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Aspects of the Soul

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Muses are loud, lazy freeloaders rooming in your head like those roommates nobody wants. They are uncooperative little shits who need you to do everything while they just sit back and tell you how it’s done, and sometimes you fuss with them, sometimes there’s a bunch of cold shoulders going around, sometimes trying to do anything with them is like trying to push a boulder uphill. They leave, come back, leave again, demand your attention, and have absolutely no regard for rules or personal space. And you have no idea how the fuck they found you or came to the conclusion that your brain is a particularly great place to board or when they arrived, they’re just kind of there.
But as frustrating as they can be, they’re so delightful in that they take you on adventures you never even knew you wanted to go on, and their interactions with other muses can be a veritable roller coaster of emotions in the most exciting way possible. And as you open up paths for them to meet new muses, they open up paths for you to meet new friends. There are days when you’re so in sync everything just flows unbidden, and they don’t have to direct anything for you to know what needs to be written. There are days when your brain is just suddenly a flood of ideas and plans that desperately needs an outlet, and they’re there to steer you in the right direction.
They can be great friends and fussy, squabbling children, and we, the muns, merely take care of them. And these are the muses that have decided to denote me their caretaker.



Yuki Shinohara





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"You know what they say about playing with fire, and baby, I'll leave you in ashes."




Gender: Male (cisgender)

Race: Human

Date of Birth: April 8, 1988

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5’5†(~165cm)

Weight: 109lbs (49.5kg)

Blood Type: B+

Western Zodiac: Aries

Chinese Zodiac (year): Dragon

Element: Fire

Occupation: Illuminati Magus






--Prolific with fire magic.

--Agile, quick reactions

--Prefers the use of dual athames to guns; has some formal gun training

--Capable of utilizing portal magic, though very unskilled at it

--Used to taking a beating here and there




General Appearance


Yuki acts like a rebel without a cause, and you can be certain he dresses the part. With worn-out jeans, combat boots, vintage tees, and leather accessories of every shape and size, he looks like he just stepped out of the 90s and didn’t give enough of a shit to update his style. Or to get new clothes, for that matter. Every article of clothing he owns is torn, stained, or otherwise damaged in some way, and any new clothes soon become just as ruined. Of course, as a magus assigned to corralling rogue demons and just as often sent dungeon-diving artifacts, his clothes aren’t purchased so much for appearance as practicality.


For that matter, neither are any of his accessories. Though they may seem like flashy trinkets, many of Yuki’s various bracelets, belts, rings, and earrings each serves a significant purpose. Silver is the metal of protection and purity, and tiger’s eye is its gemstone equivalent, while bloodstones and amber promote power and focus. And their designs are no pop culture coincidence, either, with plenty of dragons to focus his fire spells, and various “occult†symbols such as ankhs for their respective blessings. Every piece he owns is not only symbolic in some way, but also expensive and clearly well-cared for in contrast with his wardrobe.


Also well-cared for is his general appearance. In spite of its messy, unbrushed look, Yuki is a stickler for maintaining his hair—partially because it’s dyed black, instead of showcasing his natural chestnut brown. He generally prefers to cut it himself, trimming it about once every week to two weeks as part of his morning routine, and shaves every other day. Generally, he avoids growing out a beard and keeps his hair fairly short, with the exception of some impressive sideburns. This nitpicky grooming extends to his nails, skin, and teeth as well, and he uses a variety of products to keep his skin and nails at their peak.


Many would never know it, but part of the reason is because Yuki has keratosis pilaris—a genetic skin condition that causes the body to produce excess dead skin cells, which clot pores and hair follicles and leads to numerous tiny, red bumps. It appears prominently on the arms and thighs, and can be agitated by dry weather, excessively hot showers, and other similar factors, and can also be attributed to persistent acne. And against his pale skin, those bumps stand out like beacons. It’s a constant source of anxiety for him, and he worries almost obsessively over whether or not the bumps are noticeable. Fortunately for him, the condition is pretty well-maintained, and the bumps are all but indiscernible. They do crop up during the drier seasons, though, appearing as sparsely scattered pinkish bumps over his upper arms and back.


These bumps are not the only markings in his flesh, though they are his most anxiety-inducing ones. Thanks to his job, Yuki has several scars here and there, though most of them are faded with time. He has plenty to show off, but his most memorable ones are actually the result of incidents outside of his job as an Illuminati magus. Small, nearly invisible lines on the inside of his left arm mark his troubled past, some looking like they were deep enough to barely miss vital vessels. Another, less conspicuous one surrounds the front of his neck in a ragged, almost burn-like semi-circle, just beneath his chin, which he covers constantly with assorted collars and scarves. Another stands out more obviously on his left cheek, which he doesn’t really attempt to cover up, and his right shoulder hosts about six or seven random scars from where he got into a fight and fell on some broken glass in the process.


But for all of his misadventures, Yuki always seems to bounce right back, never letting his lively spark leave his electric blue eyes, and giving an illusion of nigh endless stamina. Of course, being the adventurous bundle of trouble he is, and as a magus, it really doesn’t come as a surprise. Training both his magic and his martial skills on a regular basis helps Yuki to keep in top shape, and also to add some definition to his already girlish waistline—not to mention the boost it gives him to counterbalance his height. It’s not exactly a sore point, but when combined with his effeminate waistline and his broader hips, back when he used to wear his hair long, he did occasionally get mistaken for a girl from behind.


But from the front, with his thick, bushy brows and prominent, square jawline, calling Yuki a girl is something only people with their beer goggles dialed up to nine do. Sure, he may have his mother’s droopy, big baby eyes, and her soft, small mouth, but his heavy brow, quasi-aquiline nose, and jutting chin were clearly taken from his dad. Sometimes, though, even though he isn’t really into the idea all that much, he likes to employ his younger sister’s help in accentuating his more effeminate features and prance around town in her wardrobe, generally for the sake of a few good laughs.




Weapons :-

Armour :-

Accessories :-

Other :-






There’s a lot to say about Yuki’s personality—too much, almost, to fit into a single section or summary. Driven by strong and passionate feelings true to his element, Yuki is a bundle of energy and emotion ready to ignite everything around him—for better or for worse. There is little restraint when it comes to his heart, and he has a tendency to leave people either warmed or scorched by his words with no in-between. Coupled with an unapologetic and stubborn nature, his volatile personality has gotten him into more trouble than he cares to recall, and his frequent conflicts with others has shaped him into an individual who values strength of bonds over quantity.


But though these are noble enough traits to be had, Yuki is somewhat notorious for his lack of commitment to others. He never stays with any one group for long, frequently bouncing between people, and tends to leave friends and acquaintances behind if they can’t keep up. But with those whom he has developed a close bond, he’s as warm and welcoming as a homely hearth—a love and warmth that remains constant, like a second home. This warmth, of course, extends to his family, particularly to his four younger siblings. Having been raised by a single mother in impoverished conditions, there are few bonds Yuki has that can compare, even in the face of their frequent disputes. As the oldest, he takes it upon himself to act as “man of the house†and worries constantly over the welfare of his family, sometimes even coming across as smothering or overbearing. He means well, of course, but his inner nurturer can overwhelm at times.


As can his pride. Yuki is a mage without peer, and he knows it. And just like his emotional overflow, his arrogance gets him into plenty of trouble. Though, as far as he’s concerned, it’s not that his head’s getting too big—it’s just yours is too small to accept the facts. And he will go out of his way to make his point in the most dramatic and impressive way possible. He simply loves all things theatric and unique, a trait reflected by his wardrobe, and finds himself drawn to high-energy individuals with interesting tastes. Honestly, though, if it’s pierced, dyed, tattooed, ostentatiously punk/scene/goth/some-derivative-thereof, or otherwise against the norm, he’s drawn to it like a moth. And he’s not afraid to go after exactly what it is he wants.


It is only a small portion of the many nuances of his personality and interests, but these are some of Yuki’s more prominent traits. Honestly, I could go on for another two or three thousand words describing everything, but where would the fun be in that?






It was a quiet, peaceful afternoon on which Natalie Johnson gave birth to a healthy baby boy, crowning him Gabriel Martin Johnson for his maternal and paternal grandfathers, respectively, and he was raised in a happy, ordinary home by his single mother. She remarried




Anything Else:

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