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Oh Hello There

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I've returned from a many years hiatus? Think of it as a hibernation. I hope to start some RPs with you all and re-submerge myself in this community.



I'm never very good at introductions. 

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Hello hello to you all~


I haven't been up to too much recently but from the time I sort of faded out of here I've finished school and am just working full time as a CSR/Graphic designer. Huzzah. Other than that I've been pretty fantastic. I'm just looking to get into an rp or two. I like fantasy and scifi along with modern/urban so if any of you are wanting to rp let me know and we can bounce some ideas around!


How have you all been?

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@rubberrazors -- You're like silicon razors now! I totally remember you :D


@Lavende -- I'm always up for rp, pm me if you'd like to discuss some sort of plot line!

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