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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys. This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing. Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made. Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas. Giant monsters have been a problem for humanity for a long time, but humanity has been able to defend themselves and survive. Two methods are the most well known. The first is technological advances made specifically to fight the giant monsters (specialized vehicles, weapons, giant robots, etc.) This method is the easier to obtain of the two, but can be pretty difficult as it endangers the lives of those fighting. One would have to be very well coordinated to take down a giant monster without any casualties. The second method is through the use of a kind of creature that is similar to the giant monsters (they are normally small enough to fit in a house with no trouble, but can be made giant sized to fight off the giant monsters). A bit harder to come by as these creatures will choose who their human partners will be, but the advantages that comes with one makes for a much more efficient means of dealing with the giant monsters (faster, hit harder, a regenerative factor). The creatures can take on many shapes and forms, from forms similar to the animals of the planet, to forms more similar to a human, to even some absolutely bizarre forms that borders on elderich. This idea is more meant to be something like a mon rp, like pokemon or digimon, or something like that, so my initial thoughts were that the main role players would have access to these types of creatures. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.
  2. From now on, I will post all my new ideas, plots and characters in this thread, just for neatness sake. Plots (sorta) All plots are vague at this point and if anyone is interested, we can go back and forth and discuss some things to add to it. I'm open to suggestions. 18+ mature writer. I am not against smut/sex, but do not join if that is all you want out of role playing. I get bored really quickly if it is just sex, no plot. You know? So yeah... All my main characters are females at this point, but willing to double up in the role play. I'll leave up my taken role plays, to give someone an idea of what kind of stories I like. Willing to hear your ideas, too. OPEN CLOSED These are more for OnexOne role plays. One in 17,000 The first thing you would notice about Diana is that she has albinism. It is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme involved in the production of melanin. This makes her a little different from others around her. Not only does she have pale white skin, platinum white hair and light blue eyes, the disorder also causes her to have vision defects, such as being legally blind at 20/200. She can see some things clearly, but only at a close range. If it is more than a foot from her face, she can't see it very well, or at all. She can see some things far off, but usually only shapes, without the details. For example, if you were standing a couple feet away from her, she would be able to see you have eyes, but not be able to see what color they are. The disorder also causes her to suffer from Nystagmus, irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth, or in circular motion. It is something she can't control and she does not know when she is doing it. She sometimes uses bioptics, glasses which have small telescopes mounted on the lenses, so that she can look through either the regular lens or the telescope. Such a thing might help her read at close range better. She also uses monoculars, which are like one half of a pair of binoculars to get a clearer view of things further away. Diana does not let her condition get in her way of life. She is usually an outgoing person, loves life and everything in it. She is not rude or stuck up, despite what some of her peers might think. This comes from the fact that she really can't see a person when they are waving at her from across the room. She isn't ignoring you, she just can't see you. Diana also has a little sister named Jenna who also shares her condition. When their mother passes away and Diana and Jenna are sent to live with some strangers miles from where they've lived all their lives. The strangers are Diana and Jenna's godparents, her mother's childhood best friends. Diana is put in a school that in it's history has never had a student like her before. In fact, the town is so small, Diana doubts anyone there has ever seen someone like her in person. (M/F or F/F allowed) (TAKEN on another site) ---- You're My Italian Star A famous Italian singer is tired of the spotlight and has decided to take an early retirement in America. What she doesn't expect is to meet her biggest fan who has an obsessive crush on her and whats to prove to Aria that his/her crush goes beyond that of a crazed fan. M/F, F/F allowed. OPEN ---- Tough Role Play exactly based on this song. "Tough" By Craig Morgan She’s in the kitchen at the crack of dawn Bacon’s on, coffee’s strong Kids running wild, taking off their clothes If she’s a nervous wreck, well it never shows Takes one to football and one to dance Hits the Y for aerobics class Drops by the bank, stops at the store Has on a smile when I walk through the door The last to go to bed, she’ll be the first one up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough We sat there five years ago The doctors let us know, the test showed She’d have to fight to live, I broke down and cried She held me and said it’s gonna be alright She wore that wig to church Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt No room for fear, full of faith Hands held high singing Amazing Grace Never once complained, refusing to give up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough She’s a gentle word, the sweetest kiss A velvet touch against my skin I’ve seen her cry, I’ve seen her break But in my eyes, she’ll always be strong There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough I play female. You can be male or female. They would have children. OPEN ---- A Sticky Situation During summer vacation at her parents beach house, high school teacher Grace meets someone there. She grows to have an affection, maybe even love for this person and vise versa. When summer is over, they have to part ways. When she goes back to school, she finds that her summer romance may not be over after all, for the person she spent her summer with is one of her students. - Student is a senior, 18 years old. F/F or M/F allowed (TAKEN on another site) ---- Blind Song Laurel is a blind lounge singer who works in a questionable night bar. People always "request" her attention, but her manager will not let any of them to come near her, for good reason. He is protective of her and she also does not want anyone to know she is blind. On stage, she wears a whole different persona than in real life, sexy, form fitting clothing. When not working, she wears every day things, tee-shirts, jeans, maybe a skirt every now and again, but usually in dark, not so noticeable colors. One day, she literately runs into one of her biggest fans, but they do not realize who she is yet. OPEN
  3. A New Kind Of Human

    It all started decades ago, when the Government saw it was losing its control on the people. Uprisings were occuring everywhere, riots were reported everyday on the news. No one really remembers why the revolts started, all they remember is what followed. The Government, desperate for a way to appease the seething masses, released a new idea. "We will create a new kind of human," they said. "A higher being, something no one has ever seen before." People were immidiately interested, despite the little detail they were given. After all, "higher being" could mean being turned into an angel, or someone with psychic powers. Some even went so far as to theorize the Government would give them the power of gods. They could never have expected what would really happen. Shortly after the Government released this idea, people began dissapearng at random by the millions. Lovers were seperated, families split apart in a moment. All of these abducted people, went somewhere known only as "The Lab". Families waited years for their loved ones to return, and when they did, they were horrified. The Government had turned half of the population into what they called "Higher Beings" but what the families called "freaks." Each person who had been abducted had been turned into some sort of hybrid human. The most common were Anthros, people who could turn into animals. Most of the time, these people could turn at will, but a few couldn't control their trnasformations. All anthros retained at least a few of their animal traits even in human form. Some were as minor as cat ears appearing on their head, or as major as craving raw meat every second of the day. Next were the Florea, people who had been infused with plants. Like the Anthros, they retained their humanoid body types, but had some sort of plant life growing on them. Some had flowers growing out of parts of their body, some had the abilitiy to turn their limbs into vines, and all of them retained a slightly green tint to their skin. Third most common were the Mechas. These were people who had an alteration on their body not related to any sort of living creature. These alterations could have meant a limb was replaced with a stronger, metal arm that could crush bone, or it could have meant their skin had been turned transparent, and all of their organs and bones could be seen in their bodies. Mechas no longer needed to ingest food or water to survive, for if they did this the metal parts of their body would stop working. This does not make them invincible by any means, for they can still be killed and wounded. The least common hybrids were the Elementals. They were also the most dangerous. Each Elemental had the ability to control a single element, such as ice, water, fire, or air. No Elements share the same power, and often times they cannot control their powers. Millions of people were released from "The Lab" as one of these hybrids. They were treated as freaks, shunned to the outskirts of life. Since the Government released their experiments, life hasn't been the same, for both the hybrids and the humans. This is a story of survival. ~~~ It was midnight, and light flickered from a broken street lamp, momentarily illuminating the teenage girl who stood under it. Long black lashes framed black eyes that glinted with a sly inteligence, as if she were about to pick the money right out of your pocket. Midnight black hair fell down to her waist in loose waves, and her baggy clothes hid the slender, lithe body underneath. She stood under the lamp pole, leaning against it as if casually waiting for someone to appear, when in reality, she was on guard. Here in the ghettos, one always had to be on guard. This was something Mayonaka Kuro had learned since she had been dropped in this God-forsaken dump. She had been one of the last people abducted by the Government, so her body was "better" than anthros before her. She supposed she should be grateful, after all, she had been infused with one of her favorite animals, a raven. Still, she hadn't quite gotten used to her new body. The feathers that grew along her forearms itched like crazy the majority of the time, and the ones growing between her knees and ankles weren't much better. And don't even get her started on flying. Wings were much more difficult to use than the old movies used to make them out to be. Sighing, Mayonaka gazed up at the sky, partly because of boredom, and partly because she wanted to see the stars. She loved midnight, not just because it was her namesake, but because its the time when the stars are brightest. Gazing up at them, she could almost imagine a world where she wasn't part of some cruel plot by the Government, a world where she wasn't reduced to theivery and pillaging for her next meal, but mostly, a world where she wasn't always glared at like she was a bomb about to explode. Screaming in frustration, she slammed her fist against the lamp post, causing it to flicker once more and then die out permanantly, and she was left in darkness. (OOC: Hello anyone who actually took the time to read all of that haha, this is my first roleplay in a while so I'm a bit rusty. I appreciate any criticsm and pointers so please don't hesitate to tell me :) )
  4. A New Kind Of Human

    Hello various people of the Interweb :) As some of you know, I am new here and I just wanted to announce that I have started a new Roleplay. Its called "A New Kind of Human" and its sort of an Alternative Universe theme where humans still exist, but many have them have been abducted and "blessed" with the ability to turn into what the Government of the time calls "Higher Beings." Its an old idea I used a long time ago, and I wanted to bring it back up in a new roleplay site and see where it went :) So please check it out if you're intrested and give me a chance to take up my rusty roleplaying skills again! ^~^