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Private RP between myself and Pain, rated 'X' for a lot of violence, gore, very dark themes, language and all those other sorts of things that are likely to come up in the RP.
The people of our world are hunted by foul monsters that prey on the innocent. They have no emotions and are driven entirely by the need to feed. There is only one thing that stands between us and this tide of darkness. A small group of men and women who spend their lives using a terrible power to destroy this evil, while slowing turning into the thing they despise the most. Our story will revolve around one of these hunters, his journey to understand his past and present, and in so doing, to know what he must do to preserve our future. 
A medieval-age fantasy world called Atlus. Split into three main continents (and minor islands). Arcadia to the west, Geralt in the east and Silven to the north. Arcadia is a land mostly comprised of forests, valleys and mountain ranges. It is a harsh land that struggles despite the just rule of the King, bandits and Vampires are rife in places and the people are forced to endure many hardships, chief among them are famine and disease. Geralt is a desert continent, the people have less even than those in Arcadia, and are in a constant state of civil war. Water is a precious resource here and is often the source of fighting. Silven is an arctic continent, there are only a handful of villages and it is said that dangerous animals there grow to enormous sizes, some as large as houses.
These creatures feed on the blood and flesh of humans. They are deceptive and can be intelligent but are unemotional and driven by their instinctive need to consume. They cannot be bargained with and are merciless killing machines. Vampires are able to assume the human form of any they have fed upon, to any extent. As a result, they can only be identified by experienced Dhampir.
Once they have assumed a person's form, they can imitate their personality and emotions and even have access to the person's memories up to the point of their death, however, it is purely a mask that they will shed the moment they lose need for it. The more victims a vampire feeds upon, and the older it is, the stronger and more intelligent it becomes, it is even able to stave off feeding to maintain it's disguise, but eventually they must feed, like all vampires.
They will do anything to survive, use any means of trickery or mental manipulation to subvert a person's defences. Their strength is only equalled by the Dhampir and compared to vampires, humans are little more than sheep to them, unable to defend themselves against the creatures incredible strength, speed, reflexes and overall physical prowess, they are considered a true apex predator.
Vampires have many unique abilities, most of which have yet to be catalogued, though these are updated on a daily basis. They come from a direct result of feeding, perhaps attaining some form of evolution from the victims flesh they consume. Hence why they are stronger, more intelligent and more deadly as time goes on. They can be injured like any creature, but their muscle density is much higher compared to a human's, so weak attacks won't pierce the muscle tissue and they will heal any wound that is not inflicted by silver at an incredible rate. The only way to kill a vampire without silver, is to remove the head, though silver can cause fatal wounds without doing this. They have few other weaknesses and little else is known about them.
The Dhampir are humans who were mostly orphaned during early childhood. Taken from the ruins of their homes by the shadowy group known only as 'The Organization', these children spent years in imprisonment, being physically trained, psychologically conditioned and over the years, having terrible acts of experimentation and torture upon their bodies in attempts to turn them into Dhampir, or what many outside the organization derogatorily call 'Wraiths'.

The success rate to create a Dhampir is perhaps only 5%, the rest suffer an agonizing and debilitating death or go insane. These evils are supposed to be committed in the name of ultimately preserving peace and some level of happiness in the world. For it is only the Dhampir who are strong enough to repel or destroy vampires. In the experiments, they are infused with vampire blood and flesh, and as a result will gain incredible powers that often exceed the potential of many vampires. However, this is at a great cost to the Dhampir.

Every Dhampir is 'born' with a set of internal clocks, tied into their vampire side. While they are far stronger than any normal human at a passively active 1% of their power, should they choose to access any more of that vampire strength, they will gradually begin to lose themselves to their darker half. The rate of change is different for every Dhampir, some manage to survive their entire careers in control of their monstrous nature, while others find their limits often tested and eventually fall prey and become as dangerous (if not more so) and heartless a creature as those they hunt. 

As a result, the Dhampir will usually choose to inform their closest friend/comrade of their imminent turning, so that they can speak with that person one last time, and then are killed by this friend in order to prevent them turning into the thing they hate the most, and harm those they've guarded. It is said that whether through the slow passage of time (for Dhampir are said to be immortal and die only in battle) or the excess use of their power, all Dhampir would eventually become vampires.
Little is known about the organization, its role and reasons for existing if there are any besides their publicly known association and creation of the Dhampir, are not shared. However, they are not a charitable group by any means. Their costs are steep and it is usually the town as a whole who must pay in order to hire a Dhampir to kill the vampire/s infesting their town or surrounding areas.

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Name: Siora

Age: Roughly 37

Race: Dhampir

Appearance: Blonde hair, pale, almost white skin, and slightly pointed ears. She stands around 5'4", with a slender, muscular build typical of the Dhampir. Her face might have been attractive had it not looked so drawn and gaunt, and her emerald eyes are the only thing to express rare emotion.

Abilities: Besides the usual traits of a Dhampir, Siora also has telekinesis - the ability to move things with her mind. She also has the ability to wield two blades simultaneously.

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Name: Ash

Age: Unknown - Appears in his mid twenties

Race: Dhampir

Appearance: 5'10'' with a slim but athletically muscular build. Smooth, medium-length white hair, pale off-white skin and almond-shaped eyes that are similar to a Vampire's, in that they have iris like a cat's. In addition, his teeth are closer to a Vampire's, a mouth full of slightly triangular canines.

Abilities: Aside from the usual abilities of a Dhampir, Ash seems capable of a powerful sensory ability that appears as though he is sensing the future somehow. What it is, or how it works is unclear, but will be revealed throughout the course of the story. Ash uses a strange weapon that he can shift between a large broadsword, or a scythe with a long handle.

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