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BlackZodiac's Role Play Characters

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I am going to place all of the characters that are in forum role plays here as well as some other characters I like to play. 





Dark Pine Valley

Name: Vivian Clearwater

Age: 19


Race: Witch


Personality: Vivian is very quiet and sweet. Her disposition is very opposite that of her parents. While they seem to be more outgoing, loud, and over abusive of their powers, the only times Vivian really uses magic is when gardening. Sometimes she will change the weather so that she can paint outside, but she has never used magic against another person. Vivian also has an Alice in Wonderland type curiosity that normally gets her into trouble. Another character flaw is that she is too trusting of people. An idealistic view of the world makes her think that there is good in everyone and initially she assumes that people have the best intentions at heart. This makes her the easiest target of traps and being taken advantage of. Vivian is very in tune with nature and her favorite moments are when she is alone with only animals and plants around her for company. Sometimes she can be lost in her own mind vividly daydreaming. 


Bio: Vivian has lived in Darkpine Valley her whole life. Vivian has two mothers, who are life partners. Her parents have lived in Darkpine Valley their whole lives as well. She also has her grandmother, an ancient looking old witch who claims to be one of the original Coven who cast the spell that binds werewolves to witches. Her grandmother along with her mothers are apart of the group of witches that make the werewolves resent them. While they are loving towards Vivian and have a very sarcastic and energetic vernacular, they treat their bonded wolves as pet dogs, referring to them as mutts from time to time. The wolves protect them and the witches just accept this as a known fact giving little care to the wolves feelings on the situation. Vivian has never had this feeling and though she knows she will eventually meet her bonded wolf, she truly hopes that the bond possibly skipped her, for fear that she will cause pain and annoyance to someone. Vivian strongly does not want to be a burden on anyone. When she was younger she would consider running away because she had such an overwhelming want to be normal. As a child she could be constantly found in a large oak tree not very far from home where she would go to just be by herself. Vivian is more of an outcast from the coven. She never really got along with the other daughters of Coven members and never really excelled in her witches training. She always preferred to be by herself rather than socialize. In high school she was a loner who got good grades, but never participated in any other activities. Her beauty was more of a curse than a blessing since she was too quiet for any boys to be interested in her and being shy and pretty made her the target of a lot of bullying by the cheerleading squad. She had a bad incident where a group of football players had cornered her after school. One had pushed her against the wall with the intension of taking advantage of her, but after he had forced a kiss upon her lips he began to hallucinate his greatest fear which sent him from the scene screaming bloody murder. The rest of the boys had run off after him, leaving her alone, but also causing her to have a reputation of the crazy girl at school. That was the first time she had seen what her witch's gift could do. A witch's gift is a unique power that every witch has, it is different for everyone. To this day Vivian is unaware of what kisses given while she is in a different emotional state will do. Her powers are a mystery to herself. Now she is attending college and she plans to major in history with a minor in art. Ideally she would want an art history major, but that wasn't offered at such a small school. Her dream was to one day move out of this town and head to a major city like New York, where she could work in an Art Museum and blend in with the crowds. All she wanted was to not stick out. 




Witches Magic: Through incantation or potions she can manipulate magic to her will, this starts off weaker and grows as she becomes more powerful.


Emotional Kiss: A unique ability she has had her whole life is that a kiss from her depending on her emotion will cause different effects to the receiver; 

-  Anger:  her lips cause serious, but not fatal poisoning that results in vomiting and hives, symptoms appear immediately and typically go away after one day

- Joy:  her kiss grants heightened senses, strength, smell, and speed that lasts for one hour

- Sadness: her kiss will cause Paralysis for one hour

- Fear: her kiss will make the receiver hallucinate their greatest fear for thirty minutes. 


Weakness: If a witch consumes the liquid Witch Hazel, she is unable to perform magic for approximately one week, depending on the dose.



The Cotton Club

Name: Jeanie (Jean May Greenwald) 

Age: 20



Personality: Jeanie is a very bubbly waitress at the Cotton club. She gets along well with everyone and does her job well. She speaks with a lot of 1920's jargon and can be very flirty. 


Bio: Jeanie was born and raised in Queens, New York. Her father was a cop who was killed when she was 16 in a bank robbery incident. Her mother raised her on her own. The rest of her family lives in New Jersey and she visits them every other weekend. Jeanie was always an easy to get along with girl. She never really stepped out of line or did anything she wasn't supposed to. Not incredibly book smart, but Jeanie has a lot of street smarts. She got her job at the cotton club when it opened and has learned a lot since working there about the inner operations of the city and just how crooked the police really are. She has a soft spot for straight laced cops because of her father. Despite where she works, she has a very strong moral compass, but she has to pay the bills some how. Jeanie supports her mom who is elderly now and unable to work. They continue to live in the same two bedroom apartment in Queens that Jeanie has lived in her whole life, but she is saving up money from work to eventually move to Greenwich Village.



- Agile waitress capable of successfully carrying a full tray of drinks through a very roudy crowded bar

- She was taught at a young age how to use a fire arm since her father was a cop, she continues to go shooting when she vists her family in New Jersey.



She carries a Colt .45 caliber pistol, which was her fathers when he was alive.





Uncharted Lands

Name: Jynx

Age: 19


Race: Human


Personality: Jynx is a very bright and energetic person. She can be described as hyper and over zealous at times. Jynx is very child like despite her age and immature. She does not really ever understand sexual advances or flirting and most compliments just go over her head. It takes a while for her to trust people, but once you are in her inner circle she is fiercely loyal and protective. Despite her immature nature, Jynx is the best person you would want on a boat. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to sailing. She knows how to adjust and work just about everything on a boat. Jynx is also very good at navigating via the sun and stars. To the contrary, when she is walking on a solid unmoving surface (land) she can look very awkward like a fish out of water. 


Bio: Jynx never knew her mother, who died during child birth. Her father told her that before she was born they lived on land, but that is hard for Jynx to imagine since sailing is all she has ever known. Her father was a fisherman and they lived on their ship The Wandering Jewel until Jynx was 16. Jynx was taught everything about sailing, fishing, and navigating by her father. They have a very close family bond. However her lack of social interaction with anyone except her father molded her personality to stay in a pure and child like state. Jynx knew she needed to leave home, after that she decided to go of on her own to see the world. Her father was a bit reluctant to let his naive daughter run off, but she gave him little choice so he gave her one of their pet birds, Uloo, ( ) Uloo speaks english and is capable of finding Jynx's father where ever he is on the sea and then returning back to Jynx so that they can send messages back and forth. 



- Expert Sailor; Jynx can sail a boat practically by herself and she can navigate with only the sky, day or night.

- Expert Fisherman; Jynx is also very adept at catching fish and as long as she is near water she will never go hungry.

- Weapons; Through her fishing and sailing training Jynx has become very proficient at using a harpoon/spear and knives. 

- Pet; Jynx has a pet bird named Uloo, he can speak perfect english and is capable of carrying messages vast distances quickly. His sense of direction is unparalleled. 



RagTag Adventures and the Temple of OUCH


Name: Amelia 03

(Artificial Mechanical Exploration and Logical Infiltration Android - batch: 03)

Age: Newly Made, this year - she is a robot so age doesn't really apply

Appearance: http://i738.photobuc...zps6158df6d.jpg

Race: AI Android


Personality: Very stiff, she is an android and will develop more of a personality as she is exposed to more of life. Her personality is strongly influenced by the situations she is put in and the people around her as well as her coding. Right now she does not understand sarcasm and will blatantly tell people they are wrong without any remorse. Her coding uses mostly references to famous literature to solve problems because these stories are programmed as history in her data bank. She has no sense of manners only right and wrong coding. Because Amelia 03  is Metus Timor's creation he is too afraid to ever fix her, so she may malfunction from time to time in comedic ways. 


Bio: Amelia 03 was created by Metus Timor. Being the robot of a man who is afraid of everything is quite stressful on the hardwiring. Despite his technophobia, he created Amelia 03 to be far superior to her predecessors that were junk piled by Metus's brother. She is a very advanced Exploration robot, which makes her perfect for this assignment. Amelia took it upon herself to register Metus for this trip because from her programming she had determined that Metus is an inferior human because of his phobias. After exploring her data banks of famous literature she concluded that when a person starts off with problems, they must go on an adventure to find themselves, and overcome these obstacles. This is a popular theme in most famous epics. Which brings them to where they are today.



- Language: She has the ability to speak any and all languages

- Sonar: She can scan the area within a one mile radius using sonar waves

- Heat Sensing: She can detect heat sources within a one mile radius

- Knowledge: Amelia is full of useful data about the known world 

- Mapping Software: She is capable of mapping out new areas automattically as she explores them this information is not only stored in her memory but also is sent to the factory in which she was made. 


Weapons: Amelia is equipped with 3 sizes of knives, two guns, a laser, flame thrower, and a mini chain saw. She also has 3 explosives which are for clearing out rock in tunnels.




Bank Heist

Name: Naomi

Age: 24


Naomi has a tattoo on her left collar bone of a  Dia de Los Muertos Girl Praying & another tattoo of Coral Snake that takes up most of her right leg from the knee down with the head on her foot


Personality: Naomi is in the crime game for kicks. She has a bad mouth and a harsh temper. Her comments can be overtly sexual and sometimes just messed up in general. She has a sick sense of humor along with a very skewed moral compass if any at all.  She is known as a crazy dare devil. She constantly is engaging in thrill seeking activities like sky diving and rock climbing. She is all about thrills. Naomi is a heavy drinker as well, but luckily she can handle her whiskey better than most men. Naomi is not a relationship type girl, she sleeps with guys and dumps them, no strings attached ever. She has very little room in her heart for anyone. Naomi has a lot of demons constantly on her mind and her actions are how she has to be to just try and feel alive once in a while.


Bio: Naomi never knew her father. She was raised by her single mother who was a drug addict in Miami Florida. Naomi was a very bright young girl who did well in school despite her family issues and also took care of her addict mother. When Naomi was 19 she went off to college on a full academic scholarship to UCF in Orlando, Florida. She came home from Freshman year to find her mother had been dead in there home for almost a week, she had over dosed. This sent Naomi on a downward spiral where she dropped out of School and joined a biker gang called The Vargos that ran in Las Vegas. While with them she picked up the nice traits of how to steal, thieve, and kill. She dated a biker in the higher echelon of the gang that abused her mentally and physically for years. Naomi recently just got away from him by murdering him in cold blood. She currently has a bounty on her head for capture.



- Good looks; Naomi's natural beauty makes it easy for her to sweet talk people into giving her things

- Advanced guns ; Naomi was trained in the gang to use a firearm very well, she carries a Glock

- Physical Fitness: Naomi is in very good athletic shape, she runs and rock climbs so her body is very toned. She is capable of running very fast, lifting upwards of 150lbs, and she is also very flexible and agile. 



Chiaroscuro of the Old Republic

Age: 24

Race: Miraluka
Allegiance: Jedi Order
Personality: Xisha is a very logical person who can empathize well with others. She has a gift for speech and is constantly exercising it by settling arguments between people. She views herself as a tool made to set the universe at ease subduing every argument she comes across and dispersing malcontent where ever she may find it. As a late comer to the Jedi order she still shows small flickers of base emotions from time to time, but she does her best to control these discrepancies. If not for her jedi training she could have been a remarkable politician. 
Bio: Xisha grew up on the Miraluka home world, Alpheridies. She became a member of the Luka Sene ( at a very young age. While all Miraluka are force sensitive, Xisha showed a remarkable connection to the force. She was being groomed to become a Master of the Luka Sene, at the age of 16, when a member of the jedi order came to visit. After a heated debate on where she could do more good, she chose to go with the Jedi back to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. She was selected during her first year as a Jedi Initiate to become a Jedi Padawan under Master Lucien Draay, a member of the Jedi Counsel and also a Miraluka / Human hybrid. This pairing was ideal since Master Draay was more aware of the changes and difficulties Xisha would face while acclimatizing to the jedi order. Unlike the Jedi Order, the Luka Sene do not put restrictions on the personal lives of their members. It was difficult for Xisha at first to form control over her emotions and restrict her feelings, but with the help of her master she eventually came around. She eventually embraced the Jedi Code; 
There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.
Xisha completed the jedi trials when she was 18, her padawan braid was severed and she became a jedi knight, specializing as a consular. She preferred to concentrate on force mastery rather than her light saber training. To Xisha, there was always a way to resolve issues without violence. She exhibited most skill when taking assignments that dealt with the political dealings of other planets and governments. She found solace in being a very well versed negotiator and peace keeper. In her service she saved multiple cultures from war and chaos simply through her words. 
- strong connection to the force
- lots of charisma, eloquent with her words
- light saber, color: green

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Batman Reclaimed


Name:  Selene Basette
Age: 19
Appearance: Her skin is light tan and reminiscent of Greek heritage. She has long wavy dark brown hair with muddled honey colored highlights. Her eyes are a dark green which are constantly covered by glasses. She is about 5'7'' and has a very toned athletic body from years of competitive gymnastics with balanced proportional womanly curves. She has very full lips and a deliberately seductive saunter to how she moves.


Personality:  She is stubborn to say the least. Selene is very calculative and capable of being patient to successfully reach her goals. She is determined and hell bent on bringing about change in Gotham. Her sense of right and wrong can be skewed at times. She can sometimes be harsh in her critiques of others and a bit over zealous when she is passionate about something. When her emotions settle down though she is capable of admitting her mistakes and apologizing. Seduction is something new to her, as she matures she has been playing around with a more confident and sexual persona, but it has not been fully explored or flushed out. She simply has moments every now and then.


History: Selene is the daughter of a compulsive gambler. Her mother died when she was 12 and her father is constantly in over his head with loan sharks. He relies on Selene to work and make money to pay off his debts which causes them to have a very strained relationship. However, because she is so talented and bright she has been able to work hard in school as well and received a full academic scholarship to GCU. She will be majoring in Political Science with a minor in media studies. Selene made childhood friends with  Jason Hunter, while she had a crush on him when she was younger they evolved into simply being best friends and she considers him her very handsome witty puppy. Throughout High School she was a member of the gymnastics team and because of that is a very swift and agile person. Her difficult home life spurred Selene to take up more avid political agenda in the last couple years. She is loosely referred to as an activist speaking out for stronger law enforcement and restrictions against the corrupt nature of the city. She generally drags Jason to these rallies with the delusional idea that it will ever make a real difference.

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Protocol Zero

Name: Annabel Leigh

Alias: Nyx

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Watertown, New York (upstate)




Personality: Anna has a very tough exterior. She doesn't open up to people easily and because of that does not have any real friendships. Anna has a strong sense of right and wrong despite the fact that for a living she occasionally acts against her strong conscience. She has serious trust issues and only trusts herself with important tasks. Anna is quiet, she prefers to stand back and study others before acting. She is extremely competitive and tends to push herself too hard. 


Bio: Annabel was born in one of the last areas left that can be called rural. Her family at first lived far from the cities in upstate NY. Her mother was the daughter of aristocrats back in Manhattan, but after they were mysteriously murdered she had run off with Anna's father to live more simply. When Anna was 9 her mother, Jacqueline, was taken away by the government for stashing censored materials; manly books. She had left all of her inheritance to her husband to take care of Annabel and stay in the country away from large government corporations. However that is not what he did, after this incident Annabel's father, Dominique, had a complete personality change. Where before he was a loving carefree man, now he was cold and bitter. He spent the next five years immersing himself in politics and moved himself and Anna to New York City. He used their wealth to secure a place in the aristocratic secture of New York City and charged the ranks of the political system. Annabel grew up knowing that her father kept dark secrets and she never fully trusted him. She was schooled by the best tutors and trained to follow her father and be a politican. She attended college for political science, but when she graduated she instead turned to the police academy for a job. By now her father was the acting Mayor of New York City. Annabel convinced him to allow her to take the position by lieing and saying she wanted to eventually run the whole department. The idea of his daughter being Police Chief seemed like a good strategy to secure his political power and he allowed the career path to continue. The truth was that Annabel hated talking to people and had no intent on ever being a politician, being a cop was incredibly similar to being a soldier, no thinking, just orders and action. Annabel found solace in not thinking. The world was so messed up, out of control, and thinking made her question things that she should not question.


Anna has been a member of the police force for a year, she quickly rose the ranks and is known as a skilled officer. She is an expert in marksmanship and hand to hand combat. Recently Annabel has found herself curious about a rumor though, about hackers who talk of revolution against the government. She knows more than most how corrupt the system really is, her father has practically sold his soul for the position he is in and her desire for change compelled her to take a second identity. She is begining to live a double life, luckily no one around her has noticed yet. But she has to be extremely careful and trust no one. 



- Anna is an expert in marksmanship; she owns all police grade firearms

- She owns a police enforcer suit which is bullet proof, and provides enhanced speed, enhanced strength, and built in computer which can be used for tracking targets. 

- Her hand to hand combat skill is also expert

- She has access to government documents via the police precinct and her father which gives her much more access than most people. 

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