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Name: Srdja "Seth" Alexei Jankovic


D.O.B: May 18, 1986.  His speech, dress, mannerisms, and build may give an impression of being 3-5 years younger, though his face and hair are true to his age; enough to cause dissonance.  While some aspects of him could be considered immature, he is a mature person overall.


Height: 6'4"


Weight: 220-235


Build: Athletic in a very ordinary way: slim, but not skinny; muscular but not bulky.  Figure basically rectangular, and proportionally longer and thinner through his torso.  Proportionally, his legs are on the short side, but sturdy-looking.  Depending on his long-term mood and motivation, his body composition changes slightly: more buff and trim when "up", but softer when "down".


Nationality: American


Ethnicity: Half Serbian via his father; also German, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Polish via his mother


Languages: Fluent English, proficient Serbian, "Peggy Hill" Spanish


Sex/Gender: Male


Occupation: Work-from-home programmer


Eyes: Blue


Hair: Dark brown with subtle greying at the sides, blunt cut to waist-length, usually worn in a bun or ponytail.  Halfway down its length is blue-black dye which appears to be 3-4 years grown out


Body mods: A Kolovrat (Slavic sunwheel) on his left shoulder blade and a Celtic-style dragon on his right mid-thigh to just below his waist.  He wears three plain steel earrings in each ear and has a scaffold piercing in his left one


General style: Wears almost exclusively black.  He generally prefers jeans and t-shirts, plain or representing a band he likes, all close-fitting in a modern way.  Boots are his footwear of choice: combats or of a biker style.  His typical outerwear is a hoodie and/or leather jacket.  Not much of a "summer" person, he dresses primarily for comfort in that season in a black or white beater and cargo shorts or basketball shorts, and beat-up skate shoes.  He has no idea how to dress business casual and this is another reason for seeking work-from-home employment.


Facial features:  Seth is slightly asymmetrical - his septum is deviated, one eye is slightly more hooded than the other, one eye is barely crossed, his eyebrows are shaped differently due to an unapparent scar, and he doesn't move his mouth in a symmetrical way while speaking, particularly if nervous or tense.  His features give him a stereotypically villainous look due to his high-contrast coloration, curved nose, slightly concave cheeks, and unintentionally angsty resting expression.


Voice: Fairly monotone regardless of volume, faint midwest American accent, medium-deep and frequently dips into a gravelly vocal-fry register


Orientation: Per the Kinsey Scale, he is a 1, "Predominantly Heterosexual, only incidentally Homosexual".  He self-identifies as Heterosexual


Vices: Alcohol (moderate to heavy use), marijuana (light use), prescription drugs like Vicodin, Oxycontin, etc. (light use), tobacco (light use)


Mental: Seth has symptoms of rapid-cycling bi-polar II: he is cyclically depressed, and cyclically manic.  However, when manic he might be super-productive, energetic, hyperactive and distracted, or do minor regrettable things like making expensive purchases, going to a club to get drunk and dance like an idiot, feeling a "need" to fist-fight someone, intensely starting a hobby (only to abandon it within weeks), or constructing elaborate plots to "up'n leave".  He also has symptoms of avoidant personality disorder such as self-criticism, social anxiety, self-consciousness, and self-isolation. He has understanding into his situation and has taught himself coping skills leave his life superficially unaffected, but after stress of a high intensity or long duration, or too low of a "low", he degenerates into self-harm, drinking and pills, and stress eating.  While he copes well enough to get by and have a few friends, he can't survive socially in situations which are competitive, structured, or demand any sort of social finesse.  His internal dialogue is "always on" and he may zone out when it becomes intense, usually in a negative way.


Personality: Mostly, he is aloof, deadpan, and doesn't outwardly react very strongly to most things.  He is pessimistic and distrusts people, but he has a softer side that wants to trust and be altruistic.  He reads people with some accuracy and how he acts depends on how they act; he will act friendly toward friendly people, but be distant when he can detect distance, annoyance, or dislike from the other person.  He lets his sense of humor show once he's comfortable in a situation, but it takes a while to get there.  Seth is easy-going and easily amused so he can enjoy B-movies, punk shows in dirty basements, and cheap beer as much as art films, symphonies, and craft beer.  His personality can be classified as an INTJ: on top of being introverted, the other aspects come together to make him an above-average strategist who is perceptive to nuances in action and language, and is constantly analyzing things and people he interacts with.


Hobbies and pastimes: Seth is "into" metal and plays drums and guitar, he also plays the flute.  He likes classic cars and muscle cars.  He frequents the gym quite a bit: it's a fine thing to do when happy, it's a fine thing to do when stressed.  He enjoys cooking, and while not a fanatical about either, he has an above average interest in boats and trains.  Being that he has no pets, he likes ducks and geese at the park and feeds them; he also likes plants but unintentionally kills most of them.


Photo references: His appearance is based on, but doesn't look exactly like any of these individuals.

Individual 1 - hair and style reference

Individual 2, Another, Another - more of a face and body reference

Individual 3, Another - face reference, though this individual is younger than Seth


Personality inspiration

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Name: Emily Grace Darrell


D.O.B: October 10, 1988


Height: 5'7"


Weight: 140 lb


Build: Slim but not remarkably so; a proportionate woman with a medically-acceptable weight for her height, strong but not obviously "built"


Nationality: American


Ethnicity: English and Welsh


Languages: Fluent English, proficient French, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese


Sex/Gender: Female


Occupation: Travel writer, socialite


Eyes: Hazel


Hair: Light brown, straight, with distinct natural highlights, shoulder length and well-maintained but not over-styled.  She wears it loose most of the time, but may also wear a low ponytail, French twist, or a type of braid


Body mods: "Regular" ear piercings.  She wears pearl or diamond studs, or gold or silver small hoops


General style: Preppy and classic, inherently modest for the most part.  She wears pastels in the spring and summer and jewel tones in the autumn and winter.  While she wears some designers, she likes simple designs without bold logos.  Her style is a bit "old" for her, but it suits her personality and station in life.  She saves the techy outdoor clothing solely for the intended activities, and isn't a Northface-and-Ugg wearer.


Facial features:  Symmetrical but plain and very obviously of Anglo-Saxon descent.  She's conventionally attractive but not a "ravishing beauty" and she doesn't often use makeup or extreme styling to create her look.  Her face is an oval-shape with no overbearing features.  Her eyebrows are one distinct feature; they are natural-looking, not arched nor sloped, and not over-plucked, causing her to look somewhat tomboyish


Voice: Emily's voice is of medium pitch, and she speaks with a lot of confidence.  Her proper speech and lack of slang which might be expected for someone not far out of college, may make her seem intelligent to some, or stuck-up to others  


Orientation: Exclusively heterosexual


Vices: Light alcohol use.  She likes a glass of fine wine or spirit, but rarely overdoes it


Mental: Emily is a perfectionist in some respects.  For the most part, she's learned to channel her perfectionism into useful ways, but she struggled with anorexia while growing up but was able to get help and overcome it


Personality: She is both a traditionalist and free-spirit, and has channeled her urge for rebellion and thirst for new experiences into her travel-writing career.  She is headstrong and impatient, traits which she expresses with extreme discretion, as she learned from a young age to be polite even when others are not.  At the same time, she is difficult to make into a "doormat".  To some degree, she personifies "silk hiding steel".  Her outward appearance and behavior reflects an upper-class woman who attended a prestigious all-girls boarding school and graduated from the Ivy League (an anthropology major); yet, she had traveled through depressed, dangerous, and war-torn parts of the world most people expressly avoid, sometimes solo, undeterred by dangerous animals or harsh climate.  Her savvy, straightforward personality and regular travel has made it difficult for her to find a supportive partner who isn't deterred when they think they're getting a "Kate Middleton" and find they have a "Teddy Roosevelt" on their hands.  Despite this, she is a traditional romantic, and a Anglican Christian, so she is waiting for a compatible partner, rather than simply fucking for the sake of it.  In terms of religion, she sees it as an expression of tradition and a guide for her own life, but she's not particularly religious: she believes in science, is tolerant of differing views, and doesn't believe in evangelizing


Hobbies and pastimes: Aside from traveling and writing, she sails, rides horses, skis, and hunts.  All these hobbies have helped her in her travels, in some ways.  Her family retains ties to Britain, and she has received some informal training from a family-friend who is a specialist in the British SAS; this was urged by her family, cautious but never wanting to hold her back, as her travels became more dangerous and remote



Emily Darrell is like a toned-down, American Lara Croft
Inspo 1, Inspo 2, Inspo 3, Inspo 4

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