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Arika Stack

A Leather Bound Journal (Arika Blog 3.0)

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Well, I suppose I should introduce myself, shouldn’t I?


My name is Arika Stack, and, I’m going to be blunt here: I’m the Aspect of Death. Needless to say, I carry a very… prestigious title, but I still feel it needs an explanation. See, really, all I’m in charge of is the afterlife, which is fantastic, because the only part of it that I truly administrate, is what you mortals call ‘hell’. I call it ‘hell’ to, so it’s no big deal. I guess, in a sense, that makes me Satan in the eyes of some people, which, honestly, is truly an insult; I’m the entire reason Satan has to use a contract system in the first place, because even some whiny demon everyone’s afraid of is nothing, in terms of power, compared to someone who can create and destroy, but mainly reshape, the entire, universe sized plane of hell, in a blink of an eye.


Why yes, I certainly do pride myself on keeping hell up to date with what the universe presently looks like. We’re not here to talk about hell, however. Hell sucks. I should know, I live there. The place is nice. My home, needless to say, is really nice. The people though? Yuck. They’re generally the worst the universe has to offer, or demonic constructions, because those are a thing, and they’re just as cold and soulless as they sound. Look, I’m the Aspect of Death, I’m not afraid of getting robbed or stabbed with a demonic sword dick or something, but have you ever tried striking up a conversation with the soul of a mass rapist turned murderer who has been broken by a century of torture? I didn’t think so, but believe me, you don’t want to. It’s kind of awkward.


See, as far as the people go, hell is a bad place to be. I’m not one for arrogance, so I rarely travel to the god-plane for social interaction, either. What? It’s a thing. It’s a plane of existence, the size of our universe (once again), where every god that you could ever imagine, exists. Of course, if you were given a soul that acted as a power source strong enough to do neat tricks like heal people or create fire (amazing, oh my god), wouldn’t you think you were special? These gods do. I swear. It doesn’t help that their power is largely based on how many followers they have, by some stupid system I didn’t design, and hasn’t ended up in total destruction yet, so I’m too lazy to fix it.


As I’m the Aspect of Death, my title implies that there are other aspects out there. You are correct. They’re all dead, and slowly being reintroduced into the world one at a time. I have no idea what happened to the original aspects, and while a wealth of knowledge was left behind for me when I took my position, it had nothing on where the others went.


See, I could go into extreme detail here, but the composition of my soul is very different than the only, what I’ll call, first generation aspect I knew. Right, so there’s others. I wouldn’t call them aspects, yet; one’s a vicious psychopath who I’m afraid more closely resembles the Aspect of Life, as their power source (soul) is largely tuned to work with a material (magic) so exotic, we here in Aspect-land use it to code what you guys know and refer to as a conscience! The other one is who I’m assuming is the Aspect of Reality, who can do everything I can do in the afterlife (read: hell), in your world. Well, not yet; he still has a lot to learn.


I mean, I can too. It’d just end up tearing apart the plane of reality and destroying all life in the process.


Aspects use energy, mainly because we’re boring and couldn’t think of a more magical name for it, also because we’re not morons and realize there’s nothing magical about a nuclear reactor, even if it somehow has no limits. There are two types of energy, and a third type that isn’t really a type but I’ll get to it later. Dark energy is what most people refer to as ‘magic’. It largely doesn’t exist in reality, and that’s mainly because it’s so volatile that in its rawest form, and thus overwrites and erases the code of your sou—destroys life. Let’s go with that. Destroys life. It can be refined to take physical form, but in its purest state, it has no material properties, and only acts as force. Pure energy is the opposite. It’s what you’re made out of. What your plane of existence is made out of.  It’s energy that manifests itself in a physical form, and while, if you touched an orb of it, you would likely turn into a red mist because just don’t do that, it won’t damage your soul, at least. So there’s that.


And then there’s what the soulweaver uses, which is basically a specialized version of dark energy that has been refined to take on acute transphysical (is that even a word) properties. It is, by far, the most exotic material in the universe, and the only known infinite source of it, uses it to create swords (that are infinitely sharp) to stab people with (an infinite amount of times).


I’m not going to talk about Akane and Kiru’s relationship with me too much, but seeing as I’m the one trying to teach them how to use their abilities, usually I’m either ‘that dumb teacher who sits on her ass all day and doesn’t help me learn’, or, ‘that crazy bitch who just dropped me in the middle of nowhere and called it a lesson’.


Enough about that. Dumb kids.


So, I can be anywhere in the universe, on any plane of existence, on any given time (portals are awesome, no?), yet I choose to be on earth most of the time. I don’t get it either, but I must say that your planet it so… interesting. There are so many hobbies to take up, and your network of intelligence is awesome for something a few mortals created. That’s not to say there are things about this planet that bug me, but that’s largely why I just don’t… care (I can’t). If I cared, I’d drive myself nuts trying to get involved as, truly, someone who specialty isn’t blooming life and creating rainbows.


No, I’m just here because I’m bored. Because I’m bored, I tend to do ridiculous things, like make a gourmet, three course meal on Mercury, and eat it as it’s cooking, because have you tried it? No? You’re missing out. How about something like designing a module that creates an energy shield (isn’t that what you guys want, according to your scifi novels) and burying in the ground for your mortals to excavate, knowing full well that your historians will likely discard it as trash because it’s not aged and dirty enough. Whatever stops me from killing everybody, right? Eh heh. Ah, that just got awkward.


I guess you could say I have the best job in the world. Having to train two misfit morons (one of which is a serial killer) on how to act like an aspect aside, my job is pretty uneventful, and there are perks. I tend to keep myself busy, which is good, because boredom breeds insanity, and I do believe it is in your best interest to keep your Aspect of Death sane.


Next time, I’ll write about something more… modern. That sounds fun, right? Less boring, at least? I know, it sucks, but I had to get my introduction out of the way.

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