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I Hope History Never Repeats. (Story)

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I Hope History Never Repeats

(Steal Masters' Past)


Poor little rich boy.

Oh pity me.. feel bad for me, for what does life not provide?

Uh, most everything to be honest.   My parents hate me, they had hoped for someone much better than me.   I am far too pale, I am too 'weak' looking, and most of all, I am not following in my fathers footsteps.  He made a fortune young, but I just want to sing and play music.

Shame forced my parents to lock me away, so I am like a princess locked in a tower.   They locked me in a part of the mansion, away from all others.  No one sees me, no one remembers me and the only thing that makes people know I exist at all, is the need to bring me food, and sometimes clean my rooms.   I am never permitted to see them though.

My name is Stephen Masters, I have long silver white hair, pale skin and I am rather petite, as some would say.  I am only 5'3 which makes me more of a shame, since both of my parents topped my high by quite a bit, neither being under 5'9.  Heir?  No.. I am an error.


Stephen closed the book he was writing in, and looked out the window overlooking a few trees, and a lot of nothing.  He hated the rooms he was in, but he was not permitted to go other places.   Three rooms, a tv, a computer and... a whole lot of educational books.   Boredom.  He just wanted to be free, and the only way to do that was to break out, but even that is risky, if he got out there would be the challenge of getting back in without anyone seeing him.  Only he parents knew he was there, and that meant that likely anyone else would have him sent away for trespassing.  He would then be homeless.   It was tempting, but he would much rather have a place to go BEFORE taking off.

Waking across the room he headed to the computer sitting on a desk off to the side, a link to a home schooling site up.  He was really only supposed to use the computer for his education, but there were ways around it.  Not this time though.  ~Ping~  The notice popped up, telling him that there was someone there wanting to speak to him, and that meant either his parents or one of the virtual tutors.  A weak sigh of upset left his lips. 

Stephen, we have been informed that someone has been paying undue attention to your part of the building, please refrain from being at the window so long.  ~M

Heh, yeah it wouldn't be good if someone noticed him.  Thanks Mother.  He closed the message without responding, there was no point anyway, nothing he put down would be acknowledged.  With a few keystrokes though, he slipped out of the normal computer programs and ended up on a message forum.   Leaning back in his chair he smiled a bit, logging on with his screen name.  Steal Masters.  No one here knew who he was, he was just another teen talking to others, trying to make friends. 

Keetah: Steal!  Hey, you planning to show up to the clubs tonight?   You never come, you said you were in the area!

Steal: I want to, I really do, but, I am not sure I can get out.   Is there someone special playing?

Keetah: It is open mic night, people are just going to take the stage and sing a song or two.  I would love to hear you.

Steal: I am going to try.  I would love to be there.

Keetah: You better show.  It is on the corner of  XXXX and XXXX,

Stephen leaned back, rubbing his eyes.  He wanted to go, he wanted to get out of here.   There was a way to skirt down the tree, and take off into the distance, he could make it out of there.  He just had to... Shit, forget it he was going to do it.  He was going to get out.  Tonight.   To pass the time though, he started to sing softly, his voice was still his pride but he had to be careful, if someone heard.. he would be punished.


He flipped forward and looked at the keyboard, his long hair falling into his eyes a moment.

Stephen, we have informed you time and again to get your work done on time.  You have failed to finish your report.  Please head into the white room.. NOW.

NO!  NO!  His stomach lurched.  What did he forget?  He had handed in all his work, what could have been late?  Trembling from head to toe he headed into the so called white room.  A room lacking all furnishings, covered in some kind of slick material.  It was the room of punishment, and his father was waiting there, papers in his hands.  "Once more I get notified that you have not handed in your schooling in time.  I will not permit this kind of failure.  Have you not shamed us enough?  Singing.. dancing... and your appearance.  You bring shame on the whole family and now you will not even do your schooling.... "

Do not cry.. do not cry do not flinch, do what he wants and let it be done.. do not react...


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It was easier thought than done though.   Stephen's father was standing in the white room, a room that had been soundproofed to ensure that no one got knowledge of his son's life.  Well that was not completely true, there were some that knew of him, there had to be, but they were paid to keep silent, and it didn't do to just let ANYONE know.. so the silent room.

Stephen stepped into the room through a small hidden hall, and saw the angry man standing there.  Dark golden hair, a stern face and deep blue eyes filled with anger.  In his hand was a paper, but on the floor at his feet was a bamboo stick.  The young knew that implement well.  In this moment training beat out fear and he moved to kneel at his father's feet, his head bowing and hair falling over his face, covering his fearful expression.

"Have we not got you all you want?"  The man started, his dark suited figure still ridged as he looked down at the teen at his feet.

No you denied me everything I wanted...

"Still you can't even hand in your work.. you refuse to try.   II can not abide this behavior."  The man swooped down and lifted the stick, bringing it down with a whistling sound upon the young man's shoulder.

It was all he could do to bite back a yelp as the stinging impact raced through his nerves.  I don't understand I didn't miss anything.

"Still... you .. insist on.. bringing more... trouble.. for ... ME."   Each few words were punctuated by more whistling smacks upon shoulders and back.

Silence.. Stephen refused to cry out, but tears ran down his cheeks.  Still he could not even ask what he had forgot.  It seemed they just wanted reasons to be mad at him.  When the pain was reaching the point of too much, a message came through on his father's phone.   The man looked at it, looked at Stephen and sighed.   No words, he just walked away leaving him on the floor.

When he was sure his father was gone Stephen groaned.  He knew what that message was.   A message stating the the work had turned up.  It changed nothing, never would he get a comment of "Oh sorry my bad."   No instead just silent leaving.  As soon as he could, the silver haired boy left the room, heading back to his bed, and laying down.   He didn't want to think anymore.   This was not the first time, it was not the last either.  He was going to be trapped in this loop until he found a way to get out of there for good.  He had no where to go though.

But he did have somewhere to go this night.  He could go out, meet Keetah, who seemed to want to meet him too.  He could go see the singing and try to relax, all he had to do, was be sure to get back before anyone noticed him gone..  Not that anyone would know he was missing, unless he was in trouble again.  Getting out and in were the real issues.  He had to make a plan that would work.


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