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  1. U.A. High School

    U.A. High School "We live in a world of superheroes... ... and supervillains. All thanks to Quirks. Another word for 'superpower'. Around 80% of the population has a Quirk. These can range from the--" The teacher, Miss Noda, had been writing on the board for over 40 minutes. The class was bored and restless, but she was oblivious. Her voice dissipated through the classroom, barely reaching the students in the back row. On the far left, sat in the corner by the window, sat Noriko Nakagawa. The 16-year-old girl was in all ways, unremarkable. She was not the tallest girl in class, in fact she was almost the shortest. She was not the prettiest, or the funniest. She was not even the smartest, or the most popular. But then, she didn't register to bullies either. She was just 'nobody'. And most of the rest of her class had Quirks. She, did not. So Noriko sat there, staring out the window, trying to drown out Miss Noda's end-of-school lecture on Quirks and their importance to society. She said, "If you've got a Quirk you can use, you better be using it to benefit society." None of this applied to her. She let out a short huff and her eyes refocused on a figure stood by the school gate. She squinted, and saw the instantly-recognised outfit of a superhero. But not just any superhero, it was her older brother, Shinji. Known to most of the city as, 'White Lightning'. He had the power to move as fast as lightning. That, and his hair had turned white when he was 10 and his Quirk activated. Noriko's face lit-up at the sight of her brother. Her eyes darted from the window to the clock. School was almost out. The moments ticked by while Noriko hurriedly bagged up her things, by the time the alarm bell rang, she was vibrating at her desk. She tried to get to the door first, but she was right at the back in the corner, so she was squeezed into the throng of fleeing students and was practically carried out onto the main courtyard where the students dispersed and she wheezed as she was dropped to the ground. There was a crackle of electricity and suddenly arms were around her, squeezing her tight. "Let go of me, I feel like i'm getting hugged by a giant condom." Noriko growled, wriggling irritably. "Right, right, sorry, Nori-chan!" Shinji's voice was deep and gravelly, but it hadn't always been. He'd spent a long time deliberately speaking deeper so that he had a more commanding presence, or so he claimed. "Listen, I don't have long, i'm still really busy--" His voice partially muffled by his helmet. "Ugh!" Noriko grimaced, "You smell like you live in that suit. Never hang it upside down, you'll be tasting your ass." Noriko flashed a toothy grin and held her nostrils closed. "Well, since mum and dad saw fit to disappear when you were a baby, i've had to look after us, i'm not just doing the Hero gig, i've got to cook and clean the apartment, and look after you, and--" "You don't have to look after me, I figured out how to get the cube in the square hole today." Noriko pushed her brother, it did nothing. He chuckled as she pushed her way past him and he fell into step beside her. She had to walk nearly twice as fast just to keep up with her brother's long strides. "So what's on our delectable menu tonight?" "Curry." "Sacré bleu!" They had curry every time her brother cooked. Noriko slung her bag onto her shoulder as they walked down the street. She glanced at his Hero outfit, the White Lightning costume was pretty simple overall but it looked ridiculous to her. It was all white, with a utility belt and a white helmet. Her brother reminded her of those suited martial arts shows on TV that kids love to watch. You know the ones, where they fight and win and then the monster grows, and then they fight and win again? Shinji loved those shows growing up. It didn't surprise her at all the first time she saw him dressed as White Lightning. Shinji was telling her all about how his day had gone. He'd stopped a bank robbery, rescued a cat from a tree, pulled a woman from a burning car and fought a supervillain. Her ears perked up. Bank robbery and saving cats was one thing. Supervillains though? "What the hell are you thinking, Onii-chan!?" Noriko whirled on her brother and hit him with the full force of her schoolbag, books and all. "Ack!!" Shinji recoiled, "It was just the one!" "You told me you don't fight supervillains! You said it's too risky!! You pinky swore!" "I know what I promised!!" Shinji got angry and stopped walking, turning to face her. He reached up, and touched an imperceptible button on the side of his helmet and the darkened visor whipped back inside the helmet, revealing his face and a scruff of white hair poking out in places. His eyes looked red raw, like he'd been awake for days. "I didn't have a choice!" "You pinky swore, is nothing sacred!?" Noriko yelled, getting angrier and angrier. "I can't help it, sometimes I have to intervene, it's not about--" "--you don't think-- "--saving others, it's my respons--" "--about me? You could get--" "--you can't expect me to just--" "--it's not about that you--" "STOP!!" Shinji snapped, the visor clicked back into place, hiding his face once more. "I'm tired of having this discussion. We have it often enough." Noriko opened her mouth but Shinji held his hand up. "Hey, you feel that?" Noriko paused, listening and waiting. The sun was out, it was summer, she heard kids playing in the distance. She heard the regular hustle and bustle of the city. "No?" Her brother straightened up, "I'll be right back." "I'm not done with you, spandex--" By the time she'd raised her finger, her brother was gone. A snap of electricity, and he was a blur. A few moments passed as she tried to process what had happened. She felt bad. Another argument. Why couldn't she just talk to him like anyone else? And he'd made dinner, even if it was curry again. She'd have to buy him his favourite dessert from that corner store on the way home. An explosion rocked through the city. She saw an enormous plume of black smoke rising, birds scattering in all directions, car alarms whined in response and Noriko's heart sank. She started running, but by the time she arrived the police had cordoned off the building. It was an old apartment, and now it lay in ruins. A dozen people lay bewildered in the street, blinking and shaking their heads like they couldn't understand what had happened. One of them was naked, another was holding 3 dogs in her arms and looking at them as if she was unsure how they got there to begin with. It was her brother. It had to be. Nobody was that fast. Onlookers gasped and stepped back as a section of the building crumbled in on itself as the fires raged higher and higher. She kept waiting, staring at the blaze, until an officer came to ask her if she had been one of the resident's and she just broke down crying. He reached out to comfort her and she recoiled, "NO!!" She screamed, turning and managing to take a single step and then... pop. She was gone in a puff of black smoke. A moment later... pop. She reappeared, smoke dispersing. She was falling. Noriko screamed in panic as she watched a building go rushing past her. Floor after floor, window after window. Her eyes darted all around her, she'd teleported to the end of the street but about 60ft up. Her mind couldn't process what was happening, she acted on instinct and reached out to access the ability to teleport once more and found it came naturally. Pop. She hit the ground. Hard. It seemed momentum carried through her teleportation. Noriko gasped as the air was knocked from her lungs and her bones ached from the impact. But she was alive. That was the first and only time she had used her Quirk. She lay there, gasping, staring through her tussled hair. It looked like her brother's. 2 Weeks Later "Special base of operations for the next generation of superheroes..." Noriko muttered, looking up at U. A. High School, "Smack dab in the middle of the city, for anyone to just walk up to and--" She pushed her against the door and it didn't budge. "Uh huh, what am I supposed to do, knock?!" Noriko looked up at the enormous double doors, "Eh..." She leaned forwards, staring into the keyhole. She could see a courtyard on the other side. "Aaaand--" Pop! Noriko vanished in a cloud of smoke and reappeared on the other side. "Hah! Super-security and--" An electrical current shot up through her spine and she hit the ground, twitching and convulsing as she tried to turn onto her back so she could see her assailant. She saw a crotchety old man smirking down at her. "Konnichiwa, Noriko-chan!! Welcome to U.A. High School, I trust you got your invitation and pass key in the post?" He beamed at her as the shadow of his body shaded her from the summer sun looming down on the courtyard. As the convulsions stopped, Noriko tried to straighten up and sit upright. A few seconds later, the doors opened with a beep as two students stepped through, each holding a pass. One was a boy, of average height and with a lean muscular build. He had shoulder-length, thick, jagged blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail, sides shaved. A permanent scowl sat on his face. Dark green eyes. He wore black high-top sneakers, 3/4 length black cargo shorts and a sleeveless basketball t-shirt black with yellow accents and a logo of a wasp emblazoned on the front. As she stood up, the boy passed her. He was nearly a foot taller, and while he took notice of both her and the old man, neither of them seemed to register with him, and he walked on. "Oh my, he's intense, huh?" The old man chuckled to himself, then turned back to Noriko, "Well then, no pass? Here, take this one." The old man pulled a small plastic card and handed it to her then, just like that, he walked off. "Dormitory 1-C!!" He called over his shoulder. "1-C, 1-C..." Noriko muttered, walking past each of the doors, "A, B--" She came to a stop before the next door, "Ah, 1-C." She tried the door handle. Nothing. She wriggled it back and forth but nothing happened. She heard a voice from inside say something but she missed what, it could have been, 'Just a minute!' but she decided it sounded more like, 'Come in!' so instead, she just teleported inside. Instant chaos. A cat leapt up in sheer terror, ricocheting from the floor to the ceiling and clutching onto the ceiling light, making the light in the room spin and dip in and out as shadows were cast everywhere. "Yo!" Noriko held one hand up, as the boy from earlier stood staring at her, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. For a second, nothing seemed to register to either of them. Then the silence was broken as the cat unsteadily dropped from the light and onto a sofa with a soft 'thwump'. "S-sorry!" She ran out of the room and slammed it shut behind her. Then noticed students walking past her to each of their rooms. It was a shared dormitory? She checked her details again. Yep. Room 1-C. She was rooming with the spiky-haired frowny-face, then. Super.
  2. X Sporalysis Redux

    Wormmon He emerges right after me, materializing in light from the soles of his boots to the last wisp of his dark onyx hair. He’s clad in black, now-- polished boots, heavy trousers, and a thick leather belt holding it all to his svelt waist. A grey shirt and the white fur sprouting from his leather jacket are the only light features to his ensemble, and the rest is capped off with slim black gloves, and dark belts affixed to his forearms. At one point I thought his wardrobe changes were intimidating, but then he started to wear a pair of square goggles around his neck. I remember them-- just like the pair Daisuke had broken when he first entered the digital world. It’s silent until we reach some kind of town. Ken and I have always had that quiet regard between us; though there are some times I feel like the silence really does say nothing. The town-- if I can call it that-- was a pod of half-submerged brick igloos. Most had trap doors on top and a variety of windows poking up out of the terracotta mud. Two Ogremon stood knee-deep in murky water with shovels, trying to clear the mud away from one of the domes that was twice as sunken as the rest of them. It seemed the more they pushed against the fill, the deeper they sunk in themselves. Woven through the village were muck trails of foot prints and tire tracks where machines had made their way through. Water was pooled shallowly in each tire tread and heelmark. A ways off, hardly visible through the low mist, was a two-story bathhouse and thick, hefty boulders pooling in the hot springs that bubbled up. The elegant rock garden had water spilling over and around, and even where we stood, the water was warm against my feet. “Wormmon, would you digivolve?†I’d always do anything for Ken. I let our bond fill me with strength, my eyes closing as I looked up at Ken, and opening again looking down. It felt like letting go of a warm handshake. “Please, help these Ogremon get their house out of the mud.†I put my wings to work like never before, pulling up on the door frame as the Ogremon pushed from below. “Ah wish we could just move these†one of the Ogremon sighed between heavy breaths. “Shore be easier than movin’ that big’un.†He jerked his head to the bathhouse, and then wagged it all around them. “Can’t believe how much they dammed this place up. Lousy hu-mons.†Quietly, I noticed Ken had vanished. We’d finally gained some traction against the suction of the deep mud, and the house was starting to heave upwards. The other ogremon rolled some rocks the size of bowling balls into the ditch they were creating, and they helped the house to rest on them so that it was on higher ground. “You’ve done a great job, guys. I prepared us some snacks!†Ken chirped up, red in the face and holding out some bagged treats in his gloved hands. There was a faint pungent smell under the sweet cinnamon coming off the treats, like masking dirty socks beneath a candle. I decided Ken had probably gotten a lot of water down his boots. “You’re not so bad, eh?†The Ogremon tromped over, his wide feet lifting him across the waste like snowshoes on fresh powder. Together they all sat on a bench that had been tied up to tree branches rather than posted up from the ground. It swung (when two Ogremon weren’t sitting on it) and most importantly, it hadn’t sunk into the mire. The tree that supported it was starting to grey, its roots oversaturated in the swampy mudland. Ken passed out the snacks, and I returned to a more manageable size. “I remember, you know, it wasn’t that long ago.†The Ogremon continued, and waved his club out towards the wastes. “The hot spring made a river, you know, but just barely. The land’s all pretty flat out here, but a long time ago the water decided it was going to flow that way and leave us meadows and farmland, right? Oooh I remember when the Palmon used to come to plant and harvest…†His eyes started to glaze over with a smile, until his friend elbowed him sharply. “--Argh, right, but there it was, and here we were. And when the hu-mons found the hot spring and put all them rocks there, I guess the bubble-over just decided it could go anywhere. We’ve been sinkin’ inches by the year. And the Palmon don’t come back.†Ken sat, nodding almost sagely. It seemed we did this a lot, these days-- listened to stories, tried to give what help we could. Ken had lost the surprise, had soured even to offering a sad glance at the struggling Digimon these days. I knew he was burdening himself with their pain, knew he’d take it in to the point of breaking. But I also knew that we would go back to the real world, and Daisuke would come home, and some little part of that fatigue and frustration would unravel and dissipate. No one else could keep Ken sane. A crackling popped in the distance, at first like breaking wood; I looked up. But it grew louder, like fireworks, like lava boiling over and the resultant splatter. A warm wind passed, and as the hot, acrid scent of gunpowder and nitrate lingered in the air, I looked back across the mist. There was no bath house, and the rock gardens laid in gravel piles. “Let’s head back, Wormmon.†It is complicated to describe how I felt at that moment. Eager, to take him up on the offer. Uneasy, suspicious-- and my suspicions continued to make me uneasy. I felt trust bend, and creak within me. I wanted nothing more than to believe Ken had nothing to do with what had happened. I felt, if I could not believe that, I would have to doubt everything. Doubt that Ken was truly doing what was best for the Digimon affected by the Million Points of Light. Doubt that Daisuke was keeping him grounded. Doubt that Ken was slipping out of his right mind and I didn’t know him well enough to notice while he was nearly healthy. More than anything I did not want to doubt that I could follow Ken anywhere, that I could withstand even death to save my partner from his own. We returned. Blissfully clean, Ken skulked off to take a shower anyway, as if the digital mud was still caked up to his knees. I listened to the water pour down until the door swung open, and Daisuke and Veemon paraded in from another successful day with the street noodle cart. “Aaayyy little man, where’s Ken? That slacker nappin’? Hah, I bet he’s had his nose in a book all day. Nerd.†The fire-spiked redhead dashed down to his and Ken’s mutual bedroom, skating on his socks half the way there. The dark D-3 was still resting by the computer screen, but little was amiss besides. All that Daisuke noticed was Ken wasn’t in there, so he stopped, and tracked him by the shower beating rain across the floor. “He-hey, can I come in?†Daisuke took a mumble for a yes, and helped himself. Daisuke “Like, can I really come in?†I started shucking my shirt, socks, letting it all pile up on the floor. I pushed aside the shower curtain and found Ichijouji posed against the back wall. One arm folded, holding the other, and the remaining hand touching his jaw nearly at his mouth. His eyes were half-lidded, mouth ajar. “I don’t know, can you?†He cocked his head. I felt faint from how fast my blood made it into my dick. “I can.†I nodded; I swear my head whipped around like my neck had turned to jello. Pants hit the floor. I shut the curtain around us to keep from flooding the bathroom even further, and pushed my hands against the shower wall to either side of Ken’s head. “What the hell’s gotten into you, Ichijouji?†He shrugged. “Just a rush, I guess.†His slender arms entangled me, his leg slipped around the both of mine as he drew our bodies flush. Our nethers started to mingle, and I felt him stiffen at the touch of mine. “I wish me getting home always turned you on this much.†I laughed, a little awkwardly. It was sort of a sore point in the past-- Ken had shied away from anything even remotely public (no kissing near windows) and sometimes, that translated to just feeling too self-conscious to even get nasty in the privacy of their own bedroom. It had been much better-- like wowza way better-- lately, a mix of Ken clinging to me in any spare moment, to him initiating, to just being downright more vocal about what he wants. I suppose it’s the comfortable bliss stage that every long-term relationship hopes for; god knows Ken was already perfect in every other way. “Oh come on Motomiya. Maybe you should always ambush me in the shower?†Ken perked a little smirk, and I thirsted to kiss it off his smug face. He picked his chin up away from me-- fucking tall prick-- and I went to town on his neck instead, to the sound of his deep chuckle. “I never thought you’d pick up a kink.†I laughed, slithering my tongue up Ken’s neck until he finally looked down and took it into his mouth. We mingled together, tasted each other for a while. “You inspire me.†Ken had real bedroom eyes now, and the anxious heavy beat of his heart was jarring against my rapid one. I longed to bring them into sync, to take Ken’s body and merge it with mine in the only way humans knew how. No matter how many times I’d taken Ken, it would never get old. His was the complementary flesh to mine, and no one would ever feel as hot and right in my arms. My hands were groping at his thighs now, my chest rubbing against his as our members brushed beneath. His hands slicked down my back, thick soap bubbles a wake of his slippery hands. They found my ass and tightened around it. “Ah! Ken, are you trying to…?†“I want to do this to you, this time.†Ken was smiling, his soaped fingers slipping between my cheeks, digits probing in gentle circles around the orifice. Each round pushed more and more insistently, and I could feel a warm pleasure stirring my lower abdomen. Suddenly, just the tip of one of Ken’s slender fingers nudged up inside, and urged a soft moan out of me. “I mean… if that’s what you want…†I was blushing, even the cool shower wouldn’t quench my face. An old and familiar glint crossed Ken’s eyes as he tightened his serpent grip around me, and pressed his finger deeper inside. Like Ken on the battlefield-- the competitive Ken, Ken on the soccer pitch with a need to win something. Here I was, prostrate in his arms, just the same reverence for Ichijouji as when I’d sat like a fanboy to watch his championship games. His finger urged deeper into me still, and swirled inside. “Oh! Wow…†I pushed my face into his chest, tried not to tighten up. I let my hands grip tight to Ken’s hips, and felt him lighten his touch any time my grip became too much. “You’re mine, Motomiya…†His words caressed my hair, and as one soapy finger became two, and then three, I was wrenched from his front and pressed into the neighboring shower wall. Ken conformed to my back, and held me by the abdomen as he guided his cock into my slippery, well-stretched hole. It still felt decidedly more filling than the three fingers had. “Damn! Ken…†My breath fogged against the tile wall. I counted my blessings that Ken was the the more slender of dicks between us, same as our figures. I swelled with precum at the thought of what this felt like when it was me fucking Ken-- and then dripped as Ken pressed all the way to his hilt, and withdrew. “Amazing…†Ken whispered, pulling away from my back just briefly. His thumb pulled at my ass, and I assumed he was admiring what it looked like to be the one on top for a change. “Fuck me, dammit!†I couldn’t stand my own impatience. I was trembling through my knees. My balls were sore with the need for release. “Oh?†Ken quickly rammed himself back in, and I hugged the wall with a whimper. “Dude!?†My voice cracked as Ken pulled out again. Across his brow was a momentary downturn, his lips tightening for just a moment. Was he… angry? I opened my mouth to apologize for rushing him, only to have two fingers stuffed inside, pressing down on my tongue. “I will, then.†With his other hand wrapped around my cock, a rhythm built up between us. The quick thrust as he pressed us into the wall, the slow withdraw as I moved my hips back same as him, and let myself fuck his hand. As if he knew the feeling of his own body, his hand wrapped at just the perfect pressure to get me moaning his name. “Ichijouji… nnh…†My red hair matted the wall, my tongue swirled around Ken’s fingers with the practiced skill of taking his cock. Ken nipped at the back of my neck and along the shoulder, leaving little red bruises for the next day. “Mmm, Daisuke…†Ken became awash in the delicately soft moans I loved him for. The ‘uhns’ that strained at the back of his throat became the herald of his orgasm. I bucked my hips to meet his and felt him fill me with hot seed, and then again felt it drip down out of my body in a bubbly string and the clean scent of ivory soap. Ken’s hands were at my sides again, their touch tender, almost hesitant as they urged me to turn. Water sleuced down my body as Ken took to his knees, kneeling down before my still-stiff cock. His fingers worked the soap from the surface, and worked another pearly droplet of precum to my tip that he could kiss away with those devious lips of his. What started from a soft massage of lips at the head worked into a tongue-slick swallowing of all I had to offer; Ken daring to gag ever so slightly as I filled to the back of his throat. Through the shower rain he beat his eyelashes to look up at me, my cock swelling between his stretched lips and strained jaw. Needless to say, I released immediately. Ken sucked to the last drop as he let me out, and turned the shower knobs to off as he rose to his feet. “Let me know when you’re ready to go again.†Ken wrapped himself in a soft cotton bathrobe, and smiled ever so slightly my way. And he left it like that, slipping out of the bathroom and out around the corner to elsewhere in the flat. Maybe it was just the refractory period introspection getting to me, or maybe it was the ache between my legs from Ken’s brief outburst when I’d urged him, but… I couldn’t let that out of my mind. Ken was much more aggressive in bed… though it didn’t seem sudden, just dramatic. Like a creeping vine had taken root and started to flower inside of Ken, and only now that it was blooming did I notice it there. Or maybe not like a vine at all… but a spore? Ken "Wormmon, could I have this space to myself?" I slid down across the bed surface, peeked at the tragic sparkle that came across Wormmon's eyes when I asked him to leave. Ah, that little drama queen. "Just for now. Veemon is home, won't you play with him?" I raised my eyebrows, and Wormmon reluctantly let the point get across. "Alright, Ken..." the bug digimon scuttled away, and I nudged the door most of the way closed with an outstretched foot as he left. Peace. I felt warm, and good. These simple things I let satisfy me for a while. Despite all I'd done today, despite the things I'd just done to Daisuke... I felt lively. My post-coital fog lifted and I felt ready to do my day over again. Of course, I couldn't inflict that sort of schedule onto Wormmon, but it was encouraging that I'd get this sort of continuing high from the help I'd given those Ogremon earlier today. Honestly, I'd half expected it to haunt me. And to be fair, the fact that I do feel this good, is. I let my mind sink back to Daisuke, and that was all the distraction I needed. I felt fixated on him recently-- perhaps because his new work kept us apart even longer hours. I need him so urgently... urgently enough to fuck him myself this time. And it felt perfect.
  3. Meet me at Atatakai Onsen. The words glowed on the tiny screen of Daisuke's D-Terminal. He flipped the lid shut for the third time and put the device back into pocket. Slumping back on the couch, he let out a soft sigh, his right leg jack-hammering the floor from nerves. The television was on, but only provided a low indistinguishable buzz in the empty apartment. Sighing again, Daisuke took the D-Terminal out of his pocket and popped it open. From: Ken Ichijouji It'd been nine years since the day the two worlds united. All the first chosen children had graduated college, and the second chosen were soon to finish as well. Daisuke opted out of college, feeling that the "hands on" approach to life would benefit him more. It always had. His best friend Ken--of course--was top of his class at Tokyo University, excelling at being a criminal catcher detective or whatever. They still made time for each other, trying to see each other every other weekend. Though, truthfully, it was harder the past few months with some of Ken's major exams coming up. He didn't like to admit that he missed that stoic bastard as much as he did. Daisuke set his device down on the couch next to him. It was weird, though. It wasn't the act of receiving the text, but the subject of it. They'd never been to an onsen together before--they've never even talked about them before. Daisuke could think of so many better things to do than to sit naked in a bath of hot skin juice. But maybe it wasn't the lost time that was bothering him as much as it was the whole "being naked" thing... "Dai," Chibimon cheeped as he jumped onto Daisuke's twitching leg. "What's wrong?" Besides Ken, Chibimon was Daisuke's best friend. A blue digimon that stood about one foot tall had a heart about three times the size. And unfortunately, an incredibly keen sense of emotional distress. "Nothing, man. Well, I mean, it's something, but you wouldn't understand." "I'll try not to take offense to that." Chibimon huffed. "Good. Don't." They both sat in the living room for several minutes with only the sound of their own breathing and the mumble of the news from the television. Abruptly, Daisuke stood up, causing Chibimon to fling to the floor with a small protest, and paced a couple of times in front of the couch. Finally, he picked up the D-Terminal and navigated to Ken's message again. He quickly typed, "See you at 8" and shoved the device into his pocket for the final time. Shooting a quick glance at the clock, he groaned as he realized he only gave himself a half hour, and thus, no time to clean himself up properly. Running his thumb and index finger across his scruffy chin, he sighed and rushed off to his bedroom. "Dai~!" Chibimon scrambled after his partner. "Where are we going?" "To the Digital World. Make sure to pack your swimsuit." "But I don't--" With two fluid motions, Daisuke grabbed Chibimon in one arm, his backpack in another, and the two began to digitize into the alternate reality.
  4. NC-17 Fandom Plots (MxF)

    Hello everyone, Celtic here! This is my first time posting a request thread here on this site and I'm hoping to find any detailed partners to write with. I consider myself semi-literate and I usually post two decent size paragraphs or more. Um, as the title states, I'm only interested in fandoms for now and I can play both Canons and OCs. My pairing preferences are as followed (YOU X ME): Canon x OC, Canon x Canon, and maybe OC x OC. Also just to give you guys a heads up, I'm not interested in any anime/manga, video-games, furries, and incest. Hmm, what else... I do love romance in all my plots/settings, but I do LOVE me some good ol' fashion action and adventure, too. Well, I believe that's it! If you like to know more about what I'm looking for in a partner or about me, feel free to stop by and drop me a PM. :) So to get this thing started, I already have some plots in mind: The Dark Knight Trilogy: Idea 1. My character is a new staff member and this is her first year working at Arkham Asylum and she is in charge of Dr. Jonathan Crane. During their time together, Crane starts to slowly manipulate her and manages to get my character to work for him. (We can add more to this plot.) Idea 2. My character is the youngest daughter of Jim Gordon and she's an detective who is on the hunt for Dr. Crane. Immediately when they come face to face for the first time, Crane is already obsessed with my character. She is then rescued by Batman (who returns after five years) and asks him if he could teach her how to fight crime like he does. (Again we can add more.) Enchanted: Idea 1. This follows the same basic story line from the film. Prince Edward goes to find Giselle, but meets an entirely different woman (my OC) and he falls in love with her. But this time he's stuck in New York and he can't go back to Andalasia, and so my character helps him make a living in the real world. Idea 2. My character is sort of like a ranger/huntsman and she is sent to New York by the evil queen to bring back Prince Edward and to kill Giselle instead of Nathaniel. (We can add more.) Ghost Adventures: The Ghost Adventures crew is investigating the abandoned Costello Grand Hotel in Manhattan, New York to investigate the claims of people seeing multiple apparitions, hearing voices, and possible demonic attacks and possessions. Upon arrival, the trio meets up with their client Susan Harrow a former maid who worked in the hotel back in the early seventies, and tells them the story of a young woman who was found brutally murdered in the main part of the theater of the hotel back in 1936. Nobody knows for sure, but some say it’s Lucy Costello; the daughter of the original owner and mob leader, Jack ‘Uncle Jack’ Costello. Wanting to further investigate the story of Lucy, Zak desperately tries to reach out to her and finds he’s in for a big surprise. One moment he’s in the back part of the theater searching for any signs of the young woman, the next he finds himself transported back to the year of 1936. Hairspray: Idea 1. My character is a twenty-two-year-old independent singer and songwriter who travels to Baltimore, Maryland. She comes across an old abandoned studio building that once aired the popular 6o's tv program: The Corny Collins Show. The next day, she wakes up and finds herself in the year of 1963. (I'm looking for someone to play Corny Collins for me.) Idea 2. My character is the oldest and quite ordinary sister of Amber Von Tussle who works with her mother on the set of the Corny Collins Show. She can't sing and can't dance, but she can paint! Her dream is to travel all over the world to study and paint abroad, but her mother won't have it; and so she's stuck being Amber's and her mother's assistant. The only person that truly makes her happy is Corny, but unfortunately he just sees her as a friend, until he meets my character's new boyfriend and he seems to be a little jealous for some reason. Indiana Jones: The year is 1940 and somebody has stolen the Crown Jewels and the MI5 are baffled. One day Dr. Jones receives a wire from the British Embassy stating the MI5 needs his help. Of course he has no interest in the case until one of their secret agents; a beautiful English woman meets Indy in person. She says he's the only one who can help them find the culprit since the thief left a hidden/coded message only Indy could decipher. The message is written in a dead language. Now he must travel to England with the stunning woman and help the agency before it's too late. Lord of the Rings: Idea 1. My character is a 28-year-old woman who works at the Smithsonian Institution and it's her first day on the job. She comes across a rather unique necklace that the curators still have not yet identified where it originally came from. The moment she touches it, she is transported into another world where fantasy-like creatures are real and dark forces are soon closing in. While exploring, she finds herself in a village called Meduseld and soon meets the handsome Rohirrim King. (This takes place a couple of years after the ring is destroyed and we can add more ideas to this.) Idea 2. My character is the younger daughter of Lord Elrond and decides against her father's wishes to live among Men. She travels to Edoras and soon becomes close friends with Eowyn and becomes the girl's lady-in-waiting. But the fair maiden's brother is not too thrilled of the idea of having an elf living under their roof. But in time he learns to soften up and starts falling in love with my character. Idea 3. My character is a beautiful Haradrim slave who is secretly being put up for auction at the Gondorian market. She is noticed by King Eomer who is out visiting Aragorn and decides to buy her and to set her free. But by law, she can only be free if someone speaks to the Haradrim leader and offers him riches. So now she is the King's slave and not too happy about it. (We can definitely add more to this plot.) The Notebook: Idea 1. My character has just graduated from Stanford University and travels to New York City to work at the New York Times as a journalist. She receives a strange letter (that explains a family inheritance she's never even heard of) at her new apartment from a man who claims to be her maternal grandfather, and asks her to travel to Charleston, South Carolina to meet him. She meets him at a local elderly home and he tells her of an historical plantation plot that was her mother's childhood home and puts the house under my character's name, since he's dying and he can't take care of it anymore. Curious, she checks out the old home and comes across an old photo album with a picture of two young handsome men in late 40's attire. She clearly recognizes that one of them is her grandfather, the other... she has no idea who except for the man's first two initials: L.H. She wakes up the next day and decides to check out who this L.H. guy was when something impossible happens-- Why are people dressed like they were from the 40's, and what happened to everything else? She starts to freak out when she meets the very man she was going to research on. Idea 2. My character and Lon Hammond were close childhood friends until they grew apart and went on with their separate lives; he went off to war and she became a teacher. After the war was officially over, they accidentally ran to each other in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina; both of them happily engaged. My character had always been very fond of Lon and was (secretly) hoping he would come back in her life and sweep her off her feet. But it seemed to her that he only thought of her as a sister than a significant other. But when she found out about Lon and Allie were not together anymore, she decided the best way to be there for a friend is to comfort him. Star Trek (Abrams-verse): Idea 1. My character is the daughter of Captain Christopher Pike and she has just recently been enrolled to Starfleet Academy alongside Kirk and McCoy. The trio becomes fast friends and they do everything together. But unfortunately, my character has a major crush on Bones and she's too nervous and shy to make the first move and/or share her true feelings to him. Also like my character, Bones has a hard time sharing his feelings too. (We can add more to this, but basically is set before the first film.) Idea 2. My character wakes up from a deep hibernation sleep and she finds herself in the year/stardate 2259.24. She has no idea where she's at except she's in space and on a ship called the Enterprise. She has no memory of her past except the year she was born in and the year she fell into a deep sleep. Something happened all those years ago on Earth, and my character is the last remaining link to the past. (Basically Bones helps my character and starts having feelings for her. We can add more to this. This will take place after Into Darkness.) Idea 3. Again, my character is the daughter of Captain Pike. She, McCoy, and other science officers are beamed down on a planet when they are soon ambushed by a tribe of natives. The group gets separated and my character and Bones are lost in the forest. They need to somehow find their way back to their rendezvous point without the use of their communicators and phasers. During that time they develop an interest with each other. (Again, we can add more to this plot.) Idea 4. The Enterprise crew is on a diplomatic mission to please a rich aristocrat/prince and offers him to become an ally for the Federation, but unfortunately the mission goes wrong and the man takes and enslaves the most beautiful female crew members including my character; who is the younger daughter of Admiral Marcus. In order to free the females, a male must choose which woman to fight for. Bones has always liked my character and so he fights in her honor to save her. (This will take place after Into Darkness.) Superman/Returns: Idea 1. My character is Lois Lane's younger sister and she now works at the Daily Planet as a journalist. Ever since meeting Lois's fiance Richard White she's develop a huge crush, but she has always been the shy one. Now it seems she has a chance with him since Superman has returned and Lois ended her engagement. But she may never be with Richard when she gets herself caught and experimented on and now she's a freak with superpowers. Idea 2. My character is a beautiful Kryptonian and she has been taken in and brain-washed by Lex Luthor. Her main goal is to kill Superman. (Christopher Reeve or Brandon Routh. We can add more to this.) X-Men: (These are all Cyclops x OC related, but I'm willing to double. I will also like to point out that I will never play as Emma Frost or any other female canons with Scott Summers. But I will play as Jean Grey/OC against him.) Idea 1. It's almost time for the year-end exams and every year, one of the top students gets to be paired up with an X-Men in order to pass their two-part exam (a mock-up simulation and first mission). My character is the 18 year-old-daughter of Mystique and Sabertooth and she has just learned that she'll be mentored by Cyclops. During their time together, they start to develop an intense (love/hate) relationship while he's still with Jean. (Cinematic Universe) Idea 2. After the 'death' of Jean, Cyclops leaves the X-Mansion and goes rogue and comes across a 'hitchhiker' (my character), who he later finds out she's a mutant bounty hunter. She decides to tag along for the fun of it, when she later learns that she has been betrayed by her own father William Striker. And now she's a fugitive and teams up with Cyclops for justice. (Cinematic or 90's) Idea 3. My character is a doctor/nurse who is a spitting image of Jean. She comes across Scott laying off shore and decides to take him to the hospital where she works. After waking up from a coma, he has no memory of himself being a mutant and being part of the X-Men. And, he can see without the use of his visor/glasses. The two fall in love and he's finally happy, until he starts to remember... Now, he must decide if he should stay with my character or go back to the person he once was in order to protect to her. (Cinematic Universe) Idea 4. The teenage X-Men has finally graduated from high school and now teachers themselves along with my character. It's been great until Jean starts to change into becoming the Phoenix and she has vanished. She shows up a few months later and has sided with a powerful mutant who wants to destroy all human kind and mutants who defy him. And now it's up to the young X-Men to stop him and their beloved friend. (Evolution) Idea 5. A Powerful mutant has the power to time-travel and he sends Cyclops and my character or Jean Grey back to a time period (your choice) and they have to find a way to get back to their own time. (Shows or films) Idea 6. Project X has just created another wolverine-like clone (my character) and her orders are to terminate Wolverine and the others. Can a certain team leader get through to her or will she forever be a cold-blooded murderer? (Cinematic or Evolution) Idea 7. Cyclops and Wolverine volunteer to go back in time and to try to stop Mystique from assassinating Trask. The two men gets separated and Cyclops ends up finding my character who is also a mutant (and a undercover agent) and the two fall in love. He has to decide if he should stay behind or take her back to his own time. But it will come with some severe consequences. (This will take place during DoFP and that Cyclops never died in Last Stand)
  5. And so is the Golden City blackenedWith each step you take in my Hall.Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.You have brought Sin to HeavenAnd doom upon all the world. They say that it's our fault, that it's because of us these monsters have appeared. It seems like everywhere you go, the peasants and slaves have renewed boldness, spitting and cursing our presence regardless of consequences. They threaten to rebel, emboldened by their preoccupied masters' lack of focus--already Emerius has shed blood in its streets, quieting the protests. But with its leadership in disarray, too preoccupied with rumors of a weakening Archon, a new prospect of power, the commonfolk will not stay quiet. The Imperium is already weak, this endless century-long war having weathered the foundations on which we once stood. You'd think that those responsible for upholding our grand kingdom would take more action to put an end to this 'Blight', but instead the fools sit and squabble amongst themselves, playing their hands conservatively to protect their holds and properties. Some even incite more carnage, using the blood that has been spilled to fuel their snatches at more power. Thedas is already going to hell in a handbasket--who can get dragged down with the most to their name? Idiots, all of them. It doesn't matter who did what or why, all that matters is these . . . darkspawn must be stopped. Horrifying, vile creatures that taint everything they touch--even dragons! For the past one hundred years, one High Dragon, twisted and terrifying, has been seen . . . rallying these monsters, like a leader of some kind. Some people think that it is one of our beloved Gods, tainted to reveal His true nature by humanity's sins. I doubt that, and it doesn't really make a damned difference anyway, does it? Nor will we, as long as people expect the magisters to do something. The world is crumbling, the Imperium is falling apart, and all anyone can seem to do is curl up in a corner and cower. Even the stout and valorous dwarves of Kal-Sharok have withdrawn--although that's hardly their fault, since these creatures supposedly came from underground. Minrathous still stands, at least, but that's hardly saying anything, given it won't stand for much longer if this continues. Sure, we've managed some victories, kept some cities and outposts from being utterly ransacked, but the people are changed. Some wind up tainted, perhaps as an effect of the darkspawn as the rumors go, and become ghoulish and mad--leaving someone the sad choice of putting the miserable creature down. No more. This Blight--as people have been calling it--must be stopped. Gods, dragons, magic, Fade, demons--whatever the source does not truly matter, and speculation and blame do not stop the fact that it is a disease that is destroying us. I will no longer wait for others to take action--it's high time someone took matters into their own hands, and that someone may as well be me. Moral Grey It's been almost a century since the Blight began, marked by the rise of a twisted Dragon people have taken to calling an Archdemon, and the world has slowly fallen into chaos as creatures known as the darkspawn ravage the lands. No one's certain where the darkspawn came from or what this 'Archdemon' really is, or even how to destroy them, for while the darkspawn fall easily enough to metal and magic, the Archdemon seems nigh immortal. With an immortal creature leading a horde apparently set on destroying Thedas, the people are thrown into a panic, and at the heart of the chaos is the Tevinter Imperium. Once a powerful kingdom ruled by blood magic that stood upon the backs of elvhen slaves, the Archdemon and its monstrous army are no doubt herald of its impending fall. Not only do slaves and peasants rebel as the darkspawn lay siege to the Imperium, the Imperium also suffers from within as magisters threaten civil war. Some wish to topple their incompetent Archon and claim the rule for themselves, others use the chaos to further their own agendas and try to 'settle' old disputes, and the rest who pledge their forces to fight the darkspawn are simply too few. But to the east, in the port-city of Qarinus where the darkspawn assaults are fewer, rumors of a strange woman looking for aid circulate. The past several weeks, as the locals will tell you, she has been going around, asking for volunteers to aid her in defeating the Blight. She claims to know a way to put a stop to it, and demands only that those who would help her be strong in their convictions. Be they slaves, Soporati, Laetans, even rebels--she calls for aid from all. But does she really know how to stop the Blight? And how can one small group possibly hope to change the world? ------------ Setting: The Tevinter Imperium, approx. -302TE (fall) Regions include Seheron, Anderfels, Antiva, and Tevinter Map of Thedas (large file) Races: Humans, elves, dwarves All classes and most specializations are permissible Elf-blooded are fairly common, though frowned upon. Dwarf-blooded are rarer, but not unheard of. Dwarves are also more virile than in Origins. Kossith not yet discovered--had one settlement in the Korcari Wilds before being wiped out during the Blight. Alamarri, Clayne, Chasind, and Avvar tribes exist Worship of the Old Gods is in rapid decline, and practitioners are met with mixed reactions. Chantry has not yet been founded, and thus templars do not exist. Circles do, though. Elves have no claim to the Dales and thus there are no Dalish elves, meaning there are no Keepers. However, renegade elves free from slavery do exist Blood magic is prevalent almost everywhere. Most, if not all mages, at least know the basics. Reavers are also fairly common. Somniari exist, albeit still rare. Their association with Archon Thalsian and thus the Old Gods have increased hostility towards them, in some cases even resulting in purging. Most, though not all thaigs have fallen. Kal-Sharok maintains minimal contact with the surface. Legion of the Dead is not yet founded. This is an idea I've had in my head for awhile now, and that I've been dying to play out. I originally intended to play it out as a story for the tabletop DA game, but I couldn't get my hands on the books I needed and then later moved to an area where tabletop gaming is virtually unheard of (the horror!). However, I still think the story has great potential, and would love to roleplay it out in one form or another, so I figure why not roleplay it here? Anyone is welcome to join, even if you haven't played the games, and I'm more than happy to provide information wherever needed. Most of the info here is based on heavy research into the otherwise minimal descriptions of Dragon Age history, and as such is taken with a lot of liberties. I believe most of it is accurate, although if someone else equally familiar with Thedosian history would like to provide advice and corrections where they're needed, it's certainly not unwelcome. Given that this is set during a time period not officially expanded on in-canon, there will be plenty of room to flex ideas--after all, given Thedas' history, much knowledge of magic, Arlathan, dwarves, the thaigs, and so much more was lost, especially after the fall of the Imperium. And since this takes place while the Imperium still retains far more power than the Imperium in Origins, it is safe to assume that much more knowledge is still to be had. The primary plot of this roleplay will be centered around founding the Grey Wardens, with plenty of bumps along the road, of course. Expect there to be plenty of magic, demons, Fade wandering (because what DA story is complete without at least one trip into the Fade), political strife, intrigue, and of course plenty of darkspawn waiting to have blades sunken into them! If you want to join, just fill out the following:
  6. A boy tentatively walked into a dark gym entrance. The main door was made of solid wood beams which creaked open as they swung open revealing a dark and dismal pathway. He took a gulp as he cautiously walked forward into the chasm. As the darkness engulfed the young man he looked back behind him giving his final goodbye's to his fellow travelers. Jellybean sat across the road at a cafe watching the whole ensemble take place. She slowly sipped a soda through a long and twirly straw as she watched the newcomer challenge the pokemon gym. Jellybean was taking her time, she had heard this was the toughest gym in the region and wasn't going to take any chances rushing in. Sure she could go ahead and challenge the leader and lose on the first try, come back later with a better strategy once she knew what she was up against. But really, what was the fun in that? No, better to sit outside and examine the caliber of trainers who challenged and lost. There was a roar that tore through the ground and shook the earth around them. Jellybean's table and all surrounding furniture and civilians were shaken in a moment as something powerful inside the gym unleashed it's attack. Jellybean stood up leaving the drink on the table. She stared straight ahead with a fiery gaze. The drink on the table slowly wobbled and eventually fell to the ground because of the subsiding tremors. The boy came out, his face almost white, carrying the body of a Starmie in his arms. His companions circled around him and then the three helped carry the unconscious pokemon to a center near by. That was enough for Jellybean. She sauntered forward stepping into the daylight in front of the gym. The sun highlighting her red hair which was pulled back into a high braid. Her bright green eyes glanced down at her waist where her six companion pokemon balls rested on her belt harness. They would do. She walked past the recent losers and headed into the dark abyss. In the dim light all that was visible was the sway of her black cheerleader pleated skirt and her lime green sneakers as they echoed through the hall. Admist the darkness there was a bright light which emitted a Dratini from inside. A rival trainer called out for Jellybean to halt, but without missing a beat she flicked her wrist and an Espeon beamed forward. There was a bright pink light and shimmering sparkles through out he darkness before the adversary was called back. "Good boy Shiva." Jellybean spoke quietly as the espeon returned to her side. His bright neon purple eyes glowed as they continued through the darkness to the gym's center. Finally the pair stopped and a spot light illuminated them to whomever was around. Jellybean raised an arm to shield her face. As she squinted and adjusted her eyes to the light she dusted off her black tanktop which bared the pokemon elite four logo. Shiva hid behind Jellybean as she confidently spoke out. "My name is Jellybean Whia and I challenge this Gym!"
  7. OPEN Children of Monsters

    I'm just going to state that, yes, I did loosely base my idea off of Monster High, but I thought for this roleplay, we should do it a little more seriously and be a little more faithful to the source material of the parent's origins. Character Sheets: Monster Children Name: Age: Gender: Parent(s): Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Monsters Name: Age: Gender: What Type of Monster: Looks: Personality: Other info: Other Characters Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Looks: Personality: Other info:
  8. Xenoblade: A World of Titans

    A world filled with endless ocean. A world where life itself is void. Yet such a change would occur that it would change the world forever. An almighty crash heralded the sudden arrival of the Bionis and the Mechonis to this world, for the titans were locked in a timeless war... The sound of their clashing blades rang out, shaking the sea bed and sending ripples through the sky. As the duel reached its climax, the titans poured their remaining strength into one last slash of their great swords. Both struck forth with immeasurable power... Once the dust had settled, only their corpses remained. Locked in place from their world shattering strikes... Eons passed, and signs of life began appearing upon the corpse of the titan Bionis. People born of the Bionis would return to the Bionis. Now, the Bionis' enormous body, covered in lush plains as far as the eye can see, is home to a developed series of civilizations who give thanks to the titan for providing them with such a natural bounty. Life on Bionis is not destined to flourish forever, however. A war has begun. Fronted by the Mechon, a race of overwhelmingly powerful entities whose origins come straight from the Mechonis attack the peaceful races of the Bionis. What will happen? Has the Mechonis reawakened? Can the peoples of the Bionis stand against these devestating creatures? --------------------------------------------------------- Races: Homs - The equivalent of Humans, they inhabit much of the vast body of the Bionis in Colonies. They are bountiful, and run by a single government which lies within the Bionis itself. The colonies are spread from the feet to the shoulders of the Bionis with a system of tunnels that connect them to the capitol. They are a civilized and developed people who have come to be one of the dominant races of the world. Nopon - A younger race of beings on the Bionis, they resemble fat rabbits mixed with cats. They are a highly peaceful race who often become merchants and travel the Bionis freely without a care. They are highly resilient to damage and accustomed to combat, as they live within the massive jungles upon the Bionis' back. High Entia - A race who consider themselves the most developed and whose civilization has overtaken the head of the Bionis. They are powerful warriors, brilliant magic wielders, and proud people. A pair of wings adorns their heads like a crown, and allows them slight flight, though their advanced technology allows them much better transportation. --------------------------------------------------------- I'm hoping to get maybe 3 or 4 people for this set up. It's based on one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and I hope to maybe introduce some people to the world in some fashion.
  9. This is just basically an idea dump for Psych and I's rp because we forget stuff all the time. If you don't want spoilers for the RP don't read! Or at least read at your own risk :). ===== Early Plot Crap It's an EPILOGUE YAY Starts off shortly after LOS2, livin in dat church. Alu's gettin antsy cause he wants to go save the world and Gabe is just like "Newww let's spend time togezerrrr." and let's be real, Gabe isn't a character of change. So after a while they get in a spat. Alu runs off to go save humanity, Gabe sulks because... That's what he does. So all this time the Brotherhood has begun to reform. (dundundunnn) Now Alu goes to help them get back on their feet cause he helped them in the way past cause they protect humanity... And Alu protects humanity. Under the agreement that they would lay off Gabe. Of course, this is the brotherhood and they always have ulterior motives. They've discovered that Gabriel can bring back the "good parts" of the Lords of Shadow from Heaven because he is a lord of shadow. So, they steal his combat cross and take Alu as hostage (sometime before then Alu and Gabe reconcile). So Gabe has to choose between helping bringing those bastards back or his son dying. Of course... THERE'S MOAR! They want to create a utopia in which they rule, basically becoming "gods" Naturally, they're brought back cause HELLO GABE ISN'T ABOUT TO LET HIS SON DIE. Enter new enemy to defeat. (Maybe this earns some sort of judgment from God? Maybe the Brotherhood?) Gabriel and God Gabriel has gone with God's plan since the beginning, mostly unwilling. He is God's ultimate weapon against evil... While also being evil himself. So, wouldn't God use Gabriel to execute judgment on the Brotherhood/the founders of the brotherhood? They committed a perversion by bringing the founders back for power. PLOT HOLE NOOOOOOO!!!! So Cornel tells Gabe that he's killing the good guys by killing the bad guys. PROBLEMMM FOR OUR STORYYYY NOOOO. SOLUTION! They combine because they still connected and they go to MIDDLE EARTH, I mean, purgatory... yeah. Trevor is Frodo. Basically. ANYWAY, Gabriel can access this realm because he is still whole and now they are so he can play fetch. Yeah... Would Alucard be conflicted about killing the brotherhood founders? No, because they seriously effed up his life and are a threat to humanity. Questions to still be answered How the eff does Gabriel get to purgatory?!!!???!!
  10. For those of you who noticed that I've opened so many threads these few days, rest assured, it'll be the last thread I open .. for this week. - - - - - - - - - - - || Themes || Modern, supernatural, school, romance(, reverse harem). || Warning || Semi-nudity, poorly depicted textual jump scares, and taboo relationship between human girl and ghost boy. Possible exorcism if said ghost boy is irritating enough. Who knows. Read at your own discretion. || Plot || Set two years after the first season of 'Free!'. Ghost!Haruka is a spirit summoned whenever it rains in Iwatobi Town, disappearing whenever he stays away from water for too long - and strangely, it seems to be exactly what he wants; to be gone. During a school trip, Sayuri Hiroka gets separated from her team and seeks shelter in an abandoned chapel during a violent downpour. How will she deal with being haunted by a ghost who has failed in moving onto the other side? || Rules || This is a CLOSED thread. Madi (BlindxObserver) knows the rest of how this works. And that's all that's necessary for this to work. (I'm horribly lazy, I'm aware and I apologise.)
  11. || Setting || Modern, adventure, drama, romance, (non-lethal) survival. || Warning || This thread may contain profanity, violence, sexuality*, drug/alcohol use, and other adult themes. *mild, i.e. nothing full-blown or explicit. Lurkers are advised to read at their own discretion. Shall you wish to participate (though I doubt this, but feel free), simply pop me a PM and once I give the OK, take whatever roles that are designated as NPCs - you can take 'em over from there, as long as you've read this thread from head to toe to know what's going on. || Plot || Japan has been known to be a nation that sports world-famous idol groups, as well as being infamous for creating the most challenging reality shows to amuse her population. The new big hit, "Teen Nation" ('Shonen no Koku') recruits popular celebrity youths under 30 and randomly distributes them into two different teams, sent off to a privately owned mass of land in Hokkaido, where each round teams are expected to accomplish a goal, and the victor shall be granted privileges to alleviate some discomforts throughout their stay, while the losing team will have to decide which member is going to get eliminated. This will be ongoing until the end of 12 rounds, each round lasting one week. The last standing batch will take home 1 billion yen - fairly distributed. That's 9 zeroes, yo. What happens when you're separated from friends you have been thorugh thick and thin with? Risa Koizumi from the uprising group 'Kolor Me Kisses' will be one of the many to find out. || Rules || Please ensure that you fulfill the following criteria before filing for an application to me. Proper punctuation - we're speaking regular standards here, fear not the Nazi in me for this one. Basic grammar - avoid making noticeable mistakes all over the place. At least three lines per post, unless interacting with environment to trigger effect. Maintain strictly IC. Out-of-Character conversations should be taken to PMs or the Roleplay Discussion board. || Characters || There will be no need for skeleton as we take only characters from the anime Lovely Complex (thus the Fandom roleplay, if it isn't neon obvious by now, do check tags). Unclaimed characters will be considered as NPCs. List of Characters: Risa Koizumi (Uwakimono) Atsushi Ootani (Rhythm) Umibozu (Uwakimono) Chiharu Tanaka Haruka Fukagawa Heikichi Nakao Kazuki Kohori (Uwakimono) Kuniumi Maitake Mayu Kanzaki Mimi Yoshioka (Uwakimono) Nobuko Ishihara (Rhythm) Ryouji Suzuki (Rhythm) Seishirou [seiko] Kotobuki
  12. I am [SHER]LOCKED

    Wondering if anybody has interest in a BBC Sherlock roleplay. I have some thoughts on a case(s) that I can share if you're interested. I'd like to take on the challenge myself of playing Sherlock Holmes. I'm open to the idea of romance as long as everybody stays in character (in other words, your John or your Irene is not going to seduce my Sherlock in ten seconds flat.) Right now I am specifically looking for 1x1 roleplay but I could be convinced to organize a group Sherlock RP if there was enough interest. 1x1 pairings... John x SherlockLestrade x Sherlock (pre-John years?)Irene x Sherlock (the Great Hiatus?) Prompts that could be developed into full-blown storylines with a little work: John and Sherlock are kidnapped by what is basically the London mafia/mob. Hurt, lost, and totally at the mercy of their captors, they have to unravel the case, find the leader's weakness, and somehow escape with their lives.John gets a new girlfriend and Sherlock starts using again. John is badly wounded on a case and Sherlock considers excluding him from future cases, for his safety.Mycroft is kidnapped as leverage against Sherlock.Sherlock overdoses on morphine during a dry spell and John/Lestrade have to deal with the fallout. Lestrade is nearly killed when Sherlock catches the wrong bad guy and a murderer seeks revenge.Any of the boys suffers a spinal cord injury and has to live with paralysis that may or may not be lifelong. A murderer is specifically trying to get John and Sherlock's attention. Little do they know this man is someone from John's past...Someone is trying to frame one of the boys for murder.A serial rapist has been targeting middle-aged women, but this case is peculiar because each of the victims gives a drastically different description of their attacker, despite DNA at the crime scenes being identical.
  13. Yeah I'm in the mood to make some RWBY characters here. I don’t have many ideas for an actual RP yet, it might even be just a retelling of the first volume with our own team. I hope others can help on that part while we make characters. Because there isn't that much known about the rules of the RWBY universe I'll set some guidelines based on what we do know. 1: characters in RWBY are (loosely) based on characters in literature or other fiction (mostly book character but there have been historical/mythological sources and I’ll allow TV and other media) I don’t mind newer characters like a Song of Ice and Fire character and you can veer pretty far from the source character (it is even encouraged). 2: all names (characters, teams and most likely even weapons) have to be based on a color, this can be the actual color in English or another language or it can be something associated with the color. (more info from the man himself) 3: you can go nuts with the weapons and Aura skills but the usual godmodding rules still apply and this is still based on the RWBY series so try not to stray too far from established lore. Also I'm a big supporter of work in progress posts and constructive criticism so you don’t have to make it perfect before posting here, I want this to be a discussion leading to at least some roleplay, it can even be just a short battle between characters. Let’s start this off with my RWBY character. Name: Jericho Corey Based on: Prince Corwin from “The Chronicles of Amber†books by Roger Zelazny & Major Thalric from “Shadows of the Apt†books by Adrian Tchaikovsky Race: Human Gender: Male Age: 17 Color Theme: Silver/Moonlight & Black Emblem: a silver burning V on black. General Appearance: A slender young man of slightly above average height. He has raven black hair about 3 inches long overall, a handsome face and distinct green eyes. He wears a smile nearly all the time. Although it is often genuine, you have to look at his eyes for any clues on his actual state of mind. He is deceptively strong and has a surprising amount of stamina and endurance. Clothing/Armour: Jericho prefers to wear a combination of t-shirts, jackets and jeans in various shades of grey black and white, with occasionally some print on his shirts. His armor consists of lightweight shin protectors and knee armour worn over his jeans, a lightweight metal banded chest piece with room at the shoulders to give him better maneuverability and two gauntlets. All his armor appears steel grey with silver accents on the edges. Personality: Jericho is a calm and respectable young man who is loyal to his comrades and treats even his adversaries/rivals with a friendly respect (although that would not stop him from completing his mission). Behind his polite nature Jericho holds a beast locked up that is his ambition and ruthlessness. He keeps a firm grip on his temper and ambitions and uses his deep wells of willpower to channel these stronger aspects of his personality in a proper course. Short Bio: These days Jericho hardly even recognizes the boy he was when he started training to become a huntsman; brash, stubborn, arrogant and filled with romanticized views of being a Huntsman of legend. Of course when he started his career at Haven academy it did not take long for him to be shot down by reality. Jericho had to face the fact that there were many students better than him. Although Jericho had a talent with swords he knew far less than he thought about being a huntsman. The first years were not easy for him, with his stubbornness and pride making sure he didn’t fit in with the other students. Only in the last months of his second year did he find a place at Haven; standing across from the star swordsman of Haven in The Circle. Jericho had always been a prideful young man and wasn’t shy about voicing his opinions, this sometimes would get into trouble but that did not mean much to him. Except when one day after he made a remark about Eric Bernstein, the top ranking member of the Haven academy duelling society 'The Circle'. Eric had wanted to knock some sense into Jericho and found a chance to humble the younger student in a duel. Jericho did not even last a minute against Eric. Afterwards Jericho would train and try to beat Eric in a rematch, only to be beaten again. It became a small routine at haven where every week or so Jericho would demand another rematch against Eric and Eric would comply, beating Jericho with little effort. However during this strange ritual of vengeance Jericho started to care less and less about his honour or pride and more about the duel itself, with every rematch he would last longer and learn better to defend against Eric’s style. At some point, and Jericho still can’t decide just when, he and Eric became friends and he found his place in The Circle. The following years Jericho would greatly improve both his social skills along with his combat skills. With the Circle he managed to find friends and grow out of the prideful petty child he was in his first years. A year ago, in his last year on Haven, Jericho and some other students were caught in a riot when returning from the city. A group of White Fang agitators had gotten some dust weapons in the Faunus rights protest and after they had started shooting the riot police intervened, causing panic and more violence. Jericho and the other students became cornered by a part of the mob and had to defend themselves. Jericho was the first into the fray and held his ground long enough for the other students to either get away or join him in holding their ground. The Faunus mob was quickly dispersed after the students stood their ground, but not without many injured on both sides, only Jericho seemed to come out of it untouched. Now Jericho has left the familiar halls of Haven behind him as he has been accepted at Beacon Academy to continue his training to become a Huntsman. Aura colour: Silver, although it shifts to a silvery-gold colour if he goes into his more ruthless survivalist mentality. Semblance: Soulbound Jericho's sword Wintermaan is bound to him and as long as he is in fighting condition he can summon the sword directly to his hand. Usually this is only noticed a moment later when someone notices that they never actually saw him draw his sword or that he even had it with him. For years Jericho has been trying to summon his revolver Dageraad in the same way; however he has not succeeded to this day. Weapons: Wintermaan: A Side-sword with a simple hilt and crossguard with a slight S shaped curve and a simple basket guard. A fine lined, curving pattern is etched in the blade but the design appears to be only a fragment of the full design. When Jericho summons Wintermaan to his hand the pattern glows faintly blue. Jericho has modified the hilt to hold a small dust cartridge to imbue the blade with a magical charge. Dageraad: A darkened steel and silver accented revolver (A customized version of the Avalon Armory Mk. 6 Dust Revolver) bearing the same curving pattern as Wintermaan on the barrel and frame. Instead of firing bullets it uses a dust charge and is capable of loading 6 different types of dust and to freely switch between the 6 cartridges. Jericho built Wintermaan to compliment his sword fighting with a one-handed ranged weapon. While the weapon is functional and very effective he is still is busy to improve the design. (Based on the Mateba model 6 Unica autorevolver) Combat Stats: (not sure if we should use this but i've seen charts used on other original RWBY characters) Speed: 5 Armor: 6 Ranged Weapons: 7 Melee Weapons: 7 Aura/Semblance: 9 Dust proficiency: 7 Combat style: (not sure on this one either, but it could be fun to make a synergy between characters) Jericho is a jack of all stats, although not as fast as others he has deep wells of endurance when it comes to his aura. Using his aura to enhance his armor and combat skills he can stay in the fight for extended periods without slowing down. He fights centralized, keeping the action focused on him, rather than on his target. He doesn’t move around the battlefield as fast as others, but is still agile enough to traverse the battlefield at his own pace. Although at first he practiced a traditional style of sword fighting, Jericho has developed his own style to make use of his semblance in combat. Because of his semblance Jericho can always make a surprise strike, this is only practical in a fight against other humans, like a duel. After his opening move, he proceeds to keep distance and let his enemy come to him, should they keep their distance as well then Jericho will distract them by throwing his sword (either aimed at them or away from the fight to draw the eye) allowing him to quickly draw his revolver and fire a few shots with both hands for accuracy. Against large groups of Grim Jericho has practiced throwing his sword accurately while surpressing larger groups with his revolver until they get within melee range.
  14. Welcome to the world of international assassins and the wacky shit that goes down in it. You've heard of all the fake greats; now join the true greats. You have been chosen to join the UAA, also known as the United Assassins Association, the leading group of bloody messes that used to be people. These people are the best of the best and you can call yourself one of them. At least...members of the ranking of less than rank 50 group, kinda the shit of the litter as far as they're concerned. It takes talent to be in the UAA, but it takes true perfection to kill your way to the top. That's right, the organization that supplies the world's greatest assassins is always fluctuating who their top 50, and more importantly who their top 10 are. That's because everyone wants to be #1. Can you fight your way to the top while still doing your job? Can you be remembered for the great assassin you are like former greats Dark Star, Travis Touchdown, Jasper Batt Jr., Travis Touchdown again. This rp is a homage to the No More Heroes video game series. Absurd things can happen all the time, you just need to have the drive to do it. No one has super powers or an amazing race like being a demon or an angel, only weapons and a desire to be at the top. How normal are your real lives? What's your weapon of choice? What drives you to be #1? What side jobs do you take to make money to upgrade your equipment between making money on kills? How do you make yourself stronger? All this compiles into a world where it is, kill or be killed. I'll get a character up if I see some interest come forth. If you haven't heard of or played No More Heroes, take a look, you'll find a great thing.
  15. A sunshine filled morning envelops the small city of Baile Bháis in the middle of an island off the coast of England. The newest and most top scale apartment complex built in the middle of the city to show its great status of a peaceful place. This apartment complex was constructed and reserved for the use of the UAA. A mixture of expanding their empire of influence and a need for housing for their increasing ranks made them abandon their previous base of operations in Santa Destroy, California. That and the fact that in an epic, and very costly battle between the previous and current Rank #1 assassins in the organization which ended with the explosion that destroyed the building meant they needed to find a new place anyways. This new building was crafted specifically for the purpose of not only withstanding nuclear destruction, but unnecessarily over the top mass destruction level holocaust of the entire world level fights between assassins. With the expanding arsenal that the assassins keep getting a hold of, it only seemed proper to get a place even they couldn't blow up. Each floor is designated for the use of ranks from a certain number to the number below the next possible rank in a 10 number segment. This is of course not where most of the assassins choose to live as it would be suicide, but some would choose to pick this format to kill off as many in the ranking for #1 as they could in one fell swoop. As such, while the rooms are not in use for the assassins, it will be used as a mixture of a training facility, hotel for non-assassins, and no doubt filming studio for multiple pornography companies looking for a secure place to film their lewd acts in privacy. Or not, there's always out in the street. Nonetheless, a sign has been left up at the top of the massive building, reading in all caps in blazing red fluorescent lighting, "NO MORE HEROES". In the mail, multiple people[Currently: Celine Larson, Sir Louis Ellington, and Bruce McMasters], receive a key card and a round trip plane ticket to the island city in the case of their next ranking arrangement, which of course must be paid in full to set up an area on the island for the two to fight. It also reads, "To the assassin of this enclosed message. Send money to this address to set up for your next fight. The amount for this fight shall be...," For each a different amount, but no less ridiculous. "How to you think we keep in business at all?" is what some members of the staff have said, and it is true. Real-life assassinations keep the name going, it's surprisingly the assassins themselves who supply the most money for the company.
  16. The mountains...the survivors, including myself came here a long time ago. It's out home and we won't give it up to those disgusting creatures down below. They wander up sometimes. I've honed our homes into the very rock to make it safer for us. It's been hundreds of years since the world was lost to the Titans. We, the last of civilization survive on hope and dreams. We have a military system of sorts and even could call ourselves a great city. Our city is under the mountain and stands firm to this day. We have a military, police, merchants, even a hierarchy of sorts. As for me, I'm a tinkerer and military man. My designs for traps have been used for years now to keep the titans at bay on the sides of the mountain. Granted I am still a man of the military and have lost much to the titans. I have only my left arm to work with now, as my right was bitten off by what we like to call an Abhorrent titan. It's a tough life by we manage. I still stand as one of the top titan killers, if for no other reason that my device designs, one of which allows for slight flight. I actually have a team behind me with designing traps. I am a Captain after all. I've been here about 10 years now, late 20s, and still alive. What more could I ask? One of the people under me is a prodigy, newer to the group. I have a feeling she'll make a great apprentice under me for major device design.
  17. Adventure in Kanto To celebrate our monthly theme (and the franchise in general with all the very exciting news that's going on this month and the next), I wanted to start a massive Pokemon RP! This will be a very loose RP. Anybody is allowed to join, and anybody is allowed to leave. You can drop in and battle some trainers while they're on their way, you can play as a Nurse Joy that some of the other players visit at a Pokemon Center, you can play a Pokemon... You can do whatever! The setting will be in Kanto, as that's just a very familiar region for most of us. However, all generations and canons are allowed. There's no set story--this is just a loose adventure for everybody to enjoy as they may. If you get bored, please just find a way to remove your character from the story so others can continue. No god modding. Try to like not have Arceus or something on your team. Come on. This RP will also be open to Students. Feel free to discuss details here or post your character sheets here. I'll probably start the topic tomorrow.
  18. A Tale of Two Sisters

    Link to discussion: Gwen, short for Gwendolen, was a young halfling, she lived with her mother and little sister, just young enough to still be a child, but old enough to question her womanhood. She was short like all of her species, still a few inches shorter than her mother, at three feet and a few inches, her hair thick, wavy and permanently messy even immediately brushed, her mane littered with braids that had feathers and beads weaved into it, but mostly it just hung in wavy, brown chaos around her shoulders. Her eyes were the brightest green only brighter when accented by her green dress, held tightly to her budding body beneath a muted yellow vest. They lived on the outskirts of a human village, making their way by fishing and tending a small garden, the three of them generally had no problem tending to the chorus, but on this hot summer afternoon, Gwen was doing twice as many chores, her mother gravely sick. The work kept her mind occupied, kept her from thinking of her mother's illness and wondering how she would ever take care of her little sister without her mother. The dirt stained her cheeks, but was marred by streaks that marked where tears had riveted down her face, but now her green eyes were clear, focused with determination to finish the task at hand before the sun fell. Across her back she carried a sack that held most of her crop and what she would sell at market tomorrow a task she had never undertaken alone, always her mother had stood beside her, teaching her fair price, instructing her on how to haggle with the humans who looked down their noses at them. Of course, most of the money she would make would go to medicine for her mother. They would have to cut back severely this winter, fish wouldn't last long, no one could hunt, any dried meats would have to be purchased, the funds to do so with would be limited. Gwen hated thinking of money, it depressed her, until her mother's illness she had been happy, carelessly fooling around with little fear or worry of what tomorrow would bring, never had money crossed her mind, she understood that the more they had the better, but didn't truly comprehend the value until now. She felt her eyes growing heavy with tears again and she willed them away, wiping the dirt stains, and the tear streaks away with her arm, now darkened with dirt from her days work. She dropped the sack at the front of their little hut, just big enough for the three of them, the house held little purpose beyond storage and a place to sleep, while there was a small kitchen, they mostly cooked outside. Beside her sack sat her little sister's, earlier in the day she had sent her younger sibling to go try her hand at fishing after she had grow restless from gathering, it was a very mundane and boring task. She knew her sister hadn't been happy that she'd refused to go out and play with her, even more so that instead of just letting her go off and play, she had sent her off to another chore. Still she hoped she had caught something for supper, though doubtful she was still fishing, more likely she had begun playing in the shallows and scaring off the minnows. Gwen dragged both sacks into the hut and stored away what they would keep, with a heavy heart she stored the less desirable pieces and left the more luscious fruit in the sack to sell. Generally, they would keep the most delectable pieces for themselves, but they needed the money. Quickly, Gwen finished up and headed out, the sunset was deep with rich hues, the fading sunlight reminding her to hurry to find her sister instead of to play more as it had in days past. When once she would have danced and cart wheeled down the hill to the river, now she walked with heavy foot steps, her feet pounding in her brown boots, she never remembered her feet hurting in days past when she'd been too preoccupied with having fun.
  19. Grail Wars [4-7 People]

    The beacon of all existence has once again surfaced for a victor to grasp it. In the countries across the world, those of power are attempting to summon their Heroic Spirit to fight for the ultimate prize, The Holy Grail. The victor who touches the grail will receive whatever they desire, as such, the prize of the cup that contains Christ's blood is much sought after for varying reasons. ------------------ Each summoner being a gifted magus of some sort, focusing on a form of magic that allows them to summon forth a Servant. Heroic Spirits that are known throughout history, myth, legend, and fiction. Servant names and nature will be listed below. Saber: Sabers are spirits of Heroes who are known for their prowess on the battlefield and are regarded as the most powerful servant. They are often known for a blade they carried or for being some of the greatest heroes of their age. Notable Sabers have been King Arthur Pendragon, Siegfried, Nero Claudius Caesar, and Mordred la Fey. Sabers are easily the hardest servant to summon and are always to be considered very dangerous. Lancer: The spirit of warriors who devote themselves to hit and run tactics with weapons that favor range such as lances and spears, these servants are great Heroes who almost rival Sabers in terms of melee prowess. Notable Lancers have been Diarmuid Ua Duibhe, Cu Chulainn, Vlad III of Wallachia, and Musashibou Benkei. Lancers are often crafty and find fights where either honor will run it or one they can use to their advantage. Archer: These Heroes are known for their projectile style fighting and possess powerful ranged weapons with notably powerful Noble Phantasms. Notable Archers have been Gilgamesh, Robin Hood, King David of Jerusalem, and Chiron. Archers are excellent scouts and tend to be more independent of their masters but abide by their wishes nonetheless. Berserker: This spirit is known for being a Hero in their time and have gone berserk at least once among their tales. Notable Berserkers have been Heracles, Lancelot, Lu Bu, and Frankenstein. Their powers are beyond measure, but with their power is their feral nature. They only obey their master and are a notable trump card for less-powerful magus who need an edge for the Grail Wars. Rider: Heroes that are known for their mounts be they beast of machine are slightly weaker than most other servants but make up for it with their prowess with said mount and a slightly more powerful than normal Noble Phantasm. Notable Riders have been Alexander the Great, Perseus, Pestilence, and Francis Drake. Besides their known mounts, Riders have been known to acquire other mounts to blend into the world while under their hidden guise, such as horses, cars, motorcycles, and even planes. Assassin: Heroes not usually as notable as others, who are known as one of the weaker classes. They best within their element of stealth, covert business, and within the realm of silence. These Heroes are often used in much darker ways, such as killing the actual masters and not the servants, which by proxy kills the servant. Notable Assassins have been Hassan-i-Sabbah, Jack the Ripper, Semiramus, and Li Shuwen. The main lifeline of the Assassin class is their indetectability. While masters can sense one another and their servants within a certain range, Assassins are completely invisible to all. This makes them very deadly. Caster: These Heroes are known for their Magecraft and prowess in sorcery. Their main ability being Territory Creation allowing them to manifest the land where they choose to favor their chosen sorcery, and Item Creation, which allows them to create magical items for them and their masters. Notable Casters have been Gilles de Rais, Medea, Hans Christian Anderson, and William Shakespeare. Casters are often considered the weakest servant, which has been the misfortune of many who rely only on physical prowess to win them their prize. ------------ The powers the Masters and Servants have vary, but the ultimate power of Servants are their Noble Phantasms. Noble Phantasms are embodiments of unique relics or anecdotes connected to the legend of the respective Heroic Spirit. There are many Noble Phantasms but they can be summed up under certain titles and explanations. Anti-Personnel: As it sounds, it is a Noble Phantasm that focuses on one target.That said, it could be anything from a weapon to particular item of note. Anti-Army: This Noble Phantasm is meant to strike multiple targets and can often times be weapons, or pure energy in the form of an attack made by the Servant. Passive: As this Noble Phantasm suggests, it is something that occurs naturally from the Servant. Such as an increased sense of sight, strength, agility. It could also be a form of temporary immortality such as the ability to revive after a powerful killing blow. Barrier: The final style of Noble Phantasm is used as a form of defense. A barrier Noble Phantasm allows a Servant a great form of durability of some form such as armor or other form of protection. ------------ The setting for this Grail War shall be determined by the participants. I hope someone takes interest in this. I attempted this before, but with the recent increase in members I felt it would be a good chance to attempt it once more.
  20. R Digimon Universe: Ignition Factor

    On every screen across the world, programming is interrupted, static the only thing visible until, slowly, a fuzzy image of a boy in his late teens clad in battle leathers, with smoking wreckage behind him takes shape on screen. “This is a call to every Tamer everywhere, in every city, town, hamlet, country, state and county. The Digital World needs you! It needs you now like never before...†The boy ducks as an explosion rocks the scene. “There isn't much time! My name is Xilthanas, Leader of the White Dragon Guard Team. Come to Server Continent and head for Ophanimon's Castle! Hopefully, I'll meet you there...†Another explosion rocks the room, debris falling from overhead, followed by loud cursing, clanging of blades for a moment and then a wet flesh-slicing sound, before Xilthanas appears again, looking worn. “I need to get moving. Black Serpent squads are everywhere...This is Xilthanas, signing out!" The boy turns away from the screen just as it goes back to static, the image slowly fading before its nothing but snow, his mumbled parting words dissolving into the din of static, "I hope someone saw this...†. And then the screen turns off again. The digital world is at war. What once was a vibrant land, full of creatures and life and all that, is now mostly a cratered, desolate, lifeless place. Pockets of life and vibrancy still exist, but they are slowly fading, as more and more of the digital world is wiped of all life. No one knows how or why it started, but everyone knows who started it. The Black Serpents. Formerly a guard team for the digital city of Ganymede, The Black Serpents are now a perversion of everything a Tamer stands for, raiding, destroying, consuming...everything. No one knows why they changed. No one understands what caused a once bright and shining light of the digital world to be so completely corrupted. All anyone knows now, is that unless the digital world gets help…well, that’ll be the end of it. And then they will start on the real world. Other Tamers have already answered the call. The Knights of Ophanimon have been chosen. They wage a constant war at the front lines, making sure that if they do give ground, its dearly paid for, sometimes even gaining the upper hand, if only for a little while. But hope blooms in the strangest of places…rumors speak of a new power, a new digivolution that some of the older digimon have attained in secret. Some have called it the prophesized power known as ‘Transcendic Digivolution’, a power that some say can surpass even Seraphimon himself. No one knows how exactly this new level of power is reached, but the rumor says that it must involve a Tamer, similar to the bio-merge power some other Tamers are able to use. But others say that this hope is useless, that the Black Serpents are too numerous, too powerful…Some even say that maybe it’s time for the digital world to fade. Which will you choose? Will you take up arms and defend the digital world you know and love so much? Will you try and ignore the plight? Or will you become that which most Tamers despise and join the forces of darkness? The choice is, of course, yours to make. Let us hope that the choice you make helps to save the digital world, instead of destroying it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ophanimon's Castle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Characters CrimsonCrescendo: Xilthanas, Stride the Bearmon, and Starfall the Pagangemon ack!: Lexis Ryder & Bubs the Penmon NPCs: Ophanimon (Crimson)
  21. well after my little brother started playing Oblivion again I've been feeling a bit nostalgic, So i've decided to give this a try again! Welcome to the world of the Elderscrolls, lets make a story. In the spirit of the January RP month I'm going back to my roots and this will be a Open RP, anyone can sign on at any time. these adventures should be dynamic and not everyone will be joining from the start. I want this to be a group project, I'm not the best at leading a roleplay so I'll need help from you all to get things ready and moving. first off lets see where and when we want to the story to take place? I'm familiar with the Oblivion and Skyrim games, Morrowind not so much, so during either game or just after the main quest should work. As for plot; right now i'm thinking it would be fun to follow a guild questline with a small group instead of one miracle worker, there is plenty of choice in those quest-lines so which would you people like?
  22. A Tale of Two Sisters (HH & Ero)

    Link to story: This is a story between HerculeHastings and myself. It is loosely based of the game "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" where our characters will go trapezeing across the land trying to find a cure for our ill mother. We are undecided on race but looking at a variation of halfling/hobbit. Ideas for issues along travels. Kidnapped. Invited into house and are almost eaten by (insert mean race here). Saving (a) pixie(s) and reuniting her with her sisters. Saving a mermaid from something... (Pirates! I'm so not above snatching ideas from other things) Mercy kill(someone or thing already dying) Since this story is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey I hope to write out a timeline of sorts and will post it here.
  23. A casual RP between myself, Kyo and Seanzilla, PersonaX: Fear House of Amatsusangaku will focus around a "haunted" house in town! Weird creatures and ghosts sightings have been popping up and many people seem to be strangely affected by it. It's up to our heroes to investigate it! In the town of Amatsusangaku, a long abandoned house has been the center of much controversy. Murder, mystery and monsters, rumors has constantly surrounded the house for well over a decade. All rumors of course, right? Our heroes are seeing something different however. Perhaps they were the only ones who knew or the only one who could do anything about it, but they recognize that something much more than silly rumors had to be stopped from this house before it ruined their town for good. "Mecahnics"The House plays on your deepest fears. While you may think that it might just be sharks and tall buildings, the House cares more about the more psychological and personal ones.Just because you're not near the House doesn't mean you're safe from it. It has a habit of finding a way into, say, your room.Our heroes use their deepest fears, usually traumatic events, to summon their personas. I think it'd be a good idea to include a great fear and deep fear when creating your characters. Great fears would be things like sharks and tall buildings while deep fears were stated above.The House may appear as a great fear or something unrelated entirely, but the meaning is still there with ATLUS METAPHORSFURTHER DEVELOPMENTsetting!how do we all know each other/why are our characters involved??????PERSONATHE BAD KINDA THINGS THAT DOES THE BAD STUFF
  24. He needed her. Thirsted for her charming smiles and pretty laughs. Delicate and sweet, always turning her admiring gaze onto him like no one else existed in her world. Thor couldn't recall—had anyone ever looked at him like that? No, no. No one was like Jane. Perhaps father couldn't understand what made this maiden of Midgard so special, but Thor knew. That was all that mattered. It was just the two of them, in a realm of their shared affection, a tenth realm of unadulterated love. At least that was how he liked to think of it. Jane had her life on Earth, things she needed to do without the distraction of a lightning-wielding god. So Thor willingly—but oh-so-painfully—held back, watching her from a distance as he patrolled the nine worlds. Time and time again he found himself here in Midgard, his attentions locked in tunnel vision. Jane wasn't the only one with a life to live and tasks to carry out, however, so Thor had to move on as well. He always came back, though. Currently he sat in that painful state of being there, but not there. Not with her. Perched on the roof of a tall building across the street from Jane's workplace, he watched her through the full-length windows. She was at her best when she worked, beautiful when the cogs in her head turned at breakneck speed. Tonight, however, he couldn't shake the feeling that he too was being watched. Jane definitely hadn't noticed him, not swathed in the shadows of a new moon. Thor raised his head, his vibrant blue eyes scanning the darkness for some sign of a tail. Nothing but night and the comforting sound of a city after sundown. Below, cars still filled the streets like a thousand boats in an asphalt river. Not one of them seemed suspicious. Ah, but he had many things on his mind lately. It was difficult not to be on edge when you were travelling between realms, fighting battles and dealing with untrustworthy characters. Untrustworthy... like his brother. A sudden flood of sadness filled his features. Even now, watching his beloved, the mere thought of Loki filled Thor with countless regrets. If I had done something differently. If I had just done this, if I had just said that. Then everything would be different. Everything would be all right and we could be brothers again. A deep sigh welled up in his lungs and burst forth into the night in the form of a pale cloud. "Brother," he mused quietly to the night, "if only I could have fixed this all." Fixed it, the way he had always fixed things for Loki when they were young. But this was a problem he simply didn't know how to fix, not with brawn nor with charm.
  25. So I've recently gotten back into Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series, and I was wondering if anyone's interested in starting an RP? I'm open to ideas, plots, romance, yaoi, yuri, anything. I'm particularly fond of the pairings of Marius/Armand, Lestat/Louis, Armand/Daniel. But yeah if you're interested, and have some ideas to throw my way, I'm open! :)