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Spoopy Halloween Tales

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So another year has come and we enter into the season for holidays. The first in the long trek is Halloween. I know activity on the site right now is sparse. But I thought this might kick something up. Let's tell a spoopy scary story. 


The idea behind this game is simple, I'll start with an introduction and the next person that wanders in and wants to add to the story just add to it. This is mainly meant to be fun and keep things at least a little lively around here.


There are only two rules.

#1: Make it spoopy.

#2: Have fun.



On a dark stormy night, a generic group of college kids came upon a deserted mansion at the top of a dreary hill.

Seeking refuge from the storm they exited their car and walked in; grabbing some food and flashlights from the trunk just in case of issues.

Within the foyer they could see cobwebs draping the chandelier and thick white dusty sheets covering some unknown objects beneath.

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Eh, why not?


With  a sudden clunk, the door slid shut behind the group, causing them all to jump and one of the kids to let out a small squeal of fright. After a good ribbing from the others, one of the kids walked over to the wall and tried the switch for the light with no luck. The others turned their torches on a flicked the beams of light around the abandoned foyer. With a tentative step, one kid walked up to one of the sheet covered objects and gingerly reach out to take a grip of the fabric in his hand. With one swift movement he tore the sheet off and stepped back in surprise when he came face-to-face with a grotesque stone carving of a man with features similar to that of the famed 'Elephant Man'.


"Creepy, this place probably belonged to a serial killer or something." The only girl there whispered in the dark.

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