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[Closed] DnD 5e Game

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Guidelines (also known as "Sean's ALSOs"): 

1) Character creation requires GM supervision with regards to rolling for ability scores, starting gold, picking backgrounds and writing backstories.

2) Also the systems set in place by 5e reward remaining IC and proper roleplaying and as such metagamers won't receive any of these rewards.

3) Also a well rounded party consists of:

  • a person who can heal
  • a person who can do area of effect damage
  • a person who can tank up damage well
  • a person who can deal lots of damage
  • a person who can bypass obstacles easily
4) Also Japanese athletes is an oxymoron
5) Also most top sumo wrestlers are foreigners.
6) Also feel free to make your character as weird as you'd like, as long as they adhere to the traditions of their race and class.
7) Also I'll be running the official 'Hoard of the Dragon Queen' adventure to start things off and get familiar with the system. Don't ruin the experience by reading the book.

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Background Story


The world of Terra consists one of large supercontinent called Rodinia. Rodinia is divided in 7 kingdoms, each governed by a king, queen, emperor, sheikh or whatever: Atsushi, Brynner, Caolan, Dulcea, Espen, Firuz and Guang.


Ever since the dawn of man the world of Terra has been plagued by the supernatural; demons, undead, shape shifters and monsters have terrorized the dominion of man for as long as history could recount. But the resourcefulness of man had always been enough to keep these dangers at bay and allow them to prosper. Through magic and technology they were given a fighting chance, but the illusion of security came crashing down when Dulcea fell.


Dulcea was located in the exact center of Rodinia and was always known as the nexus between the world of man and the realm of demons. The citizens of Rodinia bore witness to the greatest assault ever by demons on humans. An army several times the size of Dulcea’s entered Rodinia through a Hellgate and laid siege on Dulcea. Every village, town or city on their path was plundered and razed, every person they met was put to the sword and before long everything but the capital city of Dulcea was destroyed.


When the capital and the royal family’s castle was under attack the vast majority of the Dulcean army put up their last stand in other to eliminate the demons. Sadly they were unable to stop the demonic onslaught and before long the city and the castle were theirs. Before this attack Dulcea had a population of 200 million, but when the demons were done less than half a million had managed to escape. It was the single greatest tragedy in the history of Rodinia and had driven the Dulceans to near extinction.


Eight years later the demons still occupy Dulcea, but have made no attempts to attack other countries despite making numerous threats to do as such. Despite the dreary air that has hung around the Rodinia ever since the fall of Dulcea, there is finally hope.


The Church of Tyr, the god of justice, has raised the last remaining member of the Dulcean royal family. Samuel Valeriano Diego Quesada Neves, the crown prince of Dulcea, has been raised as a priest and has decided that it is time to reclaim his homeland. With the aid of a small group of adventurers Samuel sets out to travel the world and gather allies to aid him in his quest.




Rodinia is a supercontinent with 7 separate nations. They are all loosely based on real life locations and have different customs, cultures and ruling races.


Atsushi – Japan

Inhabited by humans and halflings. Society is similar to feudal Japan.


Brynner - Germany / Western Europe

Inhabited by humans, elves and half-elves. Society is similar to Europe during the Middle Ages.


Caolan – Ireland

Inhabited by Elves and Dwarves. Most technologically advanced area; they possess steam engines and a variety of machines that operate on steam.


Dulcea - Spain / Southern Europe

Inhabited by demons. No one knows what Dulcea currently looks like.


Espen – Scandinavia

Inhabited by Dwarves and Dragonborn. Think vikings.


Firuz - Middle East

Inhabited by Humans and Tieflings. Many of the tribes are nomadic, so their need for technology is non-existent. They make do with their magic.


Guang – China

Inhabited by humans and gnomes. Technological level second only to Caolan. They have steam engines, but aren’t as advanced with the machinery.


Player Characters


PCs can come from any of these regions and be any race. The major races (humans, dwarves, elves and halflings) can originate from any country, but the rare races are hardly ever found outside of their homeland.

PCs will be tasked with accompanying and protecting Samuel on his journey for whatever reason. I will not be provided any personal adventure hooks; you are free to think of them yourself. Example are: they could either be ordered by someone in a position of power, they could be participating for the adventure and experience or they could be participating in order to sabotage Samuel. Almost anything goes, provided you run it by me so I can let you know whether we can make it work.

The Church of Tyr is the main religion in Rodinia. Through its vast network the church spread the word of Samuel's pilgrimage and sought people who would join him in his quest. The PCs would be the few people who accepted the invitation to join this perilous journey. The journey starts in Brynner.

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