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DnD [Open 5e] Beyond the Boundary

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For the past two thousand years there have been countless stories, legends, about the sunken island Amoria. Legend has it that the inhabitants of old, who did little more than indulge their own hedonism, had drawn the ire of the gods after centuries of heresy. The gods had little love for those who refused to acknowledge them and in retribution they sunk Amoria, ensuring that it would be forever lost in the depths of the Formorian Sea.


The tale of Amoria served as a cautionary tale for the younger generation, warning them of the dangers that followed those who paid little heed to the gods. The tale was regarded as little more than a bedtime story for children, meant to forge them into proper followers of the gods.


It came as a huge surprise when five years ago the island suddenly reemerged from the depths of the ocean. Intercontinental travellers who happened to sail by the rumored former location of Amoria were surprised when the landmass rose up from underneath them, effectively stranding them on one of the islands many beaches. As the sailors put their efforts into returning their ship to sea, several passengers took the time to explore the island in the meantime.


Several hours passed and the sailors successfully removed their ship from land, but none of those who made an attempt to explore the island returned. The captain made the decision to wait until nightfall and leave with whoever was present at that time when they heard sudden screams coming from within the surrounding forest. One of the men who went out to explore returned, out of breath, dirty, with clothing in tatters and a horrified expression plastered upon his face.


The man was visibly distraught and as he spoke the crew of the ship could make little sense of his jumbled sentences, but the apparent terror on his face as he gazed into the darkness of the forest and the few words that they managed to comprehend made them to ahead with their plans to leave before nightfall struck. Unwilling to sit around and wait for the dangers of the island to come out at dark, they set sail and returned to their homeland.


Since then, as word about the legendary Amoria’s return spread out across the four great continents, countless pioneers have set out to go beyond the boundaries Amoria. Adventurers, treasure seekers, scholars and many others of various backgrounds have set out in search of the secrets held within the lost island that was once forsaken by the gods themselves.


The Game


This will be an open 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game set in the island of Amoria. As you can see above, Amoria is ancient lost island, similar to the real world’s Atlantis, that suddenly reemerged from the sea along with all the treasures and secrets that it once held. The Player Characters will all be members of a currently unnamed explorer’s guild (if anyone has a good suggestion for a name, let me know) who have travelled to Amoria in pursuit of whatever you’d like. Knowledge, action, treasure, glory or anything else you can think of would serve as a valid motivation for your PC to find himself on the lost island.


Every few days I will post a few quests on this forum, these will be jobs that NPCs would like to offer to the members of this explorer’s guild. If you see a job you will like to take up, you can gather a party of 3 to 5 people and set out to complete it. There will be no set schedule for the games; whenever you want to take up a job we will discuss a date that suits everyone who wants to participate in it.


If anyone else would like to run a game within this setting, simply post your job in this thread and I will add it to the job board.



  1. Players will pick either one of the jobs offered on the job board or pick a discovered location to explore, and pick a date that suits the DM and all the party members. Parties must have a minimum of 2 PCs and a maximum of 4.

  2. These jobs will be scaled towards the average level of the party, which means that as a group you will never take part in a job that you can’t complete. However, a level 1 character grouping up with a level 10 character does mean that the encounters will be very tough for the level 1 PC and very easy for the level 10 PC. The average level will always be rounded down.

  3. XP will be handed out as per the ‘Adventuring Day XP’ in the DMG. Which means that it will not be uncommon to gain a level per job for the first few levels.

  4. If your level is 1 lower, equal or 1 higher than the average level of your party you will gain an amount of XP equal to the Adventuring Day XP as per the DMG. If it is lower than the party average you will gain 1.5 times that amount and if it is higher than the party average you will gain 0.5 times that amount.

  5. If your character dies and doesn’t get resurrected, your new character will start out 2 levels lower than your first character, without any XP gained towards the next level up.


Character Creation Rules

  1. All Races and Classes are allowed.

  2. The Standard Array will be used for ability scores (15, 14, 13, 12 , 10, 8), but if you would like to roll for abilities, you are free to call me over and we can set that up.

  3. When writing your characters background, remember to take his motivation into account. Why did he join the guild and what does he hope to achieve in Amoria?

  4. When it comes to equipment, we will use a modification of the GP rules. Everyone gains the max amount of GP as per chapter 5 of the PHB. A Barbarian who rolls 2d4 would therefore get an automatic 8 on his roll and receive 80 GP to purchase gear. However, all leftover GP after purchasing gear will be lost.


The game will always be open and everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience. If you need help with character creation, let me know and I will give you a hand.

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Areas of Amoria


Redwood - Settlement

Amoria is a lawless place. There is no formal government, there are no laws and there is no official peacekeeping force. Despite all of that Redwood, like many other settlements, is a safehaven for explorers. The community is small enough to make any kind of crime widely known, causing the offender to be ostracized and likely avoided by everyone. The town guard consists out of a militia of volunteers.


Redwood is the home of the members of this explorer’s guild. Many of you sleep in guild headquarters or in one of the 2 inns available in Redwood. Most of the inhabitants of Redwood are explorer’s hailing from the Leighton continent.


Makarov - Settlement

A settlement associated with explorers from the Magadan continent. It is equally safe in Makarov as it in in Redwood.


Cyrakus - Settlement

A settlement associated with explorers from the Bakassi continent. It is equally safe in Cyrakus as it is in Redwood.


Tarifah - Village

Tarifah is a small Amorian village consisting of mostly farmsteads, close to the western edge of Amoria.


Darasalam - Amorian Village

Darasalam is an Amorian village located between Redwood and Makarov.


Asmara - Castle

Asmara is a beautiful castle, untarnished by it’s stay on the bottom of the ocean, that belonged to a forgotten Amorian noble.


Tabuk Forest

Tabuk is a beautiful dense, green forest.


Pelor Mountains

The Pelor Mountains are several mountains that several that run across the middle of Amoria. Crossing the Pelor mountains is said to be extremely perilous.


Pelor Falls

The Pelor Falls is a waterfall originating from the Pelor Mountains. The Falls end in a lake that changes colour depending on the time of day. It is said that this lake is bottomless.


Bronzehoof Mines

The Bronzehoof Mines are a series of tunnels stretching into the Pelor Mountains as well as deeper into the earth.

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I'm joining~

Activity will probably be irregular in this one though.

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Anna's PC is the guild leader, cause she fit in a Better Off Ted reference. RIP Better Off Ted, I miss you every day.


Anyway! Currently have 4 confirmed players and 1 who will join at the end of November, but more is always better in this game~

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That isn't a problem at all. I'm here to help guide everyone who has no experience with 5e or DnD in general, so I am taking that as you signing up. No backsies.

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Small change to how planning games works!


- Instead of picking a predetermined job, you will choose a location to go and explore. These locations are either previously discovered while travelling or heard of in discussion with NPCs. 

- Every once in a while you'll meet NPCs who have jobs for you, which you are free to accept and complete immediately or post on the job board to see if any of your companions would like to complete it in your stead.


This makes the game a bit less of a let's go to point A and kill the bear that has been terrorizing travellers and more of a let's go to point A and see if we can find any treasure or excitement. The game turns from a railroaded one to an exploratory one, which is much more befitting of the exploration setting.

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