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These Bloody Streets: Requiem for Allies! [IC] [PAST]

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The box sealed itself around Michael, and he tried to find a comfortable way to sit as he felt the box drop with the muted sound of an explosion from the plane.

Michael's box was sent spinning end over end. This was the first time he had ever been in any situation quite like this. He spun in one direction and the box spun in another. “That.” He spun around twice. “Winter.” He spun again.”Bitch”

Michael lost total sense of what was up and down and left and right as he tumbled down the night sky above the ocean. The canteen at his hip slipped off of him and tumbled around the box. “Damn it,” he said as he twisted his body reaching for the bouncing tan covered canteen.

His fingers grazed it once, and once and then again. He twisted around and yanked the canteen out of the air, gripping it tightly in his right hand.

He was still spinning like a corkscrew as the box around him tumbled in a different direction all together. One second he was spinning. The next he heard a splash, and then everything went black as his head collided with the bottom of the box.

==Echo Pienna==

Echo sat crossed legged at the bottom of the box as it sealed itself above her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and focused on the noise around her. There was the sounds coming from the other people in the other boxes, and then suddenly, the sound of an explosion rocked the plane outside of the box, and she felt the box itself enter freefall.

So it has begun She said to herself.

She maintained her sitting position as the sound of the wind outside whistled by. Her hands were resting on her knees and her eyes stayed close.

Above her head she heard the sound of the plane. It screamed through the sky in her ears. More sounds met it and there was more explosions and gunfire. But the longer it went on the more distant the sounds were, and the harder it was for her to make out, even with her powers.

Seconds passed. Seconds turned into minutes. Echo heard the waves below growing quickly louder as she approached the ocean bellow. Despite her attempts to remain still, her entire body tensed right before impact, and then her box hit water.

Moments later her box began to propel itself through the water, towards her assigned island. She breathed a sigh of relief, that felt like her first breath since she dropped from the sky.


Michael's eyes shot open wide as he threw himself into a sitting position. He spat up salt water and dirt and he tried to catch his breath, his lungs burning. He felt a small hand on his back as he finally was able to catch his breath.

He looked over to his side and saw Clyte kneeling down, putting a hand on his back.

Michael inhaled deeply, filling his lungs. “Hey, Clyte.” He said, putting his hand on her head, rustling her blue hair slightly. “We in the right place?” She nodded at him, and pointed at the box on the shore. “I guess so.”

He pulled himself to his feet, Clyte stood up next to him, brushing the sand off her blue dress. “I guess we should get going, huh?” Michael said, all the salt water draining out of his clothes onto the sand. “Let's go, kiddo.” Michael said, turning his back to the ocean, and walking towards the center of the island.

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Lynn and Elise made their way onto their assigned box, Elise giving Lynn a smile as they cramped up into it together. It was clearly only made for one person, Lynn being pushed to one side as he tried to get himself into a comfortable position.

“Yo El, mind scooching a bit? I can already feel my legs cramping up.” He said to her, smiling as he watched her try to make herself as small as possible.


“Aw c’mon, why do I have to miss out on all the fun?” She complained, irritation clearly audible in her voice.


Lynn smiled, moving his feet so that they could both miraculously have some space to breath inside. Elise had not been out this long in years and it made Lynn wonder how long she was actually planning on sticking around. It appeared that she has taken a personal interest in the whole mission, which Lynn thought to be impossible as she was supposed to be one with him. They both watched as the rest of the troops entered their own designated boxes, all lids closing in after them.

Wonder when we’ll be seeing this lot again.” He thought to himself.

The lid of the box closed, darkness swallowing them both as they heard an explosion that sent them spinning. Lynn could not tell which way was up or down, all he could do was pray that their transportation was strong enough to keep them alive till their arrival to their destination. As he tried to keep his lunch down, he kept his mind occupied listening to Elise’s madlike laughter.

“Say what you want, little brother, this is the most fun I’ve had in ages. We need to get out more!” She said from in between laughs.

What seemed like an eternity later, Lynn's head was smashed against the side of the box. He heard the sound of water hitting the sides and he figured it was safe for them to see what was outside waiting for them. As he opened the lid, he saw smoke from where he assumed the plane had been prior to their leaving. He didn't see any sign of the others though, just the shore to the island that they were assigned to arrive to. As they arrived at the shore, Elise immediately jumped out, stretching her arms behind her back, cracking joints here and there. Lynn climbed out after her and immediately regretted letting her keep him company. He could slowly feel the blood rushing back to his legs and the spinning in his head was slowly stopping.

"To battle we march on!" Elise shouted, still laughing from their descending. Deciding on a direction, they both cautiously began to make their way off of the shore.

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Ryuk’s box smashed ashore and he was jarred awake. He'd laid his head down a few moments after making contact with the water, deducing that he'd have at least a two hour window until arriving on the island. He imagined Ryuzaki was already there--he always managed to be faster than Ryuk.


He stepped out of the box and inhaled the fresh, salt water air. The island wasn't large as he remembered, maybe seven square kilometers at most, but the satellite imagery they'd received revealed it had the most activity. Before their Intel blackout they assumed that there was some type of superstructure being built in the center of the island. He looked out and couldn't tell if there was anything out there or not.


I'll have to get to a higher vantage point.



Logan's strong and powerful wolf form ran through the island with ease. His island was covered with the scent of humans, gun powder, and fuel. He was fortunate that it was heavily forested--his wolf form disguised himself through the brush with ease, silence, and grace.


He was tracking the trail of something that was alive, it was new and fresh, moving quickly and disturbing a lot of the wildlife and leaving an easy to follow trail. The islands so far didn't seem supernatural at all, and Logan could in no way, shape, or form, tell that they were man-made. How could they have moved so much foliage onto an island in such a short period of time? He internalized, laying down to rest. The trail could wait and for now he was tired. What a waist of my fucking time. I should be at home, with my family.



She’d been ashore for several hours now, carefully concealing her presence. It amazed her really, mankind in such a short time developed so fast. Fairies had been pretty stagnant since, well, the dawn of time for the most part, but mankind has evolved to be a competitive fighting force against the supernatural--and in less than fifty years. This, most likely, was her soul purpose for being here. She wondered how many of them it would take to kill her if they tried.


The terrain of the largest island, Nirvana, as she recalled, was urban and flat. Newly built cities sprouted up here and there and there was a network of unpaved roads connecting them. The cities weren’t well developed, mind you, they were essentially ghettos. This really is a prison. She thought, What the fuck are they planning on doing here? House all the nice supernaturals in the cities and then put the others where? It’d be a fucking slaughter if they tried to throw all the different beasts and witches and demons and vampires together like this.


There were no roving patrols of any kind on the islands, only around the more secure facilities where the soldiers and staff of the island lived. There was a huge facility dedicated to this, a towering sky scraping that stuck out in the horizon. She could feel the dark essence and malice bleeding off the building--like pulsing heat on a hot summer day. Her investigation was still in its infant stages, but she hoped that she could possibly use her charms to infiltrate the building--taking out a female guard and stealing her clothes would be easy, but that still poses its own problems in that I’d look like a retard bumbling around that place; still I think it’s my best shot at getting answers here. She was hidden in one of the ghettos, sitting on the ground floor of an ambiguous empty building, this seemed like a strangely ambitious scheme on the UN’s part--even if they could get everybody here how would they monitor them? How would you maintain order?


She stood up, brushing off the dust and collecting her thoughts, her stomach churned at what she was about to do. “I’m not a monster, I swear to god I’m not.” She said to herself, frustrated, “I’ll only intimidate them, that’s it, just scare them a little and get some answers and then deal with the repercussions afterwards?” Her statement turned into a question aimed at herself, even she knew she that whatever person she kidnapped and interrogated wouldn’t be leaving alive, it just wasn’t going to happen, not if she wanted to remain covert. “Fuck! God damnit.” She cursed, leaving the building, “I swear when I’m Queen I’ll repent for all the terrible shit I have to do.”



The closer her got to the center of the island, the closer he could feel the small buzz of supernatural energy. It wasn’t anything big, just enough to make the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, if it was electricity it would be a small jolt of static, but it was there. He didn’t want to go investigate this sort of thing without Ryuzaki having his back, say what you want about the anti-social, stereotypical vampire, prick, but they guy had a knack for manslaughter. He still, however, hadn’t made contact. Please tell me that he got blown up in the explosion...of all things a death as anticlimactic as that would be hilarious.


He began to crest over a hill and, as if walking through some type of concealed barrier, felt the entire atmosphere of the island change.


He suddenly felt extremely unsafe. Call it paranoia, but when Ryuk gets even the hintest feeling of something awry he scatters and hides until he can properly assess the situation--he isn’t one to go in guns blazing. He disappeared into the brush, running as fast and silently as he could, moving with hardly a trace and remembering his exact location where he felt the strange surge of power. When he felt as if nothing was following him he pulled out a map.


He was less than a kilometer away from the center of the island, based off what he had, so something strange must be going on there. From his experience he deduced it must be some type of ritual, those are the only things to give off auras like this. He circled a one kilometer radious around the center of the island. I’m assuming that they have some type of barrier in place, a magical sponge of sorts, to absorb this energy from being exhumed outside of this radious.


I need to get to the center of this island as quickly and as quietly as I can. Actually, I just need to get off this island.


------OSSUM Blacksite, Codename: NIRVANA-----


“Sir,” The small handheld PDA lit up with another man’s face on it, the man holding the PDA pulled out a stylus and press it on the center.


“Lieutenant Ward here, go Simmons.”


“Sir all of our preplaced sensors are reporting disturbances on every island, but since our cameras haven’t been installed yet we can’t get visuals. Using the sensors we’re tracking several supernatural contacts on each island, and a lone contact on this island. However, the one on this island is strong, most sensors can’t even read it.”


“We’ve been waiting for this, Simmons, no worries. Just wish we would have prioritized those cameras, shit. Alright I’ll route this up. Begin making contact to spin up the Reaction Force, do it quietly we don’t want to let them know we’re on to them, prepare twenty five Sentries for launch but don’t dispatch them yet, I’ll give you the word when to let them lose.”


“Yes, Sir!”


The official quickly left his office, the doors opening automatically for him. He ran down the long hallway, men and women in uniform saluting him and quickly getting out of his way. When he got to the elevator he held his PDA up to it, the doors opened and he stepped in. He punched into the PDA the floor he need to go to and spoke, “Override all previous entries and recommended parameters, LT Ward password Grace. The elevator lurched then charge downwards, several times faster than any normal elevator ever would.


In near an instant he was eighty floors down, the moment the doors opened he burst through them and out into a narrow hallway with few doors. He approached one and found it was locked. “LT Ward, password Grace,” He spoke into the access panel of the door, it clicked green and opened.


He immediately felt out of place stepping into the conference room. A large oval table had eight, high ranking, military officials glaring at him. He was out of breath but managed to get out, “contact on all islands, RF is being spun up, Sentries standing by.”


One man, he wasn’t in any uniform and instead wore a traditional and exquisite black and white suite, laughed and said, “My, a bit earlier than planned but no matter. Dispatch Sentries to all islands, let’s see just how useful they are. Take them alive, all of them, no matter what.” He smiled at Lieutenant Ward and said, “We have some more subjects to test our facilities now.”


Lieutenant Ward held his PDA up to his mouth and spoke, “Contact Simmons, dispatch Sentries and secure a parameter with Reaction Force, priority is to capture not kill, again do not kill targets.”

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- Ryuzaki -

The tree he was perched in was thick with leaves and thus hid him well from the para-military style soldiers that patrolled nearby. Ryuzaki recognised the uniforms, although they seemed more modern than ones he had seen previously, as those worn by OSSUM. He should have guessed they’d be involved with an island being built to house the supernatural; they practically hunted them. None of them noticed him though, so he continued his silent watch.


It had taken an hour of walking before Ryuzaki had come across any kind of structure beyond trees and bushes. He had come across the chain-link fence topped with barbed wire and had easily cleared it. A minute later, the foliage cleared out to reveal three buildings of various sizes. One was about the size of a house with a number of satellites coming off it and wires covering most of the walls. The second was a single story building that was thin but long, while the last building appeared to be a single concrete hut about 6 feet by 6 feet.


Since he had been watching, Ryuzaki had not seen one person enter the concrete hut and was beginning to wonder what it was. He guessed some kind of underground entrance but he wouldn’t be able to take a look, the door looked heavy duty even to his enhanced strength. The long building was constructed of less sturdy materials but held no windows and sported only a single door locked by a keypad. Ryuzaki could probably gain easy access but not covertly so he turned his attentions to the larger building.


The satellites and cabling told Ryuzaki it was some kind of communications building. He thought Ryuk might be wondering about him by now but the only form of contact he had with him was his Order mobile phone. Something about the island put him off using it though; Order communications were heavily encrypted but if it was the only foreign transmission on a secure network, it would surely be noticed. But if he could get into the communications building, he could piggy-pack their transmissions and get a message across without drawing attention.


With his plan made, Ryuzaki gripped his cane tightly in his hand and got into a position primed for jumping. The single moving patrol was coming up on his position and he had to time it just right to ensure no-one spotted him. Using his enhanced senses, Ryuzaki was certain he had mapped out every sentry and guard so getting into the building wouldn’t be too difficult for him.


The six man patrol passed under him and Ryuzaki suddenly burst forward with intense speed. Silently he landed alongside the thin, single-door building and pressed himself against the wall. He picked up no unusual movement and so moved along the wall until he reached the far corner. Allowing only a sliver of his head to show, Ryuzaki peaked around the corner and saw what he had seen from his spotting position in the tree. A single guard stood with his back to a small side-door to the communications building.


Ryuzaki moved his gaze up and watched the guard who was stood atop the building, nearly directly above the ground level door guard, and watched him carefully. The guard was in an open-sided shack that was mounted on top of the building, giving him a near-360 degrees look. However, seeing as he was only human, he was turning at set intervals to ensure he was looking at all directions. Ryuzaki would have to time that with his next move to ensure he wasn’t spotted.


Personnel must be low. He thought as he watched. It is probably because these islands are so new…or they are holding back for some reason. He pushed that thought aside and reached into his jacket, pulling free a small silk bag. Ryuzaki reached into the bag and withdrew a small pebble, seemingly innocuous. He replaced the bag in the pocket and held the stone in his closed right hand. Leaning out to see the tower guard again, he counted down and then ran his nails across the wall beside him.


It noise made was quiet, as Ryuzaki planned, but just loud enough for the door guard to hear. He lifted his weapon slightly and turned his head as though trying to listen out. Ryuzaki scratched again, this time letting each individual nail scratch at a different pace. To the guard, it sounded like an animal scratching away at something. The guard in question moved forward slowly, slightly slower than Ryuzaki had guessed, and Ryuzaki readied himself. His plan was a simple one.


As the guard rounded the corner, Ryuzaki would flip up onto the roof of the building; it was long and mostly flat and so perfect to lie down on. The only problem was that it was in full view of the tower guard when he was looking in the direction. If the door guard moved quickly enough, Ryuzaki could hide on the roof as he passed and then drop down behind him before the tower guard rotated to the direction he needed to be to notice someone on the roof. With the door guard moving slower than planned, Ryuzaki was going to cut it very close.


The door guard moved to step around the corner and in a blur, Ryuzaki jumped and rolled onto the roof, pressing himself down as far as he could. As predicted, the guard paused and simply looked around to see if an animal was indeed within the perimeter. So Ryuzaki moved his right hand and threw the small pebble he had drawn over the guards head where it landed in a small bush, rustling its foliage.


“For god’s sake.” The guard muttered.


Ryuzaki guessed that they had been told to investigate any noises, regardless of how small. The door guard thought it was an animal and was no annoyed that he would have to go and investigate. As he walked towards the bush, Ryuzaki dropped silently behind him. For a second he considered killing the man, but hiding his body in such a base would be a pain, so he simply turned and looked back at the tower guard who was just turning away; slightly faster than his previous pattern, not that Ryuzaki was complaining.


With the timing sorted, Ryuzaki quickly dashed towards the door and stopped with has hand resting on the handle. He listened intently but nothing except the humming of electricity stood out. Ryuzaki opened the door and slid through the smallest gap possible before shutting it behind him; he was mildly surprised it was not locked.


Inside the door was not what he had been expecting. It was a small room with the walls lined with what accumulated to a supercomputer. The wires ran up to the roof and then inwards before dropping down into a cage that was the same dimensions of the room minus about three feet. Inside the cage was a single podium with a laptop sat on top of it, all the wires plugged into the floor and a single wire about an inch thick rose up the back of the podium and was inserted into the laptop.


Ryuzaki recognised the set up; a Faraday Cage. What it was doing around a lone laptop instead of the supercomputer around it, he couldn’t guess. When he had entered the room and realised there was no other exit, he had thought he would have to exit and find a better entrance, but this was far more interesting.


Ryuzaki walked forward slowly, keeping his senses peeled for any kind of ambush, and reached the cage door unimpeded. It wasn’t locked, it couldn’t be judging by the fact the only thing holding it closed was a small hook, so Ryuzaki entered it; ensuring he closed the door behind him to maintain the anti-field.


The laptop looked to be nothing special; it looked like a retail item. Ryuzaki opened it slowly and the screen kicked into life, showing a rotating symbol Ryuzaki recognised as OSSUM’s. He ran his little finger across the mouse pad and the symbol disappeared to reveal a black screen with mounds of text on it. Scanning it quickly, Ryuzaki recognised it as advanced coding. He ignored it for now as he shrunk the screen down and found what he was looking for; communications information.


He scanned through it all quickly and memorised it to save him having to come back to the screen when he was done. He opened up what appeared to be some kind of network connection and several minutes later his message was sent.




Ryuzaki had sent the message using a wireless signal the house was sending out, it would come across on Ryuk’s Order phone in a complex code. The code was something they used often when sending messages to each other because only they, and a few others, knew how to decipher it.


With that done, Ryuzaki turned his attention back to what the laptop was doing and why it needed a supercomputer plugged into it. However, before he could get stuck in, a noise sounded from the doorway; the sound of a body hitting the floor.


- Sophia Nurnhurst -

Sophia’s island turned out to be much smaller than she had been expecting. Sticking to a brisk pace, it had only taken her a couple of hours to circle it completely and end up back where she started; the face she drawn into the sand was still there on her return. The perimeter of the island had held nothing of interest, and so now she planned to make her way towards the centre of the island. Given its size, Sophia figured it to be some kind of stockpile location. Unfortunately, nothing matched the description Raphael had mentioned in his letter which probably meant she was on the wrong island; she would have to carry out his mission at a later time.


She shrugged to herself, there was nothing to do if she was in the wrong place, and started directly inwards, away from the sea. The outer edge of the island had mostly been sand with perhaps a notion of rocks underneath, but as Sophia skipped forwards, she had to resort to walking with all the trees and roots that stuck out of the ground. She actually thought there were no actual paths since the trees were so close together and she was practically climbing over them to get any progress.


Suddenly, her boot hit something metal and she nearly tripped over, having to grab wildly at a nearby branch to prevent herself from doing so. “Whoopsies.” Once she was steady, she turned to look at what she had tripped over and frowned beneath her mask. “Well, someone has watched too much Lost.”


A metal hatch was sat in a patch where the roots of the trees seemed to not want to touch. There was a large handle on the right hand side of it and a small circular window at its centre. Sophia crouched down on top of it and looked down into the window; only darkness stood behind the glass. She stepped off it and gave the handle an experimental pull expecting it to stick firmly. Her guess was right as it didn’t even yield a millimetre.


With a smile on her face of flesh, the mask cracked into a facsimile of anger; her cloths grew tight, stretched to their limit as the muscles beneath began to bulge. Sophia ignored the burning pain that spread across her face and instead gave the door a hard, sharp tug.  The metal strained against its holding but didn’t open, so she did it again, harder, and something snapped allowing her to pull the door free and throw it into the air behind her. It smashed through one tree and came to a stop embedded in a second.


Sophia giggled as her muscles shrunk, her clothes became loose once more, and her angry mask returned to its placid expression. With the door gone, a little bit of moonlight shone down into the passage and revealed a metal ladder on one side. Sophia broke a bit of branch from one of the trees and dropped it down the whole, bending her head to angle an ear at it. A couple of seconds later a sound echoed up and Sophia nodded. Without further hesitation, she climbed onto the ladder and quickly descended.


Once her feet were firmly planted on the floor, she looked around but was still shrouded in darkness so started groping along the wall. Soon enough her hand ran across a switch and fluorescent lights flickered to life above her. The light revealed what appeared to be a single room, about 20 feet squared, with five large circular stones at its centre.


“Yippee!” she exclaimed and walked forward to run her hand across one of the stones, fascinated by the fact she felt absolutely no resistance, like she was running her hand across nothing. “He’ll be so pleased with me!”


- Raphael Ginta -

“So, Sister, how do you like it here?” Raphael spoke from his stone throne, fastened out of the rock wall as the whole of his home village was.


Sisi giggled at Raphael’s codename for her but couldn’t stop the grin that ran ear-to-ear. “I love it!”


“Good.” Raphael said. He stood up and walked across to the young girl, clasping his hands behind his back above his cloak. “Now you are settled in, do you care to help me?” Although it was phrased as a question, the tone behind it made it very clear that he wasn’t really asking; not that Sisi recognised such a tone.


Her nod was enthusiastic as she ran across to a stone table that had a large world map resting on it. It was of much better quality than the one she owned in her own home and a number of scribbles in red pen was visible. “Who is it?” she said as Raphael produced a photo of a man half turned away from the camera, clearly unaware his picture pas being taken.


“A bad man. I intend to stop him.” Raphael, re-clasping his hands behind his back.


Sisi paused and then turned her gaze from the photo to the map. Her eyes lit up with the familiar white energy and the points appeared on the map. When Raphael saw where the man was located, his mask hid his look of surprise.

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-----Dr. Cavanaught-----

The old man was dressed plainly and stereotypically for a research scientists--a white lab coat, large glasses, gray and balding facial hair, old wrinkled pale skin. His lab was state of the art, many different machines, test tubes, beakers, computers, cadavers--both human and inhuman--decorated the room. A soft white light from the overhead fluorescent lighting made him frequently forget what time of day it was. He walked with a slight limp as he went back and forth across the room, silently muttering to himself about results or current tests.


A loud ping of an overhead announcing system buzzed, the man fumbled through his pocket and pulled out a small PDA, he spoke to it, “Answer.”


“Dr. Cavanaugh,” it said, it was a feminine voice, “several new live subjects will be delivered within the next twelve hours.”


“Gah,” he moaned, “alright, just, uh, take ‘em to holding cells on the second level.”


“No, they are being moved to the maximum security section, they are level 4s, some teetering on 5.”


The doctor whistled, “Oh neat! I'll ready some new instruments then.”


“Also, I was asked to relay to you what a good opportunity it will be to apply the new enhancements we haven't had any success with.”


“I'll be the judge of that, Melanie.”



He was still investigating the strange phenomenon and magical barrier when he felt the buzz of his Order communicator in his pocket, he pulled it out and analyzed the coded message. Responding would have been a mistake, he felt, as communications could be intercepted and monitored.


He knew approximately where Ryuzaki would be based off his message, but he wasn't sure if he could get their as elusively as the vampire would be able to. Ryuk had on him one black flair in the event of an emergency, to let Ryuzaki know where he was and that he needed help; he doubted though that Ryuzaki would come to his aid.


-----Lt. Ward-----

The door to the Command and Control Center slammed open and a well dressed man in green camos and tan boots barged through. He was out of breath from sprinting through the halls. He immediately took control of the situation, “Pull up all satellite imagery we can get, live feed of each island on my screens.” the room was a darkened except for the illuminated computer screens, at each on was an operator of some sort, some male and some female. He took his seat in the center of the room, the rest of the computers and operators all fanning out around him in an organized fashion.


One of the women called out, “Four minutes til satellite alignment.”

“Alright good,” he pressed his hand down into the chair and suddenly seven screens appeared in front of him, completely holographic and translucent; each on with a map of each island. “Send the estimated location according to our sensors to me,” with several rushed but well practiced movements one of the operators did so, a red blip appearing on each one of his maps. “How much time until the Sentries launch?”

“Sir, they are waiting on your call. All systems are green for their drop.”

“Okay, good, we are only sending the Sentries to the islands where we don't know exactly what we are dealing with. The one with the vampire is getting Hunters sent after him.”


Cautious looks were exchanged around the room before somebody said, “Spinning them up now, Sir.”


“Alright, don't drop the Sentries yet. Also dispatch them from orbit not from the hangar.” Those things would hear those bastards coming from a mile away. If we drop them from the sky then hopefully we can get them before they get a chance to run away. “In orbit we have 10, a full satellite, the nearest satellite with more units is on the other side of the globe. We’ll hit em hard and fast, stun em and then launch 15 more from the hangars as backups.” He clicked and pressed and swiped at several things on the screen, “Roth, status of satellites? Smith, status of the Hunters.”


“Live feed uploading now, switching them to your screens.”

“Hunters 20 minutes out, moving via underground connected tunnels.”


“Good, alright.” once he got the live video feed for each island on each separate screen he analyzed them carefully, “Okay so we know we have a Summer Fairy, Vampire, Winter Fairy, and a Demon. Any new Intel?”


“Yes, sir, the sensors can only identify those creatures because they're common, there's a few others us but they are either human with magical traits or creatures of an unconfirmed species.”


“Understandable. Get them on my screens, I need an exact latitude and longitude of each and I need it yesterday.” He took a second to compose himself, as the Planning and Tactics Officer this was his job, he'd been training for this. Remember, appearance and perception is the first step to achieving the results we want. Can't look disheveled, gotta make these people believe I know what I'm talking about--even though this is the first time other than practice we've been behind the computer the screens. “I don't think I need to tell you guys that everyone's watching, we've got the UN Security Committee pissed off, bitching about what a waste of money this is, so we can't afford to mess this up. Zero mistakes.”


One of the operators laughed, “Sir, how can we make a mistake if it's the first time it's been done before?”


“Great thinking,” Ward barked, “that's the kind of attitude I like.”



She was deep inside the security compound. She was underground in some type of massive tunnel that went on for miles. It was pitch black but she could tell there was a lighting assembly at the ceiling--she'd been spending the last few minutes searching for it.


After a while she just decides to create her own light--she held out her and in a flash of blue fire a sphere appeared in them. The entire area around suddenly became much colder as well, the ball moved and shifted floating between her hands. It was several different shades of blue, casting outwards a powerful bright blue light. It was on fire, as if it was burning and as if the fire was cold. The underground road, she assessed, had to be the size of a four lane highway at least. The edges of light she cast didn't even fill it from side to side. She kept walking, further documenting everything, before suddenly feeling very uneasy.


-----Combat Information Center-----

“Sir, new estimates are showing s power level reading for the Winter Fairy on Nirvana spiking dramatically, it's estimated by our systems that it'll take four Sentries to bring her down.”


“Alright, then send 8 to her, two to the non vampire, and where the hell is our Hunters at?!”


“Hunters on scene, awaiting go phrase.”




-----Squad 1-----

They watched as a man tripped and fell over, “Shit, Benson.”  He left and shit the door, locking it closed. “Our shifts over man, we’ve gotta go to Town Hall.”


Benson’s eyes got large, “uh-uh-uh.” Town Hall was the distress code, it was a covert word they would pass that meant, act normal but there is a security compromise somewhere. Judging by his superiors reaction, they needed to get out of here.


“Just come on, buddy.”


The squad leader sighed a sigh of relief, Thank God our boys are getting outta there in time.  “Towers Green, All Go.” The voice came over their installed headsets, and they didn't even need to think about their next movements. They'd been training for years, they were OSSUM’s elite strike team. Only fifty of them in existence and seven of them were right here.


They were clad in a cloaking armor, completely blending in to their surroundings; every part of them from their guns to their helmets to their boots. They moved in complete silence, the special lenses they wore in their masks allowing them to see each other. Nearly all of them had some type of robotic enhancement of sorts, arms, legs, eyes, ears, something to contribute.


The small communicator beeped, the first stage was complete.


Heavy incoming fire, Sentries from thirty thousand feet, fifty caliber rounds. Stay put or we might get hit. The squad leader communicated to his men via an installed brain implant--allowing him to transmit thoughts as if they were a text message. We don't know which building he's in, but we’re hitting all three; stay completely still and when he emerges fire. Remember legs only no body shots. When he gets near us we pull the trigger on the Vamp Gas.


Not four seconds later, the buildings the vampire could have been in became shredded with high caliber bullet shells. It went on for fifteen relentless seconds, heavy machine gun fire decimating the structures. The concrete hut--as the squad noticed, was the least damaged. It was designed to take a pounding, after all it housed the central processing network for the entire island. The other buildings were now completely unstable and would need to be condemned and rebuilt.


The moved closer, staying low and staying hidden in the dust and by their state of the art cloaking armor. The dust helped hide them more.



The two assigned to Nirvana did a quick, fifteen seconds barrage of machine gun fire onto the buildings as designated, then continued for their descent towards the unknown creature. By now, they would sound like jet aircraft buzzing overhead at near mach speeds. The element of surprise gone and now appearing with overwhelming force and firepower.


Ryuk responded fast, aiming the black flare gun up and shooting it--if for no other reason than to alert Ryuzaki to get clear; although now that he thought about it Ryuzaki probably heard them before Ryuk did, but still. Procedure is procedure.


Two massive and strange robots appeared in front of him, levitating by what appeared to be nothing, just floating in mid air. The armor was heavy and thick, brilliantly silver with a red OSSUM crest in the chest. One arm was a machine gun, while the other was a normal, five fingered hand. Their heads were triangular in shape, with a single red eye in the center. On their backs were two large jet engines, about four feet long and skinny, on each shoulder was mounted a missile launcher. They were nearly fifteen feet tall.  They didn't give Ryuk a chance to blink. They dashed forward, one of them firing a missile that, had it been an explosive round, would have blown him to bits, instead it exploded into a cloud of dark black smoke.


Ryuk jumped back as fast and as hard as he could, clearly nearly twenty feet, jumping out of the smoke. He emerged out of the smoke, sliding to a stop and slamming his back against a tree. One of shot forward, the trees not getting in his way as he smashed through them, and extended his right hand; grabbing hold of Ryuk’s left arm in an iron grip. Ryuk squirmed back and forth, his arm being crushed and broken in the meantime. He contorted his body, dislocating his arm out of its socket with a sickening crack so that he could reach down into his boot and pull out a large machete. He jammed it forward and into the robot's arms, in between it’s armor in what would be an elbow on a human. The arm went limp, however it still had an iron grip on Ryuk.


The other robot by now was on Ryuk, it shot some type of missile at him and he could feel himself losing consciousness. The world went gray and his head was fuzzy, before long he went limp.


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The damp room smelt like blood; an iron metallic stench. There was a constant thumping, too, it was caused by some type of medical machine that swirled a blue liquid. The liquid was fluorescent. Ryuk was strapped down to a metal table, his body was secured uncomfortably in a straight line, right arm to his side and legs together. His left arm was splayed out to his side, hidden from his view by a white curtain.


Funny, last I remember I lost this arm…


As he regained consciousness and began to piece things together, the lights flicked on and a man walked through. He was old and liver spotted, his white lab coat was stained red with blood. He put on blue surgical gloves while he walked towards Ryuk. “Excellent! You're awake.”


Ryuk tried to speak but found himself unable too. For whatever reason his brain just wasn't functioning properly.


“Yes, yes, I suppose that does make sense.” The man said, “We’ve done a lot of probing around up there, in your brain and stuff.”


Ryuk didn't really make sense of what the man said, but now that he mentioned it Ryuk did have a splitting headache.


“Don't worry, though, it was mostly just a needle through your temple. And some radiation. Also we removed a chunk off the back of your skull--”he waved his arms frantically around”--but don't worry we put it back! It was just to see if we could get some synapses going to that new arm of yours. We couldn't, if you were wondering.”


Ryuk mumbled something, and words finally began to come out. “What. Arm.”


“Oh, yes, yes.” The old man walked over and ripped the curtain down. “We don't really know what it is, probably a supernatural parasite of some kind, it devours its host slowly over time.


Where his left arm used to be was now just a shapeless ameba of black goop. It nearly spilled off the edge of the table. As Ryuk looked at it, it began to tremble and move slightly.


“When I placed it on your body, to err, umm, this is awkward, but to, ya know, devour you, it just sort of went over to where your arm used to be. It's really quite exciting. Never have we gotten that response before. My tests are indicating that you are somehow communicating with it. So we’ll be studying you for some time.” The man stepped forward with a scalpel and without warning cut into Ryuk’s Bicep. “Please, try not to tense up, I want to see how this stuff has stitched itself into your tendons, muscle sinew, and bone.”


Ryuk didn't know exactly how much time had passed. He stopped keeping track after a week and if he had to take a wild guess he would say about a month. He didn't know what happened to Ryuzaki, to Logan, to Ezralda, or to any of the others he came here with.


The strange metallic substance on his arm ached. The substance itself had no feeling, however the part of his forearm where it connected had experienced every sensation from freezing to burning. As much as it hurt, Ryuzaki also realized what a unique opportunity it afforded him--the opportunity to escape, to survive.


The connection he had with it was almost instantaneous, after the first day or so, he was able to freely control the substance, to shape or how he wanted, to control its form, size, and even viscosity. He couldn't let his captors know that, though. He kept playing dumb, making it look as if the substance is just slowly working its way up his arm to eventually encapsulate his whole body.


Ryuk wasn't much of an actor, but he assumed his performance was somewhat convincing; now they were moving him to somewhere else. The man who he came to know as Doc' Weaver, proclaimed that Ryuk was over the observation and testing phase and would now be moved to a more comfortable cell.


Ryuk was essentially dragged, half conscious, dehydrated, exhausted, starving, and thrown into a small and dark room. He couldn't see anything, it was dark and his eyes hadn't adjusted. The room wreaked of body odor and feces. He stumbled for a minute before tripping over a semi conscious lump. He fell down next to it and, as his eyes adjusted to the lack of light, he realized that the was in the same cell as Logan.


Logan had definitely seen better days, the majority of his face was cut and swollen, his arm was bent at an odd angle and his stomach--Logan was shirtless--had several bullet holes in and they had a steady trickle of blood dripping from them. Ryuk was concerned that Logan's healing factor hadn't healed him by now--his wounds looked to be days old.


Logan coughed and stirred awake, he laughed and said to Ryuk, “This place is fucking hell.”


Ryuk attempted to laugh then said, “Shit, I didn't expect you to be able to talk. What have they been doing to you?”


“This dumb bitch has been playing doctor with me. Everyday at the same time she comes in here and gives me a different shot, or has me inhale some weird gas, and I don't know what exactly it is, but it always does something different--makes me transform, stops my transformation, heals me, stops me from healing.” He coughed a wad of blood. “Well the last one is new. It's why they beat me like this. To make sure I was broken and healing and then they watched it stop.” He laughed, “Now that they got that they'll probably let me die and go commit genocide. Our healing factor is the only thing we have anymore.” Ryuk thought about that and was genuinely saddened--at first.


Then he was terrified.


“Christ, they'll wipe every paranormal off the face of the Earth if they keep experimenting like this.”


Ryuk didn't have a moment to think of say anything else. Three armed men burst through the door--one of them slamming him up against the wall and the other two dragging Logan out of their prison cell. Logan's half dead body left a trail blood.


Logan was gone for several hours, or maybe days; Ryuk couldn't keep track anymore.  When he came back the more serious wounds he had were healed. It appeared that his lack of healing factor was only a temporary ailment.



Three months, two weeks, and one day. She’d been counting everyday since shed been captured. Her magical powers gave her a next to God-like omnission of time, so keeping track was simple. She wasn't about to go mad from that, or the torture, or the surgeries, but from the drugs.


Since she was captured the doctors and staff had strapped her down onto a bed, sticking out of several veins where syringes pumping strange liquids into her blood stream. They'd almost always tell her what they were doing--”This one is supposed to limit your healing abilities.”, “This one should rot you from the inside out”, “This one is going to make you go insane.”


Every drug yielded the desired effect for at least a few seconds, then her abilities somehow changed her body chemistry so the medicines would have no effect. She’d always laugh at them as they got increasingly frustrated, and it wasn't uncommon for her to be beat into unconsciousness, as a result.


She'd always hear them talking about the other subjects. She deduced that there were two of them, based off the conversations being had, and that one was a werewolf--most likely Logan--and the other was a strange hybrid of sorts--possibly Ryuk, but she couldn't be sure.


For the first week she tried to escape, tried to manifest her abilities, but everytime she did and alarm would go off and the machine she was attached to would pump some weird gray liquid into her--forcing her into a deep sleep.


Even though she was about to lose her mind, she still teetered back to the brink of sanity. I'm stronger than this. She pleaded, The opportunity to escape will come and, when it does, ill take the others with me--if they're still alive.


“Ryuk, it’s now or never.” Logan’s voice was hoarse, muffled and barely audible between the heavy baton strikes that the two guards brought down on him.


Ryuk was swift, moving effeciently and not waisting any energy. The strange black metal on his arm hardened and became a solid block of metal that he brought crashing down on the guard from behind. The second man exclaimed in surprise and turned with his baton, bringing it down on Ryuk. Ryuk raised his right hand and caught it, smiling, he said, “I’ve been waiting so long for this.” Logan’s massive framed rose up from behind him, his hands came together in an instant and smashed the mans skull, caving in his helmet and sending his corpse toppling over.


The heavy bruises and broken ribs on Logan’s body had already healed. He wasn’t breathing heavy, either, his pupils were dialated and his muscles twitched with excitement. Ryuk had been around werewolves enough to know that Logan was doing all he could to fight back his transformation. Logan took a few moments to calm himself, taking deep breaths in and out, rhythmically trying to slow his heartbeat and silence the adrenaline flowing through his body. He nodded to Ryuk and they left their prison cell, carefully.


They were used to this part of the compound. If they turned left and walked for approximetaly thirty steps, then they would come to a set of large double doors, through there is the place that they’ve come to call the “Doctors Office” and has, essentially, been the source of their misery for the past however long it’s been. Logan growled and Ryuk flinched looking at those doors. The looked to their right  and saw several more cells, like theirs, and then a large, vault-type door. The only hindrance would be getting to that. The door was currently opened, they’d only ever seen it shut twice and each time it was because of some type of security alert. The door started to close and both of them dashed for it.


“SECURITY ALERT, SECURITY ALERT, CELL BREACH, BLOCK 1A. ONE WOLF, ONE NON-HUMAN.” The speakers in the hallway boomed, a loud whistling siren issued next as they ran.


Just as the door was about to close, Ryuk blinked and Logan was in a semi-transformed state.


Logan’s muscles bulged even larger, his brown body hair darked and turn black--nearly covering his entire body. His teeth became jagged, his fingernails elongated and thickened, his posture began to curve forward, and his eyes became a wolfish yellow with a black slit.. Logan lunged and spun in the air, hitting the door before it could close with both legs and then kicking off--slamming the door back open with a loud crash. Logan looked up and growled at the squad of soldiers on the otherside. They all levied their rifles at Logan and just as he leaned forward, letting Ryuk jump over his back, Ryuk’s left arm liquified and expanded in front of him, multiplying in quantity in a matter of insants, and created a shield with a radious of three feet in front of them, extending from his outstretched left arm. The soldiers, caught off guard by the richocheting bullets, paused their fire.


Logan moved with a fury, his body so fast and with so much force that it nearly knocked Ryuk over. The soldiers screamed for a retreat and regroup, but in four seconds--the amount of time it took Ryuk to withdraw his metallic arm back into one piece, Logan had already dispatched them. Ryuk ran alongside Logan, not stopping to take a breath, and marveled at his raw strength. One of the soldiers was ripped in half, another was twitching on the ground in a state of semiconicounes, another had a caved in head, and the last was missing half his chest. Logan was, seemingly and completely, both unharmed and unphased.


Logan’s voice was hoarse and bestial when he said, “Follow me, I think I can smell the outside. It’s getting stronger.”



The doctor who was standing over her was startled by the sudden appearance of a security escort. They were mumbling something back and forth about an escaped werewolf and humanoid, apparently thirteen men were already dead and they were running around the lower levels of the compound.


Ezralda’s stomach was cut open, her body bare and exposed like a lab specimen. The doctor had described to her, agonizingy, step by step, exaclty what he was doing and why he was doing it. He did this nearly every time he operated on her; always commenting on how pecular her biolgy was and how strange and mystical it was to see it changing on a molecular level before his eyes. This time, he’d place some type of toxin directly into her abdomen. Her internal organs shut down, she nearly became septic, but just before that happened her body changed and adapted to the poison. Again. They went through this drill nearly once a week.


Despite that, she smiled.


She mumbled even though hardly any words came out, “You didn’t realize that you bumped my IV.” The doctor, the three lab assistants who were present at this time, and the five soldieers in the room didn’t pay her any mind. “I’m going to kill you.” The all stopped and looked at her. It wasn’t clear if they heard what she said, if they felt the sudden drop in temperature, but it was probably both. All of he straps holding her down to the bed, and everything else that was in connected to her body, became completely frozen and brittle--shattering when she sat up on the bed. The soldiers raised their rifles, however it was too late, the raw emotion and power that had been welling up inside her was being unleashed, and it did so with a fury.


An invisible circle of wind circled around her and spun rapidly, expanding outwards and sending everyone flying across the room. They smacked into the walls like rag dolls. The soldiers, well trained and ready to fight, went for their side arms but Ezralda was quicker. Quicker than they could track, she had closed the distance and slammed her fist into the face of one of the men--punching through his skull, popping it like a grape, and crating the wall of the room behind him. She whipped her hand out, blood following it and shaping into a knife in her hand. Swiftly, she dispatched all the soldiers, cutting their throats and leaving them to suffocate. She turned her attention to the Doctor and his lab assistants.


The room, which was already below freezing, got even colder.




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- Ryuzaki -

His ability to keep track of the time that had passed since his last proper intake of blood was starting to piss Ryuzaki off. It was a constant reminder that he was being made a mockery of; him! One of the greatest assassin’s currently alive in the world. His rage bubbled below the surface, ready to explode if those that hunted him appeared any time soon. They had started all of this back then, trying to capture him alive instead of kill him. Their technology had been impressive, something Ryuzaki had not seen the humans use before, and had they planned to kill him, they might have succeeded.


As it was, Ryuzaki could use their lack of killing intent against them. Although he couldn’t hear it, he was sure they had a way to communicate with each other and he was also sure they were starting to wonder whether they should just kill him. Of course, now that he was alert, they wouldn’t get that chance. It was as this thought passed through his mind that he heard the beat of a human heart. It was about 600 ft away from him and had he not recognised its rhythm, he would have chased it immediately. The hunters had done something to their blood which meant it did nothing for Ryuzaki’s vampire genes. They had started as seven but were now only four and Ryuzaki had tried taking blood from each one to no avail. It was only thanks to the idiot soldier who had apparently missed the evacuation order that Ryuzaki was still running now. He had never drunk someone quite so dry before then.


It was only the single heartbeat he could hear but Ryuzaki knew the others wouldn’t be far behind; they never were. It was whatever form of communication they used that he couldn’t detect; they called for help the moment they even thought he was about. Of course, Ryuzaki wasn’t going to let this one even think he was in the area before ripping their heart out.


He was using psychology against them with his pick of hiding place this time. In every other encounter with them, he had picked a place of higher altitude. For an assassin, knowing the surroundings was paramount and he tended to use high places to survey them. This time, however, he had dug himself a trench and then covered himself completely. He had been holding his breath for over an hour now; not impressive for a vampire but it was annoying.


Having picked such a hiding place, he was using his other senses to estimate his next victim’s location as they got closer and closer to his position. It took another 10 minutes before Ryuzaki felt the pressure from above as the hunter literally stood on top of his hiding spot. He was tempted to attack then; burst from the ground in a frenzy. But that was not his way, and a face on attack would not fare well when the hunter called his friends to attack. So Ryuzaki continued to wait.


When the pressure had moved, Ryuzaki slowly lifted himself up and out of the dirt until he stood up completely. His movement had sent a fine wave of dirt particles through the area and Ryuzaki strained his eyes to focus on what he couldn’t see. The cloaking technology the hunters used was top notch but they were still physical things and Ryuzaki’s sharpened acute senses picked out the vague outline of the hunter as the dust particles floated past them. As he had expected, the outline showed the hunter looking up into the trees, his vision tunnelled on Ryuzaki’s previous points of hiding.


It meant the hunter was none the wiser and Ryuzaki speared his hand through his back, severing his spine and sending an explosion of blood to cover the terrain around him. At the same time, he used his other hand on top of the hunters head and twisted violently until it came off like the cap of a bottled drink. The blood bubbled and Ryuzaki let the body drop to the floor as he threw the head away. Even after they were dead, their tech remained active which meant only the blood spatters was the only thing that revealed there was anyone was there at all. Ryuzaki growled at the fact all of this blood was useless to him.


As he stood there listening for further heartbeats, another noise rose. The sound confused Ryuzaki for a second but as he concentrated he managed to pick out what it was; an alarm…from below.


He quickly lay down on the floor and lay his ear to the dirt ground. Sure enough, the pulsing alarm was coming from below him. He had been right the first time he had found that facility, there was an underground section. But he had come across nothing that would have given him access to it. Which meant this island had never been designed to access the underground area; at least not from topside.


This theory was proven immediately when a near-silent screeching sounded and a tree that apparently wasn’t a tree opened up to reveal a figure stood in the darkness.


“Well, looky who we have here; the scary vampire dude.” A girl’s voice said and Ryuzaki scowled as he recognised her.


“Sophia Nurnhust; the Crescent Moon member…you are human.”


- Sophia Nurnhurst -

Slightly before that meeting…


Sophia had barely changed her Mask from Sadness for the entirety of her time in the underground facility. The powers granted by the expression allowed her to squeeze through smaller places and hide in places no human should be able to hide in. Despite the fact that the pain writhed inside her head, she knew it was the only way to keep herself out of the hands of the crazy doctors that hung around underneath the islands.


So when she had passed an abandoned security post and spotted the vampire from the first meeting, she had laughed in glee. Of course, this meant a bunch of security goons tried to take her in but she killed them with a little bit of anger. Then all she had to do was figure out how to get to him. It had taken her just over an hour but eventually she found out that she could get up to his island through a network of tunnels and a small elevator.


Back to the meeting…


“Yes…” she managed before the vampire dashed forward and pinned her back against the metal inside of the elevator, the doors closing now they were both clear of them. “Uh…” she said, about to Anger up and teach the man a lesson on manners, when he pierced her neck with his teeth.


Sophia inhaled sharply, feeling the vampire’s power as he drunk deeply; feeling the ecstasy fill her body in a way she had not felt before. Then the feeling disappeared and Ryuzaki pulled away, a look of relief on his face. The small cuts and bruises scattered across what Sophia could see of his body suddenly faded away and the vampire looked freshly invigorated.


“Oh wow, that was great! Do all your victims feel that?” She said, fanning her face with her hand and smiling widely.


Ryuzaki looked at her with narrowed eyes. “Your blood is strange, despite your human nature. Your reaction was a first for me.”


“Scary vampire dude, I expect you just had a taste of my curse, right?” Sophia replied as she hit the button on the elevator and it started descending again


“Curse? Great, I better not have caught anything off you.” He replied, and stepped away completely, spitting a globule of blood out of his mouth.


“Don’t worry, my curse isn’t transmittable that way.” Sophia replied coyly. “Anyway, what have you been up to since shit hit the fan?”


“The alarm, what is it?” Ryuzaki asked, apparently ignoring Sophia’s question.


Sophia frowned but the doors opened at that point as she took the opportunity to skip away from the vampire. “Prisoners on the loose, Vampire. The rest of our team from what I’ve put together. Oh, if you need some more filling up, there’s a bunch of dudes over there that won’t mind.” She gestured to a small group of security personnel that had been guarding the elevator. “Of course, I wouldn’t mind either.”


Ryuzaki strode straight by her and immediately picked up the nearest body to him. He drunk deeply and looked even more chipper than before. “I’m not taking your blood again if you’re cursed, I can promise you that.


“Aww, but it was great.”


“We need to get out of here, I can safely say I’ve had enough of this island to last me a lifetime.” Ryuzaki cocked his head as if listening.


“Out? What about the team?” Sophia cocked her head as well, although hers was in questioning.


“Foolish enough to get captured, stupid enough to get seen escaping; they can sort themselves out for all I care. I must return to Erevis.”


“Well, aren’t you the friendly type. I like it; come on, I’ll show you something really cool I came across while I was down here.” Without waiting to listen to Ryuzaki probably decline, Sophia skipped away down the corridor. With the vampire with her, she felt doubly confident about her plan.

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“Logan, how long are we going to keep this up?” Ryuk’s body was completely covered in black, shimmering and slick with blood from the soldiers he’d been cutting down. His right arm was in the shape of a long blade. The metal wasn’t smooth as it originally had been, now it was cracked and falling off in small chips; he was breathing heavily and clearly exhausted. “We’ve been running for miles now.”


Logan looked no better. He was without the luxury of any type of armor and his body was peppered with cuts, holes, and gashes. “They must have sealed off the exits, I can’t smell anything.” Just as he was saying that he caught a whiff of something familiar, “You’ve gotta be shitten’ me,” He laughed, “Ryuk, this way!”


Logan took off with a new found rejuvanence. “For fuck’s sake, man.” Ryuk said and trailed behind.




In the current state she was in, she doubted that much could stop her--maybe a Master Vampire, Fairy Queen, or other malevolent-god-like creature--certainly nothing manmade. As she approached the walls of whatever floor she was on, a circle of blue fire would lash out from around her body--freezing the walls until they were brittle and broke with the slightest push of her hand.


She was about to be outside when she took a blow the stomach.


She was launched several feet back before she righted herself, her crystal blue skin glistening and her six separate wings extended outwards six feet. The wings caught her in the air, leaving her hovering a few few above the ground. Erevis was standing in front of her about twenty feet away. He as wearing a charcoal gray suit, the hand that he used to punch her was frostbitten and bloody--within a few seconds though it healed itself completely.


Erevis said, “Please, Ezralda, be a dear and go back inside. Your mother has tasked me with making sure you don’t leave the building. That being said--”


Ezralda cut off Erevis with a powerful blow to his face, she shedded her true form now, and have reverted back to her more humanoid one in and instant. Her right fist, the one that made contact with Erevis’ jaw and sent him stumbling, was a frozen chunk of ice. She was breathing heavy, the weather around her swirling into an arctic storm. “Thanks for that, Erevis,” said, sarcasm dripping from her voice, “You brought me back to reality for a moment.” Her hand reverted back to its normal tone.


Erevis was quick to strike back. He dashed forward with impressive speed and delivered a series of kicks and punches that would leave nearly any other foe crippled and near death. Ezralda, however, was not his average enemy. She bobbed and weaved faster than Erevis, or the Winter Queen herself, had ever accounted for. Since her training with the Winter Dragon, she hadn’t had the chance to cut loose against a real enemy.


And she wouldn’t get to this time, either.


With a small effort of will, her right hand turned into ice again, and her blow came shockingly fast. Erevis was ready this time and jumped back, however, he wasn’t ready for when she opened her palm and sent a shower of ice shards at him. He was peppered with a shotgun blast of tiny icicle; lancing through his body and leaving a bloody mess in their wake. Ezralda skated forward and wrestled around behind Erevis, placing his heady into a choke hold and squeezing tight. Just as she was about to decapitate Erevis, her mother literally froze time in and of itself.  


The power of the Winter Queen are substantial, and while she didn’t literally freeze time, she might as well have because Ezralda was left stunned just by the release of her energy. Her mother’s very presence was like a one-ton weight sitting on her chest, making it difficult to breath. She started to shiver as her mother placed a hand on Ezralda’s shoulder. “Hush, child,” Her mother said, the absolute authority of it dominating over Ezralda. The very magic that Ezralda was made of forcing her to obey. Had this been any other time, Ezralda could have maybe mentally prepared herself to at least resist in a tiny bit; but considering that Ezralda was in the height of battle and completely engrossed in fighting Erevis, she was left off guard for the enchantment.


Enchantment was too the Winter Queen and fighting was to Ezralda. And Ezralda was caught completely off guard by it--trapped in the throngs of her mother’s prowess, again.


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- Ryuzaki -

Sophia was apparently paying him no mind as she absentmindedly skipped a couple feet ahead of Ryuzaki. He had considered letting her simply disappear off on her own but even with the recent top up, he felt weaker than normal. Staying with her was probably the best course of action for the moment. Just as the girl started whistling a jaunty tune, Ryuzaki’s senses picked up someone nearby and he dashed forward in a blink of an eye.


As it was, the pair was passing some kind of offshoot in the corridor and Ryuzaki pulled Sophia into it, pushing her against the wall before sliding in next to her. She started to open her mouth to protest or applaud, Ryuzaki didn’t actually know with her, but he raised a finger to his lips to indicate silence and she obeyed. Somewhat surprised, Ryuzaki tuned his senses down the hall to what he now realised was a pair of people running in their direction.


He thought he somewhat recognised one of them, and a small inkling told him he knew the second; although he couldn’t bring anyone to mind. He focused back around him and turned to Sophia


“Keep up.” He whispered and held up his hand with all fingers extended. A second later he lowered one. Then another. Then another. Another one followed and then he exploded out of cover and directly into the path of the front man.


Ryuzaki didn’t take time to register the tattered state of the individual before he wrapped his fingers around the man’s throat and with a savage twisting of his shoulders, pulled him off his feet and slammed him into the floor. As if they’d planned the movement, Sophia took advantage of Ryuzaki’s crouched form and used his shoulder as a step as she flipped through the air and landed on the next person. Her mask had contorted and gave the impression of sadness as she rammed one of her unsheathed swords into the man’s throat.


The next thing that happened was the pair’s retaliation. The man below Ryuzaki reached up and wrapped his own fingers around Ryuzaki’s throat, a growl escaping his lips as his canine-like eyes stared daggers into Ryuzaki’s vampiric ones. The blade of Sophia’s sword landed on the floor with a clatter and sparks flew as the black blade that was the second man’s left arm grated against Sophia’s chest; although apparently her skin was just as hard now.


“Well, fuck you too, Ryuzaki.” The man said as Ryuzaki recognised who he was.


“Logan, what are you doing here?” Ryuzaki said as he looked up and realised who the second person was. “Ryuk? What the fuck happened to you?” Ryuzaki pulled free of Logan’s grip and took a step back as Sophia flipped backwards off Ryuk and landed next to him expertly.


Now he wasn’t assaulting him, Ryuzaki realised that Logan was ragged, bruised, and injured. He quickly scanned the werewolf from head to toe and figured some sort of torture had taken place and unlike a vampire, he had no way to quickly top up his energy and heal his wounds. But Logan was nothing compared to Ryuk. Ryuzaki looked across to his Order comrade and took in the strange black substance that covered him and the face that his left arm was now some sort of sword-like object. The blood that covered him, that was clearly not his, took very little of Ryuzaki’s interest.


“Ryuzaki! I thought you’d be long gone by now.” Ryuk said, stepping forward as his sword-arm became a regular one, albeit still black as night. “This is…just an upgrade courtesy of the bastards here, I suppose.”


“I would have been long gone if it wasn’t for this one.” Ryuzaki jerked his finger at Sophia and she curtsied. “And don’t think I’m down here to rescue you are anything, I wouldn’t waste my time.”


“It’s true; he was already scooting away when I bumped into him.” Sophia added and spun around on one foot. Ryuzaki noticed that her mask had returned to its natural, blank look. “Anyone, this reunion is boring. I still have to show Ryuzaki what I found; you guys can tag along as well I suppose.” Once again not waiting for a reply, Sophia skipped off, beginning her whistling again.


“This place is locked down; does she know a way out?” Logan asked with a frown.


Ryuzaki looked at him and didn’t reply as he started off after the girl. Without any better ideas, Logan and Ryuk followed suit.


- Sophia Nurnhurst -

She hadn’t expected her sword to break quite so easily against the black man but she had smiled when clearly he had expected to cut her with his own blade. After Ryuzaki had realised who they were she pouted inwardly; she had been looking for a good rumble and Ryuk had looked like the kind of man she could go a couple of rounds with. Of course, now she had two more tag-alongs but she looked on the bright side and just thought that it would be even more successful assuming both Ryuk and Logan were of any use.


Skipping ahead of the trio has she had been doing, she stopped for a moment to locate an ‘x’ scrapped into the wall; a mark she had left on the way out to remind her which way to go.


“Thi~s way!” she called back and moved around the corner and through a broken automatic door into a moderate sized room. When the others came in after her, Ryuzaki in front, Logan and Ryuk taking up the rear, they saw what appeared to be four large stones.


“You wanted to show me a bunch of stones?” Ryuzaki said as Ryuk stepped forward to touch one of them.


“Strange, I’ve never felt anything like this.” Ryuk said and frowned to himself.


Sophia hopped across from where she had been stood and pulled Ryuk’s hand away from the stone. “No touchy.”


“What a waste of time.” Logan sneered as he turned to exit the room, only to find his way was blocked by a giant of a figure.


The figure in question was big enough that he had to duck and turn his upper body slightly to actually fit through the door. Once he was completely through, he stopped and glared down at the group. The buzz cut on his head was a clean blonde and his eyes were a steely grey. He was wearing a correctly cut suit of light charcoal, clearly personally tailored given his size, with a white shirt and black tie. A vicious looking battle axe hung from a loop on his right side.


“Who the fuck is this guy?” Ryuzaki said as Logan snarled and leapt forward to engage this new man.


“Oh, Vincent, you’ve arrived!” Sophia exclaimed as Vincent caught Logan by the throat and slammed him against the wall with barely a second glance.


“You know him?” Ryuk said as Logan pulled himself to his feet. “Logan, wait a second!” Logan snarled but stayed where he was, crouched at Vincent’s feet.


“He’s a grand old buddy, aren’t you Vincent?” Sophia said as she skipped forward and jumped up to wrap her arms around the man’s neck before swing around and ending up on his back. “I wasn’t expecting you so early though.”


Ryuzaki frowned and then realised this Vincent was the guy who had been at the meeting with the Fae; the Crescent Moon member. “And how exactly did he get on the island?”


“Come on, it’s time to go; have you marked the stones?” Vincent’s voice fitted his body as it was low and grated its way through the air.


“Yep! Won’t he be so proud of me!?” Sophia replied as she dropped back to the floor.


“I’m sure he’ll be glad you succeeded. Now let’s not waste any more time.” Vincent turned around and folded himself back through the door and Sophia followed suite, pulling a small device from the pocket of her jacket and pressing a button on it before returning it.


Ryuzaki glanced at Ryuk, who shrugged his shoulders, before following the Crescent Moon members out of the door. Ryuk and Logan weren’t far behind; the latter was still seething that Vincent had to hardly try to stop his attack. His injuries were obviously slowing him down.


 - Raphael Ginta -

With Sisi back in her room, having fulfilled her role, Raphael was sitting on his throne of stone when a quiet beeping sounded from within his pocket. He pulled the small device out of his pocket and smiled beneath his mask. The information was right, the stones really were held on that island; and Sophia completed her mission. Good. With the Stones in my possession, I will soon be able to begin my plan. Raphael thought as he pulled his feet up and crossed them beneath him. At the same time, the large doors that led to his chamber swung shut and a large bar slid across them, locking Raphael within.


He closed his eyes and focused his energy. To use his powers over such a great distance was not impossible for him, but it would be hard work; he would have to sacrifice a part of himself to do it but the tones were too important to waste any time getting them. Raphael had been investigating them for years and so knew the exact size, shape, and weight of them; the three things he needed to successfully take hold of them without looking at them. Of course, without seeing them, he would not know if he had gotten them until they arrived at his door. That being said, he was confident in his own abilities.


Raphael created the force bubbles in his mind, closing them around the imagined stones and then began the journey of bringing them to him.

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