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  1. Apocalyptic Eutopia

    Apocalyptic Zombie Scene: The virus started like any other one you would see in the movies. It was February 2nd, 2016 and a day like no other shitty winter day. The new started to broadcast a nation wide alert, warning people to stay indoors and not to venture out to investigate why tornado sirens were going off and the small shake of bombs moving pictures on the shelves. Of course no dumb ass American will listen to the news because why? We are hard headed Americans that's why. The infection itself as developed by Nelson Trount, an egotistical maniac who listened to no one and wanted to create a war weapon against Germany because he was insane and wanted to begin war just to watch the whole world suffer. Of course he was the first person to be consumed by the virus when one of his lab technicians, Samual Lane- bless his soul for kill Nelson but damn him for killing the world, was showing it to Nelson and found the leg of a table in his way and the virus in his hand on Nelson's face, which turned into Nelson consuming Sameal's face in return. Now, the virus spread by bite first, then the blood in the sewers contaminated most water supplies and finally spread around the world. And from here you can probably guess what happened and how the world turned into a giant shit hole just like the movies. God, why do people not educate themselves with the film industry? "Hey Z! Which way we heading?" Spark radioed from the gas tanker driving behind me. "Yeah, Spark honestly needs to piss." Blaze spoke right after him from the same tanker but from the passenger seat. "Me and Ellie and absolutely craving a shower." Taliea's radio, still static filled entered the channel from the armory truck. "Baby, never say that word again.." Malik laughed his deep barrel laugh, filling my truck with a light vibration from the ambulance and medical truck. "Guys, We are heading west like we have been for two days. The next large city is only 37 miles out and we should hit it by high noon. We can find a hotel and get everything figured out there. and Blaze, quit with your twin mind shit, I do not need to know these things." I called back to the convoy filed behind me as I drove the lead truck towards the city of Lily, Indiana- a small town in the middle of the woods but big enough for all of us and small enough for only 20-30 zombie freaks. My convoy consists of the Twins, tow boys around the age of 19 or so that share some weird brain waves and drive the large tanker that holds the gas we use to fuel the trucks. Their unique names come from where we found them, lighting zombies on fire and watching the burn up. Blaze would douse them in gas and Spark would light the lighter to set them on fire. Taliea is 22 and is our lead weapons expert due to her military background and her love of shooting things. Ellie is a little girl we picked up a while ago in a warehouse filed with electronics an such which she found a way to connect to make a security system. She is brilliant for only being 12 years of age. Malik is our lead man in medical care and such due to him being one of those amazingly attractive black nurses you dream of having if you ever have to be admitted into a hospital, he's around 29 years old. I am the leader of this nice rag tag group due to me being someone who has seen the most horror movies and the one who got every single one of these bastards out of a shit storm of zombies or saved their life in some other way. I am Zoey Redbird, but most of the team just calls me Z for short. I am an expert with a sniper and throwing knives. This is my crew, and they are idiots but I love them I think, and we have been surviving this place for over 2 years together. Let's hope we can survive many more until this fucking world decides to get it's shit together. ( I am giving you free range to create a character of you liking and we can talk about how we can fit him or her into our roleplay. This can be romantic and sexual if preferred due to me liking both men and women. Once you have read everything and you have figured out your character you can share it with me and we can get the roleplay going. All I ask is that you are somewhat literate in english and can provide some type of detail to the posts we have. I am not expecting a novel nor a paragraph but I would like something more than just one word or something like that. If interested please let me know so I can get your info and give you time to develop! I also have reference photos as well. )
  2. Apocalyptic Utopia

    Apocalyptic Zombie Scene: The virus started like any other one you would see in the movies. It was February 2nd, 2016 and a day like no other shitty winter day. The new started to broadcast a nation wide alert, warning people to stay indoors and not to venture out to investigate why tornado sirens were going off and the small shake of bombs moving pictures on the shelves. Of course no dumb ass American will listen to the news because why? We are hard headed Americans that's why. The infection itself as developed by Nelson Trount, an egotistical maniac who listened to no one and wanted to create a war weapon against Germany because he was insane and wanted to begin war just to watch the whole world suffer. Of course he was the first person to be consumed by the virus when one of his lab technicians, Samual Lane- bless his soul for kill Nelson but damn him for killing the world, was showing it to Nelson and found the leg of a table in his way and the virus in his hand on Nelson's face, which turned into Nelson consuming Sameal's face in return. Now, the virus spread by bite first, then the blood in the sewers contaminated most water supplies and finally spread around the world. And from here you can probably guess what happened and how the world turned into a giant shit hole just like the movies. God, why do people not educate themselves with the film industry? "Hey Z! Which way we heading?" Spark radioed from the gas tanker driving behind me. "Yeah, Spark honestly needs to piss." Blaze spoke right after him from the same tanker but from the passenger seat. "Me and Ellie and absolutely craving a shower." Taliea's radio, still static filled entered the channel from the armory truck. "Baby, never say that word again.." Malik laughed his deep barrel laugh, filling my truck with a light vibration from the ambulance and medical truck. "Guys, We are heading west like we have been for two days. The next large city is only 37 miles out and we should hit it by high noon. We can find a hotel and get everything figured out there. and Blaze, quit with your twin mind shit, I do not need to know these things." I called back to the convoy filed behind me as I drove the lead truck towards the city of Lily, Indiana- a small town in the middle of the woods but big enough for all of us and small enough for only 20-30 zombie freaks. My convoy consists of the Twins, tow boys around the age of 19 or so that share some weird brain waves and drive the large tanker that holds the gas we use to fuel the trucks. Their unique names come from where we found them, lighting zombies on fire and watching the burn up. Blaze would douse them in gas and Spark would light the lighter to set them on fire. Taliea is 22 and is our lead weapons expert due to her military background and her love of shooting things. Ellie is a little girl we picked up a while ago in a warehouse filed with electronics an such which she found a way to connect to make a security system. She is brilliant for only being 12 years of age. Malik is our lead man in medical care and such due to him being one of those amazingly attractive black nurses you dream of having if you ever have to be admitted into a hospital, he's around 29 years old. I am the leader of this nice rag tag group due to me being someone who has seen the most horror movies and the one who got every single one of these bastards out of a shit storm of zombies or saved their life in some other way. I am Zoey Redbird, but most of the team just calls me Z for short. I am an expert with a sniper and throwing knives. This is my crew, and they are idiots but I love them I think, and we have been surviving this place for over 2 years together. Let's hope we can survive many more until this fucking world decides to get it's shit together. ( I am giving you free range to create a character of you liking and we can talk about how we can fit him or her into our roleplay. This can be romantic and sexual if preferred due to me liking both men and women. Once you have read everything and you have figured out your character you can share it with me and we can get the roleplay going. All I ask is that you are somewhat literate in english and can provide some type of detail to the posts we have. I am not expecting a novel nor a paragraph but I would like something more than just one word or something like that. If interested please let me know so I can get your info and give you time to develop! I also have reference photos as well. )
  3. Roleplay Partners!

    Hello fellow RP's! I have a roleplay that have been working on for quite a while and I am now looking for a group of individuals who would like to join me i this amazing RP. It is a RP which involves 8 characters and therefore 6-8 people who would need to roleplay along with me. I am trying to involve as many people as I can due to knowing that many people have an extensive imagination and the ability to create an amazing roleplay within a Topic. I would be glad to have each person interested to message me letting me know the basics (gender they prefer playing, age, and other such things) so i can try and find the right pre-picked characters for you to play for this RP. I will share the roleplay and the characters with each of you who are sincerely interested in Rp'ing with me and others. I also have a request that one you get a character that you use the image I provide for you as a signature so each person knows who you are and things like that. I have not quite figured out this cite yet, and i am blushing with embarrassment, so I would love if someone could help me figure out the signature details. So, I am excited to see who is interested in this and to see what we can make out of it!
  4. The Midnight Court 5:45am The first signs of morning began to creep steadily past the broken window shutters of the hobble home. Marite Magdelinna Lanza lay asleep in her self-made bed of tattered sheets and hay. Her mind drifted through beautiful dreams of flowers and meadows, rivers and valleys. In her mind the sun was setting. Her eyes gazed down; she could almost feel the blades of grass on her feet as she slowly walked. Her hands outstretched on both her sides gently caressing the high blooming flowers all around her. Her vision came up and she glanced at the mysterious and vast meadow she found herself in. The image wasn't crystal clear like in reality. In her dream world it was almost as if she were moving through a painting. Soft lines and blurred colors danced all around her. Her attention moved farther up to the sky as the sun set and the giant other worldly moon took its place. The flowers seemed to melt away into the ground and she was left staring up at the night sky yet surrounded below in darkness. There was a muffled noise from behind her. She didn't understand why, but her mind quickly flooded with fear. It was impossible for her to will her sight to glance behind. The muffled noises grew louder, and more concerning, nearer. As she stood trembling the noises stopped. Mia began to relax until a voice quietly whispered into her ear. "You don't deserve these pretty things, you deserve nothing..." Mia turned around to see her mother standing inches from her and without another word she simply disappeared into fog, drifting up into the night sky. Suddenly she felt a strange sticky sensation on her feet. How had she not noticed this before? Mia looked down to horrifically find her feet and all the area around her drenched in blood. As she began to panic and walk backwards now her white dress was stained red, as well as her hands. She stumbled back and fell down. Her body sank slowly deeper and deeper into the blood soaked ground. Try as she might she could not escape until finally she took her last gasps of air as her face was submerged into the dark red liquid. 6:10am Mia awoke on her sheets slightly damp with sweat. It took her a few moments to get her breathing under control, but once she had she was able to take in the beautiful morning around her. She could hear baby birds chirping outside her window and the smell of fresh baked bread was just starting to waft in from the bakery attached to her home. She stood up quickly with a sigh of relief and examined herself and her 'bed', this would not do. A smile graced her face as Mia walked over to the window on her left. She cast open the shutters and dim morning light flooded into the room. The home was small, just this single room, but that was all Mia needed. She had moved into here recently after the death of her mother three months prior. She was experiencing a new sense of freedom now without her mother's rules to abide by, but also a lot more self reliance. The move had been quite easy for her, her previous home wasn't much bigger than the new room, but it had been a proper home with a small kitchen and fireplace. This new home was a small room attached to the back end of the local bakery. She managed to acquire the room rent free as long as she handled simple morning chores at the bakery such as bringing water from market and sweeping before bed. She even received stale bread for dinner after the bakery closed at night. The arrangement often seemed too good to be true. Mia had her suspicions that the Baker's wife had other reasons for keeping her around. Specifically, possibly, for her son Fernando. He was in his mid twenties and unwed. The man had a very pigish face, large protruding ears, sizable nose, and a double chin from clearly too much bread. The Baker family had been unsuccessful in acquiring any sort of marriage proposal that was advantageous for their status and his mother simply gave up trying to find one. The Baker's wife had set her sights to the future, it didn't matter the status, she simply needed to find her son a beautiful wife to produce beautiful grandchildren, whom then could make a better marriage. Mia fit the bill. Mia stood in front of the window for awhile admiring the new sun. The warm beams made her copper hair glow with fiery gold hues. Her moon-like grey eyes glistened as she viewed the new day with the wonder and excitement you might see in a child's eyes. Her eyes closed as she took a deep breath of morning air before turning back around and hurriedly fixing up the place. She tidying some of her few belongings on a rocking chair in the corner and then set out some fresh clothes to wear. She looked back at the window making sure there weren't any on gazers before she let her sleeping dress fall from her shoulders to the ground. Her ivory skin was revealed to the daylight as Mia took a few moments stretching her arms up above her head. She got out an elegant cat like stretch before adorning her lower half with a white frilly, trouser-like garment that came to her knees. Next she threw a large white long sleeves chemise over her top frame. After that came a brown sleeveless dress and finally she loosely secured a dark brown corset with off white flowers around her waist. Mia ran a brush through her long hair quickly before turning abruptly to leave. Just as her hand touched the door knob it swung open all on its own. Staring back at her from across the entry way that lead to the bakery was her lovely landlady, the baker's wife. The short rotund woman looked Mia up and down sternly. Mia gave a sheepish apologetic smile and tried to get a word in, but before she could say anything the baker's wife had put up her hand to silence her. "Mia, my girl, this just will not do." The woman walked around to her back. "tsk tsk tsk. not at all" Mia attempted to turn and face her but the woman shoved her forward into the wall. "Put up your hands." "What?..but.." "You can not go out there in front of my Fernando without this blasted corset drawn properly..." Mia obediently put her hands up on the wall next to the door as the Baker's wife began to re-cinch her corset. As she tightened the garment Mia felt her lungs compress as some air was forced out of her. Her already small waist was made even tinier and her beautifully formed breasts were forced up creating an enticing amount of cleavage. When she was done Mia stood back up properly and turned around for the woman to see. She definitely looked better, her figure very alluring and sensual. The woman nodded at her handiwork. "Much better." her tone was very matter of fact. Mia quietly questioned, "May I go collect the water from market now?" The baker's wife looked up with a small frown as if Mia had rudely interrupted her thinking. She shook her hand shooing her out of the room. "Yes yes silly girl, but make sure you say good morning to my son on your way out." Mia was polite and simply curtsied and nodded. "Of course ma'am" She then quickly turned and dashed out of the room. Mia smiled as she greeted customers in the bakery. A couple people offered her a good morning which she delightfully replied back. She was finally through the shop and at the front door when she saw Fernando standing by the water pails. His eyes were irritated and glazed over; his demeanor could be best described as grumpy. Mia looked him up and down as he was unaware of her presence. It wasn't that she was only un-attracted to him, physical looks were something she could easily get past, but Fernando was also simply dull. She couldn't see a future with him at all. Mia took a little breath in, or at least as much as her corset would allow, and proceeded over. "Good morning Fernando! Isn't it a beautiful day?" Mia's lips curled into a beautiful smile as she approached him elegantly, her hands clasped together in front of her. Fernando scoffed at first, but then he glanced over at her and his eyebrows rose. "The day is bleak, it's much too early to be out of bed...mother insisted though. You are looking quite nice." He stood up a little straighter as if he could look impressive somehow. Mia ignored his comment about the morning and simply continued polite as ever, "I was just about to head out to market and fetch some water." Her eyes darted down to the buckets at his feet and back up as if she were asking for his assistance. At first Fernando appeared to look confused, but as the idea dawned on him, he quickly snatched up the buckets and handed them to her. "Oh. Yes. That... of course." He grumbled. Then as she reached to take them from him he continued, "I could accompany you to the market if you wish." A cheesy grin spread across his face not hiding at all how clever he thought himself. This was not something Mia wanted to deal with this morning so she took the buckets and began to walk backwards. As she walked she hurriedly came up with excuses. " Fernando... I would not dream of troubling you with this. You look exhausted still, get some more rest instead. I will be back in a little while." Mia hurried away down the cobblestone road before Fernando could argue. Instead he simply shrugged his shoulders and headed back inside the bakery. "I should get some more sleep," He mumbled to himself. 8:00am Mia had returned from market with her water pails full. She had happily delivered them to the Baker before running off to her other job across town. When she had begun to understand the baker's wife's intentions she had immediately looked for another job. If she could muster up enough money to pay her landlord's rent, then she wouldn't feel as bad turning down Fernando's proposal. She now stood outside her second job. Carved into the front door of the large home was the name Strozzi. Mia stood outside and looked over the facade of the estate. It was massive to her, the gorgeous architecture was breathtaking. She took a step towards the main door but stopped when she heard someone call her to the right. Mia turned to see a woman poking out of a side door to the estate. "Girl are you crazy? The help does not walk in through the front door! Come here!" Mia looked back at the front entry way and then quickly walked over to the side where the other woman stood. The woman moved so the Mia could walk inside and as she did the door was gently closed behind her. "What is your name child?" " Marite Magdelinna'am..." She gave a little bow, but the woman didn't wait before speaking. "Ah, yes yes. This way, we needed new staff to deal with the sick girl." "Sick?" Mia questioned. "Yes, sick. Miss Aurelia Strozzi has grown quite ill. Poor thing. The Condottiero didn't want to risk any of his trusted staff getting sick so we will be needing your assistance until she passes." This news didn't make Mia feel very well at all. Only a couple months ago she had watched her own mother go through the same thing. At least she knew what to expect. They walked through the tiny hallways and up a couple flights of stairs. Then they passed through doors which lead into a much wider and grand hallway. The woman closed the door behind Mia. Mia now understood that the confined web of hallways and stairs that they had been walking in previously were the servant's chambers. This area must be the actual estate. As they walked down to the far room Mia was entranced by the suits of armor and wonderful paintings that adorned the wall. "This is Miss Aurelia's room." The woman shoved some fresh sheets she had been carrying into Mia's arms. "Change her bed, empty her chamber pot, fix it up nice, and keep the sweet thing company. If you need me I'll be back down in the hidden areas." Mia nodded and squeaked out a meek, "alright" before she was left by herself. She then entered the room. The overall feeling in the air was just depressing. Aurelia lay in bed with the sheets pulled up high. Her skin was tinted a bit green and her lips looked icy. The girls jet black hair was strewn all about untidy and beads of sweat trailed down her forehead. Mia noted how similar she looked to her mother. It wouldn't be long now, only a matter of days. There were two other people in the room, but Mia thought it best to immediately tend to her duties. She placed the clean sheets down and began to clean the room. One was a man, probably in his late forties. Despite his age he appeared to be very strong, tall, and fit. His grey hair only made him appear more respectable. His features were dark and sharp. He glanced over at Mia, but then continued his conversation as if she didn't exist. "As you can see the situation is quite unfortunate." His voice boomed out to the woman who stood by Aurelia's bed. Mia noted her immaculate beauty. She had raven black hair that matched the sick girl beneath her, but her's was pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a gown made of swan's feathers atop her golden skin. Her eyes stared down at her sister drowning in sadness. "Have you contacted the doctor I told you of... the Sicilian?" She questioned and looked back at her father. "Yes, but he won't be able to get here in time. She will be gone by the end of the week." His reply was cold, almost irritated. The woman reached her hand out a few inches from Aurelia's face. "NO!" The Condottiero's voice commanded and the woman retracted her hand quickly looking back at him. "It's already a tragedy that I won't be able to set up a proper suitor for your sister at the Masquerade the Medici's are hosting tonight. I don't need you getting sick as well. You've already proven to be barren to your husband, so many disappointments Octavia." She didn't seem mad or upset by his words, instead she coolly replied, "Perhaps he is the one who is sterile. I haven't heard of any whispers about his whores producing a child." This brought a smile to her father's face. "Yes, well, I assume you would have that taken care of even if you had heard a rumor." Octavia returned the smile. "Father, you presume too much." Octavia then sauntered over to a gorgeous silver gown that was hanging by the dresser. Mia looked up and momentarily stopped cleaning. The Condottiero spoke once again before Octavia had a chance to touch the gown. "Your sister tried it it's most likely infected. Such a shame, it cost me a small fortune." His cold eyes then looked to Mia. "Girl, take this gown to the garbage heap. Have it burned." Mia looked shocked as if he had just asked her to jump out the window. The Condottiero's face looked even more unpleasant than before now. "Can you hear me or are you daft? I said take the gown and leave!" "Yes sir, of course!" Mia replied and grabbed the gown before quickly retreating from of the room.
  5. The nights in Anna Mizo are stiflingly hot and its affects are strange on the people here. Babes are restless. The maids spill the milk. The husbands eyes wanders. The wives remain in bed, motionless. Some walk aimless around the small island, bumping into one another in dark, and sudden splashes of crimson permeate the air. Something sounds upon the ground. The birds scream in the trees and the ocean remains quiet. "I have given up on this pathetic human experience," someone calls from the midst of dark, and the birds do not scream, but they weep. The clouds are a blushing gray and ash falls from them — the winds, yes, the winds, lift the dew from grass. They drop blood into the sea. It is a clean, empty process, of earth cleaning its children, sweeping them into disuse. Orchids grow from them—spilled ichor, red earth—and spread pollen. The air is always thick and heavy with ocean and cedar musk and vanilla. The wind quietens and the neighbors crumble into hysterics, the walls are bathe in their blood. There are quick successions of suicide rates. The sounds of miniature thunder sounds — and then, the rains come. They come in heavy sounds. I digress: the winds pick up and the rains are swept like music — the husbands, they roam the island with cocks hard with temptation and the maids creamy buttocks are lifted towards their eyes. The wives say nothing and the babies scream with the birds. It seems it is all is inevitable. While they are filled to the brim in abject loneliness and celebrated angst, I become lost in the rushing scenery, of verdant trees washed white from moonlight. Here, in the low dark, in the summer monsoon, there are minutes where a nomad seduces, the linger of finger in the inside shelter of thighs, a savage grunt of satisfaction, there are hours where a man becomes a beast, where soft flesh like cream parts for the red sea of blood, and his prey slumps into a slumber less sweet than their fucking. It has been three years, since a woman, mauled, half-naked, her spine white and gleaming in moonlight, had been found. Who you are is important enough. A detective from the states, transferred to the island hidden in the fog of the Atlantic, to escape the horror of your last case. Whatever haunts you will not find reprieve in this quiet, sea-burdened community; you'll find there are plenty of washed bones of disquieted ghosts. Genre: Mature, Adult, Horror, Preternatural, Realistic, Dark, and Freeform. Other: Any gender requested. Your character: I have no present silhouette of how I expect your character to behave or appear, but they are creative, witty, and erotic. There are many variations available in the plot. I have constructed it without tight confines for the reason I wish for you to have equal input. Though, there are a few givens: the first, there is supernatural element to my character; they are much different from those around. This holds dark overtones as the interaction is physical and extensive. I expect there to be perverse comments, biting commentary, and incongruous collaborations between them. Specifics: Plotwise, set in Anna Mizo, an imaginary island who's flowers, referred to as Blood Orchids, often cause residents to hallucinate. They appear as lillies with soft round ends. You, being new to the island, are suspectible to its effects. Our characters cross paths for the first time, at the edge of the forest. There is something settling about my character to your human senses - a secret, a curse, you will have an unfortunate experience with. Skeleton: (should include the following in detail) Name ☾ Age ☾ Bio ☾Quirks ☾[1 ]Photograph ☾Opening Post ☾Theme Song
  6. gethsemane

    Humans have reached their modernity. Among the billions, some dare to live upon the thesis no superior power exists; your prophets, your patrons, your prayers are all rallied in indignation that you are much too blind to see. The earth is ready to expunge your filth, it’s womb has been gifted and encapsulated enough blackened corpses. Time is coming to close. It beats in the tensile silence of routine, in the rapid building of civilization and its quicker end. For millennium sleep has escaped and I have watched, the comings and goings of souls evaporated to the spectrum drop. Some return to the suffering time and time again, in a perpetual loop unable to atone for transgressions. Your kind believes in forgiveness and divine favor, in the intervention of a holy messiah to deliver you into new Eden, even as you scrounge lives in hypocrisy. But no more. The entire atmosphere is humming. Avatars are awakening and committing acts entrusted by the often twisted Harvesters that seduce them. It is almost inspiring, the complete ruin they have reckless ventured inside, the sheer ecstasy that consumes them in raging bursts of violet and violence. They are each a creation made desiccated in separation and disgustingly wonderful amalgamated. Soon this hum will be a cacophony of drums and sirens. Angels will not descend from heaven agoras to preserve the flawed art that is your world, and demons--even for as envious and wanton as made—will not claw for your husks. They are weeping for their own existence, they are foolish in their naïve hope that will be spared this annihilation. If you listen close, stop the petty squabble over technology warfare and hushed the echo of fire, you can hear the thrum, can feel me at the edge of the veil, filled with hunger and all the desire that has been denied of me. I have watched for millennium, always waiting in some semblance of patience for you to hurry along in your ignorance closer to my reach. Finally you have come and finally you will be undone.​ “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind†Revelations 6.13​ ​ The details: Apocalypse is now –or rather perched on the edge of becoming reality. Famine is slowly unwinding his influence. The Horsemen have felt the tug of duty to play their part in the final interim—we, however, are only concerned with one. Death, the first glimpsed and the last to deliver. And you, my sweet darling, are a mere human. Oblivious to the melody of destruction strung, until you are touched by his presence. There you will become his vessel, his weapon, his ambrosia, a harbinger to the world you once loved. Specifics: Plotwise, set in Israel in an imaginary city called Yedin-Kaseil–famed for baring a cobble-square said to be stained with blood of the Messiah. Here residents are currently at religious war with two other sects: Christianity and Druzeist. You don’t need to know anything at all about religion, biblical text, or be from the region, but supply a detailed account of how your character arrived here. Skeleton: (should include the following in detail)Name ☾ Age ☾ Bio ☾Quirks ☾Physical Description ☾ [1]Photograph/[1]Realistic Digital Art ☾Opening Post ☾Theme Song
  7. Amoria

    Survivors of the initial Undead onslaught had quickly learned that even though the battle was over, the war would never end. The Undead, while no longer actively hunting, capturing and killing any of the living, would always be a clear and present danger. Surviving under these conditions was a skill only few possessed and in order to ensure that the weak would not fall prey to the trappings of complacency they had vocalized several rules in order to increase chances of survival. One of these very simple rules was to never spend the night outdoors. While it seemed basic enough, it was oftentimes easier said than done. Especially for a group of five travellers who had set out on a suicidal quest because of someone’s insane idea that a children’s bedtime story held the answer that would save humanity. After a day of travelling the countryside the sun had begun to set, a mundane event that had become a omen that ushered the rise of the Undead and the hours of peril. Staying out in the open was rarely a wise decision, considering that the vast majority of the Undead forces were nocturnal and would start roaming the lands in less than an hour. The large open space would provide little cover and serve is an awful surrounding for those wishing to avoid contact with the Undead. Lucky for them Alastair knew exactly where they were and how to solve their predicament. Alastair MacCallum was a Homunculus who through his years of operating for the Alabaster army had gotten used to taking the jobs no one else wanted or wished upon anyone. Likewise, he served as the scout for this particular group of travellers, walking ahead by himself in order to ensure that they did not stumble upon an insurmountable threat and lose their lives this early. Like many of his missions, Alastair’s job was to die so everyone else could survive if worst came to worst. Of course, most threats were dormant during their travels, meaning that monsters or Undead lacking a weakness to sunlight were the only real threats. After deciding on what he deemed to be the group’s best course of action, he ceased walking ahead and sat under a tree for ten minutes as he waited for the group to drag their feet and rejoin him. They were a truly eclectic band of travellers. A pair of magically potent sisters, a noble knight from a neighbouring kingdom and a nomadic warrior who cared little for anything other than his prowess as a martial artist. The sisters were easy on the eyes, but were also a bit odd. At times he wondered whether it was a good idea to travel along a necromancer and what he could only describe as a demonologist. Conceding that beggars can’t be choosers and the amount of volunteers lining up to go on a futile suicide mission had sadly run dry he chose to lay his worries to rest and focus on the journey to come. If the sisters made him feel uneasy, one could say that he straight up abhorred being in the company of Jun and Alicia. If it weren’t for the situation forcing them together he would have preferred to avoid the presence of knights, even those of a different kingdom, or the seemingly apathetic nomad. “There is a town not far from here,†Alastair said, pointing at the stone walls encircling and obscuring the aforementioned town. “It is less than ideal, but it is either that or we set camp on the field.†The group followed the uncertain Alastair hesitantly; they all knew the risks of staying the night in a large town, but the fact that it was at least marginally better than remaining out in the open meant that no one objected. Balmorra Burgh was a fortified town close to the border of Portland and Alabaster. During his days in the army Alastair had frequently stopped at the Burgh, usually whenever he was sent on an excursion to Portland. While he had never regarded the Burgh with anything more than indifference he was saddened by the sight of the stone walls covered in overgrown moss, broken down buildings stripped of their former lustre and desolate streets where once the marketplace was crowded to the point of frustrating Alastair. In times such as these few enemies were as likely to kill a man as sentimentality, and Alastair was well aware of that fact. Wasting time lamenting the times that once were was a habit any survivor of the Undead onslaught had to kill as fast as possible. After stepping into the Burgh, Alastair noticed several buildings that could serve as suitable shelter. “We shouldn’t head to deep into town,†he said, worried that the fortified town would serve as a coffin for the group if they locked themselves too far inside it. “It won’t be long before we have run out of our remaining sunlight and are left in the dark. I’d suggest we inspect all buildings close by to see if there are any Undead resting or sleeping inside. I’ll take the far end.†The remaining minutes of sunlight were spent by Alastair entering and inspecting as many of the seemingly abandoned wooden houses as he could. The reason large towns were avoided like a plague was due to the many houses that could conceal sleeping Undead who’d awaken at night and assault unsuspecting travellers seeking shelter. Confident that there were no concealed Undead in their immediate vicinity he returned to the house the party had chosen to use for shelter.[ “If no one else wants to, I’ll take first watch.â€
  8. Hell Street

    Once, many centuries ago there lived a demon, though her blood was black, her heart was pure. Lore read that demons were monstrous creatures, aggressive, and vicious things; the lore though is not always so accurate. This demoness had lived a life as many humans had, though far from ‘normal’ she lived with friends and companions, she endured her own turmoil and sacrifice, but also held much joy in her life, just as many do. As a demon her life was dark, their methods violent, but not necessarily cruel or evil. Her name was Seyerna, with hair the color of night and eyes that resembled blood, she was the epitome of a demon, she was tall, her body lean and strong, but uncommonly beautiful with her elegant figure and ‘come hither’ features. There were no myths or legends on her, none commonly known anyway. If anyone wrote of her the text was lost, but her deeds had affected the fate of the world. When darker beings of her race thought to blindly open the gates of hell it was Seyerna that gave her life, willingly and without fear to protect those she would call friends and family. She tore her very soul, using her essence to scar the rip in the dimensional field that allowed the monsters of hell entry into the mortal plane. Though the demons that had escaped from hell wreaked much havoc, the world did recover and continued to prosper without their dark savior who was now bound in the pits of hell. In hell she faced new trials, the way of hell was simple “might maketh right†it was a constant battle, the demons and monsters of hell cared for little save the thrill of battle. She was no virgin to violence, but the very atmosphere vibrated with the aggressiveness of its tenants and it was a new world for her. Time in hell doesn't move the same way, it's not... linear. Sometimes it's the middle of night, and thirty seconds later it'll be mid-day, so there is no telling how long she lingered in this world, while the time in the mortal plane suggested many centuries, it may have been more, or it may have been less in the time waves of hell. It didn't matter though, the weight of always being on her toes was a heavy burden, not something she had done in life, she had made friends and companions, people to trust; now in hell, even those she traveled with, some she even called ‘friends’ where not someone she would turn her back too. So when the ripple in the dimension danced across her skin she ran for it, she knew that feeling as if it had only been yesterday, her mind screaming ‘Why! Why would anyone open a gate?’ It was a fleeting thought as even more prominent was the urge to escape. Survival in hell was not a game, and it quickly lost its appeal for someone who would rather seek luxury than violence. The most primitive part of her demonic mind craved the violence, enjoyed it, but she had not been born into this world and she had long since conditioned her mind to a more lax way of processing. As the portal fluctuated and shuttered with uncertainty she flung herself into the rip, not carrying to test the waters, not worried about what might be waiting on the other side, in her experience good people did not open gates to hell, but at that time, she simply didn't care. She landed on her hands and knees, the slight difference in gravity weighing on her flesh, making her tremble with familiarity – joy. Breathing heavy, unable to believe she had made it, that she was back on Earth, she could see her friends again! How long had it been? The world around her quickly rushed to her senses, the new smells, the strange sounds, realizing that whatever was beneath her palms was not any kind of flooring she had seen before. She was on her feet in seconds, her eyes wide as they took in the new world, bars curved and created a dome cage over her head, their heads, as she quickly accounted for the many monsters of hell locked in with her. Between the bars the air seemed to shimmer, curiously she touched it and immediately a shock of power went through her veins, ‘lightning’ her mind pieced together, or at least it seemed like lightning, she had known very few mages in life who could conduct lightning; fire and ice were one thing, but lightning was very different. Her eyes bolted around the room, her demonic thoughts immediately seeking an escape but as she took in the dozens of humans surrounding the cage curiosity became the dominant thought. The prominent humans before her were dressed different, their clothes blue that covered their entire body, layered in thick black pieces that appeared heavy and uncomfortable, they didn't appear like cloth. Other humans were dressed in completely white suits, even their heads covered with some strange white helmet, other’s still wore long white coats, they were further away raised up on a different level form them. The ones in the front held something that alarmed her though she knew not why, it was metal, and took on an ‘L’ shape, their fingers in the crook of the ‘L’ it seemed to be ‘pointed’ at them, what did that little device do? The air rippled again and she jerked to see the portal to hell closing, briefly she wondered if going back through would be a better option. Turning back to face her captors, the questions continued to rumble through her mind, why would they want demons in this world? They obviously had been the ones to open and close the gate; they had been prepared for them. Many of the humans eyed her, immediately Seyerna became aware of the fact that she was the only one in the cage that held any sort of human characteristics, the creatures they had brought over where the most grotesque of hell-born demons, most of them black or gray, their eyes black or red, some of them seemed to ooze slime, others looked like leather and some were completely scaled over, their bodies were not shaped like humans, some had more or less limbs, some were quadrupeds, in the end they were all disturbing to gaze upon. Seyerna though, even in her most demonic of form, with two sets of horns breaching her forehead, one curling around her long elfin ears, the others sliding back against her skull, her wings were black and scaled like a dragons, as was her tail that currently sat coiled around one ankle with claws, long and dark from blood stain, she still shared the similar bone structure and features. She knew she was a sight to behold for humans, but hell’s atmosphere forced her to retain her demonic state, demanded her most demonic thoughts, every second that she lingered her, it felt a weight was lifting off of her mind even as her demonic form seemed to grow heavier. Soon the features would recede and she would appear even more human, save her bloody eyes, canine fangs, and claws, but even her claws would shrink, and her fangs, which currently there were two sets, top and bottom, the bottoms would vanish entirely, the top four would become barely noticeable. A strange hissing sound drew her attention from the many human eyes on her, she looked up, to where the sound seemed to originate, the air there was different, her sensitive vision picking up on the very particles in the air, noting something not right about them. In moments her eyes were growing blurry and heavy, around her the grotesque demons were falling, passing out, or dying she wasn't sure. It felt like her heart was slowing, her mind was going fuzzy. Realizing too late that there was some kind of poison in the air, she held her breath, refusing to take in any more of it, not that it mattered though; the drug was already in her system. Her demonic body fought and struggled against the drug, trying against all odds to keep her conscious, being unconscious in hell meant certain death and so her body pushed her into overdrive, demanding her to stay awake. All of the demons had fallen and Seyerna stood on shaking legs, gazing through blurry eyes at the many individuals around her that she could no longer decipher, when once she could see their pores from across the room, now she couldn't even single them out. She could hold her breath for close to ten minutes, but it didn't matter, the drug was eating away at her reserves and minutes after the last demon had fallen unconscious she fell to her knees, still fighting. Several minutes more passed and she finally collapsed in a heap on the ground unconscious, the drug finally winning and blacking out her senses.
  9. OPEN Children of Monsters

    I'm just going to state that, yes, I did loosely base my idea off of Monster High, but I thought for this roleplay, we should do it a little more seriously and be a little more faithful to the source material of the parent's origins. Character Sheets: Monster Children Name: Age: Gender: Parent(s): Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Monsters Name: Age: Gender: What Type of Monster: Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  10. This is just basically an idea dump for Psych and I's rp because we forget stuff all the time. If you don't want spoilers for the RP don't read! Or at least read at your own risk :). ===== Early Plot Crap It's an EPILOGUE YAY Starts off shortly after LOS2, livin in dat church. Alu's gettin antsy cause he wants to go save the world and Gabe is just like "Newww let's spend time togezerrrr." and let's be real, Gabe isn't a character of change. So after a while they get in a spat. Alu runs off to go save humanity, Gabe sulks because... That's what he does. So all this time the Brotherhood has begun to reform. (dundundunnn) Now Alu goes to help them get back on their feet cause he helped them in the way past cause they protect humanity... And Alu protects humanity. Under the agreement that they would lay off Gabe. Of course, this is the brotherhood and they always have ulterior motives. They've discovered that Gabriel can bring back the "good parts" of the Lords of Shadow from Heaven because he is a lord of shadow. So, they steal his combat cross and take Alu as hostage (sometime before then Alu and Gabe reconcile). So Gabe has to choose between helping bringing those bastards back or his son dying. Of course... THERE'S MOAR! They want to create a utopia in which they rule, basically becoming "gods" Naturally, they're brought back cause HELLO GABE ISN'T ABOUT TO LET HIS SON DIE. Enter new enemy to defeat. (Maybe this earns some sort of judgment from God? Maybe the Brotherhood?) Gabriel and God Gabriel has gone with God's plan since the beginning, mostly unwilling. He is God's ultimate weapon against evil... While also being evil himself. So, wouldn't God use Gabriel to execute judgment on the Brotherhood/the founders of the brotherhood? They committed a perversion by bringing the founders back for power. PLOT HOLE NOOOOOOO!!!! So Cornel tells Gabe that he's killing the good guys by killing the bad guys. PROBLEMMM FOR OUR STORYYYY NOOOO. SOLUTION! They combine because they still connected and they go to MIDDLE EARTH, I mean, purgatory... yeah. Trevor is Frodo. Basically. ANYWAY, Gabriel can access this realm because he is still whole and now they are so he can play fetch. Yeah... Would Alucard be conflicted about killing the brotherhood founders? No, because they seriously effed up his life and are a threat to humanity. Questions to still be answered How the eff does Gabriel get to purgatory?!!!???!!
  11. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya's eyes opened so slow. Her head threw itself into an immediate throb and she was curled up into herself, tears falling like someone had come into the room and verbally assaulted her. She let out rough, pained cries as she flinched and moaned as the pains grew deeper, tighter, harsher, wider until her eyes shot open and she was staring wide eyed at her bedroom door. Her breath was heavy, labored with a moist brow and neck. What had happened? Slowly she sat up in her bed, gathering herself and sliding her feet to the floor to find a pair of panda bear slippers. Placing her feet in them she stared at the fluffy white and black creatures for a moment before looking up at her door. The sensation she had had the moment before truly waking up was terrifying. A void of that kind of pain and agony forced her head to turn a little and close her eyes. Had it been a dream or a true migraine of the devils doing? She did not dismiss the random occurrence of such a pain among her head. Standing from her bed she scooted her left and right feet across the wooden floor to her bedroom door and opened it to view a whole other world. A bedroom with soft walls, more feminine touch, to a messy, cluttered and dysfunctional room that she could read like a book. Shuffling through the living area she avoided towers of binders, notebooks, reference books and various other organized piles until she stopped in her little white kitchen. Aglaya lifted a long baggy sweat shirt clothed arm to her eyes and rubbed tenderly until she felt a little more awareness in them. Looking at the little white kitchen she made note of how the grays in it seemed sluggish and lazy compared to many of the other shadows in the kitchen. No lights were on to chase their laziness away, yet. Yawning and stretching as she walked to her cabinet she grabbed a cup and shuffled to the faucet for some water and then dropped a green tea bag into the cup and into the microwave it went! Staring at the speckled layer on the front of her microwave, supposed to help prevent damage to the eyes upon directly staring at the light in the microwave, she watched how her purple and blue glazed cup rotated until the seconds stopped and the handle appeared facing her as she opened the door. Taking the cup she scooted back into her living area, crossed the maze to her balcony and shoved the sliding door open. Walking outside and then closing the door behind her she brought her attention to the city scape above and below her. Aglaya lived on the sixth floor of a thirty floor building. The ants below her darted, paused, scurried and repeated. Her tired hand set the cup of tea down on a small table near by, still watching the busy ants. She brought a small pale hand up to her face and shoved a handful of pitch black hair behind her ear, still quietly observing the ants. “Is this what they think about me, when they look down on me as I travel?†Aglaya said in a soft voice, her heritage barely clinging to her words at this point in her life. The dark haired, pale skinned girl darted out of her apartment complex and dove into the city transit bus before its doors closed. She clung to the rail at the left as she went up the two steps and permitted the meter to read her monthly pass ticket. Proceeding to the back of the bus she carved her sight into the floor of the buss. Never permitting her sight to fly back to anyone that might be gazing in on the new passenger. It was awkward enough getting on the bus and being seen by its audience, worsening when they got the time to stare at you as you walked down it. “Miss Maxim.†The middle aged male voice said drawing the endless stare out of her pale youthful face. “Yes?†Aglaya said startled as her eyes snapped to his mundane existence. He was so boring to listen to dribble on about things that he felt were important, when she could have explained the purpose of the writers direction. Maybe that was why he would drop her grades below the one point they deserved. Despite his quip she fell back into a fantasy a little more dark and artistic than he would have understood or appreciated. Aglaya smiled faintly, to herself and no one else, as her eyes flickered slowly and the light from the window drew her back into the world she had been rudely taken from moments ago. “Out, out! Go!†The teacher said exhausted from his lecture. Aglaya looked up sleepily from her continued daze and noted the mass of her classroom flooding through the door. Now was her time to take leave and hide in her sanctuary for the rest of the day. Excitement buzzed in her chest the moment she thought about the thick, large, old crafted wooden doors to her library. Standing up from her seat she fed her class supplies into her bag and threw the long messenger bag style shoulder over her left and hurried out with the tail end of the class. She was in the protection and comfort of the library within minuets. A breath inhaling the new and old texts that had always kept her company. There were more interesting and intriguing personalities to keep her fancy in this one room than there were in the world from the day of its creation until the second of her arrival in that very library. All the men in the world and she had their attention, their devotion, their desire to share with her their crafted secrets. The women were always secondary. Research and assistance to the brilliance of man, the men, she respected so highly. Trotting down her usual path she plowed deep into the depths of the library and sprawled out on a table right next to the rounded dome portion of her sanctuary. It was made completely out of glass, permitting all natural light to come in and bathe its readers. Aglaya could never function out of its natural warmth and brilliance, it was a necessity. She spent the remainder of her day, afternoon and into the night in that same spot. Food or drink seemed trivial and hardly a requirement to keep going. Though her focus was shifted when she stood up to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Another student of the college had taken to interrupt that intended action. Her lower half was pressed up against the table as he barely gave her room to move. Aglaya's back was arched, hands reaching to support herself as she tried so hard to put a distance between him and her. Long black hair piled on the table as concerned blue eyes stared at the face grinning at her. “Eh . . Miss Maxum . . “ He said amused at her startled look. “Ma-Maaxim.†Aglaya corrected. “Whatever. You seem too occupied.†He was amused with his discomfort in her eyes. It was as if he had a thrill driving that emotion in her, taking her and consuming that emotion. “No—I.†A thunderstorm had just started and it began on the roughest front possible. The water from their clouds so heavy it made the building feel weak and much older than it truly was. Its glass clipped, shrieked and shook as stronger angles slammed into it hurriedly. As if the water itself was emulating how quick Agalay's heart was pattering. Thunder rattled the building and her being, there was a pause and then a series of lightning flashes went off. Aglaya's eyes grew wider, her chest stopped its fearful fall and rise as she saw a figure standing outside of the libraries glass. He was just standing there through the several flickers of light, watching her and the student intent on his design with her. Aglaya let out a shriek of total fear when the body vanished and she fell onto the table and started to scoot wildly from the students company. “Did . . there!†Aglaya said terrified as she pointed at the empty space the male figure had been standing. A strange and startled look set on his face as he put a hand on his hip. “No wonder you're still a virgin.†He scoffed as he walked off and left the petrified woman on the table to fend for herself.
  12. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    “Tonight we celebrate the cleansing of our beautiful lands of Eligius.†Her words were soft, fluid and encouraging for such a youth. She felt its breath on her neck, eyes frozen wide in terror as she stared at the crowd. The princess's pause throwing their attention off. Guests exchanged glances within the two seconds it took her to compose herself again. “And we shall renew everyone's faith! Etyx be praised for her kindness!†Dione's fists balled up, nails digging into her palm as she felt the breath linger in her ear. “My great, great grandmother and father bled and wove their lives into building such a beautiful kingdom! Please!†Her voice had a high pitched gasp jump into the middle of her small plea. A deep sting began to radiate from the small of her back. Pushing as much of the agonizing sting from her mind as she could her lips parted to quickly wrap it all up. “Enjoy the beauty of the night and one another! Thank you!†Dione said quickly as she stepped away from the balcony she had been speaking to her guests in. Fleeing from the sight of her guests she quickly moved away from most of her charges sights, her parents too. Her hand went to the small of her back where she pressed the area of the sting. A fresh wave charged through her body as it confirmed that she indeed had received the mark again. Wincing a little and fighting back tears the princess looked up to see her mother and father coming to her with gentle smiles on their lips. “Dione, you spoke so elegantly.†Her mother cooed. Dione gave a thankful bow to her parents. “Thank you. I, I feel I messed up in it though.†“Nonsense. Dramatic pauses are always a crowd favorite.†Her father chuckled as he grabbed her by her shoulder and guided her back out to the stairs where they descended as a family. “Now let us go mingle as a good family.†The king said with a slight groan of annoyance. “Yes, of course.†Dione said as her eyes stole constant glances around her. It had come back after having had left her alone for so long. Why now? She stood quietly at her father's side as he spoke with several nobles of his court. Her blond hair had been left simple and falling down her back beyond her hips. Virgin blue eyes stared politely, flickering away at a moment's notice. Against her feminine form a dress of soft, elegant white fabric framing her youth and sex. Her mind was often lost on the sting in her back and its breath. It was not leaving her be that night. Her lids closed partway, head bowing a little. She felt her father's hand grasp one of her own. Looking up she saw him smile. “Go sit down for a little. You've been about all day and done our guests your dues.†“Thank you.†Dione said softly as she excused herself and walked over to a less occupied part of the ballroom. Sitting down she folded her hands in her lap and closed her eyes for a few moments. Its breathing came back to her and her eyes snapped wide open, frozen just like before. “Please leave.†She whispered. It chuckled. “You thought I left.†Closing her eyes again she began praying to Etyx for strength and the ability to banish what was afflicting her. “In Etyx's name I banish you.†Dione said under her breath. Eyes closed firmly as she continued to pray, convinced this was the method that would make the breath vanish from her ear. “I banish you . . . I banish . . . you . . .†She kept whispering to herself. A chill ran across he naked neck, she shivered and drew her arms up and hugged herself. “You will leave, you will leave.†She repeated several times. “Etyx commands you.†Her words had to have worked. The chill vanished, leaving her still cold, its voice had not spoken another word and the sting had lessened by now. Cautiously her eyes opened to take in the bright colors of the party and those attending. Eveything was as it should be, loud, obnoxious and exhausting. She closed her eyes for a few more moments. Just a few more moments. Thankfully no one had taken notice of her moment to herself, yet anyway.
  13. Aftermath Story idea

    Hey guys. This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing. Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made. Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas. The end of the world has come and gone. This is a post apocalyptic scenario. Strangely, a large number of the population just vanished, up and disappeared. Those that have remained have to try and survive. However, since the apocalypse has happened, the rules have very much changed. Demons are now free to roam the land and do as they see fit. Angels by the hordes have been left behind, and they'll act as they feel they should, without the guidance of their lord. Fairy and magical creatures now see Earth as their new playground. The undead walk the earth (and even have their own civilizations). Super advance technology is now suddenly being discovered, excavated, and being made use of. All races are, for the most part, doing as they see fit, be it benign or malign. Humanity will have to do all they can to survive in this new world. One human in particular, obsessed with solving mysteries, wants to know why this happened, and he is on his way to the center of where the apocalypse began in order to solve this mission. I was pretty proud of this one when I thought of it a long time ago. I still love this idea, but recently I've noticed that it felt like something straight out of Shin Megumi Tensei, or something similar to it. So... make of that what you will. Taking into account opinions/suggestions made by Heatherroneous and HH from the earlier thread I made, it does seem like a lot to take in, so this will be done in an episodic/story arc style, to give each race a chance in the limelight and help figure out how the fit in with this new world now that the rules have been drastically changed. Players can be from any of the races, though. Whether they join up with the one human trying to solve this mystery or not is up to the individual players. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.
  14. Background Jagers are strange creatures. They travel around world to do the most dangerous job in the world and for that they get paid more than anyone else. Sadly, most of them don’t live long enough to enjoy all the money they make and the other half is too busy constantly travelling to take a pause and enjoy all the money that they make, yet I’ve rarely seen a Jager who regretted this decision. Sometimes it made me wonder whether a ‘normal’ human could ever make it as a Jager. You see, I think you have to be cut from a certain cloth. Have to be born and raised in a certain way. You need a certain set of morals and a certain level of foolish bravery. I think that you need to be a special kind of monster in order to properly hunt for real monsters. Setting Hello amici. Today I bring you a dark action fantasy, set in a fictional world similar to Medieval Europe; Vaalbara. Vaalbara is divided in 4 continents, each with their own kingdoms, but none of that is very important right now. I don’t want to build the entire world, so I’ll leave that as a collaborative effort (yeah, I know, normally I am really control-freak-y about it). The important parts are the Jagers and the Colossi. Colossi are gigantic creatures of various shapes and sizes, ranging from 40 to 80 meters tall and varying width. Even though the Colossi can be a large range of various types of monstrosities, the term Colossi is used as a catch-all for any of the huge magical creatures that terrorize Vaalbara. Colossi tend to appear out of nowhere; they randomly descend from the skies, crawl out of oceans, carve their way out of mountains and there have even been reports of Colossi suddenly appearing out of thin air! Either way, no one knows where they are coming from or why they are appearing. All they know is that these Colossi are relentless in their destruction of anything in their path. On average, each region has a Colossi attack every two weeks. Jagers, Dutch for Hunters, are humans who have dedicated their lives to hunting these Colossi. They do so for various reasons; fame, wealth, power. It doesn’t really matter. However, due to the huge size of the Colossi it is virtually impossible to kill one in a one on one fight. Because of this humans band together in group of 12 or more members in order to take down the Colossi. But numbers isn’t enough to take down a creature 20 to 40 times their size. Sadly, ‘normal’ magic does not exist in this world. Humans are naturally powerless and they would not stand a chance against the Colossi, if it weren’t for the magical properties of a Colossi’s body. The body of a Colossus is one of the greatest mysteries of Vaalbara and the main reason why many Jagers get rich real fast. Drinking the blood of a Colossus temporarily increases one’s physical capabilities, eating the heart of a Colossus cures any known ailment, eating the brain of a Colossus grants you a prophetic dream of one’s own death, but even more important than any of that are the Keys. A Key is an item that was crafted by a specialised smith using parts of a Colossi’s body (flesh, bones, organs, teeth, etc.). When a smith, who knows what he’s doing, crafts the Key it will retain certain magical properties that belonged to the Colossus. A sword created using a dragon’s body would posses fire powers, for example. This story will follow a group of Jagers, known as The Lion’s Pride, as they adventure and prepare for the once in a century event: the Wild Hunt. An event wherein hundreds upon hundreds of Colossi suddenly appear and go on a rampage for a week, before they disappear again. Terminology Vaalbara - The world the RP is set in. Jager - Person who dedicates his life to hunting Colossi. Colossi/Colossus - Gigantic monstrosities that randomly appear to terrorize everything on their path. Keys - Items, crafted from the bodies of the Colossi, imbued with magical powers. Player Characters Profile Format Orson LeChevallier Fujioka Ai Kenneth Gant Leika Akir Noir Grainne Ciardha Lord Clive Enfield III The Lion's Pride Colossi Profile Format Annaconda First spot is reserved for Noia, so it's open for 3 more. If you do decide to join, I ask that you at least post semi-regularly.
  15. NC-17 The Wild Hunt

    It had been several weeks since winter had come to an end and spring arrived, which the Fields of Amar perfectly reflected. The Fields, an expanse of wide plains situated in a gorge that stretched as far as the eye could see, had started blossoming; the snow that covered the expanse had all but dispersed, leaving all the grass to slowly recover from it’s brown and yellow colour and turn green once again. Trees and bushes were far and few between on the Fields, but those that were present had slowly started growing back their leaves. In the middle of the Fields of Amar one would find the Amar Inn, like the Fields it was named after the legendary hero lauded as the first person to deliver a fatal blow to a Colossus. The Amar Inn was a large circular circular structure that served as a resting point for those traversing the plains. Its lavish colours and many banners made it an easy point to spot, even from afar, and a convenient gathering place for those meeting up on the otherwise monotonous Fields. Two small children, a girl carrying a teddy bear and a boy aged six and eight, along with their grandfather came walking out of the inn to take in the beautiful view granted by the Fields at this time of the year. They were so fully immersed in the perfectly green scenery and bright blue skies lacking a even a single cloud, that they did not notice the young man riding on horseback across the Fields in their direction. “Well met, good man,†the rider said as he halted in front of the group. The children were frightened by the large steed and quickly scurried for cover behind their grandfather. The old man took a moment to examine the rider. He was wearing tanned leather armor, a brown cloak and several sets of knives and dagger hung from his body. “Well met, good sir,†the old man replied, “can I be of any assistance?†He asked, but the rider paid him little attention. His gaze darted around all across the Fields, as if he was looking for something he had no hope of finding. “Sir?†“My apologies,†the rider said, as he continued to scout the area. “I fear I am a messenger of unwelcome news, here to bring fair warning.†His deep brown eyes quit jumping across the Fields and met those of the old man. “I fear that a Colossus will soon arrive at the Fields, my companions and I plan on doing battle with it here and put an end to its terror. I was sent to warn any innocent bystanders of the dangerous event about to occur.†The old man took a moment to look at his frightened grandchildren before answering the Jager. “I am sorry, sir Jager. I am old and I am tired and I am slow, I fear I will not be able to leave the plains in time. Would you be so kind as to bring these children to safety, they lost their parents at a young age and if anything their lives should be spared. I shall inform the remaining occupants of the Inn and ensure that they seek cover before your battle commences.†The rider thought for a minute, hoping he would be able to think of a solution, but any suitable ones remained far from his grasp. “Take shelter in the Inn, I shall inform my companions that evacuation was an unfit solution to the problem at hand,†a smile appeared on the rider’s face, “I will convince them to try and protect Inn. We shall guarantee your safety,†the rider said and a relieved expression appeared on the old man’s face. A tug at the reins of his steed and the horse turned to gallop whence it came. “Farewell!†----- The noise created by dozens of horses walking in unison across the Fields of Amar resounded from a large group of travellers. One glance as plenty for one to realize that this group of travellers was far from ordinary. They were uniquely dressed, armed to the teeth with exotic weaponry and despite the difference in their demeanour, it was easy to tell that they all had the same goal in mind. “Why is it called the Annaconda?†A woman in the group asked. She was in her mid-twenties, dressed in tight brown cotton pants, a white buttoned up shirts, a dark brown leather corset and shoes and gloves of the same material. She carried her Keys, a bow and a quiver filled with arrows, on her back as well as a set of short swords attached to her hip. “I have no idea, sadly,†the man riding next to her replied. He was also in his mid-twenties, but unlike the woman he wore a seemed to be full steel plate armor, but was actually crafted from the body of a Colossus. “You’d have to ask the chief or Orson, they are likely versed well enough to answer any questions you might have.†Orson, who had been keeping to himself for the duration of this expedition, took a glance at the pair riding behind him from the corner of his eyes. The man was Theron Martin, a member of the Lion’s Pride even before Orson had joined them, and the woman was Alicia Martin, the newest member of the Pride. Alicia had been an established Jager prior to joining the Pride, but it wasn’t until she married Theron and he pleaded her case with Jordan that she was finally accepted as a member. “It’s named after a girl it had slain,†Orson said after he turned his head to face forward again. He got no real reply from Alicia or Theron other than a confused ‘huh’. “The first of its kind appeared several hundred years ago. The man who eventually slew it did so out of revenge; he had lost his daughter to the monster’s rampage prior to his victory. In honor of his achievement and the daughter he had lost he named the creature after her.†“That is a queer way to honor one’s offspring,†Theron remarked, with Alicia quickly giggling at her husband’s bluntness. “I’d question the logic behind naming a monster after the daughter it had taken away from you.†“Perhaps,†Orson responded, “but who are we to judge a mourning parent’s attempt to battle the sorrow of losing his daughter. ‘Tis doubtful that any of us can truly empathize with the man and his pain, accordingly I’d say that we would do the man a great injustice if we were to try and rationalize his behaviour. The story of the parent who slays the creature who took away his daughter is without a doubt a wonderfully tragic tale and ‘it's questionable that we will ever achieve a kill as meaningful as his.†“I would say that you give him too much credit, Orson. If he-†The conversation was abruptly cut short when a rider came galloping towards the group. Jordan, who had been leading the group on its trek, raised his right fist and the entire party halted immediately. The approaching rider was waving and shouting, but due to the distance it was impossible to understand what he was trying to say. It wasn’t until he got closer that Orson heard the words: “It has been taken care of.†The rider was another member of the Lion’s Pride, Jared Swift, who had been sent ahead to make sure there would be no innocent bystanders present once the inevitable clash with the Annaconda took place. “Were there a lot of civilians?†Jordan asked once the scout had rejoined the group. “Nay,†Jared answered, before trying to catch his breath, “other than the Innkeep and his wife, the place was abandoned, but they have since moved for safety. There are no civilians present on the Fields.†While Jared spoke his eyes quickly darted to the ground, avoiding contact with Jordan. Orson was aware of Jared’s nervous nature, but despite that the gesture seemed odd to him. “Good,†Jordan said as he pulled the reins of his steed, turning it around to allow him to face the entirety of the group. “It’s been the better part of an hour since we last heard of the Annaconda’s whereabouts. It’s appearance, and our battle with it, is nigh. I pray we get the opportunity to share in our victory over some mead tonight. Prepare yourselves.†The noise created by the roars of the Lion’s Pride in response to Jordan’s order quickly faded away in the vast open plains and without a second’s delay the members of the Pride began preparing for the upcoming battle. Orson followed in their example; he dismounted his horse and went into one of the few carriages the group had with them for easy transport of the many weapons they carried. The Razerteeth hanging along his hips were light enough for him to remain unburdened, but carrying the heavy Magmortis while on the back of his steeds would only needlessly encumber it. Orson grabbed the large greatsword and fastened the belt of the scabbard diagonally across his chest, allowing the sword to rest along his back. After he was done preparing he took a moment to check up on the ballista operators, who were busy setting up their weaponry for the coming battle, but it was Jordan, staring into the sky, that really caught his attention. “What is the matter, Jordan?†Orson asked as he approached the horseback Jordan. Jordan paid him no heed, his unrelenting focus still resting on the perfectly peaceful blue skies. Jordan inhaled deeply through his nose, loud enough for it to be audible by Orson. “Do you smell that, Orson?†Jordan asked, before taking another deep breath, but now Orson knew that it was a smell that plagued him. “Or are my senses deceiving me? We are miles removed from the nearest ocean, yet I’d swear by the gods that I can smell the salty air of a sea breeze.†Orson licked his lips and the salty taste that permeated his tongue all but confirmed that his theory was correct. “It is here,†Orson said as he started dashing towards the operators. “Wherever the Annaconda goes, an intense scent of the ocean follows him. There have been people claiming that the intensity of the ocean’s scent emitted by the Annaconda dwarfed that of the ocean itself. The fact that we can taste it means that it is close.†“Over there! From behind the slopes!†One of the members of the Pride shouted, pointing towards the skies behind one of the many escarpments that enclosed the fields. A colossal dark green serpent, decorated with spots of yellow and orange all over its body, two massive wings of the same colour, radiant red eyes and two giant claws protruding from its body, near its wings, entered the group’s field of vision. “Get! To! Work!†Jordan shouted, as he tried to keep his terrified steed under control. In the blink of an eye the members of the Pride got to work. Along with the carriages, they had transported a pair of ballistae. These ballistae, and the projectiles they launched, were Keys developed to combat Colossi that would normally be unreachable. Just like the Annaconda. “Ready! Aim!†The operators of the ballistae carefully aimed the weapons into the sky and followed the Annaconda’s path to ensure a direct hit. “Fire!†With a loud uncharacteristic bang the two stakes were launched into the sky with lightning speed and pierced the leathery skin of the Annaconda. It let out a loud roar in pain, fierce enough to cause tremors and startle the horses, as it’s thick red blood start dripping along the stakes. “Climbers, go, quickly! Bring that bitch down!†The operators activated the power of their keys and in an instant a blue beam of light that connected the stakes with the ballistae appeared. Orson, and the members of the Pride who had to climb the Colossus, ran towards the ballistae. Orson grabbed the blue beam and in an instant his entire body was pulled upwards in a track laid out by the tether of light. Once he had gotten close enough to the Annaconda he let go of the beam, letting the built up moment propel him forward and onto the creature’s back. “Let’s get to work,†he said as he pulled the huge greatsword off his back.
  16. Hey guys. This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing. Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made. Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas. Giant monsters have been a problem for humanity for a long time, but humanity has been able to defend themselves and survive. Two methods are the most well known. The first is technological advances made specifically to fight the giant monsters (specialized vehicles, weapons, giant robots, etc.) This method is the easier to obtain of the two, but can be pretty difficult as it endangers the lives of those fighting. One would have to be very well coordinated to take down a giant monster without any casualties. The second method is through the use of a kind of creature that is similar to the giant monsters (they are normally small enough to fit in a house with no trouble, but can be made giant sized to fight off the giant monsters). A bit harder to come by as these creatures will choose who their human partners will be, but the advantages that comes with one makes for a much more efficient means of dealing with the giant monsters (faster, hit harder, a regenerative factor). The creatures can take on many shapes and forms, from forms similar to the animals of the planet, to forms more similar to a human, to even some absolutely bizarre forms that borders on elderich. This idea is more meant to be something like a mon rp, like pokemon or digimon, or something like that, so my initial thoughts were that the main role players would have access to these types of creatures. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.
  17. Hey guys. This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing. Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made. Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas. The world at large has been, for the most part, completely unaware of the magical world due to it being kept secret from the public eye. For the most part, anything that could have revealed the magical world was dealt with harshly, thus silencing the "threat of exposure." The governments of the world hold a hugely tight monopoly of magic, practically deciding who can use magic and how, but always in secret. Then one day, one of the greatest defenders of the "Silence" has openly revealed to the world the existence of magic, even promising asylum for those who wish to come into the light and not hide anymore. This is the story of but a handful of people who are connected to the magical world in some way or form, and how they deal with this new and very radical approach as a revolution takes place. Think "The Secret World" except the secret as been blown and people either trying to accept it or deny it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.
  18. Hey guys. This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing. Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made. Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas. Basic concept, spiritual beings with special abilities who bond with human hosts. Apart they have their own skills, but when they fuse together they become something like a super-hero kind of thing, with extra abilities that they did not have access to on their own. Their abilities can either resemble magic or something like technology (Like for instance the ability to create fireballs (resemble magic) or being able to turn your arm into an arm blaster (resemble technology)). There's also a dangerous corruptive force that has a tendency to take anything and make it openly hostile to any living creature. This idea kind of borrows a lot of concepts from the Megaman franchise, specifically the Battle Network and Starforce series, though whether theirs online-ness or not is still up for debate. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.
  19. RED RAIN A few years after the conclusion of the Geniome War, a devastating biological disaster, creatures the World Government crudely named Vampires appeared. They were pale and sickly looking, with beast-like fangs, enhanced strength, an altered immune system, and an animalistic, instinctual, hunger for human blood. They were the product of a genetically engineered virus, meant to wipe out the enemy, that was leaked onto home soil. It was called a negligent accident according to government officials. However, thousands of innocent people were infected and suffered excruciating physiological changes. Most people went insane and died, unable to withstand the re-writing of their DNA, a transformation that for those who survived left them labeled as monsters. Some of the infected, though a rare occurrence, even changed so much that they had been reported to have sprouted wings and grown tails and claws, certain traits coming alive out of the original animal genetic material used to cultivate the virus. These special mutated survivors were nicknamed 'Seraphim', after the discovery of the first stable specimen found with a pair of large, bird-like wings protruding from its back. Naturally the Government had taken action against the surviving infected. They were a threat to the rest of society, carriers of a very contagious virus that had already reached an epidemic state. Entire new branches of the military had been established, as well as smaller bounty organizations, in an effort to eradicate the Vampires. The military instituted, International Vampire Hunters Army (INVHA) had been given full authority over the detection and elimination of all remaining Vampire. At first, the government tried and failed to develop new and effective ways of destroying the creatures and until recently were forced to resort to dangerous close quarter combat operations. However, the Vampire specialists came up with a method of luring the creatures out of hiding and using mid to long distance weaponry to take them down. This method was called the Red Rain Method. When Vampires were thought to inhabit a certain area the INVHA would issue a Red Rain Advisory to all humans living there, a mandatory government issued curfew put in place so that any humans in the area would know to remain indoors until the Vampire threat was eliminated. Then INVHA agents were sent into the area and used a special blood derived dispersant to lure the creatures out of hiding. Unable to resist the scent of blood, the creatures would leave their hiding places and fall victim to the INVHA's anti-vampire weapons.
  20. NC-17 War of the Millennium[OPEN]

    Discussion Thread Seyerna kneeled, the ground sloshing under her feet, soaked with blood and layered with entrails. With steady hands she pulled the limp corpse up and as gently as she could manage pulled it over her shoulder, it had been a male, his body bigger than her own and yet her demonic strength had no trouble carrying the extra weight. She walked, walked away from the chaos, from horror scene behind her. It would take her hours to complete this task but it was one she would never leave unfinished. Several yards from her on either side there were others pulling corpses from the mess, taking them to where they would be buried. Allies would receive their own graves first, enemies would be put in a mass grave, only because they'd argued her out of giving everyone individual graves. For almost twenty minutes she'd insisted no one was evil in death, only silence remained, only a body with a fleeting soul a soul that was as white as everyone's always was. Life corrupted people, they were not born corrupted, but as she stared out across the massacre, red eyes that mimic the blood gazing across the field and feeling very little but obligation and duty, she really did wonder if Saori might be the exception to that. Many of her soldiers were working at digging graves as other's carried the corpses. She carried them because it seemed to disturb a lot of people to have to touch the dead bodies of their fallen companions: some couldn't stomach it, other's simply didn't have the mental capacity to do it and walk away 'okay' or as well as okay was in this messed up world. The many individuals around her were of various species, some elves, a few humans, a demon or two, even nymphs were helping to gather floral to grace the deceased. They had all had their turmoil from Queen Saori, the woman had somehow effected all their lives, some of them forced from their homes, other's attacked for seemingly no reason, many lost family and loved one's due to Saori's disturbed sense of humor. She hoped into the hole that would become this soldier's grave, carrying the corpse and delicately lying the body down, crossing the man's arms over his chest and then jumping back out. Many lives were lost and the more she fought the more she wondered if this was a losing battle. There weren't enough of them to raid the capital and take out Saori, but at this rate they would all die out or submit to her rule. Technically they had won this battle... but at what cost? Hours passed, the many bodies were laid to rest and Seyerna spoke softly of their bravery, great men and women stood around, some of them crying, other's seething in rage. She knew their misery, their pain as if it were her own, but she'd grown so numb to it, rarely did such physical reactions overtake her. Madness lingered at the edge of her mind, keeping her from feeling pain for the most part. Most of them didn't know of her 'handicap' and she never intended to let them know that she could go guano on them, not that it happened often, only once every few centuries did insanity take over her logical mind. She had help keeping her own demons at bay with methods most would stare wide-eyed at. They left the graveyard, Seyerna lead them back to their 'base' essentially a hole in the mountain. It was a massive network of caves, some of them dug out further to allow for larger groups of people, small houses were built inside out of stone or into smaller branches of the caverns, the place was it's own little town. Seyerna couldn't help but wonder if the efforts were in vain with this last battle that had eaten away so many of their numbers. They avoided towns and cities, most of her soldiers were outlaws, and Seyerna herself was considered high priority, wanted alive if possible. So their travels went through the dense forests, a tedious task even for her demonic self, it was often so thick it was physically impossible for many species to travel through, one always needed a machete to cut down the thick foliage to even stand a chance. At the base of the mountain it cleared up, but climbing the steep mountain was another task all on it's own, but that was the point, it was not an easy place to get too, a place Saori didn't know about and could not easily break into. Once 'home' the soldiers disburse, seeking loved ones that had remained in the safety of their caverns, other's seeking sleep, religion, or just a simple bath, which is where Seyerna was headed, the many layers of blood layering her pale skin, much of it from carrying dead companions felt hot and disturbing. She wasn't a self glorified queen, she did not place herself above her soldiers and so her little stone house was as modest as everyone else's, though many of them told her she should have a throne, she told them she had no time for such things. She had been teased on more than one occasion that she would come home from battle and they will have built her one. Dear god she hoped not.
  21. War of the Millennium Magic! Chaos! Combat! Drama! Love! Hate! And all the other dramatic words I'm missing! Come join a world of constant conflict, where you will be pitted against your friends! Where you will make new friends! And perhaps kill them too! Or maybe you'll do other more nefarious things together! I don't care! It's your genitals! It is a time of Kings and Queens, of knights and honor, in a mythical world filled to the brim with mythical lore, some good, many evil, most all of them clashing, but all of them bowing down to the same ruler, Queen Saori, supposedly a goddess, or a demi-goddess at least. Unfortunately she is corrupt, very corrupt, she gains amusement out of forcing the many species to clash, in war and in pits. She is too powerful to dare stand against alone, so you have decided to join the rebellion, a rag tag group of many species who have set aside their differences to face this greater evil. It's a pretty simple basis to bring together a variety of people who may or may not agree with each others methods but work together nonetheless. There will be much inner conflict as demons work with elves and vampires figure out how to agree with humans, all in the face of Queen Saori. This will be a 'wing it' sort of deal, we'll just see where we go with it, obviously the end goal is to take down Saori, but the journey to get there is unplanned. I will be playing Seyerna who is a demon illusionist, I picked her because of her completely non-speciest mentality. She'll be the glue to hold the many species together that you all will choose to play as. If you can name it you can play it, dragon, cool! Elf, no problem. Vamp, sure. Wanna be your own race? As long as you can explain it to me and have a name for the species, go for it. If you want to play multiple people, do it. I very well may do this myself depending on how things go. If people disappear, I will write them out of the story in such a way that they could still return. If there turns out to be a lot of people we will not go by a rotation, I understand it can be annoying if you're busy for a day and come back to see a whole new page to the rp, but it's just as annoying for people who are trying to have a conversation with another player but have to wait through the rotation. With that said, if you do find yourself in an ongoing conversation that seems bound between you and a single individual, it would be awesome if you could go through that in PM or another chat and have one of you post the conversation in your post. This would also apply to combat between players, if it should come to pass. My Skype is GlassDaemon feel free to message me, it is my preferred method and I personally prefer doing one-on-one conversations through that. I'm hoping to get lots of interest, something to get peoples' creative juices flowing, something not to structured so we can all be laid back and just have fun. I encourage you to bring your own side stories, your own lore. I have my own little side story ideas to bring into play. We will use a made up land so you can make up your homeland, if you find someone else who is playing the same race as you, you might want to contact them or chat with them through this thread to correlate ideas. What I mean by saying "Will never close" is that people are free to join the rp at any point! If you see this and we're already five pages in, go ahead and jump in. You won't be expected to know what's occurred, you weren't there, but it would be nice if you'd just skim over the most recent acts so you understand what you're diving into. Here's the map thus far, it's still a WIP, if you want to add your 'homeland' or 'village' please skype/PM me and we can talk about it so I can find out where exactly you want it to be and then I can add it in. NPC Glossary: Sage: Seyerna's eerie mate, he's human and wields white magic along side a halberd. Longish black hair, gray eyes, lightly tanned skin, a few inches taller than Seyerna (est. 6'2-6'4ish) Details unknown. CANNOT BE USED Saori: The prime evil of the story. She is a demensian demon(a demon who can transcend time and space i.e. dimensions). Long black hair, purple eyes, pale, about 6'2" tall. Details unknown. CAN BE USED FOR SMALL SCENES NOTHING PLOT CHANGING! Caim: I don't know if he'll ever come into the story but in case I mention him you'll know who he is. Caim is Seyerna's son, born due to a rape, no one knows who his father was as Seyerna seen him dead and went through extensive means to have Caim's father's scent erased from him. If asked Seyerna will laugh and say 'immaculate conception.' Short black hair, gold eyes, 6'3" N/A Ai: One of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an elf. Very pale, platinum blonde hair with red ends and I can't remember what color her eyes were, about 5'11". Ai is an elf Seyerna met very early on in life, Ai's not particularly powerful or strong in anything, her only quirk is that she when she is in skin contact with other people she drains their energy(think Rogue from X-men) and when she does her hair turns redder. Seyerna saved Ai after being a repeat rape victim, her assailants would see how long they could 'last' against her ability, taking turns with her. Ai didn't speak to Seyerna for the first three years of their relationship, they traveled in silence, Ai helped her raise Caim. FREE TO USE Vesta: Another of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is human. Healthy glowing skin, orangish-red hair, brown eyes, average height (say 5'7"). Vesta was almost a rape victim, Seyerna had come upon her in the act of it, had brutalized the man assaulting her and freed Vesta, prior to that Vesta had been a servant essentially since the day she was born. She actually didn't know her own name as she was always referred to as 'girl' 'wench' 'servant' and several less appealing terms; and so Seyerna was actually the one to name her. Seyerna taught Vesta of her purification abilities and helped her learn to wield a bow. The silver bow Vesta carries does not need arrows as it fires magical ones amplified by Vesta's raw powers. FREE TO USE. Runiko: A young girl, also one of Seyerna's 'charges' or 'girls' she is an ice fae. Pale, pale skin, almost white, icy blue eyes, and a shade darker icy blue hair. She has shown to be extremely shy and the other girls tend to coddle her. She was to be sold at a slave auction when Seyerna saved her, by the time Seyerna had saved her Runiko had already been 'conditioned' to be quiet and know her place, thus why she's so nervous all the time. The girls work at getting her to open up. FREE TO USE. PLAYERS: (players are not added to the list until they've posted) Template: Name: Species: Gender: Appearance: Personality: Strengths/Abilities: History: ErogenousEnigma Name: Seyerna Kaierstin Species: Demon Gender: Female Appearance: You'll mostly see her in her 'human' state. Red eyes, black hair to her thighs, 6ft tall, 'come-hither' features but very strong/stark bone structure, the result is she can appear very intimidating. Lightly outlined muscular body, yet a very voluptuous hourglass. You can also visit my profile for a full picture of her. Personality: Sometimes it's hard to pin point her personality traits as she lingers on the edge of insanity, but for the most part she's lucid. She can be very carefree to the point of making - what appears to be - stupid/rash decisions, but in the blink of an eye she can become a hard, commanding drill Sargent. She's very observant when not teetering on the edge of madness. She will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, this is derived from confidence in her abilities to stop them if they turn on her, not out of naivete. Strengths/Abilities: She is comfortable with any weapon, but only excels at her claymore and her claws. As a demon she has superior vision, sense of smell, and hearing. She is an illusionist, she can make things appear that are not there, she can change her own appearance, scent, and aura. There's also rumors that she can mess with people's heads on a much more internal level, some say it's why she's borderline crazy. History: Seyerna has always qualified as a 'guardian.' From a very young age she sympathized with other species more than she did her own, most specifically the females. She always felt demons were harsh and abrasive, even though she herself had her own demonic pull that craved violence, she has a very scholarly side that seeks knowledge and wisdom over brute force. This drew her further and further from demonic culture and as years went by she found more and more women of various species that became her friends, most of them she had saved from one horror or another. By the time Queen Saori came into rule Seyerna was a well known name, women spoke her name in private, daughters were told if ever they need saving to simply whisper her name. It was a myth, of course, Seyerna's hearing wasn't that good, but she would help anyone, even when some of them fought against her. As Saori's rule grew darker and crueler over the years, Seyerna found herself struggling to aid the many people in need, creating safe havens, and helping to rebuild homes. There's a rumor that there is an entire village that Seyerna calls 'her own' a place where she sends orphans or victims who can't return home for whatever reason. She is a demon guardian, a vigilante, who most hope to never see, simply because she trails on the tails of violence and cruelty. FeatherKey_Fate Name: Ráijá Species: Nymph Gender: female Appearance: Ráijá has existed in the physical form of a human child for as long as she can remember, and her memory is a long one. She is ancient when measured in the human fashion of years since birth, but considered quite young for other beings who have yet to succumb to time. Her age, however, has nothing to do with her chosen form - as the nature of a Nymph allows her to shift her appearance at any time. Ráijá wears the skin of a human child, because it is the persona of her true self. She has flawless, olive toned skin- and long, wild, waves of dark brown hair. Her large, dark, almond eyes see everything and reveal nothing. She can tease you with a look; make your believe that if you held her gaze just a little while longer, you could know her soul. But it always eludes you, playing at the edge of your reach, dancing about just beyond your grasp. Ráijá’s face is more expressive than average. Partly because some of what she shows is an act, and partly because she is still a child, even if she’s as old as the stories say. When she is truly happy, her smile radiates; when she is sad, her tears can break the heart of a warrior; when she is angry… well… 'Hell hath no fury,' they say. Personality: Ráijá is very much the embodiment of the form she has chosen: thoughtful, curious, and mischievous; yet diligent in her actions and adept in her words - the only revelation of her age. She may look like a child, but her life span is far beyond what her appearance reveals. Often she will use the preconception of youth to her advantage, and play a cunning game of wits and tricks - One quickly learns that Ráijá can always be counted on to lie; and lie magnificently. Though she is manipulative, Ráijá has a good heart. An innocent heart. A child's heart. Her fist impulse upon meeting a stranger to to help and learn from them. Her actions are often the product of good intentions or a playful game; and if ever they turn aggressive, it is likely out of a need to survive, or well deserved vengeance. However, Ráijá is not without the impulses of an imp. She can be manipulative and cunning - her connection with nature fuels a protective passion for all wild things, and Ráijá will act against anything or anyone who threatens the her or her home. In the grand scheme of things, Ráijá is selfish in an innocent way. She is both generous and a trickster by nature. She is a Nymph - a child of the wilds. Strengths/Abilities: As a nymph, Ráijá has a certain degree of balance with nature and all things that live. The wilds of the worlds share a connection with her, and will conceal, assist, and defend her when they can. Trees, plants, elements, and creatures - all things that are wild and live - demonstrate an obvious bond with the child. She can befriend nearly any beast, find shelter in any tree; even bend the elements to her will; manipulate flame, fluid, or flora to a mild degree. History: Ráijá dwells in the forests and woodlands, ghosting among the trees and playing with her fellow sprites and wild dwellers. Sometimes, curiosity draws her into a village or a camp - where she wanders, watching those of the civilized world with a child-like wonder and fascination. She likes to toy with the haughty ones, play with their arrogance, and teach them their own lessons - and she is fond of catering to the gentle ones- favoring fortune to their needs and wishes. She has always been protective of her home, and often plays tricks on woodcutters and wanderers. Those who are foolish enough to provoke her might find themselves at the mercy of the nature she can conjure. While Ráijá has never drawn blood with her own hands, she has been known unleash misfortune on the poor haughty fool, leaving him to defend himself against the bear that Ráijá called, or swim against the strong current of the river that Ráijá had coaxed to swell up and sweep them away downstream. Ráijá has felt the gripping hand of civilization tightening since the Queen Saori has come to power. There had always been a stretch of forest, called 'Tanglewood' by the city-folk, where Ráijá had dwelt for the last century. She felt the boarders of stone and dead earth pushing against the tree line and driving her wild home back in on itself. She tried once or twice to motivate the trees to push back - but what can birds and branches do against fire and steel. And the flames came with cutting blades to aid it. When Ráijá had hoped to weave a wall of forest and block the dead earth that they called "city" from intruding further - Saori had opened a scar in the wood that needlessly stripped the soil of its life. Frightened at the lash, Ráijá had retreated further into the wood; hiding herself away with shame for sacrificing the wilds in such a foolish errand. Red Alpha Name: Cirith Species: Dragon Gender: Male Appearance: A dragon with copper red and gold scales, with large wings and two legs and a long serpent like body. His wings span reaches 20 meters when fully stretched and from head to tail he is 25 meters long. (Based on Smaug's design from the hobbit) Personality: Like most dragons, Cirith is a proud and noble creature, but also greedy with a love for rare gemstones or precious metals. However Unlike his kin, Cirith is also patient and calculating. He tends to plan his hunts in advance and learns the weaknesses and strengths of his foe. Strengths/Abilities: As you would expect from a dragon, Cirith has a powerful claws and deadly teeth. Sharper senses than most mortal creatures. His hide is harder than armour and his wings are strong enough to make trees creak. With every beat of his wings he sends a wave of hot, dry wind and his fire has been the end of many humans brave and foolish enough to challenge him. He also has some magical ability, however not on the level of a skilled elven or human magician. most of his magical power lies in the telepathic link he can make with other dragons and his control over fire. Human form: A magical technique seldom used, a dragon can take the appearance of a human. when Cirith uses this ability he takes the appearance of a lean tall man in his early thirties, wearing gold and red robes, with a handsome face and long black hair slicked back. although his physical abilities are limited in this form Cirith can still use some of his magical power to control fire. History: Born in the ruins of a human made castle on a peninsula now called The Dragon Coast Cirith was raised amongst his kin for years as he grew and learned the lessons from his mother and his history from his father. When he got older he left his father’s domain and had to find his own place in the realm. From time to time the lands bordering the realm of dragons are attacked by adolescent dragons who try to carve out their own domain. Some remain in these lands and expand the reach of the dragon realm, others fail and either flee their claim in shame or die by the blade of a hero. Cirith was crafty however and instead of seeking out a rich land or a powerful kingdom to sack he chose for a strategically placed peninsula Over the years Cirith defended his new home and managed to gather a small hoard of his own; Trophies from battle, treasures from human cities or even the odd armour of a knight who fell against him. Cirith grew in name thanks to his patient planning of his goals. In his search for unique treasure he would wander the lands, concealed as a wandering human sorcerer, and learn the weaknesses of his target. This behavior did not go unnoticed amongst his kin and although they found it odd how careful Cirith acted they could not argue with the results. It was for his patient nature that Cirith was selected to represent the dragon clans of the Dragon Coast and Burning Isles. His official task is to convey the neutrality of the dragons in this attempted rebellion, however unbeknownst to his kin and the representatives he also has a secret task laid upon him by his patriarch… Yajuu_Kikuishi Name: Raion Species: Tatsujin – The Tatsujin are a race of dragon/human hybrids. They were originally completely human but with the use of forbidden magic managed to fuse the DNA of dragons and humans to create their race. Gender: Male Appearance: A couple of inches over six feet in height, Raion has long limbs and hard, compact muscles. He has wavy chin length black hair that he sweeps back along his head and light grey eyes. His pupils are not round as normal but have narrowed into slits, and his teeth are a set of dagger points. His finger and toe nails are thick and black, and pretty much unbreakable. Raion’s skin is very pale, sometimes being mistaken for white in bright light, and rough like leather. Steel-hard white scales have formed on various parts of his body; along the top of his hands and forearms, stopping just below the elbow, along the length and width of his back, from waist to hairline, and along the front of his shins and the top of his feet. Personality: Raion is a pit of rage and ferocity hidden beneath calm and intelligence. In most cases, Raion is in control of his emotions and gives of the impression of a seasoned warrior with a high level of strategic intelligence. However, his mind was somewhat fractured at one point and he is now prone to descend into a beastly rage without much of a push. Strengths/Abilities: The DNA spliced from the dragons gives Raion a number of bodily advancements. His base strength is increased to super human levels, the scales on his body are harder than steel and resistant to magic, and his senses of smell, eyesight, and hearing have been drastically increased. The Tatsujin also have a perceived immortality; meaning that they have yet to discover whether they can live forever or not, seeing as they always die in battle. Raion himself is skilled in hand to hand combat, although he knows no actual martial arts, but prefers using his custom-made axe (named ‘Draak Se Tande’) in battle. History: Raion comes from a group of people who, many years ago, secluded themselves to an island on themselves. There, they experimented using magic and DNA in order to create a new species. Eventually they found that Dragon DNA was able to mix with Human genes without any rejection and transformed themselves into the new species they called the Tatsujin. The Crown of the Tatsujin, the title of their leader, returned to the world and struck a deal with the reigning monarch at the time. They would act as his personal Knights if their species were given immunity to act as they wished around the world. The King was hesitant to grant such immunity and asked why the Tatsujin would want such a deal and the Tatsujin Crown simply smiled in response. A day later, three Tatsujin completely decimated a rising rebellion without so much as breaking a sweat, whereas the Royal Army had been stuck at war with them for several months. The Tatsujin Crown informed the King that they could do that to his reign if they so wished; and so the King brought them in as his guard, sending them out to quell rebellions and act as a peace keeping force around the world. Making sure he was keeping them busy in order to prevent whatever plan the Tatsujin Crown had planned from happening. When Saori came into power she gathered her personal Knights, every single one of them, and smiled as she ambushed and killed them all. Well, nearly all of them as a handful managed to survive and escaped into the world to hide. Raion was one of the survivors and was there when Saori razed the Tatsujin Island to rubble. Raion later learned that Saori had had no reason to kill her Knights, apparently killing them all on a fanciful whim. From that point on, Raion swore that he would one day cleave Saori’s head from her neck. The remaining Tatsujin remained apart and wander the world in secret; Saori putting a high bounty on their heads helped ensure that. Raine Bell Name: Yvanes Species: Elf Gender: Female Appearance: Fiery red hair hangs down to about her hips with small braid around her head similar to a halo to keep her hair from falling into her inquisitive lavender eyes. Fairly petite standing at only 5ft and 3 in. what she lacks in strength she makes up for in agility. Incredibly light and quick on her feet many people won’t know she’s there until she’s right on top of them. Personality: Quite soft spoken and calm her personality is similar to that of the breeze through the trees. Never quick to anger Yvanes always thinks before she acts. Many people in the past have considered her a voice of reason. Her only flaw is that she always searches for the good in people, insisting that everyone has some good in them, despite knowing that this is simply not true. Abilities: Her abilities and strengths consist of her agility and being able to move quickly and quietly as well as she is gifted with a healing power. Any injury can be healed by the touch of her hands but her healing power also has a dark nature to it. Should Yvanes have no sympathy for the person her healing powers would grow dark and cause more harm to the person. Yvanes also has the ability to speak with nature. The trees and wind can act as her eyes and ears to gather information about what is happening throughout the land. History: In the past Yvanes was a well-respected priestess and healer within the elven clan. Many sought her out despite what species they may be. Word had traveled of her power that even the Queen Saori called upon her and offered her a life of peace should she willingly sacrifice her eleven ways and follow that of Saori’s. Disgusted by the thought Yvanes refused and was banished to the depths of the forest where no one would find her again. Shocked and disappointed Yvanes hope for Queen Saori grew less with each passing year to the point that a hatred began to grow for Queen Saori. Lucy198906 Name: Luna Solisca Species: Angel Gender: Female Appearance: Luna stands at an average 5’9â€, her white wavy hair crawling halfway down her back. She is a shapely woman, her arms average looking her bust and her hips larger than the average, which lead to her thicker thighs and muscular caves. Her eyes are a silver color with just a hint of blue to them. Her lips were small but full, a very light flesh tone color. Her skin was soft and light, almost as though it consistently had a glow. Her wings were soft like down feather but now looked as though they had been painted black in several spots where they had burned off from her entrance to earth. She carried with her a staff, and her clothing was a cream soft like dress and robe. The dress was now shorter from her decent, burned in jagged pieces by her knees her, but her rob still held true. Personality: Luna has a love for all those upon earth. She believes creatures especially humans have the ability to show kindness and love to one another. She cares deeply for those who she protects and would rather be cast out than bow to another. She is fuelled by her emotions which is un-becoming of her world, but she did not care. She does not take kindly to creatures from the demon realm and considers them to be nothing but influencers of the evil that other creatures fall under. Strengths/Abilities: Her strength is the power of her wings. She can fly high into the air and maneuver well. Her staff that she carries pulls into two holy swords. She also has the ability to heal others, but the healing process does weaken her. She is not able to raise those who have fallen to death but at their last breath she may extend their life if she truly cares to. History: Luna was born an angle. She had never lived life as anything else. She had been in heaven for several hundred years always speaking out for those who had done wrong. She was always will to give creatures, human and not a second chance at “doing the right thingâ€. Over centuries she watch as others played out their lives, living what happiness she could through them. That was when she found him. She watched him effortlessly every day. Watching his kindness, his compassion, and his love for others. She was told sense the day of her assignment that she was to only watch not to tamper with any life. She was not allowed to change their fate. When she peered to check on him once more one day she noticed that he was alone. Surrounded by ones that wanted to do nothing but take his life for saving another’s. Luna had been told she was never allowed to go to earth, she was never to interfere and she was never to change anyone’s fate. She watched as the men continued to beat the man she loved tears moving down her face, she could feel him fading from the earth, but she knew in her heart his work was not done. She disobeyed her elders and flew to earth to save this man. She slaughtered the men that threatened to kill him and went to his side. Inches from death she saved him as her body weakened. As he stood she sunk to the ground, a small smile on her lips. The man was in disbelief, as she whispered to him “goâ€. He ran away as quickly as he could as the arch angels set in on her. She knew she would be punished as she was lifted from the earth back to heaven for judgment. She stood trial and admitted what she had done. They believed that they had no choice but to cast her out. She proclaimed that by doing so they would cause more harm to this world then imagined. She knew this world was being manipulated by a horrible queen and was considering options on how to release the world of her without "interfering". The elders stated that the situation was to resolve itself. Luna argued that the queen continued to take lives, that she deserved a true punishment, that she was not worth saving. The elders ignored her plea’s and cast her down from heaven.
  22. The Sleeping Shrine A ronin on the run from a grave crime he committed in the service of the Emperor seeks a new start away from the Capital and finds himself in the remote countryside searching for work. The rural people who are weary of well dressed strangers, however, direct him deep into the mountains where a village Lord is said to be looking to hire a Samurai as a guard to his estate. The ronin, who is optimistic about the news, receives a cryptic warning from the villagers to beware the demons who walk the mountain paths and lure men in with a guise of beauty. Feeling undaunted by the tale of caution, the ronin ventures deep into the mountain where an encounter with a strange, beautiful being leaves him feeling shaken and suddenly more believing of the demons the villagers spoke of. To make things worse, soon after his arrival into the mountain village, the murder an important figure pushes the ronin into a search for the culprit that leads him into a world he wishes he'd never found existed. Main Characters The Ronin [Played By] • Name: - • Appearance: - • Personality: - • Descriptors - A man running from his past mistakes, who runs into more trouble than he ever wanted to find - Was once a court samurai in the service of the Emperor, who refused to accept a punishment he received as a result of blackmail - A very competent and skilled swordsman The White Demon/Trickster [Elphys] • Name: -Tsuyoshi • Appearance: -He is of average height, lithe, fair/pale skin and short white hair, lashes, and brows. His eyes are silver, but glow a luminescent turquoise when he becomes angry or emotionally unstable. He has black bands tattooed around his neck, wrists, and ankles that also glow turquoise when he becomes angry or unstable. • Personality: -He is shrewd, arrogant, secretive, and dismissive. He enjoys being cynical and often plays nasty tricks on the villagers, but has an air of elegance and grace to him that makes him seem approachable. He can be cruel, yet seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve • Descriptors - A mysterious being who takes an interest in the ronin - Seen as bad luck by the villagers, is blamed for the murder of the important figure - Has powerful magics greatly associated with nature and weather - Carries around a set of katana - Is left handed Secondary Characters The Feudal Lord • The man who governs the mountain village, who seeks to hire a Samurai to protect him and his estate Feudal Lord's Son • The Lord's son; a smart, competent young man Feudal Lord's Daughter • The beautiful daughter of the Lord; she is sought out by many suitors Villagers • The people of the village The Murderer • The one who murdered the important figure Yami no Kami • The God of the Mountain to whom the shrine is dedicated and the villagers worship Demons • Youkai and spirits that reside in the mountains around the village Information Seeking someone to play the ronin. I've left most of the profile open for my partner to fill in. My intention is for he and the Trickster to fall into a sort of strained friendship/attraction with one another. By no means will it happen right away, but as a general plot device I would like that to happen eventually. This is a sort of fantasy, feudal, murder mystery with a lot of dark drama and angst. I am looking to sort of steer the roleplay in the direction of the plot I intend. I have plot twists planned. As far as availability, I am a sporadic poster. Sometimes I can make several posts in a day/week and sometimes I get busy and several days will pass in between posts. I will do my best to keep my partner updated with relevant information. Post length can be variable. I'm not looking for thousands of words, nor will I put out that much on a general post, though I have no problem reading them. I prefer quality over quantity and I love dialogue. In general I am very flexible with length and content. If you are interested, let me know. I'd love to screen people's character ideas so I can find the best fit for mine. Happy posting, I can't wait to hear from you and good luck!
  23. Rodinia

    A Firuzian merchant once told him that grey skies on the first day of a journey are a bad omen; they would signify bad luck, failure, a voyage with no return. Looking at the faces of the dozens of onlookers as his steed strode through the mud infested streets one would think that they were told the same tale the Firuzians were; their stares were bleak, melancholic and filled with fear. If he didn’t know better Aurelio would think they were the ones about to undertake a hopeless journey, not him. Nevertheless the superstition held no worth in his eyes. It was time for him to fulfill his purpose and a little bad weather would not be able to stop him. Waiting for fair weather in Caolan had no point anyway. The bleak sky, never-ending cold gusts and soft drizzling rain were daily occurrences no matter the season or time of day. Living in this austere country for the better part of a year was not enough for him to get used to the climate. Part of him would be happy that he finally had a reason to leave, if only an emotion as joy wasn’t something so far from his emotional range. It mattered not. It was the dawn of a new day, a new year even, the day they had agreed to meet on a month ago had finally arrived and Aurelio refused to miss even a second of it. Sheridan has always had a dark reputation despite its technological prowess. The invention and widespread implementation of the steam engine should’ve ushered in an age of prosperity for the elves, but instead it only served to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. This income disparity was of little importance to him, all he cared about was making use the steam engine to cross Caolan’s borders as soon as possible. The elves were kind enough to development something they called a train, powered by a steam locomotive it would be able to transport a high number of people at great velocity over a predetermined path. It effectively shortened four days of travel by horseback to less than twenty-four hours. As he drew closer to the train station the sounds of the crowd became more audible. Soft murmuring quickly turned into loud shouting by the time that he was a stone’s throw away from the station’s entrance, but the very second they laid eyes upon him every bit of noise was drowned out by an uncomfortable silence. Behind him several dozens of Caolanians had been following the strut of his horse and in front of him a crowd had been waiting to see him off. These people were idiots. Despite all the rational explanations that this excursion would end in failure they still insisted on clinging on to that tiny bit of hope that the world would be saved. Idiots. Aurelio hopped off his steed, landed in the middle of a puddle of muddy water and adjusted his overcoat before grabbing the horse’s reins. He was neatly dressed in cream trousers, a cream overcoat with one folded lapel to reveal a wine coloured interior, one lapel raised to form a high collar all the way around his neck and a black belt tied around his waist, knee high brown leather boots and brown leather gloves. He carried himself with a distinguished air of grace and confidence as he led his horse into the station. The mob of people blocking his way parted willingly to open up a path for him to pass through. In silence they kept staring at him, but their interest was left unanswered as Aurelio’s gaze did not shift. The train station, as the locals referred to it, was no more than two stone platforms with two tracks in between. One of the platforms was empty whereas the other was occupied with a large black steam locomotive and a dozen train carts behind it. A human attendant dressed in a white dress shirt, white bowtie, navy blue trousers and navy blue vest approached Aurelio. “Could I take your horse for you, sir?†Aurelio examined the station attended before handing over the reins to his horse. Wait, why didn’t he ask for Aurelio’s ticket? “Aren’t you forgetting something?†His voice oozed with pride despite the hint of an accent making it obvious that the Common tongue wasn’t his mother language. “Yes, lady Lancaster is waiting for you in the first cart’s lounge, it has been reserved for her and her companions. She instructed me to direct her party in to her side.†The attendant bowed and started walking towards one of the carts in the back to keep the horse in. Aurelio gave him one last cold look before turning on his heels and walking towards the cart he was directed to. The interior of the car was made out of dark mahogany wood with several silver wall mounted candleholders to illuminate it after dark. The room was decorated with several upholstered two person black sofas on one side and fauteuils of similar design on the other side of the cart to leave enough room for passenger to navigate in between. Pairs of sofas and fauteuils faced each other with mahogany single pedestal tables in between. It did not take a genius to realize that access to this lounge required a ton of money. For a second he wondered how Nydia had obtained the gold required to pay for this, but before he could further dwell on it he noticed he wasn’t alone. In the back of the car a woman was sitting on a sofa, staring at the crowd outside in front of the station platform. She had shoulder length black hair with several strands resting between her nose and right eye and eyes with a deep blue colour. She was dressed in black leather pants, a white dress shirt with the top few buttons unbuttoned, a black underbust corset and a brown leather jacket. Aurelio made a mental note that Caolan’s fashion was not for him; too impractical. “They’re afraid,†she said with a melancholic voice. Her eyes remained locked outside, not turning to meet Aurelio for even a second. “They want to be happy, but they’re too scared of having their hopes and dreams crushed again.†Aurelio sat down on the fauteuil diagonally opposed of Nydia’s seat. “Do you remember our conversation?†Aurelio ignored her little speech. The problems of the people were not the same as his. He had nothing to do with them. “If I’m lying you’ll kill me and everyone I know, I got it.†Nydia turned her head to face Aurelio as her lips curled up to form an alluring smile, “Do you remember your part of the promise?†Never in his life had anyone looked at Aurelio that earnestly, it made him feel uncomfortable. The fact that he had no idea whether she was legitimate or the greatest actress he had ever met only made it harder for him. “Yes,†he said as he turned his face away. At that time he heard the door to the train cart open, the rest of the group had arrived. He quickly finished his sentence before anyone got close enough to hear him. “I will make sure you arrive safely.â€
  24. OPEN Fabletown

    I was recently watching Cry(an awesome youtuber) play "The Wolf Among Us" and it's a modern day New York City, I think, but it might be some other highly populated city-like area (It's like the series "Once Upon A Time" for those that aren't into games) where all the fables/folk tales/children's stories/Grimm Tales are actually real and they exist among normal people. I adore this concept, even if I was only ever mildly interested in "Once Upon a Time" and thought it would be a good basis for a roleplay. If this sounds interesting to you please share your interest. I don't currently have a plot, and am looking for people to help me develop one. I would be open to players writing their own fairy tale to make completely unique characters versus mimicking one already done, but it's up to the player, I have no idea what I would be playing personally. ^^; Obviously, I don't have a whole lot sketched out, if you like it but don't know about making your interest public yet, feel free to PM me or contact me via Skype (GlassDaemon) I'm happy to have someone to brainstorm with.
  25. [Closed] Rodinia

    Background Story The world of Terra consists one of large supercontinent called Rodinia. Rodinia is divided in 7 kingdoms, each governed by a king, queen, emperor, sheikh or whatever: Atsushi, Brynner, Caolan, Dulcea, Espen, Firuz and Guang. Ever since the dawn of man the world of Terra has been plagued by the supernatural; demons, undead, shape shifters and monsters have terrorized the dominion of man for as long as history could recount. But the resourcefulness of man had always been enough to keep these dangers at bay and allow them to prosper. Through magic and technology they were given a fighting chance, but the illusion of security came crashing down when Dulcea fell. Dulcea was located in the exact center of Rodinia and was always known as the nexus between the world of man and the realm of demons. The citizens of Rodinia bore witness to the greatest assault ever by demons on humans. An army several times the size of Dulcea’s entered Rodinia through a Hellgate and laid siege on Dulcea. Every village, town or city on their path was plundered and razed, every person they met was put two the sword and before long everything but the capital city of Dulcea was destroyed. When the capital and the royal family’s castle was under attack the vast majority of the Dulcean army put up their last stand in other to eliminate the demons. Sadly they were unable to stop the demonic onslaught and before long the city and the castle were theirs. Before this attack Dulcea had a population of 200 million, but when the demons were done less than half a million had managed to escape. It was the single greatest tragedy in the history of Rodinia and had driven the Dulceans to near extinction. Eight years later the demons still occupy Dulcea, but have made no attempts to attack other countries despite making numerous threats to do as such. Despite the dreary air that has hung around the Rodinia ever since the fall of Dulcea, there is finally hope. The Child of God has appeared and she has promised Rodinia salvation. She has promised to end the demonic reign. Nydia Lancaster, also known as The Priestess, was a young girl who was born without a father and raised to believe that she was the daughter of god himself. She was raised to believe that she was the prophesized child who would drive the demons back to their world. Setting Hello pals. This RP is a Dark Fantasy RP set in the world of Rodinia. When I say Dark Fantasy I mean that the world has been devoid of hope for years, a heavy air of dread has been crushing everyone’s spirit and the threat of suffering the same fate as Dulcea has prevented the general populace from enjoying their lives. Add that to the fact that even before the Fall many of the countries had problems with civil unrest, social inequality, rebellions and looming threats of war and you’ll get a pretty dreary setting. The last bit of human hope comes in the form of Nydia Lancaster, who despite being the center of attention now that everyone’s happy that she’s come along, is shrouded in mystery. The only thing we know is that she has to pray to god at every capital city’s temple. We have no idea why or what it will do, but she insists that it will save humanity. The problem is that Nydia is a magnet for supernatural activity. The creatures incapable of complex thoughts like monsters or undead are drawn towards her naturally whereas the smarter creatures use this sixth sense to lay traps for her and try and slay her. We will portray a small group of bodyguards tasked with her safety. Some of them may be there out of free will, some might be forced to and others might have hidden agendas, but if there is one thing they share with each other it is their skepticism that this will work out as good as Nydia wants them to believe. Either way they are stuck with her, whether they want to or not. The various nations are based on real life places: Atsushi – Japan Inhabited by humans. Technological level is similar to feudal Japan. Brynner - Germany / Western Europe Inhabited by humans. Technological level is similar to Europe during the Middle Ages. Caolan – Ireland Inhabited by Elves. Most technologically advanced area; they possess steam engines and a variety of machines that operate on steam. Dulcea - Spain / Southern Europe Inhabited by demons. They possess the technology the Dulceans used to, which is on the same level as Brynner. Espen – Scandinavia Inhabited by Dwarves. Their most advanced technological achievement is a boat. Barbarians don’t need anything other than boats. Firuz - Middle East Inhabited by humans. Many of the tribes are nomadic, so their need for technology is non-existent. They make do with their magic. Guang – China Inhabited by humans. Technological level second only to Caolan. They have steam engines, but aren’t as advanced with the machinery. Magic & Technology How far technology has advanced depends on what country you visit, but the entirety of Rodinia is approximately around the level of the medieval era. Some countries have progressed to a steampunk state while some haven’t reached the level of the middle ages just yet. The level of magic in this world is universal. Every person possesses affinity for a certain form of magic and is unable to use any kind of magic they do not possess affinity for, however certain individuals are born with affinity for more than one type of magic, these usually grow up to become magicians. One’s eventual mastery of magic is decided entirely by how much effort they put into studying it and mastering it. There is no restriction on what kind of magic a person knows, almost everything is fair game. I say almost just in case there is something I haven’t thought of, but you can work under the assumption that whatever you think of is approved. If you’re really in doubt just ask. Player Characters Name: Aurelio Nieves Title: The Knight or The King without a Country Age: 25 Appearance: Art by Noia Personality: Aurelio has no sense of humor. The loss of his loved one, his home and his country has scarred him to the point that the only true emotion he knows is a quiet fury. Cold, calculating and ruthless, he believes that the end justifies the means and has no qualms stepping over the bodies of those who cross his path to achieve his goals. Country of Origin: Dulcea Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Equipment Magic – The power to store weapons and armor in an extradimensional storage and summon it at will. Training: Aurelio has received a small amount of training in magic, which gives him the ability to store several weapons and sets of armor. Abilities: Aurelio has extensive training in various melee weapons and can use them all extremely effectively. His armaments of choice however are a shield and sword, but thanks to his equipment magic he is able to switch them out for whatever loadout suits the situation best. Bio: Aurelio was the crown prince of Dulcea before the Fall. During his youth he received some training in magic, but extensive training in military matters, combat and academics. He was 17 years old when the Fall happened and his family and fiancée were killed by Demons. As one of the few survivors of the Fall he lived in Caolan while waiting for his chance to avenge his family. With no valid titles or money to fall back on he lived the years as a mercenary to further hone his skills when one day he heard of Nydia. The girl was a native from Caolan and a guest at the Highlord’s castle. Several ambassadors from various nations assembled at the capital Sheridan to hear what this girl was planning. She revealed that she would be going on a pilgrimage and would visit every single capital to pray at its temple, but she would require aid. Most laughed at this foolish notion and left immediately, but several decided to stay and help Nydia on her journey. Aurelio, the King without a Country, was one of them. - Name: Kyouichi Asharagi Age: 27 Appearance: Personality: calm, lazy and pracrastinating regularly. Kyouichi considers himself a deep thinker who always makes time to stop and smell the roses. He has little value for titles and class, and treats almost everybody in the same way. Kyouichi is patient and rarely loses his temper, although on the rare occasions that he does, he is a dangerous man to be around. He enjoys the simple things in life and often acts like an old man. Country of Origin: Atsushi Country of Residence: none, he is currently wandering. Magic: Duplication Magic: The power to duplicate items and objects. These objects will disappear after a certain length of time. the number of duplications and the power required is based on size and mass of the object. Training: Kyouichi is trained in a dual sword fighting style and carries two katana. However he has modified this style by using duplication magic to create a multitude of swords for various purposes. Bio: Kyouichi is a member of a sword wielding clan who forge their own swords and develop their own unique fighting style. After the events at Dulcea, his clan was subject to in-fighting which resulted in the clan splitting in two. One side vowed to find power to defeat the encoraching demons before it was too late. The others decided to help their people by forging arms for the military. And so his clans were split into warriors and blacksmiths. Kyouichi has cast off his clans name, and wanders alone across the continent as a hired sword. He claims to only want the quiet life, and is looking for the means to retire somewhere quiet and peaceful. The only way he knows how to make coin is by the sword, and so that is what he does. While patient and calm, Kyouichi is ultimately a mercenary, he is not without honour. He wishes no harm on the innocent and would never knowingly draw blade against them. - Name: Anya Title: N/A Age: 22 in human years? Appearance: (Once again, pretend she has elf ears and stuff) Personality: Aims to please, mild mannered. Prefers to let her arrows do the talking. Country of Origin: Caolan Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Calm – The power to dispel the aggressiveness of any person or being, disrupting their attention for a couple of seconds. Training: Anya has a gift for archery. Her preference for ranged weapons has caused her to invest heavily into archery training, and she ended up being less deft with magics. Abilities: Quick footed, sharp eyesight, fast reflexes. Pretty much all the abilities you'd expect an experienced sharpshooter to have. Bio: After seeing the disaster and unrest that has befallen her and her neighboring kingdoms, Anya has decided to stop hiding in fear and step out when Nydia Lancaster emerged and gave her the little bit of hope she needed. As a random plebeian who has suddenly been entrusted with such an important duty, the burden does feel extra heavy on her little elf shoulders. However, the elf's determined to keep that flicker of hope Nydia has promised burning. Weapon: Hollow steel bow, which has been enhanced with superior Caolan technology. (Haha) Small add-ons give her arrows the extra Oomph in speed and power. One generic, sheathed dagger is strapped on her hip for melee situations. - Name: Shahin Age: 31 Appearance: Image (made with this) Tanned skin and taut muscles. Though he covers his head a lot of the time in the fashion of Firuz, underneath he has long braided hair, thick and chestnut brown. His narrow eyes are distinctive and pale green, the pupils rimmed with gold. He stands at 6'3" and is quite imposing. Personality: As fiery as his magic. A determined man who does not stop until his goals are met. He tends to lose sight of things beyond his goals, as well, a tunnel vision that can endanger others in his party if they do not aid in furthering his goal. He's not overly talkative, preferring to let his actions do the speaking, but he isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels those in charge are idiots. On that note, he is conditioned to do the following despite his potential for good leadership; he prefers the freedom of not being in charge of others. He is not afraid to take risks. Country of Origin: Firuz Country of Residence: Firuz, technically, though he is now traveling to find work. Magic: Pyrokinesis. Though he is powerful enough to generate fire from the air, it is still a thousand times easier for him to manipulate fire that's already set by conventional means. Training: Typical of his people, Shahin is very well-versed when it comes to magic, and his abilities manifested when he was still a toddler, thus allowing him to hone his magical skills early on. Abilities: Besides his skill with fire magic, Shahin is a fairly balanced fighter (though with more agility than brawn). He has a long scimitar given to him by his father, in addition to a shorter sword for more up-close fights. Hunting was typical in his nomadic tribe, and so he learned valuable skills like stealth and ambush. When he was older, he trained in martial arts to help combat enemy tribes. Bio: Shahin is a half-blood child of a nomadic tribe leader. His father was of a long and noble Firuz lineage, while his mother was from a farming family of Guang origin. Shahin's tribe made their home along the border of the two nations. Much like the others, Shahin makes a living as a mercenary, hiring out his skills for uneventful jobs. He does not swear any allegiance to any nation, not even to Firuz. As a nomad and a "prince" of his tribe, he only swore allegiance to the tribe. However, it is no longer in existence, decimated by a war when he was twenty-two. His father was killed, and most of his relatives scattered to the ends of Firuz to make new lives. He tried farming for a bit before finally storming out in search of something more. Non-Player Characters Name: Nydia Lancaster Title: The Priestess Age: 22 Appearance: Personality: Nydia’s kind, earnest, helpful and talkative, but also an enigma. No one can tell whether is putting up the greatest show of her life or if she is truly benevolent. Regardless of whether it is an act or not the amount of people inspired by Nydia’s kindness and promises of salvation equal the amount of people wary of her. Country of Origin: Caolan Country of Residence: Caolan Magic: Holy Magic – This means various forms offensive spells that directly affect demons and the undead and healing spells that can cure a variety of minor injuries. Training: Nydia has endured training in the art of holy magic for the majority of life, because of this she has become extremely adept at using magic. She did not spend enough time to successfully master it though. Abilities: As mentioned before Nydia is capable of healing minor wounds, which means cuts, bruises, stab wounds and minor fractures. She also has a variety of offensive spells specifically used for demons and undead, but harmless towards any other creature. In order for her to gain new spells she must study Holy Scriptures. Bio: It was foretold that one day the god of Terra would send his child to the realm of man in order to save them from the terror of the demons. So when Nydia was born of a virgin mother everyone around her was convinced that she was the promised child, the bringer of salvation. When the Fall happened it became clear that it would one day be her duty to save Dulcea. Once she was old enough she gathered representatives from the various nations in Sherridan and told them that she had to visit every single one of their temples to gain god’s graces to close the Hellgates once and for all. Many laughed at her, but a group of six lead by a man known as Aurelio Nieves vowed to accompany her on her journey. - Name: Lorelei Voss Age: 24 Appearance: An extremely beautiful, tall and slender human woman with long dark purple dyed hair tied into knot and a sideswept fringe, green and blue mixed colour eyes and an aloof gaze permanently plastered on her face. Personality: Lorelei is extremely smart, ambitious and constantly thirsting after knowledge. Add her manipulative tendencies and her willingness use all the assets available to her to get someone to do her bidding and you’ll get why she’s known as an alluring enchantress. Country of Origin: Brynner Country of Residence: Brynner Magic: Ice Magic – The ability to create and manipulate ice in its various forms. Light Magic – Lorelei is capable of bending light to her will which in turn affects what others can or can’t see. Barrier Magic – Lorelei can create various barriers. Training: Lorelei is a trained wizard, her entire life has been devoted to learning and mastering the three forms of magic she possesses. Abilities: Lorelei is a master of ice magic, having spent most of her time on that discipline. Her light and barrier magic are of a high level, but nowhere near mastery. She also possesses a keen intellect, used to analyze information and implement it into new situations extremely quickly. Bio: Shortly after her birth it was determined that Lorelei was gifted with affinity for three different types of magic, which meant that she was destined to become a wizard. She was thrown into the dog-eat-dog world inhabited by countless overly competitive wizards. In order to best them she used every trick in the book. At a young age she was already an accomplished wizard, but there was so much knowledge that still eluded her. Tension between nations made it hard to cross borders freely and stopped her from investigating everything she wanted to. Her salvation came in the form of Nydia Lancaster, but because of a very different reason than most people. International pressure forced every nation to open its borders for Nydia and her companions, which meant that Lorelei would find out everything she ever wanted by following the little delusional girl. - Name: Yunfan Wang Age: 30 Appearance: A plain faced athletic woman with brown eyes and black hair tied into a knot. Personality: Yunfan is quiet, preferring to communicate with gestures over words. Like most Huangese she is a cynic, but the fact that she joined Nydia’s party shows that she at least has some hope that it will work out as promised. Despite not being as twistedly cruel as many of her companions she does believe that ends justify the means. Country of Origin: Huang Country of Residence: Huang Magic: Tracking Magic – Yunfan can track the movements of anything within the radius of her magic once she activates it. Training: Yunfan received military training and special training in the usage of firearms. Her tracking magic is capable, but not exceptional, but her skill with the musket and the three single-bullet flintlock pistols is unrivaled. Abilities: Yunfan’s tracking magic can cover an area with a radius of about half a mile around her, keeping up this magic does drain her so she cannot keep it up permanently. Her skill with firearms is the best in Huang, she is rumored to be able to shoot the head off a flying bird and reload a flintlock pistol in less than ten seconds. Bio: Yunfan comes from a long line of soldiers. Every single person in her family had served in the Huangese army at one point in time. Many of them rose to become very influential generals and officers, but Yunfan never left the rank of a mere foot soldier. She preferred staying in the front lines with her comrades and refused many promotions, but the pressure from her family forced her to eventually succumb and accept a promotion to a higher officer rank on one condition. Before she would accept her promotion she wanted to complete one more mission, one last time in the trenches. The higher-ups were annoyed with Yunfan playing hard-to-get and decided they had the ideal job for someone like her. She’d represent Huang as one of Nydia’s bodyguards.