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Killjoy's Puppets

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Store most of my bios and whatnot on Charahub, though it's by no means an exhaustive archive. I'm making and scrapping characters all the time.


This is more so a roleplaying preference and plot ideas thread. If you have any questions or interests, feel free to shoot me a message.







Will do 1x1 or group roleplays of varying sizes. Basically any genre, depending on what the plot is.


Communication is a huge part of roleplaying for me, so if you just like to take it a post at a time without planning too far ahead, you'll probably get annoyed by my constant questions. I tend to write a fair bit, so if you dislike reading lengthy replies you probably won't have a fun time roleplaying with me. I'm still a little iffy at writing sci-fi and combat scenes. I'd love to learn, though.


I'll tolerate romance as a small element of the plot and am fine with any gender pairing. Platonic relationships are great. Romantic ones just bother me if they're not well-developed/seem forced.






My favourite genres are...

- dark/horror

- fantasy/supernatural

- sci-fi (plus steampunk, biopunk, cyberpunk, etc)

- action

- adventure

- anything based on a fandom I might be part of (mostly animes, games, and books; ask for specifics)

- animal stuff sometimes


Plot candies:

- blood 'n gore

- complex plots

- multifaceted characters/character development

- psychological suffering

- politics

- worldbuilding

- strangeness and humor

- the super brief and occasional fluffy/feelsy moment to offset all that



Plot Bunnies



In various states of completion. Open to ideas and changes.



The City Project

sci-fi, horror/dark, dystopia, tragedy, action || group or small group

Theme: End Of An Empire by Celldweller


When civilization finally ran its course and the world went to ruin, a classified measure known as "The City Project" was implemented as a last-ditch attempt to preserve humanity. All remaining resources and people were divided into groups and sent to various continents to re-establish society. Out of one hundred projects undertaken, only three remain; colossal paragons of human willpower and ingenuity, walled miracles amidst the wasteland that is their planet.


While the Cities have been able to undertake enormous leaps in science and engineering, the way a City runs is totalitarian: heavy military presence, surveillance, unsentimental citizens, serial codes and frequent tests to ensure physical and mental abilities corresponding with the status quo. Everyone is sorted into the work force based on an test they take and the main goal is maximum contribution of the individual. It's an intellectual but frigid world. There is no such thing as defect or weakness. If you cannot keep up with the others, you aren't a mouth worth feeding and are disposed of, or demoted to a lower class rank that allows you to be exploited by the more "useful" citizens without repercussion.


The City's ultimate peacekeeping force looms like a shadow. B.R.I.M. -- the Biologically Re-engineered Inhuman Militants, more machine than man. Their sole purpose is to crush dissent and have their strings pulled by the government that made them to further the City's cause. Wherever they go they spread hate, death, and terror. They have no names except for whatever people fearfully mutter before they arrive.


The general plot of this roleplay: a few B.R.I.M. will get in touch with their humanity, attempt to resist those controlling them, and find themselves battling both angry citizens/rebels who don't believe they can change and the government/regular military/other B.R.I.M who don't want them to. It probably won't end well-- your character will likely die, go crawling back to said government, or escape to a bleak world outside the walls that holds nothing for them. But who knows? Anything could happen.


The subplot: angry City occupants who can't stand the oppression any longer decide they'd rather die at the hands of B.R.I.M. than go on living in such conditions. These would mostly be the lower-class citizens who are not considered as important as others, and who have experienced the worst treatment. Insurgency and riots will ensue.


The kicker: you'll be playing as a B.R.I.M. -- a protagonist, but also an antagonist because literally everyone hates you and you have done awful, awful things. Also, every B.R.I.M.'s body is heavily augmented with machine parts. These weapons/defenses/etc are called Apparatuses, and they use them to fight. Let your science fiction imagination run rampant.


Plenty more information available upon request; that's more so a general overview.




mystery, suspense, horror || small group

Theme: Drunken Whaler (Copilot/Dishonored version)


1667; the High Sea. Miss Farthern's Oceanic Asylum was the only vessel of its kind. The crew of weathered old matrons and their orphans sailed the oceans, only stopping at ports to deliver their orphans to other asylums and pick up new ones who wandered aimlessly along the docks, forgotten by society.


One day, however, their vessel was attacked by a pirate ship with the moniker The Drunken Whale emblazoned on its side. The matrons were slaughtered and the children taken captive, subjected to cruel mistreatments by the pirates and held in the brig when not being used for their entertainment. The children eventually escaped and retaliated, slitting the sleeping pirates' throats one night and dispatching the others via mutiny. But with no land to sail to, they quickly ran out of food and water. Eating dead bodies did them no favours. The children perished.


It's now 1702. Elizabethan era Britain-- the first telecommunicator has been invented, and there's a patent for some bizarre new contraption called the typewriter. Recently, there has been a string of very odd disappearances. Criminals convicted to hang have simply vanished from their cells, traces of a struggle evident. Because they were on death row, everyone assumes the worst of the prison guards and declines further investigations.


The criminals, however, are not dead. Not yet. They awake on a strange vessel. It's massive, devoid of a crew, but well-stocked with supplies. They don't recall how they got to be there, or why, or who they were before arriving there.


The plot: meeting up with other amnesiacs, they begin to suspect something is wrong with being on a crewless ship that sails itself. And soon they find that they are not alone...the children never really left.


The cycle works like this: every week, the children (or rather, their supernatural/paranormal imprints) take one person (or turn the others against them), killing them to the tune of a shanty. The characters will have to explore the ship and try to find clues to their pasts; if they can figure out why they ended up there, they've been promised their lives. They have one month.



Week one: Stuff him in a sack and throw him over

two: Feed him to the hungry rats for dinner

three: Shoot him in the heart with a loaded pistol

four: Slice his throat with a rusty cleaver


way, hey, and up she rises early in the morning





fantasy (low?), action, adventure || small group or group || name subject to change


Alright, so I did an enormous amount of worldbuilding and legend creating for this one, but there's no plot. Why am I like this.


The abbreviated version: 


In the beginning, there were four gods. The Four were supremely powerful beings. They were the ones who caused seasonal changes and looked after the planet.


When one of the Four cycled into power at the beginning of their season, they exerted massive amounts of energy, which embedded itself in the world. Humans eventually learned how to cultivate and wield this energy and referred to it as "magic". They built their civilizations around this gift, and paid homage to the gods on Solstices to thank them.


One day, there was a colossal exertion of magic known in history books as The Pulse. Although its causes are not understood, it's consequences very much are. Chaotic weather bore strange seasonal beings-- pale young humanoids from snowflakes, copper-skinned wildlings who appeared in whirls of autumn leaves, bronzed figures emerging from flames brushing cinders from their bodies and small, fawn-legged people that sprung from thickets. They befriended the humans, who called them Changelings. It was a strange and hectic time where nothing made much sense. The world surrendered itself to endless celebrations and festivities, reveling in the loss of reason.


But soon enough the storms began to die and the seasons went on as usual. The strange beings made of magic and elements bid their human friends, companions, and lovers tearful goodbyes and vanished into thin air.


The humans could not stand for this.


They began to bicker and fight, as humans often do. They grouped off into "Seasons"-- gaggles of like-minded people who had bonded with Changelings of the same seasonal element. The violence soon escalated into holy wars; Seasons shed blood over land and resources and religion rose above all authority. The theory was that if these Seasons channeled enough magic and prayer into it, they could best the other Seasons, rewrite the laws of nature and force their Changelings to return to them. Leeching every speck of power from the land, they pursued this silly dream.


It did not work in their favour. They ravaged the fabric of reality with their warped spells and all but destroyed the world. Corrupt churches seized power and the war reached its deepest rut.


Their prosperous lands became darker and darker. The seasons stopped changing. The Four were disturbed by these alterations of reality. They had grown sick and morbid and could help no one, let alone themselves.


It was then that a few brave human souls sought to instill clarity in the madness. Few from each Season, they rallied together to combat the evil that had their world in its clutches. Using magic, they systematically besieged each of the four kingdoms and overpowered their capitals-- great fortresses, factories, or towers in which that kingdom's magic was stored. They gained more and more followers as they traveled across the lands conquering and reclaiming in a blaze of glory, in the name of all that was still good in that world.


They won.


Equilibrium restored at last, the Four, now cleansed, were able to nurture their world back to full health. The seasons once again began to cycle. However, their magic remained crippled. To this very day humans are required to gather up scattered magic and channel it during Solstice ceremonies in order to help ferry the Changelings to their world.


It was decided that the people would remain in their seasonal clans. Each Season has different cultures, customs, traditions, uses for the Changelings, and unique ways of utilizing magic. They are responsible for bolstering their seasonal God during Solstices and other festivals by gathering and redirecting the magic they loose onto the earth. If they stop, not only will their Changelings never appear, but the seasons may very well cease to cycle.


Season name / kingdom / geographical highlight / direction / element / crest / colours

Lavern / Kingdom of Spring / The Hushed Hills - east - wind - the nymph - lavender/white/green

Sorley / Kingdom of Summer / The Red Coast - south - fire - the phoenix - red/orange/yellow

Hazan / Kingdom of Autumn / The Fallen Forest - west - earth - the kirin/qilin - copper/gold/brown

Moraga / Kingdom of Winter / The Far Glaciers - north - water - the dragon - blue/white/grey




Deathknell Castle

fantasy, mystery, horror || group


For as long as living memory extends, the stone castle on the outskirts of town has always been uninhabited. But at night it's the source of many strange going-ons...including the occasional disappearance after the bells can be heard tolling. These disappearances have grown more and more frequent the past decade, to the point where it's decimating the town's population.


One day, the castle's gates, locked until that point, simply swing open.


A group of brave townsfolk decide to enter, both in search of their lost comrades and to get to the bottom of whatever's going on.


This might make an okay D&D plot seedling??




action, modern, sci-fi ish, mystery(?) || small group or 1x1


Basically the only concept I have for this is weaponized sociopaths. Since emotion is mostly localized in small regions of the brain, surgically damaging these would turn a normal person into an apathetic, amoral killer. Parties at odds (likely politically motivated, since this would require a ton of money to orchestrate) use these altered people to push their agendas by "removing" certain key players from the table via assassinations.




Resurrection Men

Dark, action, 19th century, maybe supernatural or horror || group or small group


It's 1800s England. Science and medicine are expanding; but in order for physicians to teach their students the marvels of modern medicine, they'll need a few anatomy lessons...and cadavers are in short supply, you see.


But suppose we could enlist groups of keen individuals to skulk into graveyards and morgues under the cover of night and exhume corpses; have them ferry the bodies back to our schools through the use of secret tunnel network...


I guess we'd have to call them resurrection men.


Yep. Graverobbing and body-snatching in the name of science. There'd be a main medical school for the roleplay to center around [all details up for debate, but somewhere in England], and the featured characters would likely be the doctors/general riffraff doing the snatching. Throw in some political complications and drama, a pinch of horror and fight scenes, and we're off to the races.


We could probably incorporate some spooky/supernatural element to make this more awesome. I'm open to ideas.


This is based directly off a period of history that actually happened. Google it-- lots of fun to read about!





modern, gore/horror, thriller || 1x1


Another disgusting romanticization of the modern "cool" psycho/sociopath. Might as well hop on the bandwagon.


Essentially, Guy 1 was planning to hitchhike, shoot whoever picked him up and jack their car. Guy 2 was a driver planning to pick up the next hitchhiker he came across and kill him for fun. Two worlds collide. Only, when Guy 1 points his gun at Guy 2, he finds another pointed straight back at him. The two have a sort of "omg no way was going to kill you" moment, form a mutual alliance, and go on to share an apartment and do serial killer things together.


Basically just an excuse for gross, morally repulsive, morbid shenanigans.


The plot: whatever the hell we want. We could just keep going from scenario to scenario until we got bored, have the police catch wind, get into a psychological game, have one of the guys betray the other...anything. Could be gay or not-gay.

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