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Algaia <----------- MAP!

Algaia is a land steeped in rich history. The sprawling continent is filled with life and magic oozes out of every crevasse. There is everything from the wondrous to the mundane. Aside from the intelligent races who rule the lands, there are many more interesting creatures. Goblins, Trolls, Fairies, Kobolds, Worgs and even the Undead. Yet none of these creatures is more amazing and yet terrifying as the Dragon.

It has been thousands of years since any Dragons have reached the lands of Rhaegal, with only a sparse group of Fire Dragons in Agrines, and the Frost Dragons of Jogrund ever being seen at this time. Worry is beginning to wash over Rhaegal and the King has sent a request for help from the Dragon Hunters of Agrines.

Scorched farmlands and people and livestock going missing. Whispers speak of a black winged devil soaring through the skies. After all this time, Dragons have come to Rhaegal, and no doubt this is the result of something far more dark and nefarious…


The Legacy of Man details the history of the race known as Humans. The great tome tells tales stretching back over 5’000 years. In their earliest days, the Human folk drifted across The Eversea from lands untold and found themselves upon the shores of Algaia. It was not long before they met with the natives of this land, The Elven. These mysterious figures were long lived and beautiful, and they enchanted humanity with their gifted magical abilities.

However the Elven too were infatuated with these simple folk, who were strong and capable without the use of magic. In their Hubris they sought to see if the Human folk could learn magic as they did. Indeed with years of training, few Humans emerged with the gift. It was then that the Elven folk learned of Humanity’s great power and resolve. Despite their weakness, the many faults, the humans accomplished much, and did so quickly.

Before long the Humans grew in number, their people now rivalling the population of the Elves. Resources and territory became scarce and bickering soon turned to fighting. A great war broke out among the two allied peoples. After years of bloodshed, despite their gifts, the Elven were pushed back by the now bloated and bloodthirsty hordes of men. Some of the Elven fled North to the barren lands that bordered the Furia, whilst other traversed South to seek aid from the shamanic Orcs of Jogrund.

The largest and most hospitable lands became the territory of the Human folk, and they all but eradicated any signs of the Elven who had lived there before them. They erected Towns, and Cities, and the once proud Capitol of the Elvish Territories was taken, and renamed Midas.

As the centuries passed, discord grew even amongst the Humans alone, and soon they fought wars with one another. Towards the end it seemed they would be doomed to wipe each other out, if it were not for one man. Ithenral Sunborn was a great and powerful Paladin Knight, one who commanded the Light of the world to spur on his holy crusade. Through determination and force he united the Human people once more.

Ithenral declared himself the King of Men, and named their lands Rhaegal, and sat his throne in the great city of Midas. His family have ruled ever since, all the way to our story’s beginning.

Raeghal is the largest and most prestigious Kingdom in Algaia. The King of Men, Isaac Sunborn, saw to that as he finished the work of his forefathers, crusading across the land and dominating all who opposed him. However in times of relative peace, Raeghal is a multi-cultural land, the various towns and keeps ruled over by Lords, chosen by King Isaac himself to keep his people in line.

There is now a tentative peace between the humans of Rhaegal, and the Dwarven, The Agrinians, the Alfar, and even the Orcs.

The Kingdom enjoys the comfort of a balanced climate, creating plenty of hospitable lands for farmers to reap their bounty. Animals flourish in the woodlands and game is aplenty. The people also live in relative safety, the most terrifying of creatures, the Dragons, have not traversed to the lower lands of Raeghal in over 5000 years.

Raeghal is a land of birthright. A family's position in the social hierarchy is very important, and it is common for those of peasant families to be subjected to lives of servitude, slavery and prostitution. Foreigners can make a living as merchants, sellswords or tradesman, as long as they have the skills or goods to make it happen.

The Capitol city is Midas.


The ultimate result of the great war between the Humans and the Elven led to the latter fleeing their lands. A large group of Elves who fought in the front lines ran for the North, into the dry and barren lands that eventually became known as Agrines. Even as the Humans fell back the Elves pushed forward, bravely led by an Elf named Shaugr. Even when the Elven warrior fell from aging wounds, his resting place eventually became a great city that shared his name.

Eventually the Elves went further North, until they felt not human would dare follow. They settled and stayed within the dry lands that were now there home, and vowed to one day have revenge on the humans who had slighted them. In order to survive in such a dangerous environment, the Elves began to change within each generation.

So attuned to magic, the Elven folk were magical creatures themselves, and they would change and adapt very quickly when pressed. Over time the androgynous, beautiful people became strong, olive skinned, and grizzled. All but a select few abandoned the arcane ways of their ancestors, and instead lay trust in steel. They observed the creatures of the land, and learned to hunt from them. Losing touch with their magical heritage also lost them their long lifespan, and yet they prospered in their own way.

Then came the emergence of a foe far greater than any Human. From the sharp, treacherous mountains which lead to lands known as Furia, the Fire Dragons came. The decimated all that lay in their wake, leaving only ash and sulphur behind. However these Elves were no longer the people they had once been, they were hunters, predators. They were Agrinians, and they had found a hunt far greater than any remnant thoughts of revenge against humans.

Agrines is a dry land with a warm climate, covering large valleys and mountains. The land is more barren than Raeghal but there is still bounty to be had. Agrinian men are strong in body and mind. Lead by their Huntmaster of the North, Agron Rakfang, the men of Agrines are a warrior people. They are men of honour who settle their feuds on the battlefield.

Despite their formidable strength, they have never declared outright war on Raeghal, and at the moment the two lands share a time of relative peace. However the people of Agrines are not as soft as their lowland cousins, the Alfar, and build large fortresses of stone and steel. It is rare to see one who practices magic in Agrines, but normally it is dark energy that is manifest in their sorcerers, used for dangerous blood rituals and rune enchantments.

Academics are not sought after in Agrines. Agrinians favour the great minds of tacticians and warlords over such studies as alchemy, the arts and history. In Agrines the victor writes the history books, and that is how it has always been.

Agrinians do not follow the ritual of marriage. They still cherish the bonds of love, and when two Agrinians share such a bond they perform their own ritual, consisting of a hunt, and then a fight, before fucking and feasting with their brothers and sisters. Agrinians refer to their significant other as their Bondmate. They care very little for sexuality, and see no difference between a man loving a man, or a man loving a woman.

Equally it is not uncommon for Bondmates to spend months and even years apart from one another. While they cherish their time together, they also value their freedom to explore. Additionally in their culture sex is not considered as something shared between two lovers, and having sex with anyone is considered akin to scratching an itch, or relieving stress.

The Capitol of Agrines is Blutgard.


It is difficult to tell when the Dwarven folk first emerged in Algaia. Legends say that the Dwarves were once creatures of stone that lived in the caverns below the earth. Short and stout, the Dwarves are a hardy lot. Unable to use magic they rely on their wits and strength to get by. They have shown themselves to be skilled warriors and smiths, as well as being proficient miners and engineers.

Although they hold no magical ability, it is said that a Dwarf can never be tempted by magic. Like the stone from whence they came they are sturdy and unfaltering, unable to fall victim to the illusions and mesmers conjured by a mage.

Moraigh is a rocky, mountainous region that enjoys cooler temperatures than those up north. The land is littered with caverns and catacombs, as well as a series of mines, excavated by the Dwarven people. The Dwarves have bent knee to the Hammerfist Clan for hundreds of years. The current Dwarven King is Duncan Hammerfist, a fierce and formidable warrior, and a loved and respected leader.

The Dwarves are master craftsmen. Due to this the Dwarves are on the brink of their industrial age, using engineering, coal and steam to build wonderous cities, weapons and armour. Their Capitol, Sanctuary, is a testament to their great craftsmanship.

The great underground city of the Dwarves is perhaps the oldest of any settlement. It has served as their fortress for over 1'000 years and has grown considerably from it's incarnation. Sanctuary is the most valuable treasure to the Dwarven people, and is virtually impenetrable to those not welcome, as it is entirely underground, except for the main gates, which are too enormous and heavy for any force to move, other than with the magic of their own engineering.


Just as the ancient Elves fled North and became the Agrinians, another band fled South. These Elves sought sanctuary in the twisted woodlands between the Dwarven land of Moraigh and the Forzen Tundra of the Orcs, Jogrund.

Unlike their northern cousins, the Elves of Kotaer grew bitter with their defeat. They vowed to secret themselves away from the other races, keeping their magical knowledge a close to their chest. Perhaps out of remnant pride, they renamed themselves the Alfar, the name given to their most ancient ancestors.

Truly the Alfar are the most gifted and diverse magic users. Their deep understanding of nature has allowed them to practice various forms of magic bending all to their will. The Elements, The Light, The Dark, nothing is taboo. Their complex understanding of the cruel nature of their world allows them to manifest great and terrible power.

Few but the Alfar have ever traversed through Kotaer, and their society is a complete mystery. It is said that their capitol is Fairun, but this cannot be confirmed. The only settlement known to outsiders is the small outpost village on the outskirts of their lands known as Whisper.

Much like their Eleven ancestors, the Alfar are incredibly long lived, easily living up to 1’000 years old or more. They are, despite this, few in number. Many presume this a decision lead by their desire to stay hidden along with their secrets.


In the far south resides the cold land of Jogrund. Few dare to challenge the Ice Desert, where many a man has perished, and fewer still wish to move around it and through the lands of Kotaer. However beyond the flats only worse trials await. Between the violent blizzards and the sub zero temperatures that fall at night, there is yet more to fear of this ancient land.

One of the last regions where Dragons are seen, and known to thrive. The Frost Dragons of Jogrund live on the mountain known as Drekfjall. However they are not the only inhabitants. There are also the Orcish people who coexist with the Dragons, living in the land around Drekfjall.

The Orcs stand as tall as men, but far wider and more muscular, even the females. Their skin tones can be anything from green, to olive, yellow and grey. Their teeth are overgrown and often their canines grow over their lips. They are not as fearsome as they appear, but they are indeed fearsome. The Orcs live in a harsh landscape and admire strength and courage. They are a deeply spiritual and wise race, who frown upon complacence and excuses. It is this survivalist attitude that has earned them the mutual respect of the Frost Dragons with which they share their home.

The Orcs are practitioners of Shamanism. Unlike the Alfar, and indeed the Humans, they have a deep connection with the elements of the world, and seek only to borrow the power in exchange for service and ritual. In the eyes of many the Orcish magic is considered the most pure. However the Orcs are a strong and wise race, who do not suffer fools gladly.

Coexisting in such a harsh landscape with the Frost Dragons is no easy task, the Orcs know that the Dragons deserve the highest degree of respect, and it is always best to tread lightly when around them. Those who jeopardize the Orcish way of life will be quick to fall to their axe.

Bolero is the largest Orc settlement where many of their tribes gather. Aside from this the only notable landmark important to the Orcs is Kjolnas. The sacred land of the Orcish people. Kjolnas is a temple cavern formed out of the ice. It is said that the heart of the world resides within Kjolnas. Few orcs may enter, and never has any other race been allowed inside.

The Orcs have no ruler or King, however each Tribe does have a Chieftain, a teacher and guide who endeavours to keep the Tribe from danger. Orcs are neither fearful nor suspicious of outsiders, nor are they cautious. They trust the spirits within the elements, and feel that the earth itself is on their side.

The Furia

Little is known of Furia. The land is far North, through Agrines. The foreign land is considered uninhabitable, and nary a soul ventures in to the land and returns. The only sign of life that ever comes from The Furia is the Fire Dragons that occasionally descend in to Agrines to hunt. Their attacks have been growing more frequent of late.

Important People/Places/Terms

Blutgard – The Capitol of Agrines is a vast and sprawling city, full or merchants, craftsmen and warriors. The city was originally built on top of a mountain of the same name, but has since sprawled outwards, with the mountain serving as it's centrepiece.

Midas – Built inside a great valley. Midas is a regal city consisting of many large towers, and houses it's citizens in segregated areas, with only the most Regal of families being allowed to reside within the walls of the King's Quarter.

Magic - Magic is both well known and yet mysterious. Keep your eyes open in a city for more than 5 minutes and you will have no doubt witnessed one of the many parlour tricks performed by magicians and street performers. However real magic is something that takes a lifetime to master. The secrets of magic are rare and unyielding to the dull of mind. But for those who show promise, there are endless possibilities. Magic is a force that holds no council with the morals of men, it is absolute in it's power. However the hearts of men are not so subjective, and the magic they wield can take the form of light, and also darkness.

Okay so fantasy rp. Private rp, invite only. My character is below:

Name: Krios Hakar



Personality: Fierce and quick to anger, but maintains a great deal of discipline. Krios is a an excellent judge of character but holds little interest in socialising. A born and raised Warrior and Hunter, he lives for the Hunt. Proud to a fault and often dismissive and cocky.

Bio: Krios is the first born son of Jotur Hakar, a renowned warrior in his home land of Agrines. He hails from Cambra but in his 27 years on this earth he has been well travelled within Agrines. As a young man he served as a Bloode Scale, warriors who defend the fortress city of Tiern, the first line of defence against the Fire Dragons who come in from The Furia. His term was brief compared to many others, and while he saw actions he considers his time there to have been quieter than most.

Krios emerged from the Blood Ritual required of all Blood Scales. The ritual is one of the few forms of magic left to his people. As a result of the Blood Ritual Krios has had his inner beast awakened. As such he has a great connection to beast creatures and understands their ways. Like many of his people he has tamed one of the giant wolf beasts that roam Agrines, the Worgs, and has taken one as his mount.

After slaying his first Fire Dragon Krios was gifted the creature as is tradition. He shared in it’s meat, and used it’s scaled to have a bastard sword forged with strong metals to create a Dragonsteel blade. Combined with the runic enchantments of his people, the sword, named Skuldrom, is virtually unbreakable, and will never lose it’s edge.

Krios now leads a Company of Hunters, tasked with travelling to Rhaegal to slay a rogue dragon that has managed to slip through Agrines.

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Name: Syl Aeraval

Age: 246

Personality: The Alfar see Syl as arrogant, headstrong, impatient, free-spirited and a little vain, Syl has a lot of qualities that can make him difficult to deal with, at least by their standards, but to humans, he still appears distinctly Alfar - distant, aloof, mysterious and noble. It is his inability to be accepted and properly integrate into either society that has caused him to be independent and nomadic in nature.

Bio: Though ancient by human understanding, Syl is still considered to be barely more than a child to the Alfar. For a number of reasons, very few Alfar children are born each year, and they are venerated above all else in their culture. However, because of this, they are closely guarded, their freedom is limited and they are taught only what the elders consider to be prudent, and so their knowledge of the outside world can be greatly hindered. Occasionally, Alfar children have been known to escape from the twisted dark forests of the south to explore the outside world. Like most Alfar, Syl was trained in many disciplines, from learning his letters to speaking ancient elvish, to the dual schools of armed combat and the manipulation of magical energies. It is unclear the exact reasons for Syl having left his homeland, or where he has travelled since leaving, or even why he has come to Raeghal, though, word about town is that this elven battlemage chases rumours of a distant cousin, a dragon slayer, and a hunt open to capable adventurers. 

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Name: Ondine

Age: 25

Race: Orc


Appearance: Ondine is considered 'petite' among Orcs but is still the size of the average human male, and definitely larger than human females. She has a wide curvy figure that is laced heavily with hard, taunt muscles, but that's just the norm for Orcs. Her skin is a dark misty gray, her eyes a pale crystal blue - very queer among them, and was viewed as a gift of magic. Her hair is pitch black and hangs limp and straggly down to the middle of her back. While her canines are larger than a human's they still fit in her mouth - albeit rather uncomfortably, and so her lips are usually parted just slightly to show the fangs which portrays a less than inviting image. Living in the cold homeland of Jogrund she dresses in layers of furs and leathers. Reference Picture


Personality: Ondine comes off as blunt and brutish, she speaks her mind and has no problem using intimidation as a means to get what she wants - though her wants are usually quite simple. Generally, she is not an easy individual to get along with, mostly only other Orcs understand her, though her contact with the other races is minimal. She is firm in her honesty and loyalty and has a lot of trouble handling liars and backstabbers appropriately. 


Bio: Ondine is part of a nomadic tribe that follow the migration paths of the Terabou - a rather large cousin to reindeer, with beautiful white and black fur that forms in interesting patterns all over their bodies, both the males and females have antlers - that they use for food, clothing, weaponry, and as their mounts of choice. Ondine was raised with a firm respect for nature, that everything falls into place as it was meant to be, not so much 'fate' per say, but simply that what one takes from the world they will give back in one form or another. 


From very young Ondine showed a gift in magic, which had always been expected of the strange blue eyed Orc, but she never truly grasped it. Her family and tribesmen even the tribesmen of other tribes they would pass or visit assured her that she would one day perceive the world with magic, but to date she still hadn't figured out more than simple magic. Ondine wields a polearm with the head of an axe, it's beautifully adorned with feathers and furs, created from the powerful bones of the Terabou. Her polearm she is far more skilled with and proves to be a deadly challenger even being smaller than many of her Orc kinsmen. 

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