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I decided to make an archive for my author's darlings because of my tendency to come up with characters to suit my needs on a whim. Also to give those who are interested a more elaborated view of the creation process that went into them, but mostly so that I have something to write when nothing comes up for my next RPing post. This section is under construction, and [redacted] means I will fill them up the moment the plot allows me to.


Welcome to the Jungle mini RP:


Ingkells Fulgurax and Priscilla Ariamis



Mitsuba Academy:


Raiha Shirakawa


Honoka Kuzunoha


Ashura the Avatar


The Knights of the Cross

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Ingkells and Priscilla


True name: Fulgurax the Lord of the Storm and Lady Ariamis of the North Wind. Dragons have elaborated names and titles due to their kind's tradition which places heavy emphasis on power and glory.


Appearances: Ingkells is the Hollywood's definition of a tall, dark and handsome man, whereas his wife Priscilla has almost pure white hair with tanned golden skin that looked like it was calculated to hit the male libido like a lead pipe. Since dragons can transform into human forms, all of them go for what they perceive to be the apex of beauty because vainglory runs in their blood.


Personality: What is there to say? Think of every battle couple ever. He's the brawl and she's the brain. Being alive for more than a millennium had turned the duo sorta blase toward their surrounding. And though Ingkells hasn't worn a crown ever since coming to Earth, his royal manner lingered. He also puts up a tough and threatening front when it comes to dealing with other supernatural beings, if only because dragons always seem to have their fair share of enemies, and he had found out that more often than not the threat of violence is scarier than the violence itself. Priscilla used to be even worse than her husband in that aspect, but she has mellowed down a lot after marriage and the death of their only child.


Bio: The Sundering Range, the mountain where both dragons used to call their home, was raided one night by an enigmatic fairy known as the Harlequin. He came for the soul of an Elder Dragon and succeeded in stealing Priscilla's after luring Ingkells away using a diversion tactic. When he returned to their lair, he found his wife lay dead on the floor, crumbling into millions of icy pieces. In a fit of madness and desperation, he bound her existence to his, using his immense Draconic might to shield her from the Reaper himself. The result was that Priscilla lived on despite her soul, but now she no longer possessed her previous wellspring of strength. Even Ingkells himself was severely weakened through sustaining her, causing the both of them to be dethroned by a young, but ambitious wyrmling.

Without a place to stay, the duo followed their only lead to the Harlequin, which led them to another dimension, ours. It was here that their story began.


Author's note: When I was in highschool, I was crazy obsessed with dragons. These characters were the very first that I came up with in my writing career, though I never really got a chance to write their story due to how absurdly powerful an Elder Dragon would be. Writing conflicts for them would be akin to forcing readers to watch a volcano and a tsunami fighting each other. It's impressive, yes, but it lacks the individuality and emotions a more personal struggle would present. Still felt good to finally got a chance to roll them out after so many years though. Wstfgl if you are reading this, we should totally restart/reboot that story. 

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Name: Raiha Shirakawa


Appearance: God bless you, Photoshop





Personality: Most people would actually think Raiha has a split personality from the way I write him. He's kind, gentle, pious, and a bit of a goofball when in front of his friends and family. Against his enemies, Raiha drops the friendly facade and goes for the cool and composed kind of behavior, even with a pinch of cruelty at times. This is in a way a coping strategy to constantly reminds him that he lives in two very different worlds, and what he does in one need not affect his mentality in the other. Regardless, he likes to believe in the inherent goodness in people, and that it is never too late to start anew. There are three people in Raiha's life that he loves more than himself. Raiha is also hard working and love to help others, which is why he's trying to become a medical doctor in the future.


Bio: Raiha is son to an infamous oyabun (that's how they address a yakuza boss over there) known as Raidou Shirakawa. His mom passed away when he was five, and Raiha has been living with his father and half brother his entire life up to this point. He dislikes the family business, but isn't very vocal about it since at the end of the day, he still lives in his father's house, eats food paid for by his father, wears clothes brought by his father's money. His rebellious phase started with choosing to become a Knight of the Cross, followed by announcing his intention to become a doctor after graduation.


He was trained by one of the Grandmasters of his Order, Elaine of Astora. Astora being one of the most earth-shattering wars against demons in recent memory, in which Elaine herself emerged as a champion, Why the special treatment I hear you asked? Well, that's because [redacted].


Wait a second, [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]


Goddamn I hate writing character bio when the plot hasn't gotten there.




Saint Theresa of the Iron Halo's relic - A silver cross containing echoes of a deceased Saint. It grants its user unparalleled mastery over the elements of air and lightning.


Invocations: As is the norm for most Knights, Raiha can make use of prayers to bring about miraculous effects such as healing, fortification, fire breathing, etc.. While these offer versatility in combat, they drain his Resplendence at disproportional rate given how his training has always been about making the most out of his relic's power. Because of this, Raiha singled out only shielding and healing as his alternate powers.


Blade of Mercy: A western sword made from obsidian hilt and a double edged blade inscribed with a golden cuneiform pattern that came with the relic, far too gigantic to be practical in battle. It acts as a magical focus, like Gandalf's staff, but edgier.


Lightning Step: An advanced technique that turns its user into lightning and transports him to a previously designated location. This actually is an inferior version of another invocation called Ascended Step which allows teleportation at will, since Raiha can't choose his destination freely but has to rely on pre-enchanted objects such as his coins to guide him by putting a modicum of his Resplendence in there. I got this from the fourth Hokage in Naruto.


Storm of Vengeance: One of the seven Apocalypse-class invocations, this one summons tornadoes and lightning storms that, depends on how powerful the invoker is, could annihilate a continent within a minute. Of course, Raiha can't do that, and it's not like he's got much chance to practice this kind of thing.


Author's Note: In my previous draft before the reboot, Raiha Mori (not Shirakawa) was a penny pincher with a quantum sword. That allows him to see the future through some kind of limited Laplace Demon analogy, quantum tunnel through objects, and even harvest possibilities. For the reboot, I decided to scrap the pauper character origin since I want to focus on bigger threats and more meaningful social interactions over a "woe, woe is me" kinda guy. His change of career to a Knight of the Cross provides me with a convenient excuse to write random pseudophilosophical stuff along the lines of "who watches the watchmen" and "he who fights monsters." Also because I like the genuine articles from Dresden Files.

As for why I went with the power swap, I just decided that I have had enough quantum physics in uni. So why is it power over a storm? Because I had a bunch of stuff lying around for a certain storm dragon that I never got to use, and I have always been a proud advocate of efficiency.


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Name: Honoka Kuzunoha





Personality: She's smart, she's empathetic and she speaks sarcasm as her second language. Honoka dreams of opening her own restaurant in Tokyo after graduation, and she likes Raiha as much as she likes cooking. There are many things I would like to say about her right now, but can't because that would be spoiler.


Bio: Honoka spent the majority of her life in the quaint little town of Mitsuba. Her home isn't anything fancy or huge, but it always smells of freshly baked cakes made by her mother, the person responsible for Honoka's love for cooking. She is an Altered, a person of limited magical talent, enough for the things to go bump in the night to notice and find a use for her, but not enough to defend herself against them. She met Raiha after the latter came to rescue her from the clutch of a kidnapping Warlock who wanted to use her body as incubator for his Thrall, a swarm of fiery bees. She didn't remember much of their first meeting, only that he turned the Warlock into a honeycomb with some kind of rapid firing spell, as if to drive home the irony. They started dating shortly after when they took notice of each other more often during their 2nd year in Mitsuba High.


Author's Note: Perhaps the biggest headache for me in coming up with Honoka was that she has no power. Meaning if I don't play my cards right, I would end up creating what I usually call a trophy spouse. They are there to look helpless, so that the main protagonist can shine, and they are there to look good, so that the protagonist can feel good. My solution for this was to create a more mature relationship between the two of them, as can be seen from the way they interact with each other, which resembles newlyweds more so than two high school students. So he's there for her, and she's there for him. They lean on each other for strength, instead of constantly trying to sweep one another off his or her feet in some kind of ritualistic pubescent courtship.

Basically my relationship with Dota when I was 18, minus the extremely abusive period at first when i was a total noob at the game.

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Nickname: Ashura the Deathless Avatar

Name: Anupam Dey

Appearance: Anupam has sculpted-to-perfection musculature and an impressive height of 1.98 m, making him less man and more walking mountain. He has tanned skin and a bald head. He's well-mannered when it comes to putting up a diplomatic front, and savage-looking when it comes to a fight. He wears simple clothing and has an impressive amount of tattoo on his body. I was picturing this guy when I described him, minus the bling of course.


Bio: Despite how he looks, Anupam is more than a century old. Born an Avatar capable of channeling the might of the God of destruction, he used his power not to hunt demonspawn but humans, learning arcane techniques and profane rituals from forbidden tomes of knowledge in the process. The world he lived in was savage and brutal, and people like him were those that would burn down civilizations for gold and glory. But despite all his bragging about being truly unkillable, many of his foes eventually figured out a cyanide capsule or a bag of nerve gas could easily bypass his impregnable defense, and thus he had no choice but to move to Japan, his mother's country, and lay low by opening a security firm.

Like 6 feet under kinda low as things so turned out.


Absolute Defense: Ashura can negate any form of destructive energy by absorbing and storing them...somewhere. This includes being burned, being zapped, being crushed by water pressure, being slashed, etc.. This makes him effectively invulnerable to physical harm, but the extent of that power is more limited than he would let on. Imagine if all kind of energy is negated, then his body won't be able to burn fat for calories, his heart wouldn't be able to pump blood through his body. This was why Raiha came to the conclusion that an explosion from inside Anupam's body would be able to take him out. Of course, this power is fearsome in its own right because it can be defensive and offensive at the same time.

Absolute Offense: Imagine the moment he grabs you. That's it. No amount of struggling will get you away, because your feeble attempt to wiggle out of his grasp will produce 0 effective energy on pushing him away. The man can also channel all the energy he has collected into his blows, the impact powerful enough to even shatter a mountain in one strike if he wants to put everything in a single strike, and had Raiha been a second too late on forming the defensive shield over his head, the Knight's life would have been rather short indeed.

Author's note: When I read about villains in story, at least for me there are always two kinds. There are those who don't think of themselves as villains, and those that do. For the former, think of Light Yagami from Death Note. He's evil, he's cruel, but people can understand why he acted the way he did, because they can picture getting behind his motives and methods if they were in his place. Those are sympathetic villains, and it takes talent to write them and write them well.

Then there's the instant noodle kind of villain like this guy. He comes in, he does all sort of shit that makes your blood boil and your temper flare, the heroes put them down and tada, your writing quota for the day is reached. These guys are walking caricatures of sins, and in a way they are easier to make but harder to leave behind any lasting impression. Basically every Bond villain ever. Perfect for a battle-oriented RP, but it doesn't mean you can't stick some character development into it by having the hero put down/spare/absolve/torture the guy, forming a neat what-you-are-in-the-dark moment.

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Name: The Knights of the Cross



There are many religions in the world today, and when one studies their scriptures, there is an almost universal concept of a place reserved for punishment of the wicked. Call it Hell, Gehenna, Tartarus, Naraka, the idea is the same: you die, your soul leaves your body and head straight to the afterlife, where if would be judged for all the sins committed in life.

That is not the hell in the universe of Mitsuba academy. Down there be demons and nightmares, and their hunger care not if you are a saint or a sinner.


The Knights of the Cross, as their name would imply, is a separate sect of the church that has to do with the safekeeping of humanity against the creatures from the world beyond. They have gone through many iterations, some of great repute, some of massive infamy, such as the Spanish Inquisition who took it too far with their purging of the supernatural foes. Each Knight is given a relic, which was once the possession of a Saint who has fought against the Demons, an object capable of empowering and granting them abilities and power beyond their mortal limit, but in return they are only allowed to use this power for protecting innocents, never harming them. There used to be more Knights in the past due to the number of relics at that point in time, but centuries of war and internal strife has reduced the total number of Knights over the world down to no more than 30. And that is an optimistic projecttion.

For those who are curious, Reaper Wielders answer to an underworld government called the Bakufu, which is representative of the Shinto religion. The Order of the Cross and the Bakufu has never been on good terms with each other due to some members of the church believing that Reapers give power to individuals who have and could potentially use them for malicious purposes, but much like that pesky roommate who keeps stealing your food during college, both organizations have no choice but to tolerate each other due to being on the same boat.

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