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Welcome to the roleplay discussion. In this role play you can expect violence, swearing, mild sexual scenes, distressing scenarios, and probably some other stuff. Hide yo' kids!


So before we go ahead this roleplay is open to all (yep that includes you, students!) however I am a picky, picky man and I may refuse to have someone in the roleplay who has applied OR I may just ask for a revision of the profile. This is a chance for students to show me their moves! *flex*


Seriously though if we take on students I do want to eventually move this roleplay to the graduate area so work hard, post long and let's freakin' do this!









Darkpine Valley





Darkpine Valley is a fictional town in Colorado. It is a remote yet thriving small town surrounded by expansive forests and sections of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. The town has it's own schools including Darkpine College where young adults go to hone their intellect and develop skills in various fields. On the surface Darkpine Valley is just like any other rural town. It does have it's secret's though. Amongst the happy, normal citizens of the town, there also exists a far rarer breed. Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and a variety of other supernatural creatures all live within Darkpine Valley. 


The Werewolves are the de-facto guardians of the town. Loyal and protective of their territory, the werewolves won't stand for trouble from other supernaturals in town. They tolerate the local coven of witches only due to a powerful spell that prevents them from action. Almost 100 years ago the Witches of Darkpine cast a spell on the neighbouring pack of werewolves, forcing them into servitude. To this day whenever a werewolf is born in Darkpine, a witch follows shortly after. These two children are magically bound, the wolf forever to serve as the witch-child's protector, through a force stronger than their own will. But times of darkness are few and far now. It's 2013. College is about to begin. What does a wolf have to worry about some witch girl he's never met? Let alone any other freaks that he finds along the way. 





So I'm accepting 4 to POSSIBLY 5 people for this rp, including myself. Val has saved a spot as a resident Vampire. He got dibs. I'll be playing a werewolf. If someone else wants to play a wolf it's cool with me but you need to follow the rules and lore I provide and have a good backstory. I would also like somebody to rp as a young witch girl if possible. This would be for a romantic role with my character, a werewolf. The idea being that my character is duty bound to protect this young witch from danger. But like I said it's 2013, and not every fair maiden wants a knight in shining armour these days. And said knight doesn't like his role either, not that he was given a choice. 


So yeah it's basically a college life, small town role play but with a supernatural twist. The roleplay will be about our characters dealing with very normal day to day stresses, but also having to deal with their freakish powers or abilities. Occasionally I'll be throwing a big bad guy into the mix to shake things up but mostly this is just about having a little fun, with a relaxing modern day slice of life rp. 





The Witch & The Wolf


During the summer of 1940 a wolf had migrated to Darkpine. Isaac Archer was a young man who had once been part of a large family. At 27 years of age he had been gifted the highest honour his kind could ever receive. Isaac was a Werewolf, and he had matured and became an Alpha, a leader of a pack. Tradition stated that an Alpha must fight with the current Alpha of the pack to the death, to decide who would continue to lead the pack. The rule was simple, there could only be one Alpha. Isaac fled from his pack, and they did not pursue him. He was considered an outcast, a shamed wolf. Eager to continue his life he settled in Darkpine Valley. 
One evening, only a few months after settling in Darkpine, Isaac encountered a young girl. The girl was a Witch, a particularly powerful one of the local Clearwater coven. Perhaps she did so out of fear for her safety, or perhaps she was just a selfish, manipulative sort, but the Witch cast a spell on Isaac. He was forever bound to her, as her protector, until the day of his death. Whenever the Witch found herself in danger, Isaac would come to her, like a well trained dog coming to it's master. Isaac became bitter about this but there was nothing he could do, the spell prevented him from harming the Witch. Eventually Isaac married and fathered three children. The first, Cain, was fortunate not to be burdened by his father's curse. The second son, Samuel, was however unfortunate enough to be born around the same time as a Clearwater Witch. It seemed that whenever a witch of that coven was born, the closest male Werewolf in terms of age, would be forever bound to her, until his death. 
The curse continued, but fortunately, werewolves breed faster than witches do. A third son was born, Dominic. The three son's each fell in love, and their father, as an Alpha, turned their partners into werewolves in order to join his pack. More children were born of the son's and their wives; Marcus, Connor, Justin, Curtis, Isabelle, and the twins Elijah and Jonah. The curse impacted the life of Samuel's son, Curtis, and he too was bound to a Witch. After Isaac passed away Samuel became the new Alpha. On the discovery that a witch had been born only 5 years after the birth of his son, Curtis, Samuel swore his pack to secrecy. Curtis would not know of his burden, not until he had no other choice. 





so here's my character profile:


Name: Curtis Archer

Age: 24


Race: Werewolf

Personality: generally quite relaxed but focused. Determined, confident, well mannered. Due to his wolf instincts he can also be very short tempered and often daring and cocky. While not a bad person, he's far from faultless and is prone to judge people quite quickly and sometimes harshly. Due to his wolf-mannerisms he can seem like two different people depending on how prevalent they are at the time. 

Bio: Curtis lives with his rather large family just outside of town at a series of cabin houses among the woods of Darkpine Valley. Curtis is a werewolf and the son of the Alpha of the pack. He has spent his life surrounded by an incredibly close family and has had to keep his life as a wolf secret from everyone he knew from school. At the age of 16 he finally matured and experienced his first transformation on a full moon. The experience terrified him, as it does most children in the pack. Over the years he grew accustomed to changing on the full moon, and he felt increasingly safer over the years as his family transformed together, to protect each other. Curtis is currently considering his life after college. He really wants to leave Darkpine and see the rest of the world. He knows that this is a difficult situation for him though. A werewolf is in great danger travelling alone. Without an Alpha to control him during a full moon, the feral, vicious nature of his inner wolf would result in a lot of trouble, and likely the death of those who did not deserve it. 



Enhanced Senses - Werewolves have enhanced sight, smell and hearing even in human form


Enhanced Physical - Werewolves are physically stronger and faster than humans, even in their human form. Werewolves also heal faster than humans.


Transformation - Werewolves only truly take their wolf form when the moon is full. During this time they become feral and vicious. Only an Alpha can control a feral wolf, and only an Alpha can maintain their own senses during a transformation. Alpha's can transform at any time. 


Imprinting - Werewolves imprint on those they become affectionate towards. This gives the werewolf an ability to sense when that person is in danger to varying degrees. 


Weaknesses - Werewolves are effectively human during a lunar eclipse. The day after a full moon werewolves are often weak and can get quite ill. They recover within 24 hours normally. 



So yeah post a profile if you're interested. 

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Hello Gajeel!

Alas we begin our adventure with a bit of a pickle. I feel partly responsible for this as I wasn't as clear as I could have been. I mentioned that Valentine has dibs on being a vampire. I suppose he did have the advantage of discussing this with me before the discussion was up.

Darkpine is a small town which, although home to various supernatural creatures, they are still not in abundance. The plan was that Valentine's character would be the only vampire resident in Darkpine.

I may have confused this further by stating other characters could play a werewolf alongside my character. For this I apologise. Since there is a large pack of werewolves in Darkpine its not unlikely to have a couple of characters playing werewolves. The same cannot be said for vampires I'm afraid.

This is a shame as your characterization is very good and I enjoyed your profile. There were a few spelling mistakes, most notably the word "menthor" which is spelled "mentor". I'm happy to overlook this as you seem to have good creativity and story writing skill. I would be happy to have you in the roleplay as long as you take care to check the spellings of words if you are not sure and if you make a mistake (lord knows I do all the time!) We can simply catch it and you can edit the post.

So if you are still willing I would appreciate you writing a profile for a non-vampire character.

To give you some options here are some possible suggestions. Im happy for someone to play a werewolf with me although this would likely require a relation to my character such as a brother or cousin as the pack are all related. Another option is to play as a human, or a human with some kind of ability such as clairvoyance. You could also play a less favoured supernatural creature if it fits. I would even allow you to play a demon however this would require some discussion with myself over pm to figure out exactly how that would work out.

I'm happy to let you develop the rules and abilities of your own supernatural race however I will point out that while combat and fighting will be present in the roleplay at times, for the most part it is about conversation and interaction of very normal, every day occurences in life, but with a supernatural twist of course.

Anyway if you have any questions or ideas please dont hesitate to pm me or Skype me and we can flesh something out.

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Name: Alexander 'Lex' Speirs

Age: Appears 25 (Born 1750 - Actual age 263)
Race: Vampire

Appearance (1945):
Appearance (2013):
Personality: A calm and controlled person overall, Lex is quick to form bonds, but slow to trust. It doesn't come easy to him, due to past experiences. He is often guarded, and speaks little of his past. He can be critical and judgemental at times, for things that he has come to learn over a great deal of time that can't possibly be expected of others. Despite this, he can be caring, charming and has a fierce loyalty to the few friends he has been able to trust. He is graceful in all things; mannerism, word or action.

Bio: To describe his life in full would take too long, but to summarize; Alexander Speirs was born in 1750, in Boston, Massachusetts. He had a relatively quiet childhood and became an apprentice to a blacksmith, but when revolution broke out and the American War of Independence began in earnest, he took up service for his country, feeling it was the right thing to do. He fought in several battles against the British until the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he sustained a fatal bullet wound.


He spent two days slowly dying from the infection until one night a man came to his bedside who referred to himself only as a Doctor, offering him a cure. Being unable to conceive of what this truly meant, Alexander accepted the man's gift without hesitation, for now that he was at death's door, he was truly afraid of dying. The following night he awoke from a feverish slumber to find his pain was gone, his wound was healed, and he felt better than he had ever done so before. But his skin was cold to the touch, and he felt no beat from his heart. When his 'Doctor' explained what he had done, and what Alexander had now become, he was confused and angry. However, over time and with tutelage from this man who by then had told him his actual name, William Peterson, he found a great many advantages to his new abilities. As the decades flew past, he took part in many wars.


Having moved down to Jackson, Mississippi during it's early formation, when the American Civil War began, he fought for the south. Not because of the complications of ethics or race as some did (which he did not care about either way), but because he loved the south, which had been his home for a very long time (a direct result of his notable southern drawl). After many years of fighting, the second World War erupted and once more, he enlisted. After two decades of war however, it had left its mark on him. He was colder, crueller and less forgiving now.


He was reckless in battle, and though he gained many medals during his service, he committed several atrocities. He shot a soldier for being drunk on duty, and as the legend went, once offered a group of German PoW's cigarettes before gunning them down. As the war came to a close however, he realised what he had become, and it disgusted him. From that time until just recently, he vanished. Going into seclusion for what reasons we can only imagine, but when he re-emerged he was a changed man. He sought only peace now, in spite of his dark past, he tries to live a good life, one free of conflict or war. 





Enhanced Senses: Vampire senses are especially keen in the eye and ear, their sense of smell is much stronger than a human's but still far weaker than a werewolf's. They are able to sense blood through a mixture of smell and heat.
Enhanced Physical: Vampires are far stronger than any human, but it is in their speed, inhuman grace and reflexes that it is most prominent. They do not breathe, slouch, stumble, or even need to blink. Things that humans consider normal and so these are things that Vampires must re-learn to do automatically so as to fit in. As a result, they do not tire except from lack of sustenance. Vampires can heal through any injury not inflicted by silver within moments, so long as they have recently fed. In addition to healing their own wounds, Vampire saliva can heal many injuries with the same effectiveness, but for obvious reasons it is not effective on grievous wounds.

Levitation: As Vampires get older, some attain the ability to levitate. To what degree, varies, but most after a century or so gradually learn to levitate to the point where they can appear to 'walk' up a vertical wall, affix to a ceiling or even outright fly.

Coercion: As with levitation, over time Vampires learn a form of coercion using eye contact. They can appear to bend the will of their target, giving subtle suggestion through a mixture of eye contact and chemicals they emit from their breath. However, if their intended target is so opposed to the idea, has a particularly strong mind or will, they can overcome the suggestion, though they would not be aware of the attempt.





Though Vampires have many gifts, they also have several extremely potent weaknesses:


Sunlight: Sunlight is to Vampires, as acid is to humans. It burns them horribly, and painfully. They can sustain a few seconds to a minute in direct sunlight, if the need is great, but outside of a minute they would have been reduced to a burnt corpse.
Beheading: A simple and effective means to kill a Vampire. Sever the head with any implement, and the Vampire is dead.

Silver: Vampires are severely allergic to silver. Though anything can be used to cut a Vampire's head off to kill them, only a silver-coated weapon that pierces a Vampire's heart can kill it in this manner. Any regular object would be ineffective.
Sleep: As strange as it sounds, sleep is a dangerous prospect for a Vampire. For two reasons; firstly, because while sleeping they are in a deep sleep, similar to a human who sleeps heavily. This means they can be ambushed and killed before they can react. So they guard the location of their sleeping quarters above all other things. Secondly, because without sleep, a Vampire will quickly die. After a single night without sleep, a vampire will begin to bleed from their eyes, after a second night without sleep, they will usually die.

Living Quarters: While not a true weakness, a Vampire is unable to enter a house, or other place where someone sleeps and lives without permission first. In addition to this, if their offer is revoked by saying the words, "[Name] I rescind your invitation." They will be forced to leave immediately.



(Sorry for such a long bio, if you don't want to read it it's fine, but I just got caught up with the character.  :3)

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Name: Avathos

Current Host: Benjamin Petersen 

Age: Unknown, host's 19



Red half long wavy hair, yellow eyes and pale skin, nails painted in black, wears glasses, a black shirt half open that shows part of his chest from the neck to the end of the rib cage, a long leather jacket, blue jeans and brown leather boots.


Resembles a black 8 feet tall humanoid, with red lines that run down his eyelides, chest and shoulders, his teeth are exposed and as sharpenned as his fingers and his eyes glow on an unnatural yellow light.

Race: Demon

Personality: A beast of pure instinct, demons do not have other purpose than complete pleasure, disregard any costs that involve others. Avathos in particular is a demon that sees the world for the first time through the eyes of a teenager and his current mission is to "shake this boring arse town up", which means that the body of Benjamin shall be used to magnify that desire and bring this town more excitement that it could probably take.

Bio: Avathos is a demon, descendant and servant of Abaddon, who he calls "uncle" but don't get it wrong, Avathos is far from being as strong or famous as the Oblivion Angel itself, actually, he differs from him on the destruction of humanity, Avathos finds more pleasure on the torture than the erradication of that punny race. As with many of his kind, he holds a charge in Abaddon's army, as a keeper of the lost souls, souls he leisurely watched succumb to madness every day. That routine was perfect for him because he didn't know anything else, pretty much like these unfortunate souls the demons were prisoners of their stronger brethren... or at least he thought so.

Avathos was called to the human realm one night, the place stank of alcohol and it was dark, he saw plenty of humans gathered, looking at him horrified as the materialization kept in process "Damn, i need to hide" Was his first thought, since he knew that being summoned, though it was a great chance to cause disaster, could bring him trouble if too much attention was drawn to him, and so, he used his powers to make all of the people in the party pass out, and took the body of one of the few sober kids to walk through this realm. With a huge grin on his face, he found himself free from the bonds of the old "uncle".

Being three days since then, Avathos changed the nerdy look of the college student called Benjamin as he slowly took stronger hold over his actions, he also realized how his eyes were turning yellow and his skin paler the more time he spent in the body. It was a good thing  that Benjamin lived by himself, so no one noticed the change except for his classmates. Avathos dyed his hair red and painted his nails black, somehow he felt more comfortable looking that way. He also changed the attire of the poor human, stealing from neighbors and selling his own stuff. Avathos obtained a nice wardrobe for himself. Black shirts, silver chains, rings, leather clothes, anything needed for an important visitor like himself. Nowadays, people start having suspicions about his behavior and the parents of the brat are starting to worry, he might leave the apartment tonight.




Manipulation - Demon's most powerful weapon, their speech. The more a demon talks to someone, the harder is to question his truth, control their emotions or even deny his requests. Unprepared characters could be driven into madness or confusion.


Partial Transformation - Signature ability of this demon, he can transform a part of his body into a demonic form, yet human sized and with less power than the original form, that doesn't mean it's less dangerous though, all the opposite, this makes Avathos someone fearsome, because this partial transformation doesn't raise his demonic aura enough to be detected.


Possession - A demon is able to take over a body as long as it doesn't have a supernatural nature, only humans can be the target of this ability. When the demon is inside a human body, he can't feel pain, which doesnt mean that the body can't die.


Demonic Aura - Unlimited energy that comes from the demon. This energy makes him immune to mental ailments and sickness. Because of this, demons don't need to sleep.


Weaknesses - Demons have a well known weakness for sacred objects, which damage the demon directly. A demon can be "killed" too by killing the host before he can transfer into another body, leaving him sealed on an useless body for the rest of his days. The most effective method known is the exorcism, which puts the demon back to Hell saving the host.

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Name: Vivian Clearwater

Age: 19


Race: Witch

Personality: Vivian is very quiet and sweet. Her disposition is very opposite that of her parents. While they seem to be more outgoing, loud, and over abusive of their powers, the only times Vivian really uses magic is when gardening. Sometimes she will change the weather so that she can paint outside, but she has never used magic against another person. Vivian also has an Alice in Wonderland type curiosity that normally gets her into trouble. Another character flaw is that she is too trusting of people. An idealistic view of the world makes her think that there is good in everyone and initially she assumes that people have the best intentions at heart. This makes her the easiest target of traps and being taken advantage of. Vivian is very in tune with nature and her favorite moments are when she is alone with only animals and plants around her for company. Sometimes she can be lost in her own mind vividly daydreaming. 


Bio: Vivian has lived in Darkpine Valley her whole life. Vivian has two mothers, who are life partners. Her parents have lived in Darkpine Valley their whole lives as well. She also has her grandmother, an ancient looking old witch who claims to be one of the original Coven who cast the spell that binds werewolves to witches. Her grandmother along with her mothers are apart of the group of witches that make the werewolves resent them. While they are loving towards Vivian and have a very sarcastic and energetic vernacular, they treat their bonded wolves as pet dogs, referring to them as mutts from time to time. The wolves protect them and the witches just accept this as a known fact giving little care to the wolves feelings on the situation. Vivian has never had this feeling and though she knows she will eventually meet her bonded wolf, she truly hopes that the bond possibly skipped her, for fear that she will cause pain and annoyance to someone. Vivian strongly does not want to be a burden on anyone. When she was younger she would consider running away because she had such an overwhelming want to be normal. As a child she could be constantly found in a large oak tree not very far from home where she would go to just be by herself. Vivian is more of an outcast from the coven. She never really got along with the other daughters of Coven members and never really excelled in her witches training. She always preferred to be by herself rather than socialize. In high school she was a loner who got good grades, but never participated in any other activities. Her beauty was more of a curse than a blessing since she was too quiet for any boys to be interested in her and being shy and pretty made her the target of a lot of bullying by the cheerleading squad. She had a bad incident where a group of football players had cornered her after school. One had pushed her against the wall with the intension of taking advantage of her, but after he had forced a kiss upon her lips he began to hallucinate his greatest fear which sent him from the scene screaming bloody murder. The rest of the boys had run off after him, leaving her alone, but also causing her to have a reputation of the crazy girl at school. That was the first time she had seen what her witch's gift could do. A witch's gift is a unique power that every witch has, it is different for everyone. To this day Vivian is unaware of what kisses given while she is in a different emotional state will do. Her powers are a mystery to herself. Now she is attending college and she plans to major in history with a minor in art. Ideally she would want an art history major, but that wasn't offered at such a small school. Her dream was to one day move out of this town and head to a major city like New York, where she could work in an Art Museum and blend in with the crowds. All she wanted was to not stick out. 




Witches Magic: Through incantation or potions she can manipulate magic to her will, this starts off weaker and grows as she becomes more powerful.


Emotional Kiss: A unique ability she has had her whole life is that a kiss from her depending on her emotion will cause different effects to the receiver; 

-  Anger:  her lips cause serious, but not fatal poisoning that results in vomiting and hives, symptoms appear immediately and typically go away after one day

- Joy:  her kiss grants heightened senses, strength, smell, and speed that lasts for one hour

- Sadness: her kiss will cause Paralysis for one hour

- Fear: her kiss will make the receiver hallucinate their greatest fear for thirty minutes. 


Weakness: If a witch consumes the liquid Witch Hazel, she is unable to perform magic for approximately one week, depending on the dose.

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Well I was only holding back because I'm not sure if Pain still wants to join or not. I'm going to be a little busy the next few days but hopefully it will be Monday evening or some time on Tuesday.

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I'd like to join.


I think I'd regret it I didn't. Plus, Adam would probably beat me up or something,


When you're free, can we discuss my character? I really like the werewolf idea.

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Im not gonna be home until tomorrow night. Ill come on Skype on my phone so you can reach me though.

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Name: Isabelle Archer

Age: 22

Appearance: http://i221.photobuc...tanna_Loken.jpg

Race: Werewolf

Personality: Due to her race, Isabelle (more commonly referred to as Izzy, or Iz) is fiercely loyal and protective of her family, sometimes to a fault. She'll often ignore their flaws and mistakes, even when they're staring her directly in the face. This is especially true of her immediate family, i.e her brother and father. Having grown up mostly surrounded by males, she's something of a tom boy, and as such, feels more comfortable around men than women. She doesn't really know how to do the 'girl thing' and can sometimes seem abrupt and rude to other girls, simply because she doesn't know how to behave in those situations. However, she's a very confident person overall, and cares very little, if at all, about the thoughts and opinions of anyone outside her family. 

Bio: {See BlackFrost's bio for information about the werewolf family}

Izzy isn't particularly book smart, because sitting in a classroom bores her to tears. Her attention span is minuscule when the subject matter is of no interest to her, and as such, her grades from highschool were poor. However, due to an interest in mechanics and something of a natural flair, she managed to land herself an apprenticeship at a local garage. Being up to her elbows in grease and oil would be her choice over shopping, every single time. 

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Now in a couple of rps me and adam sometimes write along with songs in mind and we work to an agreed soundtrack. Now rather than doing that I'd like it if people had a particular song in mind for a part of their post that they link it in the paragraph so that people can listen to it while they read. This is an optional thing and something to only throw in when appropriate. For example if you are doing a scene where someone is driving and they turn on a car radio you might want to insert a song. 

[url=http://somesite/]Site Name[/url]

and in practice it looks like this


and remember when copying and pasting stuff use ctrl+shift+V to paste without formatting, etc so it doesnt get all WEIRD on ya. 


Also please check the top post for a little extra info in the section entitled "The Witch & The Wolf". RP will be up soon. 

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That's the idea.... or candy.... or grenades..... or musical candy coated grenades!!!  @_@

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Backstory of Clearwater Coven that correlates with 'The Witch & The Wolf' 

Vivian's grandmother is Elenor Clearwater, in 1940 she lived in Darkpine Valley alone at the age of 13 after a freak accident of her witch's gift power killed off all of her family and coven. (her gift is that when she is over taken by sadness and grief she cries tears of blood and anyone around her in a 30 ft radius suffocates to death. - it is more of a curse than a gift.) Elenor was born under a particular group of star signs that make her incredibly powerful, a witch like her is only born once every hundred years. After the incident she cast a spell upon herself that suppressed her emotions, so that she could never unleash that power again. She never married, but seduced a local man of Darkpine Valley and had Penelope in 1966 because besides the wolf she had enchanted to protect her, she was very lonely. Soon after Penelope was born more people began to move to Darkpine Valley and Elenor used her charm to start a very large coven. The leaders of which became Elenor Clearwater, Janice Dean, and Sophia Malark. By 1970 the Clearwater coven had grown significantly, but only those with direct Clearwater, Dean, or Malark lineage gained the blessing of a wolf protector. Penelope Clearwater met Verra Fredericks when Verra moved to Darkpine Valley in 1981 when she was 15, her and her mother were the last of a coven in California that had been killed off by a particularly blood thirsty vampire. Penelope and Verra became "life partners" when they were 22 in 1988, though it was not legally recognized they still had a ceremony with friends and family, all of whom were apart of the coven. They used a sperm donor to get Vivian in 1994 (Penelope carried her).
- Elenor Clearwater's  wolf was Issac Archer
- Penelope Clearwater's wolf is Samuel Archer

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Also FYI, Raine Bell will be joining us. So it's gonna be a big family! Yaaaay! now scooch over! Scooch! We need room! 



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Name: Diana Riverstone


Age: 23


Appearance: (for visual purposes) and normally wears raven feathers as earrings.


Race: Skinwalker


Personality: Extremely quiet and keeps to herself most times. She doesn’t lack social skills but would rather just watch people then interact with them. Many people seem to think she’s odd for always just standing to the side and watching. Once you do get to know her though she fairly outspoken not always keeping in mind her place. With close friends she can always be seen laughing


Bio: Her past is sketchy, as she isn’t originally from Darkpine but she might as well have been. Her family moved there when she was very little. Her parents had said it was to get away but Diana didn’t quite understand what they were getting away from. As the years passed on Diana began to learn what her parents tried to hide from her. She had been gifted as a baby to be a skin-walker. Her parents believed it to be a curse and thought it best to move away from the tribes. But moving away did not keep Diana from learning. It started with her pet dog. Somehow the two had connected and it caused a change within Diana. Most of her elementary school years she spent trying to perfect the process of shifting. During middle school is when her options of animals grew. Then came one fateful high school night. One of her classmates had caught her shifting and in a panic she ran. Since then she has been on the run until now. Figuring enough time has passed Diana has returned to Darkpine as a college student to study dance and English with hope to be an instructor one day.



                Animal Empathy- Has the ability to sense an animal’s emotion as well as allow an animal to sense her own emotions.

                Animal Magnetism- animals are drawn to Diana whether she has changed into them or not.

                Unlike skinwalkers of old legends Diana also does not require the animals’ skin in order to transform given her practice when she was younger.

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Sounds great. I can see no reason Martin would have an issue with it, Day. You really worry too much.

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Butts butts butts. Its early in the am. I haven't been awake long. My brain is not awake yet. But that profile is good. Go post. Go post now. *pats*


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