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The Demon Horde

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Sasha was running through what used to be--well i guess it technically still is--New York City. Well, running is considered a relative term; eight of the nine metal appendages protruded from Sasha’s back, each one bounding forward nine feet and propelling her small frame--suspended four feet off the ground--forward. The ninth appendage stuck in the air, poised to strike, the tip glowing a fierce red.


Sasha always considered abandoned cities to be the easiest places to fight at--for her anyway. Her multiple limbs made disadvantage of taking tight turns nonexistent. She could turn on a dime without slowing down, instead the metal appendages on her back compensated for the turn but digging higher into the walls. For her an urban environment was certainly advantageous.


At least when she wasn’t lost it was.


The legs struck fast and stuck into the side of an old brick building, launching her up and along the wall, several strides later she was a few stories in the air, atop what was at one time an apartment building.  The radio ear piece crackled in her ear, “Sasha, this seriously isn’t that hard. Just precede to point Charlie taking route Indigo and from there the extraction point pretty much points itself out. Weren’t you listening during my pre-mission brief?”


She peered over the edge of the building, barely breathing so as to not give herself away. There was at least fifteen two’s and a three down there.


Again, the radio, “I’m assuming you’ve got contacts. When it’s clear establish comms with me. I’m going to try and get in position to provide support for you. I’m following the commotion and I’m pretty sure I know where you’re at.”


She put her hand on the thin cord that dangled from her ear piece and pressed the talk button, “To answer your question no I was not paying attention during the mission brief.” An audible sigh left her breath before she continued, “I can’t give you an exact location, I’ve got about fifteen contacts, thirteen two’s and two threes. Possibly a four in the mix.”


“Copy. Fifteen.” Sasha could tell now that he was running by his heavier breathing over the radio, “Don’t engage until I--”


She cut him off with the talk button, “What? Engage?” A smirk crossed her face, “Alright!” Her mechanical legs contracted downwards, bring her feet only centimeters of the ground, and then exploded upwards, over the edge of the building, and downwards towards the demon horde below.


She landed like a pouncing spider, silent and fast. The ends of her many different legs aren’t necessarily sharp, but when what are essential metal poles are thrown from seventy feet in the air they are obviously going to do some pretty nasty things to flesh and bone when they make contact.


Again as she landed all the legs contracted to absorb the full impact of her fall--this time her feet touched the ground with a limp thud, being pushed in what looked like awkward and uncomfortable directions. Three of the legs each went through a separate demon. Each of them was unlucky enough to get caught somewhere that was relatively fatal--one in the head, another through part of his chest, and then another got caught in the throat.


Blood, ichor, goop, shit--whatever you want to call the inside of demons--splattered on Sasha; leaving quite an unpleasant smell. Fucking Christ, I’m so sick of this goddamn bullshit. This shit is so disgusting! The three appendages that had initially impelled the demons she left planted down, she would worry about moving once the element of surprise wore off. As it stood she had a solid three seconds to get heavy casualties on their side before moving.


The appendage in the center of her back whipped up and illuminated a dangerous red. With shocking force and the speed of a striking cobra it lashed forward and through the center forehead of another demon that was a few feet in front of her, leaving a small and precise burning hole through it.


The top two appendages on her body body began to move simultaneously as her “stinger” as she calls it repositioned itself. These appendages looked different than all the others; they were noticeably thicker from beginning to end. With an audible click each snapped open. The “pincers” as Professor Caranack referred to them as, were three separate pieces that joined together into a point. They were her only defensive measure really, as the rest of her appendages were suited and designed for movement--jumping, grappling buildings, quick bursts of speed. If met with a frequent substantial amount of force or for extended periods of time, they wouldn’t last very long at all.


This alleyway is perfect, a little more damage and I’ll reposition


Her pincers shot forward and collapsed around two of the demons, they wriggled and tried to get free, but in an instant her precision stinger was through their two foreheads, delivering a quick and lethal blow. As soon as her stinger reset itself she began to move, her six legs scrambled to the side and back, she’d purposefully taken out the demons in the front, so that she’d have an easy route to escape through, just by backing up.


Or so she thought.


One of the demons closed the gap at an impossible speed. She withdrew her pincers, repositioned her legs to prepare to redistribute the force of his momentum, opened the pincers and caught the demon by the chest with each pincer. The length of each piece of the three pronged appendage was roughly three feet long, so to say that each fully extended pincer was on the torso of this monstrosity really spoke to its size. Her legs groaned under the pressure of trying to stop its forward momentum, Shit this is definitely a four. I can’t take it by myself, gotta get out of here.. She knew she had to reposition herself, if it got in-between her pincers and her body she would be skewered. She doubt she’d get a good shot with her stinger, and even if she did Four’s are ridiculously resilient--even with a hole through its brain it would probably still be enough to kill her.


The remaining twos and then the still undecided number--Probably just a big two, she thought, I doubt there’d a four and three together and it’d be even more unlikely to have a four and four She’d lost sight of that one now, her main concern was repositioning herself now, no time to worry about that. She exhausted her window of surprise and if she didn’t move soon she’d pay the price.


Her stinger lashed out and back, exploding backwards silently and cut through the air and into the top corner of the same apartment building she had climbed earlier. The stinger smashed easily and quickly through the brick wall, then it expanded outwards once through and retracted slightly, light a grappling hook. With the force of a heavy, mechanical wench, Sasha was launched backwards and upwards into the air. In less than a two seconds she was repositioned, hanging from the side of the apartment building, working her stinger free.


The level four demon was not far behind her, while the level two demons wouldn’t be able to scale the side of a building--at least not at any rate that could keep up with her--the level four definately could. He was closing the distance fast, and it was just now that she got a good look at it.


It was about twelve feet tall, with stubbier legs and extremely long arms and proportionate torso to those arms--built like some type of demonic gorilla. It’s langley arms ended with no skin, just hands that were carved from bone into sharp, terrifying points. It used those claw-bone-hands to travel the nearly fifty foot walls with ease, putting Sasha in his crosshairs.


Sasha’s pincer finally broke free and she lunged, across to the other side of the alleyway, her legs and pincers scraping down the wall trying to get traction as she lost ground and she scrambled her way back up. She reached the top of the building and knew she didn’t have any time to waste, the level four would be up there in seconds.


When she scanned her surroundings for an exit, she lost her breath.


“Well, fuck.” She said as the number four launched up behind her, just as she was about to launch across to the other roof. “There are two fours working together?! What kind of shit is that. Or are you a three? Fucking Jesus Mother Fucking Christ.”


“Move to the left!” Her radio screamed in her ear, and she did so without thinking. Her body being whiplashed by the sudden unconscious change of momentum. The level four that was in front of her came under heavy fire as his chest was ripped apart by the burst fire of Jace’s rifle. “Run forward!” Her radio crackled on again and she did so, taking massive eight to twelve foot bounds with her legs.


She pressed the button and talked back while she retreated, “I’m not watching my back you got me?” As she spoke a smoke grenade launched itself out of the window of a slightly taller building--well it’s not so much a window anymore, now it’s been shredded by gunfire. She turned and didn’t need to be instructed on what to do next, they’d practice this scenario multiple times.




Jace was only a little off with his timing.


He needed to cover a lot of distance in a really short period of time. The he got off a full magazine from his rifle into the chest of the level four that was in front of her, and then switched to his side arm and got off another full clip into the back of that weird gorilla thing. Sasha would have a small window to lunge on top of the building he was on, grab him, then they’d go over the open circuit and get the rest of them here to take on this small cluster and be out of this city. The resistance doesn’t have the capability anymore to take on a four. It’s no wonder why they called for help--two in one area is almost too much for Sasha and Jace to handle by themselves.


The smoke bomb is actually a special potion crafted by the Professor, it only looks like a fog to people, but to demons it’s like being inside a badly burning building. It would give Sasha the perfect opportunity to reposition herself and then they can draw them to agreed upon location to confront large numbers.


Jace reached the top, barely a trickle of sweat on his forehead. He was in great shape. His modified M-4 rifle was hanging from his sling and was already reloaded. He was reloading his similar side arm when he bounded through the doorway to see Sasha. Her appendages were contracted downwards, keeping her low and out of site from the two demons. Her dark brown skin was sweaty and she was definitely going to need a new set of clothes. They were covered in ichor.


“Alright,” Jace said, “you ready?”


“Yah,” She panted, picking her tank top and gagging, “Fucking nasty mother fucking fuckers.” Her yoga pants were equally stained and she realed at the sight of them. “Alright,” She extended her pincer and a leg and Jace precariously perched himself on them, wobbling at first and then getting a steady balance and shooting platform. He was facing with his back to her, his rifle butt to his shoulder, Sasha fully supported his weight. When he was situated she wrapped her stinger across his waist to hold him more securely. This, as well, is something they’ve practiced and executed a number of times.


It left Sasha almost completely defenseless. Her pincers were now needed to keep her balance and hold Jase, while her stinger was now completely occupied. But she could make up for that, her legs could cover some serious distance when needed to, giving her the ability to reach a high velocity quickly.  

Jace tuned his radio to another channel, it hung on his belt, and then he pressed the talk button that dangled from his in front of his chest. “All channels, Scorpion and Rogue moving to point Echo Juliette down route Indigo. Again, Scorpion and Rogue to Echo Juliette.”


Sasha lunged, her legs straining under the extra weight when they smacked down on the ground, this time her chest hitting the ground before her legs could recover. She was now in front of horde of level two’s and moving fast. The sound of suppressed gunfire erupted out the side of her ear as Jace let loose into the lesser ones--easily mowing them down. By this time, the smoke up above cleared and the two level fours were furious. Wounds barely making them flinch. Jace watched in awe as they jumped the nearly seventy feet to land on the ground without flinching.


It didn’t matter though, when it came to running, there wasn’t much of anything that could match Sasha and her many different legs. They sped away with the demons in hot pursuit.


“You realize Jace that no one knows what the fuck you’re talking about right?”


In Between shots Jace was able to get out, “How?! Every pre-mission brief we label the main routes, the extraction and entry points, and the rendezvous points!”


“Not all of us are ex-military, ya know. And it’s stupid. Just, like, tell them where we are going. And quit with the dumb code names.” Jace tried to speak but again Sasha cut him off, “And seriously I doubt they have any idea what road ‘point Indigo’ is. The roads are already named for god sakes. Just say 8th. Because we are literally on 8th street.”


“Damn it, Sasha!” Jace pressed the talk button, defeated; “Moving down 8th street, to Times Square.”

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The radio on her ammo belt buzzed.

All channels, Scorpion and Rogue moving to point Echo Juliette down route Indigo. Again, Scorpion and Rogue to Echo Juliette.”

Shit. What was her ID again? Summer pulled the radio off of her belt and pulled it up to her face.

Summer took a deep breath to ready her reply when her radio buzzed to life.

Moving down Broadway, to Times Square.”

The sound of bullets and demon roars rang out through the city streets. Someone didn't keep it stealthy enough.

Summer pressed the communicator button on her radio. “Uhhh, Courier to... uhmmm...” she paused. “Listen, it's Summer. I'm moving towards your location now.”

She put her radio back onto her belt, and took her revolver out of her holster, and spun the chamber. It clicked as it spun. A smile pulled at her mouth and she flipped her bangs from her face. She took a can of food from the floor of the store she was in and tossed it into her messenger bag.

She took to a run, vaulting the counter at the front of the store and bursting through the front doors. Usually she'd prefer a lower profile, but there was already a firefight, no point in it now.

She ran across the short parking lot, and turned onto the adjoining street. Her feet hit the pavement in rhythm. She hurdled an abandoned car, landing to continue running.

The sounds of gunfire and demons grew louder as she made her way down the street. She hurdled another car and continued down, as she landed, she spotted a small group of demons, just three small ones. A scavenge team probably.

She ran straight towards them at full sprint, jumping over the one in the middle. She landed on the other side, crouching low. The demons made a growling sound. She spun on her heals and pointed the gun directly at the on in the middle. BLAM. She pulled the trigger. The demon's head splatted all along the road behind it.

There were still two more on either side of the now decapitated demon body. She aimed at the one to her right. BLAM. “Damn it!” Dust flew out of the wall on a building far behind the demon. BLAM. “There we go.” The second demon was down, but that still left one. She looked to her left. Her vision was filled with a massive red hand. Her training took over and her arm flew up to block it. She felt the sharp skin of the demon cut her forearm and she could feel the warm blood ooze down to her elbow.

What was that for?” She asked. She shifted all of her wait onto her left foot and spun on it, kicking the demon with her right leg. She regained her footing and aimed her revolver at the demon, which had already recovered and begin propelling itself at her, roaring loudly. She pulled the trigger, and another shot echoed out and the demon roared again. She had shot it straight through the waist, right above it's left leg.

It lay on the ground, growling, and attempting to nurse it's leg. Summer spins the chamber again as she walks up to it, her boots thumped on the ground with each step. “Sorry, but I gotta run.” she told the demon, putting the barrel up to it's forehead.


With that over with she was on her way again, gun in her holster and the cut on her arm now coagulated enough to stop the bleeding, but she'd need a new coat. She continued running down the street towards Times Square. Only a handful of minutes later she arrived at the Square, she pulled the radio off your belt “It's Summers, I'm here. Where are you guys?”

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Lucas sat with his back against the remains of the wall the Demon’s had chosen as their entrance, their corpses strewn around him battered nearly beyond recognition. The earpiece in his right ear was buzzing but it was only Jace speaking in his military talk so Lucas ignored him. Lucas scratched the shaved side of his head and then adjusted his Magitech that were hung from his waist from their harness. The radio spoke up again but this time Jace was speaking in English so Lucas pulled himself to his feet and took a quick look to pick the best way to go to get to Times Square from where he was.


He jumped the broken section of wall, into an alley filled with the rubble of the buildings around him, listening carefully in case there were any more Demons around. The three 2nd Ringers that were now dead and managed to get the drop on him; it was just lucky they hadn’t realised he wielded Magitech. With nothing he could hear, Lucas set off at a light jog, pausing at the exit of the alley before dashing across the street, leaping a decrepit car’s bonnet, and entering another alley. Lucas continued this style of travelling until only a block separated him from Times square.


It was at this point that his earpiece sounded again and Summer spoke, informing the team that she had arrived at Times Square. Lucas started moving out of the alley he was in to a small road that would lead him into the square but stopped when a loud crash sounded from behind him. He turned slowly and came face to chest with a Demon whose skin seemed to glow red in vividness. Lucas didn’t move suddenly, but inwardly braced for quick movement, his hands flexed in preparedness to grab his weapons.


“Well, aren’t you the ugly one?” He said and the Demon growled before dashing forward, deadly claws held out wide as if wanted to catch Lucas in a bear hug.


In a flash, Lucas’ weapons were in his hands and he had activated them. Lucas called them his Beam Batons, despite Carnak’s insistence he call them by the proper title of Impact Resonators. They were cylinders about four inches wide and as long as his forearm with another half a foot further forward of his clenched fists. Those fists were enclosed around gripped handles with silver levers above the knuckles, close enough that if he extended his fingers he could pull them in. The tubes themselves were white with small black gaps running their length, giving it a segmented, scaled look.


The Demon before him was probably a 3rd Ringer as he stood taller and wider than the trio from earlier. Lucas expertly sidestepped the attack and ducked under the Demon’s extended left arm. As he passed by the Demon’s ribcage, he punched his right fist forward and caught the Demon with his right Beam Baton. As the tip touched the tough flesh, the black gaps lit up with a bright blue energy and the tip let out a flash of circular energy. The Demon was thrown off course where he barrelled into the wall of the alley, clutching at his side that now housed a bunch of broken ribs and a dent where Lucas had struck.


Before the Demon could recover from its surprise, it was used to being superior to nearly all human weapons, Lucas stepped in and delivered another right-handed strike to the Demon’s right shoulder. The strength of the shockwave knocked the joint out of place and as the Demon opened its mouth to roar, Lucas struck with a perfect uppercut. It slammed the Demon’s mouth shut and Lucas was pretty sure he had shattered the creature’s teeth. Lucas didn’t let up and quickly struck the Demon on its right hip, left knee and finally a powerful straight into its belly. The Demon dropped to the floor face down, apparently unconscious. Lucas wasn’t satisfied with just that so stepped up onto the Demon’s back and knelt down, resting his weapons either side of the Demon’s head.


“You fucking ass.” He said before activated the shockwaves and reducing its head to a mushy dark red paste.


With the Demon taken care of, Lucas jogged to the road, and stuck to the buildings wall as he reached the entrance to Times Square. He couldn’t see any of his teammates until he looked left and saw Summer crouched nearby. Lucas reached up to the throat mike around his neck and depressed the talk button.


“Yo, military dick, I’ve reached the square and can see Summer; where the hell are you?” he saw Summer start as she heard he could see her and smiled to himself.

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