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I never made use of this feature in the past, but its definitely a godsend. I'll be adding all my characters from any RP I make to this list, for future reference. Feel free to browse and if you have any questions about my characters, send me a private message rather than posting here please.



ROLEPLAY: Blinded Faith (Angels/Demons Fantasy)

Name: Gabriel

Age: Unknown
Appearance: His appearance is always that of his given body, rather than his own, however, in the process of merging the host's hair colour and eyes always change to that of an angel's (which is always white hair and bright amber eyes).
Personality: Patient, calm and serene is something that comes to many angels, but it has always been difficult for Gabriel. While he is able to display these traits, for him, it is closer to a mask. He is more often than not, hot-headed and impatient when pushed. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and unlike most angels he has a profound connection to humanity which is only equalled by his loathing of demon-kind. He can be unforgiving and merciless, yet caring and protecting. 
History: Unknown (to be shared/unveiled during the story).
Abilities: Gabriel carries a Godhand weapon forged into the shape of a large dagger that he can conceal on his person with ease. In addition to his demon-slaying weapon, he shares the same touch-based demon-banishing abilities as well as incredible strength and healing powers, like all angels.

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ROLEPLAY: Konoha - Leaf Chronicles (Naruto fandom)

Name: Yu Shizuku 

Age: 14

Personality: Stern, focused, patient, disciplined and intelligent. Yu takes most things very seriously, and has little time for slackers. He can be proud, and even arrogant at times, but he is not unkind. He is an emotional person, with a strong moral compass who is willing to make great sacrifices in order to save others.

Background: Born in Kirigakure, also known as the Hidden Mist village, Yu had a difficult childhood. He was the nephew of the Mizukage and much was expected of him. When he was born, the Mizukage had the three-tailed beast sealed inside his nephew without the consent of Yu's parents. For this outrage, his parents took him and fled to Konoha, begging the Hokage for sanctuary from the Mizukage. It was a terrible risk to accept them, but without a jinchuuriki of their own (and to a lesser extent, taking pity on them), the Hokage accepted them into Konoha. This didn't make life easy for Yu, as he grew up he became aware of the darkness lying inside him, clawing to get out. While on the outside, he was seen not to belong, perhaps the son of Mist village spies or worse yet, a dangerous weapon to be wielded. More a tool of war, than a person. 

Abilities: Yu is a capable ninja, top of his class. He has an affinity with water techniques and carries a powerful bloodline limit; the ability to create and control coral. He is also skilled with his weapon of choice; A metal parasol that has multiple uses, including a hidden blade that he can draw from the handle.

Primary Strength: An iron will and determination that forces him on when others give in.

Supporting Trait: Intelligent and tactical, both in and out of battle.

Fatal Flaw: He harbours many secret fears that make him second guess himself. He fears that the demon inside will overcome him and hurt others. Fears that he will let down or shame his clan and/or his adopted village.

Shadow Trait: He has made few friends in his life, in part due to his fear, in part due to his history. But if he can find those he can trust and rely on to support him, his true power will be realized and he will become a force to be reckoned with.

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ROLEPLAY: Avatar: The Burning Earth (Avatar fandom)

Name: Fang Xiao
Age: 16
Bending: Earthbender/Avatar

Appearance: Slim but athletically built, average height for his age. Tanned skin and long, smooth jet black hair that flows down to his chest, when not tied back. He is a handsome young man overall, but his face is marked by the whiteness of his eyes, the physical signs of being born blind.
Personality: Fang is a headstrong person, he can be impatient and he has a short and powerful temper, but he is a warm person who values those he can trust. Though he is extremely capable of his abilities as an Earthbender, he doubts his strength in many other aspects and will sometimes use disinterest to mask fear or uncertainty.
History: Fang was born in Republic City, brought up inside the walls and protected by the Empire's guard. He had a fairly normal life but it was hard at times. An innkeeper's wife found him as a baby and they raised him as their own. He quickly adapted to his lack of sight as he found he could use earthbending to augment it through touch, sound and vibration, but his adopted parents always told him to hide his ability to stop the Empire from taking an interest in their affairs. When he was five, they discovered he was able to feebly create and control the other elements, and realised that their adopted son was the Avatar. Unsure of what to do, or how the Empire would react, they reinforced that he was not to practice or use the other elements, under any circumstances. And so Fang grew up, becoming a master of earthbending but having to hide his nature all along. In spite of his parent's warnings, he has tried to dabble with the other elements without much success, but has kept this hidden from others, at least, as far as he knows...

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ROLEPLAY: The Hollow Void: The Odyssey of John Avery (Space mystery, Sci-fi)

Name: Ralyn Asarath

Race: Secadian

Age: 61

Appearance: He is 6'1'', slim and athletic in build, dark blue skin, white semi-luminous eyes and long, shaggy white hair that falls down to his shoulders. He appears to be in his mid-thirties, with handsome angular features and high cheek bones. He has only one distinguishing feature on his face; a white tattoo shaped like ivy that starts in the outer corner of his left eye and stretches down his cheek almost to the bottom of his jaw.

Personality: He is an open and sensitive person, who values life and the pursuit of knowledge. Though he can be patient and understanding he has a true excitement and wonder for the world around him that many identify as having a child-like innocence and sense of adventure. He enjoys conversation, meeting other people and trying new things. Sometimes even the things that disgust, he finds value in as an experience. He is flirtatious and unconsciously amorous in his approach to the opposite sex, as many are in his society. But despite his starkly different upbringing he has come to understand and respect a great many different approaches to life.

History: Born on his home planet of Secunda, Ralyn took an immediate interest in their species' use of biotechnology. While many of his classmates went on to become artists, builders and many other professions, he had always wanted to be a scientist and further their species' quality of life. When he was just a child of 21 (for his race are long-lived), he remembered seeing the very first ship from another world land on the rise outside of his village. The vehicle itself was cold, and hard to the touch, something he had never experienced before, it was alien, and while it frightened him, his fascination exceeded his fear and he was among the first to see the aliens. He never forgot that meeting, and driven by his experience he did everything in his power to become one of the first Secadians to leave his home world and learn about the peoples and the technologies of other worlds. Over the years, he became a pioneering scientist who with a solid understanding of the Genusian technology and the Secadian biotechnology, helped to reverse-engineer their advances for their new friends. He has many degrees from both his world and Genus, including but not limited to; biotechnology, engineering, xenobiology, astronomy, high-energy astrophysics and geochemistry. He has made many incredible advances across numerous fields that have helped the other races attain powerful new medicines, energy and chemicals. His most recent success had been to send a man through the hollow void, and return in tact, physically and mentally. He considers John Avery a close friend and colleague. 

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ROLEPLAY: Darkpine Valley (Supernatural drama/slice of life)
Name: Alexander 'Lex' Speirs

Age: Appears 25 (Born 1750 - Actual age 263)
Race: Vampire

Appearance (1945): http://i6.photobucke...zps702c5592.jpg
Appearance (2013): http://i6.photobucke.../Jack-White.jpg
Personality: A calm and controlled person overall, Lex is quick to form bonds, but slow to trust. It doesn't come easy to him, due to past experiences. He is often guarded, and speaks little of his past. He can be critical and judgemental at times, for things that he has come to learn over a great deal of time that can't possibly be expected of others. Despite this, he can be caring, charming and has a fierce loyalty to the few friends he has been able to trust. He is graceful in all things; mannerism, word or action.

Bio: To describe his life in full would take too long, but to summarize; Alexander Speirs was born in 1750, in Boston, Massachusetts. He had a relatively quiet childhood and became an apprentice to a blacksmith, but when revolution broke out and the American War of Independence began in earnest, he took up service for his country, feeling it was the right thing to do. He fought in several battles against the British until the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he sustained a fatal bullet wound.


He spent two days slowly dying from the infection until one night a man came to his bedside who referred to himself only as a Doctor, offering him a cure. Being unable to conceive of what this truly meant, Alexander accepted the man's gift without hesitation, for now that he was at death's door, he was truly afraid of dying. The following night he awoke from a feverish slumber to find his pain was gone, his wound was healed, and he felt better than he had ever done so before. But his skin was cold to the touch, and he felt no beat from his heart. When his 'Doctor' explained what he had done, and what Alexander had now become, he was confused and angry. However, over time and with tutelage from this man who by then had told him his actual name, William Peterson, he found a great many advantages to his new abilities. As the decades flew past, he took part in many wars.


Having moved down to Jackson, Mississippi during it's early formation, when the American Civil War began, he fought for the south. Not because of the complications of ethics or race as some did (which he did not care about either way), but because he loved the south, which had been his home for a very long time (a direct result of his notable southern drawl). After many years of fighting, the second World War erupted and once more, he enlisted. After two decades of war however, it had left its mark on him. He was colder, crueller and less forgiving now.


He was reckless in battle, and though he gained many medals during his service, he committed several atrocities. He shot a soldier for being drunk on duty, and as the legend went, once offered a group of German PoW's cigarettes before gunning them down. As the war came to a close however, he realised what he had become, and it disgusted him. From that time until just recently, he vanished. Going into seclusion for what reasons we can only imagine, but when he re-emerged he was a changed man. He sought only peace now, in spite of his dark past, he tries to live a good life, one free of conflict or war. 





Enhanced Senses: Vampire senses are especially keen in the eye and ear, their sense of smell is much stronger than a human's but still far weaker than a werewolf's. They are able to sense blood through a mixture of smell and heat.
Enhanced Physical: Vampires are far stronger than any human, but it is in their speed, inhuman grace and reflexes that it is most prominent. They do not breathe, slouch, stumble, or even need to blink. Things that humans consider normal and so these are things that Vampires must re-learn to do automatically so as to fit in. As a result, they do not tire except from lack of sustenance. Vampires can heal through any injury not inflicted by silver within moments, so long as they have recently fed. In addition to healing their own wounds, Vampire saliva can heal many injuries with the same effectiveness, but for obvious reasons it is not effective on grievous wounds.

Levitation: As Vampires get older, some attain the ability to levitate. To what degree, varies, but most after a century or so gradually learn to levitate to the point where they can appear to 'walk' up a vertical wall, affix to a ceiling or even outright fly.

Coercion: As with levitation, over time Vampires learn a form of coercion using eye contact. They can appear to bend the will of their target, giving subtle suggestion through a mixture of eye contact and chemicals they emit from their breath. However, if their intended target is so opposed to the idea, has a particularly strong mind or will, they can overcome the suggestion, though they would not be aware of the attempt.





Though Vampires have many gifts, they also have several extremely potent weaknesses:


Sunlight: Sunlight is to Vampires, as acid is to humans. It burns them horribly, and painfully. They can sustain a few seconds to a minute in direct sunlight, if the need is great, but outside of a minute they would have been reduced to a burnt corpse.
Beheading: A simple and effective means to kill a Vampire. Sever the head with any implement, and the Vampire is dead.

Silver: Vampires are severely allergic to silver. Though anything can be used to cut a Vampire's head off to kill them, only a silver-coated weapon that pierces a Vampire's heart can kill it in this manner. Any regular object would be ineffective.
Sleep: As strange as it sounds, sleep is a dangerous prospect for a Vampire. For two reasons; firstly, because while sleeping they are in a deep sleep, similar to a human who sleeps heavily. This means they can be ambushed and killed before they can react. So they guard the location of their sleeping quarters above all other things. Secondly, because without sleep, a Vampire will quickly die. After a single night without sleep, a vampire will begin to bleed from their eyes, after a second night without sleep, they will usually die.

Living Quarters: While not a true weakness, a Vampire is unable to enter a house, or other place where someone sleeps and lives without permission first. In addition to this, if their offer is revoked by saying the words, "[Name] I rescind your invitation." They will be forced to leave immediately.

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ROLEPLAY: Flesh and Blood (Supernatural action)
Name: Ash
Age: Unknown - Appears in his mid twenties
Race: Dhampir
Appearance: 5'10'' with a slim but athletically muscular build. White hair that comes down to the middle of his back, pale off-white skin, pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes that are similar to a Vampire's, in that they are bright yellow and have iris like a cat's. In addition, his teeth are closer to a Vampire's, a mouth full of slightly triangular canines.
Abilities: Aside from the usual abilities of a Dhampir, Ash seems capable of a powerful sensory ability that appears as though he is sensing the future somehow. What it is, or how it works is unclear, but will be revealed throughout the course of the story. Ash uses a strange weapon that he can shift between a large broadsword, or a scythe with a long handle.

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ROLEPLAY: The Pan (Peter Pan, dark re-telling)

Name: Peter Pan


Age: Unknown (Appears 18 at the start of the story)


Appearance: http://i6.photobucke...zpse920de9b.jpg


Personality: When Peter still had his memories, he was a boastful and careless boy. He would be quick to point out how great he is, can be selfish and forgetful at times. He had a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude and was fearlessly cocky when facing danger. Despite his faults, he had a strong sense of justice and would always come to those in need. However, having lost his 'true' self, Peter may have retained some of his selfishness, but has lost many of his best traits. He can be cautious and suspicious at times and finds it difficult to trust others, he has little time for 'imagination' or the ramblings on of children. He has a strong desire for wealth and to crawl out of the gutter that he is forced to live in.


History: The Faefont, source of the Fae's magic, producer of the Faerie Dust. It was there that Peter's story began. One day, that seemingly started as any other, something very strange happened. Though it was not spring, the flowers on the island began to bloom. Though it was not summer, the suns aligned and cast a warmth down upon Neverland. Though it was not Autumn, the trees turned a fantastic array of reds, oranges and browns. And though it was not winter, the lakes, rivers and waterfalls immediately froze over, as though time itself had stopped. The Faefont glowed a brilliant white, and from a pile of Faerie Dust, was born a baby boy with brilliant golden brown hair and crystal blue eyes. The Fae were shocked at first, as this had never happened before (and never did again), but being born of magic they knew he could not be evil and gave him a name.


Pan. In the Fae tongue, it meant, quite literally 'Guardian'. From then on, the boy matured quickly at first, but as he began to get older, Pan came to a realisation that he did not want to grow up. He announced one day, "I won't grow up, and that will be that." And it was. He remained as he appeared then, around twelve, and did not age a day over. He did many great things; meeting and fighting his nemesis Captain James Hook, adventuring with Natives, teaching and playing with the Lost Ones that the Fae brought to Neverland to keep Pan company, and once they reached the same age as Peter, they too stopped ageing.


But, after all his great deeds, after all his adventures (one of which involved a young girl called Wendy, who thought that "Pan isn't a very good name, is it?" and so called him 'Peter', and from then on he was Peter Pan), a change came over him. One day, he turned to the Lost Ones and told them he was leaving Neverland, forever. He left one of them in charge, a young girl called Swift, and then left without another word. He came to the Mainland, for which we call Earth, and promptly forgot who he was, where he was from, and what he had been. He forgot that his true name was 'Pan' and simply became 'Peter'. Nothing more. 

Six years passed, and the bright-eyed boy of twelve became a street thief who was not long eighteen. He did what he could to survive, to eat, and often wished for a better life. But, he got by. And yet, over the past few weeks, strange things had been happening. On occasion, he heard a faint ringing sound. He didn't understand it, but it sounded as though it was coming from a long, long way away. So far in fact, that he was the only one who seemed to hear it. Also, the weather in London (for that is where he was, in 1894 to be precise) seemed strangely unfitting for the time of year. But thought nothing of it, until one fateful day...


Abilities: As Peter Pan, he was capable in most anything he set his mind to - he was an accomplished swordsman, having fought and defeated Hook on a number of occasions, he had the power to fly and levitate, for which he was very skilled, he was able to mimic all number of things from voices to objects to animal calls, and many other fine talents. However, as 'just Peter' he really only had two particular skills of note. Thieving, and running. Running for the times when his thieving was insufficient.

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ROLEPLAY: Batman Reclaimed (Batman fandom)

Name: Jason Hunter

Age: 19

Appearance: 5'11'' with a slightly tanned, athletically muscular body. Jason is of Japanese descent. He has soft, handsome features, dark, almond-shaped eyes and medium length black hair, styled in choppy layers and framed around the face. He tends to wear dark clothes and wears a pendant his mother gave him when he was thirteen.

Personality: Short-tempered and decidedly hot-headed, Jason can be impatient and at times rushes into situations without considering the ramifications. He can be intelligent, but his grades are, on occasion, below average as he spends most of his time focused on other pursuits, like playing the guitar, athletics and Selene Basette. He has a strong sense of right and wrong and hates to see people in distress but he is unruly and often gets into heated debates with his parents and younger brother. Despite his faults, he is a warm person, who strives to do right by others.

History: Born to parents Arthur and Rose, Jason had a fairly normal life growing up with his younger brother, Michael. When he was a young child he met Selene Basette and the two became best friends virtually overnight. He had seen her whimsical and at times, impulsive nature, to mesh well with his own. Over the years he developed feelings for her though never said anything to her for fear of being rejected and so they fell into a comfortable friendship. Through highschool, he had, on more than one occasion, found himself doing something on the wrong side of the law, spurred on by Selene's suggestion. Sometimes he found himself living a double life, something he found both difficult yet enjoyable at the same time. He and his brother Michael were quite close and spent a lot of time together, but in the past couple of months, since being accepted to GCU (Gotham City University) he and his brother had become a little more distant. He felt it was because Michael thought that they wouldnt hang out any more, because he'd be too busy, which he wasn't sure whether it would be true or not. Jason had always had a tense relationship with his parents. While he was pretty straightforward on paper, it hadn't been the first time their parents had to apologise to a member of the GCPD for finding him up to no good. This often caused a row, and he became frustrated with his parents at times. Though, he loved them dearly. He had the regular problems that most young men had at his age, but, he was a confident, headstrong person who knew that one day he'd do something great with his life.

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ROLEPLAY: Protocol Zero (sci-fi)

Name: Unknown

Alias: Raven

Age: 24

Place of Birth: New York, Hell's Kitchen


Personality: Though he can be patient and calculating, Raven is more of a rogue, prone to doing whatever he feels best at the time. Whether this is for the greater good, or for his own selfish desires. He can swing between vigilante hero to street thug depending on his motivation and situation. Despite his patience in general, he can have a short fuse to his temper when he does decide to let it loose. He is not against violence or crime and has even been known to kill in extreme cases. He can be a duplicitous person, difficult to trust, and impossible to know his ultimate motivation or driving force. A truly chaotic element in a city of regimented order.


Bio: Raven was born in Hell's Kitchen and had a difficult upbringing. He left home at age 12 when he realised that his mother would never stop taking the designer drug 'Hive' - a narcotic that would make heroin look like a flu jab, nor would his father stop beating him or his mother, so he left and made a living on the streets. For a while, he made many mistakes, and got caught on several occasions, but one day at age 16 he was caught stealing and was sent to prison for 5 years, without chance of parole. During his time, he learnt from those around him, prison tempered him further and taught him new skills. He brought his body to the peak of physical fitness with little time to do else and when he left, he vowed that he would not allow himself to be caged ever again.


These days, Raven spends as much time committing crime as he does helping the citizens of New York. He often preys on those he feels have too much, or those he considers to be the scum of society - but he is just as likely to commit atrocities or selfish acts if the mood takes him. He is loved and hated equally, by both the general populace and the police force. His main skills come from his physical prowess, free-running, marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills. He is also an adept pickpocket and cat burgler, but he dislikes technology, preferring instead to rely on his own abilities, than those of a computer's. 

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