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A Mini-RP hosted by Wstfgl


Rules of Mini-RPs

  • No character sheets, no indication of interest required. If you like the story, just jump in with any character you wish.
  • There will be no OOC thread for this RP. All OOC chat will be enclosed in square boxes [like this] either before or after your IC post.
  • If your character dies, you may enter with another character at any time.
  • RP posts are limited to a maximum of 300 words for Graduates only. Students can write as long as they wish. This is to encourage shorter and more frequent posts!
  • For Students, posts below 300 words cannot be used as part of your Graduation attempt.
  • The plot of the story will be unraveled by the host of the mini-RP, who will be directing NPCs and enemies according to the scenario.
  • Post often and have fun!

The Story So Far


Hamsdale, Population 500,000. A moderately-sized American city with a pleasant temperate climate set amid a landscape of gently rolling hills. It accommodates a wide mix of ethnicities and cultures that would leave no social justice warrior unsatisfied, has a woefully underperforming baseball team, and is home to Starr University, a private college mostly known for its faculty's laissez-faire attitude towards student antics -- but otherwise, it's a completely unremarkable city indistinguishable from the many others dotting the US west coast. 


Well, until now. Or there won't be a plot, you see.


Several people across the city have acquired a strange ability -- they have summoned a being from another realm -- otherwise known as a Knight -- and have gained the ability to magically compel these Knights to do their bidding, willing or otherwise. However, these "lucky" few have more to worry about than figuring out how to share the house with a spiky-haired, angsty dude with a sword twice as heavy as he is -- a strange fog has started spreading across the city at nightfall, and tales abound of strange noises and movement within the dense fog...


tl;dr You summon an RP character of choice and fight scary monsters. Explosions might ensue.


Character Guidelines:


- The so-called Summoners are ordinary people, nothing special about them. Think of 'em as yourself, basically. They lack special abilities besides commanding their Knights to follow their orders. 


- The Knights themselves can be basically anyone (or anything). Basically grab any RP character of yours you like, regardless of genre. Go wild.


- You could write from the point of view of a Summoner or the Knight themselves, or both if you're feeling up for it. (Or you could write from the point of view of someone completely unrelated to the conflict, but why the hell would you even do such a thing)


- If your Knight dies, you can summon a new Knight (after the obligatory grieving for your new friend, most likely). If you, the Summoner, die... uh, try not to let that happen, okay? 




"This is Weston Finagle, reporting to you live from Main Street," the garishly-dressed man with a greasy pompadour narrates over the TV screen, the image faded-looking and flickering irregularly. "The recent spate of unusually foggy nights has gone on for almost a week now, and while the fog seems harmless, no one knows where it comes from, how it came to be, or whether it's got anything to do with the phone and internet connectivity issues everyone's been plagued with for the last few days. Our weatherman's been completely baffled by it; Hamsdale hasn't seen a day of fog since it was founded- what was that?"


Suddenly, the image on the TV distorts and abruptly dies -- and the very last thing those tuning in see on their screens is a human-looking silhouette looming behind the reporter, its eyes points of luminescent green in the darkness.


"Hey, you. What the hell's that thing?" The bespectacled, nerdy-looking young man mutters, staring at the static-filled TV screen as though expecting the program to resume.


A mechanical click resounds from somewhere behind him. "A man of your station ought to address me as 'sir'. Know your place," a formally-dressed man with an impeccably-trimmed mustache declares as he hefts the crossbow in his hands. "And to answer your question... that's exactly what I came here to deal with."


"You mean, you didn't just come here to mooch off me and be an all-around pain in the ass... sir?"

"Ah, I finally get the respect befitting a gentleman such as myself. At least you're learning," the man replies as he pulls on his great coat and struts out of the door of the little apartment and down onto the street.

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[ I'm gonna try one of your roleplays. BUT I don't have a character that I want to use as a knight, can I make one up right now? Of course I can. Your rules say so. Okay. What is a NPC? And can people who are not summoners see these knights? :]

Waiting for her brother to finish up his business behind a bush, Ella tangled her finger into her unbrushed average length ash brown hair. She could see the minuscule tail of the furry fiend she voluntarily dragged around digging up nothing but dirt. It's elongated blue and fluffy tail almost made it seem as though it were not what it was when angered.

Once her brother had returned, his nose crinkled in disgust, he planted a foot against the backside of the tiny blue creature causing It to whimper and stop it's eternal digging, it's pupils starting to dilate. Ella groaned and took a hold of her little brothers collar and tossed him aside. She rushed toward the creature and picked it up. Her hands stroked it's undeniably soft fur and almost immediately it returned to its "normal state".

"Hanz, you know what happens to him when you kick him. Next time I'll get him get you." She stated, looking at his scrunched face in annoyance.

Taking a hold of his hand and keeping the overly excited fluff ball in the crook of her elbow, she walked down the sidewalk with her eyes down. Hanz struggled behind her, his stubby legs keeping him lagging behind as opposed to her longer ones. "I can't see anything. This place sucks." He hissed, scratching at her hands as if he wanted to escape. Ella ignored him and kept her eyes on the crumbled concrete underneath her feet.

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[An NPC's an non-player character. Ordinary humans are able to see the Knights, and the Knights can't conveniently vanish when not needed unless it's specifically one of their abilities. And yeah, if you don't have a character, make one up (I assume your Knight's the blue furball).]


Preoccupied as she was by the cracks in the badly-maintained pavement in this seedier portion of town, Ella almost failed to notice when a thick mass of fog surged down the street she was on, engulfing her brother and her. The fog blotted out the night sky, turning her surroundings into a muted, washed-out tableau dimly lit by the feeble, diffuse orange light of the streetlights. Save for her brother and her furry companion, she was all alone here, and the street was silent.


Then, she heard the rhythmic thump of approaching footsteps, and a pair of green points of light came into view amid the gloom, slowly moving in her direction.

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[ oh! I see. Okey thanks! I figured since the summoner is summoning, they should be the only ones being pestered. I gotcha. Yea that's it! Thanks again :]

Ella's eyes squinted as she noticed the thick fog everyone seemed so afraid of roll in. She gripped her brothers hand, unable to see him and neither the squirming blue ball in her arms. All she could seem to make out were two sharp orbs floating amidst nothing but a grey abyss.

"Hanz stop moving or something really bad is gonna happen." She whispered sharply, backing up unconsciously before feeling the little indentations and rigid crevices of a brick wall behind her. Startled from the slight impact, she dropped the blue ball of fur into what it seemed an endless pit of fog. Without releasing her grip on her brothers hand, she rushed toward the green lights, this time not so consumed by them she whispered out the name she had given her lost companion.

"Sol! Sol... Please be around here." She worried, attempting to not feel the eerie presence closing the space in between them.

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[here we go! hope its alright]

Luke would have prefered to be inside the warm comfortable confines of his little studio, but as he stared into the empty depths of his refrigerator; it was quite clear that he wouldn’t have any choice in the matter. Although his little room was rather spartan by most medians of judgement, it was exactly the kind of environment that he needed to thrive. After all, the less distractions he had the better output he'd have as an author.


He sighed, the very thought of going outside made Luke feel tired. His stomach growled in protest, and it made a very compelling argument. His editor was always hounding him to take care of his body, he was also hounding him to get a better house. He had ceded to the wisdom of the first request, however the second , not so much, although he had more than enough money, a large house would only be a pain. What would he even do with all the extra rooms...


“Gilbert I’m heading out for some food, wanna come?†he said, pointedly looking at the beachball parked in the middle of his room, clearly at odds with the rest of his room.


The ball exploded into motion on the mention of food, growing outwards into what seemed to be a large doughboy with a large silly face in the middle of its stomach.


“FooooooD!† it said, in that strange sing song voice that it had.


“Yes food, now come on, and change into something a bit normal, will you!†he said, as he slipped on a track suit. As he stepped out of his studio, Gilbert followed on his heel, deciding to take the form of fat tabby with mottled brown fur.


He made the journey to the ground floor rather quickly his stomach urging him into a more expedited pace. Without a care in the world he, walked into the fog that covered the outside, maybe he would have been more careful if he owned a telly, but he didn't, so he wasn’t..

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Ella could barely see more than a couple of meters in front of her, and was running fairly quickly to boot, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise that she didn't notice Luke stepping out of his front door before it was too late to stop. She promptly ran face-first into the unfortunate man, who staggered as he tried to keep his balance.


Then, the points of light that Ella had, in a fit of clouded judgment, decided to run towards, approached close enough for the two of them to make out what they were -- they were the glowing eyes of a humanoid-looking figure, with a tall, spindly build, mottled grey-and-black skin and a featureless white mask for a face. After a pause, it finally took notice of the two of them, its head swiveling to face them. Then, its eyes flashed, and the bottom half of its mask split open, revealing a gaping, slavering maw with far too many rows of shark-like teeth. It began lurching towards them in a strangely stiff, unnatural way, a bizarre rattling noise coming from its throat.


[Welp, it's a generic creepy monster thing! Round one, action!]

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Ella cursed underneath her breath, stumbling backwards quite a bit due to the near painful impact. She hadn't yet noticed that the source of the deviant pair of green lights had then followed her. Sol was no where to be found, but she knew only once way to gain his adamant attention. It was only after his transformation would he be able to keep in touch without having a random weed in between pavement and concrete cracks to become his entertainment and his priority.

Despite listening to the voices in her head telling her to escape without her fur ball, Ella heard an uncomfortable sound making way toward her, Hanz and whoever else seemed to be around. She had no time. Turning her head for a mere second only to notice an abnormal and juxtaposed object pushing aside the thick fog as though it were nothing, the panicked young woman tossed her brother behind her, opened her mouth and extracted the sharpest and most terrifying scream her parched throat could suffice. It traveled and yet she refused to stop, trying desperately to hear the ground rumbling roar of a new Sol.

Before she could screech out anymore, Ella noticed a thick "boom" as several tiny pieces of rubble stumbled and tumbled into her feet. Sol must've transformed. A large talon found it's way through the dense fog and latched itself around the monster, pulling it back into the fog.

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"Gyah!" Luke grunted, be thrown off balance as something fast and human sized rammed into him. The impact threw sprawling to the ground, due to his physique lanky and thin to the point of emaciation. "What the hell, that really hurt ya know!" he said, though he realized the accused wasn't really listening to him. It was events like these that made his dislike for going outside grow in the first place.


Luke wasn't going to let the woman go just like that of course, however before he began his rebuke he saw it. It had these glowing eyes that pierced through the fog, it was quite obvious that they were not earthly, neither was the rest of its body. The entire thing teeth and all seemed to be straight out of a horror movie, it was all Luke could do to shiver at its sight. Gilbert had taken place in front of him, his hackles raised, hissing fiercely. Luke would have been touched if he wasn't quite so terrified.


It was the woman's scream that managed to shake Luke out of his fear. Or maybe it was the gigantic talon that suddenly dragged the monster further back into the gloom of the fog. Luke for all it was worth whimpered and scrambled back on his feet. "I-I think its better that the two of you, come inside... " he said as he gestured for the brother and sister to enter his apartment complex.

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Ella turned her head momentarily as she collected the events occurring simultaneously around her. She heard an offer she could not refuse and approached the sound with careful footsteps, avoiding and stepping over the golf ball and soft ball sized crumbs of the home Sol had probably destroyed. A hand ushered her stiff brother toward a man who seemed all to eager to allow them refuge from the unidentifiable happenings not far from them. If the fog hadn't been so persistent on leaving humans blind, Ella was sure she'd be able to support her defenseless Sol amidst the battle. A battle with only sounds and smell to create imagery.

"Hanz, go in this house. I'll be right out here, I gotta get Sol okay?" She spoke as loud as she could over the prominent occasional roar of her magnificent Knight. Ella looked at the man and nodded a few times as if thankful for his generous offer. She then peered over at the abrupt hissing from nearby and realized it had been another knight seemingly protecting him.


[ Knight Sol POV ]

"Did you hurt Ella?" He growled, clamping his massive talons onto the nearly demolished pavement underneath him after he'd pulled the monster onto the field of battle. "You didn't touch her did you?!" He added, shifting his weight forward, letting his wings slice through the thick grey surrounding them. For a moment he figured the monster couldn't speak, nonetheless he was prepared and ready to attack either verbally or physically if he found it necessary. Ella meant everything to him and if she were to be be badly tampered with, there would be no mercy and plenty of pain involved.

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Luke was rather worried, he didn't have much of an idea why he was worried, apart from the general worry inducing state of things. He just couldn't understand why the woman would want go back into the fog. Still he peered out the small window in the reception to his apartment complex, the woman's brother peering right along side him.

Gilbert had reluctantly followed him inside as well, though he was making it quite clear that he wasn't happy with that fact.


Gillbert kept on mewling and pawing at the door, driving Luke nuts.


"Will ya stop that! Try to read the situation for once!" said Luke


Gilbert merely turned his neck towards him, "Fiiight!" it said.


"What do you mean fight? You did see that thing out there !?" said Luke, with a rather exasperated sigh.

"There's no way we can stand against something like that, its impossible I tell you"


However Gilbert merely kept looking at him, with what Luke thought carried a hint of accusation. "Fine! I know we can't just leave someone out in the fog. But look we cant even defend ourselves. What do you think a spindly man and a cat thing do against those monsters"  he said looking pointedly at Gilbert.


"Caat?" said Gilbert with weird kind of wheezy cat laugh, after which he began to quickly swell into a large amorphous blob. As he began changing shape Luke got a sense of what Gilbert was doing, and in order keep the reception intact, opened the door and pushed the still growing blob outside. Within in a matter of seconds, Gilbert had changed shape only this time he was in the shape of T Rex, a miniature one the size of a SUV.


Luke merely gaped, " Oh.."

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The strange creature seemed to scrutinize its new opponents briefly, despite its lack of eyes, and raised its head skywards, letting out an ear-piercing screech. Suddenly, several more green lights appeared in the darkness, slowly advancing forwards from both ends of the street. Then, the creature flexed its arm, causing a long, thin blade of whitish bone to emerge from under its clawed hand, and it lunged at Sol with a gurgling rattle, its eye sockets blazing brightly like tiny stars.

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After relieving herself of the brat she was to carry about her pained shoulders, Ella took in a generous dose of a ball of dust, air and pieces of floating rubble into her lungs. Coughing into her hand, she ran quite a ways away from the the source of the chaos and ran across the street from what was smoother pavement underneath her feet.

As she walked toward the battle, sounds from several sources crowded the air making It twice as hard to see and breathe. Sol was most likely alright, but she needed to make sure.


Sol waited for his answer, keeping himself contained in observance of this chaotic creature. He himself, considering his larger than life appearance hadn't quite done much in terms of destruction, but this fiend had, under it's use of thick and protective fog, turned the premises on its toes.

"No words?" He asked, growling slightly at the sense of more monsters of his physique to infiltrate the already unseeable surroundings. His wings expanded as he attempted to keep them away, swinging a tail that if hit was highly lethal due to the strength of the impact. He kept his focus on the one he'd tried to deal with before the minions arrived and noticed his choice of weaponry. Sol roared and lifted a hind foot to move backward while simultaneously breathing out an airy breath of fire toward the enemy. His silver eyes glistened just as bright through the murky fog. The scales along his thick skin provided protection as would a shield to a valiant knight. Sol was determined to end this conundrum if he were ever to return to Ella.

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[Jabberwocky has apparently vanished, so I'll carry on first.]

Sol's tail battered the creature advancing at him, sending it sliding backwards as it let out a howl of pain. However, it hadn't been quite enough to bring it down, and it lashed out at Sol's tail before he could bring it back, drawing blood as the keen blade sliced a deep, thin gash through the dragon's hide.

Then, Sol's fire lit up the street, dispelling the fog for long enough to reveal half a dozen more misshapen black creatures scuttling in their direction, their hides charring from the flames licking at them. They took several steps forward before letting out a chorus of gurgling cries as they collapsed, overwhelmed by the fire. Their bodies dissolved as they hit the ground, their flesh melting into black, steaming sludge.

From several blocks away, there was a basso rumble like the sound of a giant's footsteps, and a tremor rocked the streets.

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[Hope it's alright if I just casually jump in here. Also, my intros are always derpy and long. Sorry.]



Mallory was waiting for the city bus when a tremor nearly upset his balance.


Bristling, the boy's hands lunged for the bag strap that crossed his narrow chest and gripped it. His eyes snapped towards a stop sign that suddenly keeled over with a metallic clang. An earthquake? No, no. Earthquakes didn't happen over the span of a few seconds. Reluctantly letting go of his material comfort, Mallory used one hand to slide knocked-askew glasses back up his nose.


"Belphegor, do you know what-" the teen glanced over one shoulder only to find his knight in shining armour passed out on a nearby bench.


'Knight' was an exaggeration, and 'shining armour' was an outright lie. The figure slumped on the bench was a tall one, awkwardly contorted into a resting position with a pillow tucked under his skull. His formal attire was as rumpled as the mop of pale hair on his head, from which curled a pair of ram horns so uncomfortable looking that Mallory wondered how Belphegor could possibly sleep as often as he did.


"H-Hey!" Mallory's voice quivered. He could hear his own pulse-- or maybe it was more tremors. "Bel! Wake up!"


The gently snoring male stirred. One sleepy blue eye opened, followed by the other as the summoned creature sat up and rubbed at the shadows accumulated under them. His spine suggested a slouch.


"Master?" Belphegor blinked at Mallory; green eyes regarded him from behind glasses. They clashed violently with the boy's ginger hair.


"What kind of knight naps on the job?" Mal wanted to know. "Also, please stop calling me that. It's...weird."


He flinched as another tremor rocked the pavement. His summoned knight gave a tiny shrug.


"You're worried," Belphegor intoned, and before the scrawny schoolboy could protest continued. "Don't worry, sir. If something tried to kill you just now, I'd definitely get off this bench and stop it."


Mallory laughed nervously.


"Okay. Right," his gaze flicked down the street to where the city bus would normally appear. There was only fog.

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