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These vast lands in which we live are steeped in horrors. If there are lands beyond then no one has seen them, and so we survive in this world which is all we know. We, the creatures known as human, are a great and terrible race. Power is the driving force that fuels us all, and in the quest for power there are those who will do anything to come out on top. When powerful men seek to take power from one another they amass their followers and engage in the gruesome art of war. For countless years our soil has been stained with blood.


Our senseless violence could not go on without punishment. Vicious monsters known as Akuma crawled up from the earths, and once noble spirits became cruel tricksters who would lead brave men to their doom. We, the creatures known as human, bathed the world in blood, and gave birth to the horrors which seek to carry as to our end. If we were to survive, the wars would have to stop.


And so humanity became united, together we would fend off the evils we had wrought. The Lords allied and an age of tentative peace came. However we cannot exact change quite so easily. Greedy men will always lust for power, and so leaders must fall so new ones can arise. All out warfare was a sure end for all, and so humanity became cunning and deceitful. To slay a beast one must simply cut off it’s head. Single men and women were taught to become the shadows, to move with the wind, to become death itself. In time a word was made for them. Shinobi.


The Shinobi were undoubtedly the deadliest forces of their kind. For years the ancient Shinobi families trained and honed their talents, holding great and terrible secrets to achieve power. Whispers speak of men who made pacts with the fearsome Akuma that plagued this world, and inherited the power of monsters. Others stole the power of the spirits. Many more Shinobi gained dark and mysterious powers to aid their mission, their methods a secret known only by select few. A collective term was coined for these strange abilities: Ninjutsu.





Glossary of Terms


Shinobi – Masters of stealth, deception and assassination. Shinobi serve either a Lord or they work for coin. Some Shinobi are lone operatives while others work in groups. Generally the strongest Shinobi come from noble clans who have passed down their secrets through generations. However there are notable exceptions, such as the Ookami no Metsuki who are five lone Shinobi who have become legend.


Ninjutsu – The secret arts of the Shinobi. Each Shinobi clan has it’s own secret techniques that are known only to those within the clan. These techniques are varied and difficult to define, as each is truly unique in its ability and the method in which it is manifested. For example some Shinobi have developed abilities through generations of study and meditation, to achieve enlightened gifts. Others have perhaps stolen their gifts from the magical creatures or Akuma they have come across, or they may even have a pact with a creature to provide the ability. Additionally Shinobi clans create the illusion of magic through the use of science to accomplish seemingly impossible feats.


Fuinjutsu – Unlike Ninjutsu, the art of seasling techniques are commonly known among Shinobi, and even certain members of the military, and some Lords. Sealing techniques are usually very simple in their effects but are rarely able to be undone. The most commonly seen Fuinjutsu is a seal branded across the throat of a person. This seal silences that person from talking about particular information. Such techniques a large reason as to why many Shinobi clans have kept their secrets safe. There are sometimes ways to overcome these seals, for example, the seal mentioned may physically stop a user from speaking, but they could perhaps lead someone to the source of the secret, or they could simply write it down. Typically informants are required to have two sealing marks. One on their throat preventing them from speaking the secret, and another on their hands preventing them from writing the secret down.


Dojutsu – A particular brand of Ninjutsu that involves techniques involving the users eyes. It is said that each of the Ookami no Metsuki hold such abilities.


Akuma – Demons or monsters. They are said to have appeared in ancient times as a consequence of the bloody wars of our ancestors. Many Akuma are violent and unintelligent, but some are incredibly wise and capable of human speech. Their goals and intentions can vary but it is generally accepted that whatever they are doing, it is invariably nefarious and evil.


Spirits & Magical Creatures – Many kinds of spirits and strange mystical creatures are scattered across the land. While not all evil most are wary of humans and can be quick to anger. It is important to tread carefully around such beings, as to insult them could result in a quick death.


Ookami no Metsuki – Legends speak of 5 lone Shinobi who operate separately from one another, but are connected through the use of strange Dojutsu. Their collective title means “Eyes of the Wolfâ€. Each of these Shinobi are considered incredibly dangerous.





My Profile


Name: Jin,

Age: 28

Appearance: Long black hair that is tied back in a ponytail. Jin is of a thin, athletic build and stands at around 6ft tall. He wears tight fitting black clothing, with pouches attached to his belt and long black, fingerless gloves with metallic plates over his forearms. His sandals are fitted like boots, with short metallic hooks at his toe to help him with climbing. He wears a dark blue scarf that he normall wraps around the lower half of his face. His skin is pale and his eyes are a dull blueish grey.

Personality: Calm, focused and to the point. At times Jin can seem entirely without personality but has moments where he shows great depth. He is deeply introspective and keeps most of his thoughts to himself, making him seem quite cold and mysterious.


Jin is a mercenary Shinobi that travels from town to town picking up specialist work that average Shinobi can’t handle. He speaks little of his past but it’s likely that Jin is not his birth name. His capability as a Shinobi suggests that he has been trained since an early point in his life, and he shows first hand knowledge of the complexities involved in the feudal regime and the behaviours of nobility.


Other than earning his living Jin shows little drive for anything. His minimalist nature leaves him little desire to indulge in pleasures, spending his time either working, or preparing for his next job. While he lacks passion he is dedicated to his craft, speaking only when there is need to speak. Many believe he views his life as a Shinobi as nothing more than a job, but for those who watch and listen well, it is clear that this is Jin’s way of life, and he lives it in much the same way a man of faith lives through God.


While Jin shows no love of killing, neither does he show any regret of it. This deeply apathetic personality trait is common among Shinobi and warriors who have witnessed terrible horrors within their lifetime.


There is an exception to his otherwise stoic nature. Jin is keen to hear any mention of the Ookami no Metsuki, a group he seems to have a vendetta against. It is most likely that Jin travels so much in hopes that he will find members of this group.


Personal Effects:

Totsuka no Tsurugi – A finely crafted short katana with a single-edged, straight blade and a simple, black, square tsuba. The handle is adorned with a purple cloth grip. The entire blade is kept in a black saya with a purple rope knot. The katana holds no special properties but is extremely well crafted.




Izanagi – A special dojutsu that affects his right eye. When Izanagi is active Jin’s right eye becomes completely black with a red iris. Izanagi makes Jin’s vision highly sensitive, to the point where he can detect even the most subtle of movements. Using this ability he has learned to predict attacks so quickly that he knows only a fraction of a second after his opponent makes his move. This technique drains Jin’s chakra, and prolonged use may leave him in a weakened state for days.


Izanami – This dojutsu is located in Jin’s left eye. Izanami can invoke a powerful form of hypnosis when it looks directly in to another person’s eye. This usually requires close proximity and relative stillness and thus is not normally effective in combat. Izanami can cause the inflicted to experience powerful hallucinations and can allow Jin to see flashes of their thoughts. This has proven to be an invaluable interrogation tool, however its drain on his chakra is considerably more than Izanagi, leaving Jin exhausted even after a brief spell of use.


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