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  1. At the dawn of our world's imminent demise humanity did as it had always done, it looked to the heavens. No God, no deity, no grand architect came down to save us from the calamity. Instead we chose to become the architects of our own survival. We gathered the great minds of our generation, and they put their heads together to bring forth our final hope. Day and night men and women from all over the world joined together for one purpose. All spare resources were gathered and used for parts. The pinnacle of man's technological advancement took the form of the largest structure to ever be built. A city to carry us across the stars. Large enough to house one billion of our planets most eligible people. The city was constructed as a large cylinder, that once launched would rotate as it hurled through space, the centrifugal force acting like our world's gravity. It's sole purpose to carry us on a one hundred year journey across the universe, to reach another planet, one to call home. The promised land, Valhalla. Inside the cylinder was a smaller floating city, one that would house the leaders of this expedition, a place for the best of our kind to watch over us, Asgard. And so Asgard and it's inhabitants were given control over our fate, and we took to the stars. The space-faring mega-city that would be our home for the next century also had a name. We called it Midgard. God Inside The Machine The skies above Huvec were brightly illuminated, the city's horizon arcing in the distance and eventually rising so high that it had reached the sky and then came back down. It was an interesting sensation, knowing that when you looked to the sky, the people who lived there were the ones looking up at you. And in the centre, floating proudly in the centre of it all, the illuminated sector known as Asgard. The lights were currently a soft blue, representing the moonlight of a world no living person on Midgard had ever witnessed. I had been 108 years since they had left their home planet, the ones who had began this voyage were long gone, with only their children to take on the task of finding Valhalla. The mission had taken 8 years longer than anticipated, but that could only mean that they were close to finding their new home. It may be tomorrow, or maybe in a year or two, but there was no doubt that this generation would be the one to discover the promised land. The streets in Huvec were quiet at night. The industrial sector housed factories, warehouses, office buildings and the like. There were no residencies here, and so at night it was almost deserted. However footsteps echoed through the night, tapping rapidly along the road, along with sharp and frantic breathing. The man was running, running for his life. The man was dressed in a white three-piece suit with a black shirt and a white tie, His dark brown hair was dishevelled and and soaked with sweat. He turned a corner and disappeared down a dark alleyway, He came to a fence and stopped. He took the silver briefcase he was carrying and hurled it over, before scaling the fence and dropping to the other side. He grabbed the briefcase and carried on out of the other side of the alley. He crossed the street and down the side of an empy warehouse building. He found an unlocked door and let himself inside. The warehouse was large and full of crate after crate of Guzzlr energy drink. He hurriedly walked through the maze of crates, trying to find somewhere hidden. Eventually he found a tucked away little corner, and he knelt down. He took the briefcase and looked it over. Inscribed across the front of it was a serial code and two words. 228-AP Apex Valkyrie He slid the briefcase in between two crates of the vile, mass produced energy drinks. He vowed that this was just a temporary measure. Carrying this was too dangerous right now. He would come back to collect it in the early morning, before any of the workers arrived at the factory. He knew it was careless, but he had precious few options right now. With a final glance at the case's resting place he ran back the way he came and exited the warehouse. He sprinted down the street a few blocks, and as he got further away he slowed to a walk. As he caught his breath he looked over his shoulder to see if he had been followed. Nothing was behind him. For a fleeting moment he allowed himself to think that he had gotten away with it. He had managed to get away safely. However as he turned back around to face front, his heart sank. Standing a few yards down the path in front of him was another man, dressed in a slate military uniform with three gold stars on either shoulder. The man was a little younger than him and had shoulder length silver hair and a rather effeminate face. "Good evening, Hodur." The young officer said to him, a cruel smirk spread across his face. "Out for a stroll?" "Hmph!" Hodur replied, facing his foe with a stern look. "Forgive me, Baldur, I have no time for pleasantries." "Well that's no fun." Baldur replied. "In that case...I suppose you best return what you have taken. If you cooperate ODIN might let you live. It won't be a very glamorous life, but you will live." "What does it matter when we're all on our way to the gallows anyway?" Hodur asked. "I see LOKI have been filling your head with nonsense." Baldur replied, shaking his head. "They are tricksters, Hodur. You are a fool to believe their propaganda. They are terrorists...their words bring only chaos." "I'll take chaos over being herded into the slaughterhouse like cattle!" Hodur yelled, suddenly striding forwards. As he moved his suit shimmered in the evening light, rippling before changing altogether. The suit transformed into a brilliant white armour, with a visored helmet, and a large broadsword materialised in his hand. "Come then! I'll show you a quick death!" "Haha!" Baldur laughed, "How old is that one? I didn't think they were still in production!" "An Aesir is only as good as the one who wears it!" Hodur replied as he stormed forward again, holding his sword high. "Perhaps...but I am a man of awe, Hodur. Witness my power..." Baldur said, his grin fading. "...Ragnarok!" Suddenly the path in front of Hodur was engulfed in a bright, burning orange glow, and he felt his existence fall away like a wet cake. His armour shattered like glass and he fell to his knees. In his last moments he thought of the briefcase. Whoever found Apex Valkyrie, that person had the fate of the world on their shoulders. --- --- "It is said that the Kamishizen Bakufu secretly ruled over Japan from as early as the Feudal Era, and there existence was not common knowledge until the early 21st Century when there organisation was uncovered after a massive-" "Boooring!" the 19 year old girl with long blue hair switched the television off as she lay across her old sofa in just a pair of grey pants and a white vest. A half eaten bowl of cereal sat at her side, which she began to scarf down again without the distracting sound of the TV to drown out her horrible slurping. As she finished the bowl she burped loudly and placed the bowl on the floor beside her couch. "Why is it always ancient history shows on at this time in the morning? she asked herself as she got up. She went into her bedroom and threw off her clothes, going into the ajoining bathroom and getting into the shower. Afterwards she dried herself off and put on a muddy green set of overalls that were too big for her. She tied her hair into a ponytail and examined herself in the mirror. Her most striking feature was her piercing, yellow eyes. She smirked at herself and then pulled on a baseball gap with her employers logo emblazoned on the front: Guzzlr. Outside her apartment the streets were filthy and had fallen into disrepair. It was the same all over the Ostheim district. To the other districts it was considered a slum, but to her it was home. Her name was Mephis Ragnor, an orphan who had spent her entire life in this district. Growing up she hadn't had many opportunities, but she at least had a job. She had been working in the Guzzlr factory in Huvec for a few months now. She made her way to the monorail station in Ostheim, a run down old station that was derelict and almost looked abandoned if it hadn't been for the working vending machines. She swiped her employee I.D down the side of one of the vending machines and it dropped a free can of Guzzlr energy drink, one of the few perks of her job. She cracked open the can and guzzled down its contents, as was expected of a drink with such a name. When she finished it she crushed the can in her hand and tossed it on the ground, just as a monorail train slowed and stopped in front of her. The doors hissed open, but nobody got off. Nobody ever came to Ostheim if they could help it. She got on the train and sat on a free seat next to a young men dressed in a black jacket with a fur-lined hood, and a pair of flashy, orange shades on his head. They didn't speak, but she did notice the bracelet on his wrist, a thin band along it was inscribed with the following: "All is lost when the Trickster Gods are looked upon to show us the truth" Weirdoooo, Mephis thought to herself as the train began moving again. It had been a pretty sucky, boring morning. Maybe something interesting would happen later. Yeah, sure. Nothing interesting ever happened to her.
  2. Farius moaned tiredly as he opened his eyes, the bright morning sunlight streaming through the windows. Rubbing his neck, he realized he wasn't sleeping on his bed, instead sitting in a rather plush armchair. No wonder his neck hurt. As a soft snoring sound alerted him, he turned to his right, only to find Saria sleeping innocently in her bed, a thin dribble of drool leaking out from her lips as he began to remember yesterday's events. Apparently, the Empress was having one of her nightmares again, and begged him to "keep the nasty monsters away". He, ever the sucker for her infamous puppy dog eyes which had even gotten her extra treats from the servants, was reluctantly dragged by his hand into her bedroom, where he had to sing her favourite song till she fell asleep which thankfully, didn't take too long. Still, Farius couldn't help but smile at Saria. Despite being the Empress, she was still very much a little girl on the inside, a fact he wished the other officials remembered. Getting up from the chair as quietly as he could, he tip-toed gently across the floor, careful not to wake the Empress. Reaching slowly for the door latch, his fingertips barely touched the handle before he heard a soft voice behind him. "Farius?" He turned around, only to find the Empress looking at him, her deep blue eyes staring deeply at him. His heart immediately dropped as he knew what she was going to say. "D-Do you really have to go?" she asked, her voice soft with a very audible hint of disappointment. Farius just smiled as he took a seat on the bed, petting her on the head. "I'm sorry Saria, but this matter requires my personal investigation. Reports say a particularly powerful witch has been sported around one of the outlying villages around our Empire." Looking downcast, Saria spoke, her voice heavy. "Please Farius," she begged, "You don't have to do this. There are other knights we can send, like-" Getting up from the bed, Farius cut her off. "I'm apologize, my Empress," he replied, "But this is something I need to take care off with my own hands." Without another word, he got up and walked towards the door. He hated being this formal with her, especially when they were in private, but he knew he wouldn't hear the end of it if he let her continue. Sometimes, he had to know when to cut her off. The plight of being a father, he mused to himself. "Wait!" He spun around as Saria got off the bed, letting out a small yelp as her feet touched the cold marble floor. "What is it, my Empress?" "...Please, stay safe." she muttered, a small smile on her face. Farius decided to permit himself a smile back at her as he closed the door. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Bariurian Skydocks. A marvel to behold in its own right, it housed Bariura's impressive naval fleet, ranging from small interceptor flyers to huge dreadnought airships, which lined the thin pathway which Farius was walking along. Taking note of the airships, to his right he could see the legendary Bismarck, a gigantic aerial carrier bristling with cannons and lined with thick armor. Responsible for many of the Empire's greatest victories, the mere sight of this majestic beast of an airship refilled the morale of the soldiers, while striking dread into its enemies as ran head first into enemy formations, soaking up incoming fire while decimating all around it. To his left was the sleek, state-of-the-art Impetus, a long destroyer lined with magitek engines, its large size hiding the fact it could easily outrun most airships of its class. Fast, manoeuvrable and agile, many opponents underestimated it as it easily strafed their larger airship and bombarded them with shell after shell. And right in front of him was the Gloria, the Empress' personal cruiser. Ornately lined with golden trim and polished to a shine, this massive airship was easily the pride of the Bariuran navy. While not as heavily armed as the Bismarck or quick as the Impetus, there was a reason why no sky pirate or even the Alvia Alliance dared to attack it, even when it travelled alone: the Empress' standard. Mounted at the top of the ship, to attack this ship was to attack the Empress herself, and anyone foolhardy enough to even attempt to try would be hunted down mercilessly, before dying an excruciating death. Today however, he would not be taking any of these grand vessels. Instead, Farius walked towards a rather innocuous carrier, the size of a small taxi, in front of which stood a rather neat looking gentleman, his uniform neatly pressed and ironed and his boots neatly polished. Running up to Farius, the man gave him a salute. "Good morning, sir!" the man greeted, pep in his voice, "Lieutenant Karl at your service, sir!" Farius gave him a quick salute in return. "At ease, lieutenant." he replied, "I take it you got my message?" "Yes sir! Once again, I can't thank you enough for choosing me for this spec-" "That's quite enough, lieutenant," chuckled Farius as he stepped into the carrier as Karl got into the pilot seat. "Your records are quite impressive, and from your test scores, you seemed like the right person for this job." To be honest, the main reason why he had chosen Karl to be his pilot for this mission was that he was rather...simple minded. Loyal, over-enthusiastic and eager, Farius was confident he wouldn't spill the beans on this mission, and even if he did, he doubted anyone would have believed him anyway. "So sir, I take it you're heading to the village of Anorith then?" Karl spoke over the vox unit as the crystal and charter symbols around the ship glowed, transferring their power to the engines as the ship slowly started rising into the air, the engines humming softly as the air magic in the glyphs displaced the air below them. "Spot on," Farius replied, grabbing the dossier file placed in the seat in front of him, which was conveniently left open, "You've read through the dossier, I assume?" "H-how did you know sir?" "Just call it a hunch, lieutenant. Tell me, what do you think of our friend here?" Farius replied, thumbing to a page titled "Neraphis Abaranth". He quickly skimmed through the page; Nicknamed the Reaper of Existence, she seemed to be a particularly dangerous witch, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Empire soldiers. "Well sir, she sure as heck looks dangerous. I don't know why you would want to go after her, but shouldn't you at least bring some reinforcements with you, sir?" "That would destroy the element of surprise," he replied without skipping a beat, closing the dossier file. "The most effective tactic against a heretic is surprise, lieutenant. Even the most powerful of spells is useless if they don't know whether you're there." ""I-Impressive!" stuttered Karl, "Just what I would expect the Empress' protector to say!" "In time lieutenant, in time." "Hey, since she's such a powerful witch, maybe you'll even meet-" Farius sighed. "-the Dusk Knight. Yes, how could I forget him slicing off Lord Barius' head in front of the Empress herself. Poor girl couldn't sleep for a week." Looking out of the window at clouds down below, he continued. "Regardless, I supposed he would come in handy in subduing the witch." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Sir! We've almost reached Anorith. 5 minutes till we land, sir!" Karls voice crackled over the vox unit as Farius grabbed a hooded cloak opposite, putting it on. It wouldn't have been wise to draw attention to himself in such a rural village, especially if he was pursuing a witch such as Neraphis. "No need, lieutenant," Farius replied, opening the ship's door as the loud roar of air entered the ship, "Pick me up from the village square in 5 hours." "But how are you goin to-" As Karl turned around, all he saw was an empty passenger seat and the ship's door wide open. "-aww crap." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dusting himself off from his landing, Farius surveyed his surroundings, the small village of Anorith a few hundred meters away in the distance. He grunted to himself as he began he hike to the village. If what the dossier said was true, he couldn't let a witch like her be running around.
  3. This roleplay already has its chosen members. Therefore, it is closed. This discussion thread is for collaboration purposes, questions of the members therein, or... for random chattering. Whatever it seems best used for. LIKE FOR CHARACTER SHEETS, WHICH WEST WAS SO KIND TO REMIND ME I HAVE COMPLETE AND UTTER CONTROL OVER! MUAHAHAHAHA! First thing's first. Those participating in this roleplay are: Taco West Shadow Ice Next order of business. The character sheets. What I'd like to see in them isn't much. At least not to me. It may be work for you three. In which case, :) (and, yes, you may hold more than one character... in fact, I think I encourage that. May do it myself.) Name: Age: Species: Role: Appearance: Personality: Traits/Abilities: Name, age, and species are easy enough. Role would be the role the character is playing. For example, a mentor, a student, the dictator, etc. I know I'll be talking to each of you about what role(s) you will all be playing so there shouldn't be any clashing here(as I will hopefully find a way to keep things smooth with my two dictator-loving roleplayers before things begin :P). Appearance, I would like that to have the basics like hair, eyes, any twirks in outfit, etc. Personality- ya know. A personality. Don't say 'normal' either. No such thing. And then the traits/abilities. These are the powers or special traits your character has. MKAY THEN. Let's see. A basic overview? I can do that. I think. Overview As you all know, this roleplay will be revolving around a Resistance-type theme. Over hundreds of years, tyranny ran recklessly through the world. Every nation wanted nothing more than to learn to withhold it, capture it, and destroy it. Agreeing on how to do this was never a calmly reasoned topic so everyone decided to take matters into their own hands. The most successful of all these idealists started with a single person, which bloomed into a cult, which blossomed into a powerful nation called Elvashnia. What was their plans? Their rules? How did they seem to be able to unlock the secret the rest of the world continued to fail in obtaining? And so easily? They still had an army, a very strong one, to defend themselves from the rest of the world who still rolled in turmoil. They had every species working together in that army, working well together in that army. In fact... no one had ever been able to get past that army to see the secret this nation had unlocked. They had elves, demons, humans, dragons, they had so many different forms of creatures that couldn't get along outside of this nation for more than five minutes. Such a strong force to reckon with! Did they act the same within the nation? Were there ever battles that needed to be handled with a strong police force? Honestly, no one from the army could tell you because none of them ever mixed with the civilians. They never saw the civilians they were sworn to protect. They only knew about them from what they were taught in their training. You see, this wasn't that difficult to keep up. The army was kept at the borders of the nation as is, to prevent outsiders from entering, and the army understood why and were well-cared for... so long as they always obeyed. So the only time the army had a chance to possibly mix with civilians would be from their training years... but this was taken care of very well. The soldiers were not the same as the civilians. They were born of other soldiers, they were cared for and trained by retired soldiers or active volunteering soldiers. And they were all trained within an enormous complex, which was centered within their very own town. A civilian would never be caught dead trespassing into this town and the soldiers never wondered why. They assumed it was for lack of need, that they were as well-cared for as the rest of them. They assumed that, for every murderer they killed, for every kidnapper they tortured, for every terrorist they strangled, the civilians were allowed a better life. But it is hard to say that everyone agreed with these methods. That no one questioned reality. That no one thought against the training, the 'facts', the statistics. It was hard to say that everything was as it seemed to be. That no one would find a leak. That no one would push for a change.... Extras I'm sorry if that ^ was bad. Don't hate me. I tried. Anyway, this rp will have plenty of roles to be played if anyone gets ambitious. I will be playing a mentor and possibly something else. We have the bad dictator, the Resistance leader, and everything in between. Characters may be of different species and powers are very much existent. Weapons are limited, though. We are in a more-modern time but not too much. We have video-cameras(watching hallways and training arenas), we have headsets(to command groups of specialized soldiers or to speak to Mentors(<--- the Trainer's titles)), we have guns(as they just came with the modernish time period, so knock yourselves out), we have grenades and other explosive devices(looking at you, West), and other things. There will be vehicles. These will consist of a few trains(which will carry supplies and resources from civilian cities to the soldiers' city) and army trucks. These army trucks will only be driven by highly trusted personnel and these personnel will be the only ones with the knowledge of how to drive a vehicle. There will be no personal transportation for anyone else. We do NOT have anything like cell phones or cars(come on, we can walk and a big truck is not stealthy), or other more-futurey things. Of course, the Resistance's goal is to defeat this dictatorship and the true suffering behind all of this perfection-sight. Any questions or requests, guys, leave 'em here for me. And keep in mind, I'm not a huge planner. I have told you all how I expect, in the long run, for the Mentor(and others) to be working for the Resistance undercover and(at least) the Mentor is caught and flees before he can be put to death. Being so loved by his fellow-soldiers, hiding isn't a problem. The Dictator will send his student on a dangerous mission that will seem easy enough to him/her but will be meant to result in his/her death(to get rid of such a bright mind led by a Resistance member). The Mentor will know about this and will reappear and will attempt to redirect his student before they make the wrong move, using headsets and hoping trust is his ally. And this is only one of the(hopefully) many different little stories I hope to see in here. I've no idea if we'll be a compatible rp group or if this rp will get off its feet BUT can't say we aren't giving it a try, right? I wuv you guys so mmmmmmuch! :D Yes. I'm tired. I am craving something sweet. Do not judge me. DON'T FRICKIN DO IT. Edit 1
  4. This is just basically an idea dump for Psych and I's rp because we forget stuff all the time. If you don't want spoilers for the RP don't read! Or at least read at your own risk :). ===== Early Plot Crap It's an EPILOGUE YAY Starts off shortly after LOS2, livin in dat church. Alu's gettin antsy cause he wants to go save the world and Gabe is just like "Newww let's spend time togezerrrr." and let's be real, Gabe isn't a character of change. So after a while they get in a spat. Alu runs off to go save humanity, Gabe sulks because... That's what he does. So all this time the Brotherhood has begun to reform. (dundundunnn) Now Alu goes to help them get back on their feet cause he helped them in the way past cause they protect humanity... And Alu protects humanity. Under the agreement that they would lay off Gabe. Of course, this is the brotherhood and they always have ulterior motives. They've discovered that Gabriel can bring back the "good parts" of the Lords of Shadow from Heaven because he is a lord of shadow. So, they steal his combat cross and take Alu as hostage (sometime before then Alu and Gabe reconcile). So Gabe has to choose between helping bringing those bastards back or his son dying. Of course... THERE'S MOAR! They want to create a utopia in which they rule, basically becoming "gods" Naturally, they're brought back cause HELLO GABE ISN'T ABOUT TO LET HIS SON DIE. Enter new enemy to defeat. (Maybe this earns some sort of judgment from God? Maybe the Brotherhood?) Gabriel and God Gabriel has gone with God's plan since the beginning, mostly unwilling. He is God's ultimate weapon against evil... While also being evil himself. So, wouldn't God use Gabriel to execute judgment on the Brotherhood/the founders of the brotherhood? They committed a perversion by bringing the founders back for power. PLOT HOLE NOOOOOOO!!!! So Cornel tells Gabe that he's killing the good guys by killing the bad guys. PROBLEMMM FOR OUR STORYYYY NOOOO. SOLUTION! They combine because they still connected and they go to MIDDLE EARTH, I mean, purgatory... yeah. Trevor is Frodo. Basically. ANYWAY, Gabriel can access this realm because he is still whole and now they are so he can play fetch. Yeah... Would Alucard be conflicted about killing the brotherhood founders? No, because they seriously effed up his life and are a threat to humanity. Questions to still be answered How the eff does Gabriel get to purgatory?!!!???!!
  5. The Ash Prophecy

    Private RP between myself, Erogenous Enigma, and Kyo. Rated 'NC-17' for dark themes, gore, violence and all manner of nastiness. Our world was once beautiful. Our cities touched the sky and we wanted for nothing. Advances in the two most prominent fields of research, technology and magic, gave our people comfortable, happy lives. We grew content, but stagnant. With stagnation came unrest. Hatred that had bubbled beneath the surface of our society for thousands of years came rushing to the surface. Those select few touched by magic could live in great luxury, while the rest of society grew jealous and resentful. In the space of a few short years, our serene, every day lives were obliterated by pain and conflict. The war against magic, which would later simply be known as 'The Fall', lasted for nearly a decade. As resources slowly dwindled to critical levels and the casualties of war escalated on both sides, the most powerful mage of the era gave the government an ultimatum - Every person, mage or otherwise, would have the right to live and prosper as they saw fit. Or nobody would. But the government was winning the war against mages and the leader of the world's armies refused his offer, convinced that victory was at hand. They could not have been more wrong. The mage sacrificed himself to cast a spell. A spell so powerful that it spread over the planet like a grasping hand, touching everything in it's wake. Millions died in the initial blast, wiping out an entire city in the blink of an eye. Billions died within hours, choking on the magical miasma. The spell affected everything, from plant to animal to person. When the dust finally settled, nine-tenths of the population had been wiped out. Most of the cities had fallen, crumbling ruins that served only as reminders of what we once aspired to. Strange plants grew from freshly planted seeds, their growth so aggressive that they spread over our planet in little more than a decade. Animal life too had changed, as almost all known species died out or gave rise to new, more aggressive species. In time, people stopped calling them animals, and they became 'monsters'. Humankind, though already terribly wounded by this magic, was not spared it's secondary effects. People began to fall ill with a terrible disease. We called it the 'phage', and no cure was ever found. There was not crippling pain like other diseases, no physical wounds appeared about the body. Only a slow descent into madness as their bodies and their minds became numb to sensation. The signs were small at first, maybe they felt no wind upon their face, or no heat from their drink. Perhaps a song fell on deaf ears, or a kiss on dull lips, until at last there was nothing left of them that made them human. From there, only two possibilities remained. Death or mutation. Some fates are worse than death. 35 years have passed since the Fall. Civilisation is in ruins. Resources are scarce. People live in fear every day of their lives, in a world in which the strong prey upon the weak, and closing your eyes to sleep, might mean never waking up again. The government continues its war against mages even in this post-apocalypse, but small pockets of resistance exist, opposed to their so-called 'ideals' and though many have forgotten, or never known the world before, a glimmer of hope remains for their future. A rumour, or perhaps more accurately, a fairy tale. Name: Garrett Age: 44 Appearance: Limbs Reference: Personality: History: Abilities:
  6. The wind blew her hair softly, keeping her cool under the warm sunlight as she continued picking the various herbs around her. She loved this job. Sitting in the grass, taking the gifts from the earth. Separating the different leaves and stems, it was a motion she went through easily anymore, something she'd learned to do from her mother since she was very young. Not that being outside wasn't something she loved more than anything. It was where she felt most at- She turned, her golden hair falling over her shoulders. "Hello?" Her voice mimicked the sound of song, her brown eyes searching around her for the noise she'd just heard. Her brow furrowed in curiosity as she heard another noise but no response. "Is someone there?" She called, looking for any furry creatures trying to stalk up on her. Some crunched leaves, some snapping twigs. Her voice turned into a defensive hiss followed by a growl in an attempt to scare off whatever had found her interesting enough to approach. Whatever it was seemed even more interested now and it started coming for her quickly, along with what sounded like some friends. Millia leaped to her feet and crouched, spilling her collected herbs out of her dress. Her growl came, very threatening as her eyes stayed on the weaving bushes. A little closer and she could see- A cold shock ran through her spine and her vision went black. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creaking wheels. Mumbling voices. These sounds are what she woke to, along with the rough rope she felt at her wrists and ankles. With a groan, she got herself into a sitting position, opening her eyes to find the others with her. Everyone was tied, males and females, of all different species of demon. After studying some of these others, their bodies, their strengths, their appearances, she searched for her voice. "What is going on here?" As she expected, one of the males nearer to the end of the wagon they rode in, spoke up. His strong body gave hint to his strong confidence, therefore showing he'd be most likely to answer her. "What do you think is going on, sweetcheeks? We've been captured." "And what is to happen next?" She asked calmly, though she sighed inwardly as she felt she shouldn't have had to ask. He laughed as if she had cracked a joke. "Are you that hidden from the world? We are going to be sold and you are going to do whatever your owner wants from you." Her eyes narrowed. "I am owned by no one." "You will be. And you better get used to it." "And how do you know so much about what's going on, then? No one can keep me where I do not wish to be." He only laughed as the cart came to a stop. Men, human men, came around and began ordering everyone out of the wagon. Their heavily-armed bodies gave good enough reason to obey though one younger male demon showed exactly what could be done should you run. As soon as his feet hit the dirt ground, his ropes, pre-cut, fell to the ground and he darted off. His demonic speeds seemed to be helpful... but it only took the 30 arrows from the archers perched about to take him down. Remaining calm, Millia finally looked at where they had arrived. They were in a village of some sort, archers hidden in the roofs of many homes. Other than that, nothing else seemed hugely spectacular of this village. The shout and hard grip on her upper arm cut her observing short as the tied demons lined up and began following the lead human towards the gallows ahead. Gallows? Are we to be hanged, then? She watched with her guard up as they approached the large platform and were told to line up and face forward. She did and some humans came forward. They had pieces of paper and looked at each demon in turn, occasionally touching some of the male's arms or inside someone's mouth before scribbling some things down. Millia's attention strayed from these humans as others began gathering below the gallows, counting money and looking at the demons lined up. It is true, then. We are to be sold. Still, I cannot be kept where I am not wanted. The first night, I will simply leave. No fuss. "The auction will begin in 5 minutes!" A human spoke, his voice raised as the humans inspecting the demons began finishing up. They got together and combined their notes then handed a single sheet of paper to the one who had spoken. The speaker looked it over then looked down at his crowded clan to make sure the gathering was full. "The auction will begin!" The demons before her were jerked up front to be bid on and met with force when they didn't cooperate. Millia paid little attention to the bidding or the things said about those for sale. She was more focused on the greedy eyes of those who were bidding. What did they use demons as slaves for? Were they too lazy to live lives themselves? Her thoughts were forced away as another rough human hand grabbed her upper arm and jerked her forward. "This here is a beautiful female demon, seeming to be from the earthy-groups. Bidding starts at 150 gold pieces!" Hmph.
  7. World of Darkness: 13 Nights in Pleasant Glen [Music] Welcome to Pleasant Glen. The bus had passed the signboard marking the boundary between the outside world and Pleasant Glen fifteen minutes ago. The rain and fogging obscures much of what you can see through the filthy windows of your transport, but your feel of the town is that it is suburban. As far as you can tell from your vantage points, the town comprises plots of lands divided by roads, and narrow alleyways. You are surprised by the emergence of the occasional large, municipal buildings from the fog; they are few and far in-between. Some of the plots are occupied by small residences, but more still are merely empty lots. There is no one else to be seen on the pavements, which you surmise is attributable to the dreary weather. You had been chatting among yourselves along the route to Pleasant Glen, as there were only four of you on-board the fortnightly shuttle bus. But all of you had fallen silent upon entering the town, each fully absorbed in the view that was gradually darkening into view outside your window. The bus eventually slows to a stop with a gentle screech of metal, and all of you alight, stepping into the Eastern European chill that is characteristic of this time of the year. Before you looms a building larger and taller than any you had hitherto seen in this town. A faded nameplate over the entrance identified it as Bedlam Hostel. Eager to escape the downpour, all of you push open the double doors, which creaked noisily, and bundle inside. --- [silence] The lobby of Bedlam Hostel is a throwback to the 80s. You get a sense that it must have been grand once, but those days are long gone. The candescent lighting provide but dim visibility. The decors seem gaudy to your sensibilities. The air smells musty. You will be relieved if your beds didn't house bedbugs. Strangely, the hotel seems empty and subdued, with even the rain outside sounding muted and distant. However, as you approach the front desk, you notice that your keys have been neatly laid out for you. The allocations are as follows: Steven - 605 Jaegar Durant - 503 Jiri Uetz - 602 Marissa Washington - 601 You decide to check into your rooms by yourselves. Thankfully, there is a working elevator. It proves to be a bit of a squeeze for all of you and your luggages, but you manage. Jaegar alights at the fifth story, while the rest alights at the sixth. The disquieting silence in the narrow corridors makes even your footfalls on the maroon carpet sound conspicuously loud. The rooms are ordered such that odd-numbered rooms are on one side of the corridors and the even-numbered ones on the other. There are only six rooms on each level. The rooms are similar in design. Each has a single bed tucked against a wall. The far wall has two panels of full-length windows installed with thick red curtains. There is a bedside cabinet with a bedside lamp, a table with a make-up mirror and a wardrobe, but no television. Steven finds that the lock to his room is faulty; his room cannot be locked. Jiri finds that his room has a faint, rancid smell. Marissa finds that her room's make-up mirror is completely covered with the blanket. Everyone finds a tray of items laid out for them on the table: a brochure, a telephone that has yet to be connected to the socket in the room, a card with instructions on how to use the hostel's phone system, a small and worn copy of the bible, a roll of toilet paper, a glass cup and a thermoflask. A quick check outside reveals that it has stopped raining. It is now 3pm. What will each of you do? Here are some possible options: A. Attempt to remedy the defects of your room by yourself B. Attempt to search the hotel C. Explore the surroundings D. Any other actions you deem useful.
  8. Background Three years ago, everyone in Ethrea was frightened beyond belief. Decades of peace and prosperity were about to come to an end with a war that was likely to be the bloodiest one we had ever endured. Ethrea nor Faesal would end this war untarnished, yet neither party wished to back down. The military standoff at the border, with neither party wishing to retract its troops, would raise the tension to such a point that war would become inevitable, but the King of Ethrea did not wish for this to happen. While he did not want his nation to be seen as weak by his neighbours, neither did he wish for his subjects to have to live through such a terrible ordeal. The King decided to seek a way to end the conflict without his country to go to an all out war and decided to use the members of Ethrea’s nobility for this goal. He offered the hand of his eldest daughter, his heiress, to the man who would solve this problem. Eventually Duke Amarant would lead a group of 20 of his men to face the Faesalian army at the border. He fought and personally defeated the traitorous Duchess Loussier, killing her and her traitorous knights, and crushed the Faesalian army at the border, sending them home with their tails between their legs. Amarant and his 20 knights are the heroes of Ethrea. Setting Hello droogs. Today I bring you a dark action fantasy, set in a fictional world similar to Medieval Europe; Nuna. Nuna is divided in 5 continents, each with their own kingdoms, but for now the only relevant ones are Ethrea and Faesal on the Koin continent. Three years ago Ethrea and Faesal were on the brink of war when the King promised the hand of his daughter to the Noble who managed to stop it, by any means necessary. Duchess Loussier and her twelve Knights fought overwhelming odds and managed to defeat the Faesalian army stationed at the border. On their way back they were ambushed by Duke Amarant and his twenty Knights while traversing a dense forest. The weakened and fatigued Knights of Loussier were unable to beat Amarant’s superior numbers and it didn’t take long before they were all cut down in the ensuing battle. After having killed everyone who knew the truth, Amarant returned to the King, claiming that he had been the one to quelch the Faesalian aggression. Upon Amarant's return he married the princess and became part of the Royal Family, while the Loussier family was stripped of their name, nobility, lands and claims. What Amarant did not know, however, was that Akuji, the God of Death, had been in the same forest in his human form and had bore witness to the events that had unfolded. Normally Akuji did not care for the deaths of mortals, in fact he lived for their deaths, but he saw an opportunity. An opportunity to unleash more chaos and carnage than any regular war ever could. He used his divine power to restore life to a handful of the slain Knights and made sure to remind them that Duke Amarant and his twenty Knights had scorned them. This RP will revolve around the revived Knights and their quest for vengeance. Some info on the world: Other than Humans the main races are (High/Wood/Dark) Elves, Dwarves and Orcs (they aren’t mindless brutes, they are brutes with a certain level of understanding and intelligence). Ethrea is ruled by humans, but inhabited by citizens of all the different races, unlike Faesal, which is inhabited mostly by Dark Elves. There is also plenty of magic present in this world. The type of magic your character possesses is up to your discretion and unless you do something really silly it is probably fine. Terminology Nuna - The world the RP is set in. Knight - Different from a soldier. Knights are sworn to protect and serve their Noble and to this end they need to be extremely powerful. Knights are bred, born and trained to be a Knight. Humans - Just your regular old humans. Dark Elves - Despite their name, they aren’t evil. They are called Dark Elves because of the grey tint of their skin and black, grey or white hair. Wood Elves - These kids like to play in woods. Their hair tends to be shades of brown. High Elves - Holier-than-thou as can be. Hair are lighter shades of blonde. Dwarves - We are small and we like to live underground. Orcs - The stereotype of us being illiterate brutes who like to bash in skulls in unfounded. We are perfectly capable to bashing your head in while speaking full sentences. Player Characters Name: Age: Personality: Appearance: Powers / Skills: Background: P.S. I already have a few running RPs which take priorities, so this one will likely be a tad slower than the others. Also looking for a max of 4 others.
  9. "BZZZZZZZZZ!" "BZZZZZZZZ!" "BZZZZZZZZ!" "BZZZ-THUNK!" A hand crept out of the navy blue sheets and unceremoniously thumped the buzzing alarm clock in order to get it to stop. The hand then disappeared back into the whole from whence it came. The sheets stirred momentarily as the figure underneath readjusted itself before settling once more. The walls of the small room were bare, and there was little about that room that would give clues to the person that lived in it. It was minimalist, decorated with neutral colours. The floor, however, had been kindly decorated by the owner of the room, with heaps of trousers, shirts, pants and socks. A gentle thumping sound steadily grew louder and a soft groan could be heard from under the sheets, as the sleeping figure prepared for what was coming. The bedroom door opened with a bang. The girl stood in the doorway was dressed in an oversized white hoodie and a pair of cut-off denim shorts, with her legs bare and a pair of pink slippers on her feet. She was young, only 17, with light brown shoulder length hair that was thick, untidy and boyish. She had a bowl of cereal in her right hand and her jaw was moving up and down with a crunching motion as she eyed the figure under the sheets. This girl was Hisako Ishihara, a tomboyish middle child of three sisters. However, to the figure under the sheets, she might as well have been the devil himself. She wandered over to his bed and promptly shoved her foot roughly where she presumed his face to be. "Oiii!" she cried as she jabbed the figure with her foot. "Wake up, dumbass!" she added. The sheets rippled and a face pulled itself out from under them. The boy staring back at Hisako had dark brown hair, mid-length and untidy. His eyes were like narrow slits as he glared at her, a combination of fury and exhaustion. "Who you callin' dumbass!?" He barked, shoving her foot off of the side of his face, causing her to tip back and spill some of the milk out of her cereal bowl. "Oii! Dumbasss!" he roared as the milk splattered along the carpet of his bedroom. "Quit coming in my room and wrecking stuff!" "This isn't you're room, freeloader!" Hisako spat back, rubbing the milk into the carpet with her foot, before storming off out of the door, calling as she went, "Mari says you've to get your ass up!" The boy sighed and pulled himself out of bed. His name was Karyu Morinaga, and in a way he was a freeloader in this house. The house belonged to Mari Ishihara, the oldest of the three sisters. Karyu was just her guest, and had been for as long as he could remember. He was under foster care from Mari, and although she never complained much, he had not been the easiest kid to bring up. Not that he cared much about that right now. He was awake, and steadily becoming more aware of the painful grumbles his stomach was making. He got up and decided to get dressed. Karyu emerged in the kitchen to find the three women of the house already inside. Hisako was sitting at the table absent mindedly slurping the remains of her cereal whilst playing a handheld games console. Beside her at the table was her younger sister, Aoi. Aoi was a stark change from her older sister. She was ten years old with long, straight black hair that reached her hips. She was dressed in a school uniform and was busy reading a rather thick book. When Karyu entered the room she only looked at him briefly, disinterestedly, before turning back to her book. Meanwhile behind them both, making packed lunches, was a young woman with light brown hair like Hisako's, but it was long and flowing. The woman, Mari, turned around and gave Karyu a warm smile. "Morning!" she said brightly. "Yo!" Karyu replied. He was dressed in his school uniform now. A pair of black trousers, black shoes, an un-tucked white shirt and a black blazer, with a school tie hanging loosely around his neck, the two top buttons of his shirt undone. He reached over the counter as two pieces of toast popped out of the toaster. He grabbed them both and put one of them in his mouth, taking a big bite out of it. "Hey!" Aoi cried, finally taking her head away from her book for more than a moment. She was scowling with her large, childlike eyes. They were a bright emerald colour, the same as her sister's, but hers were by far the most striking. "Karyu-nii! That's my toast!" "Ah, too bad..." Karyu replied with a sly smirk, "You'll have to move quicker next time." "Karyu! Give Aoi her toast!" Mari yelled as she continued preparing packed lunches. "Tch!" Karyu replied, "Fine..." he threw one of the pieces of toast on Aoi's plate and finished devouring the rest of the one he had bitten into. He pulled a silly face at Aoi and went into the hall to grab his backpack. As he slung it over his shoulder he heard Mari call him, and then a lunch bag flew through the air which he caught adeptly and stuffed into his backpack. "Thanks!" he said as he made his way for the door, "Later!" Karyu walked down the street heading towards his school. Fuyukaba was a pretty ordinary town. The residential area were lined up neatly with walkways in between the houses, as was quite common with modern residential housing plans. The heart of the town was Amatsuseki, a large shopping complex built around a courtyard area with bushes and benches. Even in the early hours it was quite busy, with people making their way to work, and the younger crowd on their way to school. He watched the various cliques chatting and joking with each other as they made their way to school. He was an outsider of sorts, both at home and at school. He had acquired a reputation of being a troublemaker and a delinquent, and that was enough to keep most people from getting to close to him. Not that he really cared, they were all idiots anyway. As he passed through Amatsuseki's courtyard his eyes caught the image of an older man shuffling across the courtyard from him. Nobody else was really paying him any mind, but he looked worn out, perhaps a bit sick. Karyu slowed his walk as he gazed at the man. He was clearly not the sort many people cared about. Probably homeless, a rare occurrence in Fuyukaba, but not unheard of. Karyu was about to move on his way when he noticed that the man had stumbled, and fallen to his knees. Nobody else was bothering to do anything. He sighed and strode towards the man. As he approached he took note of the growing stench. Perhaps this was why nobody was paying him any mind. "Yo! Old man!" he called as he drew closer, "You okay?" he asked, as he took the man by the arm and helped him up. He winced at the stench. This guy had to be homeless, he smelled like he hadn't had a bath in years. The man began to get up, gripping on to Karyu's arm for support. His grip was surprisingly tight. As he got back to his feet Karyu attempted to bring back his arm, but the man would not loosen his grip. He tugged a bit harder and the hobo turned and glared at him. His eyes looked dead, like he was drunk or something. Karyu's teeth clenched and he heaved, finally relinquishing his arm from the stinky bum's grip. "Tch!" he spat, scowling at the old man as he walked away, "Some gratitude you have, geezer!" Finally Karyu had arrived at Fuyukaba Academy, a 5 floored school for the students in the town. He was walking along the second floor to his homeroom class, 2F. He stepped inside the classroom to find that most of the students were already present and were either sitting quietly, or talking among themselves. Karyu noted that their teacher hadn't arrived yet and sauntered up to the back of the classroom. He sat at a spare desk and put his bag on the floor, putting his feet up on the desk. Within moments their teacher had arrived. Noritoshi Hideaki. Hideaki-sensei was normally a History teacher, but he was also Karyu's homeroom teacher. He was a man in his late 40's, with grey hair that was still thick and cut into a short, spiked hairstyle. He was dressed in black trousers, open toed sandals, and a black shirt with a mandarin collar. Around his neck was a long necklace with a large, silver pentagram medallion on the end. As Hideaki-sensei entered the room he stopped almost instantly, sniffing the air as if he could smell something strange. Then as his view tiled towards Karyu, the light caught his glasses and the glare hid his eyes, making him look a little menacing. Karyu raised his brow, waiting for Hideaki-sensei to say something to him, but his teacher simply turned back to his desk and walked over to it, taking a seat. "Settle down!" He called with a calm yet firm tone. Immediately the students settled down and took their seats. He smiled and continued. "Okay so it looks like a full house today. Very good. I'll just run through the register to double check...hmm...Abukara, Shuya...Aihara, Keiji..." and so he continued as he worked his way down the list of students in the class. After a few minutes he came to Karyu. "Morinaga, I see." he said with another smirk. "Will you be staying for the whole day this time, Morinaga-kun?" "I haven't decided yet." Karyu replied bluntly. "I see..." Hideaki responded, pondering for a moment. "I hate to break it to you Morinaga-kun, but if you continue to skip classes it won't be long before you are suspended." "So...let me get this right..." Karyu replied, mockingly stroking his chin as if thinking deeply. "If I don't come to school you guys are gonna punish me by telling me not to come to school?" "It's not how I would handle things." Hideaki replied, "However I don't make the rules. You should pray that one day that does not become the case. Because if it were up to me, you'd be begging for a suspension." "Tch!" Karyu responded with a frown and a soft shrug. He wasn't scared of a teacher, or their empty threats. One of the few upsides to being an orphan was people cut you a lot of slack. He probably shouldn't abuse that, but he often did. More precisely he just never questioned it. He could tell when people felt like that about him. Many of the teachers, the parents, and even some of his fellow students all looked at him in the same way. They pitied him. He didn't need their pity, but he got it anyway. That was usually why he acted out. However Hideaki-sensei looked at him differently. He wasn't quite sure what this look conveyed, but it was certainly not pity. "Right then" Hideaki said finally. "Off to your next class, all of you." Karyu got up from his seat and walked out of the classroom. What was his next class? On a monday the first thing after Homeroom was... "I hope you haven't forgotten where my classroom is, Morinaga-kun" came Hideaki-sensei's voice from behind him. That's right, on Monday he had History straight after homeroom. There was no ditching out this time.
  10. Algaia <----------- MAP! Algaia is a land divided. While the Empire of man holds much of the fertile lands, it's struggle for dominance is still bitterly apparent. Unruly factions are constantly involved in skirmishes and battles for control over the land. Among the lands there are three who rule. Three Kings. With command of the people, the Kings are certainly the most powerful people in all of Algaia, but in our land power is something that can be wielded by those who strive to take it. In such a world the crown lies not with chosen blood, but with any and all who would chose to take the crown from wherever it may rest. And so even among the Three Great Kingdoms, there is constant feuds between the oldest clans, each plotting for the crown they believe is rightfully theirs. The days are often dark, as is the way when all men believe themselves Kings. The days, however, will grow darker still. An evil far greater than the selfish desires of men is festering across Algaia. The signs are there but most are too blind to see. Perhaps hope is already lost... Raeghal The central land of Men. Raeghal is the largest and most prestigious Kingdom in Algaia. The Sunborn King, Isaac Ithenral II, saw to that as he finished the work of his father, crusading across the land and dominating all who opposed him. However in times of relative peace, Raeghal is a multi-cultural land, the various towns and keeps ruled over by Lords, chosen by King Isaac himself to keep his people in line. The Kingdom enjoys the comfort of a well balanced climate, creating plenty of hospital lands for farmers to reap their bounty. Animals flourish in the woodlands and game is aplenty. The people also live in relative safety, the most terrifying of creatures, the Dragons, have not traversed to the lower lands of Raeghal in over 300 years. Raeghal as a land of birthright. Your family's position in the social hierarchy is very important, and it is common for those of peasant families to be subjected to lives of servitude, slavery and prostitution. Foreigners can make a living as merchants, sellswords or tradesman, as long as they have the skills or goods to make it happen. The Capitol city is Midas. Agrines Agrines is a dry land with a warm climate, covering large valleys and mountains. The land is more barren than Raeghal but there is still bounty to be had. Agrinian men are strong in body and mind. Lead by the Blood King of the North, Agron Rakfang, the men of Agrines are a warrior people. They are men of honour who settle their feuds on the battlefield. Despite their formidable strength, they have never declared outright war on Raeghal, and at the moment the two lands share a time of relative peace. However the people of Agrines are not as soft as their lowland cousins, and build large fortresses of stone and steel. It is rare to see one who practices magic in Agrines, but normally it is dark energy that is manifest in their sorcerers. Academics are no sought after in Agrines. Agrinians favour the great minds of tacticians and warlords over such studies as alchemy, the arts and history. In Agrines the victor writes the history books, and that is how it has always been. The Capitol of Agrines is Blutgard. Moraigh The land of the Dwarven people. Moraigh is a rocky, mountainous region that enjoys cooler temperatures than those up north. The land is littered with caverns and catacombs, as well as a series of mines, excavated by the Dwarven people. The Dwarves have bent knee to the Hammerfist Clan for hundreds of years. The current Dwarven King is Duncan Hammerfist, a fierce and formidable warrior, and a loved and respected leader. The Dwarves are master craftsmen. Due to this the Dwarves are on the brink of their industrial age, using engineering, coal and steam to build wonderous cities, weapons and armour. Their Capitol, Sanctuary, is a testament to their great craftsmanship. Kotaer The land of the Tryll, not much is known about this place. If a Kotaer indeed has a ruler, then it has neither been confirmed nor denied. The hostile territory has left much of Kotaer unexplored by anyone other than the Tryll themselves. Many live their whole life without nearing the land, and many fewer have even seen the Tryll's nearest settlement from their border, the town known as Whisper. It is said that the Capitol of Kotaer is Fairun, however nobody has seen it. Due to the secretive nature of the Tryll, they do not speak of their homeland in any great detail. Jogrund In the far south resides the cold land of Jogrund. Few dare to challenge it's the Ice Desert, where many a man has perished, and fewer still wish to move around it and through the lands of Kotaer. However beyond the flats only worse trials await. Between the violent blizzards and the sub zero temperatures that fall at night, there is yet more to fear of this ancient land. One of the last regions where Dragons are seen, and known to thrive. The Frost Dragons of Jogrund live on the mountain known as Drekfjall. However they are not the only inhabitants. There are also the Orcish people who coexist with the Dragons, living in the land around Drekfjall. Strange occurences have been happening in the land of Jogrund, but with so few inhabitants, who is really to know? The Furia Little is known of Furia. The land is far North, through Agrines. The foreign land is considered uninhabitable, and nary a soul ventures in to the land and returns. The only sign of life that ever comes from The Furia is the Fire Dragons that occasionally descend in to Agrines to hunt. Their attacks have been growing more frequent of late. Important People/Places/Terms Humans – usually simply referred to as Men (or women) folk. They are the largest population in number. Men are a diverse race, and...yeah humans, do I really have to explain this? >_< Blutgard – The Capitol of Agrines is a vast and sprawling city, full or mechants, craftsmen and warriors. The city was originally built on top of a mountain of the same name, but has since sprawled outwards, with the mountain serving as it's centrepiece. Midas – Built inside a great valley. Midas is a regal city consisting of many large towers, and houses it's citizens in segregated areas, with only the most Regal of families being allowed to reside within the walls of the King's Quarter. Dwarves – Dwarves are short in size and often in temper. Brave and fearless fighters, but also ingenious engineers, dedicated craftsman and strong labourers. They are a close nit community who love to sing songs and tell stories, all while sharing a drink at an inn. Small they may be, but in their lust for life, the Dwarven people are giants among men. Sanctuary – The great underground city of the Dwarves is perhaps the oldest of any settlement. It has served as their fortress for over 1'000 years and has grown considerably from it's incarnation. Sanctuary is the most valuable treasure to the Dwarven people, and is virtually impenetrable to those not welcome, as it is entirely underground, except for the main gates, which are too enormous and heavy for any force to move, other than with the magic of their own engineering. Tryll – The Trylll are a rare sight. Many do not leave their homeland, but the few who venture in to the known Kingdoms often make their living in the darker, shadier walks of life. Tryll are often hired as assassins and thieves, or even as bodyguards. While they stand as tall as men, they are an unsettling sight, with a thick, prehensile tail, and a skin tone that varies from shades of crimson, bronze and ash white. Their teeth are fanged, and large, curved horns grow out of their forehead and travel back across their skull. The Tryll are very mysterious, and while they can be quite blunt and honest about matters that do not concern them, they are very secretive about their origins, and their homeland. Kjolnas – The sacred land of the Orcish people. Kjolnas is a temple cavern formed out of the ice. It is said that the heart of the world resides within Kjolnas. Few orcs may enter, and never has any other race been allowed inside. Orcs – The Orcs stand as tall as men, but far wider and more muscular, even the females. Their skin tones can be anything from green, to olive, yellow and grey. Their teeth are overgrown and often their canines grow over their lips. They are not as fearsome as they appear, but they are indeed fearsome. The Orcs live in a harsh landscape and admire strength and courage. They are a deeply spiritual and wise race, who frown upon complacence and excuses. It is this survivalist attitude that has earned them the mutual respect of the Frost Dragons with which they share their home. Magic - Magic is both well known and yet mysterious. Keep your eyes open in a city for more than 5 minutes and you will have not doubt witnessed one of the many parlour tricks performed by magicians and street performers. However real magic is something that takes a lifetime to master. The secrets of magic are rare and unyielding to the dull of mind. But for those who show promise, there are endless possibilities. Magic is a force that holds no council with the morals of men, it is absolute in it's power. However the hearts of men are not so subjective, and the magic they wield can take the form of light, and also darkness. Okay so basically fantasy rp! I'd be looking for 3-4 more people, but no more than that. Any takers? My character is below: Krios Hakar Krios is the first born son of Jotur Hakar, a renowned warrior in his home land of Agrines. He hails from Cambra but in his 27 years on this earth he has been well travelled in his home land. Born red of hair like his mother, with the green eyes of his father. He now stands a lean and strong young man, with shoulder length red hair, with a longer section the length of his back, tied behind him in a thick braid. While his face is unscathed it is rough to the touch and coarse with stubble. His body is worn and bears many scars, some new and some old. He dresses in the garb of his people, a maroon coloured, tunic with thick, brown leather pauldrons, inscribed with golden markings and dark fur lining on his collar and shoulders. As a young man he served as a Blood Scale, warriors who defend the fortress city of Tiern, the first line of defence against the encroaching dragons that fly in from The Furia. His term was brief compared to many others, and while he saw action he considers his time there to have been quieter than most. Krios, however, emerged as one of the many men of his race who had bested dragons. For his efforts he managed to procure dragonscale, used to forge Dragonsteel, plucked freshly from a fallen beast, and a valuable material in the neighbouring land of Rhaegal. Krios has travelled to Rhaegal to trade his dragonscales for coin, and to use that coin to indulge in Rhaegal's wine and women. Krios is no hero, but he is a man of honour and courage. He is disgusted by slavery, something unheard of in Agrines. He lives by the mantra of his people: "All Men Are Equal". As such he bows to no man, and refuses to bend to the will of others. He has suffered his fair share of trouble for his attitude, however he has proven himself to be incredibly formidable in combat. The Agrinians live for war, and will fight with sword, axe and bow as if they had emerged form the womb carrying them. Some call the Agrinians a barbaric horde, but Krios feels his people have more honour and integrity than any man in Rhaegal. He carries the Bastard Sword, Skuldrom, forged with Dragonsteel in the Molten Forge of Shaugr. While all other weapons come and go, Skuldrom will always stay at his side. The Dragonsteel sword is his prize for his time as a Blood Scale, and is a reminder of all that he holds true. All men are equal, however, only some choose to seize their greatness.
  11. NC-17 Thirteen Traitors

    For the past three years time had passed ever so slowly; minutes felt like they lasted for days while days seemed like an eternity. The self-imposed solitude, endless brooding and relentless training were the only things he had known ever since that fateful day. There were times when he wondered if he would stay sane long enough for his goal to come to fruition, but that was never more than a fleeting thought buried the torrent of hatred that quickly overcame him at the thought of Duke Amarant getting away unpunished. There would be more than enough time for Donovan to go insane after he had dealt with Amarant and those who followed him. It had been a while since he had last seen his companions, they had elected to spend some time apart as they waited for the opportunity to have their revenge. Whether revenge truly was a dish best served cold was debatable, but at the very least they understood that going after that man immediately would have been a fool’s errand. When Donovan caught wind of the fact that the promised marriage of Amarant and princess Jillian was to take place in the coming month, he knew that it was time for them to move and he wasted no time in sending ravens to deliver his message and order the remaining Knights of Loussier to gather in the small agricultural town of Oldden. Late for the meeting he had planned at the rendezvous point he had chosen, Donovan made no attempt to increase his pace as he calmly strode towards Oldden while enjoying the pitter patter of the falling autumn rain. His hood was pulled over his head not to shield it from the rain, but to hide his face that would surely be recognized in Oldden. Prior to the Loussier name losing all of its claims and titles, Oldden had been part of the Loussier duchy, but had since been divided into the territories of several neighbouring duchies. It would not be a far stretch for anyone to recognize one of the Knights of their former lord. The chains, the coat, the boots, the gloves and the cloak all felt uneasily nostalgic. It had been years since he was last dressed for battle and the events that unfolded at that time were a far cry from his proudest moment. Ever since not a day had gone by without Donovan spending at least half of it lost in thought as he sought for any signs that such a betrayal would befall them, but despite all his efforts he could not find what he had missed. By the time he arrived in Oldden it was well past midday and Donovan was late by half an hour. He briefly considered blaming his tardiness on the gloomy skies making it increasingly hard for him to accurately tell time, as that would be less of an embarrassment than him having to tell them that he had somehow managed to get lost. Living as what was essentially a hermit for three years didn’t exactly do wonders for his sense of direction. Oldden was exactly how he remembered. Small, rural, quiet and incredibly boring. No one would ever expect a group of Knights, brought back from the dead by the a god in order to exact vengeance upon the ones who ruined everything they worked for, to meet up in Oldden. As expected, the former Knights of Loussier were all ready and waiting in the local tavern, the ideal starting location for any adventure, with Donovan being the last to arrive. “Good afternoon,†he said standing at the table. “How long are you going to remain seated? We’ve got work to do.â€
  12. NC-17 Corporate Heroes

    “Just… just shut up and trust me. When have I lied to you, Phantom?†Luther did his best to keep his frustration and fear hidden as he stared at the rooftop of the skyscraper across from his current location. A week ago the gap between the two rooftops would have been too large for Luther to jump across, despite his enhanced physique and the augmentations provided by the Sony Hypersuit Mk III Ghost the gap would’ve been insurmountable. Yet the technician kept insisting that the gap between the Mk III Ghost and the Mk IV Ghost Prototype was enough for this to become an easy feat. Normally Luther would’ve believed him, but normally Luther wouldn’t be facing a horrendous plummet towards his own death. “How big is the chance that you’re wrong and I’ll end up dead?†He asked and a video feed opened up in the corner of his helmet’s HUD, showing the technician sitting safely in Sony’s Neo Human Division’s HQ. “I’d rather not end up a smear on the pavement, Roy.†The technician shrugged. “You didn’t mind going through all the other hazard test. You didn’t mind being set on fire, shot, stabbed, beaten, electrocuted or deprived of oxygen, but you’re scared of jumping?†“I dislike heights.†“Then you picked the wrong business, hero. Come on, trust me. I’ve got this.†Luther let out a deep audible sigh, making sure that the microphone installed in his helmet caught every second of it, before moving to the far end of the rooftop. He crouched, putting his left knee adjacent to the right ankle, hands resting on the ground at shoulder width. He took a few deep breaths before raising his hips slightly higher than his shoulders, another deep breath. Luther remained motionless as he visualized the jump and in a split second he jumped from his starting position into a sprint. The force of the impact of each step was enough to leave marks on the rooftop as Luther ran across with incredible speed. Each subsequent stride was longer than the last, until he finally reached the edge. He jumped, vertically, allowing the speed of the sprint to carry him forward as he prayed to whatever god he normally did not believe in to allow him to make it. Each passing second seemed to last a lifetime as the opposing rooftop got closer and closer. Even with the oxygen regulatory system built into the suit Luther couldn’t help but feel short of breath as the moment of truth approached ever so slowly. A sudden beep, accompanied by a blinking exclamation mark surrounded by a red triangle on his HUD, pulled him out of his trance and broke his concentration. No longer focused on his jump, it seemed as if time fast forwarded to him landing on the rooftop. The momentum of the jump was enough to prevent a sudden stop, causing Luther to trip and roll forward after safely landing on his feet. He spun around twice before slamming his hand through the roof to stop the momentum. “See, you made it,†Roy said as he clapped at the achievement. Luther took a moment to calm down before standing up and looking at the damage he had caused during his landing. He was glad to see that the jump was indeed as easy as Roy had said, he had landed comfortably in the middle of the rooftop area, but the cracks that originated at the point of impact could be dangerous for civilians on the top floor of the skyscraper. “Don’t worry,†Roy said, as if reading Luther’s thoughts, “we’ll get a clean up crew on those two rooftops as soon as possible. For now, you should get to work. You heard the alarm right? It’s time for a field test.†----- “I still don’t understand why you insist on testing my jumping when you know that I can create a paraglider at will.†Luther had arrived on street level and walked in the opposite direction of the fleeing and panicking crowd. Something was going on and it is always a safe bet to go to the point everyone is running from if you are looking for trouble. “I thought it would be funny,†Roy said as he kept an eye on the video feed sent over by the cameras built into Luther’s helmet. “Any idea what is going on?†“No,†Luther replied, “no visual on any suspect activity. Any other Neo Humans on site?†“Negative, you’re the only one here, but if you don’t hurry up someone will show up and steal your Board Points.†“Let them. I am going to see if I can reach a decent vantage point.†Luther jumped and latched onto the wall of one of the many buildings that oversaw the street; it only took a bit of climbing for him to reach a suitable height. From here Luther could see that the crowd was much larger than he had initially anticipated, even for a friday night in the middle of the city’s center. “I still don’t see anything.†“Try zooming in.†“Roger,†Luther replied as a slit opened in the normally smooth black helmet. The camera lenses readjusted as Luther zoomed in to try and get a visual on ground zero. “Uhh, Roy, do you see this?†“Is that what I think it is?†“I’m going in,†the lenses returned back to their normal state as the slit in Luther’s helmet closed. He jumped off the wall, stretched out his arms and a set of black bat-like wings manifested on his back along his arms. Using the contraption he rapidly glided over the crowd, no longer having to deal with random civilians bumping into him, and mentally prepared for combat. “Wow…†Roy said as Luther made his landing, “your camera didn’t deceive us. It really was a huge wolf. Try not to get bitten, we have no idea if the suit can sustain a bite from the jaws of a beast as big as that.†“Roger,†Luther slowly approached the gigantic rampaging wolf. The creature’s size compared to that of a car, but if Luther didn’t stop him innocent people would get hurt. “Hey, you!†Luther shouted; the wolf turned in his directed, snarled and began growling. “Yeah, Luther said, “that trick works on civvies, but I’m not going to turn tail and run. Either you tell me who you are or I beat you up and then you tell me who you are.†The wolf’s snarl disappeared. “Figured a Neo Human wouldn’t fall for it. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.†“Phantom.†“Phantom? Oh! I didn’t recognize the suit.†The wolf began circling around the stationary Luther, it’s large tongue licking it’s snout. “Is it new? Well, not that it matters after I tear it off your cold, dead body.†“Name.†“How rude of me, they call my Lupus, nice to meet you. I wonder how many spots I’ll jump after killing you… I might even reach the top -1000! That’d be fantastic.†“That’s why I never heard of you. You’re just a puppy.†Luther taunted, but before he could continue Lupus lunged at him without any additional warning. The jaws of the wolf spread wide open, giving Luther a clear view of the gaping maw that approached his face. Not willing to risk the battle of teeth and helmet he reached out and grabbed both ends of the maw, maneuvering his fingers to avoid them getting cut by the teeth, and stopped the creature in its tracks. “Thought so,†Luther said, still completely serene, “You’re big, but that’s it. You’re just small fry.†Lupus began growling and violently movings its jaws as it tried to close its maw and bite off Luther’s fingers, but Lupus’ jaw strength couldn’t match the power of the Mk IV Ghost. As if tossing an average sized human, Luther turned and performed a simple hip throw to get the wolf flat on the ground. As the wolf lay dazed on the ground, Luther quickly got on top of it and wrapped his arm around the wolf’s neck, putting it in a rear naked choke. The animal viciously twisted and turned as it did its best to escape Luther’s grasp, but the increased strength of the suit was enough to keep him steady and subdue Lupus. It didn’t take long for the lack of oxygen to knock out the wolf. Luther exhaled before letting go of the wolf’s body, noticing that it slowly started shifting back into a humanoid form. “Roy, call the authorities. I’ve got a Bad for them.â€
  13. Caspar. The City of Fortune. The streets were filled with a mixture of exotic scents, from Agrinian spices to roasted wild boar. The aromas blended well with the colourful environment. The buildings were constructed from sand and stone, and the streets were filled with stalls. Merchants and traders from all over the continent had flocked the this city. All of them in search of riches. Over the years it had become a multicultural hub. Despite being a settlement of man, Dwarves and Orcs were not an uncommon sight, nor even the Tryll who usually kept to themselves. However Caspar was unlike any other city in Rhaegal. In a sense it was free. While Lords were normally appointed by the King from noble bloodlines, Caspar was ran by the Merchant Guild, who has bought their place in the sun with coin, rather than inherit it. This attraction was often what brought foreigners here. In Caspar the laws were enforced by the merchants, and so in such a city a merchant was free. However, there were laws, and danger lurked with those who broke them. Men dressed in the green and red uniform of the Merchants Guard were moving through the busy streets at a brisk pace. Ahead of the men was their Captain, dressed in the same ornate uniform, complete with gold embroidery on the chest and back. Around his waist was a red sash, a scimitar fixed at either side of him. The dark haired man wore a red turban around his head and had a thick moustache. He looked irritable as she shoved his way through the crowds. "Finest sea salt from the Dwarven Crag!" a merchant yelled through the marketplace. "Carpets! Rugs! We have them here! Twenty percent discount for today only!" another called. "Grain! Get your grain here! Finest in Caspar!" called a third. "Move!" The Captain snarled as he pushed past the grain merchant and ducked in to a narrow alleyway, his faithful guardsman following closely behind. As he moved further down the alleyway the scent of incense and hot oil became more prominent. Finally they found their way in to a back street building. The inside walls were decorated with intricate silks, with detailed cushions and pillows littered over the floor. There were a few men inside, enjoying the company of the beautiful woman who were fawning around them, stroking them gently and feeding them fresh fruit. After a moment a short and unimposing man came to the Captain and bowed. "Good Afternoon, Captain!" the man said mid bow. "Welcome to my humble establishment. Can I fetch you and your men anything to drink. Perhaps some company? My girls would be happy to sit with you." "Be quiet." The Captain snapped sternly. "I am not here for pleasure. I am looking for a man. An Agrinian, have you seen him?" "Many of our patrons come from Agrines, Captain." the owner replied. "This one is a new arrival. Red of hair." The Captain responded irritably. "He is wanted for crimes against the city. They call him Krios Hakar." the Captain began to wander around the room, staring at the men, trying to find the one he sought. "Several men in the marketplace report him coming here." "Well as you know our patrons are offered a certain level of...confidentiality. You understand, do you not?" the owner asked. "No I do not!" The Captain barked loudly. "This man has commited a crime against this city. He is a treacherous dog who has pissed all over what we hold dear! He has broken our tenets and so he must pay. Do you understand?" "Y-yes, Captain but..." As the discussion went on a man gently shushed the two giggling women who lay with him. They hid behind the silk curtains of an opposing room, the man was wearing only his trousers and his red hair was the length of his shoulders. A wry smirk crossed his face as he turned back to one of the women who was caressing his chest, particularly a large scar across his abdomen. "And how did you get this one?" She asked "Ah yes, that one." The man replied in a hushed whisper. "One of my brothers did that to me when we had a fight. I had made him quite angry at the time." "You have brothers?" The other girl asked. The man shook his head. "All men are my brothers." He responded simply. "And are we your sisters?" one of them asked. The man smirk and shook his head hesitantly. "I try not to think that way in situations like this..." he said before peeking back through the curtain. The Captain had finally had enough of the owner and had shoved him to the ground. His men were now searching through the private rooms. "What about this scar?" he heard behind him. "Another time I am afraid." the man said with a soft smile as he got up and began to dress himself, pulling on his crimson tunic, and the dark leather pauldrons over that. He reached to his side and pulled out a large bastard sword, and strapped it to his side. He reached into a pouch of gold coins he was carrying can put a few in the hands of the two women he had been lying with. "It's time for me to go. Now remember, no one was here." "Of course." One of them replied. "Will you be back, Krios?" "Probably not." he replied. "but rest assured I will think of you lovely ladies when I set off to distant lands. This moment will live on in my heart." he rolled his eyes as he said it. Both of them had giggled. Did women like that really believe such nonsense? Or perhaps they were just very good at staying in character. He waved them off as he pulled a curtain by the window out of his way and climbed up on to the sill. With one last look at his gorgeous companions he gave a wave, and crawled out of the window and on to the street. --- --- --- --- Krios l gave himself a quick dusting off before striding forward through the streets and away from the guards who were searching for him. He was quite fortunate that the owner of that brothel had the good mind to hold his tongue. He had no idea what he had done to cause the guards to come for him, but he suspected it had something to do with the goods he was carrying. He had tried to be careful, but apparently not careful enough. Caspar was full of watchful, beady eyes. He would leave as soon as possible. But first he needed to meet the man he had travelled all of this way for. One of the few merchants with the coin the procure the goods he was carrying. He felt in the pouch he was carrying. He had spent the last of his coin in the brothel. What remained in the pouch were black scales, the scales of a dragon. While they were not dangerous by any means, it was forbidden to sell them. At least in Rhaegal it was. All dragon scales were to be donated to the King, to forge dragonsteel for his personal guard. However that had only meant that for those who would ignore the law would pay a pretty penny for such items. The man he had arranged to meet was near. A man called Faze.
  14. Okay so this is an anime rp about an Academy of Adventuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure! So grab your bento boxes and give me a great big "Hajimemashite Kyo-kuuuuuuuun~!" and we'll be on our weeaboo way! ... yeah I dunno either. Just go with it. Fuyukaba Academy: Demon Hunters Fuyukaba is our setting. A fictional town in Japan of medium proportion, full of safe residential areas, small local businesses, a large shopping mall, a hospital, and of course a school. Fuyukaba Academy is the school where all the children of the town go to. While still a small town school the grade average is increasing every year, and some of the students excel in various areas of academics and sports. Most notably the school is home to several extra curricular clubs, including a swim team, a baseball team, a kendo club, a book club, and of course, the Student Council. Noritoshi Hideaki, or Hideaki Sensei to his pupils, is the History Teacher at Fuyukaba Academy but he also mentors the Student Council, a hand picked group of student who meet after school to discuss how to make improvements and deal with any minor issues within the school. To the other students, the school faculty, and the rest of the town, the School Council are chosen due to their excellence as student at Fuyukaba Academy. However the truth is a touch more macabre. Fuyukaba has a dark secret. For the few who are wise enough to know, Fuyukaba is renowned as a conduit of dark energy. Very few of these places exist around the world, but Fuyukaba is one such place, known as a Hellmouth. Legends and folklore talk of demons and dark spirits, but when it comes to Fuyukaba, it's the truth. Demons emerge from hell through the conduit underneath Fuyukaba, and roam the streets disguised as man and woman. The bodies they possess are long devoid of soul, and so they begin to rot. Those of keen perception will notice the stench of a demonic host. Or better yet they will notice the decay that sorrounds them. The malfunctioning of electrical equipment, the fear they provoke on animals, the plant-life around them withering and dying. Hideaki Sensei knows the secret of Fuyukaba, and he has sworn an oath to protect the people of this town from the demons that walk among them. That is why he has recruited the most skilled student of Fuyukaba Academy to act as his charges, learning to fight the demons with his training. That is the true purpose of the student council. So basically this is a fun anime rp along the lines of stuff like Soul Eater, Ao No Exorcist, Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho, and other such anime. It's a mixture of slice of life, with some comedy moments, some laughs, some tears, and some fighting of demons using your mystical powers, whatever they may be. So I'll provide some basic info to help you mould your characters. Fuyukaba - Pretty much a normal modern town on the surface. Obviously fictional but we're gonna pretend its a town in Japan. Fuyukaba Academy - Fuyukaba students are required to wear uniform. Boys should wear black shoes, black trousers, a white shirt either long or short sleeved, with a black and red striped school tie, and also a black blazer. Girls are required to wear a skirt, long white socks, black shoes, white shirt, school tie, and blazer. All students can wear a grey cardigan optionally. In summer boys can wear shorts. Pretty much standard anime school uniform. You get the jist. The Student Council - So essentially the student council will consist of 2 or 3 students (i.e you guys) and the teacher Hideaki Sensei. Obviously you will all have your own ability, somehow, to combat demons, whether that be through religious or magical artefacts, or through some ability. You can create whatever ability you want within reason. If you can make some semblance of sense out of it then it should be fine. I'd rather that everyone joining would already be a part of the Student Council, even if only for a brief time, as my character will be the newbie who will allow for some exposition. This of course means you would all be at least somewhat familiar with one another, although you don't have to be best pals, at least not at first. We also all go to the same school so it's likely we all know each other to some degree anyway. Demons - Demons come in all shapes and forms and have various abilities. Demons take humans as hosts and slowly feed off of the souls of others. Some demons who are weak will rot a host body quickly and will be easy to spot if you know the signs, whilst more powerful demons can live within a host for years. The first few demons encountered will mostly just be bopping around and causing trouble, but eventually we will encounter demons of ambition, who have loftier goals. It goes without saying, Demons are evil. You can't be a demon. They are a disease so it's basically a no go. However use your initiative to work around that. Even if you can't be a demon that doesn't mean you can't find a way to harness the power of one. Killing a Demon - All demons are technically mortal. However they have a healing factor to varying degrees and normally have insane strength or some sort of magical ability that gives them an edge. As such to kill one you need to even the odds in whatever way you can. As for this being an anime style rp. Try to use english where you can. I don't mind the use of japanese honorifics or their etiquette (for example adressing people by their surname) however don't be saying "itadikimasu!" before a meal, just say "thanks for the meal" or something along those lines. Don't end your sentences with "desu" or i'll beat you with a stick. Also people will introduce themselves in western orientation, i.e given name first, surname second. If you have questions about anything just let me know. I don't want to flesh this out too much so I can adapt it to ideas from any members interested. so here is my character: Name: Karyu Morinaga Age: 16 Appearance: Personality: Karyu is a stubborn and hot headed delinquent. Whilst he means well his temper and naivety often get him in trouble. He has strong emotions and often deals in extremes, whether it be happiness, sadness, or anger. He is often jealous of those that achieve and can appear cocky and rude to most. Despite this he is fiercely protective of those in need, and is quick to become loyal. While he strives to make meaningful relationships, he still has much growing up to do. Bio: Karyu never knew his parents. For as long as he can remember he has been brought up in a house with three older "sisters" the oldest of which adopted him when he was a small child. Although not related to any of them, they are the closest thing he has to a family. Living without a father figure has meant that Karyu has become quite self sufficient, he can cook and clean, however the lack of paternal guidance has left him immature and impulsive, with serious temper issues. As far as Karyu is aware, his mother died in labor, and his father was never on the scene. The truth, however, is far more sinister. Karyu's mother did die in labor. However she had never chosen to be with child, nor did she know the father. In truth the whole scenario was forced upon the woman by a Demon. Karyu is far from aware of it, but he is a rare breed known as a Nephilim, child of a demon father and a human mother. As such he is a unique bridge between these creatures. While Demons are evil, Karyu has inherited his mother's will and her human morality. From his father he has inherited the powers of a Demon. Although he has yet to manifest this power, or realize the true extent of his potential. Ability: As a Nephilim Karyu has inherited the ability of the demon who fathered him. Karyu has control over fire which he can manifest from within himself. These flames are no ordinary ones, and they have various strange properties that he will discover in time.
  15. Background You know, son… when I was your age I just to read just as many comic books as you. Man, that must have been close to 70 years ago now… Either way, Spider-man was my favourite. I loved reading it despite how horrendously depressing it was. Peter Parker got the short end of the stick more often than not and every single time I wondered what he had done wrong in his life to deserved such a shitty one. I always wondered if the writer did it because they got off on making Spidey suffer. I wondered how someone as amazing… as spectacular as Spider-man could have such a hard time. But then the Neo Human Program came out in public and my son, your father, was one of the many chosen to participate in the first test. I was reluctant, of course; no parent wants his child to be part of an experiment… but we were heavily in debt and they offered us so much money. So, so much money… we couldn’t say no. To this day we regret it, but we just could not say no. Watching your father grow up under the Neo Human Program was just as hard for us as it was for him! No… I’m not allowed to say that, but regardless you can’t imagine how awful it is for a parent. To watch his child grow up with any hopes of a happy future torn from him while he was still in utero. - Excerpt from “The Memoirs of Hugh Stillwell (1990 - 2087)†Setting Hello, muchachos. This is a sci-fi/fantasy/superhuman RP set in the year 2144. The setting is pretty simple. The Lewis-Ericsson Corporation, founding in the year 1989, started dabbling with genetic manipulation in the year 1994. It took them 17 years, but in the year 2011 they had managed to secure government funding and permission to start experimenting on humans when they succeeded in genetically improving animals. It started simple; immunity to certain diseases, increased bone strength, ability to function for a longer period of time despite being deprived of fluids, food or oxygen. They believed they could improve humans the same way they had improved the quality of life of the animals they succeeded on. No one would’ve guessed that they would trigger something. Whether it was something already present in the human genetic code or something introduced into them when they were altered in utero was unsure to the scientists at the time, but what they did know was that they had created something they never would have dreamed of. Humans started developing powers. It started simple. Greatly enhanced strength, enhanced speed, superhuman intelligence, telepathy, telekineses, clairvoyance and limited precognition were the most common powers, with mostly the specifics being the biggest difference between the various enhanced humans. Modifications to the process lead to an increased diversity in the amount of powers acquired by the humans who underwent treatment. However, the most interesting development came when it became apparent that the treatment had become extraordinarily expensive. Other than the first batch of superhumans, the Test Subjects, everyone had to pay for their own treatment. Something that was a bygone wish for many who wanted a brighter future for their children, but then the corporations jumped in. They began sponsoring people, giving them the money to undergo the treatment, as long as they promised to do their civil duty while representing the company that was sponsoring them. This would lead to increased goodwill for the company and give a chance to those who would never be able to afford the treatment otherwise. The life of a Neo Human isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. The corporations that sponsor them demand that they perform up to the standards that they expect of them. A Neo Human’s performance is reflecting upon an worldwide ranking that lists every single registered Neo Human in order of their accomplishments. Do a good deed and your rank rises, but mess up and your rank will plummet. Of course there will always be as many Neo Humans who strive for the bottom on the list as there are those who strive for the top. Terminology Hugh Stillwell - Founder of the Natural Human Movement, a group that believes that creating Neo Humans is tampering with nature. Man is not God, and should not act as God. Widely regarded as a hypocrite, considering his son was one of the Test Subjects, but those who believed in his cause still adamantly followed him. Died in the year 2087. Neo Human Program (NHP) - The program to create a Neo Human. Despite the insistence of many government the only company capable of performing the most advanced version of the Program will always be the LEC. Several nations have gotten their hands out the information with regards to an outdated version of the program. Lewis-Ericsson Corporation (LEC) - The corporation who had initially created the NHP. After years of lawsuits, death threats and political maneuvering they had managed to make billions thanks to the NHP. Currently listed as the most influential corporation in the world. Generation - Each version of the NHP is divided in generations. The Generations were: the First Generation (a.k.a. the Test Subjects) were born between 2012 and 2024, the Second ran from 2025 to 2047, the Third from 2048 to 2078, the Fourth from 2078 to 2101, the Fifth from 2102 to 2121 and the Sixth from 2122 to the present day. Even though the strength of a Neo Human is different from person to person, even within a Generation, generally the Neo Humans got stronger with each subsequent generation. The Board - The most important thing in the world to a Neo Human. Every single Neo Human is listed on the Board and the Board decides their lives. If you are high up on the Board, the world will love you and your possibilities will be endless. If you are low on the Board, you are most likely a murdering psychopath or a complete screw up… either way your life is bad. Neo Bad - A Neo Human who has turned bad. It doesn’t matter how much money the corporations threw at him with their sponsorship; if someone goes bad there is nothing they can do other than cut ties with him immediately. The world is smart enough to realize that it isn’t entirely the corporations fault, but that doesn’t stop their stock from plummeting if the Neo Bad they sponsored isn’t taken care of quickly. Currently they are roughly just as many Neo Bads as there are decent Neo Humans. The Ten - The ten highest ranked Neo Humans are known as the Ten. They are the saviors of humanity, the paragons of justice, the valiant protectors of tomorrow. Or… that’s what they look like when they appear in public. Supergroup - Many Neo Humans band together in the form of Supergroups. Player Characters Name: Age: Alias: Sponsor: Rank: Supergroup: Power: Personality: Appearance: Background: Open to 3 or 4 more people, but if you decide to join I am going to ask that you post at least semi-regularly. My only other RP that isn't dead yet is on life support, so I need something that'll last more than two posts!
  16. I don't know if anyone listens to them, but I am obsessed with the 1975 right now, and I am in LOVE with this music video. (if the link works)So. Would anyone be interested in roleplaying out this idea? (the concept, not the video exactly, haha)
  17. The year is 108VB (Voyage Begins), 108 years ago the human race set sail...across the stars! When our planet finally died, 1 Billion people were chosen to ride the enormous mobile space station, Midgard. This space faring mega-city was designed by our planet’s top scientists and engineers to send us on a mission to find an uninhabited world on the other side of the Galaxy, a world we call Valhalla. Although the original passengers of this vessel have died, they have continued their civilisation through their children, who blaze on through the stars to find our new home. Such a large vessel of course needs people in control. Asgard are the keepers of this city, the rich and powerful, overseeing the population and maintaining balance and order. When citizens become unruly or endanger others, the Asgard call upon their elite special forces unit to neutralize the threat. This operation is known as the Operational Division of Intelligence, or O.D.I.N for short. They are the peace keepers of Midgard, and there are few who can oppose them. Over the years, in order to maintain dominance over the growing bouts of crime over the city, O.D.I.N were issued specially crafted combat suits, known as Aesir. Each Aesir is unique and their strength and power varies. Usually Aesir take the shape of normal clothing, but transform into epic fighting suits that imbue their wearer with unimaginable power. The existence of the Aesir is a bit of a mystery, as even with our amazing technology, the Aesir appears to dwarf it in complexity, and appeared rather suddenly. The truth behind their manufacture is known only to the scientists and researchers in Asgards secret research facilities. Within the last 10 years, a resistance group has formed within Midgard, a faction known only as LOKI. Their purpose is to bring down Asgard and their oppressive regime, however, they also believe that our destination of Valhalla is a lie, and that we are all slowly travelling towards our doom. Asgard have managed to subvert their mission thus far, and have branded LOKI as terrorists and turned them into villains in the public eye. But does LOKI speak the truth? Are hurtling towards the end of our own existence? Only Asgard truly has the answer. LOKI may never find the answers they seek, unless some convenient protagonists show up and TURN THE TABLES. This is... Kill La Kill Space Train Edition God Inside the Machine: Who The Hell Do You Think We Are!? kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de o-okuri shimasu.. Oh yeah and it's already full. Spots reserved for Timey, Sanzi, Ech and Wst. Kthxbye!
  18. NC-17 An Adventure in Ildrana

    Miran sighed softly as he looked out to the pier he had been ordered to find by his employer, his eyes looking to medium sized looking vessel, noting its single-mast construction was fairly shoddy, and right away he regretted taking the job. He was to go out and catch a mermaid. Any other mercenary would’ve laughed at the old man when he said that and would’ve walked away, but the half-Orc was too proud and too poor to refuse such a lucrative offer, even if the mermaids hadn’t been sighted in over two hundred years. Miran rubbed his large hands through his tightly bound hair he had done up in a ponytail, the sides of his head shaved clean, and his lightly scarred face displaying years of abuse, but he wasn’t like most Orcs. His skin was a pale tanned brown shade, much like the hide of a young colt’s brown hair. He remembered the old man’s words rather clearly, his voice shaking, but he caught every word, “Take my boat, fetch my granddaughter a beautiful birthday present; a mermaid, and I will make you a very wealthy man. He despised having to be reduced to such a simple task as being a fisherman, but as he sat in the boat, unfurled the sail and felt it lurch forward Miran felt his confidence soaring. He had always been a land bound person, living high on the mountains with the rest of his tribe, but on the sea he could feel a certain power beneath him, and that brought a smirk to his stubble covered face. At least if he didn’t catch a mermaid, his benefactor had paid gave him his boat and more than enough rum in the hold to last him three days. When Miran had reached the point in the ocean where the seas seemed calmest he cast out the net, threw out a fishing pole, and yawned out loudly into the open sea air. This would be his easiest job as mercenary, and with any luck, it would be his last. He began to daydream under the warm Ildranan sun, smiling as he began to wonder if Sola was smiling on his face, but simply began to think about what he would do with his 3,000 gold coin reward waiting for him when he returned with the mermaid.
  19. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya's eyes opened so slow. Her head threw itself into an immediate throb and she was curled up into herself, tears falling like someone had come into the room and verbally assaulted her. She let out rough, pained cries as she flinched and moaned as the pains grew deeper, tighter, harsher, wider until her eyes shot open and she was staring wide eyed at her bedroom door. Her breath was heavy, labored with a moist brow and neck. What had happened? Slowly she sat up in her bed, gathering herself and sliding her feet to the floor to find a pair of panda bear slippers. Placing her feet in them she stared at the fluffy white and black creatures for a moment before looking up at her door. The sensation she had had the moment before truly waking up was terrifying. A void of that kind of pain and agony forced her head to turn a little and close her eyes. Had it been a dream or a true migraine of the devils doing? She did not dismiss the random occurrence of such a pain among her head. Standing from her bed she scooted her left and right feet across the wooden floor to her bedroom door and opened it to view a whole other world. A bedroom with soft walls, more feminine touch, to a messy, cluttered and dysfunctional room that she could read like a book. Shuffling through the living area she avoided towers of binders, notebooks, reference books and various other organized piles until she stopped in her little white kitchen. Aglaya lifted a long baggy sweat shirt clothed arm to her eyes and rubbed tenderly until she felt a little more awareness in them. Looking at the little white kitchen she made note of how the grays in it seemed sluggish and lazy compared to many of the other shadows in the kitchen. No lights were on to chase their laziness away, yet. Yawning and stretching as she walked to her cabinet she grabbed a cup and shuffled to the faucet for some water and then dropped a green tea bag into the cup and into the microwave it went! Staring at the speckled layer on the front of her microwave, supposed to help prevent damage to the eyes upon directly staring at the light in the microwave, she watched how her purple and blue glazed cup rotated until the seconds stopped and the handle appeared facing her as she opened the door. Taking the cup she scooted back into her living area, crossed the maze to her balcony and shoved the sliding door open. Walking outside and then closing the door behind her she brought her attention to the city scape above and below her. Aglaya lived on the sixth floor of a thirty floor building. The ants below her darted, paused, scurried and repeated. Her tired hand set the cup of tea down on a small table near by, still watching the busy ants. She brought a small pale hand up to her face and shoved a handful of pitch black hair behind her ear, still quietly observing the ants. “Is this what they think about me, when they look down on me as I travel?†Aglaya said in a soft voice, her heritage barely clinging to her words at this point in her life. The dark haired, pale skinned girl darted out of her apartment complex and dove into the city transit bus before its doors closed. She clung to the rail at the left as she went up the two steps and permitted the meter to read her monthly pass ticket. Proceeding to the back of the bus she carved her sight into the floor of the buss. Never permitting her sight to fly back to anyone that might be gazing in on the new passenger. It was awkward enough getting on the bus and being seen by its audience, worsening when they got the time to stare at you as you walked down it. “Miss Maxim.†The middle aged male voice said drawing the endless stare out of her pale youthful face. “Yes?†Aglaya said startled as her eyes snapped to his mundane existence. He was so boring to listen to dribble on about things that he felt were important, when she could have explained the purpose of the writers direction. Maybe that was why he would drop her grades below the one point they deserved. Despite his quip she fell back into a fantasy a little more dark and artistic than he would have understood or appreciated. Aglaya smiled faintly, to herself and no one else, as her eyes flickered slowly and the light from the window drew her back into the world she had been rudely taken from moments ago. “Out, out! Go!†The teacher said exhausted from his lecture. Aglaya looked up sleepily from her continued daze and noted the mass of her classroom flooding through the door. Now was her time to take leave and hide in her sanctuary for the rest of the day. Excitement buzzed in her chest the moment she thought about the thick, large, old crafted wooden doors to her library. Standing up from her seat she fed her class supplies into her bag and threw the long messenger bag style shoulder over her left and hurried out with the tail end of the class. She was in the protection and comfort of the library within minuets. A breath inhaling the new and old texts that had always kept her company. There were more interesting and intriguing personalities to keep her fancy in this one room than there were in the world from the day of its creation until the second of her arrival in that very library. All the men in the world and she had their attention, their devotion, their desire to share with her their crafted secrets. The women were always secondary. Research and assistance to the brilliance of man, the men, she respected so highly. Trotting down her usual path she plowed deep into the depths of the library and sprawled out on a table right next to the rounded dome portion of her sanctuary. It was made completely out of glass, permitting all natural light to come in and bathe its readers. Aglaya could never function out of its natural warmth and brilliance, it was a necessity. She spent the remainder of her day, afternoon and into the night in that same spot. Food or drink seemed trivial and hardly a requirement to keep going. Though her focus was shifted when she stood up to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Another student of the college had taken to interrupt that intended action. Her lower half was pressed up against the table as he barely gave her room to move. Aglaya's back was arched, hands reaching to support herself as she tried so hard to put a distance between him and her. Long black hair piled on the table as concerned blue eyes stared at the face grinning at her. “Eh . . Miss Maxum . . “ He said amused at her startled look. “Ma-Maaxim.†Aglaya corrected. “Whatever. You seem too occupied.†He was amused with his discomfort in her eyes. It was as if he had a thrill driving that emotion in her, taking her and consuming that emotion. “No—I.†A thunderstorm had just started and it began on the roughest front possible. The water from their clouds so heavy it made the building feel weak and much older than it truly was. Its glass clipped, shrieked and shook as stronger angles slammed into it hurriedly. As if the water itself was emulating how quick Agalay's heart was pattering. Thunder rattled the building and her being, there was a pause and then a series of lightning flashes went off. Aglaya's eyes grew wider, her chest stopped its fearful fall and rise as she saw a figure standing outside of the libraries glass. He was just standing there through the several flickers of light, watching her and the student intent on his design with her. Aglaya let out a shriek of total fear when the body vanished and she fell onto the table and started to scoot wildly from the students company. “Did . . there!†Aglaya said terrified as she pointed at the empty space the male figure had been standing. A strange and startled look set on his face as he put a hand on his hip. “No wonder you're still a virgin.†He scoffed as he walked off and left the petrified woman on the table to fend for herself.
  20. OOC: Private RP between myself and Erogenous Enigma, rated 'NC-17' for blood, gore, violence and dark themes. Light the Way "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."~ William Shakespeare Arcadia, Louisiana. July, 2014 The heat of the day had persisted well into the night, like an uncomfortably persistent itch that could not be scratched, and Noah Jacobs hated the heat. Well, he could handle the heat, it was the humidity he hated. Even though he'd been born and raised in Louisiana, he never felt like he'd really acclimatized to the weather. Noah was a tall and somewhat muscular man, thanks in part, he imagined, to having worked as a ship's engineer. It was a surprisingly physical job, especially when the waters turned nasty. Noah was good-looking, though he didn't think of himself as such. He was in his early thirties, had a chiselled face and eyes the colour of the ocean after a storm. A short black mop of unruly hair and a trimmed beard framed his face. But he also looked tired. Noah rubbed his eyes and stood up from his old front porch. It had been a long time since he'd been back home. Though he used to be an engineer, it had been six years since he had last set foot on a ship. Six years, almost to the day, since his wife had been killed. He still remembered it as though it was yesterday. A night much like this one. He had been sat out on the front porch as he often did, a cold beer in his hand, when his wife, Samantha, had brought out a bowl of potato salad and a plate of chicken wings. But his wife was not a good cook. He still remembered her, half-laughing, half-embarrassed as he tried to spear a nearly solid chunk of potato with his fork. Noah smiled, until his happier memories fell to the wayside and were replaced with the last time he saw her. Sprawled across the kitchen floor, a pool of blood slowly spreading across the white tiles, crimson tracing it's way through the gaps between the tiles, like a spider forming a web. Her eyes. That was the last thing he remembered. By the time he arrived, it was too late. Her body was cold, her eyes were lifeless, staring up at the terracotta-coloured ceiling without focus. Her throat had been ripped open. When he finally pulled himself from grief-ridden stupor, he saw her. A figure stood at the other end of the kitchen. It was too dark to see her clearly, so he fumbled to turn on the lights, slipping on Samantha's blood. When the lights illuminated the room, he was frozen by fear. The entire kitchen was covered in blood, it was like something out of a horror story. It was across every counter, it dripped from the ceiling, but he couldn't take his gaze from this woman. Short blonde hair, amber eyes and porcelain skin. She would have been quite beautiful if not for the lower half of her face being covered in his wife's blood. Her teeth were all wrong. Each was an inch-long fang. She ran a long, slithering tongue over her bloodied lips and laughed. Her laughter finally shook Noah into action. He had run for her, bellowing and reaching for the nearest kitchen knife at hand but by the time he'd reached where she'd been standing, she was gone. As quick as a flash, he was alone. He explained what had happened to the police, but they refused to accept it as anything other than some kind of freak animal attack. He also believed that they suspected him, and Arcadia was a small town. He never felt comfortable staying there, listening to the rumours and comments spread about the man who had mauled his wife and gotten away with it. Six years ago he left Arcadia to hunt down his wife's killer, but in so doing, he discovered an entire world existed that humanity at large knew nothing about. He learnt that humanity is not alone. That monsters exist, real monsters. He met others like him, people who had lost family and friends to such creatures. At first he thought they were just crazy, and some of them were, but they were real all the same. They taught him many things, from what different species were called, what their weaknesses were, how to identify them, to fight them. These people called themselves 'Hunters', which he thought was an apt, if unimaginative title. They had no governing body, or set of laws - only the hunt. Just a few lonely people against the darkness. He had become one of them, and for six years he hunted and killed. Saved lives. But in all that time, he never found his wife's killer. Now he sat upon his porch, just like he did all those years ago, wondering about what his life might have been like, had Samantha survived. Before he could think any further, he heard his front door creak open and he stood, reaching for the gun he kept inside his jacket. But what he saw made him relax immediately. A small girl, no older than ten, with long brown hair. She stared at him for a few seconds and then smiled, he smiled weakly back at her and then she called back inside the house."Daddy there's a man outside!" Then she looked back at him.Noah took a deep breath as the father stormed up to the front door and gave him a quick look up and down, the man's eyes narrowed with caution as he spoke, "What the hell are you doing on my porch, Mister?" The man pulled his daughter behind him protectively, and Noah smiled. "Listen, i'm sorry. I was just..." Noah shook his head, "Sentimental." He laughed and sucked his lip, "I used to live here." "Alright..." The father nodded slowly, "Well... not any more. Now you go on, I don't wanna see you here again." "Yeah, sorry." Noah bowed his head respectfully and stepped out onto the road and started walking. His old house was only a mile or so outside of the main town centre, surrounded by a sparse forest, it was a little haven. Just not for him any more, he reminded himself. As he walked, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cheap cellphone. There was no point in spending money on his phone, as he often had to get rid of it. He checked the numbers and scrolled down the list and gave 'Pat' a call. "Hey - leave a message." "Succinct, as always." Noah muttered, hearing the woman's voice. He grinned as the voice mail beeped. "Hey Pat, listen... I don't know why I came out here and left you with that case in your lap, I just... I needed a day, y'know? I think I made a mistake, anyway. I'm gonna come back. Sorry." He sighed and hung up, putting the phone away as he followed the light in the distance that was Arcadia. A cool breeze wafted between the trees, giving Noah a brief respite from the heat. He had only been walking for a few minutes but he was already sweating from the dying heat of the day. He took a deep breath and looked up to the sky, staring at the stars. If he had walked on then, he would never have noticed. But he lingered, for just a moment longer, and saw a glimmering light moving through the sky. At first, his reaction was to think of a falling star, but the light was so bright, it was almost blinding and the object seemed to be falling to Earth at an unbelievable speed, as though it was shot from the barrel of a gun. Noah rubbed his eyes and looked again, but the meteor was still falling - and it was close. Really close, he thought to himself as he quickened his pace, changing direction towards the falling light. His curiosity was peaked, he'd never seen a meteor up close, and it looked large enough that it might even survive the impact, at least to a degree. He wasn't much for rock collecting, but a meteorite was something special. Not to him, maybe, but he knew how much Pat liked to collect rocks, and maybe this would be a good way to apologise. There was no way she'd be mad at him once he gave her a meteorite. Before he knew it, however, he was running. He didn't know why he was running, it wasn't like there was anyone else out here at this time of night. He was undoubtedly going to be the first one there, so why did he feel the need to run? But this question went unanswered. He knew he had to get there quickly. It was like he was being drawn to it, a moth to the light. Or the flame, he thought to himself, worriedly. When Noah finally arrived at the scene of the crashed meteorite, there was no impact crater at all. The ground was entirely unscathed. Yet the light and the heat emanating from this little golden orb was almost unbearable. He took a step back and tried to cover the majority of his eyes with his hand. As he took another step back however, a voice called out to him. The voice was so beautiful, it left him speechless. He could not tell the source of the voice, as it seemed to come from all around him. Nor could he tell the speaker's gender, it was so neutral. "Noah Jacobs..." When it spoke his name, a chill ran up his spine. He shivered, yet it was not an unpleasant experience. Despite the strange sensation, he felt an immeasurable warmth come from the source of the voice. He knew he could trust him, her, it. Whatever it was. However, he was also on guard. This wouldn't be the first time he had met a creature that could beguile a person with words. "Yes?!" Noah called out, frowning as he tried to focus his attention on the ball of light resting on the ground just a few yards in front of him. Though no answer came in the way of speech, the ball rose up from the ground and began to expand. Noah reached for his weapon but as he pulled the gun from it's holster and took aim, it became too hot to bear and he dropped it with a growl. "What the hell are you?!" He yelled, as the golden orb expanded further still until it was almost the size of a human. It now had arms and legs, or at least, the outline of them. Yet it was only made of light, it's face was featureless. Only one thing was clear to him. This creature of heat and light also had wings. It's wings were each the length of a full-grown man and looked as though they were covered with the feathers of a snow-white swan. They stretched out behind the being as it spoke. "You know what I am..." "Do I?!" Noah replied, frowning. When the being did not reply, he began to pace. "You are so full of shit!" Noah snapped, after several minutes of silence. He couldn't take it any more, what was this thing? Whatever it was, he was pretty sure he wasn't going to put it down with a handgun. Did it even have a real body? His instincts usually told him when to fight, when to run, but right now they told him he should trust it. Yet his mind was racing with countless scenarios. "I need your help, Noah..." The being held out it's formless arm. "Will you help me?" Noah looked down at the being's hand, if you could call it that, "H-How?" He asked, surprised at his own response. The creature didn't reply, so he finally stopped pacing and looked at it's formless face. "Are you... are you an angel?" Before he could feel stupid for having said it, the being replied. "I am." It replied. "I..." Noah opened his mouth and tried to speak but nothing came out. He blinked rapidly as thoughts whirled around his head, fighting for control. "I... I don't..." He laughed suddenly and uncontrollably. "I don't believe it." "You must." The angel replied. Then paused, as it thought to itself, "I am... Raziel." Noah grinned as the 'angel' if that was what it really was, seemed as surprised at it's own name as he was. Although, as the minutes passed, he was finding it harder and harder to compare this being to anything he knew of. He had already narrowed the suspect list down to three final options; Djinn. Ghost. Shapeshifter. A Djinn was a sort of physical spirit, what some people thought of as a 'genie', at least in folklore. But Djinn didn't have wings. He was pretty sure ghosts didn't either, but even if one could somehow give the illusion of wings, ghosts don't give off heat. If anything, they draw it out of everything around them. And lastly, shapeshifters might be able to mimic many things, but they were still physical beings. This creature was incorporeal. At last, his mind and his instincts fell upon the same answer. This being really was an angel. "Give of me your body, so that I may do His will." The formless angel that called himself Raziel took another step towards Noah who though cautious, did not retreat from the angel any further. He licked his lips, his breathing was quick and shallow and his mouth was dry. "I..." Noah began, wanting to ask so much. He wanted questions answered, explanations and understanding. But when the words finally came to him, the only thing he found himself saying was, "Okay." The angel nodded and walked up to him, it's light was so bright it enveloped him entirely until it blinded him, fading all shapes and colours until nothing was left but the light itself, and then he closed his eyes and collapsed to the ground as if the puppeteer had cut his strings. When Noah Jacobs finally opened his eyes, gone were the dull grey iris, replaced now by a brilliantly striking blue. He took a deep breath, and then another, breathing for the first time in thousands of years. Then he stood with a little difficulty and brushed himself off. Noah Jacobs was no more. Now this body was host to the angel Raziel. He resumed the path that Noah had intended to take, straight towards Arcadia. The gun lay half-buried where Noah had fallen. Though it was a small town, it still had a surprisingly busy night life. Many people were coming and going from the various bars and nightclubs, wobbling back and forth, quite inebriated. Raziel took stock of his surroundings, frowning as he saw many strange and unusual things he didn't completely understand. A young woman knocked into him and opened her mouth to spit venom but as she did, she caught his eyes and wordlessly stumbled past him, only being pulled from his gaze when another woman tapped her on the shoulder. Raziel blinked and turned his gaze to the nearest shop window, looking at his reflection. Humanity always liked to adorn itself in strange garments, he mused. Noah wore a pair of dark blue jeans, a plain black t-shirt and a leather jacket with a stiff mandarin collar. He had work to do, no time for petty observation. It didn't take long before Raziel came upon the place he had been looking for. Arcadia's museum. He knew why he had to come here and what he was looking for. But so much else of his memory seemed missing. This concerned him greatly, but he could not focus on that right now. As he approached the museum's large double doors he stared at them for a moment, tried the handles, but they were locked. After a moment's consideration, he knocked the solid oak doors down with a single kick, shattering them into pieces. A couple of passers-by took pictures with their phones or talked to one another about what he'd done in hushed voices, but they otherwise ignored him, much to his surprise, though he would not have cared if they had tried to intervene. They would not have been able to stop him. The museum was full of all manner of strange objects. But only one called to him. He crossed the main hall and walked into a room with a great many tools on display, wandered across the different cabinets and came to stand in front of one particular display. There in front of him was a dagger. A very old dagger. He stared at it for a few seconds, appreciating it's craftsmanship and then brought his arm up to smash the glass that protected the ancient weapon. Yet as he did so, a light was trained on his back, casting it on the wall in front of him and he heard a woman clear her throat deliberately. Raziel took a breath and then turned to face the one who had happened upon him, as he did so, the light from her flashlight caught the shadow of his wings, casting them on the wall behind him. But though they cast a shadow, they were not physical, and he knew she could not see them. "Do not interfere," Raziel said, feeling strange at hearing his words spoken with Noah's voice, "I am an angel of the Lord."
  21. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    “Tonight we celebrate the cleansing of our beautiful lands of Eligius.†Her words were soft, fluid and encouraging for such a youth. She felt its breath on her neck, eyes frozen wide in terror as she stared at the crowd. The princess's pause throwing their attention off. Guests exchanged glances within the two seconds it took her to compose herself again. “And we shall renew everyone's faith! Etyx be praised for her kindness!†Dione's fists balled up, nails digging into her palm as she felt the breath linger in her ear. “My great, great grandmother and father bled and wove their lives into building such a beautiful kingdom! Please!†Her voice had a high pitched gasp jump into the middle of her small plea. A deep sting began to radiate from the small of her back. Pushing as much of the agonizing sting from her mind as she could her lips parted to quickly wrap it all up. “Enjoy the beauty of the night and one another! Thank you!†Dione said quickly as she stepped away from the balcony she had been speaking to her guests in. Fleeing from the sight of her guests she quickly moved away from most of her charges sights, her parents too. Her hand went to the small of her back where she pressed the area of the sting. A fresh wave charged through her body as it confirmed that she indeed had received the mark again. Wincing a little and fighting back tears the princess looked up to see her mother and father coming to her with gentle smiles on their lips. “Dione, you spoke so elegantly.†Her mother cooed. Dione gave a thankful bow to her parents. “Thank you. I, I feel I messed up in it though.†“Nonsense. Dramatic pauses are always a crowd favorite.†Her father chuckled as he grabbed her by her shoulder and guided her back out to the stairs where they descended as a family. “Now let us go mingle as a good family.†The king said with a slight groan of annoyance. “Yes, of course.†Dione said as her eyes stole constant glances around her. It had come back after having had left her alone for so long. Why now? She stood quietly at her father's side as he spoke with several nobles of his court. Her blond hair had been left simple and falling down her back beyond her hips. Virgin blue eyes stared politely, flickering away at a moment's notice. Against her feminine form a dress of soft, elegant white fabric framing her youth and sex. Her mind was often lost on the sting in her back and its breath. It was not leaving her be that night. Her lids closed partway, head bowing a little. She felt her father's hand grasp one of her own. Looking up she saw him smile. “Go sit down for a little. You've been about all day and done our guests your dues.†“Thank you.†Dione said softly as she excused herself and walked over to a less occupied part of the ballroom. Sitting down she folded her hands in her lap and closed her eyes for a few moments. Its breathing came back to her and her eyes snapped wide open, frozen just like before. “Please leave.†She whispered. It chuckled. “You thought I left.†Closing her eyes again she began praying to Etyx for strength and the ability to banish what was afflicting her. “In Etyx's name I banish you.†Dione said under her breath. Eyes closed firmly as she continued to pray, convinced this was the method that would make the breath vanish from her ear. “I banish you . . . I banish . . . you . . .†She kept whispering to herself. A chill ran across he naked neck, she shivered and drew her arms up and hugged herself. “You will leave, you will leave.†She repeated several times. “Etyx commands you.†Her words had to have worked. The chill vanished, leaving her still cold, its voice had not spoken another word and the sting had lessened by now. Cautiously her eyes opened to take in the bright colors of the party and those attending. Eveything was as it should be, loud, obnoxious and exhausting. She closed her eyes for a few more moments. Just a few more moments. Thankfully no one had taken notice of her moment to herself, yet anyway.
  22. Light the Way Discussion

    Discussion for the private RP between myself and Erogenous Enigma. Rated 'NC-17' for violence, dark themes, etc. There is good reason for humanity's fear of the dark, for what goes bump in the night, makes our skin crawl and a chill run up our spine. We are afraid because as far back as we can remember, we have been hunted. The shadows have eyes and fangs and claws and a terrible, insatiable hunger. There was a time when we were only prey for these monsters. That time is no more. While most of humanity labours in it's delusion that we are safe in our homes, a select few know the truth. They know that the darkness is waiting, just out of sight, and that someone has to hold the line, else the human race is doomed. But how long can you hunt the monsters of the night, before you become one yourself? GLOSSARY Heaven - The realm where humans who have lived pure lives go when they die, only 'pure' human souls are permitted entry. Angels and Archangels reside here, but God left many thousands of years ago. In his absence, the three archangels assumed control of heaven. Hell - The realm of fire and darkness. Hell was once an empty realm, but when Lucifer - the fourth Archangel - was cast down by God, he chose to turn it into a place of torture and despair, a cruel and sad reflection of what he became. Angel - Beings created by God to serve and protect mankind. They come in many forms, but all are beings of great power. They are capable of teleporting across time and space and of communicating with one another across immeasurable distance. They are extremely strong, fast and regenerate physical damage remarkably quickly. Angels can exorcise demons from the host body, or do enough damage to the host body that it becomes unusable, but they cannot permanently kill a demon. Angels cannot exist on earth without a human body, but unlike a demon, they must have a willing host. Angels can take many incorporeal forms, but most often appear to humans as beings of light and heat. Once they have taken a host, they will appear relatively normal, however the host's eyes turn an unnaturally bright shade of blue and other angels, demons and certain humans can tell what they truly are, just by looking. Archangel - The first angels to be created by God. They are similar to other angels, but their power is far superior. They rule heaven in God's stead, and all angels answer to them. They are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Demon - Demons are tortured human souls turned into monsters that serve Lucifer. Demons cannot exist on Earth without a human host, but they are able to take one by force. Once inside a human they are far stronger than the body they inhabit, but no faster. Most low level demons have no innate powers, besides the physical, but there are some exceptions. Though demons who have taken a host will appear normal to most humans, their faces are monstrous to other demons, angels and a select few humans who have the 'sight'. Arch Demon - Unlike regular demons who were human in life, Arch Demons were beings created by Lucifer when he was cast down to Hell. Created as an affront to God's Archangels. They are treacherous beings of unquestionable power. Artifact - An object that holds an unusual history or link to monsters, angels, demons or other unusual races. They are not necessarily all magical in nature, but many do have unusual abilities or properties. Many are designed to destroy a particular species harmful to humans. Hunter - The term given to people who hunt monsters. There are no ruling bodies with the Hunters, only individuals who have taken it upon themselves to fight back against the darkness. Some are absolute in their approach to 'monsters', killing anything that isn't strictly human, while others choose only to slay those who harm humans or other beings. (We'll add to the lore as we continue the story) Name: Raziel Age: Unknown Appearance: Personality: Confident, loyal, sombre and decisive. Raziel considers himself a loyal servant and soldier of God. He believes his loyalty lies with Heaven, rather than humanity. He can be emotionally detached and yet also have a childlike naivety and curiosity about humans and the world in general, but he can also be wrathful and like many angels, he often deals in absolutes. History: Raziel is an angel, but little is known about him, in part due to his own loss of memory. He knows that he was a keeper of secrets, and that he hasn't been on Earth for several thousand years, but aside from that, much of his memory is missing. When he arrives on Earth, he knows he has been cut off from Heaven, and believes he has committed a terrible sin. Unable to return, he rationalises that he should continue God's work on Earth, and destroy any demons or monsters that prey on humanity. His first port of call is to a certain museum that he has retained knowledge of, the location of a powerful artifact. Abilities: He has many of the same abilities that most angels have, including superhuman strength, speed and healing. However, he is unable to communicate over long distances with other angels and has also lost the ability to teleport. He is still able to exorcise demons from their host bodies through touch.
  23. Background Jagers are strange creatures. They travel around world to do the most dangerous job in the world and for that they get paid more than anyone else. Sadly, most of them don’t live long enough to enjoy all the money they make and the other half is too busy constantly travelling to take a pause and enjoy all the money that they make, yet I’ve rarely seen a Jager who regretted this decision. Sometimes it made me wonder whether a ‘normal’ human could ever make it as a Jager. You see, I think you have to be cut from a certain cloth. Have to be born and raised in a certain way. You need a certain set of morals and a certain level of foolish bravery. I think that you need to be a special kind of monster in order to properly hunt for real monsters. Setting Hello amici. Today I bring you a dark action fantasy, set in a fictional world similar to Medieval Europe; Vaalbara. Vaalbara is divided in 4 continents, each with their own kingdoms, but none of that is very important right now. I don’t want to build the entire world, so I’ll leave that as a collaborative effort (yeah, I know, normally I am really control-freak-y about it). The important parts are the Jagers and the Colossi. Colossi are gigantic creatures of various shapes and sizes, ranging from 40 to 80 meters tall and varying width. Even though the Colossi can be a large range of various types of monstrosities, the term Colossi is used as a catch-all for any of the huge magical creatures that terrorize Vaalbara. Colossi tend to appear out of nowhere; they randomly descend from the skies, crawl out of oceans, carve their way out of mountains and there have even been reports of Colossi suddenly appearing out of thin air! Either way, no one knows where they are coming from or why they are appearing. All they know is that these Colossi are relentless in their destruction of anything in their path. On average, each region has a Colossi attack every two weeks. Jagers, Dutch for Hunters, are humans who have dedicated their lives to hunting these Colossi. They do so for various reasons; fame, wealth, power. It doesn’t really matter. However, due to the huge size of the Colossi it is virtually impossible to kill one in a one on one fight. Because of this humans band together in group of 12 or more members in order to take down the Colossi. But numbers isn’t enough to take down a creature 20 to 40 times their size. Sadly, ‘normal’ magic does not exist in this world. Humans are naturally powerless and they would not stand a chance against the Colossi, if it weren’t for the magical properties of a Colossi’s body. The body of a Colossus is one of the greatest mysteries of Vaalbara and the main reason why many Jagers get rich real fast. Drinking the blood of a Colossus temporarily increases one’s physical capabilities, eating the heart of a Colossus cures any known ailment, eating the brain of a Colossus grants you a prophetic dream of one’s own death, but even more important than any of that are the Keys. A Key is an item that was crafted by a specialised smith using parts of a Colossi’s body (flesh, bones, organs, teeth, etc.). When a smith, who knows what he’s doing, crafts the Key it will retain certain magical properties that belonged to the Colossus. A sword created using a dragon’s body would posses fire powers, for example. This story will follow a group of Jagers, known as The Lion’s Pride, as they adventure and prepare for the once in a century event: the Wild Hunt. An event wherein hundreds upon hundreds of Colossi suddenly appear and go on a rampage for a week, before they disappear again. Terminology Vaalbara - The world the RP is set in. Jager - Person who dedicates his life to hunting Colossi. Colossi/Colossus - Gigantic monstrosities that randomly appear to terrorize everything on their path. Keys - Items, crafted from the bodies of the Colossi, imbued with magical powers. Player Characters Profile Format Orson LeChevallier Fujioka Ai Kenneth Gant Leika Akir Noir Grainne Ciardha Lord Clive Enfield III The Lion's Pride Colossi Profile Format Annaconda First spot is reserved for Noia, so it's open for 3 more. If you do decide to join, I ask that you at least post semi-regularly.
  24. NC-17 The Wild Hunt

    It had been several weeks since winter had come to an end and spring arrived, which the Fields of Amar perfectly reflected. The Fields, an expanse of wide plains situated in a gorge that stretched as far as the eye could see, had started blossoming; the snow that covered the expanse had all but dispersed, leaving all the grass to slowly recover from it’s brown and yellow colour and turn green once again. Trees and bushes were far and few between on the Fields, but those that were present had slowly started growing back their leaves. In the middle of the Fields of Amar one would find the Amar Inn, like the Fields it was named after the legendary hero lauded as the first person to deliver a fatal blow to a Colossus. The Amar Inn was a large circular circular structure that served as a resting point for those traversing the plains. Its lavish colours and many banners made it an easy point to spot, even from afar, and a convenient gathering place for those meeting up on the otherwise monotonous Fields. Two small children, a girl carrying a teddy bear and a boy aged six and eight, along with their grandfather came walking out of the inn to take in the beautiful view granted by the Fields at this time of the year. They were so fully immersed in the perfectly green scenery and bright blue skies lacking a even a single cloud, that they did not notice the young man riding on horseback across the Fields in their direction. “Well met, good man,†the rider said as he halted in front of the group. The children were frightened by the large steed and quickly scurried for cover behind their grandfather. The old man took a moment to examine the rider. He was wearing tanned leather armor, a brown cloak and several sets of knives and dagger hung from his body. “Well met, good sir,†the old man replied, “can I be of any assistance?†He asked, but the rider paid him little attention. His gaze darted around all across the Fields, as if he was looking for something he had no hope of finding. “Sir?†“My apologies,†the rider said, as he continued to scout the area. “I fear I am a messenger of unwelcome news, here to bring fair warning.†His deep brown eyes quit jumping across the Fields and met those of the old man. “I fear that a Colossus will soon arrive at the Fields, my companions and I plan on doing battle with it here and put an end to its terror. I was sent to warn any innocent bystanders of the dangerous event about to occur.†The old man took a moment to look at his frightened grandchildren before answering the Jager. “I am sorry, sir Jager. I am old and I am tired and I am slow, I fear I will not be able to leave the plains in time. Would you be so kind as to bring these children to safety, they lost their parents at a young age and if anything their lives should be spared. I shall inform the remaining occupants of the Inn and ensure that they seek cover before your battle commences.†The rider thought for a minute, hoping he would be able to think of a solution, but any suitable ones remained far from his grasp. “Take shelter in the Inn, I shall inform my companions that evacuation was an unfit solution to the problem at hand,†a smile appeared on the rider’s face, “I will convince them to try and protect Inn. We shall guarantee your safety,†the rider said and a relieved expression appeared on the old man’s face. A tug at the reins of his steed and the horse turned to gallop whence it came. “Farewell!†----- The noise created by dozens of horses walking in unison across the Fields of Amar resounded from a large group of travellers. One glance as plenty for one to realize that this group of travellers was far from ordinary. They were uniquely dressed, armed to the teeth with exotic weaponry and despite the difference in their demeanour, it was easy to tell that they all had the same goal in mind. “Why is it called the Annaconda?†A woman in the group asked. She was in her mid-twenties, dressed in tight brown cotton pants, a white buttoned up shirts, a dark brown leather corset and shoes and gloves of the same material. She carried her Keys, a bow and a quiver filled with arrows, on her back as well as a set of short swords attached to her hip. “I have no idea, sadly,†the man riding next to her replied. He was also in his mid-twenties, but unlike the woman he wore a seemed to be full steel plate armor, but was actually crafted from the body of a Colossus. “You’d have to ask the chief or Orson, they are likely versed well enough to answer any questions you might have.†Orson, who had been keeping to himself for the duration of this expedition, took a glance at the pair riding behind him from the corner of his eyes. The man was Theron Martin, a member of the Lion’s Pride even before Orson had joined them, and the woman was Alicia Martin, the newest member of the Pride. Alicia had been an established Jager prior to joining the Pride, but it wasn’t until she married Theron and he pleaded her case with Jordan that she was finally accepted as a member. “It’s named after a girl it had slain,†Orson said after he turned his head to face forward again. He got no real reply from Alicia or Theron other than a confused ‘huh’. “The first of its kind appeared several hundred years ago. The man who eventually slew it did so out of revenge; he had lost his daughter to the monster’s rampage prior to his victory. In honor of his achievement and the daughter he had lost he named the creature after her.†“That is a queer way to honor one’s offspring,†Theron remarked, with Alicia quickly giggling at her husband’s bluntness. “I’d question the logic behind naming a monster after the daughter it had taken away from you.†“Perhaps,†Orson responded, “but who are we to judge a mourning parent’s attempt to battle the sorrow of losing his daughter. ‘Tis doubtful that any of us can truly empathize with the man and his pain, accordingly I’d say that we would do the man a great injustice if we were to try and rationalize his behaviour. The story of the parent who slays the creature who took away his daughter is without a doubt a wonderfully tragic tale and ‘it's questionable that we will ever achieve a kill as meaningful as his.†“I would say that you give him too much credit, Orson. If he-†The conversation was abruptly cut short when a rider came galloping towards the group. Jordan, who had been leading the group on its trek, raised his right fist and the entire party halted immediately. The approaching rider was waving and shouting, but due to the distance it was impossible to understand what he was trying to say. It wasn’t until he got closer that Orson heard the words: “It has been taken care of.†The rider was another member of the Lion’s Pride, Jared Swift, who had been sent ahead to make sure there would be no innocent bystanders present once the inevitable clash with the Annaconda took place. “Were there a lot of civilians?†Jordan asked once the scout had rejoined the group. “Nay,†Jared answered, before trying to catch his breath, “other than the Innkeep and his wife, the place was abandoned, but they have since moved for safety. There are no civilians present on the Fields.†While Jared spoke his eyes quickly darted to the ground, avoiding contact with Jordan. Orson was aware of Jared’s nervous nature, but despite that the gesture seemed odd to him. “Good,†Jordan said as he pulled the reins of his steed, turning it around to allow him to face the entirety of the group. “It’s been the better part of an hour since we last heard of the Annaconda’s whereabouts. It’s appearance, and our battle with it, is nigh. I pray we get the opportunity to share in our victory over some mead tonight. Prepare yourselves.†The noise created by the roars of the Lion’s Pride in response to Jordan’s order quickly faded away in the vast open plains and without a second’s delay the members of the Pride began preparing for the upcoming battle. Orson followed in their example; he dismounted his horse and went into one of the few carriages the group had with them for easy transport of the many weapons they carried. The Razerteeth hanging along his hips were light enough for him to remain unburdened, but carrying the heavy Magmortis while on the back of his steeds would only needlessly encumber it. Orson grabbed the large greatsword and fastened the belt of the scabbard diagonally across his chest, allowing the sword to rest along his back. After he was done preparing he took a moment to check up on the ballista operators, who were busy setting up their weaponry for the coming battle, but it was Jordan, staring into the sky, that really caught his attention. “What is the matter, Jordan?†Orson asked as he approached the horseback Jordan. Jordan paid him no heed, his unrelenting focus still resting on the perfectly peaceful blue skies. Jordan inhaled deeply through his nose, loud enough for it to be audible by Orson. “Do you smell that, Orson?†Jordan asked, before taking another deep breath, but now Orson knew that it was a smell that plagued him. “Or are my senses deceiving me? We are miles removed from the nearest ocean, yet I’d swear by the gods that I can smell the salty air of a sea breeze.†Orson licked his lips and the salty taste that permeated his tongue all but confirmed that his theory was correct. “It is here,†Orson said as he started dashing towards the operators. “Wherever the Annaconda goes, an intense scent of the ocean follows him. There have been people claiming that the intensity of the ocean’s scent emitted by the Annaconda dwarfed that of the ocean itself. The fact that we can taste it means that it is close.†“Over there! From behind the slopes!†One of the members of the Pride shouted, pointing towards the skies behind one of the many escarpments that enclosed the fields. A colossal dark green serpent, decorated with spots of yellow and orange all over its body, two massive wings of the same colour, radiant red eyes and two giant claws protruding from its body, near its wings, entered the group’s field of vision. “Get! To! Work!†Jordan shouted, as he tried to keep his terrified steed under control. In the blink of an eye the members of the Pride got to work. Along with the carriages, they had transported a pair of ballistae. These ballistae, and the projectiles they launched, were Keys developed to combat Colossi that would normally be unreachable. Just like the Annaconda. “Ready! Aim!†The operators of the ballistae carefully aimed the weapons into the sky and followed the Annaconda’s path to ensure a direct hit. “Fire!†With a loud uncharacteristic bang the two stakes were launched into the sky with lightning speed and pierced the leathery skin of the Annaconda. It let out a loud roar in pain, fierce enough to cause tremors and startle the horses, as it’s thick red blood start dripping along the stakes. “Climbers, go, quickly! Bring that bitch down!†The operators activated the power of their keys and in an instant a blue beam of light that connected the stakes with the ballistae appeared. Orson, and the members of the Pride who had to climb the Colossus, ran towards the ballistae. Orson grabbed the blue beam and in an instant his entire body was pulled upwards in a track laid out by the tether of light. Once he had gotten close enough to the Annaconda he let go of the beam, letting the built up moment propel him forward and onto the creature’s back. “Let’s get to work,†he said as he pulled the huge greatsword off his back.
  25. With the teams evidently settled, Sierra herded them all out to the monorail track and left them to their devices. "Well, I dunno about all of you but I've only explored A, B, and C islands, according to the map." Dei admitted. "So I suppose we can either explore other places while patrolling, or visit known areas. E and H look to be the larger ones, so personally I'd vote we head to one of those first." Dei checked his skin and made sure he was in Windsoul form. He figured flight would be a more handy ability in a sudden pinch, whilst in the city, than his acid surge would be.