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Found 46 results

  1. [something I was inspired to come up with... just seeing if there is an interest.] The first thing you would notice about Diana is that she has albinism. It is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of tyrosinase, a copper-containing enzyme involved in the production of melanin. This makes her a little different from others around her. Not only does she have pale white skin, platinum white hair and light blue eyes, the disorder also causes her to have vision defects, such as being legally blind at 20/200. She can see some things clearly, but only at a close range. If it is more than a foot from her face, she can't see it very well, or at all. She can see some things far off, but usually only shapes, without the details. For example, if you were standing a couple feet away from her, she would be able to see you have eyes, but not be able to see what color they are. The disorder also causes her to suffer from Nystagmus, irregular rapid movement of the eyes back and forth, or in circular motion. It is something she can't control and she does not know when she is doing it. She sometimes uses bioptics, glasses which have small telescopes mounted on the lenses, so that she can look through either the regular lens or the telescope. Such a thing might help her read at close range better. She also uses monoculars, which are like one half of a pair of binoculars to get a clearer view of things further away. Diana does not let her condition get in her way of life. She is usually an outgoing person, loves life and everything in it. She is not rude or stuck up, despite what some of her peers might think. This comes from the fact that she really can't see a person when they are waving at her from across the room. She isn't ignoring you, she just can't see you. Diana also has a little sister named Jenna who also shares her condition. When their mother passes away and Diana and Jenna are sent to live with some strangers miles from where they've lived all their lives. The strangers are Diana and Jenna's godparents, her mother's childhood best friends. Diana is put in a school that in it's history has never had a student like her before. In fact, the town is so small, Diana doubts anyone there has ever seen someone like her in person. Jenna dressed as a hauntingly beautiful mermaid ---- Yes, so it's more or less another coming of age, cheesy high school, with a side of romance, story. Sue me. This time with a twist. (I don't have any personal experience with this condition, it's all coming from what I've read online. I apologize if I misinterpret anything about albinism.) So, what I want? Boy or girl who is fascinated with her, tries to get to know her, the whole nine yards. I think it could go anywhere, really. We can go back and forth and come up with more of a solid plot if you're interested ;) Being able to play side characters is a must~
  2. Apocalyptic Utopia

    Apocalyptic Zombie Scene: The virus started like any other one you would see in the movies. It was February 2nd, 2016 and a day like no other shitty winter day. The new started to broadcast a nation wide alert, warning people to stay indoors and not to venture out to investigate why tornado sirens were going off and the small shake of bombs moving pictures on the shelves. Of course no dumb ass American will listen to the news because why? We are hard headed Americans that's why. The infection itself as developed by Nelson Trount, an egotistical maniac who listened to no one and wanted to create a war weapon against Germany because he was insane and wanted to begin war just to watch the whole world suffer. Of course he was the first person to be consumed by the virus when one of his lab technicians, Samual Lane- bless his soul for kill Nelson but damn him for killing the world, was showing it to Nelson and found the leg of a table in his way and the virus in his hand on Nelson's face, which turned into Nelson consuming Sameal's face in return. Now, the virus spread by bite first, then the blood in the sewers contaminated most water supplies and finally spread around the world. And from here you can probably guess what happened and how the world turned into a giant shit hole just like the movies. God, why do people not educate themselves with the film industry? "Hey Z! Which way we heading?" Spark radioed from the gas tanker driving behind me. "Yeah, Spark honestly needs to piss." Blaze spoke right after him from the same tanker but from the passenger seat. "Me and Ellie and absolutely craving a shower." Taliea's radio, still static filled entered the channel from the armory truck. "Baby, never say that word again.." Malik laughed his deep barrel laugh, filling my truck with a light vibration from the ambulance and medical truck. "Guys, We are heading west like we have been for two days. The next large city is only 37 miles out and we should hit it by high noon. We can find a hotel and get everything figured out there. and Blaze, quit with your twin mind shit, I do not need to know these things." I called back to the convoy filed behind me as I drove the lead truck towards the city of Lily, Indiana- a small town in the middle of the woods but big enough for all of us and small enough for only 20-30 zombie freaks. My convoy consists of the Twins, tow boys around the age of 19 or so that share some weird brain waves and drive the large tanker that holds the gas we use to fuel the trucks. Their unique names come from where we found them, lighting zombies on fire and watching the burn up. Blaze would douse them in gas and Spark would light the lighter to set them on fire. Taliea is 22 and is our lead weapons expert due to her military background and her love of shooting things. Ellie is a little girl we picked up a while ago in a warehouse filed with electronics an such which she found a way to connect to make a security system. She is brilliant for only being 12 years of age. Malik is our lead man in medical care and such due to him being one of those amazingly attractive black nurses you dream of having if you ever have to be admitted into a hospital, he's around 29 years old. I am the leader of this nice rag tag group due to me being someone who has seen the most horror movies and the one who got every single one of these bastards out of a shit storm of zombies or saved their life in some other way. I am Zoey Redbird, but most of the team just calls me Z for short. I am an expert with a sniper and throwing knives. This is my crew, and they are idiots but I love them I think, and we have been surviving this place for over 2 years together. Let's hope we can survive many more until this fucking world decides to get it's shit together. ( I am giving you free range to create a character of you liking and we can talk about how we can fit him or her into our roleplay. This can be romantic and sexual if preferred due to me liking both men and women. Once you have read everything and you have figured out your character you can share it with me and we can get the roleplay going. All I ask is that you are somewhat literate in english and can provide some type of detail to the posts we have. I am not expecting a novel nor a paragraph but I would like something more than just one word or something like that. If interested please let me know so I can get your info and give you time to develop! I also have reference photos as well. )
  3. A Roleplay Parnter?

    Hello, I am looking for someone to do 1x1 Roleplays with. (Or more than one person.) I enjoy gay Rp's and honestly, It's what I'm most comfortable in doing, although I do play the bottom in the relationship. I like to use real pictures of my characters in my Rp's. (So I don't use any anime photos and such.) I love to write detailed and long posts but of course I don't expect everybody to be the same and like any other Rper I wont be doing this all of the time. Please be semi- literate if you are to Rp with me as I can't stand text talk and such. I'm not picky if you mispell things because we all do it so don't worry about it. I do also like to get intimate in the Roleplays, so sex and such will be involved. If that isn't your thing then sorry to disappoint. If you're interested then please get in contact with me. Either through here or any other site. My kik is artichealy. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.
  4. Another average day had gone by quietly and peacefully for Yang Quan, a convenience shop owner in Fabletown. The place itself was far from paradise. Noisy, corrupt by gangs and organised crime, not to mention that not a single one of the people living there behaved like regular humans. Well, you can take the monster out of the forest, and so on, he guessed. Or maybe that's as much as their glamour could do for them. Luckily for him, he attracted no attention. There was much still left of the length of his existence and he wanted to spend it away from the chaos of the world. After closing up the shop, he retired to the apartment just above it. It was a quaint little place, old and worn out by time but with some care it was home. He logged onto his computer to hopefully lose himself in the internet, when a curious site caught his eye. There was a girl on his desktop, messing with his files and programs. The thought that it might be some kind of advanced virus worried him, as the possibility of one destroying his entire hard drive was not something he wanted to allow. He opened his antivirus to begin a scan, and then, hopefully, a quick purge.
  5. NC-17 Taken

    Taken (Continued) Crystal strained herself to sit up straight and glanced at her body, realizing only now that she’d fallen asleep in full battle armor. For the first time since the war had begun, Crystal smiled and even laughed just a little at how absurd they looked. “I guess you’re right. Maybe we should take a shower…â€Crystal paused, unsure of what Storm would think of that suggestion. He didn’t like water, even if it was her water. She’d also thought before that moment that she would be comfortable with it. After losing Storm though, she knew that he was the only one for her. She didn’t want to leave his side for even a moment right now either. She couldn’t help but feel a tightness in her chest at the thought that he was almost lost forever though, and it was only with deep breaths and self-control that she managed to hold back more tears.
  6. Meet me at Atatakai Onsen. The words glowed on the tiny screen of Daisuke's D-Terminal. He flipped the lid shut for the third time and put the device back into pocket. Slumping back on the couch, he let out a soft sigh, his right leg jack-hammering the floor from nerves. The television was on, but only provided a low indistinguishable buzz in the empty apartment. Sighing again, Daisuke took the D-Terminal out of his pocket and popped it open. From: Ken Ichijouji It'd been nine years since the day the two worlds united. All the first chosen children had graduated college, and the second chosen were soon to finish as well. Daisuke opted out of college, feeling that the "hands on" approach to life would benefit him more. It always had. His best friend Ken--of course--was top of his class at Tokyo University, excelling at being a criminal catcher detective or whatever. They still made time for each other, trying to see each other every other weekend. Though, truthfully, it was harder the past few months with some of Ken's major exams coming up. He didn't like to admit that he missed that stoic bastard as much as he did. Daisuke set his device down on the couch next to him. It was weird, though. It wasn't the act of receiving the text, but the subject of it. They'd never been to an onsen together before--they've never even talked about them before. Daisuke could think of so many better things to do than to sit naked in a bath of hot skin juice. But maybe it wasn't the lost time that was bothering him as much as it was the whole "being naked" thing... "Dai," Chibimon cheeped as he jumped onto Daisuke's twitching leg. "What's wrong?" Besides Ken, Chibimon was Daisuke's best friend. A blue digimon that stood about one foot tall had a heart about three times the size. And unfortunately, an incredibly keen sense of emotional distress. "Nothing, man. Well, I mean, it's something, but you wouldn't understand." "I'll try not to take offense to that." Chibimon huffed. "Good. Don't." They both sat in the living room for several minutes with only the sound of their own breathing and the mumble of the news from the television. Abruptly, Daisuke stood up, causing Chibimon to fling to the floor with a small protest, and paced a couple of times in front of the couch. Finally, he picked up the D-Terminal and navigated to Ken's message again. He quickly typed, "See you at 8" and shoved the device into his pocket for the final time. Shooting a quick glance at the clock, he groaned as he realized he only gave himself a half hour, and thus, no time to clean himself up properly. Running his thumb and index finger across his scruffy chin, he sighed and rushed off to his bedroom. "Dai~!" Chibimon scrambled after his partner. "Where are we going?" "To the Digital World. Make sure to pack your swimsuit." "But I don't--" With two fluid motions, Daisuke grabbed Chibimon in one arm, his backpack in another, and the two began to digitize into the alternate reality.
  7. NC-17 Fandom Plots (MxF)

    Hello everyone, Celtic here! This is my first time posting a request thread here on this site and I'm hoping to find any detailed partners to write with. I consider myself semi-literate and I usually post two decent size paragraphs or more. Um, as the title states, I'm only interested in fandoms for now and I can play both Canons and OCs. My pairing preferences are as followed (YOU X ME): Canon x OC, Canon x Canon, and maybe OC x OC. Also just to give you guys a heads up, I'm not interested in any anime/manga, video-games, furries, and incest. Hmm, what else... I do love romance in all my plots/settings, but I do LOVE me some good ol' fashion action and adventure, too. Well, I believe that's it! If you like to know more about what I'm looking for in a partner or about me, feel free to stop by and drop me a PM. :) So to get this thing started, I already have some plots in mind: The Dark Knight Trilogy: Idea 1. My character is a new staff member and this is her first year working at Arkham Asylum and she is in charge of Dr. Jonathan Crane. During their time together, Crane starts to slowly manipulate her and manages to get my character to work for him. (We can add more to this plot.) Idea 2. My character is the youngest daughter of Jim Gordon and she's an detective who is on the hunt for Dr. Crane. Immediately when they come face to face for the first time, Crane is already obsessed with my character. She is then rescued by Batman (who returns after five years) and asks him if he could teach her how to fight crime like he does. (Again we can add more.) Enchanted: Idea 1. This follows the same basic story line from the film. Prince Edward goes to find Giselle, but meets an entirely different woman (my OC) and he falls in love with her. But this time he's stuck in New York and he can't go back to Andalasia, and so my character helps him make a living in the real world. Idea 2. My character is sort of like a ranger/huntsman and she is sent to New York by the evil queen to bring back Prince Edward and to kill Giselle instead of Nathaniel. (We can add more.) Ghost Adventures: The Ghost Adventures crew is investigating the abandoned Costello Grand Hotel in Manhattan, New York to investigate the claims of people seeing multiple apparitions, hearing voices, and possible demonic attacks and possessions. Upon arrival, the trio meets up with their client Susan Harrow a former maid who worked in the hotel back in the early seventies, and tells them the story of a young woman who was found brutally murdered in the main part of the theater of the hotel back in 1936. Nobody knows for sure, but some say it’s Lucy Costello; the daughter of the original owner and mob leader, Jack ‘Uncle Jack’ Costello. Wanting to further investigate the story of Lucy, Zak desperately tries to reach out to her and finds he’s in for a big surprise. One moment he’s in the back part of the theater searching for any signs of the young woman, the next he finds himself transported back to the year of 1936. Hairspray: Idea 1. My character is a twenty-two-year-old independent singer and songwriter who travels to Baltimore, Maryland. She comes across an old abandoned studio building that once aired the popular 6o's tv program: The Corny Collins Show. The next day, she wakes up and finds herself in the year of 1963. (I'm looking for someone to play Corny Collins for me.) Idea 2. My character is the oldest and quite ordinary sister of Amber Von Tussle who works with her mother on the set of the Corny Collins Show. She can't sing and can't dance, but she can paint! Her dream is to travel all over the world to study and paint abroad, but her mother won't have it; and so she's stuck being Amber's and her mother's assistant. The only person that truly makes her happy is Corny, but unfortunately he just sees her as a friend, until he meets my character's new boyfriend and he seems to be a little jealous for some reason. Indiana Jones: The year is 1940 and somebody has stolen the Crown Jewels and the MI5 are baffled. One day Dr. Jones receives a wire from the British Embassy stating the MI5 needs his help. Of course he has no interest in the case until one of their secret agents; a beautiful English woman meets Indy in person. She says he's the only one who can help them find the culprit since the thief left a hidden/coded message only Indy could decipher. The message is written in a dead language. Now he must travel to England with the stunning woman and help the agency before it's too late. Lord of the Rings: Idea 1. My character is a 28-year-old woman who works at the Smithsonian Institution and it's her first day on the job. She comes across a rather unique necklace that the curators still have not yet identified where it originally came from. The moment she touches it, she is transported into another world where fantasy-like creatures are real and dark forces are soon closing in. While exploring, she finds herself in a village called Meduseld and soon meets the handsome Rohirrim King. (This takes place a couple of years after the ring is destroyed and we can add more ideas to this.) Idea 2. My character is the younger daughter of Lord Elrond and decides against her father's wishes to live among Men. She travels to Edoras and soon becomes close friends with Eowyn and becomes the girl's lady-in-waiting. But the fair maiden's brother is not too thrilled of the idea of having an elf living under their roof. But in time he learns to soften up and starts falling in love with my character. Idea 3. My character is a beautiful Haradrim slave who is secretly being put up for auction at the Gondorian market. She is noticed by King Eomer who is out visiting Aragorn and decides to buy her and to set her free. But by law, she can only be free if someone speaks to the Haradrim leader and offers him riches. So now she is the King's slave and not too happy about it. (We can definitely add more to this plot.) The Notebook: Idea 1. My character has just graduated from Stanford University and travels to New York City to work at the New York Times as a journalist. She receives a strange letter (that explains a family inheritance she's never even heard of) at her new apartment from a man who claims to be her maternal grandfather, and asks her to travel to Charleston, South Carolina to meet him. She meets him at a local elderly home and he tells her of an historical plantation plot that was her mother's childhood home and puts the house under my character's name, since he's dying and he can't take care of it anymore. Curious, she checks out the old home and comes across an old photo album with a picture of two young handsome men in late 40's attire. She clearly recognizes that one of them is her grandfather, the other... she has no idea who except for the man's first two initials: L.H. She wakes up the next day and decides to check out who this L.H. guy was when something impossible happens-- Why are people dressed like they were from the 40's, and what happened to everything else? She starts to freak out when she meets the very man she was going to research on. Idea 2. My character and Lon Hammond were close childhood friends until they grew apart and went on with their separate lives; he went off to war and she became a teacher. After the war was officially over, they accidentally ran to each other in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina; both of them happily engaged. My character had always been very fond of Lon and was (secretly) hoping he would come back in her life and sweep her off her feet. But it seemed to her that he only thought of her as a sister than a significant other. But when she found out about Lon and Allie were not together anymore, she decided the best way to be there for a friend is to comfort him. Star Trek (Abrams-verse): Idea 1. My character is the daughter of Captain Christopher Pike and she has just recently been enrolled to Starfleet Academy alongside Kirk and McCoy. The trio becomes fast friends and they do everything together. But unfortunately, my character has a major crush on Bones and she's too nervous and shy to make the first move and/or share her true feelings to him. Also like my character, Bones has a hard time sharing his feelings too. (We can add more to this, but basically is set before the first film.) Idea 2. My character wakes up from a deep hibernation sleep and she finds herself in the year/stardate 2259.24. She has no idea where she's at except she's in space and on a ship called the Enterprise. She has no memory of her past except the year she was born in and the year she fell into a deep sleep. Something happened all those years ago on Earth, and my character is the last remaining link to the past. (Basically Bones helps my character and starts having feelings for her. We can add more to this. This will take place after Into Darkness.) Idea 3. Again, my character is the daughter of Captain Pike. She, McCoy, and other science officers are beamed down on a planet when they are soon ambushed by a tribe of natives. The group gets separated and my character and Bones are lost in the forest. They need to somehow find their way back to their rendezvous point without the use of their communicators and phasers. During that time they develop an interest with each other. (Again, we can add more to this plot.) Idea 4. The Enterprise crew is on a diplomatic mission to please a rich aristocrat/prince and offers him to become an ally for the Federation, but unfortunately the mission goes wrong and the man takes and enslaves the most beautiful female crew members including my character; who is the younger daughter of Admiral Marcus. In order to free the females, a male must choose which woman to fight for. Bones has always liked my character and so he fights in her honor to save her. (This will take place after Into Darkness.) Superman/Returns: Idea 1. My character is Lois Lane's younger sister and she now works at the Daily Planet as a journalist. Ever since meeting Lois's fiance Richard White she's develop a huge crush, but she has always been the shy one. Now it seems she has a chance with him since Superman has returned and Lois ended her engagement. But she may never be with Richard when she gets herself caught and experimented on and now she's a freak with superpowers. Idea 2. My character is a beautiful Kryptonian and she has been taken in and brain-washed by Lex Luthor. Her main goal is to kill Superman. (Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh. We can add more to this.) X-Men: (These are all Cyclops x OC related, but I'm willing to double. I will also like to point out that I will never play as Emma Frost or any other female canons with Scott Summers. But I will play as Jean Grey/OC against him.) Idea 1. It's almost time for the year-end exams and every year, one of the top students gets to be paired up with an X-Men in order to pass their two-part exam (a mock-up simulation and first mission). My character is the 18 year-old-daughter of Mystique and Sabertooth and she has just learned that she'll be mentored by Cyclops. During their time together, they start to develop an intense (love/hate) relationship while he's still with Jean. (Cinematic Universe) Idea 2. After the 'death' of Jean, Cyclops leaves the X-Mansion and goes rogue and comes across a 'hitchhiker' (my character), who he later finds out she's a mutant bounty hunter. She decides to tag along for the fun of it, when she later learns that she has been betrayed by her own father William Striker. And now she's a fugitive and teams up with Cyclops for justice. (Cinematic or 90's) Idea 3. My character is a doctor/nurse who is a spitting image of Jean. She comes across Scott laying off shore and decides to take him to the hospital where she works. After waking up from a coma, he has no memory of himself being a mutant and being part of the X-Men. And, he can see without the use of his visor/glasses. The two fall in love and he's finally happy, until he starts to remember... Now, he must decide if he should stay with my character or go back to the person he once was in order to protect to her. (Cinematic Universe) Idea 4. The teenage X-Men has finally graduated from high school and now teachers themselves along with my character. It's been great until Jean starts to change into becoming the Phoenix and she has vanished. She shows up a few months later and has sided with a powerful mutant who wants to destroy all human kind and mutants who defy him. And now it's up to the young X-Men to stop him and their beloved friend. (Evolution) Idea 5. A Powerful mutant has the power to time-travel and he sends Cyclops and my character or Jean Grey back to a time period (your choice) and they have to find a way to get back to their own time. (Shows or films) Idea 6. Project X has just created another wolverine-like clone (my character) and her orders are to terminate Wolverine and the others. Can a certain team leader get through to her or will she forever be a cold-blooded murderer? (Cinematic or Evolution) Idea 7. Cyclops and Wolverine volunteer to go back in time and to try to stop Mystique from assassinating Trask. The two men gets separated and Cyclops ends up finding my character who is also a mutant (and a undercover agent) and the two fall in love. He has to decide if he should stay behind or take her back to his own time. But it will come with some severe consequences. (This will take place during DoFP and that Cyclops never died in Last Stand)
  8. OPEN Renaissance Valley

    Inspired by Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Studio Ghibli films, and The Moomins. Renaissance valley is a sleepy little place that is known for its beauty no matter what season it is. The village in Renaissance Valley is also widely known as a place where artists, artisans, and many other folk come to practice their craft. As a newcomer to Renaissance Valley, you must help contribute in your skills, whether they be painting, tailoring, smithing, or any other skill, as well as explore and take inspiration in the valley's many hidden secrets.
  9. “Pride is an admission of weakness; it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals.†- Fulton J. Sheen It was the seventh hour of the morning when Sylvaria rose from a fitful slumber plagued by phantoms to join the steady procession of nobles trickling through Upper Ale'del. Low clouds wreathed the Cirakin Mountains, shrouding the city in a gray mist that made the cobbled roadways more cumbersome to navigate. With meticulous care, Sylvaria guided her filly through the main thoroughfare leading to the royal palace. Months of traveling in foreign lands, free from the strictures of aristocratic society, had acclimated her to certain liberties, and she had to readjust to the formalities of her heritage, gingerly threading her way through slow-moving carriages and other riders. The fog had lifted slightly by the time she arrived at her destination, affording her a clearer view of the congregation assembled upon the rostrum at the western edge of the palace grounds. Where there would normally be a monarch or Council member issuing announcements to the residents of Lower Ale'del, instead a throng of nobles had gathered, clustered at the balustrade to watch the spectacle unfolding below in the market district. Most of her peers were clad in somber hues, and only the fine material of their attire betrayed their wealth and influence. Sylvaria herself had chosen a loose-fitting gown of crushed black velvet, with a high neckline and a modest cut befitting the occasion. Her eyes were masked by a half-veil secured to her cropped sable locks by simple black hairpins. The dark gauze obscured her features, granting her a welcome measure of privacy within the spaces of her own mind. She was not yet ready to be questioned about the presence of Soliri within the city. She took a place at the fringes of the crowd and gazed down at the market square. A dais had been erected in the center of the square, ringed by an assembly of merchants, tradesmen, and laborers. Seated upon the platform in high-backed chairs were the eight members of the Council, waiting impassively as two armored guards dragged a prisoner to the wooden crucifix mounted before them. From what little she could discern, high above the proceedings, Sylvaria could see that the man bore the sharp, angular features of the Vales, but his appearance was otherwise unremarkable, his visage nondescript and forgettable. Hidden from view, his eyes were lost beneath the tangled ropes of unkempt brown hair that hung limply against his face. He had a lean frame draped in tattered rags, and through the torn fabric Sylvaria could glimpse the angry network of scars stretching across his back, caked with dried blood and riddled with bruises that had already turned yellow with age. He was raving as his detainers pulled him to the crucifix and settled him roughly against the wooden post, lashing his wrists and ankles to the stake. “You are fools,†he spat, punctuating the statement with derisive laughter. Although his voice was hoarse, and cracked from dehydration and disuse, his words carried over the sudden stillness that fell over the crowd. “All of you. You will learn the truth of your folly soon enough, and it will avail you nothing. There is naught you can do to change your fate.†He laughed again at that, the sound growing in volume until the last cord was tightened and he was forced to imbibe a vial of nightsbane extract. Then he laughed no more, and in the wake of his silence, low murmurs of speculation arose from the gathering. “The man merely states the obvious,†a disinterested male voice commented carelessly. Shifting her gaze discreetly, Sylvaria observed that the man who had spoken was among the few who had dressed without regard for propriety, attending the proceedings in opulent finery inlaid with elaborate gold and silver brocade. “So long as we harbor the savages within our walls, our fates are, naturally, sealed.†He sighed mockingly. “Perhaps His Grace should have considered his own safety before eviscerating our policies.†“I’ll thank you to not speak of that again, for I’ve no wish to face the Council’s scrutiny,†a woman’s voice snapped in response, cutting through the flurry of gossip that followed. The man bit out a brazen retort, but Sylvaria scarcely heard it, as anger had washed over her, sudden and consuming. She willed herself to remain calm by grasping the railing and taking deep breaths. Beneath the thrum of chatter all around her, she could hear the roar of blood pounding through her ears. Seconds stretched on into minutes...until finally, the crimson haze clouding her vision dissipated, and her heartbeat returned to a steady rhythm. Moments later, the screams began. For all his insolence, the captive was mortal, and susceptible to the infirmities of his own mortality. Though she had never witnessed an execution involving the use of nightsbane, Sylvaria could recount the symptoms that afflicted him. Long before his organs failed - and they would, eventually - the toxins in his body would assault his senses, amplifying them until the merest hint of sunlight would be searing, the faintest noise deafening, and each breath excruciating. He would not taste the luxury of a swift release, either; the torment would persist for several more minutes before he would be permitted, at last, to embrace death. Sylvaria forced her gaze to remain steady by reminding herself that she beheld the man who had murdered her mentor. Her father's account of the crime still rang in her ears. The assassin had attacked as King Dorien dined in the Great Hall, loosing a poison-tipped crossbow bolt at the monarch as he bantered with guests. The attempt had nearly been thwarted by a member of the Royal Guard, who had discovered the assassin as he moved to fire, but the bolt had nonetheless found its target, lodging itself in the king’s shoulder. For a time, the king had appeared to be recovering; the bolt had missed his heart, and the injury seemed to be healing. Then, abruptly, the wound had festered, the corruption spreading rapidly through the rest of his body. He'd spent the last of his days in a fever-stricken delirium. Sylvaria could hardly imagine the pain of Lady Amalia...or Lord Damien, who had barely reached his seventh name day. How much had they suffered, to have the king inexplicably ripped from their arms? The injustice of the situation steeled her conscience, and she listened stoically as the last of the assassin’s guttering cries dissolved into silence. Once his anguished convulsions had ceased, the guards stepped forward to cut his body down from the stake. There would be no proper burial for a traitor of the realm such as he; the corpse would be flung from the heights of the Cirakin, and left to the vagaries of the wilderness. As the guards hauled the body away, a flicker of movement at the edge of sight caught her attention. But when her eyes shifted towards the source, she saw only a pair of doves taking flight, circling around the rooftops of Lower Ale'del before disappearing behind the distant spires of the Cirakin. She watched them for a long moment, then turned and slipped into the crowd of nobles filing off of the platform.
  10. OPEN Tragic Romance?

    Kay. So I've had an idea for a kind of RP I want recently. I really want to do a tragic romance thing. I don't really have any story idea to follow through with, but this is more of an interest thread really. I want to see who would be interested in fulfilling my wishes here . ^.^ Currently I know I want it to have prominent romance. I want the story to follow the characters involved as they uncover the secrets behind some kind of darkness or something. They aren't saving the world per-say, but they have powers and they fight something together, but not an organization, just a small group of whoever joins. I'm wanting there to be a clear end where one character (involved in the romance duo of course) to sacrifice themselves to save the others (especially his/her lover). (Cliche alert!) I'm thinking of playing the male lead who will be the one to sacrifice, but of course I'm open to ideas here. I also want the setting to be a strong, Japanese anime/manga school setting. Think Kyoukai no Kanata, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica, and the like. That's all I can really come up with right now. I do have a character I've been thinking on, but I don't know if it's the best character to use for something like this, so currently I don't really have anything else for you guys to go on. So, any takers/ideas!?
  11. Thump-Thump...Thump-Thump...Thump-Thump...What is that?...Thump-Thump...A heart. Of course...Thump-Thump...My heart...Thump-Thump...But why? Is there an afterlife after all? Wait! No! This ins't something like that...Thump-Thump...That's right. It's all coming back to me now. That day. That evening. I'm remembering. I was going to the arcade after helping a girl with cleaning duties. Stupid. There was some chick meeting a man. It was weird; they didn't seem like friends or anything. And then...And then something happened.... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Thanks so much for helping me Hakuya. I really appreciate it," Sumire said with a broom in hand, an innocent smile spread across her face. She looked just like a girl who'd just spoken to the boy she had a crush on for far too long, which might not be too far from the truth as Hakuya finished placing the last desk back in place. He straightened his back in a final stretch and smiled at her, a smile that resonated from his whole face. "Of course. I couldn't just let you do all this work alone. You're delicate girl after all," he said. She blushed and busied herself with putting the broom back in the cabinet and collected her bag. She rushed to the door and stopped for just a moment. Hakuya looked slightly puzzled at the way she moved so quickly now. "Thanks again Hakuya!" she said, then fled from the room with a big embarrassed smile. The moment she way gone Hakuya visibly slackened. His radiance faded completely, his shoulders slumped and his face went from a brilliant smile to a totally dead expression. He moved down the aisle to his desk in the back while loosening his tie and in a few broad strides grabbed his bag, then turned for the door. Time for the arcade. I'm tired after helping her with cleanup duty. I really shouldn't have helped her out after all. With a shrug Hakuya threw his bag over the shoulder and left the classroom. One hall, a right, down the stairs and to the lockers. Changed shoes, and out the door. He looked up at the sky and smiled to himself. It was still only around 5:30 with plenty of light left out. Summer's the best. He moved to head for the school entranced when he heard a girls voice calling out to someone. He glanced around but saw no one. The sound was coming form the side of the building and Hakuya was driven by curiosity to locate the source. He jogged over to the side of the school building where people were often known to confess their love. Hakuya wasn't interested in that, but couldn't help but wonder still. He reached the side and saw a girl he only vaguely recognized. Too many faces greeted him from day to day for him to remember them all. He scratched his head through the locks of dark hair and stared for a moment at the girl who looked almost lost calling out for someone to show up. She was wearing the school uniform, so he knew she couldn't be lost. He glanced around to see if anyone was approaching from his side and, seeing no one took a step forward while turning back to the girl. And a man? A man stood a good distance away from her now. He, however, was not wearing the school uniform. Instead it was substituted with a red and black T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. He wore no shoes, which was only part of the strange character. He had small chains links strung all across his body and this rather crazed look was plastered on his face. Hakuya heard the girl finally see him and say, "So you're the one who called me out here? What do you want anyway, showing up late? It'd better be good for wasting my time like this." The man started walking forward and raised his palm to face her, a knife glowing red hot in his hand. Closing the gap he said, "Well aren't you just a joy. Well, I guess it won't matter for long. Just do me a favor and die easily." Seven yards from me to her. Twelve between them. I don't know if I can make it in time, I don't know what the fuck is going on. Dammit! Before Hakuya had enough time to figure anything out, his body was already in motion. He put all his potential and energy into a sprint for the girl to reach her before who ever the "enemy" was could. He reached her and everything in the moment seemed to explode. One hand on her arm, then she was being forced aside with his full weight, then a hell storm of red hot metal filled the air and ripped into the earth as the sped for Hakuya. As the flurry reached him everything went white, the kind of bright flash as if looking into the sun fused with a bolt of lightning striking mere meters away from you. Hakuya could hear the sound of sizzling heat and the crazy laugh from somewhere. Then the light began to fade into black from the edged of his vision as he felt the strength drain from his body. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was a flash of light and then I died, but I guess I didn't. I remember saving her like a moron hero, then whatever the hell all that was, then nothing. I remember it all now. But what about after that then? Where am I now? This doesn't feel like ground, or death either. Did I get taken to the hospital, or dragged to my apartment maybe? My head hurts, and I can already tell it's still dark out. I should just go back to sleep and forget about it all for now. That's for the best I'm sure. What a pain this is. Finally, after sorting through the squall of thoughts surging in his mind, Hakuya began to stir from his almost comatose state. He forced his eyes open, not daring to move yet, and surveyed his surroundings. He was resting in a bed in some unfamiliar room. It was a surprisingly bland room. There was a night stand, a place that looked like it was used for studying based on the books and closed laptop resting there. A bookshelf with books of different origins, some photos, and other objects on it as well, and photos and posters here and there on the walls. Finally, his eyes landed on the girl who'd fallen asleep at the bedside, pinning his left arm beneath the blanket, which was a girly bit of cloth that splashed color to the otherwise bland room. Hakuya could see the sun was just barely starting to shine it's light across the region through the one window in the room, which was rare considering he slept in near every morning. Other than that, there was a small lamp left on the light the room. He then noticed the damp cloth laid across his forehead and realized that whoever this girl was must have taken care of him after the hellish incident of...Wait, how long have I been out? He didn't bother to move his body though, partly because he didn't want to wake his apparent caretaker, and partly for the soreness that had began to spread through him in general. Instead, he remained totally still and closed his eyes again, waiting to either fall back asleep, or for the girl to awaken and free him for the realm of unknown knowledge. What a hassle. I should have just left. Or gone straight to the arcade. Or better yet, just skipped that duty and left. It wasn't even my day. *inner sigh*
  12. Outside of a village in the woods many years ago, there lived a young woman named Aemilia that the villagers dubbed "The Screeching Witch" because she would always screech and curse aloud. Because of this the village elders banished her into the woods so that her loud noises would not distract the others. Aemilia lived alone in her cottage, not daring to come into contact with other human beings. Her only companions were the animals whom she would help, but deep down, she wished for human companionship. Alright, so this is the story of a young woman who's made an outcast because she has Tourette Syndrome in an era where the condition is not known of. This'll be a romance, so I'll need someone for Aemilia to fall in love with (male, female, I don't care).
  13. OPEN Oder of the Princesses

    The Order of the Princesses is a group of princess from many kingdoms bound together to help others. They each bring their own talents to the group and use them to help in however they can. One princess by the name of Astrea becomes the newest group in the order after her mother, Queen Donelle of Reveria, sends her off to follow in her footsteps. The princess has trouble fitting in and is unsure if she would be able to fulfill her duty until an unknown dark force begins to spread throughout the kingdom and it is up to the princesses to stop this threat. Character Sheets: Princesses Name: Age: Kingdom: Looks: Personality: Other Info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Kingdom: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  14. For those of you who noticed that I've opened so many threads these few days, rest assured, it'll be the last thread I open .. for this week. - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes || Modern, supernatural, school, romance(, reverse harem). || Warning || Semi-nudity, poorly depicted textual jump scares, and taboo relationship between human girl and ghost boy. Possible exorcism if said ghost boy is irritating enough. Who knows. Read at your own discretion. || Plot || Set two years after the first season of 'Free!'. Ghost!Haruka is a spirit summoned whenever it rains in Iwatobi Town, disappearing whenever he stays away from water for too long - and strangely, it seems to be exactly what he wants; to be gone. During a school trip, Sayuri Hiroka gets separated from her team and seeks shelter in an abandoned chapel during a violent downpour. How will she deal with being haunted by a ghost who has failed in moving onto the other side? || Rules || This is a CLOSED thread. Madi (BlindxObserver) knows the rest of how this works. And that's all that's necessary for this to work. (I'm horribly lazy, I'm aware and I apologise.)
  15. If you came here for the pantsu, I urge you to seek in another's wardrobe instead. This is a 1x1 private roleplay; feel special, Draon. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes ||Modern, romance, gender bender, drama. || Warning ||May include violence. Thread is predicted to shyly flutter its wings around ecchi before taking a swoop down to sexual situations.Nothing explicit or graphical. Still, read at your own risk. || Plot ||Rinko Tanaka used to babysit for the Misogai household, who resided in the same neighbourhood. They had a cute daughter that Rinko enjoyed playing with. But that was five years ago. After summer that year itself, Rinko Tanaka moved away to further her studies overseas. Now, she's returned to attend the local university a short distance away from her hometown. The same family welcomes her with open arms, providing temporary lounge after the girl found out that her parents had moved even further from the city - into another neighbourhood - which stranded her the binary option of either staying in the hostel or with family friends. For some reason, after one meal together, the daughter of the Misogai residence has obviously been displaying an on-and-off friendliness towards Rinko. And now she may just find out why the hard way. || Rules ||Decent grammar. No text talking. Proper punctuation. Adequate spelling check.Death to one-liners.Meta-gaming is frowned upon.And all other basic roleplaying etiquette. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The raven looked up with a hand to shield sunlight from her dark eyes and gave a terse smile. "This place looks a little different from what I remembered .. grander than before, if anything." With her leather luggage case on one side, she steadily made her way to the porch, careful not to stumble to her death on the stairs. She remembered tripping over the steps before in this place .. White rubber soles slid against the tiled pavement, the path so clean not even the faintest sound of pebbles scratching on ivory-coloured ceramic heard. Her blue-collared, white, sleeveless polo was about to get drenched with sweat; the sun seemed intent on baking Earth into a dried cookie today. It was a good thing she went with a ponytail to tie her medium-lengthed hair up. She shuddered at the thought of those tresses clinging onto her sweaty neck. This afternoon did not allow her the luxury of looking like a mess - she had to present herself to a very important family today! She looked back over her shoulder and saw the guard that gave her the pass to enter the compound. He smiled at her cheerfully with a wave, adjusting his hat like a good-natured policeman. Rinko mirrored the courtesy. She raised a hand to knock on the door. But was cut short by said door - still cherry wood, they hadn't change the door - flinging open to reveal a plump woman with messy, dyed red hair, barely the same height as Rinko herself, donned in a hot pink .. .. that looks like lingerie. The girl thought, alarmed. "Rinko-chyaaan~" The woman sing-song'd with open arms, and before Rinko could process who she was to her, engulfed the confused girl in an embrace. An embrace too smothering for comfort. "H-Hai?" She wasn't sure if it was a greet in English, or just a stammered 'yes'. Either way, the older woman was excited to see her bestfriend's daughter again - she had been such a sweetheart back then before she flew off all the way to New York! There was no way she'd forget. "Julia misses you~" Rinko heard amidst the penetrating perfume and meaty body rubbing all over her. She wheezed. This person ..! "Misogai-san, it's .. nice to see you too." With a grip on the woman's fleshy arms, she pulled herself away from the hug and grinned as politely as she could without looking absolutely petrified, breathing through clenched teeth. The affectionate people she met in New York were no match for Julia! Julia chuckled, her rosy cheeks pushing her eyes up into sunset curves. She near-hoisted the girl off the porch and dragged her in eagerly. "Let's get you settled in your room - it's right next to Ereka-chan's!" A maid they passed by bowed and went to close the door. She wasn't the only servant Rinko saw. Ereka? Somehow, the name rang a bell in Rinko's head, and she tried to catch up with a 10 kilogram-worth of baggage in her hands. A male servant - the butler? - with a slightly familiar face offered to take the burden off her, but she shook her head and signalled a 'no' before marching her way up the stairs. It was a hard feat between trying not to fall, walking up step by step all the while listening to Julia's chatter as she hauled the heavy thing. "Oh, Ereka-chyaaan~ Look who's finally here!" (End of current post.)
  16. I don't know if anyone listens to them, but I am obsessed with the 1975 right now, and I am in LOVE with this music video. (if the link works)So. Would anyone be interested in roleplaying out this idea? (the concept, not the video exactly, haha)
  17. Nowadays "It's good, isn't it grand? Isn't it great? Isn't it swell? Isn't it fun? Isn't it? Nowadays..." A smog-filled, noir-set city. Filled to the brim with murder, blackmail, and cigarettes. Silver Dollar City The name fits the bill. The rich side of town, nicknamed "The Castle District", contains all of the cities big casinos, high-class restaurants, and classy hotels. To any traveler, the streets seem paved with diamonds. But only those who know Silver Dollar can see the blood stained there. The poor side of town, nicknamed "Sleazytown", houses the slums, the gangs, and is run almost entirely by the Mafia. You do one thing that goes against their word and your face will be getting real friendly with the pavement. --- Set in the 50's. A bunch a murdery mystery noir stuff too. Good fun! Feel free to just jump into the rp! It would be nice if you post here first but you don't need my permission or anything to post.
  18. ((Discussion Thread)) "Y' alright there, Kitten?" The man's voice made her head spin. 'Kitten', the lady in question, was seated adjacent from him. She held a wine glass haphazardly between four fingers, spinning the drink around. Even in her slightly inebriated state, she felt the man's hot breath on her ear when he spoke, his arm laid casually around her shoulder. Though she was uncomfortable, she tolerated his presence more than most, as he was the casino's manager. Kitten fixed a smile. "I'm alright." A dark heel clicked against the floor, and she waved him off. She peered outside the window, watching the mid-day fog wash through the streets. Kitten sighed. It was much too early to be drinking. And yet, the wine remained poised in her delicate hand. She was quite striking in general. Red hair and ruby lips, contrasting with her pale skin. When she spoke, her voice was demure and eloquent. That is, unless she had purpose to speak otherwise. The only evidence of an accent was the slight thrill on her vowels. She wore a black dress that swayed as she walked. Her dark fur coat was draped around her upper arms, revealing her shoulders. Though playful and approachable, she carried an air of classiness and mystery. But today, the young woman sat on her lonesome, continuing to swirl the ruby drink in her glass. It seemed as if something had pinned down the corners of her smile. Her shut her eyes half way, phasing out the casino as she went deep into thought... (O god. I apologize for the rustiness but I haven't done this in a while.)
  19. NC-17 An Adventure in Ildrana

    Miran sighed softly as he looked out to the pier he had been ordered to find by his employer, his eyes looking to medium sized looking vessel, noting its single-mast construction was fairly shoddy, and right away he regretted taking the job. He was to go out and catch a mermaid. Any other mercenary would’ve laughed at the old man when he said that and would’ve walked away, but the half-Orc was too proud and too poor to refuse such a lucrative offer, even if the mermaids hadn’t been sighted in over two hundred years. Miran rubbed his large hands through his tightly bound hair he had done up in a ponytail, the sides of his head shaved clean, and his lightly scarred face displaying years of abuse, but he wasn’t like most Orcs. His skin was a pale tanned brown shade, much like the hide of a young colt’s brown hair. He remembered the old man’s words rather clearly, his voice shaking, but he caught every word, “Take my boat, fetch my granddaughter a beautiful birthday present; a mermaid, and I will make you a very wealthy man. He despised having to be reduced to such a simple task as being a fisherman, but as he sat in the boat, unfurled the sail and felt it lurch forward Miran felt his confidence soaring. He had always been a land bound person, living high on the mountains with the rest of his tribe, but on the sea he could feel a certain power beneath him, and that brought a smirk to his stubble covered face. At least if he didn’t catch a mermaid, his benefactor had paid gave him his boat and more than enough rum in the hold to last him three days. When Miran had reached the point in the ocean where the seas seemed calmest he cast out the net, threw out a fishing pole, and yawned out loudly into the open sea air. This would be his easiest job as mercenary, and with any luck, it would be his last. He began to daydream under the warm Ildranan sun, smiling as he began to wonder if Sola was smiling on his face, but simply began to think about what he would do with his 3,000 gold coin reward waiting for him when he returned with the mermaid.
  20. NC-17 Chosen Persona

    Aglaya's eyes opened so slow. Her head threw itself into an immediate throb and she was curled up into herself, tears falling like someone had come into the room and verbally assaulted her. She let out rough, pained cries as she flinched and moaned as the pains grew deeper, tighter, harsher, wider until her eyes shot open and she was staring wide eyed at her bedroom door. Her breath was heavy, labored with a moist brow and neck. What had happened? Slowly she sat up in her bed, gathering herself and sliding her feet to the floor to find a pair of panda bear slippers. Placing her feet in them she stared at the fluffy white and black creatures for a moment before looking up at her door. The sensation she had had the moment before truly waking up was terrifying. A void of that kind of pain and agony forced her head to turn a little and close her eyes. Had it been a dream or a true migraine of the devils doing? She did not dismiss the random occurrence of such a pain among her head. Standing from her bed she scooted her left and right feet across the wooden floor to her bedroom door and opened it to view a whole other world. A bedroom with soft walls, more feminine touch, to a messy, cluttered and dysfunctional room that she could read like a book. Shuffling through the living area she avoided towers of binders, notebooks, reference books and various other organized piles until she stopped in her little white kitchen. Aglaya lifted a long baggy sweat shirt clothed arm to her eyes and rubbed tenderly until she felt a little more awareness in them. Looking at the little white kitchen she made note of how the grays in it seemed sluggish and lazy compared to many of the other shadows in the kitchen. No lights were on to chase their laziness away, yet. Yawning and stretching as she walked to her cabinet she grabbed a cup and shuffled to the faucet for some water and then dropped a green tea bag into the cup and into the microwave it went! Staring at the speckled layer on the front of her microwave, supposed to help prevent damage to the eyes upon directly staring at the light in the microwave, she watched how her purple and blue glazed cup rotated until the seconds stopped and the handle appeared facing her as she opened the door. Taking the cup she scooted back into her living area, crossed the maze to her balcony and shoved the sliding door open. Walking outside and then closing the door behind her she brought her attention to the city scape above and below her. Aglaya lived on the sixth floor of a thirty floor building. The ants below her darted, paused, scurried and repeated. Her tired hand set the cup of tea down on a small table near by, still watching the busy ants. She brought a small pale hand up to her face and shoved a handful of pitch black hair behind her ear, still quietly observing the ants. “Is this what they think about me, when they look down on me as I travel?†Aglaya said in a soft voice, her heritage barely clinging to her words at this point in her life. The dark haired, pale skinned girl darted out of her apartment complex and dove into the city transit bus before its doors closed. She clung to the rail at the left as she went up the two steps and permitted the meter to read her monthly pass ticket. Proceeding to the back of the bus she carved her sight into the floor of the buss. Never permitting her sight to fly back to anyone that might be gazing in on the new passenger. It was awkward enough getting on the bus and being seen by its audience, worsening when they got the time to stare at you as you walked down it. “Miss Maxim.†The middle aged male voice said drawing the endless stare out of her pale youthful face. “Yes?†Aglaya said startled as her eyes snapped to his mundane existence. He was so boring to listen to dribble on about things that he felt were important, when she could have explained the purpose of the writers direction. Maybe that was why he would drop her grades below the one point they deserved. Despite his quip she fell back into a fantasy a little more dark and artistic than he would have understood or appreciated. Aglaya smiled faintly, to herself and no one else, as her eyes flickered slowly and the light from the window drew her back into the world she had been rudely taken from moments ago. “Out, out! Go!†The teacher said exhausted from his lecture. Aglaya looked up sleepily from her continued daze and noted the mass of her classroom flooding through the door. Now was her time to take leave and hide in her sanctuary for the rest of the day. Excitement buzzed in her chest the moment she thought about the thick, large, old crafted wooden doors to her library. Standing up from her seat she fed her class supplies into her bag and threw the long messenger bag style shoulder over her left and hurried out with the tail end of the class. She was in the protection and comfort of the library within minuets. A breath inhaling the new and old texts that had always kept her company. There were more interesting and intriguing personalities to keep her fancy in this one room than there were in the world from the day of its creation until the second of her arrival in that very library. All the men in the world and she had their attention, their devotion, their desire to share with her their crafted secrets. The women were always secondary. Research and assistance to the brilliance of man, the men, she respected so highly. Trotting down her usual path she plowed deep into the depths of the library and sprawled out on a table right next to the rounded dome portion of her sanctuary. It was made completely out of glass, permitting all natural light to come in and bathe its readers. Aglaya could never function out of its natural warmth and brilliance, it was a necessity. She spent the remainder of her day, afternoon and into the night in that same spot. Food or drink seemed trivial and hardly a requirement to keep going. Though her focus was shifted when she stood up to go to the bathroom to relieve herself. Another student of the college had taken to interrupt that intended action. Her lower half was pressed up against the table as he barely gave her room to move. Aglaya's back was arched, hands reaching to support herself as she tried so hard to put a distance between him and her. Long black hair piled on the table as concerned blue eyes stared at the face grinning at her. “Eh . . Miss Maxum . . “ He said amused at her startled look. “Ma-Maaxim.†Aglaya corrected. “Whatever. You seem too occupied.†He was amused with his discomfort in her eyes. It was as if he had a thrill driving that emotion in her, taking her and consuming that emotion. “No—I.†A thunderstorm had just started and it began on the roughest front possible. The water from their clouds so heavy it made the building feel weak and much older than it truly was. Its glass clipped, shrieked and shook as stronger angles slammed into it hurriedly. As if the water itself was emulating how quick Agalay's heart was pattering. Thunder rattled the building and her being, there was a pause and then a series of lightning flashes went off. Aglaya's eyes grew wider, her chest stopped its fearful fall and rise as she saw a figure standing outside of the libraries glass. He was just standing there through the several flickers of light, watching her and the student intent on his design with her. Aglaya let out a shriek of total fear when the body vanished and she fell onto the table and started to scoot wildly from the students company. “Did . . there!†Aglaya said terrified as she pointed at the empty space the male figure had been standing. A strange and startled look set on his face as he put a hand on his hip. “No wonder you're still a virgin.†He scoffed as he walked off and left the petrified woman on the table to fend for herself.
  21. NC-17 Lotus Coin

    “Tonight we celebrate the cleansing of our beautiful lands of Eligius.†Her words were soft, fluid and encouraging for such a youth. She felt its breath on her neck, eyes frozen wide in terror as she stared at the crowd. The princess's pause throwing their attention off. Guests exchanged glances within the two seconds it took her to compose herself again. “And we shall renew everyone's faith! Etyx be praised for her kindness!†Dione's fists balled up, nails digging into her palm as she felt the breath linger in her ear. “My great, great grandmother and father bled and wove their lives into building such a beautiful kingdom! Please!†Her voice had a high pitched gasp jump into the middle of her small plea. A deep sting began to radiate from the small of her back. Pushing as much of the agonizing sting from her mind as she could her lips parted to quickly wrap it all up. “Enjoy the beauty of the night and one another! Thank you!†Dione said quickly as she stepped away from the balcony she had been speaking to her guests in. Fleeing from the sight of her guests she quickly moved away from most of her charges sights, her parents too. Her hand went to the small of her back where she pressed the area of the sting. A fresh wave charged through her body as it confirmed that she indeed had received the mark again. Wincing a little and fighting back tears the princess looked up to see her mother and father coming to her with gentle smiles on their lips. “Dione, you spoke so elegantly.†Her mother cooed. Dione gave a thankful bow to her parents. “Thank you. I, I feel I messed up in it though.†“Nonsense. Dramatic pauses are always a crowd favorite.†Her father chuckled as he grabbed her by her shoulder and guided her back out to the stairs where they descended as a family. “Now let us go mingle as a good family.†The king said with a slight groan of annoyance. “Yes, of course.†Dione said as her eyes stole constant glances around her. It had come back after having had left her alone for so long. Why now? She stood quietly at her father's side as he spoke with several nobles of his court. Her blond hair had been left simple and falling down her back beyond her hips. Virgin blue eyes stared politely, flickering away at a moment's notice. Against her feminine form a dress of soft, elegant white fabric framing her youth and sex. Her mind was often lost on the sting in her back and its breath. It was not leaving her be that night. Her lids closed partway, head bowing a little. She felt her father's hand grasp one of her own. Looking up she saw him smile. “Go sit down for a little. You've been about all day and done our guests your dues.†“Thank you.†Dione said softly as she excused herself and walked over to a less occupied part of the ballroom. Sitting down she folded her hands in her lap and closed her eyes for a few moments. Its breathing came back to her and her eyes snapped wide open, frozen just like before. “Please leave.†She whispered. It chuckled. “You thought I left.†Closing her eyes again she began praying to Etyx for strength and the ability to banish what was afflicting her. “In Etyx's name I banish you.†Dione said under her breath. Eyes closed firmly as she continued to pray, convinced this was the method that would make the breath vanish from her ear. “I banish you . . . I banish . . . you . . .†She kept whispering to herself. A chill ran across he naked neck, she shivered and drew her arms up and hugged herself. “You will leave, you will leave.†She repeated several times. “Etyx commands you.†Her words had to have worked. The chill vanished, leaving her still cold, its voice had not spoken another word and the sting had lessened by now. Cautiously her eyes opened to take in the bright colors of the party and those attending. Eveything was as it should be, loud, obnoxious and exhausting. She closed her eyes for a few more moments. Just a few more moments. Thankfully no one had taken notice of her moment to herself, yet anyway.
  22. Searching for new roleplays

    I just stole the form from the Classifieds. Hope that's okay. :) At the moment I'm not really looking for anything specific. This means that I also don't have any plots kicking around right now, so my partners have to be willing to help me come up with something. Please help me graduate! Username: heatherroneous Name: Heather (that was tough to guess, wasn't it?) Available Times: sporadically throughout the day. More predictably in the evening. Post Length: Long. 5+ paragraphs. I'm not picky, though, and I'm pretty new to this, so I'm not a super stickler or anything. Post Frequency: Once a day per RP, minimum... I'm a stay at home mom, I do what I want. RP Preferences: Fandom: Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, House MD (though I'm only just finishing Season 2), Downton AbbeyRomance as a secondary themeAction/AdventureMysteryHurt/comfortReal life (slice of life)HorrorHistorical fiction (Edwardian/Victorian especially)M/M preferred, M/F acceptedI prefer to play male charactersI WILL NOT DO... magic, romance as a primary theme, explicit, F/FContact Details: Contact me here! I don't really use any messengers, but could be convinced to do so if necessary.
  23. R The Mighty Will Fall

    ((Discussion)) The Beast left giant footprints in the soft soil of the riverbank. Though his great wings were tucked tightly in at his sides, he could still feel the spindly needles of the evergreens brushing against them. The water churned around the dragon’s scaly forelegs as he waded in and dipped his head to drink from the river. His sides heaved as he breathed between gulps, drinking in the coolness of the freshwater. Achaean appreciated mornings like this; Quiet, peaceful, and serene. He could still feel the warmth of the blood that had filled his mouth when he'd ended the hunt - primal and instinctual, with every fiber of his being reveling victory over the stag that he had chosen. The creature had stood no chance. Not when Aean had the advantage of such a mighty form. With his belly full from the kill and fresh water from the river, Aean took solace in the knowledge that there were miles of wilderness between himself and the relentless troubles of the so-called civilized world. Such a world used to concern him, used to weigh heavily on his thoughts. But those times were long since past. With careful concealment, Aean had removed himself from the world's awareness, detaching his ancient life from their petty squabbles and greedy ambitions. Despite all their shortcomings, it was not something he had been eager to do. Aean hadn't sought solitude out of preference, but rather, out of necessity. It was either isolation or his end. Something disturbed his bitter contentment and drew his attention. He lifted his horned head to peer suspiciously at the trees that lined the banks of the river. Perhaps he had grown too comfortable in his lonely mountain spine; Perhaps he had grown careless. After all, hadn't he decided long ago that taking to the skies in all his might and majesty would be too obvious? And what had he just done; used such frivolous advantages to his favor to stalk and pin a stag. Well the stag was his. It was taken, consumed, and now fed the fuel of his life - but what would such an easy and extravagant hunt now cost him? Molten gold eyes surveyed the shadows critically, sure that something was out of place. The water was still rolling in droplets off the scales of his maw as he stalked forward. A flock of sparrows burst from the canopy of a tree further in the forest, spurred into flight by something there that had startled them. Aean was sure now, this wasn’t a beast of the forest, it wasnt something that belonged there. Something foreign had wandered into his territory. Something that brought with it danger and death. He had been hoisted by his own petard, and caught in the open in a shape that could condemn him. His kind was dying if not already dead, and if a mortal had seen him now, they would come in throngs to hunt him. He cursed himself inwardly, damning his foolish notion to hunt in the traditional fashion. He was deft enough with a bow when wearing his mortal skin - he could have avoided this impending threat had he just been humble. He didn't know now if he had been spotted, but a great beast wading in the river was a hard thing to overlook. At least if he remained as a beast, he was less vulnerable than as a man. More conspicuous, perhaps, but less vulnerable. With a low breath that rumbled in the core of him, the scaled dragon drew himself up to his full height and unfurled his wings. He made for an impressive display: the great lizard, taking his stand in the middle of the running water. His eyes glowed with the ancient magic of his kind under the twisted horns that framed his head, the spines that ran long his frame prickled, and his nostrils flared in warning. He did not speak, he was not intending on exchanging words with this trespasser. He was going to end them if he could, save himself from whatever potential threat there might have been to his future existence. These were his woods, his mountains, his domain. Aean had made it that way. And he intended to keep it.
  24. The Freak and I

    “Welcome, one and all, to the best show of your life!†The Ringmaster yelled. Wearing a bright red suit and holding a large baton, the red haired man walked out onto the middle of the stage. He grinned at the onlookers. “I am your Ringmaster, Rufus the Cunning!†Rufus paused, laughing as he scanned the crowd with his bright golden eyes. The children in the audience started to cheer and chant his name. His circus troop was famous all over the world. They traveled from town to town, preforming and making a living. Rufus waved his baton, pointing leftward where a mysterious gray blob lay on the ground. It moved around, it's shape changing in captivating ways. It looked as if it were dancing. With a shout of surprise, the children giggled when the gray blob exploded in a burst of lights and confetti and there standing was a short, barely dressed girl. She wore an open red vest, her small breasts covered by a silvery shiny bra. and a pair of black tights, her toned form visible, obvious that she wasn't a child at all despite her smallness. Her hair was bright green and long, held back in two buns on top of her head. Her skin was a most peculiar green, but most stunning were her eyes. They glowed an unnatural white, made even more strange because they lacked a pupil. “The Alien!†The audience shouted in joy. Indeed the small girl standing there was the one everyone knew as The Alien due to a rare defect in her genes. The Alien was part of the first act, The Freak Show. She walked around the ring, doing cartwheels, and graceful back flips, landing in the splits. The children in the audience ooed and awed, and even some of the adults couldn't stop themselves from making noises of surprise as she did some complicated acrobats. With a sudden whoop, a large man ran out onto the stage. He growled, though he sounded like a gentle pussy cat to those who knew him personally. To the audience he sounded like a wild lion ready to pounce. The large muscled man ran up to The Alien, and picked her up with one hand, holding the girl high into the air. The Alien was flipped, doing turns in the air, before she landed back on the big man's outstretched hand. The newcomer was none other than The Strong Man. He was known only as that. Nobody knew his real name, nor did he remember it. He was simple-minded, yet the sweetest person alive; his only passion in life was to make the people around him happy with his pseudo scary act. The Strong Man boomed in loud laughter, tossing The Alien around a few more times, each time the small girl did different acrobats in the air, before she was caught again. The Strong Man growled at the children, making them jump and yell in frightened delight. “Alien fly!†The Strong Man yelled, throwing The Alien one last time, but this time, the girl was thrown away from him, her arms tucked to her side. She soared, looking as if she were a bullet, and then with a sudden twist and a turn, she tumbled in the air, and landed on her feet as if she were a cat. The audience stomped their feet, shouted and clapped their hands, shouting “Alien,†over and over again. The Strong Man grinned again, continuing on with his act, as The Bearded Lady came out and they started an interesting dance, showing off his strength in other ways, and scaring the children with how strange The Bearded Lady looked. Though, they did love The Bearded Lady as most kids did love The Freak Show. Now The Strong Man was dancing with The Siamese twins, Bob and Tom, a strange cat and mouse game. The Strong Man was the fearsome cat, chasing after the twins, as they in a surprisingly graceful way, flipped and jumped fluidly. The Strong Man was even graceful in his own ways. The Alien suddenly rushed out, flipping and jumping over the twin's heads, twirling and spinning around The Strong Man as if to confuse him and save the twins from being chased. “Hey, mine!†The Strong Man yelled. He grabbed onto the twins and pulled one way, while The Alien grabbed onto the other and pulled them the opposite way. It was a tug-of-war between The Strong Man and The Alien. Suddenly bright lights filled the tent, blinding everyone. There was a loud bang, like a cannon ball going off during battle. When the light cleared and everyone regained sight, The Strong Man was gone! The twins had also disappeared, standing in their place was Rufus the Cunning. "How was that folks? Did you enjoy the first act? How about we bring out the wonderful performers?" The Ringmaster pointed toward the left where the gray blob was back; in another explosion of confetti The Alien stood there again. The small lady bowed. "The Alien, everyone." Rufus exclaimed, as if in alarm when The Strong Man came out and picked him up with one hand. "The Strong Man, everyone!" The twins walked out onto the ring and waved. "The Siamese twins, what a sight! Tom and Bob, everyone." The jointed twins did a back flip. "And there," The Ringmaster shouted, "The Bearded Lady!" The young woman ran onto the stage, she waved, tweaked her beard and did a cartwheel. The actors bowed and bowed while the audience cheered and threw forward coins and other valuable gifts, such as rings, watches and one lady threw her expensive looking locket. [Please don't take this as an example on how long all my posts will be. I do try my best, but I am still practicing my skills!]
  25. I'm looking for either a male or a female character for my female character. (This is why it is tagged as yuri. I do prefer a female, though!) This is a fantasy role play. With dragons and trolls, and a forest of zombies, and what have you. Rules: 18+ mature partner. No whiny, helpless characters. I don't want my characters to have to do everything. That's boring! Sexy stuff is okay, but only if there is a proper build up to it and it does not take away from the rp. I don't want this to end up being a PWP. So if you only want to rp for smut, than I'm not your girl. If you like plot and like to see where it can go, possibly leading to sexy stuff, than maybe I'm your girl. Care to find out? I think this is a one x one type role play. I'm not so sure about doing a group role play yet. So far I play two characters, a human girl and a troll. You can be either male or female, human or elf, or any other humanoid person. You can play a creature if you want. My troll is a boy, you can play a female troll. In this RP trolls are not bad creatures, but misunderstood because of their looks. (No mature troll romance... just... no) Give me an example of your writing through PMs. High casual to advanced writing. 3+ paragraphs a must! No oneliners! Name: Arlia (Lia) Age: 17 Bio: Arlia was taken advantage of by is now pregnant. She has to switch places with her twin sister so that she can escape the castle walls and avoid punishment for the taboo of being pregnant before being married. The only reason she has a twin to switch with is because of the Breeding Laws in the kingdom. Each family are allowed only one male child and one female child. The king and queen are very strict with upholding laws, or at least pretending to, so when they had twin daughers, one of them was hidden away and given to the kitchen staff to raise. Arlia found out about her sister through the words of her favorite mades when she was on her death bed. The twins quickly became close and each were willing to switch so that Arlia would not be pushed, because even as princess, she could still be punished.