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  1. Another average day had gone by quietly and peacefully for Yang Quan, a convenience shop owner in Fabletown. The place itself was far from paradise. Noisy, corrupt by gangs and organised crime, not to mention that not a single one of the people living there behaved like regular humans. Well, you can take the monster out of the forest, and so on, he guessed. Or maybe that's as much as their glamour could do for them. Luckily for him, he attracted no attention. There was much still left of the length of his existence and he wanted to spend it away from the chaos of the world. After closing up the shop, he retired to the apartment just above it. It was a quaint little place, old and worn out by time but with some care it was home. He logged onto his computer to hopefully lose himself in the internet, when a curious site caught his eye. There was a girl on his desktop, messing with his files and programs. The thought that it might be some kind of advanced virus worried him, as the possibility of one destroying his entire hard drive was not something he wanted to allow. He opened his antivirus to begin a scan, and then, hopefully, a quick purge.
  2. The nights in Anna Mizo are stiflingly hot and its affects are strange on the people here. Babes are restless. The maids spill the milk. The husbands eyes wanders. The wives remain in bed, motionless. Some walk aimless around the small island, bumping into one another in dark, and sudden splashes of crimson permeate the air. Something sounds upon the ground. The birds scream in the trees and the ocean remains quiet. "I have given up on this pathetic human experience," someone calls from the midst of dark, and the birds do not scream, but they weep. The clouds are a blushing gray and ash falls from them — the winds, yes, the winds, lift the dew from grass. They drop blood into the sea. It is a clean, empty process, of earth cleaning its children, sweeping them into disuse. Orchids grow from them—spilled ichor, red earth—and spread pollen. The air is always thick and heavy with ocean and cedar musk and vanilla. The wind quietens and the neighbors crumble into hysterics, the walls are bathe in their blood. There are quick successions of suicide rates. The sounds of miniature thunder sounds — and then, the rains come. They come in heavy sounds. I digress: the winds pick up and the rains are swept like music — the husbands, they roam the island with cocks hard with temptation and the maids creamy buttocks are lifted towards their eyes. The wives say nothing and the babies scream with the birds. It seems it is all is inevitable. While they are filled to the brim in abject loneliness and celebrated angst, I become lost in the rushing scenery, of verdant trees washed white from moonlight. Here, in the low dark, in the summer monsoon, there are minutes where a nomad seduces, the linger of finger in the inside shelter of thighs, a savage grunt of satisfaction, there are hours where a man becomes a beast, where soft flesh like cream parts for the red sea of blood, and his prey slumps into a slumber less sweet than their fucking. It has been three years, since a woman, mauled, half-naked, her spine white and gleaming in moonlight, had been found. Who you are is important enough. A detective from the states, transferred to the island hidden in the fog of the Atlantic, to escape the horror of your last case. Whatever haunts you will not find reprieve in this quiet, sea-burdened community; you'll find there are plenty of washed bones of disquieted ghosts. Genre: Mature, Adult, Horror, Preternatural, Realistic, Dark, and Freeform. Other: Any gender requested. Your character: I have no present silhouette of how I expect your character to behave or appear, but they are creative, witty, and erotic. There are many variations available in the plot. I have constructed it without tight confines for the reason I wish for you to have equal input. Though, there are a few givens: the first, there is supernatural element to my character; they are much different from those around. This holds dark overtones as the interaction is physical and extensive. I expect there to be perverse comments, biting commentary, and incongruous collaborations between them. Specifics: Plotwise, set in Anna Mizo, an imaginary island who's flowers, referred to as Blood Orchids, often cause residents to hallucinate. They appear as lillies with soft round ends. You, being new to the island, are suspectible to its effects. Our characters cross paths for the first time, at the edge of the forest. There is something settling about my character to your human senses - a secret, a curse, you will have an unfortunate experience with. Skeleton: (should include the following in detail) Name ☾ Age ☾ Bio ☾Quirks ☾[1 ]Photograph ☾Opening Post ☾Theme Song
  3. Lionel hit the ground running. Above him, lightning arced across the night sky, causing the air to crackle with energy in the aftermath of the spell. Lionel cursed, ducking into another abandoned alleyway as he heard the sounds of heavy footsteps across the brick rooftops behind him. Lightning magic was a very efficient way to kill someone - fast, lethal and nearly undodgeable. So far, he had gotten off from the fact that the man had terrible aiming, especially under the cover of darkness, but he doubted that fate would be so kind to him for much longer. Since when has fate been kind to you? Nala'hedriel scoffed. He discarded the staff he'd been carrying around - his disguise had been blown anyway. Peeking out of his corner, Lionel took a moment to make sure that the road was clear before dashing out once again, heading towards one of the many safehouses he had arranged in this town... But once again he felt a familiar tingling sensation across his skin, allowing him to narrowly avoid the bolt of lightning that shot past his right elbow. His hunter stood behind him as he spun around, fingers extended out in a handgun-esque gesture as a grin extended from his grizzled face. "Checkmate, Zero." The spell-hunter fired another bolt of lightning. Darkness leapt from the shadows around Lionel, throwing themselves in front of him, attracted by the sudden burst of magical energy. The lightning bolt hit the wall of darkness squarely in the middle, striking with all the force needed to smash straight through a concrete wall - and vanished in a burst of blue light. The shadows fell away, revealing Lionel's grim expression as he stared back at his assailant. "Yes, checkmate," he replied. "For you." Lionel crossed the distance between them in an instant, but the spell-hunter was skilled. He drew his sword, swinging it with swift, expert strikes directed at Lionel's neck. He must have been some sort of fencing master, Lionel decided, barely moving out of the way each time the sword came darting forwards, while the spell-hunter moved back, maintaining arms-length distance between them. Lunge, step, slash, step. It was all like a carefully choreographed dance between the two of them, but the uncertainty soon began to show on the spell-hunter's face. Obviously, he wasn't used to having his prey put up so much resistance at close range. It's the superspeed, Nala'hedriel drawled. It always gets them, every time. His defense faltered for a split second, but it was enough. Lionel sent a punch into his gut, causing him to flinch and recoil backwards. He grabbed the man's sword arm and gave it a sharp twist; the weapon fell to the ground after a cry of pain. A punch to the face, a strike in the chest, and the man was sent reeling onto the ground. Three ribs broken, Lionel noted. He'll have difficulty breathing. He bent down, grabbing the spell-hunter by his collar as he lifted the man up face to face. "Who sent you?" Lionel snarled. "How do you know the name Zero?" The spell-hunter laughed, a hearty laugh that caused him to cough up a bubble of blood. "Your past haunts you, homunculus. You will never be free of it." Something shifted within the man as he continued laughing, his head lolling back at the sky. Lionel threw him onto the ground by reflex, shadows flying to his arms... But no magical assault came. The man continued his hysterical laughter as his flesh began to melt away, sizzling under the influence of his own spell until there was nothing left of the man except his skeleton. And the sinister black pendant that lay inside. The Circle of Dead. Lionel Descartes woke up with a gasp. Dancing with Death A private RP between TriOctium and Ice. Cold sweat rolled down Lionel's forehead as he pushed himself out of bed, groaning. A bowl of water with a towel had been prepared on the table, and he gratefully used it to wipe his face as last night's dream continued to play over and over in his head. Dreams are a privilege, he reminded himself, remembering the days when he had spent each night in utter silence, his body resting yet not fully asleep. Even so, being haunted by events that happened months ago was nothing to scoff about, and it took Lionel a few moments to calm his nerves down. What's the matter, chuckles? Nala'hedriel asked. Had a bad night? "Nothing for you to be concerned about," he muttered in response. For all their mind-reading abilities, Lionel had learned early on that T'Skarin were notably unable to share dreams with their hosts. It was one of the many strange things about his 'symbiotic' relationship with Nala'hedriel, the T'Skarin Prince of Shadows. Judging by the sunlight, it was time for him to set off. He threw on a cloak and his pair of sandals, grabbed his cane lying by the bedside and left the room for breakfast. The Dancing Sword Inn was a quiet place in the mornings, a sharp contrast with the noisy scene it had been last night. One of the tables was still lying on the floor in the far corner, broken glass all around it. Lionel ignored that scene, taking his seat near the bar instead as Zoraida came out with a hunk of bread and a flagon of wine. "You don' look too well, son," the middle-aged barmaid commented. "You feelin' alright?" "I'm alright. Thanks for asking." Lionel took a large bite out of the bread, then winced at the stale taste. "Well, if you say so." Zoraida took a look around the mostly empty inn before leaning closer to his ear. "Did you hear? The Baron's been killed. In his own castle, too!" Lionel choked slightly on his beer, putting down the flagon slowly. "Last night?" Zoraida nodded with a serious expression on her face. "There's been a big hassle in the morning. Mageknights coming here from the capital an' everything. I was quite surprised when you didn't wake up from all the ruckus!" Lionel's stomach turned. He hadn't had many good experiences with mageknights, the so-called defenders of the common folk. But a Baron being assassinated... that was big news. And perhaps too much of a coincidence. Satisfied that she had shared the news, Zoraida glided back into the kitchen, leaving Lionel alone with his thoughts. ... A small crowd had already gathered before the Baron's castle, though none dared to attempt to push past the line of mageknights that had been formed around the main entrance. Their efforts were mostly futile; at this distance there was absolutely nothing to look at, except perhaps the castle's wonderfully kept garden of flowers. Lionel made his way around the boundary, passing by several more mageknights stationed along the west wall before he reached a more secluded spot. The only reason why no guards were positioned here was because a humongous wall, towering nearly three metres in height, blocked the way into the castle. Lionel knelt down, feeling around at the base of the wall. Within seconds he located the alarm spell that would have triggered should anyone actually succeed in vaulting over the wall, and sent the tiniest bit of his own shadow into the magic circuitry as it fizzled and died out. Not enough to cancel the spell permanently, but enough to stop it for a minute or two. Stepping back, he took a deep breath before performing a running jump - soaring just high enough to land feet-first on top of the wall. And with that, he was in. His landing was softened by the grass underfoot, and he quickly moved into one of the side doors as he made his way deeper into the castle. Voices echoed across the empty hallways, its premises having been vacated because of its owner's death. Lionel moved past a large dining hall, ducking out just in time as a clanking mageknight in white armor marched past, then slipping behind him and continuing towards the Baron's bedroom. He'd only been here once before, through the same way. But the layout of the castle was easy to remember, and Lionel found himself tracing the same steps he had made all those weeks ago. Just as he got into one of the waiting rooms, he felt cold steel press against his neck. "Don't move, Lionel." The voice was very familiar. Lionel put up his hands in surrender, allowing himself to be pushed against the wall and turned around to face the newcomer: a messy-haired Inquisitor with a sharp nose and a blade in each hand. "Fancy meeting you here, Jarrod," Lionel greeted with a nervous laugh. "I knew they were going to put an Inquisitor on the case. But I didn't expect them to send you." Jarrod didn't have the optimistic smile Lionel remembered from five years ago. His face looked grizzled, more hardened by recent events. "You shouldn't have come here, Lionel. I was hoping it wasn't you... but you being here is only going to implicate you in matters further." Lionel raised an eyebrow. "Are you suggesting that I was the one who killed the Baron?" Jarrod didn't answer, simply staring straight at him for a moment. Then, with a great sigh, he lowered his sword from his neck, sheathing it slowly. "No, you don't have any reason to go around killing Barons. At least, not that I've discovered," the Inquisitor explained, slowly pacing around the room. "But that still isn't enough to stop you from being my prime suspect." "Why? Why am I the prime suspect?" "Because the assassin canceled the Baron's magic."
  4. [ this is describing "he/him" and was thinking of not naming him.. It seems more suitable in a way. Tell me what you think about that :] He stood there, his fingers gripping lightly onto the cart handle bar. The skin on his sweaty palms burned. It seemed he was constantly holding onto some object, whether it would be in a form of comfort or protection or a mere habit, there was never any hesitation while doing so. The leather covering on the steering wheel of his rusty pick up truck, the stair railing in his place of residence and of course, the construction work he was forced to entwine in daily were all possible necessities to hold onto. Along with this obsession, he found himself trailing off often as well. Staring at the sky as it changed colors, watching a happy couple kissing in the corner of the grocery store, even watching the children leaving school with smiles across their lips kept him entwined, not only in his work, but his thoughts about life. At a young age, his father had divorced his mother. He was forced to live alone, without a man to lead him and raise him. His mother wasn't any different. She was constantly complaining about life without her husband, but who doesn't complain? These were not one of his concerns. All he wanted was a family of his own, but just as any other young man with a job lacking free time, he was forced to suffice to his lonesome life style. At least the liveliness of his neighborhood grocery store was keeping him occupied. At least this way he'd be able to dwell in the life he had always wished for. Continuing on, hands still stinging with sweat, moving a cart toward his rusty pick up, the young man started toward loading his shopping bags. The usual consisted of these bags; milk, bread, eggs, honey, and a tub of pecan ice cream. Afterward, he slowly sauntered toward the drivers seat and buckled up. His lips parted to sigh, a hand running through his hair as he checked his reflection in the rear view mirror. The hot summer days attracted all types of tiny creatures. Most seemed to enjoy leaving their excretions on his vehicle. It seemed he wasn't even allowed to look at himself without seeing blurred images. As if his life had always been missing so much yet at the same time he had so much. If only they were tangible; physically tangible. [] Later [] "No sir. I have to change my schedule. Something important came up. I can't explain though.. sorry sir. I'll be a few hours late for my shift on the weekdays. I'll work extra hours during the weekend. Please sir...!" It seemed he had this issue so many times. Ultimately, his boss was a hard headed old geezer. His expression tamed anyone that laid eyes on him. His employees wondered how his wife had managed to survive for so long. Others wondered if she was even human. No one had seen her. He had never seen her. Who would marry his boss?Who would want to spend the rest of their precious lives with someone so demeaning and so hideous? He probably took her hostage. She could be locked up for all anyone knew. Shouldn't someone report him? Driving his pick up toward work, after the certain phone call, he stopped near a cliff. Not far from his work place far enough to enjoy the evening sunset. The sun was teasing his eyes with a dim yellow fading behind the ocean just before it with a subtle hint of orange gradually morphing into a crimson red, yet not as bright, and finally dispersing over the rest of the sky into a light blue and in the end, navy. Colors seemed to relieve him of his stressful life. Despite his short schedule his vicious thoughts intervened. The judgment he shot at himself, telling himself he was never good enough stressed him out. If only the sun set was around often. If only it didn't disappear during the winter. If only he could feel relieved for eternity.
  5. OPEN Renaissance Valley

    Inspired by Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli films, and The Moomins. Renaissance valley is a sleepy little place that is known for its beauty no matter what season it is. The village in Renaissance Valley is also widely known as a place where artists, artisans, and many other folk come to practice their craft. As a newcomer to Renaissance Valley, you must help contribute in your skills, whether they be painting, tailoring, smithing, or any other skill, as well as explore and take inspiration in the valley's many hidden secrets.
  6. “Pride is an admission of weakness; it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals.†- Fulton J. Sheen It was the seventh hour of the morning when Sylvaria rose from a fitful slumber plagued by phantoms to join the steady procession of nobles trickling through Upper Ale'del. Low clouds wreathed the Cirakin Mountains, shrouding the city in a gray mist that made the cobbled roadways more cumbersome to navigate. With meticulous care, Sylvaria guided her filly through the main thoroughfare leading to the royal palace. Months of traveling in foreign lands, free from the strictures of aristocratic society, had acclimated her to certain liberties, and she had to readjust to the formalities of her heritage, gingerly threading her way through slow-moving carriages and other riders. The fog had lifted slightly by the time she arrived at her destination, affording her a clearer view of the congregation assembled upon the rostrum at the western edge of the palace grounds. Where there would normally be a monarch or Council member issuing announcements to the residents of Lower Ale'del, instead a throng of nobles had gathered, clustered at the balustrade to watch the spectacle unfolding below in the market district. Most of her peers were clad in somber hues, and only the fine material of their attire betrayed their wealth and influence. Sylvaria herself had chosen a loose-fitting gown of crushed black velvet, with a high neckline and a modest cut befitting the occasion. Her eyes were masked by a half-veil secured to her cropped sable locks by simple black hairpins. The dark gauze obscured her features, granting her a welcome measure of privacy within the spaces of her own mind. She was not yet ready to be questioned about the presence of Soliri within the city. She took a place at the fringes of the crowd and gazed down at the market square. A dais had been erected in the center of the square, ringed by an assembly of merchants, tradesmen, and laborers. Seated upon the platform in high-backed chairs were the eight members of the Council, waiting impassively as two armored guards dragged a prisoner to the wooden crucifix mounted before them. From what little she could discern, high above the proceedings, Sylvaria could see that the man bore the sharp, angular features of the Vales, but his appearance was otherwise unremarkable, his visage nondescript and forgettable. Hidden from view, his eyes were lost beneath the tangled ropes of unkempt brown hair that hung limply against his face. He had a lean frame draped in tattered rags, and through the torn fabric Sylvaria could glimpse the angry network of scars stretching across his back, caked with dried blood and riddled with bruises that had already turned yellow with age. He was raving as his detainers pulled him to the crucifix and settled him roughly against the wooden post, lashing his wrists and ankles to the stake. “You are fools,†he spat, punctuating the statement with derisive laughter. Although his voice was hoarse, and cracked from dehydration and disuse, his words carried over the sudden stillness that fell over the crowd. “All of you. You will learn the truth of your folly soon enough, and it will avail you nothing. There is naught you can do to change your fate.†He laughed again at that, the sound growing in volume until the last cord was tightened and he was forced to imbibe a vial of nightsbane extract. Then he laughed no more, and in the wake of his silence, low murmurs of speculation arose from the gathering. “The man merely states the obvious,†a disinterested male voice commented carelessly. Shifting her gaze discreetly, Sylvaria observed that the man who had spoken was among the few who had dressed without regard for propriety, attending the proceedings in opulent finery inlaid with elaborate gold and silver brocade. “So long as we harbor the savages within our walls, our fates are, naturally, sealed.†He sighed mockingly. “Perhaps His Grace should have considered his own safety before eviscerating our policies.†“I’ll thank you to not speak of that again, for I’ve no wish to face the Council’s scrutiny,†a woman’s voice snapped in response, cutting through the flurry of gossip that followed. The man bit out a brazen retort, but Sylvaria scarcely heard it, as anger had washed over her, sudden and consuming. She willed herself to remain calm by grasping the railing and taking deep breaths. Beneath the thrum of chatter all around her, she could hear the roar of blood pounding through her ears. Seconds stretched on into minutes...until finally, the crimson haze clouding her vision dissipated, and her heartbeat returned to a steady rhythm. Moments later, the screams began. For all his insolence, the captive was mortal, and susceptible to the infirmities of his own mortality. Though she had never witnessed an execution involving the use of nightsbane, Sylvaria could recount the symptoms that afflicted him. Long before his organs failed - and they would, eventually - the toxins in his body would assault his senses, amplifying them until the merest hint of sunlight would be searing, the faintest noise deafening, and each breath excruciating. He would not taste the luxury of a swift release, either; the torment would persist for several more minutes before he would be permitted, at last, to embrace death. Sylvaria forced her gaze to remain steady by reminding herself that she beheld the man who had murdered her mentor. Her father's account of the crime still rang in her ears. The assassin had attacked as King Dorien dined in the Great Hall, loosing a poison-tipped crossbow bolt at the monarch as he bantered with guests. The attempt had nearly been thwarted by a member of the Royal Guard, who had discovered the assassin as he moved to fire, but the bolt had nonetheless found its target, lodging itself in the king’s shoulder. For a time, the king had appeared to be recovering; the bolt had missed his heart, and the injury seemed to be healing. Then, abruptly, the wound had festered, the corruption spreading rapidly through the rest of his body. He'd spent the last of his days in a fever-stricken delirium. Sylvaria could hardly imagine the pain of Lady Amalia...or Lord Damien, who had barely reached his seventh name day. How much had they suffered, to have the king inexplicably ripped from their arms? The injustice of the situation steeled her conscience, and she listened stoically as the last of the assassin’s guttering cries dissolved into silence. Once his anguished convulsions had ceased, the guards stepped forward to cut his body down from the stake. There would be no proper burial for a traitor of the realm such as he; the corpse would be flung from the heights of the Cirakin, and left to the vagaries of the wilderness. As the guards hauled the body away, a flicker of movement at the edge of sight caught her attention. But when her eyes shifted towards the source, she saw only a pair of doves taking flight, circling around the rooftops of Lower Ale'del before disappearing behind the distant spires of the Cirakin. She watched them for a long moment, then turned and slipped into the crowd of nobles filing off of the platform.
  7. Ghost in the System

    Ghost in the System In the year2021, Neigel Hassen, creator of the virtual reality game Seraphim, created the first plausible augmented reality device in the form of big clunky goggles. Using cameras that film constantly in real time and feed connections to the goggles, the program creates a real time copy of reality and projects it through the lenses. Other programs are used in combination to create virtual objects that work in real time as well. This system was a great break through and was named God Vision. Over the course of a decade with much research, experimentation, and investment, the program was set up for to run in all across the world. Cameras placed in cities, and programs installed in already created cameras to spread the augmented reality to the public. June 3, 2031, God Vision went live and swept the world away with its revolutionary system. All across the globe people bought the now sleek model glasses and goggles to use. Schools, homes, private and public; God Vision became a necessity. Children and teens took to it the easiest and quickly became attached to the system, using it for things like games, exploiting bugs and glitches for fun, creating programs to run alongside it to both help and hinder others. It was a great success. After several more years, the God Vision system began to grow weaker. Rumors began to spread about strange glitches in the system and several unexplained incidents occurred with people falling unconscious while using GV. To disperse any rumors of the God Vision system being dangerous, the company used the obvious compatibility issues as an excuse to upgrade. With advances in technology, the servers worldwide underwent maintenance for a week as God Send was installed over the original God Vision to solve the problems. 2037, and the world is continuing on just as always using God Send. On many forums popular among younger people though, rumors about a ghost in the system linger. The familiar legend of the God Eater floats around. Though widely dismissed as impossible, a fairy tale, or a simple legend, what is the truth? Overview Your basic ghost in the system story line. Mysterious rumors revolving around dangerous self-programming AI in augmented reality that lives in the program and causes people harm. A group of teens gets interested after hearing about the rumors and decide to take action. They then begin to search for the truth behind the legend and become detectives. They use skills that aren't widely known to exploit the system: hacking, glitches and bugs in the programming, black market items.They fight against the established system in this manner to find the secrets hidden away and uncover the truth. :Terminology: GV- This stands for the original version of augmented reality, God Vision. GS- The current version of augmented reality, God Send. Mods/God’s Eye- These are AI created by Seraphim CO. to manage the server real time. They handle things like bugs and glitches in the programming, usually appearing where out dated programming, or glitched/bugged space exists. Admin/Hand of God- These are AI created to maintain the laws of augmented reality. They can’t enter private areas, school zones, and other places. They appear where people are attacking the system. (Rumored to have been created to handle God Eater, but never confirmed) Other stuff TBA? ______________________________________________________ So, any takers on this here idea?
  8. Ghost in the System In the year2021, Neigel Hassen, creator of the virtual reality game Seraphim, created the first plausible augmented reality device in the form of big clunky goggles. Using cameras that film constantly in real time and feed connections to the goggles, the program creates a real time copy of reality and projects it through the lenses. Other programs are used in combination to create virtual objects that work in real time as well. This system was a great break through and was named God Vision. Over the course of a decade with much research, experimentation, and investment, the program was set up for to run in all across the world. Cameras placed in cities, and programs installed in already created cameras to spread the augmented reality to the public. June 3, 2031, God Vision went live and swept the world away with its revolutionary system. All across the globe people bought the now sleek model glasses and goggles to use. Schools, homes, private and public; God Vision became a necessity. Children and teens took to it the easiest and quickly became attached to the system, using it for things like games, exploiting bugs and glitches for fun, creating programs to run alongside it to both help and hinder others. It was a great success. After several more years, the God Vision system began to grow weaker. Rumors began to spread about strange glitches in the system and several unexplained incidents occurred with people falling unconscious while using GV. To disperse any rumors of the God Vision system being dangerous, the company used the obvious compatibility issues as an excuse to upgrade. With advances in technology, the servers worldwide underwent maintenance for a week as God Send was installed over the original God Vision to solve the problems. 2037, and the world is continuing on just as always using God Send. On many forums popular among younger people though, rumors about a ghost in the system linger. The familiar legend of the God Eater floats around. Though widely dismissed as impossible, a fairy tale, or a simple legend, what is the truth? _______________________________________________ The final bell of the day rang and as the first sound tolled the class erupted into the sounds of scrapping chairs, rustling bags, and the voices of many students discussing after school plans. Raife stuffed his Japanese literature book back into his bag just as a notification appeared just at the bottom of his vision. With a flicker of his thoughts the notification opened to a recent post on a forum about something called GSC; God Send Coma. It was a rumored condition about people falling into a coma while using GS. With another flick of thought the screen was closed. Most of the reports he’d read about AR related comas were just people trying to draw attention of feeding off of what they heard. Raife had done plenty of research on GSC already and found the only cases that had any basis were those from GV. He didn’t care to read a dead end message. “Raife! What plans have we got for this afternoon buddy?†Connor asked throwing his arm around Raife’s shoulder. “I’ve got no ideas at this point. We could always just go grab something to eat if you’re just that bored. Or was that actually just a rhetorical question because you plan to drag me into something else again today?†Raife asked as he stood, bag hanging in one hand, and they left the classroom together. “Nah, but we shouldn’t waste the summer. Even if summer vacation is over, fall will be here soon, and then it’ll start getting cold,†Connor said. As they reached the entrance of the school building a notification popped up in Raife’s vision and he opened it with his right hand, reading the headline plastered across the top of the black page in red letters. 17 Year old attacked by unknown entity inside God Send This quickly grabbed Raife’s attention and he was very eager to get into action with something of this nature. It wasn’t a blatantly calling out anything. The article under it was very vague as well. Nothing about specifics that were tale tell signs of false info. The only thing it mentioned was the witness testifying that he’d been attacked by someone at night, and they were wearing some kind of armor. “Actually, I think I do have something to do now. Just read up on the board about something interesting. Sounds like an attack from a *Binary,†Raife said. "Still chasing the rumors of course. At least you found something good. There's been nothing but garbage recently right?," Connor asked, aware that Raife occupied his time with researching AR rumors and things of that nature. "Pretty much. I mean, it's not like there really is anything deeper than the surface, but still, it's fun to watch and it gives me something to do. I don't run with any of the gangs, so I have to find something else to sate my interests. Would you care to join me in my investment on this case Connor," Raife asked as he walked backwards while talking. It was then that something bumped into him and he lost his balance completely, tripping over the small ledge at the lockers and plunging to the tiled floor. He caught himself with one hand just before his head hit and he breathed a sigh of, “Safe.†Connor’s face twisted in some sort of mix of distaste and horror seeing who had just run into Raife; Hannah, the small girl who literally split crowds with her presence. Of all the students milling about, it had to be this one. I get the feeling things won't go so smoothly. Raife might not be able to talk his way out of this one. Connor thought, keeping a clear distance from both of them as students had already began to gather around the entrance, some whispering, some gasping, but all waiting to see what would become of the situation now. Foot Note* A Binary is an entity rumored to form from obsolete data no longer used, or from any data that wasn't properly deleted.
  9. For those of you who noticed that I've opened so many threads these few days, rest assured, it'll be the last thread I open .. for this week. - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes || Modern, supernatural, school, romance(, reverse harem). || Warning || Semi-nudity, poorly depicted textual jump scares, and taboo relationship between human girl and ghost boy. Possible exorcism if said ghost boy is irritating enough. Who knows. Read at your own discretion. || Plot || Set two years after the first season of 'Free!'. Ghost!Haruka is a spirit summoned whenever it rains in Iwatobi Town, disappearing whenever he stays away from water for too long - and strangely, it seems to be exactly what he wants; to be gone. During a school trip, Sayuri Hiroka gets separated from her team and seeks shelter in an abandoned chapel during a violent downpour. How will she deal with being haunted by a ghost who has failed in moving onto the other side? || Rules || This is a CLOSED thread. Madi (BlindxObserver) knows the rest of how this works. And that's all that's necessary for this to work. (I'm horribly lazy, I'm aware and I apologise.)
  10. Nowadays "It's good, isn't it grand? Isn't it great? Isn't it swell? Isn't it fun? Isn't it? Nowadays..." A smog-filled, noir-set city. Filled to the brim with murder, blackmail, and cigarettes. Silver Dollar City The name fits the bill. The rich side of town, nicknamed "The Castle District", contains all of the cities big casinos, high-class restaurants, and classy hotels. To any traveler, the streets seem paved with diamonds. But only those who know Silver Dollar can see the blood stained there. The poor side of town, nicknamed "Sleazytown", houses the slums, the gangs, and is run almost entirely by the Mafia. You do one thing that goes against their word and your face will be getting real friendly with the pavement. --- Set in the 50's. A bunch a murdery mystery noir stuff too. Good fun! Feel free to just jump into the rp! It would be nice if you post here first but you don't need my permission or anything to post.
  11. ((Discussion Thread)) "Y' alright there, Kitten?" The man's voice made her head spin. 'Kitten', the lady in question, was seated adjacent from him. She held a wine glass haphazardly between four fingers, spinning the drink around. Even in her slightly inebriated state, she felt the man's hot breath on her ear when he spoke, his arm laid casually around her shoulder. Though she was uncomfortable, she tolerated his presence more than most, as he was the casino's manager. Kitten fixed a smile. "I'm alright." A dark heel clicked against the floor, and she waved him off. She peered outside the window, watching the mid-day fog wash through the streets. Kitten sighed. It was much too early to be drinking. And yet, the wine remained poised in her delicate hand. She was quite striking in general. Red hair and ruby lips, contrasting with her pale skin. When she spoke, her voice was demure and eloquent. That is, unless she had purpose to speak otherwise. The only evidence of an accent was the slight thrill on her vowels. She wore a black dress that swayed as she walked. Her dark fur coat was draped around her upper arms, revealing her shoulders. Though playful and approachable, she carried an air of classiness and mystery. But today, the young woman sat on her lonesome, continuing to swirl the ruby drink in her glass. It seemed as if something had pinned down the corners of her smile. Her shut her eyes half way, phasing out the casino as she went deep into thought... (O god. I apologize for the rustiness but I haven't done this in a while.)
  12. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya's eyes opened so slow. Her head threw itself into an immediate throb and she was curled up into herself, tears falling like someone had come into the room and verbally assaulted her. She let out rough, pained cries as she flinched and moaned as the pains grew deeper, tighter, harsher, wider until her eyes shot open and she was staring wide eyed at her bedroom door. Her breath was heavy, labored with a moist brow and neck. What had happened? Slowly she sat up in her bed, gathering herself and sliding her feet to the floor to find a pair of panda bear slippers. Placing her feet in them she stared at the fluffy white and black creatures for a moment before looking up at her door. The sensation she had had the moment before truly waking up was terrifying. A void of that kind of pain and agony forced her head to turn a little and close her eyes. Had it been a dream or a true migraine of the devils doing? She did not dismiss the random occurrence of such a pain among her head. Standing from her bed she scooted her left and right feet across the wooden floor to her bedroom door and opened it to view a whole other world. A bedroom with soft walls, more feminine touch, to a messy, cluttered and dysfunctional room that she could read like a book. Shuffling through the living area she avoided towers of binders, notebooks, reference books and various other organized piles until she stopped in her little white kitchen. Aglaya lifted a long baggy sweat shirt clothed arm to her eyes and rubbed tenderly until she felt a little more awareness in them. Looking at the little white kitchen she made note of how the grays in it seemed sluggish and lazy compared to many of the other shadows in the kitchen. No lights were on to chase their laziness away, yet. Yawning and stretching as she walked to her cabinet she grabbed a cup and shuffled to the faucet for some water and then dropped a green tea bag into the cup and into the microwave it went! Staring at the speckled layer on the front of her microwave, supposed to help prevent damage to the eyes upon directly staring at the light in the microwave, she watched how her purple and blue glazed cup rotated until the seconds stopped and the handle appeared facing her as she opened the door. Taking the cup she scooted back into her living area, crossed the maze to her balcony and shoved the sliding door open. Walking outside and then closing the door behind her she brought her attention to the city scape above and below her. Aglaya lived on the sixth floor of a thirty floor building. The ants below her darted, paused, scurried and repeated. Her tired hand set the cup of tea down on a small table near by, still watching the busy ants. She brought a small pale hand up to her face and shoved a handful of pitch black hair behind her ear, still quietly observing the ants. “Is this what they think about me, when they look down on me as I travel?†Aglaya said in a soft voice, her heritage barely clinging to her words at this point in her life. The dark haired, pale skinned girl darted out of her apartment complex and dove into the city transit bus before its doors closed. She clung to the rail at the left as she went up the two steps and permitted the meter to read her monthly pass ticket. Proceeding to the back of the bus she carved her sight into the floor of the buss. Never permitting her sight to fly back to anyone that might be gazing in on the new passenger. It was awkward enough getting on the bus and being seen by its audience, worsening when they got the time to stare at you as you walked down it. “Miss Maxim.†The middle aged male voice said drawing the endless stare out of her pale youthful face. “Yes?†Aglaya said startled as her eyes snapped to his mundane existence. He was so boring to listen to dribble on about things that he felt were important, when she could have explained the purpose of the writers direction. Maybe that was why he would drop her grades below the one point they deserved. Despite his quip she fell back into a fantasy a little more dark and artistic than he would have understood or appreciated. Aglaya smiled faintly, to herself and no one else, as her eyes flickered slowly and the light from the window drew her back into the world she had been rudely taken from moments ago. “Out, out! Go!†The teacher said exhausted from his lecture. Aglaya looked up sleepily from her continued daze and noted the mass of her classroom flooding through the door. Now was her time to take leave and hide in her sanctuary for the rest of the day. Excitement buzzed in her chest the moment she thought about the thick, large, old crafted wooden doors to her library. Standing up from her seat she fed her class supplies into her bag and threw the long messenger bag style shoulder over her left and hurried out with the tail end of the class. She was in the protection and comfort of the library within minuets. A breath inhaling the new and old texts that had always kept her company. There were more interesting and intriguing personalities to keep her fancy in this one room than there were in the world from the day of its creation until the second of her arrival in that very library. All the men in the world and she had their attention, their devotion, their desire to share with her their crafted secrets. The women were always secondary. Research and assistance to the brilliance of man, the men, she respected so highly. Trotting down her usual path she plowed deep into the depths of the library and sprawled out on a table right next to the rounded dome portion of her sanctuary. It was made completely out of glass, permitting all natural light to come in and bathe its readers. Aglaya could never function out of its natural warmth and brilliance, it was a necessity. She spent the remainder of her day, afternoon and into the night in that same spot. Food or drink seemed trivial and hardly a requirement to keep going. Though her focus was shifted when she stood up to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Another student of the college had taken to interrupt that intended action. Her lower half was pressed up against the table as he barely gave her room to move. Aglaya's back was arched, hands reaching to support herself as she tried so hard to put a distance between him and her. Long black hair piled on the table as concerned blue eyes stared at the face grinning at her. “Eh . . Miss Maxum . . “ He said amused at her startled look. “Ma-Maaxim.†Aglaya corrected. “Whatever. You seem too occupied.†He was amused with his discomfort in her eyes. It was as if he had a thrill driving that emotion in her, taking her and consuming that emotion. “No—I.†A thunderstorm had just started and it began on the roughest front possible. The water from their clouds so heavy it made the building feel weak and much older than it truly was. Its glass clipped, shrieked and shook as stronger angles slammed into it hurriedly. As if the water itself was emulating how quick Agalay's heart was pattering. Thunder rattled the building and her being, there was a pause and then a series of lightning flashes went off. Aglaya's eyes grew wider, her chest stopped its fearful fall and rise as she saw a figure standing outside of the libraries glass. He was just standing there through the several flickers of light, watching her and the student intent on his design with her. Aglaya let out a shriek of total fear when the body vanished and she fell onto the table and started to scoot wildly from the students company. “Did . . there!†Aglaya said terrified as she pointed at the empty space the male figure had been standing. A strange and startled look set on his face as he put a hand on his hip. “No wonder you're still a virgin.†He scoffed as he walked off and left the petrified woman on the table to fend for herself.
  13. Aftermath Story idea

    Hey guys. This is just an idea that I had that might be worth sharing. Some of you might have seen this one in an earlier thread I made. Just following HH's advice and making a separate thread for each of said ideas. The end of the world has come and gone. This is a post apocalyptic scenario. Strangely, a large number of the population just vanished, up and disappeared. Those that have remained have to try and survive. However, since the apocalypse has happened, the rules have very much changed. Demons are now free to roam the land and do as they see fit. Angels by the hordes have been left behind, and they'll act as they feel they should, without the guidance of their lord. Fairy and magical creatures now see Earth as their new playground. The undead walk the earth (and even have their own civilizations). Super advance technology is now suddenly being discovered, excavated, and being made use of. All races are, for the most part, doing as they see fit, be it benign or malign. Humanity will have to do all they can to survive in this new world. One human in particular, obsessed with solving mysteries, wants to know why this happened, and he is on his way to the center of where the apocalypse began in order to solve this mission. I was pretty proud of this one when I thought of it a long time ago. I still love this idea, but recently I've noticed that it felt like something straight out of Shin Megumi Tensei, or something similar to it. So... make of that what you will. Taking into account opinions/suggestions made by Heatherroneous and HH from the earlier thread I made, it does seem like a lot to take in, so this will be done in an episodic/story arc style, to give each race a chance in the limelight and help figure out how the fit in with this new world now that the rules have been drastically changed. Players can be from any of the races, though. Whether they join up with the one human trying to solve this mystery or not is up to the individual players. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! I'll try to set up more information and edit this page as I go along, so input and critique is very much appreciated.
  14. Hey guys! Been slow going on my part, so I'm gonna try and see if I can interest anyone with some rp ideas floating in my head (and hopefully graduate). Right now they're just in their basic stages, but maybe if anyone is interested we can flesh them out? Fingers crossed! Please note that, this being me, I'll likely try to have some kind of comedy element in all of them. Hope that's okay with you guys! Okay, here goes! Rp idea #1: Basic concept, spiritual beings with special abilities who bond with human hosts. Apart they have their own skills, but when they fuse together they become something like a super-hero kind of thing, with extra abilities that they did not have access to on their own. Their abilities can either resemble magic or something like technology (Like for instance the ability to create fireballs (resemble magic) or being able to turn your arm into an arm blaster (resemble technology)). There's also a dangerous corruptive force that has a tendency to take anything and make it openly hostile to any living creature. This idea kind of borrows a lot of concepts from the Megaman franchise, specifically the Battle Network and Starforce series, though whether theirs online-ness or not is still up for debate. Rp Idea #2: Giant monsters have been a problem for humanity for a long time, but humanity has been able to defend themselves and survive. Two methods are the most well known. The first is technological advances made specifically to fight the giant monsters (specialized vehicles, weapons, giant robots, etc.) This method is the easier to obtain of the two, but can be pretty difficult as it endangers the lives of those fighting. One would have to be very well coordinated to take down a giant monster without any casualties. The second method is through the use of a kind of creature that is similar to the giant monsters (they are normally small enough to fit in a house with no trouble, but can be made giant sized to fight off the giant monsters). A bit harder to come by as these creatures will choose who their human partners will be, but the advantages that comes with one makes for a much more efficient means of dealing with the giant monsters (faster, hit harder, a regenerative factor). The creatures can take on many shapes and forms, from forms similar to the animals of the planet, to forms more similar to a human, to even some absolutely bizarre forms that borders on elderich. This idea is more meant to be something like a mon rp, like pokemon or digimon, or something like that, so my initial thoughts were that the main role players would have access to these types of creatures. Rp Idea #3: The world at large has been, for the most part, completely unaware of the magical world due to it being kept secret from the public eye. For the most part, anything that could have revealed the magical world was dealt with harshly, thus silencing the "threat of exposure." The governments of the world hold a hugely tight monopoly of magic, practically deciding who can use magic and how, but always in secret. Then one day, one of the greatest defenders of the "Silence" has openly revealed to the world the existence of magic, even promising asylum for those who wish to come into the light and not hide anymore. This is the story of but a handful of people who are connected to the magical world in some way or form, and how they deal with this new and very radical approach as a revolution takes place. Think "The Secret World" except the secret as been blown and people either trying to accept it or deny it. Rp Idea #4: Two divine beings decide to play a game. They create a special world where magic and technology exist as one. Then they summon various people from various dimensions and leave them stranded on this world. They tell them that they are free to do what they wish in this world: They can try to make it their own or try to go home. All of the worlds resources is theirs to use so long as they can access it. The point of the game is simple, who would win? Good or evil? This one is more of an excuse to have a huge crossover kind of event deal. Rp any character you want from any franchise, or make your own character, or an expy of a character you like. Rp Idea #5: The end of the world has come and gone. This is a post apocalyptic scenario. Strangely, a large number of the population just vanished, up and disappeared. Those that have remained have to try and survive. However, since the apocalypse has happened, the rules have very much changed. Demons are now free to roam the land and do as they see fit. Angels by the hordes have been left behind, and they'll act as they feel they should, without the guidance of their lord. Fairy and magical creatures now see Earth as their new playground. The undead walk the earth (and even have their own civilizations). Super advance technology is now suddenly being discovered, excavated, and being made use of. Humanity will have to do all they can to survive in this new world. One human in particular, obsessed with solving mysteries, wants to know why this happened, and he is on his way to the center of where the apocalypse began in order to solve this mission. I was pretty proud of this one when I thought of it a long time ago. I still love this idea, but recently I've noticed that it felt like something straight out of Shin Megumi Tensei, or something similar to it. So... make of that what you will. And those are my ideas. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Also, if you think I might be interesting to rp with, give me a PM. The above ideas should give you an inkling of what I tend to go for, but for the most part I'm pretty open to anything so shoot me a thought and we'll see if I go for it!
  15. Searching for new roleplays

    I just stole the form from the Classifieds. Hope that's okay. :) At the moment I'm not really looking for anything specific. This means that I also don't have any plots kicking around right now, so my partners have to be willing to help me come up with something. Please help me graduate! Username: heatherroneous Name: Heather (that was tough to guess, wasn't it?) Available Times: sporadically throughout the day. More predictably in the evening. Post Length: Long. 5+ paragraphs. I'm not picky, though, and I'm pretty new to this, so I'm not a super stickler or anything. Post Frequency: Once a day per RP, minimum... I'm a stay at home mom, I do what I want. RP Preferences: Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, House MD (though I'm only just finishing Season 2), Downton AbbeyRomance as a secondary themeAction/AdventureMysteryHurt/comfortReal life (slice of life)HorrorHistorical fiction (Edwardian/Victorian especially)M/M preferred, M/F acceptedI prefer to play male charactersI WILL NOT DO... magic, romance as a primary theme, explicit, F/FContact Details: Contact me here! I don't really use any messengers, but could be convinced to do so if necessary.
  16. I am [SHER]LOCKED

    Wondering if anybody has interest in a BBC Sherlock roleplay. I have some thoughts on a case(s) that I can share if you're interested. I'd like to take on the challenge myself of playing Sherlock Holmes. I'm open to the idea of romance as long as everybody stays in character (in other words, your John or your Irene is not going to seduce my Sherlock in ten seconds flat.) Right now I am specifically looking for 1x1 roleplay but I could be convinced to organize a group Sherlock RP if there was enough interest. 1x1 pairings... John x SherlockLestrade x Sherlock (pre-John years?)Irene x Sherlock (the Great Hiatus?) Prompts that could be developed into full-blown storylines with a little work: John and Sherlock are kidnapped by what is basically the London mafia/mob. Hurt, lost, and totally at the mercy of their captors, they have to unravel the case, find the leader's weakness, and somehow escape with their lives.John gets a new girlfriend and Sherlock starts using again. John is badly wounded on a case and Sherlock considers excluding him from future cases, for his safety.Mycroft is kidnapped as leverage against Sherlock.Sherlock overdoses on morphine during a dry spell and John/Lestrade have to deal with the fallout. Lestrade is nearly killed when Sherlock catches the wrong bad guy and a murderer seeks revenge.Any of the boys suffers a spinal cord injury and has to live with paralysis that may or may not be lifelong. A murderer is specifically trying to get John and Sherlock's attention. Little do they know this man is someone from John's past...Someone is trying to frame one of the boys for murder.A serial rapist has been targeting middle-aged women, but this case is peculiar because each of the victims gives a drastically different description of their attacker, despite DNA at the crime scenes being identical.
  17. Black To Earth

    A humor role-play inspired along the lines of Night Vale, Futurama, Game of Thrones, Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, The Blackwater Gospel (youtube), and Homestuck. The main theme for this role-pay is; 1. Survive in an insane world full of anarchy and chaos. 2. Make your character as ridiculously unique compared to the others even if it doesn't make sense. and 3. Everything that doesn't make sense might make sense in this role-play. Physics doesn't exactly work in this role-play, and if and when your character dies, they can come back at any time. This role-play was created so anyone can alleviate their boredom- especially me because I easily get bored. We can use inside jokes and ideas from other places even if it sounds cheesy. The whole point is to make this role-play completely insane, so feel free to add something funny you found on the internet like Tumblr or Reddit. Don't comment something like 'OHH you got that from Tumblr' or 'you got that from Night Vale'. IT'S A FAN-FIC ROLE-PLAY MASH UP. Just act like it's completely original, and be happy. I was going to make this pg-13 but I felt that since this role-play is an 'anything goes' role-play, I'd let people add a dose of yaoi in here too if they want.This role-play goes along the terms of Cody Lyoko where all of our characters attend a boarding school but crazy shit happens and it is haunted so you can hear screaming and sounds of demons at night. Many different species of creatures and aliens live here. Also, the kids go to this abandoned building where they have a high tech virtual reality and the main villain in the virtual world is able to harm children in the real world. Fun stuff. The boarding school is called Black Sands Academy, and has grades 6-12. The town the school in is in the middle of the desert near Area 51 called Black Sands. The 'news' from The can be reality for our characters' world. Also, the town they live in has a large cult that worships the glowing flying cloud in the night sky.So, when reading the role-play, whether or not you are apart of it or not, just sit back and let your imagination go wild.When creating a character, you can have as little information as you want. The only required fields are the ones with stars on them. Since I come from a website that had a group of thirty role-players all in one role-play, I'm used to role-playing in large numbers. If you want to join, just ask ^_^ . If accepted, you will create your character based on the template I provide here:-------**CHARACTER NAME: Gender: (Male) (female) (both) (asexual) (other) (none)Description:Any other information:also, when creating a character I advise you to put at least one physical/mental disability or personality flaw.--------That's all you really need.It will be opened in the Student forum when all players are submitted and approved. I will open it with the beginning setting, and we will start from there.
  18. The mountains...the survivors, including myself came here a long time ago. It's out home and we won't give it up to those disgusting creatures down below. They wander up sometimes. I've honed our homes into the very rock to make it safer for us. It's been hundreds of years since the world was lost to the Titans. We, the last of civilization survive on hope and dreams. We have a military system of sorts and even could call ourselves a great city. Our city is under the mountain and stands firm to this day. We have a military, police, merchants, even a hierarchy of sorts. As for me, I'm a tinkerer and military man. My designs for traps have been used for years now to keep the titans at bay on the sides of the mountain. Granted I am still a man of the military and have lost much to the titans. I have only my left arm to work with now, as my right was bitten off by what we like to call an Abhorrent titan. It's a tough life by we manage. I still stand as one of the top titan killers, if for no other reason that my device designs, one of which allows for slight flight. I actually have a team behind me with designing traps. I am a Captain after all. I've been here about 10 years now, late 20s, and still alive. What more could I ask? One of the people under me is a prodigy, newer to the group. I have a feeling she'll make a great apprentice under me for major device design.
  19. R Gangland

    Having lived in Wolfdale for his entire life he had grown accustomed to the many problems of this big city. He had grown to accept it all; social inequality, the polarity between the rich and the poor, daily gang violence, corrupt politicians and law enforcements, staggering crime rates and high unemployment rate. Despite all of the social issues permeating Wolfdale Luca had grown to love this city more than anything else in this world. Too bad the weather was awful, though. He could accept the social issues, believing that one day he would find a way to solve many of the problems that plagued the city, but even with the influence of the Leone family it would be an impossible task for him to ever solve the constantly gloomy grey skies, unless he became rich enough to be able to fund a dome that would cover the entire city with an artificial sky, but even then he doubted that would be enough to solve remedy all of the pollution. For now he would have to deal with it. Dressed in one of his expensive black suits and equally expensive beige trench coat he walked through the crowded shopping district of Wolfdale. Many expensive boutiques were situated in the northern, wealthy side of the city and helped make the district one of the more popular hangout spots for the people who could afford to be here. The streets were filled with couples, most of them probably on their way to some kind of fancy restaurant for their date, as was usual for a Friday evening. The single Luca couldn’t help but be a bit jealous of all the public displays of affection happening around him, but it would be extremely uncool if he showed any interest in them regardless of whether it was envy or annoyance. After walking for a while he entered a street packed with restaurants and cafes. For now it was still filled with lovebirds on their way to dinner, but in a few hours this location would change and they’d be replaced with drunk twentysomethings partying till the break of dawn. He never understood the point. Slowly pacing through the street he examined the many establishments he passed by until he arrived at an Italian restaurant. He stepped into the restaurant and was greeted by its mixed modern and rustic interior. In the far back of the establishment was a wine bar with hundreds of different kinds of wine decorating the wine rack behind the counter. The bartender, dressed in the typical black trousers, white dress shirt, black waistcoat and black bowtie stopped polishing a wineglass to greet Luca with a wave. Luca nodded in acknowledgement and weaved through the crowded restaurant, attempting not to bump into the many occupied tables before taking a seat on a barstool. The bartender grabbed a cognac glass from under the counter and poured Courvoisier in until Luca signaled for him to stop. “Is Ennio here?†Luca took a sip of his cognac as the bartender shook his head. “Still not back from the Family meeting, huh? He never could stand meeting with the Heads of the other Families. He’s late.†Luca gulped down the remainder of the cognac before stepping through the door with a ‘Staff Only’ label to enter the kitchen. The chefs all took a moment to greet him before he stepped into the office belonging to Ennio. He shoved his black leather gloves into his coat’s pockets and hung it up on the coatrack before sitting down on Ennio’s expensive leather chair. After taking a quick spin and stretching his limbs to relax he reached out for the telephone and started dialing the number of Ennio’s cellphone. Once he heard the ringback tone he placed the phone back in its socket to put it on speaker, allowing him to spin around in the chair freely while the ringback tone assured him that Ennio had not picked up yet. Luca shrugged and simply started reading through the paper Ennio had left on his desk. The Don was most likely busy with something and knowing Ennio he’d call back soon. A man who hates being kept waiting doesn’t like to keep other people waiting on him, which was probably Ennio’s only good trait. After a few minutes Luca decided to try again, no answer, and again, no answer. By the third attempt he was starting to get worried, after the fifth attempt worry was replaced by dread and the attempt after that solidified Luca’s belief that something had to be wrong. Ennio would never ignore two calls in a row, let alone six. He stood up, dashed for his coat, pulled his smartphone out of his inner pocket and started writing an email directed at the underboss and the Family’s many caporegimes. “Ennio is missing. Find him, asap.†Send. It didn’t take long before many of them replied. They were confused and wanted to know what was going on, but Luca’s pounding heart and vicious headache made it hard for him to concentrate normally, let alone focus enough to want to deal with all these questions. “No questions. Just find him!†He placed his elbows on the desk and started moving his fingers through his hair while taking deep slow breaths to calm himself down. His fingers rested on the back of his neck as his gaze lingered on the floor. He had to know what was going on, but on the other hand he was terrified of what he would hear once one of the capos called him back.
  20. The Sleeping Shrine A ronin on the run from a grave crime he committed in the service of the Emperor seeks a new start away from the Capital and finds himself in the remote countryside searching for work. The rural people who are weary of well dressed strangers, however, direct him deep into the mountains where a village Lord is said to be looking to hire a Samurai as a guard to his estate. The ronin, who is optimistic about the news, receives a cryptic warning from the villagers to beware the demons who walk the mountain paths and lure men in with a guise of beauty. Feeling undaunted by the tale of caution, the ronin ventures deep into the mountain where an encounter with a strange, beautiful being leaves him feeling shaken and suddenly more believing of the demons the villagers spoke of. To make things worse, soon after his arrival into the mountain village, the murder an important figure pushes the ronin into a search for the culprit that leads him into a world he wishes he'd never found existed. Main Characters The Ronin [Played By] • Name: - • Appearance: - • Personality: - • Descriptors - A man running from his past mistakes, who runs into more trouble than he ever wanted to find - Was once a court samurai in the service of the Emperor, who refused to accept a punishment he received as a result of blackmail - A very competent and skilled swordsman The White Demon/Trickster [Elphys] • Name: -Tsuyoshi • Appearance: -He is of average height, lithe, fair/pale skin and short white hair, lashes, and brows. His eyes are silver, but glow a luminescent turquoise when he becomes angry or emotionally unstable. He has black bands tattooed around his neck, wrists, and ankles that also glow turquoise when he becomes angry or unstable. • Personality: -He is shrewd, arrogant, secretive, and dismissive. He enjoys being cynical and often plays nasty tricks on the villagers, but has an air of elegance and grace to him that makes him seem approachable. He can be cruel, yet seems to wear his emotions on his sleeve • Descriptors - A mysterious being who takes an interest in the ronin - Seen as bad luck by the villagers, is blamed for the murder of the important figure - Has powerful magics greatly associated with nature and weather - Carries around a set of katana - Is left handed Secondary Characters The Feudal Lord • The man who governs the mountain village, who seeks to hire a Samurai to protect him and his estate Feudal Lord's Son • The Lord's son; a smart, competent young man Feudal Lord's Daughter • The beautiful daughter of the Lord; she is sought out by many suitors Villagers • The people of the village The Murderer • The one who murdered the important figure Yami no Kami • The God of the Mountain to whom the shrine is dedicated and the villagers worship Demons • Youkai and spirits that reside in the mountains around the village Information Seeking someone to play the ronin. I've left most of the profile open for my partner to fill in. My intention is for he and the Trickster to fall into a sort of strained friendship/attraction with one another. By no means will it happen right away, but as a general plot device I would like that to happen eventually. This is a sort of fantasy, feudal, murder mystery with a lot of dark drama and angst. I am looking to sort of steer the roleplay in the direction of the plot I intend. I have plot twists planned. As far as availability, I am a sporadic poster. Sometimes I can make several posts in a day/week and sometimes I get busy and several days will pass in between posts. I will do my best to keep my partner updated with relevant information. Post length can be variable. I'm not looking for thousands of words, nor will I put out that much on a general post, though I have no problem reading them. I prefer quality over quantity and I love dialogue. In general I am very flexible with length and content. If you are interested, let me know. I'd love to screen people's character ideas so I can find the best fit for mine. Happy posting, I can't wait to hear from you and good luck!
  21. OPEN Fabletown

    I was recently watching Cry(an awesome youtuber) play "The Wolf Among Us" and it's a modern day New York City, I think, but it might be some other highly populated city-like area (It's like the series "Once Upon A Time" for those that aren't into games) where all the fables/folk tales/children's stories/Grimm Tales are actually real and they exist among normal people. I adore this concept, even if I was only ever mildly interested in "Once Upon a Time" and thought it would be a good basis for a roleplay. If this sounds interesting to you please share your interest. I don't currently have a plot, and am looking for people to help me develop one. I would be open to players writing their own fairy tale to make completely unique characters versus mimicking one already done, but it's up to the player, I have no idea what I would be playing personally. ^^; Obviously, I don't have a whole lot sketched out, if you like it but don't know about making your interest public yet, feel free to PM me or contact me via Skype (GlassDaemon) I'm happy to have someone to brainstorm with.
  22. Closed This is all based off of a dream that I had, and that is a reason there is a lot of vague descriptions and information. That and I wish for you, my partner, to help design the entire rp too. This isn't just my idea, I want it to be yours too. About me and my choice of RPing. I provide as much information as possible given the situation. I can write as much as you can and or more, again situation permitting. I write at the NC17 rating. There is always going to be nudity, blood, gore, violence, sexual scenes/moments, language etc. I don't write with or for the shy. If you wanna explore Neferteri's realm, c'mere I'll break you in. I want my partners to be honest, write how they feel their character is and who they are. I want you to do whatever the hell it is you want to do, given respects to what we discuss and obvious logical details/info. I want you to explore every inch of feeling and possibility with the character you design with me. I'm looking for a male role to be filled. In a world where the birth of a child, and then its death after birth can create an unhappy spirit . . . it happens during one birth to a king and queen. The queen had two daughters and only one lived beyond birth. Her second, which died shortly after birth lingered in the realm of the living. She was very unhappy, displeased, so upset. Her sister had survived, why she did not know, and she had died. Her twin sister would live and know the warmth of her mother and father. She would never get to experience any of that. Had she been able to move on she might have been born again into such a situation. Instead the spirit of twin daughter chose to remain with the inability to move on like most new born deaths. During that time in which she clung to the living's realm she was relentless in what she did to her living twin. Always lashing out at her in, as seen in the livings realm, unnatural ways. There was always a dark presence chasing after the living daughter. This persisted for a solid five years after the daughters birth. It was after the fifth year that she turned up missing. No one knew who or what had witched away their daughter. There was endless finger pointing, claims, accusations and a war almost broke out between neighboring kingdoms and lords with their ownership in the kingdoms lands. Who and or what that took the princess away has been an unsolved mystery and whisper on the kingdoms breath for fourteen years now. The lore in this world is mostly centered around spirits, spiritual occurrences, demons and the such. Not so much in the physical form, but more so they exist as an essence. Not that they can't be physical creatures, they can. Its just that they're not all that level of strength, so most remain the misty, see through, vague image of a figure kind of existence in the livings realm. I'm open to ideas and suggestions that do go beyond this pin pointed lore focus though. I will provide what very little idea and design I have/had for your character during the dream. However you are NOT forced to this idea. It is simply what I came up with and admit I do like it and felt it fit well with the atmosphere of the story/world. A basic man, normal hunter living day to day. In your, our world, there is an additional lore to the existence of spirits and demons. It, he, is an unknown spirit of the forest. I'll bow down and completely credit Princess Mononoke's Forest Spirit to this worlds ''forest spirit'' design. However he, it, is human in stature and wears a kind of antler head ornament. Some thing that he actually has horns growing from his head. He only wears leggings made of rough leather design, pelts in front and of the backside against him. His boots are held against his caves with a long leather thong lacing up from his angles to before the knee. That kind of image. I saw your character, not knowing since his birth of course, actually being the son of this unknown forest spirit. He would also be the one, obviously, to discover my own character. The Forest Spirit is the one who safely guided the king and queens daughter away from the evil entity that plagued her all those years. This detail is something we will have to discuss and work out between us, as I have more thoughts and information attached to it that my lucky partner will be given. You are in no way confined to this idea above. That is all it is and was, an idea. You are welcome to resource it, go along with it, edit it and make it super sexy for me. I need a sexy savior k? ;< I understand at this point there isn't much of a RP nor is there much of a story to explore beyond what I've told you. I want to add more to the world, I want there to be more conflict, more problems and a world outside of this forest spirits forest, the castle, the king and queen. I myself have always enjoyed there being problems like war, drama at court, life issues and the such. Again, very in much need for expansion, ideas and development. So lets work on making this small idea grow into something badass.
  23. Monday, April 1st, 2013. Today was the first day of his second year of High School, yet he chose to spend it in his bed instead of waking up early and preparing accordingly. *Bzzzt* His vibrating phone revealed that it was now time for him to get up, pressing the snooze button three times in a row was the limit or else he’d miss the opening ceremony. Sigh, no time to waste. He got up out of his bed and opened the large closet directly next to it to grab a towel and a bag with his toiletries. Kamiya Masahiro would be spending his second year just like the first one, in the Varuhara Hall. Despite the small size of his dorm room, it was large enough to fit in a bed, a closet, a desk, a small coffee table and there was still room to spare for an old CRT TV. All things considered Masahiro had nothing to complain about. Other than maybe the other inhabitants of the dorm, they could get on his nerves sometimes. Masahiro stepped out of his room, still dressed in nothing but his boxers and tank-top and dragged himself towards the second floor’s common bathroom to brush his teeth. He stared into the reflection of his own green in mirror, as if trying to confirm that he was still as handsome as yesterday. He sure was. Spit. He glanced at his hair, wondering whether he should do something about it, but decided that for now he’d go with an out of bed look. Also made mornings a lot easier. Back in his room he jumped into the black trousers, white dress shirt. He quickly configured his shiraz red, striped tie and threw on his black blazer, with a white outer edge on the lapels and pockets, that the school demanded all students wore. Another peek at his phone. Damn. He had to get his ass in gear or he’d be late for the opening ceremony. Without saying a word to check whether anyone else was still in the Varuhara Hall he sprinted towards the front door, put on his shoes and ran towards the school. Luckily school was in walking distance. As Masahiro stepped into the gymnasium the bell rang and all the students went towards his seat. Slightly out of breath and without a clue what class he was sorted in this year Masahiro stood in between the endless rows of chairs, looking from the left to the right hoping he’d find anyone who knew what class he was in. “Masahiro-kun! Over here.†Luuuuuucky!
  24. A casual RP between myself, Kyo and Seanzilla, PersonaX: Fear House of Amatsusangaku will focus around a "haunted" house in town! Weird creatures and ghosts sightings have been popping up and many people seem to be strangely affected by it. It's up to our heroes to investigate it! In the town of Amatsusangaku, a long abandoned house has been the center of much controversy. Murder, mystery and monsters, rumors has constantly surrounded the house for well over a decade. All rumors of course, right? Our heroes are seeing something different however. Perhaps they were the only ones who knew or the only one who could do anything about it, but they recognize that something much more than silly rumors had to be stopped from this house before it ruined their town for good. "Mecahnics"The House plays on your deepest fears. While you may think that it might just be sharks and tall buildings, the House cares more about the more psychological and personal ones.Just because you're not near the House doesn't mean you're safe from it. It has a habit of finding a way into, say, your room.Our heroes use their deepest fears, usually traumatic events, to summon their personas. I think it'd be a good idea to include a great fear and deep fear when creating your characters. Great fears would be things like sharks and tall buildings while deep fears were stated above.The House may appear as a great fear or something unrelated entirely, but the meaning is still there with ATLUS METAPHORSFURTHER DEVELOPMENTsetting!how do we all know each other/why are our characters involved??????PERSONATHE BAD KINDA THINGS THAT DOES THE BAD STUFF
  25. NC-17 Welcome to Fog City

    “Welcome back, night owls. That was Duran Duran’s ‘Save a Prayer’, released in 1982. Today is Tuesday the 15th of October, it is now 4 AM sharp and you’re listening to Steven Jay and the Night Owls on Fog City Radio. Next up is Bru-†That was his cue. The radio had served its purpose and Steven Jay’s infuriatingly monotone voice was starting to get on his nerves. He turned down the dial, muting the radio, and directed his gaze upon the empty streets. The city had been asleep alongside her inhabitants for a while, resting in preparation for another gruesome day of hard work. Even in the Southside Slums you would be hard pressed to find anything larger than a rat on the streets. He, however, was the exception to that. His work was done under the veil of night and for as long as he could remember he had considered rest as a sign of weakness. He reached out and opened the glove compartment, revealing a pair of black leather gloves, a Beretta handgun and a suppressor. After sliding the leather gloves over his hands he pulled the magazine out of the handgun, making sure that it was loaded. Satisfied with the contents he pushed the magazine back into the gun and attached the suppressor. “Finally,†he muttered. He closed his eyes and took a single deep breath. Fully prepared to fulfil the task he had set out to do he opened door of his car, grabbed the black briefcase that had been sitting on the passenger’s seat and stepped out. With the pistol still in one hand and the briefcase in the other he slammed the door to his grey car shut. For the past two weeks he had spent every night in his car parked in the Southside Slums, carefully waiting for this opportunity. While tucking the gun into the waistband of his dress pants he crossed the round towards a small apartment complex. The Southside Slums lived up to their name. The houses were old, run down and hardly suited for living, but the people here had either spent all of their money on gambling, crack or whores or did not have any money for decent living in the first place. It was a sad story, tragic even, but he did not care. In fact he was grateful. Grateful that he misfortune of these poor fuckers made it easier for him to do what had to be done. Even better was that there was not a single surveillance camera to be found in the Southside Slums. As he opened the door of the complex he was greeted by the sound of a dozen tiny feet scurrying towards the closest hole in fear of whatever creature had entered the building. ‘Rats.’ Silently he strode through the ground floor hallway towards the stairs. His destination was on the second floor. ‘201. 202. 203.’ His eyes were locked on the numbers plastered upon the apartment entrances. ‘204. 205. 206.’ This was it. He placed his briefcase on the floor and took a leather case out of his overcoat’s breast pocket. The leather case contained an elaborate 32-piece lock picking set. Patiently he toyed around with the door’s lock and before long he heard the clicking sound of the last pin falling into place. The door was gently opened in an attempt to avoid the creaking sound often associated with old wooden doors. The insides of the apartment were pitch black, only slightly illuminated by the dim lights of the hallway. Relieved that there was no one in the living room, he put the lock picking set back into its place and picked up his briefcase. After stepping into the flat he closed the door as silently as he had opened it. To the right of the door was an ancient CRT TV with a coffee table and couch in front of it. He placed his briefcase on the coffee tabled and opened it up. He reached around a bit inside of the briefcase, unable to find what he was looking for due to the darkness of the living room. It took him a few seconds, but eventually he pulled a roll of duct tape out and left it on top of the table. By now his eyes had started to get used to the darkness and a quick scan of the room showed that the kitchen was attached to the living room and other than that there were only two doors. It was likely that one of the doors led to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom. Confident that he stood in front of the door leading into the bedroom he grabbed his gun and slowly started inching the door open. As expected, the first thing he was a single size bed at the end of the room. His prey was in his sights and it was a matter of minutes before he was done. No longer concerned with delicacy he paced towards the bed and took a peek at who was sleeping in it. It was a woman, mid-thirties, short blond hair and so skinny that you couldn’t tell whether there was any meat between her skin and bones. He sat down on the bed and leaned over her, making sure to cover both of her arms, and placed his left arm firmly upon her lips. The shock of his body on her woke her up screaming, but the sound were muffled by his leathered hands. “Shush, shush, shush,†he whispered, “do you see this?†He waved the gun held in his right hand in front of her face. “Make any sound louder than I’d like and I’ll be forced to use it. Understand?†Terrified her eyes shot towards every corner of the room, whether that was a sign of disorientation or fear, he was not sure. “Understand!?†She quickly nodded yes, realizing that not answering wouldn’t end well. “I am going to let go of you. You are going to stay quiet. You are going to get up and go into the living room. Understand?†She nodded. He pressed the gun against her temple and raised his hand off of her mouth, as promised. Still terrified and probably not even sure what was going on she kept staring straight at the ceiling, not making any attempts of eye contact with her assailant. After he confirmed that she would indeed remain quiet, he got off the bed. Click clack. He cocked his gun right before she got up in an attempt to make her realize that a wrong move would end badly, betting on the fact that she did not realize that cocking a gun is an empty gesture. Luckily she understood and got up silently, as ordered. As she walked towards the living room he followed closely with the gun constantly pointed at her lower back. “Turn on the lights.†She nodded and flipped the switch right next to the door to her bedroom. The light revealed that she was wearing nothing but a white haltertop and panties. Normally he would feel aroused by now, but he felt nothing but disgust when he examined her. “Sit down on the coach.†As usual she did as ordered. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.†Before joining her he took a stainless steel kitchen knife out of one of the kitchen’s drawers. “It won’t take long.†As she sat petrified on the coach he used the knife to cut off a piece of the duct tape. “Put this on your mouth.†He handed it over to her, but she just looked at it as if she did not understand what he meant. “Please, don’t make me repeat myself.†After she gagged herself he cut off a significantly larger piece of the duct tape. “Stick out your hands,†he said as he kneeled in front of her. She stuck out her hands and he had begun wrapping the tape around her wrists, but at this time she noticed that both the kitchen knife and gun were on the coffee table. As if the fight-or-flight switch in her brain had been switched on at the precise time, she kicked him in the face. He hit the back of his head on the table and ended up stunned for a second, but she did not waste any time. Desperate to survive she ran towards, however with her hands bound she had trouble opening it quickly. She knew it was too late when she felt something tug at her at her haltertop. Before she knew she was tossed halfway through the room, back onto the coach. “You bitch!†The expressionless cold gaze that covered his face had been replaced with fury. With every step he took in her direction she felt that her time was slowly coming to an end. With a huge swing he hit her in the face with the back of his hand. He forced her down on the couch, sat on her with her chest between his legs and wrapped his hands around her neck. She struggled and screamed as hard as she could, but she was unable to match his physical strength and her voice did not carry far enough for it to be audible to anyone outside of the room. His eyes stared into hers constantly, while she searched the entire room hoping to find something that might save her, but as the seconds passed by her voice become softer and the little strength her body possessed her left. She was dead. It hadn’t gone as smoothly as he had imagined, but from what he had heard first murders hardly ever did. With no more business in the Southside Slums he quickly put his gun and the duct tape back into his brief case. As he stood in the doorway he considered one last time to set up the room and create some sort of spectacle, but he quickly decided that that would be too much effort. Instead he decided to keep it simple. With the kitchen knife, that he had used to cut the duct tape, he carved ‘SAVE ME’ into the apartment’s door and then slammed the knife into the door, making sure that it was stuck in place. He’d have to come back tomorrow and take a peek at the policemen. He was curious to see who would be the one to handle this case and even more curious to know whether he, or she, would be a suitable playmate, but that would have to wait until tomorrow. For now the only thing he worried about was what he should masturbate to before going to bed.