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  1. I decided to make an archive for my author's darlings because of my tendency to come up with characters to suit my needs on a whim. Also to give those who are interested a more elaborated view of the creation process that went into them, but mostly so that I have something to write when nothing comes up for my next RPing post. This section is under construction, and [redacted] means I will fill them up the moment the plot allows me to. Welcome to the Jungle mini RP: Ingkells Fulgurax and Priscilla Ariamis Mitsuba Academy: Raiha Shirakawa Honoka Kuzunoha Ashura the Avatar The Knights of the Cross
  2. And I declare this spot as a place to post your Chaotic Ripples character. Things to keep in mind: Character's ageCharacter's genderCharacter's personalityCharacter's goalsCharacter's background/life storyCharacter's RippleCharacter's weaknessCharacter's appearanceFeel free to add a themeFeel free to add a visual aid for your character (( AKA a picture ))Keep in mind that not every character needs a Ripple
  3. Arcane Archive Welcome to the Arcane Archive, my collection of various characters from Roleplays here and on other sites. The archive is constantly growing, and is by no means finished, but with the multitude of characters I've created up until now even I forget what has been written before. So this is for my own use as well as to let others read up. Feel free to browse the collection at your own leisure, and do pardon the numerous mistakes and discrepancies. Many of these character sheets are old and the characters have since evolved and changed to better suit the ideas and world they exist in. With out further adieu, the characters! Jun Archille Shorne Armanite Shadow Arcane Crystal Arcane Setsuna Arcane Ember Zeopard Zakuro Manura Lazura Atsuken Cisca Noliar Ryuu Kyomie Altruis Black Meis Occisor Stephen Reaver Azuma Rentarou Azuma Ruri Locri Steel/Neraphis Abaranth
  4. Another version of my character storage. I hope this is the proper place to put something of this nature. It may take me some time to update this, but yeah haha. For any who do stop in, send a PM if you want to comment on a character, please don't post replies in the thread itself. I cannot stress that enough ^_^;
  5. *DO NOT READ IF YOU CARE ABOUT SPOILERS & HAVE NOT READ SNK MANGA* Attack on titan. I was watching those episodes and we all know what happens. Titans come in, freaking colossal titan, Bertolt and armored titan, Reiner decide to break through walls with strength no other regular titan could even dream of attaining. While engaging in these actions, these good boys decide to first shower innocent and happy people with chunks of the wall the size of their heads, probably no unintentionally, but all to reach their objective. These chunks then eventually fall and I don't know, smash every old lady who was just carelessly left behind by her care taker, land on houses only to crush those inside [ hence Erens mother and her tragic death ]. Then eventually titans come in and you know the deal. But as I watched various people die throughout the episodes, I had this sudden urge to write about their lives. I know very well, the story was about eren primarily, nut eventually it fans out to everyone else's story which to me can only mean one thing. Life as we know it, no matter where one lives or where one decides to go affects everyone. You could say, yes they are only affecting those around them, but let me tell you something. When you knock down a domino, yeah it is affecting the domino right after it, which eventually affects the next one and henceforth, no? Yes, but it was all because of the first domino. If it hadn't been knocked down, the result would've been that all would be standing. This was when I realized what my world lit teacher [ a devout follower of the Greek Gods ] said once. "Eve blamed the snake, Adam blamed her but what happened was both were faulty. If something of harm happens to you and has affected you, then you must blame yourself because it's bound to be your fault." My point being, that every little character, every little [ huge and deformed ] titan and every little thing is to be accounted for. Everything is their doing, their fault. So as a result, I wanted to take a few of those characters who have been hit by chunks of the oh so sturdy wall Maria and take the girl who was running off alone before being titan handled and create my own characters from them. They play a big part. All I can say is I'm excited. May everywhere you look, you see a story. [ TO BE CONTINUED ]
  6. Here's for my Order of the Princesses roleplay. Name: Princess Astrea Age: 16 Kingdom: Reveria Looks: Personality: sweet, innocent, kind, a little shy, very girly, loves animals, dreamer. Other Info: She is the newest princess to join the order after her mother who is now queen.
  7. Characters, Organized by RP {{ BIt|tEr L I E S }} Callidus Lacroix Daisy Hawthorne Chronicles Of the Black Order: Winter Descends Winston Forthford Rowan Ghosh Cynric Larrette Avens Wright ~Itsuka~ Hikaru Ishimoto Tokuma Miki ??? The Deadly Scoop Davion Dreven Orb of Argornia Hirras Powers Jack Fieldman Dragons of the Four Kingdoms Jiang Mu Long Shui Chang Splash Free! Yutaka Yamauchi Akane Inoue Old
  8. Welcome to my abode. Yes, you should be afraid. Henry Wilks
  9. I'll keep my characters here and junk. I think it'll be more of a simple list until I find the time to make some profiles. Post 1 - TOC Post 2 - DRAGONFIRE (with Wahad - an ATLA/LOK fandom RP, set before Aang's time) Post 3 - FADING NIGHT (with Wahad - an RP about a clan of Welsh vampires, set in London, England) Post 4 - BLOOD MARKET (with Loki, Sono, & Red Alpha - a fantasy RP featuring illegal high elf trafficking) Post 5 - LOVE BITE (with Sono)
  10. I tend to reuse characters in different settings, so they're listed here by their "real" name and then the characters they play in the roleplays they're in. shou haruna typical scorpio. eurasian hapa. rock star with a velvet voice. mirova [the pact] mirova darkstalker [blood market] leda the phantom assassin. grace of a wildcat. alexis de ste-croix / apollo [pantheon] luca bellini the sun of his own universe. the sun of everyone else's, too. or else. luca bellini [love bite]
  11. T A B L E . O F . C O N T E N T S --Arcadia Rogue Klandestin
  12. Sean's Sanctuary Here I'll post all the NPCs, cities and PC-level NPCs used in my RPGs. List of PC-level NPCs Faeron List of Cities Winterhaven
  13. ✖UnicornsBlood Character Vault✖ Here you'll find my vast amount of characters. Each will have an in-depth profile, and some may carry extra info about their species.
  14. ✯ ✯ ✯ Hello! And Welcome once again to Faithy's realm! More specifically 'The Vat'! Where my characters are made and reside to protect new creations! ♋ So, I believe I should introduce you to some of my characters I am very much in love with being their creator despite the love hate relations we all have. I hope you can find the same love for them as I here you go ★ Faron Scott Jasperson ★ Human Form Demon Form Nickname(s): Far, Fin Gender: Male Age: Looks 24, factual age unknown Sexuality: Pan-sexual Eye Colour: Icy blue Hair colour: Fire Red Height: 6'3 Foot Weight: 162 Ibs Skin Tone/Appearance: White, Caucasian. Rose Ivory skin, smooth and youthful. Black leather trench coat with chains on it. Black tank top, Dark denim skinny jeans, black leather dressy boots. Distinct Marking(s): His icy blue hues, Crimson red hair, Runic birthmarks, black nails. Likes:✔ Kindness - Helpful people like him, he loves to be around.✔ Solitude - Though he surrounds himself with people and appears confident and rowdy he is in fact shy and distant.✔ Art - He is still a creative soul and loves art in general and loves to learn of it's history. When he was human he loved to draw and study is something he holds close to his heart.✔ Alcohol - He sometimes needs to forget things...a bad habit of his...✔ Fellow supernatural beings - It is simply nice not to be the only 'freak' in town. Dislikes:✘ Insanity, Some people just don't make sense and that is what makes them dangerous so he likes to either stay away and because in his past he went through insanity before his father (Lucifer) 'activated' his true nature...✘ Silence - He can't stand quiet rooms or any sort of silence because it means he is alone..✘ His Father (Lucifer), He is generally scared of him...✘ Pain, he may be undying but he has the pain threshold of a human...✘ His blood lust, he doesn't like to hurt others and at times of a frenzy he has killed... Hobbies:♫ Drawing♫ Writing♫ Learning♫ Listening and watching other people♫ Being kind Flaws:☢ His human like pain threshold - It means a lot of pain can have him fall to your knees and beg for it stop, being on a collar and leash..☢ Blood lust - When he frenzies it is only instinct, he becomes stronger and faster but his mind is no longer present, it is either give him watch he wants or knock him out. Weapon(s)/Equipment:✞ Claws✞ Fangs✞ His supernatural powers. Abilities/ Powers:♛ Fire element -Pyrokinesis - create, control and manipulate fire, flame and heatSelf-Detonation - explode self and reform.Hell-Fire Manipulation - Generate and control flames of hell♛ Acid generation - Ability to generate acid, can be manifested through touch or as a spray (e.g. acid spit, acid blood, etc.).♛ Bone manipulation - Ability to manipulate the bones in one's own body. This includes, but is not limited to, the generation of new bone mass, projecting bones out from the skin or rearranging one's own bones♛ Healing factor - Ability to heal rapidly and with greater finality from any injury; the rate of recovery varies from character to character. As result in the halting of aging and immunity to illnesses and other defects♛ Psychometry - Ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object or location, usually by being in close contact with it♛ Resurrection - Can come back to life from any injury♛ Time warping - He can stop, slow or speed up time, even go to the past, present or future Weaknesses:☢ Blood - Sends him into a frenzy☢ Holy water/objects - Causes him to burn and his wounds to not heal unless cleaned out☢ His emotions - Mostly his submissiveness and anger☢ Low Pain threshold☢ Regeneration - Takes energy therefore blood ★ Ivanna Klimentovic ★ Human Form Chaos Form Age: 24, but has lived longer due to her ability to suck the life out of someone through their blood. Race/being: Mutant Human, from birth she had been used to splice a number of animal DNA strands and so she has many predatory abilities, like a female scorpion can excrete a pheromone to lure them to her. She can't use it right know since she can't get a handle on the dose and ends up killing them instead. Gender: Female Weight: 136Ibs Height: 5'9 Skin colour: Pale milky tan with a dusting of freckles on her body and a mole on her left shoulder. Clothing: She wears a latex red short dress with side cuts to make her activities easier to execute. She has black leather heeled, knee length boots that her armoured on the knee and thighs. She wears stocking too. with a holster which are black lace with matching underwear that is high thigh knickers. No bra. She has a black corset with armour in it too that also have places to put her many throwing daggers. She wears a belt to sheath her battle daggers also. She wears a few blank black, brown and white bracelets all over her arms and a black laced choker with a oval pendant on it. Body appearance: Slender with natural curves. On her top and bottom part more like it with small muscular tones. Hair colour: Dark brunette Hair style: Long volumes of curls with a mess sexy look. Personality: She is a cold calculating person, only because she need to feel she has no connection with the one she prays on to get her daily feed. But surely she is a strong willed person with a gentle nature. She just need to forget that side of her to get her feed, or she will die. She his quick minded to and easily adapts to many situations, thinking out the box. Equipment: Ten throwing knives, five on each side of her upper body located under her arms and two battle daggers sheathed in her loosely fitted belt. Main Ability: To suck a person dry of blood, since she needs it. She can do this both from her mouth (Fangs) and her left hand; Her left hand has pinprick sized teeth, made from her every own bone. It can not be retracted but it can not be seen either. These bones once they are placed on the skin of her target they open up, like a microscopic straw and suck out the blood but once it latches on, there is no release less Ivanna wants too or if you pull apart your skin and if there is any arteries then they will split open and bleed like a fountain. So if you do this then you have a chance to live, depending on artery damage or if she comes back for more. In her need of blood she can go into a Primal state since she has a hard time controlling it. Secondary Abilities: Venom that can daze or kill people, this is done by slits on her wrists opening and revealing stingers, if someone survives this, they have a constant burning effect long after.. Pheromones this can also daze people or weaken them and seduce people, this is used for mating or forcing them down so she can feed off of them. Regenerative/limb replacement works rather fast and due to her extended life she is practically can't die but anger her and unfortunately she heals at a much slower rate though if she goes into primal her regenerative power is even slower but strength, speed, flexibility is all on her side. Heightened senses/body functions is practically keen senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and even presence reading. This is the same for her speed, stamina, strength, flexibly and awareness. Though in primal status her awareness is low due to a frenzied state of mind. Chaos infused bones make her the embodiment of the five main elemental magics though can only use one at a time. ★ Omega Delta ★ Omega's Preferred Form The only things known about this organism is that is it predominantly female due to extensive use of female appearances and sexual organs. Though the other thing known about this organism is that it is a shapeshifter and so can alter its own DNA to desired conditions and specifications making it the perfect being but also the most unknown aside from others within the Multiverse. Within the Multiverse she, he or it is a extremely profitable being due to the many forms of disease, cancer, even death defying abilities as being a shapeshifter of it's detailed preformance it can make even the most smartest scientist want for it as think of the possibilities if they had the chance to study it... The current known appearance of this life form is this... It, or now she, is extremely pale with red eyes and appears Albino when in fact she or it, is not, it has just altered it's DNA to appear and seem like so. She stands at 6'2 foot and weights only eight stone, unusual for a human's weight naturally but I must stress that this life form is beyond human unless is takes that DNA strand. Due to appearance she looked about 21. This being acts as harmless though in certain situations it it can alter it's form to have extra limbs and defensive weapons from it's own tissue, spanning from fangs from a wolf to the tail of the most poisonous scorpion. Though surprisingly enough does not take on the defensive weapons as offensive means and a permanent stance. Such a curious life form... ★ Alan Faendal White ★ Scars, Piercings and/or Tattoos: Scarring on left side of his body, from neck line to the lower side of his rib cage. Tribal tattoos back from his original home, that being Africa, Namibia on the right side of his face all the way to his left shoulder. He has piercings on his right ear, steel tube cuffs and a stud with a chain dangling from it. Height: 6'7 footWeight: 155 IbsEyes: GoldenBody Type: Healthy and muscular Nickname(s): Fae, FaendalAge: 32Vampire Type: Homo Wampyrus ChiropteraSexuality: Bisexual Personality: Due to his origin, his appearance sets him apart from others in Las Vegas making quite for this and the fact that he hates crowds he stays away, in the dark somewhere, though he can be, warm, calm, nice. He only gives that to be he choices or that earn his trust. He is a hard person let alone a vampire to read, he is unpredictable, with his temper. He is quiet, or at least chooses to be considering his actions speaking more than speech itself. Though most vampires tend to say within their groups and look to the others in disgust he is one for breaking rules or not caring for them, often mixing with other vampire types from himself, perhaps to learn from them? Prey on them? Spy on them? No one knows except him. His unpredictability makes him dangerous apart from the fact that he is a vampire. He is one of the most dangerous in the vampire type Homo Wampyrus Chiroptera. Dislikes: Crowds, loudness, persistent people, super happy people, whiners.Likes: Books, Art, tattoos, piercing, pineapple juice. History:-------Part of a true event------Present in The South African Border War, commonly referred to as the Angolan Bush War in South Africa, was a conflict that took place from 1966 to 1989 largely in South-West Africa (now Namibia) and Angola between South Africa and its allied forces (mainly UNITA) on the one side and the Angolan government, South-West Africa People's Organisation (SWAPO), and their allies (mainly Cuba) on the other. It was closely intertwined with the Angolan Civil War and the Namibian War of Independence. He was a tribal warrior turned from one of his kind on the second day of this centuries old war. His origin Namibia where the border war started and he in his new state of life helped win the war, fighting for his home for years........then he appeared on the Las Vegas scene...he has a hard time talking about his long past and often has to be feed alcohol to actually open up about it.
  15. Character: Xilthanas Roleplays He Is In: Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor Human World Name: Damien Sumeragi Age: 22 Tamer Guild: Knights of Ophanimon, Leader; Leader of the White Dragon Guard Team Knight Designation: Virtue Crest: Courage Description/Characteristics: He is around 6'0", 325lbs, though most of that weight is because of his 3 cybernetic limbs, both legs and his left arm. He has pale skin, blonde hair, violet eyes, and normally wears loose black leather pants, black tank top, combat boots, leather gloves, and a seven pointed star around his neck. He also has his utility belt which has various gadgets, tools and small weapons, as well as his modify cards and digivice. He wears a large sword on him, named Exodus. Exodus is taller than he is by a foot, and so he wears it at an angle across his back. Now that he is a knight of Ophanimon, he also has a suit of white half-plate armor, with Ophanimon's crest embossed in gold across the chest, bestowed upon him during his knighting ceremony. Background History: Leader of the Knights of Ophanimon, Xilthanas enjoyed a much deserved sense of accomplishment and happiness, once things had quieted down compared to his younger years. He is also the leader of the White Dragon guard team, based out of Ganymede city on Server continent. An evil monster, known as Tanaquil, nearly changed all of that. Changed nearly everything he knew about the digital world, really. Xilthanas never knew if Tanaquil had ever been human, but the monster wore a human's shape and face like someone wears a new coat, so it mattered little. He had lost his physical body long before Xilthanas had first encountered him, but he somehow remained as an infectious evil soul, taking over the lives of innocent people and using their bodies as vehicles for his evil. But that was nothing compared to the thing he called his digimon, a horrible monstrosity that kept itself shrouded in shadows and illusions. During a mission to track down the card form of the Digi-egg of Creation, Xilthanas and his White Dragons stumbled upon Tanaquil, who had also been searching for the card. His team never knew what hit them, it was over so quickly. They tried to put up a resistance, but all they managed to do was give Xilthanas enough time to get away and try to complete the mission, though he was so badly injured, it is nothing short of a miracle he made it back to Ganymede. The screams and cries of his friends as they were slowly, painfully taken apart chased him all the way back to the gates, even though he knew that they were long dead. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a hospital in Ganymede, three of his limbs missing, with IVs running to each remnant and into his good arm. He only noticed Reina when he tried to lift his good hand and caused her to jump to wakefullness. After spending a few minutes hugging him and telling him how sorry she was, she explained to him what had happened while he was unconscious. The gate guards had found him, barely alive, his legs and arm maimed beyond recovery. After they stabilized him, they brought him to the hospital, where doctors had worked quickly to try and save him. They managed to keep him alive, but unless they did something to replace his missing limbs, he would likely remain in this bed...forever. Not willing to accept this fate, Xilthanas willingly agreed to an experimental procedure that would replace his missing limbs with digital world cybernetics. The only reason it was experimental though, was because it had never been tried on a tamer before. They had no idea what exactly would happen when they attached the cybernetics to his human body. He didn't care. Deep inside his heart, a burning hate and anger slowly began to grow from a small candle to a blazing inferno, a desire for vengence against the being that caused this. Tanaquil. He swore within his soul that he would hunt that monster down and destroy it, even if he died in the process. When the procedure was done, Xilthanas spent a few weeks getting used to his new legs and arm, testing to make sure they would stand up to what he needed to do. After recovering sufficiently to travel on his own, Xilthanas slipped from the hospital and stopped by his old flat in the city, opened a hidden compartment in the wall of his room, and grabbed the hidden stash of equipment that he had found during his previous missions. His outfitting done, Xilthanas made his way toward the gate, wanting to leave as quickly as he could, to hopefully prevent Tanaquil from heading to Ganymede. When he exited the city though, he came across a bearmon that was badly hurt, in almost the same way he had been, though the injuries weren't as severe as his had been. As Xilthanas looked down upon the frail digimon, his anger turned to self-less concern, stopping him in his tracks. The death of his partner still fresh in his mind, Xilthanas bent down and gently lifted the bearmon in his arms, then ran as fast as his new legs could carry him back to the hospital. Xilthanas spent the next few days staying with the bearmon, watching him heal and regain his strength, talking with him and telling him about his former friends and partner, letting the small digimon know that he had a friend and kindred spirit in Xilthanas. Once he had fully healed, Xilthanas and the bearmon walked side by side toward the city gate, originally intending to part ways. When they got there though, Xilthanas and the bearmon looked at one another, Xilthanas posing the question of, "do you want to be my partner?" When the bearmon nodded, Xilthanas asked if he had a name already. He wasn't suprised when the digimon shook his head, having already decided on a name as he asked the question. "Then I'll call you Stride." Digimon: Bearmon Name: Stride Roleplays He is In: Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor Type: Vaccine Planned Evolution: Bearmon-Grizzmon-Grapleomon-SabreLeomon Attacks: Bearmon-Bear fist, Bear roll; Grizzmon-Crescent Dawn, Volcanic Claw, Saintbeast Slash; Grapleomon-Cyclonic Kick, King of Fist, Lancing Blaze, Volcanic Strike; SabreLeomon-Twin Fang, Howling Crusher, Rending Plasma Defining attributes: Stride has a very chipper attitude, but he can be quick to anger, especially in defense of his friend and tamer Xilthanas. Instead of the normal baseball cap most of his species has, he has a black bandana with silver flames on his head, and his gloves and straps were made from black leather with silver studs. He also had a pair of combat boots, though the toes were sheared off so his claws were exposed. Background History: Like his tamer Xilthanas, Stride had wandered the digital world in search of an old nemesis, but instead found another friend to aid him in his quest. Their travels brought them back to the ruins of Ganymede, the city having been destroyed by Tanaquil a few years after he and Xilthanas had left. He found out during their long quest that the monster Xilthanas sought, and the one that had taken Stride's former tamer from him, were in fact one and the same. This only further cemented their bond as Tamer and Partner, and inspired Stride to dedicate himself to growing even stronger. To protect his new Tamer, his friends, and the whole of the digital world!
  16. Roleplay: First Day of Class Name: Alexis Barbara Fitzgerald Alias: Alexi, Alex, Fifi, Fitz Age: 17 Date of Birth: May 12, 1997 Place of Birth: Fort Collins, Colorado Appearance: Relationship: Single Sexuality: Straight Education: Currently in High School Work: Part-time cashier in a mall. Skills: • Oil Painting • Peace Making • Persuading Phobias: • Wasps • Dolls Vices: • Tends to be a bit of a grudge holder. • Has a sharp and witty tongue. • Slightly rebellious. Quirks: • Friendly and energetic. • Likes to make peace, even though she may create havoc herself. • Enjoys history. Morality: Alexis doesn't like revealing her morality, but she is a Christian.
  17. This is gonna be a list of all my characters. It'll be updated, most likely. For now, I'll post six characters. :) The Leijona Family Dodger Random Abigail Kitty Meemers Jett
  18. RP.RESUME RPs Joined ✿ WoD: Through the Ebon Gate ✿ Dungeon Master Online E1 Dungeon Master Online E2 : One ring to rule nothing at all Sorcerors Rodinia ✿ RP Month - Team Pantsu Parade Fixers Gangland Games Joined ✿ Murder Mystery ✿ Marvel vs DC Mafia Game ✿ Swarm Mystery ✿ Nations ✿ The Resistance ✿ Robot Battle Royale ✿ San Guo Sha ✿ The Resistance : Avalon Version Legend // ✿ : Completed
  19. The Druid "Mens sensus prudentia intellectus cogitatio." Name: John Roman Title: The Druid Race: Human* Age: 42* Sex: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 166lbs Hair: Brown, sleek Eyes: Brown, keen Description: Roman stands tall, and is handsome if gaunt, with slicked-back brown hair framing somewhat hawkish features. His keen brown eyes may evince the intense scrutiny that his prodigious intellect is capable of, but besides this his features are often studiously blank. He wears bespoke outfits for nearly every occasion, often favoring a grey wool herringbone three-piece suit and matching flat cap, with either walking stick or umbrella at hand. Known in some circles as a reserved, though eminently-polite, high-society gentleman, John Roman spends as little time as socially possible at the various parties and gentleman's clubs that his peers expect, preferring, it seems, to spend his time either in his expansive library or touring the world for weeks at a time. In much smaller circles it is known that Roman's library is full of occult tomes and items of which he is impressively knowledgeable, and that his frequent world tours are spent either procuring more, or alternately attending and hosting lectures on their origin and meaning. Known only to a very exclusive few, Roman is the current iteration of the druid - a magical being of unrivaled discipline and ability who uses both his innate skills and impressive collection of magical items in his battle to keep this world in balance with the other realms, both higher and lower. As the druid, Roman is gifted with a millennium of occult knowledge and power, passes down to him from every prior iteration, and as such is one of the more versatile and skillful mages on earth. Along with the collective knowledge of his forbears, the druid's mantle diminishes for Roman many human failings such as hunger, exhaustion, disease and aging, at the cost of human triumphs such as fraternity, compassion, love and progeneration. Seen In: The Kirpan Dagger Sample/Vignette: The rain had started just minutes before the two set out -- a poor omen for the night's task. The taller of the two, handsome if gaunt, wore a gray tweed overcoat, the collar upturned so that it overlapped the flat cap pulled low across his brow. In one gloved hand he carried a flashlight; in the other, a shovel. Beside him walked a shorter, wide-shouldered man wearing no coat, his white dress shirt sticking translucent to his skin with the rainfall. He handled a pick-axe and a satchel. The two walked in silence, their breath rising as heavy fog. The tall man's flashlight beam bounced up and down the gravel road ahead of them, then scaled up a locked gate as the two approached it. The gate was as wide as the road, after that it became a stone wall in each direction, sturdy enough to stop an automobile, and high enough to dissuade climbers. "You care about noise?" the wide-shouldered man asked, regarding the chain locked about the gate's bars. "I suppose not," the taller man replied. "The dead don't wake that easily." The coatless man nodded, dropping the empty satchel. He brought the pick-axe down with a powerful, two-handed overhead swing, striking the lock cleanly, popping the shackle from the body. Each man grabbed a wing and pushed, letting the chain slink along the bars before dropping to the gravel. The graveyard was small but not well-kept, as though the proprietors wished to forget their estate. No gravestone was free from ancient, clinging vines, and the two men had to cut each stone free to examine the name. Realizing the onerosity of their task, the taller man handed his flashlight to the other, advising that they split up. "Guess you can see in the dark too, uh?" the wide-shouldered man grumbled, rain falling freely from his bald head, down his dour features. His voice rumbled with the chesty congestion of a deep-set cold. The taller man shrugged, and went his own way. Nearly half of an hour passed, bringing the time around 2:30am, when the wide-shouldered man called out -- "John!" -- in a harsh, carrying whisper. "Roman! Found him!" The druid appeared beside the grave suddenly, silently, and the other man jerked involuntarily, surprised. Roman crouched easily, and peered at the gravestone's markings. "Well done, Henry. 'Mr. Bruce Archdeacon -- 1856-1892. Precious Lord take my hand.' A fine epitaph." "Settle for it on my own," Charles Henry agreed. The two men set to work, Henry's pick-axe breaking loose the soil, Roman's shovel taking deep bites from it.
  20. will be posting here once I think a character up >.>;;;
  21. Here will be a list of my characters as and when I make them. Wooosha! Name: Shuzo KeirunoAge: 14Appearance: Strong, optimistic and courageous. Shuzo can occasionally appear arrogant but this is merely confidence in his capabilities. Shuzo is quick to trust others as allies, however, has a habit of being tough on people through desire to strengthen them. His tactics lie purely within combat and his bravery can often send him unnecessarily into battle. Background: Shuzo's clan specialise in element-influenced Taijutsu. Whilst his clan members have various elemental affinities, they specialise in perfecting martial arts to work cohesively alongside their elemental ninjutsu. Shuzo was previously part of a 3-man Genin Squad and Jounin Leader. During a C-rank mission the situation took an unsuspecting turn which revealed that the mission was far more dangerous than expected, requiring the expertise of Special Jounin ninja. Shuzo's squad was ambushed by a team of ninja with far greater skill which lead to the death of his two Genin comrades as well as his Jounin Leader. Shuzo suffered critical injury and had managed to hide and survive for 2 days without being killed. He was eventually rescued when Konoha's ANBU ninja were sent to alleviate the situation. Now Shuzo is due to be assigned to a new squad and must learn to overcome his crippling guilt and fear of loss. Abilities: Shuzo is a Taijutsu specialist with above average physical attributes for his age. His prowess surpasses that of more experienced ninja. Shuzo uses Earth Element Ninjutsu as s supportive tactic to his Taijutsu, allowing him to take advantage of his sorroundings to aid him in combat as well as hinder his opponent. His Taijutsu is a reflection of his Earth Ninjutsu, and as such his blows hit incredibly hard and he strikes with purpose. Primary Strength: Bravery. Shuzo will never back down and pushes through his fears with little effort.Supporting Trait: Disciplined and focused. Fatal Flaw: Shuzo is relentless and does not fall to fatigue or weakness. He carries everything he can on his shoulders and is reluctant to ask for help, even when he needs it desperately. Shadow Trait: Shuzo is constantly overcompensating for his guilt over the death of his team. He subconsciously yearns for support but constantly pushes it away. In truth he is not responsible for the deaths of his comrades, and must come to accept their fate in order to move on with his current team. Roleplayed In: Konoha: Leaf Chronicles
  22. I never made use of this feature in the past, but its definitely a godsend. I'll be adding all my characters from any RP I make to this list, for future reference. Feel free to browse and if you have any questions about my characters, send me a private message rather than posting here please. ROLEPLAY: Blinded Faith (Angels/Demons Fantasy) Name: Gabriel Age: UnknownAppearance: His appearance is always that of his given body, rather than his own, however, in the process of merging the host's hair colour and eyes always change to that of an angel's (which is always white hair and bright amber eyes).Personality: Patient, calm and serene is something that comes to many angels, but it has always been difficult for Gabriel. While he is able to display these traits, for him, it is closer to a mask. He is more often than not, hot-headed and impatient when pushed. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and unlike most angels he has a profound connection to humanity which is only equalled by his loathing of demon-kind. He can be unforgiving and merciless, yet caring and protecting. History: Unknown (to be shared/unveiled during the story).Abilities: Gabriel carries a Godhand weapon forged into the shape of a large dagger that he can conceal on his person with ease. In addition to his demon-slaying weapon, he shares the same touch-based demon-banishing abilities as well as incredible strength and healing powers, like all angels.
  23. .Table. Of. Contents. {A collection of my characters, listed in order of creation.} [1] Nyandre Vartees
  24. Name: Jack "Muerte" Silvers Age: 86, looks 25 Appearance: http://farm5.static...._5ddaa0cdec.jpg Race: Vampire Personality: A simple minded person, Silvers mostly likes to enjoy the moment and have fun observing how the younger do their thing. His alignment in general is pretty neutral unless "fun" is involved. Bio: To tell the story of Silvers, is to go back long time ago. His real name was Jack, and his story before being embraced wasn't too interesting for whoever that expected a great quest for immortality. He growed to be a very troublesome kid with no particular expectations for his future, not from himself no others, even his family given up on him and didn't even mind when he decided to enlist for World War II. On the lines he found his utility, just executing, not thinking, like a dead man, a dangerous dead man that dared to do what any other soldier didn't dare, what did he have to lose anyways? What was waiting for him back at home anyways? Silvers just executed and showed a skill that impressed a man that would change his life forever. Coming back from Japan on the 45, after the submission of the Japanese, Jack was contacted by an old man that claimed to have meet him in Sicily during one of the operations. His name was also Jack, was a british soldier that saw his performance on the operation and made him an offer, immortality; Silvers laughed it off, but the gentleman seemed serious, his only reply was something Jack would always remember... "I saw how you fight and its a pity, no man should keep living so lost... and if war couldn't kill you, i'll give you extra time to find something worth to do so..." And so, Jack got embraced that same night, on a curse that could be the only cure for his own curse. From that day forward, Jack was Silvers's mentor, he taught him what he was, his abilities, responsibility, rules, phylosophy... everything that the old man saw through his immortal eyes was transferred to the newborn's psyche, giving him a new perspective of life; and once his menthor was satisfied, he left. Nowadays, Silvers forms part of a gang of bikers as their leader and his job as it was once his mentor's, is to help people find their path in this journey called life. Abilities: Heal Factor - His vampiric condition allows him to constantly regenerate as long as he is properly fed with blood, granting him a partial immortality and eternal youth. Enhanced Physical - Vampires are physically stronger and faster than humans and also possess an unlimited amount of stamina, considering they dont really need to breath nor get tired. Feeling the blood - An advanced vampire technique, it allows the night creature to smell the blood and determine how many people there are, what they are and where they are. The limit of this technique is a ratio of 29 feet and only works if the vampire actively focus on it. Blood Boil - Another advanced technique of the night walkers. Allows to use a large amount of blood to buff a physical aspect for one hour, reaching unbelievable peeks. If on speed, the movements of the vampire are almost unseen and running looks almost like teleportation, if on strenght, the vampire will be able to even lift cars and throw them on ease, and if on resistance, the vampire's skin will turn into an almost impenetrable shield, making it hard to harm the creature even with bullets of low caliber. After this technique, the vampire needs to find blood with urgency or else could fall on blood frenzy or eternal sleep for lack of blood. Weaknesses - Vampires, though they do have plenty of strenghts they also got a fair amount of weaknesses or ways to kill them. Lack of blood and stakes piercing their heart gets them on a state of eternal sleep, unless they get intervention from the outside. Head removal leads to their automatic death and also the exposure to sunlight or incineration.
  25. Name: Core Age: Unknown (looks like a young man) Appearance Race: Titan Child Sex: Male Height: 5ft,10in Eyes: One pupil’s white the other black. Wears sunglasses black Hair: Short crop, grey like ash. Upper Body: Average frame and muscular. Wears a black jean coat with a white shirt underneath the coat. Lower Body: Black jeans with a black belt and black Reebok tennis shoes. Personality Passionate, Smart, Honest, Loving, Lonely and Fragile emotions Bio: Born when the earth had it’s first Global disaster of elements and matter. Likes Micheal Jackson and after his death asked Zeus to put him amongst the stars. Weapons Pistols that fire from his own energy. An instrument of music, changes to a different one each evoking nature it that plays songs of the earth. A rusted sword that awakens as a sunray sharp and hot to cut through steel. Instruments of earth Changing forms of instrument: Flute: Changes the wind speed to blow incoming objects off course. (Light objects easily. Heavy objects needs more concentration). Base: Each stroke of the base causes the earth to erupt under his opponent, he also can use this to find hiding people and traps that are under or on the ground. Trumpet: Summons storms the more played the more violent. Mint tornados appear from a larger tornado after this post. Harp: Summons spirits to aid in his protection depends on terrain, if the area has good soil the spirits defend Core if the soil is harsh and brings no life the spirits are hostile block and attack opponents. Fiddle: Helps grow grass to ensnare opponents feet in a trap. Causes trees to grow to block an oncoming attack. Saxophone: Controls the sound around Core will cause objects to bounce off and fly in a different direction. Sound will bounce and trigger air traps Dog Whistle: Summons Dogs of all kinds to attack, They don’t die they disappear when heavily damaged. Duck Call: Summons Birds of all kinds to attack, they disappear after being heavily damaged. Maracas: Summons insects of all kinds to attack, they disappear after being heavily damaged. Skills Uses the temperature around him and others can change it to suit his liking not enough to kill, but enough to change the weather. This will cause his sword to be hotter, or make his guns fire more easily. Gun Change: Switches to crossbow for the opponent who uses non firearms. Bullet Drive: Can increase or decrease the speed of the bullet or if he is using the bow the same. Explode: When a bullet it hits an object they explode after a post if an arrow strikes an opponent it will explode after a post. Steel Core: Uses the base to secrete a steel type skin and reinforced bone marrow and density.That last 5 post can only be used once per battle. Hail storm: Trumpet summons a rain storm Core changes the temperature to cause hail to fall instead of rain, the longer played the larger the hail. Volume: Increases the sound of his instruments, only when wounded. Shadow play: Core’s shadow appears and helps out, he too can play any instrument. Title: Knight Neko Princess Falls Name: Daniel (Dany) Baratheon Age: 19 Race: Neko Height: 5'6 Weight: 96 lbs. With armor, 104 lbs Personality: Gallant Daring Noble Ignorant Stubborn Honest eager to prove herself Weapons: a rather large bow made of heavy wood Dany can use easily, two large roses made out of crystals. She uses them for melee fighting. Element: Holy Bonuses: agility, strength, speed, reflexes skills: Bonquet- a small orb of light appears in her hands, forming into a pure white rose. She can summon as many as she wants, the max she can summon at once is 25. Arrow summons- a long strand of light appears in her hand, taking the shape of a long rose. Can summon 4 at a time and focus and maintain the holy magic in her roses, giving each one more destructive power depending on how long she focuses it. Can fi9re each round in rapid succession. The roses are made of holy magic , she can control their movement to an extent of making them fly through the air and the ones closer to him, form into anything she desires. The petals are sharp enough to slice through skin like butter and explode in a flash of light to blind her opponents. She can manipulate holy magic through her body, strong enough to form a protective barrier around her skin. Requires intense concentration to maintain it, leaving her mentally exhausted. Finalty- releases an immense amount of petals to fly in sonic speeds, large enough to equal a tornado.