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The Vile Siren

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The Vile Siren

Tales of a Pirate Ship and It's Crew




Tabbie stared up at the blanket of stars above her, breathing slowly and methodically. She named the constellations in her head, determined which direction her body was facing, even attempted to predict the weather, anything but allow herself to think. Coming to terms with his death was one of the most difficult things she had ever had to do. It was like losing a real father, as he was always the closest thing she had. The grass underneath her body tickled her as a breeze flitted at her clothing. This earth, this plant life, she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to go out to the sea. She had to take his place.


The young girl sat up and was reminded of what she had resting on her stomach by the heavy resistance it gave to her body movement. Hawk’s Sextant. Her Sextant. She fiddled with the thing a bit in her hands, weighing and sizing it up. She had never thought she would own her own piece of navigation equipment; it was rather shocking to look at the device and think of it as her own. She held it up to her face and assessed her location. It worked like a dream. It was all she had left of him, and she would be sure to make him proud.


Determined, she stood up and brushed herself off. It was no longer the time for sitting around; she had to do something with her life. Tabbie ran home to the tavern and went up to her room to pack her few belongings. She carefully packed the Sextant among her soft items and was sure to pack a few of her cartography books and supplies. Her bag was bursting at the seams, with parchment paper poking out from the edge. She hardly looked ready to join a pirate crew, but her mother saw through it as she walked into her daughter’s room.



“So you’re going?†she asked softly, approaching her daughter and gently cupping her face in her hand.


“I have to,†Tabbie responded, “I can’t stay here anymore.â€


“I know. I knew this day would come soon. Please stay safe and make us proud.â€


Tabbie nodded and left the tavern before she could shed a tear. She had to be strong now. For her mother and for Hawk. With purpose, she led herself down to the docks, hoping that she may find some ship in need for a navigator. 

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“You spoiled rotten fish! You be glad I don’t have a ship to tie your scaly ass to! The next one we be getting I’m placing you right on the bowsprit where you belong!


“Oh shut your loud mouth human! I’m sick of your screeching. If I didn't do it, he'd be reaching his lecherous hands for you next!" A frustrated huff flared from her nostrils as Miss. Veronica Melanie Boones glared at her companion. Evil creature was the reason they had to find a new ship. “That may be true but at least we would have made it to land safely instead of hitting the damned reef! Now who’s to blame for that?! You!†


The dark haired woman glared at Veronica, "At least I tried instead of bitching and whining, besides that ship had half a dozen canon holes in it. You wanted a new ship, well, I've provided the excuse to obtain a new one."


Ignoring her, Veronica studied the activity around them, searching for a tavern. Their adventures were far from over but if Veronica planned on continuing to travel with Andorial she was going to need a drink. Locating a suitable tavern for drinks and recruitment Veronica sauntered her way through the crowds milling around near the docks glancing behind her to make sure Andorial was not causing trouble. However, where ever the two women went trouble followed and Veronica could tell they were causing a bit as some of the men stared after them. The attention worked in their favor most times but at this moment Veronica needed Andorial’s mind on their next prize.


“Andorial, since you lost us our last ship how about you find us our new one while I gather a crew to sail us out of here. Is that too difficult of a task for you? Maybe if you pick a good one I'll refrain from tying you on it....And poppet, try not to get into too much trouble. I don't want another problem."


Andorial gave her captain a nasty look obviously about to yell but suddenly turned away, took a deep breath and after a moment glanced at Veronica once more. "You better hope I don't throw you off the next one while you're sleeping." She made a hiss like some sort of feline and stormed off.


Shaking her head Veronica made her way in to the Black Parrot, grabbing the attention of the nearest barmaid flashing a wink. “Rum dearie.†The barmaid simply nodded and hustled off to attend to the other patrons. Taking her seat, Veronica pulled her coat of and set her hat on the table before her. Judging by the number of people who walked in and out of the tavern the captain could already tell it was going to take a while to find a worthy crew to sail with her and Andorial. As the barmaid returned, mug in hand she set it down her voice a tad gravelly to Veronica’s ears. “What else would you be having?† Taking a swig of the drink Veronica spoke loud enough for a few of the other patrons to hear. 


“I’ll be needing a crew and more rum.â€

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3 Days Ago…

The ship was a Clipper, one of the fastest ship-types ever built, and if one were knowledgably on their famous ships currently sailing the seas, they would recognise it as ‘Wind Rider’. Anyone who knew anything at all of the seas had heard of ‘Wind Rider’ the occupants of which called themselves pirate hunters. Jonathan Lundergren was the ship’s Captain and was feared by most standard pirate crews. He was a large man, but that wasn’t really relevant at the moment as he was on his knees with his right arm pinned to the Main mast by a sword driven through his bicep. A pool of blood surrounded his left leg where a large gash had been cut into the back of the knee.

With the exception of Jonathan, there was only one person still alive on the ship; the rest of the crew were scattered across the deck in a state of death. The other figure who was still alive was sitting an a barrel situated a couple of feet away from Jonathan, kicking the heels of his leather boots against the wood.

“Who the hell are you?†Jon said, spitting out a globule of blood in the process.

“Me?†the figure said as he slid off the barrel an adjusted the long trident that was strapped to his back. “I’m the owner of the poor little boat you decided to blow out the water.†As he spoke, he gestured to the ship’s port side where a scattering of wood and fabric floated in the sea where a ship had been earlier. “That was a gift, and you’ve gone and sunk it, man. Also, I told you my name was Arthur.†Arthur smiled and ran a hand though his hair, jingling the bells fastened to the right side as he went.

“You telling me you attacked me because I sunk you’re measly piece of junk?†Jon said, a look of incredulity on his face.

Arthur stepped forward and delivered a good kick to the man’s stomach, sending him into a fit of coughing. “I just told you it was gift, so please don’t insult it.†As Jonathan coughed away, Arthur pulled a small throwing knife from his belt and flipped it in his hand before jamming it into Jonathan’s left shoulder. He cried out in pain through clenched teeth and glared at Arthur. “What are you doing round these parts anyway, Lundgren? You normally stick to the east for your hunting.â€

Jon seemed to think about clamming up but then grimaced. “Fuck it.†He muttered before levelling his gaze on Arthur again. “There’s a coastal town about 2 days from here, pirates frequent it a lot.â€

“You planning on ridding the seas of pirates all on your jolly lonesome?†Arthur said with a chuckle.

“No.†Jon spat. “I was meeting a contact there in the Black Parrot; we had some business to conduct.â€

“I see. Well, I guess your contact will be waiting for a long while then.†Arthur said as he reached behind him and loosed his trident from its holdings. He spun it around in his hands before pointing it at Jon. “Or maybe I’ll go pay him a visit, see what this ‘business’ is all about.†Arthur smiled and jabbed his trident forward, piercing the three blades through Jon’s chest.

He pulled it free and wiped the blood of the blades with Jon’s shirt before replacing it at his back. He also pulled his knife free and replaced it on his belt. “So…†he stood up and looked around the deck. “…how do I get this going on myself?â€


“Is that…?â€

“It’s the Wind Rider!â€

“What’s the pirate hunter doing here?â€

“We better get the Captain, we don’t want to bump into him.â€

The many people that were milling about the docks were all looking at the ship as it sat a distance away from the docks. It flew no flag, but the figurehead of a skeleton being hanged was unmistakable. It had drifted to a stop a couple of hours ago but no-one had seen any movement on the deck or the rowboats. The Sails were still deployed, but someone claimed the anchor had dropped so it was at least stopping for a little while.

A noise in the water to the side of the docks suddenly caught some of the peoples attention and Arthur pulled himself out of the water, shaking himself free of excess water. He saw the people watching him and smiled, as he crouched down to sit on a crate and took his boots of one at a time; emptying them of water by tipping them upside down. He replaced them, frowning slightly at the feeling of wet leather and then stood up.

“It’s nice to meet you all, now can someone point me in the direction of the Black Parrot?†Arthur asked, looking pointedly at a young man who was stood slightly forward of the rest of the people.

“Uh…just head that way.†He said, pointing slowly towards the town.

“Thank you and farewell.†Arthur replied with a cheery wave and then strode off purposefully towards the town, passing the surprised citizens as he did.

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