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It's only been one year since the Perceived Reality Integration and Synaptic Signal Manipulator, also known as Prissm, was released to consumers. It was heralded as the most lifelike virtual reality system to have ever been invented.

It was originally used for a cheaply rendered, half-added game called "Everland" that barely scored 10 million players worldwide, it was also used for it's interesting method for surfing the internet. Two months ago an ad for a new game to be released on the Prissm system swept the world, news outlets and social media was in an absolute uproar.

The new game, "Void" had over 1 million pre-orders less than a month after the initial previews. It boasted the most realistic operating engine, multiple worlds with diverse mechanics.

The maker of the Prissm system and the creator of Void have been working hand in hand for this project and have promised that it will be nothing like anything the world has ever seen.


Okay... That's the general concept. I know many roleplays have followed this concept. But I'm hoping with the right group of people this can be an amazing roleplay.

I will post my own character profile soon, also bear in mind that I will be posting for plot and NPC'S.


Profile guidelines.

Name -

Age -

Character level - (preferred range 1-20)

Class -

Personality - (in depth, or as simple as chaotic neutral)

Please include a brief bio.


And as a final note before posting this. Don't be afraid to ask questions and give input...

I'm excited to play with you guys

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I tried to start one called Ascent a while back to no avail, and recently started an Augmented reality one that has died already. So I'm not expecting much, but I'll keep an eye on it. (I don't think most people here like science fiction) 


1.) So here are some questions. Do you want IG character info, or out of game? 

2.) Is this RP ONLY within the game like in .//hack or will it have IRL parts like SAO II?

3.) Is this "Void" game like SAO with only fantasy elements, or like GGO with steam punk sci-fi?

4.) What is the max level here? 

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1. In-game. Any information for characters outside of "Void" will be learned during play.

2. I'm open to the idea of outside-of-game play, although currently I'm looking more to have the players trapped inside, with potential for exceptions.

3. The way I have it worked out in my head is that "void" will have a number of different worlds. Each world will have their own styles while staying true to the original theme. Fantasy, steampunk, colonial, anything from elves, to faeries, to airships... The options are all there.

4. I knew I should have put that in... I'm intending max level to be 60 currently, but with most people only having played for a few weeks I'd like most players to be low-moderately leveled. Again... Some exceptions may exist.

All of this depends on feedback... But I do have a core theme im trying to stick with.

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Hmmm...while I believe the idea of the game having multiple genre's to be very vague, and maybe not the best idea, at least it does leave open plenty of options to be taken. 

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As with most of my plans, they're open for debate. I prefer to have everyone happy with a theme or setup before I actually start an rp

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