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These Bloody Streets: Requiem for Allies! [OOC] [Private]

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A quick run down of things so far: Four relaxing years have passed since the defeat of Ezralda and subsequently the fall of almost all the Fairy Kingdoms. The world is slowly putting itself back together, complete transparency with the supernatural. A powerful Vampire whispered and known by names such as the Guardian of the Night, the Night Listener, the Savior of the world, has since disappeared. His whereabouts completely unknown to even his closest circle of friends and allies. It appears, however, that the world does not need him or his allies; there are no supernatural threats, Ezralda essentially neutered every powerful organization--good or bad. One thing doesn't add up though, and this one thing is the reason why none of them have rested since their battle with Ezralda.

If the world is so seemingly peaceful, then how could the future unfold as disastrously as Arafel told them it would?

 The biggest worry on everyone's mind is where is Ryuzaki? Is this the start of the strange future that they are not present in? There is only one women and one man who has the answer to that question. Michael and Ariel plan on taking this secret to their graves, which hopefully is later rather than sooner. If Ryuzaki doesn't return, then they have but one future, one timeline to follow, one destiny. 


Alright so that's just a quick run down of where we'll be starting things off at! I'm trying to get the IC up and then I'll get my character sheets up here and whatnot. Go ahead and post a brief description of your faction and what they are about and stuff too. 

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See my faction below.

Crescent Moon - An organisation that works underground, in secret, to put the earth into an eternal night; all the main members have been cursed in some way.

Raphael Ginta - The leader of Crescent Moon who believes that the moon holds the power to rid a person of their curses. As such he has gathered cursed people and drawn them in with promises of cures. He is known to very few people in the world and even less people know his true name; in the few instances where he has required a name, he goes by Ramon.

Sophia Narnhurst - One of the 2nd In Command of Crescent Moon, known as the Right Lieutenant. She is in possession of a cursed mask that is permenantly grafted to her face. In public, goes by the name Celia. <----- She is going to be my active character in the past.

Kai Vega - The other 2nd In Command of Crescent Moon, known as the left Lieutenant. He was cursed by a gypsy as a boy and had been searching for the cure when he was recruited by Raphael. In public, goes by the name Vincent.

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Well i do believe that's one of the longer posts I've done. Mostly just a lot of backstory honestly. I opened us up to a fight scene, ya know as usual :P So those ambiguous figures I had described, feel free to make them whatever and whoever you want, probably going to be a bit tougher to defeat than the cannon fodder Sookie and them were fighting in the beginning of my post. I didn't write everyone's character in because I wasn't exactly sure what characters you guys would be using, so if you want to be there just show up! haha. 

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The Arpeggio

- A large order of ancient people with sound based abilities, also known as Sound Mages.Their origins as a group are shrouded in mystery, though it's widely accepted that they are decedents of Apollo, though there is no single account of their history that has been proven 100% true. Their abilities grant them complete and total manipulation over sound waves and to some extent simple vibrations in the air. Some of their stronger members have been rumored to be able to even teleport on a whisper.

- The leader is known as Incalzando Ottava, a very old and learned man in charge of the Arpeggio. He is also an incredibly powerful Sound Mage, as with all of the leaders. Though battles have worn his face in the past, he prefers peace when possible, thus any instance of him fighting is known only in legend.

- The first body guard would be Echo Pienna, a feared and powerful warrior in the Arpeggio. She was born mute, and learned to speak by using her powers to vibrate the air to create the sounds she would speak.

- The second body guard is Michael, who is a warrior for the Summer Fae, who was brought on to help guard Incalzando Ottava. He was raised and trained with Echo from a young age. The Sumer Fairies, although their magic is fire and nature based, they have always been close to the Arpeggio as a people. He also always has a girl named Clyte (clie-tae) with him. She is a water nymph who he's sworn his life to protect.

(Michael and Clyte will be who i will play as, but I will give everyone CS's just so you know what they all look like)

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Firstly, my post is all up and in your faces.

Secondly, as you will/did see, I will be using Jinkama, Ellie, and Zane as my active characters in the future for the time being. That may change depending on how the story progresses.

I'll get CSs up for my main guys (those three plus Nurnhurst) but I'll keep the others a secret at the moment; just to give you a nice surprise when they are introduced properly.

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Ignis Fatuus

A small group of outcasts from different parts of the world, who united through their love for mischief and chaos. They have no real agenda, but can be extremely useful allies when persuaded enough.


- Leader is know as Fallar, goes by the name Fal. His age is unknown, as he is known to look younger/older depending on his moods. The most reasonable member of the group, he is known to provide aid to those he respects and living hell to those who do not respect him.

- The first bodyguard is Lynn, second to join the group after Fallar took him in from the streets of Copenhagen. Fallar's most trusted member and is also second-in-command. Everything he knows he learned from him, and he sees him as more of a father figure rather than a leader, which is why he insists on joining every trip he makes so secure his safety.

- Second bodyguard is Elise, who is and is not real. The twin sister of Lynn, fabricated from Lynn's abilites learned from Fallar.


(so if it wasn't obvious, Elise and Lynn are the people I shall be playing as)

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NAME: Reason

AGE: ??? (appears to be around 24)

APPEARANCE: In her human form, she stands at about 5'6” with just above shoulder-length bubblegum pink hair. Her skin is very pale, regardless of how much time she spends in the sun. Her eyes are soft emerald green. Normally she wears a light black fleece jacket over a vintage red t-shirt for an old soda brand. She wears dark green shorts and black hiking boots. She also has a necklace with a gray key on it. The key is carved out of the Stone of Spring

BACKGROUND: Reason has more parts to her lineage than a mixed drink. She is part Spring Fae, part Vampire, part Demon, part Angel, part Witch and part Human at least. She essentially raised herself on the streets, looking for somewhere to belong. Eventually she boarded the boat to the island of Nirvana, became the Guardian of the Stone of Spring, and even fought in the final confrontation with Ezralda and her armies.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Reason has inhered much of the strength and abilities from her various ancestries. She has a command over Spring magic, Angelic Light magic and Demon magic, augmented by her Witch. She has the ability of flight from her Angel/Demon and Fairy wings which can retract into her back. She has improved senses, healing and strength from her Vampirical side as well. Her Stone of Spring not only makes her even more adept at Storm magic, but it also gives her amplifications of her abilities.


NAME: Michael Summerclan

AGE: 28 summers old

APPEARANCE: Michael clocks in at 6 feet even. He has short messy blond hair and well tanned skin, and blue eyes that are the color of the clear sky. He is fairly muscular with well defined features. He wears a yellow t-shirt and a red jacket over it. He wears dark blue jeans and black sneakers. He also wears one red finger-less glove on his right hand and blue one on his left hand. All his clothes form-change when he goes into combat. His clothes turn into armor, and his gloves turn into enchanted gauntlets, the red one being a golden gauntlet with a Ruby on the back, enchanted to hold the power of fire-casting, and the blue one, a golden gauntlet with a Sapphire on the back, with the power of water-casting.

BACKGROUND: His father was a member of the Royal Guard, so he would go wherever his father would, as long as it was a peaceful deployment. The Arpeggio were particularly close to the Summer Fae, so Michael got to grow up hanging out with Echo, who was the daughter of a high-ranking Arpeggio General. When he began training, he was aloud to train with Echo until they both joined their respective militaries.

One day when on deployment in the Human realm, Michael and his squad were attacked and left for dead. Michael survived because his body was floating down a river and he was saved by the River Nymph there, who called herself Clyte. As he was being nursed back to health, the same people who attacked him before, a small squad of Winter Fae, attacked and injured Clyte, so Michael managed to defeat all of them, saving Clyte. To thank her for nursing him back to health, Michael swore a life debt to her and swore to protect her forever.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: He has basic Fairy abilities, including a more powerful true form, general superhuman strength and command over Fire and Water magic. He has form changing armor, and the two gauntlets that grant him increased power over Fire and Water depending on which glove.


NAME: Clyte (pronounced klie-tay)

AGE: ??? (appears to be anywhere from 14 to 22)

APPEARANCE: Clyte stands just over 4 feet tall. She has deep blue eyes, long blue hair that falls down her back like a waterfall, and her skin is also the faintest shade of blue. She usually wears a sleeveless blue dress that floats like a stream fades to a white color at the end. She also doesn't usually wear shoes. She speaks with a heavy Greek accent, but she hardly ever speaks.

BACKGROUND: While nursing Michael back to health, her river was destroyed by the Winter Fae that attacked Michael. She managed to absorb most of the water, but without a river any more, she was essentially homeless, but decided to travel with Michael when he swore a life debt to her. Ever since then, she has traveled under his protection everywhere he goes. She is very timid.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Since she is just the spirit that resides within a river, she has no major combat abilities, but she does have the ability to shift her entire person into water, she can control water, and even her clothes are under her control, as an extension of herself. (She is made of water)


NAME: Incalzando Ottava

AGE: over 1,000 (doesn't look a day over 600)

APPEARANCE: He is old, and wears long black robes with a white Treble Clef on back. His face is old and withered and his arms are covered in scars from long past wars. His features have long since softened. He is around 5' 4”

BACKGROUND: The leader of the Arpeggio people. He has seen much combat at the front lines, but also brokered the peace that followed, and the alliance between the Arpeggio and the Summer Fairies. Since the wars thousands of years ago, he's grown into a more peaceful man, but still the most powerful Sound Mage.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Complete manipulation of all sound-waves and even vibrations in the air. There's rumors that he can even teleport across the entire planet on just a whisper.


NAME: Echo Pienna

AGE: 27

APPEARANCE: She is young and stands at 5' 7” Normally she wears traditional arpeggio battle gear, which give basic protection and includes an extended right shoulder pad with a Treble Clef.

BACKGROUND: She grew up as the daughter of a high ranking Arpeggio General. She also grew up and trained with Michael, and when he decided to join the Summer Fairy Military, she decided to join the Arpeggio Royal Guard, and became one of the strongest Sound Mages, and eventually, the Chief of the Royal Guard.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: She is naturally mute, so using her abilities she can speak, either with her mouth, or more subtly to talk directly to someone in their ear. She also possesses great combat strength and sensitivity to vibrations

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The Order

A collective group of, mostly, Vampires. They’re the Italian Mafia of the paranormal--their influence, wealth, and power makes most other organizations look like street gangs. They’ve drawn the borders of countries and controlled trade markets. The supernatural world isn’t the only place that they have an iron grip on. Every government parliament, military, and the largest of international corporations have a representative of The Order somewhere in the midst--be it a subcommittee, an officer, a CEO, or secretary. The power structure of The Order is simple to follow, they don’’t use military terms to describe a chain of command. Instead, they have a straightforward numbering system going from one to ten. The ten are Erevis’ inner and elite circle, they are members whom he’d trust to rule a continent. All members of The Order in some way report to one of the ten, and then them to Erevis. The number doesn’t correlate specifically to power, however a weak member would never make it into the top branches.

The Order is everywhere. The Order is the shadow cast by the light of the world--the brighter the light, the larger the shadow. The Order has an ancient motto that is the first thing any new member is to be taught, “No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness is always there first, waiting for it.” The Order is the Darkness. ((((I cannot in good conscious continue typing this without give credit to Sir Terry Pratchett, who I quoted for the motto of The Order!))))


Erevis--a rare breed of vampire, one of the truest and most pure types. His age is an unknown and well kept secret, however if strength is indication he’s archaic.

Ryuk--ranked number six in The Order. He’s no vampire, he was once a human who died and was brought by to life by his lover--a renowned witch of necromancy. She was killed decades ago, and in a rush to save Ryuk's life--again--she pushed death curse after death curse on him, pouring her dieinf powers onto him, embedding his body with strength and athleticism and speed. Ryuk has an extremely high IQ and problem solving skills that are rivaled by few--this he was born with. He is a master planner and is often times several steps ahead of his enemies. His advanced planning and organization is the sole reason for his rank in the order. As far as a fighter goes, he is skilled, yes, but he is underwhelming in terms of speed and strength.

Ryuzaki--ranked number five in The Order. Ryuzaki is a younger version of the same species of vampire as Erevis. As such, Erevis has taken a strange special interest in him--to an outsider it appears he’s grooming the cocky young vampire to be his replacement.

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Blood Moon Clan

      One of the newer collaborations of paranormal creatures, starting by banding together most of the North American werewolf clans, the Blood Moon Clan has gained traction quicker than most groups--mostly due to their aggressive, strong, and inspirational leader. There are legs of the Blood Moon Clan all across the world at this point, werewolves are putting aside their differences and normally territorial behavior and working together to stop other supernatural creatures from walking all over them. Almost every North American, South American, and Asian wolf clan has in some way pledged allegiance or aligned with the Blood Moons. Just recently, the Blood Moon Clan has solved their biggest territorial disputes by implementing a strict agreement between all clans on how to solve territorial disputes--something that in the past has been the biggest hurdle for a joint conglomerate of werewolves. 

      As one would expect, there is an extreme amount of tension between The Order and the Blood Moon Clan. Erevis personally executed the number who was responsible for letting them gain traction in the first place, had Erevis had his way the Blood Moon's and any clan that even looked twice at them would have been completely culled. Now, however, they are to large for The Order to take on directly. Instead Erevis has been pushing for things more underhanded like legislation to destroy wild life reserves. The Blood Moon Clan, has been handling them with ease thus far. Essentially the conflict between the two is a pot that's about to boil over. 


Logan--An older wolf of about sixty years old, still healthy and strong. The head of the Blood Moon Clan and the sole reason for their progression and expansion. His origins originate in the Alaskan wilderness. He's a pure and powerful breed of wolf, whereas some wolves only get their power by transforming, his bleed through into his human state as well. He has two other forms,  a wolf-form the size of a truck, and a characteristic werewolf form. His wife and mother of his four children was killed during a war he had with a neighboring rival wolf clan many years ago, and that has since been his sole inspiration for uniting all clans.

Trisha--Logan's right hand man--or women to be specific. She was his wife's best friend and is of the same species as him.

Gregory--A young and strong Russian wolf, Logan thinks that he's the same species as him and early remnants of Logan's wolf clan came from the same as Gregory. Logan is an inspiration to him. Gregory has become an essential part in the function of the Blood Moon Clan.  


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The Triangulum Autumnum (Abbreviated by them as TrA): A group of magic users with a skill for finding the light in deep darkness. None of the three involved have much to do with each other except for their dispositions for peace rather than war and an unwanted darkness. Some cursed, some born that way but all of them have something they want to be rid of

Name: Caine Leros

AGE: Around 27 with his human form, untellable with his demon form as it has no face.

APPEARANCE: In his human form he’s very benign looking considering. He’s around 6’2” tall with frizzy black-blue hair that’s been haphazardly chopped back away from his face. His skin looks very thin and pale blue, blue tinges his lips and ears. Formerly refined as nobility he stands very straight, almost stiffly even in ragged clothes and battles. His eyes are a brighter blue, rings of gold circling out from his pupils to the dark circles that line his irises. He’s almost gangly looking, willowy, with long limbs and the thin fingers of someone who would be better suited to a castle rather than a battlefield. He normally wears a light grey, long sleeved turtleneck shirt, rugged black pants, practical boots and a darker grey coat that stops just before his waist. The only remarkable things about his appearance sans his odd eyes are the white scarf he wears tucked into his coat and the black and white horns that curl from his temples outwards. They aren’t huge by any means, but noticeable for sure. He has deep scars on his wrists and neck from his time in captivity.

BACKGROUND: Since the battles before he’s learned more about the world we have now rather than the sheltered young man he was before, having just entered the realm where humans and monsters co-existed from his former world where a different kind of monsters walked the weary paths of centuries past. His family shunned him as it came time for him to start his own life, they shunned him for the compassion he showed for the lower ranks of demons, a trait seen deplorable to the uptight demons he was akin to. Finally fed up with the brutality and cruelty that surrounded him he confronted his family, denounced their power and swore to be the end of their tyranny. However he looks back on this interaction as the hopeful angst of someone still in their optimistic youth. Challenging the status quo of a system drilled generations down is pointless he now knew. Seeing him as a threat, they tossed him onto the turbulent, warring human world to fend for himself and see his foolish compassion as the weakness it was. He hasn’t necessarily lost it however, just used it sparingly and with good judgement. He uses it more as an observation tool, watching others as an extension of the world itself.


Being a high status demon, Caine had lots of training with his abilities as a child and into adolescence until he was thrown out. As such, he’s a pretty gifted magic user with a well of it to draw from. He’d rather be a defensive fighter rather than an offensive one but even he knows that’s a futile notion in practice. He has a talent with transmuting objects and somewhat with creating or breaking magical seals. He hasn’t had much luck with curses as they are the same magic as his, like fighting fire with fire. His other weapon is a scythe that can change shape and size, an extension of his magic skills. When not needed it turns into a heavy, 2 inch wide, gold coin he usually carries in a pocket on his belt. He’s particularly attached to it as it took him quite a while to steal it. He has a last ditch ability, as demons don’t normally masquerade as humans, he can shed the form he takes as a human and use the form he was born with. On earth it appears as a 7 foot, almost translucent being with the same horns as Caine, entirely blue eyes with gold rings and not entirely solid looking limbs, like a living shadow, his hands turn to long, nightmarish claws. He can call these up without entirely transforming if just for a moment. With this form he’s significantly stronger, faster and ruthless. He dislikes using this however as he loses some of the humanity he enjoys so much and it takes a toll on him physically. After coming back to his human body he’ll be exhausted until he can make up for the magical drain that form is on him.




NAME: Victoria Riddle

Age: 22
APPEARANCE: Victoria isn’t as remarkable looking as her demon friend, with dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, an average build and height at around 5’6”. She wears a dull burgundy sweater under a slim black jacket and grey jeans. She typically wears her hair up in a bun or a grey beanie hat.

BACKGROUND: The illegitimate daughter of an unknown demon and a human woman. She grew up with a normal family up in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, among the woods and river of nature. She’s familiar with humans as well as some fairies, and some scope of their abilities. Around the time she was 18 she started feeling things change, her disposition changed from a decently reserved girl to an insatiable bully. She couldn’t explain the anger and fire she felt within herself until she ran into Caine on his travels through the torn world. He taught her how to manage the power she held and strives to contain it or use it for something better than burning people alive for the satisfaction of it.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: She’s half demon so she doesn’t have the second form like Caine does. She does however have their resilience and strength as well as some underdeveloped magic abilities. She typically uses fire based attacks/abilities that lend well to her heritage. Caine hasn’t had much time to work with her abilities so while raw in power, they aren’t the best for preciseness.


NAME: Charles (Charlie) Kessler

AGE: 24

APPEARANCE: A scar runs down the side of his face from an attack that gave him his abilities. He dresses in a worn out leather jacket, a regular shirt and pants. He carries a backpack on his back and he keeps it close to him always. His hair is unruly and medium brown, a bit of stubble shows on his chin and cheeks. He wears thick leather gloves all the time.

BACKGROUND: Attacked by a magical beast in his younger years it poisoned his blood and almost killed him, a demon stopped the progression of the poison through his body in return for the life of his sister, when he refused to give up his family it enraged the demon and he accelerated the poison’s ability. Everything he touched would die a soul sucking death by the same poison that tries so hard to kill him. Caine, with a young Victoria in tow, found a way to temporarily stop the poison’s affecting others and has followed him since as to protect his family and friends.
SKILLS/ABILITIES: As stated earlier, his poison affects anything he touches, people, plants, even the integrity of buildings and other materials. He can slit his palms to make it more pronounced as it lives on in his blood with higher potency than through his skin. His only other weapon is a slightly short sword that he can coat in his poisoned blood to drain the target’s strength faster than mere blades alone.

((I'll mostly be playing as Caine and one of the others, not sure who yet))

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So here are the CSs for my current active characters:

The Past:

Name: Sophia Narnhurst

Codename: Celia

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Rank: Right Lieutenant

Appearance: Sophia is petite but solid, sporting bright pink hair tied into four ponytails that hang down her back. She has vivid green eyes that match her hair in brightness. Sophia wears a tight fitting black t-shirt, white leather trousers, and white combat-styled boots. She also wears a white leather jacket. A custom built harness holds her pistols to her thighs and her swords in a cross shape on the back of her waist. The plain white mask that is her curse is permanently grafted to her face.

Abilities: Her abilities are gifted to her by a cursed mask and alter the physical makeup of her body on a genetic level. She currently has four modes she can access, each mode being marked by the emotion the mask contorts into.

Anger – When the mask’s facial features represent anger, her muscles and size bloom as if she were on some kind of steroids. Her strength is proportionate to her size, as is her invulnerability.

Happy – When mimicking Happiness, the mask gives Sophia a rubbery constitution that can bounce off a blunt attack and makes it impossible for her to break her bones or suffer blunt force trauma injuries e.g. bruising, muscles tears, sprains etc.

Sad – When the sadness expression shows, Sophia can harden her skin to above-steel levels, but it does hinder her movement if she converts her joints.

Surprise – When in surprise, her mask gives her the ability to separate her limbs at the joints. She can freely control these limbs within a certain space around her body.

Weapons: Sophia carries two .44 revolvers and two gladius’.

Other: Is in love with Raphael but will never admit that to anyone.


The Future:


Name: Zane Pengallion

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Species: Bionic Human

Appearance: Zane is of average height with sharply defined muscles. He has black hair cut to a couple of inches in length and swept backwards over his head, and he has dull bronze coloured eyes. Zane now tends to wear three-piece suits of varying colours with matching shirts and ties. There are two small red diamonds embedded below each wrist and a large one in the centre of his chest.

Powers: Zane has been upgraded with state-of-the-art bionics that gives him advanced speed, strength, agility, senses etc. He also has space-altering technology implanted in him that allows him to store objects away into a personal dimension, separate from the normal one. He has five of these and can store two objects in each one.

Weapons: Various weapons and objects stored in his Vaults.

Vault 1 – Firstly, A hand-an-a-half longsword with the handle wrapped in black leather. The guard is a straight cross and along with the housing is silver; the blade is as black as night. Secondly, a large circular shield constructed of silver and decorated with a raised four-pointed star at its centre, coloured black.

Vault 2 – A pair of silver pistols constructed to look like desert eagles. They fire generated rounds of pure energy, capable of cutting through steel or simply being concussive, depending on Zane’s mood. Blue energy for concussive, red for deadly.

Vault 3 – Firstly, a long trident with a silver haft and black blades; the blades are sharpened on both the inside and the outside. Secondly, a silver staff as long as he is tall; for use as a non-lethal weapon.

Vault 4 – Empty; uses it to store things in emergencies while in battle.

Vault 5 – A magically enhanced bio-suit that sky rockets his physical attributes and makes him immune to magic in nearly all its forms as well as giving him 360 degree vision.

Other: Zane proposed to Ellie shortly after the fall of Ezralda; they married at the Prideux Estate and then moved to England after buying a mansion with his late father’s fortune.


Name: Eleanor Pengallion

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Species: Human Witch

Appearance: Ellie is short in stature with a modest bust and lithe muscles. Her hair is dark chocolate in colour and hangs to her waist, cascading down her back; a golden net set with rubies runs atop her hair from her hairline to the back of her neck. She tends to wear knee-length form fitting dresses with no sleeves and a modest glimpse of her breasts, a black belt of elastic fastened by a silver buckle, knee high boots of black leather, and then always a brown fur coat over the top of it; she can ignite the collar at will.

Powers: Eleanor is a jack-of-all-trades witch that can manipulate her magical energies into pretty much anything she can think of. She is also somewhat of a master of flame-based magic, having been trained by the legendary Michael Sanderford.

Weapons: Not a weapon for physical attacks, but Ellie can summon a long wooden staff carved with flames.

Other: She accepted Zane’s proposal instantly, having been flirting with him for years, and had Michael walk her down the aisle. She was surprised at Zane’s new fortune but welcomed it.


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      Divided into four primary groups--Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn--the Fairies of the world play a integral part in maintaining the balance. They exist in a a different realm, however every fairy posses the ability to travel between the two. The excess magic they bleed is responsible for the changing seasons around--currently all branches are even, and the last time they weren't it caused a mini ice age across the world during the Middle Ages. Needless to say Fairies have a seemingly infinite amount of magical power to draw from and unique abilities hardly matched by any other race or species. Bluntly speaking, fairies are tricky bastards. Very rarely are they not the dealer at the black jack table--even if you get a few steps ahead of them you think it always seems like they let you take that step. 

     Typically the Fairy's are a Matriarchy. There are powerful and high ranking males throughout the different fairy kingdoms, but there is not Winter or Summer King. Instead, the Queen appoints a Knight to her side and that--typically it is someone of non-fairy origins, however it is not uncommon for it to be a fairy--is granted access to a bottomless well of power. Fairy essence is like adding gasoline to a fire--the fire being any form of magic. It would turn an incompetent child's spell for a trickle of light into a shining beacon. 


Rusalka--The Winter Queen. Her flawless skin--while pale in color, but somehow not sickly looking--and the rest of her appearnce doesn't nearly match her actual age. If one would guess, they'd say she looked no older than thirty, and even that was pushing it. The only reason they'd guess that isn't because of wrinkles or crows feet, it's because of her maturity. The way she carries herself just screams elegance and intelligence, grace and power. 

Ezralda--The Princess of Winter. She's turned a lot of heads in the Fairy World with her power and prowess in not only battle but also on the stage of politics. Her views are progressive--and progression tends to always scare the people already in charge. She's considered a lose cannon; a threat to the status quo. The other royal families have taken attempts on her life multiple times now. She's bested the strongest of there assassins--be they fairy, human, or any cross between. 

Lisanna--The Princess of Summer. She's the poster child of what the Fairy Kingdoms want. She's conservative and traditional in her values and blood thirsty and versatile in combat. The fairy kingdoms are in a perpetual state of a strange balanced war, they are constantly fighting one another however neither side makes any gigantic pushes or military strategies. It's a strange way of life that the Fairies are used to and completely accept. 

 Kailen--the Summer Knight. A human-fairy halfling, he has faced much strife in being accepted by neither. He lived in a horrendous and terrifying part of the Summer Kingdom known plainly as The Wood and it bled it's dark, deep seated magic into his very core. His essence reeks of it--dark and nightmarish. No documented human has ever survived the Woods grasp--it's rumored that only something of fairy blood can sleep in that forest without being drained of their essence and life. And even then, the average fairy is petrified the moment their foot makes contact with the soil. 

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Name: Ezralda

Age: 50 (actual appearance would be between 15 and 20)

Species: Winter Fae

Appearance: Ezralda has the body of a young girl, standing at about five feet eight inches. The decade of training she underwent and, only in the last few years returned from, gave her the body of a well toned Olympic athlete. Her hair is a dark, deep blue and flows in thick wavy curls. She normally keeps it tied in a pony tail.Her eyes are odd, one is a normal fairy eye--blue with a slit, feline iris--however her left eye is completely black with the same slit, feline iris, only it's a glimmering dark blue. She wears a pair of grey jogger sweatpants--tight at the calf and baggy around her thighs. Covering her chest she wears a tight fitting long sleeve t-shirt that snugly hugs her frame. She's uncharacteristic in fashion when compared to the other fae, especially the royal ones. Where they would wear elaborate dresses, she is simple and casual; attempting to make a bold statement, "You won't change me. I'll change you." 

Magic: She has an arsenal and seemingly endless ability to cast magical spells relating to ice and water. She's the most unconventional royal fairy to ever live, in the history of time, in her approach to fighting and using magic. She was trained by an ancient and powerful dragon of water and ice, all around the world--in the Arctic, at the highest point of every mountain range, every time she'd fail one of the mystic beings tests or she'd make a large mistake it would leave her starving, beaten, and naked in the center of the Kingdom of Winters coldest and most deadly Tundras to either die or get stronger. 

Background: She was born to the Winter Queen not long ago and, from the beginning, it was obvious that she was going to be an issue. She was weak. As a child she could barely breathe on her own and she didn't walk for some time. Mentally and magically she was decade, centuries even, ahead of where she should be, however physically she was far, far, behind. Eventually the Queen tired of having a not-so-perfect heir and kicked her to the curb in the human realm--The Queen put a magical lock on Ezralda's powers, selling her to the lowest bidder with a distinct message, "You are not good enough for us. You won't ever be." After years of abuse and mistreatment, Ezralda escaped into the Himalayan mountain ranges and, the spirit of the mountain--a powerful and ancient dragon--sensed her power and came to her aid. He broke the Queen's curse and gave Ezralda full use of her magic once again. He began to mold and shape her into a warrior of the fae that would be unmatched. Her non-supernatural physical body, however, became an obstacle that no amount of training could overcome. The Dragon allowed Ezralda to drink its blood--a potent steroid and growth hormone to any species--in order to compensate, and since then Ezralda's physical body has done a complete one-eighty. When her real training began she learned quickly and completed the dragons fifty year trials in ten. When she returned, her mother granted her back the title of the Princess of Winter and since gaining access to the wealth of power that is the Winter Kingdom, she has become a force to rival the most powerful of fairies.



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I'm trying to proofread that new IC post. So bare with me on any grammatical space i'm having the same issue as before and the insert key is NOT working! 

Just go ahead and post about your travels to the meeting place, making up wherever you want it to be as long as you end up in the same place. Mostly just try and get a good amount of backstory in their so we can learn a little about your characters and whatnot! Things in this one are starting off pretty slow. 


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Sweetness in everything! I'll write up my post and get it up tonight. Just to check I'm reading it right, the Winter Queen called the meeting, right?

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Name: Lynn Hellstrum

Age: 26

Appearance: Half Asian, half Caucasian; Lynn stands 5'5'' with a muscular physique due to the years he has spent protecting and aiding Fallar. His black hair is kept in a ponytail which barely holds together and is most often seen traveling in black jeans and a leather jacket over a black t-shirt. Around his neck he has a rectangular medallion resembling a mirror, but it doesn't reflect anything. This is mostly used for his powers to create Elise. On his back he carries a small sword.

Abilities: Mind-fucking. He has the ability to create mirages and copies of objects or landscapes although has yet to be able to create anything live-like besides Elise and a few critters here or there. Besides Elise, nothing he creates can physically do any harm.

Other/background: Lynn was born in Denmark, but never got to know his parents. It's the cliché "taken-in-by-Fallar" story, but instead of raising him as a son, Fallar made him into a warrior. He has spent his entire life fighting and practicing the arts of deception. It is unknown how he achieved the ability to create his twin sister, but he treats her like family and sees her as a real person. Unlike Fallar, he has grown attached to the man who took him in and would die in his place if it ever came to that. He is the heir to the clan if something were to happen, which is why he has knowledge of everything and everyone included in the Ignis Fatuus.


Name: Elise Hellstrum

Age: 26

Appearance: She's your average sized 26-year-old woman with a slim figure. Like Lynn, she is also half Asian, half Caucasian and has long blonde hair that's always kept in a ponytail. Her attire resembles Lynn's with black jeans over a black leather jacket. 

Abilities: Elise can alter between physical and non-physical states. She is incredibly quick on her feet which is complimented by her small figure, but she can't leave Lynn's area of sight or she will disappear. She can interact with Lynn's creations and the two of them use this to their advantage. Elise can and will "create herself" out of Lynn's medallion if she so chooses. Since she is fabricated from Lynn's head, she is aware of everything he knows.

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