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Found 105 results

  1. OPEN Fabletown

    I was recently watching Cry(an awesome youtuber) play "The Wolf Among Us" and it's a modern day New York City, I think, but it might be some other highly populated city-like area (It's like the series "Once Upon A Time" for those that aren't into games) where all the fables/folk tales/children's stories/Grimm Tales are actually real and they exist among normal people. I adore this concept, even if I was only ever mildly interested in "Once Upon a Time" and thought it would be a good basis for a roleplay. If this sounds interesting to you please share your interest. I don't currently have a plot, and am looking for people to help me develop one. I would be open to players writing their own fairy tale to make completely unique characters versus mimicking one already done, but it's up to the player, I have no idea what I would be playing personally. ^^; Obviously, I don't have a whole lot sketched out, if you like it but don't know about making your interest public yet, feel free to PM me or contact me via Skype (GlassDaemon) I'm happy to have someone to brainstorm with.
  2. Adventure in Kanto To celebrate our monthly theme (and the franchise in general with all the very exciting news that's going on this month and the next), I wanted to start a massive Pokemon RP! This will be a very loose RP. Anybody is allowed to join, and anybody is allowed to leave. You can drop in and battle some trainers while they're on their way, you can play as a Nurse Joy that some of the other players visit at a Pokemon Center, you can play a Pokemon... You can do whatever! The setting will be in Kanto, as that's just a very familiar region for most of us. However, all generations and canons are allowed. There's no set story--this is just a loose adventure for everybody to enjoy as they may. If you get bored, please just find a way to remove your character from the story so others can continue. No god modding. Try to like not have Arceus or something on your team. Come on. This RP will also be open to Students. Feel free to discuss details here or post your character sheets here. I'll probably start the topic tomorrow.
  3. Grail Wars [4-7 People]

    The beacon of all existence has once again surfaced for a victor to grasp it. In the countries across the world, those of power are attempting to summon their Heroic Spirit to fight for the ultimate prize, The Holy Grail. The victor who touches the grail will receive whatever they desire, as such, the prize of the cup that contains Christ's blood is much sought after for varying reasons. ------------------ Each summoner being a gifted magus of some sort, focusing on a form of magic that allows them to summon forth a Servant. Heroic Spirits that are known throughout history, myth, legend, and fiction. Servant names and nature will be listed below. Saber: Sabers are spirits of Heroes who are known for their prowess on the battlefield and are regarded as the most powerful servant. They are often known for a blade they carried or for being some of the greatest heroes of their age. Notable Sabers have been King Arthur Pendragon, Siegfried, Nero Claudius Caesar, and Mordred la Fey. Sabers are easily the hardest servant to summon and are always to be considered very dangerous. Lancer: The spirit of warriors who devote themselves to hit and run tactics with weapons that favor range such as lances and spears, these servants are great Heroes who almost rival Sabers in terms of melee prowess. Notable Lancers have been Diarmuid Ua Duibhe, Cu Chulainn, Vlad III of Wallachia, and Musashibou Benkei. Lancers are often crafty and find fights where either honor will run it or one they can use to their advantage. Archer: These Heroes are known for their projectile style fighting and possess powerful ranged weapons with notably powerful Noble Phantasms. Notable Archers have been Gilgamesh, Robin Hood, King David of Jerusalem, and Chiron. Archers are excellent scouts and tend to be more independent of their masters but abide by their wishes nonetheless. Berserker: This spirit is known for being a Hero in their time and have gone berserk at least once among their tales. Notable Berserkers have been Heracles, Lancelot, Lu Bu, and Frankenstein. Their powers are beyond measure, but with their power is their feral nature. They only obey their master and are a notable trump card for less-powerful magus who need an edge for the Grail Wars. Rider: Heroes that are known for their mounts be they beast of machine are slightly weaker than most other servants but make up for it with their prowess with said mount and a slightly more powerful than normal Noble Phantasm. Notable Riders have been Alexander the Great, Perseus, Pestilence, and Francis Drake. Besides their known mounts, Riders have been known to acquire other mounts to blend into the world while under their hidden guise, such as horses, cars, motorcycles, and even planes. Assassin: Heroes not usually as notable as others, who are known as one of the weaker classes. They best within their element of stealth, covert business, and within the realm of silence. These Heroes are often used in much darker ways, such as killing the actual masters and not the servants, which by proxy kills the servant. Notable Assassins have been Hassan-i-Sabbah, Jack the Ripper, Semiramus, and Li Shuwen. The main lifeline of the Assassin class is their indetectability. While masters can sense one another and their servants within a certain range, Assassins are completely invisible to all. This makes them very deadly. Caster: These Heroes are known for their Magecraft and prowess in sorcery. Their main ability being Territory Creation allowing them to manifest the land where they choose to favor their chosen sorcery, and Item Creation, which allows them to create magical items for them and their masters. Notable Casters have been Gilles de Rais, Medea, Hans Christian Anderson, and William Shakespeare. Casters are often considered the weakest servant, which has been the misfortune of many who rely only on physical prowess to win them their prize. ------------ The powers the Masters and Servants have vary, but the ultimate power of Servants are their Noble Phantasms. Noble Phantasms are embodiments of unique relics or anecdotes connected to the legend of the respective Heroic Spirit. There are many Noble Phantasms but they can be summed up under certain titles and explanations. Anti-Personnel: As it sounds, it is a Noble Phantasm that focuses on one target.That said, it could be anything from a weapon to particular item of note. Anti-Army: This Noble Phantasm is meant to strike multiple targets and can often times be weapons, or pure energy in the form of an attack made by the Servant. Passive: As this Noble Phantasm suggests, it is something that occurs naturally from the Servant. Such as an increased sense of sight, strength, agility. It could also be a form of temporary immortality such as the ability to revive after a powerful killing blow. Barrier: The final style of Noble Phantasm is used as a form of defense. A barrier Noble Phantasm allows a Servant a great form of durability of some form such as armor or other form of protection. ------------ The setting for this Grail War shall be determined by the participants. I hope someone takes interest in this. I attempted this before, but with the recent increase in members I felt it would be a good chance to attempt it once more.
  4. R Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor

    On every screen across the world, programming is interrupted, static the only thing visible until, slowly, a fuzzy image of a boy in his late teens clad in battle leathers, with smoking wreckage behind him takes shape on screen. “This is a call to every Tamer everywhere, in every city, town, hamlet, country, state and county. The Digital World needs you! It needs you now like never before...†The boy ducks as an explosion rocks the scene. “There isn't much time! My name is Xilthanas, Leader of the White Dragon Guard Team. Come to Server Continent and head for Ophanimon's Castle! Hopefully, I'll meet you there...†Another explosion rocks the room, debris falling from overhead, followed by loud cursing, clanging of blades for a moment and then a wet flesh-slicing sound, before Xilthanas appears again, looking worn. “I need to get moving. Black Serpent squads are everywhere...This is Xilthanas, signing out!" The boy turns away from the screen just as it goes back to static, the image slowly fading before its nothing but snow, his mumbled parting words dissolving into the din of static, "I hope someone saw this...†. And then the screen turns off again. The digital world is at war. What once was a vibrant land, full of creatures and life and all that, is now mostly a cratered, desolate, lifeless place. Pockets of life and vibrancy still exist, but they are slowly fading, as more and more of the digital world is wiped of all life. No one knows how or why it started, but everyone knows who started it. The Black Serpents. Formerly a guard team for the digital city of Ganymede, The Black Serpents are now a perversion of everything a Tamer stands for, raiding, destroying, consuming...everything. No one knows why they changed. No one understands what caused a once bright and shining light of the digital world to be so completely corrupted. All anyone knows now, is that unless the digital world gets help…well, that’ll be the end of it. And then they will start on the real world. Other Tamers have already answered the call. The Knights of Ophanimon have been chosen. They wage a constant war at the front lines, making sure that if they do give ground, its dearly paid for, sometimes even gaining the upper hand, if only for a little while. But hope blooms in the strangest of places…rumors speak of a new power, a new digivolution that some of the older digimon have attained in secret. Some have called it the prophesized power known as ‘Transcendic Digivolution’, a power that some say can surpass even Seraphimon himself. No one knows how exactly this new level of power is reached, but the rumor says that it must involve a Tamer, similar to the bio-merge power some other Tamers are able to use. But others say that this hope is useless, that the Black Serpents are too numerous, too powerful…Some even say that maybe it’s time for the digital world to fade. Which will you choose? Will you take up arms and defend the digital world you know and love so much? Will you try and ignore the plight? Or will you become that which most Tamers despise and join the forces of darkness? The choice is, of course, yours to make. Let us hope that the choice you make helps to save the digital world, instead of destroying it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ophanimon's Castle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Characters CrimsonCrescendo: Xilthanas, Stride the Bearmon, and Starfall the Pagangemon ack!: Lexis Ryder & Bubs the Penmon NPCs: Ophanimon (Crimson)
  5. [Closed] Rodinia

    Background Story The world of Terra consists one of large supercontinent called Rodinia. Rodinia is divided in 7 kingdoms, each governed by a king, queen, emperor, sheikh or whatever: Atsushi, Brynner, Caolan, Dulcea, Espen, Firuz and Guang. Ever since the dawn of man the world of Terra has been plagued by the supernatural; demons, undead, shape shifters and monsters have terrorized the dominion of man for as long as history could recount. But the resourcefulness of man had always been enough to keep these dangers at bay and allow them to prosper. Through magic and technology they were given a fighting chance, but the illusion of security came crashing down when Dulcea fell. Dulcea was located in the exact center of Rodinia and was always known as the nexus between the world of man and the realm of demons. The citizens of Rodinia bore witness to the greatest assault ever by demons on humans. An army several times the size of Dulcea’s entered Rodinia through a Hellgate and laid siege on Dulcea. Every village, town or city on their path was plundered and razed, every person they met was put two the sword and before long everything but the capital city of Dulcea was destroyed. When the capital and the royal family’s castle was under attack the vast majority of the Dulcean army put up their last stand in other to eliminate the demons. Sadly they were unable to stop the demonic onslaught and before long the city and the castle were theirs. Before this attack Dulcea had a population of 200 million, but when the demons were done less than half a million had managed to escape. It was the single greatest tragedy in the history of Rodinia and had driven the Dulceans to near extinction. Eight years later the demons still occupy Dulcea, but have made no attempts to attack other countries despite making numerous threats to do as such. Despite the dreary air that has hung around the Rodinia ever since the fall of Dulcea, there is finally hope. The Child of God has appeared and she has promised Rodinia salvation. She has promised to end the demonic reign. Nydia Lancaster, also known as The Priestess, was a young girl who was born without a father and raised to believe that she was the daughter of god himself. She was raised to believe that she was the prophesized child who would drive the demons back to their world. Setting Hello pals. This RP is a Dark Fantasy RP set in the world of Rodinia. When I say Dark Fantasy I mean that the world has been devoid of hope for years, a heavy air of dread has been crushing everyone’s spirit and the threat of suffering the same fate as Dulcea has prevented the general populace from enjoying their lives. Add that to the fact that even before the Fall many of the countries had problems with civil unrest, social inequality, rebellions and looming threats of war and you’ll get a pretty dreary setting. The last bit of human hope comes in the form of Nydia Lancaster, who despite being the center of attention now that everyone’s happy that she’s come along, is shrouded in mystery. The only thing we know is that she has to pray to god at every capital city’s temple. We have no idea why or what it will do, but she insists that it will save humanity. The problem is that Nydia is a magnet for supernatural activity. The creatures incapable of complex thoughts like monsters or undead are drawn towards her naturally whereas the smarter creatures use this sixth sense to lay traps for her and try and slay her. We will portray a small group of bodyguards tasked with her safety. Some of them may be there out of free will, some might be forced to and others might have hidden agendas, but if there is one thing they share with each other it is their skepticism that this will work out as good as Nydia wants them to believe. Either way they are stuck with her, whether they want to or not. The various nations are based on real life places: Atsushi – Japan Inhabited by humans. Technological level is similar to feudal Japan. Brynner - Germany / Western Europe Inhabited by humans. Technological level is similar to Europe during the Middle Ages. Caolan – Ireland Inhabited by Elves. Most technologically advanced area; they possess steam engines and a variety of machines that operate on steam. Dulcea - Spain / Southern Europe Inhabited by demons. They possess the technology the Dulceans used to, which is on the same level as Brynner. Espen – Scandinavia Inhabited by Dwarves. Their most advanced technological achievement is a boat. Barbarians don’t need anything other than boats. Firuz - Middle East Inhabited by humans. Many of the tribes are nomadic, so their need for technology is non-existent. They make do with their magic. Guang – China Inhabited by humans. Technological level second only to Caolan. They have steam engines, but aren’t as advanced with the machinery. Magic & Technology How far technology has advanced depends on what country you visit, but the entirety of Rodinia is approximately around the level of the medieval era. Some countries have progressed to a steampunk state while some haven’t reached the level of the middle ages just yet. The level of magic in this world is universal. Every person possesses affinity for a certain form of magic and is unable to use any kind of magic they do not possess affinity for, however certain individuals are born with affinity for more than one type of magic, these usually grow up to become magicians. One’s eventual mastery of magic is decided entirely by how much effort they put into studying it and mastering it. There is no restriction on what kind of magic a person knows, almost everything is fair game. I say almost just in case there is something I haven’t thought of, but you can work under the assumption that whatever you think of is approved. If you’re really in doubt just ask. Player Characters Name: Aurelio Nieves Title: The Knight or The King without a Country Age: 25 Appearance: Art by Noia Personality: Aurelio has no sense of humor. The loss of his loved one, his home and his country has scarred him to the point that the only true emotion he knows is a quiet fury. Cold, calculating and ruthless, he believes that the end justifies the means and has no qualms stepping over the bodies of those who cross his path to achieve his goals. Country of Origin: Dulcea Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Equipment Magic – The power to store weapons and armor in an extradimensional storage and summon it at will. Training: Aurelio has received a small amount of training in magic, which gives him the ability to store several weapons and sets of armor. Abilities: Aurelio has extensive training in various melee weapons and can use them all extremely effectively. His armaments of choice however are a shield and sword, but thanks to his equipment magic he is able to switch them out for whatever loadout suits the situation best. Bio: Aurelio was the crown prince of Dulcea before the Fall. During his youth he received some training in magic, but extensive training in military matters, combat and academics. He was 17 years old when the Fall happened and his family and fiancée were killed by Demons. As one of the few survivors of the Fall he lived in Caolan while waiting for his chance to avenge his family. With no valid titles or money to fall back on he lived the years as a mercenary to further hone his skills when one day he heard of Nydia. The girl was a native from Caolan and a guest at the Highlord’s castle. Several ambassadors from various nations assembled at the capital Sheridan to hear what this girl was planning. She revealed that she would be going on a pilgrimage and would visit every single capital to pray at its temple, but she would require aid. Most laughed at this foolish notion and left immediately, but several decided to stay and help Nydia on her journey. Aurelio, the King without a Country, was one of them. - Name: Kyouichi Asharagi Age: 27 Appearance: Personality: calm, lazy and pracrastinating regularly. Kyouichi considers himself a deep thinker who always makes time to stop and smell the roses. He has little value for titles and class, and treats almost everybody in the same way. Kyouichi is patient and rarely loses his temper, although on the rare occasions that he does, he is a dangerous man to be around. He enjoys the simple things in life and often acts like an old man. Country of Origin: Atsushi Country of Residence: none, he is currently wandering. Magic: Duplication Magic: The power to duplicate items and objects. These objects will disappear after a certain length of time. the number of duplications and the power required is based on size and mass of the object. Training: Kyouichi is trained in a dual sword fighting style and carries two katana. However he has modified this style by using duplication magic to create a multitude of swords for various purposes. Bio: Kyouichi is a member of a sword wielding clan who forge their own swords and develop their own unique fighting style. After the events at Dulcea, his clan was subject to in-fighting which resulted in the clan splitting in two. One side vowed to find power to defeat the encoraching demons before it was too late. The others decided to help their people by forging arms for the military. And so his clans were split into warriors and blacksmiths. Kyouichi has cast off his clans name, and wanders alone across the continent as a hired sword. He claims to only want the quiet life, and is looking for the means to retire somewhere quiet and peaceful. The only way he knows how to make coin is by the sword, and so that is what he does. While patient and calm, Kyouichi is ultimately a mercenary, he is not without honour. He wishes no harm on the innocent and would never knowingly draw blade against them. - Name: Anya Title: N/A Age: 22 in human years? Appearance: (Once again, pretend she has elf ears and stuff) Personality: Aims to please, mild mannered. Prefers to let her arrows do the talking. Country of Origin: Caolan Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Calm – The power to dispel the aggressiveness of any person or being, disrupting their attention for a couple of seconds. Training: Anya has a gift for archery. Her preference for ranged weapons has caused her to invest heavily into archery training, and she ended up being less deft with magics. Abilities: Quick footed, sharp eyesight, fast reflexes. Pretty much all the abilities you'd expect an experienced sharpshooter to have. Bio: After seeing the disaster and unrest that has befallen her and her neighboring kingdoms, Anya has decided to stop hiding in fear and step out when Nydia Lancaster emerged and gave her the little bit of hope she needed. As a random plebeian who has suddenly been entrusted with such an important duty, the burden does feel extra heavy on her little elf shoulders. However, the elf's determined to keep that flicker of hope Nydia has promised burning. Weapon: Hollow steel bow, which has been enhanced with superior Caolan technology. (Haha) Small add-ons give her arrows the extra Oomph in speed and power. One generic, sheathed dagger is strapped on her hip for melee situations. - Name: Shahin Age: 31 Appearance: Image (made with this) Tanned skin and taut muscles. Though he covers his head a lot of the time in the fashion of Firuz, underneath he has long braided hair, thick and chestnut brown. His narrow eyes are distinctive and pale green, the pupils rimmed with gold. He stands at 6'3" and is quite imposing. Personality: As fiery as his magic. A determined man who does not stop until his goals are met. He tends to lose sight of things beyond his goals, as well, a tunnel vision that can endanger others in his party if they do not aid in furthering his goal. He's not overly talkative, preferring to let his actions do the speaking, but he isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels those in charge are idiots. On that note, he is conditioned to do the following despite his potential for good leadership; he prefers the freedom of not being in charge of others. He is not afraid to take risks. Country of Origin: Firuz Country of Residence: Firuz, technically, though he is now traveling to find work. Magic: Pyrokinesis. Though he is powerful enough to generate fire from the air, it is still a thousand times easier for him to manipulate fire that's already set by conventional means. Training: Typical of his people, Shahin is very well-versed when it comes to magic, and his abilities manifested when he was still a toddler, thus allowing him to hone his magical skills early on. Abilities: Besides his skill with fire magic, Shahin is a fairly balanced fighter (though with more agility than brawn). He has a long scimitar given to him by his father, in addition to a shorter sword for more up-close fights. Hunting was typical in his nomadic tribe, and so he learned valuable skills like stealth and ambush. When he was older, he trained in martial arts to help combat enemy tribes. Bio: Shahin is a half-blood child of a nomadic tribe leader. His father was of a long and noble Firuz lineage, while his mother was from a farming family of Guang origin. Shahin's tribe made their home along the border of the two nations. Much like the others, Shahin makes a living as a mercenary, hiring out his skills for uneventful jobs. He does not swear any allegiance to any nation, not even to Firuz. As a nomad and a "prince" of his tribe, he only swore allegiance to the tribe. However, it is no longer in existence, decimated by a war when he was twenty-two. His father was killed, and most of his relatives scattered to the ends of Firuz to make new lives. He tried farming for a bit before finally storming out in search of something more. Non-Player Characters Name: Nydia Lancaster Title: The Priestess Age: 22 Appearance: Personality: Nydia’s kind, earnest, helpful and talkative, but also an enigma. No one can tell whether is putting up the greatest show of her life or if she is truly benevolent. Regardless of whether it is an act or not the amount of people inspired by Nydia’s kindness and promises of salvation equal the amount of people wary of her. Country of Origin: Caolan Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Holy Magic – This means various forms offensive spells that directly affect demons and the undead and healing spells that can cure a variety of minor injuries. Training: Nydia has endured training in the art of holy magic for the majority of life, because of this she has become extremely adept at using magic. She did not spend enough time to successfully master it though. Abilities: As mentioned before Nydia is capable of healing minor wounds, which means cuts, bruises, stab wounds and minor fractures. She also has a variety of offensive spells specifically used for demons and undead, but harmless towards any other creature. In order for her to gain new spells she must study Holy Scriptures. Bio: It was foretold that one day the god of Terra would send his child to the realm of man in order to save them from the terror of the demons. So when Nydia was born of a virgin mother everyone around her was convinced that she was the promised child, the bringer of salvation. When the Fall happened it became clear that it would one day be her duty to save Dulcea. Once she was old enough she gathered representatives from the various nations in Sherridan and told them that she had to visit every single one of their temples to gain god’s graces to close the Hellgates once and for all. Many laughed at her, but a group of six lead by a man known as Aurelio Nieves vowed to accompany her on her journey. - Name: Lorelei Voss Age: 24 Appearance: An extremely beautiful, tall and slender human woman with long dark purple dyed hair tied into knot and a sideswept fringe, green and blue mixed colour eyes and an aloof gaze permanently plastered on her face. Personality: Lorelei is extremely smart, ambitious and constantly thirsting after knowledge. Add her manipulative tendencies and her willingness use all the assets available to her to get someone to do her bidding and you’ll get why she’s known as an alluring enchantress. Country of Origin: Brynner Country of Residence: Brynner Magic: Ice Magic – The ability to create and manipulate ice in its various forms. Light Magic – Lorelei is capable of bending light to her will which in turn affects what others can or can’t see. Barrier Magic – Lorelei can create various barriers. Training: Lorelei is a trained wizard, her entire life has been devoted to learning and mastering the three forms of magic she possesses. Abilities: Lorelei is a master of ice magic, having spent most of her time on that discipline. Her light and barrier magic are of a high level, but nowhere near mastery. She also possesses a keen intellect, used to analyze information and implement it into new situations extremely quickly. Bio: Shortly after her birth it was determined that Lorelei was gifted with affinity for three different types of magic, which meant that she was destined to become a wizard. She was thrown into the dog-eat-dog world inhabited by countless overly competitive wizards. In order to best them she used every trick in the book. At a young age she was already an accomplished wizard, but there was so much knowledge that still eluded her. Tension between nations made it hard to cross borders freely and stopped her from investigating everything she wanted to. Her salvation came in the form of Nydia Lancaster, but because of a very different reason than most people. International pressure forced every nation to open its borders for Nydia and her companions, which meant that Lorelei would find out everything she ever wanted by following the little delusional girl. - Name: Yunfan Wang Age: 30 Appearance: A plain faced athletic woman with brown eyes and black hair tied into a knot. Personality: Yunfan is quiet, preferring to communicate with gestures over words. Like most Huangese she is a cynic, but the fact that she joined Nydia’s party shows that she at least has some hope that it will work out as promised. Despite not being as twistedly cruel as many of her companions she does believe that ends justify the means. Country of Origin: Huang Country of Residence: Huang Magic: Tracking Magic – Yunfan can track the movements of anything within the radius of her magic once she activates it. Training: Yunfan received military training and special training in the usage of firearms. Her tracking magic is capable, but not exceptional, but her skill with the musket and the three single-bullet flintlock pistols is unrivaled. Abilities: Yunfan’s tracking magic can cover an area with a radius of about half a mile around her, keeping up this magic does drain her so she cannot keep it up permanently. Her skill with firearms is the best in Huang, she is rumored to be able to shoot the head off a flying bird and reload a flintlock pistol in less than ten seconds. Bio: Yunfan comes from a long line of soldiers. Every single person in her family had served in the Huangese army at one point in time. Many of them rose to become very influential generals and officers, but Yunfan never left the rank of a mere foot soldier. She preferred staying in the front lines with her comrades and refused many promotions, but the pressure from her family forced her to eventually succumb and accept a promotion to a higher officer rank on one condition. Before she would accept her promotion she wanted to complete one more mission, one last time in the trenches. The higher-ups were annoyed with Yunfan playing hard-to-get and decided they had the ideal job for someone like her. She’d represent Huang as one of Nydia’s bodyguards.
  6. On the desert world of Sabaku, the strong prey on the weak, and nobody does a thing. It's a harsh land, one that though tinted by mystery and beauty, is more often blighted by corruption and danger. It's a world where good men die and bad men thrive. The law's arm can only stretch so far before the mercenaries and bounty hunters take over, and beyond that is wild open plains and desert, ruled by bandits, outlaws and natives. This is no place for the weak. But not everything is as it seems. In short, this RP is a mixture of genres, but is predominantly a dark sci-fantasy western, set on an alien world. You can expect all the regular trappings of the wild west, with outlaws, natives, law men, and so on, but from an alien/sci-fi perspective. If this at all grabs your interest, feel free to message me over Skype (or ask for it if you dont have me added) or leave a message here, preferably prior to putting up a character profile (just so i'm aware of your interest). I'll provide some more in-depth details below to use as reference for the participants or if you're curious about the RP and wish to know more before committing. I will say however that this requires commitment, at least a post a week or more if possible (but not expected). Aside from myself and Kyo, I will be taking 1 more, maximum 2. Spots are given to the best characters, if there are more than that applying. If you wish to have your own race, lore or anything, feel free to speak to me about it and we can work something out. I should also say that there is a degree of 'magic' or abilities that are entirely unexplained in this story, so if you want one feel free to discuss the possibilities with me. There is no rule book on them, and no general explanation for them, but if you would like a 'power' its definitely something we'd need to discuss. Also, this is partially inspired by things like the Dark Tower series, Outlaw Star, Desert Punk, Trigun, etc. It is anime-themed I suppose, and there is definitely room for comedy, but nothing ridiculously over the top or 'reference' in nature preferably. WORLD The world as i've said above, is known as Sabaku. It is a world that has a high proportion of desert to it, but it also has forest, plains, mountains, valleys, rivers and the like, indicative of a 'wild west' setting. There are a couple of cities with high populations, but most of the towns are only a few hundred to a few thousand people, and many of these are frontier towns that have a harder time maintaining resources, especially precious ones like water, and they are also the most commonly threatened by natives, bandits and the like. Sabaku is a single land mass that takes up about seventy percent of the world, with the other thirty percent being devoted to open ocean. Most of the civilised world lives on the coast of this mega-continent, with the natives having the strongest presence in the interior. The further into the centre of Sabaku you go, the harder it is to survive, with less plentiful water sources, lawless wilds and dangerous predators. STORY Our story revolves around the lead character, a man who is more a flawed, reluctant anti-hero than a true champion. The story will begin simply enough, with our characters meeting up and learning about one another but it will quickly spiral when the lead is asked to accept a bounty that he believes will be easy money, which only serves to pull him into a shit storm of mystery, action, betrayal and intrigue. He will be driven by a mixture of this, which might include a love interest if someone wanted to play that, which I can imagine it being one of those romances that begin like, 'she hates him, he's forced to put up with her' kind of classic western romance situations. He will also be trying to understand his heritage, what happened to him in his past, who killed his family, trying to come to terms with where he belongs in society, as he's a native, yet he's become 'civilised' so neither society truly accepts him, the fact that he's also an outlaw turned bounty hunter and is obviously skirting on the edge of the law (and often outside of it). As the main story progresses, we will be forced to realise that there is a big enemy out to take control of the world, by forcefully uniting and taking control of all the settlements and systematically wiping out the natives. He will be the big bad enemy for us to fight for the majority of the story, but he will also have a series of 'generals' or the like, who we will be encountering periodically, which I will design for the most part (unless you would like to contribute). They will range from people such as a sniper who can manipulate sand, so as to make it nearly impossible to find him, to a great brute of a man, an android, who can take a punishing and dish it out too using a pair of massive magnum-like revolvers that a normal person would be incapable of firing without breaking their wrist. That's the overall idea in a nutshell, but its plenty open-ended and has room for a lot of sub-plots as well as each characters own back-story, personal plots and revelations, etc. RACES Jinteki - Effectively, the Jinteki are 'human'. Though their culture is different from our own, they are human in appearance. They are the most balanced of the races, and come in the most varied size and shape, though they are commonly of average height and build. They do not possess remarkable physical traits but they are skilled in most anything they set their minds to and can naturally excel physically if they choose to devote themselves to such a pursuit. They can be anything from law man, to merchant to outlaw. Nothing is really off-limits for them and they are the most common of the races, and consequentially the most powerful, not only in number but in political power. They have many different cultures, beliefs and people come from all walks of life. They are arguably the least communal of the races and have been known to war on one another on small and large scales, with varying degrees of destruction. They are said to be 'three-faced' as you never know what a Jinteki is thinking, or if what they are saying is truth, lies or a moment of whimsy that was truth one moment and a falsehood the next. Hokubeidojin - Often derogatorily called 'desert rats', they are the natives of Sabaku. While the other races were said to have arrived on Sabaku thousands of years ago in great ships, the 'Ojin' as most call them, are the true owners of the land. They are a hardy people, human in stature, but are often considered more animal than man. They live off the land, and though they are extensively skilled in survival techniques they are also strangely masterful with technology. Some of the strongest or most intricate weapons, technology or bionics have come from Ojin manufacturers who either chose to leave their community to join the so-called 'civilised' societies, or ones that were taken as slaves or otherwise forcibly removed from their homes. They stand slightly taller than humans, on average, though not spectacularly so. They are commonly lithe in build and have tanned skin that is often adorned with tribal tattoos marking various occasions, titles, feats or other notable times in the native's life. They have three things that set them aside from humans and makes them immediately recognizable as Ojin. Firstly, they have large, long-pointed ears that give them amazing hearing and allow them to keep cool in the heat of the desert. Secondly, they have eyes that have spiral-like pupils that have a thin membrane over the top, stopping sand from entering their eyes or having them dry out. Which also means they rarely blink, which gives them an eerie stare at times. Lastly, they have an incredibly long prehensile tail, similar in shape to a lion's (in that it is thin, fur-covered and has a tuft of hair at the end) that is roughly one and a half time's the length of their body. This extra appendage is naturally very useful, and also helps them keep an excellent balance. They are remarkably agile and fast but lack a great deal of physical strength, so they rely on their speed and agility in combination with bladed or projectile weapons. Their culture is one dedicated to nature and spirits, they believe strongly in fate and of living off the land and having respect for it, and though they are civilised in their own way, they are aggressive in defending their land, often fight amongst themselves and have a 'the weak will perish' mentality, where every individual is expected to contribute as well as be autonomous. Sukoshi - Also known as the little-folk. The Sukoshi are often smaller than Jinteki children and have a proportionally large head for the size of their body, most of this is taken up by their eyes, which are at least twice the size of a Jinteki's and are said to be keener than the predatory birds of the mountains. Despite their small frames, and their lack of physical strength, they are the most common to hold unusual 'magical' powers. These can vary greatly in nature, more often than not they seem to reflect the individual Sukoshi's personality. They are also master craftsmen, builders and have an incredibly close relationship with one another. Every one of them considers one another a brother or sister and they have never warred on one another. They often live in great numbers together, rather than individual family homes. They often fall into the roles of merchants as their keen eyesight gives them insight into a person's intentions based on their body language, so they are often able to ascertain when goods are ill-quality, stolen, etc. or how far they can push to lower the price, or how high they can sell something for. They are a shrewd people with a powerful intellect and unlike the wars of the Jinteki, or the tribal in-fighting of the Ojin, they are a peaceful people. Though, there are individual exceptions. Yaen - The Yaen are the most physical of the races. Though all of the races of Sabaku have adapted to their planet's climate to varying degrees of success, it is the Yaen who among the 'new' races needed the least acclimatization to their surroundings. The shortest of their race are usually over 7ft in height. Their musculature, though not as well-developed as a body-builder, is incredibly dense. So dense in fact that they are unable to swim, they would simply sink to the bottom and walk along the floor of the body of water in question. This powerful muscle gives them unparalleled strength. They are a race that the others know the least about as they are extremely private in nature. They can be aggressive and hot-tempered in some situations, especially if pressed for personal information, but are otherwise level-headed individuals who enjoy testing their strength either in day to day life, through being manual labourers (and so often have a good relationship with the peaceful Sukoshi) or through contests, duels and the like. They have a thin coating of white fur that helps to reflect the searing light of Sabaku's sun and they have bear-like faces - small eyes, large noses at the end of a short muzzle, and front-facing rounded ears. Ayrun - A medium build race of average height, similar to the Jinteki or Ojin. They are commonly known to have grey skin and silver hair. Their bodies are unusual in that unlike the other races they are cold-blooded. They are capable of great feats of contortion as they are triple-jointed and their reflexes are greatly heightened. The Ayrun are nomads, never staying in one place for long. They are also merchants, trading in the finest and most valuable of items they find in their travels, but they are a mercurial, and seemingly cold-hearted people who will do whatever it takes to get what they need, and so they are often thought of as being untrustworthy by the other races. There are many sayings about the Ayrun that mention their cold blood being related to their nature. FAUNA The fauna of Sabaku is as beautiful as it is dangerous. It shares certain similarities with our world, in that it has apex predators similar to bears, mountain lions and the like, but it also has pack predators not unlike wolves. It has an abundance of life for a world that on first glance seems so lifeless, but it is also this abundance of life that poses dangers to the civilised races. It is said that you don't as much as piss without bringing a rifle, as many of Sabaku's animals are ambush predators. Though, in general, besides pests, most of them stay away from the towns and cities, save for the beasts of burden - the most common of which is the Tori. These giant bird-like creatures share similarities to our ostriches, in that they are flightless and can run at extreme speed on a pair of powerful hind-legs. However, they are Sabaku's equivalent to horses, and are ridden as such. The Tori are as intelligent (or more so) as horses, and are about the same size, though they are omnivores and will eat whatever is put in front of them. They can be extremely loyal creatures and have been known to attack threats to their owners. FLORA The flora of Sabaku is as varied and dangerous as it's fauna. There are as many poisonous or deadly plants, flowers and trees as there are those that can save your life. It is in knowing which can kill you in a matter of hours, and which can save your life in a critical situation that means the difference between life and death. They have powerful effects, regardless. Some have spines hard enough that they can be shaved down and turned into poisonous bullets, others have toxins in them that aggressively target poison and a variety of disease yet leave the host unharmed. It is a dangerous world, but the more you know about it the more likely you are to survive. There are plants covering every square mile of Sabaku, even in the desert. It is simply knowing what to look for and where, as many conceal themselves through a variety of means. This knowledge is not always exclusive to the Ojin either, as their secrets have often been passed (or taken) from them over the centuries, and naturally through regular trial (and fatal error) of the newer races. That's everything for now. I'm gonna grab something to eat to take a break from all this writing, but when I come back (shortly) i'll put up my character profile. If you have questions, now's a good time to ask them and sorry for the wall of text. lol. If you're interested, leave a message and even a character suggestion if you have a good idea, if not, just a statement of interest would be awesome. I've worked hard on this world guys, so if you can't commit, don't join please. This is going ahead and i'm not letting it die, so don't try to join unless you KNOW you can give this the time. Once again, i'll say you can create your own race if you don't like the ones on offer, your own culture, religion or whatever, so long as it's in keeping with the lore of the world, which I can help you with. Thanks, folks! <3
  7. well after my little brother started playing Oblivion again I've been feeling a bit nostalgic, So i've decided to give this a try again! Welcome to the world of the Elderscrolls, lets make a story. In the spirit of the January RP month I'm going back to my roots and this will be a Open RP, anyone can sign on at any time. these adventures should be dynamic and not everyone will be joining from the start. I want this to be a group project, I'm not the best at leading a roleplay so I'll need help from you all to get things ready and moving. first off lets see where and when we want to the story to take place? I'm familiar with the Oblivion and Skyrim games, Morrowind not so much, so during either game or just after the main quest should work. As for plot; right now i'm thinking it would be fun to follow a guild questline with a small group instead of one miracle worker, there is plenty of choice in those quest-lines so which would you people like?
  8. Hell Street

    My name is Seyerna and for the better part of a millennium I had dedicated myself to preserving life, all life, human, elf, griffin, dragon, siren, naga, vampire, fairy, ALL LIFE! It took everything I had, I gave up my very soul to protect these lives. Why? I don't know, it was an underlying urge, an instinct even. Of course, I suppose that's not a fair statement, at the time I hadn't realized what I had been doing, all I acknowledged was that I had made friends and companions of every species on earth, they were important to me and I'd risk life and limb to guard them. It was on one late afternoon when the skies bled crimson, standing among a handful of friends, we had been discussing dragon reproduction I believe. They blushed when I gave them a detailed description of coitus with a dragon, humans and their modesty always baffled me. We hurried to the center of this strange influx, where we found a vortex, a portal, a gate, something horrid and monstrous, the things that leaked out of that portal were like nothing we had ever seen before. Demons, real demons, their hides black and gray, their eyes dark and lost, only the shine of wetness making them visible, some seemed to ooze slime, others had indeterminable amount of limbs, or perhaps horns, all of them grotesque and disturbing creatures. Monsters born of hell broke into my beloved home, terrorizing my friends and those I would call family. It had seemed only natural to delve into the swirling void, dart between the beasts, slaying those that I could to destroy the door or close it, I had not known at the time what I would do, but I knew it needed to be closed, and so I did what I felt was my only option, throwing my body and soul into the gates of hell. I remember them screaming for me to stop, I remember their tears and their pain, I just hope they understand I left them because I loved them. Time in hell doesn't move the same way, it's not... linear. Sometimes it's the middle of night, and thirty seconds later it'll be mid day, so I couldn't tell you how long it had been, it might have been a week, or it might have been several thousand years. Regardless, every creature of hell felt the pull when a door was opened, I wondered why, I had given everything to close it and now another moron would unleash these beasts into the mortal plane? When I found the door I was helpless to the intense curiosity, the desire to see my friends again and so I slipped through the door. On the other side I was dropped into a cage of sorts, metal bars bowed over our heads, locking us in a dome, between the bars I could see the air as if it glistened, curiously I touched it, only to be struck by some sort of power, electric my mind pieced in for me, but I had never felt such magic before, this was queer indeed. Outside of the cage I could see humans, many, many humans, dressed in strange outfits that covered most of their bodies, all of them carrying some sort of metal device, something I had never seen before, it was L shaped, their finger looped into the crook of it and I knew they were 'pointed' at us, but I had no idea what they could do. When the cage was mostly full and I feared I'd be shoved into the electric wall again suddenly the gate to hell just closed and like that I was trapped in this world with dozens of other demons around me. These demons were not like me though, looked nothing like humans, had probably never existed in this plane in the first place. Of course I didn't look particularly human either, the plane of hell forced me to retain my most 'demonic' features: wings, tail, fangs, claws and horns to complete the nightmarish ensemble. Still I could feel the humans eyes on me, wondering why my skin looked so much like theirs, why the placement of my features so closely resembled their own. Did demons no longer exist? ~~~~~ So that's essentially my first post, lol. I'll go in and edit in more detail, I hadn't intended for it to be my first post, just a sort of introduction, but that's just how it goes when I get typing. I have the tendency to write in first person for Seyerna, but if you find it bothersome I can alter it to third, it doesn't really matter to me. I don't really know where I'm going with this it just sorta fell out of my fingers. There could still be demons and mythical creatures that just hide themselves now, or maybe most people are half breeds of something and are well aware of their lineage, or perhaps they're just completely gone and the humans, being the curious sort they are, figured out how to open and close the gates of hell at will. I'm looking for people to play characters that exist in the mortal world, whether you want to be a vampire scientist or a geeky fairy or a military human is up to you, but I'm not looking for other people to play demons that came from hell - unless you can convince me you have a good story device up your sleeve. This is possibly an apocalyptic story depending on where we go with it. It is set modern to futuristic, I have no designated year in place. Also I don't like the title, so if you've any ideas...?
  9. R Jack

    Stephen walked into one of the pars in town and took a very specific table. He had a message written on a napkin stuffed in his leather jacket pocket telling him to be at this place at 11:43 P.M. that night at that very table. He took odd and rather shady jobs often, and this was no different. A woman handed it to him the previous night after he completed a task for her. Now he sat waiting for his next client without any idea what was to come. He flipped a deck of playing cards from hand to hand, shuffling and cutting the cards absentmindedly while he waited. The silver light form the half moon flooded the table by the window and a cool breeze cut across his face as someone else entered just behind him.
  10. NC-17 A Demon and an Angel

    You, an angel, have been sent from your home into the mortal plane, your wings do not carry you in this plane, though your powers are vast. The great divine has informed you that an Arch Demon has been born and in order to ensure the future for humanity you must slay it and send it's vile soul to hell. But things don't go as planned, the demon you are meant to kill is in fact a demoness, and the vision you see before you screams demon, but something isn't right, as you strike to kill her she whispers to you, tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry, I can't contain it...." Something compels you to seek answers before slaying her. For universe think like InuYasha, demons are a common thing, people have magical abilities, but angels are not a normal occurrence, kinda like Supernatural in that regard. The story is that this demoness is carrying something much darker and far more evil than herself, it is something that not even hell knows how to handle, and somehow it escaped into the mortal world. It wreaked havoc upon her home and the things she loved and knowing no other way to handle it, she took it into herself, trying to use her very soul to devour it. She failed, it easily takes control of her body and forces her to do things that are even too heinous for her to commit. Much like in InuYasha not all demons are evil, she most certainly is not as you will learn, however, supposedly Arch Demons reach their status by committing vile crimes and reaching new highs of power. She reached this status by a joint effort of this darkness forcing her body to do evil things and simply from trying to combat something so much stronger than herself. Yes, this is a romance, but the primary focus will be on this darkness, what it is, how to contain it or destroy it. There will be much drama as the characters must decide how much they're willing to sacrifice. Your character will struggle greatly with the idea of helping a demon, something he had been raised to believe was a vile creature that should be destroy and here he was helping this one and even growing to like her company. Don't be afraid to ask questions if something doesn't line up for you. If you like the idea but hate the idea of playing an Angel, don't worry, it's not set in stone, we can talk it out and see what we can do. The only thing is I do need someone who uses white powers, it's essential to the steps that will be taken to resolve the darkness. We can chat here or you can message me on Skype - glassdaemon.
  11. What Lies Beyond the Veil; This is a Dragon Age roleplay that does not require in-depth knowledge about the games. I have done my best to keep it simple and provide the relevant information below. The Roleplay You are a young mage taken into the Circle of Magi, most likely by force, in order to learn how to control and effectively use magic. After months of training, it is time to face the Harrowing; a formal, mandatory rite of passage that will become more than just a graduation- it will determine whether you live or die. Playable Characters Human; may be of any birth (noble, farmer, peasant- it doesn't matter; all mages must enter the Circle regardless of their origins)Elf; city-born or otherwise cultured in human society (note: Elves tend to be shorter than humans and have more triangular features)Half-Elf; outcasts by all (note: approval needed to play a half-elf)Acceptable forms of magic include the basic and traditional fire/ice to casting hexes or healing spells. Get creative. Please ask for approval for the use of blood magic. Things to Know Humans are the dominant race, Elves are largely treated as second-class citisens, at best. Derogatory terms include “Knife-ear.†Blood Magic: Powerful, evil magic that taps into the mage's life-force rather than their reserve of energy. Its use is almost exclusively for the control and manipulation of another's blood and vitality. Highly destructive. It is also a fast track to demon possession. Circle of Magi: The dominant organisation for the training and legitimisation of Magi, led by a First Enchanter.All mages are required to join the Circle. Those who do not are criminals called “Apostates.â€The Templars: Guards under the Chantry, led by a Knight-Commander.Exist in tandem with the Circle; their duty is to act as wardens over the Magi.Control, enforce, and fight the threat of magic and magic users.The Chantry: The dominant religious organisation.Monitor the Circle of Magi and the Templars.Worship the Maker, follow the prophet Andraste's teachings. Clergy are exclusively women (as Andraste was a woman)The Fade: The realm of dreams, inhabited by spirits and demons. It is separated by a metaphysical barrier known as “the Veil,†which keeps spirits and mortals from physically crossing over. Only mages may consciously enter the Fade. The Harrowing: A mysterious ritual all young apprentices must complete in order to be ordained as full mages. It is closely attended by a strong force of Templars. Although optional, the alternative is to be made Tranquil. Tranquility: Permanently severs the connection with the Fade. The Tranquil are branded. The former mage becomes powerless, unable to dream, or access their emotions. More about the Fade Demons and Spirits: Creatures native to the Fade. They are highly intelligent and manipulative, regardless of whether they embody vice (ie. Anger, desire, rage, pride, etc.) or virtue (ie. Faith, justice, valor, etc.). The Fade's landscape is moulded by the spirits and demons that dwell there according to the images, objects, and scenes they see in the minds of mortal dreamers. Only mages may consciously enter the Fade, but they do not exert any control over it, and they cannot shape it the way dreaming mortals do. In its raw form, the Fade is a dark and twisted place. Its landscapes are dark, cold rocks and raw lyrium (semitoxic minerals that both feed and bolster magic). There is one permanent feature of conscious ventures into the Fade; a completely inaccessible island always seen in the distance. It carries a dark metropolis known as the Black City. According to the Chantry, the Black City was once\the seat of the Maker and known as the Golden City. When powerful Magisters from the Tevinter Empire physically invaded the Fade and attempted to gain entry, the city blackened with corruption from their pride and ambition. If you wish to read more (not necessary): Dragon Age Wikia: The Fade Participants: Up to four. I have not decided yet, but I may play an apprentice as well as the guide.
  12. Closed This is all based off of a dream that I had, and that is a reason there is a lot of vague descriptions and information. That and I wish for you, my partner, to help design the entire rp too. This isn't just my idea, I want it to be yours too. About me and my choice of RPing. I provide as much information as possible given the situation. I can write as much as you can and or more, again situation permitting. I write at the NC17 rating. There is always going to be nudity, blood, gore, violence, sexual scenes/moments, language etc. I don't write with or for the shy. If you wanna explore Neferteri's realm, c'mere I'll break you in. I want my partners to be honest, write how they feel their character is and who they are. I want you to do whatever the hell it is you want to do, given respects to what we discuss and obvious logical details/info. I want you to explore every inch of feeling and possibility with the character you design with me. I'm looking for a male role to be filled. In a world where the birth of a child, and then its death after birth can create an unhappy spirit . . . it happens during one birth to a king and queen. The queen had two daughters and only one lived beyond birth. Her second, which died shortly after birth lingered in the realm of the living. She was very unhappy, displeased, so upset. Her sister had survived, why she did not know, and she had died. Her twin sister would live and know the warmth of her mother and father. She would never get to experience any of that. Had she been able to move on she might have been born again into such a situation. Instead the spirit of twin daughter chose to remain with the inability to move on like most new born deaths. During that time in which she clung to the living's realm she was relentless in what she did to her living twin. Always lashing out at her in, as seen in the livings realm, unnatural ways. There was always a dark presence chasing after the living daughter. This persisted for a solid five years after the daughters birth. It was after the fifth year that she turned up missing. No one knew who or what had witched away their daughter. There was endless finger pointing, claims, accusations and a war almost broke out between neighboring kingdoms and lords with their ownership in the kingdoms lands. Who and or what that took the princess away has been an unsolved mystery and whisper on the kingdoms breath for fourteen years now. The lore in this world is mostly centered around spirits, spiritual occurrences, demons and the such. Not so much in the physical form, but more so they exist as an essence. Not that they can't be physical creatures, they can. Its just that they're not all that level of strength, so most remain the misty, see through, vague image of a figure kind of existence in the livings realm. I'm open to ideas and suggestions that do go beyond this pin pointed lore focus though. I will provide what very little idea and design I have/had for your character during the dream. However you are NOT forced to this idea. It is simply what I came up with and admit I do like it and felt it fit well with the atmosphere of the story/world. A basic man, normal hunter living day to day. In your, our world, there is an additional lore to the existence of spirits and demons. It, he, is an unknown spirit of the forest. I'll bow down and completely credit Princess Mononoke's Forest Spirit to this worlds ''forest spirit'' design. However he, it, is human in stature and wears a kind of antler head ornament. Some thing that he actually has horns growing from his head. He only wears leggings made of rough leather design, pelts in front and of the backside against him. His boots are held against his caves with a long leather thong lacing up from his angles to before the knee. That kind of image. I saw your character, not knowing since his birth of course, actually being the son of this unknown forest spirit. He would also be the one, obviously, to discover my own character. The Forest Spirit is the one who safely guided the king and queens daughter away from the evil entity that plagued her all those years. This detail is something we will have to discuss and work out between us, as I have more thoughts and information attached to it that my lucky partner will be given. You are in no way confined to this idea above. That is all it is and was, an idea. You are welcome to resource it, go along with it, edit it and make it super sexy for me. I need a sexy savior k? ;< I understand at this point there isn't much of a RP nor is there much of a story to explore beyond what I've told you. I want to add more to the world, I want there to be more conflict, more problems and a world outside of this forest spirits forest, the castle, the king and queen. I myself have always enjoyed there being problems like war, drama at court, life issues and the such. Again, very in much need for expansion, ideas and development. So lets work on making this small idea grow into something badass.
  13. A New Kind Of Human

    It all started decades ago, when the Government saw it was losing its control on the people. Uprisings were occuring everywhere, riots were reported everyday on the news. No one really remembers why the revolts started, all they remember is what followed. The Government, desperate for a way to appease the seething masses, released a new idea. "We will create a new kind of human," they said. "A higher being, something no one has ever seen before." People were immidiately interested, despite the little detail they were given. After all, "higher being" could mean being turned into an angel, or someone with psychic powers. Some even went so far as to theorize the Government would give them the power of gods. They could never have expected what would really happen. Shortly after the Government released this idea, people began dissapearng at random by the millions. Lovers were seperated, families split apart in a moment. All of these abducted people, went somewhere known only as "The Lab". Families waited years for their loved ones to return, and when they did, they were horrified. The Government had turned half of the population into what they called "Higher Beings" but what the families called "freaks." Each person who had been abducted had been turned into some sort of hybrid human. The most common were Anthros, people who could turn into animals. Most of the time, these people could turn at will, but a few couldn't control their trnasformations. All anthros retained at least a few of their animal traits even in human form. Some were as minor as cat ears appearing on their head, or as major as craving raw meat every second of the day. Next were the Florea, people who had been infused with plants. Like the Anthros, they retained their humanoid body types, but had some sort of plant life growing on them. Some had flowers growing out of parts of their body, some had the abilitiy to turn their limbs into vines, and all of them retained a slightly green tint to their skin. Third most common were the Mechas. These were people who had an alteration on their body not related to any sort of living creature. These alterations could have meant a limb was replaced with a stronger, metal arm that could crush bone, or it could have meant their skin had been turned transparent, and all of their organs and bones could be seen in their bodies. Mechas no longer needed to ingest food or water to survive, for if they did this the metal parts of their body would stop working. This does not make them invincible by any means, for they can still be killed and wounded. The least common hybrids were the Elementals. They were also the most dangerous. Each Elemental had the ability to control a single element, such as ice, water, fire, or air. No Elements share the same power, and often times they cannot control their powers. Millions of people were released from "The Lab" as one of these hybrids. They were treated as freaks, shunned to the outskirts of life. Since the Government released their experiments, life hasn't been the same, for both the hybrids and the humans. This is a story of survival. ~~~ It was midnight, and light flickered from a broken street lamp, momentarily illuminating the teenage girl who stood under it. Long black lashes framed black eyes that glinted with a sly inteligence, as if she were about to pick the money right out of your pocket. Midnight black hair fell down to her waist in loose waves, and her baggy clothes hid the slender, lithe body underneath. She stood under the lamp pole, leaning against it as if casually waiting for someone to appear, when in reality, she was on guard. Here in the ghettos, one always had to be on guard. This was something Mayonaka Kuro had learned since she had been dropped in this God-forsaken dump. She had been one of the last people abducted by the Government, so her body was "better" than anthros before her. She supposed she should be grateful, after all, she had been infused with one of her favorite animals, a raven. Still, she hadn't quite gotten used to her new body. The feathers that grew along her forearms itched like crazy the majority of the time, and the ones growing between her knees and ankles weren't much better. And don't even get her started on flying. Wings were much more difficult to use than the old movies used to make them out to be. Sighing, Mayonaka gazed up at the sky, partly because of boredom, and partly because she wanted to see the stars. She loved midnight, not just because it was her namesake, but because its the time when the stars are brightest. Gazing up at them, she could almost imagine a world where she wasn't part of some cruel plot by the Government, a world where she wasn't reduced to theivery and pillaging for her next meal, but mostly, a world where she wasn't always glared at like she was a bomb about to explode. Screaming in frustration, she slammed her fist against the lamp post, causing it to flicker once more and then die out permanantly, and she was left in darkness. (OOC: Hello anyone who actually took the time to read all of that haha, this is my first roleplay in a while so I'm a bit rusty. I appreciate any criticsm and pointers so please don't hesitate to tell me :) )
  14. A New Kind Of Human

    Hello various people of the Interweb :) As some of you know, I am new here and I just wanted to announce that I have started a new Roleplay. Its called "A New Kind of Human" and its sort of an Alternative Universe theme where humans still exist, but many have them have been abducted and "blessed" with the ability to turn into what the Government of the time calls "Higher Beings." Its an old idea I used a long time ago, and I wanted to bring it back up in a new roleplay site and see where it went :) So please check it out if you're intrested and give me a chance to take up my rusty roleplaying skills again! ^~^
  15. The Elder Scrolls

    Not the story, just the universe. It is a game series very dear to me and I've played through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim multiple times. Recently I was invited to the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online and now I'm just all giggly about the game so I thought I'd do a roleplay loosely based around it. I'm not looking to roleplay any of the stories, but just to borrow the world and lore as it is a soft cozy place for me. It also lays out a map for us to work with and a magic system to work off of. I do not have a story plot, in fact I was kinda of hoping to do a free lance sort of play. We design characters and throw them into the world, we met up, we adventure and we can swap back and forth deciding on what quests we will embark on, whether it's saving a damsel or recovering retired Hides-His-Eyes lost dagger. We will build rapport with cities and guilds, build a friendship or more(depending on who is interested and their interests), or maybe we'll hate each other and constantly be trying to kill the other, or maybe just rivals fighting to get ahead in whatever we do. If you want to build a plot, I'm more than happy too, I just don't want to follow the predesignated stories in the games, as they are designated to a single player which isn't too friendly with multiple players. I'm thinking we should limit ourselves to just Skyrim(rather have Morrowind, or Cyrodiil, or even one of the others: Hammerfell, Black Marsh etc? just let me know we can discuss the pros and cons of each province.) Not familiar with The Elder Scrolls Series? That's okay! We will not be following any of the story lines, it is simply a universe to play in and I'm more than happy to talk about the games, or you're free to google search them. Mostly you just need to know the map, the races, and the magic system(Mostly just what kind of magic is available), beyond that it's a medievalish fantasy setting.
  16. Fantastical Medieval Romance

    I love doing romances, they get to me the most, I love the emotion and the drama! Looking for a partner, I'm not picky about genders, or sexuality, but I'm not interested in doing two males, other than that, it's fair game. I'm even up for hermaphrodites being throw into the mix. I do want to play a female personality (as in I'd play a hermaphrodite, but shi's predominately female). I want to do fantasy theme, so if we want to do the Princess and the Knight, sure. Please, nothing so cliche though, hahah. I have a few ideas: A mermaid and a demon, the mermaid sings and draws the demon to the shore, where they make love, per her heritage she drags him into the water and tries to drown him, him being a demon, she fails miserably. A demoness and a priest(white mage, doesn't have to be religious), they rival, they fight, his strength appeals to her, he just wants her dead, but when he finally wins against her and gets her in bonds and all she can do is praise him over his victory, he's not so sure anymore. The dragon and the slayer A nymph and an outlaw You see where I'm going with this, I'm up for suggestions too, these are just ideas, I'm not bound to any of them. I do not want a quick romance, while we should determine an external plot device, the story should predominately revolve around our characters falling in love.
  17. So I've recently gotten back into Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series, and I was wondering if anyone's interested in starting an RP? I'm open to ideas, plots, romance, yaoi, yuri, anything. I'm particularly fond of the pairings of Marius/Armand, Lestat/Louis, Armand/Daniel. But yeah if you're interested, and have some ideas to throw my way, I'm open! :)
  18. Introduction The Great War was over, and halfway through the 1920s America realized that it was a world power, the world power - and suddenly the steady march of mankind seemed to lurch forward with a frenzied pace as marvel after marvel swept the country and soon after the world. The automobile, the movie industry, radio, consumer goods and appliances, health and medicine... the modern world had become a beacon of light illuminating and enriching the lives of every man, woman and child. However, the brighter the light the deeper the shadow it casts, and in those shadows, foul things once-banished resurfaced and began to foment in the periphery. Demons of nightmare made flesh prowled the night, sowing the chaos on which they thrived; covens of witches and warlocks practiced and perfected the dark arts with every blasphemy and sacrifice they undertook. Vampires, faeries, succubae, ghouls, shape shifters, the undead, werewolves... all found renewed vigor as they slowly yet surely corrupted the unsuspecting mortal realm from which they had once all but disappeared. In the chaos of this modern duality of light and dark; science and magic; mankind and the supernatural - walks the druid, an entity of both worlds. Merely a man, yet the paragon of humanity, the druid is tasked with maintaining the balance between the mortal realm and the planes both above and below it. Gifted with powers to combat the dark forces of the underworld, the druid has existed in countless forms throughout the millenia - with each iteration wielding the total knowledge of his or her predecessors, along with the compounded burdens of such sacrificial service. The current iteration, John Roman has worn the druid's mantle for some decades, allowing himself to maintain an alter ego as an independently-wealthy gentleman bachelor throughout his crusade for balance between the realms. Known in some circles as a reserved, though eminently-polite, high-society gentleman, John Roman spends as little time as socially possible at the various parties and gentleman's clubs that his peers expect, preferring, it seems, to spend his time either in his expansive library or touring the world for weeks at a time. In much smaller circles it is known that Roman's library is full of occult tomes and items of which he is impressively knowledgeable, and that his frequent world tours are spent either procuring more, or alternately attending and hosting lectures on their origin and meaning. Known only to a very exclusive few, Roman is the current iteration of the druid - a magical being of unrivaled discipline and ability who uses both his innate skills and impressive collection of magical items in his battle to keep this world in balance with the other realms, both higher and lower. Although he has successfully defended the balance so far, the turn of the 20th century and the decades since have seen a great resurgence in the forces of shadows and night that even the druid cannot fully stem... The Kirpan Dagger A light drizzling rain borne by a cold wind cut through the streets of New York City. The druid wore a trilby hat that matched his gray wool overcoat, the brim of the hat fluttering against his brow as he turned down 118th. His coat trailed behind him dramatically like a pulp superhero's cape, and the echo of his black Oxfords on the pavement followed him like strafing gunfire. Despite the cold, the wind and the rain, John Roman chose to find seating outside of the small corner cafe, so that there were no unwanted ears eavesdropping on the conversation he was to have here. He took his seat, long thin body angling into the hard wire-wrought chair the cafe offered, feeling the damp of the cushion seeping into his clothing. He lit a Viceroy and was halfway through smoking it when the waitress appeared, walking with a hard look to her otherwise pleasant features, as though hoping a stern gaze would direct this wayward customer indoors. "Coffee, please," he said, crossing one leg over the other. "French-pressed. Another will be joining me shortly. Thank you," he added, excusing her with a slight gesture of his hand. He rolled up his collar, protecting his neck from the cold wind. Across the street on a public bench sat Roman's stalwart valet, Charles Henry. Although only human, Henry had seen action in the trenches of the Great War and had subsequently become something of a friend and confidant to the druid while serving as both his valet and his protector. For today's meeting Henry was required only to observe from a distance, although Roman knew that were there to be any trouble, the Webley revolver in the man's jacket pocket would be ready at a moment's notice. As his keen brown eyes crossed over his old friend, Roman gave him the barest of nods. Although settled deep within the emotionless void of the druid's mantle, Roman still felt a certain distaste at having to reach out to a clairvoyant - the purpose of today's meeting. It was certainly within his capabilities to find the man and the object that he was after - or so he assumed - and it galled him that he was reduced to 'contracting out' to a psychic. Still, he knew that he was in all likelihood being watched, and that any use of his druidic magic would only make his quarry all the harder to uncover. Despite his wounded pride, he knew that a psychic would be the surest line to his prize, provided that he could trust the man or woman that he was about to meet. He settled into his seat, and by the time his coffee arrived he had lit another cigarette as he waited. [i'm looking for someone to play as the psychic, but feel free to post as any other character if you'd rather. Perhaps an innocent, or a friend or enemy of the druid's. Thanks!]
  19. Clara sat alone at one of the diner's tables, poking her bowl of white rice with one chopstick, a few grains spilling over the side of the bowl and falling on top of a heap of other discarded food stuffs. The Minccino that was sitting on the table looked up at Clara and reached over to pick up some of the food pieces, but Clara slapped the sticks lightly onto the rodent's paws. "No, Chicho. You have your own food." She pointed the chopsticks at the small bowl of brown pokemon food in front of her, the furry animal's ears pulling back in rejection as it sadly walked back over to its food. Clara was a trainer. Or she was trying to be one. Chicho was a gift from her mother for her fourteenth birthday. Her mom wasn't a trainer or anything--a local farm raised several kinds of pokemon and they just so happened to have a couple of Minccino births at the time. Clara always liked the cute pokemon, but she never really had an interest in owning one until she got one as a pet. Now they were inseparable. That was a year ago--almost to the day. Her birthday was five days ago, but she didn't have anybody to celebrate it with besides her best friend Chicho and a couple of her other pokemon. They spent the day lounging on the beaches of Vermillion City, her pale skin having turned red under the summer sun. Even as she smiled at Chicho chewing on a piece of food, a cute grimace overtaking its face, she could feel the burning pinch of the sunburn on her cheeks. Placing a light hand on top of partner's head, Clara chuckled slightly. "All right, you can have some, you brat." The Minccino chirped with joy as it scarfed the rice into its mouth and swallowed happily. They had traveled a long way in the past year. She was from Unova, Aspertia City to be precise, but had found her way to Kanto after making a big win at a fashion show. It was a long discussion with her mother over the phone, urging her not to go so far away, she was only a child. But Clara had to remind her that they had been apart for several months and being hundreds of miles away wasn't going to change that fact. They'd continue to talk nearly every night, but this is just what trainers did. They travelled. Honestly, Clara didn't even like being a trainer so much, but she loved traveling. She really loved fashion and talent competitions. They were waiting around Celadon City now because of an event that was to happen in two days. "Hey, Chicho! How excited are you for The Pokemon Gala?" She smiled as the pokemon's ears perked up. They were so going to win with how cute Chicho was! "Ciii!" The chinchilla hopped onto one foot and waved its bushy tail, forcing the bowl of pokemon food to fling off of the side of the table. The bowl smashed onto the floor, Chicho holding its hands in front of its mouth, not sure if it had done it on purpose or on accident.
  20. This roleplay is heavy on fantasy and mythology, I added horror more as a just-in-case since this could have some horror aspects in it depending on what people decide to do. The thread is open to anyone, there is no cap on people who can join. Story Setting-- Ancient Greece at the end of summertime. Albia is the only city mentioned however up to two more cities are possible for characters to hail from. The main setting is in the Woods of Ishla, here it is said that magical beasts, Gods, and Demi Gods roam as a place of in-between, a place to leave the forgotten or to hide from those you wish would forget you. Important Plot Notes-- The Gods of Ancient Greece are very real here. Hades is whom the city is trying to appease and appeal to with a human sacrifice so that his gaze may stray from their city and not claim as many people. The Ceremony of Youth involves all class levels from the poorest to richest, no one within the age gap is excluded due to rank or family. No one really knows what happens in the forests since none have returned to their cities (or neighboring ones). Those who are sent there must try and survive. This could be an escape attempt, pleading/bargaining with the Gods, or fighting whatever comes their way. Characters: Sacrifices are anyone 17 and under who aren't married or pregnant. There are 5 from each city, and from any social class. They are dropped off one at a time at various points of entry at the woods. Sacrifices, Gods, Demi-Gods, Mythical Monsters are optional characters. If you have a part you wish to play not listed please ask. The first post in the roleplay thread (Student Roleplay Boad) explains the season, and explanation of why there are sacrifices and how they are taken away. Also: Sacrifices don't have to work together. If your character is a lone wolf or not a nice person, they can use the other sacrifices to survive or as bait, etc. Likewise, they may not all know each other even if from the same city, depending on their class. Questions, comments?
  21. Takouji RP

    I've been re-watching Digimon Frontier, and I accidentally fell for the Kouji/Takuya pairing. Oops. Anyway, would anyone be interested in roleplaying this? Also open for KouKou (Kouji/Kouichi)
  22. R Pharaoh's Tomb

    All right, this has nothing to do with Egyptian Pharaohs and the like, unfortunately. I do love their myths and legends though... Anyway, this is the idea box - for me - and a way for other people to seek me out if they have similar tastes in role playing. I only do 1 on 1 role plays because they are easier to organise, manage, and follow through with. Fiction/Fantasy is what I go for. I do prefer X-rated content, but it starts from R: it may include bloody descriptions or adult content. There is no 'and' in there mind you. Unless you keep them separate. Yeah. So please be sure you are of age and you do not find any such content vomit-inducing. Now if you're happy to have me as a role play partner, feel free to leave a post here or PM me. Then we can work something out and start! Yay!
  23. Project Valkyrie

    Project Valkyrie Name: Colonel Michelle Jan-Marie Avion Age: Gender: Female Sexuality: Strait Occupation: Colonel of Marine secret project "Valkyrie" And the initial researcher that developed the Project Physical Appearance: Michelle is, for lack of better words, about average looking. She has long blonde hair that falls below her waist, almost down to her knees, since she hasn't cut it in years. She's got bright blue eyes, a few have even joked that they "glow" because they say they are neon blue. Michelle is relatively short, only standing at about 5ft2 when barefoot, though with specialized combat boots, that she created herself, it gives her a few extra inches, so most people believe her to be at 5ft6. She's rather petite, only weighing in at 123lbs, though all her weight is muscle, and due to some "enhancements" of her own design, she is far stronger than should be physically possible for a woman of her frame, to the point even the soldiers that are far larger than she is wouldn't take her on, even if it is just sparring. A surprising factor is her feminine form, usually hidden by her uniform, she sports a rather breath taking hour glass figure, with a 36DD cup sized breasts, well hidden due to her wrapping them before dressing every morning. She has a 29 inch waist, her stomach flat due to her working her abs every day. And then her hips are a lovely 40 inches, hidden with uniform pants that she purposefully ordered in a half size larger than needed, as she wanted to take all precautions to keep her figure unknown, so her subordinates would take her seriously. As for skin, she has an ivory complexion, due to little time outside in the sun, and also a side effect of her "enhancements". Now, for those who have seen it, she has a lovely smile, her teeth aren't perfect, but you have to look quite close to tell. Personality: Michelle is a firm and serious young woman, she takes her job quite seriously, because she knows that the lives of her comrades and fellow soldiers depend on her. But even so, she is actually quite kind, and when off work, she is rather easy to get along with, and to soldiers, she's just another one of the guys, and she likes it that way. During evaluations and tests, she's stern and could even be called cold, doesn't matter how she feels about anyone, rules are rules for her. When she runs experiments with her "Valkyrie Serum", She's distant, calculating, cold and distant, and those who don't follow exact orders get their heads bitten off, figuratively of course, but it's not held against her, for it's well known that her career, and the lives of her soldiers, depend on her experiments running smoothly without any errors. Now, for those in her life that are not from the military, none of them would know that she's someone other than the bubbly, giggly, always happy girl that they've grown to love. But, she's extremely cautious, keeping her life in the military, and away from the military, permanently separate. Powers/Abilities: Before she perfected her serum, Michelle was a regular girl, the only thing that stood out was her intellect. However, <I>after</I> she created the Valkyrie Serum, things changed. The serum actually changes the human DNA, so that the recipient receives angel like wings and super human strength. For Michelle it is no different, although, she is the only one with Pure white wings. However, due to years of testing her serum on herself before letting other's be tested with it, she has a few, other side effects. Due to the experimentation, she has ivory skin that has been found to be bullet proof. and, due to her own secret side experiment, she was able to create another serum, which gave her the hearing of a wolf, increased sense of smell of a bear, and the sight of felines. And, a unintended side effect of the Valkyrie Serum gives every recipient their own power, separate from their wings, and no two soldiers ever have the same effect, for Michelle, this power is found in her eyes, and her ability to turn only those she feels in her heart to be a threat to stone. Now, aside from the genetically engineered powers she has, she has always had perfect aim, and quite often takes on assignments as a sniper for ATF, seeing as her own squadron is sent on very few missions. Aside from that, she is still quite average...somewhat. Likes: Michelle is still a girl, and being which, she still enjoys a few girly things, such as sugar, she has an immense sweet tooth, and even while on duty, she usually has a piece of hard candy, usually sakura flavored, tucked behind her back molars, out of view of her subordinates and superiors, and still allows her to speak clearly while savoring the sweetness. Other things she takes great enjoyment from are her pets, a Dumeril Boa names Beau, and a border collie pit bull mix named Jujubee, after her favorite candy from when she was little. She also takes a great enjoyment, in secret of course, in liquor, having found that it's the only thing that helps numb the emotional pain. Aside from these things, she likes coffee, her soldiers, who are like brothers to her, then of course she loves her family, on base and off base, her sister being the true reason she joined to help create the Valkyrie Project, so she could keep her protected from things regular soldier just couldn't do. And, for something that she only knows about, she is still in love with her ex boyfriend, a man that she could see herself marrying, until he joined the marines, for which she dumped him for, because she couldn't stand for him to know about her military involvement, and, to keep him safe, for she knew, even before reaching ranks, that people would go after him if they knew how she felt about him. So, while she still hurts from not being with him, she still holds a dear whole hearted love for him. Dislikes: As for her dislikes, Michelle does have quite a list, but I will keep it short. For one, she has an extreme hatred for a Edward Avion, her "father". He was an emotionally, and on occasion, physically abusive bastard. Since she was 12, she began despising him, and her hatred for him grew as she got older, and he began to take his anger out on her younger sister. And, while he is now in a prison, she still can't forgive him, eve though her mother tries dearly to talk Michelle into forgiving the man. Then, next on her list, she finds her mother's loyalty to Edward several distasteful, don't get me wrong, she loves her mother, but the fact that her mother remains married to a man that beat his wife, and on occasion his children as well, she simply cannot find anyway to get around it, she hates her mother's loyalty to him. Then, on her detailed area of dislikes, there is the man she knew as Jacob Harrison Cowell, a man she "dated" somewhat, after she broke it off with the man she still loves. Jacob was there as she developed the Valkyrie serum, but he tried to steal it so he could sell it to the highest bidder. Luckily, Michelle was able to have him locked up in a secret military prison, located somewhere in Siberia, as a traitor to humanity. However, she still has a deep hatred for him, not just because he was willing to sell her work, but because for three months, before he was captured, he had Michelle locked up in a dark room, and tortured her endlessly, in front of mirrors so she would have to watch. He tortured her, because there was another factor to the serum that she hadn't yet, and still hasn't put down on paper, and he wanted it. Now, for a less detailed list of dislikes, she hates cats, can't stand them in the slightest, she has a distaste for sour foods and drinks, and then anything that smells like her ex boyfriend cologne sends her into an emotional wreckage of sadness, and anger for having to sacrifice her own happiness. History: Michelle is the oldest daughter of a one Edwards Kath Avion, though, for her mother, Michelle Christine, she is her first child. Her father was married once before being married to Michelle's mother, and from that marriage, he has two sons. Michelle didn't grow up with her half brothers, but she gets along with them relatively well, more so with the second oldest, than the oldest. From her own mother, Michelle also has a younger brother, and a baby sister. Michelle lived a relatively happy life, up until age 11, when her father began berating her for not being "good" enough, no matter what she did, she wasn't fast enough, strong enough, smart enough, nothing was ever good enough. But, wanting to make him happy, she took the verbal abuse, and tried harder and harder. She was extremely intelligent for a young girl, and at 13, she took an I.Q. that verified that her I.Q. was at 163. She felt it would be enough to make the old bastard happy, but it wasn't, he went on about how she must have obviously cheated somehow. So, she went back to trying to make him happy, although, her I.Q. why it didn't catcher her father's attention, caught the attention of a Mr. Michael Lupo Volt, General of the United states Marines. He approached her one day as she was walking home from school and offered her a way to make not just her father, or her family, but the country proud of her. She eagerly accepted, although, she found the man that looked eerily like an older, and more masculine form of herself. But, she paid it no heed. Thorough high school, as she took her classes and acted like a normal girl, even dated an upper classman ________, she would secretly be working for the military at the same time, her research was primarily focused around the idea of being able to genetically enhance soldiers. During her junior year of high school, she made a break through, she found a way that she could actually alter the Human DNA ad modify it to her exact specifications. However, even though the achievement meant that she achieved a high rank in the Marines, the victory she felt was short lived, as her boyfriend of three years broke the news that he was joining the marines. Michelle didn't take the news well, she wanted to be able to work with him, but her sector was all off the books, specialized, and files written about it were all blacked out, and she realized that with him joining up, she would be putting him in danger. The realization was what hit her the hardest, she couldn't stay with him, her girlish dreams of marriage and children were unrealistic, because she could never be, just a house wife. After her boyfriend started PT, she broke it off with him, giving him the excuse that she couldn't stay with someone who would fight for a corrupted government. He didn't take the break up well, and told her he never wanted to see her again, which, she didn't take well. After the break up, she gave the high school her paperwork to graduate early, and from there, went to live on a secret Marine base in the middle of no where Minnesota. She devoted all her time to perfecting her Valkyrie Serum, after a year, she was lonely, and began casually dating a fellow researcher, Jacob Cowell. Things were going alright, when she had feminine urges, she and Jacob would meet up in a little fishing cabin not far from base and fulfill the desires, then, when she was satisfied, she would leave and go back to the base to continue her work. This went on for a year, though, finally, after she turned 19, she made a break through, she tested her serum on herself and, through an excruciating process, forced wings to emerge from her back. She was so thrilled that she didn't care about the, side effects. Her once sun kisses skin, courtesy of her Filipina mother, was gone, replaced by ivory colored skin, completely flawless, and, after an accident with a Private Harold accidently firing off his rifle, she found her skin was now bullet proof. However, instead of leaving the serum as is, like her coworker Jacob wanted, she wanted to perfect it, there were negative side effects, vision loss and extreme nausea that she wanted to fix. However, Jacob Cowell, instead of listening, took her research and fled, to find that there was a missing component to her research, which Michelle only knew. Somehow, even through extra security, Jacob broke into the base and kidnapped Michelle and brought her to an unknown location. She had just found a way to alter the serum, to reverse the negative side effects, and Jacob used it to his advantage. For three months, he brutally tortured Michelle, raping, mutilation, and other actions which I will not put down. If it wasn't bad enough to be put through excruciating pain day after day, the entire room he kept her in was full of mirrors, and he used staples to keep her eyes open to force her to watch. For those three months, Michelle kept her mouth shut, refusing to tell him the rest of the components for her Serum, she wouldn't even scream. It was by pure luck and good fortune, that while Jacob was out buying more propane for his blow torch, that he was found and apprehended, and by methods of persuasion, he told them where to find Michelle. When she was found, she was stripped naked, chained to a wall, and covered in abrasions, cuts, deep incisions, piercings, and she was coughing up blood from internal bleeding. However, as she was rushed to the hospital, the General, who had personally come to be sure she was alright, saw that she had no scars, her bullet proof skin healed over night, and when she woke up a week later in an infirmary on the Marine base, she was fully recovered. Broken bones showed no signs of ever being broken, skin was perfectly flawless. She was sickened by it, and refused to administer the Serum with effects like that, she said that she was making super soldiers, not gods, so, even though for a good year, she was criticized for not releasing that specific version of the formula, the General backed her up, he agreed with her, no one should be able to defy death to such a degree. Now, three years after the incident, her Serum has been perfected, while the soldiers are bullet proof, they cannot miraculously heal fatal wounds, all soldiers who are administered the Valkyrie Serum are sworn to secrecy until the project is brought public. All "Valkyries" gain the ability to row wings, though the first few transformations are quite painful, and some have to be sedated part way through it, all are bullet proof, and then, due to some unknown reason, each Valkyrie soldier gains a specified and personalized power, Michelle gained the ability to turn her enemies to stone, her second in command, Yvonne Loret gained the ability to change his entire body into that of a large lion. Michelle is still trying to learn why each soldier receives such radically different results aside from their wings and skin. Though, her research is about to be interrupted by a very, surprising, and heart wrenching, new Valkyrie recruit. Plot: YC is her Ex Boyfriend, a now Captain of the Marines. He will just be getting back from a successful mission and the General will personally offer him a spot on Project Valkyrie. He'll jump at the chance not realizing who would be his new superior officer. Old wounds are opened, feelings are still there, but they have to work with each other, and eventually they'll be sent on a mission when MC decides they are needed. Things will happen, mission will be completed (supposedly) and drama of course will be a theme here What I am looking for in YC: 24-25, still upset about the break up, still loves her, should be cold and distant, won't take orders well, Will eventually see that she's a good leader, but will suspect that her success is due to sleeping up the ranks, and not because of her success with the serum, because he won't know that she has actually been a member of the military from high school. NO INSTANT I LOVE YOU TAKE ME! Sort of thing, NO, I will smack you on the nose with newspaper if you do that. No Ultra sob stories, but he can have issues, they got along so well because they were each other's rocks in high school. In RP Partner: Not too picky here, I am not too extremely active right now, but no going month with out a post. At least 2+ paragraphs, 6-8 lines per paragraph, except during fight and sex scenes. Rules: NO God Mod NO Mushy Gushy Lovey Stuff 1 Auto Hit per fight among characters, but also must take 1 hit per fight scene, this means each response You can add a few back ground characters, But the General and her right hand man are OFF LIMITS all other, have fun Don't pester me for responses, I am getting active again, but do not "poke" my RP after a day or two, inbox me, and ill tell you to "poke" the RP if I have lost it in the replies. Have Fun XD I realize this will not be fully military, I don't know all the Military shit, but if you try to correct me about stupid shit, Imma eat your face got it. ((Extra, Yes, I realize that the pictures are cosplay of a Full Metal Alchemist character, NO THIS IS NOT A FULL METAL FANFIC, I just felt she best fit my character))
  24. I don't have any idea for a plot for this, all I know is that I'd like to play an anthro version of a Pokemon story (but more human in appearance and anatomy than anything)... Something like two friends are lost somewhere or two different unsuspecting types of pokemon becoming friends or adventure of some best buddies through the world~~. I dunno. I can't care. We can figure that out. I just want them to be Gijinka so I can have an excuse to come up with a character design. I'd prefer it to be Kanto or Unova, but would consider Sinnoh or Johto setting as well. I'd prefer no legendaries, as they are already pretty jacked up with human like traits without us having to make it up for them (like the ability to talk). I'm pretty picky with who I RP with, so if I turn you down, please don't be offended. I'm looking for one or two good partners for this. We can work out who will be who. Pick which Pokemon you'd like to be and write up a character sheet (name, personality, all that shit). Looking for somebody that can post pretty actively while I still have this writing bug up my ass. Let's do this. Um... Some of the pokemon I might be interested in playing are: rotom, pretty much any of the eevees, drifloon, chingling, bulbasaur, scraggy, minccino, yamask, froslass, pidgey, chatot... I can choose whatever you end up going with that might make the most interesting story.
  25. So the idea behind this RP would be a team of characters robbing a bank, or at least attempting to do so. The factor of interest is that the characters will have formed a group by random assignment - still pondering an explanation that would be most feasible, such as organizing their group online or being assigned together by the criminal organization they're a part of. The main point is the characters will not know each other prior to meeting to plan the heist. This means they cannot trust or rely on each other, they won't be a well-oiled team, so there's ample room for complications. There could be a character who intends from the start to screw over the rest of the group and make off with the money. There could be an undercover cop as part of the team, ready to bust them all. I'm personally considering a character who lies about his criminal experience, desperate for some quick money, and causes stupid mistakes during the job. I don't intend for much planning of how things will turn out, I think it'll be more fun to throw characters in and we each can come up with things as the situation dictates. I fully plan on the possibility that the heist will end in complete failure, and the deaths/arrest of all the characters. So that's the idea, if there's interest then we'll proceed to details of characters and where to begin etc.