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  1. [something I was inspired to come up with... just seeing if there is an interest.] The first thing you would notice about Diana is that she has albinism. It is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme involved in the production of melanin. This makes her a little different from others around her. Not only does she have pale white skin, platinum white hair and light blue eyes, the disorder also causes her to have vision defects, such as being legally blind at 20/200. She can see some things clearly, but only at a close range. If it is more than a foot from her face, she can't see it very well, or at all. She can see some things far off, but usually only shapes, without the details. For example, if you were standing a couple feet away from her, she would be able to see you have eyes, but not be able to see what color they are. The disorder also causes her to suffer from Nystagmus, irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth, or in circular motion. It is something she can't control and she does not know when she is doing it. She sometimes uses bioptics, glasses which have small telescopes mounted on the lenses, so that she can look through either the regular lens or the telescope. Such a thing might help her read at close range better. She also uses monoculars, which are like one half of a pair of binoculars to get a clearer view of things further away. Diana does not let her condition get in her way of life. She is usually an outgoing person, loves life and everything in it. She is not rude or stuck up, despite what some of her peers might think. This comes from the fact that she really can't see a person when they are waving at her from across the room. She isn't ignoring you, she just can't see you. Diana also has a little sister named Jenna who also shares her condition. When their mother passes away and Diana and Jenna are sent to live with some strangers miles from where they've lived all their lives. The strangers are Diana and Jenna's godparents, her mother's childhood best friends. Diana is put in a school that in it's history has never had a student like her before. In fact, the town is so small, Diana doubts anyone there has ever seen someone like her in person. Jenna dressed as a hauntingly beautiful mermaid ---- Yes, so it's more or less another coming of age, cheesy high school, with a side of romance, story. Sue me. This time with a twist. (I don't have any personal experience with this condition, it's all coming from what I've read online. I apologize if I misinterpret anything about albinism.) So, what I want? Boy or girl who is fascinated with her, tries to get to know her, the whole nine yards. I think it could go anywhere, really. We can go back and forth and come up with more of a solid plot if you're interested ;) Being able to play side characters is a must~
  2. Chaotic Ripples

    (( At the moment I am currently looking for people to join this roleplay I am forming known as "Chaotic Ripples". Chaotic Ripples is about people who have these artifacts known as Ripples which cause them to gain certain abilities and powers but at a price. And during this era where Ripples are becoming widespread, being either artificially created or ancient Ripples being found. So, thus during this Ripple Rush your character encounters friends and foes alike trying to either make sure the Ripples are in the right hands, being used to their potential or just going completely mad with power using them. Also, before we start, I want to make a character posting page so that I know who is joining the roleplay.)) (( My personal rules for this roleplay include: No character deaths unless you speak with someone and they are ok with it.Explicit romance should be done off screen or in a PM somewhereDon't throw a fit if your character loses a battle against someoneMake sure you have funThere are tons of Ripples out there, be creative!)) (( So we will hopefully begin once people start posting in here asking to join or joining, thank you! ))
  3. The first rays of dawn spread across The Seer. The sound of waves crashing against her, day and night, never quite faded to the back of the mind, but the inexperienced crew found themselves getting used to it. Most were asleep below deck, leaving only a few to see to the ship's operation: the navigator squinted through the morning sun, a few riggers sat dozing while they awaited orders, and Corine Selwyn climbed to the crow's nest. She leaned against the guard rail and wiped a calloused hand against her brow. The chill of morning did little to cool her from the night's work. It had been her duty to board up leaks, check the integrity of the sails, direct the riggers, make sure the riggers didn't fall, and continually write reports that crewmen lacked the knowledge to write themselves. Still, she smiled as she looked to the horizon; the journey would soon be over, and then the real job would begin. She decided to give the ship one quick, final look over before getting some sleep. She closed her eyes, knelt down and placed both hands palm-down on the boards of the crow's nest. Starting with the bow and working back, she felt with her mind for any areas in need of repair. From her perspective, the world was hazy, colors lacked definition, and she could feel each creaking board and wave against the hull. Finding nothing out of place from her last inspection, she stood and opened her eyes. For a moment, she thought she imagined it. She blinked and held up a hand to shield her eyes from the sun. There was no mistaking what she saw in the distance; they must have been further ahead of schedule than she thought. A grin crossed her face. “Land ho!†she shouted.
  4. CLOSED Gods Among Us

    It was meant to be a lazy day. Lana had planned to make this one Sunday in Spring a very relaxing and easy day. She had no work from anyone and was happy about it. Rather than her usual 8:00 A.M. wake up call, Lana slept in until 10:00. Instead of a rushed morning to get her schedule together and make sure everything was laid out, she moved form her bedroom to the kitchen, fixed a bowl of cereal, the to the living room where she clicked on the TV. Clad in her Pajamas and curled up on the couch, she began her day just the way she wanted. No responsibility and no worries. Around eleven Lana finally crawled from the comfort of her plaid couch and shuffled to the bathroom. Stripping down, she hopped in the shower and let the water run over her bare skin. Onto her neck, cascading down her breasts and back, and rushing down her legs to meet the bottom of the shower the water went. She shampoo and conditioned her hair, then washed her body, getting all the places one might miss while not paying attention. After that, she just let the water wash over her until she could feel her hands getting too prune'y for her liking. Lana turned the water off and the silence that followed was ever soothing. After grabbing a towel and drying her hair and body as best she could, Lana wrapped it around her to cover her body then waltzed lazily to her closet where her outfits awaited use from day to day. Rather than something suited for a party or maybe business affairs, Lana chose a pair of khaki shorts that stopped just short of the knees, and a V-neck colored red with the words I'm not lazy, I simply enjoy doing nothing printed across the front. Next came socks and shoes, which had clearly been worn down from use. "All right! I'm finally gunna enjoy a nice Spring day with no destination for once," she stated aloud, daring anyone to object. Double checking everything was turned off and her door was locked, Lana left her apartment with a spring in her step and a body of vigor. She went off down the street of the city and, without destination, walked endlessly under the warmth of the sun that burned in the cloudless sky. Everything was going much better than she'd thought on her day off. No one had even dialed her cell to ask her to come for work or even to just hangout. It was a lovely day up until noon of course. Lana had stepped into one of the largest shopping centers in the city of Konell for lunch. It was one of those multistory shopping malls that have way more shops that any one other place. Standing in line to order Chinese food, the whole of the building shook as an explosion rocked through it. With the food courts on and upper floor and being full of people, it was the perfect target for an attack. Masked groups rushed, a motley bunch of people, and with the aid of Celestians they took control of the building. Those who tried to escape were captured and thrown back into being hostages, and any who stood to fight were met with vicious assault by the various beasts that aided the enemy. Lana's day went from being perfect to a tragedy in a matter of minutes. After the chaos of the explosion and attacks subsided it was obvious who held control, and they wasted no time either. "Listen here. You are all hostages now. Don't talk, don't cry, don't shout. Just shut the fuck up and do whatever we command. If you try to escape we'll catch you and make and example of your body. If you try to attack us we'll kill you. Simple as that. Now just sit tight and hope your military is willing to cooperate," the man who seemed to have the most authority stated. Lana noted that, while most of them had Celestians at their beck and call, the enemy also held automatic rifles and likely explosives based on their display from before. Why did my day have to turn out like this. Even if I wanted to save everyone it'd be a hassle to get through so many of them. Damn all you bastards! While thinking to herself, sirens from far below could be heard as the first appearance of help was made. Lana sighed heavily and chose to sit tight for time being. If push comes to shove she could at least escape herself. That much wasn't a grand feat, but maybe the military would be able to play it out smoother than she could alone. Next time I have a day off I'm just staying in and ordering take out she told herself while leaning against the wall they'd been pushed against for easy holding.
  5. Incursion A Mini-RP hosted by Wstfgl Rules of Mini-RPs No character sheets, no indication of interest required. If you like the story, just jump in with any character you wish.There will be no OOC thread for this RP. All OOC chat will be enclosed in square boxes [like this] either before or after your IC post.If your character dies, you may enter with another character at any time.RP posts are limited to a maximum of 300 words for Graduates only. Students can write as long as they wish. This is to encourage shorter and more frequent posts!For Students, posts below 300 words cannot be used as part of your Graduation attempt.The plot of the story will be unraveled by the host of the mini-RP, who will be directing NPCs and enemies according to the scenario.Post often and have fun!The Story So Far Hamsdale, Population 500,000. A moderately-sized American city with a pleasant temperate climate set amid a landscape of gently rolling hills. It accommodates a wide mix of ethnicities and cultures that would leave no social justice warrior unsatisfied, has a woefully underperforming baseball team, and is home to Starr University, a private college mostly known for its faculty's laissez-faire attitude towards student antics -- but otherwise, it's a completely unremarkable city indistinguishable from the many others dotting the US west coast. Well, until now. Or there won't be a plot, you see. Several people across the city have acquired a strange ability -- they have summoned a being from another realm -- otherwise known as a Knight -- and have gained the ability to magically compel these Knights to do their bidding, willing or otherwise. However, these "lucky" few have more to worry about than figuring out how to share the house with a spiky-haired, angsty dude with a sword twice as heavy as he is -- a strange fog has started spreading across the city at nightfall, and tales abound of strange noises and movement within the dense fog... tl;dr You summon an RP character of choice and fight scary monsters. Explosions might ensue. Character Guidelines: - The so-called Summoners are ordinary people, nothing special about them. Think of 'em as yourself, basically. They lack special abilities besides commanding their Knights to follow their orders. - The Knights themselves can be basically anyone (or anything). Basically grab any RP character of yours you like, regardless of genre. Go wild. - You could write from the point of view of a Summoner or the Knight themselves, or both if you're feeling up for it. (Or you could write from the point of view of someone completely unrelated to the conflict, but why the hell would you even do such a thing) - If your Knight dies, you can summon a new Knight (after the obligatory grieving for your new friend, most likely). If you, the Summoner, die... uh, try not to let that happen, okay? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This is Weston Finagle, reporting to you live from Main Street," the garishly-dressed man with a greasy pompadour narrates over the TV screen, the image faded-looking and flickering irregularly. "The recent spate of unusually foggy nights has gone on for almost a week now, and while the fog seems harmless, no one knows where it comes from, how it came to be, or whether it's got anything to do with the phone and internet connectivity issues everyone's been plagued with for the last few days. Our weatherman's been completely baffled by it; Hamsdale hasn't seen a day of fog since it was founded- what was that?" Suddenly, the image on the TV distorts and abruptly dies -- and the very last thing those tuning in see on their screens is a human-looking silhouette looming behind the reporter, its eyes points of luminescent green in the darkness. "Hey, you. What the hell's that thing?" The bespectacled, nerdy-looking young man mutters, staring at the static-filled TV screen as though expecting the program to resume. A mechanical click resounds from somewhere behind him. "A man of your station ought to address me as 'sir'. Know your place," a formally-dressed man with an impeccably-trimmed mustache declares as he hefts the crossbow in his hands. "And to answer your question... that's exactly what I came here to deal with." "You mean, you didn't just come here to mooch off me and be an all-around pain in the ass... sir?" "Ah, I finally get the respect befitting a gentleman such as myself. At least you're learning," the man replies as he pulls on his great coat and struts out of the door of the little apartment and down onto the street.
  6. Is Anyone Free

    A tiny huff escaped past a pair of pale pink petite lips as the young woman attempted to blow her bangs out of her face. Brilliantly violet eyes scanned the horizon, looking over everything that was under her care. The lush meadows to the east dotted with farms and little shops, down south the glittering teal of the ocean, with its glorious ships housed safely, within her northern castle walls her loyal people who place all their faith in her to protect them. With a saddened glance to the west she was reminded of what she has lost. The sky hung bleak and grey, the ground barren and terror clung to every soul that remained there. It was the darkest corner of Acacia Averil Aumen-Antare and it was because of Princess Anistalia Alyna Avenci that this area has fallen to darkness. She was naïve, young, and thought that he truly interested in helping her and ruling with her but alas it was not their destiny to rule side by side but rather to face one another in opposition. His name was Oncyrus Malmor, and he was determined to take all that he could from her. She could not bear the idea of allowing him to rule her lands; could not stand the horrors that he would bring in his wake. His power was a dark one and hers a light but it would seem that in this desperate time for need she would have to do the unthinkable. Her thoughts were disrupted by the abrupt knock at the door. Her voice echoed in the grand room as she commanded the guard to enter. “Your Highness, I have brought the exiled as you have requested. He brings a bag yet has refused to be searched. Shall we…†Raising a fair hand she silenced him. “That will not be necessary. I am aware of what he brings and I am the only one who needs to know.†The high Guard opened his mouth to speak but she spoke over him. “Do not question my decision. My mind has been made.†Turning slowly to face him, she held her head high yet her voice gave away her true emotion behind her façade. “I need for you not to fear, my people need strength while I am gone and who is to give them that in my absence. The guard nodded in understanding. “Remember no one is to know my true intentions, the people are to believe that I am traveling overseas to locate assistance. Until I return the exiled is to remain within the castle walls, locked at all times. Now bring him in.†The guard left for but a moment and returned with an elderly man. He grasped at the head of his staff, avoiding looking Anistalia in the eyes, his face sunken in giving him a ghostly appearance. His voice was dry when he spoke but none the less still clear. “Princess, how wonderful to see you. You look more like your mother every day. However you seem to have inherited a few of your father’s traits. You have his eyes; you also have the mark of a gift. A very strong one at that. The king would have been proud.†Anistalia covered the starburst birthmark that hid just behind her left ear. “You know as well as I do the king was far from proud, this same mark is the reason you were exiled. How could he live happily knowing that the child he called his was the great mage’s daughter? He tried so hard to deny it, named me after his mother. Went as far as to create the royal markings on my wrist.†She glanced down at the three stars that had been burned on to her skin as a babe.†All that was left was to remove the great mage from the picture. Mother begged for your life to be spared, putting her life in danger to save that of her child’s father. For nineteen years I had believed the king was my father only to find out it was you.†The old man removed the cloak he had been wearing to reveal his own pair of bright violet eyes in shock. Anistalia’s eyes lowered to the ground. “Mother told me on her death bed years ago. But it is in the past. I need your help, and I am glad you have agreed. I can’t help but feel you are only doing it out of guilt but regardless when I return we will have time to discuss at length. I need to go now. Have you brought everything?†The mage came out of his surprised stupor and nodded. “You know that this particular spell is forbidden correct?†Anistalia smirked. “Then who better to trust than an exiled mage and my father to keep the secret?†The mage threw up his hands in defeat and started pulling items out of the sack. “Alright we have the dragon’s fang, stands of elvish hair, snake poison and an infant’s heart…†Anistalia spun around quickly to face the old man. “I beg your pardon, an infant’s what?†He placed the items to form a circle not even looking her way when he responded. “I told you the spell is forbidden; now if you plan of proceeding with this I need you to recite the incantation with me.†Anistalia simply grit her teeth and took the parchment from him, staring down at the words. There on the parchment was an old language scrawled in horrid penmanship, it was actually quite difficult to make out the words. Taking a deep breath to calm herself Anistalia began to mutter the words as she saw them, tripping over her tongue in attempts to properly say the words. Within the circle the mage had placed out the ground began to warp and illuminate before her very eyes. She could hardly believe what she saw. A completely different world shimmered from the ground. The old man’s voice penetrated past her awe. “You only have a few days to find help. Another portal will open allowing you to return. But be warned, if you miss that time frame you will be trapped until you can open a new one. Do you understand?†Anistalia rolled up the spell and tucked it under the layers of her dress, determination glowing in her eyes. Without a word she took the plunge, colors swirling around in a frightening manner. She didn’t expect the trip to be so short but the heavy thud that she landed with made it more than apparent that she had arrived. Looking around fear gripped at her soul. Where exactly had she arrived to, when to be more correct. The vast amount of trees she had grown accustomed to seeing had been removed and what lay before her was a rather bustling town with all sorts of sounds and smells she had never encountered. Brushing the dirt of her full pale silver gown, Anistalia pulled her bouncing blond hair away from her face and made her way into the town. The sight she was greeted with was more than she expected. People rushed passed without as much as a glance. Did they not know or care as to who she was? Looks like she was going to have to gain someone’s attention. She spent a few minutes trying to speak to any of the people that passed her but no one stopped. Accepting defeat Anistalia made her way to a building that looked familiar. It was a small inn but it would have to do. “Pardon me; I’d like your best room please. One with a view of the water preferably.†She placed a coin on the counter and waited for the key, however what she got in response was the attendant shouting at her for thinking they were fools to accept counterfeit payment. After moments of heated argument Anistalia had had enough and stormed out of the building. Fed up with not knowing anything she finally decided to just speak with the royals, all that was necessary was to locate them. Finally getting the attention of a passerby, Anistalia tried to speak without her anxiety getting to her. “I beg your pardon I am Princess Anistalia Alyna Avenci of Acacia Averil Aumen-Antare. Could you possibly lead me to the castle for this kingdom? It is imperative that I speak with the royals.â€
  7. The Mercs

    [Hey guys, note, this isn't a game about a school... if anybody can let me know how to remove that tag (if that's even possible) I'd appreciate it.] [This story is set in the far future, on a planet that might as well be earth. The dense population gave rise to syndicates akin to that of Al Capone, making hired guns a respectable living. Your character is one such mercenary, invited to meet with other mercs in a old decrepit nuclear power plant outside of town. You'll meet your host for the night (employer), get eyes on the money (your pay), and start prepping for the job (with the other mercs being hired). Good luck, watch your head.] Louis approached the meet spot in a closed cabin auto-cycle. They hadn't been very specific over the throwaway communicator they had sent him, but in this business, sharing details got you killed. As the cycle slipped through the quiet urban streets, his playlist switched songs, which was a shame since that particular baroque happened to be one of his favorites. Not a moment too soon, the cycle decelerated, stopping at its destination at the foot of the old power plant. Large grey power coils jutted out of the ground, threatening to break through the dark storm clouds hovering above. He tapped off the speakers and slid on completely unnecessary, but nonetheless slick sunglasses, taking in the scene in front of him. A small white x was chalked into the concrete slab wall on the opposite side of the small clearing. As he scanned the area for any suspicious movement, Louis slid a handgun from the glovebox into his shoulder holster and unfolded his frame out of the cycle. After throwing on an overcoat, Louis walked along the edge of the clearing, keeping to the shadows. Leaning up against the wall, he waits for the rest of the party to arrive. To anybody perceptive enough to notice him, Louis would appear tall, a caucasian male with short brown hair, dark eyes, and neatly trimmed facial hair. Outfitted in a finely cut Italian suit, he's modestly built without appearing scrawny. He wears leather gloves, a grey fedora, and a black overcoat. The most skilled assasins will notice the slight buldge his firearm makes under his coat.
  8. [ this is describing "he/him" and was thinking of not naming him.. It seems more suitable in a way. Tell me what you think about that :] He stood there, his fingers gripping lightly onto the cart handle bar. The skin on his sweaty palms burned. It seemed he was constantly holding onto some object, whether it would be in a form of comfort or protection or a mere habit, there was never any hesitation while doing so. The leather covering on the steering wheel of his rusty pick up truck, the stair railing in his place of residence and of course, the construction work he was forced to entwine in daily were all possible necessities to hold onto. Along with this obsession, he found himself trailing off often as well. Staring at the sky as it changed colors, watching a happy couple kissing in the corner of the grocery store, even watching the children leaving school with smiles across their lips kept him entwined, not only in his work, but his thoughts about life. At a young age, his father had divorced his mother. He was forced to live alone, without a man to lead him and raise him. His mother wasn't any different. She was constantly complaining about life without her husband, but who doesn't complain? These were not one of his concerns. All he wanted was a family of his own, but just as any other young man with a job lacking free time, he was forced to suffice to his lonesome life style. At least the liveliness of his neighborhood grocery store was keeping him occupied. At least this way he'd be able to dwell in the life he had always wished for. Continuing on, hands still stinging with sweat, moving a cart toward his rusty pick up, the young man started toward loading his shopping bags. The usual consisted of these bags; milk, bread, eggs, honey, and a tub of pecan ice cream. Afterward, he slowly sauntered toward the drivers seat and buckled up. His lips parted to sigh, a hand running through his hair as he checked his reflection in the rear view mirror. The hot summer days attracted all types of tiny creatures. Most seemed to enjoy leaving their excretions on his vehicle. It seemed he wasn't even allowed to look at himself without seeing blurred images. As if his life had always been missing so much yet at the same time he had so much. If only they were tangible; physically tangible. [] Later [] "No sir. I have to change my schedule. Something important came up. I can't explain though.. sorry sir. I'll be a few hours late for my shift on the weekdays. I'll work extra hours during the weekend. Please sir...!" It seemed he had this issue so many times. Ultimately, his boss was a hard headed old geezer. His expression tamed anyone that laid eyes on him. His employees wondered how his wife had managed to survive for so long. Others wondered if she was even human. No one had seen her. He had never seen her. Who would marry his boss?Who would want to spend the rest of their precious lives with someone so demeaning and so hideous? He probably took her hostage. She could be locked up for all anyone knew. Shouldn't someone report him? Driving his pick up toward work, after the certain phone call, he stopped near a cliff. Not far from his work place far enough to enjoy the evening sunset. The sun was teasing his eyes with a dim yellow fading behind the ocean just before it with a subtle hint of orange gradually morphing into a crimson red, yet not as bright, and finally dispersing over the rest of the sky into a light blue and in the end, navy. Colors seemed to relieve him of his stressful life. Despite his short schedule his vicious thoughts intervened. The judgment he shot at himself, telling himself he was never good enough stressed him out. If only the sun set was around often. If only it didn't disappear during the winter. If only he could feel relieved for eternity.
  9. The Vile Siren Tales of a Pirate Ship and It's Crew Story The fear of pirates and pirate ships has long held strong in this land. Tales of torture and terror fall even upon the ears of the youth. With the tales come the names of the fearsome ships, The Vicious Executioner, Bloody Lightning of Hell, Hades' Nightmare, The Scream of the Ocean. And with these ships come the menacing Pirate's or sail upon them, Toothless Jack Klek, Captain Kala Darkblade, Raving Jack Ravenblack, and Vicious Simon Gully to name a few. The ships sail heavy with gold, carrying weapons polished with the blood of those they stole it from. They battle fiercely with one another to remain Kings of the Sea. But this is not the tale of a Pirate Ship of renown. No, this is the tale of the maiden voyage of The Vile Siren. A fearsome name, but the ship has not proven itself to be fearsome yet. A fledgling crew, shipping out with dreams of adventure and riches on their mind. Will they find the treasure they wish for? Will they all survive the journey? The sea's of fate await! Summary Pirates are fun and cool. Let's do an RP about Pirates! Looking for people to play all kinds of roles on this ship. It will be fun, trust me. I'm willing to let this be a bit fantastical too if people want to incorporate magic or what not. If so, we'll have to come up with power guidelines and what not. But that's only if people are interested! Probably won't start until August because I have a convention to go to between now and then. So... join and be a pirate! Characters Full Name: Nickname: Age: Position: Personality: Weapons: Skills: Appearance: History:
  10. Shadows of Chandur A Miniature RP hosted by TriOctium Rules of Mini-RPs No character sheets, no indication of interest required. If you like the story, just jump in with any character you wish!There will be no OOC thread for this RP. All OOC chat will be enclosed in square boxes [like this] either before or after your IC post.If your character dies, you may enter with another character at any time.RP posts are limited to a maximum of 300 words for Graduates only. Students can write as long as they wish. This is to encourage shorter and more frequent posts!For Students, posts below 300 words cannot be used as part of your Graduation attempt.The plot of the story will be unraveled by the host of the mini-RP, who will be directing NPCs and enemies according to the scenario.Post often and have fun!The Story So Far Chandur is a peaceful, medieval land filled with humans, elves, dwarves, dragonborn and other mythical races, all living in harmony. However, the peace was broken ten years ago when Balthur the Nefarious, a dark and powerful wizard, marched forth from the Northern Wastes with an army of enslaved orcs and dragons, conquering Chandur by force and turning it into a dark and dreary place. Since then, no one has been able to oppose Balthur's reign. Recently, a prophecy has arisen, that a group of brave men and women would arise, wielding legendary weapons of magic and might, to bring down Balthur's tyrannical rule once and for all, and restore balance to Chandur! Are you one of these legendary heroes? The town of Nottingham was a quaint little place, mostly populated by humans and elves who had been driven out of their homes further north when the dragon Graven descended from the skies. Ever since Balthur rose to power, the skies have perpetually been beset by huge, dark thunderclouds, barely letting any sunlight through for as long as anyone could remember. Under the influence of the gloomy atmosphere, the citizens of Nottingham shuffled here and there in silence, simply attending to their various chores of the day. Kote, the owner of the local inn, could be included in one of these seemingly lifeless individuals. With a tired gesture, he put up a piece of parchment on the noticeboard in the town square, gave it a look, and turned to walk back to his pub. The parchment read: HELP NEEDED! Locals have reported an outbreak of wolves in the vicinity of the town. Adventurers willing to dispatch of these wolves will be handsomely rewarded by the town mayor. Approach Kote for more details.
  11. Here is an idea I had for a few people! It could go a couple different ways, I think mostly drama/romance/action. Stick with me here: The year is 2100. As the feminist movement gained real traction, powerful "men's rights" groups took serious action against the "female menace". Still in control of the majority of the armies of the world, a pogrom of never before seen proportions took place worldwide. Women were butchered outright, regardless of creed or color, and those fortunate enough to survive, fled. That was thirty years ago. Society in the world is distinctly more militant, a constant witch hunt for "untagged" women, that is, women who are not owned by breederies or wealthy elites, and a swell of increased violence among the populace caused by general frustration. The birthrate among the male civilizations has been direly stifled. But this is not the story of the outside world. Colonies of women persist, hidden away in the centers of deserts, or deep within forests. One in particular lives at the rim of a lake, from which no rivers flow, in a valley in the northern Vermont mountains. Though originally few, the small villages are rich with young women, born after the "War of Men" and the founding of the refugee village. After all, with the men enslaving the women, it only seemed right that they take a few captives themselves. Two surviving men (of intact genitalia) serve as a seed supply for the village, though they are beginning to age. They suffer significant emotional and mental damage by now and are significantly passive to the women. Select young boys are being raised (like cattle) to replace them. Other men born to the villages are arguably less lucky. Most young boys are discarded at birth, though some mothers, unable to cope with the loss of a child, chose to make their boys eunuchs instead. They have a subservient role in society. Surviving women have mostly found love among themselves, but understandably, some remain unsatisfied. Loving eunuchs is not expressly forbidden, but frowned upon. Loving the male slaves, though... The threat of discovery always hangs near to the women, but resources in the diminished world continue to dwindle, and with it the hunt for the women's colonies. A more likely form of discovery comes from a very grass-roots effort to restore the pre-war civilization, and that starts with individual men from the outside world hunting individually for the "free women". That is a group containing a million mixed motives-- the original feminist men, with the best intentions, lonely men who miss companionship, and hungry men who don't intend to keep all the free women free... SO YEAH there's that giant bag of roles to play, and I think an interesting story could come from mixing some of the conflicting groups. Anything goes within the scope of this world, whether you want to be a gay eunuch or a dangerous colonist with a taste for male blood. Wide open~ jump on in with a character or a statement of interest or some neat ideas or whatevs~ Also the rating is totally up for change.
  12. The Vile Siren

    The Vile Siren Tales of a Pirate Ship and It's Crew --- Tabbie stared up at the blanket of stars above her, breathing slowly and methodically. She named the constellations in her head, determined which direction her body was facing, even attempted to predict the weather, anything but allow herself to think. Coming to terms with his death was one of the most difficult things she had ever had to do. It was like losing a real father, as he was always the closest thing she had. The grass underneath her body tickled her as a breeze flitted at her clothing. This earth, this plant life, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to go out to the sea. She had to take his place. The young girl sat up and was reminded of what she had resting on her stomach by the heavy resistance it gave to her body movement. Hawk’s Sextant. Her Sextant. She fiddled with the thing a bit in her hands, weighing and sizing it up. She had never thought she would own her own piece of navigation equipment; it was rather shocking to look at the device and think of it as her own. She held it up to her face and assessed her location. It worked like a dream. It was all she had left of him, and she would be sure to make him proud. Determined, she stood up and brushed herself off. It was no longer the time for sitting around; she had to do something with her life. Tabbie ran home to the tavern and went up to her room to pack her few belongings. She carefully packed the Sextant among her soft items and was sure to pack a few of her cartography books and supplies. Her bag was bursting at the seams, with parchment paper poking out from the edge. She hardly looked ready to join a pirate crew, but her mother saw through it as she walked into her daughter’s room. “So you’re going?†she asked softly, approaching her daughter and gently cupping her face in her hand. “I have to,†Tabbie responded, “I can’t stay here anymore.†“I know. I knew this day would come soon. Please stay safe and make us proud.†Tabbie nodded and left the tavern before she could shed a tear. She had to be strong now. For her mother and for Hawk. With purpose, she led herself down to the docks, hoping that she may find some ship in need for a navigator.
  13. Ghost in the System

    Ghost in the System In the year2021, Neigel Hassen, creator of the virtual reality game Seraphim, created the first plausible augmented reality device in the form of big clunky goggles. Using cameras that film constantly in real time and feed connections to the goggles, the program creates a real time copy of reality and projects it through the lenses. Other programs are used in combination to create virtual objects that work in real time as well. This system was a great break through and was named God Vision. Over the course of a decade with much research, experimentation, and investment, the program was set up for to run in all across the world. Cameras placed in cities, and programs installed in already created cameras to spread the augmented reality to the public. June 3, 2031, God Vision went live and swept the world away with its revolutionary system. All across the globe people bought the now sleek model glasses and goggles to use. Schools, homes, private and public; God Vision became a necessity. Children and teens took to it the easiest and quickly became attached to the system, using it for things like games, exploiting bugs and glitches for fun, creating programs to run alongside it to both help and hinder others. It was a great success. After several more years, the God Vision system began to grow weaker. Rumors began to spread about strange glitches in the system and several unexplained incidents occurred with people falling unconscious while using GV. To disperse any rumors of the God Vision system being dangerous, the company used the obvious compatibility issues as an excuse to upgrade. With advances in technology, the servers worldwide underwent maintenance for a week as God Send was installed over the original God Vision to solve the problems. 2037, and the world is continuing on just as always using God Send. On many forums popular among younger people though, rumors about a ghost in the system linger. The familiar legend of the God Eater floats around. Though widely dismissed as impossible, a fairy tale, or a simple legend, what is the truth? Overview Your basic ghost in the system story line. Mysterious rumors revolving around dangerous self-programming AI in augmented reality that lives in the program and causes people harm. A group of teens gets interested after hearing about the rumors and decide to take action. They then begin to search for the truth behind the legend and become detectives. They use skills that aren't widely known to exploit the system: hacking, glitches and bugs in the programming, black market items.They fight against the established system in this manner to find the secrets hidden away and uncover the truth. :Terminology: GV- This stands for the original version of augmented reality, God Vision. GS- The current version of augmented reality, God Send. Mods/God’s Eye- These are AI created by Seraphim CO. to manage the server real time. They handle things like bugs and glitches in the programming, usually appearing where out dated programming, or glitched/bugged space exists. Admin/Hand of God- These are AI created to maintain the laws of augmented reality. They can’t enter private areas, school zones, and other places. They appear where people are attacking the system. (Rumored to have been created to handle God Eater, but never confirmed) Other stuff TBA? ______________________________________________________ So, any takers on this here idea?
  14. OPEN Children of Monsters

    I'm just going to state that, yes, I did loosely base my idea off of Monster High, but I thought for this roleplay, we should do it a little more seriously and be a little more faithful to the source material of the parent's origins. Character Sheets: Monster Children Name: Age: Gender: Parent(s): Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Monsters Name: Age: Gender: What Type of Monster: Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  15. For those of you who noticed that I've opened so many threads these few days, rest assured, it'll be the last thread I open .. for this week. - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes || Modern, supernatural, school, romance(, reverse harem). || Warning || Semi-nudity, poorly depicted textual jump scares, and taboo relationship between human girl and ghost boy. Possible exorcism if said ghost boy is irritating enough. Who knows. Read at your own discretion. || Plot || Set two years after the first season of 'Free!'. Ghost!Haruka is a spirit summoned whenever it rains in Iwatobi Town, disappearing whenever he stays away from water for too long - and strangely, it seems to be exactly what he wants; to be gone. During a school trip, Sayuri Hiroka gets separated from her team and seeks shelter in an abandoned chapel during a violent downpour. How will she deal with being haunted by a ghost who has failed in moving onto the other side? || Rules || This is a CLOSED thread. Madi (BlindxObserver) knows the rest of how this works. And that's all that's necessary for this to work. (I'm horribly lazy, I'm aware and I apologise.)
  16. If you came here for the pantsu, I urge you to seek in another's wardrobe instead. This is a 1x1 private roleplay; feel special, Draon. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes ||Modern, romance, gender bender, drama. || Warning ||May include violence. Thread is predicted to shyly flutter its wings around ecchi before taking a swoop down to sexual situations.Nothing explicit or graphical. Still, read at your own risk. || Plot ||Rinko Tanaka used to babysit for the Misogai household, who resided in the same neighbourhood. They had a cute daughter that Rinko enjoyed playing with. But that was five years ago. After summer that year itself, Rinko Tanaka moved away to further her studies overseas. Now, she's returned to attend the local university a short distance away from her hometown. The same family welcomes her with open arms, providing temporary lounge after the girl found out that her parents had moved even further from the city - into another neighbourhood - which stranded her the binary option of either staying in the hostel or with family friends. For some reason, after one meal together, the daughter of the Misogai residence has obviously been displaying an on-and-off friendliness towards Rinko. And now she may just find out why the hard way. || Rules ||Decent grammar. No text talking. Proper punctuation. Adequate spelling check.Death to one-liners.Meta-gaming is frowned upon.And all other basic roleplaying etiquette. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The raven looked up with a hand to shield sunlight from her dark eyes and gave a terse smile. "This place looks a little different from what I remembered .. grander than before, if anything." With her leather luggage case on one side, she steadily made her way to the porch, careful not to stumble to her death on the stairs. She remembered tripping over the steps before in this place .. White rubber soles slid against the tiled pavement, the path so clean not even the faintest sound of pebbles scratching on ivory-coloured ceramic heard. Her blue-collared, white, sleeveless polo was about to get drenched with sweat; the sun seemed intent on baking Earth into a dried cookie today. It was a good thing she went with a ponytail to tie her medium-lengthed hair up. She shuddered at the thought of those tresses clinging onto her sweaty neck. This afternoon did not allow her the luxury of looking like a mess - she had to present herself to a very important family today! She looked back over her shoulder and saw the guard that gave her the pass to enter the compound. He smiled at her cheerfully with a wave, adjusting his hat like a good-natured policeman. Rinko mirrored the courtesy. She raised a hand to knock on the door. But was cut short by said door - still cherry wood, they hadn't change the door - flinging open to reveal a plump woman with messy, dyed red hair, barely the same height as Rinko herself, donned in a hot pink .. .. that looks like lingerie. The girl thought, alarmed. "Rinko-chyaaan~" The woman sing-song'd with open arms, and before Rinko could process who she was to her, engulfed the confused girl in an embrace. An embrace too smothering for comfort. "H-Hai?" She wasn't sure if it was a greet in English, or just a stammered 'yes'. Either way, the older woman was excited to see her bestfriend's daughter again - she had been such a sweetheart back then before she flew off all the way to New York! There was no way she'd forget. "Julia misses you~" Rinko heard amidst the penetrating perfume and meaty body rubbing all over her. She wheezed. This person ..! "Misogai-san, it's .. nice to see you too." With a grip on the woman's fleshy arms, she pulled herself away from the hug and grinned as politely as she could without looking absolutely petrified, breathing through clenched teeth. The affectionate people she met in New York were no match for Julia! Julia chuckled, her rosy cheeks pushing her eyes up into sunset curves. She near-hoisted the girl off the porch and dragged her in eagerly. "Let's get you settled in your room - it's right next to Ereka-chan's!" A maid they passed by bowed and went to close the door. She wasn't the only servant Rinko saw. Ereka? Somehow, the name rang a bell in Rinko's head, and she tried to catch up with a 10 kilogram-worth of baggage in her hands. A male servant - the butler? - with a slightly familiar face offered to take the burden off her, but she shook her head and signalled a 'no' before marching her way up the stairs. It was a hard feat between trying not to fall, walking up step by step all the while listening to Julia's chatter as she hauled the heavy thing. "Oh, Ereka-chyaaan~ Look who's finally here!" (End of current post.)
  17. Technology

    2000, New Century, Alternate Earth, Haven, Onfery, Cansen Crime People are injected with mini nano bots at birth, they prevent disease, track you, tell people how you feel and much much more. The crime rate is at a ultimate low, but privacy is a major issue; cameras are everywhere, the police know everyone's phone number, address, email, all social media and much more. This helps police find criminals by blackmail, they can x-ray people without reason, beat suspects for evidence and invade your mind and torture you for answers. The government covers this up pretty well, police are allowed memory wipes, kill anyone, speed without a crime, turn any animal or alien race extinct and if the rebellion is too strong, a doomsday device. Health, fashion and make up There are hundreds of things that you could get done to yourself, but let's talk about the basics. Age is a sign of being very, very, very poor, most people can buy youth injections, that cost just one single dollar. You can have your face look like someone or make it your dream face. Your body can be changed so much, that you might not even look human once you're done. This innovation is brought to you by Design Tent. People who have deafness, blindness, limpness, wounds and even missing limbs can be given, Health Co's Heal nasal spray, injection, tablet, liquid medicine or cream. Disease is impossible due to the, prevention chip, but if you were born somehow without the chip you will probably be the poorest in the world. Genetic enhancements are commonly used in children, adults or workers for large memory, enhanced speed, be more happy, to combat depression and some are given powerful abilities like control of minds, manipulate technology, generate elements or get rather superhuman enhancements. These enhancements are created by Experiment INC and the more interesting ones are created by Beyond Organization. Fashion is a worldwide craze, as everybody is buying the clothes, who are bringing the newest innovations to the table? That depends on what you want out of fashion, do you want functionality based clothes, clothes designed by you or the most fashionable clothing ever? Functionality is innovated with Kentech, known for the bullet proof series and the anti-physics shoe line up, they have complete control of the sport market, if athletes don't get the newest innovation they are at a, serious disadvantage. If you want to design your own custom clothing DesignTent is for you, you can customise every detail to the point of absolute detail, they have control over the movie and TV industry due to actors needing costumes and make up, you don't want your movie to be the same costumes like everyone else do you? Fashionable clothing is made by the powerful Beauteen Corporation, Beauteen controls half of the clothing market, they have entire malls dedicated to their clothing, they are known for every single bit of clothing they put out, like the glow series, the entire line of clothing pets, the blanket robe and much much more. Entertainment One of the most secretly profitable industries is entertainment. It was a great long term investment for DesignTent and Ocold as they now have the two greatest consoles, media players, television sets and radios the world will ever see. Thousands of great games, movies, music, TV shows and training are on both of these companies machines, Ocold is focused on immersion, graphics and functionality and DesignTent is focused on ease, customisability and recording media. This has not however stopped Ark making the best computers on Earth, Ark's computers have customisability, immersion, graphics, functionality, multi-tasking, ease and recording. But one of the major downfalls is why Ark doesn't control the market, it doesn't have as much games, movies, music, TV shows and training as Ocold and DesignTent have or it would have cut into a huge portion, of their market share already. History 1854 was a huge year, due to the discovery of the prevention chip and Health Co's Heal changed humanity, in a way that would impact the years to come. The 1970s was a big decade due to fashion, sports and make-up taking huge steps due to, DesignTent, Beauteen and Kentech going into the market. 1980s could be explained as Ocold and DesignTent making the entertainment industry the money maker it is today. The 1990s was the age of oppression with laws, allowing the police to become the número uno suspect for abuse of privacy. On the day 2000 came into place, things became messy with the rebellion and you're are a part of the rebellion, because your parents were both secret rebels, but you don't know this... Character Sheet Name: Genetic Enhancements:(For every genetic enhancement please have a genetic downfall) Genetic Downfall: Age:(3 is the minimum) Appearance; Gender Items: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Biography: Other: Rules PM me your character sheets, this is open to everybody as long as your character sheet is written properly. For every genetic enhancement there is a equally strong downfall. Biography is optional but a great detail to have if you keep on getting denied. Use common sense! Don't make yourself overpowered or you will be banned or denied. Put banana in other. No Jane Does or Gary Sues All characters will be shown in the OCC post.
  18. The Freak and I

    “Welcome, one and all, to the best show of your life!†The Ringmaster yelled. Wearing a bright red suit and holding a large baton, the red haired man walked out onto the middle of the stage. He grinned at the onlookers. “I am your Ringmaster, Rufus the Cunning!†Rufus paused, laughing as he scanned the crowd with his bright golden eyes. The children in the audience started to cheer and chant his name. His circus troop was famous all over the world. They traveled from town to town, preforming and making a living. Rufus waved his baton, pointing leftward where a mysterious gray blob lay on the ground. It moved around, it's shape changing in captivating ways. It looked as if it were dancing. With a shout of surprise, the children giggled when the gray blob exploded in a burst of lights and confetti and there standing was a short, barely dressed girl. She wore an open red vest, her small breasts covered by a silvery shiny bra. and a pair of black tights, her toned form visible, obvious that she wasn't a child at all despite her smallness. Her hair was bright green and long, held back in two buns on top of her head. Her skin was a most peculiar green, but most stunning were her eyes. They glowed an unnatural white, made even more strange because they lacked a pupil. “The Alien!†The audience shouted in joy. Indeed the small girl standing there was the one everyone knew as The Alien due to a rare defect in her genes. The Alien was part of the first act, The Freak Show. She walked around the ring, doing cartwheels, and graceful back flips, landing in the splits. The children in the audience ooed and awed, and even some of the adults couldn't stop themselves from making noises of surprise as she did some complicated acrobats. With a sudden whoop, a large man ran out onto the stage. He growled, though he sounded like a gentle pussy cat to those who knew him personally. To the audience he sounded like a wild lion ready to pounce. The large muscled man ran up to The Alien, and picked her up with one hand, holding the girl high into the air. The Alien was flipped, doing turns in the air, before she landed back on the big man's outstretched hand. The newcomer was none other than The Strong Man. He was known only as that. Nobody knew his real name, nor did he remember it. He was simple-minded, yet the sweetest person alive; his only passion in life was to make the people around him happy with his pseudo scary act. The Strong Man boomed in loud laughter, tossing The Alien around a few more times, each time the small girl did different acrobats in the air, before she was caught again. The Strong Man growled at the children, making them jump and yell in frightened delight. “Alien fly!†The Strong Man yelled, throwing The Alien one last time, but this time, the girl was thrown away from him, her arms tucked to her side. She soared, looking as if she were a bullet, and then with a sudden twist and a turn, she tumbled in the air, and landed on her feet as if she were a cat. The audience stomped their feet, shouted and clapped their hands, shouting “Alien,†over and over again. The Strong Man grinned again, continuing on with his act, as The Bearded Lady came out and they started an interesting dance, showing off his strength in other ways, and scaring the children with how strange The Bearded Lady looked. Though, they did love The Bearded Lady as most kids did love The Freak Show. Now The Strong Man was dancing with The Siamese twins, Bob and Tom, a strange cat and mouse game. The Strong Man was the fearsome cat, chasing after the twins, as they in a surprisingly graceful way, flipped and jumped fluidly. The Strong Man was even graceful in his own ways. The Alien suddenly rushed out, flipping and jumping over the twin's heads, twirling and spinning around The Strong Man as if to confuse him and save the twins from being chased. “Hey, mine!†The Strong Man yelled. He grabbed onto the twins and pulled one way, while The Alien grabbed onto the other and pulled them the opposite way. It was a tug-of-war between The Strong Man and The Alien. Suddenly bright lights filled the tent, blinding everyone. There was a loud bang, like a cannon ball going off during battle. When the light cleared and everyone regained sight, The Strong Man was gone! The twins had also disappeared, standing in their place was Rufus the Cunning. "How was that folks? Did you enjoy the first act? How about we bring out the wonderful performers?" The Ringmaster pointed toward the left where the gray blob was back; in another explosion of confetti The Alien stood there again. The small lady bowed. "The Alien, everyone." Rufus exclaimed, as if in alarm when The Strong Man came out and picked him up with one hand. "The Strong Man, everyone!" The twins walked out onto the ring and waved. "The Siamese twins, what a sight! Tom and Bob, everyone." The jointed twins did a back flip. "And there," The Ringmaster shouted, "The Bearded Lady!" The young woman ran onto the stage, she waved, tweaked her beard and did a cartwheel. The actors bowed and bowed while the audience cheered and threw forward coins and other valuable gifts, such as rings, watches and one lady threw her expensive looking locket. [Please don't take this as an example on how long all my posts will be. I do try my best, but I am still practicing my skills!]
  19. From now on, I will post all my new ideas, plots and characters in this thread, just for neatness sake. Plots (sorta) All plots are vague at this point and if anyone is interested, we can go back and forth and discuss some things to add to it. I'm open to suggestions. 18+ mature writer. I am not against smut/sex, but do not join if that is all you want out of role playing. I get bored really quickly if it is just sex, no plot. You know? So yeah... All my main characters are females at this point, but willing to double up in the role play. I'll leave up my taken role plays, to give someone an idea of what kind of stories I like. Willing to hear your ideas, too. OPEN CLOSED These are more for OnexOne role plays. One in 17,000 The first thing you would notice about Diana is that she has albinism. It is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme involved in the production of melanin. This makes her a little different from others around her. Not only does she have pale white skin, platinum white hair and light blue eyes, the disorder also causes her to have vision defects, such as being legally blind at 20/200. She can see some things clearly, but only at a close range. If it is more than a foot from her face, she can't see it very well, or at all. She can see some things far off, but usually only shapes, without the details. For example, if you were standing a couple feet away from her, she would be able to see you have eyes, but not be able to see what color they are. The disorder also causes her to suffer from Nystagmus, irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth, or in circular motion. It is something she can't control and she does not know when she is doing it. She sometimes uses bioptics, glasses which have small telescopes mounted on the lenses, so that she can look through either the regular lens or the telescope. Such a thing might help her read at close range better. She also uses monoculars, which are like one half of a pair of binoculars to get a clearer view of things further away. Diana does not let her condition get in her way of life. She is usually an outgoing person, loves life and everything in it. She is not rude or stuck up, despite what some of her peers might think. This comes from the fact that she really can't see a person when they are waving at her from across the room. She isn't ignoring you, she just can't see you. Diana also has a little sister named Jenna who also shares her condition. When their mother passes away and Diana and Jenna are sent to live with some strangers miles from where they've lived all their lives. The strangers are Diana and Jenna's godparents, her mother's childhood best friends. Diana is put in a school that in it's history has never had a student like her before. In fact, the town is so small, Diana doubts anyone there has ever seen someone like her in person. (M/F or F/F allowed) (TAKEN on another site) ---- You're My Italian Star A famous Italian singer is tired of the spotlight and has decided to take an early retirement in America. What she doesn't expect is to meet her biggest fan who has an obsessive crush on her and whats to prove to Aria that his/her crush goes beyond that of a crazed fan. M/F, F/F allowed. OPEN ---- Tough Role Play exactly based on this song. "Tough" By Craig Morgan She’s in the kitchen at the crack of dawn Bacon’s on, coffee’s strong Kids running wild, taking off their clothes If she’s a nervous wreck, well it never shows Takes one to football and one to dance Hits the Y for aerobics class Drops by the bank, stops at the store Has on a smile when I walk through the door The last to go to bed, she’ll be the first one up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough We sat there five years ago The doctors let us know, the test showed She’d have to fight to live, I broke down and cried She held me and said it’s gonna be alright She wore that wig to church Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt No room for fear, full of faith Hands held high singing Amazing Grace Never once complained, refusing to give up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough She’s a gentle word, the sweetest kiss A velvet touch against my skin I’ve seen her cry, I’ve seen her break But in my eyes, she’ll always be strong There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough I play female. You can be male or female. They would have children. OPEN ---- A Sticky Situation During summer vacation at her parents beach house, high school teacher Grace meets someone there. She grows to have an affection, maybe even love for this person and vise versa. When summer is over, they have to part ways. When she goes back to school, she finds that her summer romance may not be over after all, for the person she spent her summer with is one of her students. - Student is a senior, 18 years old. F/F or M/F allowed (TAKEN on another site) ---- Blind Song Laurel is a blind lounge singer who works in a questionable night bar. People always "request" her attention, but her manager will not let any of them to come near her, for good reason. He is protective of her and she also does not want anyone to know she is blind. On stage, she wears a whole different persona than in real life, sexy, form fitting clothing. When not working, she wears every day things, tee-shirts, jeans, maybe a skirt every now and again, but usually in dark, not so noticeable colors. One day, she literately runs into one of her biggest fans, but they do not realize who she is yet. OPEN
  20. --- and Allie are two of the most famous performers in the circus. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Allie's birth and who and where her real birth parents are. She is told they abandoned her because of her rare skin defect. The defect makes her a "freak" and that is how she ends up in The Freak Show. When she nears 20, she starts to have dreams that might hint to her past. She will learn one of the troop members may not be who she thinks they are. Are they a danger to her? What is her connection with some redheaded bandits? Setting: Inspired by 1800s Your main character: Boy or girl who is in the circus troop who has a romantic interest in Allie. (F/F prefer) Some interesting tidbits: In this world, people with red hair are considered abnormal. That would explain why most of the people in the circus troop have red hair. Red hair is not normal to this world because it was introduced by someone from... (We will talk about this in private) There is magic in this world, though it is kept well hidden by.... (Shhh) Golden eyes are not normal, only people with.... (Shhhh) Most bandits in this world have red hair, most orphans have red hair, most people on the streets have red hair, because they are shunned from society. Other dimensions... (wait what? Shhhhh) Most people who have red hair also have golden eyes.... Allie's body and hair is tented green, and she has no eye color (It's all white).... There is a reason for this. Has to do with magic. --------------------- Characters I play: Allie Rufus the Cunning Three bandits that have something to do with.... (Shh) You Play: Romantic interest of Allie (Female prefer) Other troop members of your choice NPC: The Strong Man Conjoined twins Bearded Lady Towns people Rules: High Casual to advanced. 3+ paragraphs. No sex or smut (this is a plot oriented role play) (Any actual role playing won't be for a day or so. I've got a major migraine and I might be starting a new job. I post once a day, but it can also be once every other day, depending. Some days I may be able to do more than once.)
  21. Supernatural

    The sound of chalk tapping against the blackboard with each new letter resounded loudly through the otherwise quiet classroom as Isaiah slouched in his chair and stared absentmindedly onto the school’s courtyard from his window seat at the far back of the classroom. Even though his eyes were resting on the school’s front gate his thoughts had drifted off far away into one of his many daydreams. It was the sound of his neighbor sitting directly in front of him loudly gasping that eventually pulled Isaiah out of his dream world and straight back into the realm of the living. The gasp had been loud enough for Isaiah to expect attention from the teacher, if not the entire class, and that instinctively led to him launching himself into an upright seated position to prevent the teacher from scolding him for his bad posture. Much to his surprise no one else in the class had paid him or his neighbor any attention. He shook his head and directed his attention at his neighbor who had previously so rudely interrupted his daydreaming and found that he was also staring out of the window. Isaiah followed his gaze and noticed a girl outside, dressed in the school’s uniform, scratching the chin of a black cat. During the year he had spent at this school he had never seen this girl, which led to him believing that she must have been a first year who he hadn’t yet seen in the past week. She wasn’t pretty enough for him to gasp, however. “Mr. Samara!†The teacher shouted, apparently this time he did notice Isaiah’s slacking. “If English is too boring for you to care about why didn’t you just say home?†Isaiah mind had been loaded with several mental bullets containing witty retorts just waiting for him to pull the trigger and shoot them back at the teacher, but as satisfying as that would’ve been he would prefer to avoid detention or any other kind of punishment. “Sorry, Mr. Jones,†a simple apology was enough for his teacher to turn his back to the class and continue writing profusely on the blackboard. After that had been dealt with he noticed that the boy sitting in front of him, Roger Nelson, was still staring outside with puppy-dog eyes. Isaiah had no clue whether it was love at first sight or a longtime longing, but it was obvious that Roger had it bad for the girl outside. Seeing Roger this love-struck made Isaiah want to look at the girl, but when he looked outside she had disappeared. “Too bad,†he muttered. Before long the bell rang and the last class of the day was dismissed. Now that everyone had gotten a chance to get accustomed to school life during the first week the day that club activities would resume had finally arrived. With his fingers entwined and the palms of his hands resting on the back of his neck he strutted towards the third floor of the old building to his club’s room while joyfully whistling a tune currently stuck in his head. “I’m home!†He shouted as he kicked the door open, but much to his surprise the room was empty. “The president’s slow today.â€
  22. It was early evening when rumours of a messenger drifted down to the small inn. Messengers were commonplace, but they were never lone riders bearing the seal of a high noble from halfway across the kingdom. Tugging his hood lower over his head, Raynor left the inn and began to trek across the small town. The inn the messenger was staying at was larger and louder than his own. Raynor's sharp eyes quickly alighted on a man in the corner, nursing a large mug of ale and appearing more tired than the rest of the unruly bar. Skirting the fringes of the room, Raynor's eyes stole a passing glance at the keys in his hands before making his way to the bartender. “May I request a room at this inn? I would like room twenty-four,†he informed the bartender. “Twelve silver a night,†came the monotone response, and Raynor dug into his pouch, casting a large coin and nine smaller ones onto the bar . The bartender's eyes lit up at the two extra coins. Casting a glance at the rack of keys behind him, the portly man reached out and tossed a key to the cloaked man, then scooped the silver coins into his hand, pocketing the two extra small ones and dumping the rest into a drawer. Behind him, the keys shimmered slightly. As Raynor ascended the stairs, a racuous laugh sounded from below him. “Then the alchemist said, 'Was she an elf?'†The burly man who made this pronouncement began to laugh loudly, and the group of men around him followed suit. Without skipping a beat, Raynor shot them a withering glare, and muttered something under his breath. A light gathered in his hands, and winked out as one of the man's companions began to speak. “You'd know all about that, eh, elf-lover?†He drawled, then took a long drink from his mug. A long drink that was promptly interrupted by a fist to the fast. “What did you call me, you son of a troll?†By the time Raynor reached the top of the stairs, a full-on brawl had erupted. “Room twenty-five,†Raynor muttered to himself, tugging the key from his pouch and unlocking the door. In three quick strides Raynor crossed the room and knelt by the white leather messenger bag, rifling through the survival supplies and retrieving a sealed tube from the bottom of the bag. Clipping the tube to his belt, Raynor left the room, locking it behind him. The bar brawl had largely died down by the time Raynor stepped off the stairs, and he once again skirted the edge of the room, casually dropping the key near the corner, then left the bar, tugging his hood low over his head and stepping by a burly man and his six companions with a polite “Please excuse me.†Turning, the hooded man stepped into the dim path beside the inn, ignoring the mutterings of “Wait a minute...†that came from behind him. It was decidedly harder to ignore the roar of “Get back here, cursed elf!†Turning, Raynor froze at the sight of the large man barrelling towards him, six men right beside him. Obviously drunk from the stench of alcohol rolling off him, the giant grabbed the decidedly smaller figure before him by the clasp of his cloak and hauled him easily into the air despite his struggles. With his other hand, he ripped the hood down, exposing a head of silvery hair framed by pointed ears. Before Raynor could so much as react or call on a spell, the aggressor threw him forcefully into a wall, and stars rang before his eyes. As he sat up and rubbed blearily at his face, the gang of seven surrounded him, grinning maliciously. "We're gonna show you just what we do to your kind, elf..."
  23. Yeah I'm in the mood to make some RWBY characters here. I don’t have many ideas for an actual RP yet, it might even be just a retelling of the first volume with our own team. I hope others can help on that part while we make characters. Because there isn't that much known about the rules of the RWBY universe I'll set some guidelines based on what we do know. 1: characters in RWBY are (loosely) based on characters in literature or other fiction (mostly book character but there have been historical/mythological sources and I’ll allow TV and other media) I don’t mind newer characters like a Song of Ice and Fire character and you can veer pretty far from the source character (it is even encouraged). 2: all names (characters, teams and most likely even weapons) have to be based on a color, this can be the actual color in English or another language or it can be something associated with the color. (more info from the man himself) 3: you can go nuts with the weapons and Aura skills but the usual godmodding rules still apply and this is still based on the RWBY series so try not to stray too far from established lore. Also I'm a big supporter of work in progress posts and constructive criticism so you don’t have to make it perfect before posting here, I want this to be a discussion leading to at least some roleplay, it can even be just a short battle between characters. Let’s start this off with my RWBY character. Name: Jericho Corey Based on: Prince Corwin from “The Chronicles of Amber†books by Roger Zelazny & Major Thalric from “Shadows of the Apt†books by Adrian Tchaikovsky Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 17 Color Theme: Silver/Moonlight & Black Emblem: a silver burning V on black. General Appearance: A slender young man of slightly above average height. He has raven black hair about 3 inches long overall, a handsome face and distinct green eyes. He wears a smile nearly all the time. Although it is often genuine, you have to look at his eyes for any clues on his actual state of mind. He is deceptively strong and has a surprising amount of stamina and endurance. Clothing/Armour: Jericho prefers to wear a combination of t-shirts, jackets and jeans in various shades of grey black and white, with occasionally some print on his shirts. His armor consists of lightweight shin protectors and knee armour worn over his jeans, a lightweight metal banded chest piece with room at the shoulders to give him better maneuverability and two gauntlets. All his armor appears steel grey with silver accents on the edges. Personality: Jericho is a calm and respectable young man who is loyal to his comrades and treats even his adversaries/rivals with a friendly respect (although that would not stop him from completing his mission). Behind his polite nature Jericho holds a beast locked up that is his ambition and ruthlessness. He keeps a firm grip on his temper and ambitions and uses his deep wells of willpower to channel these stronger aspects of his personality in a proper course. Short Bio: These days Jericho hardly even recognizes the boy he was when he started training to become a huntsman; brash, stubborn, arrogant and filled with romanticized views of being a Huntsman of legend. Of course when he started his career at Haven academy it did not take long for him to be shot down by reality. Jericho had to face the fact that there were many students better than him. Although Jericho had a talent with swords he knew far less than he thought about being a huntsman. The first years were not easy for him, with his stubbornness and pride making sure he didn’t fit in with the other students. Only in the last months of his second year did he find a place at Haven; standing across from the star swordsman of Haven in The Circle. Jericho had always been a prideful young man and wasn’t shy about voicing his opinions, this sometimes would get into trouble but that did not mean much to him. Except when one day after he made a remark about Eric Bernstein, the top ranking member of the Haven academy duelling society 'The Circle'. Eric had wanted to knock some sense into Jericho and found a chance to humble the younger student in a duel. Jericho did not even last a minute against Eric. Afterwards Jericho would train and try to beat Eric in a rematch, only to be beaten again. It became a small routine at haven where every week or so Jericho would demand another rematch against Eric and Eric would comply, beating Jericho with little effort. However during this strange ritual of vengeance Jericho started to care less and less about his honour or pride and more about the duel itself, with every rematch he would last longer and learn better to defend against Eric’s style. At some point, and Jericho still can’t decide just when, he and Eric became friends and he found his place in The Circle. The following years Jericho would greatly improve both his social skills along with his combat skills. With the Circle he managed to find friends and grow out of the prideful petty child he was in his first years. A year ago, in his last year on Haven, Jericho and some other students were caught in a riot when returning from the city. A group of White Fang agitators had gotten some dust weapons in the Faunus rights protest and after they had started shooting the riot police intervened, causing panic and more violence. Jericho and the other students became cornered by a part of the mob and had to defend themselves. Jericho was the first into the fray and held his ground long enough for the other students to either get away or join him in holding their ground. The Faunus mob was quickly dispersed after the students stood their ground, but not without many injured on both sides, only Jericho seemed to come out of it untouched. Now Jericho has left the familiar halls of Haven behind him as he has been accepted at Beacon Academy to continue his training to become a Huntsman. Aura colour: Silver, although it shifts to a silvery-gold colour if he goes into his more ruthless survivalist mentality. Semblance: Soulbound Jericho's sword Wintermaan is bound to him and as long as he is in fighting condition he can summon the sword directly to his hand. Usually this is only noticed a moment later when someone notices that they never actually saw him draw his sword or that he even had it with him. For years Jericho has been trying to summon his revolver Dageraad in the same way; however he has not succeeded to this day. Weapons: Wintermaan: A Side-sword with a simple hilt and crossguard with a slight S shaped curve and a simple basket guard. A fine lined, curving pattern is etched in the blade but the design appears to be only a fragment of the full design. When Jericho summons Wintermaan to his hand the pattern glows faintly blue. Jericho has modified the hilt to hold a small dust cartridge to imbue the blade with a magical charge. Dageraad: A darkened steel and silver accented revolver (A customized version of the Avalon Armory Mk. 6 Dust Revolver) bearing the same curving pattern as Wintermaan on the barrel and frame. Instead of firing bullets it uses a dust charge and is capable of loading 6 different types of dust and to freely switch between the 6 cartridges. Jericho built Wintermaan to compliment his sword fighting with a one-handed ranged weapon. While the weapon is functional and very effective he is still is busy to improve the design. (Based on the Mateba model 6 Unica autorevolver) Combat Stats: (not sure if we should use this but i've seen charts used on other original RWBY characters) Speed: 5 Armor: 6 Ranged Weapons: 7 Melee Weapons: 7 Aura/Semblance: 9 Dust proficiency: 7 Combat style: (not sure on this one either, but it could be fun to make a synergy between characters) Jericho is a jack of all stats, although not as fast as others he has deep wells of endurance when it comes to his aura. Using his aura to enhance his armor and combat skills he can stay in the fight for extended periods without slowing down. He fights centralized, keeping the action focused on him, rather than on his target. He doesn’t move around the battlefield as fast as others, but is still agile enough to traverse the battlefield at his own pace. Although at first he practiced a traditional style of sword fighting, Jericho has developed his own style to make use of his semblance in combat. Because of his semblance Jericho can always make a surprise strike, this is only practical in a fight against other humans, like a duel. After his opening move, he proceeds to keep distance and let his enemy come to him, should they keep their distance as well then Jericho will distract them by throwing his sword (either aimed at them or away from the fight to draw the eye) allowing him to quickly draw his revolver and fire a few shots with both hands for accuracy. Against large groups of Grim Jericho has practiced throwing his sword accurately while surpressing larger groups with his revolver until they get within melee range.
  24. The Dires

    You are a werewolf. You have lived some years now with this curse, each night changing into a beast and seeking the blood of humans. Your hatred for this curse burns inside of you, but killing yourself is easier said than done. Tonight seemed like any normal night. You tried chaining yourself up, locking the doors, boarding yourself up... But it never works. You find your next victims, a family living not too far from your secluded home. Its on the outskirts of town, away from the eyes of others. You slaughter and gorge yourself on their flesh as your human side sobs for the family. Then you hear her howl. And you follow her until the morning changes you back into a human. She approaches you, a woman with shaggy short cut hair and piercing eyes. She is naked like you from the transformation. "Come with me," She reaches out as you cry and try wiping off the blood on you, "I can save you." _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is just a fun little RP about the struggles of being a werewolf, a monster that feasts upon human flesh with a burning hatred inside of them that drives them on. It's a simple RP, responses only need to be about one paragraph long, a picture not required. The story is simple, and you can freely add to it as it goes.
  25. The Dires

    S T O R Y The curse of the werewolves burns deep in the history of humans. You are one of its many victims. When night falls, you change, and you devour. You want to die, but don't have the means to do it yourself. One night, while feasting upon an innocent family, you hear the howl of a fellow werewolf. You follow her scent until morning comes, and you cry, naked, covered in blood. She offers you sanctuary. Will you accept? ____________________________________________________________ R U L E S - This is a story that just goes with the flow. Throw in random things to spice up the roleplay. Make it fun. We're not running a strict course here. - An important rule: The werewolves do not speak in their beast form. They communicate like regular wolves do. Body language and sounds like whines and howls are how they speak. They can have thoughts, yes, but otherwise, no speaking. -I will not inform you of much. It keeps the roleplay fun and mysterious. The way the things work, you'll find out as things happen. - We'll start with you killing and eating the family, and then hearing the female werewolf. - I'd like at least one paragraph responses. You'll find how easy that is if you just get into your character!