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Hi I want to start a role play titled The Reign of 7;


Setting type: Cyber Punk Future



The world is controlled by one governing force, the Reign of 7. Each leader has negative qualities (based on one of the seven deadly sins) They control different areas of the world and each is in charge of a particular branch of that government. I will list the seven deadly sins and the different titles for the leaders, feel free to match what sin you want with the leader position you would like and create your characters with any and all ideas you come up with - no restrictions on your creativity.  Besides the main 7 each leader has a personal assistant and also there are the rebels who are fighting against the regime in an attempt to over throw the government.





The world is divided in a similar fashion as in the book 1984 by George Orwell. The regions are Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia - with 2 rebel strong holds.


Oceania is where most of the population of the world lives, the biggest cities are located here as well as most government areas.

Eurasia is the largest food producing area, 80% of all the food in the world is grown here and shipped out to the other regions. Almost all manufacturing happens here in factories that create everyday products. The other regions have smaller food producing areas, but nothing like the massive growth fields located in Eurasia.

Eastasia is the military centered region, this is also where all of the prisons are located. Oceania and Eurasia have their own smaller military and policing groups, but they are all trained in Eastasia.



Characters that are available for play:


List of Leaders:


- President of Government - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is essentially the president of the world and leader of the Reign of 7

- Chairman of Economy - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is in charge of the stock exchange and essentially the world treasurer

- Leader of Education - Main office Located in Oceania, this character is in charge of the education of the populace and also the opiate of the masses, they are the face that generally talks most with the public and tries to convey popular and positive message to the people about the Reign of 7


- General of the Military - Main office located in Eastasia, this character as the title implies is the General of the worlds military and is in charge of how the military and police force is trained as well as punishments for breaking the laws of the world.

- General of Technological Advancement - Main Office located in Eastasia, this character heads the creation of all weapons as well as in charge of any scientific experiments involving space, time travel, or other sci-fi themes.


- Executive of Production - Main office in Eurasia, This character essentially runs all of the factories and food production in the world

- Leader of Health - Main office in Eurasia, this character is in charge of not only the education of all medical technicians and doctors, but also has control of all vaccines and poisons that are tested and created. They are the head of all chemical warfare and social experiments on populace.


Every Reign of 7 member must embody one of the seven deadly sins (wrathgreedslothpridelustenvy, and gluttony.)




- Leader of the Rebels

- Second in Command


Besides these main characters every Leader has a personal assistant, also you can choose to have your character be in the military, police, regular citizen, rebel member, basically anyone.

I tried to keep the descriptions open ended so feel free to create anything you want in a character.

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Hmmm. This sounds really interesting! I would love to hash out more with you how you see this RP going :):) 

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