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Name: Jack "Muerte" Silvers

Age: 86, looks 25



Race: Vampire

Personality: A simple minded person, Silvers mostly likes to enjoy the moment and have fun observing how the younger do their thing. His alignment in general is pretty neutral unless "fun" is involved.

Bio: To tell the story of Silvers, is to go back long time ago. His real name was Jack, and his story before being embraced wasn't too interesting for whoever that expected a great quest for immortality. He growed to be a very troublesome kid with no particular expectations for his future, not from himself no others, even his family given up on him and didn't even mind when he decided to enlist for World War II. On the lines he found his utility, just executing, not thinking, like a dead man, a dangerous dead man that dared to do what any other soldier didn't dare, what did he have to lose anyways? What was waiting for him back at home anyways? Silvers just executed and showed a skill that impressed a man that would change his life forever.

Coming back from Japan on the 45, after the submission of the Japanese, Jack was contacted by an old man that claimed to have meet him in Sicily during one of the operations. His name was also Jack, was a british soldier that saw his performance on the operation and made him an offer, immortality; Silvers laughed it off, but the gentleman seemed serious, his only reply was something Jack would always remember... "I saw how you fight and its a pity, no man should keep living so lost... and if war couldn't kill you, i'll give you extra time to find something worth to do so..." And so, Jack got embraced that same night, on a curse that could be the only cure for his own curse.

From that day forward, Jack was Silvers's mentor, he taught him what he was, his abilities, responsibility, rules, phylosophy... everything that the old man saw through his immortal eyes was transferred to the newborn's psyche, giving him a new perspective of life; and once his menthor was satisfied, he left.

Nowadays, Silvers forms part of a gang of bikers as their leader and his job as it was once his mentor's, is to help people find their path in this journey called life.


Heal Factor - His vampiric condition allows him to constantly regenerate as long as he is properly fed with blood, granting him a partial immortality and eternal youth.

Enhanced Physical - Vampires are physically stronger and faster than humans and also possess an unlimited amount of stamina, considering they dont really need to breath nor get tired.

Feeling the blood - An advanced vampire technique, it allows the night creature to smell the blood and determine how many people there are, what they are and where they are. The limit of this technique is a ratio of 29 feet and only works if the vampire actively focus on it.

Blood Boil - Another advanced technique of the night walkers. Allows to use a large amount of blood to buff a physical aspect for one hour, reaching unbelievable peeks. If on speed, the movements of the vampire are almost unseen and running looks almost like teleportation, if on strenght, the vampire will be able to even lift cars and throw them on ease, and if on resistance, the vampire's skin will turn into an almost impenetrable shield, making it hard to harm the creature even with bullets of low caliber. After this technique, the vampire needs to find blood with urgency or else could fall on blood frenzy or eternal sleep for lack of blood.

Weaknesses - Vampires, though they do have plenty of strenghts they also got a fair amount of weaknesses or ways to kill them. Lack of blood and stakes piercing their heart gets them on a state of eternal sleep, unless they get intervention from the outside. Head removal leads to their automatic death and also the exposure to sunlight or incineration.

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