth lap that he decided he should stop. He grabbed onto the edge of the pool, his hand sweeping his brown hair back from his face, and looked up, face to face with an unfamiliar boy. The rest of the pool was empty.
  14. Introduction The Great War was over, and halfway through the 1920s America realized that it was a world power, the world power - and suddenly the steady march of mankind seemed to lurch forward with a frenzied pace as marvel after marvel swept the country and soon after the world. The automobile, the movie industry, radio, consumer goods and appliances, health and medicine... the modern world had become a beacon of light illuminating and enriching the lives of every man, woman and child. However, the brighter the light the deeper the shadow it casts, and in those shadows, foul things once-banished resurfaced and began to foment in the periphery. Demons of nightmare made flesh prowled the night, sowing the chaos on which they thrived; covens of witches and warlocks practiced and perfected the dark arts with every blasphemy and sacrifice they undertook. Vampires, faeries, succubae, ghouls, shape shifters, the undead, werewolves... all found renewed vigor as they slowly yet surely corrupted the unsuspecting mortal realm from which they had once all but disappeared. In the chaos of this modern duality of light and dark; science and magic; mankind and the supernatural - walks the druid, an entity of both worlds. Merely a man, yet the paragon of humanity, the druid is tasked with maintaining the balance between the mortal realm and the planes both above and below it. Gifted with powers to combat the dark forces of the underworld, the druid has existed in countless forms throughout the millenia - with each iteration wielding the total knowledge of his or her predecessors, along with the compounded burdens of such sacrificial service. The current iteration, John Roman has worn the druid's mantle for some decades, allowing himself to maintain an alter ego as an independently-wealthy gentleman bachelor throughout his crusade for balance between the realms. Known in some circles as a reserved, though eminently-polite, high-society gentleman, John Roman spends as little time as socially possible at the various parties and gentleman's clubs that his peers expect, preferring, it seems, to spend his time either in his expansive library or touring the world for weeks at a time. In much smaller circles it is known that Roman's library is full of occult tomes and items of which he is impressively knowledgeable, and that his frequent world tours are spent either procuring more, or alternately attending and hosting lectures on their origin and meaning. Known only to a very exclusive few, Roman is the current iteration of the druid - a magical being of unrivaled discipline and ability who uses both his innate skills and impressive collection of magical items in his battle to keep this world in balance with the other realms, both higher and lower. Although he has successfully defended the balance so far, the turn of the 20th century and the decades since have seen a great resurgence in the forces of shadows and night that even the druid cannot fully stem... The Kirpan Dagger A light drizzling rain borne by a cold wind cut through the streets of New York City. The druid wore a trilby hat that matched his gray wool overcoat, the brim of the hat fluttering against his brow as he turned down 118th. His coat trailed behind him dramatically like a pulp superhero's cape, and the echo of his black Oxfords on the pavement followed him like strafing gunfire. Despite the cold, the wind and the rain, John Roman chose to find seating outside of the small corner cafe, so that there were no unwanted ears eavesdropping on the conversation he was to have here. He took his seat, long thin body angling into the hard wire-wrought chair the cafe offered, feeling the damp of the cushion seeping into his clothing. He lit a Viceroy and was halfway through smoking it when the waitress appeared, walking with a hard look to her otherwise pleasant features, as though hoping a stern gaze would direct this wayward customer indoors. "Coffee, please," he said, crossing one leg over the other. "French-pressed. Another will be joining me shortly. Thank you," he added, excusing her with a slight gesture of his hand. He rolled up his collar, protecting his neck from the cold wind. Across the street on a public bench sat Roman's stalwart valet, Charles Henry. Although only human, Henry had seen action in the trenches of the Great War and had subsequently become something of a friend and confidant to the druid while serving as both his valet and his protector. For today's meeting Henry was required only to observe from a distance, although Roman knew that were there to be any trouble, the Webley revolver in the man's jacket pocket would be ready at a moment's notice. As his keen brown eyes crossed over his old friend, Roman gave him the barest of nods. Although settled deep within the emotionless void of the druid's mantle, Roman still felt a certain distaste at having to reach out to a clairvoyant - the purpose of today's meeting. It was certainly within his capabilities to find the man and the object that he was after - or so he assumed - and it galled him that he was reduced to 'contracting out' to a psychic. Still, he knew that he was in all likelihood being watched, and that any use of his druidic magic would only make his quarry all the harder to uncover. Despite his wounded pride, he knew that a psychic would be the surest line to his prize, provided that he could trust the man or woman that he was about to meet. He settled into his seat, and by the time his coffee arrived he had lit another cigarette as he waited. [i'm looking for someone to play as the psychic, but feel free to post as any other character if you'd rather. Perhaps an innocent, or a friend or enemy of the druid's. Thanks!]
  15. Clara sat alone at one of the diner's tables, poking her bowl of white rice with one chopstick, a few grains spilling over the side of the bowl and falling on top of a heap of other discarded food stuffs. The Minccino that was sitting on the table looked up at Clara and reached over to pick up some of the food pieces, but Clara slapped the sticks lightly onto the rodent's paws. "No, Chicho. You have your own food." She pointed the chopsticks at the small bowl of brown pokemon food in front of her, the furry animal's ears pulling back in rejection as it sadly walked back over to its food. Clara was a trainer. Or she was trying to be one. Chicho was a gift from her mother for her fourteenth birthday. Her mom wasn't a trainer or anything--a local farm raised several kinds of pokemon and they just so happened to have a couple of Minccino births at the time. Clara always liked the cute pokemon, but she never really had an interest in owning one until she got one as a pet. Now they were inseparable. That was a year ago--almost to the day. Her birthday was five days ago, but she didn't have anybody to celebrate it with besides her best friend Chicho and a couple of her other pokemon. They spent the day lounging on the beaches of Vermillion City, her pale skin having turned red under the summer sun. Even as she smiled at Chicho chewing on a piece of food, a cute grimace overtaking its face, she could feel the burning pinch of the sunburn on her cheeks. Placing a light hand on top of partner's head, Clara chuckled slightly. "All right, you can have some, you brat." The Minccino chirped with joy as it scarfed the rice into its mouth and swallowed happily. They had traveled a long way in the past year. She was from Unova, Aspertia City to be precise, but had found her way to Kanto after making a big win at a fashion show. It was a long discussion with her mother over the phone, urging her not to go so far away, she was only a child. But Clara had to remind her that they had been apart for several months and being hundreds of miles away wasn't going to change that fact. They'd continue to talk nearly every night, but this is just what trainers did. They travelled. Honestly, Clara didn't even like being a trainer so much, but she loved traveling. She really loved fashion and talent competitions. They were waiting around Celadon City now because of an event that was to happen in two days. "Hey, Chicho! How excited are you for The Pokemon Gala?" She smiled as the pokemon's ears perked up. They were so going to win with how cute Chicho was! "Ciii!" The chinchilla hopped onto one foot and waved its bushy tail, forcing the bowl of pokemon food to fling off of the side of the table. The bowl smashed onto the floor, Chicho holding its hands in front of its mouth, not sure if it had done it on purpose or on accident.
  16. PG-13 After Beta:

    Humans have reigned since the dawn of time and have evolved and prospered with the unrealistic idea of equality is obtainable by all. This of course is far from the truth. Power and rivalry between nations have cause conflicts. Instigating wars across the world. Somehow in this chaotic world of ours, some get to live luxurious lives, whilst others get to live the complete opposite. Kisa Lesse sighed as she glanced down towards the book section of the shopping mall. She was accompanying her friends as an extra. It was an average day, for Kisa Lesse. Kisa's hair was short and curled at the ends naturally. She had brown hair that was parted to both sides of her face and fell to her shoulders. She was about to graduate from college and was aimless in every way possible. She held her mobile phone beside her mouth. Kisa wasn't that up to date with technology as she liked, so her mobile phone held scars on the edges from the countless times she had dropped it. The purple backing remained there but the edges had been damaged. It was a miracle it was still in proper working order her orange haired friend standing next to her said. "Yes, I've been meaning to get a new one... but I've never gotten around to it." Another friend of Kisa's picked on this remark and with a chuckle said they needed to catch another bus. This friend of hers this time had dark brown hair that was tied up in a ponytail. "Yes, see you until the world ends!" Kisa said this jokingly. Kisa had always said this to her friends and companions in the slightest hope that it did. As they parted she let the warm grin on her fate fade into a heartening smile, then Kisa breathed in a heavy sigh shuffled to find something of interest in the electronics section. Kisa liked to play online games as the next person but she had found a fondness in MMORPG's. She had recently picked up a new release. It was a game that originated from the manga "Bleach". She enjoyed making her Shinigami strong and gave a detailed description of what the Shinigami character looked like on the forums. Deep in thought Kisa had started to day dream about the people she had met... but something woke her up from this day dream. The ground shook. "W-Wah!" Kisa feel to the floor on one knee she regained her stability, her eyes fluttered to clerks trying to return the electronic computers and mobile devices to normal. The screens were flickering from black to white and the sound... well the sound was unusual and was like... an opening to a broadcast? Kisa became alert as tremor had subsided, but nothing was damaged. An ominous and deep dark voice started to echo. You couldn't get away from it. Coming from every means of communications. Including her mobile phone. "Dear Humanity, We are an organisation built upon the collaborations of ideas and of hope. We can stop hunger. We can stop illness, but it is theoretically impossible to stop suffering. We understand that some of you might turn to insanity as your crutch. We understand that some of you might also turn on each other and on yourselves. We are currently living in a time called Beta, in which Humanity death is assured just as tax. In a matter of moment we will pause Humanity's ageing cycle completely. We use the term pause loosely, as The World will allow you to change your physical structure and abilities within literal seconds. We can't promise that you will be unable to die, but if you will it, you can live for eternity. Humanity will be unable to reproduce, those who are currently pregnant will continue to age using Beta for a one year. Their Children will then age to 21 when they will by default, stop ageing. Those of you under the age of 5 will also age to 21 by default. We Nexus, will bring about the new order, The World." The transmission ended shutting off every single communication device that was broadcasting. "W-What. What was that." Kisa straightened herself out as she turned on her mobile phone. It felt different. Kisa's mobile internal design and features were completely altered. A long list of all the online game she had played on ranging from the amount of playtime largest to smallest was the first thing she caught sight of, and a new inbox feature that combined all her messages from various places. The next thing she noticed was her profile. Of course her name was shortened to Kisa Lesse... but there were added names from all the online games she had played, along with selection options to "equip" them. Kisa's full name was "Kisa Aria Shortcake 44puppy BladeXXX Lesse". Kisa's faced drained. Wait it actually drained. She just used an emoticon and it effected her facial features in a most humorous way. "Wha-What the hell is happening!!" Kisa was excited but at the same time freaked out. A strand of her hair fell out of place as she had a burning feeling in her back. Kisa's eyes were sullen and she began to whimper. Kisa straightened herself with a sigh and turned on her heel to come face to face with a virus. Kisa tried to hide the hesitation in her voice, unfortunately this made her voice sound high an squeaky. "Well hello there!" The virus took the form of a horse. Kisa thought this was a connection to the internet Virus known as Trojan. The Virus was overflowing with raw and broken data from the eyes, hooves and tail. It heaved and made sounds that resembled horse sounds but... more digitalised. Kisa cleared her throat as she tried to make herself look more threatening, which was virtually impossible. "Could I take a phone call first before you kill me?" Kisa was afraid. Very afraid. More than any kind of afraid she had felt in her entire life. That freaky broadcast didn't help. Kisa wanted to run. To scream. To shout. She was starting to feel like prey staring at a wild tiger before getting slaughtered. She couldn't move.
  17. "After Beta" is a roleplay I'm going to create that needs 0 more people to roleplay with other than Gajeel, Raine Bell, alias and I. In the beginning it starts out in the not so distant present. An underground organisation called "Nexus" using an unknown power merges both Reality and the Internet. The time before the merge is known as "Beta" and the time after the merge is known as "The World". Prior to the merge a message was broadcast throughout all communication devices across the globe. "Dear Humanity, We are an organisation built upon the collaborations of ideas and of hope. We can stop hunger. We can stop illness, but it is theoretically impossible to stop suffering. We understand that some of you might turn to insanity as your crutch. We understand that some of you might also turn on each other and on yourselves. We are currently living in a time called Beta, in which Humanity death is assured just as tax. In a matter of moment we will pause Humanity's ageing cycle completely. We use the term pause loosely, as The World will allow you to change your physical structure and abilities within literal seconds. We can't promise that you will be unable to die, but if you will it, you can live for eternity. Humanity will be unable to reproduce, those who are currently pregnant will continue to age using Beta for one year. Their Children will then age to 21 when they will by default, stop ageing. Those of you under the age of 5 will also age to 21 by default. We Nexus, will bring about the new order, The World." In this roleplay the characters begin at the same shopping mall/centre just seconds before the broadcast. Things that you should take note of: -Viruses are creatures that manifest frequently and terrorise The World -AI's are humanoid like beings that were created in Beta... such as NPC from an MMORPG websites and such. These beings reproduce, age and die. They can equip "games" and outfits just like Humans do. AI's have limitless exp. -Humans are referred to as immortals. They are the only ones who can can change their physical structure completely. Unable to reproduce. Humans can equip "games" and outfits. Max exp a Human can gain is one billion, a Human born in Beta must undergo a Beta Removal Operation to be able to gain limitless exp. -Transportation is limited to places you have already visited. By default if visiting a new "game" or place, you will be transported to the capital. -"Games" are limited to "Bleach", "- Filler -", "- Filler -" and "- Filler -". I don't know what other games to add any ideas? We have to limit otherwise it'll get too complicated. I am a bit faint-hearted when it comes to gore and stuff like that. i.e - roleplay example Mitsu was standing with a sullen expression on her face. She had her Shinigami gear equipped and the feeling from battle hadn't quiet left her. The chaos had settled for the moment in the quiet home town Mitsu had grown up in, the virus the town fought was weaker than first anticipated. Managing a sigh Mitsu couldn't help but feel excited but also numb to what was happening. She log into the Bleach sever. She appeared by default in the Soul Society. Mitsu was amazed at how empty the place was, this would no doubt change. She already had heard rumours about the masses of people registering. Mitsu entered the mixed chat room which was was likened to a tavern. She heard someone call her name. She didn't know who he was and used her mobile phone to check his identity. Realising who he was Mitsu grinned. First post outside introduction, please take care of me. ♫
  18. This is a private RP between Skie and myself. The story circles around two dancers kidnapped and brought to a new world and their struggle to adapt and escape. My character is as follows. I do have photos just to assist those you need more then just a description. Name: Rhinona Vestnyr Age: Appears early 20’s really like late 90’s though (years work differently) Race/Species: Originates from a planet known as Firsynt but the race is similar to elves Appearance:looks like this --like that with pointed ears House outfit Dance outfits – example1 and example2 all will be similar in style to these given her people’s dance History: Born and raised on Firsynt Rhinona doesn’t know much of the outside world. She has an older brother and her mother and father. Being extremely gifted as a dancer many times Rhinona is chosen to perform the festival dances and the ceremonial dances. She is taken from her home planet to be a dancer for an unknown master of the house. She has been taken because of the exoticness of her people’s dance which follows similar lines of belly dancing. Personality: Cautious at first but extremely trusting of those who have earned it, loyal, quite opinionated but slow to voice her opinions, soft spoken and extremely determined to the point of challenging at times
  19. The ground was shaking. Through the open door, the scent of carbonic combustion congested the air. The ground rumbled again, groaning restlessly like a sleepy giant. Next to me, the youngest of us tried to re-balance himself, his tail flinging wildly like a metronome--missing every beat as the floor bent and cracked until he finally fell to his knees. Extraordinary sounds amplified through the small room, mimicking the sound we often heard when an enhancement machine broke a fuse. I placed my hands over my ears and walked out into the frame of the doorway. I heard the youngest of us say something, but I could not understand him. It was different. It was strangely pleasant. Ribbons of red energy rippled across the blue sky. Like an electrical current, it struck anything with a positive charge, moving with much grace and unpredictability. Small pebbles from the door frame fell onto my head, onto my clothes, and jumped at my feet. The warmth of the fire clung to my skin. I felt the youngest of us grab the end of my tail for support. Red. Everything was red. I took a few more steps from the doorway and surveyed my surroundings. The others were also scouting for answers to the recent disturbance. We all seemed to catch the others gazes in hopes for some answers, or at least for some clues. Colony structures far off were screaming, crumbling, and then plummeting hundreds of feet to Terra's deserted plains. I began to realize the uneasy swaying of our own structure, as the ribbons continued to strike our cousins down. The small encampment of Bran Bal was ablaze in an auburn glow. It was pleasant. The youngest of us made it to my side and grasped the side of the doorway with both of his hands. He looked out at the sky with his mouth slightly ajar. It was nice. Had the time finally come? "Come on, everybody! We have to get out of here! Now!" The ground rumbled again, this time dislodging a piece of the doorway. It fell next to my feet and cracked like an egg. There was a pressure on my foot and a pain that shot through my leg. The light was pleasant. "Dammit! Dagger, we need to get them out of here. Can you help him?" Something pressed into me. I heard someone say something, but I couldn't understand. The ribbon in the sky moved without judgment--without a plotted course. It was truly impossible to calculate. It was fascinating. "Hey, move it! Let's go!" There he was again. That stranger. He looked like us, but he was not one of us. He was our superior. I knew because it was what was always known. It was known because he would save Terra. I followed his voice as if his words strung lines to my legs. He knew the way. Quickly, the ground rose up to my face. My head hit the solid stone. "You take him; I'll help her. Hurry!" Gentle hands levied under my arms and lifted my body up, and in the process dislodged my foot from the heavy stone that had fallen onto it. He held me up until he knew I could walk. I wanted to run. I wanted to run toward his voice. I wanted to do what he said. It would fulfill our one desire. "Can you walk?" He said. There was a strange manner to his voice. It was unsettling. "Yes." "Okay, good. Listen, we have to go as quickly as possible. We need to get everybody out of here, so try to keep up." He moved away from me, his hands leaving my side, his tail waving behind him as he ran to the next one of us that needed help. I saw the youngest being carried away by the female in orange. I had to follow. I ran. I ran although it hurt. I ran because it was what had to be done. We ran until we came to the platform. The Invincible was waiting above us, transporting us in groups. I felt something in my stomach, but renounced it. Terra was falling apart. Soon Bran Bal would fall. Was this the time? A wave of energy enclosed my body. The last I saw of Terra was a cloud of flames on a distant pillar, reaching up to the sky grasping for a strength it would never receive again. It was entrancing. When I arrived on the ship, strange people were managing wounds on some of us. I saw the youngest lying on the ground next to a young female in yellow. I walked away from the teleporter, finding it increasingly hard to maneuver my body as I had once been able to. My left foot dragged noisily across the steel floor. However, the sounds of the crisis in the room was near deafening. I took my place next to the two children, watching as the young girl took a soft cloth from out of her pocket and wrapped it around the youngest of us' leg. He was bleeding profusely. She gently placed her hand on his leg and a green glow sparkled across his thigh. "What are you doing?" I said. The girl jumped; she obviously had not noticed my presence. "What do you mean 'what am I doing?'!" She gently put the youngest of us' leg down and stood up. She was not much taller when she was erect. "I'm trying to help your friend, you idiot!" She jumped up once, swinging her arms in an over-exaggerated gesture. "Can you not see that he is going to die?" She looked up at me with her eyes narrowed. I noted that she had a horn--strange for a person to have on their forehead. "He is not! He just needs help! Which is a lot more than what you're doing right now." She knelled again and placed her hand on his thigh. The cool green aura formed over the injury. All I could smell was the blood pouring from his arteries. I looked at the youngest. He was conscious, and well aware of his predicament. But there was something in his eyes that failed to make sense to me. I had never seen him like that before. "It's going to be okay! You and your friends will be safe when we get back home." The girl said. She cast one more spell on his injury, her face delved in concentration on her task. I watched as his leg unintentionally twitched, and grimaced the unexpected sound that came from his mouth. He screeched--the sound deluging discomfort to the ship's interior. I held my ears again. The Invincible shook violently. The gravity was increasing. "We're almost home!" The girl shouted her key of knowledge. But what was home? Somewhere, possibly in the engine room, I heard the ship revving louder as it pressed on in its teleportation. I realized that "home" must have meant Gaia. The source of Terra's souls--our definition of existence. But Terra... My body felt heavier as the gravity continued to climb into the two-to-three times normal, applying more pressure to my injured foot. I lost the ability to control the pain and fell to the ground. I held my foot with one careful hand as I kept my eyes on the others. The ship vibrated at a stronger frequency. More of us were vocalizing our discomfort--our suffering. The youngest was wailing wildly, his eyes clear as the blue lights of Terra. They struck me. I could not breathe. All at once, the ship stopped. In the abruptness of normal gravity, we were flung vertically into the air. A flush of water breached the side of the ship, and the vibration stopped. The room had grown silent. We all listened to the rivulets of liquid run off the sides of the ship. Some of us mumbled words. Some of us groaned discomfort. Some of us, like I, were silent still. I carefully crawled toward the edge of the mezzanine and looked down into the glass below. It was blue, dark blue, like the blue that he was wearing when he came for us. It was flowing and surging. It was imperfect in its design--it never stayed the same from one second to the other. Was this what Gaia's water looked like? I turned my head back to the interior to see the girl in yellow tapping the youngest of us' body. He was sprawled on the floor, silent now, motionless. Red covered his leg, and encircled his body. It covered her hands and the rag. "Is he dead?" I said. She looked up at me and didn't say a word. So this was home.
  20. Project Valkyrie

    Project Valkyrie Name: Colonel Michelle Jan-Marie Avion Age: Gender: Female Sexuality: Strait Occupation: Colonel of Marine secret project "Valkyrie" And the initial researcher that developed the Project Physical Appearance: Michelle is, for lack of better words, about average looking. She has long blonde hair that falls below her waist, almost down to her knees, since she hasn't cut it in years. She's got bright blue eyes, a few have even joked that they "glow" because they say they are neon blue. Michelle is relatively short, only standing at about 5ft2 when barefoot, though with specialized combat boots, that she created herself, it gives her a few extra inches, so most people believe her to be at 5ft6. She's rather petite, only weighing in at 123lbs, though all her weight is muscle, and due to some "enhancements" of her own design, she is far stronger than should be physically possible for a woman of her frame, to the point even the soldiers that are far larger than she is wouldn't take her on, even if it is just sparring. A surprising factor is her feminine form, usually hidden by her uniform, she sports a rather breath taking hour glass figure, with a 36DD cup sized breasts, well hidden due to her wrapping them before dressing every morning. She has a 29 inch waist, her stomach flat due to her working her abs every day. And then her hips are a lovely 40 inches, hidden with uniform pants that she purposefully ordered in a half size larger than needed, as she wanted to take all precautions to keep her figure unknown, so her subordinates would take her seriously. As for skin, she has an ivory complexion, due to little time outside in the sun, and also a side effect of her "enhancements". Now, for those who have seen it, she has a lovely smile, her teeth aren't perfect, but you have to look quite close to tell. Personality: Michelle is a firm and serious young woman, she takes her job quite seriously, because she knows that the lives of her comrades and fellow soldiers depend on her. But even so, she is actually quite kind, and when off work, she is rather easy to get along with, and to soldiers, she's just another one of the guys, and she likes it that way. During evaluations and tests, she's stern and could even be called cold, doesn't matter how she feels about anyone, rules are rules for her. When she runs experiments with her "Valkyrie Serum", She's distant, calculating, cold and distant, and those who don't follow exact orders get their heads bitten off, figuratively of course, but it's not held against her, for it's well known that her career, and the lives of her soldiers, depend on her experiments running smoothly without any errors. Now, for those in her life that are not from the military, none of them would know that she's someone other than the bubbly, giggly, always happy girl that they've grown to love. But, she's extremely cautious, keeping her life in the military, and away from the military, permanently separate. Powers/Abilities: Before she perfected her serum, Michelle was a regular girl, the only thing that stood out was her intellect. However, <I>after</I> she created the Valkyrie Serum, things changed. The serum actually changes the human DNA, so that the recipient receives angel like wings and super human strength. For Michelle it is no different, although, she is the only one with Pure white wings. However, due to years of testing her serum on herself before letting other's be tested with it, she has a few, other side effects. Due to the experimentation, she has ivory skin that has been found to be bullet proof. and, due to her own secret side experiment, she was able to create another serum, which gave her the hearing of a wolf, increased sense of smell of a bear, and the sight of felines. And, a unintended side effect of the Valkyrie Serum gives every recipient their own power, separate from their wings, and no two soldiers ever have the same effect, for Michelle, this power is found in her eyes, and her ability to turn only those she feels in her heart to be a threat to stone. Now, aside from the genetically engineered powers she has, she has always had perfect aim, and quite often takes on assignments as a sniper for ATF, seeing as her own squadron is sent on very few missions. Aside from that, she is still quite average...somewhat. Likes: Michelle is still a girl, and being which, she still enjoys a few girly things, such as sugar, she has an immense sweet tooth, and even while on duty, she usually has a piece of hard candy, usually sakura flavored, tucked behind her back molars, out of view of her subordinates and superiors, and still allows her to speak clearly while savoring the sweetness. Other things she takes great enjoyment from are her pets, a Dumeril Boa names Beau, and a border collie pit bull mix named Jujubee, after her favorite candy from when she was little. She also takes a great enjoyment, in secret of course, in liquor, having found that it's the only thing that helps numb the emotional pain. Aside from these things, she likes coffee, her soldiers, who are like brothers to her, then of course she loves her family, on base and off base, her sister being the true reason she joined to help create the Valkyrie Project, so she could keep her protected from things regular soldier just couldn't do. And, for something that she only knows about, she is still in love with her ex boyfriend, a man that she could see herself marrying, until he joined the marines, for which she dumped him for, because she couldn't stand for him to know about her military involvement, and, to keep him safe, for she knew, even before reaching ranks, that people would go after him if they knew how she felt about him. So, while she still hurts from not being with him, she still holds a dear whole hearted love for him. Dislikes: As for her dislikes, Michelle does have quite a list, but I will keep it short. For one, she has an extreme hatred for a Edward Avion, her "father". He was an emotionally, and on occasion, physically abusive bastard. Since she was 12, she began despising him, and her hatred for him grew as she got older, and he began to take his anger out on her younger sister. And, while he is now in a prison, she still can't forgive him, eve though her mother tries dearly to talk Michelle into forgiving the man. Then, next on her list, she finds her mother's loyalty to Edward several distasteful, don't get me wrong, she loves her mother, but the fact that her mother remains married to a man that beat his wife, and on occasion his children as well, she simply cannot find anyway to get around it, she hates her mother's loyalty to him. Then, on her detailed area of dislikes, there is the man she knew as Jacob Harrison Cowell, a man she "dated" somewhat, after she broke it off with the man she still loves. Jacob was there as she developed the Valkyrie serum, but he tried to steal it so he could sell it to the highest bidder. Luckily, Michelle was able to have him locked up in a secret military prison, located somewhere in Siberia, as a traitor to humanity. However, she still has a deep hatred for him, not just because he was willing to sell her work, but because for three months, before he was captured, he had Michelle locked up in a dark room, and tortured her endlessly, in front of mirrors so she would have to watch. He tortured her, because there was another factor to the serum that she hadn't yet, and still hasn't put down on paper, and he wanted it. Now, for a less detailed list of dislikes, she hates cats, can't stand them in the slightest, she has a distaste for sour foods and drinks, and then anything that smells like her ex boyfriend cologne sends her into an emotional wreckage of sadness, and anger for having to sacrifice her own happiness. History: Michelle is the oldest daughter of a one Edwards Kath Avion, though, for her mother, Michelle Christine, she is her first child. Her father was married once before being married to Michelle's mother, and from that marriage, he has two sons. Michelle didn't grow up with her half brothers, but she gets along with them relatively well, more so with the second oldest, than the oldest. From her own mother, Michelle also has a younger brother, and a baby sister. Michelle lived a relatively happy life, up until age 11, when her father began berating her for not being "good" enough, no matter what she did, she wasn't fast enough, strong enough, smart enough, nothing was ever good enough. But, wanting to make him happy, she took the verbal abuse, and tried harder and harder. She was extremely intelligent for a young girl, and at 13, she took an I.Q. that verified that her I.Q. was at 163. She felt it would be enough to make the old bastard happy, but it wasn't, he went on about how she must have obviously cheated somehow. So, she went back to trying to make him happy, although, her I.Q. why it didn't catcher her father's attention, caught the attention of a Mr. Michael Lupo Volt, General of the United states Marines. He approached her one day as she was walking home from school and offered her a way to make not just her father, or her family, but the country proud of her. She eagerly accepted, although, she found the man that looked eerily like an older, and more masculine form of herself. But, she paid it no heed. Thorough high school, as she took her classes and acted like a normal girl, even dated an upper classman ________, she would secretly be working for the military at the same time, her research was primarily focused around the idea of being able to genetically enhance soldiers. During her junior year of high school, she made a break through, she found a way that she could actually alter the Human DNA ad modify it to her exact specifications. However, even though the achievement meant that she achieved a high rank in the Marines, the victory she felt was short lived, as her boyfriend of three years broke the news that he was joining the marines. Michelle didn't take the news well, she wanted to be able to work with him, but her sector was all off the books, specialized, and files written about it were all blacked out, and she realized that with him joining up, she would be putting him in danger. The realization was what hit her the hardest, she couldn't stay with him, her girlish dreams of marriage and children were unrealistic, because she could never be, just a house wife. After her boyfriend started PT, she broke it off with him, giving him the excuse that she couldn't stay with someone who would fight for a corrupted government. He didn't take the break up well, and told her he never wanted to see her again, which, she didn't take well. After the break up, she gave the high school her paperwork to graduate early, and from there, went to live on a secret Marine base in the middle of no where Minnesota. She devoted all her time to perfecting her Valkyrie Serum, after a year, she was lonely, and began casually dating a fellow researcher, Jacob Cowell. Things were going alright, when she had feminine urges, she and Jacob would meet up in a little fishing cabin not far from base and fulfill the desires, then, when she was satisfied, she would leave and go back to the base to continue her work. This went on for a year, though, finally, after she turned 19, she made a break through, she tested her serum on herself and, through an excruciating process, forced wings to emerge from her back. She was so thrilled that she didn't care about the, side effects. Her once sun kisses skin, courtesy of her Filipina mother, was gone, replaced by ivory colored skin, completely flawless, and, after an accident with a Private Harold accidently firing off his rifle, she found her skin was now bullet proof. However, instead of leaving the serum as is, like her coworker Jacob wanted, she wanted to perfect it, there were negative side effects, vision loss and extreme nausea that she wanted to fix. However, Jacob Cowell, instead of listening, took her research and fled, to find that there was a missing component to her research, which Michelle only knew. Somehow, even through extra security, Jacob broke into the base and kidnapped Michelle and brought her to an unknown location. She had just found a way to alter the serum, to reverse the negative side effects, and Jacob used it to his advantage. For three months, he brutally tortured Michelle, raping, mutilation, and other actions which I will not put down. If it wasn't bad enough to be put through excruciating pain day after day, the entire room he kept her in was full of mirrors, and he used staples to keep her eyes open to force her to watch. For those three months, Michelle kept her mouth shut, refusing to tell him the rest of the components for her Serum, she wouldn't even scream. It was by pure luck and good fortune, that while Jacob was out buying more propane for his blow torch, that he was found and apprehended, and by methods of persuasion, he told them where to find Michelle. When she was found, she was stripped naked, chained to a wall, and covered in abrasions, cuts, deep incisions, piercings, and she was coughing up blood from internal bleeding. However, as she was rushed to the hospital, the General, who had personally come to be sure she was alright, saw that she had no scars, her bullet proof skin healed over night, and when she woke up a week later in an infirmary on the Marine base, she was fully recovered. Broken bones showed no signs of ever being broken, skin was perfectly flawless. She was sickened by it, and refused to administer the Serum with effects like that, she said that she was making super soldiers, not gods, so, even though for a good year, she was criticized for not releasing that specific version of the formula, the General backed her up, he agreed with her, no one should be able to defy death to such a degree. Now, three years after the incident, her Serum has been perfected, while the soldiers are bullet proof, they cannot miraculously heal fatal wounds, all soldiers who are administered the Valkyrie Serum are sworn to secrecy until the project is brought public. All "Valkyries" gain the ability to row wings, though the first few transformations are quite painful, and some have to be sedated part way through it, all are bullet proof, and then, due to some unknown reason, each Valkyrie soldier gains a specified and personalized power, Michelle gained the ability to turn her enemies to stone, her second in command, Yvonne Loret gained the ability to change his entire body into that of a large lion. Michelle is still trying to learn why each soldier receives such radically different results aside from their wings and skin. Though, her research is about to be interrupted by a very, surprising, and heart wrenching, new Valkyrie recruit. Plot: YC is her Ex Boyfriend, a now Captain of the Marines. He will just be getting back from a successful mission and the General will personally offer him a spot on Project Valkyrie. He'll jump at the chance not realizing who would be his new superior officer. Old wounds are opened, feelings are still there, but they have to work with each other, and eventually they'll be sent on a mission when MC decides they are needed. Things will happen, mission will be completed (supposedly) and drama of course will be a theme here What I am looking for in YC: 24-25, still upset about the break up, still loves her, should be cold and distant, won't take orders well, Will eventually see that she's a good leader, but will suspect that her success is due to sleeping up the ranks, and not because of her success with the serum, because he won't know that she has actually been a member of the military from high school. NO INSTANT I LOVE YOU TAKE ME! Sort of thing, NO, I will smack you on the nose with newspaper if you do that. No Ultra sob stories, but he can have issues, they got along so well because they were each other's rocks in high school. In RP Partner: Not too picky here, I am not too extremely active right now, but no going month with out a post. At least 2+ paragraphs, 6-8 lines per paragraph, except during fight and sex scenes. Rules: NO God Mod NO Mushy Gushy Lovey Stuff 1 Auto Hit per fight among characters, but also must take 1 hit per fight scene, this means each response You can add a few back ground characters, But the General and her right hand man are OFF LIMITS all other, have fun Don't pester me for responses, I am getting active again, but do not "poke" my RP after a day or two, inbox me, and ill tell you to "poke" the RP if I have lost it in the replies. Have Fun XD I realize this will not be fully military, I don't know all the Military shit, but if you try to correct me about stupid shit, Imma eat your face got it. ((Extra, Yes, I realize that the pictures are cosplay of a Full Metal Alchemist character, NO THIS IS NOT A FULL METAL FANFIC, I just felt she best fit my character))
  21. PG-13 [Private] White Sands

    Belinda dumped her suitcase on the bed and blew side swept bangs the shade of honey out of her eyes. Rubbing the slight knot in her neck the young female regretted taking the earliest flight. She wanted to get here as soon as possible but with the flight being as early as it was Belinda had fallen asleep on the plane in the most uncomfortable position. Her father warned her not to take the early flight but she had just waved him off, stating she would be fine. A tender smirk played at the corners of her lips as she remembered the phone call. She was unpacking boxes in her new apartment when her parents called. They were calling to see how she was doing, if the apartment was just as she expected and how they were so proud of her. Apparently they were so proud, they had offered to cover an entire trip to Bora Bora: flight, lodging, food, everything. At first Belinda was surprised at their kind offer but the surprise wore off when she realized it was more of an apology then a gift. Her parents were going on a cruise and to make up for not being able to visit her as they promise they were going to send her away as well. With promises to see her after the cruise and her trip her parents hung up the phone expressing their love for her. At first she was disappointed, but now glancing out her window and staring at the gorgeous white sand; there was no room for disappointment. She would get to the beach and ocean soon enough but first she had to make a call. Removing her cell phone from her purse Belinda dialed a number from memory. “Hello?†A gruff masculine voice answered the phone and it was apparent that the man had been sleeping. “Daddy, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. I just wanted to let you and mom know I made it safely and I was unpacking.†Upon understanding it was his daughter on the on the line the man became more enthusiastic. “Hey there baby girl. How is the hotel? Is the staff helpful and polite? Is your room comfortable?†Belinda started giggling at her father. He was always like this with her. Then again Belinda could understand, she was his only child and she wasn’t even truly his. Her mother had married the man she called daddy when she was just five years of age but that didn’t stop him from treating her like his own and he was always going to be a father to her. “Daddy, I’m fine. Everything is great, but you could have at least mentioned that the hotel was right off the beach. You guys know you didn’t have to pick such a place.†“We know baby, but we wanted to give you the best for your vacation. I’ve got to go now though darling. You take care yourself. Have fun and remember we love you.†Belinda smile grew wider. “I love you too. Say hi to mom for me.†Hearing the quiet beeping noise in her ear Belinda realized her father must have hung up the phone. Putting the phone back in her purse, Belinda started her unpacking, placing her items in various drawers. Her wardrobe for this vacation consisted mainly of cut off shorts and her favorite summer shirts. Placing a pair of light wash shorts and a loose see-through sleeveless top in a cream color aside Belinda searched for her bikini. The neon pink swimsuit wasn’t hard to find and immediately Belinda started changing. Just as she got her swimsuit on Belinda hear a knock at the hotel door. Pulling on the shorts she shuffled barefoot to the door, opening it widely to see a staff member of the hotel. They were just checking to see that everything was well and when Belinda nodded they left. Eager to hit the water she decided that she could finish unpacking later and tossed on her shirt heading out to the beach, her beach bag slung over her shoulder and her shades on her head. When she made it to the water’s edge Belinda glanced around to see the other vacationers, the water sloshing at her feet warm and inviting. Oh yeah this is going to be a great vacation. Removing the cover ups Belinda put her clothes in the beach bag, revealing her tanned body in her neon bikini before rushing out to the water and diving right in.
  22. I feel like doing some RPing, there's not much open at the moment, and I have no particular ideas for one. So I thought I'd start this topic and see if others are looking to get into something, and we can brainstorm some ideas. I'm up for potentially any genre, except probably romance. I would definitely get bored with realistic romance, might be able to sustain a fantasy or such one though. Doesn't mean a plot can't have romance though, but just if its the sole focus of the story I can't promise interest. I'm not fussed how much or how little people post, or how they post, or whether it stays G-rated or full-on X-rated or anywhere in between, or how many participants we have, or whether you're Student or Graduate, or what speed you post at, or how likely you are to see the RP through to completion. Seriously I'll roll with anything here. I tend to conform to what everyone else is doing, so I'll meet whatever length and detail seems to be the standard. So yeah, if you're looking for some RP, come on in and lets cook something up.
  23. PG-13 [Private] White Sands

    This is a private RP Between myself (Raine Bell) and Gajeel Just for some reference my character Name: Belinda Ridgens Age: 20-23 Gender: Female Appearance: Hazel eyes and honey brown hair that is sleek and reaches just past her shoulders with side bangs and cut in layers.She has a slender build and extremely proud of her body as she's worked hard for it. Evenly tanned to a caramel skin tone from all her summer vacations out in the sun with her family. Personality: Bubbly and out going Belinda it you upbeat peppy female. Extremely optimistic she always finds the good in everything. _______________________________________________________________________________________ So Gajeel, if you'd like you may post a character bio but as we discussed about letting it form throughout the story it is not necessary.
  24. Long ago in the sacred mists, Our Lady Diae with hamlike fists Did rend the earth asunder. We pay tribute to her divine blunder. --Inscription on the main lintel of the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae THE PLACE We begin in the midsize and bustling town of Elros, a charming, if not somewhat mundane, locale packed to the gills with all the features one might expect as standard of such a town--bored sons of merchants, squabbling housewives, a mysterious and significant-seeming cat sitting in every third window. The thrust of the adventure, however, takes place in and around the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae. The temple is located at a convenient distance from the town, but not so convenient as to not qualify as an adventure. Being the thirty-fourth out of thirty-seven temples for Diae, it is not particularly important, and the crack over which it is located is generally regarded as a mistake by Diae. However, the surrounding woods and very swampy swamps hold their own particular charm. THE OBJECTIVE You received the following letter just a few days ago: Dear __X__, I am writing to you because you have recently come to my attention as a being of spirit, courage, and having extra time on your hands. I believe you know of the Thirty-Fourth Temple of Diae. A rumor has recently come to my attention that an artifact of significant value and unknown may lie within its depths. Because I am a man of relatively substantial means and unreasonably little patience, I must obtain this artifact at once. I will provide for the majority of your supplies.Should you accept this quest, I can offer you an impressive amount of gold and enough liquor to drown a goat. You will recognize the artifact by its radiant paint job and general aura of mystery and oldness. Please reply in haste. Yours, Geraldo Bombersput. TL;DR Standard medieval/fantasy setting, retrieving kinda crappy artifact from kinda crappy temple because kinda rich guy is paying you to, swamps, adventure, fun times. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Just something I thought might be fun, plus I need to practice and get the RP-ing going again. Post if you're interested! Open to all sorts of characters. Yay!