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Plot: Your character(s) and Emily Darrell are exploring the rumored location of an extraterrestrial artifact supposedly discovered and worshipped by an indigenous tribe.  According to sparse legends and anecdotes, the artifact granted the tribe's leaders them a far-advanced knowledge of technology, enabling them to plan advanced structures, predict the weather, and heal sickness.  However, the tribe is described as having went extinct for unknown reasons and practically nothing about them is known, to the extent that the most prominent historians and archaeologists consider the legends surrounding the tribe to be complete falsehood.  The theory of the "lost tribe" and their artifact is supported by the existence of a small lake - a "pond" much deeper than it appears - with radioactivity and unique cyanobacteria believed to have originated from an asteroid strike.  Additionally, two interesting artifacts were recovered from the Pacific ocean: a stone tablet with etchings filled with gold, and a solid-gold tablet with uniform circular cut-outs.  Both items are rumored to be parts from an ancient computer - a bus and punch card of sorts - estimated to have originated from the coast of Alaska.  Coincidentally, the artifacts were reportedly lost at sea off the coast of New Zealand (conveniently in proximity to the Bougainville Trench...), en-route to an Australian lab to be carbon-dated, and were not known to be recovered.


Setting: Alaskan Aleutian Islands, present day.  Temps are in the mid 40s and there is rain this time of year.


RP Expectation: I'm aiming for a Tomb Raider/X-Files level of realism, which can still include a lot of Sci-Fi elements.  Ideally, we can post every 1-3 days, and I'd prefer a few short paragraphs or a single large paragraph.


The rolling and pitching of the small ship made sleeping easy for Emily.  For the others? Their mileage may vary...Hopefully, though, they were well-rested as they had a long day ahead of them.


Emily was awakened by the vibration of her phone between the mattress and bunk frame and though the ship's interior was cold and dark, she didn't delay quietly getting out of the bed.  The tiniest amount of moonlight shown through the porthole so the room wasn't completely black and she didn't bother with a flashlight.  Being the prepared person she was, she had laid her clothing out the evening before and was able to dress in the almost-dark except her shoes.  For now, she could scuff around the ship in her slippers.


The hinges of the door of the sleeping quarters made a shrill squeal as she opened it - she forgot it did that - but on her way out, toiletry bag and a journal in-hand, she wore a determined knitted brow as she closed it as slowly and softly as possible.  After she brushed her teeth, tossed a few handfuls of nearly-freezing water on her face, and threw her hair back into a ponytail, she went to the galley to prepare a bowl of oatmeal - unsweetened, save a handful of berries - and eat it while studying maps and the day's itinerary with the ceiling lamp swaying gently overhead.


It wasn't often Emily took off on a "flight of fancy" trip based on info that was practically a possible hoax.  Practically every surface feature of every inch of the earth had been mapped with a satellite, so she was skeptical that they would find any ruins or "lost"-anything.  She would consider the trip a success if even a fragment of the lost tribe's civilization were recovered.  At the very worst, it was a sight-seeing voyage.  It was difficult enough finding someone who would drive their small ship to the location.  Local fishermen weren't as critical of her motives as she expected the scientific and archaeological communities to be, but many questioned her and suggested she was just a silly girl for wanting to do such a thing.


Today, they were going to hike toward the pond for five miles, then set up a base camp and begin surveying for possible places to dig.  The forecast reported damp, rainy weather, which tended to make the cool temperature soak in even more; Emily advised everyone to bring wool, wool, and more wool to stay warm.  The boat was returning in a week and nobody should get frostbite during that time.  Until then, they were on the island with no cell coverage and very spotty radio, but everyone would have a two-way radio.


EDIT: The types of characters I'm looking for this RP are pretty open, but some tropes might be adventurer, action-geek, I'm-just-an-intern, stubborn skeptic, conspiracy theorist, or a poseur survivalist.


If you're interested in it but need additional information PM me and I can add it.  I'm sort of new at creating new RPs so I'm probably missing things.

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