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The Midnight Court [Private - Kyo, Valentine & BlackZodiac]

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The Renaissance was a rebirth that occurred throughout most of Europe. However, the changes that we associate with the Renaissance first occurred in the Italian city of Florence and continued to be more pervasive there than anywhere else. The city's economy and its writers, painters, architects, and philosophers all made Florence a model of Renaissance culture. Fifteenth century Florence was an exciting place to be. In 1450 the city had a population of 60,000 and was a self-governed, independent city-state. Twelve artist guilds that regulated the trades were the basis of Florence's commercial success. Members of the guilds, who were wealthy and held positions in government, were some of Florence's most influential people in society and politics. Because of its strong economy and a political philosophy that was dedicated to the welfare of the city, Florence thrived. Due in no small part to the House of Medici.


The Medici were a banking family with a long political dynasty with considerable influence that grew throughout the fifteenth century. The family gained prominence under Cosimo di Giovanni de' Medici and became the de facto rulers of Florence, controlling the city from behind the scenes. As their notoriety grew, so too did the great care they took with their secrets, which were very dark indeed. There were many tales surrounding the City of Florence and the great House of Medici, and many more that were strategically stricken from the history books. For the most interesting tales are found in the darkness, and behind closed doors. A great dynasty was born in the heart of Florence, but it was not the Medici. Like all great stories it begins with the chance meeting of a man and a woman, a couple who were completely unaware of the catalyst that was their first meeting, and how on that night their actions would lead to the rise of an empire like no other. 


Dark creatures walk among us. The talk with us, laugh with us and even love with us, but they are not the same. There are predators that roam the night, and we are their prey. 




The Midnight Court







Name: Raphael D'Antonio

Age: 47 (32 when turned)



Personality: Raphael is a free-spirited individual who likes to think he wears a mask in front of most people. When performing for the nobility he is charming, polite and courteous. He appears to be quite wise compared to how he physically looks. Away from the social pleasantries of high society however, he is a man who cares little for titles and nobility. Somewhat arrogantly, he considers himself a new breed who is superior to the masses. He accepts his predatory instincts and makes a point to feed his hunger, but does not do so wastefully. As a young vampire he has yet to face the more horrible aspects of the life, and as such he can be quite impulsive and quick to act. 


Biography: When Raphael was a young boy he lived in poverty. The only thing he could truly do well was play violin. His mother died when he was a baby, and in his teens his father passed away leaving him alone and incapable of  fending for himself. He was fortunately taken in by a Hungarian noble family who enjoyed his music. The family cared for him and he grew accustomed to the life of a nobleman. He lived with them in Hungary for many years, until in his early 30's. He awoke one night to screaming, and found that the family home was under attack by gruesome monsters. He watched as they butchered the family who had taken him in, and then they finally turned their teeth on him. He remembers little of the horrors they inflicted on him, but he awoke a few days later, among the corpses of his adoptive family. 


From that day onward he found that he had become stronger and faster. His wounds healed rapidly, and he did not age even a single day more. As the days went by, however, he found it increasingly unbearable to be out in the sun, until the day that it's touch on his skin would burn like acid. What's more while his senses were stronger, and food and wine became far more enjoyable, they did not quell his hunger. In time he realised that he was no longer human, that he was something else. The men and women around him had became his prey, and their blood the only food he required. As he embraced his new life, he found new powers emerging to him. He could persuade all men and women to love him, and equally could make them ignore him if he so chose. Using this to his advantage he returned to Italy and travelled the country as a successful musician, playing for the nobility every evening, earning coin, and then picking off the most desirable from the herd so he could dine. 


Soon he made his way to Florence, to play at a grand Masquerade held for the nobility. Little did he know he would discover in this place that he was not alone in his gift, and that he would turn another. What's more he had not yet discovered that his gift was, perhaps, a curse. 

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Name: Marite Magdelinna Lanza

Nickname: Mia


Age: 20


Mother: Marite Francesca Lanza

- In her younger years Marite Francesca was an Italian courtesan. She was the entertainment of the finest royals of the Italian court. However after she became pregnant with Mia, at the age of 19, her family disowned her and she was forced to sell all of her fine jewels and noble gifts to support her child. When the money from that ran out she became a common prostitute.  Mia was constantly reminded of this as she grew up it was a point of guilt her mother made her feel her whole life. Marite Francesca passed away 3 months prior to the beginning of the story due to disease.


Father: Unknown - he was an extremely rich foreign merchant speculated to be from England and was never told of Mia's existence as far as she knows. She is constantly told her skin & hair comes from him.



- moon-like gray eyes

- height 5ft 5''




Personality: Light hearted, curious, and whimsical. Mia finds beauty in the everyday mundane and is someone who you can tell is simply happy to be alive. She tends to bring joy to those around her easily and brightens up the room. Mia is a girl who has no filter on her thoughts and tends to think out loud. This causes people to view her as strange and a daydreamer. She does have an overactive curiosity which can sometimes get her into trouble.  An annoying quality of hers is that she will incessantly apologize too much when she is nervous. This trait was ingrained into her by her mother, whom was constantly blaming her for the state of their life.


Biography: Mia spent most of her life taking care of the home where her and her mother resided. During the day her mother had her do all of the house chores and twice a week she would accompany Mia to the market. Every night her mother would head out to the local tavern to "work" and Mia would be instructed to stay inside and let no one in. This lead to her having absolutely no social life. Her only interactions with other people were at the Market. In these times, because of her age, Mia should have been offered off as a bride already, but because of their low social status Mia's mother had never made such attempts. Recently Mia underwent a drastic life change. When her mother passed away Mia experienced a new kind of freedom and slowly became more and more outgoing. This started with spending time among the cities populated areas and discovering small flowering areas. She was enjoying her time exploring and discovering all the beauty that the city had to offer her. Mia was still being very careful though and not venturing out at night. In the more recent weeks her money had run very low and she was forced to find a job as a maid at the Strozzi family estate tending to their sick daughter Aurelia Strozzi. 

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Name: Aurelia Strozzi


Age: 17


Mother: Celine Baldovinetti Strozzi


Father: Giambattista Strozzi 

- Condottiero of Florence (War General)





Personality: Because of her sickness Aurelia appears to be docile and quiet. Before she became ill however, she was viewed as a very stubborn and entitled child. 

* spoilers - post vamperism*

Aurelia is very volatile and temperamental. She expects to get what she wants when she wants. The word "no" does not register with her. She is an extremely violent creature with insatiable blood lust that can only be controlled by her older sister. She experiences mood swings between being a bratty teenage girl and an uncontrollable monster.

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Name: Octavia Strozzi de' Cellini


Age: 22


Mother: Celine Baldovinetti Strozzi


Father: Giambattista Strozzi

- Condottiero of Florence (War General)





Personality: Octavia is cool, collected, and methodical. Her temperament is almost impossible to anger and paired with a cold and ruthless mindset. She has no regard for life besides the well being of herself and her sister. She is the perfect chameleon able to hide her devious intentions and hidden agendas. Most people see her as a rare and elegant beauty, but only her father and sister have seen how black her soul really is. However, she doesn't act out of a love for violence and discord, her actions are precisely calculated to further her families social status.


Biography: Her beauty from a young age was topic of discussion which caused her father to view her as a prized possession. Octavia and Aurelia are the daughters of Giambattista Strozzi

the Condottiero of Florence. Because her father produced no sons, Octavia was trained in strategy and diplomacy. She was always treated as an asset rather than a daughter receiving only instruction and knowledge from her father, but lacking greatly in love. She was sought after by most prominent men because of her beauty, eventually her father chose the Duke Antonio de' Cellini as her husband because he could further their family's status most. Octavia was more than happy to be used as a family pawn. However, she was unable to produce an heir in the first four years of marriage which is a cause for concern and the mood in her new powerful home is turning for the worst. Her husband in recent months has been known to have frequent affairs and Octavia is in need of a plot before her husband creates a bastard heir. 

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