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Private RP between myself and ErogenousEnigma, rated for violence, descriptive blood/gore and dark themes.




At night, you tell your children stories. Tales intended to keep them safe. To be wary, to be cautious. You tell them stories about wolves and witches and all manner of things that go bump in the night. They are metaphors for the true evils that exist in your world. We tell our children similar stories, stories meant to keep them safe. Because in our world, monsters are very real. But, what makes a monster? Is it their claws and fangs? Is it their nature? Or is it a choice they made.





Okay, my dumb thoughts put to paper out of the way, this RP is about supernatural, bump-in-the-night monster hunting... stuff. It's a story where morality is so often blurred, that knowing who is good or evil (if the concept even exists) is difficult to gauge. Set in a Victorian-style fantasy Gothic world with minor steampunk elements (to facilitate a little basic technology). This is just a place to compile our thoughts and lore or discussion in general for our RP, so here's a start:




The name of the continent our story is based in. While we might decide to create more later down the line, or reference them for characters who might be introduced from overseas, I thought it important to base the majority of our story (at least for the time being) in one place. Lunaria is a greatly varied continent however. Freezing mountain ranges to the north, and a desert to the east. The majority of the landmass is a mix of valley/forest, the weather is often quite poor however, and is well known to have more days when it is raining, snowing, foggy, etc. than it does when the sun is shining or the cold bite of the wind is absent. 



Theresa Wolfswood rules all of Lunaria, and is much beloved by her people, however she is not perfect by any means and there has been a great deal of conflict and in-fighting during her rule. She is forced to deal with everything from the ever-present threat of monsters, to growing crime and lawlessness. Many of her people are sick or hungry, and her resources are often stretched thin. Despite these issues, she appears to genuinely care for her subjects. For example, it was Queen Theresa who created the first task force to deal exclusively with monsters.



A 'Wolf' is the title given to a member of the Queen's monster-hunting task force. They are essentially above the law, given rights to hunt, judge and if necessary, to pardon or slay a potential suspect without fear of repercussion. Their ranks are chosen from with extreme care and many Wolves were originally members of the Queen's Royal Guard. But again, they are not without fault, and whether rumour or fact many stories circulate the Kingdom about their brutal and indiscriminate nature. As such, people fear them and they are mostly given a wide birth. They are commonly given derogatory titles such as 'Dogs of the Queen', 'The Royal Hounds', etc.



For the most part, it's a mixture between medieval and Victorian, on a case by case basis, but much like Victorian-era England, Lunaria is in an age of industrial revolution. Travel is still commonly by foot or by horse, but the first train lines have begun to be laid down between major cities. Lighting is usually by candle or oil lamps, but most technology is steam-based. Weapons are mostly melee in nature, however law-enforcement, the Queen's guard, etc. carry projectile weapons, albeit they are extremely flawed. Mostly due to inaccuracy or long-reload times. There are many 'modern' conveniences such as newspapers, cigarettes, etc. The utilisation of electricity is in it's infancy, but it has been used with success in one endeavour - the electric telegraph, whereby an electrical current is used to move magnetic needles and so transmit messages via code. However, this process requires great expense, and is only utilised in the major cities, and it would still require the recipient to check with a local message holder, otherwise they would obviously not receive the message.



There is only one major religion in Lunaria, known as the Church of the Divine. Their beliefs centre around a God called Galatea, who was once human but ascended to the heavens. Most Lunarians are followers of the Divine, to one extent or another and the church is an integral part for most of their lives, even the royal family shares and acknowledges the power of the church and it's current leader, Cardinal Richelieu. Followers of the church are often called 'Children of the Divine'. Priests are most commonly titled 'Father'/'Padre' if they are male, or 'Mother'/'Madre' if female. God is usually referred to as the 'Holy Mother', 'Divine Mother', 'Divine', etc. Men and women of the cloth who have devoted themselves to God, but have not taken the vows of the priesthood are called 'Acolytes'.


Every so often a human is born with unexplainable talents, they are known as mages, not to be confused with warlocks. Mages have an innate ability to connect with the world around them and forces that make the universe tick. Generally a mages’ powers can be grouped into a specific tree of skills: elemental, arcane, creation, and spirit. Occasionally a mage will have natural talent in more than one tree; however any mage can learn any tree with the proper training and instruction. The highest tier of mages are known as the high mages, who often have ability in as many as three of the known tiers, and are usually masters of their natural tree. A mage’s ‘natural tree’ is the tree in which they first showed signs of magic, which can show up in children as young as five. 
Elemental – Fire, cold, wind, lightning, water, earth; the manipulation and creation of these elements. 
Arcane – The manipulation of the magic in the air, sometimes called ‘force’ as these mages will often be seen performing amazing feats of acrobatics, by managing the magic around their own body. They can also manipulate the magic around other people ‘forcing’ them, as if they’re being pushed or pulled by an invisible force. Powerful arcane mages can draw the magic into a visible form, generally taking on a blue or purple tone. A strong enough person can resist an assault of arcane, but should they see a visible wave of arcane it is suggested they not try and resist it, but to quickly get out of its range. While most commonly used as a force, it can be manipulated into many shapes, mimicking attacks like a slash from a sword or a thrust from a spear. 
Creation – Sometimes referred to as ‘conjuration’ but as conjuration is often associated with summoning which is an ability known only to warlocks, the high mages prefer the term ‘creation.’ This tree is most commonly associated with healing as it has the ability to mend flesh by ‘creating’ new tissue, however it can also create items, or simple tools. Anything created that is not being sustained by some means – either the mage, or a living body – will disintegrate quickly. They also have some power over earth and are able to grow plants and greenery. They cannot grow a plant from nothing without having to constantly funnel magic into it, however the seed is all they need, or even a leaf, as long as it is not already dead.
Spirit – Magic that directly manipulates an individual’s soul, whether their own or someone else’s, though the use of someone else’s soul is strictly forbade among the high mages. A powerful spirit mage has learned how to expand their own soul, which can be done slowly over time by the natural magic in the air, or quickly(and illegally) by the absorption of other souls. Spirit mages are highly feared and never allowed to join the hunters. Their own soul is their greatest tool, they can do many feats from the other trees but not to the same potential, they can cause more havoc and damage by just using the raw energy of their soul. 
A human who deals with demons in order to gain supernatural abilities. By ‘deal’ they are joining into some sort of contract or agreement in which the human aids the demon into the mortal realm through use of their body and soul and in return the demon will grant them power. These powers can resemble that of the demon they deal with, another creature of lore, or mage trees, sometimes it is a mix of abilities. Demons can sometimes communicate with humans via dreams or where the veil between worlds is thin, or the human can contact demons through a ritual or by summoning them directly to the mortal realm which usually results in a massacre. 
A Shade is a consumer of energy. They can feed on almost any kind of energy, with perhaps solar energy being the only real exception. They are powerful physical beings that grow stronger when well fed, but grow tired and weak when they go without a food source. Though they can feed on any kind of energy, most prefer to feed on the life energy of humans, even to the point of their death. It is thought that they do this because the human body releases some kind of dormant energy upon reaching a near-death state that is extremely powerful. Though powerful, they have several weaknesses. Without a food supply, they quickly weaken. Though they can exist in daylight, it also tires them, compounding any effects of lack of food.
It is said that to be fed upon is the most painful experience known to humanity, and that the process of feeding ages the victim dramatically, so that even if they were to survive, they could have lost years, even decades from their life (this is likely the reason that Shades do not appear to age). Many also fear being turned into a Shade, but the truth is that it is extremely rare with perhaps only 1 in 1,000 ever contracting the disease, if that is even what it is. Even then, Shades rarely leave their meal alive, and if they are unable to finish feeding, they will often choose to kill their victim. There are many theories for this practice, but none have been proven.
There are three things that identify a Shade: First, their teeth. Unlike a human, the teeth of a Shade are comprised entirely of triangular fangs. Second, their hands. A Shade's palms have marks on them, vertical cuts each around two inches long that allow them to feed as easily from their hands as they do their mouth. Third and last, their eyes. While a Shade's eyes will appear as normal as they were when they were human, should they go without feeding for any length of time, a change in colour begins to occur. First their eyes take on an amber hue, then a dark golden colour as it finally turns to an ever darkening and intensifying crimson.
Shades do not tend to live amongst humans, although it is not unheard of, and it is likely that many do without our knowledge. For although they are powerful, physically, and have incredibly keen senses, they are not invincible. They have an incredible healing rate, but only when they have recently fed, and so they are creatures of guile and cunning. Choosing subterfuge and stealth, rather than brute force. There are rumours that a small minority of Shades are capable of manipulating magical forces to one extent or another, but this has been undocumented thus far, either because it does not exist, or because those with such powers have left no witnesses.
There is no known hierarchy amongst their kind, and they are as likely to avoid one another as work together as Shades are capable of feeding on one another, though this is thought to only happen in rare cases of necessity. They lack emotion, empathy, and though rare compared to many other monsters in our world, they are considered one of our most hated and feared.
They appear like normal humans but they are always beautiful and far more devious. Though their intentions are not to harm or kill, they often ruin marriages. They ‘feed’ off of sexual energy, and they do not discriminate in their partners. While they can survive without it, they crave it like a human craves sweets. They are no more powerful than the average human, they do however have magical charming capabilities that come through in their words and voice, making manipulation much easier. 
A bestial species, while they are bipedal they are no more intelligent than a pack of wolves. If they speak it is in growls and guttural sounds, but there is no proof that they understand each other beyond a basic instinct. They generally feed on humans. They are covered in fur of various colours, mostly black, or dark shades of grey or brown, they have a hunched over posture and stand on their toes like most quadruped creatures. Their hands have hard leather palms so they can run more like a beast with the aid of their hands, giving them a drastic boost to speed.
A small creature that looks much like a fox with large floppy ears, horns that can take various shapes, and can be found in a wide array of colors. While not particularly dangerous they are known for their mischievous ways and strange capabilities to enter into ones dreams. Mostly they go completely unnoticed, but will sometimes alter the flow of dreams, causing nightmares or simply awkward dreams. They are hyper sensitive to a person’s emotions and feelings and are sometimes kept as pets by nobles as a security means – assuming the noble can prove themselves to the creature.

Name: Alexander Lachance
Age: 31 (43)
Personality: Though he is wise, aristocratic, well-spoken and charming, Alexander is also short-tempered, vain and extremely stubborn. He is patient up to a point, until he loses his temper but he does what he can to keep his stronger negative emotions in check. He can be inwardly self-deprecating, and struggles to balance his morals and humanity with his instincts and urgency to feed.

History: Alexander remembers nothing of his parents, he was found abandoned on a church porch when he was a newborn. He had a relatively normal childhood, went to school, learnt the ways of the world, learned to read and write and yet he had always found peace and happiness in his faith, and so as soon as he was able he began studying to become a priest. When he was 24, he finished his studies, took his vows and spent the next 7 years tending to his flock at the very same church he had once been abandoned at. The day he returned, he found the church a crumbling shambles, but over the years and with support from the community he returned it to past glory and began holding service there. He had a simple life, but he was content. The night a Shade found it's way into the priest's rectory and began to feed upon his brothers and sisters, Alexander flung himself at the creature, hoping to wound or even kill it, or at least buy his adopted family time to escape. But the creature brushed him aside as the wind would a sheet of paper.
When the Shade was done with the other priests, it came to him next. He would never forget the colour of it's eyes, changing from the darkest red he had ever seen, into a warm amber hue and even as it began to feed on him, he could not take his eyes from it's own. The amber irises turning to a light blue as he felt the life draining from him. The pain was unbearable, mind-numbing. He blacked out, not expecting to return to the living. Yet when he woke, something was different, over the coming days he found a sensitivity to light and a growing hunger that no food or drink would quench. He tried to hide his urges, tried to contain them, but eventually, the beast inside him won out, and by the time he was done, he stood over a bloodbath. He was a priest who had slaughtered his entire congregation, save for a young girl. She looked up at him, and he reached out, but before he could understand what he had intended something distracted him, his instincts told him to run, that he was too weak, too young, and so he ran into the night and never returned. 
10 years passed. He came to understand what he was, what he was capable of, and despised it. For a time, he wandered aimlessly, feeding as sparingly as he could, hoping that he would cause nobody any further harm. However, after getting lost in a deep forest, and having not fed for almost a week, he was near death. When he finally found his way out, he fell upon the first unfortunate person he came across, and unable to stop himself, fed until they died. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) his victim had been a royal guard. He had found his way to the capital city, the home of the Queen herself. Before he had time to escape however, another human found him but this one was different. He called himself a Wolf, and he was far more skilled than the city guard. He heard tales of the Wolves as a child, and knew he was in mortal danger. He fought and managed to wound the man, but ultimately he was captured. He was tortured for weeks, studied and examined, asked questions of every facet of his life and nature. But in time, he found a sympathetic ear. It was in fact the man who had captured him, who went only by 'Leon'. Alexander and Leon came to know one another well, and eventually Leon suggested to his superiors that Alexander be allowed freedom under condition that he was to spend his life in service to the Wolves, and the Queen. Knowing it was this, or death, and that it might bring the possibility of saving lives as some small repentance for having taken so many, he accepted without hesitation and spent the following two years hunting those that would harm humankind. A monster hunting other monsters.
Abilities: Alexander shares the various abilities of other Shades, including enhanced speed, agility, reflexes and strength as well as an abnormally fast healing rate (assuming he has fed recently). His senses are also particularly keen, but he has one ability that he gained and mastered over time that as far as he knows, he is the only one capable of using. Alexander is able to control his own centre of gravity using some form of instinctual air magic. Meaning he can scale walls as though he were walking on the floor, recline on ceilings, levitate and fly and become weightless or even extremely heavy if required, allowing multiple uses in and out of combat.

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Name: Constance Geneve Drennen


Age: 17


Race: Human - mage


Appearance: Ref1 Ref2


Personality: Constance is a truly kind individual who will go out of her way to help someone in need often times being betrayed or mislead for the greed of the other person, but she never gives up faith in people and will repeatedly try to help someone who proves untrustworthy. Regardless of being regularly manipulated and fooled she still smiles and seems genuinely happy about most things and people. Most people consider her persistent kindness and happiness to be due to naiveté, but that is far from the truth.


History: Constance was barely five years old when her family and a large portion of her village were slain. It had been a late evening sermon in the church when a shade had attacked killing everyone there except for little Constance. It’s uncertain how she survived; the creature looked the child in the eye, but swiftly left, leaving her unharmed. She curled up next to the cooling corpses of her parents, and that would be how the acolytes found her in the morning.


With no family to go to the acolytes took her in and Constance would be raised in the sanctuary, learning from prayer and doctrine with great respect for the Holy Mother. It was easy for Constance to forget her poor history with the acolytes, they were kind bunch if not a bit prudish, but they looked out for her best interest and did not judge her for being an orphan, no one was unwelcomed within the sanctuary walls. She lived a life of simple needs, there was little flavor to the food and her clothes consisted of shapeless, fashionless robes, but she was still happy.


At seven she began having horrible nightmares, with no explanation to the cause the acolytes took her to see Cardinal Richelieu, an almost three week trip. The trip would prove fruitless the Cardinal did not have an answer for her troubles; he sent them to see his apothecary who tried a number of remedies with only mild effectiveness. Armed with a dozen remedies and a list of things to-do before Constance was to go to bed they returned home.


On the ride home Constance would meet a jackalope, a small white fox like creature, with dark fur on two of its paws and the tips of its ears and tail. The jackalope adored Constance’s cheer and kindness and quickly bound to her. Constance named her Pandora, who would become her saving grace as the magical creature began slipping into her hellish nightmares and soothing her.


Her nightmares thwarted, but they were just the beginning as unexplainable events began popping up around her: stars seeming to fall, or change color, or brightness, what appeared to be northern lights flashing for brief moments in a starless sky, while other nights the sky would be so heavy with stars it would light up the sanctuary. Rumors passed around the village that it must be a rogue mage, but nothing ever came of any searches, even wolves were called to the village to seek out the cause of these strange occurrences.


Years passed and the strange events became common place, in some months there were more than others, but they seemed harmless. It had become a bit of a tourist attraction and the once small village grew into a large city.


A nearby village was attacked by stalkers and the survivors came to the city seeking refuge at the sanctuary, with them was a vestal named Icarus. Icarus became a big brother for Constance as she trailed him everywhere fascinated by his magic, a key to realizing her own. Yet Constance would not go gracefully into magehood, she would be tossed about like a pebble in the ocean with little control over her fate.


It became apparent to her as she reached fifteen that the strange occurrences were due to her, as she slowly learned to manipulate the world around her. Somehow, someway she was messing with the solar waves of magic. Having spent several years as Icarus’ shadow she knew what happened to mages, how they were locked away like prisoners. For months she’d disputed what she knew would happen if she spoke out of her power, had tried to accept that even if she was taken to the coven she could simply become a vestal and return home, but it wasn’t the same, she wasn’t clueless to the way the others looked at Icarus. But even beyond the fear of being taken from her home was the fear of her magic, she’d researched endlessly, knew the ins and outs of the awakening process, knew of every tree, and the details of every tree, and whatever she was doing, whatever was affecting the very stars, was not among these trees….


Abilities: Uncertain

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