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Hi guys! So as many of you know i'm a big gamer nerd, I play a lot of games on my PS4 and now i'm going to be streaming! My streams will mostly be random titles, but if I get a request for something specific i'll try and accommodate that. I will be streaming on a mixture of Twitch and Ustream (mostly because i've heard people have issues commenting on Twitch for some reason) but again, if people give me feedback as to which they'd rather i'd use, then i'll go with that. Again, I have no solid day or time for when people might wanna watch a stream, so leave a comment if you have a preference, otherwise i'll either select a time and day of the week to stream, or it might just be a short notice/update on the day.



YouTube: (On the way, to coincide with the 2.0 update on PS4)







Ustream - P.T. (Playable Teaser for the new Silent Hill game) - 16th August, 9pm GMT (in about 10mins!)

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I need popcorn for this! But I'm at work and don't have any so I'll settle for my wheat thins. ^^

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Well, the Silent Hill playable teaser is sort of fun, extremely terrifying, but in the end, there was too much random chance in the final puzzle, ultimately I went from being horrified to just straight up confused and frustrated at the difficulty or random element of that last phase. Never mind, though! If anyone has a game they want to see streamed, please let me know. And no, Ero, not Outlast.  :p

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