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Rant about Bleach and Naruto (caution spoilers)

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I am truly saddened by the fate of these two series. That being said, I feeling entitled to say how much I truly loved them when they both first premiered, I was a fan of Naruto when I was in 7th grade and it appeared on Toonami for the first time, by this time I theiry knew what anime was, and now I am, literally, an "AnimeFreak".

I had a similar reaction to Bleach, only by that time I knew what Anime was an expanding my horizons, that doesn't mean I didn't fall in love with Bleach, though, up until the end of the Aizen arc is was always one of my favorites.

I think the original Naruto--not shipuuden--is flawless. Every character has their own time to shine, the battles are well done, there's a well developed character and strength hierarchy, and the plots maintain a good balance of serious and sillyness. Now, its become absolutely ridiculous. The Kaguya thing came out of nowhere, Naruto and Sasuke possess God-like prowess that not a single other character can attest to.

Naruto may be bad, but at list Kishimoto didn't spit on his fans like Kubo did. The most recent chapters of Bleach have been disgusting, I almost want to completely stop reading it. I, and a lot of other fans I've noticed, feel angered by how Kishimot threw away some of the characters that everyone loved the most and gave them meaningless deaths, like they were some shitty side character that was only in one chapter. A good example being Hisagi, Kensei, Rose, and Hitsugaya.

The part that frustrates me more than anything is that the side characters are what I fell in love with and kept me hooked. The mystery of what another characters Bankai could be was fascinating to me. From my experience on many other websites is that many people feel the same. They hardly give a shit about Ichigo and instead want to watch the captains fight and reveal their Bankai for the first time.

Anyway that was just my poorly written, angry, blinded by rage rant. Anybody feel the same? Do any of you guys have any complaints about the series.

At this point I don't read the chapters out of enjoyment, but just because I want to see how the series end. For nostalgia's sake.

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