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Looking for role-play people

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I'd like to get involved in some role-plays.


I'm comfortable playing:

  • realism (I think exploring psychological and social elements is cool)
  • very low fantasy and sci-fi (vampires, zombies, sentient AI, alien encounters, superpowers, etc. happening on modern-day earth)
  • seedy urban gangster shit (ex. "clueless person accidentally crosses the Yakuza", "characters have to rescue their friend from gangsters")
  • parody/comedy (ex. "real people interact with a Mary Sue/Marty Stu", "characters upload their consciousnesses to 4chan/Tumblr/Facebook/RedTube a-la The Matrix", "characters buy a sex toy and realize it grants them magical powers", "role-play in the style of 'My Immortal'")


Erotic roleplay is cool, but non-erotic is also cool.


I'm a mediocre writer I'm pretty concise and like to do a paragraph or two at a time, and I'm open to role-plays with students and graduates.


I enjoy developing characters over time, as opposed to writing a character for a specific role-play.  I have two very different characters at this time: an eccentric goth-type man and an upper-class woman who is a socialite and adventurer.  Their bios can be found here.  They have a vague "canon" but it's very flexible, if that makes any sense.  Just because Seth, for instance, is a normal guy in one role-play doesn't mean he can't be a vampire hunter in another; however his personality and appearance is a constant.  I used birth years instead of ages, because if you want to role-play with a younger or older version of Emily or Seth that's totally cool as well.


If you have any ideas you'd like to explore with me, reply or PM.  Even if it isn't something I mentioned above, just throw it at my face and see if it leaves a dent.

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